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Summary: Elise (Black OC) questioning Harry’s feelings + best friends to ‘lovers

This is my first quick write that I’m posting. It’s short, I know, but it’s pretty decent and it’s only part 1. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Let me know if you want me to upload the rest❤️

Elise knows that Harry likes her; that he supports her. She knows that he see’s her, and realizes how important she is. It’s in the way that he smiles when she glances at him and how he never forgets to laugh at her jokes, even if they are a bit dark and ill-timed. It shows in the way that he gives her his undivided attention when she’s speaking, no matter how busy the environment is, and through the simple favors that he does for her.

He’s nothing less than a gentleman with her and never hesitates to ask about her well-being. She feels his care when he has the silliest need to grab her a water bottle or buy her food whenever she’s with him. To be frank, it seems like Harry cares more about her than any of her past friends ever have.

And she loves it.

She would be lying if she admitted that it didn’t make her giddy to know that he respected her in such a way. It didn’t matter what relation someone had to him; Harry made sure to treat them like royalty.

And that’s exactly how Elise felt around Harry: royalty.

However, this still didn’t dismiss the nauseating sense of doubt that stirred in her gut. Add this feeling in with her insecurities and anxiety, and she was certainly made to feel like a proper idiot. She knew that she had developed feelings for Harry. It wasn’t a matter of her trying to stop this from happening—because falling for someone like him felt inevitable—it was more about trying to suppress these feelings as much as possible. Because she knew that when it finally came time to acknowledge said feelings, things would never be the same between her and Harry ever again.

Unfortunately, now is the time. This is the moment that she’s been dreading. She’s completely fallen for him and there is nothing more that she can do in order to ignore this.

No matter how much Harry respects Elise, how valid he makes her feel, it doesn’t wash away the overwhelming sense of insecurity that she’s been feeling. Although she knows that Harry adores her, she don’t quite know if it’s in the same way as his other female friends. He laughs with her and agrees to go to lunch together in his free time. He doesn’t mind coming over to her place for a rom-com sesh, or tagging along whenever she hosts get-togethers with her friends. He’s even brought her along to a few of his own outings, and introduced her to his fancy group of indie photographers, rockstar musicians and stunning models.

But nothing beyond that.

No dates. No sign of mutual interest. Nothing. Zilch.

There’s been times where she feels as if he stares at her longer than necessary, or touches her often—and certainly more intimate—than normal friends would. But that thought is discarded when it’s no longer him and Elise—when she’s shoved back into the world of his friends—and she see’s a glimmer in his eyes when he looks at his much lighter skinned, skinner, and—overall—perfect female friends.

It’s not that she has anything against them, personally. They can’t help the complexion of their skin or the privilege that comes with it. They can’t help the way that their body is made and how it seems to be much easier for them to pull off aesthetics that she never sees people with her own skin color wearing. They can’t help their tall height, gazelle like legs, and international fame.

They can’t help any of it.

But just because they can’t help it, doesn’t mean that she don’t feel any less threatened. Elise is not as graceful as them and certainly not as skinny. She doesn’t quite understand the celebrity life, which sometimes causes a cultural barrier between her and Harry’s world. She likes normalcy and everything that comes with it. Most importantly, she is the opposite of what they are. Heavily melaninated, sharp with the tongue, sarcastic, mostly indifferent, somewhat cynical and (as her sister liked to say) ‘annoyingly aloof’. She likes keeping a low profile—again, quite the opposite of Harry’s crowd—and to go with the flow.

The first few times she hung out with Harry’s friends, she overheard them voicing her behavior as ‘arrogant’ and ‘stiff’.

“She’s just quiet, is all.” Harry said, trying to defend her. “She only speaks if she trusts you or if it’s absolutely necessary.”

And it took a while for his friends to believe him. After all, Elise didn’t fit in with them. She also wasn’t the usual person that Harry likes to surround himself with.

So why was he her friend? Why is he still her friend?

Elise can’t help but think this as she knocks on his door before ringing the doorbell.

Even now, on a hot and sticky Sunday afternoon, she can’t help but ponder over why Harry has invited her over.

Out of all the people that he could have chosen to spend his day with, it’s her.

It’s hard for her to fathom.

The door swings open, creaking because he hasn’t gotten the rusty bolts fixed, before she finds him standing before her. He’s wearing a pair of sweats and a grey cotton t-shirt. His hair is messy, cheeks flushed red as a beard lines the lower half of his face. His chocolate curls are messy, a sign that he’s just woken up, with sleepy green orbs and ruby lips.

“How many times,” He drawls slowly, voice deep and thick with sleep as he sets his gaze on her. “…Do I have to tell you-”

“Not to ring the doorbell.” She mumbles, a bit bored by the same conversation that seems to repeat every Sunday. “Well judging by your appearance, it seems like a doorbell is the only way you would have answered the door.” She adds, sending him a level glance. “It’s 3 pm, H. How much longer were you planning on sleeping in?”

He grins. “Until you showed up.”

She hums lowly, already allowing her attention span to drift away as she steps through the doorway. He barely moves to the side, causing her to brush against him, which sends an electric jolt through her.

She feels a warm rush shoot straight to her heart at his close proximity. If it weren’t for her chocolate skin, he’d probably be able to witness her flustered state by the reddening of her cheeks, but Elise thanks her melanin for making sure that isn’t possible.

