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#have cute nina complaining about things
nlnafms · a year ago
Tumblr media
“  ---  i  really  don’t  think  some  people  realize  how  hard  it  is  to  have  to look  good  all  the  damn  time  .  ”  she  begins  ,  huffing  from  where  she’s seated  on  the  floor  .  lacing  these  boots  up  seems  almost  futile  now  --  it’s  taking  way  too  long  to  be  worthwhile  .  “  sometimes  i  wish  i  could  go out  in  sweatpants  ,  but  the  paps  would  have  a  fuckin’  field  day  with  that shit  ...  and  that’s  not  the  typa  attention  i’m  lookin’  for  .  ”  she  shakes  her head  ,  tugging  the  boot  over  her  knee  again  . “  you  know  what  i  mean  ?  ”
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bookishdream · 6 months ago
I've just read your Matthias one, and actually I'm turning to be your fan but ok since you do Imagines about him could you please please please make a cute one about him having his first kiss with Y/N and being nervous, things get a little hot and he's like "omg I wanna bury my face on the ground" because maybe someone enter the room
A/N: thank you for the request! enjoy xx
matthias helvar x reader
You were looking at Matthias with wide eyes. “Are you kidding?”
“No, why would I?” he asked, his cheeks slightly blushed both from cold and embarrassment. “This is not a thing I’d be happy to joke or talk about, especially with you.”
“Oh, come on, Matthias, you had to kiss some girl in Fjerda. Or a boy perhaps?” you genuinely questioned, your words filled with a small amount of tease. “You haven’t had your first kiss?”
“I suppose not, since in Fjerda we have different traditions than you and the country you come from.” He snapped.
“Was that an assault? Matthias there is nothing wrong with you not having your first kiss.” You tired to make your voice sincere, you already felt guilty about that you were the one who started that conversation. “I just cannot understand how that happened.”
“I guess I just haven’t met the right person. My mother was always telling me I should wait for this one special someone,” you looked at him, when he was saying this, his eyes focused on a horizon.
You were standing in his room, looking out of the window, trailing stars constellations with your fingers and just talking, laughing. You couldn’t tell how the subject changed from your last job to kissing, not like you complained. Matthias had something in him, his fair hair and beautiful eyes that every time were making you melt. You didn’t like him at first, you’d thought he was a dick, and his behaviour toward Nina only proved you right, but after the Ice Court and everything that had happened next, you could tell he had changed. He’d changed his attitude directed to the grisha girl and he started enjoying your presence and presence of the rest of the crows. You were happy he did, in private he wasn’t so pressed about teasing and in general joking, he was just himself, not the warrior the Fjerda made him to be.
“So, you’re waiting for this one, special person that’d come into your life and kiss you? I cannot believe Nina didn’t do that those years ago.” You teased, turning your eyes back to the night sky. “I bet she wanted to.”
“Actually, we were too busy trying to kill one another and warming ourselves so we wouldn’t die to think about kissing.”
“I see, you didn’t want her to die from the cold, so you could’ve killed her yourself.”
“On point.” You chuckled, placing your hand on a window, trailing the star constellation with your finger tip. “When was your first kiss?”
“I was fourteen,” you started, laughing harder at his surprised expression. “Yes, it’s normal in the country where I come from” you mocked. “He was tall and he tasted like strawberries, do you even have them in Fjerda?”
“Don’t be so funny,” a muffled laugh came from his mouth. “Why so young?”
“I don’t know, it just happened. You don’t think much about kissing, unless it’s happening.”
He didn’t response to that, instead he took your arm and turned you into his direction.
“Kiss me.” He demanded, casually like he was talking about weather.
“What?” you asked, not knowing what to say.
“Kiss me.” He repeated, locking his eyes into yours. “Do it or I’m going to back out.”
You just nodded your head, gently touching his cheek, his eyes closed when you did. You leant, slowly kissing him, didn’t want to rush Matthias, setting a monotone pace. You stopped, going back to just standing, but that time it was closer to him. Your chest with every breath was getting closer to his, Matthias still had his eyes closed, lips parted.
“Do it again.”
You complied, taking his lower lip between your teeth, and gently sucking. He placed his big hands on your waist, making you take another step, your hand started to play with his hair on his neck. You didn’t want to stop, even though he hadn’t kissed, he wasn’t that bad, it’d take some practice but eventually he’d get into it.
You were so busy with kissing that you didn’t hear someone walking in. “Sorry to interrupt, but Kaz wants you in his office” Nina came in, when you took a step back from Matthias, you spotted a smirk on her lips, her eyes jumping between you and him. “Unless you’re busy, them I’m going to tell him you’re not here.”
You laughed. “Give us a second.” She winked at Matthias and blew you a kiss, after that she left.
“That was embarrassing.” The boy said, looking at you with flushed cheeks.
“Well, now I know I’m that special person you had been waiting for, we can do that more often.”
“After this, we will never do that again”
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bjornswoman · 6 months ago
Best friends
Tumblr media
Requested by none.
Author's note: Hey guys! This was meant to be posted before the one with Ivar, but it wasn't ready. Guys, I am thankful for your support. Thanks for 240 followers. You guys are the best! I hope you enjoy this and take care!
Pairing: Modern!Hvitserk x Reader
Genre: Modern!au, drama, romance, fluff.
Summary: You and Hvitserk are best friends, but that's not the only thing he is for you.
Warnings: None.
You sat down on the couch next to Sigurd, he seemed to not having fun and you wanted to change that. He hated that infamous party his brother hosted. They invited people that he didn't like and the worst part was that women seemed to be interested in Ivar and not him. Even you the closest thing to his sister, preferred Ivar over him. That happened only because you were Hvitserk's best friend and Hvitserk was close to Ivar.
"Ohhhh come on Sigurd! You are in a party, you have to dance and drink, not sitting here and thinking about boring things!" You said and passed him a drink. Gods knew what it was. Ubbe had given it to you and this man drank a lot, but Hvitserk was worst. You looked around through the crowd just to find your best friend, but he was nowhere to be found. You downed your shot and turned your eyes to Sigurd. "Where is your brother?" You asked, trying not to sohnd bothered, upset or anything. He turned to you and raised his eyebrow.
"I have four brothers, (Y/N). I hope you are not talking about--" Here we go again. If you didn't stop him, he would start again talking about his hate for Ivar and he wouldn't finish until the Ragnarok's day.
"Sorry my bad. I mean Hvitserk! I want to find Hvitserk." You said and his mixed expressions of confusion and anger, replaced by a mischievous grin. You rolled your eyes, because you knew what he was about to say. He would say what everyone said. That was that both of weren't just best friends but something more and blah blah blah.
You had felt something more since you high-school but you didn't dare say a word. You would never risk to love Hvitserk, because of this. You wouldn't bear it. It was painful for you to see him laying with all that women, but you were keeping it to yourself. Of course, Bjorn, Ubbe, Ivar and even Sigurd had noticed. They knew you too well, you grew up together. They kept saying that you were meant to be together and that he liked you back, but didn't believe then. They just said all that to conform you. You knew that he hadn't loved anyone else apart Margrethe in high-school and she broke his heart because she chose Ubbe, between them two and Ubbe chose you between Margrethe and you.
Yes it was true, you and Ubbe were together. You tried and sex with him was good, but it didn't work out. Plus that it was then when you had realized that you had feelings for Hvitserk.
"Don't say it! It isn't true!" You said fast. Before he react, Ubbe came closer to you and his brother and sat on the couch next to you. His hands placed on your waist and he pulled you on his lap. That was one of his lots of games. One of his hands laid on your belly and the other held his glass of whiskey. His heasd laid on your breasts and you tried to pull away, not because you felt uncomfortable, nothing like that, but he was way too drunk right now. That man didn't know how to stop when he started drinking. All his family had that problem. "Where's your brother?" You asked him and he lifted his head. You could see on his face the exact same smirk that had formed on Sigurd's some moments before. Of course he had understood who you were asking about. You were asking about the one you already did.
"I don't really know. Last time, I saw him he was taking some chic in his room, but that was about an hour ago." He answered and you felt that pain in your chest again. After all this time your were used to it. His lips guided on your neck and he left a kiss there, as any other time. He was your ex, but things had never been complicated between you two. Except one time. It was that time, you had slept with Hvitserk. Actually, both of you couldn't recall anything of that night. You only knew what happened in the morning. Both of you woke up naked on his bed. It wasn't like you hadn't slept together before, you had, but without sex. None of your was really sure if you had or not sex that night, you would never. Only the Gods knew about it. Anyway, after this night and the following morning, you felt embarrassed towards all them, because his brothers started mocking you when they found out.
"Eww, get a room you idiots!" A very familiar voice said and you turned to see your favorite person in all Midgard. He was with some girl, his hand was wrapped around her waist. Your eyes moved on him and then on her. "Oh, this is Susie." He said and you tried to force a smile on your face.
"It's Lora." She spoke and Ubbe laughed. You turned and looked at him, frowned.
"Anyway. I see Ubbe, you are stealing my favorite girl from me." He said and took his had off Lora's waist. She left, but he didn't seemed to care. Probably, he had already laid with her. If he didn't there were a lot of women inside this house, he would find someone to lay with, it was easy for him. His hand travelled on your wrist and pulled you up. You stood up and he pulled you closer to him. Your back collided with his chest and his hands moved on your hips. "You know Ubbe..." He started saying, as his head lowered. "I have shared women with you in the past, but not this one. (Y/N) is only mine. My sweet best friend." He said and his mouth met your bare shoulder. He started kissing you there and he started moving closer to your neck. He smelled alcohol. He drank way too much, but you didn't mind. You drank as well. This scene wasn't something that hadn't happened before. When you were at parties and he wasn't busy with his women, he left hickeys and other little marks on your body. It was one of your usual games.
"She was mine at first, you know brother." Ubbe said laughing and stood up from the couch. He came closer to both you and his brother. Hvitserk laughed as well.
"Nah, she wasn't bro. She just laid with you sometimes. The bond we have, none of can hane with anyone." Hvitserk responded and sat on the couch. He drew you on his lap and Ubbe smirked.
"I know that brother." He said and then left. Probably to go find some woman. Lothbroks attracted women like magnets attracted metals.
Hvitserk smiled and pressed his lips on your neck again. He kissed and bit you hungrily. You were just laughing. He acted like a child when someone was going to take his ice cream off his hands. You were the ice cream. His hands were placed on your lower back and yours were the fabric of his shirt that covered his shoulders.
"You know that Susie or Nina or whatever, was pretty loud and it was kind of hot, but that laughter of your can't be compared to anything, because it's the best sound I have ever heard." He said within the kisses and you blased. It wasn't the first time he said things like that, but this one was cute and Hvitserk wasn't used to say that kind of things. He was sweet most of times, but he was flirtatious, not cute.
"Her name was Lora, Hvitserk." You said and he laughed. He stopped kissing or leaving marks on yiur neck and looked at you. That playful green eyes were glowing in the dark of the room. You were kind of away from the neon lights of the living room where people were dancing insanely.
"Who cares." He just said. "Come on, dance with me." He spoke and you shook your head, answering no. Hvitserk wasn't taking no as an answer never. You have been doing whatever he wanted, but you had never complained about that, you liked it. You left his lap and sat down on tge couch next to him. Sigurd was nowhere to be found. Maybe he had finally found a girlfriend. He was alone a lot of time after the Margrethe fiasco. A mischievous smirk formed on his face and he stood up. His hand wrapped around your wrist and pulled you up to him. You stood up, laughing again. "You can't really refuse to me anything." He said and you kept laughing. That was true. When it came to Hvitserk, you lost any kind of control.
Within some minutes you were in the living room and dancing with all that people. Hvitserk's body was stuck with yours. Your back was touching his chest, as his hand was wrapped around your belly and was caressing you. His mouth was right above your neck, his breath were hitting mercilessly your neck. Your body was moving slowly before him and his followed your pace.
"I'm already high enough....." He whispered to your ear and your body shivered. His hand travelled on your hip and rest there. Your eyes turned to see him, as much as you could, because he was behind you. "I only got eyes for you..." He kept whispering. You closed your eyes and let your head fall on his chest. You hadn't danced with him like this never again, but you liked it. When you two danced before, he didn't use to touch like that or whispering the lyrics in your ear. Yeah, he left marks on your neck, but that was it. He just marked your neck, or kiss it. His lips had never touched yours. Except that night. You didn't really know what happened back there.
"Hvitserk....." You moaned, more like sighed his name and he smiled. His hand, that was on your hip, turned you around to face him and you opened your eyes to look at him. That same hand pulled your body closer to his. Your lips were inches away from his. His hand travelled down at the edge of your dress, at your thigh. You opened your eyes and looked at him frowned. His green eyes were gazing at yours. He caressed your thigh softly like it was silk. "What-what are you doing?" You said but it was really difficult for you to, because of his hands moving up to your inner thigh. You had stopped dancing and you were just standing there between all this people.
"Shh, I know that you want it as much as I do." He whispered to you. It was true you wanted it but not like that, not as an one night stand. You wouldn't dare to see him like that. Your friendship would be destroyed. Actually, it was. It had been destroyed since the moment you realized you were in love with him. His hand touched your wet panties, but you stopped him and pulled yourself away from him. You wanted him, you loved him, but it was wrong. This would hurt you, he would and you would lose him, forever. That was the most painful part of the story.
He looked at you frowned. Bjorn, Ubbe and Ivar told him that he should make his move on you. They claimed that you were heads over heels for him, as he was for you. Yes people, Hvitserk Lothbrok the infamous womanizer was in love with his best friend, you. He had understood that when he saw you with Ubbe. He felt jealousy took over, his favorite brother seemed like an opponent he had to beat for you, but he never really did anything. He hid deep inside his heart his feelings and you never understood their existence. His brothers needed to do something, all these years none of you dared to say anything about what you really felt, but it was time.
He wasn't good with words, at least when it came to you. He couldn't find the right words, so he let his instincts take over. He tried to let you know that he wanted you by his way, but he failed.
He cursed his brothers and even more himself. Obviously, you didn't feel what he felt and he wasn't drunk enough to stop think about it. He was drunk but sober enough to make his move.
You were some steps away but your eyes were still at his green ones. He didn't dare to look at you even once after this, he just turned to leave.
"What have you done?" You whispered to yourself, trying way too hard not to cry in front of the happy crowd. You had to talk to him. You had to say the truth. Nothing would be the same after this night. Maybe you thought that the night that you didn't really know what happened was the worst, but compared to this moment it was nothing. "Fuck!" You said and you run the way he had taken. You had to catch up, you had to tell him everything he needed to know. You found Sigurd outside their private living room. They didn't let anyone that wasn't part of their family or friend, get in there. You were about to storm in, but Sigurd stopped you.
"It's not a good idea to get in there. You just refused him, (Y/N). Only the Gods know how much he loves you and he was about to tell by his own way. Now that I am thinking about it--" He started rambling, but you weren't in mood to listen he just spilled that Hvitserk loved you.
"What did you just say?" You said shocked, trying not to scream, out of happiness. Actually, you wanted to cry and scream and curse you at the same time. How fool you acted. You should have known. Hvitserk had never attempted something like this before. "Now, I am definitely getting inside there and you can't stop me. If yiu try, I'll hit you and you know were." You said and he groaned. He stepped back and let you reach the door. He knew well enough that you meant every word you said.
"You can get in. Anyway, they didn't really say that Hvitserk was going to tell you. I am the one who learns about their secrets at last." He started rambling again and you rolled your eyes. You took a deep breath and entered the room. You found Hvitserk drinking and Ubbe looking at you, as you closed the door.
"(Y/N)--" Ubbe started but your voice stopped him.
"I want to speak with Hvitserk, can we?" You asked and Ubbe left the room. When you were alone you sat down on the couch next to him. "Sigurd told me about your feelings. I didn't know, Hvitserk, I thought back then that you were just drunk and wanted to lay with me. If I knew, I wouldn't pull back." You said and he turned his eyes on you. They seemed upset and that was because of you. "I love you, Hvitserk, but I didn't dare to say it to you before. I thought you didn't feel the same and I was afraid that if told you, I would lose and I didn't want that. Do you understand me now?" You asked. He had already come closer to you. His hand met your cheek and your own hand wrapped around his wrist. He came closer to you and pressed his lips on yours. His free hand wrapped around your waist and pulled your body close to his.
"I knew that I was in love with you when I saw my brother touching you. I couldn't control myself back then. I felt angry and jealous. I didn't like him being so close to you, but I could do nothing. I thought that for you I was your best friend and I tried to see you like that, but I didn't succeed." He said. His hand was caressing your cheek softly and you were smiling. You couldn't stop. You felt like all this was just a dream, that would disappear when you open your eyes.
"Well, nearly then I understood too. When you found your way with Margrethe after Ubbe broke up with her. I was so jealous, that was the main reason I gave in to Ubbe." You whispered, as his lips were coming closer to yours. He was about to kiss you, but you stopped him. He was frowned but the smile was still on his face. "I think we should thank Ubbe for that, because he is the reason we acknowledged our feelings." You continued and let him came even closer. His lips were just inches away from yours, his hot breath fell on them. He drove you crazy with just that. He hadn't even touched you yet.
"Baby, he just helped us a little bit. We have all the credit for this." He said and pressed his lips on yours. You waited a really long time for that kiss and it was even better than everything you had been imagining all these years. His lips tasted like whiskey. You placed your hands on his shoulders, lifted your body and sat on his lap. You felt his smile on your lips an smiled too.
His hand moved on your knee. He lifted it slowly up to your thigh but you stopped him once more before he touch you. You pulled away from him and he looked frowned.
"Don't you think that it is too early for this?" You asked and he smiled again. His hand travelled on your waist and placed you closer to him.
"Nah. We have waited mang years for this. We deserve it." He whispered to your ear and kissed your next. His eyes met the marks he had left on your neck before and a wide smile formed on his face.
"I mean you haven't even taken me on a date." You said and was about to say something else but he stopped you. He placed your body on the couch and stood up. A childish smile formed on his face, you looked at his comfused. You could say that he had something on his mind and that was scary.
"Come on! Let's get out of here! I am taking you on a date." He exclaimed and you laughed along with him. You stood up and walked close to him.
"You know that it's four AM, right?" You asked his and he smiled. He left a kiss on your lips and grabbed your hand. He started running down tge hallway and then the stairs dragging you with him. It reminded when you were children, he used to do that. He grabbed you by your hand and run all the Lothbrok's mansion along with you. You were laughing loudly, that was what you were doing this time. "Hvitserk!" You screamed laughing. "Where are we going?" You asked him when you were outside his house and it was silence enough for him to hear you.
"I told you we are going on a date." He spoke. He wrapped his hand around your waist and pulled you closer to him. You were laughing and walking together.
This was definitely the best night of your life.
That's the song I used in the dancing scene.
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spencstan · 6 months ago
Six of Crows re-read
(i also did this for the shadow and bone trilogy so read that if you want to)
spoiler alert obiously
i'm SO EXCITED FOR THIS this is my comfort book (with crooked kingdom of course)
oo fun fact this was my first grishaverse book and i read it with no context whatsoever except that the mc is an emo boy and morally grey
so IMAGINE my pure confusion when JOOST appeared
i was like ?????? weird take on morally grey character but ok
joost trying to figure out how to flirt with a girl is a mood
anyone wanna teach us how to???
i kinda wanna skip this part so i can see the crows..
but i won't don't worry
(won't I?
"I think Yuri may be quarantined"
so are we you are not special
i feel like it's very important for me to mention that i read this book in spanish first
and then i got into the fandom and i was like who the fuck is the wraith? i only know El Espectro
Heartender who??? ooo you mean Cardio
Tidemakers? nope, i only know Maremotores
for real i was so confused i had to re-read it in english (not that i mind tho)
Tumblr media
say whatever you want about the spanish version but we have to agree that this design is pretty af
another one yay: "Retvenko was a Squaller" vs. "Retvenk era un Impulsor"
(should i also say that in my pfd english version the book is 294 pages long and in my pdf spanish version its 532????) (i think it's because in the english one the speces are way less like the lines are so close together wtf
i've decided that i'm bored so i'll be skiping this chapter
anya is super badass tho
skdgfalsdgfliaysvfascvhjl yesssssss inej
Kaz Brekker didn't need a reason.
omg now i can picture amita and freddy SDJGKASKGLASG THIS IS AMAZING
we interrupt our regularly scheduled program to watch the shadow and bone trailer once again to hear freddy's beautiful voice
ok moving on!
now hear me out i'm giving you all permission to make fun of kaz for this one: Dirtyhands = Manos Sucias
hello i am Kaz Manos Sucias. nice to meet you!
can you tell jesper is one of my favourite characters?
i really love the fact that kaz is pissed about the murder of that ambassador ONLY because he can´t figure out how it happen
he´s such a nerd
i can't believe one of the firts things we hear jesper say is threathen to kill someone by writing "forgive me" with bullets
picture saying hi baby and wylan thinkin he's talking to him but actually jesper's talking to one of his guns
Jesper rolled his eyes. "It's about sending a message. What's the point of a dead guy with forg written on his chest?."
"Compromise," Kaz said. "I'm sorry does the trick and uses fewer bullets."
ooo thank god we have kaz to come up with creative solutions /j /s
honestly i love how they talk about kaz's cane like it's the scariest weapon ever (which it kind of is)
nothing will ever disappoint me more than finding out that in english their gang name is "the Dregs". like i don't even know for sure what that means
in spanish is "Los Indeseables" (the undesirables?) which sounds a lot more badass
no hate tho i like the dregs
but i was confused af bc i expected it to be sometihng like "the undesirables" or"the unwanted" or whatever
and it said "the dregs"
which in the translator means something like shit or something
anways moving on:
If he'd (kaz) ever been a little boy
i love how lowkey all the crows think he was just born exactly like he is now
imagine a baby kaz all dressed in black and threatening people
"No mourners," Jesper said as he tossed his rifle to Rotty
"No funerals," the rest of the Dregs murmured in reply. Among them, it passed for "good luck".
i wonder what wylan's doing right now :))
i can't wait for the next book where he has a pov
the first time i read this book i literally looked at the title of every chapter to see if he ever got one (i was disappointed to say the least :((((
Besides, she was the Wraith - the only law that applied to her was gravity, and some days she defied that, too.
marry me please
i'm gonna cry so hard once the show is out and we get to see inej omg
me simp
That Kaz had chosen Jesper to be one of his seconds was no surprise. Twitchy as Jepser was, with or without his revolvers, he was at his best in a fight, and she knew he'd do anything for Kaz.
idk why but i just love it every time kaz implies or shows that he cares or trusts jesper
it makes me soft
But every one of Inej's senses told her that was not how this was going to play out. Her father would have said the shadows were about their business tonight. Something bad was going to happen here.
underrated saying from Inej's father right there
"I'm a business man," he told her."No more, no less"
"You're a thief, Kaz."
