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#harry styles x you
erodasfishtacos · 21 hours ago
Just Not Happening
prompt (from a kofi donation): “ok so MLB H taking the kids trick or treating or like them having a halloween party and y/n tries to get them all (herself and h included) to do a coordinating costume and maybe it doesn’t work out exactly and he reassures/ comforts her 😉”
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It was an annual work Halloween party that the New York Yankees held a week prior to holiday at the stadium.
The field was set up for the event with bars, catered food, tons of activities for the kids while all the adults enjoyed the colder weather on the turf.
The Styles’ children usually loved to go to it each year but the two oldest had recently recovered from a cold and were still crabby as hell.
YN had organized their outfits this year to coordinate, she enjoyed doing it and it always made the tabloids, whatever outfits they chose.
She had decided that Harry was going to be a farmer, dressed in denim overalls with a plaid button-up underneath and a wide-brimmed farmer’s hat.
YN was a dressed as a scarecrow with an overall dress, a matching plaid shirt to Harry, with cowboy boots - her face decorated as well. ***
Easton was dressed as a cow**, Cash was a billy goat **, Ezra was a chicken **, and Briar was a little lamb **.
They only wrangled one child into a costume in nearly twenty minutes and it was the oldest, Easton who was six and a half, unamused as he sat in the living room where everyone was supposed to be getting dressed.
“I wanted to be the goat!” Easton complains with crossed arms and a pout as he watches Harry try to convince Cash to step into his outfit.
“Bubs, you specifically said you wanted the cow when we went shopping,” YN reminds him gently, changing Briar’s diaper before getting her ready.
“M’the goat!” Cash huffs back, hand on his father’s shoulder as he steps into his costume and allowing him to zip it up.
The two of them were just in a sour mood, Easton makes it a point to trip Cash when he is walking by which causes him to fall and let out a wail of anger.
Harry would normally put Easton on the step but they just didn’t have time, “Absolutely not. Do not do that again, s’not kind. Do you hear me?”
Easton refuses to meet his father’s eye which has Harry stepping over and tilting his chin up, “Say ‘yes daddy’ and apologize to y’brother.”
“Yes daddy,” The older grumbles before muttering out a non-convincing apology to Cash who’s glaring at him with no plan to accept the words.
Both parents turn to focus on Ezra, the two year old is staring at the feathery costume with wide eyes, and as soon as YN attempts to get him to step in - he squeaks loudly and refuses to do so.
“No no no, mama,” He chants in his baby voice, tucking himself behind his father’s legs to peek around.
Harry turns and scoops him up, lips next to his ear “S’just a costume, s’not scary, sweetheart.”
“No daddy,” Ezra squeaks firmly, shaking his head and clinging to his father - Harry can’t help but wince when he tugs on a lock of hair.
YN sighs, tossing the outfit onto the couch, “I guess no costume for him then. Will you help me with Briar’s”
“Sure mama,” He replies, letting Ezra down and he bolts towards his brothers - far away from the feathery costume.
They manage to get the squirmy infant into the lamb costume but it’s followed by heavy tears and unhappy screams.
“Oh my god,” YN laughs in exasperation, knowing they can’t keep Briar in the lamb get-up if she hates it that much.
As soon as Harry wriggles her out of it, her tears cease and she suckles happily on her binky while blinking up at her father.
“Little lamb, why don’t y’like your costume?” Harry coos to his daughter, bopping her button nose lightly as he rocks her.
Easton’s shout cuts through the kitchen and then he comes barreling through the entryway with massive red stains covering his previously pristine white costume.
“Wha’ happened?” Harry groans, he’s getting frustrated in a way that doesn’t happen often with his children.
“Cash to-took his juice and splashed me with it ‘cause I tried to ta-take his snack but he wouldn’t share,” He is whining as Cash comes jogging into the room after him.
“He tr-tried to take m’peppa bowl!” Cash interrupts loudly but begins sobbing when Easton throws a stuffie at him.
Then it’s commotion.
Easton and Cash going at it, Ezra stepping closer and babbling in confusion as he watches them yell nonsense.
It gets eerily quite in the room, Harry’s tone was sharp and loud, and when it gets that way…well the boys know they’re in trouble.
It was domino effect from there.
Cash sticks his tongue out at his older brother.
Easton is stubborn, just like his mama, and though he doesn’t say anything, he reaches his hand out to push Cash’s shoulder.
Cash squawks loudly and tries to catch himself, he does but in turn then stumbles into Ezra which makes him unsteady and he falls.
Luckily, Ezra just falls on his diaper-clad bum but he lets out a deafening wail after it happens, whimpering, “Mama, mama!”
And Harry’s hit his limit, his voice booming as he looks at his son’s who are wide-eyed with fear, “Wha’ did I just say?”
“But daddy! He-“
“Both of you, get y’bums up to your rooms now,” He orders, taking Briar from YN so she can tend to Ezra who’s still sobbing.
“The party, daddy!” Easton says in confusion, “We have t’go.”
It was already way past the time they would have had to leave to make it there at a decent time.
“Y’think I would take you two to a party when y’actin’ like this? Not listening to mama or daddy, pushing and being mean to each other? Absolutely not,” He says firmly, his jaw clenched and the both boys begin to sniffle.
“Go to your rooms. If I have to repeat myself, y’gonna be in even more trouble,” He warns, full dad mode on as he watches them drag their feet out of the room.
“Fuck,” YN groans from behind him, he turns in time to see that Ezra had nuzzled his face against her which ruined her carefully applied costume makeup.
It almost seems like fate that they weren’t going to the party when before Harry can say something - Briar throws up her dinner onto his overalls before smiling.
“Oh fuc-“ Harry whines, trying his best not to gag as it drips down the front of him - his darling little baby all messy now too.
“Ezzie and Bry are going to need baths - like now. I don’t want this makeup irritating his skin,” His wife replies, cringing at the baby sick.
“Should we do tha’ and then deal with the boys after?” Harry asks, knowing a little time in their rooms will calm them down.
YN scrubs her face and changes into a old college shirt and a pair of yoga shorts, Harry just strips off his outfit and pulls on a pair of running shorts.
Harry places a wriggly Briar in her baby bath before plopping Ezra down next to it - the tub was massive and he automatically starts smacking the water - he loves his baths.
“So much for the party,” YN sighs, massaging baby shampoo through Ezra’s curls while Harry gently wipes down Briar with a soft cloth.
“It probably wouldn’t have ended well anyways with how t’boys were acting,” Harry shrugs, he can’t help but chuckle when Briar makes a pinched face.
“You looked sexy as a farmer tonight,” She bites back a smile because she knows Harry is going to just preen at the compliment.
He does.
“Y’think so, mama? Gonna be m’nice little farmhand and ride me ton-“
“Sssh,” She giggles, nudging his shoulder before she begins to wash out the suds from Ezra’s hair, “Just take the compliment.”
Harry pouts a bit as he swaddles Briar into a towel and he has to just make sure, “Tonight you will though, right?”
“Yes, baby daddy,” YN agrees, loving the way his eyes get darker when she calls him that.
“Yeah, gave y’all these babies, huh?” He smiles widely, he was literally so fucking easy for his wife.
“Two of them where nightmares today so don’t look so smug. They get that from you,” She shakes her head fondly, managing to tuck Ezra into his cozy soft towel.
“Two clean bubbies!” Harry sings happily, munching playfully at Briar’s cheek until she squeaks with a baby smile.
“Me, daddy,” Ezra whines, awaiting until his father reaches over and nips at his cheek until he belly laughs and pushes Harry away.
“Here, I’ll go get the boys. Their pajamas are laying on our bed,” YN shuffles her youngest son into Harry’s arm - a baby on both.
“You’re such a good mama,” Harry hums, kissing her temple and when YN looks embarrassed, he adds, “Don’t be like tha’, couldn’t have knocked up anyone better.”
“Now you ruined the moment.”
Harry scoffs, affronted, “Hey! S’romantic!”
While Harry lays both babies on the bed, wrapping them both up in their diapers before fighting to get them into their onesies - YN brings in Easton and Cash who are out of their costumes and in pajamas.
They avoid their father’s gaze, heads down and eyes stuck on the floor as the shuffle in - Cash with his arms wrapped around his mother’s thigh and digging his face into her.
“Cash Edward, look at daddy, please,” Harry murmurs, stepping over and squatting in front of the boys.
Cash shakes his head of curls adamantly in refusal, whining and gripping onto his mom tighter to stay cemented where he is.
“Easton, look at daddy too,” Harry asks, reaching out to take on of his hands and his oldest listens, looking at his father with sad eyes as he begins to cry.
“Oh, c’mon bub. No tears,” His father sighs, Easton steps forward into Harry’s chest until he’s wrapping him up in a warm hug.
When Cash peeks and notices his brother’s actions - he lefts go of his mother’s thigh and scuttles in Harry’s arms as well.
He pulls them back to arms length, face firm and serious as he speaks, “You two did not listen y’mama or me very well today. S’not okay to hurt each other either. Do you understand?”
They both nod solemnly and Cash piques up, “Halloween party now?”
“No, we missed it because y’two wouldn’t listen but we can watch a Halloween movie in bed, yes?” He offers much to their exictement.
And that’s how the night ends, Harry and YN in their massive bed with Easton in the middle, Cash nuzzled into Harry’s side, and Ezra fast asleep on YN’s chest with Briar in her crib.
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songbirdstyles · a day ago
sweet lady
summary: harry only needs one thing to calm his nerves before a show.
warnings: smut (18+), female receiving oral, slight size kink, harry being a little shit
word count: 1.8k (my little shortie)
Tumblr media
“C’mere, baby, please -”
“Harry, you go on in twenty minutes -
“Please, jus’ quick, c’mon -”
You can’t stop yourself from rolling your eyes, feeling Harry’s clammy, twitching hands grasping your own, tugging you closer to where he wants you - pressed tight against his body, chest to chest and legs dangerously close to getting tangled with each other. He’s practically radiating heat, already a thin sheen of sweat coating his exposed skin through the sheer shirt barely covering his abdomen and chest, and when you bury your nose into his pecs you can smell the scent of his cologne and musk and you want to inhale it in until you’re suffocated with it, but that falls lower on the totem pole of priorities at the moment.
Your priority - doting girlfriend and supporter before anything else - is (or was) to calm his nerves before the show, giving him hugs and kisses until he’s released every anxiety possible before bounding onto stage for all Pittsburgh fans to see.
His priority, a horny beast before all, is to bury his head between your thighs.
You suppose you’re not opposed to either.
“You’re crazy,” you tell him, words muffled against his chest, and you can practically hear the smirk spread across his face - a smirk because he knows you’re going to give in, if not now then in a couple minutes, because it’s never been your forte to deny him, or yourself, of eating you out until you were screaming or crying or both. “Insane. Shouldn’t you want me to give you head before the show?”
“Maybe,” Harry says, then, and when you pull your head back to look up at him his eyes have flitted towards the clock mounted on the wall of his dressing room - there’s now less than 19 minutes left before he has to be on stage, and instead of going to regroup with the band, he’s wrapping a large hand around your slender wrist and pulling you towards the chair parked at the vanity in the corner of his room. A nudge of his knee knocking into your thigh and you’re collapsing onto the seat, hand already reaching for the edge of the vanity, littered with his and your makeup, to grasp onto as Harry drops to his knees in front of you, surely staining the front of his thousand-dollar pants with the dirt from the floor but it isn’t like he, or anyone else, truly cares too much.
“Gonna be quick,” Harry murmurs, leaning down to press a sloppy kiss to your kneecap, hands smoothing up the sides of your thighs to push your short skirt further up your legs until you’re lifting your hips to let him push the fabric up to your ass. He sounds like he’s more trying to convince himself rather than you, the both of you knowing more than well that your lover could spend hours between your thighs without getting the tiniest bit bored, and trying to limit his activities down will certainly be an exercise in restraint for him. “Jus’ need t’taste you, baby. Y’look too fuckin’ good for me to not want t’try some, hmm?”
You can’t bring yourself to respond as Harry rests his cheek against your knee, reaching towards the apex of your thighs with one crooked finger to delve between the fabric of your panties and your slick folds, bend of his finger running up and down through the center of your folds, reaching your clit and barely brushing over the surface of the sensitive nub before he’s pushing his finger back down with a devious smile and another kiss to the side of your leg.
“You can’t possibly think you have enough time to tease me,” you breathe out as Harry fully pulls your panties away from your pussy, now nearly sopping with liquid as he tugs you forward, displaying your wetness further for him like a meal on display, and you’re certain that’s what he considers it - no different than a gourmet meal, waiting on a platter for him. “Only got fifteen -”
Your words are cut short when Harry leans forward, smug face disappearing beneath where the pleated fabric of your skirt falls over your thighs, and you feel rather than see his lips attach themselves to your already pulsing clit, chocolate brown curls rustling softly as he moves his head as he sucks.
A sharp gasp rips its way through your body, sinking down in your seat as your muscles tense, nails digging into the white wood of the vanity beneath your grasp as Harry’s flexed tongue flits over your clit while his lips close around it. Your toes curl and your eyes roll back and you swear you could cum on the spot, shaky breath reverberating in the air around you as Harry’s hand pushes your legs further apart from each other, grasping the fleshy side of your thigh so firmly you’re sure you’ll find bruises in the shape of his fingerprints come tomorrow morning.
“Oh - God, fuck, Harry!” It’s all you can do not to shout the profanities, back arching against the seat as you drop your hand down to dig through your boyfriend’s hair, grabbing a handful of chocolate brown curls within your grasp and tugging, fingernails digging crescent shaped indents into his soft scalp, and he groans against your clit at the sensation before releasing your clit with a soft ‘pop’ and a gentle inhale for air.
“Holy shit,” Harry exhales, breath cool and soft against your warm folds and a whimper tears from your throat as he drops his other hand down to grab your calf, hoisting it over his shoulder and massaging gentle circles just above your ankle. “Taste so fuckin’ good - fuckin’ drippin’ for me, baby, can’t fuckin’ handle it.”
“Please, Har, please -”
“Please what, baby?”
“Keep going, don’t stop -”
“Never gonna stop -” And he’s true to his word, leaning his head back in once he’s taken in enough air to sustain him, licking a thick stripe up the length of your folds, and your thigh is pressed close enough to side of his throat to feel how he swallows your wetness he’d just lapped up - he hums once the liquid has cruised down his throat, then leans his head back for just a moment before bringing it back forward, spitting a glob of saliva onto your cunt, and your hips jerk forward towards his waiting mouth.
“Fuck - fuck -”
His head bobs up and down, tongue plunging through your folds, and your leg spasms where it’s resting, thrown against the flexing muscles of his back as he works, tightening against him and forcing his body impossibly closer to where you need him - your body quivers, cunt pulsing around his mouth and dripping with every movement of his tongue, skin cropping up in goosebumps as he kneads the skin of your thigh with his free palm.
“Could fuckin’ see you,” grunts Harry, voice barely audible from how muffled it is against your sopping cunt, and you squeeze your eyes shut, pursing your lips together to try and not scream with pleasure as he devours you. “Could see you durin’ sound check - clenchin’ your little thighs together - could tell you were fuckin’ soaked for me.”
Harry’s practically making out with your pussy, sliding his tongue up and down through your folds before he pauses, nipping at the insides of your thighs as he breathes, “All f’me, right, baby?” “God, yes,” you choke out, devastatingly loud in the sudden silence of his dressing room when the sound of his mouth on your wet cunt isn’t humiliatingly loud any longer. “All for you, Harry, always for you -”
“Thinkin’ about me fuckin’ you, right?” “Only you -”
“Want me t’fuck you now, hmm? Don’t you? Want me to pull out my cock - fuck you ‘till you’re screamin’, hmm?”
Your eyes roll back into your head as Harry leans in, flexing his tongue as he flicks it against your clit, the minimal contact making your hips thrust up and your chest heave violently with every breath you try, and fail, to take in. “Please, Harry - want you so bad -”
A lap up your folds - his nails digging into your thighs - your hand in his hair, pulling desperately until he’s groaning against your cunt -
And then it’s gone.
Harry pulls away with a smack of his lips, chin and upper lip moist with your slickness, and your entire body pulses as you watch him, your face red and your pussy pulsing pathetically at the sudden lack of stimulation you’d gotten so used to. “What -?”
Your boyfriend pushes himself to stand and, with every further centimeter he puts between you, your brows furrow together just a bit tighter, hand and wrist numb from how hard you’d been gripping the edge of the vanity as he practically fucking consumed you.
“I have to go out, baby,” he says, then, voice hoarse and reeking of smugness that causes the pit building in your stomach to unravel with every passing moment that your need goes unattended. He smooths his hand down his sheer shirt - runs a hand through the curly locks you’d lovingly messed up in your haze of pleasure - makes a feeble attempt to brush the dirt off the knees of his silk pants. “Gonna watch me, hmm?”
You watch him, mouth agape, breath heaving and desperate as you try to make sense of his words - when he looks down at you, his eyes trail down your body, skirt tugged above your waist, exposing your slick cunt to him - the cunt he had properly destroyed and not done his diligence to mend before leaving. You can tell now what his final goal was - destroying you, leaving you pliable and desperate for him by the time he comes back after the show, until you’re ready to jump his bones the second the encore is finished.
He turns to the door, and you push yourself to sit up further in the vanity chair. “Wait -”
“Yeah, baby?”
You roll your eyes, his cheeky smirk something you wish you could slap off - or ride - you’re unsure which you prefer - but you resort to a soft groan. “Fuck you.”
Harry pushes out his bottom lip, taking a step towards you in his venture to the door of his dressing room until he’s standing directly in front of you, leaving you entirely too close to the tented bulge in his pants. For a second you suspect he might take pity on you and bury his fingers into your cunt in the final minutes he has before he has to be on stage, especially as he reaches his hand down, down, down, past your face and your tits to your pussy -
He hooks his finger in the soaked fabric of your panties, tugging them to cover your cunt, effectively destroying any hope you’d had of him having mercy on you. He brings his finger up to his mouth, running a perfectly pink tongue over the moisture dripping down his digit, and he smiles after he swallows as though he’s enjoyed an extraordinary feast in your slick.
“I’ll do that later, my love,” he says, then, and he’s gone before you can think of any snarky retort to throw back at him.
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dontworrysunflower · 2 days ago
Another? | h.s.
a/n: my uterus was getting ready for a child this week so i wrote this because i've been in a dadrry mood. also to everyone who has sent in requests they’re coming i promise slowly but surely
warnings: the media being horrible (as always), curse words, slight suggestive talk in the end and it eludes to smut,
word count: 2.3k
enjoy! reblogs are appreciated
requests are closed!
Tumblr media
It wasn’t easy bringing a child on tour. They need constant care and supervision, and sometimes the tour lifestyle makes looking after a child difficult. Not to mention the continuous moving around makes small children antsy.
You got pregnant just after Harry finished his first solo tour, it was unexpected but welcomed, your pregnancy going smoothly in the comfort of your home in London, Harry still writing for his second album, but his main focus was on you.
When your daughter, Ivet, was born, you kept the news of your child in your family, wanting to cherish the first few months of her life in private, wanting to get the parenting job right without the watchful eye of the media.
When the media found out though, it was a total accident. At about ten months old, Ivet had gotten a little more fussy, so you and Harry thought a change of scenery would calm her or entertain her. So you traveled to Spain.
It was her first time on a beach, the sand tickling her little toes and the water cooling her soft skin erupting a loud giggle, making you and Harry beam at her. Someone must have recognized your husband, —You had gotten married after he filmed Dunkirk, having a beautiful wedding in Jamaica where he also wrote his first album (Harry chose to keep that out of his Behind the Album documentary, but he had called you his wife in an interview, which broke the internet)— taking pictures of your little family and posting them, again breaking the internet.
To say you were disappointed would be an understatement. You had tried so hard to keep her out of the public eye, to have her grow up in a somewhat normal life in her first months, knowing the rest of her life would be anything but. Your wishes all went down the drain. Harry was undoubtedly angry, the rest of the day was him on the phone with Jeff figuring out how he could address this.
He addressed it two days later, in an instagram post. It was a picture of you and Ivet, just your silhouettes showing and the blue water in the background, his caption short and sweet.
My beautiful girls. x
Ivet is three now, running around the center stage with the crocheted sunflower, Harry vocalizing into the microphone and you are sitting on the stairs, watching them.
“Mummy!” She screeched, her cheeks glowing red, pants leaving her lips, her curly hair disheveled above her head.
“Yes, my love?” You huffed as she jumped into your chest, her little arms wrapping around your neck, one of your hands holding onto the edge of the stairs to keep you from falling.
“Ivy, be careful with mumma.” Harry scolded behind you, Ivet mumbling a little apology.
“Can we go see auntie Sarah?”
You thought for a second, trying to figure out if Sarah was busy with either the band or her baby. You remember when she had facetimed you and Harry to tell you she was expecting, and you had almost dropped your phone. Throughout her pregnancy, you gave her all of the pregnancy and birthing books you had and gave her all of the infant clothes that Ivet grew out of, even though they were all pink and floral (but who needs gendered clothes these days?).
You were in the U.S. when she gave birth, she had told you she had her baby boy with a little picture, a pink onesie with bunnies and rainbows wrapped around his small frame. He’s here!
“Sure, baby. Let’s go. Go give daddy a kiss.”
She shows off the same dimples as her dad, running back to him. Harry turns around at the sound of her footsteps, his arms opening as he crouches down to get to her height. She giggles as he wraps her up, straightening back up and swinging from side to side. Harry loudly kisses her cheek, then turns his head so his cheek is close to her face. Her small hands hold his jaw in place as she presses a loud kiss on his cheek as well. “Oh, I love you, princess.” He says as he puts her down.
“Love you too, daddy.”
She ran back towards you, taking your hand, the crocheted sunflower in her other arm, hugging it close to her chest.
She babbled on as you walked the corridors of the arena, her little hand waving at every stagehand and employee that walked by. They all wave back, but you weren’t sure if it was because they were nice and indulged the little girl, or because they knew she was the daughter of the only reason they had a job in the first place.
You made it to Sarah’s dressing room, hearing her softly sing on the other side of the door.
