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#haruka kokonose

Había publicado el boceto en mi cuenta principal, yep, pero supongo que era hora de subir el finalizado. Estoy bastante contenta con el resultado, además de que adoro usar resaltadores pasteles. Qué mejor que esto para comenzar mi blog de dibujos (el otro era un desastre) (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Tumblr no es el mejor con mis fotos, pero tóquenle para verlo mejor djdhdjsj

Espero les guste, le den más amor a esta parejita, y más importante, ¡que tengan un lindo día! 💜🌺💟🌈💫

—Artemis se retira.

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[ Image description: a digital reference of two characters from the kagerou project. on the left the character konoha is standing and looking tiredly off screen. konoha is a boy with white hair tied into a ponytail, red eyes, a black scarf, a white and black shirt, lime green overalls with the top part hanging over his legs and gray boots. on the right is a character named is a boy with curly black hair wearing a white button-up shirt, a green cardigan, blue and black tartan pants and white sneakers. he has his left hand up, waving it at the camera and is holding a black and orange sketchbook at his side in his right hand. end ID ]

i’m still thinking abt konohas color pallet being just awakening eye’s mistake and i can assure you post STR konoha, when he isn’t haruka, has harukas skintone because haruka can actually correct awakening eyes. i just found the idea of uncolored being so funny and am emotionally attached to mixed race haruka and did Not want kuroha to have a dark skin tone that’s Really Not Good.

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[ image description: a 7 panel vertical comic. the first panel shows a boy in a hospital bed speaking to a giant snake. the snake asks “would you like to create a body?” the boy asks “like an avatar?” to the snake. the second panel is a zoom in on the snake with a screenshot of a google search that reads “define avatar” in the search bar in the background. the third panel shows the snake again, with nothing behind it, saying “yes.” the fourth panel is a boy is smiling and tells the snake “oh! i already have one of those!” the fifth panel shows the boy reaching besides him and pulling up a sketchbook with the snake watching. the sixth panel shows the boy’s hands holding up a sketchbook with various drawings of a boy with a ponytail across two pages. the seventh panel shows the snake nodding and going “i can work with this” end ID]

i don’t think the snake of awakening eyes quite understands that konoha isn’t supposed to be white all over but they did their best

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