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#harvey dent
harleyquin · 3 months ago
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har(l/v)ey win....
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Arkham Knight Inspired Neon Bar Sign Mock-Ups
Scarecrow - The Crow’s Nest
Riddler - Riddler Room
Catwoman - Kitten Klub
Poison Ivy - Pick Your Poison
Two-Face - Flip A Coin
Arkham Knight - Knight Academy
Penguin - Iceberg Lounge
Harley Quinn: Harley’s Fun-House
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molinaskies · 27 days ago
If The World Chooses To Become My Enemy, I Will Fight Like I Always Have
Tumblr media
I, like so many of you, adore this line from Shadow. It comes at the end of a character arc spanning three games, in which Shadow loses his memory twice and circumstances force him to operate entirely for the sake of others. For so long, Shadow didn’t have an identity of his own and had no choice but to follow and believe whatever he was told. Not anymore.
This line illustrates that Shadow not only knows his truth and is finally confident in his identity, but that he’s also found his life’s purpose. He will do what he thinks is right for the sake of his world, even if that same world loses faith in him. Something Sonic the Hedgehog, as a franchise, teaches is that, no matter what, believe in yourself and do what you feel is right.
I like to think that there are two parallel interpretations of this line:
1) If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight for them like I always have.
2) If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight them like I always have.
I’m certainly partial to the former, as I feel Shadow knows now that he wants to protect people more than harm them, but I genuinely believe that the former cannot exist without the latter, in a way.
I’m reminded of the ending of Batman: The Dark Knight (2008), in which Batman takes the fall for the death of Harvey Dent (Two-Face), who was driven insane by his girlfriend’s murder, because to the public, Harvey was a beloved district attorney responsible for stopping a lot of corruption in the justice system. Batman, despite knowing that Harvey’s death needed to happen for the greater good as Harvey was no longer the man the world loved, let the world turn on himself to preserve Harvey’s reputation. Why? Because Harvey Dent was the hero the world needs, while Batman was the hero it deserves.
Sometimes, to fight for the people, you need to fight against them first.
The real reason I love this line so much is that I see it as the absolute epitome of the series. To me, every character – in their own way – lives by this motto.
Eggman is an obvious example, as he fights the world to achieve his own ideal vision of order every day, but another character whose approach to this philosophy fascinates me is Sonic.
In every continuity, Sonic has always been “that guy who loves adventure,” and while he’s certainly aligned with good, he’s always been an individualist, doing things his own way as he sees fit. If anything, while he respects organized group efforts and accepts help from his friends occasionally, he views working directly with others as the path of most resistance. He’s been alone for much of his life, and he’s simply wired to handle things independently.
Sonic IDW issue 2, where Amy, who’s always been powerful in a standoff with Sonic, still can’t get through to him:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not to mention, whenever the world does turns on him, Sonic has no interest in preserving his reputation – he doesn’t feel the need to justify his actions to anyone because he feels he’s right. It would only slow him down and give Eggman or the major threat more time to act.
Sonic has no qualms playing the villain if he feels it’s the morally correct decision or it’s what the situation calls for.
Sonic X, episode 40 – the sunshine ball saga, where Sonic’s support is taken for granted:
Tumblr media
Sonic Adventure 2, where Sonic, Tails, and Amy spend the campaign on the run from G.U.N.:
Tumblr media
Sonic and the Black Knight, where Sonic is technically the enemy:
Tumblr media
Sonic also possesses a remarkable capacity for forgiveness (or truce) to strengthen the overall fight against evil. He’s forgiven every character who’s wronged him (Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Silver), and has set aside differences repeatedly to work with Eggman whenever Eggman recognizes he’s gone too far. Except for Eggman, their previous actions don’t matter, because now they respect (or simply understand and accept) Sonic’s truth. Sonic’s used to being slandered by this point, and he's learned that focusing on misperceptions is wasted effort - his actions will always speak louder.
To this end, another character whose perspective interests me is Amy, who’s not only learned and accepted this philosophy from Sonic but has done her own work with it, as well.
I see a LOT of people cite that one clip from Sonic ’06 as proof that Amy’s a toxic character, but it’s because it’s been misinterpreted to hell and back (and then right on back to hell because holy cow the Amy character sabotage in the west is something else).