Ivet reaches for the door handle, but you stop her. “You knock first, Ivy.”
She chuckled nervously and then bites down at her bottom lip before she fists her hand and raps against the sturdy door.
“Come in!”
Ivet looks up at you expectantly, her fingers coming up to her face to play with her bottom lip.
“Open the door, love.”
She excitedly opens the door to see Sarah walking around the room, every step she took had a bounce, her son in her arms murmuring along to his mom.
“Auntie Sarah!” Ivet runs in, coming up close to her and hugging her legs. Sarah carefully bends sideways to hug her back, one of her arms holding her son securely to her chest.
“Hi bug! How are you doing?”
“Good, daddy let me sing into the mic today.” She said proudly as she took a seat on the couch, you following close behind.
“Really? What song did you sing?”
“Night Changes.”
“Oh, you have wonderful taste! Wanna be like your dad when you grow up?” She indulged your daughter, her eyes moving from her son to her.
“Yeah! I wanna sing and write songs just like daddy.”
You bud in, “How’s little Jones doing?” You asked the new mother.
She sighs. You felt for her. Taking care of a child is not easy, and you couldn’t imagine doing it while on the road. You could see it in both Sarah and Mitch how exhausted they were, and even though you had offered to help multiple times, to take a little weight off their shoulders, they say they're fine.
“It’s been alright. He’s not fussy but he won’t fall asleep either.”
“Can I hold him?” Ivet asked asked from beside you. You looked up at Sarah and gave her a look, telling her she didn’t have to say yes. Sarah just smiles dismisses your look with a head shake.
“Of course, Ivy. Okay-” She moves to sit next to your daughter, holding her son out, still keeping his head up in the crook of her arm.
“Okay, hun. Hold out your arms, like this.” You put an arm around her so you can adjust her arms, holding them out like a bowl.
“Ready to hold your cousin?” Sarah smiles as she slowly puts her son in Ivets arms. “Make sure to hold his head up, darling.”
Ivet moves the arm that's under the top half of the infant, her bent elbow now under his head. He whines at the movements, but he soon calms down, his nose twitching and small eyes blinking from the light.
Harry and Mitch had come in, pausing their conversation once they saw the beautiful scene in front of them.
You looked up at Harry as he paused at the door, Mitch continuing into the room and sitting next to Sarah, giving her a kiss on the temple. Harry’s look moved between you and your daughter, a smile slowly pulling his lips up.
“Hi, daddy. Hi uncle Mitchy. Look!” She exclaimed in a hush tone, watching the baby in her arms breath evenly, eyes drifting closed.
“Look at you, love. Such a good big cousin.” Harry said as he sat on the arm of the couch next to you, his blunt fingernails dragging up and down your back, his lips pressing a small kiss to the top of your head.
“You’d make a great big sister too, huh Ivy?” Mitch asked, a teasing smile playing on his lips as he looked between you and Harry. Sarah scolded him, slapping him on the chest.
Ivet gasped loudly, but you quickly shushed her, not wanting the baby in her arms to wake up. “Yeah! I wanna be a big sister mommy!” She exclaimed in a hush tone again, looking down at the baby again. “I’ll be good mommy, I can help- oh! Give them my toys!”
You stutter, not knowing what to say. You and Harry hadn’t talked about another child yet, his career taking a quick turn towards the better, making him a little more busy. And even if you did talk about it, you weren’t sure if you wanted to have another one. Although your pregnancy went rather smoothly, it still took a toll out of you, and that’s not even including labor. And taking care of two children, an infant and a toddler would not be easy, especially with Harry’s job.
“Okay,” Sarah starts, sensing the tension rising in the room. “We have to get ready for the show so Ivy, thank you for taking such good care of him, you’re a great big cousin.” She said as she took her son into her arms, handing him to Mitch and walking towards the other side of the room towards his bassinet, her hand smacking Mitch’s back.
“Let’s go Ivy, we gotta help daddy get ready.”
She jumps off the couch and takes her dad’s hand, skipping out of the room with each step her dad took.
Harry adjusted the suspenders on his shoulders in front of the floor length mirror, his fingers then fixing the rings on his fingers. Ivet had joined Pauli in their pre-show dance party in their dressing room, leaving you and Harry alone.
“What if we did have another one?” Harry blurted out, avoiding your gaze.
“What?” You looked at Harry from your spot on the couch, not sure if you heard him right.
Harry sighs as he comes to sit next to you, his hand taking yours and playing with your engagement ring. “What if we did, give Ivet a little sibling?” He hesitated, the words coming slowly from his mouth.
You sighed defeatedly, leaning closer to Harry to rest your head on his shoulder. “I don’t know Harry, I mean Ivet isn’t in school yet and it’ll be such a handful-”
“I don’t mean right now, baby. But, wouldn’t it be great? Soon Ivet is gonna grow up-” “You’re acting like she’s going off to college tomorrow.” You joke, pulling a chuckle from the both of you.
“She’s already a genius, she might as well be going.” Harry continued, moving his arm to wrap around your shoulders. You both laugh.
As your laughs die down, Harry continues your conversation. “But I mean, I loved taking care of her. Loved watching her take her first steps, and say her first words. And I want to do that all over again.” Harry paused his little speech to see your reaction, and all you can do is look up at him, a smile playing on your lips.
“I loved those parts too.” You softly spoke. “But you’re on tour-” “I don’t mean we have to start now— well I mean we still do that part,” He teased with a smirk, your hand coming up to slap his chest. “But we can try after the tour, and Mitch, Tommy and I are taking our time with the next album. We could even stop if-”
“No-” You interrupt him, moving a little from beside him to look directly at him. “I can’t ask you to do that, this is your dream-”
“Well dreams change, (Y/N). It all changed when I met you. And then when I proposed to you, then married you and then you gave me the gift of Ivy. I would give up everything, if it meant we could have another child.”
You could only stare at him, tears flooding your vision.
“But if you really don’t want to go through that again, I understand. I have no say in this and I know that-”
You interrupt him again but this time with a kiss, your hands cupping his face, your fingers digging into his hair, your thumb rubbing his soft cheek. You let out a tiny sob as you pull away just to rest your forehead on his, tears flowing down your cheeks. “Let's have another one.” You breathed out.
Harry’s eyes widened, his hand coming up to your arms and rubbing your skin lovingly. “Really?”
You let out a laugh, nodding against him. “Yeah.”
You barely finished talking before Harry pulled you into his lap, his arms wrapping around you tightly, sobs coming from him.
“Oh, fuck. Fuck I love you so fucking much. You’re gonna look so good pregnant with my baby again.” His voice lowers and his eyes darken, his hands moving down to squeeze your hips.
Your breath hitches in your throat, your hips absent-mindedly rolling over his, making Harry groan. “You know,” Harry looks at the clock on the wall before pushing you down onto the couch, making you yelp. “Jenny just started her set, think we can get a little practice in, huh mumma?” He moved to kneel on the couch, his body on top of yours, his lips kissing your neck and your jaw.
You let out a small moan, your legs wrapping around his waist. “Harry, we don’t have a lot of time-”
“I can make it quick, I promise. Remember all those times on my first tour? Those were the best times.”
“You’re so annoying.”
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watchmegetobsessed · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i take no blame for any of this @fkinavocado
“Oh fuck,” he hums, exhaling slowly as he pushes into you, his cock filling you up inch by inch and you can’t help but moan his name, your fingers digging into his pecks, your head falling back from ecstasy.
“I missed your cock so much, oh God!” you groan, hooking your legs around his waist as he bottoms out, balls deep inside you finally, right where you imagined him these past three weeks he’s been away. Dating a man who constantly travels around the world can be a pain in the ass but nothing lives up to the feeling of having him inside you after all the anticipation and phone sex.
“And I missed you tight pussy so much, missed feeling you around me, baby,” he breathes out, ring-clad fingers pressing into your soft waist and you watch him take a few deep breaths, standing still as he remains buried inside you.
“H, aren’t you gonna move?” you move, buckling your hips to get some friction, desperate for him to pound into you like he always does.
“Shh,” he shushes, eyes closed, his head falling back, the length of his neck inviting you to leave marks all over his soft skin, adding to the inks you could map out with no problem any time of the day. He looks delicious and absolutely mind-blowing, but you can’t just brush past the fact that he is still standing frozen, only his thumb drawing circles into your skin.
“Harry, are you gonna actually fuck me or not?” you let out an airy chuckle.
“Babe, I need a moment,” he hums.
“For what exactly?”
His eyes open and you see the boyish glint in them as he smirks down at you, devouring you with his greedy gaze as he takes in the sight of you lying naked in front of him on the kitchen island, holding yourself up on your elbows, so needy and desperate for him.
“Had to thank the pussy gods for gifting me with this,” he grumbles, a thumb moving to find your clit as he starts drawing circles, turning you into jelly under his touch instantly. “And now, I’m gonna destroy it,” he adds, pulling back abruptly before he starts pounding into you with no mercy, fucking you harder than ever.
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edynism · a day ago
thank you gorgeous!
summary: the kids are starting to pick up on harry’s vocab! # the styles’
pairings: harry styles x reader, harry styles x child!oc, reader x child!oc
side notes: reader is referred to as ‘mama’ or ‘mummy’! eleanor is around 3, rowan is 5 which would age manon around 7!
Tumblr media
“good morning, gorgeous.” familiar arms wrapped around your waist from behind. your attention, which was solely on the kids breakfast, now shifted to your husband who rested his chest against your back. the utensils which were in your hand now disregarded on the kitchen counter as you turned to face harry, greeting him with a peck on the lips before he pulled you in for another. your foreheads rested against each other after you broke apart, “good, good morning.”
you heard the pitter patter of tiny feet make their way down the nearby stairs before they reached you in the kitchen, their echoes of ‘good morning mama!’ ‘daddy you’ll never guess what i dreamt about!’ ‘mummy, what’s for breakfast?’ disturbed the once quiet environment, replacing it with one you much preferred.
teeny tiny arms clung onto your leg, removing yourself from harry’s hold with a kiss on his cheek, you manoeuvred to pick your little eleanor up and placed her onto your hip. with harry entertaining the other two, you had noticed ellie’s small ringlets not looking as presentable as the night before and the slight frown on her face told you that she would have preferred an extra five minutes in bed, “come on sweet pea, wake up! it’s your favourite breakfast!” the young girl giggled as you bounced her on your side encouraging her to wake up, she pushed back her curls and rubs her eyes before asking to be let down.
as you went to finish preparing breakfast, another pair of hands found themselves around your right leg, “mummy! mummy! guess what happened in my dream!” the excited squeals of your boy rowan made their way around the kitchen, his smile lighting up the room. once again you dropped the utensils, you moved your hand to caress his brown locks away from his eyes, “i wonder… were you with a bear on a boat?” he giggled at your guess, “no, no silly mummy! we went to space! everyone was there mum, even auntie gem and her kitten!”
you let the boy bask in his imagination as he continued to laugh at his crazy dream, you didn’t bother turning back to the dismissed pancakes as you saw your eldest making her way over. “morning mama!” she greeted you with the sweetest smile and the biggest hug, though with the slight height difference her nose poked at your belly. “what about you manon, did you have any dreams last night?” the girl shook her head, “i forgot to dream last night because i was so tired mama! but if i did have a dream it would’ve been about dogs because i love dogs!” you chuckled at the girl and ran your fingers through her hair before ushering her to find her seat with her siblings.
once breakfast was finally finished, you first carried harry’s plate with rowan’s over to the table. harry gently pulled you down by your free arm to place a kiss on your lips in thanks, “it looks amazing darling, thank you gorgeous!” you smiled fondly at the familiar name.
you made your way to rowan, carefully placing his food in front of him. “be careful baby, the plate may be a bit hot!”
“okay mama, thank you gorgeous!” the boy was wearing a cheeky smile as he let out a giggle, he knew what he was doing. harry tried to refrain from bursting out in laughter but, to no surprise, failed.
“what did you just say row!” you were in shock, the cheeky little monkey! the boy repeated himself and once again the table erupted in laughter, “it’s mama, silly! not gorgeous!” you chuckled.
eventually, he had calmed down enough to take a bite out of his hash brown, “daddy calls you gorgeous mama, so now i call you gorgeous.”
unable to gather a response, you locked eyes with your husband across the table who still wore an entertained face. like father, like son they say… you couldn’t help but laugh, how right they were.
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starshipsofstarlord · a day ago
cockwarming with harry;
Summary: just a lil drabble I wrote in the moment
Pairing: Harry Styles x reader
Warnings: 18+ minors dni, kinda smut I guess, cockwarming obviously, erections, past implied sex
Word Count: 837
Masterlist Link
Tumblr media
Winter was coming, as George R R Smith would say, the bitter chill in the air bit at the nudity that was exhibited of your body beneath the lumpy duvet. A body was tangled behind you, arms flabbergasted either side of his head as he shuffled and groaned with his restless sleep, his eyes were closed and he kept drifting in and out of consciousness, however his toes were cold as they peeled out at the edge of the cover, twitching from the low temperature that tickled them. It would have been wiser to have adorned your skins in articles of clothing, but the pair of you had been far too tired for that after your strenuous activities that had pants ghosting from the swollen flesh of your lips free falling through the silent air, and the production of sweat that made your crevices supple and requiring a cleanse, to which could wait until the morning after as some called it.
Harry reaching his limp arms out, your ribs lurching from the freezing thaw that excerpted from his skin, as he wrapped them perfectly around you, bundling your back to his inked front. Your head shrove deeper into the pillow below as your hips angled back, rolling against him in prayers that perhaps your bodies clashed in a close union would provide some well desired heat, instead though it rattled a broken moan from within your partner’s chest as his fingers clawed at your waist, pausing any administrations that were provoking him. “Too tired love, in the morning.” It was currently 12:35, and whilst that did not seem terribly late, it was rather a task to continue on with your earlier session after the long and gruelling day that you had shared, travelling to meetings together, the weekly grocery shop, and worst of all buying new tubs of paint for the hallway which you had began to gloss over in the new nude colour.
In reply you simply hummed, not overthinking your actions as you did it again. Harry pleaded you to stop and only then did you realise the result of your intimate digression; his cock was straining against the ripe peaches of your bosom, profusely solidified with arousal as the man that the appendage belonged to attempted to cool himself. There was no annoyance that resonated in his tone, he was simply knackered to put it into simpler terms, sex wasn’t on your agenda either, and thus you explained the dubiousness of your affections. “Just wanna be close to you, as close as possible.” You exploited the truth, rolling your shoulder back so that you could peak over it and view his intrigued eyes that shon emerald even in the bleak lighting of the room that was defined by the shallow moonlight streaking through the gap that was swept between the yielding curtains.
“I ‘ave an idea, just stay still for me angel.” It took no discussion to allow him to pry on with his brilliant idea, you trusted your loving boyfriend of two years, there was not anything that you had concerns about in the slightest, he was a true gentleman which was rare in this day and age, practically a diamond in the rough. Relaxing upon the mattress once more, you thought little of him reinventing the position that your thigh was in as he hiked it up a little ways, your eyes did widen though when he plunged his length through your opening, stretching you solely with the purpose of being slow. Expectations roused in your chest of him moving in firm glides, escalating the situation into a whim of something more, but instead he settled once more behind you, his hips rousing against your ass cheeks as he glued against you like an attachment, his head resting in the elegant crook of your neck.
So this was his idea, remaining still inside of you until the morning came, it was quite a sweet notion, and before you knew it Harry had drifted off into a meddle free slumber, snores vibrating out from his nostrils as his cock softened within you, tucked into your cavernous insides which had brought a flush of warmth over the rest of your body. For a moment you laid there, clenching around his girth and stringing unconscious moans out from your lover’s lips, until finally you dozed off too, being escorted into heaven and beyond when your eyes clasped shut, the duvet you dragged closer against your naked chest as you hugged it against you, a content smile fabricating onto your features as you thought about how connected you were with your partner, and how it felt so right. It was peaceful, and it was the best sleep of all exemplary methods that you had ever received on a telekinetic level, it was as though the whole world had turned into clouds above you as you rose through the sky, becoming a saint who had unknowingly sinned for commending such drastic measures before the marital laws.
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blissfulbqrnes · 2 days ago
One of those days
Tumblr media
summary; H holding you close when it gets to be too much.
warnings; swearing, fluff, crying, pet names, depression and anxiety, eating mention. (lmk if i missed any please!!!!)
word count; can this even be classified as a blurb idk
note; i feel like crap and don’t feel like writing anything else. the writing probably isn’t even good, its half past one and i cant sleep.
“I just don’t want to do anything, H” you mumble, trying your best not to let tears soak your pillows. It was just one of those days where absolutely nothing was appealing. Eating, simple hygiene, even the thought of getting up from your bed just made you nauseous.
“Tha’s fine, dove. We can stay here as long as y’want” He whispered pulling you closer to his body, “Don’ wan’ you t’cry, you’re too pretty t’be cryin’ over stupid episodes” ‘Episodes’ he’s referring to the crippling unpredictable days where your depression and anxiety were far too much for you to handle.
Sniffling, you wrapped your arms tightly around his waist, keeping him as close as possible. You felt as if you were slipping away from him and if your grip loosened ever so slightly, you would end up losing him.
“I love you so damn much,” your lips brushed his collarbone as you spoke in what majority sounded like gibberish to Harry due to how rushed you were speaking. “I wouldn’t have made it this far without you”
He wanted to take away every bit of sadness and disconnection from you, or to take your place so he didn’t have to see you like this. Though he despised seeing you so emotionally vulnerable, he’s glad you allowed him to comfort you the best to his abilities.
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harrythestar · 2 days ago
lemon pie (part II)
part 1
Harry closed his eyes to try and regain his composure, but Y/N had already seen his green eyes flash darker. She knew she had him. What she didn’t know was how he saw right through her. He could tell by her facial expressions, mannerisms, and the smell of her favorite dessert that she had a rough day. So, if this is what it took to get her to relax, he was more than happy to give it to her.
“Y’eh needa be careful with y’mouth. S’not gonna be as sweet if y’eh keep letting filth fall outta it. Lemme help y’eh with that. After all, it’s only fair I return the favor.”
Before she could figure out what he meant, the cool and creamy texture of whipped cream lined her lips followed by his lips reaching down for a quick taste.
“Harry, c’mon.”
“W’as tha’? Thought y’eh wanted to play with daddy today, hm?” He taunted. “Now open y’eh mouth y’eh li’l brat.”
He sprayed some more whipped cream, but she could feel the sweet taste of it hit her tastebuds this time. His tongue licked into her mouth for the treat as his hand kept both of her wrists pinned to the wall. His hips pressed to hers showcasing just how much he was enjoying this. Until suddenly he pulled away.
“Mmph. Please, daddy?”
“Please what, pet?”
“Want more please, daddy.” She pouted up at him.
“What more what? Hm? Gotta tell me wha’ y’eh wan’ baby.”
“Anything you want to me give. Please?” She tried again, her eyes growing wide in hopes of convincing him to do something.
“Alrigh’ since y’asked so pretty.” His lips met hers again while his hand traveled from her pinned wrists down to her breasts. “Y’not wearing a bra on purpose baby? Can feel y’eh nipples through this thin top of yours.”
“No, da- mmph,” she began to deny his accusation but was interrupted by her own moan as his fingers made quick work of sliding the strap of her top off your shoulder to tug rather harshly on her nipples.
“Wha’ was tha’ lovie?” The mischief dancing around in his eyes was apparent. “Don’t have anything t’say anymore?”
She knew he loved riling her up like this. Making her so lost in desire that she couldn’t spare a single thought on the terrible day she had had. He reveled in it as he look down at her face clearly wrapped up in all the pleasure and slight pain he was inflicting. It almost made him want to give in to her right then and there. That is until she made the mistake of trying to roam her grabby hands all over him.
“Oh c’mon darling,” he scolded, “y’know better tha’ to try t’touch daddy without permission.”
She immediately began to whine when he pulled away from her completely.
“Quit y’whining brat or we won’t play at all. Now get undressed and wait f’me on the bed.”
“Hurry,” came his simple command when he realized she was still dazed and frozen in her aroused state.
She quickly scurried around the corner, down the hallway, and into their bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind. As she impatiently kneeled on the bed, she wondered what he was planning. Surely the whipped cream incident hadn’t fully pushed him into his dominant state, so it would most likely just be some of their simpler toys. However, her lips parted and her tongue unknowingly swiped at her lips as she realized she had been mistaken. He casually strolled into the room with a new bottle of whipped cream and nothing else.
“Alright darling, y’ready?”
She slowly nodded her head hoping to hide the fact that her mouth was practically watering with anticipation.
“Good ‘cause I think it’s right time that daddy got a taste of something sweet. Greedy little thing, been keeping it all to y’self. What d’ya think, love? Does daddy get a taste?” He asked, his hand gripping her chin to make her look up at him.
“Mhm please daddy.”
“That’s m’good girl.” Her pliable body moved readily for him as he adjusted her into a position suitable for what he had planned.
He popped the cap of the whipped cream bottle off on the edge of their nightstand and sprayed a line down her entrance before she even realized what was happening. The light and cool feeling making her head spin as he slowly went about cleaning it all off of her. Licking and kissing and nibbling at a tantalizing pace.
“Mmm don’t stop please daddy.”
His lips twitched into a knowing smirk. “Want more, pet? Want daddy’s tongue in you?”
“Yes, yes anything just-ah!” She gasped as he parted your pussy lips and sprayed a large amount of the whipped cream directly into her. The cold sensation made her warm insides tingle as she squirmed helplessly. Her eyes pinched shut as Harry licked into her. His tongue exploring rather deep and sucking the creamy treat out of her pussy. She couldn’t help but thrust her hips up towards his wet mouth as he kept lapping her up.
“Behave, pet.” Came his response along with a palm pressed to her lower stomach to keep her still. His movements growing quicker and his eyes hungrier as if he’d never tasted anything as good. She felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge.
“Please daddy. So close.” She begged over and over until he gave in.
“Gonna cum baby? Hm? C’mon, know y’eh can give me a cream sweeter than this one.” His fingers found her clit, rubbing relentlessly to get her there.
“Daddy! Mmm. Yes. Yes. Yes.” She babbled helplessly.
