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painted-semibreves · a day ago
If you want people to hate you, add puns randomly at inappropriate moments.
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yemme · 2 days ago
I need charges filed against the state attorney that turned a blind eye to this case.  If it was not for the public and the incoming states attorney this trail would have never seen the light of day.  State of Georgia you better change your racist attitude.  You do not own a black persons body.  America you better fix and work on your personal problems.  Racism is going to eat this nation alive if the work to cure this disease is not done.   
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iamstrongallonmyown · a month ago
Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.
Rick Warren
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buckycuddlebuddy · a month ago
summary ─ bucky spared you a cold look; his eyes were icy, stormy blue now instead of a warm ocean one. “no,” he said.
pairing ─ avenger!bucky barnes x avenger!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, daddy kink, mentions of past sexual abuse, small talk of being “proposioned” (?), kissing, grinding, possessive sex bc bucky is a possessive mf, dirty talk
a/n ─ HELLO. i have abandoned this part of my blog for a year only for it to make a comeback exactly a year later lol. i’m hoping to complete my kinktober list. your comments will be my fuel, so please leave some! thank you! hope you like it! <3
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY EIGHT: avenger!bucky + enemies to lovers + possessive sex + daddy kink
Tumblr media
Ever since you passed the tests and stepped into the Avengers Tower, because you were now one of them, Bucky Barnes hated you. He didn’t hide his hate or his disgust; he made sure that you knew exactly how he felt towards you. It was alright. Not everyone had to like you, but Steve wanted you to get along even though both of you made it clear that you did not want to get along, and he thought sending you both on a mission together as husband and wife would be a good idea to start a friendship between you.
Stupid, you thought. Steve Rogers was a stupid person, and whoever said about him being a master at strategic thinking was clearly wrong because there could not be a worse idea, yet thanks to Steve Rogers, there was one now.
Bucky’s first reaction was to snort and chuckle. “Nice joke,” he said, but then he saw the seriousness in Steve’s baby blues. His smile dropped, brows drew in together and his face got hard all of a sudden. “You are kidding, right?” Steve smiled innocently as he shook his head. Bucky spared you a cold look; his eyes were icy, stormy blue now instead of a warm ocean one. “No,” he said and crossed his arms on his chest. “No, send me with someone else. I hear Nat is available.”
Ah. Nat. You gritted your teeth to keep your angry growl in you. That redhead had been irritating you do the hell and back ever since you’ve met her at the trainings, long before you were an Avengers, and now every time when a new mission came out, Bucky had been trying to replace you with Nat.
“No, she isn’t,” Steve replied coolly. “Fury sent her away with Barton two days ago.” He shuffled the papers in front of him and folded the map. “Besides, she’s as good as Natasha. You know it was Nat who trained her, so I’m sure she’ll do great.” He flashed a sweet smile. “I know you both will do great. You’re our one of the best agents.”
You see, in a normal day, a compliment like that would make you feel shy, and probably would make your cheeks heat up because it was Captain fucking America, but today was not one of those days.
“You must be joking,” you said, letting out a dry chuckle. Then, your face hardened just like Bucky’s and you stepped forward. “You are joking, Steve. This is not going to work.” Steve sighed. He gathered the papers and grabbed the now-folded map.
“I am not, and you are going to this mission together,” he said with a stern voice that left no place to complain. “That is final.” He sent you both a commanding look and walked out of the room, leaving you alone. You heard Bucky mumbling to himself angrily, hissing and growling sometimes.
“I better not get injured,” Bucky snarled. You rolled your eyes.
“Shut up, Barnes,” you said. “We both know that you will because you’re a dumbass who cannot stay away from getting injured while on a mission.” Bucky sputtered, blinking, and watched you leave the conference room.  
Things are going to be bad, he thought. I better hold on tight. Bucky sighed, fate accepted, as he, too, left the room.
Grunting, Bucky looked around as he tried to spot the guy they were after. He was one of the heads of HYDRA, and finding him meant finding all the other active HYDRA bases. He was playing a key role, was an important guy in that evil organization and Bucky knew him from his The Winter Soldier times. He was one of the commanders that he had to protect from all the other Soldiers. That bastard had been running and hiding for years now, and it was only fair for him to come forward and pay for what he did.
“Northeast corner, behind the purple jacket guy,” you murmured to him as you slid next to him at the bar, placing the faux-drinks in front of you. “He looks paranoid.” Bucky frowned as he looked down at the drinks and then you.
“What are you doing?” He asked, eyeing the drink you were taking to your mouth. “We’re on a mission.” You shrugged.
“I know,” you said. “These are not real drinks, geez, relax.” You rolled your eyes as you sipped the liquid in the tall glass. “Yours looks like whiskey, but it’s iced tea, and mine is sprite instead of a vodka.” You sighed witfully. “I wish it was vodka.”
“It’s not the time and place,” Bucky snarled. “We need to complete the mission.” You frowned.
“Look I get why you want to be done with it, trust me I do,” you started. “But you being impatient will make us rush things and the guy is already paranoid. You do not want to make him more paranoid, now, do you?” Bucky looked at you for a couple seconds, with a deep frown on his face and a clench on his jaw, he exhaled harshly.
“Fine,” he grumbled. You hummed.
“Drink then, husband,” you murmured. “We have a façade to put on, and I have dressed up just for the occasion.” You wiggled happily on your seat, happy to finally wear the dress you bought yourself month ago. Bucky’s eyes moved down, taking in your form in a body-hugging dress you had on.
“I can see that,” he muttered. Then, he frowned even more. “Fucking hell, I can see right through the fabric, what the fuck.” You giggled.
“I know!” You exclaimed excitedly. “That’s exactly why I bought this dress! This is my want-to-get-laid dress.” You looked at him smugly and saw the dark expression on his face. Surpassing a shiver, you cleaned your throat lightly. Bucky’s eyes traveled up and down one more time before they settled on your cleavage.
“Obviously,” he said, but it sounded a bit strangled. Your lips quirked up for a small smile. Bucky grumbled at your expression and turned his head away. You hid your full-blown smile into your sprite-filled glass.
Yeah, you didn’t like each other. Yeah, Bucky hated you for a reason you did not know yet. Yeah, you hated him back because he was being an asshole to you most of the time and always compared you with Natasha, but you could not ignore the sexual tension you both had since the beginning. He was not hard on the eyes, and you knew for a fact that he was good in bed. Like real good. Thanks to the girls in the PR, you knew how good he exactly was in bedroom because he slept with one of the girls there one night, and she didn’t shut up about it. In fact, she talked about it so much that you wanted to punch her and break her jaw so that she would stop, but Steve sent you on this mission with him before you could do that.
You weren’t jealous. You were lonely. It was too much sometimes, and hearing other people enjoying their free time with someone sometimes made you feel angry. When you thought about it, though, it did sound like a bit jealousy. Ugh, whatever, you thought.
“He’s on the move,” Bucky murmured, lightly nudging you. You quickly swallowed the cold liquid in your mouth and looped your arm in his extended one. “Ready?” You hummed.
“Ready, Freddie,” you said, wiggling your brows. Bucky frowned at you.
“Are you sure what you were drinking was Sprite? You act like you’re drunk,” he murmured. You rolled your eyes.
“That’s the point, idiot,” you grumbled. “I’m the drunk wife, and you’re the loving husband who’s taking care of his drunk wife. I’m gonna throw myself at him.” You frowned at him back. “We’ve talked about this!” It was Bucky’s turn to roll his eyes.
“I know,” he said. Then, he opened his mouth to say something but decided against it the last minute. “Whatever. Let’s go.” You whooped and started to hang off of his sculpted arm. You could feel the muscles moving under your palms and could feel the warmth seeping from him. He felt nice like this, but you weren’t going to tell that to anyone.
“I wanted to have another drink!” You said a bit loudly, pouting up at him. “Freddie, you promised me another drink!” Bucky clenched his jaw, and you saw a muscle twitch angrily there. You hid your smirk. His planned name was not Freddie, and you knew you were being annoying. You loved it.
“You’ve had enough, darling,” he said with soft voice even though his eyes were throwing daggers at you. “I think it’s time for us to go home, hm?” You watched the target with the corners of your eyes when you decided to fuck with Bucky a little. If he could be an asshole, then so could you.
“Hmm,” you hummed. “You gonna make me drink when we get home?” You asked him, batting your eyelashes as you licked your lips seductively. His dark eyes immediately snapped at your lips, watching the way your tongue wetting them, he swallowed.
“No,” he let out. “I’m gonna make sure your face is makeup-free, and you are in your pajamas before I put you to sleep.” You gripped his arm tighter.
“Aww,” you cooed. “You’re so good to me, Daddy.” You heard a choking sound coming from him, and you bit your tongue to stifle your laughter. You leaned against his body, plastering your barely covered one to his, you kissed his slightly pink cheek. “Would you like a reward?” You asked him with an innocent look on your face, but Bucky knew better. “I would give you all the rewards, Daddy, you know it.” You were afraid that Bucky was going to break a tooth by how hard he was clenching his jaw, but it was so fun to fuck with him like this.
“If you don’t behave I swear─” Bucky started, but before he could finish you saw the target moving towards you. “Don’t fuck this up,” he snarled. You hummed and purposefully stumbling and tripping while walking.
