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#harry x reader
satanhalsey · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: The first look at Harry and Y/N's relationship was in This Is Us, the One Direction movie.
W/N: In honor of today being the last day of this is us on netflix latin america, here are small moments of Y/N in the movie.
"The final contestant who's made it through is..." Simon speaks. "Tom Richards."
Harry sighs in disappointment and grabs his beanie in frustration, he doesn't even listen to what the judges have to say and just walks angrily off stage.
He cries without caring about the cameras, and among the contestants, he looks for her. He takes off his beanie and wipes his tears with it, ignoring the camera in front of his face. He just wanted to go home.
"And then as I was, like, about to leave and they just called all five of our names out." Zayn says to the camera.
When he finds her, he throws himself into her arms and cries.
"Harry didn't have a clue, I remember he was just crying in Y/N's arms and him saying, like: 'Yeah, you kept us back because you wanna try and make us cry. We're young boys and we're all gonna be crying.'"
"Make a bit of good TV."
"It's okay, H. I know you'll make it one day, I promise you will." She whispers in his ear, stroking his back and the curls that escaped from the beanie. "Now go, they're calling your name."
"Your turn!" Johannah, Louis' mom, passes the marker to Y/N, and she takes it to write in the phone booth.
"I want a Louis one, and then at night, I can just go and say goodnight." Johannah points to Louis' cardboard and squeezes Y/N into her arms, who snuggles up against her. "At least I have one more daughter." She says.
The girl laughs, her heart full of love for her friend's mother, and hopes that scene has remained in the movie.
Luckily, it does.
"I am their dad on the road, we have a very good working relationship." Paul says. "The only issue I have is they're all a pain in the ass. Y/N included."
"Speed ​​it up, Louis. They're gonna catch us!" Y/N yells from the back of the cart and her friend listens to her, accelerating as fast as he can.
"Nothing to see here, sir!" He screams and they both burst into laughter
"Love, this way!" Harry grabs her hand and they run from the staff.
They both come to a gate, and he tries to go under it.
"Harry, really?" She sighs, unable to believe it.
Suddenly someone grabs her and she screams when Preston throws her over his shoulder, the same goes for Harry when someone else grabs him.
"Noooo!!" She says, dropping onto Preston's shoulder, who laughs.
She looks at her boyfriend, who has a pout on his lips. "Sorry, my fault."
"Back to the dressing room." The man says, and the young couple sighs.
Y/N is excited for this part of the movie.
They were able to go home and Harry's going to record bits of the movie there.
Now, they walk through one of the many places in the city of Holmes Chapel that they know well. Harry has an arm around his love's shoulders, not caring about the camera that records them.
"I like Holmes Chapel." He says, and she looks at him silently, listening intently. "Pretty much every other part of my life has changed, apart from coming down here. It's just exactly the same."
Y/N smiles, in love with him.
Recently, she began to notice the changes in him, as he stopped being a boy to be a man, as he changed his hairstyle, his physique, and the tattoos just continue to add to his body.
But she knows that he will always be the same with her.
"My first kiss was down there. I kissed a girl, like, a bit further down. We were, like, against a tree. It was pretty steamy." He points to the area in front of them. "I wish my first kiss would have been with someone else, though."
He pushes her playing, and she does it back laughing.
They both had their first kiss with someone else, but it didn't bother them. How were they going to know that one day they would meet the person they'd spend the rest of their life with?
"Don't worry my love, I promise you'll be my last."
She would never forget the name of W. Mandeville.
"I worked at the bakery, for about two and a half years."
"I remember... the years of leaving school and visiting Harry at the bakery is something that was a daily routine for both of us. Me in the school uniform helping him clean, take inventory, and more." Y/N says to the camera, having flashbacks.
"One seventy-six and your receipt."
He hands the money to a client, and his girlfriend smiles looking at him.
"He looks the same." She turns around and tells the camera, then continues sweeping. "Just a little bit older."
"And more handsome?" He asks, and the old ladies laugh.
"If it helps you sleep."
Y/N walks past Niall and her boyfriend, seriously thinking about how good he looks today.
She had to keep her hands to herself, because this was going to be in the movie.
They are in a forest in Sweden to camp, and she wanted to give the boys some time alone, but they threw tantrums like little children for her to go.
"It's not the same without you." Zayn had told her.
"Y/N and I are on pine cone duty." Louis said, and the two of them started kicking things off the ground.
"To be fair, when we make tents, we're normally the ones who just pretends to be busy the whole time." Y/N says, and her best friend laughs with her.
"Baby, come here, i'm cold." Harry snuggles up against Y/N in a small chair for the two of them.
It's already night, and they managed to set up the tents and the campfire.
"'Kay, bub." She answers him, and hugs him tighter.
"Do you think if one of us, wasn't in the band, though, the band would be this big?" Liam says, with a marshmallow in hand.
They all deny it, because it's the truth. They wouldn't be that big.
"I think when we look back at this, no matter what we do after this, we'll never, ever beat this." It's Niall's turn to speak.
"Yeah, but isn't that scary? If the best times of your life are now... that's crazy."
"Of a Benjamin Button thing, though? that we get to do it backwards, do you know what I mean?" Payne speaks again. "We get to go after this and then have a proper, normal life. Just have, like, a wife and kids. Do you know what I mean? don't you think that's quite nice? that's what I look forward to, if I look forward to anything."
Harry and Y/N get even closer to each other at the mention of marriage and children.
"So do you think, like, we're still gonna be mates?" Zayn asks, and Y/N sighs a bit sad, of course they'll still be friends.
"Of course, Z." She answers, and he smiles at her.
The boys also agree with her.
They talk more, and Harry joins the conversation, resting his chin on his girlfriend's shoulder to get a better view.
"Do you know what? It'd just be amazing to be remembered, like, even as a mum telling her daughter: 'The boy band at my time, One Direction, they just had fun.' Do you know what I mean? 'They were just normal guys but terrible, terrible dancers.'"
Everyone laughs at Louis' words, and Y/N caresses the arms that are wrapped around her waist that keep her still on Harry's lap.
She doesn't want this to end, she wants to continue having these moments with the five boys and to know that wherever she goes, she will always have them.
She just begs this doesn't end.
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wckdszn · 6 hours ago
Harry styles x reader first child 🤪😭
word count: 1.5k
author’s note: this was really fun to write because harry with babies is so cute. so i hope you guys enjoy! this is also my first harry fic so if you have any feedback or anything i’d greatly appreciate it. if you’d like to send something in, you can do so here!
warnings: fluff fluff fluff, mentions of pregnancy
parings: harry styles and reader
Tumblr media
the days were long and the nights were longer but everything and anything was worth it for you baby girl. the baby girl that had harry’s bright green eyes and your small nose, something the two of you always joked about during your pregnancy.
it had been about two weeks after you had brought your baby home, harry, who had been an absolute dream, had the entire nursery ready to go by the time you had come home. the walls were painted a neutral yellow, the crib was all put together with the rocking chair just adjacent to the changing table, all the stuffed animals lined up amongst the walls (“i wanted her to have options!”); it was more than you could’ve asked for, especially since he had put up with so much during your pregnancy.
you weren’t going to deny how needy you were during those nine months, constantly complaining about the pain or waking him up in the middle of the night for something as random as a peanut butter and banana sandwich; he never complained and did anything you asked him to. it definitely had something to do with you carrying his first child and the fact that he absolutely adored every last thing about you, even if he did have hours knocked off from his nightly sleep, he wouldn’t allow you to go without.
it was the middle of the night when you heard the cries coming from the static filled baby monitor, a small grain leaving your lips as you had just be able to fall asleep. your friends and family weren’t joking when they said it was going to be rough, especially the first couple weeks you had come home. you weren’t expecting things to be easy and you knew things were going to take some getting used to but- fuck.
“what is it?” harry mumbled into the plush of his pillow as he felt you push yourself up from the bed, his hand coming to stoke your exposed back. “she crying again?”
“not sure what’s going on, i fed her just before i put her down, changed her, burped her, everything. i’ll just go check on her, rock her back to sleep. get some rest, baby, you’ve done enough.”
you leaned down to press a kiss to his temple, his eyes opening softly to look up at you. you felt bad for everything you had put him through over the last couple of months, but loving him even more for everything he had done for you.
“no, no.” he grumbled, already pushing himself up and out of the bed before you were able to put up a fight. “i’ll go see what’s going on. you were up so late with her last night, it’s my turn. besides, we both know she likes me more.”
“oh, don’t flatter yourself, h. you’ve always been better with kids, but i’ll always have the goods when she’s hungry.”
both you and harry couldn’t help the snorts that came from your noses, shaking your head as you plopped back down against your pillow. there was no point in putting up a fight, he wasn’t going to let you come with him so it was best for you to just lie back down and get some rest so you could take the next call of cries that were sure to come.
only a few minutes had passed before you heard your husbands voice on the other side of the baby monitor, cooing and aw’ing at the small baby that hardly took up any room in the crib.
“what’s going on, honey? hungry? ‘needa be changed?” his voice was as low as a whisper but still rough and scratchy from just waking up. “let’s see what we have here.”
your cheeks started to burn with how widely you had been smiling. it had always been a dream of yours to have a family and a baby with someone that you loved, all of your wildest dreams coming true with harry. in fact, he had surpassed anything you had ever wished for.
you couldn’t stop yourself from getting out of bed and heading towards the nursery, you wanted to be apart of the sweet moments with both your baby and harry; you wanted to see him with your baby.
the light was low as you turned the corner into the room, harry sitting comfortably on the rocking chair with the little girl placed perfectly on his chest. his head was back against the pillow as his hands ran over her tiny features. his voice was quiet as he hummed along to ‘you are my sunshine’
she was so small you almost couldn’t believe that she was real. sometimes the shock had hit you that you and harry had created something so beautiful, something so small and precious.
your arms crossed over your chest as you leaned against the door frame, a small smile forming on your face as you watched over him, taking in the sweet moment in awe.
you could only hold back for so long before you made your way over to the chair, bringing your hands up to harry’s hair before your leaned down to press a kiss to his forehead. “how is she doing?” you asked softly, bring your hand up to softly run along the newborns head, providing your own sense of comfort.
“all good now, right back to sleep. see, told you she likes me.” his eyes opened, soft and sleepy, as he looked up at you. “could’ve probably put her back in her crib a couple minutes ago, but i couldn’t bring myself to move.”
“she’s the most precious when she’s sleeping, but let’s get her back to bed so we can get you back to bed, yeah?”
a small hum left harry’s lips as he gave a nod of his head, your hands coming down to carefully move the baby from his chest and into your arms. you immediately felt the same way that he did, not wanting to put her down for a couple minutes just to spend some innocent time with her.
harry’s arms soon came from behind you and around your waist, his chin hooking over your shoulder as you both looked down at your baby girl.
“can’t believe we made that, huh?” he asked, a soft chuckle following his words as he pressed his lips to your hair. “cant wait until we make the next one.”
your laugh was quiet but the roll of your eyes was loud. “oh, please. let’s see if this one turns out okay before we start working on the next one.”
you knew you wanted another baby with harry and he knew you wanted the same, but you couldn’t help but worry and be scared that you were going to mess up somehow.
“she’s going to be perfect. just like you.” he whispered, instantly reassuring you that you have nothing to worry about.
you looked up at him with a wide grin and pressed a quick kiss to the underside of his jaw, leaving his embrace to put her back into her crib. you lingered for a moment, making sure she wasn’t startled by the change in position and comfortable before you made your way back over to harry. he tossed his arm over your shoulders and pressed a kiss to the side of your head as he lead you out of the room and back to your bedroom.
you plopped down on your side of the bed and snuggled into the blankets, harry doing the same as you guys came face to face. “thank you for everything you’ve done, h. i know it hasn’t been a walk in the park, but i truly appreciate everything.”
harry stayed silent and instead pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, nudging his nose against yours as he pulled you tighter to his chest.
“no need to thank me. just wanna take care of m’girls.” he assured quietly, another kiss being pressed to your lips before he nudged his face into the crook of your neck. “now get some sleep, you know she’ll be back up in no time.”
you huffed quietly as you made yourself comfortable, a smile staying on your lips as you fell asleep in the comfort of harry’s arms. you knew you had nothing to worry about as long as you had him by your side, even if you were clueless on how to be a good parent or weren’t 100% sure in some cases, you knew that you two would figure it out together.
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livinglouder94 · a day ago
Harry asking you to model for Pleasing
Harry had been working on Pleasing now for months and it was finally all coming together, now with the products completely made it was time to take the pictures for the website.
One night you and Harry were chilling on the sofa watching a movie, he was rubbing your leg that was over his lap and he squeezed if once to get your attention.
‘So I’ve been thinking’, Harry spoke. You looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.
‘Thinking about what?’.
‘So next month it’s scheduled for the images to be taken for the Pleasing website and I don’t have any models for it’.
‘Well, shouldn’t you find one, I can help?’, you ask sitting up and reaching to get your phone.
He grabs your wrist as you sit up and pulls it down to sit in his lap.
‘I was wondering, and everyone approves of this, I just need your approval’.
‘My approval? It’s not an ex you want to do this is it?’, you joke.
He chuckles and shakes his head giving your palm a quick peck. ‘I want you to do it’.
You’re stunned as you look at him wide eyed, ‘me? I’m not a model’, you laugh off.
He just looks at you with hope in his eyes.
‘Harry, you can’t be serious’.
‘I’m serious, I want you, please say you’ll do it’.
You sit in silence for a bit letting this run through your mind. Finally sighing and slowly nodding, ‘okay, I’ll do it’.
As soon as the words leave your lips Harry’s mouth beams into a smile as he moves to grab and lift you as he stands up. ‘You’re gonna look like a supermodel baby’.
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elisethewildwolf · 2 days ago
Mistletoe Maybe (Harry Potter x Reader)
Tumblr media
Credits for the image go to Pinterest and whoever made and posted it.
Here’s the link to my master list if any of you wanna check more of my stuff: Masterlist
Y/N - your name
Hogwarts looked amazing when it snowed. Christmas was coming around and everyone was going home, including you.
Well, you weren’t exactly going home. You were more of going off to have some great times in London…with the Chosen One.
Ah yes, Harry Potter, your best friend and the boy (who was becoming a very handsome man already) you were fairly sure you were in love with. You two would be forever maybes unfortunately and nothing could change that.
You sighed sadly at the thought, trying to push it away so that you could have a merry day-before-Christmas.
Turning around, you grinned and waved to Harry, a blush appearing on your face.
“Sorry I’m late,” he panted as he sat himself beside you on the Hogwarts train that would take you back to London, “Had to feed Hagrid last minute.”
He looked really cute with his glasses a bit down his nose and slightly sweaty…
You shook the thought off, your blush deepening even more, as you shook your head too.
“It’s alright, Harry. At least you made it on time.”
He wrapped a friendly arm around your shoulder and replied, “Why would I want to ever be late for an outing with you, Y/N? I love spending time with you!”
Your smile only widened and soon, both of you fell into easy conversation.
London was exhilarating. The day had passed with quickly, both of you exploring Diagon Alley then visiting the muggle bookstore Waterstone’s then eating at this underground pub with great seafood, and finally gazing at the dazzling, bright lights that decorated the London streets.
Spotting a huge bear that was made up of beautiful, glowing lights, you perked your excitedly.
“Harry, Harry, Harry, can we pleeeease take a picture with that bear?” you jumped up and down as you waited his answer.
He shook his head fondly and nodded.
“Alright, let’s take that picture.”
Laughing and cheering, you grabbed his hand and pulled him with you to the bear. Once you reached it, you pulled out your camera and made it look at you both but before you could, your eye caught on a little green something hanging on top of you.
“What’s happening, Y/N? My cheeks are beginning to hurt from smiling,” Harry chuckled a bit, his face literally still in a smile for the picture.
Bringing the camera back to yourself first, you moved to face him and blushed as you said, “Harry, we’re under a mistletoe.”
He glanced up, red appearing on his cheeks to, and looked back down at you.
“Oh,” he said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck, “We don’t really have to-”
In a sparkle of courage and push, you tiptoed and pressed your lips to his. For a moment, he was taken aback but immediately placed his hands at your waist and kissed you back. The kiss was short and sweet but you were giddy as you pulled away and felt the billions of butterflies in your stomach.
Nearby, you heard Big Ben ding loudly and you knew it was 12 AM.
“Merry Christmas, Harry,” you whispered, giddy and high on your kiss.
“Merry Christmas, Y/N,” he replied lowly.
He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours again, kissing you underneath a mistletoe on Christmas Day.
Hope you all like it! Requests are OPEN!
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g0ldenkiwi · a day ago
Trouvaille | Chapter Two: Remaining Humanity | Harry Styles
Pairing: Apocalypse AU!Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 6,836
Warnings: Mayor Character Death, Angst, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, bit of Fluff (if you squeeze), Suicide Thoughts, Swearing and Harsh Insults.
A/N: Hi! I know that the first chapter was quite boring and many people didn't like it but I needed to introduce characters and situation so I'm sorry. I hope you like this chapter more! Reblog & Feedback appreciated!
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Philip, wait—," but Y/N didn't even get to calm the soldier down before he swiped at the stranger, knocking him to the ground and striking him repeatedly on the left cheek with his right. "Philip! What the fuck are you doing!"
The girl lunged at them, her nails and hands tugging at the muscular man's shirt and trying to pull him away, her cries for him to stop falling on deaf ears.
"Who are you! How did you get in here, you piece of shit!" With each scream, each blow fell harder against the green-eyed man's face, only able to lift his hands, so he could defend himself as he could as he felt his cheek burning and some blood in his mouth, from his eyes tears of pain dropping.
"Please! I didn't do anything!" he tried to make him understand between sobs.
"I don't believe anything you say, you bastard! Tell me! Who are you with, huh?! You were planning on killing us in our sleep and stealing our stuff! Right?!" Philip shouted angrily, going so far as to spit at him as he was on top of the man. "Answer me!" He demanded once more, raising his fist to bring it crashing down hard on his face again.
"Philip! Stop! You're going to kill him!" Y/N demanded desperately, already trying with her body to throw the soldier to the ground without any success.
Philip's howls of rage and the struggle were successfully heard by the others below, who rushed up to the altercation. Y/N watching the others, her eyes pleading with them as she continued to force herself unsuccessfully on the man, trying to push him off.
"Mark! Sean! Help me!" The girl demanded of the other soldiers as she saw them all become confused and paralyzed at the unpredicted situation. Both men finally acted and with all their might dragged the unhinged Philip from the brunet man who had curled into a ball on the ground trying to cover himself as best he could as he sobbed in sheer terror.
Y/N quickly crawled up to him, on her knees she brought her hand to his head covered with his arms, trying to make sure he was all right. The green-eyed man gave a startle of fear and began to tremble when he felt a hand brush against him, fearing that he was going to be hit again.
"Shhhh, it's okay. You're okay," that sweet voice he had heard for the first time after many months of solitude caressed his ears again, making him slowly but cautiously move his arms away from his head so that he could connect his green, fear-shaken eyes with those of the woman who had first tried to reassure him.
Her small reassuring smile relaxed him slightly, as he swallowed the spittle he tried to smile back, realizing that the blood he had tasted was his own when that violent man had busted his lip. The burly man's rage-filled voice cut him off before he could say anything else and made him shake again in panic, fearing he was coming back for him.
"Get off me! He was trying to attack Y/N!" Philip ordered harshly, waving his arms, to get rid of his two comrades.
"He wasn't attacking me! You brainless idiot!" Everyone was stunned at Y/N's insults, being that she had never raised her voice to anyone, least of all to Philip. "He was just trying to ask me not to call you guys out, for obvious reasons."
"You're the idiot here Y/N," Philip growled back at her, turning red and furious at the insult, hurting his pride. "He was probably just telling you that to kill you later. I thought you'd understand the situation by now, but you're still just as stupid as you're in the beginning," he spat venomously at her as he towered over her.
"You don't know that," Y/N however didn't subdue, standing up to the soldier's full height, challenging him, and looking him in the eye with a scowl. "If you had thought a little before acting like a fucking lunatic, you would have realized that the guy was just begging me not to kill him and by the way, you idiot, he's unarmed," Y/N ended the argument as she returned to her knees beside the stranger.
The last seemed to silence Philip who was doing nothing but breathing hard through his nostrils before turning away, realizing that many were on Y/N's side and were looking at him as if he was a mad man, making him feel like an actual one; and feeling that he was being disrespected as a leader. His fists clenched in repressed rage, not knowing what to say back.
"Anyway, we don't know if he can be a threat to the group or not. I think we should take care of him," Philip tried to lower the tone of his voice, trying to reassure the others that he had his anger under control.
"Like you wanted to do with the sick people of York?" Y/N spoke again, the burly man's rage-filled eyes turning back to her.
"You don't know anything," he rebutted him in a whisper filled with hatred, his posture shifting to one where it seemed like he would swing at the girl at any moment.
"Oh, really? I don't?" Y/N tilted her head ironically to the side, challenging him, before turning her attention back to the man on the floor, Thomas' voice finally breaking the tension that was flooding the place.
"Well, first of all, I don't think beating what he knows out of him is a good idea," the blond smirked nervously, putting himself as a barrier between Y/N and Philip. "I think we should just talk to him and, if he's no threat, I'm sure it'll be fine to take him to York back."
The other people nodded at Thomas's logical words, leaving Philip unable to refute anything, though Y/N knew from the look on his face that he was not amused at having to bring another stranger to the settlement.
"Alright," Philip finally spat angrily, his eyes filled with bitterness, glaring at the poor man still curled up on the ground before turning to Y/N. "And I suppose you'll be the one who wants to interrogate him, won't you?" Y/N nodded confidently, still glaring defiantly at him. "Very well, but I have some conditions: I want that bastard tied up at all times," he ordered his men before turning to Y/N again. "And you, girl, if for some reason you're wrong, and he has to be killed, you'll be the one who has to slit his throat," he told her darkly making Y/N feel a shudder, sensing that he was trying to tell her something hidden with those words and with that last weird smirk at the end.
"I will," she replied confidently, not allowing that man to try to put fear into her in any way.
Philip beckoned to his two comrades, who did not hesitate to go over the brown-haired man, who let himself be made to do so as he trembled and sobbed with terror and pain.
"Don't even think about moving or doing anything stupid, asshole." Y/N could hear Mark speaking to him as the other man manhandled the poor stranger, pushing him up into a sitting position and throwing him hard against the wall harshly, causing her to frown more and bite her lip as she watched Philip just smile falsely and haughtily as they saw the two soldiers pull out handcuffs and bind his hands behind his back.
The burly man only gave her a dark smile, filled with obvious resentment and hatred, but trying to appear in a leadership role before turning around and ordering everyone out of the room, Thomas however staying last to close the door and approach his friend and the new strange man.
"Girl, that was amazing! Oh my god, the face he made when you stood up to him!" Thomas whispered to her with a cackle.
"Yeah," Y/N just replied as she slowly approached the stranger with Thomas's backpack in hand and crouched down to his level, making the brunet flinch and pull back until the wall squeezed his cuffed hands. Green eyes full of intensity she had seen earlier, avoiding her gaze and blocking it with his bangs. "Hey, easy, you're safe with us," she tried to soothe him as she saw him shiver, a friendly smile appearing on her lips as from the backpack she slowly pulled a first aid kit to show him.
From where she kneeled she could already see the busted lower lip starting to leak in addition to the cheek starting to turn purple with several scratches starting to bleed, the swelling starting to move towards one of his eyes. The man stared at her expectantly as he continued to tremble with anxiety and fear of the fight, waiting for her to let out her true intentions for him, not quite believing her words and her manner.
"Here, I just want to heal those bumps before they start to hurt anymore," Y/N explained, starting to pull out some bottles and cotton balls, wetting them down careful not to spill the unnecessary, from beside her, she could see Thomas starting to pace around the room; inspecting the drawers she hadn't gotten to touch. "I'm going to put some Betadine on your cheek and lip before they swell anymore," she explained as she approached him, a shudder from the man making her stop in her tracks as she lifted her other hand and tried to speak in the quietest voice she could. "Relax, this will hurt a little at first."
The man hissed at the direct contact of the wet cotton against his skin as he clenched his jaw and let himself be done, not taking his eyes off the woman tending to him, a confused look in his tired, bruised eyes as he watched her clean his wounds and put band-aids on his scratches.
"Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me?" The stranger asked with his voice hoarse and deep, the slowness with which he asked it made him sound like he was very carefully pronouncing every word that came out of his mouth.
Y/N stared at him before closing the first aid kit and tossing aside the used cotton balls and plastic of the band-aids before turning her eyes back to him.
"Because you didn't do anything wrong, and you didn't deserve that beating that asshole just gave you," she admitted honestly, the insult leveled at Philip making the stranger smile slightly as he visibly relaxed with her, making her look at him gently before opening her mouth to ask. "I'm Y/N and that gossipy blond is Thomas. What's your name?"
"You're Harry fucking Styles!" Thomas suddenly cried out from across the room, making her friend jump and turn her startled gaze towards her blond friend, seeing him standing right where she previously stood, holding the Grammy that had caught her attention so much. "I can't believe it, is that really you?" the blond asked with a wide grin as he quickly walked over towards the two of them and flashed the brunet's name perfectly engraved on the award.
Y/N's mouth dropped open as she looked back at the man they had just met, recognizing that, beneath the stranger's fatigue, wounds, and pale complexion, features she herself had been seeing on television and at concerts were beginning to appear.
However, for Harry to be recognized didn't seem to do anything to him, but on the contrary, an almost displeased grimace curved his lips before he turned his gaze from them to the side again.
"I don't think that means anything anymore in this situation," he replied dejectedly as his green eyes began to glisten with tears that he tried not to let fall as a tired smile covered his expression. "I'm just Harry now... Just useless Harry," he whispered regretfully more to himself, but the other two listened to him sadly.
"That's not true. No one ever is," Y/N surprised herself by letting those words slip out, making the wounded brunet look up at her again. She just cleared her throat before speaking again. "How did you survive all of this?"
Harry visibly deflated at her question as he let out a loud sigh, biting his scratched lip slightly before he began to talk, trying to avoid the eyes of the other two at all times.
"When London fell completely, my bodyguards and managers wanted me to be 'safe'," the brunet laughed humorlessly at the last word as he shook his head. "More like they wanted to get rid of me, so like a dead weight they decided to lock me up here," his green eyes glanced around, almost hatefully, before raising his gaze to Y/N's. "My own personal, luxury-filled grave," he smirked sadly again, his dimples even appearing, making her feel bad as she just watched the broken man tell his tale with regret. "They just... They just decided that I wasn't worth being in their lives anymore and abandoned me here, leaving me alone to my fate and hoping that someday I would run out of food and water and die because they decided that my life is a burden." A sob escaped his lips as at last several tears began to wet down his pale, bruised cheeks. "And I don't judge them," he sighed the last to himself before lowering his gaze back down to the ground.