His tongue and fingers moving faster and faster. She came with her lips parted around a loud “Oh!” Her legs shaking and lips quivering until her back finally relaxed against the bed. Her teary eyes looking down at him like he’d hung the damn moon and he couldn’t resist reaching up to peck her pouty lips. She let out a breathless moan tasting herself and the whipped cream on his warm lips.
“Thank you, daddy. Needed that.” She mumbled as she curled into his chest, the weight of her eyelids forcing her eyes closed.
“Of course baby.” He replied deciding to take a moment to hold her before he started cleaning them up.
Her eyes suddenly shot open. “Crap! My lemon pie!”
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givemesomeboobies · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A/N: WOW OVER A YEAR LATER AND I FINALLY FINISHED THIS GODDAMN FIC!!!! who thought i would do it bc definitely not me smh. this part is probably my favorite out of this whole fic and i honestly put so much time and effort into it because i wanted it to be perfect and i’m really happy with how it came out. once again, i’d like to thank miss jo @friendlyneighborhood-johanna​ for beta reading this whole fic and just always giving me the best feedback, i appreciate u SO much. but anyways, i hope u guys enjoy the final part. <3
Warnings: HELLA smut (best smut i’ve ever written tbh), drama (u might cry)
Word count: 9.5k+
previous part . fic masterlist . fic playlist 
It’s 4:05 in the morning when you find yourself tiptoeing down the hallway towards Harry’s bedroom. You’re still in your pajamas: an old t-shirt and some old, nike shorts that may or may not have been stolen from Deidre in high school.
You reach his bedroom, carefully opening the door without knocking, making sure the hinges don’t make too much noise as it opens slowly. Harry is lying still on the bed, his sleeping face smooshed into the pillow as he snores. You make your way over to him with a small smile on your face, reaching forward once you reach him so that you can tuck your fingers into the hair at his scalp. It’s a shame, really; he looks so peaceful as he sleeps and you know you’re about to ruin it for him, but you’d rather use every last moment that you have here. 
“Harry,” you whisper, leaning your face down to his ear as your hands push against his shoulder, “Harry, wake up.”
You watch as his eyelids start to flutter, smiling as he rolls onto his back with a small grunt. 
“Fuckin’ hell,” he groans, squinting up at you, “What time is it?”
“In the morning?” He sputters, sleep swollen eyes widening as you nod in confirmation. 
You pull at his hand again, successfully dragging him out of the bed. “C’mon, I wanna get an early start.” 
He finally smiles at you and breathes a quiet chuckle before he pulls you into him and kisses you. It’s slow and sweet, like hot, melting chocolate and all you want to do is taste it again and again. After that, it’s smiles and giggles in between kisses, pulling the other back in for more after one of you pulls away for a breath of air. His lips are as addictive as a drug and you’re swimming in euphoria. 
It takes a few more minutes to coax his lips away from yours, but once you do, you’re dragging him through the house and out through the back door towards the beach. Eventually, your bare feet are sinking into the cool sand with Harry’s warm hand comfortably nestled into yours as the salty breeze causes a chill to trickle down your spine. 
“So… what are we doing out here at four in the morning?” 
You turn to look at Harry with a smile, “Since it’s our last day here, I thought we’d have one last swim, just the two of us.”
“And we couldn’t have done it a little later in the day?” He frowns, playfully tilting his head. 
“No, we couldn’t, because then we wouldn’t have the entire beach to ourselves,” you smile before lifting your t-shirt over your head, revealing your sheer bralette, “and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do this either.” 
He smirks to himself, eyeing you up as he follows your lead and tears his own shirt off, his shorts quickly following. You’re both stripped down to your underwear in less than 30 seconds and then you’re hurtling towards the water, giggling childishly. 
The first touch of water against your skin is freezing and it nearly sucks the breath out of you, but you power through it, emerging yourself into it completely. Harry follows close behind you, swiftly curling an arm around your torso once the water reaches your waist and causing you to squeal in surprise. His lips press against your bare shoulder, trailing up your neck in small pecks that make goosebumps spread like a wildfire across your skin. 
“Think the sharks are up this early?” Harry hums directly into your ear. 
You laugh, “God, I hope not. It’s bad enough I have you nibbling on my neck right now.”
“Hey,” he frowns, splashing water up into your face in feigned offense. You snicker in response, squirming in his hold as the water splashes your face. 
Somehow, it feels like you’ve been together like this for years. Everything is so easy with Harry and it’s hard to believe it’s only been two weeks. It’s almost as if you’ve become one person, like both of you know exactly what the other is thinking at all times. 
As you’re dragging him out further into the ocean, the words you’d read from Harry’s book at the beginning of the trip echo throughout your mind: “When two people belong together, there is simply–at long last–a wondrous reciprocal feeling that both parties see the world in precisely the same way.” 
Your heart swells. Your skin feels hot. It seems stupid that such a simple sentence from a book would make you feel this way, but you can’t help but think it applies to you. You and Harry have spent the majority of this trip together and you’re realizing that, over time, you’ve gained a whole new perspective. 
He moves from behind you, playfully bobbing up and down in the water a few feet in front of you as you stand back. There’s a prominent crease in your brow that Harry notices once he turns back around. 
“Everything alright?” He asks, gently splashing some water in your direction to grab your attention. 
You look up at him, “Oh, yeah, sorry. Was just thinking…”
“Oh, yeah? What about?”
You pause, gazing at him as he stands only a few feet in front of you. His hair falls effortlessly around his face, the edges of his head almost glowing from where he stands in front of the moon. Just looking at him like this - his dimpled cheeks that you’ve grown so very fond of since your younger years, his green eyes filled with so much joy and passion makes you realize just how hard you’ve fallen for him.
You smile at him, shaking your head. “It’s nothing.”
“Wait, no, what were you gonna say?” He frowns, the water sloshing around him as he trudges towards you. 
“It’s nothing, really, don’t worry about it.” 
His arms go limp at his sides, his frown still burrowing a large crater into the space between his eyebrows. “You can’t just smile at me like that and not tell me what you’re thinking.”
You smirk and shrug nonchalantly, “I don’t owe you anything.”
He laughs airily at that, his dimples falling effortlessly into his cheeks as the corners of his eyes fold into pure joy and he reaches for your hand. He’s beautiful, you think, admiring his smooth skin and chiseled physique when he pulls you closer. It’s hard to believe that in only two weeks you’ve become so infatuated with this man. Before, it was just a small crush that withered when you weren’t around him, but now it’s so much more than that. Though unspoken, it’s clear that your relationship is much different than it was when you first arrived. The smile you wear every time you’re with him is perhaps the most cheek-aching, genuine smile you’ve worn in a very long time, and you can sense the same for Harry. 
You’re pressed against his chest now, arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and tangled into his wet mop of curls. Truthfully, you don’t even know how you got to this point. Despite the fact that no solid definition has been placed on your relationship, the two of you act as if you’ve been with each other forever. You’ve easily fallen into a routine with each other in just a matter of days without even noticing. 
“I can’t believe it’s our last day,” Harry sighs, squeezing his arms around your waist. 
“Me too,” you reply, staring down at the tattoos on his chest to avoid direct eye contact with him. “Do you… do you want to talk about what’s going to happen?”
He’s quiet for a moment, clearly pondering his response. Neither of you really want to talk about what’s going to happen after this trip. Ideally, you’d continue to pursue the relationship, but seeing as he’s a celebrity that travels from one place to the next and always has his schedule completely booked, it doesn’t seem likely that that will happen. It’s not impossible to continue to pursue a relationship with both of your circumstances, but there would be so many chances both of you would be taking if you did. 
“I know we should talk about it, but I don’t want to. Not right now, at least.” 
You nod in agreement, pressing your cheek to his shoulder as he brings you in for a tight hug. There’s a prominent cloud of sadness hanging over the both of you, but neither of you acknowledge it. Most would say that ignoring the issue at hand would make things worse when the time came, but having that conversation is far easier said than done. So, you don’t say anything.
Tumblr media
“30 seconds?? Are you kidding?” 
Harry scoffs as he pushes his sopping mop of hair away from his face, “In my defense, I haven’t done that in a very long time.”
You roll your eyes, “Watch and learn, bozo.” 
You pinch your nose with your thumb and index finger, taking one big gulp of air before you drop yourself under the water. You can faintly hear Harry counting the seconds as you hold yourself underwater, lungs straining for air. You fight the urge to resurface for as long as you can, but eventually you aren’t able to keep it up for any longer and you’re forced to float back up to the surface. 
“How long was that?”
“Just over a minute,” he smiles, taking your hand so that he can help you stand up in the water.
“Hah! And that’s not even my best time!” You cheer, pointing your other finger at him mockingly.
He rolls his eyes and drags you towards him, a small smirk playing at his pink lips, “Yeah, yeah, you win.”
You giggle up at him as he wraps his free arm around your waist and presses you against his chest. The hand that was pointing at him instinctively falls against the side of his neck and you instantly feel the warmth of his skin against your fingertips. His beautiful, green eyes find yours and it suddenly feels as if time comes to a stand still. He’s so close and so warm and so unbelievably handsome. How the hell did the little girl with a schoolgirl crush on her best friend's older brother become the girl now in the arms of said brother as he looks at her like she hung the moon?
At the same time, Harry is thinking about how lucky it is that he has you in his arms. In all his years of knowing you, he never expected to be at this point with you. When he’d first begun to see you as more than just his little sister’s best friend, he’d always kept things at an arm's length, unsure if anything would ever come of it if he made a move. But when Deidre told him that she was inviting you on the beach trip, all those feelings he’d somehow forgotten came rushing back. 
Now, here the two of you are at nearly five o'clock in the morning standing in the middle of the ocean like a pair of lovesick idiots. 
“Wanna go back inside?” You mutter to him, gently brushing your hand down the side of his face.
“Yeah,” he says, looking down at you with a small smirk, “But gimme a kiss first.”
You roll your eyes, giggling softly at his cheeky request before reaching up to cup his cheeks and pulling him down to your lips. He smiles into the kiss, one of his hands sliding around your waist to caress the small of your back. The warmth of his large hand against your skin is sweltering, causing your senses to be heightened to every movement he makes. His fingers tease the edge of your underwear at the base of your spine, a small trickle of desire surging through your veins from the feeling of his fingertips. 
The kiss that was originally intended to be a few quick pecks became something much hotter and heavier. His lips drag against yours with a syrupy, slow passion, drawing a breathless moan from your throat. He smirks at the noise, pulling you closer as he kisses from your mouth to your exposed clavicle. His lips are so soft and irresistible that every time the thought to stop him crosses your mind, his lips suckle a particular part of your skin and you forget all about it. 
“Harry,” you breathe, finally attempting to pull him from his hypnosis. He doesn’t budge, kissing back up your neck and jawline before his lips find yours again. “Harry,” you repeat in a slightly more firm tone, causing him to hum in acknowledgement. “We have to stop.”
He finally pulls his face away from yours, his lips clearly swollen and red as he smiles, “Sorry. Got carried away.”
“Let’s just go inside so we can continue this without possibly being arrested for indecent exposure,” you laugh, letting your hands fall from his face. You start to turn away to walk back towards the shore but Harry grabs your hand and pulls you back.
“Piggyback ride back to the house?”  
You smile, nodding eagerly; he kneels down in the water to allow you to climb onto his back and wrap your arms around his neck from behind.  
You both stumble back onto the sand, you giggling into his ear as he tries to lean down and pick up the clothes that’d you’d left strewn across the sand. After a few failed tries, he succeeds in gathering all of the clothes, bundling them under his arm before he begins to trudge back up to the house. 
Once the two of you reach the house, you carefully creep up the stairs to the back porch, slowly pulling the sliding door open to avoid any noise. You both stumble through the opening as he drops you from his shoulders, quiet, broken giggles echoing through the living room, which are quickly followed by a low shush from one of you.
“Should probably take a shower,” you mutter to him as he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into his chest. 
He quickly drops a kiss to your lips, “Mind if I join you?”
“Only if you promise to actually shower,” you hum, twirling one of his damp curls with your index finger. 
“Pinky promise.”
Tumblr media
The water spouting from the shower head falls quickly against your skin, warm droplets rolling along the expanse of your bare body as you stand beneath it. Harry steps into the shower behind you, silently coming up to you and pressing his lips to the back of your shoulder, one of his arms curling around your waist. Feeling his bare skin against yours like this, without a single barrier, causes chills to tiptoe up your spine. His touch is so gentle, so sensual, the coil in the pit of your stomach bursting into flames from the mere graze of his rough fingertips. 
You try to ignore the feeling, grabbing the bottle of body wash from the built-in shelf in the shower and squirting a decent amount onto the small loofa you’d grabbed from where it hung on the faucet. 
“Need some help?” He murmurs into your ear, his hand coming to take the loofa from your own. 
You take a slow, deep breath, “I think I can wash myself, Harry.”
He sighs in feigned disappointment, “You’re no fun.”
You turn in his hold, taking the loofa from his hand, “You just want to soap up my boobs.”
“Maybe,” he shrugs, holding back a smirk as he leans in for a kiss that you reluctantly grant to him, “Would that be such a bad thing?”
You roll your eyes, “You’re cute, but what happened to actually showering?”
“I did pinky promise, didn’t I?” He sighs. 
You nod, dragging the rough material of the loofa along your arms and chest. 
“Well,” he continues, grabbing the shampoo bottle and squirting the liquid into his palm, “I guess I’ll just shower, then.”
You watch as he lathers the shampoo into his long hair, slightly towering over you as he does so. You turn to stand under the stream of water again, washing the suds from your skin with your back to Harry. 
Surprisingly, the two of you are able to finish your shower without too many distractions. Harry occasionally pulled you into a cheeky kiss whilst you rinsed the shampoo out of your hair, but for the most part, he kept his hands to himself. 
“I don’t know how I’m gonna sneak back into my room for my clothes,” you say as you wrap your body in a towel, “Can’t really use the ones I wore out there ‘cause they’re all sandy and a little damp.”
“Could just borrow some of mine until she wakes up,” he suggests with a shrug. 
You bite your lip to suppress a smile, “Yeah?”
“I mean, only if you want to.”
“I wouldn’t mind that,” you shrug, “I’ll just have to go without underwear since mine are still wet.” You add with a smirk.
His eyes go wide, but he doesn’t say a word. 
The two of you creep back to his bedroom as quickly and quietly as humanly possible before shutting the door quietly behind you. Harry walks over to his drawer, taking out a t-shirt and some boxers (folded very neatly) and holding them out for you to take.
You smile, taking the clothes from him, “Thanks.”
He hums in acknowledgement, grabbing a pair of boxers for himself as you turn to change into the clothes he’d given to you. You drop your towel, quickly tugging the shirt over your head and pulling the boxers over your hips before turning back to Harry. 
“Well?” You give him a little spin, “How do I look?”
He chuckles, walking towards you and pulling your body against his, “Y’look hot.”
You wrap your arms around his neck at that, giving him a quick, chaste kiss as his hands wander to your hips. When you pull back, he immediately pulls you back in for another kiss, but this time it’s anything but innocent. His tongue swipes along your bottom lip, asking for entrance which you eagerly allow, opening your lips for him to skillfully lick into your mouth. A small whimper escapes your throat as you tighten your hold around his neck and press your chest into his. You can feel him smirking into the kiss and walking you back towards the bed. 
“What time is it?” He mutters, taking a small break from kissing you to kiss along your jawline. 
You glance over at the digital clock that sits on the bedside table, “Almost 6:00.”
He nods, kissing back up to your lips, “So we have some time to spare before Deidre wakes up?”
“Yeah,” you breathlessly respond, moving to hold his face between your hands, “Lots of time.”
“Whatever should we do with all this time?” Harry chuckles between kisses as he backs you into the bed, your back hitting the unmade side of the mattress. 
“I could think of a few things.” 
Harry easily slots himself between your legs, one of his hands coming to gently caress your thigh as you wrap it around his waist. His kisses are getting hotter and hotter, which makes it harder for you to control the sounds that emit from your mouth. And you can tell he loves it; he loves each sound he can pull from you, whether it be a quiet whimper or an unexpectedly loud moan.
“Jesus, I’ve barely touched you and you’re already making all these pretty noises for me,” he grunts into your ear as he nibbles the skin behind it. 
“Can’t help it,” you reply breathlessly, your fingernails sinking into his shoulders as you squeeze your thighs against his hips. He smirks at that, your reactions to even the smallest of his movements boosting his ego to no end. 
You find the slightest bit of confidence, using it to slide your hand down his chest to his crotch and cupping his semi through his boxers. His cock lurches at the pressure of your fingers against him, drawing a quiet groan out of his mouth. 
“Need to taste you again,” he breathes, sliding his fingers along the elastic of your (his) boxers. “Can I?”
You nod, biting down on your bottom lip to give yourself something to focus on other than his fingers teasingly dragging along your hot skin.
“Words, please,” he says as he drags his nose along your jawline. 
“Yes, yes, you can. Just- please…” 
He pulls away from your neck, smiling down at you in an utterly sinful manner before slowly kissing his way down your body until his shoulders are between your thighs. He raises your t-shirt over your hips, pressing his soft, warm lips against your skin as his fingers curl into the waistband of the boxers and he pulls them down your legs. 
Your chest heaves with each of your breaths as you watch him, flashbacks of the first night that he’d done this to you just a few days ago flitting across your mind. It’s scary how good he is at making you completely fall apart with just a few gentle touches, and the way he looks at you with those piercing eyes doesn’t help in your downfall, either. 
He moves back to his previous position between your legs after tossing the boxers behind him, sliding his hands up your thighs to hold you in place. He’s egging you on, hoping to make you as desperate as possible so that when he finally gets his mouth on you, you can barely contain yourself. 
“Been dreaming about tasting you again since the other night,” he sighs, trailing kisses along your inner thigh as he maintains eye contact with you. 
“Yeah?” You try to respond confidently but it comes out as timid and breathless. 
He hums and nods with a haughty smirk, his hot breath fanning over where you need him most. 
Finally, finally, he decides to relieve you of your suffering and allows his hot, wet tongue to glide between your folds, causing a small squeak to slip from your lips. He smiles to himself, swiping his lips against your clit as his tongue nearly engulfs your entire center. His long hair is falling into his face and tickling your inner thighs as he works his magic; you reach forward and push your fingers through it to hold it back. He looks back up at you when you do that, eyes silently thanking you. 
Soon, he’s doubling his efforts and burying his face into your cunt like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. Your fingers are gripping and tugging at his hair and your thighs are moving on their own, squeezing around his head as he sucks and licks you to his heart's content. 
You’re huffing and squeaking in an attempt to keep yourself from moaning too loudly, but you’re finding it increasingly hard as Harry ruins you. His goal is to make you fall apart on his tongue just like he had the other night and at the rate he is working his mouth, he knows it will take no time at all.
“Fucking- Harry,” you moan breathlessly, leaning your head back against the pillow. 
He hums, gently massaging the skin of your thigh and sending shocks of electricity up your spine. “Gonna cum f’me? Gonna cum all over my tongue just like you did the other night? Taste so fuckin’ good, I can’t get enough of you.” His voice is low and raspy as he speaks and you’re surprised you aren’t cumming by his words alone. 
You shudder when his tongue strokes you in a particularly delicious place and that familiar aching feeling finally begins to rumble at the base of your tummy. He moves quickly, dragging his hand up and down your thigh as he wraps his lips around your clit and sucks unwaveringly hard, pulling gasp after gasp from your lips.
He hums against you to add to the pleasure and you bite down on your tongue to hold back the scream that aches at the back of your throat. Seconds later and you’re falling apart on his tongue, choking breathlessly on a moan as your back arches off of the bed and your fingers grip his curls. 
He works you through it, slowing the stroke of his tongue against your skin until you’re pushing him away from overstimulation. He lifts himself from between your legs, allowing them to fall from his hands as he moves up your body, kissing every part of your skin that he can reach. You’re nearly vibrating from your orgasm when he finally comes face to face with you again, kissing your lips and pulling your legs to wrap around his waist.
“Could do that for hours,” he hums into your lips, causing you to whimper a little and pull him closer by wrapping your arms around his neck. 
“You’re so fucking good at it.”
He smirks, pressing a few more kisses against your cheek and jawline. 
He continues to kiss you, letting his hands drag down your body, lifting the t-shirt over your breasts and pressing soft kisses between them. You whimper at that, guiding your fingers through his hair with one hand as the other hand grips his t-shirt like he’ll slip away if you let go. 
He pulls away from your face, “Do you-?” 
“Yes,” you nearly moan, eagerly nodding your head to answer his unsaid question. 
“Are you sure?” He presses, leaning down to peck your lips for a moment. 
“Yes, Harry. Please, just-”
“Alright, alright, I’ve got you,” he hastily replies as his hands find the edge of your t-shirt, gently lifting it over your belly button, “May I?”
“Yeah, please,” you breathe, lifting your arms over your head in invitation. 
He carefully pulls the shirt over your head, tossing the piece of clothing to the side before turning back to you so that he can admire your newly bare breasts. Harry wastes no time in wrapping his lips around one of your nipples and gently sucking the sensitive bud. Your back arches into him, a quiet huff-like moan escaping your lips at the feeling of his tongue swirling against your skin. It’s a simple action, yet he does it so fucking well. 
He gives both of your nipples an equal amount of attention, drawing quiet, airy moans and whimpers from you before he moves on to your lips, slowly kissing you like his life depends on it. Your fingers curl into the fabric of his t-shirt in an attempt to pull him impossibly closer and he takes that as his opportunity to grind his hips into yours. He’s gotten much harder since you’d initially felt him, so feeling him rub against you through the barrier of his boxers is delicious but definitely not enough to sate your desires. 
“I need you,” you whine, slipping your middle and index fingers beneath the elastic and letting it slap back against his skin. 
“Right, yeah, okay,” he nods nervously, “Do you happen to have any condoms?”
“I didn’t exactly plan this, so no,” you shake your head, “M’on the pill, though. I trust you.”
He makes direct eye contact with you, “Are you sure?”
“Yes, Harry, I’m absolutely fucking positive now, please, just fuck me.”
