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Tumblr media
dad!harry x reader
"Well I actually wrote Boyfriends about Y/N. Ironically she was in a relationship when we first met." Harry tells Zane who lets out a small chuckle.
"Oh god."
"Yeah I know. It’s something me and her always laugh about. I would be in the corner watching Y/N and this guy, who I didn't like by the way, laugh and smile together." Harry scoffs playfully at the memory that was imprinted in his brain.
"Harry Styles jealous? I can't believe that." Zane gasps jokingly making Harry laugh. "So does the guy know you don't like him? Because if not and he hears Boyfriends...."
"Oh yeah, he knows I don't like him. It was painfully obvious." Harry reveals.
"Basically the inspiration was shitty boyfriends?" Zane questions the musican who nods. "And how does Y/N feel about the song. I have a strong feeling she loves it." He lets out a grin wanting to know more.
Truly Y/N did love the song. When Harry played the full album to her she shed a few tears and let out a couple of laughs. It really meant a lot to her that he would dedicate another album to her. Even still, she had an emotional attachment to Fine Line and all the songs on it.
"Y/N does love it! She was the one that begged me to play it at Coachella and I couldn’t resist." Harry grins, beginning to fawn over his fiancé.
"She was the one?!"
"Yes! I wasn’t going to play any of the new songs—well not until she told me too." The singer beams.
"All your fans better go thank Y/N." Zane chuckles making Harry laugh along with him. Most fans loved Y/N but there were always a few people sending her hate which Harry despised.
"Without her I wouldn’t have Fine Line or Harry’s House. Being around her just gets me inspired to write a lot." Harry praises Y/N with a smile on his face.
"So you would say your life drastically changed after having children?"
"Well, I would say yes. Truly I changed for the better. It was something I worried about you know—if i have children then does that mean I have to quit music—you know stuff like that. But Y/N always reassured me to do what I wanted to do. And if she was fine with me doing what I wanted to do then I would do every single thing to protect her and our children." Harry reveals making Zane nod understandingly.
"Y/N is super supportive of you, I love it." Zane tells Harry.
"She is super supportive and very understanding. I love her so much." Harry says letting a large grin form on his face.
"I can tell. Every time we talk about her, you get all jittery and red in the face!"
"Oh god." Harry laughs hiding his face in his hands. Zane let out a few awes which makes Harry’s cheeks turn even more red.
It was cute the way Harry immediately started to blush after talking about Y/N. All throughout Harry’s life Y/N was the only relationship he could talk about freely, without feeling uncomfortable.
Being with her was truly Harry’s dream.
"I know Inez isn’t old enough to be aware of your life yet, but does Beau know what you do and who you are?" Zane asks Harry who perks up at the question.
"Beau sort of understands. Being only four, he still is confused about it all. He knows he doesn’t live a life like any other four year old, you know." Harry explains which Zane nods along to. "He will see all these children playing freely on the playground then there’s him getting photographed by all these people."
"That must make you feel some type of way right? People not knowing their boundaries." Zane pondered.
"I would say it makes me feel…uneasy. Just the thought of me not being there when something happens scares the living shit out of me." Harry furrows his brows not liking the concept that came out of his mouth.
The thought of Beau, Inez or Y/N getting hurt by fans or paparazzi made Harry sick.
"It’s understandable to feel that way. You being Harry Styles and having children will create a little bit of commotion in the world." Zane reassures Harry’s feelings.
"And that’s what worries me. But every single time Y/N puts those thoughts to rest. She makes me feel safe, she’s like my home." The singer lets a smile crawl onto his face.
"Every time you talk about Y/N you smile. Definitely smile!" Zane teases Harry which makes his smile grow bigger.
"Stop!" Harry laughs.
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please make a dadrry one shot (preferably for another one universe) about harry comes home from the studio and walks into the kitchen to greet y/n and the baby with kisses—he kisses baby first then goes to kiss y/n but the baby starts getting jealous and whines and they start saying things like “what daddy cant kiss momma?” and they giggle a bit. harry kisses y/n some more to get a reaction out of the baby and then the baby starts really crying and then harry takes them from y/ns arms and is like “ok ok i’m sorry i’m sorry” and kisses the baby a bunch and y/n cant stop laughing while harry’s trying to console the baby lol
please make this i’ll literally cry tears of joy
PAIRING: husband!dad!Harry X Reader
SUMMARY: Leo is going through his daddy phase and Harry brings up baby making.
Tumblr media
It’s a rare occasion that Harry wraps up work at the studio early, so he can head home before he has to pick up either the twins or Ellie from school or any extra classes. It’s barely past lunch time, the band had to finish because Sarah and Mitch are taking their son to a doctor’s appointment and Harry decided to call it a day and not continue without them. Mostly because it gives him time to be at home with you and baby Leo without the other three little rascals.
On his way home he picks up some cupcakes from your favorite place, knowing how happy the kids will be to find the treats when they get home in the afternoon. Once he has the sweets secured on the passenger seat he finally heads home.
“Baby?” he calls out as he pushes the front door closed with his hips, the box of cupcakes in one hand, his keys in the other.
“Kitchen!” you answer, Leo’s babbling following after your voice.
He finds you standing by the stove, your day got a bit messed up when the neighbor showed up unannounced and kept you up for about an hour, talking about how her cat got lost the other week. Miss Rogers is a nice lady, but sometimes she is too lonely and keeps up everyone and anyone she comes across.
You’re making a quick pasta for a late lunch, Leo has had a bottle already, but you’ll share some of the pasta with him as well. Lately he’s been getting introduced to more and more kinds of food and so far he’s been enjoying everything, especially broccoli and eggs.
He is sitting on your hip, his tiny hands gripping your oversized shirt as you’re stirring the sauce in the pan, watching your every movement like a hawk, as if he had any idea what you were doing.
“Hello, my loves,” Harry coos as he walks in, Leo’s head snapping around in an instant as a grin spreads across his chubby face.
Leo has been obsessed with his daddy. After a few months of mommy phase he now likes to be extra clingy when Harry is around, demanding all of his attention. He claps and giggles as Harry nears the two of you and leaning down he kisses his cheek about a million times, making him laugh even more.
“Hi daddy,” you smile as you watch the scene.
Harry presses one last, sloppy kiss to Leo’s cheek before turning to face you with a lovesick smile.
“Hello mommy. Missed you,” he hums, placing the cupcakes and keys to the kitchen island and leaning in he kisses your lips, but as soon as his mouth touches yours, Leo starts to protest and push his face away from you. “Oh wow,” Harry laughs with wide eyes as Leo tries to grab his hair and pull him closer to him, demanding more kisses. “What, daddy can’t kiss momma now?” he huffs and Leo just babbles in response as if he understood the question.
“You come home and I’m instantly the enemy, huh? That’s not how you acted when it was just the two of us,” you tell your baby, who only pays attention to Harry.
“Mommy needs some kisses too, buddy,” Harry grins before trying to kiss you again, but this time Leo goes harder and actually starts crying at the sight of his parents attempting to lock lips. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry!” he chuckles, moving back instantly and taking him from your hold.
Leo keeps crying as if the world was ending, his tiny hands gripping Harry’s shirt as his daddy showers him with kisses to calm him down.
“That’s what I get for carrying him for nine months,” you mumble under your breath, returning your attention to the sauce on the stove.
“Aw, baby Leo wants all of daddy’s attention, huh?” he coos, holding him to his chest, trying to soothe him. Leo lays his head to his shoulder, slowly stopping with the crying and enjoying being the center of all of Harry’s attention and you can’t even be mad at him, because it reminds you a lot of Harry himself.
He dances around the kitchen, gently rocking the dramatic baby from side to side until his cries fully die down.
“Mm, something is a bit smelly and it’s not the food I smell,” Harry chuckles and holding Leo up he sniffs his butt before grimacing. “Ow, that’s one smelly bum-bum, my love.”
“Can you change him, please?” you ask even though you know he’d do it anyway. Harry has never been the kind of dad who needed to be ordered around and told what to do.
“Of course. Let’s get this baby butt clean,” he comments before walking out of the kitchen and up to the nursery.
A few minutes later you turn the stove off under the sauce and head upstairs to check on the boys. Walking into the nursery you find Harry standing by the changing table, Leo lying on it with his hands and feet in the air, his pants are gone, but his body is on, putting his chubby thighs on display as Harry keeps talking to him.
“I know you’re team daddy now, but daddy is team mommy, so you’ll have to let me kiss her, okay? Will you let me? Daddy will be very sad if he can’t kiss momma, you wouldn’t want that, right?”
Leo sticks his tongue out as a reply and Harry pretends to be hurt and shocked as you walk up to him and hug him from behind. Leo eyes you suspiciously, but this time at least he doesn’t start crying seeing you interact with Harry.
“We love mommy, right? She is the best,” Harry hums, as he takes Leo from the changing table and holds him to his chest. He watches you with his eyebrows furrowed and you take a chance, pressing a kiss to Harry’s dimpled cheek.
Leo sighs dramatically, but doesn’t protest this time, though he grabs onto Harry’s face and presses his mouth to his daddy’s cheek, which equals to a kiss.
“I wonder who he gets his attitude from,” you chuckle, letting go of Harry to stand in front of him.
“But isn’t it adorable?” Harry grins proudly.
“You wanted another kid to get another copy of yourself, didn’t you?” you accuse him just as a joke.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about, baby,” he shrugs his shoulders innocently before kissing Leo’s cheek again. “But maybe we should have another one to see if they would take after me too!”
“Oh no, the baby making has ended!” you shake your head instantly, making him laugh.
“Well, not entirely, right? We were practicing baby making just the other night,” he smirks, so pleased with himself, referring back to that quickie you had in the shower after every kid was put to bed finally.
“Safe baby making. Don’t even think about anything else!” you warn him, heading towards the door. “If you’re done with bonding with your son, bring him down for his late lunch, please.”
“Yes mommy!” he calls after you, but you can hear it in his voice that he is grinning cheekily, probably already plotting how he’ll seduce tonight. Not that he’ll have a lot of work with that…
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one angry voicemail
summary: mateo left harry an angry voicemail for not answering his nightly routine of calling harry before he went to bed, giving harry the thing that was missing for one of his songs in his new album 
word count: 4.5k+
warnings: language, fluff, minor angst (just mateo being angry, i promise), mentions of smut 
Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
It is safe to say that for everyone, especially people who don’t like being in one place for a long time away from their families for a long time, that quarantine sucked. The borders were shut down and the whole entire world was on shut down due the outbreak of the virus. 
Harry and Y/N have gotten into an argument about him being across the world in California while they were in the UK. While it was unplanned for him to be in California, it still hurt that he wasn’t there with her and Mateo. Seeing him around the house, hearing his voice and laughter, playing around with Mateo, having movie nights together, going out to the park or visiting Anne, doing their usual family thing. 
It hurt Y/N a million times when Mateo would go into her and Harry’s room and jump on their bed and snuggle into his mum's side under the comforter and sheets. Asking her every night before he went to bed by her side when his daddy was going to come home because he missed him a whole bunch. Y/N would tell him she misses him a whole bunch as well and just wish with all their hearts that he’ll come home faster than ever. 
They both just wanted to hear his accented voice again after not hearing it for a month and luckily that all changed when one night Harry called, surprising Y/N and Mateo when Harry’s caller ID popped up on the glass screen of Y/N’s phone. The same picture that is in their hallway of Y/N and Harry kissing each cheek of five month old Mateo, who was staring into the camera. 
And boy, oh boy were they excited when they heard Harry’s deep accented voice speak through the speaker of her phone with a ‘hello?’ Y/N felt her heart flutter in happiness from hearing her fiancés voice after not hearing it for so long. A big smile stretched across her lips that seemed to not go away and when she went to go say a greeting to him, Mateo beat her to it. 
A smile that he inherited from Harry, along with the dimples appearing on each side of his lips as he squealed as loud as he could since Y/N had her phone pressed to her ear. It was a simple hello to Harry, making Harry laugh in Y/N’s ear. The laugh makes Y/N smile even more, along with her heart fluttering against her chest. Despite an on-coming headache she’s going to get from the squeal that escaped Mateo’s mouth. But it’s not anything to complain about. 
He was four years old, he was meant to be excited to hear his daddy’s voice through the phone. And it was an adorable moment from their son. 
And from that moment on, they decided to have two nightly routine phone calls before Y/N and Mateo went to bed. The first phone call is for Mateo to talk about what he did during the day and the second one being for Y/N and Harry when Mateo is asleep in his room. 
Just a private moment between Y/N and Harry. It depends on the day if the two of them are in the mood to have phone sex or just want to have a sweet moment on the phone before she headed to bed for the night. 
But there was one night when Harry missed Mateo’s call, making the four year old extremely mad at his daddy. And he let Harry know by leaving a very angry voicemail for Harry to listen to later on. 
Tumblr media
Y/N was sitting in her and Harry’s bed, already in her black long-sleeved pajama set for the night. The bedding over her pajama clad legs. Making her extra warm for the night and making her already tired. But the light bouncing from the four year old next to her was keeping her up as he waited for her to pick up her phone and call Harry.
It was a pattern where either Harry would call first or Y/N would call first. Depends on who beats the other with a phone call. 
And seeing that Harry hasn’t called yet at the usual time he calls, which is the time now. Y/N makes the decision that it is her turn to call her fiancé. While Mateo’s attention wasn’t focused on what his mother was doing, his attention was fixated on the television screen in front of the bed and on the wall. The light from the screen was illuminating the room, shining on the two people who were sitting in the bed with shadows casting on the wall along with other shadows that were in Harry and Y/N’s bedroom. 
The television wasn’t the only light in the room, the bedside tables that were on either side of the bed was casting a light glow on the walls that was overcome by the light from the television. Both lights casting on the drawn.
Aladdin was playing, the movie just started a few minutes ago since Mateo had just got done with getting a bath. 
His chocolate curls are now fluffy, soft, clean as well as himself. Getting all the dirt and germs off his skin that would make himself even more dirty. Wearing a blue twilight dino pajama set. The shirt with a light green dinosaur with a lighter green along its spine. It had an astronaut helmet on its head along with white stars one either side of the dinosaur. A matching light green color along the neckline of the shirt that matched the color of the dino. 
The shorts being a light grey with white stars all over it and a matching blue twilight for a tie to keep the shorts up. 
Y/N smiled at her son and reached her ringless left hand, since her engagement ring was resting on her bedside table in a small ring box to make sure that she doesn’t lose it. She placed her left hand in the soft curls and combed her fingers through them lightly as she reached for her phone. 
The lock screen lit up from when she tapped on the screen. The picture makes her smile. It was one of the three of them in Malibu with their friends. Twelve days after the met gala. It was a picture taken by one of their friends, and the picture was taken from the side. 
It was of Y/N and Harry crouched down next to a three year old Mateo in the wet sand with the waves covering their bare feet and up to their ankles. 
Both Y/N and Harry's eyes were covered by sunglasses, but you could tell that they were so happy from the big smiles plastered on their faces. Harry was wearing a blue and white tie dye shirt with yellow shorts, both showing off his tattoos on his legs and arms. The tie dye shirt having two unicorns on it that Y/N thought was really cute on her long term boyfriend, well now fiancé since when that picture was taken Harry had recently proposed to her a few days prior. 
Mateo was wearing a sky-blue swim shirt with a matching bucket hat over his curls along with cute little swim trunks that had sky blue, yellow, and orange all over the white fabric of the trunks. With palm trees and leaves all over it along with toucan birds as well. It was an adorable outfit that Gemma picked out for Mateo when she had him when Y/N and Harry went out on a lunch date. Giving Gemma the chance at spoiling her nephew when she had the chance. 
And Y/N was wearing a black and white hooded cover-up tunic that went over her mint kiss two-piece bikini since she wasn't planning to go swimming in the salty ocean water during that time. Both her and Harry were holding Mateo’s hands while Mateo had his mouth open in a squeal that she could hear through the photo. Along with Harry and Y/N’s laughter. 
Y/N stared and smiled at the picture for a few minutes more before swiping across the glass screen and out in her password to get into her phone to go to her contacts to call Harry for Mateo’s nightly routine of saying ‘good night’ to his daddy before going to bed. Once her phone unlocked with a small ‘click’ and her home screen popped up, there was a simple picture of a sleeping Harry and Mateo on the couch in the family room of their home, the sunlight shining through the curtains from the window behind them. 
Y/N glanced back at the four year old that was sitting beside her, his green eyes that he got from his father were stuck on the screen before him. Watching as Aladdin helped Jasmine in the market from getting in trouble. She combed her fingers through his curls once more before picking her phone up from the bedside table, clicking the familiar green icon with a white phone on it and scrolling down until she found Harry’s contact. 
“You ready to call daddy, bub?” Y/N asked the four year old, gaining his attention now instead of the movie that was playing on the big pixelated screen before the two of them. His green eyes widening in excitement and happiness to call his father finally along with his mouth open agape in surprise that left his mum’s mouth. His heart beating happily against his chest and excitement in his belly about hearing his father’s voice today. 
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” Mateo exclaimed happily and he turned to face his mum, bouncing happily in his spot on the bed. Moving Y/N along with his movements and making her laugh in joy about how happy her son is to talk to his dad. He crawled over to his mum’s side to see his mummy call his dad and hold the phone up to his small ear so he could hear his daddy’s voice. 
“Okay, okay, okay, okay,” Y/N laughed, wrapping the hand that was once in his curls went to wrap around his shoulders to pull him closer to her side. Giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze as she clicked onto Harry’s contact the familiar picture popping up that was still the same the first time Harry called. The cute picture of the two of them kissing a five month old Mateo’s cheeks as he stared into the camera. 
“Let’s call daddy and hope he answers.” Y/N said, hoping in her head that he does answer. There is a time difference, it's nine at night and it's two in the afternoon in California. They were seven hours ahead and he was seven hours behind. Their day was at its end and his was still in its beginning, halfway through to be exact. 
Mateo had a hopeful smile on his face as he watched his mum press the call button on Harry’s contact info and held the phone up to Mateo’s little ear. Mateo placed his small hand on his mum’s to keep the phone up to his ear, the ringing flooding in his ear. Making his heart beat excitedly against his chest as each ring flooded into his ear. Making him hopeful that his daddy would answer the phone so he could tell his daddy about learning how to write his name and his letters and numbers. Along with fun board games, activities, projects along with everything Y/N saw on the internet to do with him so he wouldn’t get too bored in the same house with the same four walls. 
Y/N watched her son’s face as the smile got bigger on his face when the ringing stopped, but then his smile dropped into a small frown when the sound of Harry’s accented voice filled in for a message before the beep for the caller to leave a voicemail for him when he can get to his phone to see who tried to call him. 
Y/N felt her heartbreak seeing her son upset, his brows pinched together in an angry way and his lips still in a frown. Harry had to be busy to have missed Mateo’s call or had the ringer off. There’s no way that Harry would ignore a call from his son, Harry wasn’t like that. Even if he had a bad day, he wouldn’t take it out on his son or Y/N. 
Mateo’s hand on her hand dropped onto the bedding and he opened his mouth once the small beep after the message ended stopped and left silence for the caller to leave a message. “Come on, daddy, we wanna say goodnight to you.” He spoke angrily into the phone, his little accented voice full of anger and disappointment before he pulled his ear away from the phone. Leaving the message full of silence afterwards and allowed her to take the phone away from him and end the call. 
After she did so and placed her phone on the charger and back on the bedside table, she turned her attention back to the pouting four year old, who was still next to her. Her heartbreaking more and more as she looked at her upset son. She scooted as close as she could to her son, her arm still wrapped around his shoulders and pulled him closer. Leaning down and pressed a kiss to his curls, comforting the upset four year old. 
Telling him that his daddy didn’t purposefully miss his call and that she’ll have a talk to him and that Harry would call him tomorrow morning to make up time. And the four year old believed his mum’s words, making her pinky promise that what she said is true. And she did so. 
Promising him that his daddy will call him tomorrow to make up the missed phone call. And for the rest of the duration of the time that Mateo was up, he and Y/N finished watching Aladdin in the dark after she turned the bedside lamps off. Mateo passed out after a few minutes into another Disney movie that Y/N picked, allowing her to turn the television off completely. Leaving the two of them in complete darkness. 
Y/N laid fully down on the bed, with Mateo still snuggled in her side, and closed her eyes in hopes of getting enough sleep for tomorrow. 
And just to let you know, Mateo did get a call from his dad in the morning during breakfast time after a phone call with Y/N last night when Y/N snuck out of the room to talk to Harry when he called an hour later. And Mateo had let him know that he was mad at him from making silly little threats to Harry for not answering his phone call the night prior. 
And Harry promised to not miss another phone call ever again from his son. 
He never did. But that voicemail did give a finishing touch on one of Harry’s songs on his new album. 
Tumblr media
Two years later, Harry’s third album was announced March 23 in an album trailer and then later on that month a trailer for Harry’s single As It Was, was released and then the actual music video came out. And a certain voice in the beginning was played in the beginning that caught everyone’s attention. A voice of Harry’s son that everyone knows the name of but not the face, of course Mateo was a lot older when that voicemail was recorded. 
But it was everyone’s actual first time hearing Mateo’s voice clearly, rather than hearing it far in the background in other interviews or muffled. 
It was adorable hearing Harry’s son’s angry accented voice in the music video, finding it adorable rather than upsetting. 
And everyone loved it, except for a certain someone. And that certain someone was the owner of that voice. 
When Y/N and Mateo were listening to the song with Harry in the same room to see their reaction. The now six year old was picking at his pink painted nails that were chipping off as he listened to his father’s album. He was sitting between Y/N and Harry, looking between his parents to see their facial reactions to see if he had the right reaction for the right time. 
Y/N and Harry had to stifle their laughter when Mateo's cheeks turned red when he heard his voice in the beginning of the song. Making the six year old stop picking at the chipped polish on his nails and turning his attention to his father. 
His green eyes glaring into Harry's. Harry had to press his lips together to stop the smile from stretching across his face and a laughter from bursting out. Even if Mateo is "trying" to act mad at his dad, it was adorable. And Y/N was doing the same as they watched the six year old cross his arms against his chest as he cleared his throat before saying. 
"Mateo," Harry nodded at his son, the song playing in the background. Mateo grumbled at his father before continuing what he was going to say. 
"For using my voice in your song, I'm giving you a big fee." He stated, raising his brows at Harry to see if his father had any objections to what he just said. And when there wasn't any he continued. "The fee is you doing my nails and you making me my favorite cookies. And we watch Encanto as many times as I like. Lots of cuddles. And… we'll have to sing to every single song, mummy included." 
Y/N and Harry shared a brief look, trying not to laugh at their son's "big fee" that he's giving his father. It was cute that Mateo doesn't know the full understanding of a fee, but he still used his imagination. And it was enough to make his parents awe at how adorable he is. 
The six year old began fumbling with his fingers as continued to sit between his parents as the three of them sat in silence before he took in a deep breath before complementing his father's song. 
"But it's really good, daddy. I love it." 
Harry smiled at the six year old and wrapped his right arm around Mateo’s shoulders and pressed a kiss to his chocolate curls and laughed softly. Jolting Mateo from his laughter. “Thanks bud.” Y/N awed at the sight and how shy Mateo got and looked down at his lap and fiddled with his fingers again. 
“You’re welcome, daddy.” He then shrugged off Harry’s shoulder and stood up from the bed and stood in front of his parents and looked at both of them. Straightening up to make himself seem taller than his parents even though they’re a lot taller than him when they stand up. 
His green eyes went from Harry to Y/N and Y/N to Harry before he opened his mouth and announced.
“I’ll be downstairs, waiting in the kitchen for you and mummy to make me cookies then cuddle while watching Encanto because I don’t feel like having my nails done today.” 
He then turned on his heel and walked out of the room with his curls bouncing on top of head. Once Mateo is out of hearing range, Y/N and Harry meet each other’s eyes and begin laughing. Both of them leaned closer and shook the bed from their combined laughter. Y/N head ended up on Harry’s shoulder and Harry’s head ended on top of hers. He placed a ring clad hand on her knee and gave it squeezes as they continued to laugh at their son’s adorableness and his demands. 
“Well, it’s nice to know where he gets his dramatic side from.” Y/N laughed softly, clutching her stomach that held their second child. She was one month into her pregnancy, so her belly wasn’t able to make out just yet. She looked up at her fiancé with a knowing look to which Harry opened his mouth to pretend to be shocked at such an allegation. 
Even though it was the truth that he can be a tad bit dramatic at times, and it just so happened that their son got that trait from Harry. As well as the shyness and a few other traits that were a part of Mateo’s personality that he got from Harry. As well as a few things from Y/N were a part of Mateo’s personality as well. 
Y/N moved her head off his shoulder and copied his reaction to what she just said to him. “What? Are you shocked that I told the truth? That our son acts exactly like you?” Harry’s face of shock immediately dropped, and his lips turned into a smile, his poking out on each end of his lips with a shake of his head. 
His eyes closed as a laugh that makes Y/N happy, along with everything else that’s her fiancé. She placed her left hand on the hand that was on her knee and squeezed it like he did her knee as he continued to laugh. She joined in, loving to see Harry laugh at what she said. 
Even though it’s the truth. 
Harry then turned his head to look at Y/N, his olive eyes now on display. Him only looking at her alone with the smile still on his face made her heart flutter against her chest and that familiar shiver go down her spine, along with her cheeks heating up. All the signs of him making her flustered made a smirk appear on the brunette’s lips, he knew when she was being together for nine and a half years, about to be together for ten later on in April. Harry leaned forward, removing his hand from under hers and from her knee to cup her jaw, caressing her cheek bone (that he’s a hundred percent sure sent more shivers down her spine) and felt the heat that was radiating off her cheek. 
Y/N leaned into his touch and forward and nudged the tip of her nose against the bridge of his nose, making the two of them smile at the small affection that she initiated. Harry continued to caress her cheek bone and repeated the affection she did not too long ago before leaning forward and pressing their temples together. All the feelings that you get when you’re with someone you love and have been together with for a long time and those feelings never go away. 
“You’re cute when you’re flustered, y’know that?” Harry teased, making Y/N groan at her fiancés flirtatious tease that made her cheeks heat up even more and become even more and more bubbly because of Harry’s words. 
“Shut up.” Y/N demanded with a bashful smile on her face, making Harry laugh and having his fresh breath hit her face. Harry hummed at her words and moved his head side to side as if he was thinking. Prolonging the moment they have together before he spoke once again. 
“I don’t think I would, because it gets you going like this. And you’re cute when you’re like this. But then again, you’re always beautiful when you’re not all flustered.” He flirted, making Y/N roll her eyes at her fiancés flirty antics that always worked. But it worked the other way around as well. 
“Harry,” She breathed, her eyes zeroing in on his pink lips. Wanting to kiss him and she knew that he wanted to kiss her by the way he was looking at her lips. The butterflies and hearts fluttering against their chest has gotten stronger, both of their eyes on each other's lips. 
“Y/N,” Harry breathed, repeating her tone. She moved her hands up to cup his face and pulled him closer and closed her eyes, smelling his cologne that she loved a lot that he wore a million times and it never got old. She was getting impatient, as well as Harry 
“Kiss me please?” She asked, to which Harry didn’t wait any longer with a murmur of ‘gladly’ before pressing his soft lips against hers. Igniting fireworks, butterflies, heart fluttering, and shivers between the two of them. Harry’s eyes now closed and his hand on her jaw joined its twin on her waist to pull her closer. Their lips moving together happily, occasional squeezes on her hips while Y/N’s hands went into Harry’s curls. 
This moment went on for a few more seconds before Y/N pulled away, panting along with Harry. She combed her fingers through his hair gently as the two of them caught their breath before speaking once again. They had to head downstairs to meet their son down in the kitchen to make his favorite cookies and watch Encanto for what feels like the millionth time. And they’re for sure know the movie word or word, speaking or singing from how many times they watched that movie.  
As much as she wanted to stay in their room with her fiancé, they had to meet with their six year old son in the kitchen. And Harry had to pay the fee that he’s been given. 
“Come on,” Y/N sighed, standing up from their bed and held out a hand for Harry to take. “Let’s get going before Mateo comes back up here and drags us out by our hair while complaining about how slow we are.” Harry looked up at her with a raised brow as he looked at her curiously. She raised her brows and widened her eyes a little as she looked at Harry and directed the attention to the open door to the side to tell him that they better get going to meet up with their son. 
Harry sighed dramatically and tossed his head back with his eyes closed, giving more proof for Y/N’s case that their son has indeed inherited his father’s dramatic side and there’s a whole list and this just made it. This made Y/N laugh quickly at how cute and funny her fiancé is. She wiggled her fingers and sighed his name to get his attention. 
Harry brought his head forward and opened his eyes to look at her. “Are you sure he can’t wait for a little bit longer, I liked what was going on before.” He asked, earning an eye roll from Y/N. She wiggled her fingers at him with huff. 
“He can’t and he won’t. He will start shouting up from downstairs for us and telling us to hurry up and then he’ll come up here and actually drag us out of the room. Now come on.” She stated firmly. 
Harry took her hand with a smirk on his face as the two of them began walking to their bedroom door. “And I wonder where he got that from?” Y/N looked over her shoulder with a small smirk with a roll of her eyes.
“Shut up.” 
Making Harry laugh at her words and her joining in as the two of them ventured down the pink stairs to go to the kitchen to join their son so they could make his favorite cookies that Harry has to make for the fee that he’s been given.  
Tumblr media
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harrysfolklore · 13 hours ago
hellooo! i love ur ig povs
i was wondering if u could do one with matilda djerf
HARRYS HOUSE IS OUT NOOOWWWW, and of course i did a blurb about it, enjoy! of course i picked her bc theres a song on the album called matilda
ask me anything | masterlist | likes and reblogs are appreciated !
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yourinstagram good morning new york city, harry’s house is dropping tonight and i’m trying to look collected but i’m not
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harryfan1 SAMEEE
gemmastyles I’m dying over here
↳ yourinstagram like that’s our baby
annetwist ❤️❤️
harryfan2 you’re listening to it on that picture aren’t you
↳ yourinstagram i’m following my tradition of listening to harry’s albums when they’re released 🥰
↳ harryfan3 SHES SO REAL
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harryupdates Harry via YN instagram stories ! And also a sneak peek of the pop up shop
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harryfan1 she’s the luckiest person alive
harryfan2 i love that they’ve been dating for 12 years now but she still gets excited like any other fan
↳ harryfan3 she’s just like us but she actually gets to date him
harryfan4 i can’t wait for the pop up
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harrystyles See you everywhere at midnight.
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harryfan1 IM GOING TO CRY
jefezoff 🥺🥺
yourinstagram I LOVE YOU
yourinstagram so proud of you in every single way, bubs. HARRY’S HOUSE TONIGHTTTT LETS GO
↳ harryfan3 i’m crying she’s the best
annetwist So excited ❤️
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harryupdates Harry via instagram stories !
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harryfan1 OMGGG
harryfan2 he’s so cuuuuuute
harryfan3 i’m so happy he’s posting stories regularly 😢
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harryfan2 what’s your favorite song?
↳ yourinstagram MATILDA
annetwist Best of the best ❤️
harrystyles We’ve been doing all this late night drinking xx
↳ harryfan1 HES SOOO
↳ harryfan2 a comedian
↳ yourinstagram 😭😭 i love you
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harrystyles Harry’s House. Out now.
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harryfan1 SO PROUD OF YOU
yourinstagram i love you. thank you for all the ways you’ve made me proud for the past 12 years. you’re the most important person in my life, bubs 🥺
↳ harryfan3 i’m crying
↳ harryfan4 this is how i feel about harry too
annetwist ❤️❤️
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yourinstagram if you thought that i wasn’t going to post something long and sappy about harry’s house, we’ll you thought wrong.
 this is the 3rd time i get to be by your side when you release an album, and every single time i’ve been flooded with the same bittersweet feelings, the happiness and pride to see you achieving your dreams, and the nostalgia when i look back and realize that it has been a long road. 
harry, i love you so much, thank you for letting me be part of this journey and just being you, you’re a light for me and all those who love you.
harry’s house is out now 🥺
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harryfan1 i’m CRYING
harryfan2 this is so sweet, she’s the best 
gemmastyles Not you making me cry 😢
harrystyles You’re the reason behind all of this. Thank you. I love you x ❤️
↳ harryfan1 I CANT
↳ harryfan2 this is absolutely adorable
jefezoff ❤️❤️
taglist: @cucciolafaerie @maria-r @eleanordaisy @sunflowersndpeaches @golden-hoax @alienorknight @evanjh @daydreamingmathilda @sunflowervolume66 @lollypopsx @multiplums @89evrs @trulymadlykiki i  @piscesrecord @vanteguccir @ivyproblems @ivegotparticulartaste @springholland @harryhoney-bee @harrysgloves @ayeshathestyles @comfort-reads @stylesmygucci @gimsaysay @rosaliedepp @dontworrysunflower @milfrrynation @sleutherclaw @vodka-is-gay-and-so-am-i
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glitteredrry · 2 days ago
Grumpy Boy With the Cute Face
roller rink! h
summary: the first interaction between y/n and harry.
warnings: 80s slang (might be offensive to some)
word count: 1.4K
Tumblr media
Spring. The season of new beginnings. 