Just when she feels herself recovering from his touch, she’s smacked in the face by the smell of him. He isn’t carrying the rich and husky Tom Ford cologne that he likes to wear during special occasions. Instead, his natural scent is much more appealing. He smells of lavender and bar soap, just like he always does when he starts to become deeply domesticated at home.

Soon enough, he’s locking the entrance door behind the pair of them, which causes her to snap out of her thoughts. Feeling incredibly hot in that moment, Elise heaves a sigh, slipping off her jacket and shoes immediately.

The slight hum of the T.V fills the atmosphere, along with the distant wooshing! of the dishwasher from his kitchen.

“H,” She mumbles.

His hand rests on her lower back, ushering her down the entrance hallway and towards his living room. She tries to ignore the shivers that his touch causes. “Hm?” He answers, breath tickling her ear.

“Why am I here?”

“To spend time together…”

“Yes.” She nods slowly. “But why? Why me? I mean,” She swallows, trying to sort through her thoughts. It’s not often when she speaks this much in consecutive sentences. “You have so many other friends you could spend time with.”

“But I don’t want to spend time with them. I want to spend time with you.” He says it in a matter-of-fact way, almost sounding a bit agitated. His hand is slipping from her lower back as the pair of them finally step into the living room. He leaves her by the entrance, already grabbing a folded blanket before plopping onto the couch. Meanwhile, she’s staring at him with a fixed gaze. “What’s all of this about, El?” He continues. “I always spend Sunday’s with you.”

To be continued….

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 
Part 5

“Drive faster.” you whined. Your hands were on your stomach and you were trying to breathe through the pain. Harry was trying to comfort you, his hand was bouncing on your knee as you shifted uncomfortably in your seat. 

“I’m trying love, I really am. Just….just hold it in okay? We don’t want a front seat baby.”

“How far are we?” you sat up a little, the previous contraction ending and giving you a minute to breathe normally. 

“Only like 30 minutes…”

“30 minutes?!” 

“So is this a bad time to ask to stop and use the bathroom?” Harry laughed. 

“Funny.” You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not but your rolled your eyes and looked out the window hoping to pass the time faster and not have a baby in the car. You looked over at him. “So this is it. DO you think its a boy or girl?”

Harry sighed and shook his head with a smile. “I’m sticking with girl… what about you?”

“I’m thinking a girl as well.”

“Really? You’ve been boy this whole time.”

“I know but something has changed I just feel -ah!” you groaned as another contraction hit. Harry looked concerned but pressed on the gas, hoping to get there as soon as possible.

Thankfully you arrived at the hospital in time. Harry pulled up, jumped out and helped you out of the car. You were mid contraction, doubling over in pain so when the nurse brought a wheel chair out you were immensely grateful. They wheeled you up, checked you in and assigned you a room. Harry was nervously pacing the room while you were laying in bed waiting for the doctor to come in and check everything out. “This is our last night of just us.”

“I know…our little baby will be here soon.”

“We are going to be a family of three.”

You felt your heart race. You were so excited to meet the little one inside you, but you were also nervous. A baby changed family dynamics quite a bit and you and Harry were just now establishing one yourself. You looked over at him, “Are we going to be okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“When the baby is born….what is going to happen to us?” You felt tears forming and Harry knelt at your bed. 

“Babe….don’t cry. We are going to be fine.”

“What about tour? And your music?”

“You will just have to come with me.”

“But what about-”

“(y/n) I promise you. I promise you that I’m not going anywhere. I’m committed 100% to you and this little baby here.”

The doctor walked in, shook Harry’s hand and smiled. “So I hear we had quite the adventure getting here.”

“You have no idea.” Harry laughed shaking his head. “I thought I was going to deliver in the car.”

“We are really happy we made it.” you smiled.

“I’m glad you made it as well. Alright (y/n), we are just going to have you put your feet up so we can see how dilated you are.” You placed your knees up and looked away as the doctor stuck his hand up. Harry looked grossed out and concerned, standing at your side. “Okay so we are around 8 centimeters right now. It’s a really good thing you made it when you did. We are going to prep everything, it looks like we will be having a baby here soon!” 

“Am I able to get an epidural?” you asked. It had been in your birthing plan all along, you did not want to feel all of the pain you knew was coming.

The doctor smiled sadly and shook his head. “It wouldn’t do much now. Unfortunately you will be going all natural here today.” He walked out, leaving you and Harry alone. 

Tears were dripping down your cheek and Harry wiped them away. “This wasn’t my plan. I was supposed to get the epidural. We were supposed to have our bags. We-”

“Babe….” Harry kissed your cheek and smiled. “This wasn’t our plan, but it was this little ones. Everything will work out.”

“Says the guy who doesn’t have to push a baby out of a vagina.” You felt another contraction and closed your eyes. Harry placed a cool towel on your forehead and softly sang to you. You were trying to breathe through the pain, but everything was really starting to sink in. You were about to have a baby. 

The contraction ended and Harry stood up. “I’m starving do you want-”

“This isn’t a time to think about food Harold.”

“I was just-”

“No. We should be focusing on the baby. I also can’t eat. I’m about to push this kid out of my body. Why would you even think that’s a good idea?”

“Youre right I-”

“I mean seriously. How about instead of thinking about food, you help out.”

“Of course, what can I-”

“Just call my family. And yours. And see if someone can grab our stuff from home. I mean come on H. We have to get things done.”