You clearly don’t have to ask him twice because as soon as that two word phrase leaves your lips, he’s frantically yanking his boxers down his legs and ripping the rest of his clothes off of his body. Every article of remaining clothing is tossed across the room, long forgotten as you wrap your legs around his waist again. 
You can feel his length against your inner thigh, warm and soft against your skin. He’s taking much longer to satiate your needs than you’d like him to, so you jut your hips up against him impatiently, squeezing your thighs against his waist. 
“Be patient,” he whispers, nuzzling his nose along your jawline as he reaches between the two of you. 
You huff in response, glancing down at where his hand has migrated and catching your first glimpse of him, fully hard and red with anger. He’s much bigger than you’d imagined. Of course, in your fantasies, you’d made him out to be your idea of a good size, but reality exceeds your expectations. 
“Are you ready?” He asks, making eye contact with you again. 
You nod eagerly, sliding your hands down to his bare, ink scarred biceps. He presses his warm head against your pulsing entrance, gently pressing forward to encourage you to relax and take him in. It takes quite a few tries for even his head to fully enter you, but once it does and he’s slowly pushing the rest of his length inside of you, it feels much easier. 
Finally, he’s fully inside of you, reaching to the deepest possible places you could ever imagine and you’re desperately trying not to make any noises. A gasp slips past your lips when he thrusts for the first time and you watch his almost pained expression turn into a smirk. He’s going to ruin you. 
His long hair curtains his face as he hovers over you, his thrusts gaining momentum and causing the bed to creak beneath you. Your labored breaths are quickly turning into breathy moans, the volume of each of them increasing with every thrust. 
“Fuck-” you sputter, throwing your head back against the pillow it rests on, “Feels so fucking good.”
“God, yes, it fucking does,” he agrees through a breathless grunt, leaning forward to drag his lips along  the exposed column of your throat. It’s raw and it’s frantic and it’s hot, but it’s so fucking good and neither of you can get enough. 
His lips find yours again, pulling desperate kisses from your swollen lips over and over again as his hips collide with yours. He’s reaching the most delicious place inside of you, causing that long awaited burning sensation to build and pull at the very pit of your stomach. 
Your hand slips up to the nape of his neck, sweaty and warm against your fingertips as you pull him down to kiss you deeper. Your moans and gasps are muffled by his lips, but it’s not enough to keep you completely quiet, so he pulls back from your lips and covers your mouth with the palm of his hand. 
“Gotta stay quiet, baby,” he chokes, pressing his lips against his knuckles to keep his face level with yours, “I know it feels good, but you’ve gotta be quiet.”
Tears are starting to form in the corners of your eyes and you’re nodding your head at him, squeezing your eyes shut to focus on keeping your noises at a minimum. His groans are low and raspy but quiet enough that you're the only people that can hear them. He’s close, too, you can tell. 
You’re huffing through your nose quickly and heavily as your orgasm builds and builds with each of his powerful thrusts against your g-spot. His palm remains firmly pressed against your lips as his pace increases, eyes boring directly into yours with dilated pupils and wet eyelashes. 
“Almost there?” He grunts, watching as you nod feverishly in response to his question. With that queue, he allows his arm to find its place between the two of you, his fingers pressing directly against your clit and rubbing in fast, circular motions. 
He’s fucking into you at such a perfect pace and the combination of that and the rough pads of his fingers rubbing against your bundle of nerves his heavenly, tipping you right over the edge. It’s a sheet scraping, toe curling, jaw locking type of orgasm, and the noises that erupt from the depths of your throat are completely involuntary, Harry’s hand doing nearly nothing to silence them. 
“Fucking hell-” he gasps as you clench around him, any notion of being silent thrown swiftly out the window, “Squeezing me so tight.”
Just a few more thrusts and Harry is tumbling off of the very same ledge you’d thrown yourself off of moments ago. His noises are much quieter than yours, but still louder than the whispers he’d been muttering before. He leans his forehead against yours, panting heavily as his sweaty hand falls away from your mouth. You’re both panting into each other’s mouths, slowly floating down from your heady clouds of euphoria with your eyes shut. 
“Do you think she heard us?” You ask through a breath.
He chuckles, sliding his hand out from between your bodies and massaging it over your hip, “I fuckin’ hope not.”
Tumblr media
Neither of you intended to fall asleep on his bed, but somehow it happened and now you’re waking up in a frantic, sweaty disoriented state. Harry’s arm is slung tightly around your waist, holding you against his warm body as he snores quietly into his pillow. You squint at the digital clock on his nightstand, gasping and scrambling to sit up when you read the time. 
“Harry,” you whisper-yell, shaking him by his shoulders, “Harry, oh my god, wake up. It’s 10:00!”
He slowly opens his eyes, “What?” His voice is raspy with sleep and if you weren’t so freaked out, you’d feel a little something from it. 
“It’s 10:00,” you repeat, shuffling out of his bed and kneeling down to grab the clothes that had been strewn across the floor in your lustful haze. 
His eyes widen to the size of saucers, “Do you think she’s awake??”
“I don’t know, but I really don’t want to find out by walking out of your room in your clothes,” you groan, pulling his t-shirt over your head and his boxers back over your legs. 
He also pulls himself out of bed, picking up his own clothes and pulling them on in the same manner as you. “Have you heard anything?” 
You shake your head, “I’ve only been up for a few minutes, two of which I spent panicking about the fact that we overslept.”
“God, okay well, do you want me to go out first and distract her?”
“I think that’s our only choice,” you sigh, running your hands over your face. 
He nods, walking towards you and pecking your lips gently, whispering, “I really enjoyed this morning.”
You smile, “Me too.”
He lets his hand linger on your waist for a few more moments before he slips out the door and into the hallway. He quietly shuts the door behind him, hoping not to draw too much attention to himself as he exits the room. Deidre is nowhere in sight, but he can hear a few things thumping around in the kitchen so he assumes it’s her. 
“Harry?” She calls, confirming his suspicions, “Is that you?”
“Uh- yeah, it’s me,” he replies as he walks in the direction of the kitchen. He enters the room to find her at the stove, scrambling some eggs for herself. 
She mentions your name, “Have you seen her? Woke up this morning and she was gone and left her phone.”
He takes a deep breath, “Uh, no, I haven’t seen her,” he walks over to the coffee pot and pulls it out to pour himself a cup, “This is fresh, right?”
She turns to look at him from the stove, “Yeah, it’s fresh.”
He nods and pulls a mug from the cabinet above him, filling it to the brim with the steaming beverage. He takes a small sip of it to keep it from overflowing, then turns to lean his back against the counter. 
“Sleep well?” 
“Yeah, like a rock,” she laughs, turning the stove off and removing the sizzling pan from the eye, “You?”
Meanwhile, whilst Harry makes unnecessary small talk with Deidre, you’re darting into your bedroom to change into your own clothes as fast as possible. After breaking the world record for how fast a person has ever put a t-shirt and shorts on, you quietly tiptoe out of the room and down the hall. Your plan is to pretend like you went out for a walk on the beach early this morning and just now got back. So, you quietly walk to the front door, opening and shutting it to create the illusion that you’d just come home. 
Deidre calls your name, “Is that you?”
“Yeah, hey!” You call back, walking into the kitchen with a smile.
“Where have you been? I woke up and you were gone.”
“Oh, I just went for a little walk on the beach, nothing crazy,” you lie, cringing internally at how basic of a lie it is. 
“Ah, okay,” she nods, “Did you have a nice walk, then?” 
You step further into the kitchen, casually opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle of cranberry juice to pour yourself a glass, “Yeah, I did! It’s really nice out this morning.”
Harry glances at you as he sips his coffee, holding in a smirk at your blatant lies. You want to kick him. 
The three of you converse for a few more minutes in the middle of the kitchen before Deidre leaves to eat her breakfast on the back patio, leaving you and Harry alone again. 
“Do you think she believed it?” You ask, leaning your hip against the counter beside him.
“Seems like she did,” he shrugs, sipping his coffee. 
You sigh, “I don’t know. She’s good at lying and we were pretty obvious.” 
“Would it be the end of the world if she knew?”
You pause, setting your glass down, “I mean, no, it wouldn’t be the ‘end of the world’, but I think she’d be pretty upset if she found out that I didn’t tell her.” 
“So,” Deidre’s voice suddenly interrupts the brief moment of silence as she walks back through the sliding glass door, “Check out time is at 4:00, which means we should probably be ready to leave by 3:30ish.”
You clear your throat awkwardly, fidgeting in your place, “Oh, yeah, okay. That works.”
She nods, “Great.”
It suddenly hits you that you’re actually leaving; you’re leaving and you don’t know what’s going to happen with Harry. What if everything goes back to the way it was? He goes back to his celebrity lifestyle with touring and screaming young girls and you go back to school, alone again. 
“I’ve still got to pack most of my stuff,” you continue, “but I think I can get that done by that time.”
“Okay, sounds good,” she smiles, tossing her dirty dishes into the sink, “I’m gonna run to Jeff’s later to say goodbye ‘n stuff, but I shouldn’t be too long.”
You nod in acknowledgement and watch as she walks back through the kitchen and down the hallway to the bedroom. Harry is silent beside you, setting his empty coffee mug in the sink before turning back to you. 
“You’re quiet,” he points out, “What’s wrong?”
You shake yourself out of the trance, turning to him with a small smile. “It’s nothing, just kinda drifted off for a moment there.” You glance back over your shoulder to make sure Deidre isn’t anywhere in sight before leaning forward and pressing a quick, chaste kiss to his lips. He happily accepts your lips against his, pulling you back for a few more sparing pecks when you initially try to pull away. 
“I’m gonna start packing my stuff,” you say finally, “Wanna sneak out for lunch later?”
He smiles, “Of course.”
Tumblr media
After Deidre leaves to bid her farewells to her friends, Harry is quick to snatch you from your packing so that he can take you out for lunch. He doesn’t give you any particular specifications as to where he’s taking you, but he makes it seem like he has something very special planned. 
Eventually, after a few minutes of driving, Harry pulls into the parking lot of a small sandwich shop. 
You quirk an eyebrow and turn to him, “This was your big plan? I mean, I do love a good sandwich, but you made it seem like we were going to Italy.”
He laughs, pulling into a parking space and turning the car off, “This is just phase one, my love.”
You both go into the shop, you order a grilled chicken sandwich on toasted bread with a lemon aioli with a side of fries and Harry orders a Club sandwich also with a side of fries (both to go, of course). 
“So, where are we going now?” You ask him as the two of you get back into his car.
He smiles, “Still a surprise.”
You roll your eyes, but don’t push any further, turning to stare out the window as he drives. It’s a beautiful day, so Harry has all of the windows down in his car, creating a nice breeze throughout. The radio begins playing “I Love You So” by The Walters, a familiar song to both of you, and you suddenly feel Harry’s hand slip into yours. You look over at him when he does that, finding him with his eyes to the road but a faint smile on his face, the short tendrils of hair that fall out of his bun and around his face whipping in the wind. 
The drive is a little longer than the first one, and for the majority of it the two of you just sit in comfortable silence, Harry’s thumb stroking your hand as he holds it. Your stomach is grumbling angrily once you finally reach your destination, but once you see where you are, you completely ignore the gnawing ache. He pulls the car down a secluded road and finally to the edge of a cliff.
The cliff overlooks a beautiful, small portion of the beach. The beach is empty, save for a few seagulls pecking around in the sand, and the complete privacy of the deserted beach makes things all the more special. You’re all alone.
“How did you find this place?” You ask him as he parks the car and starts to get out.
He shrugs, “I have my ways.” 
You roll your eyes at him, shutting the car door behind you.
Harry pulls a blanket from the back of his car and lays it out at the edge of the cliff for the two of you to sit on and eat your food. You settle yourselves comfortably on the blanket, pulling all of your food out of the bag to begin your meal. 
“This is nice,” you smile as you unwrap your sandwich from its paper binding. 
He nods, “S’nice, isn’t it?”
“It’s very romantic.” 
“You know,” he starts,“I thought, since you did something special for me this morning, I’d do something special for you. It is our last day, after all. I want to spend as much time with you as I can.”
You smile, “You are such a boyfriend.” As soon as the words leave your lips, you regret them. 
“Boyfriend?” He questions with a playful quirk to his eyebrow. 
“Sorry, that just slipped out,” you grimace.
“Am I your boyfriend?” He hums, taking a bite out of his sandwich. 
You shrug, “I don’t know, we haven’t really defined what this is.”
“Do you want me to be your boyfriend?” He asks, his facial expressions becoming a little more serious now. 
“Harry…” you sigh, “It’s difficult to know what I want when I don’t know what the future holds for us.” 
He frowns,“What do you mean?”
“I mean, we haven’t had any sort of conversation about what we want out of this or what we are going to do after today when we both leave and go back to our own respective lives. We didn’t necessarily keep in touch over the past few years, so how is this label going to change anything?” You hadn’t intended on making the conversation turn like it has, but it’s become increasingly difficult for you to ignore the lump of anxiety in the pit of your stomach.
Harry is quiet for a moment, staring out into the ocean below as he chews his sandwich, each ticking second causing more and more anxiety to bubble in your stomach. 
“I don’t know what’s going to happen after today,” he begins, pausing for a moment, “But I do know that things are not the same as they were for the past few years. I know that I won’t be able to go back to not speaking to you every day because this relationship is different than it used to be.” 
“I know that it’s different, but, Harry, we live two very different lives. I’m a student and you’re an international fucking pop-star. I just can’t help but feel like you’re going to go back to your own famous life and forget all about me.” 
Harry says your name under his breath, his eyes flickering from yours to the beach and back.
“What?” You reply quietly, looking at him.
“You make it sound like I have no regard for you at all,” he sighs, “But I do know how I feel and- and I know that my feelings are not going to change because of my environment.”
You don’t respond. 
“I just-” he stutters, nervously avoiding your eye contact, “You’re just so…” He interrupts himself with a laugh, shaking his head. “M’clearly not very good at this.”
You smile, “I’ve really got you stumbling over your words, huh, lover boy?” It’s meant to be a joke to lighten the mood, but his face falls into a very serious look.
“Yeah, you do,” he breathes, lifting his hand to push his fingers through his hair nervously, only to find that it’s still tied into a bun which causes him to laugh sheepishly, “Can’t think straight when I’m with you.”
Your skin erupts into flames, the small smile you’d been wearing fallen into a slightly starstruck expression. 
What is he doing?
“M’brain turns into mush when I so much as look at you,” he continues laughing breathlessly, almost disbelievingly so, “and I think… I think I’m falling in love with you.”
The air is immediately sucked out of your lungs. You definitely hadn’t expected that. “Harry,” you breathe, “Please… don’t.”
“I know it’s barely even been two weeks of… this,” he gestures between the two of you, “but I can’t help but feel like-”
“Harry,” you say again with the intention of sounding forceful, but it comes out shaky and timid, “please stop talking.” 
Why did he have to say that? 
“I can’t hold it in any longer and I need you to know that this isn’t just a- just a fling for me. We’ve known each other since we were kids and I told you that you’ve always been special to me,” he continues, ignoring your attempts to make him stop talking, “I don’t think it’s outrageous for me to feel this way, even if we’ve only been actively pursuing this type of relationship for less than two weeks.”
“But what if you just think these feelings are stronger than they actually are? What if this is just a vacation high and you’re just feeling like this because you’ve spent so much time with me?” Tears are beginning to form in your eyes as you speak, riling yourself up more and more as you continue to think about every negative scenario possible. 
“It’s not like that,” he insists, shuffling closer to you and desperately grabbing your hands, “This is much different than any sort of high and I think you know that, and I think you feel the same way that I do. You’re scared and that’s okay, but I need you to know that this is not just some fling to me. You could never be a fling.”
You stare at him silently for a few sparing moments, a frown worrying itself into your brow. He’s right. You still don’t want to admit it, but he’s right. You feel the same way, but the mere thought of his feelings wearing off after the two of you leave for your separate lives is too much for you to take any chances in being vulnerable. 
“We should go,” you whisper, pulling your hands out of his. 
He says your name, shaking his head as he tries to catch your eye with his own, “I know this is difficult for you, but please don’t end it like this. Please, just talk to me about this.”
“I don’t want to talk, I want to go.”
He sighs, dropping his hand to the blanket in defeat. You begin to pack up the remains of your food, tossing all of it in the paper bag it came in before standing. It feels like all of your emotions are coming out as anger, but you aren’t angry. You’re sad and, like Harry said, scared. 
The car ride back to the house is filled with silence, one that is heavy and thick with sadness. It seems as if the sky overheard you because a dark lump of clouds begin to build and spread, threatening to spill with tears, mocking your own. 
Once you finally reach the beach house, you silently exit the car, leaving him to watch you walk up the porch stairs and into the house as a light drizzle begins to fall from the sky. You’d been holding all of your tears back for the entire car ride, so as soon as you find yourself alone in your bedroom, the waterworks begin. 
It hurts that you even have to think the way that you do. You’ve forced yourself into this hole of doubt and fear that this perfect relationship with the boy you’ve fawned over for your entire life could all come crashing down when you leave this vacation. All of your fears made everything worse and you don’t know how to fix it. 
Tumblr media
It’s nearing 2:00 PM when you find yourself gathering the last of your belongings and packing them away into your bags, the process moving much faster as the conversation you’d had with Harry replays over and over in your mind. It’s not even that you don’t feel the same, it’s that you’re afraid of the consequences that might come after saying that to him. Do you trust him enough to believe that his feelings are genuine? And if his feelings are genuine, what will happen once the two of you go back to your respective lives, thousands of miles away from each other?
All those thoughts come to a screeching halt the minute that Deidre walks through the door, though, and you’re forced to pretend like nothing ever happened as she calls out your name and walks into the room.  
“Do you need any help packing the rest of your stuff?” 
You turn to look up at her as you’re crouched on the floor by your bag, “No, I think I’ve got everything.”
“Sweet,” she sighs, grabbing her own bag from the floor. “I’m gonna start putting my shit in the car, then.”
You shoot her a thumbs up and watch as she disappears out the door. You carelessly toss the last few items into your bag before zipping it shut and pushing yourself to your feet. When you turn back to the door, Harry is standing there. 
“I’m sorry,” he whispers, slowly stepping into the room.
“Harry, stop…” You whisper, looking away from him. 
He says your name, “I know you feel it too, please don’t run away.”
Tears begin to pool in the corners of your eyes and you turn your back to him so he doesn’t see you crying. 
“Don’t have to say it,” he whispers, stepping closer, “Just don’t lie to me. Please.” He’s close enough now that his hand brushes against your elbow and you flinch at the feeling of his fingertips on your skin. “Please.”
Carefully, he turns you around to face him and you let him, still avoiding his eye contact. His hands slide up to cup your cheeks, angling your face towards him and searching your eyes. 
“Harry,” you breathe, shaking your head as tears prickle at the corners of your eyes. 
He doesn’t let you finish speaking, though, because his lips are suddenly against yours and his hands are gripping your cheeks fervently. There’s a split second of hesitation from you as he kisses you so passionately, but then something in your brain switches and you’re kissing him back, fingers gripping his t-shirt like he’s going to disappear if you don’t hold on for dear life. 
Tears are now streaming down both your faces as Harry walks you backwards into the dresser behind you. The kiss, although frantic and desperate, is anything but sexual. Your need for each other is expressed only out of pure love, affection, and the need to be close to each other, and not from the sexual desires that previously made such a kiss possible. 
“Please,” Harry whispers between soft kisses, “Tell me.”
You pull away from him, swollen lips brushing against his as you press your forehead against his own. “I feel the same,” you breathe, “I’ve felt it for a while, actually, but I didn’t really know what to do about it. I still don’t know what to do about it.”
As soon as the words begin to flow from your lips, Harry breathes a quick sigh of relief that falls into a quiet, disbelieving laugh. He’s nodding along with your words as his dimples sink into his cheeks and his lips curl into a small smile, that oh so familiar smile that has had you by the throat since the moment you first laid eyes on him so many years ago. 
“But, Harry,” you start again through a heavy sigh, “What are we going to do after today? We live in totally different places and with your job it seems like you’re always gone and constantly working. I’m afraid that if we jump into things too quickly, we won’t be prepared for how difficult it might be to maintain a relationship considering our situation.”
He’s silent for a few moments, nodding along with your words to show that he’s listening to you. “Things are- things are changing, actually.”
You frown, “Changing, how?”
He takes a deep breath, glancing away from you as he shuffles on his feet, “M’not really supposed to talk about it yet, but the band’s takin’ a break. Not sure how long it’ll officially be for, but the possibility of forever has been thrown around.”
“That means-”
“Means I get a break. Get some time to myself for once,” he finishes for you, “It means I get to choose my schedule and where I go and what I do,” he pauses, “Means I’ll have more time for you.”
You continue to stare up at him, “When?”
“Headed back to meet up with the boys for a few last meetings this week before we announce it, so pretty soon,” he replies, searching your face hopefully.
You stay silent for a few beats, and then you look into his eyes, “Okay.”
It’s one, simple word, but Harry knows it has more meaning than it sounds. He knows it means that you’re going to give this a chance––giving him a chance. He smiles to himself at that, taking a step back from you to leave a bit of space between the both of you. 
“Can’t promise I won’t be busy for the next few months, but I can promise to call you as much as possible and fly you out to see me whenever I want,” he says, running a hand through his hair, “Y’know, because I have the money for that.” 
You roll your eyes at him, shaking your head as the butterflies in your stomach start to flutter up to the base of your throat, “Okay,” you repeat.
“Love me, huh?” He jeers playfully, breaking the serious air of the moment.
“Shut up,” you push at his chest bashfully, shaking your head as you try in vain to hold in the smile that threatens to tug at the corners of your lips.
You’re still uneasy about the situation, given that long distance relationships hardly ever work out the way you want them to, but you realize that you’ve got no reason not to trust Harry. Your fears aren’t completely resolved, but you know you and Harry will try everything to make things work. 
The sound of the front door swinging open breaks the two of you apart from each other, leaving just a few moments for Harry to slip out the door and back into his own room before Deidre enters yours. 
It takes all of 20 minutes for the three of you to completely finish packing everything into your cars and tidying the beach house––per the requirements of the rental place––before you find yourself standing outside as you wait for Deidre to lock the door and come to her car. 
