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tinydestinybear · 10 hours ago
Hi! I already absolutely love the KOH verse💖💖 I was wondering whether you could do a blurb where Harry is very overprotective about his angels? Like if someone so much looks at them the wrong way he gets mad. Thank you and have a great day.
helloo, i'm absolutely sorry for delaying this blurb! 😞i added something more and i hope you enjoy 💕
It was not unknown that Harry was very protective over his angels. He considered them his light, in this darkness of hell, who make his heart soft. Y/N was the first girl he had ever fallen in love with – the one who had gotten him to where he is now and Lily was a symbol of their love.  
The King of Hell seeing the other demons disturb his family on a bad day was a hurricane. That was a sign for everyone to scramble back to their places, because if there was even one wrong said, heads would roll. On those bad days he would be like a ticking time bomb and it would take very little for him to explode and so happened.
“Would you like to burn for eternity?” Harry spoke from the extreme end of the hallway to the demon who was caught scolding and dragging Lily by her hair because of her toy lying in the hallway, which according to Harry was an absolutely stupid excuse and when Y/N spotted her teary eyed in the hallway and stopped the demon, he began speaking to her with judgemental eyes. 
Just when YN was about to reply back to him, she heard Harry from the hallway and soon felt a soft touch on her shoulder, Harry was behind her - lip biting, deep red eyes - as he picked up Lily in his arms, kissing her forehead protectively before passing her to Y/N and looked back at the demon. 
“Do you have any idea who you just messed with! Do you?!” Harry’s voiced boomed in the hallway.
“M-My lord please it was a mistake—“ The demon starts trembling, it very much so wasn’t a mistake, it was something the filthy demon had taken pleasure in.
“Oh, I’m sure it was. But I’m sure this will never happen again because I shall torture you and make sure you never walk past them.” Harry’s eyes carried flames, wings now darker than ever. 
“S-Sorry my king.” The demon shook his head, making a quick run but the other demons caught him and took him to the cell.
Meanwhile, Y/N’s bottom lip quivered and tears started in her eyes as she couldn’t help protect their daughter. She could’ve shouted, punished him but something about the angel in her wouldn’t let her do that.
“He’s gone, it’s over m’angel,” Harry said as he came over and wrapped his arms protectively around them both. “Won’t ever happen again, calm down my love.” 
“Why didn’t I do anything? Why couldn’t I?” Y/N sobs.
“Shh, this isn’t your fault. He’s a horrible excuse of a demon and I I feel guilty for letting him have a place in the palace. Lily and you both are safe. Won’t let anything happen to you,” He hushes her as his wings soften around her, kissing her forehead to calm her down.
“It’s not your fault H, it’s not. Can we just go up to our room? I don’t want to stay here anymore.” She whimpers and he takes Lily from her as they head towards the room.
When they get to their room, he set both of his angels down as he adjusts himself to rest beside them and plays with Y/N’s hair as Lily falls asleep between them peacefully. 
The king of hell made sure his angels felt protected at all times.
feel free to send in more requests 🌻
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all-my-love-for-harry · 12 days ago
for my shy little boy, how would artemis react to harry picking him up from school by himself for the first time? I feel like they would be just as nervous as each other.
guess who just found this on her drafts hehe this is from the beginning of the relationship meaning artemis wasn't comfortable with harry yet, ok? ok
you can find more of my shy little boy here
Although Y/n was a single mom from the start, she has never been alone, not entirely. She always had family, friends, even co-workers one call away from her. Her car was in the shop? One of her moms would drive her around to run errands and pick up Artemis for his painting class. She was stuck in traffic? Her best friend would go pick Artemis up from school. She was stuck at work? Another friend would take her son out to eat lunch and wait for mommy to come home. The little boy was loved by so many people that would go out of their way just to make sure he was always safe and happy.
Nevertheless, there were times none of them would be available. After all, they all had jobs and trips to attend to. It happened every once in a while, nothing she couldn't handle.
But not this time.
Y/n had underestimated how long it would take her to grade the stack of papers she had let sit on her desk plus the emails on her computer waiting to be answered. There was no way she'd make it in time to Artemis' school to pick him up.
She tried reaching her moms but then remembered they were both out of the city. She had no luck with her best friend and she was running out of options.
They've been sort of seeing each other for the past two months and Artemis have met him a couple of times.
She doubted for a second. Y/n knew Artemis wouldn't be thrilled, but what other option did she have? She just hoped Harry wouldn't mind. She dialed his number before she started overthinking. 
"What's up, love." Harry's excited tone made her smile. "Are ye out of work yet?" 
"Hi, Harr. I'm stuck at work."
"Who's picking up the little one from school?" 
"That's why I called. Could you do it?" Y/n closed her eyes in anticipation. "If you're busy I understand, I could call her teacher and ask her to stay with him for a while-"
"Hey, no need of that. Of course I'll go." 
"You sure?"
"Yeah, we could go out for lunch, have some fun." He sounded happy, eager to spend time with her son, and that calmed her down.
"I'll call the school so you won't have a problem at the entrance. I owe you one, thank you."
"You don't owe me anything." She could almost feel him roll his eyes. "Although I wouldn't mind a kiss." He said cheekily. 
"I'll see what I can do about that."
Harry arrived early. He sat in his car, running his hands through his pants in an attempt to calm his nerves. He has never been alone with Artemis alone. And he wasn't sure if the four-year-old even liked him. Harry just hoped he wouldn't be upset when he didn't see his mom cross his classroom door. 
"Hello, sir. Name, ID and who are you picking up?" A young woman with a clipboard smiled at him.
He hesitated before handing her his ID. "Harry Styles, I'm here to pick up Artemis Y/L/N. Uh, his mom said she'd call you." 
"All clear. Kindergarten is at the end of the hall." She handed him his ID back and Harry thanked her before starting walking down the hall. He smiled as he saw the artwork in the walls and the small humans already on their way out by the hand of their parents.
At the door, there was a woman who Harry assumed was the teacher. She was waving goodbye to a little girl with pigtails carrying a backpack bigger than her. 
"Hello, I'm Harry." He smiled. The teacher didn't recognize him or at least she hid it very well. "I'm here for Artemis."
Harry's eyes scanned the room, looking for the small mop of blonde curls that belonged to Artemis. When he found him, he couldn't help but smile at the sight. The small boy was completely oblivious of his presence, way too focused on the paper sheet he was cutting with his training scissors. 
"Artemis, darling. Harry's here to pick you up" 
The small boy looked up. At first, he didn't recognize the name but then when he looked at the man standing by the door he knew he was one of his mummy's "new friend", as she'd say. "Where's my mummy?" He asked as the teacher walked him to the door. 
"She's at work, buddy." Harry's tone was almost apologetically. His ego was a little hurt, still not used to kids not being happy to see him. "But, we're gonna have loads of fun, don't worry."
Artemis looked skeptical but nodded anyway. Harry accepted his backpack from the teacher's hands and offered a hand to the boy. He said bye to his teacher before accepting Harry's hand. 
"Can we call my mummy?" He said when they were finally out of school. "I miss her."
Harry's heart ached for this kid. He was way too adorable for his own good and Harry could already feel how smitten he would be for him if he were to stick around. Well, if Y/n would continue to have him because he was sure not going anywhere. 
Artemis sat patiently in the back of the car, waiting for Harry to dial his mum's number. She answered at the second ring and they had a quick chat where Y/n assured her son he would be safe with Harry. 
"Are you ready, bud?" Harry looked at him through the mirror, the hazel-eyed boy was playing with his hands, a sign he was nervous. 
"I don't have my car seat." He pointed. 
"Sorry about that, A. It was short notice but I promise I'll have one for next time, alright?" Artemis nodded. "What are you in the mood for? I was thinking lunch then ice cream?"
"I had a cold last week. Mummy says I can't have anything too cold."
In his mind, Harry was already on strike two. He's never felt so intimidated by a four-year-old with round glasses. He wanted this kid to like him so badly not just because he was dating his mother, but because he wanted to bond with him. It was no secret he loved children and until two months ago he thought all children loved him too. 
