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#hate myself

i can’t decide which one of the best friend sqaud’s entrances is the best bc u have:

  • adora in all her dorky-ness and finger guns and talking to posters
  • catra coming out and pushing a bot down a hole, then talking seductively with adora
  • glimmer, first introduced as a commander over a princess, having an argument with her mom, the queen
  • and finally bow, who shot an arrow into glimmer’s room like he was a threat and then proceeded to be a total himbo
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⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀  ⠀ @sarcasmbit asked :  ‘ do you tell ghost stories after sex?

⠀ ⠀⠀ jackson & stiles


for a second, he just stares. allows time to pass so that stiles can take it back. never mind the fact that jackson’s dick is still out and barely five minutes had passed since he bust a nut. but alas, there is no ‘ just kidding ’. stiles is deadass, and jackson..well, he can’t even really be surprised anymore, can he?

“, no i don’t. do you want me to? is that what you’re into?”

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Quien mierda necesita comer, lo que necesito es verme al espejo y no darme asco.

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when you go quiet i hate myself

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Por que ser gorda es tan malo?

Quiero ser Bonita, quiero ser bonita, quiero se bonita,mierda soy un asco me odio tanto, no puedo siquiera ver el maldito espejo, pero por mas que lo intento no bajo de peso, soy idiota e inútil.

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I thought you were the one. I was wrong. The more time I spend without you, the more I realise how much you weren’t there for me when you were supposed to be. I wish you no ill will and I hope you find someone better suited for your needs, as I hope to find for myself. We both deserve that much..

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All my friends have their life’s sorted, happy with their bfs/gfs and me going nowhere. ME GOING NOWHERE

ME JUST BEING A WASTE. I hate myself so much 

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My mom said my life is perfect. It’s so perfect that I’d like to die, never be born. It is so perfect that is why I starve myself, I hurt myself, I have terrible thoughts in my head that make me unable to sleep and function normally. Yes, my life is fucking perfect, I’ve always dreamed of life like this:)

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i have these moments where I feel so empty and sad that I just want to destroy everything good in my life. for example I’ll break up relationship and distance myself from people that make me happy. Instead I’ll lay on my bed listening to sad music.

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i do all these self destructing things like starve, critise, purge and hurt myself

just as an attempt to like myself even a little bit

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I feel like today was an ok eating day.

Breakfast: Vanilla Matcha with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer and Stevia

Snack: one NutterButter, Cherry Coke Zero

Lunch: two small pieces of fried chicken and ten crisps (might have been less, I shared with my daughter)

Snack: one small piece of birthday cake, Earl Grey Tea

Dinner: chicken and veggie stir fry, salad with ranch dressing

Snack: 2 spoonfuls of ice cream, one Cadbury Creme Egg

I don’t know what the calorie count is, but overall I think I stayed under 1000 (currently not counting veggies and fruit towards my calorie count)

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I havn’t been activ on here the last couple of days. I didn’t have the posibility to track my calories, which has been super stressful… feels like i’ve been eating so f***ing much, i hate it and myself for not having more control!! I feel like absolute shit… I will be back to tracking tomorrow and if i can get away with it, i’ll be fasting some time in the upcoming week

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