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“Dilf is correct. Big Dilf Energy!”
-Harry agreeing with a fans sign calling Mitch a Dilf.
Love On Tour 2022: Hamburg. (26 June 2022)
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𝕸𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖊 by Harry Styles – Live at Coachella 2022
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wc: 6k
warnings: explicit (18+), smut, aftercare, heavy drug and alcohol consumption, high reader, biting, teasing, hard partying, cursing, & jeff azoff.
pairing: harry styles x female reader (euphoria inspired)
note: if you’re not into dirty smut then turn away. also this club is inspired by the one jules goes to in the city with her friends in s1.
Tumblr media
being a single woman in a giant city like los angeles is tough.
there’s an infinite amount of people but not enough to satisfy your high standards.
there’s the jocks coming from their small hometown and instantly turn into nobodies once they step foot in the city.
the popular girls who realize they aren’t even popular- and then girls who are actually popular, mostly models who drink green juice 24/7.
you and your friends don’t fit on the mental scale you’ve created. some of you may not be the best people to be around, but you all have so much fucking fun.
it’s saturday night and all of your friends have come over to your mid-city los angeles apartment to pregame before heading out.
there’s countless bottles of hard liquor lining your countertops, the air reeks of marijuana, and some of them are going in your bathroom and coming out with red noses.
there’s only six of you. five girls and one boyfriend. kinda sounds like a porno title, if you’d ask me.
‘in the party’ by flo milli is playing loudly through the speakers of your tv. laughter is ensuing in your living room, lighters sparking and smoke hangs heavy in the air.
you finish perfecting your makeup, cyan glitter in a bold wing design surrounds your eye. you have on a black corset top with a mesh bodice and tie-up straps. on the bottom, you’re wearing a black mini skirt, and leather platform boots.
Tumblr media
you pop your lips after putting a heavy amount of lip gloss over them, smiling at yourself in the mirror.
damn, you look hot as fuck. you can’t deny it.
you grab your purse and fix your necklace before walking out of your bedroom. “ayeeeeee!” your friends scream and clap as you walk out like it was a runway.
“hey bitches!” you yell as your friend, mia, passes you a joint.
you pinch it between your pointer finger and thumb to bring it to your lips. you gently suck on the paper, the warm smoke travels into your mouth to fill your lungs.
the slight burn makes you cough, the yellow tinted smoke puffs out into a cloud in front of you.
you hand em back the joint, she takes a much longer hit than you. “girl, you’re fucking crazy.” you laugh at her.
you walk over to your friend, maisie, and her boyfriend making out on the couch, “get a room.” you scoff.
“yours is the closest.” she pulls back from being on top of him to wink at you but you ignore her.
she rolls off of her boyfriend and plops down next to you, leaning over to kiss your cheek. “you look spicy, mama.”
you giggle from her compliment, “so do you, mama.”
she laughs and stands up to walk over to the counter to pour herself a shot, “we should all go!!” she brings the tiny glass up to her lips, pushing her head back to down it.
everyone stands from their spot, some tipsy and stumbling and others slightly sober.
once everyone packs up their things, you all leave your apartment in a group to head to the club.
your whole group passes around a small joint, careful to hide it from people passing by. maisie on the other hand is scooping up white powder with her fingernail.
she quickly snorts it, shaking her head vigorously and lets out a tiny gasp.
“want some?” she offers you the tiny bag in her hand, “no fucking way. i’m not putting any shit up my nose.” you laugh.
she rolls her eyes, “fine, more for us then.” she elbows her boyfriend to join her.
once you all walk up to entrance, you remember you put your name on the list to cut the enormous line. “come on!” you gesture for your friends to follow you.
everyone and their mother wants to be here on a saturday night. it’s an a-list club and somehow you’ve become a regular. countless celebrities and influencers party here. it’s always the place to be.
you quickly give the bouncer your name, he checks the list and everyones id’s then lets you pass through, “oh fuck yeah.” your friends boyfriend says with a fist pump to the air. you just roll your eyes at his reaction.
