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#haruka nanase

enjoy some rinharu babies, i got some emotional, angsty, soft and sexual tension edits for these boys, can’t believe these boys literally have this much depth, can we talk about how they have like everything important in a ship????

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As they had planned, Gou and (Name) stopped by at a supermarket after the swim club to buy ingredients for (Name)’s cooking lesson with Gou. The two then walked back to Gou’s place. Fortunately, Rin isn’t home, since he was at the dorms with Sousuke. This would make it easier for the girls, they could cook with no interruptions and no worries that the surprise would be ruined.

When they got to Gou’s house, (Name) was greeted by a fat white cat, who meowed and rubbed himself against her leg.

Gou giggled, “That’s Steve. He never likes my brother, he is so going to flip if he knows Steve likes you more than him.”

“He seems so loveable though,” (Name) bent down and scratched Steve behind the ear, hearing it purr.

“To me and you, yes. To my brother, he would either scratch or bite him, or just ignore him entirely.”

(Name) stood back up and looked around, “Is no one home?”

“My mom went to a relative’s place, she will be home later, but we can just start now. She trusts me with the kitchen”

“So…?” (Name) shifted hesitantly.

“Lets start!”


And that was what happened roughly 23 hours ago. As of now, (Name) is borrowing the home ec room of Iwatobi high to cook the tonkatsu. Gou was a great teacher, and she clearly had a lot of experience in the kitchen, so she probably helped her mom a lot.

(Name) recalled Gou’s mother. She had came home when they were done with cooking the tonkatsu. Her mother looked a lot more like Rin than Gou, so she must have taken after his father.

The woman had welcomed (Name) with open arms and even asked her to stay for dinner. (Name) had been hesitant at first, but after some comvincing, she stayed at Gou’s place for dinner, eating the result of their cooking earlier. It tastes pretty good for her first time making this dish.

(Name) had a lot of experience in cooking, considering the fact that she lives alone, so she had to cook for herself. However, she never cooked it this way. Gou’s recipe is certainly better.

Right now, (Name) had prepared everything, and was cooking it alone in the home ec room. Everyone else was in their club doing other activities, so she wouldn’t be bothered by anyone.

She sighed to herself as she carefully placed the flour covered pork into the frying pan. She was cooking for a friend, why was she so nervous? It had tasted good yesterday and she followed all the steps, so it should turn out right this time.

(Name) mentally checked things off the list in her mind as her eyes wondered around the table top, looking at the lunchbox she prepared. Aside from the rice and the now cooking pork, she had added other vegetables and side dishes, to make it more colourful. She planned to get the coke later as she pass by a vending machine on the way.

One the pork was done, she took it out of the frying pan and cut it evenly, before placing it in the lunch box. I Hope he likes this…

She packed everything up and cleaned up her work space, and then proceeded to head off towards the station.

Gou and the boys are still in the swimming pool, so she would have to walk alone to the station alone, not that she mind. However, she was missing the company of her maroon haired friend. She always knew how to calm her nerves.

Once on the train, (Name) took a deep breath and settled down on an empty seat. She knew Sousuke is probably still practicing with his team, but she wouldn’t need to wait. Besides, watching him swim can be fun too.

Arriving at Samezuka Academy, she went inside and immediately made her way to the swimming area. It was the indoor pool where they had their joint practices together a few times already, so the way there was familiar to (Name).

Her pace slowed as she went through the doors. She hesitantly peeked through the windows and searched for the dark hair belonging to Sousuke. When she found him, she quietly snuck in and sat down at the empty chairs available near the door she walked through.

Her grip on the lunchbox tightened as she looked down, shy from all the questioning looks the guys were giving her. What is a girl doing around here? They seemed to ask with their gaze.

I hope practice ends quickly…

“Yooo! (Name)-chan!” she flinched at the voice. She knew this voice ver well indeed.

“Hello, Momo-kun,” she greetedback politely, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear

“Are you alone? Where is Gou? Oh do you want me to call Sousuke-senpai for you?”

“U-uhh.. Its alright I’ll wait for the practice-”

“Okay, if you say so.. Anyway where is Gou? And the rest of the guys? Isn’t that why you come here?”

“Gou is at practice with the guys, and they’re still in school. And I’m here to see Sousuke, its something I have to give him to return a favor.”

