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mafuyama tickle fight

requested by @dirtpie39 (I lost their ask TT so I’m just gonna tag them because innovation 100) hope you like it!

akihiko: I’m going out to smoke. (walks towards the door and turns to haruki) haru, are you coming?

haruki, startled: o-oh, ok! uenoyama, mafuyu, we’ll be back!

akihiko opens the door and lets haruki exit from the studio first. before akihiko could close the door, he peeps through the slim opening to make eye contact with uenoyama. akihiko smirks and winks at uenoyama, making him feel embarrassed, and closes the door like a whirlwind.

uenoyama, whispering: asshole.

mafuyu, turning to uenoyama: what?

uenoyama, turning to mafuyu, terrified: what? I-I didn’t say anything.

mafuyu: yes… you did.

uenoyama: no, I didn’t.

mafuyu: I heard you say “asshole”.

uenoyama, crossing his arms: your point?

mafuyu: why?

uenoyama, fidgeting: no reason.

mafuyu, corrugating his brow: but… there has to be a reason…

uenoyama: no, there’s positively no reason why I said “asshole”.

mafuyu gazes at uenoyama fixedly, making little noise and confounding uenoyama.

uenoyama, internally: why’s he staring at me like that? like he’s dying to know something. weird, but he looks so damn cute! wait, no, he’s trying to fool me, isn’t he? falling for his cuteness—his trap—and then telling him what’s on my mind. well, guess what, sato, I’m not backing down that easily.

uenoyama looks away, keeping his arms crossed. then there’s pure silence that only bothers him even more.

uenoyama, internally: my god, the silence is killing me! should I just tell him? I mean, it’s just akihiko trying to be suggestive. to boot, mafuyu and I are already dating, so I could just tell him whatever I’m thinking. but telling him would make me look… uh… well…

all at once, mafuyu pokes uenoyama’s side, startling him and making him withdraw. he narrows his eyes at mafuyu.

uenoyama: why did you poke me?

mafuyu: no reason…

uenoyama, angrily: BUT— YOU— (groans) YOU BASTARD!

mafuyu pokes uenoyama’s side again, startling him again and driving him to distraction.

uenoyama, pointing his finger at mafuyu: poke me one more time, I dare you.

mafuyu: what’re you gonna do about it?

uenoyama, face flushing: I DON’T KNOW, STRANGLE YOU?!

mafuyu: you’d never…

uenoyama: and how would you absolutely know?

mafuyu: you’d never hurt me…

uenoyama rolls his eyes, taking in that mafuyu’s right.

mafuyu, smiling: uenoyama-kun?

uenoyama: what?

mafuyu: I’m sorry.

uenoyama, tilting his head: for?

mafuyu pokes uenoyama again. this time, he doesn’t flinch but only clenches his fists.

uenoyama, internally: that’s it.

uenoyama grips mafuyu’s wrists in a flash, restraining him, and tickles mafuyu’s sides with his other hand, making mafuyu twist his body continuously.

mafuyu, laughing: stop it, uenoyama-kun! it tickles!

uenoyama, mockingly: it does? I didn’t know!

mafuyu manages to slip out of uenoyama’s grasp and tickles his neck, making him laugh furthermore.

uenoyama, laughing: tickle me there and I’ll tickle you more!

they’re both a laughing mess as they do their best to tickle the other’s sensitive spots. in no time at all, they become ready to drop and little by little stop tickling each other, but they’re still giggling to themselves. mafuyu closes his eyes and sets his head on uenoyama’s shoulder as they hold each other’s hands.

mafuyu: (kisses uenoyama’s hand) I love you… uenoyama-kun…

uenoyama, madly feeling embarrassed and doing his best to calm down: uh, y-yeah, I, uh, I love you too, mafuyu.

uenoyama kisses mafuyu’s head and sets his head on top of mafuyu’s, closing his eyes and smiling to himself.

uenoyama: but if you ever poke me again, I’m stealing your red gibson.

mafuyu, wearied: no…

haruki, peeping from the side of the glass window of the door: should we just go in there?

akihiko: nah. let them delight in this moment. in the meantime, care for another cigarette with me?

haruki, enlarging his eyes: really?! haven’t you smoked, like, five cigarettes already?!

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Welcome back everyone! It’s been a while, but while we’re still in this trying time why not spread some happiness and exchange some gifts?! 

What is the Christmas Given Exchange? 

The Christmas Given Exchange is essentially a Secret Santa event! If you are unfamiliar with what a fandom exchange/secret santa event is, everyone will sign up and each person will be provided with a recipient to anonymously provide a gift to until everyone is revealed. Just like last time we will be accepting both fanfiction and fanart!

What are the requirements? 

For those who decide to write a fanfic, the minimum word count must meet 1k. You can write as much as you want but it must meet the 1k count. For those who decide to create fanart you must create at least 1 piece of art. If you chose to do more that is up to you. 

What’s next? 

Glad you asked! Below will be the tentative schedule, which can be subjected to change as needed. If you have any questions, you can send an ask here or email!  


  • November 1st: Sign-ups open
  • November 10th: Sign-ups close
  • November 13th: Assignments are sent out 
  • December 1st: Check-in #1 
  • December 17th: Check-in #2 (Last day to drop out) 
  • December 22nd: Fics/Art to be posted to the AO3 collection 
  • December 24th: Works revealed 
  • December 25th: Creators revealed 
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