"Isn't that what I just said?"
i see no lies here
not to be annoying but i hc jesper as adhd (i mean is pretty much as canon as wylan's dyslexia) so i'm gonna write here every time i see evidence :)
jesper with adhd part 1: impulsivity
Jesper snorted. "Stomach, spine. What's next, spleen?"
"Shut it" Oomen snarled. The rules of parley dictated that only the lieutenants could speak once negotiations had begun. Jesper mouthed "sorry" and elaboratedly pantomimed locking his lips shut.
he know he couldn't speak but couldn't stop himself from making a comment (i relate way too much to that lmao)
hoestly poor jesper he had to watch hid friend get shot and kaz do nothing about it
i would've been mad too
"I like it when men beg," she said. "But this isn't the time for it"
this is one of the best quotes in the book by far
Kaz could have tol Jesper that he knew he wasn't dirty, reminded him that he'd trusted him eough to make him his only real second in a fight that could have gone badly wrong tonight.
but kaz is petty af
he didn't even have a reason not to tell jesper that!
i love that kaz knows inej is following him but doesn't say anything because he wants to wait until she's ready
i LOVE the scene where kaz in in the van eck mantion /srs
idk why but it's so good
And, of course, there was the mystery of Van Eck's son.
wonder what that could be!!! /s
He grinned at her (...)
"Hmm." she said noncommittally, pretending to examine one of her knives, determined to ignore that grin.
this is so funny poor inej is getting flustered
"And I'll need Wylan waiting at the Crow Club tomorrow night."
One minute he made her blush and the next he made her want to commit murder
happens to the best of us :/
"Please, my darling Inej. treasure of my heart won't you do me the honor of acquiring me a new hat?"
if kaz doesn't say this on the show we riot
it's so amazing how nina found a way to use her powers to get money instead of having to like steal and murder like the rest in the gang
nina and inej omg
their friendship is just perfect
i would straight up cry
Matthias was dreaming again. Dreaming of her
i'm gonna cry damn it
this is the enemies-to-lovers we all needed
jesper has adhd part 2:
"Jesper was supposed to wait until three bells." said the pale boy
"It is three bells, Kaz." replied a small girl (...)
"Since when is Jesper punctual?" the boy complained with a glance at his watch
the time blindness come one
(btw i love the fact that kaz plans around jesper's time blindness instead of like threatening him to be on time)
i really love how every one feels the need to take the time to say/think that the masks are ugly
its so unnecessary lmao
yessss inej is a badass that kills monster we stan
and matthias is lowkey impressed lmao
as he should
"Thank you, Jesper," said Nina
"You're very welcome, gorgeous. See, Kaz? That's how the civilised folk do"
She stepped aside as if she's known he was coming, languidly hooking her heel behind his ankle. Matthias let out a loud grunt as he landed on the stones
(...) "Clumsy, this one," the bronze girl said impassively.
that's what happen when you underestimate her bitch
ok jesper has adhd part 3 i think:
"Just how crazy is he?" asked Jesper, fingers drumming on the pearl handles of his revolvers.
ok first of all: stimming
second of all: hyperactivity
i rest my case
ok 2 or 3 things here
"I believe you know Nina," Brekker continued. "The lovely girl freeing you is Inej. (...) and this is Wylan, the best demolitions expert in the Barrel"
"Raske is better," Inej said
The boy looked up, ruddy gold hair flopping in his eyes, and spoke for the first time. "He's not better. He's reckless"
"He knows his trade"
"So do I"
ok 1: kaz calling inej lovely omg kanej
2.5: kaz calling him the best cute af
3: honestly why do people think wylan is like an innocent soft boy or whatever. he's in a room full of murderers and thieves and the first thing he does is correct them and stand up for himself
like i wish i could do that
i would be crying like a bitch
"Meet Wylan Van Eck"
I'M SO HAPPY also look at this it's the first thing in his pov
Jesper stared at Wylan
do i sense some wesper?????
ok everyone is being so mean to him right now
they are aclling him useless and an idiot and other shit
poor boy honestly he had to deal with this + taking part of a heist he is definetly not ready for + he has to hide the fact that he can't write or read
it so distrubing that kaz is literally the nicest one to wylan right now
"See that? Hidden depths." (...)"He's good enough at demo, and he's got a fine hand for sketching, thanks to all those pricey tutors."
"There you have it," Kaz said to Jesper. "Marketable skills. Wylan is watching you, Helvar"
"Scheming face," Jesper whispered to Inej.
She nodded. "Definetly."
"Who's Mark" damn wylan (but pretty good comeback to jesper tho)
"What's the easiest way to steal a man's wallet?
"Knife to the throat?" asked Inej.
"Gun to the back?" said Jesper.
"Poison in his cup?" suggested Nina.
"You're all horrible," said Matthias.
tag yourself i'm jesper
KJSFGAL kaz just told wylan to tell him everything he know about his dad's company
and he said he doesn't know and kaz was like "and you never looked trough his documents????
AND THEN HE GOT SAD AND SAID HE HADN'T (and kaz believed him this is sad)
ok you know i love you jes but if you keep this up
idk i can't do anything you're a sharpshooter
but stiiiiiil
nice try
*insert spongebob voice* demjin
The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.
*ugly crying*
Many boys will bring you flowers. But some day you'll meet a boy who will learn your favourite flower, your favourite song, your favourite sweet. And even if he is too poor to give you any of them, it won't matter because he will have taken the time to know you as no one else does. Only that boy earns your heart.
*uglier crying*
jesper has adhd part ?? (i have dyscalculia you can't expect me to remember the number):
That sound - the swift, shocking report of gunfire - called the scattered, irascible, permanently seeking part of his mind into focus like nothing else.
do i really need to explain this?
ok just in case.. an adhd brain doesn't actually have a deficit of attention(the name just sucks) it's problem with controling that attention. the brain is always looking for new sources of dopamine which is why it shifts its focus so much
i love that jes thinks of matthias as "tha giant"
like sir
have you seen yourself?
you're tall af
"Close your eyes!"
"You can't kiss me from down there, Wylan"
"Just do it!"
i love the energy BUT NOW IT'S NOT THE TIME JES
inej just stabed some guy int the d
good for her!
oh no wylan got shot too???? (just barely but stilllll por baby)
my Wraith omggg
ok 3 things about this:
Without another word, he tipped Oomen into the sea.
"No!" Wylan shouted, leaning over the railing, his face pale, stunned eyes tracking Oomen in the waves. (...)
Jesper set his hand on Wylan's shoulder. "Let it go."
"It's not right-"
"Wylan," Jesper said, giving him a little shake."Maybe your tutors didn't cover this lesson, but you do not argue with a man covered in blook and a knife up his sleeve"
1. wesper yasssss
2. wylan just argued with a mant hat had just tacken the eye out of someone. he literally called him out for being an asshole. like damn wylan is brave af i love him
3. do you think seeing kaz trow the guy out of the boat reminded wylan of when the same thing happened to him???? this makes me sad
he's brave and a good person and i just-
"Man with a knife, remember?" he said over his shoulder.
"Man with a gun!" Jesper called after him
this had no right being so funny
nina is the biggest kanej shiper no one can tell me i'm wrong
unrelated but if jesper had gone to the Little Palace and had studied there with nina they 100% would've had a crush on Zoya and bonded over it
like you can't tell me those two bisexual disaster wouldn't be absolutely in love with Zoya
jesper has adhd part ??:
Jesper scrubbed the back of his neck, touched his hands to his gunds, returned to his neck. He always seemed to be in motions
hyperactivity right there
and restlessness
"Do you know the best way to find Grisha who don't want to be found?" (...)
"Seems to be if they don't want to be found, you should just let them be" (jesper says this)
this conversation must be so stressful to him omg
ok you all know i love all of them but they can be sooo stupid
like wylan wrote no names on the drawing and he's excuse is that he doesn't know fjerdan?
AND THAT'S NOT EVEN TRUE he literally said he learned school fjerdan which means he should know how to write it too (we know why he can't but the tohers don't)
and even then like the excuse doesn't make any sense. why would having the original name be usefull if no one can fucking read it????
the worst part tho? NO ONE QUESTIONED HIM
i wondered how they didn't figure wylan's secret sooner but now i now
it's because theya re idiots
"I'm just doing my job. Stop glaring at me"
wylan baby let's not make the gigant mad
Jesper knocked his head against the hull and cast his eyes heavenward. "Fine. But if Pekka Rollins kills us all, I'm going to get Wylan's ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost."
Brekker's lips quirked. "I'll just hire Matthias ghost to kick your ghost's ass."
"My ghost won't associate with your ghost," Matthias said primply, and then wondered if the sea air was rotting his brain.
i had to put this here i don't want to get murdered by the fandom
jesper, inej and nina have the BEST friendship
"I know some people don't understand, but Kaz told me ... he said it was my choice, that he wouldn't be the one to mark me again."
i love this because it happen when they had just met
he did it because he understands her trauma and he respects her not because he loves her (i doubt he did at the time)
Kaz had been impressed with the sketches. (...)
"Just learn to take a compliment. Kaz doesn't hand them out often."
and yess kaz only compliments wylan (and inej but that's sarcastic so it doesn't count) because he's a proud dad
"And you don't belong here, either."
"I beg your pardon, merchiling?"
"We don't need a sharpshooter for Kaz's plan, so what's your job - other than stalking around making everyone angsty?"
He shrugged. "Kaz trusts me."
Wylan snorted and picked up his pen. "Sure about that?"
"If you aren't born with every advantage, you learn to take your chances."
"I wasn't-" Wylan left off and set down his pen. (...)
aww cute neurodivergent boyfriends bonding
Wylan had turned back to his work, his disappointment obvious. For some reason, Jesper felt disappointed, too.
aww jes checks on inej every morning and every night i love him
"Thank you for keeping me in this world when fate seemed determined to drag me to the next. I owe you a life debt."
Nina blushed deeply. "I was teasing, Inej"
LJFGALKGFALGA another cute friendship right there
(and i can see why people ship them romantically)
STOP INEJ AND JES ARE BONDING SO MUCH (page 127 so i can go back and read it lmao)
Van Eck writes to Wylan every week, and Wylan doesn't even open the letters
"They just said the same thing again and again: If you're reading this, the you know how much I wish to have you home. Or I pray that you read these words and think of all you've left behind."
should i kill him? anyone want to join me?
Inej bumped her shoulder against his."Then at least we're both the same kind of stupid." (...)
"You're too good for him, you know?"
"I know. So are you"
jes and her bonding over their stupid crush on a white boy
Because I've been looking for an excuse to talk to you for two days.
jfsfdajdhmgkfutdjrgsg ok i can't blame them for having a crush on him anymore
this chapter is full of kanej i love it
"What do you want, then"
You, Inej. You forever.
kaz's backstory makes me sad
"When we get our money, you can burn kruge to keep you warm," said Kaz. (...)
"I´m gonna pay someone to burn my kruge for me."
Kaz fell into step beside him. "Why don't you pay someone else to pay someone to burn your kruge for you? That's what big players do."
"You know what the really big bosses do? They pay someone to pay someone ...". Their voices trailed off as they tomped ahead, and Matthias and the others followed.
i can't believe we get to see nina and matthias meet and their whole backstory in less than a month omg
"It's not natural for women to fight."
"It's not natural for someone to be as stupid as he is tall, and yet there you stand."
oh no the dead grisha
this part breaks my heart every time
"Do you have a different name for killing when you wear a uniform to do it?"
.....i'm just gonna leave this quote right here
anyways acab
stop nina tried to kill the survivor so they wouldn't suffer but she couldn't do it
and jesper did it for her without hesitation i wanna cry
and inej didn't want to do it either i want to hug them
"Because our crime is existing. Our crime is what we are"
i'm gonna leave this here again
do with it what you will
"Don't mock what you don't understand."
"My mockery offends you? My people would welcome you laughter in place of this barbarity"
i- this conversation is so important
Jesper shouldered his rifle. "Wylan earned his keep."
Wylan gave a little jump at the sound of his name. "I did?"
kaz getting self-conscious for his hair is pure comedy
but nina how can you say that have you see his hair on the show???? it's perfect
"Remeber our friend Mark?"
"Any other impossible feats you'd like us to accomplish?"
The bearest smile flikered over Kaz's lips. "I'll make you a list."
once again jesper and kaz being besties
unrelated but nikolai and jesper would love each other
the amount of sass they have between them it's unparalleled
"Mmm," Inej murmured, taking a sip from her mug. "Maybe you're just not enough."
ma'am marry me please
kaz fainted damn poor boy
unrelated unce again but this is so much betetr than shadow and bone
like you can tell leigh improved so much
her characters are better and their arcs are better developed
the writing itself it's better
or maybe i'm just biased because i love soc so much but i think she definetly improved
Though he'd trusted her with his life countless times, it felt much more frightening to trust her with his shame.
Inej had once offered to teach him how to fall. "The trick is not getting knocked down," he'd told her with a laugh. "No, Kaz," she's said, "the trick is in getting back up"
inej is smart af
Kaz was usually unshakeable during a job, but now he was on edge, and Jesper didn't know why. Part of him wanted to ask, though he knew that was the stupid part, the hopeful farmboy who picked the worst possible person to care about, who searched for signs in things that he knew deep down meant nothing - when kaz chose him for a job, when Kaz played along with one of his jokes. He could have kicked himself. He's finally seen the infamous Kaz Brekker without a stich of clothing, and he'd been too worried about ending up on a pike to pay proper attention.
ok i got a couple of things to say about this part
first of all it makes me so sad that jes cares so much for someone who dosn't deserve him. because no hate to kaz but they would never work as a couple and kaz already treats him like shit most of the time
i think this part shows who a lot about who jesper really is. a boy that grew up having to hide parts of himself, who thinks he's worth nothing but it's smart and capable, who's loyal and brave and caring but doesn't even know it himself. he's someone who feels he doesn't deserve good things and thinks he's not good enough, and that's why he unds up in all the wrong places with the wrong people. he left uni bc he fell in with the gangs, because he didn't think he was smart enough or even prepared to be in studying in the university. jesper is constantly hiding behind a mask or running from things because he's scared of not being enough
an kaz is everything jes in a way wishes he could be. kaz is secure in himself (at least on the outside), he's stable, he's smart, he's "unshakeable". and most of all, he doesn't care about others (we know that's not true but that's how he presents himself)
and that's the thing that causes jesper all his problems. because he's insecure because he thinks he's not good enough for the poeple or things he cares about. and he's always trying to do what's best for his loved ones: he went to the ice court to pay his debt for his father, he follows kaz everywhere beacause he cares about him, he offered to read to wylan (knowing it wouldn't be easy for him to be still that long).
and yeah it often doesn't work out becuase he's messy and he has problems but he tries. and he hates that. he hates that he cares so much about people because at the end of the day, that's what makes him feel like he's not good enough
one more thing and i'm done i promise
unpopular opinion but i love that leigh made jesper have a crush on kaz. 1 beacuse it's refreshing to see someone not get otgether with his first crush. and 2 because i love that it shows that we sometimes get attached to people that are not good for us, but that we can learn to move on. jesper ended with wylan who respects him and values him, unlike kaz
ok i'm sorry that was probably all bs
oo one more thing, jesper definetly has rsd (rejection sensitive disphoria), which is something most poeple with adhd have
"My father used to take me everywhere with him"
this is so sad. bc they probably had a good relationship when he was little. and then they figured he coudln't read and now his father treats him like shit
it's even worse than if he haf been horrible from the beginning because wylan knows he can be a good father. and so he thinks it's his fault and he deserves to be treated like that. i hate van eck
"You're cuter when you're smart"
"Definitely cuter when you're smart"
wesper yesssss
i love them so much
ok but why do people think jesper is stupid. like the boy just made a bunch of criminals pass out by mixing some chemicals
and he was going to the university at like 15
amazing plot twist
Wylan coughed. Flirting with him might actually be more fun that annoying him, but it was a close call.
oooo come on jesper we all know you just love getitng him to blush
and you love him
who said that? definitely not me, nope
awwww jesper misses being around animals that's cute
imagine him coming home to wylan one day with a puppy because he just couldn't resist
Better terrible truths than kind lies
just leaving here more of inej's wisdom
ok this may be a reach but jesper has adhd part ???
Yellow Protocol? Red Protocol? He couldn't remember which was which. (...)
"The alarm was Yellow Protocol, a sector disturbance."
Jesper pushed at his temples. "I don't remember what that means"
a bad working memory? sounds familiar
kaz loves puzzles
it's canon
"I love puzzles. Trickery is just my native tongue."
this part where wylan and jesper see the banner made with grisha's kefta kills me every time
I would have worn purple, Jesper thought, if I'd joined the Second Army. (...) He'd beenwilling, even eager to risk capture and execution as a thief and hired gun. Why was it worse to think about being hunted as a Grisha?
this makes me want to cry so much
another thing super sad: the fact that since his father is Kaelish and had some supersititons towards grisha, jesper grew up wondering if his own father was scared of him. he had to hide his powers and he was almost taught to be afraid of them
"Is it safe to leave them, you know-"
"Alive? I'm not big on killing unconscious men."
"We could wake them up"
damn the boy needs therapy
it's amazing how nothing went like they planned
not a single thing
"What do you like?"
"Music. Numbers. Equations. They are not like words. They...they don't get mixed up."
ok dude the clues are right there he's basically saying it
"If only you could talk to girls in equations."
There was a long silence, and then, eyes trained on the notch they'd created in the link, Wylan said, "Just girls?"
Jesper restrained a grin. "No. Not just girls." It really was a shame they were all probably going to die tonight.
wylan really said a straight man?? couldn't be me
this is the definition of bi panic "jesper restrained a grin" bitch we saw that
btw i love the slow burn
like they hint something here but they don't actually start liking each other until much later and they don't get together until almost the end of ck
i also love that the fact that they both like guys is like out in the open now. bc i'm not a fan of when queer characters have a crush and there's the whole thing of "are they queer too or not?"
like they both know htey are queer. but they don't get together right away bc they have to start liking each other before. they don't get together bc they are the only queer mlm characters
matthias fake betrayal killed me
i tought it was real
I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept fom this oath.
this is just-
also foreshadowing?
There was no part of him that was not broken, that had not healed wrong, and there was no part of him that was not stronger for having been broken.
She's laughed, and if he could have bottled the sound and got drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him.
if i ever have a s/o and they don't tell me this at least once i don't want it
He needed to tell her... what? That she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved. That he was twisted, crooked, wrong, but not so broken that he couldn't pull himslef together into some smeblance of a man for her
they are the only straight couple that matters
everyone else go home
Wylan had scratches all over his cheeks and neck. He was beaming. Inej grabbed his hands and sqeezed.
so cute omg
"You can explain why our illustrious Shu scientist looks like one of Wylan's school pals along the way"
i mean it's true but you didn't have to say it
HE'S "grinning like and idiot" STOP I LOVE HIM
"We are all someone's mosnter, Nina"
"I will have you without armour, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all"
this part breaks my heart and i love it
"Stay," she oanted. Tears leaked from her eyes. "Stay till the end"
"And after," he said. "And always."
i just- helnik is perfect
my daily dosis of wesper :)
ok but in like 2 pages jesper tought of wylan like 10 times bc he's sad wy isn't with him
Jesper scanned the empty deck. He's assumed Wylan would come up to see them off. (...)
Jesper knew he was being selfish and stupid, but some petty part of him wondered if Wylan had deliberately kept away from him on the journey back. Maybe now that the job was complete and he was on his way to his share of the haul, Wylan was done slumming with criminals.
*charles boyle's insinuating voice* and why do you care so much???
this scene where we find out the truth about wylan hurts so much but it's one of my favourites idk why
"Your're a fool," Jesper snarled. "He smarter than most of us put together, and he deserves a better father than you."
the fact that wylan just heard him say that omg
"Deserved" amended Van Eck. He blew the whislte twice.
Jesper screamed in rage and raised his guns.
"I'm not big on bludding, am I Inej?"
"Not as a rule"
Van Eck's lip curled. "And why is that?"
"Because he'd rather cheat," said the boy who was not Kuwei Yul-Bo in perfect, unaccented Kerch.
(...), and Jesper flinched
baby he recognized wylan's voice
The Shu boy held out a hand. "Pay up, Kaz"
A nearly perfect replica of Kuwei Yul-Bo stood before them, but he had Wylan's voice, his mannerisms, and - though Kaz could see the fear and hurt in his golden eyes - Wylan's surprising courage, too.
i love it when they compliment him
my boy deserves all the compliments ever
Wylan cuold draw a perfectt elevation. He's made a drill that could cut throu Grisha glass from parts of a gate and scavenged bits of jewellery. So what if he couldn't read
this is taking me to some real places
i may cry you've been warned
this is making me cry
"A fool would have been waiting to be smashed to bits on that ship. And as for "traitor", you've called me worse in the last few minutes alone."
Instead, in that moment of threat, when he should have thought only of the fight, he looked at Inej.
i would've done the same tho she's pretty
amita is sooo pretty i'm gonna die when the show comes out
Jesper was staring at Wylan, his eyes roving over the black hair, the golden eyes. "Why?" he said at last. "Why would you do this?"
nothing to say here except: wesper
You... how many times was it you standing beside me on the deck at night when I tought it was Kuwei?"
"Every time."
i want to cry so bad
"Why does it matter?"
"I don't know!" Jesper said angrily. "Maybe I liked your stupid face."
a very staright and platonic thing to say of course
i know jes we all liked his stupid face
"Jesper made a mistake," said Wylan. "A stupid mistake, but he didn't set out to betray anyone."