“Aw.. I miss Gou..” Momo genuinely looked sad with that pout. He wasn’t too bad if he would just tone down that energy a little b-

“Oh and you are pretty cute yourself, but Sousuke-senpai told me to stay off you because he have his eyes on-”

“Momo….” a deeper voice resonated behind the firey haired male. Momo slowly turned around.

Behind him towered a familiar black haired man, towel draped around his neck, and still dripping wet with chlorine induced water. He wasn’t exactly glaring at Momo, but with his height and with the absence of his friendly smile, it was more than enough to make him look intimidating.

“Oh.. I thought you were swimming, senpai.” Momo laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head, “I was just talking to (Name).”

Sousuke said nothing, he only raised an eyebrow and Momo backed away slowly, still smiling sheepishly, “I guess I’ll go back to.. Swimming, yeah.”

Once he was gone, (Name) giggled. Staring sympathetically at Momo. “He wasn’t so bad. You know.” She said to the teal eyed male.

“I thought he was flirting with you or something.” Now that Momo was back in the pool with Nitori, Sousuke dropped his scary act snd rubbed the back of his neck guiltily.

“No, he isn’t. Don’t worry about me.” (Name) smiled up at him.

“So why are you here?” Sousuke asked, towelling off his hair and sitting on the chair beside her.

“I.. uhh….” Now that Sousuke was closer to her, she couldn’t help but feel her heart rate quicken. It was beating really loudly too, and she hoped Sousuke couldn’t hear it. (Name) was suddenly reminded of the time at the hotel, alone with Sousuke who happened to also be shirtless, just like now.

“I g-got you something.. As a t-thank you for helping me with math.”

Sousuke chuckled and ruffled her hair, “I told you it wasn’t necessary.”

“But I felt like I owed you, so I did get you something anyway.” (Name) tidied her hair. The lunchbox felt heavy in her bag. When should she give him?

“I-I think its better if you finish practice first, though.” (Name) looked away, anywhere but at him. “Wouldn’t the captain be mad?”

“Practice is almost over, ten more minutes or so. I’ll just tell Rin I’ll do one more lap and I’ll be done for the day.”

True to his word, Sousuke went up to Rin after talking a little bit more with (Name). He then did one lap and disappeared inside the locker rooms. Rin also saw her and waved, no questions asked. This made (Name) wonder if Gou had told her brother about the plan, maybe she had. (Name) hoped Gou did not mention anythin about her feelings, because she was not even so sure about it herself.

A few minutes later, Sousuke exited the locker room fully dressed and wearing his Samezuka jacket. How do boys shower and do everything so fast?

He sat back down beside her, and (Name) fumbked to get her bag open. She took out the lunchbox and gave it to Sousuke. His teal eyes seemed to sparkle as he opened it and saw that it was his favorite food.

“I practiced the recipe with Gou,” (Name) shrugged, “she was the one who told me you liked tonkatsu.”

“This looks so good.” He said, as he immediately ate it. Sousuke didn’t even realize how hungry he was. Practice was really energy consuming.

He finished it in only a handful of minutes, and (Name) froze. I forgot the coke!! Stupid stupid!

“Uh..” She started, “S-sorry I forgot to get you some coke. Gou told me you like coke.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sousuke smiled at her, his eyes gentle and there it was again, the little something different that shimmered in his eyes. “You are a great cook by the way. You nailed the recipe very well, I really love it. You would make a lovely wife.”

“T-thanks.” (Name) could feel her cheeks heating up.

“You should cook for me more,” he said, but then realized he sounded demanding, so he added, “N-not exactly should, I mean if you feel like it, or if you had time. I don’t want to force myself on you or something.”

(Name) didn’t know what to answer, so she only giggled and hoped whatever awkwardness this is would pass soon. “A-anyway, I have to get back, I have.. Homework. Yeah. Thank you for being a great math teacher, Sousuke. I’ll call you when I have more math stuff to worry about.”

(Name) got up stiffly. Why am I so nervous?

“I’ll walk you home,” Sousuke stood up too.

“B-but your dorms are right here.”

“I wouldn’t feel right if I let you go home alone,” Sousuke fixed his jacket, “besides, you still have a stalker on the loose.”