the bass in the club is vibrating throughout your whole body, the lights are bright and neon. you instantly make your way to the bar, ordering tequila shots for you and mia.
maisie and her boyfriend run to the dance floor, and the other two people in your group disappear somewhere in the club.
you quickly down three shots, licking the salt and shoving the lime wedge in your mouth after each one. “fuck. that burns.”
mia laughs and pushes her last two shots to you, “i cannot drink these.” she shakes her head with her face in a grimace, “i’m gonna go smoke.” she stumbles away from you toward the bathroom.
you groan in annoyance and take her shots. the bartender grabs the empty glasses as you pull your purse to the front to scavenge for money.
“add them to my tab.” a deep accented voice sounds from your left.
your eyes lift up to see a man beside you, he has wavy brown hair and black sunglasses on his eyes. he’s wearing a brown button up that’s unbuttoned just enough to see his muscles. he has a neon green blazer on top and dark blue trousers. he also has a long star necklace on paired with a pearl necklace, a bit of stubble on his jaw and above his lips. (click here!!!)
the bartender nods and puts away the empty glasses to tend to the other customers.
“you didn’t have to do that.” you yell at him with a smile, the music is so loud.
“your friend ditched you!” he laughs.
“no! she went to go smoke weed.”
his eyebrows raise with a sly smirk, “weed? do you have any more?”
“i don’t know, do i?” you play stupid with a laugh. he gestures for you to come closer so you lean in, the room is spinning more and more by the second. his mouth lingers right above your ear.
“i have molly, do you want to meet her?” his voice is smooth, but still has a rasp to it. that british accent is orgasmic when he speaks. there’s no reason for you to trust this man but something in your heart is telling you to.
“molly? yeah.” you breathe out in surprise.
he swivels the bar chair toward you, reaching his hand into his blazer. his hand returns with a little bag with tiny colored pills in it.
he looks around before taking two blue ones out, keeping them in his palm so he can put the bag back.
your brain is telling you not to take drugs from a a stranger, “have you ever taken it before?” he talks normally, but it sounds like a whisper to everyone else.
you nod your head yes and lean in more, almost touching his head. he closes the space by resting his forehead against yours and passes your pill to you.
he grabs his drink off the counter, just a clear bubbly liquid with a lime wedge inside. “tequila soda.”
he pops the pill into his mouth, then takes a sip of his own drink before offering it to you. that made you feel safer, so you do the same.
once you swallow it, he gives you the most charming smile. “this will be fun.”
suddenly, another man comes up to his side. he claps his hand on the british man’s shoulder to shout something in his ear- but you couldn’t make out what he was saying.
‘hey ya!’ by outkast starts to play loudly over the speakers.
the man in front of you shoos him away then grabs your hand to pull you to the dance floor. “let’s go!” his accent is strong and slurred as you both jog to the middle of the floor.
he starts to jump, his hair and glasses bouncing with his arms moving up and down. you copy his moves, laughing and singing.
“don’t try to fight the feeling cause the thought alone is killin’ me right now!”
“thank god for mom and dad for sticking two together ‘cause we don’t know how!” he screams the next verse.
“hey yaaaaaa!” you lean forward to sing in his face.
“hey yaaaa!” he does the same to you.
you shimmy your body, twirling and swinging your hips as you do a full 360.
his larger hands engulf yours to dance with you, flailing each other’s arms around everywhere. a euphoric feeling floods throughout your body, every touch and movement feels like fireworks igniting on your skin.
the lights around you are bright and absolutely stunning. his hands gently glide up your arms as yours fly to his hips, just needing to touch the beautiful fabric of his waistband.
your mouth hangs open, eyes blown wide. the sound of the music around you and the feeling of him under your fingertips is sending you even higher.
your body feels as if it’s floating and the only thing keeping you grounded is his touch. he suddenly stops dancing, his hands cup your cheeks as he pushes his sunglasses into his hair.