“Okay I-”

“Ahhhh” you gripped the bed and groaned. Harry knelt next to you, eyes full of worry. “Can you just fucking call them please. I don’t want anyone to miss the birth of their first grandchild.” You knew you were being dramatic and extra but you could barely breathe you were in so much pain. Harry wasn’t doing anything to annoy you but at the same time you were annoyed he wasn’t doing anything. “I’m sorry-”

“It’s fine.” Harry looked annoyed but nodded at you and stood up, making the calls you had asked. A little over an hour later the doctor came back in. “So the nurse mentioned you were 10 centimeters and from what I can see right now, we have a head ready to come out. That means it’s time to push. Harry you can either be back there with her or you can catch the baby down here.”

Harry looked at you and you looked back. You knew he didn’t want to leave your side but he also wanted to see the baby. He compromised. He would hold you hand through the pain, and move down at the last minute for the catch. “Lets have this baby.” He kissed you quickly and smiled. 

“Alright lets do a good push (y/n) hold it as long as you can and go…” You pushed your chin into your chest. Gripping the bed and Harry’s hand you pushed hard. You held your breath as the doctor counted and screamed. You were breathing heavy but he instructed you to do it again and you just wanted the baby out at this point. You pushed again. Along with you screaming Harry did as well. “Okay good, Harry if you want to move down here, one more big push and the baby will be out.”

“You got this love….” Harry’s face paled as he looked at what was happening but he stood firmly and got ready.

You pushed hard, screaming in pain as the baby came out. Harry caught it in his arms,. He was crying. You were crying, and the little baby was crying. Harry smiled, gently bouncing the baby in his arms. “Babe…It’s a girl.” You cried even harder. Harry handed the doctor the baby. He cleaned it up and then placed it on your bare chest. You looked down at the little being you and Harry had created. “She has your nose.” you smiled, kissing the top of her head. “Hi baby….Mommy is so happy you’re finally here.” Your body was so high on adrenaline, you didn’t even notice the liquids falling out of you. The doctor helped Harry cut the umbilical cord and then placed her in a bassinet to be evaluated. 

“She’s beautiful…..Just like you.” Harry wiped a tear and kissed you softly. “I love you so much (y/n) you were so incredible I really can’t believe what I just saw.”

“I love you too Haz….”

After you and the baby had been evaluated and cleaned up, you started working on breast feeding. Harry sat very close, watching the whole thing. “Babe, I thought you were the only girl I would love this much but I think I might love her just the same.”

“I know…I love her too. She’s amazing. We did alright.” you laughed.

“Alright? We did fantastic. I mean look at her.”

“We need to name her…” you looked up at him. You had delayed the name because there had been debate. You and Harry had a name you loved but other people didn’t seem to be on board. You had gone back and forth a lot with a couple but looking at her now, you knew which one you loved most.

“I know. I think we both know the right choice.” Harry smiled.

You smiled back and held out a hand to which he grabbed gently. “Presley.”

“Presley Raine Styles.” Harry kissed your cheek and reached a finger out to her tiny hand. “Welcome to the family Presley…”

As soon as she was done eating, Harry took off his shirt. He had been waiting to do chest to chest all day and was more than excited it was his turn. He laid back in the chair, and carefully placed her on him. He cuddled her closely, rubbing her back and singing. You couldn’t help but get emotional. This was what you had been waiting for for so long. Harry, your precious baby girl, and everything that was to come. 

So sorry this was taking so long. TBH I don’t love the ending of this series I just felt like it needed to end lol idk maybe I’ll fix it later.

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(Harry Styles x fem reader)


Summary: Filming the music video for ‘Fine line’ with Harry Styles.

A/n: This was an anonymous request and I hope I did a good job and I hope you like it. Also I decided it would be pretty fun if I did an imagine for every music video to Harry’s songs. I already have a couple ideas but feel free to send me yours.

‘Fine line’ music video:

The idea of the video is a young couple that has to find a balance between the good and the bad; between love and hate. So the whole time the video cuts back and forth from good and bad memories.

Keep reading

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Your pov:

“H, do you have anything on Monday?”

Harry walked out of the bathroom, towel low on his waist, water dripping from his hair. “No..” he paused and looked down at his feet before shaking his head and smiling. “No I don’t think so. Maybe a FaceTime call with the boys but that should be it. And thats only if we decide to do that. You know how Louis has been lately with the reunion project.”

You nodded and smiled, rolling out of bed and walking over to him. You raised an eyebrow as he tugged you against his chest. His lips pressed to yours and your arms wrapped around his neck. You pulled away slightly and grinned. “Good. Because you and I have plans.”

“Oh yeah?” Harry’s lips pressed to your neck. 

“Mhm.” you laughed softly. “We have things to do. Places to be.”

“There are things we need to do now.” Harry growled, his lips touching your ear. He lightly bit your earlobe and tugged. You could feel his length pressing up against the towel and into your waist. Harry’s hands tugged at his shirt on your body. “Starting with this coming off…” Harry had the shirt pulled over your head when the phone rang. He sighed loudly and looked at you. “Don’t move.” 

You laughed and raised an eyebrow. “Yes sir.” you said laying back on the bed. Harry took one more look at you while standing in the bedroom doorway and turned back with a devious smile.

“Fuck it, they will eventually hang up.” He walked back over to you, his body falling in between your legs, the towel falling to the floor. Harry’s lips tugged at yours. His tongue flooded into your mouth and his hands moved their way down your bare chest. His fingers were rolling around your now hardened nipples when the doorbell rang again. Harry ignored it, his tongue slowly making its way down your body. He sucked and gently bit the sensitive skin on your boob, smiling knowing the mark would be there for the next few days. His tongue was at your belly button when his phone rang again, along with several other text notifications. He stood up with a groan, walking over to the phone.