And maybe he'd kept him in the dark about Wyllan because he wanted to punish him a little
even kaz know they like each other come on
Jesper sat with elbows on knees, head in hands. Wylan deside him wearing th face of a stranger.
wylan give him a hug fro me please
he needs it
"Scheming face," murmured Jesper.
"Definitely," agreed Wylan.
i miss inej already
And I'm going to get my girl. Inej could never be his, not really, but he would find a way to give her the freedom he´d promised her so long ago.
i'm ugly crying and so what?
and now we're done....
i want to read this book again omg this is unhealthy
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moonysbookclub · 2 months ago
So here’s the crows at the zoo bc I think it would be really funny
Kaz- I feel like he would act like he hates it, but secretly likes the animals. He obviously would be looking at inej the entire time because she would be so cute with the animals and his heart would be exploding. (AWW KANEJ) He also would secretly sneak off when the others are not looking and would go to say hi to the animals.
Inej- she would be running around with Nina. She also would have ate a lot of cotton candy and would be hyper, as well as Nina. Nina would end up dragging her to all the animals but she wouldn’t complain because she loves them. She especially would love the monkeys and would just sit there looking at them.
Matthias- I feel like Matthias would definitely convince all the crows to go to the wolf exhibit with him. Then he would get into a long story about fjerda and the rest of the crows would be bored while he goes on and on passionately about some story. He also would get dragged by Nina away from the exhibit. And he would get cotton candy.
Nina- would be running around with inej while on a sugar high. Would usually drag Matthias with them too. She would love the red pandas because she thought they were super cute. Also tried to steal kazs hat and give it to one of the monkeys. (He did not like that, but stopped himself from getting mad because of inej laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world.)
Jesper- definitely loved all the animals. Would drag wylan around with him (not that wylan complained) and wanted see all of them. Definitely at some point found the Petting zoo and when he saw a goat that looked like milo tried to convince the crows that they should adopt it. Also got into a long story about milo the goat.
Wylan- brought his sketch book and sketched all the animals he could (also a few of Jesper). Got dragged around by Jesper too. Convinced Jesper to get him one of the stuffed animals and def got a ice cream at some point (like one of those flavored ones) I also feel he really would like the marine life and dragged the other crows with him there. Then also at some point wondered if he could make a bomb that when exploded shot out animals.
Anyways hope you guys like this because me and my friend Millie came up with a whole bunch of them over text and I decided to post one <33
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archerdaryl · 10 months ago
London in Your Eyes.
After pulling your name for Secret Santa, Daryl comes and finds you at the Christmas fair. Inspired by Last December by Nina Nesbitt.
Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader Tags: cute christmas vibes, sfw, a lil sad a lil fluffy a lil slow burn?? Word Count: around 3k Notes: This is my very first fanfiction I’ve written in literal years -- I’d love to hear what you guys think as I’m a little nervous but I hope you enjoy it!!
Tumblr media
Against the soft blankets of snow that had long settled since the beginning of December, flashes of red and green could be seen wherever you looked from the guard tower. Amongst them were shadows you recognised, the figures of the people weaving themselves in and out of various stalls that had been set up for the Christmas fair.
You wanted to object to it the first time The King brought it up, especially after the events that occurred at the original. It seemed futile, you weren’t sure you could take another massacre, and it was too God damn cold to be lingering outside. And yet, you folded.
You couldn’t argue with hope. And if Ezekial was good at anything, it was inspiring just that.
Snowflakes had begun to dance in the evening air once more as you diverted your attention back towards the forest that surrounded the walls. You could hear Luke sing what sounded like a song you used to know but couldn’t quite make out as he made his way to his stall where he had wooden instruments up for trade. Down the same lane were various baked goods and crafts made by different members of the community. The kids even had their own art stall, endearingly decorated with looped paper covered in paint and cotton wool shaped into snowmen.
Ezekiel had asked if you wanted to contribute anything. You declined, not because you didn’t want to help but because playing pretend had never been something you were good at -- even as a kid yourself. And especially at Christmas time.
Of course, you played it off a lot more casually than that. You weren’t one to divulge the details of traumas that no longer mattered in the grand scheme of things. After making fun of your lack of artistic talent you insisted on keeping watch for the majority of the evening so that everyone else could enjoy what the fair had to offer. You knew where you stood in that tower. You couldn’t feel the tip of your nose and you had to keep bouncing your knees to maintain circulation, but you felt secure.
You brought your gloved hands up to your mouth and huffed, allowing the warmth to wash over your fingers. You had been up there for several hours now and the most exciting thing to happened was a walker in a hard hat causing a scene by clanging its head against the metal walls. Someone else manning the perimeter had dealt with it, taking what little entertainment you could have had away from you, but at least no one had to worry about an oncoming herd.
You turned swiftly towards a voice drenched in a Southern drawl, eyebrows raised in surprise knitting themselves together.
“You need to stop doing that.”
“Doin’ wha’?”
“Sneaking up on me.”
Daryl Dixon was one of few people who got the jump on you and it was equal parts annoying and endearing. You stood upright from the post you had been leaning on and took a couple of steps towards him, eyes adjusting to his height as you did so.
“Didn’ mean to.” He confessed, “Thought you might be bored.”
“Maybe a little.” You sighed, “I’m mostly just cold.”
He watched you carefully, one hand fiddling with something in his jacket pocket while the other swung at his side holding a large flask. Your cheeks and nose were pink and he found himself indebted to the harsh winds that were to blame.
“Is that-”
“Mulled wine.” He interrupted, “Whatever tha’ is.”
The pair of you had been dancing around something unspoken for the past year, aware but unwilling to cross a line that could ruin the comfort you found in each other. That and you had both seen what happened to people who got attached to others. It was uncharted territory neither of you had ventured into with anyone for a long long time, and though he often daydreamed of you like a teenager and you were constantly worrying about him, the risk seemed too much.
“You’ve never had mulled wine?” You asked curiously, taking the flask he handed to you and shivering slightly as you wrapped your palms around it, “It’s really good actually. And hot.”
The question may as well have been rhetorical. The pair of you hadn’t shared a great deal about your lives before the dead took over, but he had told you enough that you knew Daryl was raised on beer and moonshine. You cared for neither, admittedly. Gin had always been your vice.
“Besides, I thought you liked to drink alone Dixon.”
He exhaled in amusement but didn’t offer a retort. Instead he stepped towards the cabinet at the back of the watch tower and retrieved a large blanket. Your mouth practically dropped to the floor and he fought a smile from creeping onto his lips.
You hadn’t even thought to check. Your cheeks grew even pinker.
“C’mon. Ain’t’ nothin’ happenin’ in the next ten minutes.”
With furrowed brows you looked back out onto the forest, studying its movement and mystery. Chances are, he was right. Nothing had happened so far and nothing likely would, but that didn’t stop you from worrying.
“Don’ make me take back tha’ wine.”
“No! Don’t you dare.” You whipped your head back towards him and narrowed your eyes. “It’s warm.”
“So’s this blanket. Come on.”
You made a point of rolling your eyes as you followed Daryl out onto the deck. Before you could complain about the cold (which honestly wasn’t that much worse than inside the tower) Daryl had shook out the blanket and wrapped it around your shoulders. You mumbled a thank you as he lowered himself to the ground and allowed his legs to swing free over the edge of the deck. You followed suit, the flask of hot mulled wine still between your hands acting like your own personal furnace.
It was darker now and hundreds of lights had been switched on so that people could still find their way around the fair. Even you couldn’t deny the wonder and whimsy of it all. Kids were throwing snowballs, families were laughing and making memories that were worth something. There was makeshift tinsel and decorations all over the place and the rich scent of pig and apple sauce hung in the air. In the sweet silence you shared with the archer, there was a moment you forgot where you were. The world you now lived in was an afterthought, and the Christmas fair was an almost perfect picture of somewhere you yearned to be.  
Daryl noticed the unmistakable twinkle of mourning in your eyes before you could even try to force a smile. He reached for the flask and took it from you, unscrewing its lid and pouring you a cup of mulled wine. He took a swig straight from the bottle and though he furrowed his brows and smelled the contents immediately afterwards, he didn’t complain.
“Ain’t ever seen nothin’ like this.” He offered.
You took a large sip and closed your eyes, savouring every note that swam across your tongue.
“I have. A long time ago.”
Your eyes flit open and you looked right at him. In what little light was left you could see his lips were already slightly stained red. You didn’t doubt your own were the same. He watched your mouth as you took another sip.
“My family was close. Always saved up their holidays so we could get a long Christmas together.” You found yourself lowering your gaze as you spoke, soon returning it to the hustle and bustle before you,  “Spent a couple years in London. They had markets just like these. Winter Wonderland I think they called it. Never thought I’d see anything like it again.”
It was abundantly clear from the very beginning that the pair of you had led very different lives before the world went to waste. He liked talking about his past even less than you did and for very different reasons too. You never pushed like some of the other’s did. In the end that was likely what pushed you both together.
“It’s funny how shit like that sneaks up on you.” You continued, “Every time I think I’ve moved on or let something go it just… I don’t know. None of this should even matter anymore.”
“You got a past worth rememberin’.” You felt a large hand tug at the blanket hanging around you, pulling it to make sure it didn’t fall, “Ain’t no shame in that.”
In truth, Daryl enjoyed listening to you reminisce. It was a rare gift you offered him, one that he would have found annoying from anyone else considering the stark differences in your upbringing. But you spoke about your past like you were telling a story, keeping that little bit of distance so it didn’t wash over you all at once. Whether you knew it or not, you handed him another puzzle piece every time you let him in. He could sit there and listen to you for hours. He wanted to.
A calloused hand found its way into his jacket once again, fiddling with a small object wrapped in aluminium foil. Now didn’t seem appropriate. They still had time.
“Aren’t you cold?”
“Nah.” His cheeks said otherwise, “Wines doing the trick.”
You pulled your legs up and shimmied a little closer to him to him anyways before forcing your arm through his. He didn’t object, not even when you leaned on him a little.
“What other shit did they have in London?” He pushed.
“Mulled cider. That’s probably more up your street” You took your last sip before nudging him to top the cup up, “I used to love these little pancake balls covered in Nutella, strawberries, and icing sugar. Wasn’t Winter Wonderland unless I was covered in chocolate by the end of it.”
Daryl slowly lowered the side of his head down onto yours. It didn’t feel like too much, like you’d suddenly catch yourself and make excuses to go back on watch. Instead, you kept talking, and Daryl kept fiddling with the gift in his pocket.
“I remember it being loud. Music and people everywhere. And it was cold, but never as cold as this. Didn’t really snow there, which I always thought was weird.”
“If you wan’ loud I heard Luke and Jerry were gon’ go carollin’ later.”
A chuckle escaped you as you took another gulp of wine, “You know what, I think I’ll stay up here.”
Comfortable silence took over as you both watched the fair. It had barely quietened down, even though a lot of people had begun their ride back to Hilltop or Alexandria. It was the first time in a long time that there wasn’t a human threat to worry about, so why wouldn’t people make the most of a time like this? You only wished you could let go like others could.
“Oh, shit.” You sat up suddenly, “I forgot about that Secret Santa thing Jerry made us do.”
“Who’s name d’ya pull?”
“It’s supposed to be Secret Santa.” You paused and sighed, “I pulled Jesus. Is this irony? It feels ironic. I’ll figure it out.”
A smirk tugged at the corner of Daryl’s lips as he leaned forward onto the wooden barrier keeping them from falling if either of them were to take a wrong step. He felt something gnawing at him in the pit of his stomach, and he swallowed hard in a futile attempt to get rid of it before clearing his throat.
“Who’s name did you pull?”
“Like ya’ said, it’s Secret Santa.” He grumbled.
You rotated yourself slightly to face him, allowing just one leg to hang free from the deck whilst the other was bent at the knee. 
“Don’t be an asshole, Dixon.” You pleaded, “Tell me!”
“Mind ya’ business.”
“Unless it’s me I don’t see why you can’t tell me.”
Daryl stayed quiet and you couldn’t help but laugh in both amusement and disbelief.
“You’re kidding. Did you really get me something?”
“Will you shut up? You ain’t even s’posed t’ know.”
He finally turned his head to find you unable to suppress the grin spreading across your face. Your eyes were twinkling again, but not with the sadness of earlier. That paired with the blush on your nose and cheeks from the cold and your little hands clinging desperately to the blanket around you made it impossible to say no. That gnawing feeling grew and he took a large breath before retrieving his hand from his pocket.
“Don’ tell Jerry.”
He passed you an strangely shaped object covered in aluminium foil. You took it from him and beamed. You weren’t sure why you were surprised he actually got you something. Maybe it was the fact he thought to wrap it at all, or that he was trying to follow the rules so it really would be a surprise. Would you have ever known it was him if you hadn’t pestered him in this moment? You held the gift in your hands as if it could break at any second whilst your heart was attempting to beat itself out of your chest.
“Do you want me to wait?” You asked, just in case, “I can open it later.”
Daryl shook his head and grabbed the flask again, taking several gulps to warm up his insides. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, studying your features carefully waiting for a sign of repulsion or embarrassment. It never came and without realising it his own features softened.
“It’s yours. Sorry I couldn’ find any paper.”
“It’s shiny and it serves its purpose.” You responded without hesitation, “It’s perfect.”
You carefully unfolded the foil in a futile attempt not to tear it and destroy the fantasy Daryl had created for you. The intricate motions felt painfully slow, and with every layer you tore away the nastier the self-deprecation in his head got. He felt stupid for trying. Was it too much? Was it not enough? He had no fuckin’ idea. Even before the world went to shit he didn’t come from the kind of family that exchanged gifts. He wanted to run, but he couldn’t. All he could do was drink and bite at the skin of his lips until they bled.
“Oh my god.”
He swallowed hard and braced himself for the worst. Your eyebrows were drawn together as you studied the object in all its detail. Eventually you shook it, and you grinned again.
“Where the hell did you find something like this?”
It was a snowglobe, somehow perfectly intact despite the number of years it had been collecting dust in a world full of violence and filth. Daryl had stumbled upon it on a run where he had found a strip of houses to loot. It was sat on a mantelpiece, and though Daryl didn’t know much about England or even London, he knew about Big Ben.
You shook it again and laughed. He watched you gaze at it in wonder, eyeing the details on the clock tower as plastic snow danced around it. Most of his anxieties melted away at the sight of that alone, but he still felt uneasy, as if he had done something wrong.
“I love it, Daryl. I didn’t even realise I’d spoken about London before.”
He nodded, his words stuck in the back of his throat. You had only mentioned London once before, something in passing, but he remembered. He remembered everything you said to him over the years. Maybe that was why this felt so wrong, as if he had taken this -- whatever this is -- too far.
Your heart was still thumping. Daryl had never been a talker, but he’d also never failed to show you that he cared. Even just by doing little things like making sure you ate properly or were sleeping okay. This was a different kind of show and tell and you weren’t sure what to do with it. 
Your affection for the archer had snuck up on you a long time ago and you usually found it quite easy to push it down and away. There were other things to concern yourself with, things to do to make sure not just you but your community could survive. But right now you were stuck in a loop. Behind his grouchy disposition was a warmth you desperately wanted to wrap yourself in.
The blanket wasn’t enough. Not right now. 
“It’s nothin’.” He finally responded, and this time you were lost for words.
You turned back towards the fair, avoiding his blue gaze as you thought to yourself. Neither of you knew what the hell this was or what the hell you were doing. You had spent so much time ignoring or rejecting the possibility of something more that now it had slapped you both across the face you were dumbfounded.
Was it supposed to be this complicated? This confusing? Or was it actually not at all and you were both just useless at all of this?
Tomorrow things would likely carry on as normal but right now, things were different. Something had shifted and it was entirely possibly you had been forced into the uncharted territory you were both so scared of. 
You swallowed hard shimmied closer to him again. Using your free arm, you tried to fling half of the blanket around his broad shoulders. It fell off of him immediately, but he didn’t question it. He picked it up, nudged closer to you, and wrapped it around himself.
A sigh of relief escaped you. Not just because he took the blanket but because he was practically a radiator. 
“I knew you were cold.” Your words were soft, almost hesitant despite being teasing.
Daryl looked down at you, his tongue flitting across his bottom lip as he watched you watch the world go by at the Christmas fair. He carefully sought out your hand with his own, and without even thinking about it you allowed your fingers to intertwine with his.
“You’re the one wi’ blue fingers.”
You wanted to roll your eyes, but you couldn’t bring yourself to. Instead, you rested your head on his shoulder again with a smile and allowed whatever excuses he made to comfort him. The fact you didn’t pull away was enough, and though he always knew you wouldn’t be as rough and calloused as he was, he couldn’t quite get over how soft your fingers were.
“Did you want to look around the fair?”
He allowed his thumb to glide across the back of your hand.
“Nah. I like it up here.”
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abbysfrenchbraid · a year ago
Truth or Dare
Hi guys! This is a oneshot in which the (female) reader is stationed at an WLF outpost and joined by Abby for a work assignment. They become roommates and the reader starts to develop feelings for Abby but isn’t sure if they’re reciprocated until a night of truth or dare with friends reveals more than Abby intended.
It was inspired by this picture of angry/confused Abby with her hair down shared in the Abby Simp Society Discord server (message me or @theenglishmonster​ if you’re interested in joining!). Sadly I couldn’t find the editor anywhere, so let me know if you know who I should credit!
Tumblr media
4.4k words, a little angst + smut 
content warnings: alcohol consumption, smut, mention of sex in public, derogatory language (if you need me to tag anything else let me know)
feedback is very welcome, enjoy!
Truth or Dare  
You were laying in the bottom bunk of the bed you had shared with your fellow WLF Abby for the last month. She had been restationed to your outpost and there had only been a few empty bunks left. You had enjoyed having your own room before, even if it was tiny and fitted only two metal locker cabinets and the bed, as well as a small table and chair in front of the 5th story window. As your outpost didn’t allow men and women to share rooms unless they were married, Abby and her patrol partner Manny had to split up when they arrived. 
The tall blonde made quite the impression on you; she was always composed and stone-faced, standing straight and towering above most of the other soldiers. The first days you two hadn’t talked much, she had taken the empty top bunk and one of the lockers without complaining and told you that you wouldn’t have to take up with her for long. 
After two weeks, she had come in angry and breathing heavily, kicking the bedpost and sinking down next to you on the bottom bunk, putting her head in her hands. Isaac had sent a man named Owen to pull Manny off the job and stay at this post with Abby for the next three months. She had reluctantly begun to tell you about their dynamic, how Owen was her ex boyfriend and Manny had been the only good friend she had in this place. You had felt sorry for her and invited her to come along for some game nights with your friends. She had slowly warmed up to you and was extremely grateful for being able to spend time with you instead of Owen, who had found himself some friends with the hooch experts. 
This night was going to be different. One of your friends had managed to trade some home grown mushrooms for the outpost’s best hooch and suggested to play truth or dare. After some reluctancy on Abby’s side, everyone agreed and you sat down in a circle. After the first few sips it suddenly became very clear to you how close Abby was sitting next to you, her left knee touching your right ever so slightly. From that point on, you couldn’t concentrate on anything else but that tiny, sweet, hot spot where your bodies connected. 
You had kept your distance from the soldier, sensing that she was not the type of person who enjoyed physical contact with people she didn’t trust completely. Still, you had often thought about what it must be like to sink your head onto the stronger woman’s broad chest and be wrapped into her arms, feeling so small and secure in her embrace. You had pushed the idea away, seeing as Abby was more trustful and open with you now but still kept some doors closed, some parts of her hidden away beneath that perfectly smooth face that rarely showed what was going on behind it.
Nina, a younger girl who had just completed a dare to perform her favorite song for the group, smiled warmly at Abby. “Your turn!” Abby had started to relax and you really liked seeing this loosened up, smiling version of her enjoying herself with your friends. She picked truth. 
“How do you like your roommate?” Abby tried to stifle a grin but then she just laughed out loud and your heart felt like it was going to combust. She looked at you and placed her hand on your knee for a second, then seemed to realize what she was doing and quickly put her hands in her lap. “I gotta be honest with you, when I came here I just wanted to get this job over with and leave as fast as possible. That’s why I didn’t even attempt to make any friends or get to know Y/N. But when Manny left, it was extremely kind of Y/N to just take me in and introduce me to all of you, which she was by no means obligated to after I was so cold to her at first.” Abby turned her gaze towards you. “I’d actually count you among my close friends.” 
There was a gleam in her eye as she said it and a part of you just wanted to jump on her and kiss every inch of her face for being so open and unapologetic and cute in front of everyone. You restrained yourself and just beamed at her, internally looking forward to going to your room later and talking all night. Only talking of course. The images that shot through your mind, of Abby throwing you on the bed and crawling on top of you, of pulling that braid you had never seen her take out, of her fingers at your throat and in your mouth, you quickly fought them down and cleared your throat.
It was now Abby’s turn to ask, but surprisingly she didn’t choose you. She dared a guy who had made jokes about being stronger than her earlier to arm wrestle her so everyone quickly put together a table and two chairs for the contestants. It was a quick match. Abby let him struggle a little bit, then she gave you the faintest smile and slammed his hand on the table, making everyone jump to her with congratulations and more alcohol. When she sat down again next to you, she made sure to sit exactly like she had before, your knees touching lightly. A wave of affection and pride rushed over you. This was your friend, the woman who had just told everyone how much she liked you. You looked into her eyes to find that feeling in her too, that unconditional warmth and that want for more, a spark of the fire that could erupt at any moment if any of you dared to ignite it. It was like looking into a mirror - there was something fierce in her gaze, drawing you in and telling you to just wait until you two were alone.
When it came to the defeated wrestler’s turn next, he unexpectedly picked you. You were wondering what he was going to want from you when you saw that Aaron, the dark-haired, handsome man who had organized the drinking night, straightened up and winked at his buddy. After you warily picked dare, he shot immediately: “I dare you to kiss Aaron.” While some of the others whooped or giggled, Abby stiffened next to you and changed her position. The spot on your knee that had just been buzzing with electricity from her touch now felt strangely cold and numb.