“Doesn’t really feel like it’s been two weeks,” Harry says as he leans against his car diagonal to you. 
“Yeah, it doesn’t,” you agree with a small frown.
“Promise you won’t forget about me when you get back home?”
You snap your head up to look at him, finding a taunting smirk creeping along his face and you slowly smile back, “I’ll try my very best.”
Tumblr media
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erodasfishtacos · 2 days ago
I love that so much!!! 🥺🥺 Harry being protective of her when Ellie’s hugging her!! Their little convo!! I want to imagine that Ellie might talk a little about her experience on TikTok and it goes viral, people obsessing over how in love and obsessed Harry is with his wife!! That man can really not get enough of her, huh?
Sarah squeals when the storytime pops up on her for you page on tiktok. She calls her friends over so that they can all watch it.
They were dying to hear about that girl’s experience with YN in the pit - instagram and twitter had been going absolutely crazy since last night about it.
Ellie is on the screen, it looks like she just got home from the concert - still in her outfit and makeup from all the pictures and videos taken of her.
She explains the events that lead up to YN hanging out with her but then she goes on to give information about Harry and his wife behind those arena curtains.
“Um, yeah. So basically, we waited backstage for a few minutes and when Harry came off stage, he went like directly to his wife. It was cute, he stole her water bottle and drank it all.”
“After that, he like- basically felt her up and had his hand in her suit jacket, messing with her bra, and kissing on her until she pushed him off.”
“And then she lead him over to me. First off he is tall, like taller than I expected and even though he was sweaty, he still smelled really good.”
Ellie can barely gather her thoughts as she tries to remember every little detail, “He is soooo fucking handsome and his smile. Oh! I also heard her call him bunny! And it had me wondering if that’s what inspired the merch!”
“And don’t get me wrong, I have a massive crush on Harry but it was so obvious how obsessed her is with - he was super freaked out when I hugged her, which I sort of felt bad but…like she hugged me back!”
“And when I say freaked out, I mean he sort of glared at me, tensed up, and then pulled her back into but he didn’t say anything about it.”
“Like during the concert, he was constantly coming over to us and fucking with YN. He was being so flirty with her and she was dishing it right back!”
“So, yeah…that was my experience! Hope you enjoyed!” Ellie smiles and waves before the video ends.
Sarah and her friends watch it a few more tea just because they couldn’t get over it.
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hrrysluv · 2 days ago
harry’s camera roll 📸
some of photos that would be in your camera roll if you were dating fetus!harry and the stories behind them. (pls send requests!!)
Tumblr media
after harry auditioned for x-factor he quickly caught the hearts from viewers watching all over the world. the huge, big, curly brown hair to emerald green eyes, what was there not to love?
after a couple of months he had already went to judges house and was in a band with niall, louis, liam, and zayn called one direction. you were so proud of everything he has done and so lucky to call him your boyfriend. you, anne, and gemma would tune in weekly watching your boyfriend while stuffing your faces.
due to your and harry’s busy schedule you never had much time to see each other. you were busy with school 5 days a week and harry was in meetings or the studio quite often. harry and you had agreed to have you come over for a couple of days just to spend time with each other.
you guys facetimed every night counting down the days until you left to the x-factor house. he hugged you for what felt like forever on the doorstep to the house and left kisses on the top of your head and on your lips.
he introduced you to the boys, them already knowing who you are hearing harry talk about you nonstop. he carried your luggage and brought you to his bunk where you both would spend the rest of night only getting out of bed to grab something to eat or use the restroom. you had eventually fell asleep with your head resting on his chest and his face pressed into the top of your head. his left arm resting under your body and his right one hung loosely around your waist and yours slung across his belly.
harry had to go to the studio early that morning and got the ok from his manager that he could bring you. after eating a light breakfast you both headed over to the studio with the boys.
you sat on the other side of the glass where the boys weren’t taking turns recording their verse. when harry wasn’t busy he sat next to you and you curled up to him. you made small talk until he was called back into the recording booth.
you had snapped a blurry photo of him to send to anne later. you knew she had missed him so much, her youngest getting taken from her earlier than normal. you couldn’t wait until he saw his family again and you could tell he missed them.
you had found yourself cuddling yourself into his jack wills hoodie he gave you before he left for judges house. you made a mental note that you needed to give it back to him because the burgundy hoodie was loosing its scent.
he came out of the booth and thanked everyone that was praising him, a huge smile on his face. everyone walked out to where the rest of the boys were to give you some time together. he threw himself on the sofa you had been sitting on and placed a kiss on the top of your head.
“how was i?” your face coming out of his neck and looking up to the boy you loved most.
“amazing as always” a smile forming onto your face and giggling a bit under his stare.
you wrapped your arms around his middle, tucking your face back in his neck and his cheek resting on top your hair. you had missed the times like these. you couldn’t had a cuddle or a kiss whenever you wanted to anymore but every time you reunited it made everything so much more special.
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watchmegetobsessed · 2 days ago
A/N: yall know im a sucker for dadrry and writing another one was just so fun for me, i thought i would write more about them! so i decided to write more oneshots from that universe, you'll be able to find the stories in the masterpost i've created, link is just down below :) feel free to send me prompts about what you'd like to see happen in this universe!
PAIRING: husband!dad!Harry X Reader
WARNINGS: struggles to get pregnant
more from The Another One Universe
Tumblr media
Three minutes have never felt longer ever in your life. As you sit on the lid of the toilet, the pregnancy test laid out on the counter, an alarm set on your phone to signal when the waiting is over, but you already checked it about three times to see if it hasn’t stopped, because you were convinced it should have been over already.
“Come on, come on!” you mumble under your breath, legs shaking anxiously. Originally, you wanted to wait for Harry to do this, but you just couldn’t stop yourself, you needed to know. You’ve been feeling off all day and your period should have come yesterday, everything adding up to convince you that you’re finally pregnant. You’ve been trying for baby number four for about three months now, but all your previous tests came back negative and the more failure you had to endure, the harder it’s getting to keep your hopes up that you’ll get pregnant again.
This is gonna be the one, you know. You can feel the change in you and it has to be a baby. It needs to be or you’re losing your mind. Harry is picking up the kids today, they can be home anytime and you really want to welcome him with the good news, you could have your first appointment later this week, checking in on the little bean.
Your phone goes off finally, making you jump up from the lid as if it was on fire as you grab the test from the counter and check the result. However the excitement quickly turns into something bitter and painful.
One line.
There’s no question it’s only one. No faded second line, nothing you could hold onto and give yourself hope. It’s a negative test, meaning that you’re not pregnant.
“Fuck,” you sob as you break down crying, sitting down to the bathroom rug as you hug your knees to your chest. This was not how it was supposed to happen, you were so sure it’s gonna be positive this time! You’ve been trying for long enough to make you worried.
What if you won’t get pregnant again? You joked about three kids being your limit, but what if it really is? You think about how disappointed Harry will be if you tell him you didn’t get pregnant this month either, and you feel like you’re failing him, not giving him what he wants. But you want it too, you’ve gotten so into the idea of having another baby, having to face this failure will scar you for sure.
You cry and sob and whimper, gasping for air until your eyes turn red and your lungs sting. It takes several minutes to get yourself to leave the bathroom floor. Feeling like hiding from the world, you go to your shared closet with Harry and reach for one of his bigger hoodies that completely swallows your figure.
The front door opens and the happy chatter of your kids fills the house, following Harry’s deep voice. You quickly wipe your cheeks and try to rub your eyes dry, a pair of small feet thumping up the stairs and you recognize Ellie’s steps right away.
“Mummy! Are you here?” she calls out for you. Taking a deep breath you step out of the closet just when she barges into the bathroom.
“Hey, Bunny. Did you have a good day?” You force a smile to your face as you pick her up and hug her to you, a tad bit tighter than you usually do.
“Mummy, are you sad?” she asks, examining you with a worried look on her face. She is still wearing the dress you put on her for school, her hair that was once braided is messy, unruly curls bouncing around her face. She looks so much like Harry, though her eyes are definitely yours.
“No, just a bit tired. Everything is fine,” you smile at her, kissing her cheek. “Why don’t you go and change? Do you have homework?”
“I do. Will you help me?”
“Of course. I’ll meet you downstairs,” you tell her, putting her down and watching her run out of the room.
You want to head down too, but instead, you just sit on the edge of the bed, tears stinging your eyes again as you think about how long it’s been when Ellie was a baby and that if you
don’t fall pregnant again, you won’t get to experience having a baby again.
Ellie changes from her pretty dress, dropping it into the hamper like she was taught before she runs back down to get her homework from her backpack. The twins are in the living room, playing with the toys they brought from their room in the morning while Harry is putting away their lunchboxes in the kitchen.
“Where’s mum, Ellie?” Harry asks her, pressing a kiss to her head as he walks past her.
“Daddy, I think mum is sad,” she hums, sitting to the dining table to get her books and pencils out. Harry freezes, turning back to his daughter.
“Why do you think she’s sad?”
“She was crying when I went into your room. Is she sick?” she asks, worry all over her adorable face.
“I’m sure it’s fine. I’ll go check in on her. Keep an eye on your sister and brother, will you?”
Ellie nods as Harry heads upstairs, taking two steps at once. The room to your bedroom is slightly ajar and he hears your sniffling before he sees you. Pushing the door open he finds you sitting on the bed, your face buried in your hands and his heart breaks right away seeing you like this.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” He is quick to rush to your side, pulling you to his chest as you sob into his shirt. “Hey, whatever it is, we’re gonna figure it out. Just talk to me, please,” he murmurs softly, kissing the top of your head.
He gives you time to calm down and when you’re finally not sobbing you pull away, wiping your cheeks again. You probably look like a mess, your nose snotty, eyes puffy from all the crying you did so far, but he has seen you way worse before.
Without a word, you get up, walk into the bathroom and grab the negative test from the counter. Harry watches you like a hawk, his arm coming to curl around you as you sit back next to him, handing him the test.
“Oh baby…” he breathes out, putting it aside so he can hold you with both of his arms. “This is what got you so upset? It’s alright, we’ll keep trying, don’t stress yourself about it.”
“But what if I won’t get pregnant? What if I really did reach my limit?” you choke out, burying your face into his chest as he holds you tight. “I’m sorry I disappointed you,” you add in a whisper, but it’s like a slap across Harry’s face.
“Hey, none of that,” he sternly tells you, pulling away so he can look into your eyes. His hands cup your tear soaked cheeks as he looks down at you. “You could never disappoint me, especially not with something like this.”
“But you want this baby so much and I want it too, but we’ve been trying for three months and it should have happened by now…”
“Just because we got lucky the first two times, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be the same now. Three months is not that long, okay? And we have time, we can keep trying, it will happen in its own time.”
“And what if it doesn’t happen?” you ask with trembling lips.
“Then nothing changes, we have three beautiful kids, it’s already perfect, with or without another baby.”
“You won’t be mad if I don’t get pregnant again?” you ask in a broken whisper.
“Oh baby, I could never. You already gifted me with three amazing babies and I’m so happy with what we got. Please don’t beat yourself up about this, I don’t want you to wreck yourself because of it.”
“I love you,” you breathe out, wrapping your arms around his neck as you fight your emotions to get you to stop crying already.
“I love you too, Y/N. So much. Just take it easy, it will happen if it was meant to happen, okay?”
You just nod, kissing his neck a few times before pulling back. You feel so relieved already, knowing that it was a mistake to ever think Harry would be anything but kind and loving towards you even with all the failures you’ve been facing.
“Why don’t you take a shower or a bath, I’ll help Ellie with her homework and then we can make dinner together, how does that sound?” he hums, gently rubbing your back.
“No, I want to help Ellie. I want to… I want to be with the kids,” you tell him pouting and Harry gets you right away. Focusing on them will most likely take your mind off of the negative test.
“Alright, whatever you want,” he smiles nodding, kissing your forehead.
You take a quick shower, don’t want to get too deep in your thoughts. Dressed in Harry’s hoodie and a pair of comfortable yoga pants you head down, finding Harry in the living room with all three of your kids, looking very much like they are plotting something.
“Hey guys,” you greet the suspiciously, their heads snapping up at your arrival.
“Okay, now!” Harry whisper yells and a moment later you’re under attack.
Max is the first one to throw himself at you, then comes Maddie and then Ellie, all three of them hugging and kissing you, telling you how much they love you.
“Oh my God!” you chuckle, kneeling down so they can reach you better, Max climbs to your back and Maddie is giggling as she kisses your nose. You look Harry’s way who is watching you with a wide smile from the couch.
“Daddy said you needed extra love today!” Ellie explains, laying her head to your shoulder.
“Ah, you are so sweet,” you breathe out, touched by the gesture as you hug them to you the best you can. “I love you guys so much,” you murmur into Maddie’s hair.
“And we love you too, mum!” Max laughs from behind you, hanging from you like a little monkey.
Letting them go is a little hard, but you need to if you don’t want to start crying again. Harry was right. Even if this fourth baby doesn’t happen, you still have such an amazing family, you have nothing to be sad about.
Tumblr media
Having late night snacks with Harry has always been your favorite especially since you’ve become parents. Once the kids are down and you have some privacy, you often use this time to love on each other, but other times it’s not what you desire.
You’ve been moaning about wanting fries all day to Harry and he was sneaky enough to get a pack of frozen fries on his way home. Ellie went to bed with no problem after Harry read her a bedtime story and the twins were tired enough to fall asleep fast as well. Now as you’re making your way downstairs, you find your husband standing in the kitchen, his gaze fixated on the air fryer that’s most likely filled with fries.
“Oh God, I’ve been thinking about this all day!” you groan, grabbing plates from the cupboard.
“I should be offended that I’m not the one on your mind all day,” he huffs, pretending to be hurt, but you don’t miss the smirk that curls the corner of his mouth.
“You are too! But fries beat you today,” you snort, but kiss his shoulder blade moving past him.
Soon enough, the two of you are sitting at the kitchen island with a pile of fries in front of you, munching on it like you didn’t have dinner just a few hours ago.
“This needs ketchup,” Harry hums, walking over to the fridge.
“Can you grab the mustard too?”
“Mustard?” he gasps, but grabs it either way as he walks back to his previous seat. “I haven’t seen you eating mustard in ages!”
“I know!” you groan. “But I’m really craving it.”
“Last time you wanted mustard as if your life depended on it you were pregnant with the twins.”
You both freeze at his words, processing what he just said. Slowly you turn to face him, dropping the fry you were holding.
“And also when I was pregnant with Ellie,” you add, your eyes growing wider.
“Have you… when was your last period?” Harry asks in a whisper, the food long forgotten as he hops off his stool and you follow him while doing the quick math.
“I think… oh God, I’m like five days late! That’s a lot!” you gasp, realizing that you completely forgot about your period. You’ve had a busy week with work and Ellie’s school project you’ve been helping her to put together, it totally slipped your mind that you should have gotten your period earlier this week.
“Do you have any tests you haven’t used?”
“Yes, I have one, come on!” you grab his hand and you run up to your bathroom as if it was a race.
Just as you remembered it, the test is in the drawer where you put about two months ago when you and Harry agreed that you’d take the baby project a little easier, not forcing anything after your breakdown. That worked so well that you kind of forgot about it completely, right until two minutes ago.
Harry stays in the bathroom with you as you pee on the stick and then set it to the counter, setting an alarm on your phone. The two of you sit on the edge of the bathtub, hands tangled together as you anxiously wait for the three minutes to pass.
“Baby, if it comes back negative, it’s gonna be alright, okay? Don’t want you to feel bad about it,” he reminds you, kissing the side of your head.
“I know. We’re good. I love you,” you say, using it as a kind of mantra to calm your nerves.
“Love you too.”
You sit in silence for the remainder of the time until your phone goes off and you share a nervous look.
“You check it, I can’t,” you urge him and Harry nods as he grabs the test from the counter while you squeeze your eyes shut, bracing yourself for another failure. “What is it?” you ask in panic when you hear nothing from him.
Harry kneels in front of you, placing a hand on your knee as he kisses your forehead.
“Baby, open your eyes?”
“I don’t want to,” you whine. “Just tell me!”
“I think you’ll want to see this,” he chuckles softly and it sends a shiver down your spine. Slowly you open your eyes and meet Harry’s teary gaze as he grins at you wide. Before you could ask anything, he holds up the test and you gasp right away.
Two lines.
There’s no doubt that there are two lines. It’s not even faded, you don’t have to talk yourself into believing that there’s a second one, because it’s obvious.
“Oh my God,” you whisper, tears rolling down your cheeks as you take the test from him and take a closer look at it. “I’m not just seeing double, right?” you ask laughing through your tears.
“No,” he shakes his head chuckling. “It’s definitely positive.”
“It’s positive,” you repeat, eyes meeting his. “I’m pregnant. Again!”
“Yes, you are!” he laughs before wrapping his arms around you, pulling you tight into his embrace, both of you crying happy tears.
“We’re having another baby,” you whisper in shock as it slowly hits you. Even though you’ve been trying and planning on it, it’s still shocking that now it’s become reality. You’re gonna have another one.
“I told you baby. I told you it’s gonna happen. I knew it,” he mumbles into your hair, kissing you everywhere he can reach as you take deep breaths to stop you from crying.
“And you’re just always right,” you chuckle, cupping his face to pull him into a celebratory kiss.
“Always,” he hums happily against your lips.
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brittychelle · 13 hours ago
Alright loves. Here it is, Chapter 12 of Adore You. All 5.6k words worth of goodness for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. I love you all so much🥰
I woke up the next morning slowly, my eyes refusing to stay open no matter how hard I tried to make them cooperate. I stretched experimentally, feeling the pull in all my muscles, my body deliciously sore from the night before. Images of my night together with Harry played behind my closed eyelids as warmth flooded my cheeks.
“Someone is all smiles this morning.” Harry’s gravelly morning voice rasped in my ear.
I smiled broader, feeling his arms tighten around my waist and pulling me closer. He hugged me tightly, resting his chin on my shoulder and kissing my earlobe tenderly. The action sent shivers up my spine as I snuggled my body closer to him.
“I had a very good night's sleep.” I purred.
Purred? Since when did I purr? What was happening to me?
He chuckled, the sound of his deep laugh reverberating throughout my entire body from where my back was resting against his front. I decided then and there that I wanted the rest of my mornings to begin like this. I was completely content, here in the arms of the man I adored, not ever wanting this moment to end.
“Glad I could be of service,” he laughed softly.
I rolled over in his arms, we were facing each other now, our noses pressed gently together. I titled my head slightly and brought my lips to his. He kissed me tenderly, cupping my face in one of his large hands, his thumb caressing my cheek. Already I could taste the slight hint of mint on his breath, it was quickly becoming a new favorite flavor of mine. I was suddenly self conscious over my morning breath, but Harry didn’t seem to mind as he slowly slid his tongue into my mouth deepening our kiss.
We would have completely gotten carried away again if not for Harry’s phone dinging from the bedside dresser, signally an email had just come through. Harry groaned, using his free arm to reach behind and grab the phone. He rolled onto his back, repositioning me so I was laying on his chest. I laid and listened to the steady beat of his heart and he read through his emails.
“Anything important?” I inquired, really only wondering about one thing in particular.
He sighed, knowing what I was really asking. I could tell by the way he was avoiding answering my question that whatever message he had just received must have been regarding those photos taken last night.
“What is it Harry?” I asked, raising myself up off his chest to lay against the headboard of the bed. I pulled the duvet over my chest, covering my body, suddenly extremely self conscious of the fact that I was still completely naked from last night.
He turned off the phone, laying it back on the bedside table. He looked over at me, taking in my disgruntled expression. He stretched his arm out, taking my hand in his where it lay between us on the bed. He rubbed soothing circles into the skin, trying to comfort me, squeezing my fingers gently.
“It was DawBell. The pictures were forwarded to them and they wanted to know what was going on.” he replied softly, “They’re just doing their job, trying to get control of the situation. You know how all that shit works Em, it’s nothing we need to worry about.”
DawBell was Harry’s PR team. If they were already emailing him then it must mean the pictures were all over the internet. DawBell would want to get ahead of any situation, to defuse rumors as much as possible, or make a statement as to what was going on. Harry had a great PR team in his corner, always looking out for his best interest and keeping his public image immaculate. Harry was probably one of the easiest clients on Earth to have, because he was such a humble and all around amazing person, never getting caught up in the scandals that seemed to follow the Hollywood elite. This was probably completely out of left field where they were concerned. I was suddenly extremely ashamed of myself for catching him up in a potential scandal.
I was avoiding looking at my phone, knowing as soon as I logged onto social media I would be assaulted with image after image of us leaving that car together and walking into the hotel. While some diehard fans would know who I was, the majority of people would just assume I was a random hookup, another woman to add to the long list of Harry Styles’ conquests. The thought infuriated me, not just because I would be objectified, but because of the unfairness to Harry. It was awful that the media had portrayed him to be this womanizing manwhore for years, when the truth of the matter was that he was the exact opposite.
I logged onto Twitter, scrolling through my feed, looking at several fan accounts to see how much our picture had circulated. My heart sank when nearly every profile I visited had several posts about us, people speculating about who the new mystery girl was that was pictured. Most people just assumed I was a random hookup, others insisting I was a friend visiting for the show. The pictures were everywhere though, and I knew now it would be almost impossible for us to go out together without the paparazzi hounding us for more pictures. This was an added complication to our fragile new relationship that I didn;t need.
I shut off my phone, laying down and hiding under the covers. Harry chuckled, lifting the blankets enough to stick his head under with me, “Hey,” he said, tapping my nose lightly, “don’t worry about it, okay? This is nothing. People are always snapping pictures when I’m out. It was bound to happen eventually.”
He was right, I knew he was right, but the thought of being subjected to so much scrutiny was something I really struggled with. I knew being with Harry meant I would constantly be in the public eye. I had accepted that part of him a long time ago, but the idea of losing my privacy was immensely unappealing. It was going to be a major adjustment, something I was hoping to ease into slowly, but life had other plans it seemed, and being with Harry was more important to me then some stupid pictures on the internet anyway.
