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This article proposes an exploration of the phenomenon of media addiction as the expression of a haunting: the re-emergence of nostalgia for presence and materiality. Relying on Jacques Derrida’s hauntology and Karen Barad’s neomaterialist theory, media addiction is refigured as an unavoidable human-technology bond that politics of life cannot escape.

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This is so strange!
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So the other night I heard my neighbours having a fucking exorcism. So joke. AND I have videos to back it up 😐😐 If you wanna see them, and see me elaborate on what happened, and what other weird stuff has been happening in our apartment leading up to it, then check out my YouTube.


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does anybody else have like a Wander Time?

like just before bed, and youre too tired to do anything or start any new activity, and your brains all fuzzy so u cant concentrate so u just like lay down ur book or pause ur show or w/e halfway thru a sentence,

but u still have too much energy to go to bed

like just a little packet of energy that u cant do anything with, thats just keeping u awake

so u just like. wander.

but u dont leave the house, cuz thatd be a commitment to more energy than u have

so u just drift around ur house

opening n closing doors and

oh my god im a ghost

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