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@ a particular VLD Lotor stan/Allura hater:

My fave is problematic and I can own that. Can you?

And we have absolutely no idea what he was going to say after that because of what she did. No one but Lotor knew what his intentions were. 

Lotor clearly stated his intentions; sacrifice the few to preserve the lives of so many more, carve out a way to Oriande, and power up his Sincline ships with the purest Quintessence energy so that he can have the best possible Defender of the Universe to protect his soon-to-exist New Altean Empire and all of it’s denizens with. Basically it’s “the ends justify the means” VS “cool motive, still murder”. His intentions and some parts of his end goal were well-meaning but the actions he chose to take to advance his agenda were unethical.

I find it hard to believe that he would work so hard for so long to, like he said, preserve Altean culture, just to kill thousands of them. 

Maybe not thousands, but hundreds would be a small fraction compared to the life Lotor had hoped to preserve, save, and keep protected. Again, this position comes from his own mouth.

Quintessence is life energy, couldn’t it be possible that one of the reasons he wanted to find it so badly was to help the Alteans?

YES. He SAID as much. But it doesn’t excuse his misdeeds.

Exactly, he could have lied or accused her. It would have gone nowhere because she is a pure Altean and in Alluras eyes that is all you have to be to be right. He could have lied but he didn’t. There is no way to know what else he was planning because no one have him a chance to explain it.

He was planning to transfer a motherload of Quintessence to the Sincline Ships that would form the Sincline Beast, the “new defender” he’d replace Voltron with whether the Paladins liked it or not, and with his remaining Altean cult he’d form his New Altean Empire that could colonize, control, and reign over the rest of the galaxy, whose free denizens he’d hoped would all willingly submit to his rule because he’d been so kind to them in reforming the Galra, helping with the Voltron Coaltiion’s restoration of other worlds that had been victimized by the Galra, and vowing to keep them all protected and safe to live in peace. That became apparent by what transpired after Lotor got outed and based on the things he canonically stated.

You sound pretty anti to me.

Seeing the character as the complex tragic antagonist he very objectively was depicted as being in canon makes me an anti? OK, I’m not surprised. This happens a lot with fictional bad guys I love.

How can you type out 4 separate messages like this and say he’s your favorite? It’s one thing to recognize a characters flaws but it is another entirely to completely argue anything that doesn’t outright damn them.

Because the things that don’t outright damn him tend to not be based in factual canonical text or basic morality. Lotor was damned for his sins in canon because he did indeed commit those sins and showed little in the way of remorse or wanting to repent for them. To try and pretend otherwise is to pretend that Lotor is a character that he simply is not and imagine that character in canon Lotor’s place. Lotor is a heavily flawed character, but he is also a villain. That’s literally what he was made to be way back in the 80′s and he still is one even in his version. A redeemable villain had the creators only allowed him the chance to seek real redemption? Absolutely. But still a villain.

You seem pretty happy with his outcome so don’t try to say you believe he deserved better.

Had the show ended at Season 6? Yeah, I’d be satisfied with that outcome even though it’d hurt to see Lotor go out like that. But since the show continued into two more seasons, I was absolutely NOT happy with the “oh, he’s just dead and now being used as a corpse puppet/battery by his crazy mother” outcome they actually went with. Zarkon could come back even after his apparent death in Season 2 but Lotor’s dead for real? I called bullshit on that and still do. Lotor’s character had potential for SO much more than they seemed to think. So I do say that I believe he deserved a better, fuller arc for S7-8.

Allura never once took responsibility for any of her wrong doings except maybe hating Keith and even then she denied that she actually did hate him and basically just said sorry you thought that. She judges every single Galra she meets as if they are zarkon himself until it is undeniable that they are on her side and even then her working with them is clearly only out of need and not willingness. She has a right to be angry about what happened to her people but she does not get to take that anger out on every member of an entire race. That, my friend, is racist.