I threw the covers back, sitting back up beside him on the bed. He was looking at me worriedly, probably wondering how I was going to react. I smiled at him, cupping his face in my hands, I rubbed over the slight stubble on his cheeks, the roughness of the beard's growth oddly appealing. I leaned over and kissed him gently, just a soft brush of lips and lips, before pulling away.
“You’re right,” I sighed, “I suppose we’re going to have to start telling people about us if we’re going to be out publicly together...i-if that’s what you want anyway.” I blushed over the last part, lowering my eyes from his, studiously studying my hands.
His longer fingers coaxed my chin back up to meet his emerald gaze. His eyes were shining, a dimpled grin on his beautiful face, “Emma,” he spoke seriously, “I have no problem with anyone knowing you’re my girlfriend. I’m the luckiest man on the planet to be able to call you mine, I still can’t believe it’s actually real. I’ve wanted it for so long, and now I’m living my dream. Don’t ever think I would try to hide what we are. I’m fine with telling people. I think most of them have already figured it out anyway.” His words caused my heart to stutter, my stomach to fill with butterflies. Did he have any idea how much his words meant to me? I doubted it.
He laughed, and I couldn’t help but laugh with him, mostly because I was sure he was right. All the band and crew certainly had a pretty good idea, if they hadn’t already come to the right conclusion on their own. It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise when we actually came forward with being a couple. I just wondered how we’d actually tell them all. Just walk into rehearsal and announce it? Send a mass email to everyone on tour? Make those incredibly corny t-shirts couples wore proclaiming us a couple and walk into catering together?
“Don’t sit here worrying over it all day baby,” he pleaded, “I promise, it’s all going to be fine. Once we tell everyone then I’ll talk to PR and they’ll handle it. We don’t have to say anything, God knows everyone has already made their own assumptions. You know how social media is.”
Harry was notorious for trying to keep his personal life as private as possible. He very rarely spoke of his family or friends in interviews, no matter how many times he was asked, always finding the politest way possible to change the subject or redirect the questions. He liked to keep his personal relationships as private as possible as well, something he was adamant about as he got older after so much scrutiny of his past relationships while he was in One Direction. It always pained me to think of those times, and how he was objectified with any relationship he was in. I’d hated seeing him with other people, though I'd never said so to him, always playing the supportive best friend when things got too intense for him. I’d been there to pick up the pieces after every break up, secretly hoping one day he would realize what was right in front of him. It was odd to be on this side of things, to be the topic of discussion, after so many years of being the person he came to with his problems over things just like what we were going through now.
“I won’t,” I promised, “No more looking at social media today for me.”
“Good,” he said, kissing the tip of nose, “I’m going to go for a quick run, if that’s okay? Give you some time to yourself to decompress.”
I knew he was trying to politely give me space to get up and wash away the remnants of my lost virginity in private. He didn’t want to embarass me by being here when I flipped back the covers and exposed the small stains of blood on the sheets. It was a kind gesture, something most people would never think to take into consideration. My heart swelled at the thoughtfulness behind such an act. I nodded my head, leaning up to kiss him quickly before he rolled out of bed. His maked body came into view as he removed the covers, walking over to his luggage to take out his running attire. I tried not to stare at his perfect backside, or the way the muscles in his shoulder and back bunched and released with his movements under his sun kissed skin. My hormones were insanely out of whack around him. I couldn’t control my desires at all in his presence. This was going to be troublesome if I didn't get it under control soon.
Once he was dressed, he walked back across the room and kissed me again. He was reluctant to break away from me, and I giggled as I playfully pushed him away. He finally left, after stealing several more kisses, laughing on his way out the door. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I watched him go, already anticipating his return. It was insane that I missed him the moment he was gone, how I couldn’t wait to see him again when he’d only just left. I sighed heavily, finally finding the courage to push myself out of bed. I quickly cleared the mattress of the soiled linens, not letting my eyes linger on the bright red spain in the center of the sheets. I laid the pile on the far side of the bed, knowing that housekeeping would be by to clean up the mess later.
I took a very long and hot shower, letting the water work out the soreness in my stiff muscles. I scrubbed my skin with my strawberry scented body wash, and shaved my legs and other more private areas in hopes that I had a reason for needing the smoothness later. I washed my hair, taking extra care to lather and rinse, letting the gentle stream of water wash away the suds. When I finally exited the shower I felt like an entirely new person. I toweled off, and applied lotion, then dried my hair and straightened it before leaving the bathroom.
When I walked back into the bedroom nearly an hour later Harry still hadn’t returned. I reached for my phone to see if he had texted, feeling ridiculous when my heart fell a little not seeing anything from him. I did have a missed call from Jeff however, and a voicemail asking me to come by his room when I had the time. I sent a quick text to Harry telling him I was going by Jeff’s room and I would be back shortly, before calling Jeff and informing him I was on my way,
Jeff’s room was located at the main end of the hall on the same floor as mine and Harry’s. I knocked lightly on the door and waited for him to let me in. The door opened seconds later and Jeff motioned me inside with a welcoming smile. I walked into the hotel room, following him to the living room, as he motioned for me to have a seat on the sofa.
“Thanks for coming by Em,” he said warmly, “Can I get you something to drink?”
“No, I'm fine, thank you,” I replied politely.
Jeff came to sit beside me on the sofa, reaching over to turn the volume on the television down. I gave him my full attention, suddenly curious what he needed to talk to me about. It was odd for him to request my presence on an off day during tour. On days that Harry didn’t have a show it was technically my day off. Jeff and I texted back and forth most of the time about ideas and plans for upcoming shows on the daily but he’d never requested I come to his room to talk before.
“So, what’s up?” I asked, breaking the silence, “something wrong with order i placed for the boas and sunglasses?”
“No, no,” he replied quickly, “The shipments should arrive in Houston by tomorrow. That was a brilliant Idea by the way. I think it's really going to be something to see everyone in the pits with heart shaped sunglasses and feather boas. Harry will love it!”
I hoped he was right, “I was thinking of getting the security and other members of the crew to wear them as well. I think that’ll really go over with the fans.”
“Awesome,” Jeff said encouragingly, “I’ll have it set up.”
“Thanks friend,” I said with a smile.
We conversed for a while about other aspects of the shows and ideas I had for upcoming events. I loved bouncing ideas off Jeff and creating plans to up the experience for the fans seeing a Love on Tour show. I knew how important Harry’s fans were to him and I wanted to make their time at the shows something special. It was one of the things I loved best about my job and working with Jeff was amazing when it came to these matters. Harry texted me to inform me he was back from his run and that he was going to take a quick shower. I typed back a reply telling him I’d be back by the time he was finished. Jeff must have noticed the stupid grin on my face because he chuckled before saying playfully, “Far be it for me to keep the lovebirds apart for any longer.”
I apologized, “No, it’s fine real-”
“It’s fine Emma,” he laughed, standing up and walking over to the small bar in the kitchen. When he walked back to me he was holding a small manila envelope. He handed it to me, a slightly wary look in his eyes, “I actually needed you to come by to get these papers,” he said, clearing his throat.
“What are they?” I asked curiously.
He seemed a little awkward when he replied, “Look, I know what's going on with you and Harry and I hope you know that you have my full support. I love the two of you together, and he’s honestly the happiest I've ever seen him. You know the legal teams though, and how they look at everything. They don’t know your relationship past what it is now, so they insisted that I deliver these to you. It’s an NDA they want you to sign about your relationship with Harry.”
“Oh,” I managed through my tight throat, “o-okay, t-thank you.”
I didn’t really know what to say, Having these papers handed to me was definitely not what I had expected. I could feel my cheeks getting red from embarrassment. Everything was just spiraling out of control and happening way too fast for me to process everything.
“Emma,” Jeff said gently, reaching over and covering my hand with his, “It’s just a technicality. All legal bullshit that keeps the lawyers a job and gives them something to do. It’s not personal. Don’t take it that way please.”
I shook my head, “Of course not,” I replied to spare his feelings. It wasn’t technically Jeff’s fault after all, “I understand.”
Jeff blew out a breath in relief, “Thank God,” he said, as I stood up he pulled me into a hug, “I really am happy for you and Harry.”
“Thank you,” I replied, hugging him back.
“Just read over the agreement and sign it so I can get it back to the lawyers and keep them off our backs, okay?”
“Sure,” I nodded, taking the envelope with me as Jeff walked me to the door.
I said my goodbyes, promising there were no hard feelings and turned to walk back to mine and Harry’s room, a pit forming in my stomach.
When I walked into our hotel room Harry was lounging on the sofa, his hair still damp from the shower was hanging down onto his forehead. He was shirtless, his tattoos and beautifully sculpted body on full display, wearing only a pair of black nylon athletic shorts. Under normal circumstances I would have thrown myself at him, unable to control my erratic hormones with him looking like that, but the NDA was heavy in my hands and I wasn’t exactly in the right headspace for such antics. I did manage to smile at him as I closed the door behind me and began walking over to join him.
“How was your run?” I asked, trying to brighten my voice so as not to alert him to my change in mood since we had parted ways earlier.
“It was nice,” he replied, leaning over to peck me playfully on the lips when I was within range, “it’s about to start raining again though, the clouds were nearly black by the time I made it back to the hotel.”
Rain usually was a comfort to me, today it would only serve to darken my mood. I tried to shake off the feeling, focusing instead on Harry, “Did you get caught by any adoring fans?” I asked, already knowing the answer. Harry was always spotted on his runs.
“They were all extremely lovely,” He said, with a dimpled grin, “very understanding lot today. I hate not being able to take pictures and interact with them. Fucking pandemic.”
Harry was always worrying about letting his fans down. One of the things people loved so much about him was that he was always willing to stop for a picture and chat with them for a few minutes any time he was out and about. Harry was always hugging them, and signing autographs no matter how busy his schedule was or how hard his security detail tried to pull him away from situations. After the pandemic, all that had to stop. Harry had to withdraw and keep himself away from his fans as much as possible. Gone were the days of hugs and autographs, it was just too risky to be that close to others. Keeping Harry covid free was top priority, its why everyone on tour was subjected to daily covid screens, as well as being mandated to be vaccinated. Anyone with symptoms would have to quarantine just for everyone's safety, and masks were an absolute must any time we were out in public. It was a hassle but we all had to do our part if we ever wanted this pandemic to end.
“That’s great,” I smiled knowingly, “I know how much it bothers you not being able to be able to interact with them.”
His eyebrows drew together, a small v forming between his eyes, “I just don’t want them to think I’m intentionally being rude. I don’t want them to think I don’t care or I'm just some prick celebrity like every other famous person.”
I laughed softly, “I don’t think anyone would ever think you’re like every other celebrity. They know how kind and humble you are. One day this damn pandemic will be over and things can go back to normal.”
“I hope so baby, I really do,” he said, his eyes drifting down to the manila envelope in my hands, “What do you have there?”
I quickly pulled the envelope out of reach as he extended his hand out towards me to take it from my hands, “Just some paperwork Jeff wanted me to sign before we headed out to Houston tomorrow.”
“What kind of paperwork?” he asked, not buying into my lie as quickly as I had hoped he would, “something about your job?”
I was a terrible liar. I hated being put on the spot and having to come up with a convincing enough story to make others believe. I also hated the feeling that came after. Lying wasn’t easy for me at all but dealing with the guilt after the lie was even worse. I didn’t like deceiving people, so I tried to avoid lying at all costs unless it was absolutely necessary. I knew Harry would find out the truth eventually so there was really no point in trying to keep this from him, plus I had never been able to lie to Harry to save my life. So I sighed, handing him the envelope without saying another word. He took it from me, pulling the agreement out and reading over it for a few moments before exploding off the couch and tossing the paperwork onto the small end table sat beside the sofa.
“What the fuck?” he bellowed, “who the hell gave you those?”
I didn’t know how to navigate this anger in him. Harry was usually very calm and level headed in almost all situations. Once, when we were twelve and had been riding bikes down the lane for our house I had gone over a small embankment and broken my wrist. It was a pretty bad break, my wrist was twisted at a completely wrong angle, and I was totally freaking out and crying. Harry had jumped down beside and and pulled me into his arms, telling me it was going to be okay and making me breath evenly through my nose until I'd stopped hyperventilating. Once he’d gotten me calmed down enough he’d sat me on the handlebars of his bike and drove us back to my mum's house. She had taken one look at my wrist and rushed me to the local ER where she worked. I’d had to have emergency surgery to reset the bone but because I’d gotten there so quickly they were able to fix me up nice and clean with no long lasting complications. Harry was there when I woke up, tears in his eyes but a dimpled grin on his face. He walked over calmly to my hospital bed and held my hand while we watched hours of TV, making the short time I was there bearable.
This Harry was completely different from the calm, steady presence I had always known. He was pacing around the room, muttering to himself about “fucking NDA’s” pausing only long enought to look to me for an answer to his pervious question, “Well,” he snapped, causing me to jump slightly, “what dumbass gave you those papers to sign?”
“Harry,” I said, startled at how steady my voice sounded, “stop raising your voice at me.”
He stopped his pacing, a startled look softening his features, “I’m sorry baby,” he apologized, coming over to cup my cheek gently in his hands, “I didn’t mean to take my anger out on you. Please tell me who gave you those papers.”
The fact that I could calm the storm raging inside him so easily nearly gave me whiplash, but I was glad I had gotten him to calm down enough to at least stop his incessant pacing. I took a deep breath before answering, “Jeff gave them to me. He said the lawyers insisted I sign them since our relationship was becoming public.”
“Fucking Jeff,” he seethed, anger replacing the the calm again, “bloody wanker.”
“Harry,” I chastised, “it’s not his fault. He’s only doing his job.”
Harry rolled his eyes, agitation clear in every line of his body, “Well you can tell him to shove the bloody thing up his arse. You’re not signing those damn papers Em. Just go ahead and throw them in the trash, I don’t want to see the fucking things again.”
“Harry, I’m not going to throw the NDA away. I'll sign it and give them back to Jeff this afternoon so he can get them back to the lawyers. It’s really not a big deal. It’s not like I would ever talk to anyone about us anyway.” I reasoned, taking my hand and cupping his cheek, running my thumb along the skin.
“That’s not the fucking point,” he huffed, “and you aren’t signing that agreement Emma, I’m serious. I don’t want you signing anything until I talk to Jeff myself.”
Heat flooded my cheeks, horror causing a pit to form in my stomach, “Harry, no!” I pleaded, taking his hands in my own, squeezing his fingers, “please don’t say anything. Jeff is my boss. I don’t want you to cause a scene that could affect my job.”
Harry snorted, “That’s not going to happen Em. Technically I’m your boss's boss so any decision he makes has to go by me anyway. You’re not going to lose your job, I can guarantee that.”
I rolled my eyes, hating that this part of my life was now so complicated, “Babe, please. Just let it go. I won’t sign it but don’t start anything with Jeff. He wasn’t the one that typed the papers up. He’s just the messenger.”
Harry finally nodded his head, though I could tell he still wasn’t pleased about the situation. I wished there was some way to salvage the morning, but I feared that the mood was already ruined for the day. I wish we could go back to this morning and that neither of us had ever looked at our phones. I hated this feeling of strain between us, the tension was much too thick for my liking. I moved over to sit closer to him on the sofa, and like I was hoping he slung an arm over my shoulder, so I could stretch out in his arms. He rested his chin on my head, wrapping his arms around my stomach and holding me tight. I laid against him, reveling in the feeling of being in his arms. We didn’t get to enjoy the moment for very long however because my phone started ringing. I reached into my pocket, fishing the thing out with some difficulty. The screen showed Sarah’s name, and I brightened instantly as I answered the phone.
“Emma,” Sarah’s cheerful voice sounded over the line, “how are you?”
I smiled at her cheerful mood, leaning up when Harry tapped my shoulder lightly, indicating he needed up. He whispered he would be right back in my ear before walking towards the bathroom, probably heading for the loo.
“I’m doing well,” I answered back, “how are you and Mitch? You guys were amazing last night!”
“You’re too sweet,” she replied gratefully, “did you and Harry have a nice evening?”
I knew she was asking because she’d seen the pictures of us online, “So you saw?” I asked.
“I saw,” she replied somberly, “don’t let it get to you girl. Those paps are always looking for some sleazy story to run. It’s not worth getting upset over.”
I smiled. Sarah was a really good friend to me, I was lucky to have her not only on this tour but in my life, “Thanks Sarah. I’m actually okay with it, I think. Harry and I decided it would be best to tell everyone on tour about us and then we’re going to figure out how to deal with the public sde of things.”
Sarah’s squeal of excitement sounded over the phone, “You two are finally coming clean?” she asked happily, “I’m so happy for you honey. Mitch!” her voice was muffled for a moment as she moved the phone away from her face, “Mitch! Harry and Emma have finally got their heads out of their asses!”
I couldn’t help but laugh as I heard Mitch’s sarcastic reply, “About damn time,”
“Listen Em, I was actually calling to see if you and Harry wanted to go out for dinner tonight with Mitch and I. There is this lovely little Italian restaurant a couple of blocks from the hotel. Mitch asked Jeff to receive the place for us so we can be undisturbed but get out of these hotel rooms for the night. I know you have to be tired of room service for dinner every night.”
A night away from the hotel and out with our friends did sound delightful. I couldn’t help the excitement I felt at the idea of having a semi-normal evening out on a date with my boyfriend. It was almost impossible to fathom that this was actually my life right now. I told Sarah that sounded like a lovely idea and made plans to meet them at the restaurant at 9 that evening. I hung up soon after with a stupid grin plastered on my face. I hopped off the couch and made my way across the room towards the bedroom that Harry had yet to come out of. I called his name as I literally pranced to the door but he did respond. The door to our bedroom was slightly cracked and I could hear his raspy voice coming from the other side.
“I don’t give a fuck what they say,” he was talking to someone angrily on the the phone, pacing around the bed, “Well tell them I said no fucking way is that happening.” a short pause, “She's not signing the damn paperwork Jeff. If they have anything to say, tell them they can come to me.” A longer pause this time, “Just do your job and take care of it, and don’t you dare say a word to her about this. Honestly Jeff, a fucking NDA? She’s not some fucking groupie, it’s Emma. She’s everything to me and I won’t have her hurt over this shit.”
I gasped at his choice of words. I was everything to him? When did that happen? Harry had always been everything to me but I never thought I was as important to him. He was just stretched too thin between his personal and professional life to ever make me a priority. Hearing those words come out of his mouth made my heart leap and heat flooded throughout my body. I opened the door slowly, not letting him know I was standing behind it for the past several minutes. I decided it wasn’t worth starting a fight over, especially after what I'd just heard him admit. I walked over to him and threw my arms around his shoulders, standing on my tiptoes to press my lips lightly to his.
“Hey,” he said hoarsely, lifting me off my feet, “did you miss me?”
I nodded, “Extremely so.” I said, pressing my forehead to his, “Sarah wants us to go out to dinner with her and Mitch at this little italian restaurant down the road from here.”
“That sounds nice,” he said, walking us over to sit on the edge of the bed, “What time are we to meet them?”
“Nine,” I said, “oh and I told them about us, not like they didn’t already know.”
He laughed, “Two down,” he said, laying us down and snuggling into my side.
“The whole world to go,” I said quietly.”
He chuckled, kissing a trail of fire along my jaw all the way to the corner of my mouth. I sighed, reveling in the feeling of his lips on my heated skin. His hands were on the hem of my shirt, slowly lifting the fabric up my body, “Do you have any other plans for the day?” he rasped into my ear.
I shook my head, unable to form coherent speech as his hands cupped my breast.
“Good,” he smiled against my skin, “let's waste some time until dinner.”
“Harry,” I moaned, as his hands unclasped my bra, his fingers gently massaging my nipples.
“Better make it count,” he said softly.
And we did, over and over for the rest of the day.
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starshipsofstarlord · 7 hours ago
it must be nice;
Summary: the public breakup all those years ago had only created more of a distance between you and your old band member Harry Styles, and everybody still assumes from your music that you are still smitten. But he’s the one that can’t let you go.
Pairing: Harry Styles x reader
Warnings: angst, mentions of breakup, implied smut, anger and hurt, mention of 1D split up
Word Count: 1541
Masterlist Link
Tumblr media
Falling from fame was practically humiliation, and you weren’t the only one who had suffered from such a fatal injury. The band had broken and split and each of you had gone solo to carry on your legacies of making it, but the media had made you lose it. After one direction snapped and cracked and there was no going back, you weren’t known as the girl in the band, no. The world associated you as Harry Styles’ Ex. It was humiliating and degrading and no one would listen to your music without assuming that each lyric written was about the idol himself. When things had ended, when it felt as though the work was coming to an over personified stop, the two of you had still been together and for some time happy. But the fact was the two of you didn’t need to be together for any longer. It had been advised to be at one another’s hips by your agents, to bring more to the platform than just music, it evoked drama, and it remained as you opened your door, a glare on your face as you saw who was on the other side.
The poser himself, downright he was no doubt loving the attention your songs gave him, lapping up any praise that he was given for bringing inspiration to let you look into a new light. He was the last person on the planet that you wanted to see, of course your mutual friend Lizzo just had to give him your address, you’d remind yourself to lock the automatic gates next time, you’d love to see him scramble over it to gain the momentum of your attention. There was an innocence written over his face, as though he was subject to not know what he had done to your reputation, things had changed and he had the never to step on up to your property and display a nervous smile. “Hi.” His accent was still thick as were his curls that he had let loose after a much needed cut, and you’d have been impressed if the world had not defined you as someone that had still to move on from him. You’d seen many men and women in your time apart, and whilst none were particularly better in the sack than him it gave you the freedom to be yourself and not have to stand beside someone or roll in a bed with someone for the cameras.
“Hello Harry.” You hoped that you sounded like a villain greeting him, your arc had already evolved as you gained the power to resent him, though it was not your goal to destroy him. All you wanted was your dignity back, though that was never going to happen. “Is there a reason you are here after two years, I’m going to make the assumption that it is to see me? After all I don’t have any of your crap and it’d be a tad late if you’re here to collect anything, I mean as I remember it I’m sure you took everything with you. The fans. The spotlight. Should I go on?” Bitter was an understatement to how you were feeling, it was as though you had been brainwashed through the internet to think him as your enemy, and Harry would be telling a fib if he said he didn’t feel guilty. He wished that you could see it and him in the state he was, things had gone to ruin when you had went your separate ways in the industry, though they definitely weren’t perfect when you were all together.