Harry pulled over in front of a small dinner he frequently goes to. He was hoping and praying he wouldn't get spotted, not wanting to put Artemis in any kind of uncomfortable situation. He helped him out of the car, keeping a hold of his hand as they entered the building. 
Luckily, it was mostly empty aside from a couple sitting on the other side of the room and two girls on a table close to the door. Harry guided Artemis to a table away from the windows and helped him sit on his chair. 
Despite the toddler not being able to read, Harry still moved his chair closer to him and opened the menu so the two of them could see it. Artemis used his hands to push himself up so his legs would be folded under his body, that giving him a little more height as he looked at the pictures of the menu. 
"Do you like macaroni cheese or would you like a soup?" Harry asked, pointing at the different photos. 
"I like the tomato one." He said before inserting one of his fingers in his mouth. Harry was quick to gently grab his small hand. 
"We have to wash out hands first, buddy." 
An old woman walked towards their table, greeting them. Harry ended up ordering two tomato soups before heading to the bathroom with Artemis to wash their hands. 
"Harry, do you like my mummy?" Artemis was looking at him with big, doe eyes. "My grandma said you do."
Harry chuckled, remembering the time one of Y/n's moms walked into her daughter's house to find him shirtless and barely awake. "I think your mummy is a wonderful woman."
"But do you like her?" He insisted. He never thought he would be interrogated by a four-year-old but here he was. 
"Would you be okay if I did?" 
The little boy shrugged. "I like when you make her smile." He tried to put it into words, but he did like the way his mummy smiled after she arrived from a date with Harry. Y/n thought he would be asleep, but the truth was he faked it just so he could make sure his mom would arrive safely home. 
Harry felt his smile widen, feeling touched at how much attention Artemis would pay to his mummy. This was for sure one special little boy and Harry would love nothing more than to be in his life forever. 
“He said what?” Harry tried to hold his excitement from the other side of the line. “You’re joking, right?”
“I’m not! He asked me if I could put you in the approved pick up list.” She smiled. “Hope you don’t mind picking him more often.”
He sure didn’t. 
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chaashni · 2 months ago
She Sleeps In His Bed, While He Plays Pretend
Tumblr media
Harry’s discovery of your Only Fans leads to consequences, and you can’t say you are complaining, even if you are.
Kinktober day 1: Sex Bench + Highlighter! AU
A/n: Look who’s taken a dive into Kinktober! This was a request by @ally5sos . I just combined your request with my Rockstar AU, and I hope this measures up to what you were expecting!
I do not give permission any of my works to be translated or reposted on any other blog or third part site.
Word Count: 6.3k
Warnings: Rockstar Harry. He is THE warning. Reader has an Only Fans. Punishment trope. Sex Bench. Bondage, shibari, Spreader bar, butt plugs, I can assure you Harry has spent a good amount of time building up his personal whorehouse, Highlighted cheeks makes a comeback. Impact play, marking, dirty talk. Mean words from a dirty mouth, subspace, blindfolds. Exhibitionism. Mentions of public sex and orgies. The regular deal baggage of cameras and coments which comes with the camgirl concept. Possessiveness. Claiming. People are in a little bit of denial here and we don’t make a move to correct them. They are hot enough, already.
Masterlist. Highlighter AU. Kinktober Masterpost. Taglist.
Tell Me What You Think. My fic library is @chaashnifics
Everything was set just the way you liked it. The lights dimmed to a saturated magenta, the kaleidoscope of your lantern reflecting a pretty mosaic over your skin. The flimsy straps framed your body in the shape of a bra and panties, your assets out for the world to see, gleaming in the dreamy hue. The camera was angled in a way to capture all of your moans, the settings configured to focus on each slick movement, showcasing across screens your pretty body as you worked yourself up to a simmering crescendo.
The little red button blinked next to the recorder, your device buzzing as comments poured in. The camera caught it all perfectly. Your slick dripping down to the bed, your legs spread apart and knees bent, back arched and face washed in a riptide of pleasure as you ripped your pussy lips apart, a finger diving past your folds, your thumb mercilessly flicking your clit. You brought yourself to the edge again, hands shivering as your thighs clenched with anticipation, a handsome face with the most chiseled of features and startling emeraude eyes glimmering in the back of your mind.
The very thought of his lust-drenched eyes had you clenching down on your fingers, a startled moan ripping out of your throat as the knot on your stomach intensified. He would like you to edge yourself. Push yourself to the brink, till the ache in your pussy intensified and gave you pleasure, till your juices dripped down your thighs and ruined everything around you, till your body spasmed and breaths crumbled with each feather-light caress against your heat.
Harry would like you to edge yourself, to keep doing it, till your eyes rolled back to your head, your voice throaty from crying, till your mascara streaked all the way down your cheeks.
He had no idea you did this.
You didn't want him to find out.
All at once, you desperately longed to find out what would happen when he found out. How many drum sets could be destroyed if he decided to rail against them, or how many orgasms would be snatched from you. The spanks, harsh and unforgiving, the slightest idea that there was a part of you he didn't own, which he didn't know about, driving him to wreck you.
The public likes a good show.
Somehow, the rockstar's silky voice, which you were so accustomed to hearing floated up to your ears. In your sex dazed mind, you wondered if he was doing some hastily planned road show or actually speaking into a mike just to mess with you, but you whipped yourself up. Settling on your hands and knees, you grabbed the little chain around your neck, raising it to your lips. This little piece was present in every video, the pendant attached to it shaped to spell out the word 'Highlighter', a homage to your and Harry's relationship catalyst. 
You clamped the pendant between your teeth, fondling your breasts and throwing your head back as you tweaked your nipples, loving the pain. You loved giving a good show, much like your very significant other half, the difference being he pranced around a stage, guitar in hand and fancy boa's around his neck, shirt barely buttoned and tens of thousands of people cheering on him. 
Your fanbase was discreet, audience in three digits, all huddled behind devices in the dark, barely clothed and in situations which would be considered a little obscene. A different kind of desperation and adrenaline coursing through their bloodstream as you played with yourself through the screen, teasing yourself and teasing them.
It was a profitable game that you loved to play. It got you money, it got you an audience. Though Only Fans hadn't been the platform you wanted to build a fanbase on, it paid your bills better than any audition center. It also added to flattery on days Harry couldn't give it to you, like when he was away, or high as fuck and only caring about what he considered as high fashion.
A part of the thrill was that this was entirely against Harry's rules, and if he ever found out, he would absolutely demolish you.
You thrust the head of your wand into your pussy, biting your lips hard and hissing as you turned the settings up, your body doused in sweat, limbs shaking from the exertion. You groaned feebly as the vibrations intensified, a tremor shuddering through your spine as you gazed wistfully at the camera, a part of your mind slipping into the headspace where you wished Harry would tut at you, clenching his jaws and swiping his tongue offhandedly over his lips before smacking your thigh, asking you to be good.
You twisted the vibrator, pushing more of it inside and rocking against it, whimpering and groaning as you fucked yourself, tendrils of your hair hitting your face. Your moans grew louder and more vulgar, the stench of your wetness filling the room as you pushed your wand harder, the corners of your vision blurring from pleasure and your tears. Your head thrown back, you screamed and trembled, thrashing around and barely holding on the headboard as a tether. 
You imagined Harry smirking at you. His thick veiny cock pulsating in his hands as you begged for him to let you have your release. "Please daddy." You whimpered involuntarily, the little red light of the recorder blaring against the black behind your closed eyes, your lips stinging from being attacked by your teeth. You were neck deep in your pleasure, fingers of your free hand moving involuntarily to wrap around your own neck, filthy images of a ring swept hand wrapped around it clogging your brain. You were close, so fucking close, the edging for the past forty minutes, followed by the filthy comments pouring in from people about how hot the entire thing looked, and you were ready to snap-
"Having fun, little minx?" 
Your eyes snapped open as a chill tore down your body. The camcorder was cut off, the little red light dying out somewhere in the periphery of your vision but that was dusted to nothingness as you drank in the man in front of you.