You gave the triumphant Aaron a defeated half-smile and got up to go around the circle and kneel down next to him. The rules were the rules, you weren’t going to cop out on a kiss and embarrass yourself, as much as you just wanted to grab Abby’s hand and flee. As you looked at Aaron, you could see Abby out of the corner of your eye, looking away with a strange look on her face - was it anger? Sadness? Maybe she just thought the dare was childish. You went in for a quick kiss, but Aaron grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you in, kissing you hard until you finally managed to break free. The first thing you saw was Abby’s face; she looked absolutely furious. 
Suddenly the door flew open and you jumped to your feet at the sound. “Well, what’s going on in here? Was that a full on makeout session?” 
Of all people, it had to be Owen taking the first step through the door, opening up his arms, bottle in one hand, and grinning in your face. “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Don’t you have a little room left for three more players?” Two of his friends came in behind him, also lightly swaying from the alcohol they must have had beforehand. You felt yourself blush bright red and freeze, not able to say a word. 
Right in that moment, something brushed your arm and before you could register what was going on, Abby had stormed out of the room, almost knocking Owen over with a shove of her shoulder as she passed him. By the time you had gathered yourself she was long gone. 
“Well, someone clearly didn’t enjoy themselves. More room for us!” Owen tried to sound lighthearted but you could hear that he was a little shaken by the confrontation. Him and Abby had had to work together a few times during the last weeks and they had kept it professional; this came unexpected. 
You pulled yourself together. “I’m off too, I’ve had enough of that awful brew.” Before Owen had the time to be offended, you had slipped past him and closed the door behind you. After rounding the corner with a few quick steps, you leaned your back against the wall and took a deep breath. Too much had happened in the last few hours. Where was Abby? What was going on between the two of you? You decided to head back to your shared room, hoping she would be there.
When you opened the door, Abby was leaning against the desk with her arms folded, staring at you distractedly from underneath furrowed brows. As she registered you being there, she straightened up and dropped her gaze to the floor. 
You were at a loss for words. Part of you just wanted to go to her and kiss her, tell her it was okay and that she shouldn’t worry about Owen or Aaron or any other idiot trying to come between you. On the other hand, she seemed on edge, angry and disappointed, and you didn’t want to make the situation worse by overstepping any boundaries. Maybe you should have had given her some time alone before barging in like this; after all, this was the only safe space she had in the outpost. 
You made the decision to leave it up to her. “Do you want me here right now? Or do you need some time alone? I’m sorry that the night ended like this, I didn’t know he was going to come.”
Abby looked at you with such sadness in her eyes that your heart dropped. “I don’t care about Owen. Whatever, you don’t get it. I’m going to shower, I can’t go to bed smelling like alcohol and sweat. You can stay here, I don’t mind. It’s your room after all.” And with that, she grabbed her towel from the bunk bed and was out the door. 
You sank onto your bed with an exhausted sigh. “You don’t get it,” that had been a stab right at your heart. How could you possibly understand what was going on in Abby’s head when she never fucking talked to you about anything? How were you supposed to make a move or tell her how you felt when she looked at you with those thick stone walls almost visible behind her eyes, never letting anyone in? Of course it was the right thing to be cautious and not trust anyone too quickly, people regularly lied and cheated to get what they wanted here and the WLF was certainly not as tightly-knitted and honorable as Isaac would like it to be. But you had been nothing but kind and understanding to Abby, showing her every day that she could feel safe with you and trust you, introducing her to everyone and telling her your secrets and worries every night before bed. Today had been the first time she ever opened up about her feelings and the night had to be ruined by two stupid, insensitive, drunk men. 
Lost in thought, you didn’t notice the steps outside the door. Abby came in, wearing one of her token black cutoffs and grey sweatpants she had brought back from a recent protection run. She had given you a smaller pair, still wrapped in plastic and completely new, without any holes or dirt on it. You were so distracted by the pants that you didn’t notice until Abby had crossed the room and hung her towel over the chair at the desk - her hair was down! It was still drying from the shower, long dark blonde strands falling over her shoulders and down her back leaving wet spots on the cotton fabric of her shirt. The soldier usually braided it while it was still wet so as to keep it extremely neat and in its form, meaning you never got to see anything else. She kept her hands on the chair and looked out the window, down onto the small square in front of the building where the night patrol was just heading out the gate. 
“Your hair is down.” Wow, insightful commentary from your big brain. You wanted to smack yourself across the face; instead you got up and took a step towards her. She took a deep breath and turned around. 
“I snapped my hair tie in the shower. I’ll find something else to tie it with tomorrow. Let’s just go to sleep, okay?”
With pleading eyes she silently asked you to let it go, not talk about it and act like nothing happened tomorrow. But you knew it was going to be different if you didn’t talk about it now. She would become distant again and you wouldn’t get another chance at cracking her shell. 
“What was that about earlier? When Owen came in?”
She immediately leaned away from you and crossed her arms, her usual defense mechanism setting in. “I told you, I don’t want to do this now. You know he’s my ex and I just didn’t want to deal with him right now. The evening was going well until…”
“Until what? You work with him all the time, what’s the big deal all of a sudden? I get that you don’t wanna party with him but you could have told me and we could have left without attracting this much attention. Aaron just invited us to have a nice evening and I couldn’t even say goodbye to him properly!”
The mention of Aaron lit a fire in Abby’s eyes, her face forming into a mask of pure disgust and rage. She straightened up to her full height and glared down at you. “Aaron is a piece of shit! Using some stupid children’s game to get a girl to kiss him instead of having the balls to do it himself.” You opened your mouth for an answer but she cut you off. “What, did you actually enjoy kissing him? That grimy little macho? I guess I was wrong about a lot of things then.”
The Wolf wanted to rush past you like she had done to Owen earlier but you grabbed her by her upper arm and leaned into her with your full weight. She stopped dead in her tracks and her bicep flexed underneath your grasp as she jerked back her arm, staring at you with a mixture of hurt and confusion. 
“Listen to me! I’ve known Aaron for a long time and I know he’s had a crush on me for a long time. I always shut him down and tried to prevent hurting his feelings because I don’t feel the same for him, you hear that? I’m not into him, I just wanted to play the game and give him this one kiss because he’s not getting another one ever again and he knows it.”
Abby had shrunk down at your tirade and leaned against the frame of the bed, watching you questioningly. 
“Abby, I have adored you ever since you set foot in this room and I don’t care if this is going to ruin everything, I’ve had enough. Every time you’re in the same room I can’t concentrate because all I see is you! Tonight you opened up to me for the first time and I was the happiest I have been in a long time. Why won’t you understand that I won’t hurt you, I won’t betray you, Abby, I want you!”
You were practically spitting out the words now, your voice cracking as tears started to build in your eyes and threatened to come rushing down your cheeks. With an angry wipe of your wrist you banned them from your face and stared into Abby’s eyes. She seemed to be processing what you had just said, arms hanging down her sides and no longer on guard for you and the world. 
You sighed and let your shoulders drop. “That’s all you need to know. Now you can go to sleep.”
Suddenly there was movement. Abby rushed towards you, slamming you against the wall behind you and pressing her lips to yours. She tasted like mint and the faint aroma of liquor lingering between both of you after drinking all night, but now you could smell her for the first time. Sometimes when Abby had walked past you, she had left a tiny cloud of her musk, smelling like wood, faint sweat and something you couldn’t quite place. Now you could immediately tell it was pine, meaning the badass soldier actually spent a lot of trading goods just for the special WLF base pine soap and you weren’t complaining.
You ran your fingers through her damp hair and felt her shudder underneath your hands, drawing back her head ever so slightly to look at you. She laid a rough, calloused hand on your cheek with utmost care and gentleness, wiping away a single tear that had escaped with her thumb and then softly caressing your bottom lip. 
“Is that okay?” Her words were only a quiet breath against your skin, the warmth of her hands almost making you melt like wax underneath her touch. You answered by pulling her in for another kiss, quickly running the tip of your tongue over her closed lips and making her fall into you. You let out a tiny whine and she flinched, releasing you immediately. “Oh shit, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry, I can be thoughtless sometimes.” 
You stepped forward and grabbed her by the hem of her worn down shirt. “You didn’t hurt me, Abby. Come with me.”
Stepping around her, you crouched back into the bunk bed and threw her an inviting smile. She reacted immediately, crawling into the small space and on top of you, coming down on her elbows left and right of your shoulders and placing one knee between your legs. Your next kiss was more heated than the ones before, her tongue daring to push against yours and mix her mint flavour with the alcohol on yours. She finally dropped some of her weight on you, grinding her thigh against you and making you gasp into her mouth, your eyes flying open to reveal a malicious smile on the blonde’s lips. You hadn’t even noticed the bloodflow to the space between your hips and your heightened sensitivity almost made your vision go blank for a second.
Abby continued to press her thigh between your legs while attacking your throat with kisses you would definitely still see the remains of in the morning but you didn’t mind. You just wanted to be even closer to her, grabbing a fistful of her beautiful long hair and pulling her head back, making her groan and dig her nails into your shoulder. 
“You like that, baby? Take your shirt off for me.” Her eyes widened at your commanding tone, but she obliged immediately, pulling the cutoff over her head and tossing it into the corner, then returning to your neck with an even stronger passion. She grabbed your breast with one hand, squeezing it while biting into the skin on your throat, sucking hard and following the trail of marks she had left with the tip of her tongue. You could hardly stifle your whimpers anymore and decided to gain the upper hand again, pulling your foot up and bending your knee in order to squeeze your thigh against her crotch. She collapsed on top of you and moaned into your neck, mumbling curses as she got back onto her forearms and laid her forehead against yours, slowly grinding back against your thigh.
You held the back of her head with one hand and started to gently drag the fingers of the other one along Abby’s jaw, her throat and collarbones, drawing circles around her breast and slowly coming to a point at her nipple, teasing and lightly pinching it and making the heavy woman on top of you whimper into your ear while keeping the friction between both of your bodies. As your hand moved lower, exploring her toned stomach, you wound a few strands of her hair around your other hand and finally arrived at the hem of her sweatpants. You slowly pulled the string and brushed a finger along the line where skin and fabric met. The blonde instinctively lifted her hips up and allowed you to slide your hand inside, finding nothing underneath but soft curls and burning hot skin. You let your fingers wander deeper and they were instantly met with hot, slick wetness, making you moan in surprise and slide your fingers along Abby’s folds, instantly covering them in her juices. 
Abby let out a quiet sob next to your ear. “Please don’t tease me Y/N, I’m so close already.”
You pulled her head back and made her look at you, giving her a half-pitying, half-devilish look. “Poor Abby, are so needy you almost came into your pants just from riding my thigh? I don’t know if I should even let you cum, needy whores need to be put in their place. I should ride your face first and then maybe I’ll think about it.”
The soldier had given in completely; Abby was a whimpering mess on top of you, her wetness running down your wrist and her hips desperately bucking forward into your hand, trying to regain some form of friction. “Please Y/N, I’ll be good, I’ll do everything you want, please, please touch me!”
Satisfied, you pushed two fingers inside her, sinking them in entirely and feeling her contract around you as she gasped and went wide-eyed, staring down at you in ecstasy and opening her mouth in a silent scream. You slowly started to move your fingers in and out of her, stroking that tender spot inside her that made her thighs twitch and her eyes roll back into her head. Wanting to pick up the pace, she began to roll her hips back onto your fingers and fought herself back up on her hands, gazing at you through half-closed eyes and strands of hair falling into her face.
“That’s a good girl, riding my fingers like a little whore.” Abby let out a grunt of protest but didn’t stop, sitting up straight and leaning back, placing her hands on your legs to keep her balance. You took the opportunity to pull her pants down to her thighs, revealing dark, shining curls and ivory skin. After taking in the view for a moment you decided it was time to give her what she wanted, placing the pad of your thumb on the spot that had been waiting for any attention from you until now. As you touched the small mound, Abby gasped and shifted her hips forward, losing her rhythm as you slowly rotated your thumb around the pulsing spot. 
She took a deep breath and then slammed down onto your fingers mercilessly, riding your fingers with an unhinged expression in her eyes, her face and breasts gleaming with a thin layer of sweat and strands of hair sticking to her skin as her moans got louder and louder. You joined her rhythm, thrusting your hips up and rubbing her clit as you felt her convulse around your fingers and tremble uncontrollably, catching her shoulder and guiding her down to you as she caved in and lost all strength in those beautiful, now useless muscles. You helped her get rid of the sweatpants entirely, the wet spots in the fabric making being naked the more comfortable option. Abby cuddled up close to you and softly kissed the hickeys she had left on your neck earlier. 
You smiled down at her and brushed a wet strand of hair behind her ear. “How are you feeling?” The blonde sighed and buried her face in your neck. “Like I need another shower.” She lifted her head, a new thought gleaming behind her eyes. “You think anyone is still up?” 
You snorted. “You probably woke up half the hallway. But I don’t think any of them will use the showers in the next few hours, if that’s what you’re playing at.” You knew that Abby hated going to bed dirty or sweaty, she always showered before bed and when she came back from longer missions she wouldn’t even bother to talk to anyone until she was in a clean set of clothes.
Abby pulled your face toward hers and gave you a long, loving kiss. “Of course you can sit on my face first if you want to. I was just thinking of forcing you to be quiet, fucking you against the wall under the hot shower until you can’t stand anymore and making you sit on my shoulders and cum on my face there. I’ll even carry you back here and get us some early breakfast.”
Her words had the desired effect, making you squirm involuntarily and press your thighs together in an attempt to calm yourself. “Fine, who could say no to that? But only if we use your fancy pine soap.”
Abby looked at you in surprise. “You caught that? Well, I like to allow myself that one luxury if I have the means to get it.” She jumped out of the bunk, gave the sweatpants on the floor a kick underneath the bed and threw on a big shirt full of holes along with some boxers, then she gallantly reached out her hand to help you up. You grabbed both of your towels and the small box containing the soap and gave the blonde waiting by the door a peck on the lips. 
“Carry me there, too?” 
She rolled her eyes and crouched down a little so you could put an arm around her shoulder, swooped you up bridal style and carried you out the door.
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electricbluebutterflies · 5 months ago
Hi!! Saw that promp list you reblogged, so I'm shooting my shot for Nina + Matthias with this one: 'Learning what the other person likes sexually' thank you 😊
(Also...idk if you'd accept 1 or 2 more requests for this otp? Loved the prompts but I dont wanna spam your inbox. 😜)
I kinda love them... obvious smut ahead and also on ao3.
She’s broken him. He’s not sure how much he minds.
Look, objectively the fact that he is stuck in the frozen middle of nowhere and owes his continued survival to a witch who will not shut up and seduced him more out of boredom than anything that seems like actual desire on her part is… almost all of his worst nightmares come true. But all of that established and ignored, Nina is not the worst possible person to be stuck with. She’s beautiful, occasionally funny in a way that breaks the cultural barriers between them, knows what she wants…
They’ve stopped for the night, no closer to civilization than they were when they woke up but not going around in circles yet – and he’s left subtle markings at each fishing hut they’ve temporarily occupied, he would know – and he knows what happens next, and this time he wants to do better.
Nina is, he has learned over the past few days, a very particular combination of insatiable and bossy. When she decides she wants, and apparently physical activities are how she deals with her everything, she makes herself very clear and pins him to whatever passes for a bed wherever they are. (Or, very briefly yesterday, a wall.) And while Matthias is a willing enough participant in his own corruption, he can’t push away the feeling that the power dynamic is the truly wrong thing here. A man is not supposed to be passive, even when faced with… all of that. But as it is, he’s not sure he’ll get the chance to change it up.
And sure enough, after an improvised meal of probably-undercooked fish, she reaches out. Puts her mouth on his and starts taking kisses, and he’s so powerless and so into it and-
“Stop,” he breathes, unsure if the word even comes out.
To his great surprise, she freezes. She’s still clinging to him, but not actively doing anything more. “You okay? Did I do something-“
“You need to rest,” he murmurs, adding a little endearment in his native language. Yep, she’s definitely corrupted him. “If you want, let me give.”
Nina rolls her eyes. “Are you sure?!”
“I need to learn how to do this… properly.”
The look on her face is the most amused horror he’s ever seen and oh he almost loves her for it. “I am not passive. You do realize that, right?”
“You don’t have to be. I don’t know… tell me what to do.”
She takes a step back. “Alright. How detailed instructions do you want?”
“Tell me how to make you happy.”
Nina takes another step back and shifts her body into an open position. “Alright. Undress me. You’ve seen how all of this works…”
He has, and he steps forward and tries. The buttons of her vest are so tiny, and of course she’d done up all of them, and it takes a frighteningly long time for his fingers to get them all undone. Then her shirt, also made challenging with the laces done up too tight and oh the sight of her curves underneath it is distracting and unfair and-
Somehow, he figures out all the knots and gets it off her, gets rewarded with the sight of her soft skin and pointy breasts. Even this would be enough, and he-
“Put your mouth… somewhere.”
If nothing else, Matthias is good at following orders. Even if they are given by a… no, at this point he doesn’t think she’s a witch. Not like he was taught to believe. Definitely not normal, but far more human than he expected.
Not that it matters, he reminds himself as he leans down and tries to kiss her breasts. She’s even paler there than she is elsewhere, and her body is warm and unfair. She squirms a little, but the noises she makes are happy enough and she hasn’t yelled at him so he’s hopefully not screwing this up too badly and-
On instinct, he puts his mouth around one of her nipples and licks, and her noises turn closer to what she apparently sounds like in bliss. He’s still learning how that works, but if this helps get her there…
“Okay, I was just going to have you straight-up fuck me but nevermind you’re actually good with your mouth,” she says, yanking on his hair to pull him up and off. “This still…?”
“Yes. Keep showing me.”
“I’m not showing you, I’m trying to un-repress you,” she laughs. “Undo my skirt and get me on the bed.”
He does, and without being told he knows what she wants next. Well, this may be the strangest experience yet with her, but…
The space between her thighs is beautiful, swollen pink instead of ivory, already shiny with her warmth. He pokes around with his fingers – this, at least, she has let him do before – and makes a plan. If he’s wrong then he’s wrong and he still expects she’ll get mad at him at some point during this, but until then he-
“Head. Down. Now.” From this angle she looks magnificent, and he can see her desperation in a different way. “Keep going unless I grab your ear, no matter what else I do.”
In the recent past, in the time before she happened to him, all of this was foreign to him. It was, and remains, improper for a man of his status to know too much about the sacred beauty of women before marrying one. In that way he is ruined now, and he cannot imagine any of this being so good with some equally innocent creature. This one is so much better. This one is-
She kicks his shoulder, more out of annoyance than wanting to hurt. “I know I’m cute but get on with it.”
He complies, pressing his mouth to her outer petals. He is well aware he has too much scruff right now, and that might hurt where she’s sensitive… no, might hurt some lesser woman, won’t make this one bat an eyelash. Nina is different and Nina is herself. And she is perfect, he thinks as instinct takes over and he starts to lick. Beautiful wet nightmare.
This is a first attempt, not perfection. His desire to make her happy counts for something, he hopes as he tries different things, because that’s about the only part of this in his favor. This act she’s suggested is so new, something he’s surprised she even wants, and to have his world reduced to her womanly parts is… perfect for him, honestly. He is aware of his own body responding to it, but she hasn’t asked for that yet and maybe she won’t tonight and-
As he is learning is normal for her, Nina falls apart with a few breathless noises. Apparently this also includes clenching her thighs tight enough his head hurts and more of her sweet warmth dripping onto his tongue. For a moment he’s not sure he can breathe either, and-
The pressure lessens and instead of grabbing his ear like she said, she pulls him up to her level by the shoulders.
“Did I… please you?”
She rolls over to cover his face in wet kisses. “You need to have more faith in your abilities. That was nice.”
“What… what now?”
“Do you still want to have me?” she asks, putting her hand between his legs.
As if that’s a question. Matthias has been able to ignore his own body until now, but the slightest touch makes him squirm and he’s still fully dressed and she is unfair and-
“Always,” he breathes. Might as well admit it. “Is that alright? You already…”
“Great thing about having the parts I do is I can fall apart multiple times,” she shrugs like that should be too obvious. “I am perfectly fine with it if you are.”
“Good. Undress for me and… I wanna see what you do.”
It no longer feels awkward to feel her eyes on him as he sheds his layers. Her expression is appreciative, and he’s never thought too much about what his body might look like to other people but clearly the only person who matters right now is into it. Years after her, he thinks, if there is an after her, he will always remember this as he looks at his skin. Impossible perfect woman almost making him happy.
And sure enough, as he’d both hoped and feared, his prick is in full form. And to think he’d expected it would hurt her the first time she wanted him. There’s no fear of that now, but a near-inevitability he won’t last long enough to give her what she wants and-
He looks at her, spread out for him and waiting, and he knows whatever he does will be enough.
Soft beautiful his, he repeats as he maneuvers his body over her. Perfect woman, as he lines up his prick. More than he had ever dreamed of, as he covers her.
She feels perfect around him, and he rolls his hips against hers and tries to find a pattern the way she does when she covers him and he is so sure he’s doing it wrong but she keeps taking kisses anyways so maybe not. Perfect, and he feels himself tense up and no too soon he hasn’t given her everything he hasn’t-
He falls apart anyways, best intentions be damned, boneless on top of her even as their bodies separate.
“I didn’t mean to-“
“Do I look like I’m complaining?”
No, he thinks as he maneuvers his body so most of his weight is off of her, no she does not. If anything, Nina looks the happiest he’s seen her, pink and glowing and content. “You look beautiful,” he says before he talks himself out of it.
“Good.” She shakes her head, her hair flying everywhere. “Are you… was all of that okay?”
She gets under his skin like no one else ever has, and he almost loves her for it and he is undone. “I don’t know if I did it right.”
“There is no right. Not with this. There’s only… what I like may be different from what some other person likes, and each time you’re with someone new you get to figure it all out again.”
“That’s not what I-“
“You made me feel good. As long as you felt good too… that’s the important part.”
And he did, he lets himself feel as they maneuver themselves into a comfortable position for sleep. Dangerous woman. He is ruined for anyone else now, and… maybe that’s alright.