"Why didn't you try to run away?" Y/N asked sadly as she saw that man that used to glow everywhere passing into a shadow of what he once was as silent tears continued to slowly trickle down from his sad green eyes.
"I couldn't," he admitted hoarsely. "Outside there was always a horde of the dead or something that kept me from escaping."
Y/N watched him sadly, letting him cry silently, a feeling of injustice and frustration that the brunet's so-called friends had decided to abandon him and lock him up there just because they considered his existence a burden without the chance to prove that he was worth more than singing and parading Gucci suits. Thomas at his side also decided not to express anything as he looked down at the Grammy in his hands before turning around and leaving him where he was.
She opened her mouth again to ask him another question, however, Harry's terrified muttering made her stop.
"I was so scared," he admitted with his voice cracking sincerely between sobs and slight hiccups, letting out all his frustration that had long been buried in his chest.
"Hey," Y/N called to him gently before resting one of her hands on one of his bent knees, making him lift his gaze to hers, meeting the kindest and most sincere eyes he had ever seen on anyone and more so in a situation like the one they were in. "It's okay to feel scared and what they did to you was a total injustice, no one should judge anyone's life, and you didn't deserve what they did to you," she assured him firmly and gently, making him feel unsure of what to respond to it.
In his mind during all those months only the idea that dying in that mansion was his prize and what his soul would have to pay. Many nights in his bed, the thought of wanting to open the door and let the dead kill him had crossed his mind.
"But you don't have to feel that way anymore, you're with us now, and you won't have to feel lonely or scared ever again," Y/N confirmed with certainty, Harry gasped not knowing what to say and not quite believing her words to get his hopes up; his eyes shifting to see Thomas from behind Y/N nod with a smile of confirmation to look back up at that woman, almost able to notice at a halo on her head and wings on her back.
An angel, Harry couldn't help but think before at last a sincere smile began to appear on his lips and tears, this time of pure joy, began to fall hard down his cheeks.
"Thank you."
Tumblr media
"So... Has he said anything to you?" Philip spoke gruffly as he heard Y/N come through the door into the large room where they had all settled down to spend until they could go out again.
"Yes, we've spoken to him, and he isn't dangerous," she assured firmly before watching the burly man rise from the wide couch and hold a glass of what Y/N would assume would be whiskey inside and from Harry's own personal wine cellar.
"And you bring that conclusion up because...?" The man tried to get her to talk while gesturing with his hands in an attempt to ridicule her.
"He is not a threat, period. Because I've decided that and Thomas agrees with me that we need to help him and let him come with us. He's just a man who was left alone, and I think he could help us a lot in..." Y/N began to explain, looking at everyone else, trying to convince them and reassuring them to trust her.
"Hey, hey, hey, hold your horses right there, girl," Philip stopped her as he approached her. "That's for me to decide if he deserves to come with us."
Y/N looked at him in disbelief before speaking again.
"What do you mean it's up to you to decide? This isn't a dictatorship, Philip, we can all decide if we want him to come with us or not." Philip grimaced angrily as he glared at her, towering over her before taking a sharp breath and turning back to the group, taking the last shot of his drink before leaving the glass on the table.
"Well, and do we at least know what this stranger's name is? Or did he not even give you a name, and you want to put us all in danger for nothing?" Philip inquired her mockingly, putting his hands on his hips.
Y/N went to open her mouth, but someone beat her to it.
"My name is Harry Styles and I assure you all that I'm no threat to you," the tall brunet was back on his legs, his wrists still bound and following closely behind him Thomas. His face was still bruised and spoke in a gentle voice to the entire group.
There was a stony silence as the whole group began to realize who they had in front of them as their memories of a simpler and more vivid world reminded them of that famous and rich singer who triumphed all over the world and for whom he was acclaimed and admired, was at that very moment in front of them, begging and pleading for mercy and a place to stay.
"Just a second..." Philip was the first to speak as, also surprised to find out who he was, he walked up to stand in front of Harry, his mouth open and his inquisitive eyes looking him up and down, inspecting him. "You; yeah, I remember you. The one who was from one of those boy bands that all teens were crazy about, the one who was a womanizer, right? The one who took advantage of his fans to fuck all of them."
"I wasn't..." Harry tried to answer him in a whisper as he swallowed his saliva hard, his eyes reddened from crying again crystallizing. Not believing that even that past would follow him to the end of the world.
"Yes, yes you were," Philip cut him off with a snap and a hard voice. "Don't even think about lying to me, boy," he threatened him as he stepped closer until their faces were almost brushing, his eyes intimidating and his knuckles turning white from the force his fist was making.
"Philip, that's enough." Y/N tried to break them apart again, hearing perfectly well what the muscular man had just accused Harry of. "You know, as well as I do, that would just be press rumors and..."
"No, Y/N! This isn't enough!" Suddenly the man shouted in her face, pushing her away from the two of them with a slap that nearly knocked her to the ground, and made everyone tense up at the argument. "Unlike you, girl, I know very well what kind of man he is!" He vociferated as he pointed a thumbs up towards the brunet who didn't know what to do with his eyes wide with fear of what might happen to him, his head denying what the soldier claimed at all times. "The typical lazy shit who won't do anything for the community and will just go after all the women to fuck them, a nuisance, useless." His voice got lower and lower until his whisper was straight towards Harry.
The dark-haired man didn't know what to do at that moment, that man was accusing him, and he only wished he could yell at him and prove his worth. The last word made him burn as it was always the only thing he had been hearing for so long and had cried for so many nights, but this time, this time that simple word alone made his blood boil.
"I'm not useless," Harry finally growled, infuriated at being treated that way. His words did nothing but make the hulking man angry who turned quickly towards him before he came at him with two strides and his hands gripped the collar of his shirt to pull him up and slam him hard against the wall behind him; a small groan of pain came from the brunet as he felt his arms scrape against the hard concrete.
"Philip! Stop that!" Y/N tried again to pull them apart, but the military man's out was incredibly firm against the brunet as he ignored her completely.
"No," Philip snarled in his face hoarsely. "You have no right to say anything, you womanizer piece of shit, much less dare to stand up for what you obviously are: a useless singer, a rich piece of shit who will only be a burden and one more mouth to feed that will be incapable of contributing anything to anyone."
"Philip, I said, stop," Y/N whispered back angrily, the heart in her chest fluttering at the tension and fear for what was happening and what might happen.
The military man just stared at her for a second, before letting out a humorless snort, just trying to mock her attempts again. He turned his gaze back to the brunet who just looked at him intently without saying anything before breaking away, spitting at his feet before shoving him one last time before walking away from both of them so that he could head towards the other listeners in the room this time.
"Are you okay?" Y/N asked him quickly, her hand inadvertently having landed on the brunet's cheek and her face reflecting concern, something that made Harry's own damaged heart give a little jump as he tried to smile reassuringly at her, trying not to over-worry this angel who had already done too much for him and had defended him without even knowing him; the innocence and purity of her heart softening him and making him feel that he didn't deserve such treatment.
"Guys, obviously Y/N has been influenced by this man, and he has manipulated her. As I said, he won't be of any use to the community, he'll just be one more mouth to feed and for us to fill, and honestly, it's costing us too many lives already to get food for everyone to let him come with us." His last words were directed at Daniel, the death of Laura, his girlfriend, still present in his soul as he looked down at his trembling hands. "So I propose a vote. Raise your hand, those of you who agree with me, and let's not let the worthless rich guy come with us."
Mark and Sean obviously raised their hands quickly at their superior's words as they joined him, realizing that everyone else's hands were down. His hard eyes focused on the other woman who had been left of them all; hopes beginning to rise between Harry, Thomas, and Y/N.
"Susan," Philip spoke directly to her. "You know I'm right, this Harry Styles is a danger to everyone."
Y/N snorted at his absurd attempt to manipulate the woman, who could finally know her name as she looked fearful of what Susan might say, however, the woman seemed determined.
"You know, Philip. I was a teacher when everything was normal, and if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that you should never judge a book by its cover and that you should always give everyone a chance." Her words were kind and firm as she watched Philip's hard face contour into one of annoyance before directing a fake smile at her.
Y/N let out the breath she was holding as Harry sighed in gratitude to the woman, forming a sincere 'thank you' as Susan turned her gaze to him, a kind, motherly smile returning it.
"Of course, Susan, if it's truly what you think, it's your vote, after all." Philip's tone of voice didn't reflect what he was really thinking before he turned to Daniel again, who still had his eyes resting on the ground, his clasped hands shaking as he tried to hold back his tears. "Daniel," the military man called out to him, causing the man to raise his trembling gaze towards him. "Laura was a great woman," he began, making the man blurt out all the tears he had been trying to hold back that entire moment. "And if you decide to let this man come, many more great men and women will die."
"What the hell?! How dare you try to buy his vote like that?!" Y/N couldn't help but blurt out, approaching the military man with fury. "His girlfriend just passed away, you're an insensitive asshole with no empathy at all, trying to manipulate him like that. You accuse Harry of manipulating me when you're literally trying to do it with Daniel knowing what he just lost, you hypocritical fuck." She insulted carelessly, fed up with Philip's devious methods of trying to get what he wanted.
"Daniel," this time she turned to him, the broken man looking at her through tears, not knowing what to do. "You must vote what you think is fair." She assured him as she reached down and grasped his still clasped and trembling hands. "What has happened to Laura... It's horrible." She herself could feel her tears forming even as she remembered the cruel fate the woman had suffered. "But both you and I know it has nothing to do with this. We're talking about an innocent man's life, so please, I don't know what your opinion is on this, but please I'm asking you, Daniel, vote freely and don't be manipulated by this bastard." His last words were directed at the military man as he raised his gaze to Philip and stood up again, glaring at him with hatred and disgust, as the other returned the same or worse look.
"Cute words," Philip replied sarcastically as he pulled back his tense shoulders in an attempt to creak the bones in his back and look more menacing towards her. "So, Daniel, what's your vote?"
Silence reigned in that instant while Y/N could hear the accelerated breathing of everyone in that place along with the hiccups of Daniel's crying, her eyes looked worriedly towards Harry who still hadn't moved from the wall where Philip had pushed him, receiving a sad smile of being willing to whatever fate was decided at that very moment. Her hands trembled with helplessness, knowing that this could be the last time she would see Harry, and she could do nothing more as to see how they would sentence this man who was no danger or harm to anyone to a slow and lonely death.
"I..." Daniel finally spoke, his voice hoarse from sobs. "I'm on Y/N and Thomas's side. We have to give him a chance."
His words were the result of something totally unexpected in that instant. As smiles began to appear on their faces and Harry threw his head back, relieved that they were letting him have a second chance at the end of the world to live, Thomas couldn't help but let out a squeal of excitement as he patted Harry's back and Susan smiled slightly, and before Y/N could thank Daniel, a loud and painful blow was delivered to her right side of her face, sending her crashing to the ground loudly, her eyes unfocused as her face fell to the floor, her eyes unfocused as there was a moment where her mind had gone blank for a few moments; a beeping sound began to ring in her ear, the pain beginning to make her face feel almost anesthetized as she tried to comprehend what had happened.
A strong, heavy body positioned itself over her as Y/N threw her hands up, trying to defend herself as best she could, trying to let the dizziness pass; more blows being aimed at the sides of her head, being vaguely muffled by her arm.
"You bitch! You just sentenced us!" Philip roared at her, finally the beeping beginning to shut down, and realizing that the military man had just hit her with the back of his gun and was trying to hurt her more. "Who do you think you are to dictate your own rules! To put us all in danger for your fucking cunt! You're nobody! You're nobody!"
Before he could land another blow, both Thomas and Harry leaped to her help at almost the same time, pushing the soldier aside and sending him tumbling immediately to the ground.
"Get off her, you son of a bitch!" Thomas yelled at him as Harry tried to take him down, preventing him from standing up as he positioned his broad chest on his back, but with his wrists still bound it was simply difficult with the flailing the muscular man was doing, managing to land a punch on Thomas and causing him to roll off him and then punch Harry hard in the stomach making him doubled over in pain.
Y/N was still on the ground, slowly starting to get up as she tried to focus her disoriented gaze on what was happening, watching in fright as Philip stood up again, hearing the sound of the safety being removed as he raised his gun and pointed its barrel at Harry still on the ground writhing in pain. In Philip's eyes the pure rage and hatred reflected in his eyes as his face was completely red and his hair disheveled and breathed heavily.
"You! You are the cause of all this!" the soldier's roar made them shiver in fear, Y/N could watch in horror as his trigger finger began to tighten as pure terror flashed in the dark-haired singer's crystalline green eyes as he looked up, straight at his executioner.
"No!" However, before he could end Harry's life, Thomas again shoved Philip hard, causing them both to fall back to the ground, with Thomas on top of him, struggling and fighting with grabbing the gun from his hands.
Suddenly, the sound of a single gunshot rang through the house, cutting off all sound and breath from those present.
"Thomas!" Y/N was the first to yell, throwing herself towards her blonde friend before he fell to the ground. His long form leaning against her body as his trembling hands clenched his stomach. "Let me see, let me see," she pleaded with him, trying to see the damage caused by the shot, praying that it had only been superficial.
Her eyes widened in horror as she gritted her teeth in agony and couldn't help but let out a sob as she saw the amount of blood beginning to emanate from her best friend's body.
"No, no, no..." She pleaded in whispers, trying to quiet Thomas' moans of pain. "No, no, don't worry, you'll be fine. I'm sure of it, shhh, shhh." She was begging, cupping his blond head between her shoulder and arm, as her hands vainly tried to cut off the bleeding as best she could, Thomas' whimpers of suffering making her more and more nervous. "No, no, please, somebody, please, somebody help him!" This time Y/N looked towards the other groups of people, trying to pray that someone knew something about medicine or something, at this point.
However, everyone still shocked and terrified looked on with nothing but dread and sadness at the situation. Even Philip, who was breathing heavily from what was happening, looked in commotion at Thomas' life escaping from his soul, his eyes widened as he looked at his hand with his gun, hot from the shot that had sentenced him.
"I-I didn't mean to... I-I wasn—," Philip tried to explain, stuttering in a broken whisper that all it got was Y/N turning to him with pure hatred and rage in her eyes.
"Shut your fucking mouth!" She angrily cried as she turned her gaze again to Thomas's face, which was starting to turn pale. "No, no, don't fight bubs, please, you'll be fine, but I need you to hold on, please, I'm begging you."
"Y/N..." Only Thomas could call out to her as he grabbed her hand with his trembling, nearly weak hand. His baby blue eyes looked up at her friend as a small, faint smile appeared on her face, making her cry out of pure frustration and fear. "Don't cry, you dummy, please, I hate seeing you cry."
"You're making me cry, you idiot," she couldn't help but let out a sniffle between sobs. "Don't talk, you have to save your strength, please, Thomas," she pleaded with him, hugging his limp, languid body. "I can't do this without you, please don't go, don't leave me."
"Shhh, you'll be fine... I know that and... I'm sorry... I love you so much." The steely smell of blood made her feel nauseous, but she couldn't help but keep crying, knowing that this would be their last goodbye.
"A-And I love you, bubs, you're the best thing that ever happened to me," she confessed to him, her sobs and tears making her vision blurrier, getting angry that she couldn't see her friend's face well because of them.
"Please, tell Eric that I lov—." But Thomas couldn't continue because a cough cut him off, shuddering, from his pale white lips blood red gushing out, making him gasp in pain.
"I know, I know. I'll tell him, I promise, I promise," Y/N nodded her head, slurping up her snot from sobbing as she watched her best friend's eyes slowly begin to close. "No, no..."
"Good... Thanks."
His last words echoed throughout the room as his lifeless body dropped completely over Y/N's, who hugged him tightly against her chest as a cry of pure pain left her throat and more tears began to emanate from her.
Harry was just standing there, being the observer of everything, his lungs still trying to recover from everything that had happened, his face twisted in pain as he heard Y/N's heartbreaking scream while she was still hugging Thomas's lifeless body. His fists clenched tightly in his back, not knowing what to do to comfort her, frustration coursing through his veins as he realized that it was all his fault; that, if he had hidden from everyone well, no one would have suffered for him. His jaw clenched in sadness and remorse, his eyes tearing away for a moment from the distressing image of Y/N and Thomas to look up at Philip who, paralyzed, still stood beside them, not knowing what to do.
No one at that moment knew how to act or what to say, even everyone's breaths were like a shower of pure anguish and disbelief. Everyone gradually turned their gaze towards the cause of such a tragic situation.
"No... don't even think about looking at me like that." Philip finally spoke up to everyone in the room, his pissed-off and fearful eyes glaring back at them. "You saw it! All of you! It was an accident!"
"No, it wasn't, you wretch!" Susan exploded next to a terrified Daniel. "It wasn't an accident at all, and you know it, Philip! You killed him! You killed Thomas!" The woman sobbed in a broken voice.
"No, no," Philip shook his head quickly. "I didn't kill him," he asserted more to himself as he turned his gaze towards his fellow soldiers. "Guys! You saw him! He jumped me! It was self-defense!"
Both Mark and Sean were petrified, but neither knew what to say, they could only avert their gazes from Philip's pleading one, embarrassment complementing their faces.
"He was just trying to disarm you!" Susan shouted back at him. "And anyone who doesn't see it is just a blind, unprincipled fuck," she finished, directing her gaze explicitly at Sean and Mark.
Philip laughed humorlessly before turning back to his friends, but he didn't find what he was looking for in their faces.
"C'mon, Guys, it's me..."
"I'm sorry, Philip, but... It wasn't an accident," Mark finally spoke in a slurred voice, trying to keep his words from being fully heard but not quite succeeding.
"No, no..." Philip denied again, suddenly all frustration and fear consumed him, in his eyes he looked at nothing and perceived nothing as his trembling hands gripped his gun again, and he swung them towards everyone quickly, making them raise their hands in fear. "It wasn't my fucking fault! The fucking faggot jumped at me! It wasn't my fault! It wasn't my fault!" He began to roar in a broken voice, even going so far as to spit out some spittle.
"Philip, man, calm down," Sean tried to soothe him, holding his hands up, showing him his palms. "I'm sure when we explain what happened to Carol, she'll understand and—."
"No!" Philip cut off his words abruptly, his gun pointing at him. "No one will say anything in the community! Not to Carol or anyone!" He ordered, before breaking down again, a sob coming from his throat in fear. "They're going to kill me for this, guys, don't you understand?" Philip tried to plead.
"It's what you deserve," Susan stated coldly and firmly, glaring hatefully at him.
"No, no, no." They could all see Philip's head spinning round and round, fearful of what might happen next in that very unpredictable and out-of-control situation at the moment, they could all feel their own fear coursing through their veins.
However, the rabid eyes of the angry soldier ended up on the brunet still on the ground, —of the stranger they just met—, of Harry.
"You," Philip whispered again, Harry's eyes widening in terror as he saw him heading towards him again with long strides before he grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up until he slammed him against the wall, cutting him off and delivering a hard blow against his head, knocking him out of his senses for a moment before focusing on the soldier's harsh screams. "This was all your fault! You son of a bitch! I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna kill you!"
Harry could hear the pleads of the other people in the room trying to stop the mad man as he threw him to the floor again, being able to catch his breath before he looked up to find the man's gun pointed between his eyes one more time; fearing that Philip's angry stare and his face flushed with pure hatred would be the last thing he would ever see in his life; this time being the definitive one.
And a shot rang out.
Harry startled in fear and closed his eyes unconsciously before realizing he was still breathing, his green eyes widening again to pass to where Y/N was standing, this time with her hand up; her gun being the one that had been fired.
"Philip, that's enough, shut your damn mouth and leave him alone." Y/N's voice was broken and dark from crying, but still, her steady, hard eyes looked up at the cause of her friend's death. "I swear, if you don't put the gun down, I'm going to shoot you." Even that whisper sent a shiver down Harry's spine, making him swallow before he looked up at the soldier, not expecting raucous laughter to suddenly reign the room thunderously.
"Oh, come on, Y/N, you wouldn't be able to shoot m—."
But before he could finish the sentence, the last thing heard was another gunshot and Philip's big, muscular body falling to the ground with a thud; dead and with a bullet hole right in his forehead.
Tumblr media
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harryssunflowerkiwi · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Every single one of the fics/writers listed here have made my life exponentially better. And I would defend them with my life. Welcome to my happy place. They are in no particular order, I stand by all of them equally. Please show these writers all the love they deserve or else 😡 Also! I will be updating this every time I find new favourites + please let me know if you have any recommendations
In my feelings - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: this series is the series that got me into reading full length fics. Everything about it is absolute perfection. Her writing is unbelievably good. It’s so long and incredibly detailed. I’ve never been more personally attached to two characters in my life. If you want to feel something read this (or really any of her writing). My all time number one fic)
Somebody else - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: Again, her writing is top notch. As painful as this story is, every moment in between the pain makes it feel so real. I’m not usually someone who likes reading fics with heavy angst but this one is one that I’ve read time and time again)
Blacking out and breaking hearts - by @dont-call-me-baby-posts
(Personal review: this is one of my newer finds, and it is ongoing. Somehow every chapter feels so complete yet always leaves you wanting more. These characters are very personal to me. I’ve been following it since she posted the first chapter and I’ve been hooked ever since. Beautiful and emotional writing. 10/10)
Dancing with myself - by @givemesomeboobies
(Personal review: I love a good best friends brother trope, and this series does it so well. The smut is great and so is the conflict around all the main characters. I love the readers relationship with Harry and the way they write about mental health. Great great read)
Smooth operator - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: What an original concept, I’ve never read anything quite like this and the writer did such a fantastic job at making such a complicated relationship feel so relatable and hot. Very well written smut and dialog)
Jamaica me happy - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: I read this one a few months ago and it is the fic that made my fall in love with this writer. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favourite tropes thanks to this series. Honestly can’t say enough good things about the writing. I literally squealed out loud so many times while reading this. No complaints)
To love and be loved - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: I just finished this about a week ago and i still think about it all the time. This is truly one of the only fics I’ve read that has a single dad Harry that I actually thoroughly enjoyed, it’s not usually my trope of choice but this one is so heartbreakingly good that I couldn’t stop reading it)
Desire - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: Honestly this series has some of the hottest scenes ever. This writer does sexual tension so well. I adore this concept and was so excited to read it when I first found it, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. All of their writing is very original and creatively impressive)
1923 - by @hrina
(Personal review: Prior to reading this I didn’t think I enjoyed fics that are set in the past but I can not explain how happy I am that I ended up reading this one. Everything about it I am obsessed with. The smut, the love/hate relationships, the wirlwind of emotions, everything. Also one of my favourite dynamics)
The ring - by @hrina
(Personal review: I LOVE a good llh boxer Harry and this series is easily my favourite one. The smut is so hot and the storyline is so effortlessly complete in only three parts)
Daddy issues - by @fkinavocado
(Personal review: Honestly there’s not much I can say about this one, other than oh. My. God!! It’s so perfectly dirty and sweet at the same time. It’s truly reawakened my daddy kink and I’m not mad at it at all. Such a thoughtful storyline and an incredible dynamic between two such emotionally complex characters. I look forward to every update)
Aster - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is my most recent read and I am so completely in love with these characters. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine Harry as the bad boy prototype but she did such an amazing job making it realistic while including all the things I love about Harry. The character development is unreal)
chiaroscuro - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is the only vampire!Harry fic that I have read that I liked. Something about the way she writes Harry (in this and all her fics) is so realistic and loveable. Never once did I feel like anything was forced or contrived which is a must for this type of story. Definitely recommend even if you’re not usually into the vampire trope)
Oh Anna! - by @stylesloveclub
Roses and Vanilla - by @stylesloveclub
Residue - by @bopbopstyles
Better now - by @bopbopstyles
Behind the bar - by @bopbopstyles
Aubade - by @meetmymouth
Never coming back down - by @for-fucks-sake-h
Hey angel - by @watchmegetobsessed
Kisses - by @hrina
Popsicles and kiwis - by @hrina
The 24-hour bookstore - by @harrystylescherry
Ungodly hour - by @harrystylescherry
Needy - by @harrystylescherry
Pearls - by @moonchildstyles
The boxer - by @moonchildstyles
Stablehand!Harry x Princess!reader - by @angelsanddaisies
I live in the neighbourhood - by @finestoflines
“I am not going to join your band” - by @finestoflines
Quarantine with a view - by @fkinavocado
“You horny fuck” - by @vocalharry
Changes - by @sunflowervolvimp3
NFWMB - by @sunflowervolvimp3
42 hours - by @sunflowervolvimp3
Liberation - by @watchmegetobsessed
Cupid’s chokehold - by @meetmymouth
Doctor’s orders - by @havin-a-wee
~I only did reviews for the series’ and not the one shots simply because there was much more to say considering the length of the fics. I would rate every single one of the fics listed (both series and one shots) 10/10~
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adore-laur · 2 months ago
so uhhh… that picture really killed us all, huh? and how could i possibly resist writing something about it? enjoy!!!
as always, please reblog / leave feedback 😈
word count: 1.2k
warnings: pure filth oops
Tumblr media
"Ride my face."
It's not an unusual request from him, but right before he's about to go on stage? Really?
"I'm not going to do that while you're in an ice bath, Harry," you respond, crossing your arms as you stand next to the metal tub he's sat in.
"Fine, be a brat," he mutters under his breath as he tilts his head back and clenches his teeth from the arctic temperature engulfing his body.
"What's with the attitude?" you ask with a grin.
He sputters his lips. "Just want you to ride my face, is that such a crime? Can't be standing there in that bloody dress and expect me not to say anything."
"No," you deadpan.
Then Harry gives you that look, gazing up at you with innocent puppy dog eyes that hold an underlying glint of absolute filth.
"Please?" he whispers with a slight pout.
You shake your head and yawn from the dim lighting.
"Can you at least sit on it for a bit?" he further pleads.
"You're going to give yourself hypothermia," you deflect, ignoring his begging because it's slowly working much to your disadvantage.
"Baby," he whines with desperation. "I'll do whatever you want, I swear. Gimme some love before I go out there."
You sigh. "Why do you need me to do it so bad?"
"Because," he impatiently starts, exhaling sharply when he shifts in the icy water, "I'm fuckin' freezing right now and your warm pussy on my face sounds like heaven."
"Jesus," you scoff at his dirty remark.
"Hey," he softly calls, reaching out to grab your hand. "For me? Please? Don't you think I deserve a reward for selling out two nights in Chicago?"
"You are such a narcissist, it's ridiculous."
"Come sit on this narcissist's face, then."
He's supposed to be on stage in approximately twenty minutes and he seems to be firmly standing his ground in terms of his sexual desires. Riding his face in a grimy venue bathroom while he takes an ice bath was never on your bucket list, contrary to popular belief.
Nonetheless, you give in from a single look at his submissive expression.
"Fine," you huff, "but if you even think about doing something funny like pulling me in, I'm leaving."