“are you okay?” he seems concerned, his eyebrows knitting together.
your eyes tear themselves away from the lights to look him in the eyes. he looks so familiar all of a sudden.
the multicolored lights shine upon his beautifully sculpted features, shining a whole perspective on him.
“yes, oh my god. i feel amazing!” you throw your body into his and he instantly holds onto you. his laugh sends shivers down your spine.
you pull back again, looking up into his eyes. your hands reach up to his face, oh so carefully cupping his cheeks. the stubble underneath your palms pinches your sensitive skin, but you refuse to pull away.
“are you real?”
he chuckles from your words, obviously not as high as you are yet. “yes, i am.”
he keeps his hands at a respectable level on your body, sitting at the natural dip in your waist.
“i think you look a lot like harry styles.” you mumble as you knead his face like dough.
he cackles loudly and leans into your gentle touch, “do i really?”
you nod in amazement, a permanent smile on your face. you’re pretty sure the alcohol and drugs hit you all at once.
maisie comes around from the back of him, popping her head between you both. she looks
completely strung out and fidgety.
“oh mais!” you exclaim and lunge into her open arms. she stumbles back and hugs your body tightly, “you’re dancing with harry fucking styles?” she squeals as quiet as possible in your ear.
your hand cups the back of her head and smooth over her soft blonde hair, secretly smelling her fruity shampoo scent.
“i know!” you yell so they both can hear you, “he looks just like him right?!” you scream and throw your arm over his shoulders to pull him down.
god, he smells so good too.
“no, that’s like actually him, dude!” maisie laughs at you loudly, her pupils are huge and her smile is oddly wide.
nausea suddenly overcomes your body as you look up at harry, realizing that it really is him.
“woah.” you murmur as you stumble into his side, he grips onto your body as you stare up at him in pure shock.
you turn your head to talk to maisie but she’s long gone. “what the fuck…” you breathe out as your hand goes to your forehead.
harry’s chest is jumping with laughter and you can’t help but laugh along with him. this has to be a dream. a random man has drugged you at the bar and now you’re dreaming of harry styles. there’s no fucking way.
you look up again, seeing the swallows peeking from his collarbones. your hand involuntarily moves to run your fingers over the ink, disappearing under his soft shirt.
his skin is smooth and supple. you’re literally touching harry fucking styles right now. he leans down to pull your body in even closer.
harry feels absolutely amazing right now. all he wants to do is touch you, smell you, even bite you- but in a good love bite kinda way.
there’s a ethereal glow surrounding your body in his eyes, the glitter on your eyes is shimmering beautifully. you’re like an angel.
“i want to kiss you.”
you look up at him through your eyelashes, giving him an innocent doe-like look which sends him in a spiral. the look makes him feel even higher. once he sees the beginning of a nod, he swoops down to capture your lips with his.
god, it feels even better than you imagined.
you instinctively moan into his mouth, your hands gripping his shirt to pull him closer.
his lips are slow and intense against yours, his hands travel farther down your backside. he palms the plumpness of your ass, squeezing the soft skin there.
you can feel how hard he is growing against your stomach, the thought alone makes you whimper into the kiss. he softly bites your bottom lip, pulling back and letting go so it bounces back.
“fuck. you feel so good.” he groans against your lips then starts to attack your neck.
harry can’t believe he is doing this in the middle of a dance floor, but he had seen people literally fucking each other in the corner earlier, so this is nothing compared to that.
you feel so relaxed, not one bit of anxiety in your body. you feel at peace, and so does harry. all
you both can think about is touching one another.
the song playing through the speakers is ‘pose’ by rihanna. the beat gives you the urge to dance, to move fluidly with the music.