“Harryyy” you whined, your heat dripping between your thighs from the anticipation. 

“Hello?” he answered holding up a finger to wait.. “What do you mean? No, there shouldn’t be any stories out, I’ve been with (y/n) all weekend….Fuck okay I’m coming.” Harry looked at you and and you sighed as he dug through his drawers. You stood up and walked into the bathroom to clean up since this didn’t seem to be going anywhere now. Harry was now getting angry. You could hear him yelling into his phone frustrated with whoever was on the other side. You jumped in the shower and once you were done, Harry seemed to be finished with his call. He had gotten fully dressed and smiled softly when you walked back into the room. 

“Where are you going?” you asked confused. He was dressed for some kind of meeting it looked like.

“I have to go talk to my management team…”

“Why? Wait, no. We were supposed to go out…Harry we’ve had this date night planned for weeks and the guys are all expecting us….”

Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry…I don’t have a choice here…”


“(y/n) look I can’t go anymore okay? I’m sorry but thats just how its going to be tonight.”

Your mouth dropped. Harry rarely got angry at you and when he did it was normally your fault. This was out of line. “Whatever.” you turned and walked back into the bathroom, locking the door.

“Babe I’m sorry..” He knocked softly on the door. “I didn’t mean to yell…”

You didn’t answer but you heard him leave. You sighed and rolled your eyes annoyed he had ruined the moment and gotten angry. You were also annoyed he was putting management above you. You were supposed to be the most important thing in his life. At least that’s what he had told you when you had argued last time about him not being home enough.

Niall’s pov:

Niall was sat around a table with Louis and Liam. They were all joking about how Harry and (y/n) never got the time or date right when they had planned an outing. They also joked about how Harry had to bring (y/n) to everything. Not that they didn’t love her, but it kind of defeated the point about a guys night. She had gone through so much with them though…from One Direction days to solo albums. She had been there through it all, making sure all of the guys stayed in touch during the hiatus. The waitress was just setting drinks down when everyone’s phones started blowing up. No one seemed bothered by the fact their phones were all blowing up. Liam was flirting with the waitress and Louis was backing him up. Niall picked up his phone, read the first message, and reads aloud mocking the article title, “HARRY STYLES SEX TAPE LEAKED!”

“Give it a rest.” Louis laughs. “Harry is more careful with that kind of stuff than anyone I have ever met.”

“It’s just a hoax like the rest of them, made to get views and people talking. Management probably leaked it.” Liam added winking at the waitress across the room.

Niall hasn’t looked up, he’s scrolling through the article and clicking play on the video. Niall’s face pales and his mouth drops. The guys all look at him concerned that he hasn’t joked back. “What is it?” Louis asks trying to take the phone. 

Niall places the phone down on the table for everyone to see. ‘It’s not fake…..”

“Shi-” Louis starts but Niall shakes his head.

“It’s also not (y/n).” he finishes looking up at them. 

“No way. There’s no way.” Liam shakes his head. 

“What do we do?” Niall asks laughing uncomfortably.

“We need to call Harry. What if they don’t know.”

“It’s trending on Twitter, there’s absolutely no fucking way he doesn’t know. The real question is…does (y/n) know?” Louis shakes his head.

“She’s probably pissed.” Liam adds taking a sip of his drink.

“No she’s probably upset. No wonder they didn’t come.” Niall stands up. “We should go check on her. Make sure she’s okay..she what happened when they found out. They’ve been dating for years, this is going to kill her.”

The guys nodded, leaving money on the table and standing up. Louis laughs, “Niall the hero, saving (y/n) from her despair.”

“Shut up Louis.” Niall shakes his head. “This isn’t about me.”

“Oh yeah, didn’t you have a crush on her like when they first started dating?” Liam laughs.

“Yeah, but clearly that’s been over. She’s just my friend. I want to make sure she’s okay.” He led the guys from the restaurant and jumped in the car, map questing directions to Harry’s house.

Your pov:

Harry had been gone almost an hour and you had yet to hear anything from him. You were just laying on the couch watching reruns of friends when someone knocked at your door. You sighed and stood up, running to answer it. You smiled as the door opened. “Niall!” You hugged him tightly and then moved on to the others. “Lou!” Louis laughed uncomfortably and you gave him a confused look before moving to Liam. “Liam…” Liam was shifting nervously not looking at you and you stepped back. Paparazzi were rushing towards the gate so you moved the party inside. “What’s wrong?” you asked. They all looked like they were going to be sick…Niall kept looking like he was sorry. Liam looked away every time you looked at him and Louis just had his lips pressed together.

“Did you forget about lunch?” Louis asked grabbing your arm and pulling you to the couch.

You sighed. “Lunch? I thought we were doing dinner…is that why you are all upset. I’m sorry about not showing up…Harry just got a call and left without even saying anything.”

“A call about what?” Liam asked sitting across from you on the couch.

“I’m not sure….management called but he didn’t say where he was going. Why? What do you guys know that I don’t?”

They all looked away. Niall sighed and pulled out his phone. “Have ya checked Twitter at all today?”

“No….why?” You grabbed your phone and unlocked it. Louis pulled it from your hands. “What the hell Louis?”

Louis looked at the guys and shook his head. “This isn’t our fight. Harry should talk to her about it…not us. He’s going to be pissed we got involved.”