Flowers were spread everywhere blossoming and releasing their fragrant scent that allowed Y/N’s world to be brighter. This school year had been so hard on her, so, the fact that now she could take a moment of peace with spring break around the corner was exhilarating. 
None of her friends knew how hard this school year had been on her, through all the adversities she kept one thing that left everyone fooled. A smile. If she didn’t smile she had nothing. If she didn’t smile the facade that she had been putting on would have crumbled. Oh, and one more thing. Her roller skates. If she didn’t have them she would have nothing. 
Roller skating was her way to escape from the world. She loved feeling the wind blow through her curls. The way she glided across the ground. Roller skating was introduced to her at a young age by her Grandfather. He even made the roller skates she wears today. Y/N’s late Grandfather customized the white skates. Each detail he put into it fit her perfectly. The toe stopper wasn’t an average one, it was heart-shaped because he always said she was filled with love. He made sure to embroider her initials on the bottom of the skates. Her love for the skates were out of this world. It was her most prized possession.
So, when she found out a new roller rink was opening up down the street, she had to make her way over there with her friends. Tossing her roller skates in a backpack, she applied a classic bright red lipstick to her plump lips. She was out the door immediately. She looked down at what she was dressed in and thought it was rad. Her outfit was perfect for today’s heat. 
Her denim shorts paired perfectly with the cropped shirt she was wearing. It was opening day and the town was buzzing with excitement. Living in a small town was boring, so everyone flocked when something new opened up. When she arrived all ages were there. Her eyes scattered the crowd looking for her group of friends. 
“Y/N, over here,” she turned her eyes to see who was calling her name and finally connected the voice to a face. Sophia her roommate was waving at her with a bright smile. Maneuvering through the sea of people were all there for the main attraction. Y/N finally greeted her friends with hugs.
“Hi guys, have you gone inside the place yet?” Y/N was smiling brightly at her friends. Her skates that were polished to perfection were ready to hit the rink.
“No, we’ve been waiting on you. Let’s go!” Sophia grabbed her by the hand dragging her inside with laughs and giggles. Running inside of the place, Y/N stopped to take it all in. It was as if this place was built for her. There was a huge disco ball in the middle of the room bouncing off the different neon lights going throughout the place. She knew that in that instant that was going to be her favorite place to be. 
“We need to go get some skates? Are you coming?” Sophia snapped Y/N out of her mesmerized state. She already had her skates ready but it was no fun skating alone. She nodded her head as her friends went to go get in line. Her friends conversed by themselves as she looked around. Her eyes caught on a figure behind the counter handing people roller skates. It was a tall, lean physique with muscles. She could tell each time she reach up and his tattooed arms flexed. 
She took her time to observe him watching him interact with others. He kept his face in a slight pout for the most part; Only interacting with people with short replies. As the line moved up, Y/N sucked her teeth making sure it was rid of any lipstick. Y/N tapped her friend who was in the middle of a conversation to talk about the boy behind the counter.
“Soph, who is the grumpy boy with the cute face?” Sophia looked around the bodies since she was a bit shorter than everyone around. When she noticed who it was she let out a laugh.
“His name is Harry…”
Harry is a cute name. 
“…If you think he is cute it’s a lost cause. He is mental.” Y/N turned to her friend taking her hand to hit her.
“That’s no way to talk about someone. Why did you say that?” Y/N tried to keep her friends in check, she didn’t stand for picking on innocent people.
“Y/N, he is! I had him in a class last semester and we were in a group for a project and probably spoke a few words to each other. He acted like he has a stick up his ass. Like he is better than everyone just because he is an international student.” Y/N had a frown on her face. She didn’t like to base people on what others would say. Because I’m sure if you were to ask around about her, she was the annoying girl with a bubbly personality. 
She needed to see for herself.
As it was Sophia’s turn to go next she spoke one last sentence. “He likes to be alone obviously, and you should leave him that way.” Y/N watched as Harry handed Sophia her skates and called her next to come up.
Y/N already had skates, so internally she was panicking about what to say. She said the first thing that was on her mind when she stepped up.
“Do you guys have cherry coke?” Y/N smiled at him and Harry looked at the girl like she had lost her mind.
“You’re asking for cherry coke…at the skates rental?” Harry placed his hands down on the counter looking at the girl who had a slight blush creeping on her cheeks. His British accent caught her off-guard.
“Yeah, um- they’re so good and I always enjoy one after skating…do you have them?” Y/N felt like she was going to burst into flames. Harry’s eyes narrowed at the girl. Which only made Y/N smile a bit brighter. 
“You can go ask the food court. Now, do you want some skates or do you want to waste more of my time?” Y/N’s smile deflated and so did her confidence. She cleared her throat trying to recover from her most awkward encounter ever.
“I need to check out some skates, size 7, please.” Y/N made sure her skates were out of his view.
“Don’t you have skates already?” She looked with a confused face wondering how he saw them. In actuality, Harry knew of Y/N. Well… he didn’t exactly know her but he observed her. It’s kind of hard to miss the only girl on campus who roller skates wherever she goes. For a moment, he thought she was cool. Until now, this is the first time he has heard her voice and he can’t deny she is annoying. 
“Yes I do, but how did you even know-”
“Size 7 coming up,” he walked away from her before she could finish her sentence. He would have to die right here if he had to explain how he knew. He had reached up to get her size placing them hardly on the counter. He ripped a ticket off and handed it to her.
“Can I have your shoes?” Y/N forgot she had to give them up. Slipping them off quickly she handed them to him. 
“Bring me back the ticket. I get the skates and you get your shoes back.” He looked her dead in the eyes. Not once can she remember if he even smiled at her? 
“Thank y-”
“Next,” Harry cut her off waving the next person to come forward. Y/N stood there dumbfounded and just gathered her belonging to go to her friends. Before she made it to them, she turned around once more and caught Harry already staring at her. As soon as their eyes connected, he turned back to the customer. Y/N approached her friend who already had their skates on.
“So, how did it go?” Sophia questioned as she tied her laces. “Was he an ass?”
“No, I think we will get along great,” Y/N said with a smile. Harry was going to be a challenge but good thing Y/N loved them.
A/N: Welcome to the first blurb! I hope you enjoyed. I can’t wait to see this relationship develop.
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jadeittic · a day ago
harry styles x reader fc: sabrina carpenter
(my first try on ig au's. hope its good??)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourinstagram hours before st4 world premiere and red carpet
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ynfan4: MOMMY??? step oN ME PLEASE
ynfan3: if alya dies this season with stevstre im going to sue. mark my words
harrystyles: I picked that dress.
harrylovesln: he has such good sense of fashion im not kidding anymore
maya_hawke: so excited to see you in that dress????
Tumblr media
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strangerthingstv: Alya Mayers, your favorite IT girl of Hawkins.
view all 187,264 comments
harrystyles: Please don't kill her off.
yourinstagram: i agree
ynfan1: 2nd ranked best babysitter.
yourinstagram: no way steve can beat me??
alyaxsteve DADDY ALYA 4 LIFE
dkharbour: I must admit, she's a lot better than Steve.
hopperlovesel LMFAOO L STEVE
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harrystyles: ST4 Premiere.
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yourinstagram: i fainted
yourinstagram: who told you to be this attractive sir
yourinstagram: gripping on the floor
harryfan1: im with you y/n
ynxharry: no bc what if his songs are one of the soundtracks on st4
strangerthingstv: ;)
ynlovesstrawberries: WHAT????!??? I NEED ANSWERS ASAP?
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yourinstagram: might or might not love barbies more than h
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harrystyles: This is straight up mean.
yourinstagram: u love me tho
ynfan13 when is it my turn
gemmastyles come overrr lets play with them and ignore harry
harrystyles Without me?
yourinstagram this is for the cool kids only
harryyn3 shes stunning, would do anything to be harry rn
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harrysfinelinevol1 · a day ago
dont worry darling insta blurb
harry styles x actor!y/n
summary: harry met you when working alongside you on don't worry darling and you are now dating
florence pugh
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourinstagram and thats a wrap! big thank you to all the crew who made this possible, especially given all the restrictions we were faced with. you all were amazing. thank you to everyone who helped direct and produce this movie, your creativity never fails to inspire me. finally thank you to my fellow cast members and especially harry. h, you made me a better actress and a better person and i thank you everyday.
view all 321,402 comments
y/nfan1 cant wait to see this!!!!
harryfan9 the bit about harry im literally sobbing
↳ harryfan4 i swear they have to be dating
harryfan6 my two faves 😍😍
harrystyles thank you for everything
view 291 replies
↳ harryfan2 no stop im crying
↳ y/nfan1 theyre so sweet with each other
Tumblr media
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harrystylesdaily harry and y/n spotted out for lunch in LA today!!
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y/nfan9 omggg theyre on a date
harryfan2 my actual parents
harryfan39 the hottest couple i love them both so much
yourinstagram posted on their story
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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y/nl/nupdates harry styles spotted kissing y/n l/n off the coast of sorrento yesterday!!
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harryfan3 brb jumping off a cliff
y/nfan5 this is too cute wtf
harryfan9 y/n is the luckiest women on this planet
↳ y/nfan2 nah harry's the luckiest man on this planet
y/nfan6 i cant believe theyre actually dating wtf
harryfan1 the cutest couple ever
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harrystyles happy birthday my love.
view all 2,102,532 comments
gemmastyles happy birthday y/n!!
↳ yourinstagram thank you!! xx
harryfan6 omg harry went public with it wth
yourinstagram thank you, my love ❤️
view all 402 replies
↳ harrystyles ❤️❤️
↳ y/nfan9 i cant believe theyre in love, my fave people ever
↳ harryfan2 please never break up
hope you enjoy this guys!! am about to start working on affection pt.3 so hopefully that will come soon. thank you for all the love
sloane xx
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hes-writer · a day ago
Notes on Camp (6)
summary: harry is the head counsellor, y/n is new, the campers are matchmakers, feelings arise and not everyone is happy about it
warnings: slight angst, mentions of a wound
word count: 1428 words
a/n: greetings from your favourite counsellor!
helpful links: notes on camp (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) | harry styles masterlist | matt murdock masterlist | patreon masterlist | buy me a coffee?
Belle was certain that her conscience was playing tricks on her.
The plan was initially thought out on the premise that she was undeniably glittering with the green monster of jealousy. As immature and childish as she sounded, it had always been her! For the past few years, returning to summer camp was what she looked forward to because it meant that she was going to see Harry.
And Harry was always drawn to her right off the bat. It felt like seeing an old friend with whom Belle had not seen for ages. However, she and Harry’s relationship weren’t exactly the typical friendship. Sure, they could speak to each other about random topics and yes, they can hang out but that usually ensued to. . .other things.
Belle swore to herself that she would never get too attached to Harry--emotionally--because she didn’t believe that she had the capacity to enter a serious relationship. But that did not mean that he could.
“Okay, so that’s a little irrational,” Belle whispered to herself. She was at the camp’s infirmary building, just outside the room where Y/N was currently keeping a camper company. Apparently, the poor child had tripped and gashed their knee on a sharp rock during a hike and Y/N was the counsellor in charge.
Belle took a deep breath before plastering a smile on her face paired with a look of genuine concern. She rambled her fist on the door three times.
“Come in,” A soft voice spoke from the inside. Belle twisted the knob of the door before entering the room.
Daisy, the camper, was laying on the bed with a thick bandage wrapped around her knee and calf. There was a slight pink tinge on the bandage where Belle assumed was the wound’s placement.
“Oh, hi Bell,” Daisy greeted with a gleeful smile. However, the droopiness of her lids suggested that she was tired. Belle gave the child a wave, turning her attention to Y/N who was smiling at her too.
Belle would have felt less bad if Y/N wasn’t so liked by everybody.
“Hey, Y/N,” Belle began, slowly drawing out her words to make sure that the deceitful lie was under the radar. “Agnes wants to speak to you. She said it was important?”
Y/N’s brows quipped at the information, “Really? About what?”
Belle’s eyes widened at her question as she did not think this through. “Uh--something about the recipe?” She hoped that Y/N didn’t hear the tilt in her voice.
The counsellor nodded in recognition, aiding Belle to release a sigh of relief. Lucky.
“ I’d go but I have to watch over Daisy here,” Y/N gestured at the child who was dozing in and out of sleep. “Would you mind telling her that I’ll meet her some other time?”
Belle had to mentally roll her eyes at the gentleness of the tone of her voice. Of course, Y/N was nice. And of course, she cared about her campers. No wonder Harry likes her, Belle thought.
“It’s alright! I can watch over her until you return,” Belle suggested, a cynical smirk threatening to take over her lips.
Y/N shook her head, “I couldn’t possibly ask that. This is my responsibility,”
Belle scratched her ear, a habit she always does when annoyance filled her body. She walked over to where Y/N was sitting on the right side of the bed. Y/N was befuddled when Belle took her hand in hers. They were acquaintances. Although, they hadn’t much interacted unless it was for camp duties.
“We’re counsellors, aren’t we, Y/N?”
Y/N nodded. Where was she going with this?
“That means we cover for each other. Agnes obviously wants to talk to you now and I’m here, aren’t I?” Belle glanced at a now sleeping Daisy.
Y/N looked thoughtful for a moment, humming lowly.
“Hmm, I guess so,” She stood up from her chair, pulling her hand back before rubbing her palms against her jeans. “But you call me if something happens, yeah?”
Belle’s lips quirked into a satisfied smile, “Of course,”
Harry’s eyes were wide and frazzled as he searched for Y/N in the kitchen. He found her conversing with Agness near the electric stove, laughing at something the head chef had said. For different circumstances, Harry would’ve stood back and smiled at the way Y/N seemingly glowed. However, a child was hurt under Y/N’s care and she was not there to cater to her responsibilities.
Walking up to her with heavy footsteps, Harry spoke with a broody voice.
“And Daisy has a peanut allergy so I was thinking we can--,”
“Y/N, can I speak to you?”
Y/N jumped at Harry’s query, surprised at his stoic stance and thin lips. It wasn’t the usual greeting that she received from him.
“Sure, let me just--,”
Agnes glanced back and forth at Harry’s impatient expression and Y/N’s befuddled body language, “It’s alright, Y/N. We’ll continue this later,”
With that, Harry turned around and walked to the back exit where he knew no one would be. He was having an inner turmoil with himself because Y/N obviously caring for her campers. So why would she do something so irresponsible?
“Harry? What’s wrong? Did you still want to come over to my cabin tonight?
His forefinger and thumb pinched the bridge of his nose, “What d’ya think yer’ doing?”
Y/N jammed her hand in her back pockets, “I was speaking to Agnes,”
Frankly, Agnes was surprised at Y/N’s emergence in the kitchen which made Y/N confused too. But since she was already there, Agnes and Y/N decided to talk anyway.
“And what about Daisy? The camper that was under your care?”
Y/N parted her lips in surprise at Harry’s gesticulative body.
“Hey, don’t yell at me. Belle said she would watch over her because I had to talk to Agnes,”
“Are you sure?” Harry squinted his eyes at her, “Cause Belle found Daisy alone and crying in pain,”
The woman gasped, “What? I have to check on her then,”
“Don’t,” Harry said sternly, “Belle is there. She’s taking care of your camper while you talk to everyone in camp, yeah?”
Y/N scoffed at his words, “It was one person!”
Harry crossed his arms over his chest, biceps bulging. His tan skin accentuated by the golden sunlight setting behind him, “You disregarded your responsibilities, Y/N.”
She looked at him with disbelief, “Belle said that she would watch over her--,”
“She found Daisy alone,”
“Will you let me speak?” Y/N sighed in frustration, rubbing her temples. Why won’t Harry believe her? What did Belle tell him?
“Belle came in and said Agnes had to talk to me. I wasn’t going to go but she said that she could watch after Daisy until I return,” Y/N started off with a raised voice that lowered in volume throughout her explanation.
Harry tilted his head, “That’s not what happened,”
Y/N scoffed, “You don’t believe me?”
“I’m sorry, Y/N but you’re suspended from your counsellor duties for two weeks,”
“What?” Y/N questioned, “What do you mean? I’m telling the truth, Harry,” She stepped forward, running her hands across his arms. Then, she intertwined their fingers together. Y/N used the momentum to tug Harry’s height down a little so she could press a kiss to his lips.
He avoided her lips with a head turn. Y/N lowered herself from her tippy-toes, eyes dimming when Harry refused to capture her stare. She laughed sarcastically, “You don’t believe me.”
Harry’s chest ached when Y/N released her hold on him. He watched as she took a step back, assuming her previous position. “Well?”
“Belle found your camper alone and crying. I don’t know what to believe but camper’s take priority,” Harry stared her down like a disappointed parent. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”
Tears prickled at Y/N’s eyes. What a silly thought to think that Harry would believe her! Y/N could understand Harry’s situation. He was the head counsellor after all. Ultimately, everything that occurs in the camp falls on his shoulders.
Feelings or no feelings, he was still her boss. She just wished that he trusted her more than he trusted Belle.
“A-are you still coming over tonight?” Y/N stuttered, wiping her tears towards her hairline before it reached her cheeks.
Harry sighed, contemplating the idea of spending a night with her.
“I don’t think I should,’
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be-with-me-so-happily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N applies to be a styling intern for the One Direction crew during the Where We Are tour. As she gets better at her job and closer to the band and crew (especially Harry Styles), some of her dreams seem to be coming true, but so are some of her fears.
A/N: Things are definitely getting... interesting... a little stirring of the pot, if you will...
Warnings: Some language, alcohol consumption, guilt, angst, jealousy
Jan 11th, 2015
Yesterday's retail therapy may have actually cured you, with the gorgeous outfits you got. [Your heart will be guarded, but your outfits will be on point]
Ryan invited Levi out to join him at the gym, so you and Natalie have some free time together. You're going to just take today to relax since tomorrow will be the start of the chaos that is touring with One Direction. You both decide that a day full of movies is the ideal way to relax, so Nat grabs a bunch of snacks and you settle into your spot on the couch.
It's about half way through your second movie, when the guys walk in from their workout. Levi comes over to kiss Natalie. "Hi! And also, ew."
He laughs, "what…. I just want to come watch movies with you…."
You're actually beginning to understand why Natalie was so (sarcastically) disgusted by you and Harry. You smirk for just a second.
"Okay, I'll shower, then can I come cuddle?" He begs her. She nods.
[Yeah, definitely get it now]
"Ryan, you better stay, I don't want to put up with these two alone!" You shout.
"Uh, I will definitely need a shower too…"
"He'd have to use the guest shower Y/N, is that okay?"
You nod and the boys walk back to clean up.
Once back, they suggest getting some lunch delivered. You call in an order for Chinese and the guys choose 'Step Brothers' for the next movie.
After fifteen minutes there is a knock at the door.
"I'll get the food." Ryan, hair still wet and wearing a clean pair of Levi's sweats plus shirt, jumps up and answers the door.
From around the corner you hear the door open and then there is silence for a minute.
"Oh, hey, wait… aren't you-" Ryan stutters.
"Umm… is… Y/N here?"
Without even taking the time to process anything, you get up from the couch, trotting over to the door, and coming up to stand next to Ryan. He leans his elbow on your shoulder.
Your eyes meet those of the man standing on the other side and your body decides to forget how to breathe.
"Hey. Is it… Am I…" he fumbles, "bad time to talk?"
Out of the corner of your eye you can see Ryan look down at you but your gaze stays on Harry as you shake your head. You collect your thoughts and are determined to stay composed, tapping into that professionalism again.
He looks at Ryan quickly, who seems to get the hint that it's a private conversation. You step outside and close the front door.
"What's up?"
His hands are shoved in his jean pockets. His lips are pursed and some curls have fallen into his face. [For fucks sake, why is he still so beautiful]
"I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable being around each other at the styling meeting tomorrow." He explained.
"Oh!" You pause to think, then realize there's nothing you should think about. You love your job and that'll be your only focus. "Of course Harry, don't worry about me."
"Well, I always wor-" he cuts himself off. "I always want to make sure." His gaze drops to his feet.
"I'm good if you're good." You say as reassurance [that is… you'll at least do everything you can to be good with it]
"Good." He nods. As his eyes slowly make their way back to yours, they stop at the base of your neck for a few seconds. You see the slightest frown form before he corrects it and meets your eyes again. "I'll let you get back to your friend."
"Oh, yeah, well we're all just watching 'Step Brothers', I think the guys are getting sick of rom-coms." You chuckle.
"Right. Umm… yeah, so, I guess I'll see you there then." He states, as he takes a step back.
"See you there, rockstar." You blurt out, instantly regretting using the nickname you once had for him.
He quickly closes his eyes as he takes another step back. "Don't-"
"Shit. I'm sorry." You try to take a step towards him but he takes yet another step back.
"S'alright." He manages to look at you. "I gotta go, see you tomorrow."
With your arms wrapped in front of you, you watch as he hurriedly gets in his car and drives off.
You walk back inside and Natalie meets you on the other side of the door. "What the fuck did he want?" She grills.
"He came to make sure I would be comfortable at the meeting tomorrow."
"How nice of him to consider your feelings…" she states, with every ounce of sarcasm she had inside her body.
You instinctively reach to your neck, with the habit of running your fingers over the chain of your necklace, when you realize it's gone. You start casually scanning the ground.
"What are you looking for?"
"My necklace must've fallen off at some point." You explain.
"Wait, you still wear that?" She groans.
"Fuck off Nat. It was a gift, and it's pretty, and I'm gonna wear it whenever I want to!" You declare.
She seems to be proud of the way you stood up for yourself, because she backs down and starts looking for it too.
"Okay, what are you two weirdos doing?" Levi laughs.
"I lost my necklace."
"Oh. I actually saw it on the bathroom floor, so I put it on the counter." Ryan says, and you give him a double thumbs up.
"Thank you." You get there and put it back on, then sit back on the couch.
"So am I a hero or what?" Ryan smiles.
"I think they are giving you the key to the city later today." You joke.
"I'm glad you got it back."
"Yeah." You sigh. "Me too."
Your day of relaxing is doing its job. You've eaten a light dinner, and head back to the guest room to wind down. You start getting ready for bed and your phone rings.
[What the fuck?]
"Umm… Hi Harry…"
"Y/N? Oh shit. I'm sorry."
"What's up?"
"I'm… (yeah, shut up mate!)... Sorry, umm, I'm at a bar."
"I was trying to call my mate. Must still be a habit to call you... (Shut up! I didn't do it on purpose!)"
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, yeah, f'course. Bit drunk."
"Okay Harry. Have fun."
"Wait! Y/N! Wait!"
"I like hearing your voice."
"Okay bud."
"I miss it. I miss you!"
"I do. It's you! Who wouldn't?"
"Shit. Okay… (For fucks sake, hold on!)... I'll let you go."
"Goodnight Harry."
You hang up and just stand at the sink for a minute, toothbrush in one hand and phone in the other. Then you laugh at how ridiculous that all was. You feel good, being able to laugh at that.
[Yeah, you can work with Harry, it'll be okay]
As you finish up, check some emails, message Sam, and then crawl under the covers, your phone notifies you of a new text.
:harry: do you love him???
:you: what? who?
:harry: fuckin tall lad at the door
:you: not your business, but he's an old friend
:harry: 'friend'? is that why you aren't wearing the necklace anymore?
:you: what?
:harry: doesn't matter
:harry: didn't think you'd move on soooo quickly
:harry: i meant nothing. nothing. nothing.
:you: you're one to talk!
:harry: i fucked up. now you're fucking him.
:you: and now you can fuck off!
With that, you turn 'Do Not Disturb' on, set an alarm, and do your best to settle your racing thoughts before getting some sleep.
Jan 13th, 2014
You woke up yesterday, pissed as ever. Harry had no right to text you in the first place, no right to ask about Ryan or your necklace, and definitely no right to accuse you of treating him like he is nothing. He made you feel that way while you were together, so he has no room to 'call you out' for moving on after the breakup.
But it was your first meeting back with the team, and now more than ever, you are not about to let Harry or any emotions get in the way of doing your job properly. There were a good number of people there and the entire day was filled with an abundance of logistics about the prep work you'll be doing soon.
You're excited to dress up a little today. You dress in a white button up shirt, tucked into some light wash jeans, topped with a navy and brown plaid blazer. The thought crosses your mind that maybe you're focusing a little more on your outfit today, compared to yesterday, because Harry will be there. But you don't care. You'll feel good.
Natalie has made some coffee and you make your way to the meeting.
You arrive at an office building and are guided back to the same conference room as the day before. There are already a few people seated with their laptops open and papers gathered beside them. You get settled into a seat that directly faces the door.
Jade shows up a few minutes after, finding a spot right next to you. Sarah shows up a few minutes later and sits right across from Jade.
Amelia announces, "I think we are waiting for a couple more people, but let's just get started."
[Good, no Harry, hopefully he decided not to come]
The door opens and you avoid looking up, but hear an unfamiliar voice and see that it's another crew member. They sit down at the end of the table and you relax again.
The door opens again and you still don't look up, because you are typing notes on your laptop, and the person sits down directly across from you.
"Hello. Sorry I'm late. What did I miss?"
[Shit. He did come]
You do not give Harry the satisfaction of looking in his direction. You give all your attention to Amelia, but you can see out of the corner of your eye that he is too. He always does.
He goes over what he wants to do in terms of his style, there's definitely some good ideas in there. After he gives his ideas, Amelia suddenly turns to you.
"Sounds good Y/N?"
You look up from your laptop. "Me?"
"Yeah, you're usually the one helping him." She confirms.
"Oh, umm… actually…" Harry interjects, "I was hoping to give other people a go at it. You know, like, to help strengthen their experience."
You chuckle under your breath.
"Alright… I'll have Sarah and Jade work on it together then." She shoots you a look and you just shrug and nod.
"Fine with me." You agree.
As you turn back to your laptop, you momentarily make eye contact with Harry. He has a slight frown, elbow resting on the table, and his index finger lying just under his bottom lip.
Your gaze turns then quickly turns to Sarah, who is sitting next to him, and looking right at Harry's profile, beaming. She meets your gaze and gives you a smug expression.
[That's fine, now you don't have to see him]
There's a pause in the meeting for a toilet break and to grab a quick bite to eat. You get up and beeline it to the bathroom. As you lock your stall, you hear Sarah walk in, chatting with another team member, and stop by the mirrors.
"I can't wait to dress the one and only Harry Styles!" She exclaims.
"Yeah, you're lucky. It looked like Y/N was his favorite" Says the other.
"Well, now it's my turn. Maybe he just likes my styling more." She boasts.
"She is really good. But either way you're lucky."
"And I get to shoot my shot! Perfect scenario." She adds. "I'll get to dress him up, and then dress him down." She laughs.
They walk out and you wait to finish up, not wanting them to know you heard the whole thing.
[Good lord she is unbearable now]
When you finally walk out, you see Harry standing by the coffee and snack table, with Sarah's back facing you as she chats with him. She must already be shooting that shot, because she giggles and puts her hand on his forearm.
[Typical flirting technique, and she's not even trying to hide it]
His eyes shoot up as he sees you exiting the restroom. His head moves up slightly to look over Sarah's, looking almost relieved to see you. You roll your eyes and head back into the conference room.
Everyone comes back in to continue the meeting, and Harry's frown is fixated on you as he takes a seat. Sarah seems to notice, as she quickly glances at you. You lower your gaze, but catch a glimpse as she gently grabs his bicep to regain his attention to finish what she was saying.
[Fuck them both. They can have each other]
Natalie sits down and leans over to you. "I swear, if she had it her way, they'd be doing it on this table right now."
You chuckle under your breath again.
Amelia asks yours and Natalie's opinions for the other guys, and Harry seems impressed by some of your suggestions. You notice Sarah rolling her eyes a couple of times after Amelia says "oh, I like that, they haven't done that yet."
Natalie leans in and whispers, "Harry might not be 'best dressed' anymore!"
"That's not one me anymore." You smirk.
As the meeting ends, Harry stands up quickly and Sarah matches his speed. "So, I'll talk to you later then?" She asks him.
"Yeah." He replies as Amelia walks up and pulls him aside.
You're gathering your stuff and accidentally overhear a bit of their conversation.
"Are you sure you wanna do that Harry? Honestly, Y/N and Natalie are the better stylists."
He moves his head ever so slightly in your direction, but doesn't turn it enough to look at you.
"I know. I just… want to try something different." He replies.
"Okay. It's your decision." She concedes.
You don't hear the rest of their short exchange, but he says goodbye to her and leaves.
[At least your skills are being acknowledged by the both of them]
She now walks up to you.
"So, is he just crazy or did I miss something?"
You try to fake some surprise. "What?"
"Y/N, come on, you are the best intern. You understand Harry's style better than anyone. Plus, you were two peas in a pod. So, what's up? Why does he now want someone else to style him?"
"Umm… I'm just here to work, and I'll do that where I'm needed."
"That doesn't really answer my question." She scoffs.
"I love this job, Amelia."
"Y/N, just tell me." She pleads.
You sigh and decide that it's better to be honest. "I broke your rule. We got involved. And… then we broke up." You lower your head. "I love this job and I shouldn't have jeopardized it. I'm so sorry."
"Wait, what rule?"
"You told me not to get involved. Back in, like August." You explain.
"Oh sweetie." She pulls you in for a hug. "You don't have to be sorry. It wasn't a rule. It was… a suggestion. Touring can be nuts, being around and with megastars like these boys can be nuts."
You nod, but she continues.
"I could already see your potential, and I could already see his infatuation with you. Selfishly, and I guess now stupidly, I was worried you would quit if you got overwhelmed, or hurt."
Tiny tears start to form in the corners of your eyes but you quickly regain your composure.
"I can handle it. I promise. I ditched my professionalism but it won't happen again." You straighten up as a way to reassure her.
"I'm glad you want to stay. You're my best girl." She smiles. "Just so you know, I had no idea. And probably because you were still completely professional when you needed to be. That's how good you are. Did anyone else even know?
"Only Natalie, the guys, and Natalie's boyfriend Levi who is a sound intern." You reply, embarrassed.
"Okay, well the secret is safe with me, and we can leave it at that." She puts one hand on your shoulder. "I'm sorry you got hurt."
You both hug and you head out. You are surprised when you find Sarah waiting for you in the lobby, with Natalie.
"Hey, are you coming over or something?" You ask, really hoping the answer is no.
"I just wanna know why Harry basically fired you." She grills.
"I don't know." You lie.
"Did you try to get with him? Did you make it awkward?" She accuses.
"Back off Sarah, what the fuck?" Natalie interjects.
"What? I wanna know if it'll be awkward for me now if she was awkward with him."
"Sarah, I'm not with him, and I'm not his stylist now. That's that." You state.
"Fine. Good. You know I want him, so please just don't get in my way or anything."
"You don't have to worry about me, princess." You reply.
She growls at the nickname and walks away, leaving through the front doors.
"I used to like her… want me to handle that bitch?" Natalie asks.
You laugh. "No, no. Let her have him. They deserve each other."
Series Masterlist || Chapter 13 || Chapter 15
Taglist: @watermelonsugacry @tw1nflamebruis3 @slut4lilyrose @pinktakeaway @hopefulwastelandcreation @tenaciousperfectionunknown @his-only-angel-1989
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styles4miles · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Good Bye Fine Line era,
You will be missed. This era was truly a memorable one but as Dr. Seuss once said “Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened” Now onto the Harry’s House era truly excited to see what this era brings to us! 🫶
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daaydreamy · a day ago
7 and 4 with soft Dom 🌨️
𓄹𓈒 4 - confessing feelings for each other + 7 - watching the stars
“I really like you, Y/N.”