When did Harry come inside?
Your friend, the one who controlled your orgasms, or so he thought, was gazing down at you. Was that a disappointment? Faint lines of fury and envy streaked over his face and then he shook his head, a faraway look filling in at the surface before he gave away too much. Harry was seething. You were sure you wouldn't be allowed to cum for the next one month but then he cupped your hand, the one which had hastily switched off the vibrator, flipping it on to its highest setting and plunging it into your swollen hole.
"See you've been getting bold." He noted, voice low and sinister. You couldn't respond even if you wanted to, breast swaying as you convulsed under him, eyes rolling to the back of your head and drool dripping down your chin as the necklace he had gifted you swiped across your chest, mocking him. Mocking you for what awaits you.
"Touching yourself." He began, voice hard, lips pressed to a thin line. Possessiveness reeked off of him, the room perfumed with a dust of betrayal as he hovered his lips over yours, his warm breath dancing over your skin like a threat. You cried out when he switched the vibrator off, counting the seconds as you looked into his eyes, not daring to disobey anymore. "Wearing the lingerie I gifted you."
The vibrator flipped on again, causing you to lurch forward but you were being pushed back. A steady palm laced around your throat, Harry pinned you against the headboard. His lips moved against yours as he gritted out his next words, your arousal heightened by the mean stench. 
"Wearing my collar." He hooked a finger on the 'highlighter' necklace you were sporting, thrusting the vibrator inside and causing you to choke on your feeble apology, the one which was bubbling on your lips ever since he got here.
When did sorry ever get you an escape?
"Come." He ordered, lips twisted in a furious snarl which almost had you hesitating but then he tightened his hold around the base of your neck, the coil in your tummy snapping and you could feel the dam break loose, the slowed vibrations of the vibrator reverberating against your spasming walls as you squirted, filthy moans and unabashed cries leaving your mouth as Harry stood in front of you, drenched and mean, the hold on your throat loosened just a fraction.
You blacked out as the tremor of the vibrator receded from your folds, your body shivering and your limbs lacking any sort of feeling, tears dried all around the corners of your eyes and lips, fingers clutching Harry's arms as your only tether. 
When your eyes opened again, you were huddled in a nest of soft blankets, a tightness around your crotch making you sigh deeply because there was no way Harry would let you out of this easily. A hand was threading through your hair and your body wasn't sticky, which meant he must have cleaned you while you were out. The fluffy shirt which you wore belonged to Harry, but the absence of the necklace around your neck had you frowning. 
You tried to sit up, only to be stopped by Harry's hands which wrapped themselves around your torso, pulling you into his chest. The movement made the presence of the belt tied around your waistline even more evident, the locking mechanism you were all too familiar with digging into your skin. 
Give it a few hours and you would be fine. You had done just fine before.
"Hi." You whispered to Harry, frowning at the hurt look which was filtering in his gaze.
"Hi." He smiled softly, pressing a light kiss to your lips. The little action made you want to melt in a puddle and cry and never show him your face again, but Harry seemed to have other plans.
"I got a show in 3 hours." You hummed, nodding your head and wondering what was going through his mind. "I have thirty minutes at most, and I can't listen to you explain, and go through your only fans. I also gotta ask why the fuck does half the world get to see what's mine without my permission, and punish you for keeping things from me. Thirty minutes won’t do"
He paused, taking a deep breath before lifting your hand and pressing his lips to your knuckles. Your breath hitched and you leaned forward involuntarily, catching his lips in a soft apology, assuring him you were his as long as he had you.
"So we divide this into parts." He paused, tapping the chastity belt he had locked you into. "This stays on till then."
"Okay daddy."
"Twenty five minutes now babe. Got anything to say?"
You sighed, knowing this was gonna take long. It would end up in some temper tantrum, probably a little bit of misogyny from his end, but you knew it was mostly concern and despite the chastity belt which was supposed to keep you in line, you couldn't help keep your mind from wandering into the punishment part of your predicament.
"I'm waiting, babe."
"Yeah, but before that-" you held onto his bicep, fingers spraying over the heart inked on his skin. "Where's my necklace?"
The grim, serious look was gone from Harry's handsome face, a boyish grin taking place as his dimples popped into his cheeks, the need to poke them consuming you and you obliged to your hunger. He indulged you, holding your hand against his face softly, while another pulled out the golden chain from the pocket of his pants, dangling it between his fingers.
"This?" He asked, watching your eyes chase the little jewellery with a weird sense of longing. It was an important part of whatever you two shared, and not having it around your neck made you feel incomplete. You had been hiding a shit ton of stuff from him from the past few days, and breaking his rules, so you probably did not deserve to wear it, but you still craved it.
"You'll have to work your way to have it around your throat." Harry hummed, distractedly dragging his knuckles down your cheek, stuffing the necklace back into his pocket.
"Got a hell lot to make up for before I make you mine."
Ten days. Ten long frustrating days. Ten days as you followed Harry around from city to city, cheering him on from the crowd as he did what he did best, second only to fucking you to an inch of your life, but that was just for you to know.
Each night after his show, he would watch one of the videos you had made in his absence. Videos which were uploaded on the internet, filthy little snippets where you sneaked a discreet view of your ass, ones where you were wearing his shirt and humping yourself against the sofa, ones where you spanked yourself and teased yourself while wearing his rings. He watched them all, eyes hungry and lustful, cock in hand. Your chastity belt stayed through it all.
The idea of making an Only Fans came to you after you found one of your producer friends discreetly going through a random account. You decided to experiment, taking a few subscriptions. A few rejected movie deals and shitty auditions later, you found yourself making one, the subscription fee barely above the minimal amount to attract people. 
The first few videos did alright, till you started paying special attention to the aesthetic part, focusing on giving a show where people couldn't turn their eyes away. You imagined Harry's voice directing you as you shook your ass and pushed out your tongue in front of the camera. You stole his clothes and boa's, using pretty self timer pics which exposed a little too much as clickbait, doing all the things Harry liked you doing. 
Ofcourse, who knows the art of making a show as good as Harry? Your audience increased significantly, so did the funds and your bank balance. It was exhilarating, exposing yourself in that way, and profitable. You couldn't rely on Harry to feed you and take care of you for the rest of your life, and if you were eons away from your 'big-break', you could at least do this and buy your own heels.
"I'm not your girlfriend that you pay for me. I had to do something."
Harry tutted, tongue offhandedly swiping his lips as his hand stroked his jaw. He narrowed his eyes at you, looking down at where you were kneeling next to his feet, the spreader bar stretching your legs open, your ankles attached to the legs of a chair. Your hands were tied in an intricate shibari behind your back, the silver chastity belt being the only other thing on your body. His glare was withering, his possessiveness evident in the way he was relishing at how exposed and vulnerable you were in front of him, fury lining the corners of his lids at how you still dared to talk back and reason with him.
"You might not be my girlfriend," Harry’s words were light, dismissive, like he was tired of explaining a well-established concept. "But you're mine. I own you. That weepy little cunt gets pleasure from me. Therefore.” He paused, jaw clenching. “I control who gets to touch you, who gets to see you." 
Harry grabbed your jaw, pulling you upwards roughly. Your gasp muffled on the tent striking against his pants, fingers threading through your hair tightly. His knuckles ran down the cheek which wasn't pressed against his crotch, gentle unlike his previous actions. You were breathing heavily and squirming as he spoke, the need to feel something against your cunt making you go a little crazy in your bound and helpless state. 
"I know you like to show off, you little minx. But you only get to show yourself off when you are my slut. When you're between my legs so the others watch how you're mine. They get to touch you, I get to keep you. Remember?" He tapped the side of your face to get you to focus, chuckling darkly at how you were zoning off, heaving heavily. "You wanted to show off, you just had to ask. But you chose to lie to daddy."
His disappointment made you want to cry, but the mean look on his face made you want to cower and hide. He pushed you backwards, your body going off balance and breasts swaying as he dismissed you easily, going back to palming his cock through his pants. One hand effortlessly curled behind the sofa head, the other fiddled with the drawstrings of his pants, a video of your secret rendezvous playing on the television. 