“Oops,” you murmured and giggled. “I think I had a bit too much, Daddy,” you whined. You stumbled once again and threw your body to the target’s lap. “Oh, crap, I’m sorry, sir.” You tried to get up, scrambling falsely while actually slipping your hand in the guy’s pocket to steal his keys and placing a tracker on his belt.
“Oh my─ Sheila!” Bucky exclaimed. You felt large palms grabbing you and pulling you up. “I’m so sorry, sir, she had a bit too much tonight.” He faked a nervous laugh.
“We were celebrating our anniversary, sir!” You exclaimed happily, a large grin on your face. “It’s our fifth year of being together,” you added for good measure and looked at Bucky with moony eyes. It was all fake, but you could see Bucky’s own eyes softening a bit. “He’s been taking care’a me real good. He’s the best.” You smiled shyly at Bucky and hid your face into this neck. You heard the other guys chuckle lightly.
“She’s cute,” the target mumbled. “You should keep that one.” You felt Bucky’s body stiffen.
“I know, sir, and I intend to,” he nodded. The target moved his eyes on your body; you could see that he had a hungry look in his eyes, and you suddenly wanted to punch him. Instead of doing that and jeopardize the mission, you snuggled deeper into Bucky.
“I have a room upstairs if you want to take care of her,” the target said. “I could have some men up there to help you if you want…” He winked at Bucky, and you felt sick. You whimpered.
“Fred, I think I’m going to be sick,” you murmured. You had to walk away from that motherfucker. Otherwise, one of you were going to hit him, you were sure about it. “Can we go?” You tightened your hold on Bucky, leaning against him even more. You came this far, and it would throw you both all the way to the beginning if you were fuck it up now.
“Yeah, honey,” Bucky murmured, a dangerous vibe in his voice tone sent shivers down your spine. “Yeah, we can go.” He gave the target a stern look. “Thank you for the… offer, but we have a room for ourselves. Have a good night.” You pulled at him.
“Suit yourself,” the guy grumbled. “You’d miss out a nice night. I could have had a couple more girls up in the room if that’s gonna make you say yes.” You dug your nails into his arms through the layers of fabrics.
“No, thank you, I’m good,” Bucky gritted. “I’m faithful to my wife and will continue to be so. Good night.” He nodded again and pulled you towards the exit. You followed him without saying anything, wanting to get out of the bar as soon as possible. Both of you didn’t talk until you were in the elevator and all alone.
“Motherfucker!” You growled. “I can’t believe─ Why can’t we kill him again?” You asked Bucky. He was fuming in silence; his eyes had fires going on in them, a dangerous darkness clouding his handsome face.
“Fury needs him to lead other high-level members of HYDRA,” he murmured quietly and calmy. He was way too fucking calm, though, and you felt the goosebumps licking all over your body. “You have the key?” You nodded and pulled it out of your bra. “Good. Tracker?”
“Placed it on his belt,” you said. He nodded.
“Good. Let’s go home before I go back and rip his head off for proposing me something… like that,” he snarled and got off the elevator when it stopped on your floor. You walked behind him, grimacing with each step because your heels were hurting your feet. Huffing, you stopped and took them off. You slipped inside the room when Bucky opened the door. Closing it behind you, you locked it.
“Hey,” you called out. “I’m angry, too, but it’s okay. We are away from him now,” you murmured when you saw his face. He was still angry, you could see it, he was practically vibrating. His eyes were dark, and he was clenching his jaw so hard that you were sure he cracked a tooth or two. “Bucky.”
“Why do you care?” He grumbled. “Get away from me.” You blinked. You weren't close, you knew that, and you weren't friends either. He hated your guts, so you hated his in return, but this… hurt for some weird reason. Swallowing, you nodded.
"I know what he did to you and just wanted to make sure you're alright," you huffed angrily. "Apparently you don't need it. Good night, Barnes." You walked into the joint room where the queen size bed was in with your heels in your hand and closed the door on Bucky's face.
You couldn't believe it.
You knew what your target did to him when he was The Winter Soldier; the sexual abuse and all the other disturbing jazz. You knew that in his HYDRA times Bucky got harassed and, hell, maybe he got raped. You honestly couldn't bear to read his whole file. After that proposition, you really just wanted to make sure he was fine, but he was busy being an asshole. Fine, you thought. Suit your-fucking-self.
You stripped the dress off your tired body and threw it on the armchair where your shoes were laying at the bottom of. You wanted to take a shower, to wash away the dirt and sweat, but you were exhausted and wasn't sure if you'd be able to finish your shower without passing out. So, you climbed into the bed only in your underwear. Relishing the softness of the covers and the mattress, you sighed, closing your eyes.
You didn't realize you have fallen asleep until you jolted awake when the bed shook a little under you. Frowning, you turned around only to come face to face with Bucky's tired but beautiful eyes.
"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I wasn't sure if you've read my file, so, I just didn't want to think about it. I… I'm sorry." You watched him for a while.
"It's fine," you murmured. "I guess. I don't know." He narrowed his eyes. "You were sort of an asshole." He rolled them, next.
"And you weren't?" He huffed. "'Daddy?'" He raised an eyebrow. "'Freddie?' You were fucking with me, and you know that very well." You smirked.
"Aww," you cooed. "If you liked me calling you Daddy and wanted me to fuck with you that much, you could have just said so." You batted your eyelashes at him, causing him to scoff.
"You're a brat," he grumbled. "That's exactly why I didn't want to do this mission with you." You frowned and sat up on the bed, suddenly furious at the imply of you being not good enough.
"We got the shit done, and you're telling me you didn't want me on this mission? You are an asshole. Stop fucking underestimating me. I may not be Nat, but I am me. There will be no other you. Just like there will be no other Natasha, there will be no other me. I am unique on my own way, and that's why I am on this mission with you—"
Your words cut off by soft lips covering your slightly dry ones. You let out a surprised yelp, but Bucky's mouth swallowed it right away. His large palm cupped you cheek, and you felt his thumb stroking over your cheekbone. You sighed. Placing your hands flat on his chest, you pushed him.
"What the fuck," you said with a slightly rough voice. Bucky kicked his lips.
"You've been teasing me," he started. "Sam kept saying that there is this tension between us and Steve once stated that it's sexual." You frowned.
"So, you wanna do what, fuck the tension out of your system?" He smirked. It was a filthy quirk of his lips that caused you to narrow your eyes at him. You didn't have to think about it too long, though, you shrugged. "Alright."
In a blink, you rolled over and straddled him. Bucky let out a deep groan as he wound his arms around you and pulled you down for a filthy kiss. Moaning, you wiggled on his lap, feeling his length hardening between your legs. You wiggled on his lap, grinding on the bulge that was getting bigger. You buried moans and whimpers into each other’s mouths as you continued to move on his lap. Your clothed core was grinding against his fabric-covered dick, making him hum and let out soft grunts here and there.
You didn’t know what made him so irresistible to you; you hated his guts, he underestimated and compared you to the others all the time, and he was an asshole to you most of the time, but there was something in him that made you let go the way you did. Whatever that something was, it had you writhing on his lap like a cat in heat, and you knew he was going to tease you so much in the following day.
You could care less, though. You were feeling so good, grinding on his bulge and kissing him stupid.
“God,” Bucky grunted. He dug his blunt nails into your skin, dragged them down and flipped you over with one smooth move. “Why can’t I resist you?” You whimpered brokenly into his mouth because, yeah, you would love to know the answer of that question. He let out a harsh exhale; his large hands pawed at your underwear, and you heard a ripping sound.
“You owe me a set,” you grumbled with a rough voice. You vaguely heard him humming approvingly and felt his hand on your bra next. Your ripped bra joined your underwear a second later, and Bucky draped his bulk over your body. He was grinding against your now-bare core, wetting up his dress pants and moaning into the crook of your neck. It felt fucking incredible. Your hands pulled on the hem of his shirt, secretly happy that he lost the tie and belt already, you moved your hands down and on to the front of his pants. The tent he made in his pants was huge, and you moaned.
“Take’em off,” you grunted. “Naked. Get naked.” Bucky hummed and pulled back to what you ordered him to. He got rid of his clothes in under half a minute, and both of you sighed deeply when your naked skins made contact.
“The way you wet my cock,” Bucky groaned. His hips moved against yours filthily, making you arch your back and moan. “I could slide right in, isn’t that right, darlin’?” You nodded. “You will let me, you will always let me, right?” You whimpered when his cock head bumped against your clit, and you nodded furiously. “And why is that? Hm?” You cried out as his hips started to move faster. “It’s because you’re mine,” he answered himself. “You’re mine and mine only. I can do whatever I want to do to you, and you will always let me because I own you.”
You arched your back even more, spreading your legs wider and throwing your head back, you whined. Bucky cursed. As much as he didn’t like you very much, he couldn’t deny that the sight right before him was fucking amazing. He groaned. Grabbing his dick, he lined it up and slid home in one go, making you gasp loudly. He could get used to these sounds, he thought.
“Yeah, jus’ like that, baby,” he hummed. “Let go. Scream. Sing. C’mon.” You whined as he started to move his hips. His cock was stroking all the soft and sensitive spots you have in your pussy, bringing tears to your eyes because it was just that good. You did as he said and cried out, gasped and whine loudly. You were going to deny that you made all of these sounds the next day, so you let them echo in the room freely.