Harry smirks and runs his tongue along his front teeth. "I'm always nice to you, why would I do that?"
You roll your eyes. "How are we even going to do this?" you think aloud, eyeing the tub that's too wide for you to completely spread your legs over.
"Easy," he replies with a shrug.
You watch him tilt his head back against the edge of the tub and curl his fingers to beckon you closer, a couple strands of wet hair falling over his eyes. You walk over and position yourself behind him so his face is now upside down to you.
"Now what?" you ask while hiking your dress up.
Harry jerks his chin towards you. "Take a seat, darling."
So you do, moving one leg over the tub and resting your heel on his exposed chest. He immediately hooks his arm under your knee and securely grips your thigh as you hover your core over his face.
He muffles a moan in his throat when you slide your underwear to the side and let him soak up your already dripping pussy. His hand flexes and tightens around your trembling thigh as he instantly licks a long stripe from your entrance all the way to your clit. The noises he's making are sinful and dirty, low growls and wet sucks that leave you clenching with weak knees.
"So fuckin' filthy for me," Harry mumbles into your inner thigh, planting sloppy and sticky kisses there.
You pitifully moan, the sound echoing in the bathroom like it's mocking you. Harry's nose nudges your clit as he continues licking and leaving little nips to every sensitive part of your flaming skin.
"God, H-Harry," you stammer breathlessly, grinding along his swollen and damp mouth that you can feel smirk slightly when you say his name.
"Gonna cum on my face?" Harry says, his hot breath sending tingling waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. "Leave a goddamn mess all over me before I go on stage for everyone to see?"
You nod feverishly and quickly feel your orgasm come undone in the pit of your stomach, the pulsing of your pussy becoming so much that you have to place one of your hands on the wall next to you.
His hand that grips your thigh shakes and scratches along your skin from the overwhelming pleasure he's receiving. The water in the tub sloshes a little each time he shifts and you wonder how he's able to focus on anything else but the numbing temperature in which he sits.
When his tongue hits a particularly deep spot, you choke out a whimper and take hold of his flexing jaw as he brings you to your climax with a hungry desire. He's persistent, never stopping for air a single time.
"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna- Harry, I have to cum," you pant out, curling your hand into a fist.
Harry nods understandingly and jerks his hips up in the water. "I've got you, baby. Cum right on my face like a good girl. My good girl."
His praising words do it for you, the tight knot unraveling as you cum above Harry's mouth, his lips parted while he lets out soft, raspy moans.
"Attagirl," he coos, sliding his hand down to gently squeeze your ankle that's still placed on his heaving chest.
Once you finish, you step back from him because of your sensitivity and shakily kneel on the ground next to the tub. Harry sets his hands on the back of his head and breathes heavily, his nose and cupid's bow covered in your arousal. His lips are a darker shade of pink as he licks around his mouth to taste what he asked for.
"Fuck you," you exhale with a laugh.
"What?" he scratchily asks as his head whips towards yours.
You push his forehead back like a child and wipe the sweat from his hairline. "Fuck you for making me do that in this disgusting bathroom."
Harry cackles and clumsily brings your head to rest on his shoulder. "You know what's funny? We could've definitely done that somewhere else."
"Yeah, no shit."
He kisses your temple and stands up, the water cascading off his chest and down to his boxers. "Anyways, I've got a show to do, so I'll see you later. This was fun, we should do it again sometime."
You playfully roll your eyes at his teasing and stand up, too. He gets out of the tub and cutely shuffles over to you, cradling your cheeks and giving you a loud, dramatic kiss on the lips.
"Love you," he whispers. "You'll watch me from the crowd tonight, right?"
"Of course," you reply with soft eyes. "Then we can crash on the tour bus after."
"Mm, you read my mind. Wanna help me get dressed?"
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watermelonlovershigh · 11 days ago
Christmas Intimacy at Anne's House (SMUT)
AN: i feel like my soft sex smuts get repetitive 😭. but i love writing them so much. as always, please excuse any mistakes. i have a habit of missing mistakes with my eyes even after proofreading it.
This story contains: soft sex, closeness
{ dad!harry - husband!harry - soft!harry - 4 kids }
word count: 1,843
After being sex deprived for days as you stay at Harry's mum's house for Christmas, you finally have sex late one night under the warm covers in the guest room you're staying in.
Tumblr media
This will be the fourth night of staying with Harry's mum Anne at her house in Holmes Chapel. Due to the fact that your family is so busy most of the year, Harry loves to bring you and your four children to spend a week with her for Christmas. It's been a tradition for many years. Your kids adore their Nan just as much as she adores them. And of course Harry loves to spend time with his mum. You don't have much family so Harry's family has became yours through-out the twelve years of your marriage.
Its about 9:00 pm and you've just put your kids to bed for the night. They have their own rooms at Anne's house, making you and Harry have some level of privacy by having a room to yourselves. Which you are quite thankful for because you feel as a parent that mummy's and daddy's should have a space to themselves where they can relax and do other 'adult things'.
Harry and yourself go into your designated room after laying your kids down and get ready for bed too. You both brush your teeth and slip on some pajamas. After that, you and Harry slide into the warm covers and scoot towards each other, loving to snuggle close as you sleep.
The bedroom is dark except for the street lights coming through the window, making a soft glow in the room. You can feel the warmth Harry's body produces as it radiates to yours. Harry's large hands are running up and down your back in a soothing manner as your forehead is pressed into his clothed chest. Legs tangled together.
The longer you lay in the quietness, the more you think about how long its been since the two of you had sex. Like actual sex and not just mutual masturbation or foreplay. It's been a little over a week and you're starting to crave your husbands touch. But not just his touch, his sexual touch. The one that make you feel oh so good. In conclusion, you're horny.
"Harry." you whisper against you husbands shirt. You know he's still awake by his moving hands on your back.
"Yeah, my love?" Harry whispers.
You pull back slightly from Harry's chest and ask shyly, "Will you make love to me?"
This has Harry pulling his body away from you so he can come face to face with yours, though he can't see much. Then keeping his tone low from remembering where you two are, his mums house, he questions, "Like right now? Thought you said sex was off limits at my mums house?"
"Well... that was before. Now I'm realizing how much I miss your cock inside me. How much I miss your body on top of mine. Please? I'm so wet for you." All that has Harry's cock twitching inside his flannel pajama pants and boxers. He wants nothing more then to have sex with his beautiful wife right now. He just knows you must stay quiet so his mum and your kids don't awake.
"Okay, but we've gotta keep as quiet as possible. You know how my mum is about us having sex down the hall from her. But if she does happen to hear us, we'll just tell her we were making her fifth grandchild and she should be alright with it." Harry giggles out that last part.
While keeping the duvet over your bodies, you both reach down and slip your pants and underwear off until they're lost within the sheets. Then Harry rolls his body over until he's on top of yours. It's not exactly skin to skin like you'd prefer, beings you have your shirts on, but just his weight on you is enough at the moment.
Harry leans down while cupping your cheek in one hand, and passionately kisses you. Yeah you've kissed this past week but not a kiss like this. His tongue strokes yours as the kiss gets deeper. You attempt to buck your hips up for some friction and Harry smirks in the kiss. Then slowly pulls away.
"Bit needy I see." Harry teases.
"Please Harry, need you so bad. Just want to feel close to you tonight." you whine.
"Alright love, I'll make love to you. That's what you wanted right? For me to go slow and for you to feel me close to me, hum?" Harry asks knowingly.
"Yeah babe."
With that being said, Harry reaches between your bodies and grazes his fingers over your pussy to make sure you were actually wet for him. He concludes you are in fact wet and grabs ahold of his now hard and throbbing shaft, giving it a few strokes, and blindly eases it into your entrance. Even after pushing four babies out your vagina, a week of no sex makes you super tight.
As Harry's cock continues to slowly slide into your pussy, he drops his head down to your neck and begins to lay soft kisses to your skin. You wrap your legs around your husbands waist and place your hands on his clothed back, grabbing at the material. Then Harry finally bottoms out and stays still for a moment to allow you to adjust fully before slowly rocking his cock in and out of your cunt.
"Mhm shit, Harry. You feel so big inside me." you moan out lowly.
Harry lifts his head until its hovering above yours and giggles, "You've had this cock for how many years, fourteen, and you're just now realizing how large I am?"
"No, you've always been big but in this moment, you feel extra big because we haven't been intimate is days. God, I love you so much." you pant up on his face that you can barley see.
"Love you too, darling." Harry coos and then leans back down to litter kisses to your exposed skin. You were slightly cold earlier because Anne doesn't have heating in her house and it's Winter. But with Harry's body on yours, having your shirts still on, and the duvet kept over your bodies incase someone happens to walk in, you have gotten sweaty. Though its a good kinda hot that's making you sweaty. One that makes you feel suffocated by your husband in the best way possible.
Harry tries to keep a good rhythm without making the bed hit the wall and is doing a pretty good job at it. He's thrusting his cock in and out your warm, wet walls at a slowish pace but it feels incredible. He's so thick and long that you never need a pounding to feel good. Just by his dick repeatedly nudging at you g spot, no matter the speed, will have you coming in no time.
You place your hands on Harry's ass cheeks to push his body closer yours and grind upwards to rub your clit on his defined pubic bone. This has you gasping for air. "Shh, love. Try to stay quiet f' me." Harry breaths out on your damp skin.
Knowing you're gonna need some help with staying quiet because of how great Harry's making you feel, you retort, "Give me your fingers then. Lemme suck on them. That'll keep me quiet."
Harry's hand that was grabbing at the pillow beside your head moves and when you feel his finger tips run over your lips, you open your mouth to take them inside. He doesn't try and shove them down your throat or anything. His fingers just gently lay flat on your tongue and you close your mouth around them, sucking to force your moans to stay down. Harry is tempted to moan himself, loving how your tongue swirls around his fingers and your pussy clamping around his dick, but conceals them by stuffing his head further in the crook of your neck.
Minutes of your bodies molding together as you have sex under the blankets of Harry's mums guest bed, you know you're gonna come. Your belly tightens and your inner body heats up, making your head dizzy. Harry felt the need to come ages ago but is very good about holding off because you're his first priority.
You slip his fingers out your mouth and in a high pitched whisper, moan, "I'm gonna come Har.... Harry. Ugh, fuck."
"Please come for me baby. Need you to come all over my cock." Harry heaves against your ear. As he concentrates on making sure his cock pleasures you just right, Harry also starts to press his hips harshly to yours that are still rolling up so your clit rubs against him. That way you have added pressure to your tiny nerve. And that sends you right over the edge.
You quickly shove his fingers back into your mouth and allow your orgasm to take over your body. The legs you have wrapped around his waist shake and you throw your head back into your pillow. As soon as Harry knows you're for sure in the midst of coming, he lets go as well. Hot cum coating your walls and his stomach muscles flutter against yours.
Finally, Harry's hips come to a halt and his body becomes lax on top of yours. All his dead weight sits heavy on your body but you quite enjoy the feeling. You take his fingers out your mouth once again and pant out into the open air to catch your breath. Then you move your hands that are still on the globes of Harry's ass up to his back, splaying them there.
"That was nice." Harry speaks once his breath regulates and raises his head up, kissing your heated cheek.
"Mhmm, was very nice. But now I'm sleepy." you whisper back.
Harry slowly slips his soft cock out your pussy and carefully steps out of bed, padding over to the bathroom that's in the bedroom and grabs a towel to clean you up. Once you're all clean and dry, he digs under the covers and retrieves your underwear and pj bottoms. You both slide the article of clothing's back on and get resettled in bed.
"Can you spoon me, love?" Harry questions shyly.
"Of course babe. Turn over." you state and he does what you instructed. When Harry is on his side facing the opposite way, you cling to the back of his body, shoving your head into his clothed back, and falling asleep satisfied.
You hope and pray Anne or none of your kids heard the late night sex you had tonight. Because that would be embarrassing. But just like Harry said, if worse comes to worse and his mum heard you two getting at it, you'll just make the excuse of trying for another baby. Hell, who knows, you may have really made another baby. You didn't use protection and you aren't on birth control.
You might have just made a baby for Christmas and honestly, you'd be thrilled if it was true. Because becoming parents was the best thing to happen to you both and you love making Harry your babies daddy.
tag list: @one-sweet-gubler // @harryscherrysugar // @evanjh // @harryhoney-bee // @beachwood-cafe // @lollypopsx // @harrycanyonmoonn // @elenagilbert01 // @bohogothic // @damnasstyles // @mrsstylesthings // @peaceandloverry // @softmullet // @harryssweatcreaturee // @meetmyblondemuffins // @thegirlnextdoorssister // @seaveystanleystyles // @spencharry
let me know if you'd like to be added on my tag list in my next post by telling me HERE (let me know if i forgot to add you)
Masterlist (regular smut, fluff & sicfics)
My Favorite Harry Styles Fics MASTERLIST
Harry Styles Series - One Shots & Blurbs Masterlist
Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist- (short writing with little to no dialog)
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only-kiwi · 16 days ago
No need to answer this put ur work under the #harryxreader!!!
not requested but i had to do this today. this is inspired by the 10 minute version of all too well <3 i wanna do an actual story based off of the song pls give ideas
listen to all too well (10 minute version) (taylor’s version) here
TW// age gap (6 years?)
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place….
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ynfan1 SHE’S ALIVE
ynfan2 bestie where you been 😭
yourinstagram @/ynfan2 crying over a man that’s pushing 30
harryfan2 new music ???!
madisonbeer i love u
yourinstagram @/madisonbeer 🥺
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram it’s supposed to be fun, turning 21.
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ynfan3 crying and shaking
ynfan4 this song is gonna kill me
yourinstagram @/selenagomez no because i want my fucking scarf back
harryfan3 i love harry but he actually fucked up
harryfan4 not all this over a 3 month relationship
yourinstagram @/harryfan3 not random strangers on the internet thinking they know everything
Tumblr media
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harrystyles Pleasing.
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harryfan5 OH MY GOD
harryfan6 HARRY
jefezoff 💅
ynfan5 give y/n back her scarf
ynfan6 count ur days harold
gemmastyles ❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram did the twin flame bruise paint you blue?
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ynfan7 this song ENDED me
ynfan8 i’m obsessed with you
oliviarodrigo GENIUS
yourinstagram @/oliviarodrigo COMING FROM YOU STFU
harryfan7 so i just listened to the song… why am i heartbroken over a man that doesn’t exist
harryfan8 lowkey team y/n
arianagrande this is the greatest song of all time
yourinstagram @/arianagrande i’m gonna cry
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satanhalsey · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
By the time the final show ends, Y/N is a mix of sweating and crying.
She had forgotten what it felt like every time Harry got off the stage and there was no telling when he was going to get back up.
She cried hugging Gemma and Desmond, until he ran up to her and hugged her tightly.
"Let's go to the hotel, m'love," he told her, not caring about the thousands of people, he just wanted to be with her.
They said goodbye to his relatives and ran to his car that was waiting for them outside the place, where after greeting the driver, they both entered the back seats.
The two of them were silent, enjoying it after the noise and the screams, until Y/N was the first to speak.
"You are unique."
Harry laughs and lowers his head, trying to hide the blush that her love causes him.
"H, you were able to do forty-two perfect shows, although we know it's nothing new." They laugh. "I'm so proud of you, bubs."
He looks up at her with sparkling eyes.
The light from the streets shines on her face and she has disheveled hair from jumping and dancing, but even so, she manages to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
He can't believe it, all the love that enters his body for the woman in front of him, and he knows that day by day that love multiplies more and more.
The best part? she feels the same way about him.
So he gets closer, still silent, and kisses her. It's a slow, unhurried kiss, in which both take the time in the world to explore the mouths they know by heart, but never tire of feeling.
Harry hopes to convey everything he feels for her through that kiss.
When they separate for air, they have their foreheads together and their eyes closed, until Y/N opens them when she hears an almost inaudible whisper.
"Let's go home, so I can finally put a ring on your finger."
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rommahh · 26 days ago
[oh no, am I the drama😈 I think I’m the drama. This is apart of my love on tour series, sorry not sorry. ]
“Five years?” You choke out walking into Harry’s office in his New York penthouse. Harry looks up from his laptop with shocked eyes. The realization settles in, his Marvel partnership got released. He closes his laptop slowly, rising from his chair cautiously.
“Five years?” You repeat voice rising.
“Can we just sit dow-“ He tries.
“No! How could you just do something like this and not talk to me about it?” Harry is taken aback not feeling like he has to reason with you.
“This is my career! I don’t have to hold back on anything.” He snaps. He leans forward on his hands that rest on the desk. You both glare at each other- tension forming.
“This is our relationship you prick! We are going to get married and now I’m reading that you’re going to be filming on and off in Australia?” Your phone with the news article is clutched tight in your hands.
“It’s no big deal, you’ll just come with me.”
You scoff, “I’ll come with you? I’m supposed to give up my life to watch you act in another country? Do you hear yourself?”
“Im not going to argue with you about this shit. I have a career to maintain. I wish you would be a little more supportive.” His eyes drop, sadness creeping up his throat.
“I am supportive!” Your defense came out quick, offended that he would say something so dumb. “So supportive that I dropped everything to come on tour with you!”
“Then why are you in here yelling at me? Why aren’t you happy for me?” He yells, face red with rage. That fury attacks you in full force making you flinch at his tone.
“Fine Harry. Tell me this then. When you accepted the offer did you think about our wedding or marriage? Did you think about our lives together? Our conversations of buying a new house and settling down? I know you’re a celebrity and you have dreams but what about me? What about my dreams? Why are you the only one in this relationship who can have the things they want?” Your tone is low, not matching is sweltering anger. “Why are we getting married if you can’t even discuss life altering things like this with me?”
Harry is left quiet, leaving you time to leave his office and slam the door behind you. You storm down the hall and Into your bedroom, your chest burning with the onslaught of emotions that were taking over your mental state.
You go to your side of the bed, your side of the bed where you’ve planted the roots of your being in this mans house. A picture frame of you two hugging sat on the nightstand next to your pill case and tpwk water bottle. In the drawers of the night stand were some of your magazines and a spare inhaler for Harry just in case he had an emergency. On the bed was a king size fluffy blanket that you often found your self burrowed under, when you are in New York, with Harry lying right beside you.
The bedroom smelled of you two. Harry’s oak smelling cologne and your warm vanilla body oils that Harry stole sometimes so he could smell like you.
This was a apart of your life with Harry. Your life with Harry. A life that he seemingly never wrote you into. Five years was a long amount of time for Harry to plan into the future. Did he fit a wedding into that five year plan? A baby? What about your home?
The bed calls to you to lie in it, and you do. Something settled into your stomach pulling you deep into your bed. It wasnt often that your depression got triggered by something, your anxiety was something that was easily triggered. Something about the way that Harry moved ten steps in front of you instead of walking alongside you made you feel low.
It was hours since your argument. Harry normally would go and comfort you immediately but today, he didnt feel like he was on the wrong side of the argument. He doesn't understand why you are being so pragmatic about this decision. Youre acting as If he won't take you along with him.
Deciding that he was done with the avoidance, he walks from the office into the bedroom. The room was illuminated by the slowly descending sun. He could see your body laying under the covers and you scrolling through your phone.
He stepped past the door to end of the bed where your feet lay. You curl your legs up making room for him to sit down.
“Are you ok?” He ask quietly.
“No.” Your tone was short. Harry’s head drops, annoyance running in his blood.
“Why are you being like this? I signed an amazing deal to improve my life, our life!” He snaps. You sit up in the bed looking at Harry as if he lost his mind.
“You signed an amazing deal? You signed a deal without any discussion with your future wife! We discussed marriage, finishing tour, children, not five years of filming.” Your voice is low, every word punctuated with fierceness.
“Why cant you just let me have this?”
“You have everything!” You explode. The anger reached its peak, burning, bubbling, and crackling to overflow from the volcano of emotions you are feeling. “You have everything. You have millions of fans, millions of dollars, you have me! What about me Harry.”
You start to cry. Anger simmering into sadness. Why wasn’t he hearing you?
“Im going to do this Y/N.” He finally says. “This is a big moment for my career. It could do so much for me.”
“And what about me? What about the life we were planning?” You sob. Harry feels bad now. His heart clenches at every tear drop that fall off of your face.
“We could move everything back?” Wrong answer.
“You want to move having a baby back? For your career?” You gasp. Harry shuts his eyes tight trying to form the right words. He leans forward to rest his elbows in his knees. “Do you hear yourself?”
It’s quiet again, the space only being filled with the sounds of your crying and Harry’s hammering heart.
He sits up looking at you. “I love you, I do, but I need this for me. I need you to want this for me.”
He’s desperate, grasping at straws.
“Fuck you Harry.” You spit untangling yourself from your blankets. You stand in a hurry rushing into the closet to find your travel suitcase. Harry stands quickly following you. You pack away your clothes haphazardly.
“What-what are you doin? Your leaving because of what? Please talk to me.” Harry felt nervous watching you cry over the suitcase. You stand standing parallel to him.
“I won’t come second. I’ve done it for year and I can’t do it anymore. Since One Direction I have come second. We haven’t gotten engaged because I waited for you to find a good place in your career, we haven’t even discussed a baby because I know you’re too distracted with every other thing! I’m sick of it.” You yell. Frustration seeped out through the tone of your voice.
“So what do you want to do then? We aren’t going anywhere and I can’t back out of this deal.” He inquires with a calm tone.
With shaky hands your hand hand goes to your left hand slowly pulling the ring off. Harry feels himself become sick.
“No please.” You only nod taking his hand and placing the ring in his palm.
“I love you but we are going in circles. Im not saying we should be done forever but maybe we need a little break.” You whisper. Hot tears roll down both of your faces.
“Why though? We’re ok? We’re ok.” Harry cries.
“Just a little break, I need to think and- and you have a show that you have to fly out to tonight. I’m going to stay at my moms back home and when we are ready- we will talk.”
This wasn’t something you expected to happen. You expected to be on the same page as Harry, after both the us and international tours were done- you and Harry would start your new life. There was going to be a wedding and a baby and a new house and now there seems to be nothing.
Part two
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harrywritingsbyme · a month ago
The one where Y/n helps Harry unwind
Loosely Based Off Of This Ask
A/N: I genuinely fucking ADORE this fic! it was a nice 1000th reentry to writing and posting. bc, okayyy…so like it’s giving very much older, rich, maybeeee ceo!h bc ✨you know✨so imma say it’s an au bc it doesn’t give regular harry vibes or whatever, zaddy, sugar daddy, but he’s your man(like y’all are 10 toes DOWN for each other), and just ✨daddy✨vibes. alsooo, it’s featuring curvy/thiccc!y/n and she’s black🥰 ofc not limited to but yeah!! And she’s a baddie😌💅🏾so anywaysss…it’s not too structured but there’s a rhyme and reason to it…so i hope y’all like it!! enjoyyy🙃😚
she's 7.3k wordsss
When you hear the front door open and close, you quickly drop what you’d been doing in your closet to greet Harry at the door. It was like a little daily ritual for the two of you. Especially Harry. After a long day at the office, especially like the one he had today, all he wanted to do was unwind and be with you. 
When you reach the bottom of the stairs, with a little pep in your step, you make your way over towards the entryway of your home to find Harry standing at the end of the couch shrugging off the navy suit jacket you helped him into before he left this morning. You didn’t even have to say a word before Harry’s attention was on you and a wide smile was spread across his face. It’s like he could feel your warm presence enter the room. Without a second to spare you then, almost giddily, skip across the living area and right into Harry’s arms, wrapping yours right around his waist. 
“Hi” You whisper, turning your head up to look at him with a wide smile, mirroring the warm one that was fixed on his face. 
“Hi baby” He whispers back to you before lowering his face down towards yours, closing the gap between your mouths and bringing you in for a kiss. His mouth moved longingly against yours and you could feel the remaining tension he’d acquired throughout the day just melt away. His once tense shoulders are relaxed and his grip on you is a bit tighter, bringing you even tighter against his body. As the kiss continued on, Harry’s hands began to move away from your waist. 
In the beginning, he had his large and warm and incredibly soft hands at your waist, before moving them from underneath the bottom of your t-shirt and a bit lower to start massaging the ample and supple flesh of your hips. It felt so good. So good you let out a sigh of relief along with a little moan against his mouth, and melted right into his chest. If there was one thing Harry was always going to do well and be the best at, it’d definitely be working your body. He just knew how to do it. Harry knew just how much pressure to apply and where to apply it. 
But anyways, in being true to himself, Harry didn’t keep them at your hips. They came around to meet at the very bottom of your back before gliding down to your backside. You felt his large hands spread across the ample area through the soft and comfy, but also quite small, shorts you had on. You could feel him gripping onto as much of your flesh as he could. But of course, he doesn’t stop there. His hands continue to explore the already and very well charted territory that was your ass, going lower and lower as your mouths continued moving against one another. Harry then proceeds to slightly bend down, extending his arms a bit more to latch onto the exposed and fleshy bottom of your ass that met your thighs. His fingers were curled inward, brushing up against your clothed pussy, slightly pulling your ass apart. He then stands back up, straightening himself out, and hoisting you up into his arms in the process. When he does this you let out a squeal into his mouth, slightly pulling away from his lips. Harry takes that opportunity and licks right into your mouth, his tongue effortlessly gliding against yours. 
Wanting to just relax hear about your day, Harry turns his body slightly before sitting down on the couch, keeping you in his arms and now his lap the entire time. When he pulls away from your mouth to speak, you only follow him, prompting Harry to let out a slight chuckle at your eagerness. 
“Wanna hear about your day baby.” He chuckles, leaving a small kiss on your upper lip.
“Umm” You ponder, trying to get your head straight. That kiss was so good your head was spinning. It didn’t help that Harry’s hands were on your body, your panties were soaked, and you were sitting right on Harry’s semi hard cock that was tucked away in his pants. “Nothing really exciting happened today.” You shrug, reaching out to start undoing the work you’d done on his tie that morning.
“I’m all ears.” He gently says, bringing his hands back around to your bare thighs and giving them a little squeeze before leaning in to peck your pursed lips. 
“Uh, I did a little shopping, and had lunch with my mom. Which speaking of, she misses you. Like you owe me because she literally talked me to death about how she never sees you for a good 20 minutes. And you know how she gets.” You explain, rolling your eyes as a tense huff left your lips at the recollection of lunch.  
“I’m sorry baby.” He coos, mirroring your pout while trying to stifle the laugh that was creeping up on his face. “We can have her over for dinner this weekend.” He offers, knowing exactly what you went through earlier.
“Thank you, she won’t stop otherwise.” You sigh, keeping your attention on you were doing, continuing to work on the buttons of his shirt. 
“I hear you.” He chuckles. “But that’s all you did today babe?” He continues. Harry wasn’t into prying, he just loved hearing you talk about your day, even if it was filled with a bunch of mundane tasks, he was all ears. Maybe it was just the fact that he enjoyed the sound of your voice, Harry didn’t know. All he knew was that he could listen to you talk for as long as you’d let him. 