“i know that you ‘wit it. pose bitch.”
you gently turn yourself around, pressing your backside into his front to softly grind against him. his hands rest on your hips, creating a v shape as they rest over the front of your skirt.
your hips move expertly against him, swinging side to side as he moans in your ear. he bites at your shoulder and whispers praises to you.
telling you how beautiful and amazing you are, and how badly he wants to take you to the car right now to fuck you in the backseat.
the mention of even having sex with him makes your underwear soaking wet.
you open your eyes to look around, the lights look fucking crazy. they’re bouncing everywhere and so bright. you squeeze your eyes shut tightly, breathing heavily as sweat makes your hair stick to your forehead.
“harry…” you groan breathlessly into the air. the bodies of other people surround you both as you dance, but it seems like you’re the only two in this club.
“what’s your name?“ he whispers into your ear.
you softly whisper it into his ear and he smiles against your skin, pressing a kiss to the damp area. “mm, gorgeous.” he continues to kiss your sweaty skin.
your hands rest on top of his, softly grabbing them to allow him to roam along your body. you guide his hands up your sides, over your breasts and back down to your ass. “fucking shit. your hands feel so good.”
he gently bites down on the junction between your neck and shoulder again, it makes you cry out.
‘6 inch’ by beyoncé starts to play next. your hips automatically adjust to the new beat.
the ceiling above you ignites with red lights. the hue casts a sensuous vibe over the whole club. the smell of sweat and alcohol lingers in the air, fog fills the room or maybe it’s just humidity from all the bodies.
“six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody’s business.”
you open your eyes again, just noticing how many people are so close to you both. panic grows in your chest.
“god damn, she murdered everybody and i was her witness.”
“i need to get out of here.” you turn yourself around, hiding yourself in harry’s sweaty chest.
“yeah? let’s go.” he grips your hand tightly as he leads you out of the crowd.
mia is hanging on a couch with a girl, her hand rests on her thigh then you realize that they’re making out. go mia!!!
“i want to leave.” you look up at him with pleading eyes.
he starts to pull you toward the entrance, but stops in his tracks. “we can’t leave… from the front…” he slurs his words as he looks around. you curl against his side until he spots the person he’s looking for.
it’s the same man that came up to talk to him at the bar.
harry guides you with him through the club, dodging people as he walks up to their group.
“hey, jeff. we’re leaving.”
the man looks up at harry and stops in the middle of his conversation. he looks over at you then harry, “yeah, i’m coming. wait a sec.“
the man continues his conversation, his hands moving as he talks to the group he’s sitting with. they all seem very posh, and filthy rich.
“harry.” you stand on your tippy toes and whisper into his ear, “i need to go to the bathroom.”
his grip tightens on your hip, “okay. i’ll walk you. come on.”
harry leans down to jeff, his hand rests on his shoulder. he quickly tells him he’s taking you to the bathroom before leaning back up to guide you.
he moves you to the back of the club, down a dim hallway littered with couples making out against the wall. “i’ll wait for you out here.” he leans down to peck your lips, which makes you smile.
harry gives you a questionable look, wondering why you haven’t left him yet.
“come on.” you tug on his blazer, pulling him closer to the bathroom door. “no i’m not fucking you in a dirty bathroom.” he mumbles so only you can hear.
“hm, man of class i see.” you let your fingernail drag down the middle of his exposed chest, evident goosebumps form on his skin.
“have you ever fucked someone in the bathroom of a club, harry?”
when you glance up into his eyes, they’ve somehow grown darker. whether it’s the lighting or the heavy amount of lust pulsing through his body.
“i have. have you been fucked in a dirty bathroom like this one?” he questions you back.
“no, i haven’t.” you say back with an innocent tone to your voice and a bat of your eyelashes.
his green eyes shift darkly from your confession, he glances around to determine that nobody around you is paying attention.
suddenly, his body is against yours as he lips attack your own. he swings the door open to the ladies bathroom, pushing your body backwards with his own and into a stall. he quickly pushes the lock over so the door stays shut.
you’re so overwhelmed with it, you don’t even realize your back is pressed against the door as his hands firmly grip your thighs to pull them up to his waist. you easily straddle him, tightening your grip around his hips so his cock presses against your core from underneath your skirt.
his hands swoop under the fabric of your skirt and bunch it around your hips so your lace panties were in full view.