“It revolves around her though. She’s tagged in it all. She has a right to know.” Niall argued. “Harry shouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

“Done what?” you felt sick. What was going on? What was Harry hiding? Why were the guys acting like this? You looked at Liam. He had been like an older brother to you for years. “Liam.”

Liam sighed and nodded to Louis. “She needs to know. When we leave she’s going to figure it out. We need to be here for her when she does.” Louis nodded and handed your phone back. You stared at all of them confused.

“Why are you treating me like I’m not sitting right next to you?”

“Just look at the phone…” Niall sighed.

You pulled up Twitter. You have over 4,000 notifications which was never a good sign. You clicked on the first one reading out loud, “Harry doesn’t deserve (y/n). She’s too good for this.” You clicked another. “I feel so sorry for (y/n)…Maybe there’s an explanation.” The last one you clicked had your mind spinning. “Imagine just waking up and finding out that not only has your boyfriends sex tape been leaked but also that its not featuring you. Here for you (y/n).” Tears were flooding your eyes when you looked up at Niall. “It’s not true….right? Tell me it’s not true….” Louis scooted closer to you and draped an arm over your shoulder.

“I mean technically we don’t really know…”

“What the hell do you mean Louis. We all watched the video at lunch.” Niall was pissed he was pacing back and forth between the two couches.

You shook your head. You were now crying. Louis was rubbing your back and you fell into his lap. “No. It can’t be real.” Liam moved over and sat next to you. He held your hand and gently squeezed. “I want to see it.” You looked up, tears flowing down your cheeks. “I want to see proof.”

Niall sighed and clicked on the original link before handing you the phone. You carefully read every line and clicked the video. Your stomach flipped. Harry was in his room, your room. He was naked, his tattoos clearly visible. There was a girl. It wasn’t you. He was kissing her, she was stripping, he was pulling his pants down. He didn’t seem to be drunk. He was talking dirty to her. He called her beautiful. He had sex with her. You flew up from the couch, running to the bathroom. Niall was at your side. You threw up, the video you had just watched had physically made you ill. Harry had cheated on you. He had filmed it. It was out in the public now. Niall held back your hair and Louis brought a cup of water. “(y/n)…” Liam started.

You sank to the floor, your back against the toilet. You were sobbing. You couldn’t breathe. The boys looked like they were contemplating how to handle this. “When did this come out?” you asked looking at him.

“We aren’t sure exactly…we saw the notifications at lunch-”

“So Harry was having sex with me or trying to when all of this was happening. He was trying to fuck me when his fucking sex tape was released to the public.”

“Uh-” Louis tried interrupting but you kept going.

“Harry cheated on me. After 7 years. He just decided to fuck someone else?” you were processing everything in your head out loud to the boys who had no idea what to say. “What did I do?” you cried harder. Louis sighed and pulled you into a tight hug.

“You didn’t do anything love. Harry’s mistakes are his own. They don’t revolve around you. He’s a fucking idiot for doing it.”

“We don’t know the full story either…I mean we all know how media twists stories…”

“Liam, he’s having sex with-with another girl. What full story is there that makes that okay?” Liam closed his mouth and sighed. You let Louis pull you to your feet. “I want to leave.”

“What?” Louis asked confused.

“I want out of this house. I don’t want to be here when Harry gets back either. I want to leave.” Louis handed you a tissue and nodded. 

“You can come to my place love, I’ll wait with ya.”

“We all will.” Niall added and Liam nodded. Niall grabbed an extra pair of clothes and some toiletries while Louis helped you out to the car. The paparazzi were all shouting questions asking what the story was. You wished you knew. Liam handed you your phone but you shook your head. 

“I don’t want it. I don’t want to see anymore.” He nodded sadly and sat in the drivers seat. Niall joined with a bag of your things and you all drove to Louis’. L

ouis set you up in his guest bedroom and asked if you needed anything. You shook your head and pulled off your shirt. Louis turned around but you didn’t care at this point. You threw on a pair of comfy sweatpants that Niall had grabbed you along with a crop top. You wiped your tears and snot on your old shirt and crawled into bed. You had finally stopped crying but you were exhausted. 

“We are going to order some food…anything sound good?”

You shook your head no, not trusting any words that might come out of your mouth. Louis nodded and closed the door softly, not wanting anymore tears to begin. Your mind was moving a hundred miles a minute and it made you feel sick. You closed your eyes and tugged the blanket to your chin. Images of Harry and that girl flashed through your mind as you drifted off to sleep.

Eventually, you didn’t know how long it had been, you woke up. You heard doors slamming, Niall shouting, Liam trying to diffuse the situation, but overall you heard one very loud and clear deep voice. “Where is she? Louis tell me where the fuck my girlfriend is!” 

So I got this as a request and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I actually was planning on using the first part of this as a similar story but when this request came through I decided to mesh the two together. Hope you enjoy and stayed tuned for part 2!


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Había acabado todo.

Después de años en pausa, One Direction decide regresar, causando euforia en cada fanática.

Muchas personas habían perdido la esperanza de poder presenciarlos otra vez en vivo, mientras que, a pesar del tiempo, algunas chicas seguían confiando en su palabra de que regresarían algún día.

La banda se encontraba nerviosa, caminando por la alfombra roja, siendo el centro de atención de todas las cámaras. Algunos gritaban “por aquí” para que les regalaran una pose, mientras que otros sostenían micrófonos para que respondieran unas cuantas preguntas.

– Que se siente regresar después de años? – preguntó una dama, no más de 30.