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squash1 · 4 months ago
how i think a six of crows x raven cycle crossover would go:
- at the beginning gansey and kaz would have mutual respect because they are both the group leaders but then kaz would end up HATING gansey. kaz would think gansey has just been handed everything and is too soft. gansey would end up being scared of kaz.
-blue and gansey would double date with nina and matthias. matthias would like how normal-seeming gansey is and respect blue’s authenticity.
-inej & blue & nina would hang out to talk about how they are SO much smarter than all the boys and and just generally complain about their stupidity. they would all be instant friends.
-ronan would like wylan because he would remind him of matthew. and then he would REALLY like him because his whole thing is blowing stuff up.
-once again i NEED to see jesper and henry is a room together.
-adam would bond with inej. they are both quiet but she is super put together and wise. adam would want to learn how she is so down to earth & able to deal with her emotions.
-ronan would HATE kaz. he would think there was only room for one scary friend. also kaz doesn’t like gansey so... (truthfully they need a support group for scary people who are actually just scary cause they’re broken inside)
-they would all hang out as a group and it would be super cute :)
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aria-dnea · 6 months ago
It's finally here and overall I REALLY LIKED IT and i can't wait to watch episode 2!!!! But I have too many thoughts so here i go, so sorry to anyone reading this
things i did not like:
the narration, thank god they dropped it eventually
it kind of goes with it but the exposition was too much, not clever enough, and sometime way too on the nose (did we need to have that many saints/sun summoner references before we saw her in action? let the people discover this world through the story, not by spitting facts at them, it's confusin than anything else)
the costume for the grisha, like, it's weird because they nailed for everyone else, but not the grisha for which it holds so much importance? Why am i having a hard time seeing the differences between the inferni and th etherealki? I want to feel like they don't belong on that field because they are creatures from above. ZOYA ESPECIALLY is a fashion queen, what did you put her in??
Jesper should have been dark skinned, i'll die on this hill
They made Inej face Tante Heleen like it's no big deal, just part of a montage and for what? I feel it's downplaying her trauma. Everytime Inej had to talk or even be near Tante Heleen in the books, my breathe literally stopped with hers.
I'm not super mad about it but Kaz's cane should have been entirely black. Exactly the same but black. (that being said, the cane is amazing)
It's picky but when kaz repeated "Pekka Rollins" we don't need it to bee that much obvious! Let the actor show us with his face all of the suppress feelings that name invokes. Kaz is a mysterious little shithead, he is almost talking too much but I know there's time to remedy this. (honestly i just realized how easily they could screw up his character so i'm just on edge)
They made the Darkling look like a villain. Ok, no, hear me out. We know, we know he ain't a good guy, but THEY DON'T and they shouldn't!!! He should be that bit scary and powerful guy but basically respected for it. Idk, maybe it's because I already know but with the presentation in the black carriage, the black general, the black cape, the connection to the fold was too obvious to me. I hope we get to see him being a charming motherfucker next episode because he is a master manipulator.
The fog scene was ok, but it could have been horror level just by making the fog a lot darker, the volcras barely shadows and faster, and concentrated the whole scene on Alina's face, getting her a real trauma, there was no need for that scene in the middle of Malina that slowed down an already slow rhythme, and her powers illuminating her face was a bit weird.
The importance of the Heartrender in that interrogation scene was fuckin weird, and it wasn't even used to introduce nina (that i am guessing, we gonna traumatize in fjerda so i'm ok with it), so what was the point?
things I LOVED:
Alinaaaa, omg i was not expecting to like her that much! I did not like her in the books, but here, daaaamn i wanna protect her at all cost. She bears all of her emotions on her face, she has a cute banter with everyone she meets, i just love her already
MALINA i was never a shipper before but i knew they would make Mal much more interesting with the tv show AND THEY DID! Maybe it's because we get to see him outside of Alina's perception and he is suddenly much more 3D. The orphanage scenes were cute af! They are so painfully in love with each other, and it's so rare in tv shows to have long childhood friends as romantic interests and not "we just met and we in love"
the COSTUMES, i know i complained just before but besides the grisha, the costumes were IN POINT. Everyone kind of talked about this already so i'm not gonna gush too long, but really good job on that, hope it carries on (i feel like i'm grading it .... CAUSE I AM: A+)
Ketterdamn looks exactly like the rathole i had pictured, with the merchants being filthy rich in the middle, it's perfect!!
Jesper, Kaz and Inej introductions were magnificient, each time displaying their core in a perfect way!! I loved seeing the trio in action already fikhsjhfk and i have so many questions (they moved the 1 million kruge situation from kuwei to alina??? that's ballsy i'm so curious; are we doing the grisha on drugs already??? could be cool!)
And broadly speaking, I did love that first episode. I wonder how enjoyable and understandable it is for people that never read the books? I genually have no idea, i am in too deep.
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fekst-fucker · a year ago
1st) I'm sorry to hear what's happening to you brother and I hope he takes your advice! 2nd) If you want to write some more hcs: HABIT and your top faves featuring an s/o that collects cute things! Like plushies! :33
My eyes went into big stupid baby mode like a cat’s as soon as I saw “your faves” 🥺💖
- He’s such a grouch lmfao he was like “ugh this is so stupid I can’t have my dEmOnIc lAiR filled with stuffed animals and shit”
- He has since gotten over his little fit, mostly because you chastised him about “you’re gonna call me bunny and coo over me to tease me at every possible second but I can’t have a couple goddamn stuffed animals”
- Just because he’s over it doesn’t mean he’s fond of them yet, if he runs into a pile of soft cuddly stuff he rolls his eyes and sneers a little bit
- Unless you’re in the room. He hates getting chewed out, and, to be fair, he kinda dragged you into his house, so you should be able to have a good thing here and there
- It’s starting to grow on him now. You moved a pile of stuffed bears once from the living room to the TV room and he came up to you and asked “where did you move them? I was getting used to them there. I said hi to them and shit”
- It throws his victims off. They’re getting tortured and cut and screaming and then they’re like “is that… a pink unicorn bear?”
- Habit says “that’s my assistant”, toy straight faced
Eyeless Jack
- Jack has lots of issues tbh. None of them are his fault poor baby
- But when you’re constantly surrounded by the dark woods and crouched in the freezing cold thinking about how much of a monster you are, that kinda starts to impact your mental health, undead or not
- So to be in your nice, warm home, surrounded by cute things- stuffed animals, maybe pastel clothing, fluffy shoulder bags, even weird flatware or mugs that are artsy or cute- is a huge improvement for him
- He doesn’t complain or gripe at all when he first visits your house. In fact, the first time he ever visited you, he tentatively asked if he could stay the night, even if it meant sleeping on the floor
- Which ofc it didn’t, you put him right on the bed with you and your eight million stuffed animals
- He has trouble sleeping, so he just laid there in awe all night, sinking into soft plushies and pillows with you crashed and snoring on top of his chest
- He now excitedly brings you any stuffed animal (or other collectible you might collect) he can find
- You now have a Jack corner, and he feels overwhelming love every time he looks at it
Nina the Killer
- Nina… is a cute thing
- And despite her commitment to scene, she also had a huge stuffed animal collection
- Which were all, of course, decorated in scene clothing and given hand stitched clothes
- Not that she necessarily misses her home life or yearns for it, but being among a ton of stuffed animals again makes her feel better. They’re calming and they help her sleep a lot better, so she’s almost always in your room, or leaving with armfuls of stuffed animals
- She also has to treat every single one equally, so she evens out the spread of which ones she cuddles, and says hi and bye to every single plushie
- If there’s one thing Nina is it’s committed
- She also uses stuffed animals to stim, she’s always fidgeting with one or bouncing it back and forth as she’s talking to somebody
- She will also bring you any stuffed animals she finds, though she’s a lot more inclined to actually buy it as opposed to stealing it or taking it off of a victim, which… isn’t always the best gift
- She managed to steal some of her old plushies back! So now they’re in your collection <3
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minorista · 6 months ago
My thoughts on shadow and bone
I'll just start and say that I absolutely LOVED that show, I loved that it was pretty accurate and followed the books plot line, and the way they intertwined the crows in the story was amazing.
Now let's begin:
My favorite character from the show was jesper
He was just so funny and cute and really balanced kaz and inej's seriousness
The crows had a perfect dynamic in the show and you can really tell how well and long they know each other
It kinda bothered me that kaz wasn't as ruthless and calculated as in the books and that other characters were also a bit undeveloped but I understand that it was because it was pre soc, and I hope they'll be more like in the books when we reach the soc plot line
Jesper and inej's friendship was adorable!!! The way he was ready to kill a man for her, no questions asked
Obviously it was much more subtle then the books since we don't see their thoughts, but it was so well executed that it was obvious
God I just loved to see Nina and Mathias and their dynamic was just perfect!
I also loved how they were disconnected from the story and were in their own little world
And on top of that it was so accurate to the books!! The story and the performance were just on point and it was just perfection
They were definitely my favorite ship of season 1 and I could talk about them for hours
It goes without saying that I absolutely loved milo, best addition to the show (and he was so adorable!!)
Just like in the books I really like alina, i liked to see her growth and journey and jessie was so good (and cute)
I didn't really like how they tried to give everything an obvious reason, like how they made alina being an outcast about her being shu
but what I really didn't like is how they excused the darkling's behavior and he just didn't seem like the real bad guy
(His biggest bad action was what he did to novokribirsk but it was kinda excused because of the west ravkan resident)
I really loved darklina in the show, a lot more then in the books, they were just so cute and in love
I was also a bit disappointed that we didn't get malina but it was really malina background centric (maybe a bit too much) so i have hope for the future
It was really nice that we got mal's POV and it really helped to understand him better
(The scene in fierdja with dubrov and mikhael was so sad😭)
Let's take a second to talk about how funny it was??
Like it was still pretty dark but the comedic scenes were just golden
(Alina getting in the trunk of the crows' cart? Hilarious)
(The crows stealing the darkling's cart? Poetic cinema)
It was sooo satisfying!!! I loved how kaz just went 'not today demon' and fucking dissapeared
I really want to see them really fight in the future (and to see kaz win)
That gets me to the most ICONIC scene in HISTORY which is when inej throws a fricking knife at the darkling, And makes him bleed!!! (Can you spell queen?)
The design, the aesthetic, the outfits, the everything was so gorgeous
I was kinda sad alina didn't use the cut😕
Okay so fedyor/ivan was not a ship I expected but I'm not complaining
I know I already said it but I really don't like how much they excused the darkling's actions, even the creation of the fold, he just really doesn't seem like the bad guy
Excuse me but I was not ready for freddy's voice
It was just soooo ugh. It did things to me
So that's it for now (it came out longer then I expected and I doubt someone will read this) but maybe I'll add more after I'll rewatch the show
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silver-inked · 8 months ago
Living with You
"I know we're supposed to be just roommates but you just look too damn cute in the morning and now I can't seem to get you out of my mind."
Pulling her hair into a loose ponytail, Ambar walked out of the apartment bathroom. It was a cold winter morning, and Luna was still burrowed in her own bed across the room they shared. As Ambar brushed the tips of the ponytail, she could not help but watch Luna sleep. Luna slept slightly drooling, sleeping with her arms spread across the bed and her socks kicked off and on the floor. Luna would wake up with frozen feet, but it would not even bother her. Instead she would face the world with a tired smile and drag herself to breakfast.  
When did Ambar start feeling like this? When did her hatred for this girl start turning into less annoyance, an odd friendship and eventually into maybe something different, something more? Now all Ambar should do is keep her cool and cold glare at every interaction and hope that she would be able to squash it before it became a more threatening feeling. 
And maybe watching Luna while she slept wasn't helping her case. 
Grabbing her things she tapped Luna on the shoulder. “Get up Valente, you slept through your alarm. I’ll be at the next store having breakfast, don't forget Emilia needs to get to school early.”
Luna muttered a slow, “I'm coming,” and rolled out of bed. Their eyes met, and Ambar tried to push down the urge to meet Luna with a smile. Luna of course smiled, and said a small hello before going to the restroom to change. 
Walking out of the room Ambar cursed herself for agreeing to this arrangement.  
"Leave the poor girl alone," Emilia called from the stairs. Emilia was unsuccessfully trying to text her study partner, while putting on her black boots, and trying not slipping down the tile steps. Emilia and Bencio made slight eye contact and Bencio finally pulled down the cereal box from the top drawer. When Emilia had turned around again Bencio, smiled mischievously and began teasing Luna by pulling away the box every time it was near her reach.”Tell him to give me the box Emilia!” 
Emilia didn't bother to help Luna out again. "It's not his fault your short Lunita," she cooed softly. Emilia grabbed a yogurt, "I'll be in the car, I will leave you losers if you're not out by 7:30."
After Luna finished high school, she wanted to get some living experience outside of home and since Nina decided to go study at oxford with Gaston, and Matteo had moved in with the rollerband, those options were out of the window. Luna was part of the Red Sharks so her options were limited. After a year of conflict, between the Jam Roller Team and the Red Sharks, Luna and the girls from the Roller Team had finally figured out their differences, but to say it simply, living with any of them wasn't the best idea. 
Moving in with Ambar, in shorts a good option. Bencio and Emilia lived in the room next store, and for meals the four of them took turns cooking. They went out for early training, made sure everyone wasn't flunking any classes, and most of the time was in good company. She and Ambar had even managed to become closer friends, now that Bencio and Emilia left them to go on dates. All was good. However this did not outweigh the teasing and useless drama Luna was forced to consume due to Benico on a daily basis.
Luna would have climbed onto the table and gotten it herself if it wasn't for Ambar lazily leaning over the counter, looking over the test material for her math exam for the millionth time. She had made Luna test her on the formulas seven times the night before, there was no way Ambar still needed to study. 
Ambar looked up at her for a second and Luna froze. Luna swore that she was confusing the calmness of Ambar's current state, and her own desire to be something more. Then Ambar turned away, and Luna managed to breathe. Bencio wiggled his eyebrows as she motioned him to shut up. And to her surprise he didn't say anything, he only smiled.
Luna muttered under her breath as she finally swiped the box from Benico's hands. She stuck her tongue out at him and he laughed. Pouring it into her bowl, she calculated the time the group had before Emilia was late for uni. She quickly stuffed her food into her mouth, washed her dish and grabbed her things. 
Bencio, followed her and began to turn off the apartment lights one by one. Ambar did not bother to help and instead continued to nod at them absentmindedly as she continued looking through her notes. There was only evidence that Ambar was aware they were leaving when she locked the door behind them.
During lunch Luna was always elsewhere, always with her friends from school, or trying to finish some assignment she forgot last minute. And for the most part Ambar was okay with that, in fact she was happy she was left alone to do her own thing. It let them have their own lives. Living with Luna, after hating her for so many years was often exhausting. At first it was a constant struggle of not arguing due to pride or petty differences, but now it was exhausting because they got along well enough. Well enough that Ambar pictured a chance with her. But then Ambar would remember that she could not keep up with the short girl's energy, and how Luna’s smile made her feel a sensation like no other, and then Ambar would have to force herself to stop thinking. So seeing Luna at school was a bad idea. 
But not today. She wanted to rant to someone about how frustrated she was with her math teacher, who gave her 2 points off for using the wrong equation and getting the right answer, and since Bencio and Emilia were off making out, she was left alone sitting on a bench outside waiting for her next class. 
Matteo approached her from afar, asking if she had seen his boyfriend. Ambar raised her eyebrows. "No, I haven't. Simon doesnt even go to this school." Matteo explained that Simon was supposed to meet him here, and Ambar just shook her head. "Have you seen Luna? I have to talk to her about our training schedule," Ambar lied. Matteo chucked, almost knowingly. She should not have asked, Matteo knew her too well. 
"Not today. But knowing her, la Chica Delivery will find you right when you don't expect it. I'm glad to see you two getting along so well. What is it like living with her?"
"Loud," he laughed. "But since Bencio and Emilia are dating, we both seem to dread going to our old place, so I tolerate it."
"You tolerate it. Thats it? From what I hear from Luna, she is actually liking living with you." Ambar shook her head. "Hey, it surprised me too, but if anyone can look past the hurt, it's you two. You two are the strongest people I have ever met.”
“I'm working on the hurt, as you called it. And I guess she isn't that bad,” Ambar said in all seriousness. 
“Im proud of you Ambar,” Matteo smiled. 
Ambar scoffed, confused, "why?"
"Because, you're letting people in. You let me in, you let the others in. You're letting Luna in.” 
Ambar swallowed as she repeated his words in her head, Your letting Luna in. “Well after this year, anything is possible.” He laughed. 
"So I was thinking we can make flautas for dinner," Luna suggested as she started pulling out the ingredients. "My mom made them for me all the time and they are pretty easy. We can write it down on your "list of things Ambar can cook'' afterwards.”
Ambar did not bother to look up from her book. "I thought I ripped that list to shreds." 
"I took a photo before and rewrote it," Luna said trying to not show the hint of annoyance she felt. Her voice softened. "Come help me warm up the tortillas."
Ambar sighed, and slipped into the kitchen. She helped move the tortillas onto the pan and then off it, and then cut up lettuce and tomatoes while Luna made a salsa. Ambar was so close. Luna tried to focus on the chile she was slicing. As they were waiting for the tortillas to harden slightly on the pan Luna pulled out her phone and pressed play on Ambar’s favorite playlist and sat down. Luna began to sing softly to the lyrics, swaying her head back and forth. Ambar joined her, singing louder at the chorus. Ambar looked beautiful, her sweet perfume making her presence more obvious and present. When Ambar looked back at Luna, Luna passed her the “foods Ambar can cook '' list and she wrote down the recipe as they worked. 
"How was your day?" Ambar asked, trying to not show her curiosity in where Luna had been. 
"It was okay,” Luna confessed. “I had to work on a lab most of the day. After that I finished up some work and came here. I didnt even have time to go to the rink today. How about you? Oh yeah!” Her eyes lit up.  “How was the test?"
Ambar explained to her about the points missed, and about how Bencio had refused to practice at the time he agreed with her, and how in summary today wasn't really her best of days.
Luna patted her on the shoulder softly, before pulling away. “Well it's friday, want to watch a movie after the love birds come for dinner?" 
Ambar was only able to nod before Emila and Bencio walked in holding two bottles of apple cider. "We heard we were having tacos."
"They are flautas," Luna corrected, her curls shook as she spoke. 
"Same difference."
Ambar had decided on Mean Girls, why? Luna wasn't sure, but she also wasn't complaining. This was her first time watching the american film and it was entertaining. They sat on their sofa, sharing a blanket and eating popcorn. Maybe it was just her, but they were closer than they usually were for movie nights, their shoulders somehow managed to be touching. She could feel the heat radiating off Ambar and how the slight pressure of leading on each other made her skin feel like it was on fire. She had to remember to breathe as Ambar turned to her, "do you like being my roommate?"Ambar said so seriously, matter of factly, as if the obvious answer was no. 
Luna made a face of surprise, she understood the question. Even after a year, them being friends felt like some kind of unachievable dream. The blonde girl stared at her, as if calculating every next move Luna could possibly make.“Of course I do, I would not be watching a movie with you if I didn't. Why?"
"Oh no real reason, just something Matteo said today. He told me you enjoyed living with me. And since I did try to injure you a couple times and screw over your life for a couple years, I just wanted to make sure you actually want to be here. " She looked embarrassed, almost guilty even. It was so unlike the confident bold Ambar she was used to. 
Luna blushed as she tried to find her calm, and courage to continue," I mean, we did start on the wrong foot, and we do argue, and -" luna's voice quickened as she tried to find what words to say, Ambar was looking at her wide eyed. "what I mean is I do like living with you. I think that we can say we are friends, and your a great study partner, and i think that after all this time it's great to be able to do simple things like movie nights, and hanging out, and I like you, so I guess what I mean is, yes I like living with you."
Ambar nodded, and then gave a small chuckle, brushing her hair back, "okay valente. I guess I should not expect much more than a half put together rant as a response."
"You know what I mean! Wait why did Matteo tell you this?"
"No real reason, he was looking for Simon, and we had some small talk."
Luna nodded slowly, "okay." She quickly tried to change the topic. "Hey I don't know if we ever talked about how you feel about our ex boyfriends dating each other. I personally am totally okay with it, and it took them long enough to finally be an official item."
"Don't avoid the topic Luna," she sighed, "but as I have said before, I think it's cute. Plus I don't have to worry about dealing with those two idiots if they are dating each other." Ambar looked away now, staring at the tv."Honestly the fact that we both dated them should make living with each other weird, or even make us hate each other even more, but it's oldy comforting we both understand those breakups." 
Luna nodded in agreement, she could feel the tension in the room lessen. "You know, all we would have to do is date,” she joked, “and then we would form the most cursed love square ever in existence. Imagine that."
Ambar laughed out loud. “Imagine that. Us, our ex’s ex dating?”
"Hey,” Luna laughed, a small stab piercing her chest. “If it helps the cursed love square, I'll admit I wouldn't mind dating you."
"Really?" Ambar laughed, a bit too serious to be kidding. "After everything?" She sat up again and stared at Luna. 
Luna swallowed and grabbed Ambar's hand. She hopped Ambar could not notice how nervous she was, and how serious her voice muttered, "even after everything." She began to pull away, ready to focus on the movie again, pushing away the hurt and forget this conversation ever happened. But Ambar held her hand back. 
Luna smiled at her nervously, as Ambar pulled Luna in slightly so they could sit closer in a more comfortable way.
"For the sake of the cursed love square, I wouldn't mind either. So maybe we can give this cursed love square a try." Luna looked at her, her mouth wide open. “Im serious! If you are.”
Luna sunk into the couch slightly as she tried to meet Ambar'e eyes, "hey Ambar, if I am going to trust you with my heart this time you cant break it."
"I won't, if you won’t. I have had enough heartbreak for a lifetime."
Luna smiled as Ambar wrapped her arm around her and pulled her in closer. "Then let's try it."
“So how are we going to tell the guys?” Luna laughed.
“Oh, we won't for a while. But when we do, and if this relationship works we are going to shock everyone.”
Ambar is the first to wake up in the morning. Luna is wrapped around her, radiating her usual light. Last night feels so far away, but she could still remember the seriousness in both of their eyes when they decided to try. 