For a while, both of you lost yourselves into the pleasure and good feeling of skin-to-skin contact. His cock was grazing over all the spots that had you gasping and moaning so sweetly into his mouth. They were driving Bucky crazy. He could feel that his orgasm was edging closer as his hips picked up the pace. You were moaning, groaning, whimpering and whining into his ear, curling into his body as he pounded into you when you decided to tease with him back. 
“Daddy,” you whimpered. “Fuck, Daddy, so fucking good!” You bared your throat to him as you felt his pace falter and felt him coming with a shocked gasp. You froze for a second before you chuckled. 
“Shut the fuck up,” he grumbled breathlessly. Your orgasm was right there, but you couldn’t stop yourself from giggling. Bucky grunted as he pulled out. He cursed. “I said shut up.” You just giggled harder. You never imagined calling him Daddy would make him come that fast, but you weren’t complaining. It was weirdly ethereal to watch him come. You heard him grumble one more time before your world turned upside down as he flipped your over on your belly and slammed inside you, all hard and ready to go again. 
You cried out. He immediately set up a punishing pace; the back of your thighs getting kissed by his own harshly, the obscene sound of slicked skin slapping against each other was echoing in the room and you could faintly hear the wet sounds that your pussy was making. You groaned throatily. 
“You’re not giggling now, are you?” He asked, voice tone all mean and rough. You shivered. He gave you a particularly hard thrust and made you choke on your next breath. He grabbed your hair, pulled it back and exposed your throat. “Aw, you’re crying, lookit you.” You sobbed. His cock was touching and grazing and stroking your sensitive walls so perfectly that tears wouldn’t stop rolling down your cheeks. 
“F-fuck, Bucky!” You cried out. You heard him tsk at your ear. 
“That was not what you called me a minute ago, now, was it?” He licked your neck, sucked on your earlobe and scratched the skin of your shoulder with his scruff. 
“Daddy!” You sobbed. Bucky let out an approving hum. “Daddy, please! Fuck, ‘m so close, please!” Bucky made a thoughtful sound as his pace got faster. 
“You laughed at me, bub,” he said. “I don’t know if I should let you come.” You whimpered. Bucky pulled on your hair more, making you arch your back deeper and baring your throat more. He leaned in. His thrusts slowed down, but with a slight elevation of your hips, they were suddenly long and deep. You gasped. 
“Please,” you whispered. Your orgasm was right fucking there. You were so close that you could taste it, taste the blinding pleasure waiting to explode behind your eyelids. You clenched around him, dug your nails into his thick thighs and tried to move your hips against his. 
“Bubba,” he whispered, sounding strangled. “What are you doing?” You whined. 
“Please, Daddy,” you whispered back. “Please, ‘m so close. Fuck, Bucky, please.” You clenched around him one more time. Bucky growled. 
“Fine,” he said, letting go of your hair, he pressed your face into the mattress as he started to pound into you with hard, quick and deep thrusts. You screamed. Your nails dug into his thighs fully, making him gasp at the pain and making him move even faster. “Only I can fuck you like this, you hear me?” You nodded. “Only I can make you fucking lose it.” 
“Yes, yes, yes, only you, fuck,” you babbled. Bucky groaned loudly. 
“Come,” he rasped. “Fucking hell, bubba, come.” 
With a loud gasp and choked off groan, you clenched around him tighter than ever and came on his cock. The breath knocked right out of your chest, mouth dropped open as you squeezed your hands on his legs. There was a buzzing sound in your ears, drowning out all the other noises around you. You vaguely felt him reach his own peak for a second time, filling you up with his come. You hummed. He pulled out, rolling onto your side with a huff, both of you lay like that for a while. 
“It doesn’t change a thing, you know that, right?” He said. You frowned lightly but nodded. 
“I still don’t like you either, don’t worry,” you murmured. “This was the first and the last time you ever fucked me, so,” you shrugged. “Hope you enjoyed.” You heard him hum. 
“I did,” he muttered. “I wouldn’t be so sure about this being the last time, though.” You let out a harsh laugh. 
“I’m not fucking you again, Barnes,” you said and got off the bed. “Go get yourself a fleshlight if you’re so desperate.” As you disappeared into the bathroom, Bucky frowned. Two seconds later, he was up and following you in to the bathroom. “What─ Get out.” 
“Why would I need a fleshlight when I have you to fuck my frustration out of?” He asked. “We both know it’s convenient for us both. Missions go bad, we find each other and fuck the extra adrenaline out of our system. Would it be so bad?” You narrowed your eyes at him. 
“Yes. I can’t be with someone in any way when they humiliate and underestimate me all the time,” you said and pushed him out of the bathroom. “If you excuse me,” you added, closing the door on his shocked face. 
“Fuck,” he whispered. He had some apologizing to do, apparently, and that was okay. Bucky would find a way. He always did.
i'm so sorry. i apparently forgot how to write smut and how to end a fic. please tell me what you think!
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weepingvoidpenguin · 6 months ago
Unfortunately Yours
Summary: When you and Bucky successfully infiltrate a HYDRA auction, you’re told to stay another day due to max capacity on the jet. But how are you going to survive a night alone with this insufferable Super Soldier? Especially considering the miniscule size of the room and the obvious dilemma presented; who gets the bed?
Warning: S M U T , the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written, language, spit kink, daddy kink, ptsd symptoms, slight voyeurism, slight exhibitionism, hate-s e x, rough, more like enemies-to-lovers kind of thing, gagging, m!receiving, f!receiving, lots of receiving lol, 18+, M
Word Count: 10.6K (Whhhyyyyy)
Tumblr media
   Your body burned with exhaustion and the sheer weight of your extremities felt enough to drag you to the floor and mirror a coma with the length of your hibernation. You no longer had the minimal strength required to pick up your feet properly which resulted in the sound of shuffling to fill the small, and by small you meant miniscule, room you’d been assigned to. 
   Well, you and Bucky had been assigned to.
   You’d both played your parts well enough over the course of the last few hours. You’d sauntered into the ran-shacked looking bar with Bucky’s arm tossed lazily over your shoulder, his distaste for the assignment evident on his face, but he’d cleared it away the second his foot crossed the threshold. He pulled you in tighter to his body and raised his chin into the air, emitting the energy of a man not to be trifled with. You’d portrayed your role as a damsel just as, if not more, convincing as Barnes’ opposite. Your shoulders hunched over and your steps were small and quivering, the wig on your head a tool used to curtain the hair in your face. 
   You were the lamb to this White Wolf.
   Word had traveled through the dark and twisted grapevine that a certain showing of sorts took place tonight and a high-ranking target was rumored to be amongst its audience. You and Barnes were on the first flight to Germany within minutes.
   Bucky had pulled you through the crowd moving along to the thundering music in the background and halted at the edge of the bar. His grip on your shoulder tightened once he’d caught the man’s attention and you winced, his fingers digging a little too deep for your liking.
   The bartender scanned you over and took in your frame, making you feel smaller than you had already displayed yourself to be. It took him a while to conclude but when he took in Bucky’s domineering gaze, a look as if to say Deny me, I dare you, he nodded once and wrote something down on a napkin, sliding it over to Bucky.
   Scum. All of them. 
   You nearly blew your cover trying to throw Bucky a look but you refrained from the hellfire clawing its way out of you. You had to be perfectly in control, emotions and beliefs aside. You were a damsel and you had to make certain they believed that. You knew they were watching; they always were.
   “Relax,” Bucky hissed, pulling you under his arm and bringing his lips to your ear.
   “When you pretend you’re the one being put up for auction, then you can tell me to relax,” you muttered, never looking up from the ground.
   “I have been.” When you paused your movement, he pulled away to scan the room, “Nothing’s gonna happen to you. I promise.” He led you backstage and turned the corner to a dimly lit hallway, barren of any decoration in sharp contrast to every other section of the building, “Besides, once they realize how insufferable you are, they’ll be begging me to take you back,”
   He opened an iron door and pushed you into the room, sending you tumbling down onto the carpet. He tsked, stepping over you and not looking back after shutting the door behind himself. You counted thirteen pairs of feet and judging by the way some of them were turned towards you, they had to be watching. You observed your hands for a second, counting slowly until you figured you’d stalled long enough and sent your trembling gaze to the exit. Bucky let out a low chuckle and clasped his hand around your upper arm, launching you back onto your feet and twisting your body to face him.
   Oh, darling, German fluently escaped his tongue and you nearly rolled your eyes at the condescending tone settled in his words, You know better than that, don’t you?
   His hold tightened and you winced, holding back the whimper in your throat. If you saw any hint of a bruise forming on your arm, you would give him hell later . . . and possibly even if you didn’t.
   You bit your tongue and let him lead you towards a leather chair before he pulled you swiftly down onto his lap where his hand remained on your thigh, brushing the inside softly. Had you not been so annoyed, you’d have been humiliated at all the stares devouring the scene unfolding before them. 
   Good girl, he drawled and pressed your back flat up against his chest where he could put you on display.
   You knew you should’ve been annoyed, or at least settled so into your role as his temporary whore-for-sale that the sensation coming alive between your thighs shouldn’t have made an appearance. But sometimes, the way Bucky brought his voice down real low and cooed an insult or jest your way just had an affect that your body would not deny. It kept you awake a lot.
   Instead, you swallowed hard and let yourself be splayed against him. You ignored the scent of sandalwood in his cologne.