This was gonna take long to blow over.
Whatever you do, don't piss off Harry Styles. Currently, you were in his apartment in London, which was your apartment too in all forms of the deal except print, and you were waiting for him to come out of his shower.
Twelve days since the night he crept into your room like a fathom, slicing away the curtains to your little secret which you had been keeping covered for the last two months. You could've told Harry. You knew he wouldn't judge you. Hell that man was ready to share you with his friends to fulfill your fantasies. He enjoyed watching others touch you, use your mouth for their pleasure, tease you like you were a filthy little fucktoy. He spoiled you rotten in luxuries everyday too, you didn't want him to offer to pay for your everyday expenses. You were also a little off about how your dynamic would work when he went away on tour. So came your little account.
Twelve days since you were locked in chastity, the stubborn band around your hips a reminder that your punishment for this -outrageously apocalyptic behaviour, as Harry firmly called it at 3 am on a jet lagged morning- was still far from over.
Something told you all twelve days would cascade as a riptide all over you, and you were ready for the tiny notch holding the dam together to snap.
Presently you heard the creek of the shower door, making a mental note to ask someone to help do something about it- that screech woke Harry up at night and then he was a pouty bitch all through the next afternoon and it didn't help anybody- and you could hear the faint pattering of his feet as he went about the room.
You busied yourself with the book you had in front of you, fighting off the urge to rush into the room and catch him in a compromising position, possibly with a towel wrapped dangerously low, barely covering his fern tattoos and just straddle him. But you waited. Like a good girl. Harry hadn't returned your  'Highlighter' necklace to you, hadn't made one joke about how you were the highlighter to his boring, soggy, grey dusted days, and you wanted that back.
You had to wait for that.
This wait was what led you here. The offending chastity belt had been removed, days of tension finally easily and you could have cried and touched yourself till you came but Harry wasn’t having any of it. Grey trousers hanging low on his hips, he had casually grabbed your wrist, leading you to the room behind his office, like he was taking you to a date in the park.
With some flicks of his skilled fingers, he had stripped you bare, eyes sweeping over your body hawkishly, a mean air signalling a long night of frustrated whimpers, loud cries and stinging, welted skin. His tattoos shone in the saturated magenta lights, and even when he lightly fondled your breasts while you stood with your hands clutched being your neck, legs  two feet apart and pussy fluttering in neglect, you couldn’t help notice how the aesthetic of the room was just like the day he found your source of income.
“Such a pretty little baby,” Harry mumbled, talking to himself as he raked two fingers down from your cleavage to your navel. You squirmed as he spoke like you were some artefact meant for him to touch and admire, a toy to play with as long as he desired. He ran a long finger over your mound, humming in what could be appreciation at your responsiveness, or condescension at how needy and desperate you were. Whatever he was thinking, you'd never know.
Harry’s rings, which you noted he had gone out of his way to wear even at home, gleamed under the lights, hypnotizing you under their alluring hue, making you crave having them wrapped around your throat.
You stumbled backwards when Harry’s digits thrust into you without any warning, your hands snapping open from behind your neck but the disappointed click of his tongue as he retracted his fingers had you scurrying back in position. He gazed at you, condescension and lust evident in his eyes as you tried to steady yourself. 
“Too bad you’re too desperate a whore.” He grazed your folds, collecting your juices on his finger. He brought them up to your lips, tapping at your lips with his knuckles. “Tongue out, baby.”
Harry smeared your wetness over your tongue, a strong hand gripping your jaws and pressing your cheeks upwards. He stared at you wolfishly, daring you to close your mouth which you didn’t, your pussy throbbing feverishly with his casual degradation. He bent down, catching your tongue between his lips and sucked, smacking his lips off and spitting right into your mouth.
“Now you look good.” he hummed in satisfaction, suddenly tapping your clit with the base of his fingers, the bands of his rings sharp and precise against your moist center. “Swallow, babe. That would clean your little mouth for talking back to me.”
You obliged, puckering up your lips and fluttering your lashes at him, doe eyed and spaced out. Little whimpers escaped your lips as the man towered over you, swallowing as he inched closer. Harry’s hand curved around your throat, the other landing on your shoulder, pinning you to the wall behind you. His fingers lightly littered marks in their wake as he touched you gently, enveloping you in a false sense of warmth and softness as he smeared his lips over your skin. 
Soft butterfly kisses pressed over your shoulder, light teasing pinches at your clit. Your nipples tenderly caressed by the edges of his steel cold rings, your pussy lips gently wretched apart and slow circles drawn between your folds. Harry was breaking you. Dismantling you. Part by part, he was enjoying watching you melt and descend into a warm puddle of nothingness, each of your joints slowly giving way and then he was practically carrying you against his chest, thick thighs caging your hips, keeping you from falling. 
He grabbed your wrist, running his thumb over your knuckles and flipping you around, slamming your palms to the wall. He thrust his hips against yours, knees hitting against the inside of your thighs in a silent demand for you to spread your legs open, his digits slowly slipping inside you, curling against your walls as you squirmed and moaned, your eyes clamped shut and palms holding the wall for dear life.
You couldn’t realize when had he retracted the bottle of lube and when had he squirted it over his fingers, but the cool sensation smearing over your asshole, immediately followed by the tip of the buttplug pushing into your hole had you shriek so loudly Harry had to slap a hand over your mouth, your body trembling and muscles tensed. 
“Relax,” he quipped, slapping your cunt sharply. You yelped and curled your hands into white-knuckled fists, slowly easing your muscles. “Good girl.” Harry grabbed your chin, turning your face sideward and catching your bottom lip between his teeth, lolling it around his mouth and nibbling at it.
“Now that’s supposed to keep you in line, little slut.” He hummed appreciably when your ass swallowed up the entire thing, swatting your ass and flipping you around. The softness entirely faded from his actions, his glare mean as he pinned you to the wall with your throat, knee rubbing against your cunt. Harry shoved three fingers into your mouth, making you gag around his knuckles. “But you never know where you stray, right?”
You nodded, your cunt clenching down on his knees, You tried to buck yourself down and grind on whatever he provided you, but Harry’s hand around your throat wouldn’t allow you much movement. “Little slut just gets so hungry for attention,” he started, words gritted right over your lips, laced with dominance and a little accusation. His hold on your jugular tightened when your eyes drooped, demanding your full attention on him.
 “Doesn’t think twice before touching her little cunt in front of the world. It's Daddy’s little cunt which you’re showing to everybody out there,” Harry seethed, capturing your lips in a harsh, bruising kiss, one which sucked your breath right out of your lungs. He pulled you to his chest, your arms flailing out to grab his biceps as he chuckled darkly, his green eyes stained with pints of unhingedness, the glower in them sedating your mind.
“But I know just what is gonna remind you that you belong to me.” He slapped your clit, capturing your lips before your moan cut through the lust driven air, leading you backward towards what you knew would lead you to break.
The sex bench.
The last time you had been on it, Harry had edged you for three hours, abusing all your holes and marking you with his cum everywhere while his friends took turns with your mouth. Safe to say, you were more or less a ragdoll for the next three days, the guy you shared your bed with carrying you around, bridal style, everywhere and giving you those irresistible dimples each time you complained.
“C’mon. Get up on it.” Harry slapped your ass, huge hands gripping your waist as you placed your knees on each pad. He pushed his palm down on your back till you were stretched out entirely along the horizontal stand, and then you placed your arms around the armrest.
“This okay?” Harry asked, brushing your hair away from your face as he fixed the straps over your mid-section. You mumbled out a little yes, and were rewarded with a light pat on the head. He pushed you a little further upwards, causing your ass to move higher and clench tightly around the buttplug, after which he secured the cuffs around your thighs. “Does anything hurt?” You shook your head in a no, craning your neck up and letting him capture your lips in a deep kiss, the cuffs around your wrist holding you in place.
“Remember your safeword?”
You did. Highlighter. Once again. It was only now that you realized the subtle glow perfumed around Harry’s cheeks wasn’t from the lights, but from the thin layer of highlighter he must have applied, and you could feel yourself get a little drunk on it.
