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a-titty-ninja · 20 hours ago
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「(。-ω-)zzz」 by 岸Yasuri | Twitter
๑ Permission to reprint was given by the artist ✔.
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littlealienproducts · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Forest Witch Hat by CostureroReal
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figdays · 8 hours ago
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Toad Stools Mushrooms Beanie  // ChristineKnitDesigns
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munakara · a day ago
-A/N: Hey guys, as promised here is part 2 from the previous story! I hope you enjoy this one as well. Requests close on September 28, which is my birthday so if you have a request in mind, make sure to request!
Summary: Chuuya/Dazai spend the morning with thier wife and child after coming home from a long overseas mission.
Part 2
Dazai claims that waking up with his arms wrapped around me should be considered a wonder of the world. Ofcourse I get all flustered and usher him away, but his devilish smirk stays on his face.
Just like this morning. He had been away for a month, on a overseas mission he couldn’t avoid. It wasn’t surprising that I craved for his touch and warmth. So when he made the announcement that he was going to come back yesterday, I was overjoyed.
I prepared everything, his favorite dinner, champagne, even a candle lit bath, but of course he had to be late. I am not blaming him for anything, it was just…..upsetting to not do anything I planned.
I fell asleep with our little bundle of joy, my son. I wasn’t expecting my other happiness, Dazai, to be sleeping the same bed as well.
I woke up with his bandaged arms around me, his head nuzzled into my neck, and his warm breaths on my hitting my skin. For a second I was surprised and wanted to get up, but of course I didn’t. I looked to see my angel still sleeping, so I turned around to face Dazai.
Seeing the fact he hadn’t woken up, when I inched closer to him, I could tell he was in a deep sleep. I placed my head in his chest, just barely hearing the sounds of his muffled heartbeat. I wrapped my arms around him as well, and just melted into his warmth.
Even though he was asleep, I really craved this, and I am pretty sure he did too. After a few minutes in this comforting position, I could feel his arms around me tighten. That's how I knew he was awake.
“Good morning love” I whispered to him, not wanting to awaken my child who was sleeping next to me. “Morning darling..” he replied, while softly kissing my forehead. His grip around me was tighter than before, and when I looked at his face, his eyes were still closed.
I wiggled my way out of his grip, and he complied, with a whine. I made my way to the bathroom to shower, as well as to get ready for the day.
I came back to see Dazai looking over our son, who was still sound asleep. He twirled his hand in his locks, and smiled while looking at him. “He looks just like you, it made it harder to not miss you”, I whispered while a smile was on my face. “ And he's adorable, so I am too right!? Right belladonna!? “ I pinched his cheek slightly before whispering in his ear, “Your probably the best looking man in Yokohama, no all of Japan, the world too.” A smile spread across his face, and he looked in the mirror to fix his hair a little before pulling the covers over his head and falling asleep again.
Unsurprisingly, the father and son duo woke up at the same exact time. I knew he was up too because I heard the squeal of a kindergartner throughout the house. I took a sip of my coffee, while I sat on the couch.
I was joined by the 2 lovable crazies a moment later, and the blabbering coming from the child’s mouth could not stop.
Even while he was eating his breakfast he was telling Dazai about the picture book he was currently reading.
“ And then the big tiger told the little cat that they were going to go to the frosty mounti-“
“Okay little one that's enough story telling for today, daddy just got back from a long trip, so let him rest”
“NO! Anyway daddy they went to the frosty mountain to get rid of the spell till midnight!”
Dazai was listening with so much interest as well, even though I knew good and well that he read him that same picture book before he left.
Things returned to normal when Dazai began to work again, since after the mission he had a week off. He skipped work occasionally just to see us, like usual, which ended up as me yelling at him, also as usual.
Ah, sometimes I wonder why I love him so much.
Tumblr media
Chuuya was definitely, crazy, hot tempered and always annoyed at somebody. Me and our daughter are the only ones he can possibly tolerate, without blowing a fuse. Yes, he did get jealous, and triggered when I was purposely annoying him, but he never truly got angry at me.
As the sunlight filled the once dark room, I slowly opened my eyes. Wait..what had happened last night? Oh crap, I had fallen asleep before I welcomed Chuuya.
Our daughter was about to fall of the bed, so I quickly brought her closer to me, before realizing there was a hand wrapped around my waist. Turning over, I saw a certain ginger haired sleeping soundly on my bed.
I softly smiled, while cupping his jaw my thumb circled around his cheek. Oh god, waking up next to this sizzling hot man should be illegal. He slowly opened his eyes, his blue eyes looking at my smiling face.
"Morning babyy" I whispered to him. A smile replaced his tired frown as he placed his hand on the back of my head. "Morning love". He yawned as he sat up on the bed, looking out the window. "What time did you come home last night baby?", he sighed before pulling the covers from his body and throwing them aside. "The airline sucks, they are lucky I didn't have enough time to murder them. I came home around 3". I could tell by his eyes he was really pissed off all of a sudden, and that made me slightly chuckle as I rested my head in his lap.
"I was trying to stay up for you, even c/n (Childs name), but I just passed out at 12, since she woke me up early today". Chuuya smiled at the sleeping figure of his daughter while his fingers were roaming through my hair.
It wasn't long before c/n overheard our voices, even if we were whispering. She sat up, her hair messy from her slumber, and after a second of rubbing her eyes and realizing who the ginger haired man in front of her was, she practically threw herself on to him. Actually, she would have fallen off the bed if Chuuya didn't activate his ability.
She was obviously annoyed at me hogging all the attention from her, so she tried to push me out of the way, which I agreed too, and climbed onto chuuya's neck.
"C/N, no playing sweetie, lets eat breakfast first, wait did you just roll your eyes at me"
C/N spent the entire morning with Chuuya, before I got the amazing idea for us to go to the park so I could actually spend time with Chuuya myself. As planned, C/N was with Chuuya, until she saw the other kids playing on the monkey bars that is. One second she was holding his hand, the next second she was attempting to beat the other kids on the monkey bars.
Me and Chuuya sat down on a wooden bench, watching over the little girl. We were definitely the odd ones out in the park, but also definitely the hottest ones there.
Chuuya started telling me about his mission, and the roles he had to play. He also told me how he crushed everybody to pieces without using corruption. He started explaining the details of what he meant by crushing and I think I lost my appetite.
Once we returned home, Mori informed Chuuya that since he had done an amazing job in completing his required part, he could take a couple of days off, before coming back to work.
Well, I hope I can actually spend time with him even with our little girl, but at least I can be glad to wake up next to him every morning.
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magicalgirloftheday · 58 minutes ago
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✧・゚:*Today’s magical girl of the morning is: Mia Kashiwagi from Ongeki!✧・゚:*
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thatsbelievable · 21 days ago
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shakespearenews · 2 months ago
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Ian McKellen has returned to the role of Hamlet, at the age of 82, in a new production at Theatre Royal Windsor
Photograph: Tristram Kenton/The Guardian
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tapireye · 3 months ago
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“Wash ‘n’ Go” Hat by Stephen Jones (1993).
Worn by FKA Twigs, styled by Matthew Josephs , photographed by Orograph.
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caio-cc · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Summer Set
All Lods
21 Swatchs ( clothes )
7 Swatchs ( hat )
Info: 4 itens for female toddlers. ( Contents are not restrict to opposite gender)
More info at images. I hope you enjoy it  🥰
DOWNLOAD Bodysuit - Simsdom
DOWNLOAD Dress - Simsdom
DOWNLOAD Skirtall - Simsdom
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More Creations
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