Y/N turned her head to look at Harry, looking at his side profile. They were laying beside each other on a picnic blanket they laid out earlier in the day at the park. They were watching the stars twinkle and the moon shine from above them. It had been quiet until Harry admitted… that.
Harry turned his head to look back at her, smiling softly.
“You do?”
“Of course I do.” He chuckled softly, “I don’t know, it’s just that… you’re so good to me. You always have been since we met.” He admitted, looking into her eyes.
“I really like you too.”
Harry’s smile grew bigger at that, before looking back up at the stars, his racing heart swelling with love. His heart felt full now, like it was overflowing with the love he felt when she said the same thing back to him.
“Was really nervous to tell you.” He laughed a little and Y/N laughed as well, reaching out to hold his hand, intertwining their fingers.
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lovecanyon · a day ago
would love to see more younger!y/n !! maybe some things leak about how her and H met (assuming it was on the mp set?)
Also what do you envision her doing career wise the fc being lily rose gave me stylist/fashion industry vibes!
harry styles x younger!reader
Tumblr media
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harryfan2 Y/N IS SO PRETTY
y/nfan4 and when we get photos of her and harry on set…
harryfan6 we already did, check twitter
y/nfan8 my icon
y/nfan7 what??
harryfan9 harry said cinema was about her in his howard stern interview 😭
y/nfan11 i love her
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stylesl/n harry mentioned y/n in his howard stern interview today!
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y/nfan13 i will cry
y/nfan17 the way he talks about her 🥲
harryfan19 harry mentioned her more than four times
stylesl/n girl i know i can’t type that fast
y/nfan16 PLEASE 😭😭
harryfan18 now….what if this is my last straw
y/nfan20 he is so in love with her it’s sickeningly adorable
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y/nfan22 i let out a scream
harryfan24 IS THAT Y/N?
y/nfan28 we both know it’s her
harryfan26 harry wants to see our downfall
y/nfan29 i have a feeling she’s going to be in one of harry’s music videos…
harryfan27 she def is, i mean look at the picture it’s a recording studio 😭
harryfan25 manifesting 🙏
y/nfan30 harry said y/n supremacy
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updatingharry Harry and Y/N out in New York today with Harry Lambert.
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y/nfan32 i love them together
y/nfan36 like you ever had a chance with him
harryfan39 i- 🤭
harryfan35 when will it be my turn
y/nfan38 god has his favorites 🧍
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yourinstagram his little freak.
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y/nfan43 you know harry is looking at these photos right now and going insane
harrystyles Such perfection darling. I can’t believe I’m with you.
yourinstagram i love you h!
harryfan41 screaming into my pillow 😭
y/nfan44 her ig is now public omg 🫶
pillowpersonpp i’m drooling
harryfan42 this got me streaming cellophane all over again…harry count your days
jefezoff harry can’t stop staring at these photos y/n
harrystyles Jeffrey.
yourinstagram he’s obsessed
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harrystyles Love Of My Life.
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harryfan44 hyperventilating over harry posting this
yourinstagram one of my favorite songs that you wrote for me!
harrystyles I love you, truly.
harryfan47 welcome home cheater
mitchrowland you both are the new mitch and sarah
emmalouisecorrin i’m your number one shipper
harryfan48 harry and y/n are actually so cute together 🧍
brittany_broski AHHHHSHDHSHSH
Tumblr media Tumblr media
harrystyles via instagram stories
Tumblr media
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watchmegetobsessed · 2 days ago
A/N: aaaand the final part is here! thank you for coming on this royal adventure!!
PAIRING: Royal!Harry X Maid!Reader
WARNING: sexual content
Tumblr media
Cassidy is out cold by the time you decide to sneak out. You feel like a silly little teenager, trying to trick her parents and hook up with her crush. Only that your parents are not around, you’re an adult and you have a crush on none other than the future king of the country. It’s a weird situation.
Pulling a hoodie on you tiptoe out of the room, careful not to wake your roommate and then head over to Harry’s room.
It’s been a couple of hours since what happened in the woods so you’ve had some time to think. You couldn’t figure out for sure what Harry’s intentions are, but from the nature of the interaction by that tree you are thinking that it might be just a no strings attached situation. He must be frustrated by his upcoming coronation and becoming a leader and he wants nothing else than just to blow out some steam.
So as you’re nearing his room, walking down the endless hallways of the palace you’re bracing yourself for the possible outcome where Harry asks you to have casual sex with him and nothing more. In the meanwhile, you’re pushing everything into the back of your mind that tells you how badly you want him more than in just a physical way.
As you stand at his closed door you take a few moments to yourself, weighing in on what you’re about to do. If your speculations are right, you’re just about to become friends with benefits with the man who’ll be the king of Eroda in just a little over a week.
Holding your breath you knock on the heavy door and wait for an answer, but instead, it opens and a very much cozy looking Harry appears in front of you. He is wearing sweatpants and a loose, grey t-shirt, appears to be fresh out of the shower, because his curls are damply falling into his forehead.
“Hi,” he breathes out, as if he is surprised you actually came. “Come on in,” he invites you inside holding the door open and you walk in, a sense of intimacy washing over you, standing in his room so late and out of work.
He closes the door and you turn towards each other, a few beats of silence falling upon the room, both of you trying to figure out what to say exactly and at last Harry speaks up first.
“I wanted to kiss you a week ago,” he confesses and your eyebrows shoot up at his words.
“Y-You did?”
“Yeah,” he nods with a soft chuckle as he starts walking towards you slowly. “I didn’t pull back because I didn’t want to. I just… knew that my actions will have consequences and I didn’t want to pull you into it before I figured out what to do.”
“If you haven’t noticed, I’m about to become king,” he comments with a cheeky smile and you can’t stop yourself from rolling your eyes at him, but he wasn’t expecting anything else from you.
“Oh really? Haven’t heard about that.”
“On a more serious note,” he clears his throat, trying to contain his grin. “Everything I do is watched by the whole country. I can’t just recklessly do what I want and then move on like nothing happened. I hope you understand that.”
“I do,” you nod, nervously fumbling with your fingers.
“Most people expect me to only get involved with women from class, in fact, Valentina has been fantasizing about marrying me probably since she was eight,” he continues and your throat is going dry, you don’t really like where it’s heading so far, is it gonna be the point where he tells you nothing can happen between the two of you because of who you are?
“Decades ago it would have been the end of my family if I was caught with someone like you.” He is now standing about one step away from you and you pray he can’t see the sadness in your eyes. It’s kind of devastating that he cares about it all and now gonna reject you because of it. That’s not how you got to know him so far.
Reaching up he cups your face in his hands and you want to pull away, but the warmth of his touch is pulling you closer, melting into his palm.
“Good thing we’re not living in those times,” he then adds and your eyes widen in shock. That was a twist for sure. “I’m falling for you, Y/N. Like never before,” he admits and you almost faint. Is this really happening? Did he really just confess that to you? “I never thought that a woman who can piss me off like you can would turn my world upside down,” he chuckles and you break a smile too.
“I’m glad I can do that,” you breathe out.
“You do a lot of things to me, Y/N,” he murmurs leaning closer and teasing you with just nudging your nose with his, but not kissing you yet. “And there’s even more I want to do to you.”
“Do them. All of them, please!” you beg, desperate to feel his lips on yours at this point. Harry’s smirk widens, but still doesn’t kiss you.
“Patience. We still have a few things to discuss.”
“Like what?” you breathe out, staring more at his lips than at his eyes. He takes a deep breath and you can sense the change in him in an instant.
“We might not be living in those times but the judgement is still there. People will talk and gossip and say bad things. I don’t want to put you through it without telling you the truth. You have a choice, I don’t. I understand if it’s too much for you.”
“So… what is it exactly we are talking about? The thing between us?” you ask with a shy smile.
“Whatever we want it to be. I already told you I’m falling for you. I want to be with you, get to know you even more and… see what it could be.”
“So you want more than just sex?” you ask bluntly.
“I want you, Y/N. All of you, in any and every possible way,” he answers and a shiver runs down your spine at his words. “I’m using all my self-control to hold myself back right now, especially after having a taste of you already, but I won’t do a thing unless you tell me you want it. That you’re okay with being involved with me.”
“Harry, I’m more than okay,” you breathe out, running short on patience. You want him, more than anything and you’re ready to make sacrifices for him.
“Are you sure?” he hums as he leans so close, his lips are almost brushing against his.
“Completely, please, Harry, just—“ you start to beg, but don’t get to finish before his hungry lips claim yours again, finally.
He is kissing you like there’s no tomorrow, not holding back, his tongue pushing into your mouth right away, he is definitely over holding himself back.
You’re stumbling around in the room until the back of your legs hit the bed and the two of you fall onto the mattress in fits of giggles, but keep kissing, tangled together, rolling around until Harry gets on top of you, his hips pressing against yours and you can already feel him getting hard.
“Harry,” you moan, rolling your hips and he groans against your lips. He feels like a horny teenager again, like he can’t think straight and only wants to get himself buried deep inside you.
He drags his lips down the line of your jaw and the column of your throat while tugging your sweater up on your body along with your shirt underneath, finding a pleasant surprise; you’re wearing no bra.
“Y/N, oh my God I’m fucking crazy about you,” he grunts, tugging the fabrics off of you, leaving you shirtless and your back arches when his lips crash down onto your chest, taking your nipple in his mouth while he gropes your other breast with his hand. Breathing in your scent he feels like he is completely intoxicated and high on you, the best feeling he has ever experienced.
Your greedy hands impatiently fist his shirt as well, ridding him of it soon before he does the same with your pants, leaving you in only your underwear that’s already soaked. Reaching between your legs he swipes two fingers across your clothed pussy, feeling up just how turned on you are.
“This is for me? I made you this wet, huh?” he murmurs, kissing the soft spot behind your ear, his fingers keep moving, feeling you up.
“Yes!” you cry out, wiggling underneath him, desperate to feel more.
Hooking his fingers into the fabric he tugs it down and a moment later you’re lying completely naked on his bed, his lips tasting yours relentlessly with so much hunger. It doesn’t take long for his head to end up between your legs. The sight of him down there, watching you with greedy eyes, you see his back and shoulder muscles move with each movement and you just want to kiss each and every one of them.
He teases you with only kissing the inner side of your thighs, nearing where you need him the most and only allowing his lips on your cunt when you’re on the verge of tears. But then it’s like paradise. He sucks and kisses and uses his fingers to please you, tasting the juice of your pleasure as if it was the sweetest nectar he has ever tasted. One of his hands moves up your body, over your stomach and to your heaving chest and he loves feeling your racing heartbeat under the touch of his palm while he devours you with his mouth.
Though it would be heavenly to come like this, it’s not what you want right now. You want his cock inside you and before that, you want a taste of him as well. Grabbing a handful of his hair you tug him up and he understands the message, moving up he is eager to press his lips to yours and the taste of yourself mixes with your moans before you push him down to the mattress and get on top of him. You kiss your way down his chest, explore the patterns on his soft skin and every time your tongue presses against his hot skin he groans impatiently, his hips buckling up involuntarily.
When you finally reach the elastic of his pants the bulge in it is already impressive and you palm it over the fabric, earning yourself a loud moan and you can’t hold a proud smile back before you hook your fingers into the elastic and pull his pants down along with his underwear, his hard cock springing free in front of you.
Fuck, he is so big, the red tip already leaking and you haven’t even started with him. He watches you intently as you wrap a hand around the base and leaning down you kiss the tip before giving his massive length a lick from bottom to top.
“Oh for fuck’s sake,” he moans, the muscles in his thighs twitching from the sensation. You place your free hand to his inner thigh, his fingers digging into his flesh as you take him into your mouth and give him a gentle suck before taking several inches of him.
With a hand on the back of your head Harry’s eyes roll back into his head, your name falling from his lips as desperate pleas while you bob your head up and down, forcing yourself to take more and more of him, just the sounds that rip out of his chest are making you feral and obsessed with having him like this; at your mercy and falling apart.
Harry is about to burst in bliss, every time his cock disappears in your mouth he falls for you more and more and harder than ever. And as much as he loves having himself buried in your warm mouth, he wants to feel himself in your pussy already.
He cups your jaw in his hand and pulls you up, you let go of his cock with a pop, your lips are glistening from your saliva and Harry tugs you up, crashing his lips onto yours as he flips you over and onto your back on the mattress, getting on top of you, his hips settling between your legs and you moan loud and shamelessly when the tip of his cock presses against your clit. Harry reaches to the side and blindly tears the drawer of his bedside table open, but you grab his wrist and pull it back.
“I’m on birth control and I really want to feel you raw, please!” you tell him, kissing the corner of his mouth and his answer is a guttural growl before he kisses you hard and reaches down between your naked bodies to position himself to your center.
“I’ve been dreaming of this moment probably since the day I first saw you,” he murmurs against your lips and you whimper when he drags the head of his hard cock up and down your pussy, collecting wetness before he pushes just the tip inside. “Are you mine, Y/N? I want you all to myself.”
“I’m yours. All of me, it’s yours,” you gasp as he slowly pushes more and more in until his whole length is buried deep inside you.
“Fuck, say that again!” he begs as he starts moving, in and out, slowly picking up his pace.
“Yours, Harry. I’m yours,” you repeat as you wrap your arms around his torso, your fingers digging into his back muscles.
His arms frame your head and his lips capture yours in messy kisses from time to time as he keeps thrusting in and out of you. It’s everything you ever wanted and needed, you’ve never felt like this before with anyone and if you had an ounce of doubt in you about Harry, now it’s all gone. You want him, in and out, all to yourself and for as long as possible.
It’s almost embarrassing how fast your orgasm builds up and you come screaming his name, but he doesn’t last longer either, his hips falling out of rhythm as he buries his head into the crook of your neck, riding his high to the fullest.
After a few more sloppy thrusts his movements come to a halt, but he remains on top of you. Minutes or maybe hours go by before he rolls off or you, but his arms lock around you in an instant, pulling you against his sweaty body and you gladly melt against him. His lips press against your forehead and when you lift your head to look at him you see his beautiful green irises are filled with joy as he smiles at you.
“Your majesty, you’re a bit possessive, huh?” you tease him with a giggle, referring back to how he demanded you to tell him you’re his.
“As if you didn’t enjoy being labeled as mine. I saw the shine in your eyes,” he grins before craning his neck so his lips could meet yours for a short, chaste kiss.
“I’m yours, but are you mine too?” you ask softly as you cup his cheek in one hand.
“Completely,” he replies without hesitation before he turns his face and kisses into the palm of your hand.
Tumblr media
You’re late.
But this time it’s not entirely your fault.
Running around the room you’re collecting your clothes from here and there, putting them on in a hurry while your hair is still one big mess, bouncing around with every movement. You have about one minute to be down at the morning briefing, but you have no idea where your shoes are. 
“Under the chair, Love,” Harry’s voice snaps you out of your frantic search and your head snaps in his direction. He’s lying in his bed, king sized for a future king, no shirt and you know for a fact that no underwear under the sheets. His arms are tucked under his head as he’s watching you with a smug grin, knowing well that he is the reason you’re late.
You wanted to get up and out of bed in time, but he wouldn’t let go of you, kept stealing kisses until they turned a little more heated which eventually led to some hot morning sex. Not that you’re complaining, but Agnes won’t be glad when you stumble into the briefing late and looking completely unpresentable. 
“Thanks,” you huff and grab your shoes from where he said they were and put them on with one hand while trying to comb through your hair with your other one. 
“Can I get a goodbye kiss?” he asks innocently, but there’s no doubt the moment you’d get into his reach he would pull you back into bed. His morning meeting got canceled yesterday and now he is way too smug about having a few free hours for himself, even though it’s not the case for everyone. 
It’s been two days since Sunday, the turning point. Two blissful days of… whatever it might be that’s going on between you and Harry. Now it seems ridiculous there was a time you thought Harry didn’t want you. Ever since the wall between the two of you broke down he’s been making sure you know just how into you he is. 
“You look stunning today.”
“I love your smile, especially when it’s because of me.”
“I wish I could spend the whole day with you.”
“I’ll be thinking about you until I see you again.”
These are just a few of the things that made the butterflies in your stomach go wild, turning you into a giddy teenager. Every moment you spend apart you ache to know where he is, what he is doing and whether he is thinking about you, but according to him, you’re always on his mind. Which is great, because you can’t stop thinking about him either.
“We both know it wouldn’t be just a kiss,” you tell him with a knowing look as you somehow regulate your hair into a bun. 
“I’m sorry I can’t get enough of you,” he innocently apologizes, but the grin on his face tells you otherwise. 
“Stop trying to get into my panties again!” you warn him but walk closer to the bed anyway. He scoots to the side as you approach him, but you stop just out of his reach. “Just a kiss, Harry. Seriously, I’m already late.”
“Tell them I needed your immediate help.”
“With what exactly?” you arch an eyebrow, inching closer so now his hand can sneak up your thigh, under your skirt. His smirk widens and he needs no words to let you know his answer. “You’re so needy all the time,” you roll your eyes but lean down anyway, pressing your lips against his soft ones, he kisses you back right away, one hand remained on your thigh, his fingers gently massaging the muscles while his other one cradles the back of your head, gently pulling you down, keeping you close to stretch the kiss out for as long as possible. 
“I really have to go,” you mumble against his lips and with one last peck, you pull away and head towards the door. 
“The things you do to me!” Harry growls and you just laugh, glancing back at him one last time from the door.
“I didn’t do anything,” you wink at him before walking out and leaving him alone.
The gods had you in their favors. When you finally get to the briefing it hasn’t started yet, someone kept Agnes up so she storms into the room just about five seconds after you and misses how you were totally late.
You ignore Cassidy’s staring, who’s been on your case for a long time now. You haven’t told her exactly what’s been going on between you and Harry, but it’s obvious you can’t hide it much longer. She’s not stupid, she can tell something is up and you hate not telling her the truth.
Through the whole briefing you feel her eyes on you, she knows you didn’t spend the night in the room and you’ll have to come clean. 
For the noon you get signed up for laundry along with Cassidy and two other girls, Krissi and Leah.
“That’s it for today. Report to me when everything is done on your list and we’ll see if there’s anything else to do. Thank you,” Agnes dismisses the group and everyone goes on their merry way. 
“You’re not getting away from telling me everything this time,” Cassidy tells you as you head up to your floor, Krissi and Leah walking a few steps ahead of you. 
“Chill down, I know! But this might not be the right moment,” you whisper back, looking around cautiously. 
“The right moment was about two days ago. I want to know everything!”
Sighing you look around again and make sure no one is listening before you link your arm with Cassidy’s and lean close to keep your voice down.
“I’m… seeing Harry. Like, we’re… we’re a thing.”
“A thing? Like… you’re hooking up?” she whisper-yells with wide eyes.
“It’s more than just hooking up. We’re just gonna see where it’s heading.” You can’t hold a smile back from your lips just thinking about everything that has happened since last Sunday.
“Oh my God, you’re so gone for him!” she gasps. “What is he like in bed? Is he as good as people assume?”
“Cassidy!” you snap at her, feeling your cheeks heating up. 
“Come on, I need a little something!”
Sighing you pull her to the side by one of the windows before you’d turn the corner to the queen’s suit.
“He is… the best. In every way. He is passionate and caring, always makes sure to give just as much as he gets, if not more.”
“Fuck, he sounds like the perfect lover,” she hums dreamily. “You spent every night with him since your little classes?”
“Yeah,” you nod with a giggle. “It’s been hard to keep our hands off of each other.”
“You lucky bitch! You have what the whole kingdom wants! Or at least the women.”
“Shh, keep it down! We don’t want the whole palace to know about it yet,” you shush her. 
“So it’s a secret affair?”
“Well… It wouldn’t be smart to make it so public when we don’t know for sure what it is,” you explain. “It’s a complicated situation and he’s very protective. He danced back before because he didn’t want to bring me into something seriously affecting without thinking it through and having my approval.”
“That’s actually kind of sweet,” she swoons.
“I know,” you sigh with a full heart. 
“Y/N, I’m happy for you,” Cassidy smiles back at you, giving your hand a squeeze. 
Before anyone could pick up what you’re talking about you return to work and don’t mention Harry when anyone is around, especially Leah and Krissi. Laundry work is kind of a neutral task, you collect the dirty ones, bring them to the laundry room, start the machines and bring clean ones. Easy as it is, but it doesn’t need much concentration either and you can’t help but keep thinking about Harry.
You’re falling for him with every passing moment, even when you’re not around him. You’ve never felt like this before, no man was able to sweep you off your feet the way Harry has been doing and you know your feelings are already stronger than you ever felt for anyone else before. 
There aren’t many questions in you about where you want to head with him. You see a future with this man, even with all the obstacles you might have to face for the most human thing to ever exist. 
As if he could feel you thinking about him, your phone buzzes in your dress’ hidden little pocket and when you pull it out you see a message from him.
HARRY: Meet me in my office.
His study room just got finished this weekend and now he has officially taken the spot where his father used to do business. He didn’t say it but it’s obvious it means a lot to him, that it’s an important connection between his father and him. 
“Cass, I’m gonna take a quick break,” you let your friend know. She smiles at you knowingly and nods before you part ways.
Excitement rushes through your veins as you try not to run down the hallways like an excited little kid. Walking past guards and other staff you finally arrive at his study and knocking on the massive doors you wait for an answer from inside.
The door opens as you’re rolling on the ball of your feet and you get pulled into the room before you could even process what’s happening. One of Harry’s arms curls around you to keep you on your feet in the sudden motion, he shuts the door closed and presses you up against it, his lips claiming yours in an instant.
“Mm, missed me, huh?” you giggle, returning his hungry kisses. 
“I always miss you when you’re not with me,” he murmurs before burying his face into the crook of your neck, his hands already wandering underneath your skirt. As much as you would love to take it further, you know you don’t have enough time and it’s risky for you to even be here. So gently pushing him away you pepper his lips with a few more soft kisses and step away from the door. Luckily, he gets the hint and completely understands it. 
The room looks fantastic. It’s spacious, almost every wall is lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with books as thick as your arm, his massive desk situated near the bright windows, allowing the light to hit it perfectly, there is a corner with a sofa and some armchairs and a giant and probably incredibly expensive coffee machine with a set of china next to it. Everything looks so… royal, so impressive, it’s exactly what you’d picture for a king. 
For your king.
“Wow, it looks amazing,” you look around in awe and walking over to the desk you slide your fingers over the shiny surface of it. 
“You like it?” you hear Harry’s voice coming from behind.
“Yeah, it suits you,” you smile, turning to face him. “Sit there, let me see what you look like doing business,” you giggle, nodding towards the leather seat behind the desk.
He smirks, walking around the desk and you watch him take the seat, leaning onto the top as he watches you. You can’t help but bite into your bottom lip at the sight of him. He’s wearing his usual crispy white shirt, but the sleeves are rolled up, showing off the ink on his skin and the way only one corner of his mouth is curling up is giving you ideas of what you could do that would involve this desk between the two of you. 
“Come ’ere,” he murmurs, leaning back in the seat and you obey without a second thought. He turns away from the desk and spreads his knees so you can stand between them. Reaching out you run a hand through his hair as his palms slip to your waist, tugging you closer, making you almost fall on top of him. 
“You’re being naughty, what if someone comes in?” you warn him, but make no action to put at least some distance between you and him. 
“No one barges in here without knocking first,” he hums and turning his head he kisses your arm, your hand still tangled into his hair. “But if someone did… would it be so bad if they caught us?”
“Weren’t you the one who said we need to think everything through before acting? Getting caught might not be the best way to make it official.”
“Make what official?” he smirks cheekily.
“That… we’re a thing?”
“A thing?” he chuckles. “That’s quite the label.”
“Okay, then what do you want to call it?”
“I want to call you mine.”
“I’m already yours,” you smile at him softly before leaning down you press your lips against his and he returns it eagerly. “And you’re mine, right?” you whisper against his lips.
“Yours. And I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he answers before kissing you passionately.
Though you could stop yourself before, hearing his words you feel your self control vanishing and you want him way more than just moments ago. His hands are exploring your body as he kisses you with intense hunger and you return it just as eagerly, pressing yourself up against him. 
He emerges from his seat without breaking away from you and the next thing you know is that he is helping you up onto the desk, his hips pressing between your open legs. The whole scenario feels like it’s straight out of one of your fantasies, never in a million years you would have thought you’d find yourself in this situation, with none other than the future king of Eroda. Sometimes you still feel like it’s too good to be true. 
Soft moans slip through your parted lips when you involuntarily roll your hips against his, Harry groans against your neck where he is nibbling on the skin, kissing and sucking it, not even caring if he leaves marks behind. He is way too lost in the bliss of having you in his arms. 
“Fuck, Y/N… You’re…” he mumbles before kissing his way back to your mouth.
“I’m what?” you breathe out, your words turning into a moan when his growing erection is pressed against your center.
“You’re everything,” he replies, stealing your next moan as he kisses you so hard you almost fall back on the desk. 
Neither of you are planning to stop, it’s way too heated and you can’t think straight anymore, but when you hear voices coming from outside you jump off the table and Harry moves back, though the state both of you are in and the way your chest is heaving are massive give-aways of what was happening.
The people pass by the door and their voices die down in the hallway, but it was the reminder you needed that it’s not safe to just fall for your desires whenever and wherever. 
“Sorry,” Harry chuckles, running a hand through his hair, trying to catch his breath and you feel your cheeks heating up when you see the bulge in his pants. Hopping off the desk you walk past him and stand by the window as you fix your clothes and hair. He completely messed up your apron somehow, so you untie it at the back and try to redo it, though you’re not the best at it, usually Cassidy helps you out.
“Let me do it,” Harry softly murmurs as he steps behind you and takes over the task. He ties it carefully before his hands slip to your waist from behind and he kisses into your neck.
“Don’t start again, your majesty,” you sigh as you turn around in his hold and kiss him gently, careful not to get back to where you were just moments ago. 
“I’m sorry, can’t help it,” he grins, stealing another kiss before forcing himself to let go of you. 
Smiling to yourself you smooth out the wrinkles on your dress and absentmindedly glance out the window, realizing just how sheer the curtains are. The windows are massive and Harry’s desk is dangerously close to them, meaning that if someone was walking by they would easily spot what the two of you were doing. 
Looking around cautiously you don’t see a thing, but there’s an eerie, unsettling feeling in your guts that tells you, you should have been more careful. 
“Everything alright?” Harry asks and you tear your gaze away from the view to see him tucking his shirt back into his pants.
“Yeah,” you nod with a faint smile. “I really should go back to work.”
“Can I see you tonight?”
“We’ll see,” you chuckle. Walking over to him you fix his collars before pressing a short kiss to his lips and heading towards the door.
“I’ll be waiting,” he calls after you. Glancing over your shoulder you wink at him before slipping out of the room, hoping no one noticed your rapid visit. 
Tumblr media
It’s been a tiring day. Harry’s last meeting has stretched longer than he expected, but it’s been his usual all week. With the coronation coming up on Monday, so in just two short days, his duties are never ending, it seems. 
His study finally empties out as his last guest leaves the palace and thankfully, he is finished for the day. Collapsing into his seat he takes a few moments in the quiet and peace he’s been dreading all day, knowing well it all starts in the morning again.
But it’s what he signed up for. This is what he always knew he would be doing and he loves to serve his country and be a leader, but sometimes he wishes he could just take a day off. 
There’s a knock on the door and he almost groans, but when he calls out and sees his mother walking in he loses his lack of enthusiasm towards his guest.
“Hey,” he breathes out and standing up from his seat he rounds the desk and nods at Anne, inviting her to sit on the sofa.
“Hi, did you just finish for the day?” she asks. This past week the queen has completely given up on her tasks, allowing Harry to take over the lead before his official coronation. That means she hasn’t been attending many meetings along with her son so the two of them didn’t see much of each other. 
“Yeah, finances always take longer than anything else,” he chuckles, as they settle on the sofa. 
“Believe me, I know,” she smirks knowingly. “I wanted to come by and ask how you’ve been. The big day is just around the corner.”
“I’m doing fine. I don’t have much time to not be,” he jokes.
“It’s crazy for now, but you’ll get used to it and also better at it.”
“I know,” he nods. Anne takes a deep breath, taking a look around before her eyes settle over Harry again. 
“I’ve noticed that there’s a little shine in your eyes lately. What do you have to say about that?” she asks and they both know exactly what she’s talking about. 
Anne knows Harry better than anyone and even after spending so much time apart, she can easily spot the slightest change in him right away. She is the biggest expert of Harry Styles.
“Not much. Only that… I’m happy,” he admits with a chuckle.
“Is it because of a particular person?”
“Why do you even ask when you know exactly what the answer will be?” he rolls his eyes with a chuckle. “It’s because of her. Y/N. I’m… I’m seeing her.”
“So it’s somewhat official?”
“I mean… between us, it is. We haven’t figured out what to do.”
“So you’re planning with her? It’s not just a fling?”
“It’s not,” he shakes his head confidently. “She is… I want to be with her. Always. And I think she feels the same way about me.”
“Well, that’s a great start,” she smiles and Harry feels relief washing over him, even though he knew his mother would support him no matter what. “I assume you don’t have a plan then.”
“That’s the last thing I have,” he admits laughing.
“Alright. Then maybe think about it. So when you’re a little bit less busy you’ll know what to do. I wouldn’t want you to find yourself in a situation that might hurt anyone you care about, or what’s worse, hurt you.”
“Yeah, I know. I’ve just been so wrapped up in everything and it’s been nice to have something… just for myself.”
“I know and I wish you could keep it that way,” she sighs and reaching over she gives his hand a gentle squeeze. “But I’m glad you’re happy. That’s all that matters to me.”
“Do you think… Do you think she’ll be attacked if word gets out?”
“As I said before, there is always going to be judgment, no matter what. They won’t see the woman you see when you look at her. They’ll only see a maid who somehow got involved with the royal family and for some standards that’s unacceptable. So you have to brace yourself for the worst case scenario.”
“We’ll think about it and consult with the right people eventually,” Harry nods.
“I know you’ll make the best decisions. You always do,” she smiles before giving his hand another squeeze.
Harry can’t stop thinking about you after that in the sense where he is trying to imagine his life without you. He can’t. The way you’ve made him feel, he’s obsessed and he wants to keep it forever. When he was younger he questioned whether he’d ever find the person he’d want to stay with forever. Who’d make him feel so…
And in love. 
Harry loves you, he knows that now. He’s been trying to label his feeling, but because he’s never felt like this before he couldn’t decide what it was. Now he is sure he is in love with you.
That night he is waiting for your arrival impatiently, wanting to see you after a long day spent apart and when you slip into his room he is quick to pull you into his arms and kiss you with all the love he has for you.
“Hello to you too,” you grin against his lips, your arms hugging his neck as you stand on your tiptoes to lessen the height difference between the two of you.
“Hi,” he smiles, resting his forehead against yours. Just looking into his eyes you see the change in him and it worries you for a moment.
“What happened?” you ask, cupping his face in your hands. 
“Nothing, I just… I’m thankful you’re here. With me.”
Smiling warmly at him you kiss his lips before pulling him towards the bed. Despite his words you can tell something is different and you feel like tonight it’s best if you just simply hold each other. Harry curls around you in an instant as you get under the sheets and you wrap your arms around him, his head resting on your chest, listening to your steady heartbeat. 
“Are you nervous about monday?” you ask, playing with his curls.
“A little bit, yeah,” he hums. “I just don’t want to trip and fall anytime during the ceremony,” he adds with a chuckle.
“That would be funny,” you grin. “But I’m sure it’ll be alright.”
“Y/N?” he softly says. 
“Yes, Harry?” you answer and he loves the way you say his name.
“Nothing will change between us, right?” he asks, lifting his head up so he can look into your eyes. “Whatever happens, we’ll be the same. I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine, right?”
“We’ll be the same, Harry. No matter what,” you assure him, pressing a kiss to his forehead.
That’s all he wanted to hear, that even in the midst of the craziest time of his life he’ll have you the way he needs you. 