“Oh! I had my ring cleaned so went to the jeweler to pick it up.” You remember, prompting Harry to pick up your hand to get a better look at the sparking engagement ring he slid onto your finger almost three years ago. He then proceeds to bring your hand up to his lips to leave a small kiss to your ring finger before bringing it back to his shirt to let you finish. “So how was your day baby?” You ask, turning the floor back over to him. Because similar to Harry, you enjoyed hearing about his day. Plus you liked hearing about his day so that you could know just how to help him unwind once he got home.
“It was exhausting for the lack of a better word. M’not gonna bore you with the details but it was a lot of meetings, a lot of everyone around me talking in circles and not giving me answers, and a lot of me thinking about just firing everyone.” Harry simply replies, already feeling a dull headache from the mere thought of his day at the office. 
“M’sorry.” You softly coo to him, gliding your hands up the sides of his neck, your fingers going right up into his disheveled curls. You could see the tiredness from the day on his face. “Are you hungry? I could make you something.” You offer, wanting to ensure he was okay and able to relax. “Or I could get you the takeout menus.” You add with a little smile, remembering the much easier alternative. 
“I’m okay love, I had a later lunch today.” Harry chuckles, finding your eagerness to take care of him to be incredibly sweet and adorable.
“Are you sure? Just wanna help you unwind since you had such a rough day.” You softly explain. 
“My baby takes such good care of me.” Harry contently sighs, snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you up against his chest before burying his face in your neck and peppering your skin with small kisses. “Been taking care of me all day.” Harry hums, his voice being muffled by your skin as he continues to kiss all over your neck and chest
“I take it the pictures made your day a little better.” You hum, lightly running your nails against his scalp . You had a pretty good idea of how he reacted to the series of photos you sent him. 
While you were getting dressed and ready to go out for the day, you stumbled across a pretty baby pink bra and panties set you’d only worn about twice, if that. Normally you would’ve saved it for a special occasion or another time, but since you were in the mood to spend a little bit more time on yourself today, it was the perfect opportunity to slip on the set and give yourself a little love. You were very careful when putting the pieces on as to not rip its delicate fabric. Since it’d been a very good while since you’d worn the two pieces, it’d gotten a bit tighter in the hips than you remembered. Nothing uncomfortable, but just a tad noticeable. 
Once you got them both on, you stood in front of the full mirror in your closet to do your little adjustments. You made sure to pull the side bands up a bit higher up on your hips to really accentuate the v shape between your legs and of the panties. You were also a bit chubby down there so the strip of fabric that was supposed to cover you didn’t cover everything, and you loved that. You thought it looked so sexy, and it just added something to your already curvy and full figure. You then move on to your cleavage, making sure you were pushed up just enough while still being comfortable. Once you’re all done, you do a little twirl, stopping midway to take in your body from behind. You were completely obsessed with how your ass looked in those panties. Even though there was little to nothing left to the imagination, there was still a desire to see more. You were just feeling so good. If you could’ve, you would’ve just stayed at home and floated around the house in your little get up. 
When you finally looked at your phone, you realized that you were running a bit behind. And since you were supposed to meet your mother, the last thing you wanted was to be behind. You quickly moved on to do your hair and throw on a little makeup before picking out your outfit for the day. Upon you returning to your closet decide on what to wear, you also decided to take a couple pictures of yourself all dolled up before you got dressed. 
You knew you were running a little late and you knew your mother would give you a little taste of hell for it. But you were just feeling yourself today. You were in such such a good mood that you decided to make a little set of photos of you all dolled up to send Harry while he was at work. Initially you were just in front of the mirror, but then an idea popped into your head, prompting you to bring your little photo shoot to the bed. You positioned your phone, very creatively you must add, in different places in the room and on the bed while you moved yourself around in different poses, wanting to get some good shots of yourself. And not too long into your little photoshoot, you were able to get some that you really loved, four of which you planned on sending to Harry. 
Once you were all done with the photos, you quickly finish getting dressed before practically throwing yourself out the door. And while you were late, and because of that received a surprisingly very mild tongue lashing, you were still in a very good mood. In such a good mood that as soon as your mom stepped away to use the restroom, you whipped your phone out to send the photos. Along with the pictures, you add on a cute little note. Upon hitting send, a satisfied smile rises to your face. You didn’t even need a response from Harry to know how he’d react to the photos.
“Those pictures made my day a whole lot better. They put me in such a good mood didn’t end up firing everyone on the spot.” Harry replies before going back to sucking a hickey into your skin at the top of your cleavage.
When Harry received your message earlier in the day, he’d been in a pretty chaotic and stressful beyond belief meeting. All he wanted to do was send everyone out and away and just go back home to you. That’s why when his phone buzzed on the table with a message from you, Harry did an almost complete 180 in demeanor. Going from stoic and ready to burst from the nonsense and commotion of that moment, to happy and ready to burst from all the love and soft feelings he had for you. Like unbeknownst to you and everyone in the room, you were everyone’s saving grace. And all it took was a notification from you. You became even more of a saving grace when he opened the message to find a series of some very suggestive to say the least, photos of yourself. In a matter of seconds Harry could already feel his pants tightening, and an even stronger urge to go back to his office. So that’s what he does. Harry instructs everyone to meet back in a half hour before making a b-line for his office. Upon entering the spacious room, he immediately closes the door behind him, locking it too just in case someone decides against knocking.
Harry then proceeds to plop himself down into the office chair behind his desk, loosening his tie a bit before opening his phone back up to the pictures you’d sent. He went through each picture, taking his time to zoom in on each and in on every last picture. He wanted to really take in all of your features. From the sunlight that was shining through the room radiating off of your rich brown skin to the way you beautifully filled and  slightly spilled out of the pretty baby pink set you had on. Harry was so entranced by you that he subconsciously began undoing his belt and pants to get to his rock hard cock that was tucked away inside his now very tight pants. He’s quick to pull himself out and go straight into spreading his already beading precum around his shaft. He also brings his hand up to his mouth, spitting into it before bringing it back down to and spreading it all over his cock. Whenever he got himself off, Harry’s mind would always flash to how wet you’d get his dick. Whether it be with your mouth, pussy, or both, you always got him sopping wet. And since you weren’t there with him, spitting into his hand was the only way to feel that sensation. Granted it was very small, but it was still something. And in that moment Harry could use just about everything he could get. He does this a couple times throughout, each time bringing back a little more than the last to spread it around is girthy cock. 
His mind running absolutely wild as he floated through all the times he was buried between your legs or inside of you, and his eyes glued to his phone as he flipped back and forth through the pictures. His moans were low enough to go unnoticed from beyond his office but loud enough to fill the room. Your name fell from his lips over and over again as he squeezed and massaged the throbbing head of his dick. Even though his hand would never compare to the magic you yours made, it was giving him just what he needed in that moment. So much that in no time he could feel his cock erupting hard and right in his hand. 
Those pictures were just what Harry needed. 
“Who knew my almost nudes had so much power.” You say in response to Harry’s statement.
“Well they do. So much power I wouldn’t even care about you not being a good girl today.” Harry hums, finally bringing his head up from your neck and chest area.
“Well it turns out that I was in fact a good girl today.” You proudly reply, a cute little smile spreading across your face, showing off the dimples in either side of your mouth. 
“You sure about that? You looked too pretty to not have touched your sweet little pussy doll.” Harry retorts, pressing on to see if you’d admit to playing with yourself. 
“Well of course you, a narcissist, would think that. But I didn’t.” You confidently reply, refusing to give into Harry’s goading. 
“Well I’m just gonna have to see for myself.” He says, alluding to the fact that every once in a while he’d do a little “inspection” if you will, to see if you were telling the truth about following the one rule he had for you. 
Most of the time you were a good girl and waited until Harry came home so that he could let you touch yourself or so that he could relieve the mounting tingling and throbbing sensation taking over in between your legs. Occasionally you’d be so desperate to touch yourself but also incredibly torn because you wanted be a good girl that you’d call him on the phone in the middle of the day just to get permission to touch. If Harry was in a good mood, he’d let you play with yourself on camera so he could watch you feverishly relieve the pressure. Even getting himself off with you at times. If he wasn’t in the best of moods, he’d make you suffer a bit, forcing you to either break his rule and get a little punishment when he got home in the evening, or be a good girl and hold off despite how hard it was so that you could be taken care of properly. 
Now there was a rare chance that you didn’t even bother calling him or trying to be good. You just did what you wanted. And as a result of that, Harry had to teach you a lesson. Since it was a rare occasion for you to not follow the rule, he’d switch it up so that you’d be unexpecting every time. His favorite punishment was binding your hands togrther above your head, and spreading your legs apart, securing them in their places before tying the cordless hitachi wand (which in hindsight, was such a good investment on his end) to your inner thigh so that it would be pressed up against your already buzzing clit. He’d just overstimulate you until he felt like you’d learned your lesson.
Harry wastes no time getting you two upstairs to the bedroom. He’s quick to secure a tight grip on your body before lifting you two up from the couch and marching towards the stairs. He rushes you two up the stairs, so fast you couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughs at his eagerness. When he makes it to the bedroom he goes straight to the end of the bed, prompting you to loosen your legs from around his back, allowing for him to drop you onto the pillowy yet firm mattress. 
Instead of just jumping right into it you just sit there for a couple seconds, waiting for Harry to give you instructions on how to proceed. Was it because you wanted to be good and prove that you were a good girl today? No, not really. Was it because you knew Harry wanted to take a bite out of you and you wanted to poke at him a little and get him a bit more frustrated? Of course! Over time you found that it was so much more fun that way. 
“You know what to do.” Harry says, motioning down in your direction to get going as he towers while standing at the foot of the bed. 
“You are so horny.” You tease, lifting yourself up and sit on your claves, kneeling right before him. He intently watches as you begin to undo the top couple of buttons on your shirt, proceeding to it up and off your body. When you do this, his full attention goes your newly exposed tits as they bounce around in your bra. You continue on to unhook your bra, leaving your chest completely bare and exposed to Harry who’s mouth was completely watering at the sight. You couldn’t help but to be a little impressed at the way managed to revert him back to the days of him being a horny teenager. 
Harry watches as you wrap your fingers around the waistband of the little pair of shorts you had on, pulling them down a bit before lying on your back to pull them all the way off. You decide to leave the panties on since he had a thing for taking them off of you himself  Harry was completely mesmerized. Your pussy looked extra plump in those panties and Harry just wanted to suck and bite around the area between your legs. You looked stunning in the pictures but they didn’t do how you looked right now any justice. He hasn’t even touched you the way he had planned and he was already losing losing his shit.
Again, Harry’s mind drifted off into the Y/n oblivion, completely unaware of how long he’d been staring at you. He was so unaware that he didn’t even hear you calling his name. 
“Harry” You softly call out to him again. Except this time, you also glide your foot up his leg, making sure to push it further inside his thigh. You go all the way up, stopping at his bulge. You slightly dig your foot in, applying pressure to the sensitive area, causing a deep groan to fall from his mouth. He then grabs your ankle, stopping you from pushing any more. 
“What we’re you saying?” Harry questions with a slightly bewildered look. He didn’t mean to fall into those spells of staring, he just couldn’t help it. How was he not supposed to stare at the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on?! If he could be given a manual on how to to that, then maybe he’d consider reading it. But until then, he was going to keep staring and enjoying the view. 
“Well I wasn’t saying anything.” You say, with a tinge of attitude. “But maybe you should go get a towel.” You suggest, crossing your arms over your chest to give him one less thing to be distracted by.
“You’re right, I appreciate the self awareness.” Harry agrees with a chuckle, releasing your ankle from his grip and reaching down to deliver a swat to your inner thigh before heading into the connected bathroom. 
“Shut up!” You shout from the bedroom, rolling your eyes before moving higher up onto the bed and flipping onto your front, arching your back the way Harry liked and lying your head down on the soft pillows. 
“What?! I’m glad my baby knows that she’s a squirter.” Harry replies, returning with a large fluffy towel in hand. “I’m also glad my baby knows what I like.” He continues, admiring your form. He’s quick to get the towel underneath you before running over to his bedside table to grab the little bottle of baby oil he kept in there. Your head was turned in that direction so you could see him pick out the little bottle. All you could do was laugh at him. “I just like when your ass is all shiny.” He explains with a shrug from behind you as he opens the bottle. He squirts a little on either side of your ass, quickly capping the bottle back and completely rubbing it in before giving you two little swats before digging in. 
Harry kneels behind you on the bed, bringing his face in closer to your center. He hooks his finger around the small and now sticky strip of fabric that was supposed to be covering you, having to almost dig it out a little bit from how your pussy almost swallowed it up. He pulls it to the side to expose your shiny and slick pussy. You were dripping in arousal, the smell flooding Harry’s nose, making him even more excited to dig in. He then uses the same finger to prod at your entrance, causing you to let out a moan into the pillow.
Whenever you came, your release would always have a scent that was a bit different from your arousal. And since he’d been between your legs more than enough times, Harry was able to pick up on those little differences. And since he couldn’t pick up on anything, he figured he’d let you cum in his mouth. 
“I guess you were a good girl today.” Harry confirms before swiftly pulling down and removing your panties, proceeding to bury his face in between your legs. His mouth immediately engulfing your pussy, suckling on whatever it captured. 
“I told you.” You proudly hum through a string of moans. You could feel his tongue lapping up and down your folds, stopping at your entrance time and time again to prod at it with the tip of his tongue. He even took the time to suck both of your plump lips into his mouth one at a time. His mouth never failed to work wonders on your body. 
Instead of going straight to your clit, Harry continues in licking everywhere around it. And by everywhere, he licked everywhere. He licked around the outer area around your cunt, taking a moment to leave a couple hickeys on your inner thighs. He repeatedly lapped up and down your folds, pushing his tongue in between to lick as much of you as he possibly could. Harry even made sure to circle his tongue around your second entrance. When he did this, your moans only grew louder. You were so wrapped up in him mouthing at your ass you began to push back to meet his mouth. Playing into this a bit, Harry stuck his tongue out and let you fuck and grind yourself against it. As he let you do this, he couldn’t get enough of the way your ass clapped against his face with your every move. On top of that, your wanton moans filled the room as you got yourself off on his tongue. It was like Harry’s heaven on earth. 
It was so good that his cock began to ache from being completely neglected. He was so swollen he could’ve just exploded right then and there. When Harry finally bothers to pull himself out, you’re already nearing your release. So to take care of you both, Harry lies back on the bed, keeping his head between your legs. He then wraps an arm around your hips, pulling you right down onto his mouth. He engulfs your buzzing clit, sucking on and quickly moving his tongue against the swollen button. You’d been dying for him to give his attention to the bundle of nerves. You were already tingling from when he arrived home to the time he got you two into the bedroom. Just for him to be licking into you and giving no regard whatsoever to your clit. This entire time you were feeling your juices and his spit dripping down to your button, the sensation feeling heavier and heavier each time. You wanted to just rub it yourself but you’d be opening yourself up to a punishment. So you suffered a bit. But now, you were finally getting the final pleasure that would take everything, including yourself over the edge. 
It didn’t help that Harry was moaning right into your clit either. 
Now that Harry had you in this position, he could continue licking into you while also working on himself. He managed to undo his belt and pants with one hand, and in no time he was squeezing at his incredibly hard cock through his boxers. It took no more than 5 squeezes before Harry’s release came speeding towards him. Having his face between your legs had the exact same effect on him as sinking into you. So it was no surprise Harry was on the verge of letting go. 
Wanting you two to cum together, Harry began to work your clit even more, moving his tongue faster and sucking harder. When he does this your moans turn to small screams as you too feel your release hurtling towards you.
“Fuck daddy! M’gonna cum!” You cry out to him, becoming overwhelmed with your need to let go. Then with the hand that was on his cock, Harry brings his hand up to your backside, delivering one big swat to the area, sending you right over the edge with him following. He could feel your warm juices dripping all over the lower portion of his face as he made a mess inside of his boxers.
Once you’re all done, you go limp against Harry. Now even though he thought dying between your legs or inside of you was the best way to go out, he didn’t want to go out quite yet. So he slides down the bed from underneath you and rolls right over next to your body, staying on the towel since his shirt was quite wet. 
You then turn over after a couple minuets so that you’re on your back, still feeling the aftermath of your release.
“I find is so unfair that I’m the only one naked.” You whisper, looking down towards Harry who still had his clothes on. Sure they were all wrinkled and untidy, but he was still very much clothed.
“Take em’ off me then.” Harry says, he too feeling a bit tired.
“Fine. But you have to come up here.” You reply, giving him a little ultimatum. Which worked by the way. Harry already took his shoes off downstairs so that was one less thing for you to do. But the rest was for you to take off of him. Luckily for you everything was already loosened, which allowed for easy removal. You then kneel beside him on your still very shaky legs. 
Before you let Harry lean back against the headboard, you tugged the light blue button up with the slightly darker and undone tie that was still tucked underneath the collar off his body. You then moved on to remove the tight fitting ribbed tank top he always wore under his button downs before stopping dead in your tracks. Everything underneath it was gorgeous, everything you could ever want. But for some reason, the way his chest and abs and arm muscles were being defined by this article of clothing was just blowing your mind. You could even see the slight tan in his skin!This shirt was going above and beyond its advertised use. To be quite frank, it was doing way too much. 
“You good?” Harry asks, bringing his hand bed to cup your hip. 
“No actually, I’m not good. My legs are still shaking, I’m still horny, and you are too hot for your own good!” You divulge, causing Harry to let out a laugh, tilting his head back against the headboard. Only making it that much harder for you. “Don’t do that!” You softly shout, slightly shoving his shoulder before moving down to his pants. To make your life a bit easier when he feels you dip your fingers below the waistband of his boxers and slacks, he lifts his hips so that you could easily pull the pieces off of his body. As you’re pulling down his pants, you notice the area is glistening a bit, prompting you to inspect a little further. Pushing your fingers a bit further into his underwear, you stumble across a bit of a wet spot, signaling to you that he made a mess in his pants. When you realize this, you couldn’t help but giggle a little. 
“What’s so funny?” Harry asks, quirking his brow at the little outburst because he couldn’t think of anything inside of his pants that warranted that reaction.
“Nothing! It’s just that you came in your pants.” You explain, continuing on in removing the last of his clothes. “Think it’s cute.” You continue, thinking of how desperate and needy he was to just let go like that. When he hears this, all Harry can do is grumble and let you finish. Before you pull the pants off, you grab ahold of his socks as well, taking it all of at one time.
Once you toss it all over onto the floor, you lie down on the bed next to his lower half, particularly his lap. At that you immediately, but gently pick his semi-hard cock up in your much smaller, soft, and warm hand. You waste no time bringing your mouth down a bit to peck at his thick crown. When you do this, Harry’s eyes go right down to where you were, loving the way you looked with your mouth on his cock. He watches as your sweet little kiss turns into suckling as you wrap your pretty lips around the swelling head of his dick. You hear him let out a sigh of relief as you continue on, slowly adding more of him to your mouth. He watches you open your lips as wide as possible to accommodate his size as you got closer and closer to the base. Harry thought you were absolutely amazing with your mouth and how you used it to work his cock. He could feel your throat closing in and contracting around him a bit as you took more and more inside. When you take as much as you can in, you gag a little around him, forcing you to come back up.
“Fuck Y/n.” He groans, feeling your hand gliding up and down his shaft, twisting and turning and squeezing at his shaft. He watches as you spread your spit all over him, especially the rest that couldn’t fit into your mouth. You continued on for a little longer, taking him back into your mouth a couple times and tugging at his now completely hard cock. You even sucked on his balls a bit, sending him into even more of a frenzy. The sound of his rugged moans, coupled with the fact that you just loved having him your mouth, on top of the fact that he had a gentle yet firm, but non-controlling grip on the back of your neck made you want to just burst right then and there. It was so good. And it made you want him inside of you even more. 
With that being said, you give his slit one last kiss before sitting back up in front of him. You then reach down towards the end of the bed to grab the towel, giving Harry the ‘we might need this again’ look, prompting him to chuckle under his breath and shake his head, following it up with a smug smirk. After instructing him to spread it out underneath him, you use his shoulder for support and you climb on top of him. Harry brings his large hands to your hips, pushing his thumbs into the fleshy area where the top of your thigh and pussy meet. Keeping yourself up on your knees, you bring one of your hands down from his shoulder to his cock to line him up with your entrance. You then begin to slowly circle your hips downwards, sinking down onto his cock. Your mouths hung open as you two experienced the feeling of him pushing up into you. 
Harry was overwhelmed by the feeling of your warm, wet, and tight walls engulfing all of his dick. Not to mention the way you wound your hips down onto him the way you did. You on the other hand were so close to losing it from the way his cock almost pierced through your entrance from how big he was, invading your walls. It felt so good though. You felt completely full as you took all of him inside. Like you were positive that you could feel him in the pit of your stomach.
Once you’re adjusted to his size, you begin to move against him, starting off by circling your hips in his lap and moving yourself up and down on him a little too. You were feeling so good riding him, your soft moans flowing through the room. From this angle, he would push right up against your spot every time you came back down, causing you to speed up a bit. What made it even better was Harry’s mouth on your tits. He’d alternate between the two, sucking on your pert nipples as you moved on his cock. You could hear his muffled moans against your skin and you could feel them radiating through your body. Harry was again, in his own little heaven on earth. He was touching all over your body, your sweet moans flowing into his ears, he was deep inside of you, and he got to mouth at your tits. It couldn’t get any better than that Harry thought. That is, until you picked up the pace with your hips. When you start moving faster on him, quickly lifting and dropping yourself repeatedly on his cock, Harry’s head falls back against the headboard. Bringing his hands that were now on your ass around to wrap around your breasts, squeezing at the supple flesh and pinching at your nipples.
Your collective moans grew louder, battling with the sound of your ass slapping against his thighs and the sticky sound of your pussy swallowing his cock over who’d be the loudest. Your moans prevailing when you start digging your clit into the coarse hairs surrounding Harry’s cock. They were all nice and neat and a little rough, perfect for you to rub your clit against. 
“Daddy’s cock making you feel good baby?” Harry pants, starting to thrust his hips up to meet yours 
“So good daddy!” You whine, digging your nails into his shoulders as he increases the pace of his hips.
“Feel me all the way up inside your tummy sweet girl?“ Harry questions, bringing one of his hands down to rub circles around your lower stomach, applying a little pressure in the process.
“Mhm, so deep.” You breathe out to him in response, completely overwhelmed by it all. Your hands begin to move away from his shoulders, gliding down his clothed (but very sexily clothed) chest stopping at his midsection, using his very toned abdomen to help you balance. 
“Good girl.” He praises, bringing his hand that was still at your breast up to your neck, lightly wrapping it around before using his newfound grip to pull you into an open mouthed kiss. You two swapped moans as you feverishly licked into each other’s mouths. After sharing in this kiss for a little while longer you realIzed that you wanted to show Harry what was going on between your legs. 
“Wanna show you daddy.” You sigh, stopping the movement of your hips and lightly pulling out of the grip Harry had on you. His attention was all yours as he watched you lift yourself up from his now glistening cock. You were so wet there were strings of your arousal connecting your pussy to his dick. He watches as you turn around and straddle him again, this time with your back facing him. You waste no time wrapping your hand around his sticky cock and realigning him with your entrance. You smoothly glide back down his girthy shaft, taking all of him back into you. “Look daddy” You whine, spreading your ass apart so that Harry could get a clear view to your sopping wet and plushy pussy gripping and swallowing his cock over and over again. 
“Fuck me.” Harry huffs through his moans. His hands were over his mouth and his eyes, in complete awe at how you were really working his dick. “Y’look so good doll.” Harry groans, bringing his hands out to replace yours. He got a nice grip on the flesh of your backside as he spread it apart to watch you take him inside. The longer he looked, Harry could see your arousal dripping from your pussy all the way down his dick and he could see the sticky strings of your arousal form whenever you lifted your hips. The view only intensifies his moans and pushes him to thrust up into you even more.
He watches you start to lean forward forward, planting your hands on the mattress between his spread legs. Your once consistent movements becoming sloppier, and your moans dissolving into whines. You were even pushing (more like throwing) yourself back onto him, all of this telling Harry that you were getting closer to release number two. To help you both out, Harry takes control. He lightly pushes you forward using the grip he had on your ass, pushing you off of his cock. When he does this, you let out a whine, reaching behind you to try and find him to put him back inside. Harry is quick to lift himself up from where he was positioned on the bed to kneel behind you. And in no time you were filled up again. Except that for this go round, Harry was taking the lead. He pushes down against your upper back, forcing you into a bit of a deep arch. He then brings both hands to your supple hips to keep you steady before he start’s pistoning his hips into you. In an instant you’re clawing at the sheets and whining, crying, and screaming from how hard and how good it all felt. And in what seemed like no time at all, you were even closer to being consumed by your second release of the night.
“Gonna cum again daddy!” You weakly announce.
“Me too baby! Cum with daddy!” He pants, delivering a hard slap to your ass as it jiggled with every thrust. 
“Fuck!” You cry out to him, feeling one of his arms snake around your waist and a hand going between your legs, the hand going right to your clit. His fingers rapidly circle your pulsating clit, throwing you right over the edge and into your release. When you start to squirt for the second time and your cunt starts to contract around his cock, Harry follows suit, unloading all of his cum deep inside of you. 
When the waves of your releases calm down, Harry slowly pulls out of you, making sure to push any bit of the creamy white substance that tries to escape back inside. He thought it looked so pretty when your pussy was a complete mess with his cum all over. 
Your entire body is beyond tired and a little achey too. Not being able to hold yourself up any longer, you fall onto the bed, dropping back down on your side.
“C’mere sweets.” Harry hums, reaching down to pull you up into his chest. He quickly reaches back to pull the towel up, tossing it away before pulling back the sheets a bit for the two of you. Keeping you secure in his arms, he then falls back onto the bed with you on top of him. “Did so good.” He whispers, pulling the rest of the comforter out from underneath you two before spreading it across your naked bodies. You immediately get yourself comfortable against him, nestling into his warm chest with a leg thrown over his. Harry’s warm hands were lightly stroking the warm expanse of your exposed back.
“Can we take a nap, m’so tired?” You whisper, feeling yourself start to drift off.
“Of course Y/n.” He coos, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.
“And can get food when we wake up?” You question again, drifting off into your much needed nap. 
“We can do whatever you want babydoll.” Harry replies, chuckling at how cute you were.
“Okay...I love you.” 
“I love you more.” Harry whispers as you two fall asleep.
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goldensonlyangel · 2 months ago
Pink Suspenders
Tumblr media
Summary: harry gets turned on by you in a leather skirt and you give him a bj before he gets on stage.