Right. The stalker. (Name) had almost forgot about it since he or she stayed silent. She haven’t received any creepy mails this couple of days.

“Alright,” was all she said, as she walked up to the exit, Sousuke trailing behind her.

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- Author’s Notes -

Poor Momo XD

I honestly have nothing against him, i just think he is an interesting character to keep the chapter going ehehehehehehe but dont worry, i might have some Gou Momo moments if i remember (I am very forgetful thats one if the reasons why i uodate rlly often, so i dont forget about the plot)

(but if i do forget about something, please do remind me. I kept notes but I might have forgotten to write it down TwT)

Oh about the cat, in the anime, Rin does have a cat named Steve. It appears in the movie Free! Take Your Marks.

Okay now for the GIF as a thank you for your likes and comments!!


Seeing your likes and comments makes me happier than you think, so THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU ALL 😭💕💖

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Free: Haru, Rin, Ikuya, Asahi, Natsuya, Sousuke, Kaede, Albert, Hiyori, Sei, Romio

Butterfly: Rin, Sousuke, Asahi, Rei, Kaede

Backstroke: Makoto, Nao, Momo, Hiyori

Breaststroke: Ikuya, Ai, Nagisa, Shizuru

IM: Ikuya, Natsuya

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So it just came to me one day and now I can’t stop thinking about it

Free!Brooklyn 99 au


Azuma Ryuuji as Captain Raymond Holt

Tachibana Makoto as Sergeant Terry Jeffords

Haruka Nanase as Jake Peralta

Matsuoka Rin as Amy Santiago

Ryuugazaki Rei as Charles Boyle

Hazuki Nagisa as Gina Linetti

Yamazaki Sousuke as Rosa Diaz

Momotarou and Nitori Aiichirou as Hitchcock and Scully

Like imagine:

  • RinHaru rivarly about who could solve the most cases
  • Azuma being the new captain of the precinct who’s all about rules and stuff which clashes with Haru since he’s like free yadda yadda
  • Rin looking up to Azuma, wanting to impress him and for him to be his mentor
  • Azuma experiencing discrimination as an openly gay police officer (like Holt in the show)
  • Rei being all about beauty (since like Boyle is a connoiseur)
  • “Nanase Haruka is my best detective. He likes putting away bad guys and he loves solving puzzles. The only puzzle he hasn’t solved is how to get his head out of the pool”
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So Makoharu would never happen, you wanna know why?

Makoto isn’t the type of guy that would roughly pin Haru against the wall…or fence…or vending machine..

Point is Haru obviously enjoys that. A lot.

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Reader’s POV

I woke up to my alarm screaming at me. I groaned and slammed my hand on to it to shut it off. I groggily sat up when my phone chimed. I reached to grab my phone, I unlocked it and looked at the new message

Tachi 6:33 am

Hey, ( y/n ) can you head to Haru’s house and get him out the tub. Please. I already tried and he would not leave


( y/n ) 6:35 am

Sure I can head over and try I guess


I dropped my hand and rubbed my face. I got dressed and grabbed my school bag. I grabbed my keys and walked out and locked my house. I walked down the sidewalk in silence before a tiny meow invaded my ears. I looked at my feet and saw a tiny white kitten. I reached down to pet and rub its head, after I pet the tiny creature, I stood and continued on my way.

I reached Haru’s house and walked to the back door and entered. I walked up to the bathroom and knocked on the door

“ Haru you in there ” I asked

I got a hum in reply and I twisted the door knob to walk in. I entered the room and walked to Haru. I squatted down resting my elbows on the rim of the tub.

“ Haru wanna get out of the tub ” I asked him

Haru just blankly stared at the water then looked at me. He shook his head and tapped the toy dolphin watching it bob up and down like a bowie. I shifted to sit on the rim of the tub. I sat next to Haru and pet his head. He leaned into my touch with closed eyes and hummed contently. I continued to pat his head as I check my phone. 6:50 am it read. I sighed and set my phone in my pocket.

“ Haru come on we are going to be late again ” I stressed as I stood and grabbed Haru’s towel

Haru slowly stood in the tub as took the towel I handed to dry off. I lead Haru out of the bathroom and left him in his bedroom.