Tumblr media
On Sunday you wake up early in the morning and after kissing Harry goodbye several times and successfully peeling yourself out of his needy grip, you return to your room before the morning rush could start in the palace. Cassidy is still asleep, she has about thirty more minutes before her alarm goes off so you make sure to stay quiet for that time. Busying yourself with braiding your hair and scrolling on your phone you kill some time and enjoy the stillness of the early hours.
That is until a knock is heard on the door.
At first you think it’s Harry. Who else would be at your door so early? However as you walk over to the door and open it you’re surprised and kind of shocked to see Agnes. She is not wearing her uniform yet, though her casual attire doesn’t ease the seriousness she always carries in her presence.
“A-Agnes, good morning,” you say, not entirely sure how to act.
“Follow me,” she simply tells you and there’s no place for protest as you follow her down the hallway.
There are a million questions racing in your head but you don’t dare to speak as you head in the direction of Harry’s study and part of you already knows what it’s about, but you ignore it just for a few more seconds before you have to face reality.
As you’re escorted into the room the first person you see is Harry, he is standing behind his desk, leaning onto it, his head hanging low, but as you step inside it lifts and you see his wide, bloodshot eyes and your stomach drops.
Then you see the queen and a few more people who work for the royal family and suddenly you feel like you’re being examined through a microscope.
“G-Good morning, your majesty,” you breathe out, not sure about the etiquette in this odd situation. Harry ignores your confused greeting as he pushes himself away from the table and rounding it you see his pained expression just worsen.
“Y/N, I’m so sorry,” he apologizes right away and as he reaches you he takes your hands between his.
“For what exactly?” you ask quietly.
Before anyone could say a word Agnes hands you a copy of the Sunday newspaper and on the very first page you see several pictures of yourself. They were taken through a window and you immediately know when they were taken so you’re not surprised the situations you see your past self in. You’re wearing your uniform and there’s one where you’re standing by the window, Harry right behind you, kissing into your neck as he holds your waist, and then there are the spicy ones, where you’re on the desk and though most of you is hidden behind Harry’s figure, there’s no denying about what was happening.
And then you see the headline: Future king caught hooking up with young maid.
“Fuck,” you breathe out as you stare at the pictures. You’re not a PR expert, but it’s obvious the photos are scandalous, the scenario is definitely not one you’d want to portray yourself in as a king. 
“The timing of the publication was definitely set to be right before the coronation, to make it as big as possible,” one of the PR people speaks up, but you zone out on his further words as you open the newspaper and read some lines from the article. Additionally to the front page there are two more whole pages dedicated to the pictures, there are some more of just Harry from previous events and then they somehow got a few of you as well and it makes you realize your Instagram account is completely public. To make it go well with the narrative, they chose older pictures of you where you appear even younger and more inappropriate in age to Harry. 
…The long time bachelor of the royal family seems to be fulfilling his needs with the staff of the palace. According to sources Y/N Y/L/N has been working as a maid for the royal family for the past few years and it seems like lately her duties have been expanded…
…Though the prince’s love life had always been kept private, it appears there’s more hidden than what we were expecting. And after all, we found out that his type is definitely the younger, more naive, classless women. Maybe he has had enough of the high expectations of the ladies in the kingdom and seeked something easier…
You hear more and more talking around you but all you can focus on is the article that keeps going on and on about how you’re just some nobody, a toy Harry likes to play with because you’re just an easy hook up, a temporary fix for his needs. It’s everything you feared from the first moment.
“We need to act right now or don’t do anything,” you hear the queen talk firmly. “We don’t have much left before hell breaks loose online, we need to have a plan.”
“We’re suing them, right?” Harry asks, one hand on your lower back while you just stand there, with the paper in your hand, your anxiety growing with each passing second. “Those pictures were taken on the property of the palace where they are not allowed.”
“Security issues are already being checked out to see how it could happen and our legal team is working on pressing charges. But that doesn’t make the story disappear,” the PR person says.
The discussion carries on and you feel like you’re not even there, like you’re just a ghost with nothing to add, nothing helpful and it’s starting to feel too much all at once.
“Excuse me,” you breathe out under your breath and you’re not sure anyone even heard you. Harry notices as you move towards the door and he calls after you, but you’re out of the room fast, running down the hallway and away from the issues that fell on your shoulders all of a sudden. 
You know exactly where you’re going, to the place where you can be alone and have a breather from everything to think it all through. To the lake. 
Harry tries to go after you, but he is held back, however he knows exactly where he needs to be also. With you.
“Your majesty, we need to take the matter in our hands, every minute matters,” the PR guy reminds him, but Harry is quick to shut him down.
“Do whatever you want. I trust you with the matter, but I need to make sure she is alright, understood?”
They want to protest, but Anne is the first one to speak up.
“I’ll take care of it. You go and do whatever you need to do,” she tells Harry and he looks back at her with appreciation before leaving the room to go after you. 
By the time he frees himself you’re nowhere in sight, but he knows exactly where must have gone and he wastes no time running after you. To get there quicker he decides to take Ladybug out, heading to the lake in the woods. 
You reach the water completely out of breath, but it’s not only because of the running, it’s also because of the panic attack you’ve been dealing with ever since you saw that newspaper. You should have seen it coming, that no matter what people would find the worst in you and pick you apart. You’ll always be the naive young girl, a little nobody next to the king of Eroda.
What if Harry sees you that way too? What if you really are just an easy, temporary fix until he finds someone with class to marry and be picture perfect with? You feel stupid for thinking he’d ever choose you, that he’d put himself through all of this for being with you. 
“Fuck,” you gasp as you sit down by the water, onto the pebbled ground and just stare out ahead of you, tears dwelling in your eyes. It’s so early in the morning, you’re wearing the clothes you slept in, but you think about just walking into the water and submerging to feel isolated from everything.
However you don’t stay alone for long. You hear Ladybug’s galloping before you spot her with Harry. Wiping your cheeks from the tears you jump to your feet just as Harry climbs off of Ladybug, rushing up to you, cradling your face in his hands as he looks down at you with eyes full of worry.
“Y/N, why did you run away?” he breathes out, trying to catch his breath. 
“I-I’m sorry, I just… It was too much at once so I wanted to think, but I’m so sorry for everything, Harry!”
“You have nothing to be sorry about, it wasn’t your fault!”
“But you’re being roasted because of me, because of my lack of status and class and it’s ruining your coronation, your big day!”
“Y/N stop, this is none of your fault!” he begs you, desperate to make you understand he doesn’t blame a thing on you. 
“I-I’m sorry… It’s so… It’s okay if you want to end it, I would understand,” you whisper, your throat closing up as you’re fighting your tears back even harder, but you’re losing this battle. 
“Y/N, listen to me,” he starts in a firm tone, still holding your face in his hands, his eyes focused on yours. “You rewrote my whole universe the moment I laid my eyes on you. Everything has been about you since then, every decision I make, every thought I have, every breath I take is to spend another moment with you even when things seem to be turning against us. There’s nothing that could change the way I feel about you. Absolutely nothing, do you understand me?”
Not trusting your voice all you can do is nod, your hands finding his waist as you push yourself closer to him, wanting to feel him. He rests his forehead against yours before speaking up again. 
“Nothing they wrote in that article is true. You’re not just a hookup or a momentary adventure. I want to plan a future with you, Y/N. Forever or for as long as you’ll have me. Every moment I have with you is a gift to me, because… because I love you.”
Your eyes widen at his words and for a moment you think your knees will give up underneath you, but you manage to stay on your feet. It was unexpected and shocking, especially after the whirlwind of thoughts you just had a couple of minutes ago about him. 
But one thing is for sure.
“I love you too,” you whisper, your hands fisting his shirt as you press up against him and your lips find his in an instant. 
He kisses you back as if he was saying the words over and over again, I love you, I love you, I love you, his lips tell you in a different way than the first time, but you understand the words clear as daylight. The tears keep rolling down your cheeks, mixing with the taste of his lips, but they are a different kind now, you feel full and happy and most importantly, loved. 
“Aren’t you needed back there to discuss the situation?” you ask when your kisses slow down, but you’re still tangled in each other, neither of you are willing to let go just yet. 
“I’m exactly where I need to be,” he smiles before kissing you again. 
The two of you ride back to the palace on Ladybug, you practically melt against Harry, completely forgetting about the rest of the world or the fact that you’re sitting on a horse again. He walks Ladybug back into her box and then takes your hand as you head back to his study to face reality. 
No one comments on your disappearance and most importantly on the way Harry doesn’t let go of you, not even for just a moment. You sit in silence and listen to the conversation intently as a plan is formed. Before the clock hits eleven a statement will be released that the photos were taken on private property and the person who took them violated the law. Legal steps will be taken and the pictures will be deleted from every media outlet. No further statement will be forwarded, no explanation, no comment. The two of you are required to stay silent about the matter at least until after the coronation.
“And what about after? They won’t just let it die down, will they?” you ask Harry quietly so only he can hear your words.
“We’ll figure it out. We’re gonna have to come forward at one point and give out our own narrative.”
Nodding you just nervously chew on your bottom lip until Harry reaches up and pulls it out from between your teeth.
“Hey, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, okay? Just… talk to me. We can never speak of it in public, if that’s what you want.”
“You know we can’t do that,” you say with a bitter smile. “But I’m okay with… whatever is needed to be done. I just don’t want to make you appear in a bad light,” you admit. “Being seen with me looks to be quite damaging and I understand if you don’t want to ruin your reputation.”
“Y/N, that’s not happening,” he smiles at you gently. “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright.”
“I believe you,” you smile back and steal a quick kiss.
The rest of the day is filled with damage control. The royal legal team is nonstop working on getting a hold of the case and making every photo disappear from the internet, though everyone knows that’s basically impossible. 
You stay with Harry for most of it, because one, you kind of want to hear every detail so you know what’s exactly going on. And two, because being with Harry is the only thing that keeps you sane for now. 
When the end of the day finally comes you feel dreaded and want nothing else than to just sleep. You’re walking out of Harry’s study after one last meeting with the legal team and Harry is pulling you towards his room, but you stop him.
“Maybe we should spend tonight apart,” you suggest, exhaling shakily. 
“What? Why?” he asks and you almost regret your suggestion seeing the panic in his eyes.
“It’s just that tomorrow is your big day, it’ll be busy enough without me being around. With the whole situation… maybe it’s best if we’re not seen together for now.”
Harry wants to protest, to tell you he wants you around him all the time but what you said was rational. It’s what you agreed to do and his day will be documented top to bottom tomorrow, so it’s better if you’re not around, just to keep yourself to the plan. But that doesn’t change the way he feels about you and how he wants you to be around all the time.
“When will I see you tomorrow then?”
“Um, I’ll be working, probably just in the kitchen so I’m not out in the front,” you add with a bitter chuckle. “But… let me know when the craziness is over and we’ll see, okay?”
“At least come to the ball in the evening. Are you working then as well?”
“No I’m not… but maybe it’s not the best decision to show up there.”
You can tell the rejection pains him and you hate that you make him feel like this, but today has been fucked up enough. As much as you need Harry by your side you also know you need some alone time to think everything through.
“Alright,” he nods, clearing his throat. Pulling you into his arms he kisses you without even looking around, checking if anyone is around. You melt into his embrace and kiss him back before he just simply rests his forehead against yours. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” you smile back at him, pecking his lips one last time before parting ways.
It feels like everything crashes down on you again once you return to your room. Cassidy is there, watching your every step as you practically fall into bed with the loudest groan that has ever been heard from you.
“So, are you alright?” she asks, rolling to the edge of her bed.
“I kind of want to die, thanks for asking,” you mumble into the pillow. 
“What’s the plan? I read the statement about the legal steps, but nothing about the two of you.”
Sighing you lift your head and push yourself up into a sitting position, crossing your legs as you look at your roommate.
“There won’t be anything for a while. We need the coronation to happen and then we’re addressing the situation.”
“So what, you’re gonna hide until then?” she asks, narrowing her eyes at you.
“Kind of,” you shrug your shoulders. 
“And you’re okay with that? Most importantly, is Harry okay with that?”
“I understand it. I’m not quite the best person to get involved in for a royal, don’t you think?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” she scoffs. “No one is better than anyone just because of a stupid title, I thought you know that better than anyone. Why should you hide for literally the most mundane thing to ever exist? For being with someone? Does Harry want to hide you as well?”
“No… not really,” you admit.
“Thank God!”
“He wants me to go to the coronation ball tomorrow.”
“And you’re going, right?”
“I said I wouldn’t…”
“Y/N, you will not just hide in a corner until they let you make an appearance. Harry wants you there, it’s his and your decision, no one else’s. I say you go there, show up looking like a fucking goddess and make everyone regret all the bullshit they said about you!”
You blink back at her at a complete loss of words. You weren’t expecting a speech like this, especially not from her, but it definitely got the message through.
It’s mostly your own inner fears that are messing with your head. Harry made it clear he is not ashamed to be seen with you, he is planning a future with you and that’s exactly how you feel too. Then why should you let stupid, ignorant people decide how you live your life? You want to be there with Harry, support him and be part of the day that changes his whole life. 
And no one can take that away from you.
Tumblr media
At ten in the morning the next day, Harry officially becomes king of Eroda as the crown is placed on his head in St. Carolina Cathedral.
Just like everyone in the kingdom who is not present at the ceremony, you watch it through a live stream while working in the kitchen. Your chest fills with pride and joy as Harry is introduced as King of Eroda to the crowd, waving and smiling and you wish you could be there to witness it with your own eyes and not just through a screen.
The palace has been buzzing since early in the morning, the works for the big day seemingly never ending. When one thing is done there comes the next, there’s just no stopping. 
Originally your shift should end at three, which leaves you just enough time to get ready for the coronation ball. However just five minutes before you are about to be off the clock Agnes comes up to you in a rush.
“Y/N, can you maybe take a few more hours of kitchen service?” she asks with her usual clipboard in her hands that definitely has a lot more papers clipped than on a normal day.
“Oh, I kind of…” you exhale, not sure whether you should come clean about your plans or tell her a lie. At last you realize you’re done hiding and it should start now. “I’m planning to attend the ball, Agnes. I can’t stay any longer.”
She examines you with a straight face and you’re convinced she is about to tell you how stupid of an idea it is, to go against the plan, but at last you see the tiniest smile turning the corners of her mouth upwards.
“You better look flawless, Y/N,” she tells you before rushing off to find a substitute. 
Tumblr media
The crown feels heavier than he expected, Harry thinks as he takes a look at himself in the mirror. He has just changed from his traditional suit he wore for the ceremony into a more conservative one for the ball, but with the crown on his head it would be hard to lose him in a crowd. All eyes are about to be on him again as he walks into the ballroom and dances with his mother to open the event.
Everything has been going perfectly, there was no mishap, no sudden issues, almost too perfect, if you ask him. But of course, above all the good he knew something was off all day.
He missed having you around. 
He was really counting on sharing the night with you, but he didn’t want to press it after your suggestion. Waking up alone was disappointing and he hasn’t seen you all day either. Now the ball is about to start and you told him you wouldn’t be there. He has to go through the whole evening hoping to finally see you and hold you in his arms, that’s all he wants now.
There’s a knock on the door and as he calls out Anne walks in, wearing her ball gown, a black and golden piece that suits the occasion perfectly. She walks over to him with a proud smile to fix his collar even though it looks spotless.
“You know how proud I am of you, right?” she asks, brushing her hands over his shoulder gently.
“I know. And thank you for all the support you gave me,” he nods before pulling her into a hug she’s been dreading, but held herself back not sure if he’d be happy about it.
“I’ll always be by your side,” she smiles, squeezing him to herself. “Alright. Ready to make your first appearance?” 
“I guess I am,” he chuckles as the two of them head out.
The ballroom is filled with lords and ladies, tonight is an occasion no one wanted to miss, of course. The trumpets go off as Anne appears on the top of the stairs and walks down gracefully, for the first time as not the queen. When she reaches the end of the stairs she steps aside, the trumpets start playing again and Harry finally steps out, taking a moment to look around in the room while the crowd cheers for him.
He walks down the stairs, just like his mother did only moments ago and the trumpets turn into music with a whole band and when he reaches the bottom he holds out his hand for Anne for their dance. 
As they twirl to the middle of the room all he can think about is you and what you taught him about dancing. His posture, his movements, everything is resonating back at your work and the time the two of you spent together at your classes and his thoughts return to missing you once again. 
While the two of them are dancing perfectly, at the back of the room the crowd starts to whisper and look around, even part as if someone more important than the king showed up.
It’s you.
You didn’t intend to stop the whole show with your arrival but as soon as people recognized you, it got out of hand. Wearing a simple, but elegant royal blue dress you only wanted to make your appearance known after Harry and Anne’s dance, but the crowd thought otherwise.
It gets to the point where Harry notices that something is happening, his gaze trying to spot what’s causing the scene and then he sees you.
The crowd of guests part until you’re fully visible to Harry as well and you’re obviously in the center of the attention now. Harry stops dancing, unable to look away from you while you look back at you a little uncertain and afraid that he might be mad at you for showing up after all. 
He feels none of that, more like the opposite. He can’t believe you’re here, looking like a dream.
Anne squeezes his hand to grab his attention.
“Go, ask her to dance,” she smiles before slipping out of his arms.
Harry turns to face you and then walks up to you as every guest is waiting to see what’s about to happen. He stops right in front of you and takes his time to run his gaze up and down your appearance.
“Hi,” he then smiles at you, barely able to control his emotions.
“Hi. I just… I don’t want to hide. So if you’re okay with it—“
“Can I have a dance, Miss Y/L/N?” he asks with a wide grin as he holds his hand out for you, ignoring your rambling but also giving you an answer at the same time.
Relief washes over you and you could cry from happiness as you take his hand and he leads you to the middle of the room, pulling you into his arms, every pair of eyes glued to you but you only see the man in front of you.
You start dancing, just like before at your classes only that now the whole kingdom can see you and by the morning there will be no question that you and Harry are more than just a fling even though you didn’t say a word.
“When I first saw you at the lake a month ago I didn’t know you’d become my wonderwall,” Harry admits as the two of you sway to the music.
“Your wonderwall? What does that mean?” you ask.
“Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, the person you are completely infatuated with,” he explains as you listen to him smiling to yourself. “That’s what you are. My wonderwall, my love, my queen…” he lists, his eyes keeping yours in lock and he stops before continuing. “And one day I’ll make you Eroda’s queen,” he adds and without a care in the word, he leans down and kisses you.
Tumblr media
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harrystyles Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for me since we met. With your joy, your kindness, your sense of humor, your love. Harry's House started right from the moment I met you 3 years ago. Without you, I would not be what I am now, without you, I would not have what I have now, without you, I would not feel what I feel now. Thank you, Y/N, thank you for loving me so much that I can even feel the warmth of your love when we are miles apart. Your experiences are my home, your feelings are my home, your way of being is my home, your love is my home. You are home.
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Perfect To Me
Tumblr media
prompt: harry loses his ring at coachella but luckily the right fan finds it
warnings: depictions of an anxiety attack, a pinch of smut, minors dni 18+
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check out weekend one fic ——> here
Harry was having the time of his life, Coachella two weekends in a row seemed unreal but as he danced across stage with hundreds of thousands of fans - reality was much better than a dream.
Lizzo had done incredible, he couldn’t have found a better person to cover I Will Survive with and the energy of the crowd was palpable.
YN was enjoying the show just as much with her friends in the small vip section off to the side in front of the stage - it was the same people as last week but Alessandro, Harris, Gemma, among others that made it even more exciting.
It had also been hotter than the weekend before, sweat was dripping down his temple and the leather of his ensemble was sticking rather uncomfortably to his damp body.
Kiwi was by far in his top songs that he loved to perform live, it was no different this time as Harry is absolutely headbanging, dancing, losing it to his own song.
YN loved watching him get so lost in the moment that he doesn’t care that anyone is watching him, she could see the telltale signs of him reaching his limit before his energy started to drop off.
Harry wasn’t thinking, he was completely immersed in the experience that he didn’t notice his wedding band sliding on his finger from the sweat and water he’d spilled when he sipped from his water bottle with jittery hands.
When he’s parading down the runway, he whips his water bottle around - spraying the fans with water before slamming it off the ground and the plastic goes flying.
It’s when the bottle leaves his hand, he feels his ring slip right off with it but it’s too late when he looks down at his hand to notice his fucking wedding band is missing.
The ring he never took off.
Even when he went without all of the bulky, heavy rings he liked to wear, he can’t remember the last time he’d taken off - so much so that there’s a tanline highlighting where the band had covered his skin.
Music pounding in his ears, adrenaline rushing through his body - he still manages to sing but is now panicking because he knows the ring went flying off the stage into the crowd.
He feels like he’s about to have a full fledged panic attack - something he hasn’t had for a very long time because he just lost his most treasured possession in a crowd of young adults who he knows would snatch it up in a heartbeat without any thoughts to return it to him.
YN notices that he’s off almost instantly, she watches as his vocals tighten up and he’s not dancing nearly as much as he was before, his eyes darting over the crowd quickly like he’s searching for someone or something.
She wonders briefly if someone threw something at him and hurt him, that’s happened in the past too many times to count.
As the song comes to an end, Harry makes his way back to his main microphone stand for the finale of Sign of the Times and on one of the very first notes, his voice cracks like it rarely ever does unless he’s really not focusing on his vocals.
YN is already weaving through the crowd with her bodyguard to get to the side stage to greet him when he is done because now she’s concerned.
Harry can barely focus on remembering his own lyrics to a song he’s sung countless times, keeps looking his his left hand as if he just expects it to reappear.
The thing is, Harry has lost things in the past and hasn’t gotten them returned.
Instead pictures end up plastered all over Twitter of people celebrating their find and bragging about it to others.
He doesn’t think he could bear to see a picture of his wedding band circulating on Twitter as a fan shows off the most important things he owns like it is meaningless.
It’s not even about the price of the ring, it was the fact that his wife had slid it down his finger during a ceremony where they committed themselves to each other for their entire lives.
It was the fact that it symbolizes so much.
“Do you think we’re too young to get married?” YN asks self-consciously, one night after a stop on their Where We Are Tour, crammed into a small bunk on the tour bus.
Harry who had been toying with her engagement ring on her finger looks up with a frown, “Why would you say that?”
YN shrugs dismissively before murmuring, “I overheard Eleanor and Salma talking in the dressing room. They said I’m stupid for saying yes because you’re not going to settle down when you could get anyone you wanted.”
Harry can’t help but laugh, smoothing out the furrow between her brow when she gives in a disgruntled glare.
“Just don’t how you could even bloody listen to their bullshit for more than a minute, really,” He chuckles softly, “I’ve wanted to make you m’wife since we were sixteen. I’ve waiting long enough. I want to experience this life with you. No one else. Pretty soon I’ll have a ring on my finger that shows the world too.”
When he misses her, if she wasn’t on tour, he’ll just twirling the band as a way to feel closer to her and not to mention the absolute arousal it made his wife feel when she saw that ring on his finger.
She’s pulled him aside an embarrassing amount of times just to jump his bones because of how sexy it was that he had a wedding band on his finger.
“Sweetheart, wha’ brought this on?” Harry giggles between the kisses that YN was laying on his lips as she hurriedly tried to unbutton his shirt.
“Just look so domestic,” She replies, determined to get him naked with rushed movements, lips moving down his chest as he’s bared, “Have that ring on your finger, letting everyone know you’re mine.”
And as soon as her lips wrap around him, his head is clunking against the wall and he’s moaning, “Yeah, baby. Yeah, I’m yours. S’yours.”
He was terrified that his wife was going to be furious with him for being irresponsible or that she was going to be heartbroken because he doesn’t want either because he was just as upset as she will be.
Harry was definitely on the verge of an anxiety attack as he shied away from the high notes at the end of the song - his throat felt tight and it was a struggle to get the lyrics out.
The crowd doesn’t seem happy when Harry makes his final bow and goodbye speech barely a minute long before he’s disappearing off the side stage.
There’s even chatter about whether he’s doing an encore because of how quickly he left his set but once the lights come up, they grumble when they realize he wasn’t coming back out.
“Bunny, what is going on with you?” YN asks instantly when he meets her at the exit but he doesn’t respond, just shakes his head and drags her into the tent where, like last week, the crew is bustling around.
“You look like you’re about to pass out, H,” She states when he still hasn’t spoken but she’s confused when he just pulls her into a hug and buries his face in her hair - chest heaving and she’s not sure whether it’s from performing or something else, “You need to talk to me, baby.”
When he pulls back, she’s no longer just confused but alarmed when there’s tears streaming down his cheeks and his sniffling fiercely, “I-baby, I can’t breathe.”
“Yes, yes you can, bunny,” YN soothes softly, leading him to the couch; fully understanding he’s having a panic attack and needs comfort right now, “C’mon, let’s steady your breathing. Everything is okay.”
Harry sits down, tugging YN onto his lap and pushing his face into her shoulder now as he struggles to catch a breath between his tears.
She doesn’t remember the last time he’d had an anxiety attack like this, it’s been at least a year, it didn’t happen often.
The group of their friends are trailing back to them, chattering and oblivious until they get closer - YN motions to them that they need to get lost in the nicest way possible.
They appeared concerned but respect them, backing away and disappearing out into the field to give them space.
“H, I need you to try to catch your breath,” YN encourages as she weaves her hands into his damp locks, scratching at his scalp in an effort to calm down.
“M-my ring f-fell off. It went into th-the crowd, I’ve lost it,” He admits against her skin, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist to keep her as close as he possibly can.
“You’ve lost rings in the past. What is making you get this upset?” YN asks obliviously, she didn’t even think of his wedding band - she just assumed it was one of his many gucci rings that had been a gift.
YN clearly remembers Harry losing his rose ring during a concert and being bummed that he couldn’t find it but not this inconsolable.
“My we-wedding band,” Harry whispers, bringing up his hand to show her before saying between tears, “I know it’s gone. No ones gonna return it. They never do. Baby, m’sorry. Please don’t be cross with me, I can believe I was so stupid and -“
YN is upset that Harry lost his wedding band but it’s not directed at him, not his fault that it slipped off and disappeared into a crowd of a hundred thousand people.
Of course the ring means a lot to her, is symbolic of their relationship and marriage but at the end of the day, it wasn’t worth Harry having a breakdown because though the ring was special, it wasn’t as important as Harry being okay.
She takes her thumbs and runs them along his stubbly cheeks, wiping away the wetness as he stares sadly at her - eyes wide and guilty.
“I would never be mad at you over something like this,” YN chuckles at him as he tilts his head to the side to kiss her palm, “I’m sad that it’s lost but accidents happen. I’m more worried about you having a panic attack than a piece of jewelry.”
“It’s my favorite possession,” Harry rasps, relieved that she wasn’t furious or heartbroken like he was catastrophizing would happen.
“I can’t believe I’m a married man,” Harry murmurs happily as the wind lightly blows around them in the crisp, salty night air.
“Tied down at twenty,” YN giggles from where she’s lounging against his chest, laid between his legs on the lounger, “You're giving up a lot of opportunities, rockstar.”
“Not giving up anything,” He corrects her, letting her twist the band back and forth on his finger, “Our age doesn’t matter, my love. Belonged to you since we were kids anyways. M’yours, my body, mind, has and always will be yours. Now you just officially own me.”
YN brings his left hand up to her lips, kissing his ring, and then the palm of his hand before snuggling further back into his warmth, “My husband.”
“Yeah, baby. M’your husband,” Harry agrees once again as they watch the waves crash down on each other before fading out at the shore.
“I hate seeing you this devastated, it’s breaking my heart,” YN frowns as she continues to wipe at the falling tears, “I just want you to be happy, celebrating all this success.”
“I’m sorry, baby,” Harry sighs, leaning into her touch and purposefully avoiding the eye contact of all the curious crew, “I’m fucking everything up.”
“Don’t ever apologize for your feelings, bunny,” YN smiles lovingly, thumb running over his plump bottom lip, “Just take a few minutes and just breathe with me. I need you to get your breathing under control or you’re going to get light headed.”
Harry nods in agreement, let’s YN guide his head until his ear is against her chest where he can hear the calming, steady thumping of her heart and tries to match the pace - squeezing his eyes closed and inhaling through his nose.
She just holds him as he breathes in through his nose and out through his mouth, her hands wandering all over him to keep him grounded, and giving harsh glares to anyone who even looks in their direction.
Then his sobs pick up again, not as much as before but YN titters and pulls his head up, searching his watery eyes and his flushed face, “What has gotten into you, baby?”
“Not only di-did I fuck up by losing my ring, now I’ve ruined the entire night. I had something planned to surprise you with and now it’s all fucked,” He whimpers unhappily, his jaw flexing and right now he looked like a sixteen year old boy again who just got declined at the first X factor round and she can’t stand it.
“I do-don’t know why I even bothered,” Harry cries as he walks off the main stage, surrounded by YN, Anne, Gemma, Robin, and his cousin, Matt.
“I’m so proud of you though,” YN tries to give him a small smile, she was disappointed for him but knew it had been a long shot.
“You don’t have to lie. I butchered the song, shouldn’t have sung it,” He huffs, using his scarf to wipe at the tears on his cheeks.
“Don’t have to believe me but I am,” YN argues as she drags him into a hug, “Can’t wait to tell everyone at school that my boyfriend sang in front of the X factor judges.”
“Really?” He sniffles, peeking up at her to make sure she isn’t lying before his name is being called to walk back onto the stage.
That was nearly twelve years ago but right now, as her now much more muscular, tall, manly husband still had the same expression he did then.
The same wet green eyes with thick, black eyelashes blinking up at her, his cheeks pink from scrubbing at them, his lips parted as he tried to breath steady.
She loved him so fucking much.
Right now, she felt extremely defensive of him and didn’t like all the stares that he was receiving even when he didn’t notice them.
YN slips off his lap, grabs his duffle, and scrounges until she pulls out his neon yellow pleasing hoodie, athletic shorts, new socks, and his nike running shoes.
“Let’s go back to the hotel. We’ll have more privacy there, okay?” YN murmurs as she helps him off the couch and shimmies off his vest before going to undo his belt buckle and button until he can step out of them and change his street clothes.
YN feels overdressed now in her one piece denim outfit with her cowgirl hat still hung around her neck with a string and boots that were blistering the back of her feet. *** (there’s also an HS on her bum)
Harry, despite how clouded he is by his anxiety and dread, always notices and doesn’t hesitate before he’s pulling out her more comfortable clothes as well.
Unlike him, she doesn’t have the confidence to strip her clothes in front of anyone and gives him a peck before running to the bathroom to change into a hoodie and black biker shorts, now comfortable slides on her feet.
When she steps out, Harry is waiting obediently by the door - eyes downcast and avoidant of anyone who comes near him.
She hated seeing him like this, crawling back into his shell and into himself when he felt unsure or upset instead of the bright beacon of light he usually is.
“Come on, my love,” YN hums softly, not giving him an option as she intertwines their hands - his much larger one completely encompassing hers.
YN doesn’t think this breakdown is just because of the ring or ruined night. She just guesses those were icing in the cake.
These major performances, headlining, releasing new music - it was overwhelming because people expected and relied so much on him that sometimes he just hit his breaking point and couldn’t take anymore stress.
Before they can exit the tent, Harry Lambert is calling after them - shouting at them to stop and YN tenses in preparation to give him a piece of her mind which was usually her husband’s job.
“What? We’re heading back to the hotel. Harry’s not trying on any outfits right now,” YN tells him firmly because sometimes he’ll try his luck at Harry testing out some new outfits sent in by designers.
“S’not that. There’s some fan who thinks she found Harry’s wedding band and she wants to return it to you. I looked at it and it’s a exact replica if it’s not yours but I told her -“
“Bring her back here,” Harry interrupts, flashing Lambert his bare ring finger, “It fell off during the set. I thought I lost it for good.”
“ I can just snag it from her-“
“I want to thank her,” He cuts him off again, his bottom lip almost quivering with relief - he’s trying not to give his hopes up but what are the chances.
Mariah doesn’t think she’s ever had more fun at a concert, only two people back from the barrier, and she could see every detail on Harry Styles’ outfit and body.
And not to mentioned YN’s, she looked unreal in the body hugging dark denim outfit with her chest on display and an HS on her bum to match Harry - like she was his property.
It was an unreal experience and she was devastated that it was over as the lights came up - atmosphere quickly dying out as the energy dissipates.
Harry had left the stage abruptly and without his normal farewell, she chalked it up to that he might have been feeling ill.