Warnings: oral (male receiving), pet name (darling, baby, love, angel), strong language. MINORS DNI 
Word count:1K+
I hope you enjoy!! Happy reading - G
Also this is for @harryhoney-bee​ ‘s Love On Tour Masterlist!! I hope you like it!! <333
You watched from the doorway, your shoulder propped on the door jam as Harry pulled the suspenders over his bare, tattooed chest. The light pink and sparkly pants flowed off his hips, his gold cross necklace hanging between his muscular pecs. 
He caught your eyes in the mirror, that familiar smirk of when he’s up to no good plays across his full, pink lips, “what?” 
Your eyes rake over him as he turns around to face you, his bare arms crossing over his tanned chest as he watches you watch him. “Nothing,” you sigh out, your legs tightly clenched, you thought he wouldn’t notice as you kept your eyes locked on him but the second they clenched his eyes flickered down to the black leather skirt you were wearing. 
His eyes raked down your long tanned legs, to the junction between your thighs that were covered by the black leather, his eyebrow raised in disapproval as his hand raised to scratch that stubble that lined his jawline. 
“What is it, H,” you teased, crossing your leg over the other causing your skirt to rise only a mere inch but cause so much heat to rise in him. You could see the tent in the front of his pants from across the room, “seems you have a bit of a problem there,” jerking your chin towards his crotch as you just smirked at him. 
“You’re being a brat,” he growls out deeply, pushing off the mirror and stalking towards you, his face is a breath away from yours once he makes it to you, “You know what brats get, love, yet you continue to push me.” 
Your head leans closer as his lips ghost over yours, “Are you a brat? Hmm? Do you like teasing me, darling?” 
His hot breath fans over your lips as your eyes stay locked on his, leaning closer so they brush ever so slightly over yours before he pulls back, his hand coming up to hold your jaws, “answer me, love. I asked you a question.” 
Your head nods quickly, “yes,” you breathe out. 
“On your knees,” he demands, his hand falling from your jaw and to the door that was only half closed. Your feet pulled you into the room before your knees started to buckle, “no love,” he caught your elbow, “in front of the mirror,” he whispers into your ear. 
Harry leans back on the door after he’s closed it fully, watching you back away from him and fall to your knees in front of the mirror he has been standing in not even five minutes prior. 
“Lift your skirt, darling,” he breathes out, ‘“above those delicious curves, baby.” 
His eyes lock on your bare hips as you lift the leather skirt, his green eyes wide as a deep grunt falls from the back of his throat and a whispered, “fuck, y/n” is breathed out. 
Your eyes just look up at him innocently, waiting for him to come closer. 
Harry runs his hands through his dark curls, sighing out before he pushes off the door and makes his way to you. His fingers trail soft as a feather over your cheekbone, moving lightly to trace your nose, his thumb moving to tug down your bottom lip. 
“Such a good girl, darling,” he praises you, causing a smile to tug at your lips. Harry’s hand cups your jaw softly, and you nuzzle into it lovingly. 
“Unzip me, love,” he tells you, his hand moving to grip the roots at the side of your head. Your innocent eyes flick up to his, hesitating for a split second before your fingers fumble with the button of his sparkly dress pants. 
Your eyes flicker down to your fingers as you pop open the button and pull down the zipper slowly, you pull open the pieces of fabric tugging them down slightly, those innocent but lust filled eyes tracing up his abdomen watching as his suspenders stretch slightly. 
The fabric just but hugs his ass as you tug it down to pull out his hard cock. Precum is already leaking from the tip. 
“You’re so hard, H,” you moan, your tongue darting out to circle around his head, liking up the salty cream. 
 Harry’s hand tightens in your hair, a small but deep grunt gets caught in the back of his throat as you circle your tongue around his hard deep purple tip. Your hand wraps around the base of him, giving it a little squeeze as your tongue teases the slit of his head. 
“Don’t. Don’t tease me, darling,” he grounds out, a furrow deep between his eyebrows, “I won’t last very long if you keep doing that.” 
“God, you feel so fucking good,” Harry moans deeply. 
Your lips close around him, sucking on the tip, tongue swirling around before you drop down, taking him in the back of your throat. Your nose brushes on the hairs that make up his happy trail, your eyes flicking up to watch his hard expression start to crumble in pleasure. 
Moaning in the back of your throat, sending tingles through his body and making his hips buck. His grip moves to the back of your head, holding you there before easing his hold and letting you move. 
As you move you can feel his grip tighten in your hair, your tongue teasingly licks on the sensitive underside of his cock. You move up and down along his dick, gagging around him, your spit coating his length and your chin. 
Deep, but quite moans form in the back of his throat as his hips buck mindlessly before you pull back for a breath. Your fist pumping him as the other moves up along his torso, your fingers tracing over the pink suspenders hooked to his unbuttoned pants, you wrap your fingers tightly around a suspender pulling him towards you. 
“Fuck, you better catch a deep breath because i’m about to fuck your mouth so hard, darling.” Harry moans darkly, his eyes dark and filled with lust. You just smirk pumping your fist before wrapping your lips back around him loosely. 
He doesn’t waste a minute before he’s pulling you closer and shoving his cock in your mouth. He doesn’t let up, his hip bucking wildly, his grip on your hair tightening and keeping you in place. 
Both hands grip his suspenders tight, trying to balance yourself on your knees.
Your throat tenses up around him as you swallow, making him moan out loudly, “Fuck,” he moans, his hips thrusting into your mouth deeper, hitting the back of your throat repeatedly.. You moan around him, making his hips stutter, breaking his fast thrusting. 
“God, darling, your throat feels so fucking amazing.” 
Both of his hands are in your hair now, his thrusts stuttering as you moan, and swallow around him taking him deep into your throat, “I’m so close baby, keep doing that,” he moans out. 
“Mmm,” you moan, your hands moving from his suspenders and tracing over his abdomen, your nails scraping across his v-line, his thighs shaking and his thrust shutter in response. 
You give one last deep swallow around him just as a loud bang sounds on the door, “Two minutes Harry!!” 
“COMING!” he calls back, but it seems it was more for you because his hot, salty cum fills your mouth. You pull back your tongue out as your hand moves back to pump the rest of his release into your mouth. 
He smirks down at you as you hold out your tongue showing him how you swallowed all of him, his hands tuck himself back into his pants, buttoning and zipping them up before he squats in front of you, his thumb and forefinger dripping your chin. 
“You’re my good girl, love. Did so good,” he praises you, leaning down to kiss your lips. He smirks into your mouth as you wrap your arms around his neck. 
He shocks you by moving his hand from your chin to between your thighs, “Harry!” you all but moan. 
“Did sucking me off before I go on stage turn you on, darling? You’re dripping for me, wouldn’t be surprised to find a wet spot in the carpet when you get up.” he whispers into your lips, his fingers moving between your slick lips. Moaning softly into his mouth when he circles your swollen clit. 
But then he pulls back, pecking your lips once and standing, you watch as he brings his fingers coated in you to his lips and sucks them clean. His eyes never leave yours.
A frown morphs onto your face, your lips pouting up at him, he helps you stand, “I want you in my bed waiting for me the second I get off stage, do you hear me, darling? Naked and waiting.” He tells you, just as another loud knock sounds. 
You nod up at him, “Ok.” 
He pecks your lips not once, not twice but three times before lingering and sweeping his tongue along yours. 
“I love you, angel,” he pulls back looking you in the eyes, nothing but the truth swimming in them. 
“I love you more, H. Kill it, baby,” you peck his cheek before stepping back from him and watching him as he walks out the door.
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imaginationintowords · 2 months ago
Home Is Where the Heart Is
Harry Styles x Famous!Reader
[a/n: this is my submission to the @hes-writer angst fest. This is my first time ever doing anything like this. My prompt is “I want to come home to you.”//“But?” I hope you guys enjoy this! I worked my hardest on this and I really like how it came out. Also remember this is all fiction, no hate to any parties mentioned below.]
Plot: Harry is away from reader and their daughter. They haven’t heard from him in two weeks, the reader is trying her best to keep her daughter’s hopes alive, but it’s getting harder.
Word count: 5232
Warnings: angst, very angsty, mentions of abortion, infidelity
*there will not be a part two. If you have any questions feel free to send them to my ask and I’ll answer any questions you have*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Y/N] was sat in her living room going over her script for tomorrow’s shoot. She looked over on the ground where her daughter, the perfect mixture of herself and her boyfriend, sat playing with her toys peacefully.
[Y/N]’s heart swelled at the sight. She never feels as content as she does in these little moments. As mundane as they may be, the 3 year-old was her entire world.
“Momma,” Penelope spoke out, her accent leaning more towards like her father’s.
[Y/N] was originally from California, coincidentally that’s where she and Harry met six years ago in 2014 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. At the time [Y/N] was reeling in from her excitement from winning her first Academy Award. She was the new “it” girl of Hollywood and everyone took notice.
Harry would lie if asked if he was nervous the first time he met her. He was incredibly nervous, that their first introduction had him accidentally spilling his drink on her shirt. He was embarrassed as he profusely apologized while [Y/N] laughed it off and reassured him that it was nothing.
When Harry looked up to meet her eyes for the first time he was completely hooked. At that moment the only thing he wanted to do was get to know her. He wanted to know every single thing about her. Was she a morning or night person? How’d she take her coffee? What’s her favorite song? Favorite movie? Was she a cat or dog person? How was her family like? What did she like to do in her free time? He wanted to know it all.
And that he did.
And just like Harry, [Y/N] was also hooked. She had been a fan of Harry’s for awhile and now standing in front of him, she got what every one said about him. She got this overwhelming feeling that Harry could wreck her whole life, and she would gladly let him.
So she did.
They exchanged numbers that night and talked every day since it took them almost a year to become official. Both of their schedules had kept them in different parts of the world. Two years into their relationship [Y/N] got pregnant. Her birth control failed her.
[Y/N] was nervous at first to tell Harry. She herself was having difficulties coming to grips with the pregnancy. They were both only 23 years-old. She could barely take care of herself, how would she be able to take care of a baby. She thought about all of the projects she had lined up for the next year, no doubt she’d have to drop out of some.
She felt guilty being consumed with selfish thoughts. How could she feel this way when having a child is all some people ever dreamt about.
She pondered over the thought of not telling Harry and taking care of the situation by herself. The thought of keeping something that big a secret made her absolutely sick.
Not that she wasn’t pro-choice, she just couldn’t bare living with that secret. At least not from Harry.
Whatever choice she made she knew he would support her the entire way.
When it finally came time to tell Harry, she couldn’t miss the sparkle in his eyes.
“You’re pregnant?” He asked, trying to contain his excitement, seeing the way [Y/N] was emotional when telling him.
“Yeah,” she sniffled, as tears ran down her face.
“I’m so sorry,” she cried out.
Harry immediately took her in his arms and held on tightly.
“Don’t you apologize,” he soothed her, “Don’t you ever apologize. This isn’t your fault. You have nothing to apologize for.”
His words should’ve been comforting, but all [Y/N] felt was pure guilt over the way she was feeling. She couldn’t help but to cry even more.
“Hey it’s okay,” he tried to soothe her, “Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you. No questions asked.”
[Y/N] cried even harder. Harry was so understanding. She knew he would be.
“I don’t know what I want to do,” she cried.
“That’s okay,” he says, “there’s no need to decide it right now. You have time.”
“If I do decide to go with the abortion, will you hate me?”
“No, of course not,” he assures her, “I’ll support you no matter what you decide. You are more important to me than anything.”
“You won’t be upset if I decide to keep it?” She carefully asks.
“No of course not,” he says, “I don’t want to tell you exactly my feelings on all of this because I don’t want to sway you into making a decision based on what I want. Because you’re going to have to want it too. You can’t make the choice based on what I want because you want to make me happy. I’ll be happy either way because I just want to be with you, so please don’t make a choice because you think that’s what I want. I only want you.”
[Y/N] took a moment to let Harry’s words sink in. She thought about what she actually wanted. Not what she was expected to do.
She took a deep breath and exhaled.
“Okay,” she calmly said, the tears coming to a halt.
“I want to keep the baby,” she looks him in the eyes.
“You do?” Harry confirms, trying to keep his excitement at bay.
“Yeah, I really do,” she nods her head, “I know we’re still kind of young, but I want to do this. And if you’d like, I’d love to do this with you.”
Harry’s face broke out into a gigantic grin, his eyes tearing up.
“Oh [Y/N], there isn’t anything I want to do more than have a baby with you,” he smiled, grabbing her face and kissing her. Both crying tears of joy.
*end of flashback*
Once they decided on keeping the baby [Y/N] took it as perfect opportunity to move out of LA. She had loved London since her first visit there, and up until dating Harry she never had a reason to move there. But now that she was pregnant she was ready to move. As much as LA and California were home, over the course of the last few years she started to feel suffocated by it. Sure all her family lived there, but she really only saw them during the holidays and special occasions, now that everyone was busy with their own lives and families. And she could always visit and fly them out whenever they wanted to come. Harry was secretly happy she decided to move to London, as LA was becoming suffocating for him as well.
They had both decided to keep the LA house [Y/N] had for whenever they visited or had work in town. And [Y/N] would move into Harry’s newly renovated house in London. Harry told her he had designed a great portion of it with her in mind and their future family, long before she got pregnant.
And in the month of September of 2017, Harry and [Y/N] welcomed a beautiful baby girl. Naming her Penelope Amelia Styles. She was the perfect combination of both.
The new parents had agreed that they would never work at the same time. Not wanting Penelope to be without a parent home at the end of the night. They wanted to be the ones to raise their daughter like how their parents raised them. Being present was extremely important. If they ever needed a babysitter they would call family or close friends. They were very adamant about not having a nanny for as long as they could.
It was easier when Penelope was a baby to take her wherever they went. But as she got older they decided traveling around would have to be saved for holidays and summer vacations. Especially since she turned three this year and she had started primary school.
With Penelope in school for a few hours a day, it gave Harry and [Y/N] more free time during the day. Harry could pop into the studio for a few hours and pick up Penelope on his way home while [Y/N] was on set working. Or vice versa.
The challenge came when Harry got a movie offer that took him out of the country. [Y/N] and Harry and tried to keep the out of country movies to only the summertime once Penny started school. It was easier for [Y/N] to get London as the filming location into her contracts as she was one of the most sought out movie stars and studios would gladly take that exception. With Harry it wasn’t so easy, sure he was a big name in the music world, but even Harry Styles couldn’t negotiate that.
So for the first time since Penny was born, they were separated. Harry was in LA without his family. He had already been there for two months. [Y/N] and Penny were due to fly out in two weeks, just in time for Christmas.
Harry had promised to call every single day, and he did for the first month and a half. Penny and [Y/N] were going on two weeks without a single phone call.
Every time [Y/N] would text Harry to figure out a time, he would respond back with a ‘I’m busy’ text. [Y/N] couldn’t help but start to feel annoyed by that reply. Harry had never been so absent. Not during Penelope’s life and not throughout his and [Y/N]’s relationship. He had always made time, no matter what he was doing or how tired he was. He would always make time for ‘his girls’.
[Y/N] had also noticed the little subtle mood changes Penelope was going through because she missed her dad. Harry was one of, if not her most favorite person in the world. They had such an incredibly beautiful bond, that [Y/N] cherished it, she didn’t have that relationship with her own father. She made sure to do everything in her power to make sure their daughter-father bond was strong. But there’s only so many times she can tell Penelope that Harry’s busy before she loses hope. [Y/N] tried her best to assure Penny that her father would call once he has time. She would take Penny out spending most days out of the house to keep her distracted and thoughts away from missing her father. But once they would get back home she would be instantly hit with the reality he wasn’t home.
[Y/N] checked her phone, she had a couple of messages, but none from Harry. She sighed and tossed her phone back on the couch.
“Okay Penny, love,” she says, standing up and stretching her arms and legs, “time for bed.”
“Okay momma,” she smiled, getting up and grabbing her mother’s hand.
“Momma,” she says as they walk upstairs to her room.
“Yes love?”
“I think I know what I want to ask Santa for Christmas when we see him tomorrow.”
“Oh really, what would that be?”
“For Daddy to come home,” she says.
“Oh,” [Y/N] didn’t know what to say to that.
If this was a month ago, [Y/N] would’ve been more confident in answering. They were supposed to fly out in a week but she hasn’t heard from him, so now her insecurities are sinking in.
“I miss him very much,” Penelope sadly sighs.
“Me too,” [Y/N] sighs, “me too.”
“Do you think Santa can bring Daddy?” She asks, going into her room.
“I don’t know,” she honestly tells her, walking over to her dresser to get some pajamas.
“If anyone can do it Santa can,” Penny confidently says.
“We shall see,” [Y/N] gives her daughter a tight smile, “let's get ready for bed.
After [Y/N] got Penny asleep, she went back down to clean up the living room. As she was cleaning up, her phone started to vibrate on the couch. She picked it up to see she had a few photo messages from a friend.
She opened the messages to see that they were photos. And not just any photos but photos of Harry.
Harry was playing with children in a couple of them. Then the next couple of photos made [Y/N]’s blood boil.
It was the next few photos that really set it off for her. Harry was sitting on a couch, very close to his director Olivia Wilde, her arm draped around Harry’s back, while her kids were sat on their laps. Harry was looking at Olivia, [Y/N] was all too familiar with that look. It was the way Harry would look at her.
She was sick to her stomach. Here she was at home trying to keep their daughter’s hopes up that her father will make time for her. All while he’s playing house. She set aside her own feelings and about what else he might be doing with his director aside from working.
At that moment she only cared about her daughter’s feelings, and she didn’t care who the person was, no one will make her daughter feel the way Harry has been making her feel for the last couple of weeks.
She did the only thing she could think of to do. She texted Harry the photos with the caption, “nice to know you’re not too busy for someone else’s family.”
Within seconds her phone was ringing.
“So now he calls,” she answers the phone.
“Please [Y/N] can I speak to Penny?” He says, ignoring her remark.
“It’s 9pm here Harry. You know she’s asleep by 8. At least you used to know that.”
“I didn’t call to argue with you,” he sighs.
“Are you serious right now Harry? We haven’t spoken in two weeks and you expect a warm happy greeting?”
“I’ve been busy,” he lies.
“Bullshit. No matter how busy you’ve ever been, you always made sure to call or FaceTime before bed time. You always made the time. Always,” she tells him.
“I’ve had to make countless, countless excuses to Penny for you. Do you know how badly she misses you. You’re her favorite person in this entire world, and you just dropped her like it’s nothing like it’s so easy.”
“Don’t,” he stressed, “I love my daughter more than anything in this world. I’m working to provide the best for her. Do you think I like being away?”
“Yes, I think you do,” she answers, “A month ago that thought wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. You would’ve flown a whole day just to spend a couple of hours at home. But now? You can’t even spare a few minutes on a phone call.
“And the provider's excuse is such a bullshit answer. You and I both know if we chose to walk away from our careers we would be financially stable. Money isn’t an issue, so please don’t act like it is, unless you suddenly got into gambling or bad investments, which we also both know you’re extremely careful with your money and planning for the future.”
“So what do you expect me to do [Y/N]? I’ve been busy, and whenever I get out of work, you guys are already asleep,” he tries to defend himself.
“Don’t you dare try to lie to me right now,” she stresses, “Not when I just saw those photos. Really Harry? Your daughter misses you like crazy, and you’re over there playing house with someone else.”
“It’s not like that,” he says.
“Don’t lie to me,” she says, “How can you just lie to me? I’ve seen the photos. You know I’ve seen the photos.”
“Who sent you those photos?” He asked.
“Does it even matter?” She asked, completely baffled by his lack of a reaction, “You should care about the fact that your daughter has been asking about you for the last two weeks. Tonight she told me that she was going to ask Santa to bring you back home. I didn’t even know what to tell her when she asked if I thought it would happen, because to be honest Harry, I don’t know if it will.”
“I want to come home to you,” he pauses
“But?” She questions, feeling her heart drop a bit.
Harry remained quiet.
“Harry?” She quietly calls for him.
Harry never planned for this to happen. Two months ago he was dreading leaving [Y/N] and Penny behind. He felt sick at the thought of not being with them for so long.
Then about three weeks ago there was a sudden shift. He can’t explain why or how things happened, all he knows is that he can’t take it back now that he’s done it.
Harry loved [Y/N] more than anything. Or at least he used to. She was his whole world. He never thought he could ever feel that way about anyone else, especially not after she gave birth to his daughter. Growing up he hated the fact that his parents weren’t together and he had to spend every week hopping from one house to another, and as he got older his father was less around. He had promised himself that he would never be that person, especially after [Y/N] got pregnant and decided to keep the baby, he swore to himself that he would be everything he wanted as a kid growing up.
He never imagined himself to ever leave [Y/N], he truly loved her and had envisioned their lives together the moment he saw her. He never expected things to turn out the way they did. He never planned to fall in love with someone else.
But he did.
And he can’t take back what he’s already done. The last two weeks he has been living with the guilt of it all. The reason he hasn’t spoken to [Y/N] or Penelope was because he was guilty. Guilty that he had fallen in love with another one, and not just that but fell in love with her children. His guilt consumed him of being an absent father to his own daughter, that he spent all his free time being a father to someone else’s children.
He hated himself for becoming the father he never wanted to be.
He loved Penelope more than anything in this world. And he knows he was causing her pain by not being there, and not calling her. He knows no one is to blame but himself. So instead of being a man and owning up to his changed feelings and being honest to [Y/N], he hid.
He hid for as long as he could. And he knew he was playing a dangerous game with Olivia. News was bound to come out about their affair, especially when his co-workers knew [Y/N] very well. He knew that if it came down to it, their loyalty would stand with her, and not him. But like the idiot he is, he just brushed it aside. He’s surprised it took this long for news to even get to her. Judging by the photos she sent him, he’s not even sure she truly knows what he’s been doing. He knew [Y/N] wasn’t a dumb person and she had to know there was a bit more to those photos than just close friends.
“Harry,” her voice strained, he could hear the raw emotion coming from her voice, “Can you please say something.”
“I’m so sorry [Y/N],” he cries out, all the guilt washing over him and pouring out.
“What are you sorry about?” She asks.
“You know.”
“No, I don’t,” she presses, “If you’re going to apologize at least have the fucking decency and apologize for what you’ve done. For what you’ve put us through back here the last two weeks. I- no we deserve the fucking truth.”
“I’m so sorry [Y/N],” he repeats, “I should’ve called. I should’ve answered all the calls. I should’ve been honest from the beginning. I shouldn’t have ran and hid. I shouldn’t have expected you not to find out.”
“Find out what Harry,” she says, trying to hold back her tears, “You don’t get to be vague about it all. You owe me the goddamn truth. I don’t want this cookie cutter shit, I deserve the truth. You owe me as much as that.”
“I never meant to do this,” he cries, reality sinking in now that he has to come clean, “I never meant for this to happen.”
“Just say it Harry,” [Y/N] yelled through the phone, her patience with Harry officially gone.
“I’ve been having an affair with Olivia,” he sobs, “I’ve been having an affair for almost a month now.”
[Y/N] broke down at his confession. She wasn’t dumb, she knew that he was. But it still doesn’t hurt any less.
This was the man that had proclaimed to her that she was the love of his life. All those nights in bed with him telling her all about the future plans he had made for their little family. How just right before he left he brought up the topic of them having another baby. How could the man she’s on the phone with now confessing his infidelities, be the same man who had claimed he would never hurt her and that she was his entire future. How could this even be the same person?
“I am so sorry,” he cried.
“Stop saying that,” she cried out, “Stop fucking saying that as if it’s going to make it any better. As if it’s going to hurt any less. Jesus fucking Christ Harry, we have a daughter together! A daughter who hasn’t spoken to her father in weeks, all because he had found himself a new family to take care of.”
“Don’t say that.”
“It’s true,” she shrugged her shoulders, “You were off being someone else’s partner, playing someone else’s father, all while you knew you were secretly breaking the hearts of your real family. Breaking the heart of your own daughter!
“What happened to the person who told me he would never do this? Who said he would never abandon his daughter. That nothing in this world meant more to him than his ‘girls’? Huh? Were those just words you spewed?”
“You don’t know how hard it was for me out here,” he raised his voice trying to defend himself, “I didn’t have anyone. I didn’t have you guys with me! It was fucking lonely.”
“Then you know what you do when you’re lonely Harry?” She yells, “You pick up the goddamn phone and call home and talk to the people you miss. You don’t go out looking for a new family! You don’t just leave the ones you’ve had before, all because they’re not there. You don’t abandon them because you’re lonely. We were here. We were here the whole time, waiting for YOU.
“You don’t think we’re lonely? You don’t think that we miss you? You don’t think that every goddamn night I have to explain to our three year old why you haven’t called. You don’t think she doesn’t cry because she misses you? I’ve spent the last two weeks making up excuses for you. Telling her that ‘daddy is just busy’, and that ‘daddy will call when he has time’. I’ve been the one to tell her that ‘daddy still loves her more than anything’. I’ve been the one doing that. I’m the one who’s been here with her counting down the days til we can see you again.
“And you couldn’t even wait the two and a half months it would’ve taken for us to be together again. You couldn’t even wait two months,” she shakes her head, repulsed by it all, “You couldn’t even last two months away from home, before you went off being in someone else’s bed with someone else’s family.”
“You made it look so easy to replace us,” she cried, feeling so hurt, “Now I have to be the one to tell our daughter why mommy and daddy aren’t together. I have to be the one to break the news to her. I have to be the one to tell her why daddy is with someone else.”
“You don’t have to tell her that,” he quickly cuts in.
“What I’m I supposed to tell her when we fly in for Christmas and you’re not living in the house?”
“Wait, you guys are still going to fly out?”
“Yes, that was always the plan, but I’m assuming you forgot about all that when making holiday plans with your new family,” she harshly says.
“That’s not why,” he defends himself.
“I already made plans with my family who are excited to see us,” she says, “I’m not going to cancel because you couldn’t be loyal.”
“Maybe we can wait two weeks and tell Penelope together?” He suggested.
“What makes you think the news of your affair won’t be out by then?” She challenges.
“No one has found out yet,” he carefully says.
[Y/N] let out an angry bitter laugh.
“You’re fucking kidding me right?” She asks in complete disbelief, “You don’t think these photos won’t be everywhere soon? You were out in a public area being very affectionate with her, and you don’t think news won’t spread. You weren’t careful Harry, and that’s on you. I am not allowing MY daughter to find out this news anywhere else but from me.
“I am going to tell her the truth in the best way a three year old could understand,” she says, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she doesn’t think any negatively about you, you’re bound to get that enough from everyone else.”
“Maybe we can tell her together?” He suggests.
“Okay,” she agrees, “After we get back from seeing Santa tomorrow, I’ll Facetime you and we can tell her together.”
“You can’t do that, it’ll ruin the day,” he says.
“I can’t risk her finding out any other way Harry,” [Y/N] says, “Trust me the last thing I want to do is tell her that we won’t be a family anymore. But I can’t risk her finding out from anyone else. I won’t have her finding out from anyone else. I will not have that.”