So what if every member of an evil, genocidal, colonizing, oppressive empire by definition serve their leader in carrying those terrible acts out and thus have culpability in those crimes? To hate or distrust them on principle and judge them by the leader they serve makes you a horrible bigot! (And please note what obviously should go there when I say “evil, genocidal, colonizing, oppressive empire” but I didn’t want to invoke Godwin’s Law here. Like, if a holocaust survivor hated every one of those people, I’d not fault them too harshly.)

Bottom line: it ain’t about the Galra as a race; it’s about the Galra as a supremacist empire. And Allura seemed to have gotten well past the point of her prejudice by the time she was fucking kissing the son of Zarkon on the lips. If she truly subconsciously wanted to find a reason to hate on the Galra prince, why would she do that?

She perfectly mirrored the words and actions of Lotors father. She was the catalyst to his undoing. 

Yeah, no. Lotor himself mirrored the words and actions of his father. Lotor was the catalyst for his own undoing. That was his tragedy.

Lotor didn’t try to deny the flaws of the Galra, he tried to overcome them. Everyone he met outside of the Alteans he saved treated him like dirt, either for being Galra like the Paladins, or for being Zarkons son like his generals in the end. Or simply just existing like Haggar/Honerva and Zarkon.

What I’d said wasn’t about Lotor denying the flaws of the Galra on the whole - it was that he denied the flaws of the Galra IN HIMSELF. He tried to turn a blind eye to his Galra lineage and only prop up his Altean side. He hated that his father had betrayed Alfor and caused the fall of Altea. He hated that his mother had betrayed her people and ceased to be a true Altean. He fixated so much on Altean history, culture, civilization and survival as a means of rejecting a part of who he was, but all that did was ensure that his worst qualities went unchecked to the point where they consumed him and drove him down a dark, twisted path more akin to his father’s than he would’ve ever wanted to go down back when he was still pure and innocent. He felt strongly about doing what was right and just, but sought to achieve his ideal future through means that were wrong and unjust. In words he would condemn his father’s methods and all the Galra Empire stood for but then in actions he would apply very similar methods and bring about the very same evils (mass murder, conquest, colonization, iron-fisted tyranny). The phrase “New Altean Empire” sums up the whole hypocritical contradiction. Lotor was all along furthering all of his father’s imperialistic ways, but dressing them up to look more appealing, acting more benevolent and less homicidal, emphasizing the Altean factor and even trying to make a Legendary Defender of his own to sell his image as “the good guy.” Again, it’s his tragedy: he had the conviction to be a hero (”Altean”, as he associated heroic virtues with) but was a villain (”Galra”, as he associated all the evils of his parents with) only because he was unable to grasp just how miserably he’d failed at being heroic.

And what I find most heartbreaking about Lotor through all this? At the core of everything he did, he wanted to be accepted, embraced, and loved. ‘Cause he never was by his parents and his people. :(

Also, I’m pretty sure the Paladins hated him at first for his aggressive acts against them and others, and his Generals turned on him because he was so intent on turning on them first.

And just so you know comparing ANYONE to their abusive parent is literally the worst thing you can possibly do and anything they do after is completely understandable.

OK. Nice to know that I can murder who knows how many people, take that which doesn’t belong to me, set fire to people’s homes, abuse animals, cheat, lie, deceive, gaslight, commit sexual assault, even conduct horrible life threatening experiments on my fellow human beings after abducting them and none of that would be considered the worst thing I could possibly do. But if I drew any comparisons between someone and their abusive parent? Oh, that’s crossing the red line! Truly THAT makes a person truly irredeemable, so any terrible thing that befalls that person afterwards is deserved!

Capping this off with the best boy’s immortal and ironic words:

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Bitches be Tripping allllll damn day hahaha

Apparently having an opinion makes me a hater???

Bitch please. Not jealous of you, not even fucking close xD get over yourself.

Guys be careful having a different opinion than someone makes you a jealous hater!

I’m fuckin dead 😂😂😂 fucking highschool as reactions “you’re just jealous” Bitch xD Nah.

Please. xD

Aight Rant Over.