It takes a while for people to file out of the grassy area in an orderly fashion, when it’s finally her turn, she bends down to grab her purse when she notices a glint in the blades of grass.
Mariah curiously runs her hand across the area, bringing up a gold ring that has a large emerald cut diamond in the center.
***(imagine it in gold)
For a moment, she thinks that someone just lost a piece of costume jewelry but when she examines it closer - the diamond look real based on the way it sparkles when hit with her phone light.
It looks oddly familiar but she is not sure if she’s just imagining things, she flips it in her palm, and notices something engraved in the inside of the band.
eternally yours, (YN’s initial).
Holy shit.
Mariah was now ninety-five percent sure that this was none other than Harry fucking Styles ring and she just blinked down in it surprise.
She googles it quickly in her photo search, confirming it is his ring when a article pops up with the title.
Harry Styles Goes Nontraditional With His $125,000 Tiffany & Co. wedding band!
Mariah realizes she’s holding the amount that her college tuition cost in the palm of her hand right now - it was insane.
She had to get it back to him and has no idea how to do that.
Her hands were shaking as she glanced around at the remaining people around her, back to the small group where Harry's friends and family had been.
Mariah spots Harry Lambert speaking to someone she doesn’t recognize and she rushes over to the barrier, breathlessly interrupting, “Harry, Harry!”
The stylist gives her a bit of a confused glance before giving her a small wave and returning to his conversation.
She felt awkward, like she was being a bother but she spoke up again, “I think I have something that Harry Styles lost.”
That grabs the blond’s attention, saying something to his friend before he’s making his way over to the barrier - a perplexed expression on his face.
Mariah holds out the ring and the stylist takes it, brows furrowed as he examines it but she’s surprised when he doesn’t seem convinced - like it was just a knockoff replica and she was just trying to see if it could get her backstage to meet Harry.
“Let me go check with him,” Lambert replies hesitantly, handing the ring back to her before muttering, “I’ll be right back.”
It seems like an eternity but in reality, it was probably only ten minutes before Harry Lambert is reappearing to address Mariah, “Come with me.”
She’s shocked by this, she thought that if it was really his that his stylist would collect the piece of jewelry and send her on her merry way.
Very very quickly she realizes that she’s probably about to meet Harry Styles as Lambert guides her into the tent.
And she was right.
Mariah is absolutely shaking with nerves when she’s led into a lounge area where none other than her fucking idol and his wife are sitting.
Her eyes instantly begin tracing over every part of him close up - his stubble, how pink his lips are, how muscular he actually is.
His face is red, puffy like he’d been crying and Mariah wonders if it was because he had lost his wedding band, it makes her stomach drop.
He stands up with a small smile when Mariah and Lambert arrive in front of him, she brings her hand out and Harry reaches out with his palm - dropping the ring in it.
Harry swallows heavily as he gives the ring a quick once over before sliding it back down his ring finger as quickly as he possibly can.
“I cannot thank you enough…” Harry rasps, his voice was deep and his accent took her by surprise for some reason.
“Mariah,” She answers with a wide smile.
“Thank you, Mariah,” He reiterates softly, then he does the unexpected and tugs her into a tight hug, a big bear hug.
It didn’t feel like real life - Harry, Harry Styles was currently hugging her and she can smell how wonderful his cologne is, how strong he is, and warm.
The hug only lasts a moment but as soon as they separate she’s being embraced by another person, his wife before she pulls back and smiles at her.
“We are so incredibly grateful,” YN tells her sweetly before stepping back next to her husband, “Thank you for returning it to us.”
Mariah doesn’t miss how Harry’s arm snakes around his wife’s waist and brings her straight into the curve of his side, fingers squeezing lovingly at her plushy hip.
“Of-of course,” The fan responds with a stutter due to the nerves still flaring up in her belly at being in such close proximity to her favorite celebrity.
“Let us repay you,” Harry says as he eyes Jeff, “Go get some pleasing merch and a sharpie.”
Mariah thanks him multiple times as he hands her a massive bag full of free hoodies, scarves, polishes - he pulls out a few things to sign with a black marker.
Jeff reports that he has one more thing to grab for Mariah, Harry Lambert leads her over to the fridge and offers her a drink which she accepts a water.
While her and the stylist are making small talk, Mariah can't help but overhear Harry and YN’s hushed conversation.
YN had her hands around his neck, stepping on his toes, and murmuring to him, “See? Everything’s okay, bunny. Now stop worrying, I love you. You’re perfect to me, you know?”
Harry gives his wife an embarrassed smile before leaning down to brush his nose against hers, whispering something back to his wife that Mariah can’t hear.
Whatever he says makes YN giggles girlishly before pecking his lips three times before pulling away, laughing even more when Harry lips try to chase after hers for one more.
Mariah leaves the tent with an experience she’ll never forget, a bag full of sign merch, and tickets to one of Harry’s upcoming shows - front row.
She decides not to plaster their business all over the internet because seeing how in love the couple truly is reminds her of how they’re human just like her who deserve privacy and respect.
Harry’s surprise turned out to be that he got the roof of the hotel closed off, had his team set up candles, and flowers all around the rooftop pool in the hopes of a romantic date night.
“After you fucked me so good last weekend,” Harry rumbles when they arrive at the top floor and into the pool area, “I thought it’d be romantic to have a nice date up here, possibly some pool sex.”
“Mmm, the most romantic,” YN agrees with a chuckle because it was such a sweet gesture but she could also tell the panic attack took so much out of Harry.
Instead of stripping their clothes off to swim, YN guides them over to a hammock that was set up between two of the pillars and they pile in together.
She lets Harry be the one to get cuddled, he lays his head in her chest with his arm over her tummy, legs intertwined with hers.
His eyes are already drifting shut as she begins to rake her fingers through his messy locks, massaging at his temples with her thumbs.
He doesn’t say anything else, doesn’t have the chance because he’s lightly snoring within ten minutes of them even being in the hammock.
At the end of the day, the big bad sex symbol of a man was still the same sensitive boy she fell in love with all those years ago.
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kindapinkskies · 16 days ago
studio love | h.s.
well, i’ve returned with something about harry for the first time in almost 3 years.. finally got my brain to turn back on and write for him. i really like the backstory i created here so i think i might keep it going as a series and they’ll be connected but also can be read standalone, please do let me know what you think. i do really like the way this turned about and i hope you do too.
its husband!harry i love you already
Tumblr media
warnings: smut (please only read if you are 18+ years of age), language
words: 10.9k (harry writes and records a song that will never be released but still enlists you for help with it)
The incessant vibration of your phone ringing pulls you from the near catatonic state you had fallen into while watching some random movie you found on tv. A smile breaks out on your face when you catch sight of the contact name and picture bringing your phone to life. Your heart picks up happily in your chest at the call. You nearly drop the phone in your haste to answer it. 
“Hello, m’baby,” the voice on the other end is rough; like it’s been used all day. There’s a fluttering in your stomach at the gruffness and you feel bad for having that swooping excitement when you know he’s tired. It’s just that it’s so attractive. 
You smile, “To what do I owe the pleasure, my heart?”
“I was just wonderin’ what you were up to?”
Letting out a sigh, you clutch the phone tighter to your ear and sink deeper into the couch. “Technically, you could say I'm watching a movie. But, before you ask, I couldn’t tell you at all what I’ve been watching.”
A laugh rings out through the phone and you let out another sigh- this one content as it settles something within you. That sound is like home to you. “Yeah, you tend to do that.”
You hum, picking at a loose thread on the blanket that is currently covering your legs, “What are you doing?”
“I’m just in the studio.” 
“Yeah? When are you gonna be home?” 
There’s a noise that sounds like it was sucked through his teeth. “About that…” he trails off. 
“Harry..” you whine out his name, dramatically, close to something a child would do. “I miss you. And I’m so bored.”
“You love me, right?” Harry questions, sounding like he’s close to laughing after ignoring your whiny complaints. By this point in your relationship, he’s used to how needy you can get and he truly just finds it amusing. Because he knows he doesn’t neglect you for very long; normally it’s only a few hours a day but you’ll miss him regardless.
And he can’t complain because he just ends up the same way if you’re too busy for a few hours to give him your attention.  
The affronted noise that leaves you, at his question, breaks a laugh out of Harry and your offense to the question lessens. “I’ve been willingly married to you for four years, Harry.”
Choosing to get married young came with a lot of concerns, a lot of questions. Especially since one half of the marriage was just starting to make headway with a solo career after coming out of the worlds largest boy band and the other was just a measly author. It raised so many questions: why would you do this so young, are you pregnant, what’s the rush, what if you guys don’t work out, what if your careers pull you apart. None of those questions bothered you because you just knew, you knew from the moment you’d met that it was meant to happen this way. There was no point in waiting when you both just knew you’d end up married, whether it was at the ages of 23 and 24 or now at the ages of 27 and 28. Your relationship didn’t really change once you got married either; you’re still that same sickeningly in love couple that does everything together, can’t stand being apart, and is always on top of one another. A couple that hardly ever gets sick of the other's presence and just wants to always be around one another. 
Your relationship is strong. You never really worried about it. Never worried about it coming to an end. It helps that no one outside of your guys’ private circle knows that you’re married as well. There’s no pressure on your relationship, no outsiders chiming in on how they feel about your relationship and how you’re too young to be in such a serious relationship. They will never understand how your relationship has been serious since the moment you’d started dating. That you’ve been wearing each other’s wedding rings since about six months into your relationship, even if you weren’t married yet. 
Sure, the public knows that you’re together- can’t really hide it with the status your husband holds but it is private. You’re rarely ever seen unless it’s at an event or at a concert, or some sleazy paparazzi has been following you around. The fans you do run into in public respect your privacy as much as you ask them to. But, even with how private you are, you’re not shy with social media- you use it ten times more than Harry ever will again. But you don’t exploit your relationship though, you value it too much to do something like that. Regardless, the fans go absolutely insane when Harry can be heard far off in the background at the very end of a video, or even if it’s just his hand in the corner of a picture. 
But nothing else truly matters, no public status, prying fans, or anything in between when you’ve been happily married to the love of your life for over four years now and you’ve never been happier or healthier. Never been so in love. In fact, you feel more in love every day. 
“Yes, baby, I know, I have been there through it all.” Harry giggles and your heart just continues to swell at the sound. “But, like, I meant more of like a right now situation and not overall. I know you love me but, like, do you love me enough to leave the house and come to the studio to help me with something?”
You squint your eyes even though he can’t see you. “Why? Wasn’t it a full session today? What do you need my help for? Won’t I get in the way with everyone there?”
“You’re never, ever, in the way m’love.” he states and even though you can’t see him, you can just see the hard stare set in his eyes as they bore into yours and the seriousness in his face. You whisper out an okay just before he continues, “but, no one is here- they all left for the night.”
A frown pulls at your lips, “Then why aren’t you coming home, too?”
Harry let out a huff, “We recorded this song today, one that I won’t ever release.”
“Why record it then?” you question when Harry takes a pause. 
“I want you to hear it. I really like it and I want to finish it but I feel it’s missing something. I know if you were to hear it, you’d be able to help me.”
You let out a thoughtful hum and tilt your head back to rest on the cushion of the couch, “Did you record it with me in mind?“
“Always, baby.” You can just hear the smile on his face. 
He has told you multiple times that you are the reason he can create his music. His muse. 
And you can’t help but smile at him even though you’ve decided to give him a hard time, “You can’t just play it over the phone?”
It’s Harry’s turn to let out an affronted noise, “I thought you knew me better than that, love.”
You laugh. 
“You need the full immersive experience. I can’t believe you’d suggest over the phone.” he scoffs and you can picture him shaking his head at you. 
You continue to laugh for a few moments, the noise he made triggering a laugh attack that you just can’t stop. Harry laughs too, his melodic chuckle mingling with yours like a song. One you can listen to forever.  
“But it’s so late and I’ve already showered,” You continue to complain through your laughs. 
“Oi, will you stop fuckin’ with me, please?” 
There’s an underlying tone of irritation in his voice and you calm down enough to only a few giggles. You love him so much. 
“If you don't get your cute ass up off the couch, right now, and get here, I will just stay here tonight.”
You sit up and reach for the remote on the coffee table and turn off the tv. “You think my ass is cute?” you ask as you get up and make your way to the stairs. 
Letting out a dramatic sigh, Harry tuts at you, “Of course that’s all you heard.” You’re almost positive he’s shaking his head. “Will you please just come here?”
“Of course I will, baby. I was only messing with you.” He lets out a hum and you set your phone down on the bed and put it on speaker so you can continue to speak with him as you get dressed to leave. “I like watching you work. It’s very hot.”
He expertly avoids the compliment like he always does, “So you’ll come?”
“Yeah, I’m just putting on some clothes and I’ll be right there.” 
“Wait, were you naked? You can always come like that.” You can just hear the smirk that’s plastered on your husband's face. 
“Isn’t that how I am when I usually do?” you question. 
“Oh, you cheeky minx. I’m glad your mind is in the gutter because so is mine.”
Your body flushes at his words, at the possible things he’s thinking of. “Isn’t it always?”
“How could it not be?” he challenges and there’s a clatter of something hitting the floor in the background; a soft curse follows it. It makes you smile. “You are m’wife.”
“Okay,” you blush, your voice taking on the shy tone it normally does when he compliments you. “I’ll be there in a bit.”
“Mmm, good.” He hums.  “Do drive safely, will you? I’ll see you in a bit, m’love. I love you.”
“I love you.”
With it being almost midnight, the normal receptionist of the building is gone for the night and in her place is the security guard that takes over after hours. His name is Dan and he’s a very nice man that’s always excited to see you. 
“Mrs. Styles!” He greets, giving you a wave. “Another long night?”
“Hi Dan,” you smile at him, “and it does seem that way!” you continue while walking through the lobby. 
“He’s in studio 5.”
You give him one last wide smile as you turn the corner to where the elevators are. You’ve been here so often in the past few months that Harry’s been using this studio, that you can nearly do it with your eyes closed. The door is slightly open when you reach it and you gently push inside, relaxing at the dim lighting of the room. Further relaxing when you see your husband hunched over at the soundboard, clicking away on his laptop. 
A song is filtering through the speakers at a low volume, too low for you to really catch anything from it but the bits you can hear are awfully sultry- more sultry than you’ve ever heard from him before. You’re definitely intrigued and you know that you gave him a hard time with him asking you to come down here but you sure are excited to hear the song to its full potential. 
Harry turns around when the door locks shut behind you, a smile brightening up his face when he takes in your frame. His eyes trail all over your body and it makes you flush, the intensity of his gaze never failing to make you feel like you’re about to catch on fire. Your knees wobble a bit underneath you and you prop yourself up against the door to make sure you don’t collapse as he starts to make his way over to you. Even after all these years, he still makes you feel unbelievably fluttery; like you could take flight with just a simple look from him. You hope it never changes. 
His smile is borderline teasing as he watches you watch him cross the room, over to where you’re resting against the closed door. Your heart swells in your chest; the adoration in his eyes makes it hard to breathe even though you know for fact that your own eyes mimic his. Know for a fact that your eyes have hooded and everything when you tip your head back the closer he gets so you can hold the eye contact. 
His hands come up to frame your face, his rings cool against your heated skin- a stark contrast to the warmth of his hand- and brushes one of his thumbs across your bottom lip before replacing it with a gentle press of his lips. The kiss is so gentle that you just melt right into him, your shoulders sagging and a peaceful feeling spreading through your entirety. It’s such a sweet greeting, one that you didn’t realize you were craving until you got it. You’re never truly at peace when you’re away from him. 
“Mmm,” he hums appreciatively, placing three quick kisses to your lips before pulling away to rest his forehead to yours. He takes in a deep breath, his eyes closing as he does, “I’ve missed you.”
You bring your hands up to wrap around his wrists, your thumbs brushing over the backs of his hands as they still hold onto your face. “Me, too.”
You both just stand there for a moment, breathing each other in- taking a moment to recalibrate after being apart for the better part of the day. 
It only takes a few moments for Harry to settle, his heart rate evening out as he too becomes peaceful in your presence. “Kinda upset you didn’t turn up naked.”
Harry pulls back a bit, his hands dropping to the sides of your neck. His eyes trail over your, clothed, body like he hasn’t seen you in months and not just a few hours. Your heart jumps at the lust slightly clouding his eyes as they linger a bit on your exposed thighs. 
“Dan sure would’ve gotten a show if that were the case.”
His eyes jump back up to yours and your breath hitches slightly in your throat at the rate in which they’re darkening. “He’d only be so lucky.” The smirk plastered on his face makes you giggle, borderline nervously, as he shamelessly compliments you. It doesn’t matter how often he does it, you will never get used to the genuine compliments he showers you with on a daily basis. He’s just so unabashed in his affections towards you and it will always make you swoon. 
Your hands drop from Harry’s wrists as he starts to trail his own down the sides of your body to where they stop on your ass. He gets a good grip before he’s pulling you flush against his body. His touchy neediness shines through and it’s clear that you’ve been on his mind most of the time you’ve been apart. 
“You really missed me, huh?” You tease, laying your palms flat against his chest. Your own chest heaving a bit at the sudden, closer, proximity to your husband. You missed him just as much today, craving his touch on you in any way you could have it. 
“You know I always do, baby,” he murmurs as he dips down to place a delicate kiss to the soft, sensitive, skin just below your ear. “Can’t be away from you for too long without feeling like breakin’ down.”
You absolutely know the feeling. 
“Same,” you mumble, kissing his pouty lips. “What did you so desperately need my help with here instead of coming home?” You accompany your question by running one of your hands through his messy hair, his eyes falling shut at the feeling of your nails scraping against his scalp. 
Harry places a kiss to the arm closest to his lips before he grabs your hand out of his hair and slots his fingers with yours to tug you across the room. He slides your bag off your other shoulder and places it down on the coffee table before continuing to pull you towards the chair he was in before you’d gotten there. The song playing gets a bit louder as you come to stand in front of the soundboard and you were right to describe it as sultry. 
It’s almost daunting as well, like it holds a chilling tone to it instead of the upbeat, more groovy, songs he usually creates. It feels like the complete opposite of what he normally embodies but when you catch a few of the lyrics it makes all the sense in the world. The lyrics are racy and the chords of the bass and the strum of the guitar are extremely sexy. The song is so incredibly sexual that you feel yourself heat up. 
He’s crafted a very inappropriate song and you’re honestly so impressed. Harry has created songs with cuss words in them, with lyrics that are sexual and a peek into how he feels about things but they’re ones he’s always just messed around with to break loose his creativity. They always remained rough recordings and run throughs but this sounds almost like it’s finished. Like it would be released if it weren’t so deeply personal. The song is basically a direct explanation of his most intimate time with you. 
You’d be embarrassed that everyone else heard it today while recording it, if it wasn’t so ridiculously good. The song is so good. 
It honestly kind of reminds you of the night you shared on your anniversary last month. The vibe of the song is what you’d picture as a backtrack to that night if it were a movie or something. 
Harrys grabs your attention as he grips onto your waist, the warmth of his hands radiating through your shirt. He pulls you down into his lap, situating you slightly so you’re sat more sideways than anything else- most likely so he can see your face and you can see his. His tattooed arm secures itself around your waist, his hand pressing into your belly to keep you in place. You smile at the placement, placing your hand to rest over his. 
“Uhm,” he pauses to clear his throat when his voice cracks a bit. He continues after a moment, while messing around with something on his laptop, “Our anniversary night has been playing in m’head like a movie. I haven’t been able to really work on anything since.”
A big smile slowly starts to make its way across your face at his explanation, absolutely giddy at the fact you were so spot on- so in sync. You know what he’s dealing with. That night was so amazing you haven’t really been able to move on from it. You and Harry have always had a wonderful connection, emotionally and physically. And because you’ve had such a wonderful emotional connection from the very beginning, your sex life is just the best you’ve ever had. Harry has also expressed this to you on more than one occasion. The love you share is just so- so deep you can’t ever see it changing. 
You’re both just in love. 
“That red room just really stuck with me, y’know?” Harry chuckles, the noise coming out raspier than normal. Now, it makes sense as to why that lust has been simmering in his eyes since the moment he set his eyes on you. He’s been singing about that exhilarating night, all day. His hand tightens on your belly and the butterflies floating around just flap a bit harder. “It’s really heavy on the instrument, with a sort of alluring crescendo. The bass is really what conveys how I feel about the night.”
“It was a really good night,” you whisper, catching his attention as he turns his head to look at you. His pupils are blown and you can see how he’s become a bit dazed, like he’s recounting the night. 
“Really good,” he agrees, nodding his head absentmindedly as his eyes flit down to your lips momentarily. A heat is building very rapidly in the pit of your stomach and you really want to rip off his clothes. He clears his throat, looking back to his laptop. “I’ve never made something so sensual before but this song is solely about you and only you, so it makes sense. I was able to find a way to express the night without explicitly mentioning anything we did.”
Your heart is beating wildly in your chest at his words, your blood rushing through your body and making you so unbelievably hot that you want to strip down to exactly how he wished you to be when you got here. He looks back at you again and the tension that’s built between the two of you is so palpable that if anyone were to walk in, they wouldn’t be able to break it. You honestly didn’t think anyone could still be so entranced with someone after having been with them for so long, always having heard stories of the novelty of the relationship falling away- but not with Harry. Every day feels just like the first day you’d had with him. 
Harry’s eyes get even more dazed as he leans closer to you, like an invisible string is pulling him in and you know for a fact he feels the same way about you as you do with him. He presses his lips heavily to yours, keeping them there in a kiss that is clearly just to alleviate some of the pressure building up between the two of you. He wants you to listen to this song and get your input on it before he furthers anything. 
He’s a bit breathless when he pulls away. “Everyone really liked it, liked the vibe. But I don’t care about them. It’s only you I want an opinion from.” 
You nod, dazed yourself from the night you’re so vividly imagining and from the kiss he just granted you with. “You said it was almost done? What did you want to add?” 
He greedily kisses you again, only adding to the fire building within you. “I want to hear what you have to say first before I tell you my idea.”
You nod again, taking a kiss from him this time before telling him to play the song. The fierceness of which he’s looking at you makes you swallow thickly, goosebumps rising across your exposed skin as you look back at him- knowing the implications of his gaze.
Harry forcibly tears his eyes from you, almost reluctantly settling his focus back on his laptop. There’s some clicks on his keyboard but you can’t be bothered to look away from him, the furrow of his eyebrows endearing you far too much to focus your attention elsewhere. The same song from before restarts, this time louder and the rumbling baseline can be felt in your soul. It sends the heat building in your lower stomach directly between your thighs and you have to shift yourself a little to lessen the sudden pressure there. A smirk forms on your husband's lovely face as he glances at you, because he knows what a deep baseline does to you. 
Your eyes slip closed as an echoey guitar strum is layered over the bass. All the instruments stacked together make up a very slow and sensual melody that perfectly depicts how sexy of a night your anniversary was. It’s still strange to know that Harry is the one that put this together, this darker ambiance in a song that doesn’t seem like it would make sense with someone like your husband. He’s typically such a bright, happy go lucky person and to hear him make something so mystical, so ominous almost, is just odd. 
But then his voice filters through and it makes sense. The lyrics mixed with the rasp of his voice, the gruff timbre he’s singing in pulls it all together to compile the sensual song he was describing to you before. It makes you shiver. Makes you feel like you’re about to catch fire. 
Your Harry is so incredibly talented. 
You find yourself swaying a bit to the lyrics as they reverberate through the speakers and into your senses. They’re so subtle that if you didn’t know Harry personally you wouldn’t really have a clue what he was talking about. Even then, you know for a fact the way he’s put together such beautiful sentences that what he’s saying truly only makes the most sense to you and you absolutely love it. 
You can just hear the love within the lyrics even though the tone of his voice is just filled with the most amount of lust you’ve heard from him on a song. 
There’s a guitar solo in there that makes your chest heave a bit and your nose tingle. The undertone of the drums during the solo makes you super proud of Sarah because you can hear the intricacy of them and it creates such a wonderful sound. Your body is practically vibrating at this song and you truly want to just rip Harry’s clothes off and show him how much you appreciate him putting this song together for you because of you. 
The song ends with such a high note from Harry that your jaw drops at the sound, the way it trails off with the slow strum of the guitar makes excited tears spring up in your eyes. 
Your reaction warrants a huff of air from Harry that hits your cheek and it startles your eyes open because you didn’t realize he’d gotten so close. Your gaze immediately meets his and you truly didn’t think it was possible for his eyes to get any darker but they surely did and it has your breath hitching in your throat. His eyes glance down to your chest where he can see the stutter of your breathing before trailing up to your lips, looking at them for a moment too long before he places a kiss to your warm cheek. The hand on your belly is tighter than it was before the song started and you only just now notice it when he tries to pull you even closer to his body, seeking out any contact from you. 
Wiggling a little to try and relieve some of the heat that’s built up between your thighs during the song, Harry lets out a grunt when your leg brushes up against the hardness that’s settled between his own thighs. The song has definitely made the impact it was meant to, his pupils are blown and your body is so heated that a shiver of excitement spikes through you. He’s looking at you so intensely, so so so intensely that your heart feels like it’s crawling up into your throat, creating a thick lump that’s hard to swallow around. It brings a wetness to your eyes and a shallowness to your breathing- it’s a look so full of undeniable love but so so so heavy with lust that it overwhelms you. His own chest heaves with heavy, deep, breaths that you can tell he’s focusing on keeping as calculated as possible as his eyes trace every inch of your face; like he’s trying to find the answer of how you liked the song before he even asks. 
You know the answer is clear on your face but you still have to say something. 
“That song was very sexual, H.” you whisper, your voice barely able to reach an octave high enough for him to hear but the way he lets out a tiny nod, you know he heard you. 
A deep breath from you pushes you closer to him when he breathes out a near desperate, “Yeah.”
“And your voice, baby,” you close your eyes for a moment to get your brain to straighten out. “I didn’t know you could get so deep.”
His eyelids get heavier when he looks at you, eyes barely visibly as he looks up at you through his lashes. His hand tightens on your lower belly. “I can get very deep.”
A tingle rushes through you at his words, the double entendre heating you up to your core, but you ignore him in favor of trying to get to where he needs your help. But first: “What did you do before recording your vocals? Gargle some rocks?”
Harry let out a loud laugh, one that throws his head back and makes his chest vibrate, the feeling of it transferring through your shoulder and into your chest where your heart swells. It has you leaning further into him, loving how everything just clicks into place for you when he laughs. You so badly want to press your mouth to his, to have him laugh right into you. To swallow down every sound he makes so you can embody them. But you know that if you do that now, you won’t ever make it to the part where he’ll get the help he’s requested from you. 
There’s just something about his kisses that make you tap out, make you forget everything other than the feeling of him and you crave that more than anything. The soft plushness of his lips against yours, or anywhere over your skin, just feels so right. Each press of his lips to yours or to your body is always exciting, always feels new. It settles something deep in your heart, in your soul, every single time without fail. 
And just by the way Harry always finds a way to get his lips on you; whether it be a greeting or parting kiss, a simple press just to show he’s there, a kiss to the forehead or somewhere in your hair you know he feels the same way. He’ll press delicate kisses to your arms or the back of your hand, if that’s all he can reach when the urge consumes him. They’ll be pressed up or down your legs depending on what he’s doing. To your back or shoulder, stomach or neck. Always finding a way or simple reason to kiss you. To feel you. 
You shake your head a little to get yourself back on track, realizing he’s stopped laughing and is just watching you. You have to clear your throat before speaking. “You wanted to add something?”
Harry nods. 
“What is it? Because it sounds so good as it is. The lyrics, the vocals, the instruments.” You exhale, fighting the urge to fan yourself. Your face and body is so incredibly hot. You shift on his lap again, needing some sort of relief. “I feel like I could explode, baby.” You whisper, leaning a bit closer to him. His breath hitches in his throat and you watch dazedly as his adam’s apple bobs with his harsh swallow. Grabbing his free hand, you pull it up to rest on your chest, “I mean just feel my heart.”
Harry’s hand is so heavy on your chest and his fingers flex when you’re positive he realizes the pounding of your heart. It is incredibly distracting and he has to clear his own throat before speaking, “If you could add one thing, what do you think? I have an idea but I want to know what you think first.” 
Your mind immediately jumps to what you thought of the moment you heard the opening guitar riff, “Moans.”
The hand resting on your chest trails heavily down between your breasts until his fingertips rest just above his other hand. His lips have popped open in surprise at your suggestion. “Are you serious?”
You nod hesitantly, pulling back from him slightly, “Is that too… much?”
“God, no,” Harry breathes out, “fuck,” and surges forward to place a searing kiss to your lips. The hand, not holding onto you for dear life, comes up to wrap around the back of your neck to hold you in place as he slips his tongue into your mouth with absolutely no preamble whatsoever. His tongue swipes across yours tantalizingly and you moan into him. He happily moans back, pressing into you greedily- like he needs you to breathe. 
“The way you know me, fuck,” he murmurs, pulling away but continuing on with pressing desperate kisses down the side of your face and to your jaw. They make smacking sounds because of how quickly they’re being placed on your skin and the breaths he lets out between each one are harsh. “Fuck,” he repeats just before he latches onto your pulse point and sucks stingingly at your skin. “Know me so well, m'love.”
The connection you have with your husband has always been such a turn on for the both of you. It’s been such a prominent part of your relationship from the very beginning, the synchronicity between the two of you is almost scary- especially to people looking in from the outside. You coincide outfits without meaning to, mannerisms, speech, thoughts- quite literally anything tangible between the two of you. You’re so in tune with one another that you can know how the other is feeling with a simple look or caress. You firmly believe that your bodies are connected in a way most people can only imagine; your souls being half of the same one that were separated but found their way back to one another. 
A shiver runs down your spine when he mutters, “I love you so fuckin’ much.”
He kisses you again, absolutely filthy with the way he pushes in with his tongue and tries to pretty much climb into you through your mouth. Your arms wind around his neck and you pull him even closer to you, not minding the way he’s just absolutely trying to tear you apart. The kiss only deepens and he holds you against him like he’s afraid you’ll disappear if he were to loosen his grip even just a fraction. 
The heat builds quickly between you as you just devour one another in a kiss that is going to lead to one place and one place only. You squeeze your thighs together in hopes of some sort of friction, wishing more than anything you were straddling his hips so you could grind down onto him. Harry pushes up into you at the same time and you can’t help but moan dramatically into the kiss at how attuned you are to one another. Knowing just what the other needs. 
“When I first walked in and heard the song, I thought of our anniversary. I imagined it as a backtrack to our night if we were in a movie.” You heave when he pulls away again to trail kisses down your neck. 
He pulls back to look at you, his heavy breaths fanning across your face, making you brush your lips against his in an almost kiss. He lets out a pathetic whine, one that you mirror when the hand on your belly slides down to just barely push between your clenched thighs, resting that much closer to the throbbing of your core. 
“I hope we never fall out of this.” Harry breathes, placing a frenzied kiss to your lips. You sink into him, becoming pliable under his affections. 
The fluttering in your chest is unbearable for a moment with your lack of oxygen so you pull away to rest your forehead against his, “I don’t think we will.”
“Good,” he murmurs, rubbing his nose against yours before diving in for another desperate, frenetic, kiss. Every ounce of love he has for you is tangible within this kiss. The devotion he has for you is felt in every languid swipe of his tongue through your mouth and it brings tears to your eyes. 
“We should record the moans. We should do that. Do you want to help me get the moans?” Harry frantically asks, his hands shoving up under your shirt and grabbing at your bare sides. He sighs in relief when he gets his hands on your skin, his distraught movements settling at the feeling. 
Your body is set ablaze and your heart beat is pounding in your ears at the feeling of him just everywhere. Especially with that skin on skin contact that you’re quite literally always wanting. 
“Well,” you gasp when his fingertips dip into the waistband of your shorts at your back. Your hands are tangled into the hair at the back of his head and you pull his lips to yours again, kissing him passionately. “I don’t want you going somewhere else to get them.” 
You’re breathing so incredibly fast, your chest heaving heavily- rising and falling rapidly as you throw your head back enough to let Harry mouth at your neck and no doubt leave behind another mark he shouldn’t. But you’re just so far gone you don’t even care. 