“I can’t do it tomorrow, I have to be on set,” he says.
“You can cancel. I’m sure your boss will understand why,” she bitterly says, “You owe it to your daughter.”
“Okay, I’ll be there.”
“Good,” she pauses, “and Harry, your things better be out of the LA house by the time we fly in. I don’t want you in MY house.”
“What about Penelope?”
“We will explain to her tomorrow, that mommy and daddy still love her very much. That no matter what she is our main priority like she has always been. But mommy and daddy won’t be living together any more. That just because mommy and daddy aren’t in love with each other anymore,” [Y/N]’s voice cracks at that statement, she takes a deep breath, trying not to break down, knowing that her love for Harry is still very much there.
Harry bit on his upper lip to keep himself from breaking down even more at that moment. Knowing he’s the cause for breaking [Y/N]’s heart, that he might not be in love with her anymore, but she still is in love with him.
“That just because mommy and daddy aren’t in love with each other anymore,” she continues after collecting herself, “that we still love her very much. But because we aren’t in love anymore we won’t be living together anymore. But she’ll still get to see you every other week.”
“Really?” He asks, surprised she would consider giving him 50/50 custody.
“I won’t have you be an absent father Harry,” she says, “You will be a part of her life, just as much as I am. You don’t get to be an every other weekend father. You will be just as involved as you were before you left. Hell you’ll be more involved now that you’re going to be doing it solo.
“I will not have my daughter growing up without her father. She deserves your love, Harry. She deserves your love more than anyone in this entire world. And I Swear to god, if she doesn’t get that love, I will destroy you myself. Because that little girl doesn’t deserve this. And you will spend the rest of your life knowing that you have caused her this, and spend the rest of your life making it up to her.
“You don’t get to mess up Harry,” she continues, “This was your mess up, and this was it. If you fuck up once more that has your daughter believing you don’t love her, I will bring the wrath. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand,” he agrees, “I will never go silent on her again. I promise you that.”
“Your promises mean shit to me,” [Y/N] bitterly says.
Harry knows he deserves every ounce of anger he’s getting from [Y/N]. He’s made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. He’s going to show her that he can be the best father there is, the father he was before he stopped talking to them. He will spend the rest of his life making it up not just to Penelope but to [Y/N]. He knows he can’t ask for her friendship right here, right now, not after all the pain he’s putting her through. But he knows that down the line, they’ll come a time where she accepts his hand in friendship and that all of this will just be a distant memory.
“Okay,” he agrees.
“Okay, and I have one last condition.”
“You will not bring that woman around my daughter,” she tells him, “Not any time soon. I don’t want her anywhere near my child. When you’re with Penelope, you’re only with Penelope.”
“Okay that’s fair,” he agrees, seeing her side of the situation.
“I mean it. Please don’t bring her around Penelope,” her voice cracked, “I just can’t handle that any time soon.”
“I won’t,” he says, his own voice cracking.
There was silence on the line. Neither one knowing what to do now.
“I really am sorry [Y/N],” Harry’s voice cracks, apologizing for a final time, “I never imagined this would happen. I really did love you. And I still do, it’s just-”
“You’re not in love with me anymore,” she softly says, tears rolling down her face, “I truly hope this doesn’t come back later and bite you in the ass, because you’re the one who has to live with the guilt of breaking us. Breaking me.”
Harry remained silent, not knowing what to say to her anymore. Knowing anything he can say will just make things worse.
“I hope it was worth it. I hope she was worth it,” [Y/N] lastly said before hanging up the phone.
Harry was left alone in the silence. Looking around the bedroom that was once their’s together. Knowing that all of this was his fault, and he can’t do anything to change it. The only thing he could do was grieve what once was, and move on learning from it all.
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pasiveagressive · 2 months ago
Y/N and Harry Tell the Truth// h.s
Tumblr media
“Y/N, Harry, we have brought you here today to take a lie detector test.” you both nod your heads “One of you will be hooked up to the machine while the other asks questions, and then you’ll switch. Who wants to be in the hot seat first?” you look at each other,
“Him.” you say in unison and then laugh “Rock paper scissors?” you ask 
“Only if you say it correctly.” you roll your eyes at him 
“Paper scissors rock.” you say at the same time, you throw scissors and he throws rock.
“Damn it. Okay I guess I am first.” Harry gets up from the table and goes to sit across from you.  The polygraph reader comes and starts hooking you up. “Whew, did it just get hot in here?” you go to fan yourself nervous.
“Please refrain from moving too much.” the guy whose name you learn is John says
“Oh sorry.” you grimace and try to sit still. 
“ ‘kay John are you ready?” Harry asks, John just nods his head. “We need to establish a baseline so, is your name Y/N Y/L/N?” you nod your head but then remember it is supposed to be a verbal answer.
“Right, sorry, yes that is my name.”
“Is your boyfriend in this room?” 
“Yes he is.” 
“Were you born in England?”
“Were you raised in North Carolina?”
“Yes.” Harry turns to John at this point. 
“Was that true?” He asks the man who solemnly nods his head yes. “Alright let's start. These questions are only going to be slightly invasive.” he teases you. “So as we already discussed you were raised in North Carolina, is that something you are proud of?”
“Absolutely.” you say 
“Then why,” Harry asks smugly, “Are you applying for dual citizenship to the UK?” you stare at him annoyed
“Hmmm, I don’t know, maybe because my longtime boyfriend is a citizen?” John stares at you 
“The machine doesn’t do well with sarcasm.” he says monotone.
“Sorry,” you make a face “Let me try again, because my boyfriend is a citizen and also to feel closer to my mum’s side of the family.” Harry looks at John who once again just nods his head.
“Over the quarantine your cooking videos became quite popular, would you say that you are a better cook than me?”
“Oh yeah, one hundred percent.” he huffs
“Am I a bad cook?”
“No I don’t think so, I just think I am better.” you smile at him.
“She’s telling the truth.” John announces
“Next question. On Reddit there is an entire page praising you, do you check it?” you furrow your eyebrows 
“No, I don’t think that I even knew about that.” John gives Harry a look
“Is she lying?” he asks the man 
“It’s uncertain.” Harry then gives you a look, you shrug your shoulders
“I swear, maybe my heart picked up because I was a little shocked, I mean a whole page praising me that’s a lot.”
“That was the truth.” John says
“Suspicious.” Harry says
“The kids are saying sus these days babe.” you inform him. He strokes a non-existent beard
“Sus.” you giggle, but then a look from John causes you to recenter yourself “Anyway next question. Do likes and followers matter to you?” 
“Sometimes, I would like to say no but then I post something that is important to me and I hope that it is well received.” Harry nods his head
“What is your favorite song of mine?” 
“Lights Up.” you say with confidence
“Lie.” John says
“What?! That is my favorite, well… actually, just you or can it be One Direction.”
“Just me.” 
“Then Lights Up.” 
“What is your all time favorite that I have ever sang then?”
“If I Could Fly.” 
“That is a good one.” Harry admits he then looks at the question and bites his lip. “You have been rumored to have dated these four men,” He places pictures of Tom Holland, Brad Simpson, Timothee Chalamet, and himself in front of you and you can feel your cheeks get hot. 
“Yes.” you say
“Do you notice anything about them. Any similarities?” Harry asks the smugness back in his voice.
“Yes.” Harry is now full on laughing at you “Everybody has a type, it is nothing to be ashamed of.” you huff
“That leads into this next question very nicely.” He places a few more pictures out “Would you date any of these striking men?” You stare at the faces of Shawn Mendes, Kit Harrington and Nick Jonas. 
“Well they all three are in committed relationships, as am I so my answer is going to be no. The only guy that I am interested in is this hunk.” You pull up Harry’s picture and see him flush a bit. 
“That’s the truth.” John declares
“You have admitted that you don’t necessarily like being famous. Is that correct?
“It is.”
“Then why do you stay in the spotlight?”
“Because I love what I do and I know that you love what you do and I love you so, that trumps any anxiety or hatred I have of my life being more public than I would like.”
“We do stay pretty private for ‘famous’ people though. Especially you.” Harry says
“We do, or we try to.”
“Last question. Did you lie at any point and we didn’t catch you?”
“No.”  John nods his head at that.
“Okay time to switch.” you are told and John comes to unhook you. 
Once Harry is hooked up you start asking baseline questions,
“Is your full name Harry Edward Styles?”
“It is.” 
“Are you a singer-songwriter?”
“I am.”
“Have you ever been polygraph tested before?”
“I have not.” you look at john who gives you a thumbs up
“Wonderful, let’s get into it. Do you ever miss the One Direction days?” 
“No, I miss the boys sometimes but I don’t miss the way things were.”
“Well there are going to be some very upset directioners out there. Would you ever consider a reunion?” 
“I would, but I think that we have all grown up and changed since One Direction so I think it would be different.” 
“Would Zayn be a part of that reunion?” 
“I don’t know, that would have to be a group discussion and I also don’t know that he would want to.”
“True again.” John tells you.
“Fair enough, moving on. Would you ever feature me on one of your albums?” 
“In a heartbeat.” Harry answers “Just not as a singer.” he laughs
“Would you say I am a bad singer?”
“Yes, but you say it yourself all the time so I think that it's fair.” you nod your head at his answer.
“Okay this is an important one so be honest. Do you think I am a better blonde than brunette?”
“So what you're saying is you like me with dark hair better?”
“Yes.” you look over at John.
“That is questionable.” you turn and stare at Harry 
“Are you lying to me now?” 
“That’s such a hard question, love. I love you no matter what color your hair is, but yes I would say that I maybe like it blonde better I suppose.” 
“So are you telling me that you don’t love me right now as much as you would if I was blonde.” 
“I just said the exact opposite of that.” Harry protests
“He’s telling the truth.” John informs you 
“Yeah whatever. Next, when we first started dating you told me that you had seen all of my movies since 2015. Was that true?”
“I believe so, yes.” 
“So you didn’t go home that night and binge watch me?” 
“What is your favorite movie of mine?” you ask next
“Movie? 5 Feet Apart. But my favorite role that you have played is Alina in Shadow and Bone.”
“That’s one of my favorites too.” you smile at him “When your manager told you that i was going to be in your music video, were you nervous?”
“A bit yeah.” 
“Because I had a crush on you.”
“John?” you ask
“That’s true.”
“Course it is.” Harry protests
“Okay you did a controversial shot for Vogue, is that correct?” 
“Yes but I didn’t do it to be controversial.” John nods his head telling you that its the truth
“Do you regret what you wore?” You knew he didn’t.
“Not one bit.” 
“Very nice.” you say as you get the thumbs up from John telling you what you already knew. “Next question Mr. Styles, and I would like you to remember that I didn’t write the questions I am just asking them. Have you thought about marrying me?” Harry stares into your eyes for a full minute before answering
“Course I have.”
“Have you looked at any rings yet?” 
“Did you buy a ring?”
“Yes.” you both just sit there for another minute, you absorbing what he said and him composing himself after admitting that.
“Well then, I only have one question left for you, did you lie at any point during this interview and we didn’t catch you?”
“I love you bub.” you lean across the table and kiss him.
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Keep Painting | Harry Styles
Pairing: Artist!Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 6,741
Warnings: NFSW (+18), Smut, Fluff, Body Insecurity, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Unprotected Sex (Creampie), Praise Kink, Soft Dom!Harry, Breeding Kink.
Summary: Where Y/N is his muse but many times Harry needs a little more inspiration to create his paintings.
A/N: Hello, this is my contribution to the Eyre's First Anniversary Challenge from @buckyownsmylife​. First of all I'm sorry for the delay, I know it's for one day and I've had a lot of time to upload it but I've had a lot of things to do in July that I didn't expect and I had it half done and I wanted to finish it. Apart from my rant, I hope you like it! Reblog & Feedback appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The life of an artist could be lonely and full of many impediments: money problems, inspiration problems... But the luck that Harry had found in life was to be able to live his dream of being a painter and to be able to share it with his beloved Y/N. She was everything to him, and she had come into his life in the most unexpected but perfect way of all.
It had been at a time when the dark-haired man was working part-time as a waiter and, in his free time, he was still trying to create new paintings and trying to sell them to someone who wanted them. A lot of frustration of not being seen and the feeling of not being good enough had made him fall into a great depression and the mental block in his head meant that he could not feel any inspiration and, therefore, his paintings did not fill him or make him feel proud of them; they were nothing to him. This whole situation had made him almost give up his dream and start working in his father's company, but then Y/N came stomping into his world, and it came to life.
The first thing he noticed about her was how beautiful she was, and that all the people around her totally disappeared when she was there. A tingling sensation in his fingers with an urge to start drawing her was what made him approach her and ask to paint her.
She had at first flatly refused as he was a stranger and thought he was just pulling her leg, but Harry was quick to explain that he was an artist and just wanted to paint her, he wouldn't charge her a penny.
That painting became his first masterpiece, and it also seemed to have made him start to have luck in life, since, not only was it the first artwork that they really wanted to buy from him for a large sum of money —which he did not do because he could not sell it; it was too important to him, so they started to buy his other works as well— but, during the course of the months he was creating it, Y/N, and he had fallen in love and had created a bond and a connection that neither of them had ever felt for anyone else.
His inspiration and love of art that had been hidden inside him by the storms of his life had reemerged like the pink blossoms of a cherry tree and, in his heart, love had flourished so that Y/N was no longer just the love of his life, —and Harry hoped his wife someday and mother of his children— but she was his art, his brush, his canvas, and his muse.
Tumblr media
"Harry, babe, is this really necessary?"
Y/N was back in his studio and Harry couldn't be happier considering that every time she was there his mind was whirling, and he came up with a painting worthy of his next buyer. But this time he really needed the inspiration of his muse to create something that he could exhibit in a new gallery that had given him this opportunity, and he really wanted to leave everyone with their mouths full, and what better way than to do it showing off his stunning Y/N.
However, this time it was not the portrait of his masterpiece that was resting in the living room they both shared, but Harry wanted to give his works a more sensual and mature approach, but without taking away from the beauty of his artworks, so his girlfriend was resting on a divan of white fabrics and wood with the light from the window next to her falling sweetly on her half-naked form, just a neat white robe and transparency that had made Harry's mouth water the first time he had seen her with it and had given him the idea.
"Baby, really, you don't have to be embarrassed. It's just me," Harry was trying to relax her, her obvious nerves were making her change positions all the time and her hands were trying to cover her body all the time. "However, if you really don't want to do it, it's okay love, I can find another idea," he proposed.
"I know," Y/N sighed nervously. "And I already know it's just you, my love, I don't mind you looking at me naked or nearly naked, you've already seen me many times in worse condition than this," she joked. "It's just that... One thing is for the two of us alone and another for you to paint me like this and for everyone to see... This," she commented in a weak voice as she pointed to her whole body, to which the brunet frowned in confusion.
"What do you mean?" Harry put down his materials on the small table to focus his entire mind on her and those words.
"I mean, Harry, I'm not exactly what you'd call 'perfect'," she tried to explain, trying to look away from his intense gaze at all times. "I already feel embarrassed doing this, just thinking about when people see me and laugh at me or something." Her hands were shaking, and she could feel the disgust in her voice and tears forming in her eyes, not realizing that Harry had approached completely closer to her.
"Baby, no, what? You are perfect and beautiful, don't even think of saying those horrible things about you, my love. Without you, I would never feel as alive again as I do when you are by my side. You are gorgeous on the outside as well as on the inside and I don't want you to think that way about yourself at any time because it makes me sad that you feel that way, so I will remind you every day until you get tired of me or recognize that you are," the brunet whispered to her as he sat down next to her and with his hands lifted her face towards him, making her eyes focus on his safe and loving ones. "And if anyone would even think of laughing at you, they're fucking miserable, blind bastards who don't know how to appreciate what is truly beautiful in this world. Besides, I swear to god I'll kill them on the spot."
Y/N giggled lightly at that, Harry's serious face warning her that it was no joke and making her stroke his face, a loving smile appearing on her lips as she knew she was so loved and adored by the tall brunet.
"I love you so much," she did not hesitate to murmur against his lips with all the devotion she could convey to him, feeling lucky to have been able to find this wild and passionate painter in her life.
"And I love you, baby," he replied before bringing their lips together in a tender deep kiss, nibbling on her lips making her let out little sighs of love that made her body tingle with lust before breaking away again and depositing another small kiss on her lips before getting up. "Now, will you promise me never to feel insecure about you again, love?" His serious eyes looked at her with intensity as his tone was like a dad lecturing his child which made her cackle.
"Yes, daddy, I promise." Actually, that had only been for the end of a joke, however, her boyfriend's green eyes turned slightly black, and a lopsided smile was what made her face feel heat with embarrassment at the late realization.
"That's for later, my love, right now I need to focus on fully capturing your beauty on that canvas," Harry tried to play along with another tease, however, the slight twinge of his cock in his pants made him say otherwise. "But remember that word later, babe, because you're not going to stop at repeating it."
"Shut up and start painting, you perv," she tried to cut off the conversation before it got to anything else. The brunet's booming laughter filled the studio before he turned around and returned to his spot in front of the blank canvas.
And so Harry began to create the lines on the canvas of what would correspond before he painted, constantly looking at her and asking her to pose one way or the other, never settling before erasing the black lines and starting over.
"Mmmh, I don't like it," he complained again, making Y/N sigh loudly. "I'm sorry, love! I just want it to be perfect, and I want to find the pose that totally captures your beauty."
"It's fine, Harry, it's your artwork after all, but please make up your mind. We've been here for hours, and you haven't even done the formed sketch," Y/N complained as she sat back down on the couch again.
"I know! I'm trying! I'm sorry!" Harry replied with a little pout, knowing that Y/N wasn't really mad, just tired of being in different positions for a good while before asking her for another one. "Okay, let's do this pose: lie fully against the backrest with your arms above your head. Yes, like this!" Harry encouraged her as she followed his instructions again. "Okay, and bend your left leg and keep the other one relaxed... Perfect." His hand began to quickly draw the lines of her body on the canvas, his green eyes glancing up at her from time to time. "Can you undo the robe some more? As if you kind of just laid down suddenly."
"Like this?" Y/N asked him as she tried to loosen her gown, trying at all times to make sure that nothing was showing through the transparencies that weren't already fully visible.
"Yes! That's good. Okay, now don't move, my love."
Y/N could see from a distance Harry's serious face at work, totally focused on his task, as he occasionally glanced toward her to see her more specific details of her body and refocus on the whiteness of the canvas. One of his arms was chirping with the pencil as she watched the position he was sitting in to distract herself, his thighs splayed apart on the old wooden stool while his long, black hair was fully tied back to avoid distractions, a few locks framing his face and his jaw defined. His green eyes that could bare her soul with just a glance, being able to see every imperfection of her body that, however, for him was unique and perfect in her and that he loved to be able to trace them with his eyes at every moment.
She really loved watching him work, so passionate about it that many times she herself had found herself captivated by him when it should be the other way around. Harry had told her many times before of the feeling and inspiration she gave him. Y/N felt almost shy to know that she had never had that effect on a person, just Harry.
Many times, however, Harry didn't understand that a similar effect he had on her just watching him sitting in front of a canvas, creating wonders and art, often feeling suffocated and wanting to fuck him right there, -and many times he had-. She didn't understand why just watching him work caused her pussy to contract with the desire to have those paint-filled hands on her naked body as they both professed the adoration they had for each other.
Her thoughts ceased when she saw that Harry's expert hand had stopped again, the frown on his brow implying that he wasn't convinced by that pose either. Y/N bit her lip in frustration, hating to see him in that blockage as she watched him angrily erase a few lines without saying anything.
An idea then occurred to her, a mischievous smile appearing on her lips.
Gently, her hands began to undo the artistic knot of her sheer robe, exposing her entire body, but not quite dropping the garment from her shoulders.
Harry's green eyes widened in surprise before they slowly darkened as he watched his girlfriend's sexy body being exposed to him, his mouth watering as he noticed her nipples beginning to harden to the coolness of the room as he felt even jealous of the silk garment caressing her body lightly. His pupils dilated as he glanced at her hands beginning to move across her lying form, focusing mostly on her tits, squeezing them between her hands, and rolling the sensitive buttons between her fingers, causing their owner to let out a gasp and a sigh of pleasure.
"Baby," Harry tried to find his voice, so he could speak, clearing his throat to try again to get his voice to be heard. "Baby, what are you doing?"
"I'm your muse, am I not?" she gasped slightly as she pinched her nipples, her hips beginning to rotate slightly and from her pussy she could start to feel drops falling. "And as your muse, my duty is to inspire my handsome artist to paint me," she giggled, spreading her legs wide apart, so she could let him see her eager cunt for him in all its glory. "So: paint me."
The brunet literally stood with his mouth ajar as he watched the sensual picture before him. Her words making him feel almost lucky and undeserving of her as he continued to see her writhing at her own touch. His green eyes kept looking at her glistening slit with her juices dripping down and wetting her perfect thighs that he wished he could get up and lick, but it was also his duty to finish that painting and Y/N really knew how to arouse the artist and his lust in him.
With trembling fingers, he tried to obey her as he turned his gaze back to the canvas, again trying to recreate the half-finished sketch. His cock in his pants throbbed with every moan and gasp that fell from her sweet lips as he occasionally gawked at the movements of her nearly naked form, her fingers continuing to tease her nipples.
"Come on, babe, keep painting, please," Y/N moaned before finally lowering one of her hands and beginning to, slowly, caress her clit, causing her head to throw back in joy and her chest to rapidly rise and fall at her excited, quickened breathing.
Harry clenched his jaw as he watched one of her fingers slowly begin to slide into her wet folds before finally sliding one of them inside her, making it moved in and out of her at an accelerated pace, trying to find her sweet spot all by herself while her other hand continued to squeeze her mound and peak.
"Keep painting!" A louder squeal was heard as she finally found the spot she loved to touch herself the most as her eyes kept looking up at a petrified, open-mouthed Harry who kept looking at her with all the desire in the world, a smirk appearing on her lips as she saw the obvious bulge in his pants, wishing she could have her handsome boyfriend all over her giving her the pleasure she was providing herself with at that instant.
"Fuck this!" Harry growled as he jumped to his feet and almost ran over to Y/N, pulling off his shirt, revealing his broad, muscular chest full of tattoos in all its glory. "Stop doing that. That's my job, pet," his voice husky and deep with lust spoke loudly before he harshly pulled his hands away from her, receiving a small whimper before Harry buried his face all over her pussy, making her yelp as soon as his hot, expert mouth began to devour her with enjoyment and without care, making her shudder with pleasure.
"Harry!" Her hands went to his hair still pulled back in a messy ponytail which she didn't hesitate to undo, positioning the scrunchie on her wrist before squeezing his long black hair between her fingers as she squirmed.
His tongue and lips soon enveloped and kissed the neglected clit making her moan and sway her hips towards him, his green eyes watching her face break down in pleasure as one of his hands reached up to caress the abused and already sore nipple, rolling it between his fingers before pinching it while his other hand placed it on her thigh, preventing her from closing her legs to his feast.
When he was satisfied with his supplies to her clitoris, his tongue slowly moved down to easily slide inside her pussy, caressing and tasting every drop of her juices that dripped onto his pink muscle before his lips sensually kissed her moistened folds while with his nose he tapped all the while on the bundle of nerves.
From his throat, he couldn't help but let out growls of satisfaction as he savored her completely, never being tired of having that taste in his mouth and watching her let herself be completely taken by him like that. Moans of his name fell to his cock all the while, so he couldn't help but reach down his hand from her thigh to his zipper of his tight black pants and pull it down, loving having made the decision that day to go commando. He gasped into her pussy sonorously as he let his cock spring free, not passing the opportunity to start squeezing and jerking his member up and down slowly, trying to satisfy himself without actually trying to be close to cumming.
Y/N, on the other hand, could only feel that mouth enveloping her cunt in the most delightful way possible, his grunts and pants making her writhe and her eyes not going unnoticed that Harry was masturbating as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue, which darted in and out of her quickly, curving it somehow from time to time, so he could touch more of her moistening walls and make her contract around that naughty tongue. The brunet chuckled as she squealed at having touched one of her most sensitive spots inside her.
When he felt he was hard and sensitive enough, he moved his hand away from his shaft to rise it up to her slit, replacing his warm tongue with his long fingers, bringing two of them into it at once; creating a torturous, slow, deep rhythm as he turned his lips to her clit, kissing and sucking it lightly making her whine and spread her legs even wider for him as she moaned his name nonstop.
"You're so fucking perfect for me, baby," he almost groaned as he felt the walls of her slippery pussy clench around his two digits. "I adore you and love you so much, I wouldn't know what to do without you. So good for me always, with your pussy always dripping and willing to be ruined for me."
His kisses began to travel up her body as he continued to pull his fingers in and out of her. Tingles of pure ecstasy ran through her as she felt his lips on her skin, worshipping her as if she were his goddess until he reached her mounds.
"And your tits so wonderful, just the perfect size for me, so sensitive that with just my breath your nipples are totally hard and cute," he fawned wrapping his warm mouth around her left nipple making her arch her back towards him, her hands never leaving his head as each word from his mouth made her feel her insides getting hotter and hotter, her legs practically trembling as she noticed those fingers curving towards her most sensitive place inside her.
"H-Harry! Please!" She herself didn't even know what she was begging for as she just squirmed, and she noticed him turn to her other nipple, beginning to nibble it lightly before licking and sucking on it.
"What's wrong, baby?" He feigned innocence with a lopsided, wolfish grin, knowing full well what he was doing. "You're so beautiful when you're like this, so vulnerable and begging for me when I should be the one begging to fuck you hard. You're my fucking angel. I love you writhing like this. I feel so lucky to have such a goddess for me and me alone, what is it you desire from me, my precious muse? I would give you the world if you asked me."
At last, his lips met hers; her warm, breathy pants making him sigh on her ajar lips as he just brushed them together, not quite connecting them, making her shiver with frustration.
"I would do anything for you, my love, what do you want?" his fingers began to create a faster pace causing her hips to rotate in time as her nails scratched the back of Harry's neck who kept smirking above her, his eyes completely black as he towered over her; his cock all the while rubbing against her thigh, she could almost feel him dripping his precum on her warm skin.
"Your cock, please! I want you to fuck me with your cock!" Y/N whimpered, almost crying, wishing she could feel him fully inside her, needing that feeling of connection with the brunet.
"Oh, you're going to get it, pet," Harry just nodded his head at her almost mockingly, making her whine. "But first I want to see you cum, I want to see your beautiful face full of the pleasure I'm giving you, I want to know I have this power. I want to be the only one who can make you feel the way you feel now... So, cum, my love, cum," he growled with authority before lifting one of her legs with his other arm and placing her knee on his shoulder while his fingers kept plunging at her dripping wet pussy that convulsed around them. She threw her head back and let out a cry of joy as she felt that with that new position she found herself more open and his fingers reached deeper inside her.