“I heard your song y/n.” Was stated from the passage of his lips, he looked down at the ground for a moment before engaging in eye contact with you which was dangerous all on its own. “It must be nice. But I’ll tell you that it isn’t, I miss you so fucking much, I know we were told to be together but I miss you as a friend, as a colleague, and everything else.” He dryly licked his lips as you face remained monotone and devoid of any analytical emotion, and he realised that if he were to get through to you he’d have to try harder. The truth was brutal, all the glances at you in interviews weren’t directed, they were real intrigued, he had enjoyed watching you laugh and smile and nowadays it didn’t seem like you did much of that. “I want you back, I want us to be together without being two kids who were told to. And I didn’t come here expecting a yes, I just needed you to know that I am sorry for the shit the world has handed to you. It isn’t nice y/n/n…”
“Congratulations, you listen to the radio.” Rolling your eyes at his affections, you rested your weight against the archway into your home, crossing your arms as you battled against your inner emotions of crumbling before him and opening your heart to his advances. Out of the rest of the band that you had been in, the only one that you really concerned yourself with was Louis, it wasn’t that you didn’t like the other boys, but it was simply the fact that surprisingly he was the only one not to pry about your emotions when you walked away from Harry and independently planned a new future for yourself. It was embarrassing really, after having known all the boys for so many years and being placed with them because of the deviant judge Simon Cowell, it seemed that they could nothing else to talk with you about other than the conversation that was contorted by the public and put in headlines; you may have been their friend and as close as a family member, but that didn’t mean that it was a subject that you were willing to endure through the mouths of the people that you cared about.
No matter who they were, everyone seemed to be on Harry’s side, although there was no falling out. He had been granted a support system by the public whilst you had been left to stand on your own, which made you realise that you didn’t need anybody but yourself, not even the man that was crying on your doorstep. “Please don’t shut this door on me y/n, I need more than a sarcastic response, I need you to be honest with me, tell me how you really feel even if you never want to pursue anything. It’s what I need if I want to move on, you were my first real love. You were everything that I wanted but I didn’t know until it was too late, being with you was a routine, one of the few back then that I actually enjoyed, you’d convince me to read before bed instead of sit up on my phone, you helped me fix my tie on my mum’s wedding, you showed me that I didn’t have to be scared to really fall in love and I know that we never said those words but…”
“I needed you Harry!” Shock crawled onto his face when you finally had enough and snapped, regret pooling onto your features as you tried to settle down the brewing anger in your chest. “I needed you…” you said much softer, blinking back any liquid which dare to make an emotional appearance in your eyes, “and as soon as we split it was like I didn’t exist. You spoke to the other boys but not me, it was like I was just the dumb chick that Simon wanted to put in the band to make there be some kind of gender balance. He really messed up pairing me with you guys, it was fun whilst it lasted but it’s over now, and I’m at peace with that. Those memories still may be in our minds but there’s no future for us H, we were two young kids who were out of our minds and brainwashed by the fame and glory. There’s nothing that I’d do differently, so don’t you dare say things that you never said back then.”
“Fine, I won’t say anything.” His voice drawled out, an undertone of prevalence intoxicating the tone, you frowned in confusion when you heard it, but you remained still until you closed and sighed, Harry taking it as his opportunity to take a step closer. With his thumb and forefinger, he raised your chin as you still dared not look back at him as his nose bumped against yours, your breaths becoming one stream of hot air before he lightly engulfed your lips with his own, humming as you benevolently kissed him back as though you were experiencing a dream, deluded by the false reality. But it was all real and happening in the present time as you dragged Harry backwards by the collar of his shirt, kicking the door closed behind him as your hands tugged at the materials that hugged his body, silently demanding that he remove them. It was his pleasure to, and he didn’t know how long this break in the silence would last, but whilst it did it was nice.
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fkinavocado · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
In which you've got textbook daddy issues and when your tool of a younger brother brings a sweet doe eyed girlfriend home for Thanksgiving and you end up offering her a ride home, you meet just the man to fix them.
Warning: 18+, smut, daddy kink, praise kink, age gap (older male/younger female), slow burn, angst, childhood trauma regarding domestic violence (non-sexual)
Y/N=your name
alternatively, read on AO3 or wattpad
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11 (updated Oct 25)
bonus: excerpts
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cocochannel00 · 3 months ago
To the people trying to defend Harry and his team regarding tour: please stop.
They had ample opportunities to announce things (literally anything) or even send out an email stating that due to the on going pandemic tour dates are still being finalized and are tentative. Stop trying to make people feel bad for spending money on tickets when this show was suppose to be almost a year ago. People have a right to treat themselves and experience things.
And it’s not just a matter of “you can resell the ticket or just get a refund”. No. People have hotels, flights, etc. so many fans aren’t fortunate enough to live in one of the 30+ big cities he’s touring and need to travel so kindly get off your high horse. I had to sell my NYC tickets back in June of last year cause I couldn’t afford them anymore.
The lack of communication from everyone involved (CAA, Ticketmaster, HSHQ, Harry) is disrespectful and disheartening. So many other artists have been able to reschedule and announce it without a problem and Harry and his team have the platform and money to do it all so I don’t want to hear it.
This is his job. He sold a product/service and now is refusing to confirm/deny what’s happening with it.
Let people hold them accountable. LET PEOPLE HOLD HARRY ACCOUNTABLE.
Update: While I think postponing part of tour was the right thing to do, (albeit postponing all of tour to 2022 would be best) everything isn’t fixed with 3 tweets and Instagram post promising new music.
That’s absolute bull and I’m sorry if you get sucked into it. Harry didn’t write that tweet, his team wrote that.
The language is so perfectly crafted to not offend anyone and promise just enough to keep people at bay. I write social copy all the time and you’re trained to do this. Harry didn’t write it (he most likely gave it a once over and gave them a thumbs up to post), his team did and people deserve more than just a post.
Ticketmaster won’t let people resell tickets, travel accommodations are ruined... they’ve had months (you don’t get a new tour date in 2 weeks) and it’s a mess for so many people (on top of just canceling the Canada dates a month away). This is all absurd.
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meetmymouth · 20 days ago
now i neeed the groupie back story like HOW???
love on tour: the groupie extra
how it all started (part one) word count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
It's too loud, so loud that she thinks she's going to pass out for real.
She doesn't.
Instead, she keeps heaving and acting as though she's short on breath as she keeps the act up while Harry Styles stands in front of her, hands in the air as he tries to guide her through breathing. If things were different, she thinks she would laugh at the way Harry looks at her, curious gaze all over her face and body despite the circumstances. She doesn't mind it.
He speaks first.
"Get her backstage," he says to the man dressed in all black. "It's too crowded and loud here. Hey," he looks at her again, a smile appearing on his face. "I gotta go but I'll come check on you inside. Go with them, we'll help you, okay?"
She looks at the girls beside her, all sort of worried but still curious and hazy after seeing Harry up close, and lets the men help her cross the barrier that leads to backstage. She forgets what she's doing for a moment when she notices all the people running around the small space, and she begins coughing again when the security guard looks at her, eyebrows raised in question.
"Sit down," he says, walking her to a metal chair behind the curtains of backstage. "I'll bring you water and an inhaler. Asthma, right?"
She nods. He walks away.
She keeps coughing, just in case, and breathing all weird until she sees him walking over with two men. She knows one of them is Jeff Azoff. The sight makes her feel uneasy, guilty, though she keeps it up and it sort of feels like she's seriously ill, like seeing them here made it all real and that she's actually going to have an asthma attack even though she knows she doesn't have asthma.
"Hey," Harry's the first one to talk, and he kneels on the floor in front of her. "Here," Jeff gives him an inhaler. "Have this. I also have water– how are you feeling? Any better?"
"Uh... I think so," she takes the inhaler and brings it up to her lips. She takes two pumps, cringing at the feeling of it at the back of her throat, and gives it back. "I'll be fine."
"Good. You scared me back there."
"Sorry... it was all too much, the heat, the noise... y'know?" She looks down at her shoes, then back up again. Their eyes meet. "Thank you. You're very kind."
He smiles, hand going up to her shoulder as he squeezes once, twice, before letting go. "No worries. Hey... ah–" He looks up at Jeff, and does or mouths something she can't understand. Jeff leaves. "–Would you like to stay for a bit? Until you're... okay? We can have a drink or two? After– I mean, after you're all good."
She looks down at her cleavage, grinning when she catches him do the same.
"Sure," she murmurs. In a bold move, she touches his shoulder, feeling the dampness of his sweat under her palm. "I'd love a drink, Harry."
When she looks up at him, she notices the smirk. With dimples on full display, he holds her hand and brings it to his lap, hand still wrapped in his.
"How old are you," he asks, the smirk still present.
She grins, squeezing his hand once before she ever so gently squeezes his thigh, and that earns a hiss from him.
"Is it," she whispers, eyes never leaving his. "Nice?"
Harry licks his lips, then brings her hand up, to his sweaty chest. He keeps it there, still in his, and nods. "It certainly is."
Seconds pass, both their hands now intertwined, and the moment disappears when Jeff comes back with a tiny red cup. It’s obvious it holds alcohol, and he just clears his throat, making them both jump before Harry looks turns to look at him. 
“Yes,” he says, reaching for the cup. 
He downs it, just like that, and cringes at the sour taste presumably before his eyes find hers again. He doesn’t speak to her though, and instead, he says Jeff’s name.
“She’s coming with me,” Harry nods at her, as if to ask permission.
It’s a yes, of course it is.
He lets go of her hand and guides her through the corridor, passing all kinds of people doing all kinds of things, and they stop in front of a white door. It says ‘Harry Styles’, in bold, and there’s a single star underneath his name. He opens it, welcoming her inside before he shuts the door behind them. He doesn’t lock it, though, and instead, he looks at her expectantly.
“So,” Harry smiles. “Your name?”
She says her name, trying to act all shy, but when he reaches for his shirt buttons, she can’t help but bite her lip, wanting to reach out and do it herself. He repeats the name twice, and smiles at the ground again, but he looks up, and motions at the sofa on their left. 
“You can sit, y’know?”
“I’m good.”
“Okay... so. Are you feeling any better?” He asks, sliding the shirt off of his shoulders and placing it neatly on the dresser behind him. “You look like you’re feeling better.”
She chuckles at that, thinking for a moment that he’s caught up on the act. “I’m better, thank you. For everything.”
“You’re very welcome. I want to ask you something else, though,” his hands reach for the rolled up towel on the same dresser, but she can’t look anywhere other than his torso.
He’s sweaty. Extremely. And he’s glistening under the mellow lights of his dressing room with each tattoo shining as if to say ‘look, I’m here’. The butterfly, she notices, looks extremely delicious, all wet and inviting, but she can’t do anything but admire from afar. She notices a droplet of sweat running down, passing the butterfly and disappearing into his trousers, and she feels her pussy tingle at the sight. 
He laughs, bringing her back from her thoughts. “Y’with me?”
“Yes. You’re just...” she gives herself a chance to make this worth it. “...very distracting.”
Harry laughs again, and she notices how deep and big his dimple is from up close. “I am? Have you seen yourself?”
“So,” she feels bold. Excited, and on fire. “What– what were you going to ask me?”
“Would you like to come to my hotel room tonight? For a drink?”
“A drink?”
“Yes,” he nods, and he now has a plain white t-shirt on.
“Yeah, sure.”
“Okay. Lovely. Do you– were you here with someone?”
She shakes her head. From the grin on his face, she knows she’s given the correct answer.
“Perfect, then, isn’t it? Can have you all to myself tonight.”
She feels her hands and knees shake at the suggestiveness of it all, but she tries her best not to look too excited. When in fact, she is. 
“I guess you do.”
“That’s what I like to hear.”
“So, are you– when should I come?”
She nods. “Okay.”
“Okay, darling. Hey,” he tilts his head. “Have you got your phone on you?”
“I’ll give you my manager’s phone number,” he extends his arm, waiting for her to place her phone in his palm. His hands are big, she notices, so big. “Call when you’re there and he’ll meet you at the door.”
She watches as he puts the phone number in, and when he’s done, he gives it back, the smile appearing back on his face. 
“Would you be okay with signing a few things?” He asks, stepping into her space. Their toes almost touch, and she can smell his cologne and the sweat. 
“Yes,” she says without thinking too much of it. “Of course.”
A moment pass with him just watching her with a smile, and he licks his bottom lip before he speaks again. “Thank you,” he says, then places his hand on the side of her neck.
He thumbs at the vein there, then brings his thumb to her bottom lip, presses gently and out of habit, she finds herself parting her lips. When she notices the look in his eyes, she gives a kitten lick at the thumb, smiling at the salty taste of his skin before he murmurs something under his breath, thumb still pressed deep inside her mouth. 
“You’re somethin’ else, aren’t you, hm?” He whispers, taking his thumb out of his mouth before he strokes her bottom lip, smearing her saliva across the flesh. 
“You’ve seen nothing yet, Harry Styles.”
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erodasfishtacos · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tying You Down/Orlando HSLOT
prompt: a certain person at the orlando show brings back an onslaught of memories for YN that she wants to leave in the past.
warnings: smut, heavy angst
i write for FREE - so if you would like to support my work, you can donate here. ($15 is guaranteed blurb).
if you liked please reblog, recommended, like, and come talk to me about it!
outfit for the tampa show (thanks @vocalharry)! ****
YN didn’t expect to see her at this concert, not in Orlando of all places, but there she was - sat near the stage but above the pit with a few friends.
For fucks sake, Harry and her had been married for nearly eight years but it still fucking stung to see that pretty girl.
The girl who she had despised for those four months that she and Harry had broken up - the only other girl Harry had dated was at the show to see him.
Of course, she wasn’t prepared, and god - she didn’t expect that it would make her spiral a bit but it really fucking did.
Harry hadn’t even dated the girl for more than a month before he dumped her but it didn’t make her feel any better.
“I-I started dating someone,” Harry whispers into the phone, his voice was unsteady and unsure in a way it has been lately when he talked to her.
“Why are you calling to tell me this?” YN bites back, halfway across the world from him but still hurting as much as if he was sitting next to her.
“Bec-because…” His tone is slower than usual, nervous, “I wanted t’tell you before the media caught on and it was blasted everywhere.”
“I don’t care what you do, Harry. We’re broken up, remember?” The only way she can cover her pain is by being sharp - like she rarely ever was.
In reality, she did care.
She cared so fucking much it felt like Harry had just torn her already broken heart on a thousand more pieces.
“I know tha’s not true,” Harry challenges, he wants to hear that she does fucking care.
He needs her to care about him.
“God, H,” YN groans with fierce irritation, “I’m so glad that you’re moving on so fast. Really, good for you, popstar.”
“Don’t call me that!” Harry hisses, he hated when she said it like it was a curse word, like it was a poisonous thing - popstar, “I’m tryin’ to get over you because y’fuckin’ ended it! Not me. I’m goin’ to go out and enjoy my date then just t’spite you.”
And shit…that fucking stung.
It pierced so deep that YN didn’t even register she hung up on him until he tries to call her back but she feels the hot tears streaming down her face.
All she’s done lately is fucking cry.
After the third call, the phone stops ringing - YN knows he’s due on stage any minute with the band in Madrid, she knows because she was supposed to be there.
And it’s nearly three in the morning when her phone starts blaring in the silence of her bedroom, she already knew who it was.
When she answers, she doesn’t say “hello” or anything - waits for him to speak first.
“Y’know I wasn’t gonna drop it,” Harry murmurs softly, “I’m sorry I said tha’. I just miss you and I don’t want t’date anyone else but I don’t know wha’ to do. I didn’t just lose my girlfriend, I lost m’best friend.”
“It-it wasn’t working,” YN argues weakly, “We…we were fighting and I want you t-to enjoy this time of y-your life. Sleep around, party..”
“I don’t want tha’! I want you! You’re so fuckin’ scared but I don’t know why. I’ve always been loyal t’you, just because we were fighting doesn’t mean we could have worked through it. We always have!”
“I think it’s for the best, H,” YN lies, the way her voice quivers gives it away.
“Y’full of shit,” Harry snaps before he turns the tables and hangs up on her.
It wasn’t that the girl he’d casually saw was the definition of evil but she wasn’t the nicest person Harry could have chosen.
It was obvious that she had agreed to knowingly be his rebound because of who he was and he could get her more clout.
She didn’t tend to Harry’s emotional wounds or try to pick up the pieces - even though Harry wouldn’t have let her either.
When Harry had dumped her, she had reached out to YN to tell her all these nasty lies that YN could legitimately confirm weren’t true.
Tara tried to say that Harry and her had met during tour, at an after party in New York, and hooked up despite them being together.
However, YN had been with Harry from the time they woke up in the hotel room to the time they’d went to sleep that day - they were always attached at the hip.
It wasn’t necessary Tara but what she represented - the awful time in her life.
“Harry…” YN sighs, despite being broken up and him having a new girlfriend - he called her multiple times a day.
She’s taken aback by his cries, all he says back is “Baby.”
And she doesn’t have the energy to correct him but it feels good to hear these words.
These four months, had they truly broken up?
Yes, maybe…it’s hard to say because neither of them had let go.
“Are you okay?” YN asks softly, concerned as she scribbles away for some merchandise designs as she still works for the team.
“M’oka-okay, I broke up wi-with Tara,” He is near hyperventilating, his breathe catching as his words are stuttered out.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hea-“
“Baby, please stop doin’ this t’me. I fuckin’ need you, m’sorry. I-I can’t enjoy anything without you- the…the fuckin’ tour, time off, anythin’,” He tells her sincerely, he was near whimpers.
Harry keeps talking, then he’s laughing without humor, “I had sex with her the other day. S’not you. I only want you underneath me.”
The ache of the admission of him sleeping with someone else dulls the lick of vindication that it wasn’t as good as her.
“I really don’t want to hear about your sex life,” YN chooses to snap back instead.
How dare he bring that up?
“I want y’to be m’sex life!” Harry growls with frustration, he’d been short and irritated with everyone since the breakup, unbearable on tour.
There’s a pregnant pause.
“Did you sleep with someone else?” He accuses, loud and demanding - like it was his fucking right to know about it.
YN bristles, biting her tongue for a moment before trying to calmly respond, “That’s really none of your business.”
Harry’s voice is childish and stubborn, “No! It is m’business because m’the only one who ever had your and I…You’re mine. God fucking damnit, you’re mine.”
“I haven’t,” She confesses, picking at a thread of her jeans whilst sitting at her kitchen counter, “I…didn’t break up with you because I wanted someone else. I did it because I don’t want you to regret missing out on anything.”
“But I haven’t ever said that I felt that way! Y’putting words in m’mouth. Couples fight! We were going to get through it like we have every fuckin’ time! You’re bein’ so fuckin’ selfish,” Harry spits out, she could imagine his jaw clenched and brow furrowed.
“I’m doing what’s right,” She replies feebly, not even believing her own words anymore.
“No, no you’re fuckin’ not. You’re scared but I don’t know why - I’ve been in love with you for the past five years and ‘aven’t stopped. I’ve never wanted anyone but you,” He huffs, she hears a loud crash - signaling he probably had kicks a trash bin or something.
“But I-“
He interrupts her, “And y’want it too. We’ve been broken up for three and a half months but you answer m’calls everyday. You still talk t’my mum and Gemma. Stop being so stubborn.”
YN feels a fresh stream of tears, “Harry. I - I’m-“ she cuts off unable to gather up her feelings.
“Do you want me t’stop callin’? Stop fighting for you? Because even when I was dating Tara - who was calling five times a day, texting, check in? Me. Now answer me, do you want me to stop?”
And that’s when it really, really clicked for YN.
Harry had entertained this so called break-up but when in reality - he was still doing everything a boyfriend would do.
He called her multiple times a day to check in, sent her funny memes, pretty pictures of whenever he was at, and called her pet names.
Had they really even broken up? Only partially really because Harry hadn’t let go at all but to be fair neither had she.
She couldn’t imagine a life without Harry, without talking to him everyday, she missed seeing him physically to the point it hurt.
YN was in love with Harry, so much that she was so concerned about him being happiness that she instead did the opposite by mistake.
It wasn’t the brightest idea but YN hangs up on him and pulls up flights - she needed to be back on tour, she needed to her back to him.
Harry, when he hears the phone click goes into an absolute rage - trashing his dressing room until Liam comes in to stop him.
YN is actually sitting on a plane, management had agreed on her taking a private plane to get there as soon as possible because Harry was being such a fucking nightmare.
YN had turned down his calls and refused to answer - she wanted to surprise him.
She’s about to take off when Niall texts her.
N: What the fuck did you do to this man?
YN: ???
N: Paul literally just had to scream at him and you know Paul never screams. H literally destroyed his dressing room and the lounge area.
YN: What’s he doing now?
N: Crying, his knuckles are bloody and we have to go on stage in fifteen minutes.
YN: I’ll fix it.
N: He only wants you.
YN tucks her phone away, she had to fix this, and she would if Harry would take her back.
It was mistake, not meant to be forever.
And when she arrives, only a short flight from England to Austria - the concert is still going on, about to end.
The crew had already cleaned up his dressing room but there were two broken lamps, a cracked mirror, and thick tension in the air.
YN sits herself on the couch, heart pounding like a race horse for the show to end and to be face-to-face with the boy she missed more than anything.
“I don’t want t’go drinking, fuck off,” Harry gruffs from right outside the door a few minutes later - he normally never talked to anyone like that, “What do you mean why? Why does no one understand the concept of leaving me the fuck alone?”
And with that, the door is being flung open and Harry is stepping in - his messy curls matted to his temple and shirt spotted with sweat. His hair had gotten even longer, nearly kissing his shoulders.
His eyes widen like he’s seen a ghost, lips parted as he spots her on the couch, it’s like he can’t help it when he chokes out, “Baby? Bab-wha-“
“Hi,” YN giggles waterly, sniffling and wiping her eyes.
“Hi darlin’,” Harry whispers, closing and locking the door behind him. His eyes are flitting all over her, mesmerizing, “Y’get more beautiful everyday, I swear it.”