Maybe in another life they could have gotten to this point years ago.
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grisen06 · a month ago
Reading 1/2 STar Reviwes On Books I Liked
Frist of all I'm slowly coming to terms with teh fact that My Tumblr, My Rules. Noone is going to care what I post and if it doesn't concern them so let's go
(Spoiler warnings for each book will be marked out if they appear)
#1 Love, Simon
So most people's hate towards this is that one paragraph about 'Lesbians and Bi women having it easier since men only likes that' and I GET HOW IT CAN BE EEN AS PROBLEMATIC BUT BECKY IS LITERALLY A BI WOMAN CHECK UR FACTS
Tho I get the people saying the book is to a big part just made to be cute
#2 Carry On
'There's no plot' WHat????? There is???? What???
Everyone saying it copies Harry Poter too much, well I can't really have an opinion here since I read HP when I was 7 and have since forgotten some parts but it was more like she took HP and spun it in her own *better* way so I don't see the problem.
People complaining about the magic system. *SIghs* If I'm 100% honest this is probably one of the best spellcasting systems I've read cause it makes sense compared to system where it's like 'Oh let's just use fucking latin' like where di the latin spells come from??? How did someone figure the spells out in the first place??? What about before latin was invented??? It??? Doesn't??? Make??? Sense???
Someone saying it realises too much on HP nostalgia. It didn't for me at least.
#3 Red, White and Royal Blue
(First I would just like to clarify that while a lot on this list is mlm, I myself am a lesbian and doesn't fetishize them, I just relate to queer books more and the book world lacks a lot of wlw books)
Soooooo 99% of the hate towards this comes down to one thing
and once again I do get what people mean. The world isn't nearly as black and white as the politics in this book is but that doesn't make it bad enough to hate on it? Like yeah I get why you wouldn't like that particullar part but come on, this book wasn't meant to be Oh The Perfect Describtion Of American Politics. It's a love story. Also it's narrated by the son of the president. I have a feeling he isn't gonna start disliking his own mom and his own political party. And I also get that having Democrats vs Republicans being Allys vs Homphobes isn't really correct but to be frank the real world is basically Republicans - Homophobes, Democrats - A little less Homophobic soooooooo yeahhh.
If you read this for the politics alone, I apologise.
#4 Six of Crows
(Goodreads really should have a 1 star filter function cause it's getting hard to find these 1 star reviews)
People complaining about them being teens. I have a feeling this mostly is adults complaining and to 80% of them I just wanna say that you badly underestimate the power of a group of teens. Especially teens growing up like these 6 did.
This reviewer just called Kaz a male version of Alina. I'm speechless.
Same reviewer said that Wylan was forgetable do they wanna be punched. ANd now they insulted found family wHaT.
Reviewer: *Says the characters feels older than teens*
Also reviewer: *Complains that Kaz did an unmatture thing*
Like dude, ur aware they are teens??? That while teens can be better than you seem to think they are they also are hormonal???
Someone complaining that Kaz's leg injury and having to use a cane is unrealistic? One google search and Oh! The author uses a cane to! Who knows best about them now, huh?
Complaints about the teens being the only moral ones while the adults don't have morals. Personally I really like this seeing as from me (As a teen) and a lot of my friends pov, adults are seldom the best people and therefore from the pov of these teens I think this can be quite realistic.
Complaints that it's sexist that Kaz and Matthias goes thru trauma and becomes monsters while Nina and Inej does and doesn't. Well yeah could it be seen as sexist that it's this boy/girl devide? Sure. Do I think It's more of a character thing? Yes.
I was gonna continue this but I'm out of argument juice for today and also I just went through like 6 books on my goodreads list without finding a single one with an argument I could actually write about so yeah I'm not gonna do more :/
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darewitchstr · 6 months ago
It's funny cause at episode 3, I was like "I complain too much when I am actually enjoying this" but boi oh boi, i'm about to do some serious complaining now .....
because i know we don't always want to read negative stuff about our favourite tv show, i'm gonna list the things i did like first:
Inej and Jesper's relationship is seriously on point, since ep 1, but that little talent show they did was amazing. Inej trust him with his life, literally, and just going along with his ideas (like why did that card needed to be in her mouth? for THEATRICS INEJ FOR THEATRICS), then smiling when Jesper is happy!!! My baby is proud as she should be
I wasn't sure about Ben Barnes when he got announced but honestly, he is selling the Darkling more than I ever thought he could. The cringe everytime he's grooming Alina is there but because it should be there (opposed to like if he was played by a teenager, we would tend to forget how old he actually is).
the cinematography is beautiful af, the shot of Mal hunting down the deer are breathtaking, all of the decor is still killing me!
and now, the things i did not like at all:
THE FLASHBACKS. I was the first one calling the fb of malina in the orphanage cute, but why show them EVERY TEN MINUTES and they are not even adding new information and sometimes are downright the EXACT SAME FB
which leads to me to the point that they are treating us like children, showing us stuff that happened five seconds ago just in case we forgot, or that we don't see the ENORMOUS obvious point they are making WE GET IT ALINA IS SAD THAT MAL IS NOT RESPONDING but if she looks at that scar ONE MORE TIME i will scream.
Malina ..... Jeez, it feels like everything I liked in the first episode got turned on me and stabbed me in the back with bad writting. Malina works way better in there than in the books, but they got to stop shoving it down our throats when they are not even physically together. Alina has a fuckin personnality on her own, I know that because you showed it to me in the first episode. Why is it gone now? Why is she only allowed to have relationship if it is romantic? I need the focus on her friendship with Genya, otherwise what is to come won't affect me at all (we all know what i'm talking about). One statement that she likes her in passing is not gonna cut it. Where is her relationship with Baghra???
Actually, ya know what, Baghra gets her own paragraph of complaining. this whole episode whould have been focused around Alina's training and the discovery of Baghra. You have an amazing actress for her, and you don't even use her? You have an incredible ability to do the best sets, you already proved it to me, but you fail to render the oppressive atmosphere of her lair AS IF IT WASN'T THE PERFECT METAPHOR FOR ALINA STATE OF MIND. Leigh Bardugo provided that for you on a silver platter. Actually, the whole narration around the training makes no sense, we barely see it, we are told it's going ok, then it's going terribly, the montage of her being slapped around is just awkward and then we have the breakthough that .... comes from nowhere?? The dialogue was so lazy too, like when Alina gets mad and stands up? Anyone else felt how weird that was?
Bad dialogue throughout entire episode actually they talk too much, exposition is not even hidden and tends to put me away from scenes (when Nina says "don't worry i can't anything with my hands like that" for instance, it's ruining the threats she was making just because the felt the need to explain to their dumb audience something they already knew). Sometimes i can't tell if it's the dialogue or the editing cause that was pretty lazy too. And it kind of breaks my heart cause you can tell the director did a good job - like that shot of Aleksander and Alina being separated by the door, him reaching and her going away? Beautiful. But the editing ruined it cause they were no continuation with what came before.
The heist was a bad idea, too rushed, no build-up, no clear explaining of the stakes and eventually useless - take it away and it changes nothing to the story, we learn nothing more about our characters, the only thing it did is me losing a bit of respect for kaz in that outfit.
Mal is a soldier in a war, you will not convince me that it was the first time he killed someone, especially a Fjerdan.
I don't like Nina? (you guys don't understand how much it hurts me to say things like that cause all the characters in SOC are my children) Her acting seems forced, her delivery of the lines are over-the-top and it gives her a contemptuous vibe. Also, I feel like it's weird how they already make Matthias so comfortable around her, standing that close, being that interested. But yeaaaaah i'm gonna see where this is going cause it's too early to have an opinion on.
So yep
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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radioactive-spacemen · 7 months ago
Lets see if I can revive my old hobby of reading! 
So to start off, six of crows reading reaction thread
At first, she’d thought it was a matter of taste, but she’d come to understand that it was a joke he played on the upstanding merchers. He enjoyed looking like one of them. “I’m a businessman,” he’d told her. “No more, no less.” “You’re a thief, Kaz.” “Isn’t that what I just said?”
what a great way to fuck w/ rich folk with style (literally) ~ Kaz spitting out hot takes/facts
“They’ll sing your praises once you have Bo Yul-Bayur safely hidden away wherever you intend to keep him.” “Novyi Zem.” Kaz shrugged. “You can put him in a coffeepot for all I care.”
lol kav innovating the best transportation mechanism, though joke aside somehow I could see this being a legit thing in a ghibilish movie
Our hopes rest with you, Mister Brekker. If you fail, all the world will suffer for it.” “Oh, it’s worse than that, Van Eck. If I fail, I don’t get paid.”
FSFSDF this is the best attitude.  got those important priorities squared away
Beyond slappable. “Are you aware that I could waggle my fingers and make you wet your trousers?” “Easy, Heartrender. I like these trousers. And if you start messing with my vital organs, Matthias Helvar will never see sunshine again.” Nina blew out a breath and settled for glowering at no one. “Nina—” Inej murmured. “Don’t you start in on me.”
D'awww what a cute happy family. thick as thieves ;) 
“Then Helvar gets locked back in his cell, and Muzzen still gets paid. And I’ll take him to breakfast at the Kooperom.” “Can I have waffles?” Muzzen mumbled.
DSFS MUGGEN deserves all the waffles perfect priorities. Such a minor character and he's done basically nothing but who could not love a man who loves his waffles so fiercely? 
Her eyes filled with tears. “Shhhh, Matthias. We’re here to get you out.” Before she could blink he had hold of her shoulders and had pinned her to the ground. “Nina,” he growled. Then his hands closed over her throat.
OOOOF now that ones gonna sting both emotionally and physically yay!
“You were early, Jesper,” Kaz said as he nudged Matthias toward the boat. “I was on time.” “For you, that’s early. Next time you plan to impress me give me some warning.” “The animals are out, and I found you a boat. This is when a thank-you would be in order.” “Thank you, Jesper,” said Nina. “You’re very welcome, gorgeous. See, Kaz? That’s how the civilized folk do.”
adore these kids so much already adfasdf what a beautiful functional family
“Wylan doesn’t know enough people to cause us real trouble.” “Don’t I have some say in this?” complained Wylan. “I’m sitting right here.” Kaz raised a brow. “Ever had your pocket picked, Wylan?” “I … not that I know of.” “Been mugged in an alley?”
Wylan blinked. “No, but—”“Ever been beaten until you can’t walk?”
“Why do you think that is?” “I—” “It’s been three months since you left your daddy’s mansion on the Geldstraat. Why do you suppose your sojourn in the Barrel has been so blessed?” “Lucky, I guess?” Wylan suggested weakly. Jesper snorted. “Kaz is your luck, merchling. He’s had you under Dregs protection—though you’re so useless, up until this minute none of us could figure out why.” “No.” “Hung over the side of a bridge with your head in the canal?”
D'aww they're bullying the cute rich baby this is too cute afdasdf he’s so baby and prickly at the same time it’s great
“You guys are going to make this really fun, aren’t you?” asked Jesper. “Usually people don’t start hating each other until a week into the job, but you two have a head start.” They cast him twin glares, and Jesper beamed back at them
Jespers my fav so far so i'm calling it he's gonna die at some point. Gonna be so sad when this ray of sunshine dies!
Kaz cocked his head to one side, his eyes focused on something in the distance.“
Scheming face,” Jesper whispered to Inej.
She nodded. “Definitely.”
ADORABLE YES! this is what my soul hungers for this type of love shade that can only come from found fam
“We’re not going in through the embassy,” said Kaz. “Always hit where the mark isn’t looking.” “Who’s Mark?” asked Wylan. Jesper burst out laughing. “Oh, Saints, you are something. The mark , the pigeon, the cozy, the fool you’re looking to fleece.” Wylan drew himself up. “I may not have had your … education, but I’m sure I know plenty of words that you don’t.” “Also the proper way to fold a napkin and dance a minuet. Oh, and you can play the flute. Marketable skills, merchling. Marketable skills.” “No one dances the minuet anymore,” grumbled Wylan.
Kaz leaned back. “What’s the easiest way to steal a man’s wallet?”
FDSJLF WYLAN U PRECIOUS SUMMER CHILD who very determinedly thinks he isn't one. As kaz just ignores it all and gets back to boring old murder. Also merchling is adorable
“Schoolroom Fjerdan, right? I bet you speak Fjerdan about as well as I speak moose.” “Moose is probably your native tongue,” mumbled Wylan.
LOL if they aren’t best buds by the end of the book i’m going to be beyond sad
“I don’t need a nursemaid,” Jesper snapped. “More like a chaperone, but if you want him to wash your nappies and tuck you in at night, that’s your business.”
good of kaz to accept his merchlings no matter what ;), living that good ol’ no yucking their yums philosphy 
“You can’t spend his money if you’re dead.” “I’ll acquire expensive habits in the afterlife.”
zag and kaz would get along just fiiiiine
I’m going to kill that little idiot. “What do you want?” he shouted down. “Close your eyes!” “You can’t kiss me from down there, Wylan.” “Just do it!” “This better be good!” He shut his eyes. “Are they closed?” “Damn it, Wylan, yes, they’re—”
FSFSFDDF i CANNOT get enough of these two fools, two clowns in one clown car honking away
“Keep talking, Wraith. Don’t slip away from me.” “But it’s what I do best.” He clutched her tighter.
Witty to the last breath that’s my girl also FEELINGS ;o;
Something inside him felt frayed and raw. It was the same feeling he’d had as a boy, in those first desperate days after Jordie’s death. Say you’re sorry. That was the last thing Inej had said to him. What had she wanted him to apologize for? There were so many possibilities. A thousand crimes. A thousand stupid jibes.
“Since when am I your valet?” “Man with a knife, remember?” he said over his shoulder. “Man with a gun!” Jesper called after him. Kaz replied with a time-saving gesture that relied heavily on his middle finger and disappeared belowdecks.
hehe i live for these interactions
“She can’t die,” he repeated. Nina felt a surge of frustration. She was torn between wanting to hug Jesper tight and scream at him that she was trying. “Saints, Jesper,” she said. “I’m doing my best.” He shifted, and his body seemed to come back alive. “Sorry,” he said a bit sheepishly. He clapped her awkwardly on the shoulder. “You’re doing great.” Nina sighed. “Not convincing. Why don’t you go chain up a giant blond?”
his feels like something out of CR. Jespers trying so hard i'll be nice and give him half a golden star for trying ~
They’d even made him imitate the different patterns of the bells. A necessity, but he’d felt like a fool chanting, “ Bing bong bing bing bong . No, wait, bing bing bong bing bing .”
HOPE this makes it into the series PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Just think of the memes!
After the first night, they’d slept in all the dry clothes and blankets they could find but on opposite sides of the fire. If they didn’t have wood or kindling, they curled against one another, barely touching, but by morning, they’d be pressed together, breathing in tandem, cocooned in muzzy sleep, a single crescent moon. Every morning he complained that she was impossible to wake. “It’s like trying to raise a corpse.” “The dead request five more minutes,” she would say, and bury her head in the furs.
this is such a cute, cute scene ;o;  theyw ere so adorable in those three weeks of pure hell
“I’d love to see you get beaten by a girl,” she said happily. “Not in this lifetime.” “Well, I guess I won’t get to see it. I’ll just get to live the moment when I knock you on your ass.” This time he did laugh, a proper laugh that she could feel through her back. “Saints, Fjerdan, I didn’t know you could laugh. Careful now, take it slow.”
FSDFDF Yessss girl coming for his soul w/ her wit hehe
“Discipline. Routine. Does it mean nothing to you? Djel, I can’t wait to have a bed to myself again.” “Right,” said Nina. “I can feel just how much you hate sleeping next to me. I feel it every morning.” Matthias flushed bright scarlet. “Why do you have to say things like that?” “Because I like it when you turn red.” “It’s disgusting. You don’t need to make everything lewd.” “If you would just relax—” “I don’t want to relax.” “Why? What are you so afraid will happen? Afraid you might start to like me?” He said nothing. Despite her fatigue, she trotted ahead of him. “That’s it, isn’t it? You don’t want to like a Grisha. You’re scared that if you laugh at my jokes or answer my questions, you might start thinking I’m human. Would that be so terrible?” “I do like you.” “What was that?” “I do like you,” he said angrily. She’d beamed, feeling a well of pleasure erupt through her. “Now, really, is that so bad?” “Yes!” he roared. “Why?” “Because you’re horrible. You’re loud and lewd and … treacherous. Brum warned us that Grisha could be charming.” “Oh, I see. I’m the wicked Grisha seductress. I have beguiled you with my Grisha wiles!” She poked him in the chest. “Stop that.” “No. I’m beguiling you.” “Quit it.”
Okay so this one is stupidly long.  but there were way too many good bits to cut out! That masterful teasing of his morning wood, then slipping beautifully into working her "beguiling" magic on him. Truly he's way too fun to tease, can see why she can't resist. Watching them is quickly becoming my fav sport
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t100ficrecsblog · a year ago
an interview with @bellarkestitchdelena (she/her)
What are you working on right now? Well right now, I am working on a couple different things, but the one I am focusing on the most is a Bellarke Regency Accidental Pregnancy and Arranged Marriage fic. It’s going to be another week and a half or so before I release it because I’m trying to perfect the language of that era and getting feedback from other people on it. So far it’s turning out pretty good. I’m also working on a three-chapter story but that won’t be out for at least a month.
What’s something you would like to write one day? I think I wanna try and tackle a soulmate fic. I’ve never written one but it sounds like it would be interesting to write. I also think I want to tackle getting into another fandom, more specifically Lucifer, but I’m going to wait for that one and see if people would want to read my fics in there, though. 
What is the fanwork you are most proud of? I think I would have to say “You Sneaky Little….”. It’s under 1000 words but I had so much fun writing that one. Plus, if they were in a modern world i could so see Bellamy doing something similar for Clarke. It also has a tiny bit of me in it. I couldn’t resist making Clarke’s favourite foods my favourite foods. Anyways, yes, that one, definitely. 
Why did you first start writing fic? I started writing fic as an outlet. At first, I had only done canonverse. My first was Clarke giving Monty Jasper’s letter because I didn’t think we were gonna get that on the show and I needed that to happen so I wrote about it. And then it was because I had badly wanted the extended scene Bellamy negotiating with Diyoza in 5x04 because I wanted to know what happened after he said “do we have a deal or not” so I wrote that and then it just spiraled from there.
What frustrates you the most about fic writing? For me it’s having an idea in your head and sometimes not knowing how to physically write it on the page. It’s so frustrating when you have ideas but they just won’t come out. I don’t know if this is just me but I have this problem a lot.
What are your top five songs right now? Ruin My Life - Zara Larsson The Best You Had - Nina Nesbitt Bend the Rules - Niall Horan Boyfriend - Selena Gomez Meant to Be - Florida
What are your inspirations? This is a hard one to answer for me because I’m not really inspired by specific things. Inspiration comes from any place any time. I could be sitting down reading a book and a random word on that page could inspire me. Inspiration comes from anywhere and everything for me.
What first attracted you to Bellarke? What attracts you now? It’s funny because Bellarke is actually what got me into in the show in the first place. I had heard of the show for a while and my parents had started watching it a few months before me and they had said that I would like it as it is up my alley. However, I avoided it for the LONGEST TIME. But then one day I was scrolling through YouTube and the list scene from 4x03 came up in my recommended feed. And for some bizarre reason I clicked on it. And I was hooked. There was no going back. The intimacy, the trust, the compassion, they had for each other in that scene is what drew me in and it’s what still has me here.
Besides Bellarke, what other character or pairing do you like best in The 100? I actually have three. I love both Memori and Murven as pairings. Murven because they have an understanding that is very deep in my opinion and their development from where they were in season 1 is just phenomenal. Memori because they are common law married and are cute precious beans and need to be protected. And finally, it’s not really on the show anymore but in season 6 I loved Josephine and Gabriel’s relationship so much! I wish we got to see more of it unfold but the way they ended it was beautiful so I’m not complaining.
Why did you start writing for bellarkefic-for-blm? I started writing for bellarkfic-for-blm because I had wanted to do something to help, but I live about an hour away from the nearest Black Lives Matter protest and I work nights and I don’t own a car or have a driver’s license. And I donate in small increments but overall all the money I need to save for school. So when I saw that Sam was doing it I thought it was a great way to help. So I got ahold of Sam’s (@burninghoneyatdusk) info and asked if there was any way I could help and there was and I am so glad I could be part of something so amazing. Also on another note: Send us your prompts, please! No donation is too small!
What’s your writing process like? This may sound weird but I don’t think I have a writing process. I just come up with an idea and I’ll sit in front of my computer and write. Sometimes if I have ideas and I don’t have time to write full out, I’ll write it in my notes app on my phone for later. And sometimes even write a little on paper. But other than that it’s just me and my computer.
What are some things you’d like to recommend? I have three things I would like to recommend. The first is the amazing talented Tails ( @talistheintrovert ) who is theinvisibledisaster on ao3. Her fics are gold and she is a genius and I absolutely adore her. Go check her out if you haven’t. The second is the book #murdertrending by Gretchen McNeil. It is a book set in the very near future about how people for entertainment [sic] can watch people get executed through an app. The book follows a girl named Dee who is committed [sic] of a crime she didn’t commit. And she is the next victim. Can she with the help of other inmates prove her innocence before it’s too late? (I suck at descriptions it’s way better than I made it sound, I promise). It is really good, I highly recommend the book. And the final recommendation is the song Too Good by Sofinaarii, it is so good. Go give it a listen.
The best place to find bellarkestitchdelena is here on Tumblr, or at her ao3 here. Request a fic written by her via @bellarkefic-for-blm.
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blackhighheels · a year ago
Fan Fiction Interviews: Theartificialdane
I had the pleasure to chat with @theartificialdane today and talk to them about Fanfiction, research, Branjie and what’s up next. Also, there was lots of laughter which sadly can only be alluded to here ;)
The cut is for length reasons, but also for some M-rated stuff we touched upon. Consider yourself warned!
How did you come up with your name on tumblr/AO3?