– Se siente bien – respondió Liam – Siempre supe que estos chicos eran mi familia y aún así no los tuviera presentes sabía que estarían para mi si tenía algún problema.

Harry y Louis se dedicaron una mirada nerviosa y perdida, estaban listos para esto?

Lo que no muchos saben es que la pareja había discutido con su agente, Simon Cowell.

Horas antes

– Estamos cansados, Simon! – exclamó el rizado. Después de años escondiendo su relación con el oji-azul, teniendo que negar cada loca teoría que creaban las fans o tener que pasar tiempo con alguna chica que no le interesaba, pensó que al volver de la pausa todo sería distinto – Hemos estado escondiéndonos diez años, pero ya no más.

– Si lo haces, estarás en grandes problemas – anunció Simon sin verle a la cara.

– Valdrá la pena – dijo Louis tomando la mano del rizado y dedicándole una sonrisa llena de seguridad y amor – No nos importa que pueda pasarnos.

– Ni siquiera una demanda? – preguntó aún con su vista en la pequeña revista que sostenía. Al escuchar esto, la sangre de ambos se heló, acaso Simon sería capaz de aquello? – Les recuerdo que están bajo contrato.

– Yo… – el rizado intentó hablar, pero fue interrumpido por el sonido de la puerta abriéndose escandalosamente.

– Si puedo opinar – dijo James entrando a la oficina – Acabo de leer tu pequeño contrato con mis abogados, Cowell – escupió con desprecio – El contrato terminó hace ya unos meses. Estos chicos ya no te pertenecen – los tres miraron atónitos a James. Acaso era cierto? Jamás se habían tomado el tiempo de leer el contrato, así que no estaban al tanto de la fecha de caducidad. Simon rió de manera sarcástica.

– Y a donde irán? No tienen a nadie que pueda manejarlos – dijo levantándose de su asiento y caminando hasta Corden – Tu te encargarás de ellos? – soltó una pequeña risa – Me encantaría ver eso.

– No los manejaré porque son libres de hacer lo que les plazca – dijo James mirándolos con una sonrisa – Yo me encargaré de guiarlos y ayudarlos en lo que necesiten. Los conciertos y mucho más será obra mía y nada más. Aquí se acaba la era de Simon Cowell y Modest! Managment. Estos chicos son libres.

Harry y Louis no podían creer lo que escuchaban, acaso esto estaba sucediendo? Realmente podrían mostrarse a la luz como la pareja que eran realmente?

Y ahí estaban, los cuatro chicos aún en la alfombra roja, posando para las cámaras y respondiendo una que otra pregunta.

Harry miraba a Louis con nervios en sus ojos. Tomó la mano del oji-azul y pudo sentir como esta sudaba.

– Estás listo? – preguntó el rizado por lo bajo.

– Llevo esperando esto desde hace años, estoy listo – dijo sonriendo.

Harry tomó a Louis por la cintura, haciendo que este último pasara sus manos por la nuca de el rizado. Estaban a centímetros, sus frentes estaban juntas.

Harry tomó el rostro de Louis, podía sentir su respiración. Se humedeció los labios y ahí, frente a todo el mundo, le plantó un beso a la persona de la cual estaba enamorado. Las cámaras no dejaban de dispararse, todos a su alrededor gritaban con emoción, los reporteros no dejaban de hacer preguntas, sus compañeros no podían creer que después de tantos años la pareja se estuviera mostrando públicamente!

Cuando faltó el aire, los chicos se despegaron. El oji-azul tomó la mano de Harry y la levantó en el aire.

Ya no había vuelta atrás y no era algo que quisiesen.

Eran libres.

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*just landed, can’t wait to see you.* you smiled at the text and hit send. You had flown to London for the week. Harry had one last performance tonight before the two of you got to explore the city together. It had been around 2 months since you had physically seen Harry. The two of you texted, called, and FaceTimed but it wasn’t the same. You were ready to be with him again, to touch him, kiss him, snuggle, and even just breathe in his smell. Tour had been hard on you. You were supposed to go with him, but your work had prevented it this time around. *cant wait -H* you grinned at his text and at the thought of finally seeing him. You grabbed your bag from the overhead bin and shuffled forward. You had to admit while you were beyond excited, you weren’t feeling the greatest. You had attributed it the long flight, but your throat was scratchy, your head hurt, and you were shivering in the overcrowded and warm airplane.

Once off the plane you rushed through the airport to the baggage claim area where Harry had said he was waiting. You scanned rows of people looking for him but weren’t having any luck. You wiped the sweat from your forehead and looked at your phone to text him. Suddenly arms wrapped around your waist and a chin nuzzled into your shoulder. Butterflies flew up through your stomach and you grinned turning in his arms. “Well it’s about time.” Harry mumbled, his lips pressing to yours. Your hands automatically tangled into his hair. “I missed you so much.” he pulled away, his nose touching yours and his dimpled smile making your legs go weak.

You smiled at him, his smile was making your heart melt and his green eyes were staring into yours. You hugged him tightly, your cheek resting against his chest. “I’ve missed you too H.” You sighed and after a minute he pulled away. 

“You okay?” Harry asked looking at you, his green eyes full of worry.

“Yeah..just a little tired is all. I think the plane ride is just getting to me.” You smiled while clearing your throat and trying to shake off the sick feeling in your body. Harry held out his hand and you grabbed it with a smile, allowing him to pull you in the direction of the car. 

