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#have a good day

Morning anon, I was awake before you messaged today and it was kinda strange lol. I’m doing alright though and I hope your well as well. It’s supposed to be cold so I hope its decently warm for you today! Have a good day

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Y'all know that feeling when you randomly see a couple and just feel like being the short boyfriend but the next day being the (still short) girlfriend seems more appealing and then like a week later you’d like to just be that romantic partner?

I welcome you to the gender fluid orientation, it’s where I am and I’d like to make myself queer here, in combination with my bisexuality I am attracted to all genders, I (depending on when) am every gender, I am it all, thus I am the queer god.

And as the queer god my first order of business is saying, no matter your gender or sexual orientation, you are valid, remember to love yourself and commit self care, if you need it there will always be people to support you so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

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My friend and I have decided to stop feeling bad about ourselves and do workouts! We found a 2 week ‘program’ online and are video chatting while we do the workout at the same time for motivation. We just finished day 2, and I thought I might want to document it.

Day 1:

This was tough. I’ve never really done workouts outside of a school setting (high school, college) and most of my activity came from my job, which is housekeeping in a hotel with no elevator (lots of walking) and summer activities like swimming, hiking and biking. I started a baking program in college last fall so I really lacked a healthy diet because of tasting the food we made and since it was winter I never went outside.

So I started day 1 with a hatred for my body. I had been feeling sluggish, sad and unmotivated do to anything. My friend messaged me at 9pm and said do you want to do this 2 week program with me? And I said yes, because we’re in quarantine and what else is there to do?

I took a few extra pauses in between sets, and modified a lot of the moves. What surprised me was how much this hurt my wrists the most. After the workout I took a 35 minute walk in my neighbourhood to cool down.

Day 2:

Still as bad as day 1. We added a back workout that’s not part of the program but that I really like, so I’m feeling extra sore. Ab workouts hurt my neck. I’m not going to get all mushy and wordy about each day because it’s a lot of the same workouts repeated in different fashion. However, after just finishing day 2′s workout and sitting here typing this, I feel better. I feel kinda motivated. Sure, I’m sore and tired and don’t feel like walking upstairs to take a shower because my legs hurt, but I feel good. And it’s only day 2. I’m imagining how good I might feel after the full 14 days. So maybe it kinda is true when they say working out or an active lifestyle helps with mental health?

Obviously I’m no expert, and we’re only following a popular youtube fitness guru, and not even doing weight training of any kind, but I’m kinda looking forward to day 3.   

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Who wants to play?!

Rules: describe yourself with nine pictures you have on your phone. You cannot download or search new pictures!

Thanks for the tag @infinite-columns 😊

I’m gonna tag some of my fav blogs to play if they want to: @mushdaddy @mittentroll @38miledrive @shoobadawoop @highxalisha and anyone else who wants to join in!

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