   Your body trembled from the cold breeze floating around in the room and you shifted in Bucky’s lap to block everyone’s sight from the way your chest reacted to the change in temperature.
   Don’t be shy, he murmured and removed your arms from your breasts, letting the thin, practically see-through fabric show you to the world.
   “Buc-” You started, your panic creeping through the cracks at the cheshire sneers sent your way, but at the first sign of your discomfort, he retracted his hands and twisted you around gently, throwing your legs over the side of the chair and spreading them but forcing your upper half to face him. Effectively, cutting your chest off from their line of sight.
   You trembled out a sigh and he grabbed your face tightly, drawing your eyes to his. He examined you, his hardened gaze shouting words he couldn’t currently say. But you understood. He could be a jerk, but he wasn’t a bad man.
   Your body instinctively leaned into him for warmth as another breeze engulfed you, resulting in a shiver that made its way up your spine. “Are they still looking?” you inquired and he gripped your neck with a ferocity that made you squirm in his lap. Fuck.
   He pulled your ear to his lips and licked the helix. You whimpered. “No,” he whispered, running his thumb along your jawline, “But if you don’t quit fucking squirming you’re gonna have a problem, Doll,”
   You opened your mouth in question when you felt a sudden twitch on your backside and you swallowed. Hard. He never broke eye contact with you, instead choosing to raise a brow in mocking. Your chest heaved up and down and how you could feel his breath grazing on your cheek almost had you rubbing your legs together for some form of desperate friction. No, you had to keep yourself composed, keep the act going. But he’d seen it. All of it.
   You nod your head and slowed your breathing down until he released his grip around your throat and turned his attention towards the dim stage. You leaned back into him and followed suit, making sure to keep your attention downcast and appear disheveled. 
   “There,” Bucky whispered after a few minutes and you lifted your head only to find the man you had come all this way for walking straight towards you.
   Like a moth to a flame.
   “How much?” The older man inquired, his grotesque gaze settled on your spread legs.
   Bucky looked up at the balding man as if this was the first time he’d noticed his presence, “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?” 
   The man lifted his brow, or what would’ve been, and smiled wickedly, “I’ll give you double your price if you give her to me now,” he offered, his eyes slithering up to the apex of your thighs and this time you didn’t have to fake the shiver running up your spine. 
   A small smirk formed on Bucky’s face and he waved his hand dismissively at him, “Get in line,”
   The old man sneered but Bucky was right, most everyone had their attention fixated on what was happening currently and it was apparent there was, indeed, a line. 
   Bucky rested his gloved hand on your upper thigh and gripped tight, whether to refrain from hitting the guy or just to touch you, he wasn’t sure but he couldn’t keep you away when the man said, “I’ll give you four times the asking price but I want her now,” 
   Bucky’s grip on your thigh tightened and you squeaked at the pain, jumping slightly in his lap. “How about I give her to you for free for ten minutes and you tell me if you can handle her,”
   You jerked your head towards Bucky and furrowed your brows. Free? Dick. You nearly scoffed.
   The man gripped onto your calf and you shifted to kick his hand away when Bucky’s own shot out and and ripped his off of you, “Don’t touch my stuff,” he spit and the man let out a yell but that only spurred Bucky on and he tightened his fist, “Until terms are agreed upon, she remains mine to do with as I please. Understood?”
   The man nodded hastily and Bucky threw you off his lap when he stood up. “Anyone else?” Bucky shouted to the room, daring others to test his limits when it came to you. After a few moments of silence Bucky scoffed, “I didn’t fucking think so,”
   Bucky’s grip on the man remained and he stared down at the hunched figure, “Now, you,” he addressed and the room remained silent. This was allowed here. 
   Normally, merchandise couldn’t be touched until it was purchased. No buying before the auction, no discussing what you’re offering, no negotiating but most importantly don’t try to steal from anyone. These are criminals and that being said, they handle things amongst themselves. They know the rules and the risks they take breaking them.
   So, when Bucky drags the poor bastard away, you follow right behind him. Not a protest to be heard. Bucky throws open the door we entered through and finds the nearest room before chucking the HYDRA agent inside and locking the door behind you. 
   The room was brightly lit, with all four walls a dull cream color and dark brown couches strewn casually about. There’s no real order to this place. All cement corners and LED bulbs. Pure business. 
   “Let ‘em know,” Bucky orders and you turn around to argue only to find the man pulling a gun out of his jacket pocket.
   You jerk suddenly and kick Bucky square in the stomach, launching him towards one of the couches just as a shot rings out. You blanch at the sound, the noise filling your head and drowning everything else out. You hear yelling but you can’t make out the words, only the panic intermingled within them. Your hand reaches out around you and you grip the small button lined into your thin clothing, pressing it four times how you’d been instructed.
   Everything moved slowly and people began filing into the room. How did they get here so fast? No. It wasn’t possible, they were a quarter mile down the road, there was no way they were your backup. 
   Hands began flying in the air and you were picked up and dropped multiple times, each time landing harder than the last. You tried to blink back the spinning but the blows landing on your face and torso made it all the worse. 
   Instinctively, you threw your hands up to protect your face and fought to find some footing to help. Bucky was good but he wasn’t a God, he would need help. When the first blow met your forearms you reached out to grasp the hand and used your other to drive your fist right into the person’s nose. The bone crunched under your blow.
   You took a hit, then another when you managed to analyze the enemy’s fight pattern and waited until he left himself open before driving your knee into his rib cage. He bent over in pain and you grabbed him by the hair, hearing another crack when you shoved your elbow upwards against his nose. 
   You heard a shout and whipped your head over to see Bucky on his back, a looming figure with a gun aimed straight towards him. You galvanized towards them and threw yourself in the air, using your weight to kick him off of Bucky when another shot rang out. 
   Bucky shot up and crushed the gun with his metal arm. You scoured the room for the familiar HYDRA agent but found him nowhere. You shot out of the room, knocking into an opposing wall as you turned the corner and ducked when the sound of a bullet whizzed past you. 
   This is not going good. You had lost your target and rummaged through room after room until you’d become lost. Fuck. Where the hell did he run off to? You winced after breaking out into a sprint but pressed on, not allowing yourself to slow down. There was no way you were going to fail this mission, especially after coming so close to success.
   Sweat trailed down your face and your muscles screamed at you to halt, their exhaustion beginning to wear you down. Your breathing grew rapid and your vision blurred and just as you went to lean on a wall to rest, your shoulder exploded out in pain and you collapsed with a cry.
   “Dirty whore,” the HYDRA man seethed, a cane raised over his head. He brought it down and you spun to the side, feeling the air breeze past your ear.
   Your hand latched onto the cane and you shoved it into his gut, pushing him away. SHIELD wanted this guy alive, so alive they would receive him. That didn’t mean he had to come in one piece though. 
   You tore the walker out of his hand just as he tumbled onto his ass. You stood up, grunting along the way and hovered over his body, fear sprawled along his features. 
   “You can either stay still or get beat with your own cane, it’s your choice,” you offered, aching to bring the walker down onto his face. “Please test me. Please.” You begged.
   His gaze shifted between you and the weapon and he brought his trembling hands up in defeat. He must’ve been an agent of some Intelligence branch because his fighting abilities were evidently subpar at best.
   You sighed, sad to see the opportunity go but brought the cane down none the less. “That’s unfortunate,”
   You turned your attention to the sound of running coming around the corner and moved to drag and hide your captive in a nearby closet only to roll your eyes when Bucky came ‘round. You tossed the cane back and forth between your hands and smiled proudly towards the agent on the floor.
   “Look who I caught,” you toyed and were met with a grunt.
   “Only because you let him get away,” he retorted, pulling the balding man up to his feet.
   Everything began to slow and the hellfire you’d kept under mounds of ice had finally melted through its freezing cage. “What?”
   He turned his back towards you and trudged the hesitant man behind him towards the exit.
   “I said,” you hollered, not caring how the halls carried your echo, “What?”
   “I heard what you said,” he called back to you, not bothering to turn around.
   And there you were left, frozen and dumbfounded for five solid minutes before you could pull yourself together enough to stomp your way back towards the rendezvous point. You remained hazy for the most part while debriefing. You tried to recount everything but the way your anger engulfed you in its flame obscured your memory so you kept it short. 
   It was quickly brought up that SHIELD captured more HYDRA agents than expected and were gonna be at max capacity so you and Bucky had to stay at a base a few miles down the road. You grumbled in compliance but Bucky didn’t respond, not even a godforsaken grunt.
   What SHIELD had failed to mention though, was that this bunker was clearly meant for one. It barely counted as a room. There was a small bathroom in the corner just big enough for a shower and toilet. No sink. And a small counter with just enough space for a stove, microwave and radio. If you were to lay down vertically or horizontally you’d nearly be touching wall each way. Not to mention the singular bed.
   And that’s how you got to where you were now. Miniscule room. Exhausted body. Drained mind. Patience long gone. 
   You huffed and dropped your bag in front of the entrance before walking to the bathroom and turning to slam the door closed. You turned the faucet on and ripped the wig off, discarding your clothes in a pile before stepping into the shower. The warm water was nice and welcoming but your body already felt aflame so you twisted the knob and held your breath when the cold stream trickled down your body. It was difficult to breathe at first, but your body soon adjusted to the temperature and you began wiping the muck off your skin with the bar of soap supplied. But that’s all the was supplied. Clearly, this place was meant to be a quick pit stop. 