“I could never go anywhere else. Not when i have everything I could ever want or need right here.” He says, sucking harshly at the hollow of your throat before he soothes it over with the tip of his tongue. You let out a dreamy sounding sigh. “You’re m’heart and soul and everythin’ in between.”
You nearly sob out at his words a new desperation, to have him close to you, mingling with your bloodstream. 
“Fuck, I love you,” you pull at his hair. 
Harry groans as he trails his kisses up the underside of your throat before landing at your lips once more. It’s a heady kiss, one that you never want to end and he happily presses into you as deep as he can. 
“Let’s record those moans now, yeah?” He murmurs, out of breath, placing a kiss just below your ear. 
“Yeah,” he kisses the spot once more, adding his teeth for a brief moment. “Wanna take you, right here, in this studio where I’ve thought about you all day. All frustrated around everyone while all I could think about was you and how you feel around me.” 
The breath in your body evaporates at his words and you tug on his hair when the hand between your thighs pushes in further, his fingers brushing over the clothed bundle of nerves that so desperately wants his attention. He lets out a throaty groan, right next to your ear and you genuinely feel like you could melt right here. Just turn into a giant puddle of mush right in his lap. 
“Are there cameras in here?”
“No,” Harry pulls back to make contact with you once again. His eyes glazed over. “Wouldn’t do that to you, baby.”
You nod. 
The energy between you crackles as you stare at one another while you catch your breaths. 
“I’ll lock the file and everything, you don’t need to worry about someone other than me hearing us.” He informs, already knowing where your thought process was about to go. 
Nodding, you push into his fingers, desperate for some sort of friction to alleviate the painful pressure resting between your legs. You’re so unbelievably hot and bothered for him and how well he knows you. 
“Regardless of if we do it now or not, it doesn’t matter. I won’t make it until we can get home to absolutely ruin you. If it’s not here it’ll be in the car. I can’t take it anymore, gotta get my hands on you, baby.”
His voice is strained as he speaks and your brain just completely shuts down. It's like television static in there and you can’t focus on anything but the way your husband's lips and hands are pressing into you. The best you can get yourself to do is to nod, your mind just absolutely overwhelmed to do much else. 
“Use your words, will you?”
Your mouth pops open on a gasp and you breathe out, “Yes, please. Now.”
Harry nods vigorously in agreement, swooping forward with another heavy kiss to your lips. He’s absolutely relentless in how he kisses you, exploring your mouth in ravenous strokes of his tongue that leave you just shattered, completely out of breath. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders to bring him closer, you happily take him in, giving back just as much. A hand of his shoves up under your shirt, skin heating up even more when he gets between your shoulder blades to press you closer to him. He lets out a groan, into the very, very, sloppy kiss, at the fact you chose to forego a bra. 
“Why don’t you straddle my lap, hmm?” Harry hums when he pulls away, his lips continuously brushing over yours. You dart your tongue out to trail across his lower lip. He moans. 
When you slide off his lap to stand in front of him, his body follows after yours that invisible string pulling him with you- not being able to stay away too far. His hands are like magnets to your hips and he squeezes at the flesh there when you wobble where you stand. Once you’re steady, he slides his hands up over the curve of your waist before he settles them around your ribs, pushing his thumbs up under the swell of your breasts. 
With your heartbeat picking up, you feel your eyes get unbelievably heavy at the sight of him below you. Hair askew, lips swollen and shiny, eyes hooded; Harry looks so wrecked already that you feel tingly in places that crave his attention. A fire burns deep within you that you know will only be remedied with the touch of him. So, you pull the shirt off of your body in a flourish, yearning for his touch on your skin. 
He leans further away from you though once your upper half is exposed to his fierce gaze and you whine, high pitched and needy, from the back of your throat. But, he’s quick to tug at your arm, immediately groaning out, “Come back.”
Stepping in between his spread legs, his deft hands wrap around the backs of your thighs and he pulls at them- easing you up to settle in his lap with each knee of yours on either side of his hips. As soon as you’re situated, you waste absolutely no time to roll your hips into his, seeking out any sort of relief you can find. A moan flies out of both of you simultaneously at the friction you both desperately crave. His hands curve over the expanse of your ass where he grabs a hold and guides you over and over his groin. The kiss you share just intensifies everything you’re feeling and it’s burning through your veins. 
Your lungs are screaming at you, begging you for some kind of reprieve so you pull harshly on his hair; Harry groans as he detaches himself from your lips with a heaving breath. There’s absolutely no time for either of you to catch your breath though because he’s mouthing at your neck in seconds flat, no doubt leaving more marks behind. You don’t even care, you just tilt your head back and give him more room to suckle at your skin. His hands are still firmly gripping at you, distractedly pulling your lower half over his and it’s steadily pushing you towards an orgasm. 
On a particular heady pass over the hardness nestled against your clothed core, your arms fall away from your husband and clumsily clutch at the arms of the chair for some sort of leverage. A hand shoots up to the middle of your back to keep you steady as a moan rips through your chest at the pleasure coursing through your body. Harry let out a breathless laugh against the skin of your chest, causing goosebumps to flutter across the heated skin there. You can’t help the pitched sigh that filters out of you through your parted lips, you just feel like you’re on cloud nine. 
Your lips ache to feel something again, to feel your lover again, like thirty seconds apart is entirely too long. Panting, you reach up once again and run your fingers through the curly hair that’s just below your chin and pull on it. There’s a smacking sound, partnered with a whine from yourself, as Harry’s lips detach from the skin on the swell of your breast. He’s panting as well as you pull his head back, his eyes immediately connecting with yours and you nearly whine at the hunger settling behind his pupils. His tongue swipes out to graze his bottom lip and you trace the movement with your own heavy gaze before dropping down to hungrily bite at his lips. You drag out his bottom lips between your teeth and the groan he lets out goes straight to your core, making you desperately roll your hips over his again. 
You’re both a desperate, needy, mess at this point, like you didn’t indulge yourselves in one another just this morning before you parted ways. You just want to be able to feel each other as much as possible, get under each other’s skin at any chance. You wouldn’t change it for the world and you hope that attraction to one another never fades. 
Harry brings his hand up to cradle the side of your face when you try to dip further down to smatter kisses all across his neck. He smells so incredibly good right now that you just want to bite into his neck and suck at it, hard. But, before you get the chance, his thumb is pushing up the underside of your chin and angling your face so he can get his lips on you once again. He breathes into the kiss, seemingly melting into your body as he kisses you urgently, all wet and hard as he all but shoves his tongue down your throat. You both moan and your entirety relaxes into him as you become pliant from the ministrations of his tongue against yours. You feel him relax even further when your weight drops heavily onto him. 
“We gotta get these off,” Harry breaks away suddenly and it pulls you out of your pleasure filled haze to feel him clawing at the biker shorts you’re wearing. He’s trying to get his hand inside of them but with the way you’re pressed against him with your legs spread, there’s not enough room for his large hands. “Fuck,” he whines, “Why didn’t you take these off when you were standing?” He presses a messy kiss to the center of your chest before dropping his forehead down to the same spot. His frantic hands have settled with his fingers under the shorts waistband at each of your hips. “Know you’re wet for me, need to feel it.”
Your breath gets caught in your chest on its way out and the harsh pounding of your heart in your ears makes you dizzy but he’s so correct. He’s never been more correct. And you need him to feel it too. 
“You didn’t let me,” you breathe, answering his previous question. You nearly tumble to the ground in your haste to get off his lap, eager to give him anything he wants just so he can give you everything you want. His hands on your hips stabilize you enough to keep you from falling to a heap on the ground because of your unstable knees. 
“Careful,” he murmurs, his body leaning towards yours like that string is pulling him once again. Like you’re the only person in the world he’d follow after, even if your movements are less than graceful. 
His eyes are wide as he just stares at you for a moment in front of him. Your breathing is still erratic and he watches the rise and fall of your chest with greedy eyes. He continues to watch your body react to his touch, the way goosebumps rise as he trails his hands down your body, to the way your hands clumsily gasp at the soundboard to keep you upright when he grabs onto your ankle to pull your leg into his lap. Kissing at your knee and onto your inner thigh, he works at removing your shoe then your sock before easing your leg back down. He does the same to the next leg and the slow, sensual, kisses he places to your inner thigh while his skillful fingers remove your footwear makes your chest stutter over your breaths. 
He hasn’t broken eye contact once and you’re positive you’re only seconds away from spontaneous combustion. 
Seemingly done with his teasing, Harry doesn’t waste any more time to bring his hands up to your hips once more. Dipping his fingers into the waistband on your shorts, he pulls them down your legs and lets out a grunt when he notices you’re bare underneath the spandex material. 
“Look at you,” he murmurs, glancing up at you through his lashes before bringing his attention back down to your wet core. He leans forward and presses a kiss to your lower stomach as he helps you step out of your shorts and your muscles contract tightly at the contact.
Your body is absolutely aching for him. 
“Why do you get to be fully clothed?” you complain, your chest heaving at the want coursing through your body at a very very high rate. You just want him to touch you, skin to skin, anywhere at this point. The coil in your lower belly is so taut and the pressure built up between your legs hurts and you just want your husband. Fully. 
“Because this is about you, baby.” He smirks, running his hands up your thighs and squeezing at them once he gets towards the apex of them. You let out a heavy breath. Whining at the feeling. Wanting his hands everywhere. 
“Then I want you naked, too,” you sigh and he kisses at a spot in the crease where your thigh meets your hip, so very close to where you need attention. He hums as he leaves a love bite there too, making you cry out at the sensation. “Please.”
Harry is standing up in the blink of an eye, crowding your space and shoving you up against the soundboard- the edge of it digging uncomfortably into your lower back. He presses in so close to you, his front lining up with yours so perfect like it always does. His hands grasp onto your cheeks with a delicacy that wildly contrasts the way his body is pressing into yours. Wrapping your fingers tightly in the front of his shirt, you yank him harshly to you, not wasting a second to press a searing kiss onto his lips. A loud groan escapes him when you pull on his bottom lip far enough that it snaps back into place when you let go. 
Your body is so hot. You’re so hot, there’s a sheen of sweat starting to form all over your skin. 
“Off,” you pant, frantically tugging at his shirt. “Off, off, please,” you plead, grabbing at his back, bunching his shirt in your fists. 
Your husband laughs at you, a huff of air fanning out over your chest where he backs away from you just enough to get his shirt off. Your hands follow every inch of skin that’s being exposed to you, much like a magnet, until his chest is bare. Harry’s eyes slip closed when your fingers trail over the expanse of his chest and down his stomach where you wrap your hands around his plushy hips and pull him back to you. You both let out high pitched sighs when your skin comes in contact with each other, finally feeling a peace wash over you at the feeling. 
“M’wife, you’re so beautiful.” Harry murmurs, a breath being punched out of you both when he grounds his hips into yours. Your body flushes even more. “The things you do to me.”
“H, please,” you sigh, not entirely sure what you’re asking for. 
He plunges forward to place a kiss on your lips so hard that your head falls back at the force of it and you gasp. With your mouth dropped open on the gasp, Harry shoves his tongue into your mouth and the feeling it gives you weakens your knees to the point where you have to throw your hands down to the ledge of the soundboard to keep you from collapsing. One of Harry’s hands wraps around the back of your neck so he can keep your mouth pressed to his, so he can continue to devour your mouth with his kiss- while the other drops down to the back of your thigh, where he pulls on it until your leg wraps around his hip. 
You take the new position in stride, rolling your hips up into his to get some sort of friction going. Your body is absolutely yearning for him. A moan breaks the kiss and you’re not even sure who it comes from, just know that it pulls Harry away and has him dropping his forehead down to yours with his chest heaving. His eyes are clenched shut and yours follow when he grinds into you again, the fabric of his pants brushing against your achy core.
Harry takes a minuscule step away from you, just enough to be able to trail his hand lazily up and over your thigh to the innermost part where he takes a moment to knead at the flesh there. The moan you let out at the tingles shooting up your spine is so pathetic but you don’t even care, it feels so good. Anything from him would feel amazing right now you just want everything. 
“Harry,” you whine, pushing into him as much as you can. 
Rubbing his nose gently against your own briefly, Harry drops down to kiss you once again. One that’s a vast change from the devouring one he’d just given you, this one slow and oh so passionate. One that builds the burn in your chest so agonizingly slow, one that your body completely melts into and you become pliant with it. It’s one that effectively distracts you from anything other than his mouth on yours so you definitely don’t feel when Harry’s hand slips down to your core until his finger is nudging it’s way inside of you. 
Your elbows buckle under your weight when the second finger pushes inside of you and immediately curls into that spot deep inside of you that makes you feel like you’re in the stars. The hand wrapped around the back of your neck falls to the middle of your back to keep you steady against his chest as he relentlessly pushes his fingers in and out of you. Your head falls back on a gasp, the kiss breaking as the pleasure coursing through you relieves the fire burning in your lower abdomen even if that coil there is winding and winding. 
The sounds of his fingers moving within you and the noises that are tumbling from your parted lips are absolutely sinful. They make you feel like everything is rushing through you so incredibly fast, aroused beyond belief. High pitched moans are tumbling right out of you from him wiggling his fingers around your spongy walls- to low throaty groans when he curls them up to graze over that spot deep inside you. All the noises mixed together could give the best of porn stars a run for their money. Your vision is clouding and you’re so unbearably hot, sweat is trailing down your spine and over your chest. 
“Kiss me,” Harry groans, “Now.” 
And who are you to deny him? 
When you tilt your head forward you catch a glimpse of his, absolutely, wrecked expression just before your eyes slip closed and you kiss him with all that you can. It’s hard to do though, your jaw has gone completely slack and all you can truly do is breath heavily against his mouth. The onslaught of his fingers is making it so incredibly hard to breathe properly, your chest heaving with moans exuding from your parted lips. Harry happily swallows your moans though as he keeps his mouth greedily attached to yours. 
That is until he pushes his fingers in as deep as he can get them and holds them there to press his thumb down onto your clit. You nearly scream out at the contact, a gasp leaving you so forcefully that it feels like you’ve been punched in the chest. Your head drops down to Harry’s shoulder; your leg on the ground feeling like it’s going to collapse, the leg around Harry’s hip is slipping, and your knuckles are white where you’re gripping at the edge of the soundboard. Moans are being ripped from you with your labored breathing the more Harry rubs relentless circles into that sensitive bundle of nerves while his fingers stay where they are but curl up to brush against that spot deep inside. Your vision goes a little spotty with the force of pure bliss rushing through your veins. 
You want to touch him so badly, to wrap your hands around him in some way to get him even closer to you- even though he’s already as close as he can be. But you’re positive that if you were to let go of this soundboard you would collapse to the ground. 
“I got you,” Harry murmurs, placing a kiss just below your ear. You whine at his words, his name falling from your lips in a continuous sigh. The way he knows you so well makes you clench desperately around his fingers. “I got you, m’love.”
You collapse forward and onto him, wrapping one arm around his waist and the other over his shoulders, shoving your hand into the hair at the nape of his neck. He sighs out your name when you pull him against you, your skin coming in full contact to mold you together. You roll your hips against his hand so you’re pushing into the thumb rubbing relentlessly at your clit but you also just really want to feel his fingers moving again. 
A strangled moan passes through your parted lips and the fire burning through you is about to make you melt. Harry murmurs something in your ear, you can feel the vibration of it, feel the air of it, but you can’t hear it- blood is rushing through your head so fast you can’t hear anything else. All you are aware of is that your body is tightening up and you’re holding onto your husband with all your might because you’re seconds away from everything just coming undone. 
“Baby, I-“ 
“I know,” Harry breathes, placing heavy kisses to the side of your neck. “Go ahead, baby, come for me. Get m’fingers all wet.”
You groan at his words, the sound of it deep from your throat and you push into his body as you feel everything in yours just let go. 
“Yeah, baby, feel so good ‘round me,” Harry groans, keeping at pushing his fingers inside of you even as you clench around them through your orgasm. “You’re so fucking hot.”
A giggle is punched out of you through a lengthy sigh and it turns into a moan as your orgasm continues to push through you. Your head falls back on your shoulders once again and Harry takes that opportunity to attach his mouth to the exposed skin of your collarbones. You moan desperately, clawing at his back and rolling your hips up into his hand until it all becomes too much and you have to push him away. 
“Oh my god,” you whine, your entirety relaxing and falling limp in your husband’s hold as your climax subsides a bit.
Harry trails kisses up your throat until he’s got his mouth on yours again in a frantic, deep, kiss that’s all tongue and very wet. You both moan into it, your teeth clanking into each other when you both try to deepen the kiss. It’s so messy and uncoordinated that if you didn’t know any better you’d assume it was your first kiss ever. But, you wouldn’t want it any other way. That desperation, that yearning, to be so connected to one another is what keeps you going. 
You cry out a little, the noise happily swallowed by Harry, as he pulls his fingers out of you as carefully as he can. He kisses you through your tiny, blissed out moans, and you feel his wet fingers trail down the leg you have wrapped around him until he gets a good grip on your knee. He’s careful to lower your leg and he makes sure you’re completely steady on your feet before he’s pulling away from you. His hands come up to cradle your face as your body sags against the soundboard now that he’s too far away, which really isn’t that far, to be of support. 
Your chest is still heaving and the way his blown out eyes stare you down, sends a whole new round of tingles through your body- right to the pit of your tummy. There’s a tinge of wonderment behind the lust set ablaze in his eyes and you can just feel the admiration he has for you in his gaze. It makes you flush, your still hot body, only heating up further at it. 
“You make the prettiest of sounds.” He compliments, running his thumbs over your heated cheeks. “The prettiest of melodies to exist.” A kiss to your nose. “Better than anything I could ever create.”
“Harry..” You sigh, your eyes slipping closed at his praise. Your heart stutters in your chest even with how fast it was already beating, your orgasm still trailing through your bloodstream. 
“Got the prettiest wife.”
You smile at him, reaching out to place your hand on his bare chest. His heart is beating wildly under your palm. You go to compliment him, let him know he’s the most handsome husband but he doesn’t give you the chance as he swoops down to shove his tongue into your mouth with a languorous kiss that pulls a moan right out of you. 
“Do you think you got what you needed for the song?” You break away from the kiss with a gasp to ask. Harry is unrelenting with his mouth though, continues on kissing down your jaw- riling you up all over again quickly. 
You gasp when he sucks harshly on a spot you know he marked up earlier with how sensitive it is now. You’re quick to thread your fingers through his hair and pull him away from you. He moans, far more riled up than you and you know he’s getting desperate for a release as well. 
“What do you mean, no.”
“I already had my fingers in you when I realized I hadn’t pressed record on my laptop. I wasn’t going to stop.” He huffs, going back for your neck. You instinctually tilt your head to give him room. 
You round your hands on his hips, dipping them into the back of his pants and under his boxes where you grip at his ass to pull him flush up against you. His pretty pink lips part in a gasp as he pulls back to look at you. His eyes are set ablaze and he looks absolutely ravenous. You clench around nothing at the look. 
Pulling at the front of his pants, you look up at him through your lashes, “Good thing you have another way to get even better noises out of me.”
“Fuck,” Harry rasps, his knees buckling a little. “Fuck, I love you so much.”
“You better press record this time,” you whisper as you lick a stripe up the side of his neck until you reach just below his ear, “baby.” And you palm at him over the front of his pants. 
A groan, from deep in his chest, filters out through Harry’s parted lips as he squeezes his eyes shut momentarily. 
He surges forward and places a hard kiss to your lips before pulling away just as quick. “Get your cute ass on that couch, I’ll make sure we get all the sounds, darling.”
With another kiss to your lips, he lets you go so you can get yourself to the couch while he gets his laptop set up correctly to be able to record what audio he needs to. He lets you part with a light smack to your ass and a giggle as he watches you feign hurt at the swat. A giddy feeling rushes through you both at the thought of becoming one entity again. 
As you settle on the couch, you try and get your heart to settle down enough to get your breathing at least a little under control, but the more you watch your beautiful husband fumble around with his recording equipment you know the attempt is futile. You love him so fucking much. You love everything about him. You love the anticipation you feel whenever you look at him and he looks back at you because you know he has just as much love for you as you do for him. You love that everything between the two of you is mutual. 
Just like now, the way he’s looking at you over his shoulder, you know he’s about to worship every inch of you and he knows that you’ll happily return that worship. The small smirk resting on his lips is enough to let you know he’s feeling every bit of rushing emotions that you’re feeling. 
You smile at one another and you know for certain that he’s always going to create something for you, about you, and with you. And you’ll be there to help. 
“Wait, you think my ass is cute?”
The tinkling laughs you both let out make it into the final version of the song, right at the end where it all perfectly fades out. 
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jadeittic · 10 hours ago
harry styles x reader
fc: lily-rose depp
(stfu bc im really enjoying ig aus, why have i never done this b4)
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram vogueaustralia <3
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ynforevaa she is so fucking gorgeous, wanna be in harry's position rn
ynxhazza i bet harry is crying over this at this moment
yourinstagram he is, by the way. my shirt is now all wet
harryandyn i feel u harry
harrystyles I do it better, honestly.
yourinstagram are you sureeeee, your eyes are all glossy
ynsandharryshouse mom i want what these two have please
zendaya a fuckin goddess
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harrystyles I do it better than yourinstagram, don't I? Thank you, vogue.
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yourinstagram woah
yourinstagram is this the guy who released harrys house today
harryfan8 HELP
vogue Thank you for Harry's House!
ynfan3 this photo is everything imo
harryfan34 its not an opinion, its a fact
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harrystyles Late night talking with her.
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harryfan4 the album is definitely about y/n im telling you
harryxyn i can just imagine late night talking with you two what a dream
yourinstagram you sleep while im telling you the best stories tho
harryxynfan how dare you harry
harrystyles It's the opposite way, really.
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harryssunflowerkiwi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Every single one of the fics/writers listed here have made my life exponentially better. And I would defend them with my life. Welcome to my happy place. They are in no particular order, I stand by all of them equally. Please show these writers all the love they deserve or else 😡 Also! I will be updating this every time I find new favourites + please let me know if you have any recommendations
In my feelings - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: this series is the series that got me into reading full length fics. Everything about it is absolute perfection. Her writing is unbelievably good. It’s so long and incredibly detailed. I’ve never been more personally attached to two characters in my life. If you want to feel something read this (or really any of her writing). My all time number one fic)
Somebody else - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: Again, her writing is top notch. As painful as this story is, every moment in between the pain makes it feel so real. I’m not usually someone who likes reading fics with heavy angst but this one is one that I’ve read time and time again)
Blacking out and breaking hearts - by @dont-call-me-baby-posts
(Personal review: this is one of my newer finds, and it is ongoing. Somehow every chapter feels so complete yet always leaves you wanting more. These characters are very personal to me. I’ve been following it since she posted the first chapter and I’ve been hooked ever since. Beautiful and emotional writing. 10/10)
Dancing with myself - by @givemesomeboobies
(Personal review: I love a good best friends brother trope, and this series does it so well. The smut is great and so is the conflict around all the main characters. I love the readers relationship with Harry and the way they write about mental health. Great great read)
Smooth operator - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: What an original concept, I’ve never read anything quite like this and the writer did such a fantastic job at making such a complicated relationship feel so relatable and hot. Very well written smut and dialog)
Jamaica me happy - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: I read this one a few months ago and it is the fic that made my fall in love with this writer. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favourite tropes thanks to this series. Honestly can’t say enough good things about the writing. I literally squealed out loud so many times while reading this. No complaints)
To love and be loved - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: I just finished this about a week ago and i still think about it all the time. This is truly one of the only fics I’ve read that has a single dad Harry that I actually thoroughly enjoyed, it’s not usually my trope of choice but this one is so heartbreakingly good that I couldn’t stop reading it)
Desire - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: Honestly this series has some of the hottest scenes ever. This writer does sexual tension so well. I adore this concept and was so excited to read it when I first found it, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. All of their writing is very original and creatively impressive)
1923 - by @hrina
(Personal review: Prior to reading this I didn’t think I enjoyed fics that are set in the past but I can not explain how happy I am that I ended up reading this one. Everything about it I am obsessed with. The smut, the love/hate relationships, the wirlwind of emotions, everything. Also one of my favourite dynamics)
The ring - by @hrina
(Personal review: I LOVE a good llh boxer Harry and this series is easily my favourite one. The smut is so hot and the storyline is so effortlessly complete in only three parts)
Daddy issues - by @fkinavocado
(Personal review: Honestly there’s not much I can say about this one, other than oh. My. God!! It’s so perfectly dirty and sweet at the same time. It’s truly reawakened my daddy kink and I’m not mad at it at all. Such a thoughtful storyline and an incredible dynamic between two such emotionally complex characters. I look forward to every update)
Aster - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is my most recent read and I am so completely in love with these characters. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine Harry as the bad boy prototype but she did such an amazing job making it realistic while including all the things I love about Harry. The character development is unreal)
chiaroscuro - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is the only vampire!Harry fic that I have read that I liked. Something about the way she writes Harry (in this and all her fics) is so realistic and loveable. Never once did I feel like anything was forced or contrived which is a must for this type of story. Definitely recommend even if you’re not usually into the vampire trope)
Oh Anna! - by @stylesloveclub
Roses and Vanilla - by @stylesloveclub
Residue - by @bopbopstyles
Better now - by @bopbopstyles
Behind the bar - by @bopbopstyles
Aubade - by @meetmymouth
Never coming back down - by @for-fucks-sake-h
Hey angel - by @watchmegetobsessed
Kisses - by @hrina
Popsicles and kiwis - by @hrina
The 24-hour bookstore - by @harrystylescherry
Ungodly hour - by @harrystylescherry
Needy - by @harrystylescherry
Pearls - by @moonchildstyles
The boxer - by @moonchildstyles
Stablehand!Harry x Princess!reader - by @angelsanddaisies
I live in the neighbourhood - by @finestoflines
“I am not going to join your band” - by @finestoflines
Quarantine with a view - by @fkinavocado
“You horny fuck” - by @finekisses
Changes - by @sunflowervolvimp3
NFWMB - by @sunflowervolvimp3
42 hours - by @sunflowervolvimp3
Liberation - by @watchmegetobsessed
Cupid’s chokehold - by @meetmymouth
Doctor’s orders - by @havin-a-wee
Needy baby - by @harryforvogue
Tell me you love my cock - by @stellarboystyles
Nervous - by @watchmegetobsessed
Studio session - by @harrygivenchy
~I only did reviews for the series’ and not the one shots simply because there was much more to say considering the length of the fics. I would rate every single one of the fics listed (both series and one shots) 10/10~
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twostepstyless · a month ago
I Hate You, Too
Authors Note:
I got an enemies to lovers request from a reader just over two weeks ago, and shocker, it’s took me this long to write it. The brief was pretty open, just an enemies to lovers trope that featured smut, so that’s my take it on this. This is the first smut I’ve written for Harry and my first smut in a long, long time.
As always, reblogs, likes, feedback is appreciated and encouraged !!
Lots of love, G xo
Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader
Warnings: Smut, please only read if you are 18+
Contains: A friends birthday night out, confrontation with Harry, heavy petting in the back of the taxi, smut when you get back home
Word Count: 12.1k
“Nah, I don’t think I can make it,” Y/N said her hands wrapping round her steaming coffee cup.
“I haven’t even told you when it is, babe” Sarah replied with an unamused look on her face and a quirk in her eyebrow.
“Look I love you, but a night out, just isn’t really my thing just now,” Y/N took a mouthful of her latte and sat back in the warm leather chair of the coffee shop they were meeting up in.
“Well, that’s a lie, you love a night out more than anyone else I know,” Sarah chuckled at her friends lie. She was right as well, Y/N loved a night out. “Look, it’s my birthday, it’s just dinner and drinks. Plus, I don’t get to see you that often anymore either,” Sarah said a small pout playing at her lips, she knew if she played her cards right and pouted and put the puppy dog eyes on at the right moment, Y/N would be a goner and agree to come.
“You’re seeing me now,” Y/N said pointedly.
“Y/N…” Sarah sighed.
“No, I know, I’m sorry. Do you not have any other free night we could do something, just us?” Y/N asked.
“This is my only properly free night; I just want my best friend there.” Then she done it, Sarah deployed the puppy dog eyes and laid the pout on thick.
“Ugh, get that look wiped off your face, Sarah,” Y/N groaned, squeezing her eyes shut as to not see her best friend’s sad look. “Y’know I fall for it every time,” she said grumbling.
“Is it working now?” asked Sarah, a teasing lilt to her voice. “Come on, you know you’ll have a good time, loads of people are going, friends I know for a fact, you’ve not seen in ages, just come.”
“Fuck’s sake, Sarah, fine. I’ll be there,” she huffed out. “Just text me the details or something. Who is all coming anyway?” Y/N mused.
“Oh, I’ve asked a lot, we got someone to watch the baby, so Mitch will be there, Charlotte’s coming, we’ve not seen her for ages.” Sarah grinned excitedly, clearly looking forward to her celebration more now that Y/N had agreed to come.
“Is he coming?” Y/N probed; a tone of distaste evident in her voice.
“Who?” the brunette woman asked nonchalantly. She knew exactly who.
“The prize knobhead himself, will Mr Styles, be gracing us with his presence?” Y/N muttered.
“He’s not a knob-” Sarah started.
“Well, he seems like it, the way he treats and acts around me,” she shot back.
Sarah rolled her eyes at her Y/N’s obvious contempt at her other friend. “Anyway, I’m not sure, he’s invited, and I asked him but…”
“Oh yeah, I’m sure he’s far too busy and important,” Y/N said sarcastically picking her mug back up to take a sip, not before muttering a quick “dickhead” into the steaming liquid.
“That’s not fair Y/N/N, you know he works a lot, he can’t help it,” Sarah sighed.
“Look, all I’m saying, if he was that bothered about going, he’d be able to make sure he was. I’m sure he’s got some say in his schedule,” Y/N said, really struggling to keep her aversion to the man at bay now.
Sarah gulped down the remainder of her own coffee before starting, “what even is the situation between you two, anyway?”
“I don’t even know, I was nothing but nice when we first met, but he comes across as a prick and treats me like shit, I’m hardly the type of woman who’s going to roll over and take it am I?” Y/N said with a quirk in her brow
“Hmm,” Sarah considered, seemingly deep in thought as Y/N finished her drink. “He probably won’t even make it, so it’ll be fine, we’ll have fun, promise me you’ll be there?” Sarah said collecting her bag and sliding her arms through her jacket sleeves as they mutually agreed they were done with their catch-up through some unspoken telepathy.
“Twist my arm why don’t you, Jones,” Y/N laughed, gathering her own bag, “I’ll be there, of course I will, just text me the details,” she said before wrapping her arms around Sarah in a parting hug before stepping out in the warm air of August in London.
Y/N was running late as the spindly heels she was wearing clip clopped up the front step of the townhouse that ‘sketch’ London was housed in. She greeted the doorman with her signature radiant smile, indicating she was with the Jones party already seated in ‘The Gallery’. Y/N was actually, very excited for the evening, she loved a night out, she loved sketch and The Gallery had recently been redesigned by an artist she really admired and was so looking forward to seeing it. The doorman led her through to the formerly pink room, which was now a mixture of sunshine and honeyed yellows and golds. Letting her eyes dart around the room, she found Sarah sat in one of the massive booths with a pink foil birthday hat sat jauntily atop her head.
“Y/N/N” she squealed when she saw her best friend flit through the throngs of people around the dining room, there were a couple of other tables near the booth that also houses Sarah’s guests.
“Happy Birthday Miss Jones,” Y/N sang as she shuffled into the booth next to her, wrapping her in a quick hug and pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Sorry I’m late, meeting ran late, had to get ready, traffic, the usual,” she rhymed off while peeling off the leather jacket she had donned.
“Don’t be daft, haven’t even ordered yet, thanks for coming though,” Sarah said sincerely with a smile to her best friend.
“I said I’d be here,” Y/N playfully nudged Sarah by her shoulder as her eyes cast around the table, catching eyes with Charlotte at the bottom of the table and sending her and her boyfriend a wave with the twinkling of her fingers.
“Ordered you a drink though with the last round though, should be on its way in a sec,” said Sarah as she adjusted her party hat that was slipping farther and farther back her head, snapping the elastic back into place under her chin.
“You’re a star, Sarah,” Y/N responded while reaching across her best friend to greet Mitch in a quick hug and greeting.
“Y’should know though…” Sarah began, a slight note of apprehension evident in her voice.