Tumblr media
Amy’s not choosing Sonic in this situation because she’s blindly obsessed with him (because – surprise! – she’s not. She has a personality and a set of morals outside of her love for him). Amy isn’t following Sonic down a path of evil. She’s choosing Sonic because she knows that, even if Sonic’s actions are devastating (which, remember, she outright doubts), his actions are for the greater good because objectively, Sonic has a good heart and is always on the right path.
Even on her own adventures, Amy knows where she wants to direct her efforts.
Sonic IDW issue 34, where Rouge plans to manipulate Clutch (a grimy robot parts dealer) to rebuild Omega and Gemerl:
Tumblr media
To be a hero, you need to put vanity aside and understand that your truth and your actions might not be what the world’s ready to accept. In the face of adversity, doubt, and slander, you must continue to show compassion and fight like you always have.
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harvey dent but instead of a coin he uses d20 dice
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thesuperheroesnetwork · a year ago
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Tumblr media
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zimtdraws · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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if u wanna hang out with the squad you gotta show them ur true face first
i realized i never rly drew arkham knight scarecrow before and honestly. BIG mistake on my part so i finally drew my headcanon for him
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coolgirl · 2 years ago
Jason being the funniest Batman to ever exist (buy)
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Some #Only in Gotham posts because I’m stressed and this is my coping mechanism
Guys guys guys
So I was in Central City today visiting some friends earlier this morning, and then the city gets attacked by these... aliens? Weird reptillian cryptids?? Who knows, but they were not happy nor friendly. We were all at this nice cafe just vibing in the outdoor area when this bipedal, green-gray reptile thing pops out of the manhole outside the cafe and goes absolutely feral. He was super close to my group so I grab my croc repellant (for non gothamites, its’ basically pepper spray but really bad-smelling to ward off croc if he ever shows up) out in an instant and I sprayed it right in the face.
Then I grabbed the nearest thing—some poor old guy’s metal walking frame—and whacked the reptile in the back of the head and it crumpled basically instantly.
And after the JL had stepped in to deal with the rest of them (not many, from what I’ve heard, but better safe than sorry I guess), heaps of people were freaking out about it because, well, this is Central City, they don’t get this kind of crime, they’re not prepared for this, yada yada.
Then that manhole pops up and everyone freaks out again because “oh god they’re back” but it’s just Batman dragging a bunch of tied up reptiles out of the sewers using some kind of winch set-up. It was almost comical—a daisy chain of reptiles being lifted out of this manhole in Central City by our favourite Goth Cryptid.
The cops were completely floored. The civilians didn’t know whether to be more scared of Bats or the reptiles. I mean, it was literally the middle of the day, and it’s rare to see Batman in daytime in Gotham but I guess this was an extenuating circumstance, so I guess I see why they were scared.
Batman just looks down at me standing over an unconscious reptilian holding the can of croc repellant and he’s just like “I’m guessing you’re from Gotham.”
I was like “yeah. Can’t escape the damn cryptids wherever I am.”
And tHEN he LAUGHS. Like, it was a small and quiet snort but it happened and I’m still shook. I have officially joined the “I made Batman laugh” squad. I can ascend peacefully now.
He seemed super embarrassed but asked if my friends and I were okay before he turned on his heel and stalked over to Flash and Woner Woman, a daisy-chain of reptiles in tow.
#lmao #onlyingotham #Batman #IMadeBatmanLaugh #ITookDownAReptileCryptid #GothamIsWeirdOkay #WeGottaBePreparedForAnything
I just heard this Metropolis guy try and trash Bruce Wayne to his friend at this diner and like five seperate people (myself included) turned around to roast the hell outta him. Like, yeah, he’s a billionaire, which is a whole can of worms I don’t wanna open right now, but he’s basically the only reason this city’s still standing and functioning (especially after the quakes and the no-man’s-land bs). His kids—most are poc and would not have thrived in the system—are all successful and work with their communities to better other people’s lives. Bruce Wayne is basically the only reason I got through high school (and am now in college); a scholarship is the only reason most of my friends have enough money to make rent. He “accidentally” spilled wine on Lex Luthor when he made a sexist remark. Also, didn’t it come out recently that he’s basically been funding the JL o at least is a major financial backer? An icon. You can shut your mouth, Jeremy.