“ Haru, you have 5 minutes to get ready and if I come and find you in the tub again I will be royally pissed ” I stated

I then turned and walked to the kitchen to set out the ingredients for Harus’ breakfast. Grilled mackerel. I was heating the grill when water dripped on my head. I looked up and saw Harus’ bright blue eyes. I turned back to the grill when Haru wrapped his arms around my waist and set his chin on my shoulder. I leaned into his body and started to make his breakfast. I cooked his food and set it on the table.

Haru ate rather quickly and walked to me. He gave me hug and then refused to let go. I sighed and grabbed Harus’ school stuff, phone, and keys. I walked forward with Haru still clinging to me. I opened his front door and left his house turning to lock it. After it was locked, I started my walk to school. I pulled out mine and Harus’ phone and checked the time. 7:02 am it read. I unlocked my phone to text tachi

( y/n ) 7:02 am

Hey Tachi, I got Haru out of the bath and we are headed to school right now. We might be a little late though


Tachi 7:03 am

Okay that’s good at least Haru is out of the bath


I locked my phone and continued to walk to school as best I could with Haru latched onto me. Haru took a longer step and tripped. We crashed on the sidewalk which caught some onlookers. I looked down at Haru wondering how I got on top of him. I stood and offered a hand to him. He took it and stood up as well.

I dusted my uniform off and picked up my spilled school stuff. I checked both of the phones for cracks and to my relief they were fine. I grabbed Harus’ hand and began to tug him along. We finally reached the school and walked to homeroom. We entered the noisy classroom when Haru was tackled to the ground by Nagisa. I pushed him off and pulled Haru up once again.

“ Can we not tackle Haru to the ground, please and thanks ” I heaved out, for Haru being so thin, he sure did weigh a ton.

“ Aww you’re no fun ( y/n ). Always so preen ” Nagisa whined

“ Whatever.  And I am not preen ” I scoffed

“ Uh huh suuure you aren’t ( y/n ) ” Nagisa chided

I scoffed again and turned to Makoto and gave him a hug. I then went to Rei and did the same. Huh I wonder where Kou is , I thought to myself but I guess my face said my thoughts as Makoto opened his mouth

“ Gou is with Rin at Samezuka today ” he answered

“ Ohhh ” I replied

§ time skip to after school swim practice §

School was over and me and the gang, minus Kou, headed to the pool. Before I could even finish closing the gate I hear a splash. I sigh as I turned to find Haru in the pool and a pile of clothes on the deck. I kissed my teeth as I bent over a picked up Haru’s clothes. I gather all his stuff and set it on a bench in the locker room once the boys were done.

I grab my whistle and blew. The noise caught their attention. I called them to the wall and told them to start with a 400yd alternating stroke warm up. After they finished, I had called for a 200 yd I.M. set. I waited for them to finish the set and called for another I.M. set but this time 400yds. They looked at me panting lightly before I could blow my whistle at them, they lauched and began the set.

I told them to take a 10 minute break before we got started again.

§ timeskip after practice §

Practice was over and Haru AGAIN refused to get out of the water. I kissed my teeth and walked closer to the edge of the pool, squatting down and called to Haru.

“ Haru come here ” I called

Haru paused in his swimming to look at me and slowly swam to the edge of the pool. He rested his arms on the deck and set his chin on his hands. I looked behind me to make sure no one was left, besides me and Haru. When I was sure it was just us, I bent over the pool edge and kissed Haru not caring if my panties were on display to the world as my skirt rode up.

Haru pushed up and climbed out the pull without breaking the kiss. I was laid down on my back as Haru’s wet body pressed against mine, trapping me between him and the pool deck. The kiss was getting really heated until we broke for a quick breath of air. We pulled away panting, Haru was resting his forehead on mine. He gave me a quick peck before he sat up. I sat up slowly, still a little dazed from the kiss we shared.

“ I love you ( y/n ). More than water ” Haru voiced softly

“ I love you too water hog ” I replied softly

Story key :

I.M. - a series of swim consisting of all four styles of swimming ( I.e. butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and free style )

200yd - 8 laps from one side of the pool to the other ( I.e. starting at one side then going to the other and back for a complete 2 laps )


Anime - Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
{ N/A }

[ N/A ]

Character - Haruka Nanase

Editing  ~ [ ✔ ]

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