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#hatake kakashi
incorrectkonoha2 days ago
Sakura: We call that a traumatic event.
Sakura, turning to Naruto: Not a "bruh moment"
Sakura, turning to Sasuke: Not a "major L"
Sakura, turning to Kakashi: And definitely not an "OOF lmao"
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"Even if you part ways, your relationship hasn't ended. Infact you may even feel it becomes even stronger."
- Uchiha Sasuke.
(Boruto episode 227)
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Sasuke saying these words, while Sakura is looking at their old Team 7 picture, is just T - T 馃挃.
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could-be-anybody19 hours ago
Here is Kakashi trying to comfort his hubby 馃槏馃槏
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It's cute when Iruka's worries were just about his final message for the wedding. Also, the way he made Kakashi laugh is too cute 馃グ
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im-still-watching-anime16 hours ago
tsunade: why the hell have you been so weird today it鈥檚 distracting me
kakashi: gai and i decided to take our relationship to the next level
tsunade: oh absolutely not. stop. i do not need to hear about鈥
kakashi: he鈥檚 meeting my dogs tonight and i鈥檓 so nervous they won鈥檛 like him
tsunade: oh.
tsunade: i think you鈥檒l be fine.
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namodawritesa day ago
fictember combination: 1 鈥 18聽(fluff, first christmas together)
note: googled a number generator and it gave me some combos so here鈥檚 one :)
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One of the most outwardly excited and energetic people ever, will loudly declare such feelings to anyone who will listen, and doesn鈥檛 make it a secret that he鈥檚 beyond thrilled to experience his first Christmas with you. Will pick out a specific spot where the two of you can swap gifts鈥攕omewhere vaguely private but in sight of all the pretty lights. He once thought of bringing you up to the mountainside faces, but then got worried about the safety aspect of it and decided against it.聽
Probably the type to wear a Santa hat or something similar, of course with his jumpsuit underneath it. Will gladly carry you on his back to run around the village looking at all the decorations and to say hi to everyone, completely oblivious of all the strange looks he gets from your mutual friends.聽
Ecstatic no matter what you get him, his favorite part about Christmas is unwrapping presents, especially beneath a decorated tree. Something about the holiday vibes really gets him going, he loves the holiday season as much as he does any normal day. Will definitely want to build a gingerbread house with you, and has even more fun smashing it after the holidays are over and it gets stale and crusty.聽
Isn鈥檛 really much for the holidays except to use it as an excuse to show up late to get togethers. The type to get thoughtful gifts and not worry about price, because he knows it鈥檒l be something you鈥檒l appreciate. Other than that, he鈥檚 kind of neutral about gift giving, he doesn鈥檛 expect it from people and he thinks it鈥檚 fine if they don鈥檛 get him anything either.聽
This particular Christmas is special, and for that he鈥檚 nervous. He鈥檚 a bit all over the place internally, but because Kakashi is Kakashi, he鈥檒l do quite well at hiding it and will only be more prone to teasing you. Probably throws up the kinds of decorations that are easy to use like streamers and stockings and wreathes.聽
He鈥檚 a lowkey kind of guy, but he鈥檒l make the evening special by cooking dinner, stealing kisses along the way, and by stepping out on the balcony of his home to watch the snow fall. Will definitely put his cold hands on your neck after though, so watch out. Will also initiate a snowball fight because he鈥檚 a little shit like that. The kind to wake up on Christmas day curled up beside you and go to bed that night nestled against you for warmth and comfort.聽
Since it doesn鈥檛 snow anywhere near the Sand Village, and Gaara can鈥檛 exactly recreate it with his own sand without causing eye and lung irritation, he鈥檇 probably want to travel somewhere with you where the two of you can be surrounded by snow. Probably doesn鈥檛 really understand some of the traditions like gingerbread houses and caroling, but will make snowmen with you until your fingers are numb from the cold.聽
He鈥檚 not unfamiliar with Christmas decorations, but spending the first one with you will make him nervous for sure. He鈥檒l be torn between looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations and watching your reactions to them, especially if you鈥檙e not used to them either. Doesn鈥檛 really need to bundle up but will allow you to wrap a scarf around his shoulders.聽
Definitely frets about what kind of gift to get you, a bit scared at how you鈥檒l react to it, but tries hard to make the moment special because you鈥檙e special to him. Will stumble over his words at least once when giving it to you.聽
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ladytheoris23 hours ago
being wrapped up in his strong arms. Your face against the base of his neck. Every time you take a breathe in, it's his soothing scent that's wafting into your nose.
His hands lightly caressing your hair, running through it, detangling your locks. His breath senting chills down your spine, as his hands press you more towards his chest.