“Tell me what it is.”
“Good girl. '' Harry hummed, mostly to himself, the light shuffling around your feet indicating he was collecting whatever he would be needing for the night. You felt the temperature of the room drop a little, and then the smooth, cool surface of something solid slide down your back. The padded surface of the long handled paddle ran along your inner thighs, the hovery touch making your skin tingle. Your pusy was dripping and you had already made a mess on the bench, the little taps on your ass making you wetter.
The smooth silk of the blindfold had the magenta fading into a distant black abyss, your sensations immediately heightened and your cunt slicker. You could hear each of his footsteps sharply next to you, and at the same time, they meant nothing more than a predator’s call that you didn't want to evade. You tried to count the seconds, failing miserably as the ache in your cunt and the tremor in your thighs drowned everything around you.
The first slap of the flogger, right over your cunt, shocked you straight into subspace. The startling sting and obscene squelch of your juices against the leather, followed by how reflexively you started humping the bench, your moans inconsistent and scattered, had your nerves frizzle in overdrive, mind shutting down almost immediately. 
Harry's hand came down on your ass right after, his rings turned inwards and you knew each of them would be decorating your skin, including his initials. He spanked you again, his H-S rings landing on your inner thighs, at the sides of your breasts, at the tender flesh where your ass met your thighs. Each sting, each burn was heightened with arousal, his claim branding itself on you for everybody to know. Especially for you to know.
"You know, this could have taken such a good turn." He whispered from your side, hand reaching out to grab your breast and knead it harshly. "Had you not been a lying little bitch."
Harry gripped your hips tightly, pulling out the plug he had inserted in your snug little ass. You cried out at the sudden emptiness, and then the air was pushed out of your lungs as another silicone toy was inserted in your hole.
The inflatable plug.
You squirmed as the lube was lathered over your skin, mewling and simpering as the toy was pushed in, your groans ignored. Harry hummed and clicked his tongue, biting the side of your butt when the toy was inside. He tapped twice on your shoulder, fingers sneaking around your throat and tilting your face backwards. He crashed his lips against yours in an upside down kiss, inflating the butt plug and swallowing your cries as you jerked and thrashed at the exertion, the stretch causing you to thrash forward against the binds around your ankles.
"Does tha' feel good, sweetheart?" Harry cooed, his breath slapping your face as you whimpered. He tapped your lips with the tip of his long handled paddle, prompting you to open wide. He hovered the impact device horizontally in front of your face, slowly pushing it for you to clamp your teeth over it. "Hold it."
Harry didn't touch you for the next few minutes. You tried to imagine what he was doing. He could be clicking pictures without the shutter sound, he could be touching himself. All you felt was the pounding of your heart, your mind barely processing any changes around you. You didn't know if he had a hidden recorder placed somewhere, or if he was just circling you, a predator savouring the prey he had kept, bound and aroused, nimble and ready to please. Willing to break.
You clenched tightly around the plug, rutting pitifully against the bench. The friction wasn't good enough, the touches not fast enough, the movements not rough enough. You couldn't come like this, and you had no idea when Harry would provide your release.
"How does it feel, huh?" He was close, words whispered directly over your ears, wet lips sending tingles of fire down your body and you almost squirmed away,the ties holding you in place. "Not knowing where and when I would touch you?"
"Will it be here?" He ran a finger down from the base of your throat all through your cleavage, your back arching as you whined pitifully. "Or here?" He ran the same teasing touch all through your slit, fingers barely dipping down your folds. The light touch, frisky and nonchalant, like he was testing the waters, had your nerves shrivelling up and your body firing up like a projectile, your hips bending low to hump against his fingers desperately, the action futile and mocked by his low chuckles.
"I can do that, right? This pretty body is mine." He slapped your ass, wrapping your hair around his knuckles and pulling you backwards. The flogger slipped out of your mouth, the clank of metal creating a racket that had your hair stand at their ends on your skin. Harry was leaning over your bent body, his pecs grazing your back and his hard-on brushing against your thighs.
"And yet you kept things from me. Kept me in the dark, flashing my pussy, my tits, to the world." 
You almost cried out when the butt plug inflated a little more, your neglected pussy weeping and gushing under Harry's strong hands.
"Please, I'm sorry." You cried out, words rushed and airy, your body rocking against the palm Harry was casually raving over your folds. "Please, I'll never hide anything from you again. I'm all yours just-" Your words died, a squeal ripping out of your throat when he finally dipped a finger into your pussy.
"You'll never hide a thing from me again?" Harry mused, adding another finger and slapping your ass. Again. His rings branding you. Again. He slowly pumped another finger inside you, all three digits knuckle deep, your walls squeezing him tightly as you humped back on them."
"Yes!" You cried out when another slap landed on your ass, the fingers stretching you out firmly and then they were retracted from your hole. Without warning, his cock thrust into you, the breath knocked out of your lungs and you fell forward with a shriek despite the bonds tying you to the bench, all of your hair pooling in front of your face.
"Pinky promise?" Harry asked, a vein of humor and waves of mockery in his words. He rolled his hips against yours, drawing out his cock halfway and thrusting back just as quickly.
"Pinkie promise!" You cried, sobbing as he finally fucked you, the butt plug impossibly tight inside your ass as he pounded into you, arms slapped on the stands where your hands were chained, his cock driving into you. Weeks of chastity and the teasing combined hurled you to your release, your muscles jerking and limbs shaking as his skin slapped against yours, filthy grunts and moans breaking the air of heaviness around you.
"You're mine." He grabbed your hair again, drilling his cock straight into you and tilting your head backward for a messy kiss. All tongue and spit, you could imagine his thighs flexing and arm muscles taut as he caged your body with his own, his marks and chains holding you to him. The sight must have been pornographic, Harry with his beautiful curls and highlighter gleaming against his cheekbones as he fucked you, proving you were his, claiming you as his.
"Should remember this next time you keep something from me." He grabbed your hips, pulling you upwards by your hips to the point the cuffs dug into your wrists, the pain knocking you closer to the edge. "Cum for me."
Your body obeyed his commands on trained reflex. The moment the words spilled past his gritted teeth, the coil in your stomach splintered, weeks of pent up sexual tension crumbling your body and shattering it in a million pieces as your much awaited orgasm zipped through your body, the pleasure seeping through layers of skin and muscle and settling in your bones. You cried through it, and you thrashed and almost slipped off the bench when Harry pulled the plug out, cumming inside your stretched asshole. His hold crumbled under the intensity of his orgasm and he collapsed over you, his familiar body weight engulfing you, keeping you tethered in your fucked out state.
"The things you do to me, baby."
“Gotta say this, your Only Fans is a blessing.”
“Seriously?” You flipped your head around and arched an eyebrow at the man who was laying on your butt, stamping kisses over each bruise shaped in the form of his initials, all while scrolling through your videos.
“Seriously.” Harry had the nerve to smile innocently at you, eyes widening in protest when you showed your middle finger to him. 
“Now that’s not good, baby girl.”
“Kiss my ass.”
He did. He also bit it right after, your next words breaking into a fit of giggles. “Get off, you moron.”
“How can I? This is irresistible. And you called me a moron?” Harry fake gasped, landing a light slap on your thigh. You crawled out from under him, your highlighter necklace back on your neck and tangled under the collar of his shirt.
“You are. Ask anybody. They’d all agree.”
“Very bad. I wanna cuddle.”
“So? I have a show to watch.”
“You can watch it tomorrow. I need my aftercare too. Get in the bed.” He didn’t wait for an answer, lifting you off of the sofa and dropping you on the bed.
“Babe. Love me please?”
As usual Harry was the little spoon, intertwining your fingers with his and holding them close to his chest. It was times like these when you questioned if you loved him, and if he did too. You weren’t his girlfriend, and your relationship was complicated, overcomplicated even. Some truths so blurry neither of you could make sense of it, some glaring right at your face but you both played pretend and refused to acknowledge them. Yet, one thing was crystal clear and you were content with it.