   You sat on the hard floor as the water streamed onto your body. You could nearly fall asleep to its rhythm; It was only when your head hit the wall that you realized you were so you begrudgingly stood up and shut off the water. You grabbed the only towel in the bathroom and pat yourself dry, noticing just then that you left your clothes outside.
   You let out a long sigh and twisted open the doorknob to find Bucky toying with the radio on the counter; not even purposefully, just looking for something to do while he waited. 
   You opened your mouth to ask him to hand you your bag but after what he said to you earlier you’d sooner eat hot coals than ask him to do anything for you. You stepped out of the bathroom, towel wrapped neatly around your chest and you bent over to open your bag. The shuffling on the radio stopped. 
   “You could’ve at least left me some warm water,” he grumbled and you rolled your eyes.
   You searched in your bag for the fresh clothes residing there only to turn around when you found them and have the bathroom door shut in your face. 
   “Are you fucking kidding me?” You shouted, pounding your fist against the door.
   You could hear the water running and you groaned, pounding harder. The door opened for a split second and you were hit in the face with the clothes you’d left inside only for it to instantly be slammed shut again.
   You punched the door with all the frustration built up over the past few hours and felt the wood crack with your force. Why did this man have to be incredibly baffling? You were not nearly paid enough to deal with such an unbearable partner. He would have you bald from stress before you knew it. 
   You spent the next few minutes grumbling to yourself after you changed and scribbled your frustration onto a small notebook you took with you everywhere. It was only when you heard the water shut off did you remember something. You still had the only towel. A villainous smirk tugged at your lips and you placed the folded towel on the edge of the bed, away from the door.
   Then you heard the creak. “I will walk out naked if you don’t give me the towel,” Bucky threatened.
   You shrugged despite him not being able to see you from your position on the bed, “I’ll just laugh at your dick,” 
   “You weren’t laughing earlier,” he shot back.
   Oh. So he did remember. Good. You thought he’d gotten amnesia within the past few hours, maybe he was just too ashamed to mention it.
   “Too disgusted to insult. Plus, I was playing a character,”
   “Fine,” he responded and quickly came into view, haughtily sauntering over to your side and you shouted.
   “Dear God!” You held the towel up to block your sight of his barren body. It was disgusting. He was all wet, hair dripping onto his muscled torso, water gleaming off his taut skin, 5 o’clock shadow drenched and straight out of a wet dream. Jesus.
   “Prude,” he commented, snatching the towel from your grasp and wrapping it around himself. 
   “Respectable,” you corrected, crossing your arms and shoving him away. “You get the floor,”
   He lifted his duffle off the ground and rummaged through it. “Then I get the blanket,”
   “You get fuck all,” you stated, flipping off the lamp beside you and snuggling into the warm cot.
   When the shuffling stopped and the bathroom light was shut off, you shut your eyes and let the wear of the day grab at you, lulling you into the beginning of slumber. That is, until the blanket was hauled from around you, damn near throwing you onto the floor. You shouted out and caught yourself last minute. 
   “Barnes!” You yelled, steadying yourself and reaching over the edge to grab the blanket back. Your hand fisted at the faux fur and you pulled with all your might to no avail. 
   He swatted you away as though you were a pesky fly and reached over to turn the light of the lamp on. You glowered at him and stood, wrapping the blanket around your arm and pulling upwards. Your arm strained to its capacity but the man on the floor didn’t budge. Only turned his back to you and shut his eyes. You reached over yourself and flipped the switch of the lamp, once again immersing yourself in the comforting darkness. 
   Bucky stiffened and opened his eyes then turned and froze you in your spot with his stare. He reached around and lit the lamp, slowly retracting his arm and daring you to turn it off again. So you did.
   He yanked the blanket from your grasp and threw you back onto the bed, bringing light into the room. “Light stays on,” he growled.
   “No! You’ve had your goddamn way since you stepped foot into this room. Light goes off and I get the blanket!” You shouted, not concerned about anyone else hearing considering the room was soundproof.
   “No. You get the bed so I get the blanket. Tell me how that doesn’t make sense,” he countered.
   You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of admitting that it did, in fact, make sense. The floor here was wooden and clearly uncomfortable, plus he hadn’t even argued about the bed situation. 
   You retreated, “Fine, light still goes off,”
   Silence fell between the two of you but you weren’t budging. Barnes had faced plenty of monsters, he could handle the dark. 
   “I need the noise to fall asleep,” he admitted and it was then you could hear the slight hum the bulb emitted.
   You didn’t speak for a while but reared back and pulled out your phone, “What do you want to listen to?” You scrolled through a few sounds you had stored on your phone, “We’ve got: nature sounds, frequencies, guided meditations, etc. You name it, but I’m not sleeping with this forsaken light on,”
   Bucky studied you, his expression changing a mile a minute but the one of indifference conquered, “Rain,” 
   You nodded once and selected the audio, placing the phone face up on the nightstand and turning the light off for the last time. Hopefully. You hunkered down into the thin mattress and reached down, grasping at the thick blanket. When you pulled, there was some give. He’d let you get just enough needed to cover your body if you laid at the very edge and your hand hovered in the air when you laid your arm over the side.
   Minutes flew by with your eyes shut and the exhaustion slithered over your body but your mind ran wild with the events from earlier. You tried not to get angry or sad or . . . bothered. Your breathing deepened when you began to succumb to your body’s fatigue and you drifted inch by inch into the welcoming void lulling your name.
   You didn’t hear when he shifted, only managed to register the faint tracing of his fingertips on your hand before finally giving out.
   You weren’t sure what time it was when you opened your eyes for the first time that night. This regularly happened. You’d wake up multiple times during the night to shift positions or throw off the sheets, no matter how insignificant the desire, your body always found a way to wake you for it.
   You opened your eyes slowly to a hazy vision and blinked at the sitting figure on the floor, “Bucky?” You croaked, bringing a hand up to wipe at your face, “What time is it?”
   “It’s almost one, go back to sleep,”
   “What are you doing?” You persisted, ignoring his demand and sitting up slowly, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”
   A heartbeat. Then another. And another. He didn’t care to elaborate.
   “Do you want the bed?” You offered, stretching yourself out and already placing yourself down on the floor, “It’s too hot up there, anyway,”
   His attention turned to you for the first time but you’d already began closing your eyes, not really having the energy to argue with him. You could hear shuffling from his spot and the ground disappeared below you, strong hands grasping your body and lifting you up to place you gently back onto the cot.
   “I prefer the floor,” he insisted, wrapping the blanket around you, “Besides, you’re a horrendous liar,”
   You didn’t hold back the singular chuckle, your haze still enveloping you. “Then why aren’t you sleeping?”
   He sat at the foot of the bed, his hand hovering over your leg in hesitation, “It’s complicated.” He dropped his hand to his side.
   “Isn’t the rain helping?” you mumbled, your sight now adjusting to the dark.
   “Then what?” 
   “I just . . . don’t want to wake you,”
   “Well, I’m already awake if that makes you feel better,” you jeered, a small smile forming on your lips.
   “It doesn’t,”
   “Nothing does,” you retorted, the inevitable annoyance you always felt when conversing with him already made its way up into your tone.
   He scoffed and stood from the bed, placing himself in the same spot on the floor with his head leaned up against the wall and his arm resting on his perched knee. 
   “Oh, so now you can’t handle a little attitude,” your tone came out incredulous, “You didn’t have any issues earlier when you blamed me for that guy’s escape. Which, he didn’t even get to do, might I add,”
   “I was projecting,” he replied, gaze still focused on the door opposite to him.
   You blinked, “Are you so tired that you’re actually admitting to being a dick?”
   “I know I can be a dick, but you threw yourself straight into the line of fire twice today. So I don’t really give a shit if I was mean to you,”
   “I only did that because you almost got shot twice today. Don’t take your anger out on me for your incompetence. Just say ‘thank you’ and move on already,”
   “Incompetence?” His head jerked in your direction. “What was incompetent was that you couldn’t keep yourself composed,”
   You sat up. “What in the hell are you talking about? My behavior is what got our target to basically give himself up to us! It was me that trapped him, not you!” His composure tensed and you crossed your arms over your chest, “You’re just mad your dick got hard so if anything you’re the one who couldn’t keep their compos-” His hand was wrapped around your throat and you were pinned to the mattress before you could finish your sentence.
   “Shut the fuck up,” he hissed at you, his face mere inches from yours.
   “Why?” You spoke hoarsely around his tightening grip, “Does the Big Bad Wolf not like that he was turned on? Who’s the prude now?”
   “Turned on?” He spat, his free hand resting by your head to cage you in, “You think what you did earlier turned me on?”
   You grasped at the hand around your throat and pried slightly to speak, “Fight me or fuck me, Barnes. But stop lying to yourself, it’s getting old,”
   The room seemed to freeze over and Bucky paused. His hesitation was enough to elicit the fire from earlier and your legs squirmed a little underneath him. God, you hoped he chose the latter.
   Then his lips crashed against yours. 
   You squeaked at the sudden onslaught but threw your arms around his shoulders and pulled him in tighter against you. He dropped when you intertwined your legs, his full weight pressing against you deliciously. You ground up against him, your core aching from the previous hours and the small friction elicited a moan from the both of you. 