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I’m honestly really surprised by these self-proclaimed high-moral standards paladins that go out of their way to call “haters” to any user that has a critical thought on a character/series/writer. Rest assure that if you read somewhere a person proclaiming that “why do people keep complaining about [this or that], that’s just dumb”, “don’t bash”, “let people enjoy the series”, “stop the bashing”, then that person believes themselves the morally superior individual, who will undoubtedly pretend to respect every form fanatism while still downgrading any way of enjoying a work that does not align with their own.

Critical thinking of a manga, criticism over a character or even hate are also forms of enjoying a series in the same way shipping or liking a character is. There’s a reason why pro and anti tags exist, they were created by and for those types of fans and if you really had had “enough” with the bashing, then block them. It’s easier and pain free.

The only “fan” that you should not condone is the one we all here call “troll” (and you can find them, oh my gosh, on both sides of the fandom!), who will go out of their way to insult/harass pro or anti blogs, depending on which side they align, but those are also really easy to spot and block.

And also, this moral paladin wrote “I do critical posts but they mean well”, and what does that mean? Please explain to me why your criticism is valid while others aren’t. Furthermore, why are you trying to shame people for the way they enjoy a series while performing a similar behavior with the difference that “it means well”? And exactly how can an anti post mean “well” to a pro-ending fan? A critical post is an anti post in most of their eyes, so from their perspective, you are a hater. We all are the haters of a pro or an anti fan, pretending otherwise is nonsensical.

I wanted to write this because it is important not to shame people for enjoying a series however they feel like doing, you want to bash a character? Do it. I personally don’t feel the need to do so (and bash a character and present critics over their characterization are two different things that should be separated and treated differently), but who am I to shame a person for doing so? The character does not exist, so they won’t care! What is the problem of bashing them, then? If it’s tagged correctly, why would a hate post on a fictional character affect a pro fan that is not scrolling through an anti tag (which, again, it was not created for them to look in to begin with?). 

Welcome to Tumblr. Enjoy and let people enjoy however they feel like doing so. Cheers.

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I know some of the haters are very invested in their narrative, but when the probability of losing your child’s custody isn’t even enough to make you stop, it’s because something is very wrong with you. As in seriously wrong.

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𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚜 𝚖𝚢 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚝 𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚢🧚🏻‍♀️

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Why some people say bad things about you

Why some people say bad things about you

It’s a fact of life and business: You will always have haters.

Some people who say bad things about you may just be intimidated to the point where their hope and goal is that others won’t find you so appealing.

Crush that negative sound.


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Work on Yourself" – Erica Send Strong Message to Haters

Work on Yourself” – Erica Send Strong Message to Haters

Work on Yourself” – Erica Send Strong Message to Haters.
The disqualified Big Brother Naija housemate Erica Nlewedim has taken to social media to send a strong message to people who are against her growth.
The reality star in her message, said people don’t like it when a person grows because it means that person is becoming too big for them to control.
Erica said this in agreement to a fan’s…


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HAHA I’m literally 97 pounds I just have great big boobies & I am a kids 8. It’s nice to know you’re jealous, thanks for the hate xoxo.


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Learn to love your flaws, they’re what make you unique. It took me a long time to accept things about myself and then I realised…there’s no one like you.

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Is this bc I keep calling Taylor Swift m•••y it’s not my fault she’s a milf

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Never Let Bad Eggs Make You Feel Rotten

Never Let Bad Eggs Make You Feel Rotten

All through life, you will encounter negative and downright toxic people. You meet these mouth-breathers at school, work, the neighborhood, or (gasp) in the family. They’re everywhere and come in all flavors. These kinds of people always seem to take the energy out of the room and suck the oxygen out of the people around them. They’re annoying, obnoxious, and some can be downright…


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Με ρώτησαν αν άλλαξα γνώμη για το μισος μου απέναντι τους,

Όχι απλά επιλέγω τους εχθρούς μου να τους έχω από κοντά.

Είναι στρατηγική όχι συγχώρεση

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I’m honestly surprised at how some people spend so much time and energy to hate on others.

I refuse to accommodate hate in my heart, I have no room for it. I either love you or don’t care about you at all.

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