Harry was as much yours as you, his. The rest of the story, well you’d have to wait for it to write itself.
A/n: Raise your Hand if you thin Harry definitely knew about her Only fans.
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heartbreakweatherharry · 2 months ago
could you write something about how much harry loves the reader with just a shirt of his and some panties on? :p
Tumblr media
→ warnings: implications of smut
→ author’s note: i simply had to include the gif. anyways! here’s another short blurb for y’all <3
Tumblr media
“Angel?” Harry shouted from the bedroom, sifting through the shirts hanging in his closet, “have y’seen my Keith Haring shirt?”
His hollers carried to the kitchen where Y/N sat with a mug of coffee, skimming unread emails and today’s news. She looked down at the shirt she was wearing— Harry’s Keith Haring ‘safe sex’ shirt. “Uhh, the ‘safe sex’ one?”
“Yeah, tha’ one!”
“No,” giggling lowly to herself, “haven’t seen it.”
A groan erupted from the other room, impending footsteps getting closer and closer to where the woman perched. “Harry Lambert said I should wear—“ he momentarily stopped in his tracks at the sight of his girlfriend clad in only the missing shirt and a pair of panties. “Well, well, well,” he smirked, Y/N’s gaze averting from her phone to where Harry stood, “wha’ do we ‘ave here, hm?” His hands quickly finding her hips, she squealed as Harry twisted the bar stool around, the couple now face-to-face.
“What?” She played dumb, looking up at the man as she chewed on her bottom lip. “Oh, were you looking for this?” Harry nodded, the girl mumbling a ‘sorry’, batting her eyelashes.
“‘s okay, petal,” he smiled, “think I like it better on you anyways. Especially,” hands slowly following the curve of her hip down to the hem of her panties, accent thickening, “when it’s paired with these.”
A heat ran through her body at the drop in Harry’s tone, “like what you see?”
“Like it?” One of his fingers curled underneath the waistband, playfully snapping the fabric against her skin, her giggles music to his ears, “oh, honey… I love it.” Y/N’s legs wrapped around his waist as her arms draped around his neck, pulling him impossibly closer. “Y’know how much I love seeing y’in my clothes, but in nothing but my clothes?” He fanned himself with one hand, eyes rolling back, “makes me wanna do unspeakable things with you.”
“They aren’t so unspeakable if I want you to speak about them,” Y/N retorted, leaning up to whisper in his ear, “are they?”
With a low growl, his hands found purchase on the woman’s ass, squeezing the globes in each of his hands as he raised her from the barstool. “How about I just show you instead?”
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academiaghosts · 26 days ago
where harry pulls a Rachel
summary: harry get’s mascara in his eye, and is scared of eye drops, so the band comes to his ( actually your) rescue
a/n: a little something for all the Friends fans, who cooed at that video of Harry getting irritated by his eye makeup, I swear to god he’s so 😩🥺
warning: implied smut, no actual act tho
New York city. Harryween. Freakishly sexy night, no?
Rather than being the night of your passionate role-play sex marathon, Harryween turned you into a babysitter to a 5 year old grown man, in the Dorothy costume, who was currently sulking at the far corner of the couch, pushing his fingers in his left eye.
“S’ the fuckin mascara, why the fuck did I even agree to let you put it on”
Harry tried to sound angry, but it came out rather mousy, scared. Because after two years of dating the Harry Styles, you just found out he was scared of eye-drops.
“come on bunny, it’ll stop burning, just one drop, please?”
Being someone who swore by mascara, you came across the misfortune of getting some in your eye, all-the-damn-time. And like any other resourceful person, you had the solution to that nasty burning, soothing eye drops.
The moment Harry’s pretty eyes started watering on stage, you knew it was time to bring out the artillery, that is eye drops. But you seriously did not expect a fucking war.
“I tried pet, now stop bothering me, it’ll go away on it’s own. Jus’ gotta rub it a bit more”
“You tried? The minute I try to put a drop, you turn into a venus fly trap! I swear to god if you don’t let me…”
“Are you guys fighting?”, waltzed in Father Mitch, with a tired looking Sarah hanging from his shoulder, literally falling asleep standing up. Ny followed them, little Jack nestled on their hip, yawning to match his tired mama.
“He won’t lemme put the fucking drops in his eye, and won’t stop rubbing them either”
“I told you I’m fin-”
Amidst your bickering, Niji and Pauli had joined the others, surrounding the couch you were currently occupying.
“So…he’s pulling a Rachel, we know how that one goes”
Niji’s nonchalant comment has everyone snickering, but your eyes that were trained on Harry’s lit up, and everyone caught on, including Harry.
Before he could bolt, Mitch and Niji had his flailing form restrained on the couch, while you swiftly straddled his stockings clad thighs, Pauli holding his legs by his special Dorothy shoes, preventing him from kicking under you. Carefully, Sarah held his head still for you so you could hold his eye open.
It really was a comical scene, 4 people restraining this giant Dorothy, headband now plucked from his head and tucked onto Jack’s head.
“Sorry baby, told you to listen, but you just don’t-“
“Can you guys save the foreplay for later? We’re exhausted and he’s a fucking giant to hold down”
“No one told you to do it snappy, just lemme fucking go, I swear to god Mitch-”
Taking advantage of his bickering with Mitch, you quickly pulled his eye open and squeezed the drop onto his green iris, which had him squealing and cursing out a loud Fuck.
Just as quickly as they attacked him, everyone backed off swiftly, clapping you and him on the shoulder and muttering quick good nights,
a ‘that was fun’ sounding from Mitch, who ran with a yelp when Harry tried to swat at him.
“I hate you, you tricked me into this-”
“I’m sorry, hate? Judging by this,” you ground your hips against his crotch once, a hiss falling from his cherry lips, “I think all this man handling turned you on….my little fucking Dorothy”
main masterlist
hey bbys💗 I know a bit late, but I had this idea from some time and just had to sit down and write it out! I hope you liked it🥰
happy reading angels
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tinydestinybear · 12 days ago
Dating Harry - headcanon
Tumblr media
he is definitely the type of boyfriend that will hold things very high so you can’t reach them and when you do he kisses you and has a soft gleam on his eyes that tells you how much he loves you.
loves going to picnic or museum to appreciate art only with you
when you end up having a deep conversation about your future, dreams and fears while listening to the ocean’s wave and drinking some wine, the warm soft pink color illuminating your face makes harry realize once again he is in love with you.
cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles! harry is a soft boy! he wants cuddles!
paints you, writes songs about you, talks about you with everyone! literally obsessed with you but in a good way
when you’re having a meal at home, he’d sneak in and slap your ass for no reason and stay beside you, chatting and playing silly games along with you. 
he would try to steal his favourite snack you’d make but would get smacked on his hand instantly
sends you memes 24/7
l o v e s it when you blush or give him some kinda reaction and loves to tease you about it cause well we all know he’s playful
likes to whisper in your ear
is either romantic or corny, depending on his mood
and sharing bed would be a night war
you’d have to push him away because one. he’s heavy and two. he is damn warm and you’d be sweating
but you both always end up finding your way back to each other
at carnivals, he'd spend all his tokens on the claw machine to try and win a stuffed animal for you.
he enjoys when you mess with his hair. especially when he'd lay his head in your lap after a long day, the one thing he wants is to feel your fingers running through the curly locks on his head so he can just relax with your calming touch.
comes to you with a nail polish randomly and makes you apply it for him 
if he misses you a lot or something reminds him of you he will totally gush about you to mitch and sarah.
feels very proud when you compliment his voice.
i. am. not. crying.
feel free to send in requests and talk to me 💕
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goldnn-harry · 2 months ago
loving family [h.s]
i've recently been obsessed with dad!harry fics so here you go <3
warnings: none, just plenty of fluff😁
tags: dad!harry 
harry groaned softly as his daughter lightly touched his arm. not in a bad way of course, just due to the fact of being woken up.
“yes bub?” he turned over to the side of the bed and picked lily up unto the bed. she was still too short to climb up, so she always waited patiently for her dad to help her.
she grinned, “good morning daddy.”
harry smiled and kissed her nose. “good morning princess. how’d you sleep?”