“fuck. you’re so bloody hot.” he says as he bites your bottom lip again, but harder this time. it makes you gasp in shock but the feeling is glorious.
the mdma you took has you on a high to seek pleasure; harry has never felt so fucking horny in his life, and the same with you.
“oh god harry. please fuck me.” you whine loudly, making him suck on the sweet spot right below your ear.
his hands let your legs drop to the floor so he can pull your panties down in one quick motion. he doesn’t even give you time to get the fabric off your other foot as he picks you back up again.
“hold onto me tight. i don’t want you to fall.” he mumbles as he lets go of your legs. your panties hang on your foot, swinging with each movement.
your thighs grip his sides tightly as he reaches between you both to unzip his trousers and pull his cock out.
“oh wow.” you blurt out, your swollen lips hang out in astonishment. he’s big, the best size kinda big and it’s perfect.
he reaches into his blazer pocket to pull out a foil packet. a condom. “do you have like everything in there?” you say jokingly, making him chuckle as he rips it open with his teeth.
“let me.” you take it from his grip. you place the rolled up latex on the tip of his leaking cock, slowly rolling it down his shaft. his head rolls back in pleasure, closing his eyes as you gently touch him.
he feels amazing under your fingertips and palm. you want to keep touching him, to have him cum in your hand, but you know you’re both so worked up neither of you will last long.
you pull your hand back to hold onto his neck for leverage, making him hiss from the loss of contact.
one of his hands reach below, brushing against your inner thigh. oh so slowly, he pushes his middle and ring finger inside of you.
“fuck you’re soaked.”
you couldn’t help but let out the loudest moan, throwing your head back against the surface of the door. your skull hits the surface with soft thud. he takes this opportunity to attack your neck with bites and his tongue.
the coldness of his rings gently press against your hot core as he moves his fingers cunningly against that sweet spot inside of you. “jesus!” you yelp, your whole body jumps.
he pulls out his fingers, making you whine in protest. “hold on, baby.” his voice rasps.
he lines himself up perfectly with your entrance, teasing you by rubbing his cock through your folds, “fuck. oh my god. you’re gonna make me cum by just doing that.”
he lets out a breathy laugh at your comment and lets his hips push forward to slide into your heat. his head buries in the crook of your neck, leaving little kisses against your skin. a guttural moan falls from his pink lips, his body shivers with anticipation as he bottoms out.
“oh harry.” your fingers dig into the fabric of his blazer above his shoulders.
he pulls his hips back before thrusting sharply back inside of you, “ah!“ you yelp.
you press a kiss into his hair as he pins you against the door, “you okay?” he whispers into your ear and you nod swiftly.
he starts to gain speed, his hips aim at the perfect angle and the sound of skin slapping against skin fills the empty bathroom. he’s absolutely railing the shit out of you right now.
you can hear the muffled music outside switch from a rap song to ‘softcore’ by the neighbourhood.
“fuuuuck.” he groans into your skin, attempting to keep himself quiet even though you’re the one letting out the loudest pornographic sounds ever.
you grab onto the hair at the nape of his neck, gripping it as your body bounces up and down from the force of his hips.
harry wouldn’t usually admit this but he’s already close, he’s always lasts long and aims to please his lover for as long as possible- but with all the molly and alcohol in his system, he can’t help but feel the need to release.
he lets out a soft moan of your name against your skin, his nails dig into the flesh of your ass as he rams into you.