"Oh my god, Harry!" Y/N moaned, clutching his bicep as in her belly she began to notice a bubble starting to form with each stroke of his fingers inside her, making her scream and shiver.
"Yes, I'm here, I'm not going anywhere," he cooed to him. "That's right, you're doing fine, pet, don't worry."
His words and actions made her explode all over as she arched her back fully towards him and threw her head back, and she let out a cry of delight. Her insides tingled as she let her juices bathe his fingers that kept moving inside her, trying to lengthen her orgasm as long as possible.
"That's it, such a good girl for me, so good," Harry was whispering sweet nothings in her ear, almost lulling her as she felt herself coming back to herself, her breathing totally ragged, just feeling her boyfriend's lips kissing her neck and pushing her sweat-dampened locks away from her forehead.
His fingers still buried inside her sheath slowly slid out of her, making her mewl at the sensitivity of her center as Harry hushed her and stroked her hip with his right hand comfortingly.
"It's okay now, I'm here, you're safe," he hummed to her, enveloping her fully with his body as he continued to kiss and worship her. "So fucking perfect."
At last, his lips met hers as he noticed her breathing regulate again, kissing her with all the love he had for her as his other hand cupped her face gently, his head tilting to wrap his mouth around hers and let the kiss deepen passionately and with a slowness that made her moan again and die in his mouth. He parted slightly to press his teeth gently against her lower lip and nibble on it before depositing small peaks on her lips, still sighing for him.
"You did great, my perfect, beautiful girl," he murmured, making her smile weakly from the orgasm. She could feel like the only woman on the planet at that instant, in his strong arms. "Do you think you can hold another round for me, my queen?" Harry asked with serious eyes, stroking a thumb across her cheek as he looked at her intently; Y/N just nodded her head as she caressed his waist, kissing his lips again. "That's my good girl," he rewarded before pulling away from her and getting down on his knees in front of her between her legs in all his glory.
She couldn't help but feel a tingle of pleasure in her pussy again at the sight of Harry's tall, muscular, tattooed figure, sweat making his skin glow as his right hand went to his long reddish cock, ready to ravish her, stroking it up and down, drops of cum dripping down his slit slowly making her wish he would fuck her face, but his hungry eyes and grunts at his own ministrations on his member begged him to tear her pussy apart completely.
"How can that pretty mouth say such dirty things?" Harry chuckled with a tilted grin, making her face heat as she realized she had said the last thing out loud. "I'll not tear apart your cute little pussy, though, pet. I love it too much, and it's perfect for me. I'd rather pound it until all you feel inside you is my big fat cock stretching you and making you moan my name in that sexy way that always makes me horny."
Gently, he finally took the tip of his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy, slowly letting it slide between her tight, wet walls in a warm embrace that made him groan. She just opened her legs fully for him and threw her head back in a pleasurable gasp as he felt him filling her.
"Fuck, always so tight for me," he growled huskily, his green eyes watching her tits rise and fall with desire with every breath she took. "How can it be that your pussy is perfectly made for me, my love? I just feel you squeezing me, and it makes me want to never get out of you. So fucking gorgeous."
Y/N didn't know how to respond to that as she squirmed and felt her cunt and belly tingle with joy of having him inside her, noticing every crevice of his cock caressing her sensitive, wet walls as he went deeper and deeper inside her. A slight whimper came from her throat as she finally felt the tip of his cock bottom her out, the black groomed hairs and his pubic bone rubbing against her clit in a pleasurable back and forth as Harry waited for her to get used to his size before moving.
Which didn't take long to happen, causing her to start swaying her hips to him, a sigh of delight at feeling so connected to him.
"Please start fucking me, Harry, please," she couldn't help but beg him to end that torture, making him smirk lopsidedly before he positioned himself back on top of her, each muscular arm setting them up beside her head as her hands caressed his waist and his two fern leaves tattoo.
"That's my good girl," the brunet growled before depositing a small kiss on the corner of her lips and beginning to move very slowly over her.
His hips rocked back unhurriedly, leaving just the tip inside her before returning in a hard, deep thrust inside her, slamming into her pussy deliciously making them both let out a unison moan that fell into both their mouths before doing the same thing again and again, feeling the slow, deep pace hit her cervix accurately before caressing all her sweet spots inside her, making her walls clench around his shaft instinctively and making him gasp sensuously above her, his long, sweat-dampened curly hair creating a curtain around their heads.
The image of Harry's face of pleasure with his mouth half open and his eyes glazed over as she felt him inside her, making her feel tingles of joy and butterflies in her stomach as the smell of the brunet so characteristic of him enveloped her and made her lose her mind as she continued to moan for him, her legs hugging his waist tightly to keep him from pulling away from her, —even though she knew he would never think of that—.
Her trembling hands, needing to grab something, did not hesitate to go lower, pulling down even further the tight pants he still wore until they could expose his hard firm ass that she so loved to see, and she did not hesitate to squeeze and knead it, pushing him inside her harder.
The rhythm of their clashing hips began to increase to the desperation of both of them as the colliding of their groins and the gasps of both filled the warm atmosphere of the studio. The dirty wet sound of each thrust and slap of his balls in her ass making her face feel warm.
"Jesus, you feel so good around my cock, pet," he groaned above her. "I love you so much, you're my art, my inspiration, my heart... You're my everything."
His words were reaffirmed with every pound of his cock inside her making her moan and writhe as she could almost reach up to scratch the pink skin of his ass with her fingernails.
"You're the one who makes me feel alive, Harry," she whimpered, the emotion even going so far as to let little tears of joy fall from her eyes at those words of adoration for her. "I love you so much too."
His green eyes gazed lovingly at her before, and he smiled broadly, letting his dimples appear on his cheeks, before bringing their mouths together in another passionate and urgent kiss, full of bites and pants before breaking away again and lowering his gaze down her body, his eyes dilating with lust as he watched her tits bounce with each shove of his hips making her want to breathe heavily. Her back arched towards him to press her chests together as Harry began to feel the warm, wet walls of her core starting to close tighter and tighter around his dick with a pressure that made his balls tingle and his cock twitch with delight.
He could feel the exhaustion was beginning to fill him, but he didn't want to stop as he let his body fall fully into her, his knees bent and his hips creating a sloppy pace as his face found refuge between the gap between her shoulder and her neck, his mouth not hesitating to begin marking the tender skin, trying to let whoever laid eyes on Y/N know that she was his.
Their sweaty forms were wrapped around each other as she began to feel close to her climax. The warmth of Harry's body filling her and depositing the occasional kiss on his skin that could leave hickeys. His scent surrounding her, making her feel safe and loved as she had never felt before meeting Harry.
"F-Fuck!" She shrieked in an extremely accurate thrust that made her see stars, the tingling in her pussy growing more and more torturous as she felt the knot in her belly begin to tangle each time the tip of his cock bumped against her sweet spot inside her. "H-Harry, I think I-I'm cumming!" She tried to warn, the feeling of his member making her womb clench more and more as her clit being rubbed all the while by his skin made her shudder at the sensitivity.
"Cum, my love, I want to feel you cum on my cock," Harry almost begged between gasps. "I want to see you cum for me. Cum, babe, cum for me."
His last words were the trigger for the bubble in her lower belly to completely explode, and he felt her pussy close deliciously on his cock and her juices bathing his thick length as he kept pumping in and out of her rapidly, making him last her orgasm as long as he could as he watched Y/N's face uncurl in joy and her nails clawing at his ass, her body fully tensing and quivering, the scream of bliss being music in his ears as he smirked to himself, watching her enjoy the pleasure he was giving her.
"That's it, so fucking beautiful," he grunted at the sensation of his cock beginning to throb rapidly inside her. "I'm close, my love, can I fill you up? Letting you drip my seed and making you feel all my cum so deep inside you that you feel like you're knocked up."
A shudder still in her orgasm made her whine loudly at those words, as she could already diffuse the sensation of his warm semen filling her completely.
"Y-Yes, please, Harry, fill me up, put a baby in me, I want to have your baby, to feel so full of you," she moaned, feeling him twitching inside her sensitive cunt. Her words puzzled her slightly as, despite having talked about it repeatedly, they had never really thought about it seriously and upon rethinking it right then and there, the idea wasn't really that far-fetched.
Harry could feel his cock harden even more inside her, his near climax making his hips rammed almost primitively and ferocious animal growls come from his throat as he imagined that happy, sensual picture of Y/N rounded with his baby and totally radiant. Really, if it happened, he would paint a thousand pictures of her in every quarter.
"You're so good for me, I don't deserve you," he groaned, his arms wrapping around her waist and lifting her up slightly as he continued to pound into her core. "I'm going to fill you up so good, you're going to give me a child as beautiful as you are, and you're going to look so good all pregnant, I'm going to fuck you every day until I can get it, and after you get knocked up I'm going to keep fucking your sweet pussy."
"Y-Yes! Please! Please!" Y/N could feel her womb throbbing again as she felt the orgasm from before make her reach her peak again at her boyfriend's words, her body totally responsive and at the mercy of the brunet.
At that unexpected climax and the sensation of her walls closing around his cock, Harry couldn't help but cum deep inside her, this time. His warm white seed began to fill her as he left his cock fully hilted inside her and hugged his body to hers tightly. He let out a hoarse groan into the air as he felt himself continuing to cum himself inside her, making himself blush as he noticed the large amount of seed that was coming.
"Fuck, so good," he finished, sighing as he was finally able to lie down on top of her carefully, so they could both catch their breath.
Her tender hands began to caress his back and hair, making him feel almost numb, before she opened her mouth again to speak.
"Didn't you have a painting to do, babe?" Y/N joked, but nevertheless, it made the brunet remember where they were and what he should be doing, reality breaking him from his state of ecstasy at that moment.
"It's true, holy shit, we were so comfy, and I wanted to cuddle you some more," he pouted his lips before pulling his face away from her neck to look into her eyes and kiss her deeply.
Slowly, Harry pulled away from her, a cold sensation running through her as she felt his warm body leaving her skin. From her lips came a small mewl as she felt his now flaccid cock slide out of her gently.
"Sorry, baby," the brunet kissed her knee lovingly before getting up and, naked, heading to the studio restroom to get a damp cloth.
Her eyes gazed adoringly as that perfect specimen of a man strolled calmly and comfortably naked around the studio, making her giggle slightly as she raised her arms and stretched them above her head, his legs still spread and trembling from the sex session.
A whimper escaped from her lips as she felt the white cum begin to slide from her slit, shamefully dripping onto the divan and the robe that still lay beneath her.
"That man really has cum a long way," she muttered to herself, waiting for Harry to return, so she could clean herself, wiping away even traces of sweat from her forehead as she closed her eyes, the exhaustion of their recent activity enveloping her and making her want to sleep right then and there.
"Oh my god! Yes! It's totally perfect!" Her boyfriend's euphoric shout at his return almost made her jump, as she opened her eyes again, finding a still very naked Harry and his face totally beaming and his eyes sparkling.
"Harry! You scared the shit out of me," Y/N scolded him as she watched with a raised eyebrow as instead of approaching her, the brunet had gone running back to stand in front of the canvas, quickly erasing what little he would have on the pencil sketch.
"Oh, sorry, my love," Harry just said as he picked up his pencil again and began to draw with his expert hand on the blank canvas while giving her quick wide-eyed glances. "But please babe, don't even think about moving at that instant, it's perfect!"
"Harry! I'm literally naked, covered in sweat and dripping your cum! Don't you dare paint me like this!" Y/N tried to reason as she tried to cover herself again, but the brunet stopped her.
"No, no, no! Please, babe, you look perfect, I need to paint you like this. You're not looking at yourself, but right now this is really what I was looking for: pure beauty and sensuality. You're radiant!" he tried to reason, on his lips a pout and his puppy eyes making her sigh and surrender, really that man could defeat her with just a look.
"Okay, but at least try not to draw very detailed!" She requested as she returned with a sigh to the position she was in.
"Of course!"
Tumblr media
"Really, Harry?" Y/N complained, already dressed and cleaned, looking at Harry's new finished painting.
"What's the matter, my love, don't you like it?" The brunet's sadness was visible in his voice, making her feel bad before she explained herself.
"Of course I like it, it's just... I told you to try to make my face unrecognizable," she replied. "You've practically added every detail of my body and face."
Despite her protests because of her shyness, Y/N could not help but feel that the artwork was truly beautiful and sensual, and if it wasn't for the fact that she had been present at every moment of its creation, she would not have believed it was her.
In the painting you could practically see her in an almost heavenly bright light on the white divan lying down, her body exposed, and her face detailed in an expression of peace and joy after sex, from her cunt the trail of the painter's semen falling strategically and lustfully, her body painted with such love and adoration that she truly looked like a goddess, and she couldn't help but feel even more in love knowing that it was that way that Harry saw her every time.
"Sorry, baby, but I couldn't resist, you really did look perfect and stunning," Harry spoke again as he hugged her from the back, kissing her neck in a way to lower her anger at him. "Are you mad at me?" he murmured into her skin faintly.
"I'm not, babe," she admitted in a sigh as she stroked his head and smiled at him, she couldn't be mad at him for being so cute with her. "But are you really going to sell it to the gallery?" She asked, feeling shy suddenly, thinking about what people will say and think about her when they see the painting.
"What?! Of course not, my love!" Harry laughed, as he turned her around to face him before kissing her lips lovingly and turning his green eyes back to his masterpiece. "This is just for my own personal enjoyment," he replied mischievously, making her cackle loudly and shake her head at him.
She really loved that crazy painter in love with his muse.
Tumblr media
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Enticing 10 (HS)
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry Styles is a young billionaire and CEO of his own company. He mostly keeps to himself, he is stern and very meticulous when it comes to business. He also likes to keep his personal life very private for the sake of his newly born son, Oliver Styles. It isn’t until he meets Y/N Y/L/N that everything changes. She becomes his new nanny after his previous one quits due to personal reasons. She is young, caring, and sweet. Will they ignore their feelings? Will Harry’s girlfriend accept their love and leave them? Will she be able to cope with his busy agenda? What about Oliver’s mother? Where is she? Who is she?
Author's note: HELLO EVERYONE! It feels nice to be back! I took a much-needed break from everything and everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Not only that, but I am sorry to have kept you waiting! Hope you enjoy! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO! LET ME KNOW!
Word count: 5.3K
warnings: sex, talk about mental and physical abuse
Tags: @brockdolan, @cuddlingwithharry, @virgorry, @hazzaficrecs, @twpkhes, @havinaballinthisbitch, @jackiehollanderr, @n0t-autumn , @laurynne5, @sabnstyles, @harrystyle-ish, @stressisakiller, @elenagilbert01, @tpwkhoney, @savannah-elliott, @ericadrumgoole1, @chubbybunnybenny, @eldahae, @nanskidoodle, @fallingforharry-1, @odetostep, @mellowfellowyellow, @summerstylesxplr, @harrysxoxoxo, @sunflowervol14, @hazzaficrecs, @lilostif16, @laurasophiiiieee, @michelleficrecs, @hsfics
Tumblr media
Her fingers didn't do enough damage as his did. Her hands were too small but they were enough to have her moaning. Harry stood back and silently watched her. He reached down and untied his swimming trunks as he watched the woman that he had become addicted to, pleasure herself. It was a sight that he would never forget. The memory would remain permanently engraved in his mind. He couldn't see her face, but he could bet that her cheeks are red from pleasure and embarrassment.
“Enough,” He demanded as he gave himself a few tugs. He wasn't in the mood for any type of foreplay. He was desperate to feel her clench herself around him. Y/N's hand retrieved back to her side just in time to feel his warm hands on her cold ass. “Fuck! You are cold” He gasped as he felt water running down his torso. Y/N giggled.
Harry's big hands caressed and squeezed her round behind before giving it one last slap. “How are you so perfect?” He asked as he reached down and gathered her wet hair in one hand. Harry gently tugged her hair, urging her to raise her torso and turn towards him. He forced his lips on hers and gave her a sloppy kiss before pushing her back — face down. “This is going to be fast and hard, babe,” He warned her as he aligned herself with her entrance. “Either way, we don’t have enough time”
“O-okay” Y/N managed to say before he thrust himself into her. The couple was instantly driven into divine bliss. They had missed each other so much. It was always beyond intercourse. For Harry, it’s wasn't only the immense pleasure he felt, but it’s the way she unfolded and relaxed before him. Harry leaned down and pressed his lips against her cheek. He took a few seconds for her to adjust to his size, and so he could get used to her warmth and the immense pleasure and tightness he felt.
His hands gripped her hips tightly for support before he began thrusting into her. She didn't have to look back to know that Harry's grip was probably going to leave marks on her hips.
“Fuck H” She exhaled as she felt his hips come crashing against her ass. Their skin slapped together as they both groaned and moaned from the bare sensation. “You are so good to me”. She had almost forgotten how perfect he was for her.
“Christ lovie” He exhaled as he felt her clench around him. “Do that again” Harry slapped her ass as he continues to fucked her. Y/N complied sending him almost to the edge. “Fuck that’s good” he grunted as his hips come in contact with hers. He reached down and played with her, adding more pleasure, enough to make her moans get louder.
“Harry” She gasped as she gripped his wrist trying to stop him from making her cum so quickly. “Holy shit” she moaned into the comforter. Harry smiled to himself loving the sound of her moans. “I think I am about to —. Can I?” She felt embarrassed that she hadn't lasted, but the pleasure was too intense to ignore.
“Cum? Already?” He managed to say as he found the right rhythm for both to get off. “I don’t think you deserve it” He slapped her skin again. “No cumming before I do” Y/N gasped as he continued moving within her. She rolled her eyes in annoyance, pissed and frustrated at him.
“Why not? Please” She cried as she felt the knot of her lower stomach grow with every thrust. His rhythm didn't stop, he didn't slow down for a second, instead, he pushed further.
“You made me wait. So, you’ll wait until I cum” He grunted. “It’s only fair, baby” He hissed as his breathing got heavier.
“I can’t hold it” Harry abruptly stopped making her almost burst into tears. “Harry!” She wined. He chuckled through his heavy breathing. Just as she was going to turn around and have a word with him, he slammed into her without any mercy.
“Do it” He hissed as he felt himself getting closer to his high. His hand reached down and played with her most sensitive area. Her mouth fell open as she felt herself explode with warmth. Harry leaned into her as he came undone from her clenching. His head laid on her lower back as they both rode out their orgasms after their quickie.
He threw his body beside her, exhausted, but content with the outcome. Harry placed his arms under his head as he tried to unwind and control his heavy breathing. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the after-sex bliss that she always brought him. After a few minutes of complete silence, he turned his head in her direction. She remained facedown, but with her legs stretched out. Her eyes were closed, her left cheek squeezed against the comforter and her lips slightly parted.
He stared at her — at the way her skin glowed by the rays of the sun that filtered through the small window. Her hair cascaded over her shoulder and to her side. He had no doubt that God himself carved the curves and dips of her body. God certainly had a favorite and that was her. Y/N was his gift to man. She was absolutely flawless. He felt truly lucky. A feeling surged within him. It was something he couldn't even begin to describe. He just knew that he was in big trouble because he would never be able to let go of the woman before him. She was everything and more than he had ever wanted in a woman.
Sadness overwhelmed him as he thought about his upcoming week and without thinking it twice, he blurted it out.
“Will you come to Italy with me, next week?”
They laid in the pure intimacy of their bedroom after their lovemaking session. He had just asked her to travel with him to a country that she had always dreamt of visiting. She was a bit surprised by his sudden proposal. He had gone on business trips alone before. So, what had changed? She pondered.
“I don’t even own a passport.” Harry groaned as he raised to his feet. He faced Y/N from the end of the bed before bending down and reaching down for his phone. He began tapping on his phone, clearly texting someone else.
“You don’t need to worry about that. I’ll fix that for you” Harry had enough connections to be able to get her a passport before they arrived back in the city. He was still pretty surprised that Y/N hadn't had the opportunity to see the world. That single fact instantly made the trip more important to him. He was going to be able to show her the world.
“What about Oliver? Is he coming with us? Who is going to take care of him?” She sat up in bed and began readjusting her top and tying the bottoms that Harry had undone.
“He is staying in New York. He is still too young. I’ll get a babysitter” Y/N perked up at the mention of the babysitter.
“He already has me, Harry. It’s my job to take care of him. That’s what you are paying me for” Y/N got off the bed in search of a mirror to fix her crazy hair.
“That’s something I need to talk to you about” Harry had given it a lot of thought. Ever since he first asked her to be his. He didn't want her to keep working for him anymore. It all felt wrong. “Although we’ll talk about that when we get home” He dismissed, not sure how that particular conversation was going to go. He felt they should be in the privacy and coziness of the penthouse before he dropped the bomb on her. “Oliver is not coming lovie”.
“I just said no” His voice was rougher like the one she usually hears him use when speaking to his employees. “Period. Oliver is staying and that’s final” She bit her own tongue, stopping her own fingers from continuing to go through her hair. She could see him through the bathroom mirror. He was frowning as he finished tying his swimming trunks.
“Fine” She snapped back as she tried her best not to feel offended by his sharp and demanding tone. “When are we leaving?” She exhaled as she turned to face him, leaning against the bathroom counter. Harry's frown softens and his demeanor instantly changed. The dark cloud over his head seems to evaporate in seconds.
“A week from today” He hated using that tone on her, but his temper ran short when people defied him. He still felt shitty because he knew that she only meant well. “Come here” Harry reached out. She cautiously walked up to him. His hands made their way around her waist before he nudges the side of her head with his forehead. He puckered his lips asking for a kiss. She can’t stop the smile from spreading at his soft gesture. She gently gave him a chaste kiss. “Let’s go upstairs. My mom is probably waiting for us”.
Tumblr media
The rest of Style's clan were waiting for them. The food had been served on the big table on the sun deck. All types of meats including lamb and a bunch of sides had been placed on the table. Y/N gripped his hand tightly as they approached the table, she couldn't help feeling like everyone knew what they were doing.
“There you are! I almost went looking for you” Mrs. Styles called out, “Please sit and enjoy” Harry pulled Y/N’s seat out for her before taking a seat beside her. They quietly started serving themselves meanwhile Y/N tried to ignore Mr. Style's hard stare.
“Is there something you would like to share, father?” His stare doesn’t go unnoticed by his oldest. Mr. Styles looked over at Harry with pursing lips.
“I don’t think the dining table is the place to have this conversation son. It’s best if we leave it for later” Harry raised an eyebrow at him as he tried to figure out what he was referring to.
“Then I suggest you stop starring at my girlfriend and making her uncomfortable” Y/N’s eyes widen as she turned o look at Harry, wanting to smack him for his bluntness. If she wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, she certainly was now. The entire table is completely quiet. It was a staring contest between the men of the family aside from Nathaniel, who seemed too invested in his food to participate.
“Forgive me, Y/N. I didn’t mean to be rude” Mr. Styles tears his eyes away from his son's eyes that looked so much like his mother’s. He was apologizing, but Y/N could see that he didn't mean a single word.
“There is no need, Mr. Styles. It’s no big deal” Y/N faked a smile at him before staring down at her food. Mrs.Styles exhaled loudly as she tried her best to thinking of something quickly to break the awkward tension.
“Snorkeling or tubbing next, Y/N?” It was Allison who finally interjected as she reached out for the giant bowl of cold pasta salad.
“Tubbing? On what?” Y/N giggled; thankful to have Allison around.
“On a hot dog or burger. It’s your choice” Harry's younger sister knew how uncomfortable her brother and father could make guests feel. Allison was reliving the same situation that she had endured when she had brought Nate home. Her father had treated him like shit. It hadn't been until Allison put her foot down and Harry almost threw himself on his father that he stopped his snarling and condescending comments towards Nate. Either way, he still treated him unkindly at times.
Allison knew that it’s worthless to stay mad at her father. He had always been that way. They had all tried to change him, but they hadn't had much success. Allison just couldn't understand why her mother never said anything and allowed their father to walk all over them.
“Hot dog sounds fun” Y/N smiled as she looked back down at her food. The altercation had honestly ruined her appetite.  Harry had no problem eating. He looked unbothered by it, but in reality, he was fuming from inside. He is beyond pissed. Not only that, but he just couldn't wait until everyone left and he could have a moment alone with his father. Mr. Styles was going to get a piece of his mind whether he liked it or not.
Allison and Nate were the first to excuse themselves after coffee and dessert. Mrs. Styles rose to her feet and looks over at Y/N who seemed uncomfortable.
“Let’s go honey” She stretched out her hand for her to take. Just as Y/N pushed her seat away from the table, Mr. Style's hand smacked against the table. All the plates, silverware, and porcelain shook; startling the women.
“You leave,” Mr. Styles said as he looked at his wife. “This has nothing to do with you”.
“Excuse me?” Mrs. Styles asked back with her hands on her hips.
“I told you to leave. Don’t make me ask you again because it won’t be nice” He snapped at her, causing her demeanor to instantly change. That tone was too familiar to her and hearing it only brought dark memories. Horrible memories — enough to make her feel scared and remain quiet.
“Do not talk to my mum like that” It’s Harry's turn to snap at him. He couldn't sit back and watch how his father verbally abused his mother. He wasn't hitting her, but he knew that his words had the same effect. His words sometimes hurt her more than his fists.
“She is my wife! I can talk to her however I please!” Mr. Styles responded. Not one bit faced by his son’s harsh tone.
“Honey, just listen to your father. I am fine” She felt like a fool for believing her husband’s promise. He had promised her that he wouldn’t cause a conflict during the kid's stay.
“Go with my mum, babe” Harry can change the tone of his voice for her as he saw his girlfriend’s concerned expression. Y/N quickly stood up to comply with his demand.
“NO! This concerns her, therefore she should be here” Mr. Styles explained making both women shake. Y/N stopped moving as Mrs.Styles continued walking out as she gave her a reassuring nod.
“I just told you to leave, Y/N” Harry's protecting side arising. He didn't want her around just in case it got uglier.
“It’s okay” Y/N knew that his father wouldn't back out and whatever he had to say she could take it. She wasn't going to hide behind Harry. She was a strong, independent woman that could take the ignorant opinions of an abusing man, especially with her boyfriend by her side —at least that was what she thought. Harry pursed his lips and looked back at his father.
“It’s funny how your girlfriend has more balls than you, son” Mr.Styles sarcastically chuckled as he looked over at Y/N. “I am surprised, Ms. Y/L/N. I didn’t think you had it in you”.
“You don’t know many things about me, Mr. Styles. You would be astounded to know that I am not like other women,” She snapped back as tried her best not to feel intimidated.
“That is certainly true. I was surprised to find out that you aren’t who you say you are, Ms. Y/LN. Did you know that, son?” He asked as he looked over at his oldest. “You have no idea who you are sleeping with”.  Harry chuckled, but continued to listen to his preposterous statements. “Is Y/N even your real name?”.
“It is Mr. Styles, and I’ve been nothing, but honest with your son. Therefore, I would love to hear an apology coming from you,” She kindly smiled at him.