“Ah finally decided to show up then, princess,” a mocking voice said from behind Y/N making her snap her head round and up to be met with the smuggest face she’d ever seen.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Y/N groaned glancing back over at Sarah who gave her a quick apologetic look before diving into a conversation with Mitch and one of their friends, deciding she was better staying out of it.
“Happy to see me, Y/N/N?” Harry smirked down at her, placing down the black tray of drinks he had been toting back with him on the table, people in the immediate vicinity grabbing their respective drinks off the tray, leaving two margaritas on the tray.
“Don’t call me that,” she gritted out.
“Ah, sorry, I’ll stick to princess then.” he took his time to glance down at her taking in her all-black outfit, “did you not get the memo this was a birthday party and not a funeral Y/N?” he mused.
“Oh, get fucked, why are you bothered what I’m wearing, hm?” she narrowed her eyes at him.
“I’m not, just feel you’re bringing the mood down, but you would do that anyway in any outfit, wouldn’t you?” he said, scrutinising her. “Move anyway, you’re in my seat,” Harry grumbled.
“Has it got your name on it?” Y/N asked as she looked around her seat, looking for a name tag, mocking him.
“I was sat there before y’came in,” Harry edged closer to her.
“And you weren’t sat in it when I did come in, so go cry about it to someone else, I’m sitting here,” Y/N shot back.
“Hey,” Mitch voiced up from further along the booth, “the pair of you drop it and Harry, sit down,” he was definitely using his ‘Dad’ voice on the pair. Harry had no choice to sit down in the vacant seat next to Y/N on the edge of the booth, as the group’s server arrived and began taking their orders for dinner.
“Twat,” Y/N uttered under her breath.
“Bitch,” Harry whispered to himself.
Dinner passed, relatively drama free. Relatively. Besides the few times that Harry’s elbow managed to catch Y/N’s just as she was about to take a bite of her food, knocking her hand away from her mouth, and the once or twice Y/N accidentally flicked Harry in the face with the ends of her hair as she whipped her head round to talk to someone. Maybe the few times Harry kept moving Y/N’s drink further away from her immediate grasp on the table when she wasn’t looking so she would look up puzzled, eyes searching for her glass and Harry could let out a slow drawl of “lost somethin’?” There was zero issue when her sharp heel impaled his foot through the black Vans he donned as she readjusted her seating position, his face forming into a grimace as he let out an irritated huff after the third time she had done so. No, it was drama free, for the most part. Y/N was actually having a good night, catching up with friends and making new ones of Sarah’s that she was meeting for the first time. Once she had managed to tune out his voice that seemed to have a point to make in every conversation she was having.
The copious number of cocktails getting delivered to the table had really loosened Y/N up over the evening, and her annoyance at Harry’s presence was barely thought about now as the meal had finished. They had both slipped into separate conversations and were no longer paying attention to each other or trying to rile each other up. Y/N wasn’t sure who was even ordering her drink of choice any longer, it just kept showing up just as she emptied the previous glass. While deep in conversation across the table with Charlotte, discussing new projects they were both working on, Y/N went to take a swig out her glass to realise it was empty for the first time all night, pouting at the empty glass and licking the remnants of the salt rim from her lips she decided it was time she got her own refill. Gesturing to Charlotte that she would return in a few minutes to continue their conversation. She dug around next to her on the velvet clad bench she was sat on for her handbag, coming across the chain strap. Sliding it onto her shoulder she turned round to the birthday girl, “D’you want another drink, gorgeous?” leaning into her ear so she would hear you over the chatter and music.
“Oh, I’ll have one of whatever you’re having, since you’re offering,” Sarah grinned at Y/N then giving her a sloppily placed kiss to the cheek.
“Okay drunky, I’ll be back in a few,” Y/N giggled, standing up where she sat, wriggling her trousers back up her waist before turning to exit the booth. Only to see, that stupid, smug smile looking up at her.
“Not going to offer to get me a drink, darling?” Harry asked, his eyes roaming up her body before settling on her face, he took a sip from his glass, finishing his own drink, baring his teeth in a hiss as he felt the burn of alcohol slide down his throat.
“Fat chance of that, move, I need out,” Y/N said watching as Harry’s arm stretched round the back of the booth, resting on the back where she was just sat.
“Aw come on, that’s not very nice,” he complained, a fake pout settling on his face.
“I never claimed to be nice, now move,” she glared down at him.
“Say please,” he smirked.
“How does fuck off sound instead?” Y/N was getting more irritated by the second, and Harry knew exactly how to push her buttons.
“No drink, no exit,” he shrugged his shoulders letting out a breathy laugh as Y/N narrowed her eyes at him.
“Fine,” she glanced down to see his hand still resting against the seat back where she stood. She dropped her bag back down onto the bench of the booth as Harry smirked, thinking he had won. She smiled softly before clutching his hand in hers, before swinging her leg over his lap, her left foot landing on the floor on the opposite side of him. She was straddling him, and Y/N could see his Adam’s apple bob in his throat as his eyes widened in shock and the smirk dropped from his lips at her risqué behaviour. She lingered for not even a second before popping her other leg over his lap, so she had exited the booth over the top of him. Letting go of his hand, she leant across him grabbing the chain strap of her bag in her hand. Her eyes flickered to his as she slowly stood back up, her teeth sinking into her lower lip before uttering a quiet, “thanks for the boost, Harry,” letting out an airy laugh as she turned on her heel and sauntered over to the bar. Y/N could almost feel Harry’s eye boring into the back of her head.
“Can I get two ‘Fantasmargaritas’ please?” Y/N smiled at, the very handsome, bartender.
“You’ve been here before, if you know our speciality” the bartender said as he began making the two drinks a soft smile gracing the man’s lips.
“Oh yeah, I tend to frequent the places I get my favourite margarita,” she praised sliding onto a bar stool at the end of the bar, “and the bar staff aren’t too bad either,” Y/N chuckled.
The bartender eyes snapped up at the woman’s bold comment before a genuine smile graced his face.
“Y/N, I should’ve known it was you with a comment like that,” he laughed putting the cocktail shaker down, wiping his hands down on his apron before coming round the end of the bar to pull her into a hug.
“Lennon,” Y/N sang, squeezing him as she hugged him back. “How have y’been?” she probed leaning on the bar top as Lennon stepped back round behind it to keep making her drinks.
“Between Uni and here? I’m living the dream, Y/N/N,” he laughed as he began shaking the cocktail vigorously.
“You’re doing your master’s now, right? How is it? I keep saying I’m going to go do mine, but I just don’t think I’ve got it in me,” she sighed.
“Well, I’ve only threatened to drop out about three times so, take from that what you will,” he snickered.
“Oh, so better than undergraduate then? Considering you were dropping out of that every other week,” Y/N teased him as he let out a loud laugh.
“Nah, it could be worse, who are y’here with anyway?” Lennon asked his eyes scanning the length of the bar to look for any other person his friend could be with.
“We’re the birthday group in the middle, pink foil hat? That’s us.” she smiled pointing over her shoulder with her thumb.
“Ah, the group with Mr. Styles,” Lennon said knowingly, pouring the first margarita in a glass over ice before filling up the shaker to repeat the process.
“Not you as well,” Y/N let out a huff in annoyance at Harry being dragged into another conversation.
“Hey, we were all told he was here and to be on our best behaviour, that’s all I’m saying,” he looked up as Y/N took a long drink from her freshly made drink.
“See, this is the issue, y’hear he’s here and suddenly everyone is acting different and bending over backwards,” she began to rant before calming down with another sip of the drink.
“So, I take it you’re not a fan?” Lennon snorted as he passed the other drink over to Y/N.
“He’s a twat.” Y/N said firmly.
“He seems keen on you then,” Lennon countered as he cleaned up the mess he’d made from making the drinks.
“What’s that supposed to mean,” Y/N quirked an eyebrow at him.
“Just that he’s not taken his eyes off of you the entire time we’ve been talking,” Lennon said lowly, looking past her head, clocking Harry. Y/N swivelled in her seat, to look over her shoulder, as nonchalantly as possible, to see that, indeed, Harry was staring the interaction between Y/N and Lennon down. When he caught her looking, he kept his eyes on hers and his lips ticked into that signature smirk. Y/N spun back round to see Lennon laughing at her noise of disgust and her eyeroll. “What’s even the matter between you two?” Lennon looked at her with a puzzled expression as he began mixing a few other drinks for other customers.
“He’s just never been that nice of a person to me, and I’m not going to be nice to a wanker that doesn’t deserve it,” Y/N sighed taking another sip from her drink.
“Y’ever thought you maybe weren’t that great to him either when you met?” Lennon suggested tentatively.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Y/N’s jaw fell open at his accusing.
“Look, I know you, y’can be a bit… guarded, shall we call it, and he was taking Sarah away from you-”
“I’m really happy for Sarah and the opportunities he’s given her,” Y/N shot back.
“I’m not saying you’re not, you two were attached at the hip and to go from that to hardly seeing each other, ever thought y’blamed him for that?” Lennon proposed slinging his towel over his shoulder. Y/N sat quietly for a few moments, trying to let what Lennon said sink in, he’s not wrong, in fairness. She knows she can be a tough cookie to crack on first meeting, could she have been nicer, she pondered.
“No, fuck that, and even if it’s true that doesn’t give him any excuse to act like a knob and continue being a complete and utter dickhead-”
“Y/N” Lennon cut her off suddenly and she soon found out why when she felt a presence over her shoulder and arm land on the seat back.
“Who’s a dickhead?” that slow drawl Y/N was accustomed to hearing questioned.
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Y/N muttered her back arching away from his arm across the back of her stool. Lennon’s eyes flickered between the two before settling on Harry.
“What can I get you, mate?”
“Reposado on the rocks, top shelf,” Harry replied, his eyes still stuck on the side of Y/N’s head as Lennon walked down the bar to grab the top shelf bottle of tequila.
“So, you disappear for a few minutes, and I find you flirting with the bar staff, hm?” Harry said still with a shit-eating grin stuck to his face.
“I wasn’t flirting,” Y/N shot back.
“Sure looked like it,” Harry shrugged moving to lean on the bar top and stare her down.
“What does it matter to you if I was?” Y/N demanded, an unimpressed look settling on her features.
“It doesn’t matter to me, I was just… curious,” Harry began, his eyes quickly taking her in, she was perched on the stool, one knee crossed over the other, her tall heels peeking out the bottom of her wide legged black dress trousers which had a gold pinstripe through them. She had a black graphic tee with a print that Harry didn’t recognise tucked into the waistband, the shirt was just low cut enough his eyes could linger across her decolletage, where her gold chain sat pretty.
“Curious?” Y/N asked leaning forward in her seat towards him, seemingly drawn in.
“Wanted to see how you flirt, if you’re going for the bar staff you must be getting desperate,” Harry teased.
“Go to hell, Harry,” she spat out at him before calling over to Lennon, “how much do I owe you,” she asked trying to dig out her wallet from her bag as quickly as she could so she could get away from Harry as soon as possible.
“Oh uh- let me check,” Lennon said, sensing the tension between the two patrons of the bar, turning round to check the price on the register.
“I’ll get it,” Harry voiced his hand pulling out his own wallet.
“I can pay for my own drinks, Harry,” Y/N fired back.
“I didn’t say you couldn’t, I’m just saying I’ll get these, I’ve got the rest of them all night,” Harry muttered, the last bit under his breath.
“What?” Y/N asked, realising that someone had to be paying for the cocktails that kept appearing for her at the table during dinner, she just didn’t expect it to be Harry.
“Nothing,” Harry murmured, pulling a few notes out his wallet.
“Uh, I’m going to take this to Sarah, Lennon it was nice seeing you,” Y/N finished her own margarita before lifting the full glass to take back to the table.
“Yeah, you too Y/N, I’ll call you, yeah, we’ll have a proper chat,” he smiled at her.
“Mhm, yeah, please do call. I think I need to go get some air,” Y/N slid off the stool and turned walking back to the table to take Sarah her drink. Her head swimming, thinking about the absolute mindfuck that is Harry Styles.
She walked back to the table, leaning into the booth to catch Sarah’s attention.
“Oh hi, Y/N/N, thought you got lost,” Sarah smiled up, her eyes heavy as she was a bit more intoxicated that when Y/N had last seen her.
“Nah, not lost, ran into a friend and then, um,” she paused not knowing what to say, “here’s your drink Jonesy,” she said changing the subject, placing the glass down in front of her.
“Ahh, thank you, my gorgeous, favourite, best friend,” Sarah bubbled, taking Y/N’s hand, and placing a kiss to it.
“You’re welcome, silly, listen I’m just going to step out for a bit of air,” Y/N smiled at Sarah who pouted in return. She had good reason to pout too, Y/N had this habit of ‘stepping out for air’ and failing to return, she’d just decide she was over it and go home without saying anything. “Promise I’ll be back, look, I’m even leaving my jacket, y’know I love that jacket,” Y/N pointed down at the crumpled jacket sat on the bench next to Sarah. Y/N straightened Sarah’s party hat on top of her head after it had slipped down the back again before turning round and making her way to the exit. She had to walk past the bar on her way out the room and tried to keep her eyes on the floor, but she just couldn’t help it. They flashed up to connect with Harry’s own green ones as she left. He seemed to be in a conversation with Adam and Lennon behind the bar, although Harry was seemingly not that interested because as soon as Y/N’s eyes were on him he clocked her. Y/N heard him utter a “keep the change mate,” as he left a few notes on the bar top as she exited the gallery and went out onto the street. The street was surprisingly quiet considering the time of night, which Y/N was grateful for as she leant against the wrought-iron railing of sketch and looked towards the sky inhaling deep breaths of the cool summer air.
She was confused to say the least. He didn’t get to do that to her, he didn’t get to act like he hated her then pay for her all evening without telling, what even was that? She tipped her head back further trying to find stars but was left bitterly disappointed, as always, when the London smog and light pollution kept them from her.
“Penny for your thoughts?” he stood next to her now, as she kept her eyes trained on the sky, refusing to look at him.
“I have a lot of thoughts, don’t think you would want to hear half of them,” Y/N laughed dryly.
“Try me,” Harry persisted.
“Hm,” Y/N let silence fall between them, pulling her gaze from the sky to the reflection in the windows of the building across the street. She saw herself, arms folded across her chest, one ankle crossed over the other, and the taller figure next to her, leant against the railing with his head tilted so he could see her in his eyeline, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him just yet.
“You don’t like me,” Harry mumbled.
“Where did you get that idea?” Y/N asked sarcastically, still watching their reflection, “you don’t like me either,” she finished. Harry didn’t respond to that, just let the silence hang between them.
“Why did you even come out here?” Y/N demanded, her voice raising now, annoyed at Harry’s silence, “if you’re not going to say anything.”
“I just wanted to see if you wer-” Harry began before his voice died in his throat.
“What? See if I was okay, that’s rich, I can look after myself,” she shot him down, beginning to seethe at him lingering over her.
“Y’know what Y/N, you don’t get to act like you’re the only pissed off one here,” Harry’s own voice raising a few decibels.
“What the hell have you got to be pissed about? Y’bought me a few drinks, that I didn’t know about, and I didn’t fall to your feet, if it’s that big a deal Harry I’ll send you the money for them, god forbid I owe you anything,” Y/N scoffed at him, finally turning her body round to look at him, she was sure her eyes were blazing by now as she took him in, his jaw set.
“See, this is what I mean, it’s not a big deal, I don’t want y’to pay for them and I certainly never asked you to fall to my feet. You make out I expect everyone to worship me, and never once, have I said that. Not once, Y/N.” Harry rebuffed, running a hand through his hair.
“Everyone changes when you’re around Harry, whether you notice it or not, everyone changes their behaviour because you’re there, y’just don’t like it because I don’t, I treat you exactly how you treat me,” Y/N said, her voice calming ever so slightly, the calm before the storm some would say.
“Oh yeah, and how is it I treat you Y/N?” Harry fumed.
“Like shit,” Y/N said lowly getting closer to Harry’s face to make sure he heard her, before stepping back again, her head turning back round to see the reflection. “You treat me like shit, Harry.”
“How? When have I ever treated you badly?” Harry asked, seemingly genuinely interested.
“You called me desperate not even twenty minutes ago, I wouldn’t exactly call that friendly banter,” she hissed out at him. “That’s not the first time either.”
“I don’t mean that shit, Y/N,” Harry cringed at the memory, he had said she was desperate and probably more than once.
“Well, that’s sort of hard to believe when you keep saying it. You’re a grade A arsehole Harry, we don’t like each other, let’s call it a day at that.” Y/N was ready to be done with the conversation, argument, row, whatever the pair were having get in a taxi and go, she could always pick up her jacket from the restaurant in the morning.
“Nah, you don’t get to walk off and say that I’m the only arsehole in this situation,” Harry began taking another step towards her as they stared each other down. “You’ve never liked me, when we first met, I tried so fucking hard with you, Y/N, but you wouldn’t let me, I invited you to shows, I asked about what you did, I did everything I was supposed to. You’re the one who decided not to open up, you’re the one that shut me down before even giving me a fucking chance.” Harry’s voice was getting louder again.
“Keep your voice down,” Y/N hissed at him.
“No, I won’t, not until you tell me why, why you decided from the get-go that I wasn’t good enough for Miss Y/L/N, hmm?” Harry’s eyes narrowed at her.
“You’re a twat,” Y/N muttered.
“Yeah, you’ve said, now why?” Harry pushed.
“Because…” Y/N’s voice shrank, barely audible as a car engine cut above it as it drove down the street.
“Because what, Y/N? Come on y’know I haven’t got all night, seeing as you seem so concerned about my busy schedule, eh?” Harry’s words, dripping in sarcasm and Y/N was, honestly, quite over the condescending tone, so she lost it.
“Because I’m fucking jealous, alright!” Y/N almost shouted, a baffled look crossing Harry’s face but before he could interject, she kept going. “I’m jealous of your relationship with Sarah, feel like y’took her from me, and now she’s got you, and Mitch, and all these incredible opportunities, and I’m so fucking happy for her because she deserves it more than anybody I know, deserves it more than you,” she said giving him a pointed look, “but I’m jealous, because she doesn’t need me anymore okay, you took her from me and now she doesn’t need me. That’s why I can’t stand you.”
“You’re mental, y’know that?” Harry questioned.
“Oh, fuck off, Harry,” Y/N began to walk away.
“No, you’re not walking away, Y/N,” Harry grabbed her forearm pulling her back to him. “Of course, Sarah needs you, you’re her best friend, she was going to cancel this whole thing tonight if you told her y’werent coming, she’s been thinking for weeks you would tell her no, she done all of this just so you could spend time together.” Harry said sincerely. “As for the jealousy thing, that’s just fucking ridiculous, I’ve been jealous of you the entire time,” he scoffed.
“Jealous of me?” Y/N almost screeched, “now I know you’ve lost it,” rolling her eyes at him.
“Of course, I’m bloody jealous, everyone automatically likes you for you, no one puts on a front as you put it, just to be mates with you, why d’you think I tried so hard to be your friend,” Harry barked, they were still almost shouting at each other in the street at this point, surely still too worked up to realise their voices were so loud.
“I don’t think calling me desperate is a way to be my friend,” Y/N refuted as they got in each other’s faces.
“Well, I don’t think calling me a prick and arrogant to every person y’meet is a way to be mine, god you’re fucking aggravating” he spat, keeping his darkened eyes on hers.
“Who said I wanted to be your friend, anyway” Y/N bellowed, arms crossing, defences going back up after she came clean about why she had a disdain towards him.
“What did you want to be then?” his signature smirk played at the corner of his lips.
“You make it easy to want to slap that stupid smirk off your face,” Y/N chastised, stepping back, leaning against the railing again as Harry stepped to stand in front of her, her arm came up to stop his approach, hand landing on his solid chest.
Harry’s eyes glanced down to see her hand against his chest, “Y/N,” he said his voice dropping down lowly as his own hand came up to clutch at the wrist of her hand that was pressing into him. Her eyes stayed on his.
“I’m going to kiss you,” his voice warned, stepping closer as he pulled her hand away from his chest, keeping a grip on her wrist.
“You’re not serious?” Y/N mumbled, her tongue darting out to wet her lips on instinct.
“As a heart attack,” his lips were on hers, in a lingering kiss before he pulled back, his eyes searching hers before a breathy laugh came from his nose seeing her jaw dropped open in surprise.
“So bloody aggravating…” he almost groaned, ready to turn around and walk away from the infuriating girl but before he got the chance to step backwards, Y/N had ripped her arm from his grip and threw it around his neck, pulling him into her body and into another searing kiss. Their lips moved feverishly against each other as Harry stood closer to her, crowding over her, his hands coming to rest on either side of her body gripping the railing. She left one hand at the nape of his neck and the other gripped his bicep through the blue checked jacket he was wearing. Harry’s tongue slipped through his lips and traced her bottom lip, at Y/N’s gasp, he took it as his go ahead as he licked into her mouth, his tongue caressing hers as their lips still worked each other. Y/N’s hands carded up into the back of Harry’s hair as she gave a light tug to his roots. Breaking the kiss, as Y/N’s bag slipped down off her shoulder down the arm that was clutching onto Harry’s bicep, to rest in the bend of her elbow. Harry’s own hand came up to hold her jaw, his fingers resting under her earlobe, his thumb caressing her cheek as he placed kissed down the opposite side of cheek and jaw, before trailing down her neck, sucking lightly at the skin as he went.
“H-Harry, more, need more,” Y’N uttered her hips ticking forward to press her entire body against his. He came up for air before pressing another kiss to her lips.
“Demanding little thing, aren’t you?” He smirked against her lips, his knee splitting her legs open so his thigh could rest in between hers.
“You really are a prick,” Y/N groaned pulling at his hair again.
“You still live in Camden?” He whispered pressing another kiss under her earlobe. Y/N nodded her head as best she could given her predicament. “C’mon Y/N/N, let’s go,” he went to stick his hand out to hail a taxi that was making its way down the street.
“I said don’t call me that, you don’t get nickname privilege just for a kiss” she gritted out before grabbing his hand to stop him hailing the car. “I need to go get my jacket and say bye to Sarah,” she said trying to untangle herself from him.
“Just text Sarah,” he moaned trying to intertwine their fingers, “I’ll get you a new bloody jacket, let’s just go, wanna find out what does get me nickname privileges.”
“Don’t be a twat, this is why people like me, cause I’m nice and say goodbye, try it sometime, you could learn something,” Y/N said knocking him away from the sucking mark he was trying to leave on her neck, “and I’m getting my own jacket, y’can’t jus’ throw money at it, that’s what makes you seem like a knob,” Y/N snorted walking back to the entrance of ‘sketch’ before calling to him over her shoulder, “call a car, I won’t be long.” She strut back in, swinging her hips just a little more to rile him up.
“You’re a bitch,” he called after her.
“I know, you’ve said” Y/N winked at him as she walked back into sketch.
“Y/N/N!!!” Sarah was wobbling on her feet by the time that Y/N reached her back at the table as she was doing some sort of two step to the music playing. “Hiya gorgeous, listen, I’m feeling a little worse for wear after being outside,” she absolutely was not, if anything, her time outside with Harry had sobered her up massively. “I think I’m going to grab my things and head home, okay?” Y/N said her hands holding onto Sarah’s to keep her best friend steady.
“Are you sure you can’t stay?” Sarah’s pout started to form
“Nah, honestly, I’ve got a meeting tomorrow too,” she didn’t, “need to try and sober up for that so I can get through that without the need to be sick,” Y/N giggled to try and convince Sarah of her little white lie.
“D’you need me to call you a ride, or I’ll get Mitch to do it,” Sarah clutched onto Y/N’s arm to hold herself steady.
“What am I doing?” Mitch piped up from behind Sarah taking a grip of his girlfriend so Y/N could let her go to slide her jacket on.
“Nothing, s’fine, I’ve already ordered a car it’s on its way, promise I’m fine,” Y/N smiled at them both.
“As long as you’re sure,” Sarah said with a blissed-out smile, her hand coming up to clumsily rumple Y/N’s hair.
“Perfectly sure,” Y/N laughed at Sarah clutching her hand that she picked off the top of her head, “I’ll call you tomorrow, yeah?” she said sliding her bag back up on her shoulder.
“Thank you so so much for coming, Y/N/N, wouldn’t have even done this if you couldn’t make it,” Sarah threw herself into Y/N’s arms in a tight embrace as Y/N suddenly felt overcome with love for her best friend.
“Ah, you’re turning me to mush. I love you Jones, so much,” Y/N said wistfully, giving the brunette a squeeze before untangling herself to make her leave. Just as she was about to walk back past the bar to exit, she heard a call from behind her.
“Y/N! You haven’t seen Harry, have you? I’ve not seen him since he was at the bar with you, and that was a while ago,” Mitch called across the room as Sarah looked up at her partner with a puzzled look in her eye.
“Uh-uh n-no I’ve not seen him, sorry Mitchy, I’ll uh- see you guys soon,” Y/N stammered out as Mitch quirked an eyebrow at her, seemingly sceptical of her answer. Giving herself a shake, she gave the group a quick wave before making a dash to leave again.
She finally made it out onto the street, not after bumping into Lennon in the doorway who was having a smoke, Y/N tried to rush through the customary ‘it was so nice seeing you’ and the ‘we’ll catch up soon,’ before Lennon was placing a quick kiss to the cheek as she dashed out.
She looked at the railing where she had left Harry to find it void of any other people, looking up the street to see it deserted too. Surely, he hadn’t left. She spun on her heel to face the opposite end of the street to see the maddening man with his tousled hair leaning against an idling car a few paces down, with the rear passenger seat propped open.
“Didn’t think I’d leave, did you?” Harry questioned as Y/N set off towards him.
“Wouldn’t put it past you,” Y/N stopped in front of him speaking bluntly.
“Well, that’s a nice surprise for you that I stayed then, eh? Your chariot awaits,” he winked holding out his hand in offering to help her into the car. She glanced down at his manicured hand before ignoring it completely, tossing her bag into the backseat and following in after it – without his assistance.
“My chariot,” Y/N snorted turning to see him sliding in the car next to her. “a private hire town car, y’sure know how to treat ‘em, Styles.”
“Hey if I don’t get nickname privileges neither do you,” he muttered slamming the door shut.
“Styles is hardly a nickname when it’s your actual name,” Y/N retorted as the driver took off on the quarter of an hour journey.
“Shut up and c’mere, yeah?” Harry hushed her grabbing her hand that laid on the bench between them. Y/N leaned over her lips ghosting over his, but never quite meeting, no matter how much Harry tilted his head trying to slot them together.
“Can’t even wait 15 minutes to kiss me, think you’re the desperate one, Harry,” she whispered her breath fanning across his face before she pulled away and sitting back in her seat, a glimmer of mischief in her eye as Harry kept his hand in hers.
“You’re a-“
“I’m a bitch, should think of some new names to call me, Harry, that one’s getting old,” her eyes were sparkling now as she continued to push at his buttons.
“You’re the devil,” he kept his eyes on her as she bit her lip seductively, whether she meant it that way or not, it was certainly seducing Harry.
“Well, you know what they say, treat them mean, keep them keen,” she laughed airily.
“Oh, I’m definitely keen,” Harry’s voice was thick with lust as he took their hands that were intertwined, lifting their tangled fingers to his knee, before dragging them up his thigh and resting her hand over the growing hardness in his trousers, leaving his own hand over the top of hers. Y/N’s breath caught in her throat as her eyes cast down to where her hand lay resting, back up to his own gaze. If she could see herself, she knew her eyes would be dark with want, the sparkle of mischief being taken over completely by her desire for him. “Cat got your tongue, Y/N?” Harry breathed, leaning over his nose running the length of her jaw from her ear lobe up to the corner of her mouth where he placed another kiss. Harry was chuckling wickedly at Y/N’s seemingly shocked reaction to his boldness. Her eyes flickered from where their hands remained unmoving, and her teeth sank into her bottom lip before her eyes came up to focus on Harry’s bright green eyes. She ticked forward, leaning in closer to him before uttering lowly, “no, but it’s certainly got yours.” With that, the hand that was resting on Harry’s ever pressing erection, twitched, as she took a hold of him through the fabric of his trousers and squeezed lightly, cutting off Harry’s mocking laughter, his breath catching in his throat as he fought to keep his hips from jerking up into Y/N’s grip.
Breathing heavily through his nose, he kept his gaze on hers, “how long left mate?” he called over to the driver, his voice raspy with need and before he even heard their driver’s response, he surged forward to connect their lips again, his free hand coming up to tangle in her hair on the back of her head.
She took his hand this time. As the car stopped outside Y/N’s flat and Harry slid out the backseat he held his hand out and this time she actually took it to hoist herself out the car, while adjusting the low-cut t-shirt - that was showing just a bit more than she was comfortable with for a public street – that had become displaced with the pairs heavy petting in the backseat.
“Don’t do that on my account, I’ll get to see a lot more in a few minutes,” Harry grinned his eyes dipping down to try and catch an eyeful.
“You’ll see fuck all, if you keep talking to me like that,” Y/N started taking her hand back before slapping him in the chest and taking her bag out of his other hand that he had grabbed on his way out the car, stalking towards the front door. Harry’s hurried footsteps chased Y/N up to the front door and he gripped her hips from behind, pressing himself into her.
“Don’t be like that,” he almost whimpered out. She paid him no mind as she rifled through her bag looking for the bundle of keys, not even as he took his hand and pulled her hair away from her neck and began pressing long, sucking kisses to her neck, occasionally grazing her skin with his teeth which made Y/N shudder. She managed to open the building door and spun around gripping his hand to lead him in. “Hope you can keep your hands to yourself long enough to get upstairs,” she said keeping their hands intertwined as she led him to the stairs.
“Which floor?” Harry asked lowly pulling her into his chest before she started up the steps to stop her.
“Third,” Y/N breathed.
“Better give me somethin’ to tide me over then, babe,” he disconnected their hands wrapping his own round the small of her back, pressing her into him as he sealed their lips together. His tongue split through his lips and traced her own bottom one begging for entrance which she gladly gave him, their tongues meshing. Harry stood over the top of her as he kept her in place against his body, Y/N needed to get some power back in the dynamic they were in, so pushed up on her toes, her teeth lightly nipped into Harry’s bottom lip, pulling it back and letting it pop back into place as she unlocked his hands from her back and began up the stairs at high speed to gain some ground on him. The sound of her heels hitting the steps, echoing in the quiet building.
She made it to her front door before he caught up with her, turning the key in the lock quickly entering the flat and spinning on her heel to face out her front door. Harry approached with looking wild-eyed as he took her in, holding the door so he couldn’t enter. He placed one hand on the door frame and leant in to try and capture her lips in his again, but she turned her head, so he caught her cheek.
“What is it now?” he grumbled, brows furrowing.
“Say sorry,” that glint of mischief was back in Y/N’s eye.
“Say sorry, or y’can forget about whatever we were going to do,” her tone was playful, Y/N knew herself, even if he told her to do one with her request for an apology, she would probably let him and let him do whatever he pleased with her, she was too far gone for him now. Though she wanted to see how far she could push him.
“Y/N, babe…” he started, give him his due, he did look sincere, although that could be the insane pressure, he was feeling, building in his underwear that was forcing him to give in and give her anything she wanted. “I am sorry, truly.”
“Hmm, for what?” she tilted her head at him, questioning, although Harry swore, she opened the door slightly further.
“For calling you desperate…”
“And for being rude and generally, jus’ being a prick to you,” he said, a small smile gracing his lips.
“Hmm,” Y/N pondered over his words.
“What else d’you want me to say Y/N, fuck’s sake, you really are the most infuriating woman I’ve ever met,” and at that Y/N pulled him into the flat by his shirt, shutting the door and locking it behind him before planting her lips back on his.
“You’re insufferable Harry and the biggest arseho-” Y/N began but she cut herself off with her own moan as Harry pushed her back into the wall of the flat’s entryway, his mouth beginning to suck and leave bruising marks across her neck.
“Yeah? Tell me how you really feel baby, tell me y’hate me, come on,” Harry grunted as he shucked her leather jacket from her shoulders letting it land on the laminate flooring, pressing his hips forward so she could feel his cock against her thigh.
“I do, I do hate you,” Y/N panted her hand coming up to weave her fingers through his thick hair keeping his lips to her neck.