“i might need you or i’ll break. are we too young for this?”
harry looks down between your bodies, watching how he disappears inside of you repeatedly. that about sends him over the edge, until the door squeaks to the bathroom followed by loud laughter.
harry’s hips snap against yours, all movements stopping as his head flies up from your shoulder to look at you. your eyes are wide with fear, knowing exactly who’s laugh that is. it’s maisie.
a loud snorting sound comes from behind the door, following by a girl squealing. god, what is she snorting now?
harry’s hand presses against your mouth in attempt to silence you when you go to speak, he shakes his head no. you look into his eyes, noticing how dilated his pupils are, the back almost covers all the green of his iris.
you gently bite his palm and he pulls back with a disapproving look on his face, shaking his hand in pain. “it’s my friend.” you mouth to him and an evil smirk curls on his lips.
no. don’t you dare, harry.
his eyes darken slightly as he goes to pull out of you, his hips snap back up to slam back into you. the door against your back rattles and you accidentally let a moan slip from your lips. his hand cups your mouth again, leaving your nose out so you can breathe.
the group outside of the door quiets down from the noises. “is someone getting fucked in that stall?” a nasally voice speaks which is not maisie.
“we should probably just let them be.” another girl says.
“hurry the fuck up and snort that shit. it was expensive. i wanna get out of here.” there’s maisie.
someone groans and then a snort loud follows.
“let’s go. it reeks in here. smells like sex.” the group of girls giggle from that comment as they all start to make there way out of the bathroom.
once the bathroom door shuts, harry’s unrelenting pace starts again. his hips slam back up into yours, making you shout out in pleasure.
“fucking hell.” he groans into your throat, licking a stripe up your neck. the feeling of his tongue sliding against your skin makes you feral.
you push off his expensive blazer, the fabric falls to the floor with no care in the world. your hands attack his chest, pulling at the buttons so you could feel his skin against yours.
one of his hands tug at your top, letting your breasts spill over the underwire. his hand completely surrounds your breast as he palms it. he leans down to give attention to the other one, gently capturing your nipple in his mouth.
“fuck harry. i’m so close. keep doing that. oh my god yes!” you scream.
it feels like the drugs and alcohol in your system are at their peak when your body ascends to your climax.
you pull his face up to yours, barely kissing him as you both breathe heavily through your mouths. his nose presses against yours, moans and curses falling from both of your lips mix together.
you feel like you’re on top of the world right now.
harry’s strides becomes a bit sloppier as he grows closer to his own climax. your whole body tingles with euphoria, the bliss of your orgasm electrifies your nerve endings and explodes as if a star is being born.
the white hot pleasure surrounds your whole body as all the air in your lungs escapes. your hands tug at his hair, making him whine from the feeling.
his arm wraps around your back when you arch away from the door. harry shudders as his hips still against yours, a deep groan falls from his lips. he couldn’t help but open his eyes to watch you, the view of your screwed up face makes his own orgasm hit even harder.
he bites down on your collarbone as he slowly pumps himself into you, riding out his high.
when your eyes reopen, you feel as if you’ve been hit by a bus. your whole body is trembling, your jaw is even shaking as if you’re cold. one of the symptoms from the drug you took.
harry brings one of his hands up to cup your cheek, gently rubbing the skin there. “you okay?” his voice is quiet and soothing as he continues to hold you up from the ground.
he presses a soft kiss against your lips, which you delay in returning since your brain is slowed down. “y-yes. i’m perfect.” you smile as you quiver in his arms.
he slowly eases himself out of you and pulls off the condom to tie up and dispose of it in the trash. you wince from the sudden feeling of emptiness.
“i’m gonna let you down nice and slow, okay?”
you nod as he lowers your legs to the ground, your knees buckle from holding up your weight but he keeps his grip on your back. he helps you conceal your chest back into your top and pulls your skirt down.
he picks up his blazer to place over your shoulders, your arms slide into the oversized sleeves. “you are fucking amazing.” he swoops down to grab your underwear that had fallen off and stuffs it in the pocket of the blazer that’s on you. he presses a kiss to your temple and he opens the door.
he guides you to the sink to wet a paper towel down, pressing it against the back of your neck.
you look at yourself in the dirty mirror, your makeup is smeared, your pupils are huge and your jaw is chattering. despite feeling like this, you have a glow to your skin from the godly sex you just had.