“good, pascal gave me company!” little lily smiled even wider as she showed harry her favorite stuffie, one of pascal from tangled.
“that’s amazing baby. i’m glad you like your stuffie. how about we go brush our teeth, hm?”
lily whined, but still complied and got out of bed with harry. hand in hand, they walked to the bathroom. harry picked her up and set her on the counter, brushing her teeth first and then his own.
“alright bub, clothes or food first?”
lily rested a finger on her chin and hummed, “food!”
harry chuckled, “alright pumpkin, lets go.”
harry helped lily off the counter and carried her to the kitchen. 
he peered down at his daughter as he walked and lightly pulled her thumb out of her mouth, “hey, remember what nanna told you about that? don't suck your thumb baby.” he lightly kissed her forehead to show that he wasn't mad at her, and then set her in her high chair so he could make her breakfast.
“what do you wanna have for breakfast, hm?”
“cinnamon rolls? pleaseeee daddy?” she pouted adorably, earning a chuckle from harry.
“alright bub. but remember that's not an everyday thing mkay?”
she nodded, “yes dada i know. can you eat them too?” she asked him hopefully. most of the time, when he made cinnamon rolls, he didn't eat them. he usually had eggs or toast instead, since he wasn't a big fan of the sugary treat so early in the morning.
but of course, he'd do anything to see lily happy. so, he nodded and started to cook their cinnamon rolls along with scrambled eggs and a couple of cut up strawberries as he listened to his daughter ramble to him (and to pascal of course) about the movie gemma and her had watched a couple nights ago.
a couple minutes later, he served her food in her favorite plate, which featured some of her favorite disney princesses. (***)
after giving lily her food he served his own, and stored the left overs in a tupperware container.
“is it good baby?” he asked, after giving her juice and sitting by her to eat aswell.
she nodded eagerly, “very!”
harry smiled, happy to see his daughter happy. “i'm glad you like it.”
“dada are we gonna go see y/n today?”
harry absolutely loved how much lily loved y/n. she was always so excited to see her, or even to talk about her, anything that involved y/n made her happy. and that was one of harry's biggest concerns, his daughter not liking the person he dated. so when he saw how much lily loved y/n, and not only that, but also how much y/n loved and adored lily, he was more than relieved.
with being a single parent, there's always going to be people that don't want a kid that's not theirs, or just dont want a kid in general, and even though it sucked, harry had to understand that.
but that didn't mean that he didn't worry whenever he had to break the news to someone he's talking to that he had a kid. he'd only dated four people after lily's mom left him (and lily).
the first girl was called ellie, and she was so complicated. she didn't trust harry at all, always accusing him of cheating or whatever she could come up with. she also didn't love lily, but she didn't hate her, and she told harry that she was trying and would eventually love her as her own. and although she was nice and loving at times, harry ended it after 6 months.
the second girl was noelle. she was gorgeous, such an amazing person. but that ended at 10 months, when she broke up with him and harry found out she was never over her ex.
then he dated bella, who was a not affectionate person, and didn't care for lily at all. she always pushed her away and asked harry to hang out, without her. that ended super quickly, just after a month. harry was never going to tolerate or date someone who didn't want his kid.
but then he met y/n. he met y/n at his job. y/n was a clothes designer, and she designed and made most of the outfits harry wore to his last tour.
she had walked into his trailer, hands full of folders and papers which harry immediately offered to help with. after getting situated, they went over all of her designs and harry picked the ones he liked and wanted to wear. their first interaction went smoothly and friendly, just how both of them had hoped for. after that they had to meet each other countless of times for measurements and just overall discussing how harry wanted his outfits to look, fit and even feel.
when tour ended, harry asked her out on a date, which went amazingly. and here they are, a year later, completely in love.
“yes baby, we'll go bring y/n breakfast before i take you to school.” he smiled. somedays, before taking lily to preschool harry brought y/n some breakfast if she wasn't too busy. those were lily's favorite days.
she giggled in excitement and finished her food quickly. “hurry daddy!” she pointed to his still half full plate of food.
“alright, alright pumpkin give me a second.” he grinned and ate his food a bit quicker. he washed the plates and cups and everything they used and carried lily to her bedroom.
he walked to her closet and picked out two outfits so lily could choose. he layed both of them on the floor and set her down. “go ahead baby, pick one.”
lily looked at them for a couple seconds, and then walked to the one on the left. she picked it up and held it up for harry. (***)
he smiled, that had been his favorite outfit too.
he helped lily get dressed and then moved on to her hair. he lightly brushed it, her small curls usually got tangled at night. her hair was exactly like harry's, brown with soft, light curls. he put two butterfly clips on the front and kissed her on the forehead.
“all done.”
“okay now your turn!” lily smiled and pushed harry out of her room and into his as he laughed.
“okay okay i'm coming!” he walked into his room with her, and picked out an outfit to wear. (***)
he also added his pearl necklace, knowing that basically everyone loved it.
after he finished getting ready, him and lily left the house and headed over to y/n's work place with the extra breakfast he had stored in the tupperware.
lily held his hand as they walked inside, eager to see y/n but a bit nervous to be around so many other people.
harry knocked lightly on y/n's door, gently opening it when he heard the soft “come in,” from inside.
“y/n!” lily grinned as she ran over to her, jumping in her arms.
she laughed, "hi lily." she pressed a soft kiss to her head and set her back down.
“we brought you breakfast! show her dada!"
y/n smiled as she looked at harry, who was smiling too, holding the container and waiting for y/n and lily to finish their moment so he could go say hi.
“thank you lily! i bet the yummy treat was your idea, hm?”
lily giggled, “yes! dada made cinnamon rolls.”
“just my favorite.” y/n smiled. lily sat down on the small couch in y/n's office, paying more attention to her toy now.
harry took the opportunity to walk over to y/n and give her a big kiss on the lips. “hi my love. i brought you breakfast, but you already knew that.” he grinned.
y/n kissed him one more time and set the container on her desk. “thank you. i missed you.”
“i missed you too. we've been so busy," he said as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.
“i know. is it okay if i stay with you for a couple days?”
harry smiled, “that's more than okay.”
she grinned, “good. i suppose you have to take lily to school now right?” the dissapointment in her voice was evident, as she didn't want to say bye to her so soon.
“yes i do, but i'll take you with me to pick her up. deal?” y/n grinned and nodded, “deal.”
harry kissed her once more. “i love you.”
“i love you too harry.”