Actually, I came up with it, because the first time I ever wrote fan-fiction was for Drag Race. It got me into this shit, man *laughs*. I started watching season 7 with one of my friends, because for me Drag Race is like a communal thing. We watched the Snatch Game episode and the Untucked later, and I just fell in love with Violet. She was so funny and seeing that professional side of her break down a little bit, I thought "This is the shit I am here for!". I went on tumblr and checked if anyone had written anything.  There were some people, who were shipping them, but there wasn't enough. So, I was like "I need to create what I want to read". But… that was a very long way just to say that this online name, ArtificialDane, is based on the fact that I started writing fan-fiction for or on ArtificialQueens and since I'm Danish, it was like 'ArtificialDane'. And at the time all of the writers had 'artificial' in their usernames.
What can you tell me about yourself?
I'm female, I'm 26, I'm a librarian and I primarily work in the children's library.
When did you first find out about Fanfiction?
I've been reading fanfics online ever since I got an internet connection. In part also, because if English isn't your native language, a lot of the motivation for learning it comes from wanting to participate in online communities. I know, I read insane amounts of Harry Potter fanfiction. And I can't exactly remember when it started, but I've always read a lot and consumed a lot of media and attempted to participate online.
When did you start writing Fanfiction?
In 2015. But before, as a teen, I did some online role play, but I don't necessary count that as writing. Yet, when I look back at it, I was always the one who liked to do all the research and stuff. I was very into Doctor Who and the new James Bond with Daniel Craig.
My first 'official' fanfic was in 2015. I made the profile after I started writing fan-fiction. People were sending messages to ArtificialQueens, therefore I needed something to sign my name with. Then people were like "Can you start a sideblog, because we want to send you questions". I was clogging up the inbox on ArtificialQueens. I started my blog so that people could talk to me. I think some of my early, early fan-fiction stories have like 100+ notes and that was freaking insane.
And I've been through several phases in this Fandom and what I started with, were these seven-something polyamorous stories. When I wrote my first fan fiction, there was an election going on in Denmark and the somewhat racist party was doing really well. It was like ten or eleven at night, I was staying up, went online to distract myself and went to my little happy place of Drag Race fan-fiction. I found Pearl and Violet and thought ‘these people have super amazing chemistry’. I'm here for a professional type of bitch, that's like my favorite kind of drag queen. Because the election was going so badly I was like, 'I'm just going to write this super short porn fanfic'. I published it and when I woke up at two or three to check on the election, there was a ton of notes on this little snippet of porn fanfic. I thought "Huh, I guess I can do this."
There wasn't any plot though. It was like an over-sensitivity porn-fic, basically just multiple orgasms. Maybe that was also part of my popularity, because I went into the Fandom, treating it kind of like a kink-bingo. Just writing as many different kinks as I could, even if they weren't mine. I wondered why nobody was doing this, andI started stuff with fucking-machines, multiple people, overstimulation, water-sports… I was just like "Fuck it, let's do it. I'm going in! I'm contributing to this community!".*laughs*
How much research did go into this?
Well, I mean… the other day… it was something like a hand job and does it feel good, if the balls are being played with? I actually went to pornhub and searched 'balls, play, blowjob'. *Laughter* I use pornhub a lot to find out how things work, because I don't have a penis.
I don't necessarily use the same research method, but recently I thought that if anyone ever checks my browser history, they'd wonder " Why is a woman googling gay sex stuff so much?!"
Yeah, I take deep dives on pornhub gay, like, I am there! I think it's the librarian in me, like you wanna know! I've seen some strange things on pornhub.
So wow, what a first story to write!
Yeah, but I was like, you gotta help your fellow kids out, you have got to give back to the community! The original pairing I got kind of known for, was a BDSM verse with Violet, Max, Fame, Trixie, Katja and Pearl.
When and why did you switch over to Branjie?
I didn't actually watch season 8, 9 or 10, because there was no one I really cared about and I wasn't invested. I started watching season 11 and I was like "Nina!!!"
The first time I saw Brooke, literally the first words out of my mouth were "He looks like someone who shouldn't be allowed in a van near a football field!" His outfit is just so bad, so bad! But I continued watching and when we had that scene in episode 3 or 4 with the orange alert thing with the little neck touch backstage, I was like "I'm here, I am sold! Give me that good stuff!" Then I did some one-shots with Branjie first, because the drama, the secrets, the mystery it's all there. Afterwards I started writing 'Cruising for a Bruising' with another author. I was sure Brooke was gonna win, so ‘let's just put in that he's the winner’. I was so sure!
But I think, what first got me attracted to Branjie was how different they are and how exciting it was to see two people who were so very different. It was so exciting to see Vanjie's immediate attraction to Brooke. And also that fun backstory they had, where Vanjie kind of admits that he already knew who Brooke was and was into it right from the start. And then Brooke had that "Huh, I guess you're cute"- kind of moment. That's such a fun dynamic to play with. They don't need outside drama, they create their own drama just from their conflicting personalities. So, it's fun to see what they can do to overcome those conflicting personalities.
What's the most fun part about writing Branjie?
Uhm, banter, I think. They are always two seconds away from a fight, at least in my main story. They're always doing something to mess with the other. Some people could call it childish, but I see it more as keeping the fun and playfulness alive in a relationship. I really like that. Also, I like it when they have each other's backs and be like "Stop messing with my boo!".
What's the most difficult part for you about writing Branjie specifically?
Every time they fight! I hate it!
What does your writing process look like?
A mess! People might think I have some sort of process…I use google docs for everything, because it's available on both my phone and my computer. I'll have a document named something like 'Silky smoothie baby' or 'hotel bang'. *Laughter*. That's usually how I start. And on my blog I have a tag for things I want to include later. Sometimes I know where I want to go. I like to create gigantic universes, that I can dig into and I am not a big fan of writing chronologically. But usually it starts with an idea, then I make a document and take some notes for it and then I either go back by myself and write some dialogue and brief things like 'moves the coffee cup', 'grabs the phone'. At this point I usually ask someone to brainstorm this with me or read it with me. After, I go back and actually write it out and  ask someone else to beta for me.
Also, the process of writing fanfiction is very collaborative for me. Sometimes, when people comment or point out things, I think it makes a lot of sense and add it.
How long does it usually take from the first word of a chapter until you post it?
It depends. When it's finished, I usually post it right after. I'm not someone who has a schedule. I try to upload something every two to three days, but it really depends. The DxP fanfic has been on a four month hiatus and it took me six months to write 'This is the Beginning'. Yet, some other stories, like the Christmas one, I wrote in a week or two.
Do you have a favorite comment  that comes to mind?
Well, everything that tumble4rpdr makes for me? I love them so much! They actually take the time to sit down and do like a full review for everything I write. And I cannot express in words how thankful I am. Often I put in little things and wonder if they'll notice 'Ha! I did this for you!'. Comments are like a ping-pong between the person who comments and the writer. Usually the people you get along with in the comments, are also the contacts who turn into a friendship.
And how do you deal with rude comments?
I think it depends, because sometimes it's constructive criticism not worded very nicely. I've had people be like "Your English is so bad! Why are you writing?". Basically attacking me for the fact that I don't speak perfect English. And I'm like "Yeah, I don't". They are complaining about the fact that I don't necessarily always have the time to have a beta look over my things. And it's fair that they have that feeling, but I'm also doing this for free, in my free-time. I am not someone who enjoys waiting for days after I've finished something. I just want it out there. I also don't necessarily enjoy entering the discourse on tumblr. I'm just … I don't want to get involved.
Yeah, me neither. My inbox is full of asks I choose to avoid because I don't want to get into it. So how do you comment on things you read?
If I read a Drag race fan-fic I really like, I actually sit down and take the time to  take the little snippets that I like the best and then comment on those things, like it's a dialogue. Because I feel that's the easiest way for me to point out the things I like; and it's also the type of comment I like receiving the most. I don't expect a reply from the author, it doesn't really matter to me. However, if I really like someone, I'll actually hit them up and be like "Hiii, this is really cool! How did you do this? What's gonna happen next?"
What's your favorite story that you wrote and why?
*grunting*… I think I have to say Galactica, because I had no idea I could write something this big. It's a story I'm still writing, but I started it in 2016. I'm still tinkering away and working on it. I've learned so much working on it and it's become like a companion in my life.
What's your favorite story ever?
Don't make me pick! Uhm… the first one that comes to mind is 'For your safety'. Dude, read it! It's really good. Brooke is a police officer and Vanjie is a prostitute… and you can see where this is heading. And actually, 'After the Fall' by Poppedthep. It's very interesting for someone who is so physical and use their body language so much, like Brooke, to have that taken away and what's left, I guess.
What's a bug bear of yours in fanfiction?
Things like rape? Or when it's  'let's make this character an alcoholic'. All those dark things are not necessarily things I generally look for in my fiction. I realise that there are a lot of people who gain a lot from reading hurt/comfort fics, but that's not for me, bro'. So, I think angst in general is not my jam.
I don't mind the angst, but I hate a story that has a sad ending.
No! Nooo! We do not enjoy that! Actually, one of my favorite things about being a children's librarian is that fiction for younger people usually has a happy ending. I think that one of the greatest things you can do with the political and social climate we have these days, is to insist on a happy ending.
If you could go back and change one thing in the "The brightest timeline" verse, what would it be?
*Groans* That I promised people that there would be a big fight in Nashville. I know I have to write it, I know it's important…it's that pivotal moment for the Brightest timeline. I have it all planned out, but I just don't want to write it. *Starts telling the details, which I won't spill here* I have alluded to it, I've had them discuss this fight, but I never want to write it... I will at some point. Just with like the Chicago fuck-a-thon, I've dug myself a deep, deep hole. But it's fine… it's fine. I'll do it at some point, uh, but, uh… not now!
What's coming up next?
Well, people have been saying like 'Hey, do you remember that Courtney fanfic you started writing?!" and I'm like "Yes, I'm familiar with it" So, I have to do that. The thing I am really  looking forward to, but that I haven't started writing - and I'm not sure I will start writing- is a threesome fic coupled with Miss Gay America.
I'm also in a waiting position, waiting for Drag Race Canada to air. And Vanjie was filmed for another WoW presents documentary, I'm also waiting for that. And I promised to write a story that comes directly after "This is the beginning". *Details are left out here again- *Lots of laughter* Go read the story when it's out!* It's gonna be so bad, but so good! I imagine it's gonna be interesting to see what happens when two gay guys are allowed to go at it, after six weeks of barely being allowed to touch.
What's something concerning the fandom or Branjie or RPDR that you haven't told anyone yet?
Oh no! Ugh… That I would probably murder Vanjie, if I ever had to be on public transportation with him.
Imagine having him as your neighbor! He's so loud!
Totally! I think, I would kill Vanjie, if we had to spend any extended time together.
Couple of last quick questions…
Kudos or comments?
Comments! Any day of the week *starts singing*
Mama Brooke or Mama Vanjie?
Neither! It's not that I don't care, but… I don't care.
Writing Vanjie or writing Brooke?
Dialogue for Vanjie, because it's freaking fun and he is insane. And then, character descriptions and monologues for Brooke.
Brooke's apartment or Vanjie's?
Neither! No, offence Brooke, but your apartment looks like shit. Like, it's bad.  And don't keep using your oven to store your shoes, man! Get it together! And I have no idea where Vanjie lives. The most I've seen of his apartment, is a headboard! So…
Thank you @theartificialdane !
If you'd like to chat with me for a bit and answer my questions, just dm me :) If you know a FF author who you’d like me to “interview”: Let me know!
 Or: If you'd like to chat with anybody else and interview them, make this a meme thing: Go ahead!
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artificialqueens · a year ago
Not Nineteen Forever (16) (Branjie/Scyvie/Ninex)- Ortega
a/n: it’s been almost FOUR MONTHS what the fucking fuck?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i’m so so sorry for my absence, i really have no excuse apart from work and life getting in the way. this chapter was a fucker to write but i hope it doesn’t disappoint! as always i would love for u to tell me if u enjoyed either on aq or on my blog. p.s. i am so excited i get to write chapter 17 now. GET EXCITED for that one xoxoxox
please note: this fic contains young adults often behaving in irresponsible/unadvisable ways with regards to alcohol, drugs and sex. if you are someone who feels as if they could be heavily influenced by fic and incorporate what happens in the plot into ur own life, pls steer clear!
summary: Brooke, Yvie and Nina are three flatmates who forged a friendship in their first year of university and picked up some other waifs and strays along the way. Now in their final year, there are feelings that need to be unravelled and confessions to be made whilst navigating drunk nights, hungover mornings, takeaways, group chats, library meetups, cafe gossiping, and the small matter of getting a degree.
last chapter: the least romantic of Valentine’s Days ever saw Brooke regretting cutting ties with Vanessa and Nina misguidedly breaking up with Monet. Scyvie stayed cute and unproblematic xoxo
this chapter: for Scarlet’s birthday she is gifted: a lie in, Yvie acting incredibly suspiciously, and a girlfriend-serenading plan worthy of a rom-com.
Scarlet woke up with an excited tingle in her tummy, a rush of adrenaline forcing her eyes open. She blinked one, twice, had the ever-familiar confusion (Am I waking up in my flat or Yvie’s?…Mine.) and then chastised herself for still feeling like a child on Christmas Eve on the 26th of February each year. Laughing to herself as she rubbed her eyes, she supposed she couldn’t help it. Scarlet loved her birthday- as vain as it sounded, it was a day all about her, and as someone with the friendship anxiety she had it was always nice to see how much her friends cared for her. Sitting up and stretching, she remembered all the birthdays that had come before- being little and tearing down the stairs at home, her feet skiting over the Mr Sheen-ed floorboards and running into the kitchen to see all her presents piled up on the table and her Mums there ready to greet her with a cuddle and a ridiculously big birthday badge. With a twinge of pain, Scarlet remembered the birthday she’d celebrated in her first year of uni- no night out, she hadn’t had enough friends to assemble for that, just her and another girl she’d befriended who later dropped out of uni altogether watching films in her room. That was all behind her now, though. She had the girls, her second family, and they’d made every birthday since as special as the ones she’d had when she was a kid.
Grabbing her phone, she smiled to see that it was already blowing up with messages. She supposed she wasn’t surprised- it was already 11 o’clock in the morning, and most of the world had woken up. Scarlet had been lucky enough to have her birthday fall on a Sunday, and that meant no uni, no obligations, and no alarms. She read over the two texts she’d got from her Mums, both of them crying over how they couldn’t believe she was 21 already. Scarlet supposed it was easy to lose perspective at uni- she was the last in their group to hit that big milestone, save Yvie of course, and it had seemed like she’d been waiting for ages. But to her Mum and her Mam, she was their little baby that had somehow grown into an adult without much time seeming to pass at all. Pausing, Scarlet texted them both back with a similar number of crying face emojis and kisses. She would go visit them next weekend.
On the group chat, celebrations had already kicked off. The group dynamics were weird these days, Scarlet supposed. Nina was unusually quiet, not her jokey and upbeat self. Still, Scarlet could understand that given what had happened with her and Monet. She was one of the rare few that had actually been able to hear both sides of the story- Vanessa explaining the situation to her after lectures one day having heard it all from Monique and Yvie telling her everything that Nina had told her- but Scarlet still couldn’t seem to get her head around it. How could it be, she wondered, that two people could have been less on the same page? Monet ready to make things official with Nina and Nina, scared and paranoid and convinced of Monet’s infidelity, ending things to protect her own feelings. Except nobody’s feelings had been protected at all, Scarlet had sighed to Yvie one day, as both girls were heartbroken and pining for each other but neither were sure as to how to go about mending things. With a pang of sympathy, Scarlet realised it had been two weeks to the day since they had ended things. She knew it would have made the poor girl feel worse if she’d revealed what she knew- that Monet had been about to ask her to be her girlfriend- so Scarlet had kept quiet, figuring that Nina was probably heartbroken enough for now.
Vanessa, on the other hand, couldn’t have been in a more different position to Nina. Every time Scarlet saw her she would be ready with a new story about something hilarious Monique had done, or something funny she’d messaged her, or something she’d done that had made Vanessa “go all heart eyes” (to quote her directly). Scarlet was happy for Vanessa- she knew that the two girls were spending time together and getting to know each other (and, thanks to what Vanessa told her in completely unnecessary detail, knew they were at it like rabbits), and it was exactly what Vanessa needed after all the drama with Brooke.
Before Scarlet could think about Brooke’s situation though, another message came through on the group chat that distracted her enough to scroll up and read all the others.
large incongruous silkworm spiced praline: IT’S INTERNATIONAL SCARLET ENVY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BDAY HOE!!!!!!
Akeria Sainsburys Bag for Life: Woooooo!!!!! Happy Birthday Scarlet we love you!!!
cursed satnav voice: BITCH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Hope you have the best day, love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
okay then: aaaaaaaaah happy birthday Scarlet!!! 21 at last!!!!!
cursed satnav voice: Why is she not ANSWERING??????
Akeria Sainsburys Bag for Life: Yvie’s offline too……
large incongruous silkworm spiced praline: ENJOY THE SEX BITCHES
Maple Syrup: Can confirm they’re not fucking
Maple Syrup: Yvie has an essay due she’s not started so Scarlet never stayed over
okay then: thank u to our reporter in the field, Ms Brooke Lynn Hytes
Maple Syrup: I’m here to help
Maple Syrup: also Happy Birthday Scarlet!! Hope Yvie spoils you rotten xxxxx
Scarlet’s Bitch: ur all filthy animals i was getting a coffee
Scarlet’s Bitch: ready for crying breakdown number 2 of the day
Scarlet’s Bitch: i would absolutely not rather be with my incredibly fit, funny, gorgeous girlfriend
okay then: keep that gay shit off the chat
cursed satnav voice: Yvie!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are so cute i s2g
okay then: vanj don’t encourage them
cursed satnav voice: Allow it hoe!! I got dumped, I’m allowed to be mushy
Scarlet’s Bitch: oh, did Monique end things?
large incongruous silkworm spiced praline: ASDFGHJKL YVIE I LOVE U
Akeria Sainsbury’s Bag for Life: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
okay then: omg
cursed satnav voice: On God I will leave this chat again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scarlet allowed the crazy replies from her friends to pour in, Brooke notable by her absence in the melee. Despite everything, Scarlet had to feel sorry for her. Yvie had told her in complete pain-of-death secrecy that it sort of, maybe, might have been the case that Brooke regretted breaking up with Vanessa. Brooke hadn’t exactly said that to Yvie, but she knew it was heavily implied, and even if Brooke didn’t know herself then Yvie sure as hell did. Scarlet had rolled her eyes at first and complained about how idiotic Brooke was being but when she actually really thought about it, she could see Brooke for what she really was- scared, unsure and full of doubt, unaware of what her feelings even were. In all the time Scarlet had known Brooke, she’d never been in a relationship, which made Scarlet wonder if she’d ever had one in her life. It was strange how people could be so different. Back in High School Scarlet always thought relationships were as simple as two people liking each other, kissing and then deciding to be together. But nothing was ever as simple as that. Sometimes they started out as friends and had to jump that platonic hurdle, like her and Yvie. Maybe everything started out great but ended up getting messy even though the two people probably loved each other, a la Monet and Nina. Sometimes the two people just never put a label on it (Plastique and Ariel). And other times it was a complete clusterfuck. Like Brooke and Vanjie.
Watching as the girls all teased Vanjie and Brooke’s silence became louder and louder, Scarlet decided that now was probably the time for her to break the ice.
Yvie’s Bitch: AAH sorry i just woke up!!!!! Thank you guys, I love you all sososo much!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cursed satnav voice: xxxxxxxxxxx i wish we were all going out tonight :(
Yvie’s Bitch: I know, downside of a Sunday birthday!! We could do something else if anyone’s free during the day though?? Snacks and movie?
cursed satnav voice: Sorry bae I’m gonna be in the lib :(
large incongruous silkworm spiced praline: SORRY ANGEL MY FAMILY’S DOWN TO VISIT
Akeria Sainsbury’s Bag for Life: Sorry baby I’ve got dance class
Scarlet frowned, trying her best not to be disappointed. Yvie was still making her a nice dinner at her flat tonight, and they were going to go and see a film even though they hadn’t decided which one yet. It would still be a good day. Even if Yvie had been acting a little weird recently- shielding her phone, closing her laptop quickly if Scarlet came into her room, seeming secretive. It was probably nothing. Scarlet was probably being paranoid as a result of everything that had happened to their friends recently. Yvie still told her how much she loved her every day, and made her laugh, and smiled at her in a way that made Scarlet feel like she was the most beautiful creature on earth.
As if on cue, her phone lit up as the selfie she and Yvie had taken on top of the big wheel at Christmas filled the screen. Smiling as she swiped across the screen, Scarlet held the phone to her ear. “Hey, you.”
Yvie’s voice had a hint of playfulness to it as she answered. “Hey. Y’know, I feel like there was something important today that I totally forgot, can you help me out?”
Scarlet laughed, leaning back in bed and keeping up the charade. “Oh shit, is it not that essay you have due in about 40 minutes?”
“No, that’s pretty much all I’ve been able to think about all day. And it’s definitely going to be handed in late.”
“Meh. Better late than never. Is it, uh…some sort of Saint’s Day? There’s fucking hundreds of those.”
“No, see I don’t think this has anything at all to do with Saints.”
Scarlet laughed, giving a gasp on mock-irritation. “The fuck’s that meant to mean, you bitch?”
“Well for one, I don’t think Saints squirt when they-”
“Jesus fucking Christ, Yvie!” Scarlet screamed, giggling as she cut her girlfriend off. “Where the hell are you?!”
Scarlet could practically hear the nonchalant shrug Yvie gave. “Library cafe.”
“You’re such a tit.”
“Mh. Prefer yours. Happy Birthday, by the way.”
Scarlet caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, smiling like an idiot at nothing. “Thanks, baby. I love you.”
“I love you too. So what’s your plan for your big day?”
“Shit all, to be honest, although I’ve been stressed out my mind all week about that group project I had on Friday so that’s probably for the best,” Scarlet blew air through her cheeks, trying to keep the disappointment out of her voice.
“Sounds good,” Yvie replied, Scarlet only the slightest bit let down by the fact her girlfriend didn’t pick up on her mood at all. “Hey, I’ve got a plan for you if you want it?”