YN stands up, they just stare at each other for a moment before she breathes out - shaking and tearful, “I missed you.”
“God, I fuckin’ missed you,” Harry doesn’t even realize he’s crying, “Are y’ready t’come back to me? I’ve been waiting for you.”
“I hurt you,” She argues, pulse picking up when he cautiously starts walking towards her.
“You did,” He agrees, “But you thought y’were doing the right thing. I can respect tha’ but fuck baby, you were so so wrong.”
“Can…Kiss me, please bunny,” YN begs with a croak, wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her sweatshirt - well it was originally his.
Harry then takes three confident strides forward before he’s cupping her jaw and pressing their lips together forcefully.
It felt like someone threw her a life preserver when she was drowning.
It felt like she had found a oasis after dying of thirst.
It felt like all she’s ever wanted in one fucking kiss.
His tongue is making his way into her mouth without anytime to waste, his hands roaming every piece of her.
YN pulls back when she feels him grind his hard length against her hip, she’s breathing heavy but stays firm, “We’re not having sex until you get tested.”
Pure confusion crosses his face, “A test? For wha’?”
“Sexually transmitted diseases. I don’t care if you wore a condom, I sure fucking hope you did but I’m not taking any chances,” She tries to avoid sounding as upset as she truly was with him.
“Then we can definitely have sex tonight,” Harry replies, relief washing over his face when he realizes she wasn’t saying ‘no’ to sex per se.
“You already got tested?” YN asks surprised, she had missed his overwhelming smell of cedarwood and cinnamon.
“Harry, what am I missing? You’re not making any sense,” She huffs, eyebrows knit and puffy lip pouted out.
Harry chuckles lowly, “I don’t need a test. I didn’t ‘ave sex with her.”
“But….you…huh?” YN doesn’t know what was going on, really.
“I lied,” He admits sheepishly, a blush rising to his cheeks, “I wanted to make y’jealous, I was hoping it would make y’realize what a mistake this was. She tried to give me a handie once and I couldn’t get it up.”
“You fucking brat,” YN scolds but she’s pleased, so so fucking pleased that he was lying - the only time she’s happy he lied.
“Wha’?” He plays clueless but he knows she understands, won’t hold it over him, “I wasn’t lying when I told y’that you ruined me f’anyone else. Now you’re back where y’belong, w’me.”
YN tries to avoid eye contact with the girl during the show, it wasn’t worth her time but she could tell instantly when Harry spotted Tara.
His eyes only scanned her once before finding his wife’s, he looked apologetic and guilty as he sang - he didn’t know she would be here.
Why would he? They hadn’t talked in over eight years.
YN gives him a weak smile, she wasn’t mad or upset, it was just…weird. It gave her unpleasant flashbacks to a really dark time in her life.
Harry pointedly ignores the section of her and her friends for the entirety of the show, he had to make sure to let Jeff know they need to be denied backstage passes.
Tara got her fame from drama and gossip, her and Harry reunited would be a major story for the tabloids, and he wasn’t going to let that happen.
When they had gotten back to the hotel, Harry had fire under his feet as he tugged off the hoodie and her sports bra.
“Fuckin’ missed my girls,” He growls, ducking down to wrap his mouth around one of her hard nipples while his hand dips into her joggers.
“Oh, by the way. I got tested, I’m clean,” YN says nonchalantly and has to hide the smirk when Harry pops his head up.
“You…” His eyes are wide in surprise, “You slept with someone?”
YN bursts out laughing, “God, you are so gulliable-“
Harry’s shoulders sag in relief but he narrows his gaze, “S’not funny. Now shut up and let me fuck you. Haven’t let me have y’cunt in months, longest time I’ve been without it in years.”
“Romantic,” YN smirks but her face contorts into a moan when his large hand slips into her underwear and glides through her folds.
“Y’all hairy,” Harry hums, pleased at his findings - thumbing at the coarse hair before he moves to her clit.
“Haven’t had anyone to shave for,” She gasps, standing on her tiptoes to try to move away from the intense pleasure as a knee jerk reaction.
“Don’t have to shave f’me either,” He replies softly, plump lips moving back down to suck at her nipple as he gives her that sweet, consistent pressure where she needs it, “Love y’no matter what.”
“Oo-oh,” YN mewls when her orgasm builds faster than it has in a really long time, “M’close already, H.”
“Yeah,” Harry rasps happily, speeding up with his calloused digit before she’s outright moaning and soaking his fingers, “Good girl. Y’gonna let me in, now tha’ I warmed you up?”
“Pl-please,” She nods, allowing him to move her until she’s splayed on her back on the large, plush hotel bed.
All the heightened arousal lessens, the adrenaline from having each other again calms, and it seems like time slows to sluggish halt.
Harry notices too as he tucks a fluffy pillow under her bum to position her pelvis upwards to hit her spot better.
He ducks down to kiss over her belly and thighs, nipping to leave the marks that her skin has been missing.
He gets distracted by smattering love bites and kisses over her mound - can’t resist dipping his tongue in to taste her.
“Please baby, never leave m’again,” Harry murmurs, vulnerable with still a bit of anxiety laced through his words, “I can’t live without you. Don’t want t’sleep around or party. I want y’in m’bed every night, only one on me.”
“I won’t, I promise,” She replies sincerely, smoothing her fingers over the crease between his eyebrows until he relaxes.
And when Harry tucks himself into, she hisses at bit at his length and the girth - it didn’t hurt but she hadn’t had him in month.
“Y’okay, y’know this cock, baby,” He simpers softly, going slow until their pelvises met, she can tell he also had more pubic hair than normal since they haven’t been together - it felt good against her clit.
“Fuck, missed this. Missed you,” YN groans, wriggling her hips until he nudges her spot just so and has her toes curling.
“Want y’like this forever,” Harry huffs, trying to pass himself as he keeps his pace slow enough that he can brush their lips together, “Gonna make y’my wife soon.”
“H, we’re too young. You’re management wil-“
“Fuck wha’ they say, fuck ‘em,” He interrupts seriously, hand coming to hold her jaw and allow him to kiss her as he pleased.
They make eye contact, it’s deep - examining each other for the first time in a long time, “Sweetheart, m’keepin’ you. Never gonna let this happen again, I promise you. We’ll work on our issues, do it all f’you.”
And when he speeds up, unable to hold back the raw energy and desire - it isn’t long until they’re both reaching their releases.
Afterwards, as they lay together on the bed, YN murmurs, “I’m sorry I hurt you. I just…I don’t ever want you to resent me.”
“Never have, I don’t know why y’got that in your head when we were doing good. Yeah, I mean we were bickering a bit more than usual but we’ve gone through that before,” He replies, adjusting her until she’s laying on his chest.
YN pauses, like she wants to say something but bites her lip.
Harry doesn’t miss it, “Did someone put tha’ thought into your head?”
She nuzzles closer into his skin, she wasn’t never planning on telling him the conversation that had lead up to the breakup.
It had been Lou. The band’s hairstylist.
- four months prior  -
Louise was curling YN’s hair before one of the concert when the topic managed to come up.
“Yeah, Liam and Niall were crazy last night at the club. They had like six girls each flanking them. I think they both took one back to the hotel,” Lou laughs, recounting last night.
YN wrinkles her nose, “Thank god, I didn’t have to witness that. Harry and I watched that new movie he’s wanted to see.”
A sour look crosses the stylists face.
“What is it?” YN asked, seeing her reaction through the mirror in front of them.
“It’s just…don’t you ever feel like you’re holding him back from experiencing all these things? You’re tying him down and he’s missing out on parties, random sex, y’know. Seems a bit selfish.”
YN sits up a bit straighter, defensive, “I don’t tell him he can’t party, he turned down that invite - not me. Him and I party all the time. As for random sex…I mean - He has never said anything…”
Lou rolls her eyes, mocking his accent, “What would he say to you? Hey, I wish you weren’t here so I could fuck around and be normal young adult.”
It doesn’t help when Harry steps into the room, crabby from the constant jet lag and rasps, “Where’d you put my charger?”
YN swallows harshly, fighting back tears as anxiety rises through her with things she’s never thought of - was she holding him back?
“I don’t have it, H. I told you to make sure you had it before we left the last hotel,” She shrugs, looking at him through the mirror.
His lips are pouted, unhappy as he shakes his head, “It was in there when we arrived! Did y’lose another one of my chargers?”
YN doesn’t understand why he’s so frustrated, is it because he doesn’t want her there anymore?
“Why would I lie about something like that?” She asks him with a raised brow.
“Just fuckin’ forget it,” Harry grunts, putting his hand out, “Give me yours.”
“I’m using it right now,” YN informs him, nodding towards where her phone is sat.
He saunters over, tapping her screen, “Y’on thirty percent, s’fine,” before snatching her charger without permission and trudging out of the room.
Lou let’s out a mean giggle, “You guys are such a happy couple, huh? Just think about what I said.”
Then a nasty thought starts floating around YN’s brain, has to ask, “Did Harry put you up to talking about that with me?”
Something flashes a crosses Louise face and she purses her lips, shrugging nondescriptly but YN can read between the lines.
He had put her up to it. He must have.
Did he feel too guilty telling her himself? It doesn’t seem like anything Harry would ever do but her heart was quickly slinking down her throat into her stomach.
Her hair isn’t even fully curled when she feels her earlier meals starts to rise up her esophagus, “I think I’m going to be - oh fuck,” YN groans before dashing down the hall to Harry’s dressing room to his private bathroom.
After she flushes, she rests her hot forehead against the cold porcelain lid.
Such a happy couple, huh?
You’re tying him down.
He’s missing out because of you.
Bit selfish.
YN knew what she had to do, she couldn’t let Harry feel trapped by her, like he owed her something and couldn’t voice how he really felt.
Sure they’d been fighting for the past week but they went through phases like that over the past years like any normal couple - getting annoyed at everything.
Maybe he was getting annoyed at her because he didn’t want her anymore.
As she rests there, still feeling nauseous, the door opens and Harry’s annoyed, exasperated voice echos through the room.
“Wha’ are you doin’? They need y’to double check the merch stand setup like always. Stop bein’ difficult, shouldn’t have to chase you down like a -“
And when he sees her, he quickly steps towards her.
He sits next to her, tucking her damp strands of hair behind her ears with a concerned eyes - it’s like someone hit a light switch when he speaks again, soft - worried.
“Darlin’? Wha’s happenin’? Are you sick, baby? Why didn’t you call me?” Harry asks, wiping a droplet of sweat from her temple.
YN takes a deep breath, about to say what she needs to - to set him free to live his best life as a popstar and celebrity but she finds herself hyperventilating and unable to speak between sobs.
She was about to lose the love of her life, right here in this stadium dressing room.
“Baby, c’mon,” Harry’s pitch going high as he cups her face - tears pooling in the lines of his palms as he studies her with wide eyes.
YN shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut before peering up at the man she loves so so so fucking much - her soulmate, twin flame, whatever the word is.
He is end game for her.
He was the boy she feel in love with a fifteen and had never looked back - toured since Up All Night, through every single high and low, she was right there to hold him.
She couldn’t hold him back.
He was a bright shining star in a world of darkness and she wasn’t going to be the one to dull his magnificent radiance.
“We…” YN stutters, trying right regain control of herself, “I’m leaving tour.”
It was the only way she could stomach saying it.
Harry frowns, wiping at her tears once again, “I-No baby, no. M’so sorry I’ve been crabby, I’ve been exhausted and - baby, don’t have t’leave. I’ll be better or I’ll leave y’alone for a while if tha’s what you want.”
“I’m…leaving tour for good,” She tells him, blinking rapidly through watery lenses.
“Wha’? I mean, we can do long distance, if tha’s what you want but you’ve never - why now darling? I said M’sorry,” Harry feels his own throat tighten, he didn’t know what was happening right and he was scared, not just scared…
“I’m breaking up with you,” YN finally lays out clearly before she has to retch again, spilling the contents of the rest of her dinner in the toilet bowl
Harry’s hand is making a makeshift ponytail as his other rubs her back softly, his laughs surprises her.
“Who put y’up to this? It really isn’t funny, don’t joke about somethin’ like tha’,” His voice is desperate, pleading for her to tell him this is a prank.
“Harry…” She murmurs softly, voice ragged.
“No, no no no,” Harry starts whining, almost like an anxious child, “W-why baby? We can fix it, yeah? M’so, I’m so fucking sorry for being a dick lately. But you can’t break up w’me, sweetheart - no baby.”
YN looks at him solemnly, feeling herself dissociate a bit from all the stress as Harry grips her shoulders to make eye contact.
“Y’not leaving me! We’ll fix it. We will, I promise. Darling, don’t leave me. Can’t leave me, I need you like I need air. Been in love for five years, can’t do this,” Harry is nearly to the point of wailing, his eyes swollen and nose running.
“I’m holding you back, H. I know I am, it’s okay. You don’t have to act like I’m not.”
His face contorts- like a wounded animal, “Wha’ are you even going on about? Y’not makin’ sense. I need you, I love you more than this fucking job. I’ll give it up for you, I will baby, please please.”
And when YN leaves that night, it’s after tears, sobs, pleas but all YN can hear is…
“It’s just…don’t you ever feel like you’re holding him back from experiencing all these things? You’re tying him down and he’s missing out on parties, random sex, y’know.”
And that is what YN recounts to Harry now, as they lay together - reunited and back on track with their relationship.
Harry’s chest is heaving with fury by the time YN finishes replaying what Lou had said to her on the night.
“I never ever fucking said anything close to that. God, we should have fired that bitch years ago. Always fucking starting drama,” Harry booms angrily, tugging on his briefs and joggers.
“Where are you going? It’s nearly two in the morning, H?”
“I’m going to get that cunt fired.”
And by the next day, Louise Teasdale is on the night flight home to London - never to work with One Direction ever again.
After the concert, YN isn’t sure what to expect when her husband comes running backstage after the final song.
There is tons of staff milling about but Harry doesn’t give a fuck - he snatches his wife from where she’s talking to the band and crowds her against the closest door.
“So baby, eight years of marriage later? Y’think tha’ I’m pretty happy with you tying me down?” He challenges cockily, his hips pressing into hers - it was much too intimate for the situation.
“Mmm, wouldn’t mind you tying me down,” She teases back, hand subtly coming to brush against his crotch and presses a sweet kiss under his chin.
“God, you think after being together for eleven years that’d you’d be able to control yourself, Styles,” Jeff scoffs as he walks past them with a judgmental face.
Harry ignores him, nuzzles his nose into her hair, and whispers, “I saw your face when you realized she was in the crowd. I don’t want you t’be upset, I made sure she wasn’t able to come backstage.”
“I’m not upset with that,” She sighs honestly, “Just…made me think back to that time in our lives and how rough -“
He shushes her with a kiss before responding, “S’all behind us. Y’got a nice ring on your finger, m’last name, and anything y’could ever want. Plus, you have not just m’heart but my fucking whole being.”
YN gasps quietly when his hand thumbs at her nipple through the thin fabric of the dress, they really needed to stop - there were so many people bustling around.
“I didn’t forget about your comment,” He warns her, pinching tightly at her hardening nipple before slipping down to palm at her belly, “M’definetly tying you down tonight.”
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vocalharry · 12 days ago
SUMMARY: Trying for a baby takes a toll on your life with Harry, today you just happened to hit the breaking point
WARNING: Smut!! (Unprotected sex, wrap it before you tap it unless you want a kid of course lol) Angst!! (Crying, mention of anxiety, Harry breaking y/ns heart unintentionally kinda, troubles with conceiving!)
PAIRING: Harry Styles x Reader
Shoutout Colleen Hoover, this is heavily inspired by her. Please reblog if you enjoyed x
Tumblr media
Harry was the perfect husband, he did what he had to do to make you feel happy and comfortable, loved and cared for, cherished and appreciated. You only wish you could be half the partner he was, you felt as if you were failing, the crippling anxiety inside of you making you doubt yourself and question whether you were the right person for Harry or not.
Now, two years into your marriage, a year into trying for a baby, you still had that doubt in your mind. Feeling more like a failure than ever before. Hell, you only had sex with your husband when you were ovulating, hiding away from him and being less affectionate than ever before. You didn’t have sex because you wanted to anymore, the main reason now was to make a baby. There was still an attraction you had for your husband but the deep desire you once had was lacking, you knew you had to keep away from him during the day otherwise it would lead to the two of you having sex which would make you feel like even more of a failure if that sex didn’t equate to having a baby. The less sex you had, the less disappointment you would feel.
Harry wasn’t clueless, he knew things had changed, you stopped discussing your cycle with him, stopped asking him to come inside with you as you took a pregnancy test. It all stopped, it was like two strangers forced to live together. The only time you two spoke was when you were out with family and you had to put that fake act on…or during sex, like right now;
He was thrusting into you, groaning into your shoulder as his fingers had a deadly grip on the pillow beneath your head. His hips thrusting harshly against you, making you feel his thick cock deep inside your pussy, this feeling all too familiar now. You could feel his harsh pants against your bare shoulder, his breath warm, he sounded as he was straining, waiting to get you off before he let himself go.
You hated nights like this, nights where Harry tried to savour the feeling of you beneath him, when he wasn’t fast and needy, where he wanted to show you how much he loved you. That sounded horrible coming from someone he’s married to but it was true, lately, all you wanted from sex was the end results, the pleasure didn’t even matter anymore. You just wanted that one thing you were chasing and it sure wasn’t an orgasm.
Your head falls to the side slightly, gaze catching the bright red numbers plastered on your alarm clock, 20 minutes, this had started 20 minutes ago and looking at Harry, it sure wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Your mind was wandering now, wandering to what you would do if the test comes back negative again, wondering how much longer you can take of seeing yourself as a failure and as a shitty wife. Fuck, you just really wanted him to finish but before you could speak up though Harry cut you off.
“Are you ok?” His gruff voice calls out, lifting his head from your shoulder, his arms holding himself up now as his thrusts slowed down. He wasn’t rocking into you as hard as he was before and his eyebrows were furrowed as he looked at you. It was the first time you made eye contact in a while and you felt intimidated, scared you’ve disappointed him, scared he wouldn’t want you if this doesn’t make a baby.
You nod, trying to buck your hips back up so he could finish off what he had started. “Don’t hold back, I want you to finish” you pant, bucking your hips up again making Harry sigh as he furrowed his brows even more.
“You not in the mood anymore?” He questioned, God you hated when he did this. You couldn’t tell him you weren’t in the mood to begin with and that you’re only wanting this to make a baby, besides he should’ve known.
“I’m ovulating H, please let’s hurry this” you say, leaning up to take his lips into your own but before you could do that he was pulling himself out of you, turning around so that his back was facing you. You groan, rolling your eyes as you got up and leaned against the headboard, bringing the sheets with you.
“H, you can’t possibly be mad at me for wanting to have sex when I’m ovulating. We’ve been doing this for the past year” you sigh, pushing your hair out of your face as you waited for him to turn around to face you but he doesn’t, instead he gets up to go pull his pants back on.
“You weren’t complaining 5 minutes ago, I don’t understand Harry” groaning, you try your best to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. You see him pulling a frustrated hand through his hair, his fingers tugging on the ends of his locks as he sighs and clench’s his chiselled jaw. The sigh breaks your heart, you wanted to go there and kiss him but you also just wanted him to understand where you were coming from for once.
“I’m tired of fucking just because we want to get pregnant y/n. I want to fuck you because you want me, I want to make love to you because you’re my wife! I don’t want to have to be worried about coming home to my wife not speaking to me because we haven’t conceived yet. I just want normality y/n. Please, I’m not asking for a lot, I just want you to love me as your husband, I don’t just want to be a sperm donor” Harry speaks up, his words fuelled with frustration.
They hurt, but you could understand where he was coming from, you’ve been a bitch to him. You had to remind yourself you weren’t the only one not having a baby, Harry was going through this as well but you still felt like a failure. The reason he wasn’t having a baby was because of you.
“Harry, please, babe come back to bed. I do love you, you’re my husband. I married you and I do want you to fuck me because I want you. Please” you plead, tears stinging the corners of your eyes. You needed him back with you, on the bed, fucking a baby into you because today was the best chance you would get this month, you couldn’t let this go to waste. As you waited, Harry lets out another sigh, his fingers running through his hair again as he slowly removed his pants, finally giving in. He knew what you wanted.
It was a surprise he was still hard, but as his pants came off you saw him there in all his glory. His cock was hard and thick, the vein running from his base to the head bulging making you lick your lips as you tried to convince him that you were interested in having sex with him because you wanted to and not just for a baby…but he should’ve known that that wasn’t true.
He was back onto you in a matter of a few seconds, his eyes full of sadness as he slowly guided himself inside of you. His thrusts quickly picked up their pace however, as soon as he was seated inside of you, his hips pulled back to give you a hard thrust. This is how you wanted it; needy and quick.
Harry’s groans were strained as his hands grabbed at your hips, he sat upon his knees, pulling your body with him, your back still pressed against the bed. He thrust into you, using your hips to pull you against him. His cock was hitting every spot inside of you, grazing against your g-spot repeatedly, pulling a guttural moan from you.
His hips flicked against yours in a punctual rhythm, short and brutal thrusts into you making you exaggerate your panting as your rolled your eyes back from the pleasure. You wanted Harry to see that you did like this, because you really wanted him to cum.
“Fucking hell” his voice came out in pants as his cock twitched and you awaited for his release but that was soon taken away as he pulled out, his fingers, that were previously grabbing your butt, came up to wrap around his hard cock as he jerked himself off on your stomach. A few pumps of his hand had him spurting out his hot cum against the skin of your stomach and just like that the waterworks had begun, how could he? He knew you wanted him to cum inside of you, it was the best opportunity of making a baby but instead, you felt betrayed as he slowly panted and fell to his side of the bed.
Harry's eyes were on you as you broke down in front of him, he saw the way you rubbed his cum off your stomach with the bedsheets and saw the way your sobs shook your body. But instead of calming you down and comforting you, he slowly got up and off the bed, taking his pillow with him.
He sighed, looking back at you once more before opening your bedroom door and leaving the room to go sleep in the guest room and just like that you knew your marriage was hopeless. Nothing could fix this which made you cry, even more, all you felt now was betrayal and devastation.
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