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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Gardevoir is my partner pokemon. Unfortunately my new roommate has a Hatterene. I’ve heard that the two generally don’t get along. How can I help minimize the aggression between them?

It definitely isn’t a rule that the two species hate each other (similar issues can occur with other strongly empathic Pokémon like Lucario)– they just occupy very similar niches in their respective ecosystems, which can make them feel as though they are competitors if their needs aren’t completely met in a domestic setting. The best thing to do is make sure that each Pokémon gets plenty of time with its trainer, and that the household is calm and friendly as much as possible. Emotional turmoil between the trainers can easily rile up those protective Pokémon, and they can feed off of each other’s energy, which results in the conflicts that many people describe. 


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Hatterene are dangerous because of their tendencies to quite literally give people and pokémon who disturb them with their emotions brain damage using their psychic abilities to drive others away. This is why they aren’t usually pokémon given out to inexperienced trainers.

On the upside, however, a Hatterene can sense their trainer’s emotions. Their reactions vary on their relationship with said trainer, but ones that do care deeply for their trainer have been known to hold their hand with their long, arm-like tendril for comfort, or pick them up and slowly bring them to a more secluded place.

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Inspired by @snowboundstories​‘s lady grimmsnarl, Lorna, I doodled a male hatterene, following their headcanon of how genders work.


His hair arm is a beard instead of a hat tassel or ponytail. Not sure if I’m ever gonna do anything with him.

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Custom designs I”m working on for various folks. That particular banette is scrapped but I kind of love it anyway. Just postin’ these in a quick dump.

The strange purple Grimm on the very bottom is $15 if anyone wants him. He was kind of an…accident, because I can’t read. You’ll get the PNG too, but please note it’s rather small, since it’s a test sketch. [I’ll update here if someone takes him.] [Edit: Babyboy got bought.]

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“I can tell them all they want to know, it’s all I’m paid to do. Most of the time they want to hear if they marry their ‘special someone’ or get the job they want. You can imagine how many unhappy customers I get when I don’t tell them what they want to hear.”

( @sonas-stash )

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Doodled the bois. I’m still introducing Morgrem Gwyl but I have 1 braincell and I wanted to draw all the idiots together.

Sometimes family is just a homicidal hatmom, a dumb dad ogre, a sparkly goblin, and a tiny human.

Workin on a few custom designs for folks too- Just tryna distract myself from the Armageddon going on outside.

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