“She is a fucking nanny, Harry!” He snapped. Y/N calm demeanor was easily getting under his skin. “She doesn’t work for Alessandro. Is all bullshit. She is probably some gold digger” He looked at her with disgust.
That was enough for Harry.
“Don’t you fucking dare to talk about her like that!” Mr. Styles smirked pleased with the reaction has he had just gotten out of him. “I am well aware that she is a nanny, father” Harry chuckled as he crossed his fingers with one another, entertained by the show that his father had just put on.
“She doesn’t even come from a proper family. How do you think the media will react when they find out that she is nothing, but your son’s nanny?!” He spat, feeling offended that his son had brought someone like her near him.
“I took her to the gala, father. They already know. We were seen by hundredths and a bunch of pictures were taken,” Harry rolled his eyes before rising to his feet. “Instead of making a big altercation of this, you could have just asked me about it and I would’ve told you. I am not hiding her”. Harry took Y/N's hand, ready to leave.
“Her father is dead, Harry and God only knows who and where her mother is!” Mr. Styles said just before they could leave the room. The small comment was enough for Y/N to let Harry's hand go and turn back.
“You have no right to talk about my father, Mr. Styles. Let alone about my mother or anything that concerns my family. You might have all the money that anyone could dream of, but not everything can be resolved with money. I find your hypocrisy very astounding. After all, you are an abuser. Shame on you for judging and blaming my deceased father. Instead of focusing on where I come from and who my family is, you should be trying to gain your family's trust again and thanking them for enduring all the pain that you inflicted on them. “ His snarly comment about her father had been enough to set her up in flames. No one would ever mess up his memory, especially when she was around. She loved her father and all she had left of him was the fun-loving memories of him, and she wasn't going to allow anyone to ruin it.
Y/N released his hand, and gave Harry a quick glance as she walked past him in search of some peace and quietness.
Tumblr media
She sat on the edge of the back of the boat. Her legs were submerged in the surprisingly warm water. The events that had taken place in the last half hour kept replaying in her mind. She kept thinking about the conversation and still couldn't understand how it had taken such an appalling turn. Y/N knew she couldn't turn back time, and she couldn't take back her words, but she still wished she could.
He appeared from the corner of her eye and settled beside her. He was quiet and felt a bit distant. She knew that she shouldn’t be feeling guilty for using her voice and demanding respect from his father. However, the last thing she wanted was to lose Harry because of it.
Either way, her eyes remained glued to the horizon where the ocean met the sky. None of them uttered a word — each deep in thought. Both wondered how to approach the subject and ease up the tension that only continued to grow with every passing second.
“When did you find out?” He was the first to break the silence. His past was something he had always managed to keep hidden. In fact, Harry Styles had never spoken to anyone besides his family and his psychiatrist about the abuse that he had endured.
“Your mom — earlier today” immediately she regretted throwing Mrs. Styles under the bus. Y/N hoped that this wouldn’t create another conflict and cause a bigger tear in the family.
Harry was rather surprised that his mother had shared such an intimate memory. After all, the Styles clan have always seemed perfect before the eyes of the outside spectators. They are glamorous, elegant, and regal. All four members seemed cut with the same perfect mold. When in reality, each of the members faced their struggles and demons every day.
” Why didn’t you tell me?” Y/N knew that Harry hadn't confided on her because there were still issues revolving it that he had to resolve. She only wished that his trust in her grew. Harry sighed as he sat beside her, dipping his feet in the water too. Y/N shrugged as she thought about how to frame her answer and not come off as an asshole.
“I kept it to myself because you had no intention of sharing it with me. I wanted it to come out of your mouth because you wanted to. Not because I cornered you or pushed you to it”.
“My past is something I keep to myself, Y/N. I don’t like sharing about it” .
“You don’t like sharing anything” Harry turned his head towards her; facing her for the first time since the altercation with his father.  Y/N knew she shouldn’t be kicking him when he was down, but it was the truth. For the relationship to work, she had to share what she was thinking and feeling.
“That’s simply not the truth. I’ve told you more things than I have told anyone” There it was — the indistinguishable stern and demanding tone that Harry was known for.
“Harry, you hadn’t told me about Oliver's biological mother. If it wouldn't been because she appeared, you wouldn’t have shared! And that is one of a few things that you have slipped under the rug!” He exhaled loudly, releasing a deep breath that he hadn’t realized that he had been holding.
He abstained from running his fingers through his hair in frustration. It was her eyes again. Those soft, gentle eyes always managed to pull on his heartstrings. Y/N’s eyes could make him do the unimaginable. She could move mountains within him with a simple look.
“Do you want to know all the gory details?”
“Not unless you want to, Harry”
“One day I will tell you everything. Just not know” She didn't push any further. She could see that he wasn't prepared, and she couldn't blame him. After all, who liked to revisit the moments; when the person that was supposed to love you the most — hurt you the most?
They remained still in the comfortable silence for a few seconds. He had even managed to feel closer to her or anyone. Harry felt he might like her more than he did in the morning. By the mere fact that she hasn't pushed him to reveal his darkest memories like most had attempted in the past.
“She was a one-night stand. I’ve had a shitty day at work and I went to my favorite bar for a few drinks” He shrugged, “You know to take the edge off, and she was there that night. Harry leaned back on his hands as he tried his best to remember the few pools of soberness he had throughout the night. “She was sweet, nice, and didn’t seem that interested in the watch, suit, or credit card I used. So I bought her a few drinks”.
Y/N knew it was the past, but she couldn't help feeling jealous. And she knew it was all very silly.
“We end up having sex. By the morning, she was gone. I didn’t hear from her until she was two months into her pregnancy. At first, I genuinely thought she wanted to make things work, and I was hopeful that our relationship could work. I was so naive that at some point I thought that we could raise Oliver together like a family,” Harry shook his head, erasing the ridiculous thought. “I was oblivious to the fact that Forbes magazine had published their monthly issue with me on the front cover, interviewing me about how I had become one of the twenty youngest billionaires in the world. The magazine had magically ended on Ashley’s hands, and that’s when she came up with the plan”.
Y/N pursed her lips, already knowing where the story was heading. Her hips had turned to his direction, and she had leaned closer to him. She was intrigued, but also missed his gentle touch.
“Anyway, she threatened me with aborting Oliver and asked for a ridiculous sum of money. I complied and wire transferred half of the money and made her sign a contract. She agreed to give me full custody of Oliver once he was born. In return, I would give her the rest of the money,” Y/N couldn’t believe the nerve of the woman.
“The last time I saw her was the day she gave birth to Oliver. She signed all the paperwork and I made sure to put a restraining order on her. Just in case, this type of shit ever happened” Harry sighed, “I honestly don’t know what else she wants now. I guess we will have to wait and see, huh?”
“He is not hers to keep. She gave him up without ever giving him a chance. Therefore, you should do the same to her — not give her the chance”
“I already set up a meeting with her on Monday morning” he revealed. “I have a few things that I never got off my chest”
“Do you think that’s wise?” She tilted her head. “I suppose it will only anger her more”
“I don’t” Harry shrugged. “But she won’t beat me at my own game” referring to his ability to terrorize everyone in the office with a simple look.
The last time that Harry and Ashley had been in the same room, he had been submissive with her requests because of what was on the line. Now she was stepping into the lion’s den, and Harry wasn’t going to hold back.
“I know I was out of line earlier” Y/N relaxed as she felt the weight getting lifted from her shoulders.
“You weren’t. You deserve respect and my father was a complete jackass” He reached out for her conveying his apology. She scooted closer to him enough so their thighs and shoulders would touch. Harry wrapped an arm around her waist from behind and delivered a soft peck on her temple.
Tumblr media
“Good morning, darling,” He looked at her through the mirror as he finished adjusting the cuffs of the shirt. Harry was straight out of the show. He was clean-shaven and his hair had already been styled the way he liked it. “You are up early” He pointed out as it only was half-past six.
They had gotten back from the awful trip to the Hamptons that same day. As soon as the yacht docked, Harry dragged Y/N back to the house. They picked up Oliver and said goodbye to everyone. Everyone except Mr. Styles.
“I guess I wasn’t that tired” Harry smiled, knowing she was lying to him. After all, he was the one that had kept her up until the early hours. Their rendezvous had dragged out later than he had expected, “Plus I wanted to see you before you left”.
“Are you having breakfast with me then?” He adjusted his tie. Harry could see her sleep deprivation from miles away and only hoped she would decline his invitation. Just so she could get some sleep. By the look of the bags under her eyes, she was in need of well-deserved rest. Oliver wasn't due to wake up for a few more hours, which gave her the perfect window to charge batteries.
“I would love to” She wiped the small tears that her big yawn had just given her. Harry wasn't surprised at her stubbornness. “I am just going to get ready real quick”
“I’ll meet you downstairs then” He leaned down and pecked her lips on the way downstairs.
Tumblr media
Food had just been served by the time that Y/N descended the stairs. She wore a long-sleeve blouse with a low-cut neckline, high-waisted light gray pants, and pointed-toe black heels. Her hair was down and tucked behind her ears, revealing the very fake, white pearls that she had gotten a while back.
Harry was looking at the stock market when his attention was drawn back to her. An apparent smile made its way to his face as he watched her stride her way towards the table. He crossed his arms over his chest, blowing out his cheeks at her beauty.
“Maybe I should jus' take you to work with me,” Y/N shook her head at her boyfriend and tried to act unbothered at his playful behavior. She loved early morning, playful Harry. At six in the morning, no one had yet ruined his mood with unforeseen problems at the company or complaints from other employees. “You know, f'my sort of entertainment”.
“Another Styles requires my uttermost attention” The young nanny knew she couldn't leave Oliver in someone else’s care, even if she wanted to. Not with psycho-Ashley lurking in the streets in search of him.
“Pity” He reached out for his coffee. “We would’ve had so much fun,” He winked before taking a sip. “However, you should come before the day ends”.
“What for?”
“We have to talk about your job and make all the necessary arrangements fo' our Italy trip” He watched her carefully, waiting for any type of reaction. The last time he had touched the subject, he had snapped at her and the conversation hadn’t gone like he had wanted to.
“You aren’t going to fire me, are you?” She asked with a bit of humor in her voice. Harry shook his head at her, but she could feel the sudden tension in the air. “Oh my god! You are going to fire me!” She gasped.
“I just said we’ll talk about it this evening, babe,” He threw in the term of endearment to soften the situation.
“Harry” She started again.
“I won’t leave you without a job, Y/N. What kind of boyfriend would I be?”
“A very bad one”  She caught a glimpse of his sly smile before he continued eating his granola and yogurt for breakfast.
“Y' could just let me take care of you, m'love” He suggested, knowing he would get shut off by her without a second thought.
“You can’t Harry” She had never envisioned herself as one of those high-class socialites that stayed home and planned tea parties with her friends from the golf country club.
“Oh trust me I can. Yeh jus' won’t let me,” He exhaled as he leaned back on his seat. “It would be a pleasure, but I know you are too stubborn to ever accept”
“You can’t expect me to stay all day here with my arms crossed and not move a finger” Harry pursed his lips, and rested an elbow on the arm of his seat. “Plus, you are my boyfriend and not my husband”
“If I was your husband, you would let me take care of you?” He leaned forward, intrigued by the conversation.
“Harry” she warned, trying to hide the small smile that kept trying to creep up.
“Do you often think of us getting married, Ms. Y/L/N?”
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adore-laur · 2 months ago
shut your mouth
i've never written harry as what he actually is, but with all this tour content, it was hard not to — this literally has no substance & it’s all over the place, but i hope you enjoy anyway! here’s my masterlist for any new readers/followers <3
as always, please reblog / leave feedback 💋
word count: 2.5k
warnings: language, mediocrely-written sexual content
Tumblr media
• • •
Dimmed lights, pulsing atmosphere, all eyes on him.
Once he's on stage, he's electric. Effortlessly commanding the crowd because he knows they would all fall to their knees if he asked them to. Happily parading around with boas and flowers because he knows they love to see him free of judgement. Giving glances to particular people in the audience because he knows it will make them scream.
He holds the reigns. He has the control. He knows it.
Off stage, however, no one quite knows who he is. His normal lifestyle has been veiled with a cloak of privacy for over a decade and he doesn't plan on lifting it any time soon.
Yet everyone can't help but wonder what Harry Styles does when the show ends and he runs behind the black curtains. Does he make a beeline straight to his dressing room shower? Or does he collapse on the nearest couch with exhaustion and fall asleep?
Well, the answer depends on his mood.
Tonight, as he hurries down the stairs and towards those mysterious curtains, you know exactly where, who, and what he's after.
Bathroom. You. Sex.
It could honestly be considered a tradition at this point. Granted, it's only Harry's fifth show, but there's no sign of stopping since he has to let out his remaining adrenaline somehow.
You know exactly where to be so he can find you. As soon as he gets backstage, he'll take the first left down the long hallway and another left through the catering room. He'll then head straight to the door that's labeled STYLES DRESSING ROOM where you will be waiting for him patiently on the leather couch.
It's where you are now and where he's about to be.
Five knocks sound from the other side of the door as you scroll mindlessly through your phone. You don't need to guess who it is. Years of knowing him and he'll always feel familiar even when not seen or heard.
The door swings open and in comes Harry with his black mask on and a bouquet of flowers in his hand, running a dry towel over his sweaty forehead and hair. His eyes crinkle with a smile when he sees you and he jogs up to you while sliding his mask down, bending his knees slightly to lift you off the ground. His arms wrap completely around your waist as he buries his head into your neck to give your skin damp kisses.
He smells like a middle school boy, but the way he's mumbling words of affection in your ear leaves you not caring at all.
"Baby," he mumbles with a slight whine.
You smile while he nips little marks on your pulse point. "Yeah?"
"You up for it tonight?" he scratchily asks, facing you head-on and giving you the flowers.
You nod eagerly and accept his gift as well as his needy kiss to your lips. "Lead the way, loverboy."
He takes your hand in his and heads towards the closed door at the farthest wall. You walk past his suitcases and bags stuffed full of his essentials, then stop behind him when he turns the knob and opens it. The fluorescent lights immediately brighten the room with a single flick of Harry's finger on the switch.
It's a bathroom that's connected to his dressing room, nothing short of luxury for the man who sold out the high capacity stadium within a day. A long, marble counter with polished swirls stands out to you first, along with a pristine mirror that takes up the entire back wall. The modern black and white theme is sleek with a touch of seductiveness — the perfect setting for your tryst with him.
Yours and Harry's steps tread into the empty bathroom, the click of his heeled boots echoing on the porcelain floor. It's surreal to hear the faraway commotion of fans leaving the venue from inside such an intimate location. Before long, there will be people looking for him, wondering where he's gone off to.
It'll be a secret shared only between you and him.
"Where do you want me?" Harry speaks up after closing and locking the door.
"I want you on the counter," you instantly respond, setting the flowers and your purse next to the sink.
"You want my bare arse on the counter?" he asks with a smirk. "S'gonna be bloody freezing."
Rolling your eyes, you begin tying your hair up. "Yeah, and I don't need your smart mouth to go with it."
He just licks his bottom lip and starts sliding down and unclipping his suspenders, teasingly and one at a time. His sheen, orange blouse sticks to places on his sweaty skin and the way it's almost completely unbuttoned makes you even more impatient to touch him.
Once the blouse lays fully open over his glistening torso, you take a step forward and run your hands over his firm chest, then slip the material off the rest of the way so you can set it on the counter for him to sit on. The hair that grows on the top part of his sternum is damp and his stomach juts out slightly with each exhale. He's still breathing heavily from the physical exertion he participated in for over an hour on stage.
"Now take your pants off," you say.
Harry obeys, slipping out of his high waisted trousers and revealing his black boxers. His hands smooth over your waist and even further to your ass as he toes his boots off, but you stop him.
"What do you think you're doing?"
He visibly swallows. "Just let me touch you. I don't want to play any games tonight."
"Do you remember what I told you before you went on stage?" you question slowly.
"Yes, darling, but I really don't-"
"No 'buts'," you interject. "What did I tell you, Harry?"
He clenches his jaw and flexes his hands. "That you're in control tonight," he replies, giving in just enough that you know he'll listen to your commands from here on out.
You trail your fingers across his navel. "Correct. So get on the counter and shut your mouth."
He runs his tongue along the inside of his cheek and hops up to sit on the counter, his thighs thickening and the evident bulge beneath his boxers shifting, causing him to faintly groan.
Seeing Harry obediently sat there, head leaned back against the mirror with his throat bobbing in lustful desperation, ignites an ardent flame in the pit of your belly. The fact that he doesn't mind submitting to you when you're in need of a little control fuels your intense need to dominate him.
What's love if not wanting him knocked down a peg or two on occasion?
"All those people screaming for you," you begin as you lightly trace his abs, "but who do you come back to every night?"
"You, for fuck's sake," he rasps. "Always you, I don't care about anyone else."
You squeeze Harry's cock through is boxers, triggering an immediate whimper from his open mouth.
"And what would they say if they knew you were about to beg for me in this bathroom? Hm?" You brush your lips across his jawbone. "If they found out the confident man they just saw on stage is a throbbing mess for me behind closed doors?"
"Tell me," he breathes out.
You hum. "They'd say Harry Styles is a whore."
His fingers curl almost painfully as he restrains himself from touching you. "Yeah? In what way?"
You unzip your dress and shimmy out of it. "Let's find out."
Once you're in nothing but your thong, you have Harry lift you up so you can straddle him on the counter. He was right, it's freezing against your knees, but right now all you can focus on is feeling his cock straining his boxers under your clenching core.
You grind against him, feeling his stomach and thighs tense. "Will you be a good boy for me?" you ask while gripping his wrists.
"When am I not?" His eyes hungrily dance over your entire figure. "'M always so fuckin' good for you."
"Then open your mouth," you order.
Harry shifts in his spot. "I believe you told me to shut it."
Smart ass.
You move your hands to apply pressure to the sides of his neck. "You will only speak if I ask a question, got it?"
He nods and parts his pink lips. You lean forward and spit right on his tongue, then run the pad of your thumb across the ridge of his bottom row of teeth.
"Swallow." He does, letting a slow smirk take over his face. "Good," you praise. "Now let me fuck you."
Harry breathes out a shocked laugh. He opens his mouth to say something, but you stick your thumb in it to stop him.
"I said shut your mouth," you repeat, clumsily taking off your lace thong, "and let me fuck you."
He swirls his tongue around your thumb and grips the edge of the counter with white knuckles. You help him take his boxers off and throw them on top of your purse, watching his cock spring to his stomach. The tip is an aching shade of red and it's already dripping with precum.
You hold onto his shoulders and lift up, the bones in your knees hurting from the hard surface of the counter. Sex with him has happened in places that have left you with bruises that weren't just from him.
His deep inhales and exhales can be felt on your chest as you grab his cock and line yourself up.
"Condom," Harry suddenly blurts out breathlessly. "Fuck, we almost forgot."
You groan with frustration because now the built up tension has rapidly dissipated. "Well do you have one?" you ask impatiently.
"In one of my bags in the dressing room," he replies.
You're both naked, sat on the bathroom counter, ready to fuck, and yet you both forget the one thing you need.
Need. Do you really need it? The way you're both looking at each other with hesitant and almost knowing expressions begs the huge question.
"Say something," you speak, breaking the awkward silence.
"Oh, now you want me to talk?" Harry teases. "You want me to put a baby in you, is that it?"
You smack his chest maybe a little too hard. "I didn't say that!"
He grasps your hand and leans in closer. "Then give me one good reason why I shouldn't fuck you raw right now in this bathroom for everyone to hear."
That's one way to put it.
You distract your eyes and admire his painted nails. "Do you want a baby?"
Harry shrugs. "Think we've been together long enough, yeah? I'll be done with tour in a few months and then we can hide away for a bit. Start a family."
You contemplate. You've been with him for four years, you're engaged, and you're pretty sure he'd be the best dad in the world. You can't think of one reason not to let him get you pregnant.
And maybe you would like it to happen somewhere more romantic, but the way he looks right now can't possibly be replicated.
"Okay," you whisper. It's embarrassing how easily you've let him have all the control after promises of the complete opposite.
"That settles it, then." His hands gravitate to your hips and he squeezes them reassuringly. "Hop on, babe."
You laugh and sink down on his cock, feeling the immediate stretch and burn of it. Both of you moan at the feeling and find places on each other's skin to touch. You place your forehead against his and begin rocking back and forth, Harry's hands guiding your pelvis to his.
"That's it," he praises, leaving messy kisses to the corner of your mouth. "Always so fuckin' wet and tight for me."
You capture his lips as his hands move to your ass, kneading and slapping the skin, making you grind faster. His hands then roam the expanse of your bare back, leaving scratches and sensual caresses in their wake.
You pull back and notice slight remnants of your red lipstick on his lips. "You did so well tonight, Harry."
"Mm, you liked seeing me be a whore on stage?"
You nod. "They go crazy for you, you know that? If you even look their way, they lose their minds."
"Fuck," he raspily moans. "Makes me go crazy, too."
You choke out a moan when his thumb starts rubbing tight circles on your clit. The pressure in your belly grows as he coaxes kisses from your parted mouth, deep and beautifully numbing.
Your orgasm is approaching fast as you continue riding him, your walls pulsating and the mirror fogging up from your heavy breaths. Every growl or whine that comes from Harry's throat builds and builds the knotted tension inside.
"Cum for me, baby," Harry drawls, jerking his hips up to meet with yours. "Look at me when you do."
You meet his shining eyes and with one last thrust and slap of skin, you unravel on top of him as he reaches his peak at the same time. It's sensory overload to feel him to actually cum inside of you, everything warm and sticky while you ride out the final waves of your pleasure.
Harry softly groans into your neck, his large hands pressing into your shoulder blades. "F-fuckin' hell, I love you."
You lazily kiss his neck. "Do you... do you think that did it?"
"Bloody hope so," he responds hoarsely. "Missouri is known for being the baby making state, right?"
You scoff a laugh. "That's definitely not true and you definitely just made that up."
He chuckles and sucks light marks onto your breasts. He then looks up at you under his eyelashes. "Well if this works out, then I have no choice but to officially declare my statement to be true. We'd have to come back here every time if we want more babies."
It suddenly hits you.
"What the fuck did we just do?" you ask incredulously.
Harry gives a cheeky smile and shrugs nonchalantly. "Dunno. Spontaneous shit. Baby making. Just a typical night in Missouri, y'know?"
You grab his cheeks and kiss him. "You're insane." Another kiss. "We're both insane."
He slides out of you and wraps you in a warm hug. "You're right, but I have so much fun with you."
You hum thoughtfully. "That's sweet of you to say."
He hooks his chin over your shoulder and plays with the ends of your hair. "My soulmate," he tiredly mumbles. "You love me best."
You both stay like that for awhile, basking in each other's presence as you drown the world out. He moves his hands to draw patterns on your back, the feather light touch of his fingers soothing you. Everything with him feels right.
After a few more peaceful and intimate minutes, you say, "You should start selling hats that say 'Harry is my baby daddy'."
Harry leans his head back and playfully rolls his eyes with a lopsided smile. "Shut your mouth."
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watermelonlovershigh · 2 months ago
Soft!Harry During Sex (10 Things List)
AN: miss @harryhoney-bee  gave me this idea when she told me i was great at writing soft!harry. so i came up with 10 things i picture soft!harry doing during sex.
This contains: sexual intercourse, blowjobs, pussy eating, fluff
{ boyfriend!harry or husband!harry or dad!harry - soft!harry }
word count: 832
10 things soft!harry does when you're having sex or being intimate in general.
Tumblr media
1. Very delicately holds your long hair back and away form your face when you're giving him a blowjob. Like Harry isn't putting any force in his hold that would lead to you being forced too far down and choke, but it's just enough so your hair isn't in your way and Harry can see your beautiful face as you pleasure him orally.
2. When you're riding his cock and get too tired, you'll end up having to lay down on top of Harry's tattooed chest and allow him to buck up into your cunt due to your weakened hips. And while you're laid flush with his chest, he'll graze his rough fingers over your back in a soothing manner, while his feet are planted into the mattress and he's thrusting into you. You'll have your head shoved in Harry's sweaty neck and concentrate on Harry and how he's taking care of your body for you, knowing you got too tired.
3. When having sex in missionary, Harry will have his face pressed against the side of your face and sometimes lightly massage at your scalp, tugging your roots gently.
4. Or in missionary when his face is pressed to the side of your head, hips rolling into yours slowly, he'll be whispering words of encouragement or words of a loving matter in your ear. Just to remind you how good you are for him or how much he loves you.
5. When Harry is eating you out, he'll have one hand laid over your opened thigh to hold your legs open, and his other hand will be resting on your stomach with your fingers incased with his. Basically holding hands. Harry does this so you'll have something to hold on to and squeeze when the pleasure becomes too much, but to also just feel close to you in general.
6. Constantly communicate with you. Harry is big on communication when having sex and he wants to make sure you are comfortable at all times. So whenever he changes positions or whenever he randomly thinks to ask, he'll ask if you still feel alright or is everything feeling okay. You love that Harry does that because your past partners never communicated to see if you were doing alright and it makes you feel safe whenever Harry has enough courtesy to do that with you.
7. Soft Harry is always up for giggles during sex. He never takes things too seriously. Especially during very slow sex when you're basically just being lazy and not rushing things. If he's on top, he'll say cheeky things in your ear that has you laughing aloud or if you're on top, Harry will look up at your hazy face and crack a joke, leading to you falling forward and letting a contagious laugh ripple through your body, vibrating straight through his.
8. Sometimes when you're riding Harry's cock, he'll play with your sagging boobs. Cupping them in his hands and putting your nipples in his mouth, making your back arch at the gentle touch his warm mouth brings to your tits. He'll have his eyes closed as he sucks on your breasts and you'll even lower down a bit with your arms on either side of his head so he isn't straining his neck to reach them.
9. Ask if you need your clit rubbed. Depending on the position you're in, you'll be stimulating it yourself on his pubic bone or if you can't quite grind into his hairy mound like you'd like, you'll need it rubbed by a hand. And Harry will never let you do it yourself, always wanting to make sure he's the one pleasuring you in all the ways that you need. Therefore, he'll ask to see if you feel like you need him to bring his hand down and stimulate it for you, knowing clitoral stimulation is a must for you to orgasm most times.
10. Loves closeness. Just like the holding hands while eating you out or the rubbing of your back when you're laying over him, riding his cock. So no matter what you're doing sexually, Harry always tries to incorporate little things that bring you both closer together. It can be slipping his hands under your back when he's on top and having your breast press more into his sweaty chest. It can be holding your hands together above your head when making love. Kissing you when he gets the chance as his cock rocks in and out your pussy. Holding you tightly to his body when you ride him. Basically hugging your body to his or vise versa. You personally love all of that . Feeling close to Harry when being intimate is the best feeling in the world.
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