   “So impatient,” he scolded, bringing the hand from around your throat down to your hips and pressing you into the bed. “What a whore,”
   His breath danced along your cheek and you mewled at his words. Gods, he was going to be the death of you. Or the beginning. 
   You breathed in deeply, his sandalwood scent intoxicating you in a manner that alcohol never could. When you drank, you were just drunk. But when you took a sip from the tall glass that was Bucky, it brought you to life. Your body sang melodies wherever you were plastered against each other and your skin burned with need.
   Touch me, your body screamed, touch me.
   “Fuck off,” you groaned and Bucky jerked your head to the side, exposing your neck for him to scavenge.
   The goosebumps that danced across your skin when he ran his warm tongue up from the curve of your neck to the bottom of your ear brought an arrogant smirk onto Bucky’s face. You ran your fingers through his hair and tugged when he reached a particularly sensitive spot that had your legs shaking when he kissed it sloppily. 
   Your mouth hung open in silent pleasure and your breaths were short and rapid, your body betraying all forms of control you previously had over yourself. The hand that wasn’t residing in his hair trailed down his muscled arm and you gripped at the brawn this man possessed. His skin reminisced lightly of silk despite the rough texture of his hands. 
  The same hands that now made its way into your hair and tugged at the strands at the base of your neck, jolting your chin higher into the air. Your grip tightened around his biceps and the strength they emitted sent a pool rushing to your core. You continued hunting until you found the hem of his black, cotton shirt and you made your way up his taut abdomen. You let out a sigh and he jumped lightly at the sensation of your cool fingertips across his scorching skin. It was a nice contrast for him. 
   You gripped at the shirt and hastily ripped the cotton upward. Bucky broke away from his descent down to your chest to let you remove the fabric and you’d suddenly wished you’d turned the lights on first. He mimicked your action and tossed your shirt in a deserted corner of the room to potentially be abandoned. You gasped when the cold air of the room grazed upon the perked mounds of your breasts. 
   His lips returned to their spot on the dip of your neck and his tongue slithered down in between your breasts. Your breath hitched when his wet muscle made its way up to the apex of your chest. His right hand mirrored his tongue and swirled around your nipple, his teeth pulling eagerly every so often and you hissed at the delectable pain. Your eyes devoured the scene unfolding on your chest and you reached over to flick the light on, desperate for a clearer image.
   Bucky halted and his metal arm reached over to switch the light back off but you swatted his hand away and he backed up lightly, his irritation evident on his face.
   “I want to watch,” you grumbled and shifted up to bring your lips back up to his. He let you. He pushed back lightly with his own lips and leaned in sync with your movements. He parted his mouth slightly and you followed suit, letting him lead his way into yours with the same muscle he’d just had flicking across your breasts.
   The light went off.
   You pushed him away and shot towards the switch but metal met your wrist firmly enough to keep you in place. “Bucky.” You wrestled against his hold and turned your full attention back to the figure hovering above, “I want to see you,” 
   Despite the darkness, you noticed his mouth twitch but his grip on your wrist remained solid. You sprawled back onto the bed and wrapped your free hand around the back of his neck and pulled him down onto you, pressing his surprisingly soft lips onto yours. You broke apart, his lips a hair’s breadth away from your own. “I want to see you,” 
   He didn’t move, only scanned your face over a few times and you brought him back down into a kiss. This one wasn’t like before. This one was warm, soft, patient. A ballet compared to its previous mosh pit. He danced along with you, an admission hidden somewhere in his tenderness.
   You hadn’t realized you’d been freed of his hold until you were wrapping that arm over his shoulder and the sound of a light humming began.
   “Fucker,” you jeered and the previous gentleness dissipated.
   “Shut up,” he ordered, pinning you back onto the bed and resumed his ministration on your breasts.
   The moan slipped past your lips at the sight and your chest heaved upwards, desperate for more stimulation. You licked your lips at how his mouth encased your nipple, his tongue flicking against the perked skin and you dropped your head back, shutting your eyes. You centered all of your attention anywhere that his bare skin touched your body and rubbed your aching clit against his v-line. 
   Your chest was pressed against the mattress before you could register what happened and the hard smack that met your ass evoked a yelp. Bucky pressed fully against your backside and he ground his dick down into your ass. He groaned at the sensation and you raised your ass onto him. You yelped again when Bucky ripped your leggings down and smacked the exposed skin on your ass.
   “Try something like that again and I’ll gag you around my cock ‘til you’re crying,” he growled, “Understood?”
   You nodded, wide-eyed and a mewling mess from the threatening promise of this God. 
   “Good girl,” he cooed, rubbing at the raw skin. “Now stay still for Daddy,”
  Bucky’s hand lingered on your reddening ass and the mattress dipped when he shifted to your side. He traced gentle circles onto your backside and pressed his lips on your shoulder blade, the butterfly kisses making their way down towards your spine and then lower. Your breathing grew uneven from the sheer amount of restraint you displayed. Your grip on the edge of the bed tightened when his tongue dragged from the point where your thigh and ass met all the way up to the bottom of your spine.
   “Fuck,” You shuddered, white-knuckling the blanket beneath you.
   Your skin blazed when you were met with another harsh slap. You mewled at the sensation, loving the fire that spread across your flesh and relaxed when his metal hand cooled the area. 
   Then his teeth bit into the cooling flesh and you jerked away despite yourself. Bucky tsked lowly and you chuckled at the hint of fear sprouting in your chest; you did not want to see whatever sinister expression resided on his face. 
   A strong hand gripped the roots of your hair and hauled you up. You followed his direction and knelt onto the ground between Bucky’s sprawled out legs, settling in your new position.
   “Oh, Doll,” he chastised, “you were so close,”
   “That shouldn’t count,” you retorted while Bucky pulled the blanket off the bed and lifted you up with his metal arm, shoving the barrier between your knees and the hard ground.
   “But it does.” His hands dove into his underwear and sprung his cock out onto your lips. “Now get to work,”
   Your eyes widened at the sight before you and you had to physically hold back from gulping. You were ashamed to admit your mouth watered in anticipation. You lifted your hands from his sculpted thighs and wrapped them around his length, enveloping just the tip past your parted lips. Bucky sighed and twitched in your mouth.
   You welcomed him in fully, or as much as you could anyway, and got straight to work, not bothering to act abashed at your desire. Your tongue swirled around his tip and you leaned into him until he hit the back of your mouth but you continued on, gagging around him when he’d gotten inside your throat. Bucky groaned when your throat tightened around him and he threw his head back, using his flesh hand to guide you up and down his shaft, showing you what he liked and didn’t. 
   “Fuck, Doll,” he groaned, “Just how I imagined your mouth would feel,”
   You pulled off him to comment when he shoved you all the way down to the hilt and you threw your hands up onto his thighs to hold yourself back. He used his metal arm to hold himself up and thrusted up into your salivating mouth desperately. He continuously hit the back of your throat and thick saliva coated his cock. Just as he promised, tears prickled at the corners of your eyes and he didn’t stop until your cheeks were drenched in the liquid.
   You let your jaw hang open, your tongue no longer swiveling around meticulous spots that you knew would make his legs buckle. No, you let him have the reigns. Let him fuck your mouth ‘til your throat grew bruised and jaw ached with fatigue. You committed his cries of pleasure to memory, the sounds euphoric to your ears. 
   He lifted his head and stared down at you with half-closed eyes. He was in heaven and you knew it. He watched you, how the tears trailed down, how your hands gripped at his thighs, how you stuck out your tongue just as you’d made it to the base of his cock to lick his balls in the most intoxicating way. Fuck. You were the intoxicating one. You brought out this side of him. This carnal desire that became him until he’d had to step out of the room just to compose himself. And he didn’t like being out of control. That’s why he always kept you at an arm’s distance.
   But now, watching as you sat between him with your mouth agape like the good girl that you were for him, he knew he’d never deny himself this pleasure again. Especially since you were so fucking good at it.
   He groaned, pulling you off his cock and grabbed tightly at your cheeks, nearly pinching your mouth together. “Tongue out.” He growled, waiting for your compliance.
   Your jaw ached with exhaustion but you managed to stick out the wet muscle as he pulled you closer into him and watched when he parted his lips above you, letting the saliva trail down from his mouth into yours. 
   “Swallow,” he ordered.
   But it was already done, and you left your mouth hanging open for more.
   “Jesus fucking Christ,” Bucky grumbled, putting his face right up against yours and feeding you once again; this time with a sloppy kiss that coated both your mouths in saliva.
   He brought you up from the floor and tossed you onto the bed before settling between your legs. The excitement in your eyes grew and he indulged in every minute of it. Bucky’s hand trailed down from your lower abdomen right above your pubic bone and pressed his palm into your neglected clit. The cry you let out was the unholiest thing he’d ever heard. 
   He slid his finger under the waistband of your underwear and flitted his gaze back up to your eyes, “Can I?”
   You nodded eagerly, dumbfounded that he would even ask and fought the temptation to grab your phone from the nightstand and record everything that was about to unfold. 
   At the first nod, Bucky slid your underwear down your legs and made a show of bringing the material up to his face. Your own went red hot and you hid behind your hands, poking through every millisecond to shamefully watch. He threw the panties into his open duffel and you squirmed in anticipation.
   “Remember the rules?” Bucky asked, brow lifted and already descending to your inner thigh.
   You nodded again.