After a short drive, you pulled up to Harry’s place. He took your bags and grinned, opening the door. “Welcome home beautiful.” Harry decided he wanted to give you the grand tour right away. You tried listening to him explain the importance of each painting, the history of the house, and the reason he decorated everything the way he did but your head was feeling a little dizzy. “You sure you’re okay? You look a little green.”

You grabbed his arm and closed your eyes for a moment. When you opened them and smiled he seemed a little more relieved. “Just a little dizzy.” 

“Have you eaten anything today?”

You shook your head and he smiled. “Come on, we can stop at the bakery before heading to the arena.” 

You and Harry picked up some donuts and other pastries for the band. The food, specifically the sugar in the donut you had eaten, had helped a little bit, giving you a large boost in energy but you still weren’t feeling the best. Harry was getting ready for the show and you were sitting backstage. Your eyes felt heavy and before you knew it they were closing. You curled into Harry’s jacket for warmth and decided a nap wouldn’t be the worst thing. After what only felt like a few a minutes, you felt Harry shaking you awake. You wiped the drool from your mouth and smiled. Harry pressed his lips to yours and grinned back. “Sorry…I must’ve drifted off. Did I miss anything?”

“No but the shows about to start. I figured you would want to go with security and watch from the front row.”

You nodded and sat up. “Of course I do. That’s part of the reason I came isn’t it?.” You kissed him softly, your hands cupping his cheeks and his hands holding your waist. The nap had definitely helped but you were not 100% yet. You pulled away and smiled at him. “See you on the flip side?”

“I’ll be singing to you the whole time.” 

“Better be.” You kissed Harry one more time for good luck before following security to your seat. You were surrounded by screaming fans, all of which screamed louder when you took your seat. You smiled and waved to some of them before focusing your attention on stage. Harry walked out and started singing, his eyes locking on yours giving you a small wink. You screamed and cheered, singing along to all of his songs. Harry had given you a shoutout midway through and you smiled, dancing along with the Lizzo song he had chosen to sing to you. Unfortunately the nap had worn off. Your head hurt, you were coughing from screaming, and your body just felt drained. Harry was at the opposite side of the stage so you decided to sneak off and head back to his house before he got worried watching you go.

You felt bad about missing the show but you didn’t think you could make it much farther. Once back at his place, you changed out of your clothes and into one of his t-shirts before curling up on the couch in the fluffiest blanket you could find. You were in and out of sleep, watching friends, and coughing when Harry walked in a few hours later. “Hey, what happened?” he asked sitting on the edge of the couch. You felt tears cloud your eyes, he sounded disappointed and the last thing you had wanted to do was make him feel bad about you leaving.


“Shh…babe what’s wrong.” He reached up wiping a tear from your cheek and froze. “Shit (y/n)..youre on fire.” He stood up, walking into the guest bathroom and appearing a few minutes later with a thermometer. “Open up.” You gave him sad eyes and reluctantly opened your mouth. In a minute the thermometer beeped and he pulled it out, looking at the results. “102. Babe…” You sat up and he pulled you onto his lap. 

You snuggled in, your chin burying in his shoulder. “I’m sorry I left early…” you mumbled. 

“No don’t be…Youre sick…you need rest. Have you eaten anything or had something to drink?” You shook your head and he stood up. “Well let’s fix that then. Just stay here okay? I’m going to shower and get you what you need.”


“No buts. Don’t move.” He held up a finger indicating you needed to stay put and you smiled a little, you loved seeing him in boss mode. Harry walked away and your thoughts got the best of you. Of course you had to be sick the weekend you were visiting Harry. Not only did you miss the only show of his you could make it too, but now you were going to have to stay in bed and miss out on all the surprise dates Harry had planned. You started crying. You were annoyed now and frustrated with yourself. All you wanted was one weekend. One weekend to just be with Harry and enjoy London. Everything was ruined. Not too long later Harry walked back in the room carrying a tray. You were still crying and he was immediately concerned. “What’s wrong? What hurts?” He set the tray down and kneeled at the couch. 

“I ruined everything.” you cried siting up. 


“I missed your show. I’m sick. I may not be able to do anything this weekend which cuts out all of the things you planned. I ruined our time together.” Harry wiped the tears from your face and shook his head. He kissed your forehead and smiled.

“You didn’t ruin anything love. We still get to spend time together…I get to be with you, cuddle, and take care of you. You also didn’t miss the show. You saw over half of it. The only thing you really missed was the encores of One Direction music.”

“Those were my favorite…” you cried.

Harry smiled and hushed you. “I’ll sing them for you whenever you want. Look (y/n) I am not at all disappointed. The only thing that matters is that you’re here.. We have the whole week. We will still have time to enjoy the city once you’re up and feeling better. And if not, just another excuse for you to come back and visit.”

“But I-”

“Shhh.” Harry stopped you. He sat the tray on your lap and smiled. “You need something in your stomach so I made chicken and noodle soup. And I also got you some orange juice because my mom used to make me drink that when I was sick.” He sat next to you on the couch and grabbed the remote. “Now we have approximately 10 rom coms to watch while you’re here so this is just a perfect opportunity to do that. What should we start with?”

You smiled, taking a bite of your soup. “The notebook…” You sniffled.

Harry laughed and shook his head. “I could’ve guessed that.” The notebook was the movie you and Harry had fallen in love too. You had watched it, fully debating the whole movie and realizing just how much of a romantic he was. It was also the movie you first had sex too…yeah a little strange but it had significant meaning to your relationship. Watching it with Harry always made everything better. He snuggled against you under the blanket and grabbed the spoon from your hand.