“The feelings mutual, princess,” he growled into her throat before coming up to nip at her earlobe. Harry split her legs open with his knee and brought his thigh to the apex of her own, much like he had done outside sketch but this time he didn’t have to hold back. He brought his hands to the plush of Y/N’s hips and encouraged her to rock herself back on his thigh, he could feel her heat radiating, even through their layers of clothing. A high whine escaped Y/N’s throat as she tipped her head back against the wall and her eyes screwing shut as she continued to grind herself down on him, Harry pulled away from her neck, watching her writhe in a fit of pleasure. “Look at you,” he moaned, he was getting off just watching her, “you can’t get enough, y’like a bitch in heat,” his tone was mocking but he has never been so turned on. Y/N pushed at his chest at his comment, before pulling off his own jacket and letting it fall to the floor with hers.
“Bedroom,” she spoke pulling herself from his thigh making her way down the hall to the closed door at the end.
“That was expensive, Y/N,” Harry chastised, looking down at his crumpled heap of a jacket.
“Oh, go fucking cry about it,” Y/N rolled her eyes and when Harry started along the hall to her, she quickly tugged her t-shirt from the waistband of her trousers and pulled it up and over her head, leaving her in her heels, trousers and revealing her black bra to him where he could see her pert nipples pressing against the sheer fabric.
Entering her bedroom, Harry toed off the vans he was wearing at the door and pushed her back into her bed, hovering over her, hands on either side of her head. Y/N’s own hands gravitated to the waistband of his trousers, popping the button of the brown fabric, before grabbing at the fabric of the white Christopher Kane ‘Sex’ t-shirt he was wearing before pulling it up and over his head.
“Interesting choice of shirt,” she heaved out as Harry was licking and sucking his way to her breast, teasing her nipple through the mesh fabric.
“Call it a manifestation or somethin’” he replied, teeth grazing at one nipple while his hand cupped her other breast. Y/N could feel his length against her own pelvis and couldn’t help but buck her hips up looking for a bit of friction, the movement caused a groan to emit from low in Harry’s throat his eyes flickering up to watch her with his mouth still wrapped round her nipple through her bra. She couldn’t help it, she needed him closer, wrapping her legs around his waist pulling him tight against her, the heels of her shoes accidentally pressing into his ass.
“Eh ow?” Harry complained, pulling away from her breasts.
“Get a shift on and take them off then we won’t have a problem, will we?” Y/N retorted pulling her legs up to her chest, so he had access to remove her shoes.
“Won’t have a problem,” he grumbled under his breath, mocking what she said as he caught her by the ankle, her trouser leg rolling up to her knee as he placed a kiss where the shoe ended on her ankle. His nimble fingers quickly unlaced them before he gripped the spindly heel and tugged. Only for the shoe not to budge. He tried again to no avail. His brow furrowed he looked up to Y/N to see her lips pressed together trying not to laugh.
“There’s a zip on the back,” she snickered.
“How long were you going to keep that a secret, huh?” Harry complained finally tossing both shoes over his shoulder.
“Just wanted to see you struggle,” she giggled, reaching behind her back to remove her own bra pulling it from her arms, Harry’s eyes widening at her boldness.
“Is that how it is?” he gripped the waistband of her trousers and pulled her up into a seated position with her legs on either side of his, voice taunting her.
“Fuck you,” she spat at him.
“No, no Y/N, that’s what I’m trying to do to you,” he said softly, popping the fastening of her trousers and dragging the zipper down. She lifted her hips to aid him peeling them from her legs before he laid her back down on the swathes of blankets and her duvet. He began placing kisses down her body, stopping to dip his tongue into her clavicle, swirling it around each of her breasts and sucking each nipple into his mouth for just a second as Y/N’s back arched further into his mouth. Meanwhile, his hand was playing with the elastic of her underwear, lifting it, and letting it snap back in sharp bites against her skin. Her hips wiggled at each nip against them. Before he trailed too far down her body with his mouth, she stopped him.
“Wait, wait, stop,” she panted, and Harry’s gaze shot to hers, his head coming back up to level with hers immediately, eyes flickering all over her face checking he wasn’t pushing too far or doing something she didn’t want. “No, it’s fine, you’re fine, perfect in fact. Jus’ want these off first,” she reassured him before pushing at his trousers with shaking hands.
“Christ, Y/N, you scared me for a second, that I can do,” he went to help her draw his fly down before he paused, and that teasing lilt came back to his voice, “say please, baby.”
Y/N’s eyes blinked repeatedly, trying to take in what he said, she wanted him that was for sure. “Pl-please, Harry, please,” she almost whined, her hands gripping around his neck pulling him close, nuzzling into his neck. That’s the thing about Y/N she took no shit in her day-to-day life, but get her worked up enough in the bedroom, she would become almost docile. Almost.
“Yeah, I can do that. I’ve got you, promise, I’ve got you,” Harry groaned as he helped her push his trousers down past his hips and he kicked his legs free, a contented hum left her throat at the feeling of his bare legs against her own, finally. She could feel his hardened erection even more now as he ground himself into her, only separated by the thin fabric of each of their underwear. It was a series of pants and moans from there on out, from the pair of them.
Harry worked his way back down her body, gripping her underwear in his hands, he glanced back up at her, “can I?” and with a quick nod of her head he was sliding them down her legs, leaving his head resting on her thigh as he drank in the site of her, exposed to him. Her scent thick, folds glistening as a sign he had her worked up, she was pulling him in and before Harry could stop himself, his tongue was painting a wide strip up the length of her. Y/N’s hands flew to his hair, gripping it in fistfuls as his tongue went to work, dipping into where she wept for him before running back up and circling her sensitive clit, she wriggled and squirmed in response, hips bucking every time his tongue lingered directly on her clit.
“So fucking wet, aren’t you?” Harry groaned into her, his hips ticking into the mattress to relieve some of the tension that was building in his own crotch. “Keep still, Y/N,” he warned as she jerked up to his mouth again, and God love her, she did try to keep still, but she did say she was almost submissive in bed, Y/N still wanted to try and put up at least a little bit of a fight. She couldn’t help but try and grind her pussy against his mouth and with a quick nip to her hip he pulled away from her, his chin glistening in her arousal.
“I said, keep still,” his voice was low as he watched her with darkened eyes, as she tried to catch her breath from teetering on the edge that he pulled her back from.
“Or what?” Y/N challenged him, some of that control she liked coming back to her.
“I’ll stop,” he said, although he didn’t sound that convinced.
“I’d like to see you try, come on Harry, you know you’re just as desperate as you say I am.” She was straight up mocking him now, “maybe I’ll go back to the bar, or I’ll call Lennon, I’m sure he would sort me out, if I asked.”
With that, Harry was growling and diving back down to her mound, biting at the creases of her thighs in the process. “Not a fucking chance, this cunt is mine tonight,” he grumbled against her, licking and sucking with more determination and Y/N was approaching the edge quicker than ever. “Would that bartender make you feel like this, would he make you this wet, Y/N?”
“No- no Harry, you, jus’ you,” Y/N moaned loudly, her fingers carding through his hair, needing it to keep her tethered to reality. “Harry, I’m so- can I, can I co-come?” she was stuttering over her words as her legs began to shake over his shoulders.
He pulled his face from her, but let his fingers keep working at her to keep her close to her orgasm, his eyes gleamed wickedly in the soft glow of the bedroom lamps. “Oh no, you can’t come, baby, but thank you for asking.”
“Harry,” she whined out, her hands now going into her own hair, pulling at her roots to stop her from exploding.
“Hold it, Y/N, not until I say, y’won’t have to wait long, promise,” he was watching as his middle and ring finger worked in and out of her, the cool metal of his rings making her hiss when it collided with her hot flesh. He dipped his head back down, his tongue focusing on her clit, rolling it with the wet muscle, grazing with his teeth and he would garner the highest moans from her with quick flicks from his tongue. He kept his eyes on her face, seeing her teeth sinking into her lip every so often, her hands still pulling at her own hair.
“Hands on me,” he moaned against her, and her hands came down, her nails scratching into his scalp, Harry thrived on the slight bite of pain and was moaning lowly as he continued to rut his hips against the soft bedding, needing the friction against his painfully hard cock.
“Look at me,” he grunted as Y/N blinked down at him, her eyes almost looked panicked as she was hanging on the edge, right where Harry wanted her, on a knife edge.
“Come,” he demanded, “now, Y/N, let go babe.” That’s all she needed to hear as her orgasm bubbled over, shattering through her body as it quivered in release and a squeal leaving her lips as Harry worked her through it. “That’s it, fuck, good girl, I’ve got you. Can feel y’squeezing,” he groaned his fingers still curling inside trying to prolong her earth-shattering orgasm as long as he could until her own fingers wrapped round his wrist to stop his movements as she became overstimulated. He pulled his fingers from her before sucking them into his own mouth, moaning at her taste as he lapped them up as Y/N watched through her thick lashes as she caught her breath. He bent down, taking her into a searing kiss, his tongue licking into her mouth so she could get a taste of herself. She gripped his shoulders, Harry thought just because she was into the kiss, but was mistaken when she pulled him harshly and flipped them over, so his back hit her mattress with a puff of his breath leaving his throat at the collision.
“What’re yo-” he started trying to sit up, but Y/N kept his shoulders pressed down on the bed.
“Shh, it’s my turn,” and she went to work, suckling on his earlobe before trailing down his neck, letting her nails scratch lightly against his torso, leaving trails of goosebumps in their path.
“Y/N,” he whimpered, she could feel the muscles of his abdomen rippling under her touch as her hand kept trailing down, he was still in his black briefs, and she could see the dampened spot that held the head of his cock pressed against them. She wanted them off, wanted to see him in all his glory, although she’d never let him hear that.
“What is it, Harry?” her tongue licked over his nipple before her teeth sank lightly into his pec. “Can’t keep still baby? Just remember, unlike you, I can stop, I could walk away and leave you right now, sweating, and needy,” she teased him, kisses dipping lower as her fingers began to skate under the thick band of his briefs. In a moment of boldness, her hand slipped completely into his underwear, and she gripped him, squeezing lightly and Harry let out a low, slow rumble at the sensation of finally having her hand on him. Y/N knew he was big from all their heavy petting and grinding, but now she had a grip of him she just had to see for herself. Scooting down her bed on her knees letting her free hand grip his underwear to pull them off, Harry raised his hips to help her long as she peeled them down his legs. His rock-hard length coming up to slap against his stomach, leaving a speckle of precum in its place. Harry watched her, his ego inflating as her eyes took in his impressive size.
“Look at you, you get off on thinking you have control,” his own hand came down to wrap around his dick, pumping slowly as she watched, thighs squeezing together, “but I know you, Y/N, you want to get your hands on me, to touch, to suck, to taste, to please me,” he taunted, thumbing over his head and slit pulling the oozing precum down to glide his hand easier. Y/N couldn’t take it anymore, and she swatted his hand off himself and wrapped her own back around, leaning over him. Harry’s breath caught as he watched her. She looked up at him, through her lashes as she opened her mouth letting a glob of spit fall and land on the crown of him as her hand began to stroke faster, her wrist twisting every time she got to the head and squeezing at his base. Harry could feel his muscles constricting in his abdomen and had to focus on not bursting as she began to kitten-lick his cock, tonguing up the ooze that was coming from his slit as she moaned at the taste.
“C’mon Y/N, be a good girl and put me in,” he tormented her, although the jeering tone dissipated relatively quickly when she nipped his thigh with her nails, and he hissed at the sharp pain.
“Get fucked, I’ll do what I want,” she complained as she squeezed his base and ran her tongue along the protruding vein on the underside of his shaft. She put him in her mouth, anyway, hollowing her cheeks and sucking his head intensely. He crumbled under the warm feeling of her mouth wrapping around him and began whimpering profusely and she began bobbing her head.
“Please, Y/N, take more, know y’can, please,” and if Harry thought she got off on the control he’d be glad to know she got off on his begging even more. She moaned and the vibrations shot through Harry, and he just couldn’t stop himself from his hips jerking as she choked around him, before having to pull off, saliva running down her chin and his cock. “Fuck m’sorry doll,” his hands scraping her hair back off her face.
“No s’fine, I can, I can do it, I like it,” she mumbled out before taking him back in her mouth working back down him slowly as not to accidentally gag herself. She got him to the back of her throat easier this time without Harry bucking up, as he kept her hair in his hands so he could watch. As she swallowed around him, a string of curses left his lips as he babbled praises at her. Y/N was thriving and trailed her free hand up his thighs to gently cup his balls. Harry was close, and with one roll and squeeze of her hand on his balls he was pulling her off him by her hair.
“Need you to stop or I’ll explode an’ I need to be inside you before I come, I need to,” he heaved out, trying to control himself.
She giggled at him as she lay down beside him, wiping her spit covered mouth on the back of her hand, “have at it then, Styles.” Grinning, Harry raised back up to his knees, leaning over her and kissing her deeply.
“D’you have a condom? I have, but it’s in my jacket on your bloody hall floor,” he said against her cheek as he peppered kisses there as she carded her fingers through his soft hair.
“Mm, top drawer, y’really need to get over the coat on the floor thing, cry-baby,” she joked as he rifled into the closest bedside table drawer, Y/N not really paying attention as she placed her own kisses on the patches of his warm skin closest to her.
“Don’t think this is a condom,” he held up a scanty piece of lace, Y/N realised was her underwear, looking to see Harry had been going through the wrong bedside cabinet.
“Wrong cabinet, arsehole,” she made a grab for her underwear and Harry pulled them from her grasp, looking joyfully down at the red lace between his fingertips.
“Can I keep these? Souvenir or reward or somethin’” he asked.
“Harry,” she warned as her hips ticked up, nudging his cock to try and get him back on track.
“Right, yeah, sorry,” this time leaning across the bed into the top drawer of the opposite bedside table, returning with a square foil package, leaving the bundled underwear behind. Feeling around the foil packet, he squeezed the condom down to the bottom before instructing Y/N to bite down on the material as he tore the package open by her teeth. Rolling it down his length, he sat with his tip at her entrance as she wriggled her hips down trying to get him to slip inside.
“Come on, Harry. Fuck me like you hate me,” she said as a parting shot as he gripped her hips and pushed in, Y/N’s back-arching at the stretch as Harry groaned in pleasure at her warm wet walls engulfing him. Once he was completely sheathed inside her, he paused, waiting for her to give him the go ahead. Her hand came up to cup his cheek, nails scratching at the skin before nodding, eyes rolling back slightly at the pressure she was feeling.
“Move, move, y’can move, please,” she choked out as Harry pulled out to slam back into her soft grunts leaving his throat. As their hips knocked together at a pace that Y/N was sure was going to bruise her, the room was filled with the scent of sex and sweat and their combined moans.
“Come on, Y/N, tell me you hate me,” he grunted out, hand trailing across her torso, tweaking at her nipple causing her to gasp and keen under his touch.
“I hate y-you,” she stammered out with her short breaths as her nails dug into his back at a particularly hard thrust.
“Yeah? Why, tell me why,” he moaned clutching behind her knee pushing it back into the bed so he could reach deeper inside her, a particularly loud moan escaped from the woman under him as he hit her g-spot repeatedly with his deeper thrusts, “there it is, there’s your spot,” he grunted, being purposeful with every thrust to hit it.
“I hate you for being rude,” she rushed out clutching onto his bicep of the arm that was keeping her knee pushed back, her toes flexing by his head. “I hate y’for calling me desperate,” she breathed out before folding for him and revealing how she really felt about that particular insult of his, “even though I am desperate, but just for you, desperate for you, Harry,” she choked out catching his eyes, her mouth falling open, there wasn’t even noise coming from her any longer, he was pounding into her so hard it she was focused on just getting oxygen in and out her lungs.
“Yeah?” he asked as she nodded pathetically, Harry’s thrusts slowing but still hitting deep and hard. “I know, y’desperate for me, can feel your needy cunt weeping for me,” his thumb came down to press into her clit, slipping around on the wetness that was pooling there. “I hate y’too, Y/N,” he grunted out, “I hate the way you wind me up, every. fucking. chance. you get,” he punctuated each word with a sharp thrust as Y/N’s hips ground down to meet his thrusts. “I hate the way that it’s the thought of you that’s got me off, ever since I bloody met you,” he was rubbing tight circles into her clit now trying to get her to a point where they could careen off the edge together. “I hate the way, we should’ve fucked months ago and avoided all the fucking arguments and rows,” he panted out.
“Fuck, Harry, m’so close, I can feel you everywhere,” Y/N’s moans were uncontrollable now as she took his hand off her knee and pressed it to her lower stomach to stimulate her that way too as she hooked her thighs over his hips.
“I know, baby, I know, come on, fucking come for me, drench me, I wanna feel it,” his thumb would not let up on her clit as he pushed further on her stomach, and with that, the scale tipped. Her whole body seized as she came, squeezing his cock in a vice as he continued to thrust to chase his own high and work Y/N through hers. Y/N’s back arched as she let go, a loud long moan escaping her. Blinking her eyes open she caught Harry’s gaze as he began to go slack-jawed about to meet his own end.
“Come, want you to come, baby. Need to see you come, Harry,” she begged as she began to recover from her second orgasm, her words were Harry’s undoing as he slammed into her once more, both hands gripping her hips to keep her still as he spilled into the condom that Y/N could still feel the warmth of him seep through the latex barrier.
“Shit,” Harry breathed out, falling into her neck, where he placed soft kisses to her sweaty skin as she stroked his fingers through his hair.
“You okay?” she questioned into the quiet once they had caught their breath.
“Peachy… you?” he sighed out, raising his head from her neck to look at her.
“Me? Yeah, I’m fine, great in fact,” she said, though Harry wasn’t convinced as he pulled out with a hiss, quickly disposing of the condom before laying down to face her.
“Hey, m’serious, what’s up?” he questioned tucking her hair back that had fallen into her face as she flipped to lay facing him too.
“I don’t know, that was… weird, right? We don’t do stuff like that, we don’t like each other,” she stammered out while also, subconsciously, leaning into Harry’s touch that lingered on her face.
“It’s only weird if we make it weird,” Harry stated simply as he drank her in, her skin glowing and eyes sparkling in post-orgasmic bliss, although she was still lost in thought, as she contemplated his words.
“I lied though,” Harry said softly as her eyes snapped up to his as he kept her gaze, “I don’t hate you, not even a little bit,” he breathed out, a small airy laugh following his admission, who would have thought he just need to have sex with Y/N to reveal how he truly felt.
“You piss me off, sometimes… a lot of the time actually” Y/N whispered into the dark as Harry laughed quietly at her remark, “but, I don’t hate you either, not at all,” she smiled softly at him before Harry wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his chest, kissing her deeply.
Breaking away from the kiss, Harry looked into her eyes, “do I get nickname privileges now?”
Out in the hall, Y/N’s phone vibrated in her handbag, that had been cast aside with the jackets on the floor, with a text from her brunette best friend.
Sarah Jones: Me and Mitch home safe, thank youu soo much for coming Y/N/N.. enjoy your night with Harry xoxo
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be-with-me-so-happily · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N applies to be a styling intern for the One Direction crew during the Where We Are tour. As she gets better at her job and closer to the band and crew (especially Harry Styles), some of her dreams seem to be coming true, but so are some of her fears.
A/N: Trust me, this one has less of Sarah. Some, but way less. Promise.
Warnings: Some language, alcohol consumption, jealousy
Jan 21st, 2015
The past week has been full of meetings and smug looks from Sarah. It has actually made it easier to get back to having control over your emotions. You feel like you can handle it now.
:liam: hi darling
:you: payno!
:liam: tommo and i are in town now
:you: yay!
:liam: want to go for drinks tomorrow?
:you: yes please
:liam: bring the girls
:you: send me the details of when and where
Jan 22nd, 2015
Against your personal preference, you let Sarah know about the bar invite. You're not going to be petty, or decide who can and cannot hang out with the guys. You're not a big fan of hers but you figure you'll have others to talk to.
"Ryan said he is coming, right?" Natalie asks.
"Yeah. He said he'd meet up with us after work." You respond.
You are wearing a white t-shirt with a lioness printed on the front in black. You've paired it with an extra long black blazer jacket that ends just above the hemline of the gold sequin shorts you've got on. You add some black boots, roll up the sleeves of the blazer, add some gold bracelets, and you feel sexy as hell.
"Well, with the outfit you're wearing, someone will be… cumming… for sure…" She winks.
"You're actually gross." You laugh.
"Come on Y/N, I think he's being so patient." She whines.
"Why do I have to get with him? He knows I just had a breakup. You seem to have forgotten, but he knows."
"He likes you. I just thought it could be something more." She shrugs.
"I don't know. Not now."
You, Natalie, and Levi arrive at the club. Again, you're allowed to take advantage of the 'One Direction perks' you've acquired and walk right in.
You're taken to a private alcove on the back side of the large, open clubz, seeing Liam and Louis sitting in the booth with Jade and a few of their other friends.
You give everyone hugs and Louis calls out "looking good, love" as he motions you over.
"Replay!" You shout back, amusing yourself by using one of their own pranks against him.
He rolls his eyes. "Looking good, love."
You walk over, slide into the booth next to him, and he waves down a waitress to take your drink order.
"Right, what'll you have?" He asks.
"Margarita please." He nods, gives your order to the waitress, and sits down next to you.
"How's it going?" He asks.
"Good, the meetings have been… packed with details, so I'm ready for the tour to start. You?"
"Yeah, yeah, ready. Are… you gonna be alright with it? With everyone?"
"I'm fine. I'm there to do my job, I'm an intern, nothing more." You assure him.
"You're our friend too Y/N/N."
"Damn, guess I have two jobs now." You joke, and he pokes your side. You know what he means. Those guys are your buddies. Your friends. You love them.
Your drinks arrive and you both take a couple of sips.
"I'm 'appy you're still coming."
"I wouldn't miss it. I can't miss it, it's my job, but I wouldn't miss it either. I guess I love you guys." You smile.
Louis is easy to be around and likes to keep the mood light, and you find yourself laughing and laughing until your stomach hurts. You order another margarita then chat with Liam for a bit, asking about Sophia and his family. You dance around in your group's little alcove with Jade. It's fun. It's been a fun night so far.
The vibes are dimmed when you see Sarah walk in through the front door. She starts to walk over towards the table but is distracted by something near the bar. Your eyes follow as she makes her way over and stops right in front of Mr. Harry Styles, who suddenly shifts his staring from (what looked like) your group over to her.
[How long has he been here?]
You check the time on your phone to gauge when Ryan will arrive, and notice that Harry had sent you a text.
:harry: can we please talk over here real quick?
It was sent half an hour ago, which means he had been standing over there for at least that long. He had been waiting over there, hanging back and away from the group, waiting for you to even just see the message.
You start to feel a little bad. Just a little. He has been a major asshole lately, so you are a bit pissed off, but maybe he wanted to at least be cordial with each other tonight. That could help make things easier on tour too.
:you: sorry. we can still talk real quick if you want
You look over and see him subtly check his text. His head darts in your direction, darts back down to his phone as he nods, and then lifts back up to Sarah as she continues to talk.
You slam down the rest of your drink and make your way to the bar, using the empty glass as a reason to be over there.
"Hey guys." You say, as you reach the counter and motion the bartender for another.
Sarah is leaning against the counter and her back is towards you. She partially turns around to acknowledge you with just a sound, and then turns back to Harry.
"Hey Y/N." Harry replies. "Oh, actually Y/N, I need to… talk to you about some of the outfits we had picked… back at that X-Factor gig."
You look at him, puzzled. "Okay... now?"
"Yeah, b'fore I forget." He replies, just staring at you. You realize he is trying to suggest that you talk in private, and hint for Sarah to leave. But she doesn't move, just sips on her drink.
[Does she not get it, or just not want to?]
"Where should we…?" You point around, pretending to look for a place to chat.
"Here's fine, won't take long." Harry replies, glancing at Sarah.
"Okay." [For fucks sake Sarah…]
"Sarah, can you grab a spot at the booth, this'll take a minute then I'm headed over there." He finally suggests, and she sombers over to the group.
You watch him as he watches her walk away. It's not clear if he is making sure she is out of earshot, or if he is checking her out as she leaves.
But you find yourself taking the moment to admire his face. The angle of his jaw, the stubble he has been trying to grow out, the comforting sea-foam green of his eyes, the way his curly hair is now hitting just below his shoulders, and how he looks like he is on the verge of either a frown or a smile.
You catch yourself before you whimper at the thought of missing all of it.
He breaks his glance and places it on you. He uses his whole chest and shoulders as he lets out a huge sigh.
"Hi." He starts, as he musters a smile and shifts his gaze to the ground. "I… umm… I really don't know what I wanted to say, if I'm honest."
"It's not about the outfits… is it?" You state.
He clears his throat, "no."
[Is he nervous? He's still cute when he's nervous]
"I can come back later…" you offer.
"No, umm…" he frowns and his gaze slowly makes its way back up to you, stopping quickly where that one piece of special jewelry lays at the base of your neck. His frown softens. He looks up but his attention quickly shifts to something behind you, and his frown reappears.
"Nevermind." He sighs.
It's your turn to frown. You swear he really wanted to say something and you swear that his tone was gentle, and friendly. But now his demeanor has shifted.
Suddenly, you feel someone's shoulder bump up against you.
"Hey punk." You turn to see Ryan now at your side. "Hey man, I'm Ryan, didn't get to introduce myself the other day." He reaches to shake Harry's hand.
"I'm Harry."
"Nice to meet you man." He smiles.
"You too, mate."
Ryan looks at you then back at Harry. "Is this one rocking it as a stylist, or what?
"She's actually the best one." Harry admits, looking down at the ground for a minute before meeting your eyes again with a disappointed expression. "I'm gonna head to the booth, maybe we can go over… those style options… later." He walks away.
Ryan orders a drink and turns towards you again, interrupting your befuddled gaze as you watch Harry head over to the group.
"He seems like a nice dude." Ryan states.
"Yeah." You snap your attention back to him. "They're all pretty cool and down-to-earth, considering how ridiculously famous they are." You admit. "They are my best friends, actually."
"That's really cool. Who's your favorite?" He chuckles.
"I can't answer that!" You gently hit his arm. "It's Niall." You laugh.
Ryan's drink comes and he starts making his way to the group, but you let him know you're going to grab another margarita.
[This is your fourth one…]
As you wait for your drink, you lean against the bar, realizing that this whole situation is making it a bit harder to control your emotions than you thought it would. He hurt you, but you care about him, and you miss him. And then there's all the bullshit with Sarah. It's so messy.
[Are you actually going to be able to handle this?]
Natalie sneaks up next to you. "Hey honey, we need some air, wanna come?'
"Yes please." You look up and see that Jade is with her. You grab your fresh drink and follow them out to a small patio on the side of the club building. The three of you sit at a table in the back corner.
"So… is it me or is Sarah just on another level of annoying now?" Jade asks.
You and Natalie laugh.
"Girl, it's frustratingly comical at this point.' Natalie states.
"What's gotten into her?" Jade asks.
"It's more about what hasn't gotten into her… or who hasn't gotten into her…"
Natalie busts up laughing and you two join.
"She's so vain." Jade states. "But doesn't… well, doesn't Harry like you, Y/N?"
She throws her hands up in defense. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry. It just seemed like he would walk through fire for you or something."
You can only try and clear the lump in your throat.
"Yeah… well…" you shrug.
"Ryan seems really nice though." She adds.
"He is. He's a good friend."
"You're not dating him?"
"No, she's not." Natalie chimes in. "And I don't know why…"
You roll your eyes and your phone buzzes.
:harry: where'd you go?
:harry: can we talk now?
:you: i needed some air
:harry: can i meet ya out there?
:you: sure
You look up at Natalie, who has seen you texting. You motion your head to the door and she stands up. "Jade, wanna see if we can score some free drinks from that bartender you thought was cute?"
"Absolutely!" Jade giggles then looks at you.
"Go, girl. I need a minute to myself anyway. Bit tipsy I guess." You wave to the door and as they walk in, Harry walks out. You hear Jade chuckle as the door closes.
"Hello again." He slightly smiles, as he sits down.
"Hi." You reciprocate. "So, what's up?"
He sighs. It takes him a minute to say anything, but he throws his hair up in a small bun and starts talking.
"I'm sorry, Y/N. I'm sorry I was rude."
"Okay. I forgive you."
"Just like that?"
"Yeah, just like that." You assure him.
"Umm… okay."
"I love my job Harry, and I want to keep doing it, so I'm moving past it."
"Right. Professionalism."
"Exactly. Back to business." You add.
"So, we're alright then?"
"Yeah. I don't want tension on the tour, I'm sure you don't either. So let's just…"
"Be friends?" He asks, hopeful.
"Let's… let's just start with a friendly work environment first, okay?." You reply.
His head lowers, but he nods. "Yeah, I can do that." He sighs. "I… I just miss you."
"Don't do that, Harry."
"M'sorry. I… I just… I do." He whimpers slightly as he shakes his head.
"If this is gonna be too difficult then-"
"No!" He cuts you off, and quiets his tone. "No, you love this job. I don't want to keep you from… from doing what you love. I don't mind having you around." He pauses. "I'll keep it professional."
[Wait, why did that hurt a little bit?]
"Sounds good to me."
"Can I just say one more thing?" He mildly pleads.
"What's that?"
"You look really, really pretty."
[Nope. Nope. No blushing. Nope.]
Jan 23rd, 2015
You wake up with your head in a daze. Partially from the multiple margaritas, and partly because of how the night played out. You are thankful that it ended cordially, at least between you and Harry. Once Sarah saw you and Harry walk back inside together, she just continued to stare daggers at you and also ramped up the flirting. But you and Harry were both able to enjoy the rest of the night around each other, even exchanging smiles if you were involved in the same conversation. It was nice. You didn't let it bring your walls down, of course, but it was nice.
You lounge around in bed and open up social media. Twitter is flooded with photos of Liam, Louis, and Harry from the night before. Obviously you know their celebrity status, but it still manages to surprise you at how a simple night out at the club can end up plastered all over the internet. You don't really notice it when it's happening, or you are at least not bothered by it, because you are just living in those moments.
You notice that you are in some, laughing with Louis, or just talking with Liam. You didn't even know the photos were taken, and you really don't even care. However, you do feel some relief seeing that there are not any of you and Harry having your little chat out on the secluded patio. He would probably feel relieved, considering how he reacted the last time the paparazzi snapped some shots of you with Liam and Sophia.
It's been another relaxing day, which you are taking advantage of, since you'll be flying all over the world in a few weeks. After dinner, you take a nice long shower and settle into bed right before your phone rings.
:harry: hi pretty girl!
:you: it's jeff's party tonight isn't it?
:harry: yup! why?
:you: are you drunk?
:harry: it's hard to tell
:you: it's really not
:you: just… go have fun bud
:harry: okay, call ya later
:you: no harry don't
[What is going on in that kid's brain?]
You lay down. You remember feeling hurt, you remember breaking up, and you remember him being a total asshole about two weeks ago. Yet you can't help but to smile at the thought of him wanting to text you when he's been drinking, of him missing you that much, of how cute he is when he does it.
[No, what is wrong with you? This can't happen again. At least keep your distance, keep it at a friend's level and nothing else.]
You shake off the thoughts. You've done so well putting the pieces of your heart back together already and guarding it again. You don't want to undo that progress. You snuggle under the blankets, close your eyes, and let your mind drift off.
You wake up to the sound of your phone ringing, again. It's completely dark out and you fumble around to find your phone on the bed. You growl as you see that the clock says it's 2 am. You answer the phone with a whisper.
"H- hello?"
"Hey love."
"Harry? It's 2am."
"Are you okay?"
"I… I just miss you."
"Where are you?"
"At home. Will you come over?"
"What? No."
"Do you miss me too?"
"I… it's just…."
"You don't miss me."
"Harry, this isn't fair."
"No, it's not. Now you have him…"
"Him, who?"
"That Ryan guy."
"We can't do this."
"He likes you."
"Okay. We can't do this."
"I want it to be me."
"Harry. Stop."
"I fucking hate this Y/N."
"Please, stop."
"I hate that he gets to be with you."
"Knock it off."
"Every time I see you, I miss you more."
"Harry. Please, stop. This is mean."
"Fuck... I just fucked it up again."
"I should go."
"I'm so so sorry."
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