You pressed feather like kisses on his shoulder bone, making him giggle. His hands traveling to your waist, in a knowing manner, that it will be your turn to be tickled if this lasts any second longer.
You smiled; this is a wonderful feeling. The feeling of being coccooned by him. He makes you feel safe, at home. No matter how difficult the day was, a cuddle with his was a perfect cure for everything that happened. This was the warmth that you craved everyday, and was thankful to the gods above.
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Having an S/O who鈥檚 a sensory-nin who immediately knows Kashi is dressed up at Sukea? Sounds like the S/O would love to troll him and go along with it.
Disclaimer: I don't think they would know immediately. Kakashi is Anbu trained and knows how to cover his chakra, or else Sukea wouldn't work against most people in the village.
It doesn't take long for them to figure out. Kakashi's chakra is something that they know very well, so even when he's trying to keep it suppressed they can tell that it's him.
Once they know, there's no going back. They're not going to tell anyone of course. That would just be mean, and Kakashi is really good at keeping himself hidden. Plus, if he's wearing this disguise he must have a good reason. They trust him to be trying to do something important. (and yes, they do consider being a giant troll important. Kakashi wouldn't be dating someone who didn't appreciate that trollish nature of his)
Of course, respecting his work and not telling anyone who he is doesn't mean they can't have a little bit of fun at his expense.
There are all sorts of little comments that they make that they know Kakashi understands, but aren't specific enough to alert others to what they're saying. Little jabs about how their partner often forgets to do the dishes or the odd playful remark about how it's sweet of Sukea to flirt with them, but as much of a pain as their partner can be they really do adore him.
They also get really caught up in Team Sevens' little game of 'See Kakashi-sensei's face' when it happens. Seeing Sukea standing there, face out for all to see, makes them giggle. The kids have no idea that they know exactly what Kakashi's face looks like.
They absolutely crank up the trolling when it comes to food. Always offering Sukea things they know Kakashi doesn't like, daring him to say no and explain why he doesn't want the food. It's a fun little game that earns them a lot of glares when no one else is looking.
They're always asking about his photography. this is a genuine interest because seeing Kakashi actually enjoying a hobby is rare and they want to know all about why he enjoys it. they'll listen to him as if he's talking about their favourite book or a hobby they really enjoy because hearing the excitement in his voice is far too rare not to enjoy.
When it's finally time for the day to end, and they say their goodbyes, they make sure to thank him for his company. to let him know that it was fun hanging out with him, and they can't wait until his next visit to Konoha. they do this because one thing they notice about Kakashi's chakra is it's calmer than usual. he's actually able to escape his mind for a bit and just enjoy himself, and they love that. It doesn't matter to them that he has to be someone else for a bit to just relax because at the end of the day they'll get Kakashi. the man they fell in love with, a little more relaxed then usual. they'll gladly take a day with Sukea in return for that.
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incorrectkonohaa day ago
[at the hospital]
Sakura: We're here for our sensei.
Nurse: Who鈥檚 your sensei?
Naruto: You must be new here.
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When will people in this Fandom, stop exhausting themselves by OVER-analyzing characters and ships that they NEITHER LIKE, NOR UNDERSTAND. 馃槀
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akanotherea day ago
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Movie scene redraw鈥 I can鈥檛鈥 they are too cute鈥︹ help鈥︹
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could-be-anybodya day ago
Them as kids.
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orangelemonart4 months ago
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Kakashi Hours
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I have unhealthy attachment for Kakashi scenes in Naruto is when he smiles only with his eyes and then the camera pans to the recipient of the smile is absolutely touched and awed, especially the said recipient is a kid. Like Inari, Sai, Gaara, and many more. Not that the adults' reaction is not heartwarming too. Gai cried because of it, and Tenzo is ready to pull out his wallet for the smile.
In short, Kakashi's eye smile is so fucking precious and must be protected with all cost.
Kakashi鈥檚 eye smile is the sweetest and when he鈥檚 giving it to one of the kids it鈥檚 with such deep trust and respect. Like telling Sai he has trust in him because he鈥檚 a part of team seven, or assuring Gaara he鈥檚 not late
He really is just being a sweetheart and giving some love and appreciation to kids who have had so little of it in their lives. There鈥檚 this adult there for them suddenly, willing to give them what the parental figures in their lives never did, and they鈥檙e so surprised by it they don鈥檛 know what to do but they know they love it
And the way Gai cried when Kakashi told him he would always be his rival and would need him by his side when he became Hokage, and then just smiled at him
That was such a heartwarming sweet scene
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incorrectkonoha18 hours ago
Kakashi, ordering coffee: Give me a light roast
Sasuke: You're kinda ugly
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