“you’re so beautiful.” he smiles at you through the mirror, making you blush even more.
a girl walks into the bathroom, obviously tinted green. she stops in her tracks when she sees harry then runs right into the stall you were just in and pukes everywhere.
“are you harry styles?“ she manages to speak as she belches.
“yeah, i am.”
the sound of puke hitting the toilet makes you grimace.
“let’s go.” he quietly chuckles as he leads you out of the bathroom.
as soon as he walks out, jeff was standing there on his phone leaning against the wall. “you ready?” he casually says as he looks up at you both with a sly smirk.
harry hums cheekily at him in response, “hi, i’m jeff.” he reaches a hand out to shake yours then realizes he probably shouldn’t.
you laugh sheepishly and introduce yourself. jeff leads you both out the back door, another bouncer opens it for you and escorts the three of you to a car that’s idled in the alleyway.
you then realize the bouncer is his driver when he opens the back door for the two of you to climb in and jeff climbs into the passenger seat.
harry let’s you climb in first then climbs in right after you. he helps you buckle up before doing his own buckle and wrapping an arm around your smaller frame to comfort you. the car then starts to drive and pulls out on the main road.
you eye the time, seeing it is almost four in the morning. you had gotten to the club around midnight. has it really been that long?
you can feel the drugs effects wearing off, fatigue aches at your bones and sleepiness causes your eyelids to grow heavy.
you don’t even realize you’ve fallen asleep until you feel weightless with pressure on the back of your neck and behind your knees.
you open your eyes to see a ceiling above your head, the room sways. you glance to the right to see harry’s head. he’s carrying you.
“what’s going on?“ you grumble.
“we’re back at my hotel.” he chuckles. something beeps and harry thanks someone as he walks into a room. cold air blasts against your skin, making you shiver.
harry walks you down the foyer, through another room and then through open french doors. he passes up the bed and walks into the bathroom to place you down on the surface of the counter. he busies himself in the drawers in the bedroom and comes back. he grabs a clean towel for you, hanging it up near the shower.
you plop off the counter to slowly undress yourself, throwing the discarded articles of clothing on the floor and toss your shoes off of your feet.
he turns toward the shower to turn on the water, letting the warm stream run for a bit. he undresses himself then helps you into the shower. he follows behind you, stepping into the warm water to help you wash your hair and body. god, the aftershock of molly is really hitting you hard.
after cleaning you and himself, he turns the water off and helps you get wrapped up in a towel. “come on.” he leads you to sit on the edge of the bed then busies himself in his drawers.
“here. something comfy to wear.” he smiles down at you sweetly and then goes to grab something for himself to wear. the clothes he picked out for you is a cream beastie boys band tee and a pair of boxer briefs.
everything you do feels like you’re in slo-mo. you unwrap the towel and pull the soft clothing onto your body. you plop back onto the bed, your legs still hanging off.
harry comes back in a pair of loose shorts with a plain tee shirt on, in his hand is a warm washcloth.
“for your makeup.” he crawls behind you, tapping his lap for you to come closer. you smile and wiggle your way up to rest your head on his thigh as he carefully wipes your makeup off of your face.
just from the feeling alone, you want to fall asleep. “mm, you’re so tired aren’t you?” you hum in response and nod.
“thank you for taking my makeup off.” you smile up at him and he nods. “of course. i would want someone to take mine off if i was this tired.”
you just let out a soft giggle in response. harry tosses the wet rag somewhere in the room once your face is cleansed of all the product, then cards his fingers through your hair to brush it. it’ll have to do for now.