“What are you doing you just told me to eat tha-” Harry shoved a spoonful of soup in your mouth and smiled. He then took a bite of his own. “Harry you’re going to get sick and then you cant go on tour..”

“I won’t get sick. I’m on all kinds of vitamins to make sure that doesn’t happen. Plus, I have the strongest immune system of anyone I’ve ever met. Think about it, when was the last time I was sick? I never got sick in the band either. I’m just very healthy.” He took another bite to prove his point and laughed before giving you one as well. 

“I’m sure Louis would disagree with that…”

“Louis won’t say a word against that if he knows what’s good for him.” Harry laughed. When the bowl was empty and Harry was happy with the amount of orange juice you had downed, he moved the tray and pulled you into his arms. Your back rested against his chest and your body between his legs. His arms tightened around you and he kissed your cheek. “I’m glad youre here…even if you are sick.”

“I’m glad I’m here too…”. You yawned and Harry hit play on the notebook. It wasn’t a bad way to be sick. You were curled in the arms of your love and watching the movie you fell in love with him too. Despite the fever, life was pretty great.

A short blurb from a request that I got. xoxo

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Recommendation by Me 

If you read my Niall Horan Album review you would be aware that I have this undying love for the members of One Direction. Anything they do I just adore - not because I am fully biased but I just appreciate and respect how hard they have to work to remove themselves from that Boy Band persona and reinvent their own sound! This post is gonna be long so i would get popcorn ready yo!

When this album dropped, I thought it couldn’t get better than his debut…. But good golly I was wrong! I heard this album be described as Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours but on psychedelic drugs… and to some degree I love that description! From start to finish I was swept away on a musical journey where I felt excited and nervous! This album just proved how he sends emotions right to your very core. What I think is a show of his writing ability is that these songs and this album can be interpreted and felt in a different emotion.

Firstly, I want to talk about the whole musical vibe,70s rock prominent core but he manages to touch on different elements that makes his own this niche  There is this freedom you hear in his voice from start to finish - it is this new found confidence in him and he sings with power and joyful. Secondly, it is not a breakup album which I appreciate. Thirdly, sexuality is explored so much through this album! Fourthly, he pushes vulnerabilities and pushes his voice capabilities soooo much!

It is hard to actually pick one song and it is a lot of pressure to only talk about a few, so I will just talk about them all….

Golden is a banger hit! This is the best opener! Zane Lowe interview is a great interview to watch that describes this song… being vulnerable and open and supporting people so much no matter what. Watermelon Sugar - this is one of the most stunningly complex and delicate songs I have ever heard… this incredible layering and vocal arrangements are heart stoppingly great, there is so much talent in things but not obvious! At first I liked it, but wasn’t gobsmacked - then I listened to the stripped down, acapella version… holy fuck… that last half is an absolute moment. These diverse riffs and notes he is capable of hitting and then mixed with electronic mix, is a combination I adore! ALSO THE MUSIC VIDEO OMG.

Treat People With Kindness. What a banger…  as you would expect with a title like this, it is just a positive jazzy song! It’s a song that needs to be played loud! She . that high bed note is body tingling stuff… the guitar component in this song is on another level. This electric guitar is a work of art. Bluesy bass interweaved together wow. I just can’t comprehend how beautifully sculpted that song is instrumentally vise. Most songs throughout the album have that ….. The imagery in this song and his ex talking in french at the end is just a nice personal touch… wow!

Sunflower Vol. 6 is a song that manages to capture sunshine in music form. Those coos, the dos, the bas! They are the quirky sprinkles through the album where you can tell he is having as much fun as possible. You cannot be unhappy listening to this song. Cherry is the song that I think touched my heart the most… when the song progresses and the tension is building… His voice portrays that emotion - sadness and tiredness, the one where you feel like pressure is building you’re reaching rock bottom - losing someone to someone else and that reminisces! The endings in this song he is creating are awesome and randomly work as well. Canyon moon is a song you can tell he had so much fun making. What I love most is the vocal layering! He pushes his voice to notes that I haven’t heard his voice reach! 

Lights Up, loved loved loved music video for this and how it was his first single! Come out with a bang with a statement worthy, truthful and indie moment! His harmonious harmonies and choir elements are all about free and being happy with being you!  Falling is an absolute ballad! It’s toned back and simple and raw. It’s like a love story that is delicate and recites meaningful memories. Again, this music video is simple yet holy shit is one of the most artistic and emotive music videos I have seen in ages. 

Fine line, was the perfect song to name the album after. This was my fave song on the whole album at first listen so i over played it… still love it but other songs have been beating it. The whimsical components of his voice are stunning and the back up vocals and layered echos emphasise his attention to details. Then those horns come in, which lifts it to another level! Especially being the last song on the album… It’s a perfect finisher. PSA: listen to the whole song and those magical last couple of sections with those high pitched notes.

Adore you, is absolutely adorable. This song on a tiny desk is what made me love it more! It is jazzy and upbeat, and he mentioned in an interview that it is finding that absolute bliss with someone. And it is like that.. You Are happy and you are in so much love and life is content! It is a skill to capture so much emotion in one song! To Be So Lonely is one of my tops on this album! Absolutely 11/10! No words to explain how good it is! 

Album artwork. Big Yes from me! His outfit is high fashion and breaks those gender stereotypes. The angle and pose is so fluid and colour combo is perrrrrfect!  I have a love hate relationship with that hand though… I sometimes  do wish the photographers hand wasn’t there but sometimes I adore it as it adds to the artistic expression.

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