   “I need to hear it, Doll,” he mumbled, kissing the inner part of your thigh, each placement closer and closer to where you needed him most.
   “Yes,” you whimpered out, “I remember the rules,”
   Bucky wanted to dive right in, he really did, but the way you sprawled yourself out so vulnerable for him, it incited a new pace that he wanted to follow. So, he did. He looked at you for a few moments, watched how the anticipation danced in your eyes, how your legs shook in wait and how you were already so goddamn wet for him.
   “This all for me?” he teased, mesmerized at your desire for him.
   You dropped a hand down to your side, near where his hands were wrapped around your thighs to keep you in place - and against his face. He cocked his head to the side, waiting for your answer.
   You nodded sheepishly and when he lifted an eyebrow in mock confusion you said, “You. Just you,”
   Like music to his ears. Just him. You weren’t for anyone else. He thought he felt his heart palpitate.
   He lowered himself down to your core and kissed your lip, drawing a desperate plea from you. You couldn’t wait anymore, couldn’t deal with the teasing. You were wet enough, needy enough, ready enough to take him, all of him. You’d been ready damn near the moment you first laid eyes on his arrogant smirk.
   “Buck - please,” you cried, drawling out the final word.
   The first kiss placed upon your soaked cunt erupted a sigh of relief and you laid back on the pillow, your eyes closed and mind gone with the sensation of those sloppy kisses blessing your needs. He flattened his tongue on your lips and licked upwards, stopping when your hips twitched into his mouth.
   “Sorry!” You apologized, fighting the desire to grind into his wet muscle. He’d just gotten started and you certainly didn’t want it to end so soon.
   He lifted his gaze up to you and you bit into your fist at the view, using the extremity to hold back your moans. He flicked his attention down again and repeated his motion, lapping at your fluids ‘til his beard was soaked in it. He shook his head into your cunt and his nose rubbed along your clit. The mewling that left your mouth urged him on and when you felt his muscle prodding at your entrance you threw your head back.
   “Please, Bucky.” You begged, bringing a hand up to tease your nipple.
   He prodded some more, his tongue gliding up from your clit and back down to your entrance, poking through enough to frustrate you. He wanted you to break for him. To lose all composure and control and just let him. He wanted you to submit to him but it wasn’t just that, it was more that he wanted to destroy you for any future experience you may have without him. He wanted you to come back to him, to need him, to beg for him and leave you with the understanding that nothing - no one - could compare to him. He wanted you. To himself. 
   So, when he could no longer refrain and had to use his metal arm to hold your hips down from squirming beneath him, he slipped two thick, rough fingers into your begging cunt. And the sound you emitted caused that carnal instinct to claw at the barriers caging it in.
   Your hand shot down, tangling itself into his hair and pushing him harder against you. He allowed it. Your thighs held him in place, crushing him with your soft skin and he groaned at the warmth you gave off. You pulled your hand away from your mouth and grabbed at his metal one resting on your pubic bone, pulling it up to your chest and wrapping his fingers on the sensitive bud for him to tease. He slowly retracted from your chest and brought it back down onto your hips and you huffed in annoyance. You looked down at Bucky but his eyes were shut, completely engrossed in the feast before him. You bucked when his fingers glazed across that sensitive spot inside your velvety walls.
   “There!” You cried, your fist tightening in his hair when the all-too-familiar wave of ecstasy began to pool together, waiting for its release.
   Bucky complied, dragging the pads of his fingers up against that spot over and over again. Your legs caged him in tighter as his tongue swirled over the hyper-sensitive bundle of nerves and you cried out at the way your body tensed.
   “Fuck,” you cried, your hands desperately grasping onto Bucky’s metal wrist and tugging at the roots of his hair. Bucky’s groan of pleasure was what tipped you over the edge.
   You gasped when the pool building released, your body shaking with euphoria and the flood crashed down onto you. And apparently, onto Bucky as well. He pulled his mouth away but continued rubbing at your clit when warm liquid squirted onto his face and his expression of surprise mirrored your own.
   When Bucky looked up at you, your face burned with embarrassment and you threw your head back, using your hand to cover your countenance. Not to mention the sight of him with your juices all over his mouth was one of the hottest things you’d ever witnessed.
   Bucky chuckled at your sheepish apology and removed your hand from your face, bringing his soaked mouth up to yours and having you taste yourself. You devoured each other, your arms wrapped tightly around the other, pulling so fiercely at the innate desire to become one in shared pleasure. He could feel his pride swell at your hidden confession. You’d never squirted before and he was lucky enough to be the one to give you that experience for the first time. 
   You clawed at him, divulging in the warmth his body radiated and intoxicating yourself in everything that was Bucky. You couldn’t get enough of it, of him. It was nearly too much.
   His hand trailed up to your gaping mouth and he inserted his fingers, “Clean them,” he ordered.
   Your hand gripped his wrist and pulled his fingers deeper into your mouth, never breaking eye contact with him, loving the way he ate up everything he was seeing. You noticed the way he swallowed.
   He retracted his hand and wrapped it gently behind your head so you were resting on him. He brought his full weight down onto your body and a warmth emanated in your chest when he brought his lips up against your forehead, each kiss closer and closer to your lips until they met their destination. When you parted your mouth against his, it wasn’t merely an action of carnal desire, it was like you were exchanging life forces. Merging and meeting in a manner that had your body exploding and crying out for more of the faint familiarity. Like seeing an old friend for the first time in years.
   Bucky looked down between your bodies at where you were about to connect before staring back up at you, taking you in as if he would never have this opportunity again. His thumb brushed your cheek and came to a rest on your bottom lip. “Ready?”
   You chuckled, “Fuck me,”
   He shoved inside in one clean motion and a breath of pleasure slid past both of your lips.
   “Fuck,” he groaned, his hand tightening slightly around your neck and he pulled out slowly then shot back inside and you moaned.
   You were still so sensitive from your previous climax that every brush against your clit sent you into a whirlwind of pleasure, the sensations shooting through every nerve in your body. 
   “Bucky,” you whined when his pace quickened and the sheer force of his thrusts drove you deeper into euphoria.
   He filled you just right, his girth and length impressive and you wondered why you hadn’t tried to screw him earlier. He slid past your tight walls, each thrust causing the room to echo with the sounds of skin slapping and moans of ecstasy. 
   He kept his actions controlled, not wanting to build up to something so intense just for it to fall short and end fast. No. Despite how good you felt wrapped around his aching and swollen cock, despite how warm and welcoming you were, how you spread yourself out for him to consume, he had to leash himself. This was going to be just as good for you as it was for him. 
   He kissed you one last time before gripping the back of your knees and bringing your thighs up to your chest, a shout of praise falling off your lips. He was drunk on the sight of his cock going in and out of your cunt and he threw his head back with a groan.
   “What a fucking pretty pussy,” he breathed out and you whimpered, biting your lip at the welcome profanities.
   At this angle, he was fucking against your g-spot and using his pubic bone to rub against your clit and watching the thin layer of sweat sheen off his skin was all too much to keep yourself put together. His eyebrows scrunched together and you caught him taking in your form, watching how your pleasure displayed itself on your face for him to bear witness to. Only him.
   He growled at the intrusion of thoughts that came to him. He pictured someone else in his position, someone else witnessing you so vulnerable and open to them, someone else fucking you and making you beg for them. It disgusted him. He brought his torso down and latched his teeth to your neck, biting down hard enough to have you tearing up.
   “Mine,” he growled into your ear and lulled his head forward when you tightened around him.
   A sinister smirk came to his face and he licked the shell of your ear, your breathy moans feeding him, “You like that?” He asked, pistoling further into your cunt and you shouted at the increase of pace, “You like when I tell you who you belong to?”
   Your mouth hung agape and the one arm wrapped around his shoulder pulled him closer to you, your desperation for his warmth taking control. “Fuck . . . off,” you hissed between breaths.
   He pulled out and yanked you up by your hair, twisting you around and pressing your torso into the wall but keeping your ass propped up for him to admire. You hissed at the pain when a sharp smack met your ass and your hands gripped at the wall for any way to ground yourself and prevent from becoming putty in his hands.
   Another hard smack met your ass and you lurched forward to get away from the sting. Bucky kept your head pinned to the cement, his hand holding your cheek from scraping the wall but applying a pressure that had your tongue lolling out of your mouth. 
   You moaned at the intrusion in your pussy and he plummeted in and out, a mix of your grunts and groans bouncing around the room. His pace constantly changed. One second it was fast, the next it was slow but filling, going so far as to hit your cervix a few times and leave you a crying mess under his hold. Your shoulder scraped along the wall and you fought to push away only to have your chest slammed harder against the cement.
   You brought a hand out, reaching behind yourself and grasping for Bucky’s hip, pushing him deeper into you when he slowed. Your nails dug into his flesh and the sound of his hiss shot straight to your core. 
   “What a goddamn whore,” he spat, bringing his teeth down onto your neck and you gripped at his hair.
   You laughed at his statement, “You’re the one that can’t get enough of this pussy. Why so desperate to claim it? Afraid I'll fuck someone else?” Bucky pulled you back and slammed you against the wall with vigor, causing you to flinch
   He stopped his thrusts altogether, “My patience only goes so far, Doll,” he threatened, tugging at your hair and you bit back a cry, “Choose your words wisely,”
   You nodded hastily, the rough texture of the wall digging into your cheek and splitting skin. You wriggled up against him to continue moving but he retracted completely and flipped you over so he was laying on the bed and you were straddling him.