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amethystnalaah · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
ღ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚ 𝙲𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚞𝚌𝚌𝚒𝚗𝚘 ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ღ
**ALL works have the Black/WOC fem reader in mind**
━☆ 𝒂𝒅𝒅 𝒐𝒏𝒔 -- $0.00
*** smut || ♡ fluff || ❀ ddlg/mommy!kink || ☆ angst || ღ sub!harry || 🍒 lactation || 🔥 crowd favourite
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━☆ you sunshine, you temptress  || you and harry work together and during your usual after work ritual, sparks fly high.***  ♡
━☆ all for you || in which it’s harry’s birthday and there’s one last gift to unwrap. *** ღ🔥
━☆ beautiful always || you and harry have an unspoken silence, but sometimes silence is golden *** ♡
━☆ i fucking hate you. (harry version) || in which there’s a party, harry’s your ex and you maybe still love him. *** ☆❀ 🔥
━☆ gonna dream of how you... || italy, hidden talents, soup, sex & sun salutations. *** ღ 🔥
━☆ “it’s my middle name” || in which harry’s your college professor and you’re a camgirl. *** ☆❀
━☆ these arms of mine || the party’s over and harry can’t get his hands off of you. *** ♡
━☆ eye of the tiger || in which harry is upset and makes it everyone’s problem. *** ♡ ☆ 🔥
━☆  best interest || in which one of my anons asked: "i’m asking politely: mommy!kink harry” *** ♡ ❀ ღ🔥
━☆ in watermelon sugar || Your husband is a Grammy winner, and there's only one way that he wants to be rewarded. ***  ღ  ♡  ❀ 🍒 🔥
━☆ my devotion || it's finals week, harry is needy and you're grumpy... *** ♡ ❀  ღ 🍒🔥
━☆ got drunk on you || an overstimulated harry gets manners fucked into him... *** ღ ♡🍒
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━☆ I just wanna taste it... || WS inspired smut blubs ***
━☆ "howls like a beast..." || smut blurbs based on HS1 lyrics*** ღ 🍒
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ღ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚ 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚜/𝚍𝚛𝚊𝚋𝚋𝚕𝚎𝚜 ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ღ -- $0.00
━☆ the one where you’re stressed and harry has a surprise... ***  ♡ 🔥
━☆ the one where you both don’t want it to end, but you both need it...☆♡
━☆ the one where harry loves getting rimmed...*** ღ
━☆ the one where harry wears a vibrating plug... *** ღ
━☆ the one where three’s a party...***
━☆ the one where harry sucks your strap... *** ღ ☆ ♡
━☆ the one where harry rides your face...***
━☆ the one where harry wears lingerie...*** ♡ ღ
━☆ the one where there’s a spreader bar and harry needs to cum... *** ღ
━☆ the one where harry has a rough day, and...BOOBIES...***(slight nsfw) ღ ♡ 🍒🔥🔥
━☆ the one where you’re jealous, but you’re the only one for harry... *** (slight nsfw) 🍒 ♡ 🔥
━☆ the one where harry’s needy at the beach... ***  ღ
━━♡⃛━━ ━━♡⃛━━ ━━♡⃛━━ ━━♡⃛━━
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harryc0ree · 3 months ago
Hiiii so what about harry having sex with his gf but it’s like the best he’s ever had and he’s in tears and he’s hitting it from the back and his eyes are rolling back. This is for the harry x black!reader btw!
You asked… so you shall receive 🤝
Harry Styles x Black/WOC!Reader obvi)
(First blurb, enjoy! ignore any mistakes)
From missionary to cowgirl, Harry couldn’t lie… his favorite position has always been fucking Y/N from behind.
He would tell Y/N to arch her back and press her face onto the mattress.
“C’mon baby, y’know how i like it. Ass up, cheek on the mattress. Don’t make me tell you again.”
Y/N got herself situated, cheek on the bed, just like Harry asked of her. Hands gripping the sheets for dear life.
Harry walks up to his girl. He loves the way she looks when she’s in this position. He’s mesmerized. He looks at her glistening cunt and couldn’t help but put his hand on his cock to relieve himself. He places his free hand on her ass and gives it a good squeeze.
“Fuck mama, you look so good f’me.”
Y/N jerks at the sudden motion. “Please daddy, i’ve been so good, i’ve been such a good girl, i need you please”
“Hmm, you have been good for me angel, so good”, Harry take his hand that was on his cock and places it on her other ass cheek, spreading her open. “You’re so wet love, what’s got you so worked up huh?”
Y/N does nothing but whimper.
Harry doesn’t like that. He slaps her ass once again.
“I asked you a question, Y/N”
“You daddy, you got me so worked up, i’m sorry”
Harry doesn’t respond, he just pulls Y/N closer to him and spits on her cunt. He pumps himself a few times before lining up with her entrance and easing himself inside of her.
Y/N groans at the feeling of his length filling her completely. He feels her walls clenching around his cock, he couldn’t contain the moan that forces its way out.
He groaned in relief. “Oh my god baby, you feel so fucking good wrapped around my cock… feels so snug and warm.”
After giving her time to adjust, Harry doesn’t hold back. He thrusted into her roughly, giving Y/N no warning. The mattress shook along with his movements. He started pounding into her with no mercy. The only thing that could be heard in the room was both of their moans along with the sound skin slapping together.
Harry catches her throwing it back onto his cock. He leans forward and takes one hand off her waist and placed on her head to push her further into the mattress whilst using his other to keep a good grip on her waist.
“Fuck yes, you’re taking me so fucking well baby…my good girl” Y/N couldn’t do anything but choke out a moan in response to his words. She was unbelievably tight and he was starting to feel overwhelmed. He could feel tears form in his eyes due to the feeling.
He could feel himself hitting the spongy part inside of her. Y/N lets out a loud moan.
“You feel so good daddy, you’re so big, can feel you deep inside of me”
“You can feel me in your tummy baby?”
She vigorously nods. “Yes, yes, feel you in my tummy, right where you belong”
“Mhm that’s right”
Harry’s balls ache in a need of a release, he feels like he can’t hold back anymore. He take his hand that was on her head and yanks her up so her back meets his chest. He wraps his other arm around her middle. “C’mon mama, need to feel you cum on my cock, tell me you’re close, tell me”
“I’m c-close, please don’t stop, please”
Taking his hand out of her hair, he wraps it around her throat, knowing it would send her over the edge. He then places a series of kisses on her shoulder. Y/N uses both hands to grip his arm.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck… i’m cumming, i’m-“
“There you go mama, give it to me, give it to me… Daddy’s perfect cunt hmm? you’re so good to me”
He let her ride out her orgasm until he pushed her back down and grabbed her waist again, continuing to pound into her, he felt his own orgasm catching up to him. “Baby you’re gonna make me cum, fuck, want me to fill you up? Fill you up with my babies?”
“Yes please, please cum for me”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck…”, he moaned loudly while pressing kisses down Y/N’s back. He never came so hard in his life. He felt like she was literally milking him dry. “Did so good for me bunny, m’so proud, always take such good care of me”
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se041 · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I saw his new pics and can’t sleep help😭he’s too beautiful
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heartbreakweatherharry · 2 months ago
eight more shows (h.s)
Tumblr media
→ requested: no
→ warnings: none, just some angst
→ author’s note: hi everyone!! i’m back! please ignore how messy and awful this is, i just needed to write something to get my ‘writing juices’ flowing again. i’m a lil rusty so be nice to me or else <3
→ UPDATE (9.7.2021): somehow a paragraph of this was cut off when i was transferring it from google docs to tumblr?? so, if you’re reading this after September 9th, 2021, you get the full thing! and if you read it before then, my deepest apologies!
Tumblr media
“I wish y’were here,” Harry sighed into the dimly-lit hotel room, shifting under the sheets. The thermostat was set to a crisp 70 degrees— exactly how he liked it— but tonight, it felt colder than usual. “First night of tour and I have t’celebrate alone.” On the vacant pillow sat his cellphone, carrying a call from his wife.
“You’re not alone, H,” she hummed, her voice bringing a short-lived peace to the man. “You’ve got a whole team supporting you at every show. Your band, the fans…” Though she couldn’t see it, Harry shook his head, burying his face in his hands as his stomach churned.
He swallowed a near-escaping sob, “‘s not what I mean.” The pair had been apart for what seemed like months as Harry prepared for his ongoing tour, attending countless rehearsals and meetings. This was all protocol, though— he knew that. What he didn’t know was how long he could go without his ‘better half’, as he liked to call her, and it was proving to be rather difficult. “Jus’ miss y’so much, love,” Harry’s voice wavering, “so, so much.”
“I know,” Y/N murmured, “I miss you too.” A silence fell from Harry’s end, only brief creaks from the mattress making their way through the line. “It’s okay to cry, baby,” she whispered, and at her words, the man let go, choked sobs escaping his throat. He clutched the pale duvet between his fists, chest rapidly rising and falling with each cry. “I have never been more proud of you than I am right now, Harry. Every night you get up on that stage and give everyone your everything. You put your blood, sweat, and tears into the album and now, you finally get to perform it,” the woman’s words felt like music to Harry’s ears— somehow, she always knew just what to say. “You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, my love, and I won’t ever let you forget just how incredible you are. I love you. Only eight more shows until I’m yours again, yeah?”
“Yeah,” her husband softly chimed, wiping straggling tears from his cheeks, “I love y’too. Thank you.”
Y/N hummed, the sleep evident in her tone, “get some rest, angel. May you be visited by the sweetest of dreams tonight.”
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yellowmotorola · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
via harrystyles on instagram
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