“let’s get to bed.” he guides your half asleep self under the warm covers, letting you curl against him with your limbs sprawled on top of him.
harry’s own brain is foggy from the drugs but he knows it hit you harder than him and he’s so thankful he was the one to be taking care of you.
he can tell you’re already fast asleep by how heavy your body has gotten, he takes this time to scroll through social media. he sees countless pictures of him arriving at the club and thankfully none from inside.
panic starts in his chest as he scrolls to a low quality video of someone zooming into the dance floor. it’s him and you grinding on him, but your face is turned away from the camera thankfully.
he reads the caption:
god, why does it have so many likes already?
he locks his phone and takes a deep breath. all he keeps thinking his how thankful he is your face isn’t shown, but hopefully nobody has another picture or video from another angle. this is exactly why he dreads opening instagram.
he looks down at you and brushes your wet hair out of your face. he presses a kiss to your forehead and closes his eyes to let sleep consume him.
note: it was a little bit out of my comfort zone but i think it turned out good!! what do you guys think?
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h-rrygilmore · 3 months ago
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    𝗂 𝗁𝗈𝗉𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖿𝗂𝗇𝖽 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋𝗌𝖾𝗅𝖿 𝗂𝗇 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝖻𝗈𝗈𝗄𝗌 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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91s-eroda · 5 months ago
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maybeweshould · 3 months ago
You Are Home- update
Rosalia/ maggiemargaret_designs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: more info
Tumblr media
- narrator in Adore You (lv mv)
- she is also close to Kardashian/Jenner clan
- Sony Music
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hldailyupdate · an hour ago
“I learned a bit of German at school. Okay? I’ve forgotten all of it. I only know the numbers. I’m sorry. Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn, elf, zwölf, dreizehn, vierzehn, fünfzehn, sechzehn, siebzehn, achtzehn, neunzehn, zwanzig... I only know the numbers because I went on holiday once, I made friends with a German boy, we played volleyball everyday. That’s the only reason. It wasn’t school. It was a German person on holiday playing volleyball. Little antidote for you from my life. You can have that, take it with you.”
-Harry on how he learned German.
Love On Tour 2022: Hamburg. (26 June 2022)
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s-atellite · 6 months ago
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𐐪₍ᐢ. ̫ .⑅ᐢ₎𐑂
ㅤlike if u save, thanks!!
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thepheonixword · 4 months ago
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POtter 😂😂😂😂
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louesaturn · 2 months ago
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i don't wanna talk about the way that it was
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cashtons-wife · 2 months ago
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chalametshoney · 3 months ago
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hldailyupdate · an hour ago
“What’s your name? Lisa! Would you like us to do this? Are you sure? Are you ready? Are you ready? No pressure. Are you ready? Could you possibly pass me this? Thank you. Alright. Are you sure? Okay good. Feel ready to me...!”
“Lisa, when this flag... Well let me read the sign first. It says ‘Help me come out please.’ Alright. Hamburg make some noise for Lisa. Lisa I’d like to thank you for sharing this moment with everyone in this room tonight. Thank you very much. When this flag goes above my head, you’re out. Okay? Don’t ask me why, it’s just how it works. Are you ready? Can I get a drumroll please? Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh AHHHHHH! FREEDOM FOR LISA! Congratulations Lisa, make some noise! To celebrate Lisa’s freedom we will be dancing for 15 minutes straight. Are you ready Hamburg?!”
-Harry helping a fan come out. ❤️🏳️‍🌈
Love On Tour 2022: Hamburg. (26 June 2022)
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i3harry · 25 days ago
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my cherries and wine, rosemary and thyme
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ducrow · 2 months ago
Harry Styles para Variety.
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bykarax · 2 months ago
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watermelonsugacry · a month ago
I think we all know what series ima write next...
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hldailyupdate · an hour ago
“Alright, you delayed knee surgery. Not gonna lie, probably not a very good idea. What happened to the knee? Skiing accident. Okay. How long ago? January? How long did you delay it? It’s… it’s june? When were you supposed to have it? Two days ago. Oh. We’re glad you’re here. Make some noise for the knee!”
-Harry talking to a fan that delayed their knee surgery to make it to the show.
Love On Tour 2022: Hamburg. (26 June 2022)
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i3harry · 4 months ago
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happy birthday harry !!! i love you i love you i love you <3
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kittywgio · a month ago
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harry's (my) house
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