One girl Instagram lived the whole exchange (she was filming beforehand I think) and it was magical.
Later on, Robin (the newest one, with the swords) shows up and he’s like “thank you for defending the honour of Mr Wayne”. I was like “kid,,,, you don’t need to thank me but you’re welcome”. he just kinda looks at me for a second and says “you eat free tonight” and chucks a bunch of dollar notes at me and disappears into the wilderness (ie. an alleyway). It was so surreal.
#GiveWayneABreak #BruceWayne #LetTheManLiveHisLife #GothamitesProtectTheirOwn #EvenTheBatkidsAreProtectiveOfHim
Yeah so....... I just saw some of Two-Face’s goons about to enter a bank, weapons drawn, and I’m scared because their boss is in Arkham, and the Rogues’ most loyal people always get antsy and trigger-happy when their bosses are off the board. I’d dialed 911 when I first saw them and ducked into an alley.
But then I see one of them stop dead in their tracks—Goon A we’ll call him—and says “hey, Wayne’s in there”.
Goon B: “Oh, we’re not meant to go after Wayne. Pack it in fellas.”
Goon C: “Huh? why not?”
Goon A: “Boss-man said so. Wayne used to be his best bud. Helped him campaign to be DA and stuff. Went to college together. Nice man.”
Goon B: “Got no problem wth that. Wayne’s the only reason my boys got through school. Besides, we mess with Wayne, the boss and Harley will be on our asses.”
Goon C: “Huh. Fair enough. We’ll go to the other location then.”
And then they just,,,, left.
#EvenTheRoguesWannaProtectHim #BruceWayne #HarveyDent #TheGuysGotCaughtAfter #IToldDetectiveMontoya #AndSheJustSighedForAReallyLongTime #OnlyInGotham #GothamIsWeird
Today I was in a Zoom call with some of my coworkers on the other side of the world, sitting in the kitchen facing the living room, when Red Robin comes crashing through my window. I just kinda turned around to see if he was badly injured (he wasn’t, couldn’t even see any blood) so I just continued on with what I was saying and he sheepishly left through the same window.
My coworkers are looking at me like “Jacob are you okay??” And I’m like, “yeah man, that was just Red Robin, he has unfortunate luck with windows. Soon enough one of the other Bats will come knocking with a replacement or a cash refund. Though, I should probably just invest in plexi-glass.”
One of my coworkers went on a bit of a rant about “vigilantes causing property damage and disrupting the peace” and i’m like “Mark I’d rather Batman crashing through my door or window once a month to getting buried in my twenties in his abscence,” and he was like “yeah, fair enough” so we just continued with our call.
After my call, Blonde Batgirl shows up and apologises for the window. I ask about plexi-glass and if Red Robin is alright.
She’s like “yeah he’s fine but he’s getting Bat-Lectured for being reckless which is why I’m here. Also from what Oracle can tell you should be able to get plex-glass installed within the week.”
#OnlyInGotham #GettingBatLecturedDoesNotSoundFun #ThanksOracle #BatmanDontBeTooHardOnTheKid #Gothamite #MeanwhileInGothamCity #GothamCity #RedRobin
So, Red Hood piggy-backed me up to my apartment yesterday because my heel broke when I was fleeing from these guys trying to mug me (or worse) and I sprained my ankle. He carried me up four flights of stairs and helped me get into my apartment and wrap my foot properly.
I told him to take some of my nana’s lasagna (because our local vigilante needs to keep his strength up! Man’s gotta eat, and from what I hear he’s not swimming in cash) and he got real quiet for a while before saying “yeah, sure”.
So he ate some lasagna while I called in sick to work (who were very understanding, surprisingly).
Then after a little while he’s like “bye” and jumps outta my window.
An icon.
#RedHood #OnyInGotham #WeStanALegend #IHopeYouLikedTheLasagna #MyNanaSaysSheWillMakeMoreForYou #GrowingUpInCrimeAlley
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