   “Move,” he ordered, his hands digging bruises into your waist.
   You leaned over, pressing your chest against his to lift your hips up and down on him but he pushed you back up and held your arms behind your back to keep you in place. You whimpered but the cry quieted when you rubbed your clit against him and your pussy clenched at the friction. You moaned out a breathy fuck and swiveled your hips around his, noting how much deeper he filled you in this position.
   “Buck-” you huffed, eyes glued to the glistening abs beneath you. “I’m gonna cum,”
   “Already?” He jeered, an eyebrow raised in amusement.
   You’d lost all energy to sneer at him, your focus solely on how the sensation grew and began pooling in your cunt. “Cock . . . so good,” you breathed out, barely able to keep yourself from melting into him.
   “What was that, Doll?” He stilled your movements and you groaned in annoyance.
   You wriggled in his hold and you could tell by the furrow of his brow that he was fighting to keep control as well. You leaned over him, your lips hovering over his, “Mine,”
   His grip flew to the back of your neck and he crashed your lips onto his, giving you full reign again. You bounced your hips on his dick, slamming down vigorously and rubbing your clit in effect. It didn’t take long for your climax to build again.
   “’M gonna . . .” you whispered and Bucky placed you back up, gripping your hips and swiveling you around how you were earlier.
   “Cum, Doll,” he allowed, “Cum all over this cock,”
   You cried out, your toes curling as the dam in your core snapped and your climax washed over you. You hadn’t realized your fingers were intertwined with Bucky's until you came back down from your high, your chest heaving for breath.
   He sat up slowly and pressed his lips against your neck. “You’re beautiful,”
   Your body tensed at his words and you pulled away to give him a look of confusion. But he didn’t take his statement back, only slipped his hands around your back and gently placed you onto the bed, hovering over you.
   He moved with caution, like his gentleness might scare you off if he touched you too tenderly or stared too long in admiration. But he couldn’t help it, he did admire you.
   He spread your legs open and nestled between them, pushing into you slowly until your hips met and you both breathed out. His movements weren’t nearly as brutal as they were earlier, these thrusts were slow and deep and full of intention. He brought his torso down onto yours and you wrapped your legs around his waist, bringing him closer to you.
   He ran his hand, the only one he allowed himself to touch you affectionately with, through your hair and stared down at you, waiting. His gaze shifted between your lips to your eyes and he ran his thumb delicately along your mouth.
   You looked at him then, really looked at him with fresh eyes and your heart leapt into your throat at the realization. “Kiss me,” you whispered and he lowered himself onto your lips, setting off an explosion in your chest.
   “I’m yours,” he whispered, not able to bring himself to look at you, “I’ve been yours,”
   You opened your mouth to respond but he silenced you with a deep thrust and a moan erupted instead. He quickened his pace, watching where you connected and pushed deeper and harder, your cries of pleasure driving him. He had to fuck you, he couldn’t love you, he couldn’t make love to you, just fuck. That’s it. He couldn’t allow himself to replay your look of shock at his confession, though the scene would surely be on loop for the next few days until he could get over it. Just fuck. Nothing more. Not with that look of disbelief on your face.
   He held himself up with his forearms but you pressed him against you and wrapped your legs tighter around him. “Harder,” you whispered and he complied.
   He groaned when your tits bounced and brought his mouth to a nipple, the faint taste of sweat lingering on your skin. You brought his metal hand up to your chest and made him grip the flesh there but he pulled it back and placed it beside your head instead.
   “Bucky,” you whimpered and grabbed his hand again, bringing his open palm up to your lips and placing delicate kisses on the metal. “You can feel with it, right?”
   He nodded, hesitance sprawled on his face.
   “Then touch me,” you urged, bringing the hand down between your bodies and pressing the cold metal against your clit, “Feel me,”
   His brows furrowed slightly but the look of your certainty forced him to dismiss his own perceptions of his body; or rather, that arm. And when he began rubbing circles into your bundle of nerves the expression on your face made him hate it a little less. Only a little.
   You stared up at him, his pace growing erratic and sloppy and you knew he was close. “You wanna cum?” 
   He nodded, his hot breath coming out haggard and strained. You placed your hand on his cheek and brought him up to your kiss.
   “Then cum,” 
   He shook his head, “You first,” he swirled his finger around your swollen clit and you gasped at the force of his thrust.
   Your body tensed and you centered all your focus on his ministrations, “A little more pressure,” you directed and he quickly found a pressure that had you wobbling in the knees. “Close,” you murmured, gripping Bucky’s side and bringing your lips up to his neck to pepper the skin there.
   He groaned and judging by the way his dick twitched inside you, you knew he wasn’t far behind. 
   “Bucky,” you whispered, pulling his attention towards you and his gaze brought you closer to the edge, “I’m yours,”
   He blinked and his pace faltered for half a beat. He examined your facial expression, like he didn’t believe the words you’d spoken. Not like he couldn’t believe them, but like you’d said them just to appease him. 
   You placed your forehead against his, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath to center yourself in the haze of this fucking. “Yours,” you repeated, all the emotion residing in your chest poured into the singular word. 
   And then he was back to drilling you into the mattress, a new vigor fueling his thrusts. You cried out and Bucky pressed his sweaty torso flat against your own and it felt like the essence, the being, in your chest intermingled with his own and all the climaxes you’d previously experienced couldn’t hold a match to the flame, the intensity, the rawness of the one that washed over the both of you in that moment.
   Bucky moaned out, his hips bucking into yours and you rode out both of your highs. The sensation consuming and overwhelming and welcome on both ends as it flooded through your bodies, meeting at your point of contact.
   His arms flexed above you with the ferocity of his climax and the display had you writhing beneath him, already desperate for more.
   “Buck,” you whispered when his breathing evened out after he collapsed onto you.
   He didn’t respond, afraid it had all been a dream, a trick, despite still being inside you. He didn’t want to move, didn’t want to shatter the perfection of this moment. What if you’d only said that to get him to finish faster? What if you’d only fed him what he wanted to hear? What if-
   “Buck,” you repeated, pulling him from his daze and he lifted his head only slightly. You gripped his chin lightly and forced him to look you in the eye. “You’re . . . mine?”
   He wanted to shake his head, to tell you that he got caught up in the moment but instead he said, “Yours,” because he knew anything else would be a lie and he was tired of lying.
   You studied him and nodded, “Yours,” you stated, already rolling your eyes from the smirk forming on his face, “Unfortunately,”
   He brought your face to his and planted a tender kiss on your lips. He started shifting his position and grabbed the underwear he’d been wearing earlier before pulling out and using the cloth to clean the mess pooling out of you. But not before taking a mental picture, of course. 
   After a few minutes of laying together, his hand playing with a few strands of hair, you felt the warm welcome of sleep beginning to drag you into its embrace. You opened your eyes groggily and looked up at Bucky who was already looking down at you, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
   “I know about your night terrors,” you whispered and his actions halted momentarily before returning to brush through your hair, “I hear you sometimes. And I understand why you don’t want to go to sleep but,” you sat up slowly and placed the thick blanket down on the floor, dragging the pillow down with you and patting the open space beside you, “you should rest. I’ll be here to calm you or stay up with you. Whichever one you need,”
   He didn’t move at first, his ears drowning out any thought he could have while processing what you’d said. He’d stayed silent so long you’d thought you’d crossed a line.
   “I can always sleep on the bed if you’d prefer, though,”
   Bucky shook himself from his thoughts and edged closer to the floor, slowly descending into the available space and wrapping the blanket around the both of you as much as he could. “No,” he said, “I want you here,”
   You hummed in response and snuggled into his waiting arms, lightly wrapping your own around him, making sure to kiss the part of himself he hated the most before fatigue swept you up into its clutches. Bucky followed soon after. 
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feral-ballad · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rosario Castellanos, tr. by Julian Palley, from Meditation on the Threshold: A Bilingual Anthology of Poetry; “Destiny”
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weeeezley · 7 months ago
I wish my brain would stop reminding me of shit I don’t want to remember.
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sketiana · 4 months ago
people dont even do hard drugs like they used to now everything is either a Health Benefit or a mind dream soul trip to the 1500s where you an irish lesbian witch and your boyfriends irish lesbian past body fucked and died for the cause
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kronkk · 16 days ago
Diving women won't make trans men come back, or trans women less valid. Lesbians of old would be SO disappointed in you. Honestly a good amount of modern lesbians would be disappointed as well.
I dont know what Women's Diving had to do with making "trans men come back" I think you and I are watching very different sports
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iamsardoniciamromantic · 9 months ago
The fact that anger is a secondary emotion… that its source is grief… how tragic and poetic
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motherfucker00 · 3 months ago
Manipulation is when they blame you for your reaction to their disrespect
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osha-official-the-sequel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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writerbuddha · a month ago
George Lucas: "You have to work not to be angry"
"Obviously, there are people that just do the easy thing, and the easy thing is to be angry, which turns to hate. It's not an active thing; it's a passive thing. Being angry with somebody is a passive thing. You have to work not to be angry, and if you don't work at it, you'll just be angry for the rest of your life. Bitter, angry, and of course that leads to suffering - it's the bad side."
- George Lucas, Star Wars Archives
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