Scarlet’s ears pricked up as she absent-mindedly fiddled with the studs she had in her ears. “Okay?”
“Well, I’ll probably be back at the flat around…one-ish? So you can come see me then. But can you do me a favour, girl? Phone Nina?”
Scarlet crinkled her nose up in confusion. “Uh, sure, I can do that. How, uh. How come?”
“Because I’m getting more and more worried about her with every passing day and if she kills herself in the flat we won’t get our deposit back. That’s a joke of course, but in all seriousness I am worried about her.” Yvie reeled off in her own deadpan way, then lowered her voice. “I just got the weirdest look from this boy that just walked by me.”
“He probably thinks you’re fit.”
“He probably thinks I’m criminally insane after that sentence. Does that sound okay, though?”
Scarlet was a little confused by the whole request. “So you want me to just phone Nina? What do I say it’s about?”
“I don’t know, say you want to do something for your birthday and ask if she’s free. Just something to get her out of the flat for something that isn’t a lecture.”
Scarlet shrugged. “Okay, I can do that.”
“Thanks, baby. I’ll see you later, okay? Come by about one. I love you.”
“Love you too. See you later,” Scarlet replied, Yvie hanging up the phone first. Scarlet frowned, blinking. There was something entirely weird about the whole conversation, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She rubbed her forehead. She didn’t want to entertain any thoughts of Yvie acting suspiciously, not after the breakdown of two relationships now in the friendship group, so without stopping to let the dam break in her head and for all those thoughts to flood in, she dialled Nina’s number. It rang twice before she picked up.
Scarlet raised her eyebrows in surprise. Nina’s voice was a lot chirpier than she’d expected. “Uh, hey Nina. It’s just me.”
“Hey, Scarlet! Happy Birthday!” the girl’s voice came down the line again, Scarlet starting to wonder if it actually was Nina or not. “Just the girl, actually. I was wondering if you wanted to help me with something today?”
Scarlet stretched out in bed. This was an odd day. “Sure, sure. I was actually phoning to ask if you wanted to hang out, so that works. What do you need?”
“So basically I’ve decided that I’m going to cut my losses and go and stand outside Monet’s flat on the street with a speaker blasting a romantic song in a bid to win her back.”
Scarlet felt like going back to sleep. She couldn’t believe any of this was happening. “You’re…you’re what, sorry?”
“Yeah, I know, I know. It’s absolutely batshit crazy and probably won’t even work. But that’s two weeks I’ve been feeling like utter shit about the entire thing, and last night I just had this shock of motivation and clarity and I kind of told myself that if I really wanted her back that much I would have to just eat a concrete mixer of humble pie and just go and tell her what she means to me.”
In the list of things Scarlet never imagined Nina doing, publically putting herself out there in what could be an incredibly humiliating apology was probably at the top spot. Scarlet supposed it had to be seen to be believed. “Well, I’d love to come and be your moral support. You’re brave as shit, girl.”
“Ugh, you’re an angel. Can we meet halfway and then walk up to her flat together? Maybe outside the Sainsbury’s near me? In like, half an hour?”
Scarlet looked at the clock, then looked again in the mirror.  “Forty-five minutes?”
“Perfect. See ya then. Bye, Scarlet!”
“Bye,” Scarlet replied, bemused beyond belief. Giving herself a kick up the bum, she launched herself out of bed, grabbed a towel, and made her way to the shower. Forty-five minutes was a challenge, but she would make it work.
She was only ten minutes late when she met Nina outside the shop, which for the always-running-late-Scarlet was quite good. She saw with a pleasant surprise that Nina had changed out of the grotty black Primark leggings and huge oversized pyjama top she’d been wearing like a heartbroken uniform around the flat for the past two weeks, and had put on a pair of clean jeans and a red jumper. The two greasy plaits that Brooke had put her hair into last Friday were gone too, and she’d washed her hair and straightened it so it was all sleek and glossy. There wasn’t any makeup on her face, but Scarlet would allow it. This was already more than she’d expected.
“Hey, girl,” Scarlet greeted her, Nina bouncing a little in surprise as Scarlet appeared beside her. “You look so good!”
“Aw, thanks! Jesus Christ I’m so nervous it’s like I can’t even think. Oh, shit, happy birthday!” Nina said, almost in one breath as she hugged Scarlet tightly, clinging to her like an anchor and in turn illustrating how nervous she was. “How’s it going so far?”
“Yeah, okay. Well, no. A bit weird actually,” Scarlet furrowed her brow, sweeping a hand through her hair as she thought about the phone call from Yvie. “Has Yvie seemed off to you at all?”
Nina shrugged, shaking her head. “No.”
“Right. It’s just…ugh, she phoned me this morning. Everything was fine, it was just….I don’t know. Something seemed off. She said she was in the Library cafe but…I could actually hear her, you know?”
“That place has all the decibels of a rave combined with the noise level of my placement class,” Nina agreed. Then, frowning, she shook her head. “She was probably just on the way out of it.”
“Yeah…” Scarlet muttered, still puzzled. “She told me to phone you, you know.”
Nina laughed, kicking the bluetooth speakers she’d set down on the pavement, presumably too heavy for her to hold. “Oh, fuck. Checking up on the latest casualty of love, then?”
Scarlet was suddenly embarrassed, unsure as to whether or not she should’ve told Nina that. “Do you not think that’s a bit…odd?”
“Nah. Not in the least. Hey, speaking of, can we get this show on the road before I completely shit myself and/or back out?” Nina asked quickly, taking a deep exhale and bouncing on the balls of her feet. Scarlet nodded quickly, apologizing and offering to help Nina with her speakers.
“No, you’re fine. This is my cross to bear,” Nina insisted, puffing a little as she picked them up and started walking in the direction of Monet’s flat. Scarlet knew it was only a few minutes’ walk away.
“So, uh. I have a lot of questions,” Scarlet laughed a little, pleased to see Nina up and about. Every time she’d been round at Yvie’s the girl had looked an absolute sight, and had only changed her clothes once- one day where she tried to go into uni but came back sobbing as she’d seen Monet and the girl had completely blanked her. “The first one is…do the others know that you’re doing this?”
“No. Only decided last night, and I’ve been psyching myself up ever since. I’m tired of feeling like shit, I’m tired of not knowing what could happen if I just swallowed my pride and told her the truth. I was so happy with Monet, I…” Nina sighed, stopping and hitching the speakers back up. “I want to feel that happy again.”
Scarlet nodded understandingly, and they walked in silence for a moment. Nina spoke after a short pause.
“What’re the others?”
“The other questions? You said you had a lot.”
“Oh, right. Well, they all kind of combine into one, really, I mean…where did you get this idea from?” Scarlet laughed, her stomach tensing as they turned into Monet’s street. She didn’t know why she was nervous. It’s not as if she was trying to get her girlfriend back.
“Well, one of Monet’s favourite films is Ten Things I Hate About You, and I’m kind of trying to recreate that. She’s a romantic, and…well, I’m shy. I need to at least try putting myself out there, even if it’s only to win her back. It’s been over a week and I’ve been torturing myself with the whole thing day after day after day. I’m grabbing life by the balls, I’m womaning up. I’m making my own happy ending,“ Nina said determinedly, heaving the speakers a final step and planting them outside Monet’s stairwell.
"No I know! It’s very inspiring. Just…I mean, you could’ve texted her first?” Scarlet chewed her lip, watching Nina flick through her phone. “I mean, she might be out.”
“Much more romantic this way, Scarlet, and romance is the order of the day. I mean how many Disney princesses get wooed by a text? None. Monet’s a princess and she deserves a princess attempt at begging her to take me back,” Nina said matter-of-factly. Scarlet watched as Nina looked up at Monet’s window, the confidence she’d possessed earlier now seeming to melt away. Scarlet took a little step forward and squeezed her shoulder.
“Hey. This will work. I know it. Monet still likes you,” Scarlet gave her friend a comforting smile. “I know she does.”
Taking a deep breath and smiling a smile of gratitude, Nina suddenly pressed play on her phone and a loud intro boomed out through the speakers. It was louder than Scarlet had been expecting. Deafening, even. Never mind Monet’s flat, half the street could probably hear it. The first faces were already starting to appear at windows, but Nina began undeterred, staring up at the window that meant the most to her hopefully.
“You’re just too good to be true…can’t take my eyes off of you…”
Scarlet jumped as the window above Monet’s suddenly flew open and an outraged bald man yelled an obscenity out of it. Nina continued.
“I wanna hold you so much…at long last love has arrived…and I thank God I’m-”
“Turn that fucking racket off!” came a yell from a flat across the road. Annoyed, Scarlet threw them the middle finger. Nina kept going, her face almost pained as her eyes flicked between the three windows at the front of Monet’s flat. She completed another verse and then casually hummed along with the start of the instrumental, and all at once Scarlet saw her face light up as Monet’s curtain was pulled back and Monet, Bob and Monique appeared at the window. Scarlet watched as Monet’s face rapidly displayed confusion, annoyance, and finally affection as she realised where the noise was coming from. As Monet threw her window open, Nina flung her arms out and beamed up at her, in the face of now several angry tenants from both sides of the street who were doing everything from wishing Nina an untimely death to phoning the police.
“I love you baby, and if it’s quite alright I need you baby, to warm the lonely nights, I love you baby, trust in me when I say-”
Monet was attempting to inject some form of disapproval into her tone as she shouted down, but her huge smile gave too much away. “Nina, what the hell-”
“Oh pretty baby, don’t bring me down I pray, oh pretty baby, now that I found you stay and let me love you, baby, let me love you!” Nina continued, cutting Monet off mid-sentence. Bob had raised an unconvinced eyebrow at the singing Nina but Monique seemed to be loving it, and had her phone out filming it all.
“You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off-” Nina started again, but stopped abruptly as the music suddenly died. Confused and frowning, Nina ran to the speaker. Dismayed, she looked up at Scarlet. “Shit! It’s out of battery!”
There was a moment where the two girls on the street level looked at each other with panic. For a moment, Scarlet thought about carrying on regardless, and it seemed as if the thought crossed Nina’s mind too. However, seemingly sensing it was over, Monique applauded enthusiastically from the window, cheering for Nina. Unimpressed, Bob turned and left. Monet didn’t go anywhere. She was still rooted to the spot looking at Nina, her face beetroot red. Taking her chance, Nina yelled up at her.
“Monet, I’m so so fucking sorry!” she began, and Scarlet’s heart instantly broke. “This has been the hardest week for me in a long, long time and…fuck, I only broke up with you because I thought you were going to break up with me but I just instantly regretted it because you’re pretty much the best thing to happen to me and…God, I’m just an idiot.”
“Shit, Nina,” Monet replied, her voice a little faint at speaking pitch. She said something that neither Nina or Scarlet could make out.
Monet rolled her eyes, amused. Yelling down, she clarified. “I said I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend! You tit!”
Nina’s face dropped in surprise, revealing what Scarlet had managed to keep secret this whole time. She was so glad she’d got to find out from Monet herself and not her or Vanjie or anyone else in their friend group. Just her and Monet. How it should be. How it should have been.
“Oh my God! Monet! I’m a fucking dick!”
“Yeah, you are,” Monet laughed, pausing and leaning her head on her hands as she continued. “So uh…you love me, is that what this is?”
Nina’s eyes awkwardly flickered to Monique. She shrugged. “Don’t stop on my account, this shit’s cute! It’s like Eastenders.”
“Piss off, Monique!” Monet snapped, shoving her out of view. Scarlet shifted from one foot to the next.
“Do you want me to go?” she offered Nina. Nina’s face instantly turned concerned.
“Oh, God no! She’s not forgiven me yet,” she whispered to her, Scarlet nodding understandingly and stepping back. Turning back to the window, Nina shrugged a little and smiled. “Fuck it, I do love you, Monet. At least, I think I do, I’ve never been in love before to figure it out. But if you give me a chance, I’ll try my best to figure it all out with you. I’m so fucking sorry, I…there’s no excuse for it. Maybe people do stupid shit when they’re in love.”
Scarlet watched as Monet’s face broke out into a smile. Nina gazed up at her hopefully. “Can you, uh. Can you forgive me?”
“Well, I don’t know if I’m ready yet. But I guess if you come up here…” a smirk slowly spread across Monet’s face, all at once seeming much more like the fun, flirty girl Scarlet knew her as. “…I might let you persuade me."
Nina’s face immediately turned completely pink as if someone had flipped a switch, and Scarlet looked up with surprise as muffled cheering came from the window adjacent to Monet’s. Looking up she found Monique watching the entire exchange from her own bedroom window completely unashamedly. Scarlet was distracted, though, by Nina suddenly wrapping her in a hug. Pulling away, she was beaming from ear to ear.
“Thanks so much, Scarlet. I don’t think I could have done any of this without you.”
Heart warmed, Scarlet batted a hand at her. “Hey, any of us would’ve come with you!”
“No, I needed you. Yvie would’ve told me the whole thing was a stupid idea, Brooke would’ve just moped around like she’s been doing for days on end. You’re the next reasonable choice,” Nina smiled gratefully, then took a quick look up at Monet’s window and bit her lip. “Fuck, do you think she’ll actually forgive me or-”
“Oh, Jesus Christ, Nina, she’s so obviously about to bang your brains out!!” Scarlet cried exasperatedly, laughing at Nina’s instant blush.
“No, of course. You’re right. Fuck, shit, I should’ve worn nicer underwear. Am I even wearing a bra?”
“Just go-” Scarlet gently pushed Nina into the stairwell. “- and get your damn girlfriend back!”
“Right. Yes. Okay,” Nina babbled, turning and walking up the stairwell. Scarlet waited a second before she shouted at her.
“Speakers, yes, right,” Nina’s voice came from inside the building, the girl re-emerging from the stairwell, taking the speakers that she’d forgotten off the ground and scuttling inside again. Laughing, Scarlet grinned. She couldn’t wait to tell the girls about it all. Opening the group chat, she paused. Perhaps this was one Nina could do on her own.
Checking the time, Scarlet saw it was half twelve. She had said she’d head round to Yvie’s at one, but she was sure she wouldn’t mind if Scarlet was a bit early. Deciding to start walking, Scarlet began making her way to what was essentially her second home in the city now. It wasn’t a long walk, and Scarlet liked a wander at this time of year anyway. It was beginning to properly look like Springtime now, all the little bulbs poking out of the grass in the park and the air even smelling that little bit more sunshiney. Scarlet knew that didn’t make sense to anyone but her, but it made her happier knowing that better weather was on its way.    
Within ten minutes she was at Yvie’s door and pressing the buzzer. Scarlet stood for a moment and waited, which wasn’t usual. Brooke had once described Yvie reacting to the buzzer as racing to the door like an excited puppy, clamouring to let Scarlet in. Remembering the weird phone call, Scarlet felt a knot appear in her stomach. She buzzed again, waited again. Then there came a crackle.
Scarlet recognised Yvie’s voice instantly. “Hey, it’s me! I’m a little bit early-”
“No, no, it’s fine- come up.”
The buzzer went, and Scarlet clicked open the door. She felt a little uneasy as she took the steps two at a time up to Yvie’s top floor flat. As she walked in through the door, Yvie was there to greet her.
“Hey, baby,” she smiled brightly, Scarlet not missing the way her eyes darted back inside just before she kissed her. “Happy birthday! How are you?”
“Uh, good, yeah. I’m good. Had a pretty weird day,” Scarlet admitted, watching as Yvie’s eyes darted back inside. This time, Scarlet followed her gaze.
“Is, uh. Is Nina not with you?” Yvie frowned, seeming worried as Scarlet entered the hallway.
“Nina? No, why would Nina be with me?” Scarlet frowned, taking off her jacket, folding it in half and crossing her arms. Yvie ran a hand through her hair.
“I just thought you two were hanging out- you said you’d phone her-”
Suddenly, there came what sounded like a giggle from the kitchen. Scarlet put two and two together and got a thousand.
“Yvie,” she began, her tone dark and her stomach churning. “Who’s in the kitchen?”
“What? Nobody. Nobody’s in,” Yvie frowned, her eyes darting to the kitchen door once more.
Scarlet paused for a moment. This was all wrong. Her mind was going too fast for her to catch up with. She squeezed her eyes shut. “Are you cheating on me?”
At once, she regretted the question as Yvie’s face dropped. “What?!”
“Are you cheating on me? Hiding your screen, shutting your laptop, being weird with me…it all adds up, fuck, Yvie, is she here? Is she here now?” Scarlet reeled off, feeling herself grow more and more frustrated. In a minute she would start with the angry tears but fuck, she couldn’t give Yvie the satisfaction of crying in front of her. How the fuck could she do this?
Yvie actually started laughing. “Is that what you think? Oh my God, Scarlet, I’m so fucking sorry.”
Confused, Scarlet fought the urge to push her girlfriend away as Yvie stepped forward and wrapped her in a tight cuddle. “I would never, ever, ever do something like that to you, okay? Let’s get that right from the start. You will never have to worry about that with me. Okay? Jesus Christ, I love you so much. You’re so dumb.”
“So you’ve not cheated?” Scarlet muttered quietly against Yvie’s chest. Her blood was still racing in her veins despite Yvie’s words calming her mind down. She felt Yvie pulling away and stepping back.
“Scarlet,” Yvie said simply, walking to the door. “What day is it today?”
“…my birthday?” Scarlet said blankly, watching as her girlfriend put her hand on the door handle.
“Exactly. So when it’s your girlfriend’s birthday, her twenty-first birthday, I should add, what do you do?”
Scarlet felt as if she was watching a murder mystery and couldn’t tie everything together. “You make dinner for them and spend time with them?”
“No…” Yvie laughed a little, turning the handle and cracking the door open a tiny bit. “You make sure she’s out of the house for the day and-”
As Yvie threw the door open, Scarlet almost got the fright of her life as the room was filled with screaming, confetti and party poppers. Blinking and trying to get over her shock, she could see Vanjie, Akeria, Silky, Brooke and Plastique, and they were all running to hug her. Finally, it sank in what was going on.
“Oh my God…you guys…this is a surprise birthday party?!” she squealed, the rollercoaster of emotions she’d been put through in the past five minutes causing tears to spring to her eyes. Akeria, who had found herself in the middle of the hug, laughed and gave her a shake.
“Not just any surprise birthday party! Your fuckin’ surprise twenty-first birthday party!!” she all but yelled into Scarlet’s ear, giving her an extra tight squeeze. As the girls pulled away from her, Scarlet frantically took in her surroundings. There was confetti all over the floor and pink balloons hanging from every possible place they could hang from. Across the wall above the kitchen cupboards, there was a very obviously homemade banner that said “HAPPY 21ST SCARLET WE LOVE U”, and on the kitchen table there were cakes, a selection of all the best beige-coloured party food, and a massive bowl of punch which, if Silky had had any hand in creating, would be absolutely lethal.
“What…but I still don’t get all of this!” Scarlet laughed in delight, feeling Yvie wrap her in a hug from behind. Doubling over laughing, she pointed to her girlfriend. “I just asked her if she was cheating on me!!”
The room exploded with laughter. Three of the girls started speaking at the same time, then one voice began to dominate.
“You seriously believed we weren’t gonna do stuff for your birthday just because it’s a Sunday?!” Vanjie screeched in disbelief. “Fuck outta here! It’s your 21st, bitch, of course we had to do somethin’!!”  
“Yvie messaged us all about two weeks ago making sure we were all free,” Plastique explained, smiling. “And we’ve been planning what to do ever since. If we’d known she’d be that bad at not acting suspicious we’d have organised it all without her.”
“So wait…did you even have an essay to hand in this morning?” Scarlet wondered, turning to her girlfriend. Yvie laughed.
“Nope. It was all LIES, Scarlet, lies! I was to make sure you didn’t stay over so we could make things and set stuff up all morning. And Nina was supposed to hang out with you and bring you back to the flat when we were ready. Which, by the way, where is Nina?”
“She’s, uh. It’s a long story,” Scarlet rubbed her forehead, too exhausted to even get into it. “I’ll let her tell you when she gets here. At least, I’m assuming she’ll be coming.”
“She better had, bitch, it’s your twenty-first!” Silky yelled indignantly. Scarlet wanted to say that the girl would’ve had a pretty good excuse to miss things, but she held her tongue. Still intrigued, she cast her eyes around the room again.
“So, wait, what’s the actual plan for today?”
“Movie afternoon here with all the food. Drinking Silk’s punch and getting day drunk,” Brooke explained with a smile before being cut off by Vanessa.
“Hey, I helped make that punch, gimme credit, bitch!” she flipped her hair, a little twinkle of something in her eye that intrigued Scarlet. Brooke seemed nonplussed and just smirked.
“Fuck, well. That’s even more reason to stay away from it, it’s probably just vodka and food colouring.”
As the other girls laughed, Vanessa leaned over and gave Brooke a small shove in the ribs. Scarlet exchanged quick eye contact with Yvie, and the look her girlfriend gave her seemed to say that there was more she’d be told later.
“Once we finish the movie then we’re gonna do MarioKart or Mario Party, then get ready and go out. Fuck a degree if we can’t have a life,” Akeria explained further. Scarlet felt like crying again. This was the feeling of running downstairs at 9 years old, of her presents in the kitchen and the people she loved happy and excited for her. These girls were truly her second family.
“Fuck, thank you guys. I love you so much,” Scarlet whispered, not trusting herself to speak unless her voice cracked. The girls all fussed over her and went in for a second hug, only pulling away when Silky cried out that it was punch time.
“What’re we watching, babe?” Yvie called over from the punch bowl, as Scarlet sat herself on her and Yvie’s favourite chair and the other girls began getting themselves comfy. Scarlet quickly forgot about what Yvie had asked, however, as she noticed something- Vanessa, Akeria and Silky all sitting on the sofa, but Vanessa positioning herself at the edge next to the other armchair. Brooke was sitting in it, and the two girls were actually talking. Not just talking. Smiling. Bickering playfully about fuck-knows-what.
“Scarlet!” Plastique suddenly shouted, causing her to yell in surprise. The other girls laughed. “Yvie said what’re we watching?”
“Uh, Princess Diaries, duh,” Scarlet rolled her eyes. As Yvie came back and grabbed the remote, she wordlessly tapped Scarlet’s phone. Picking up on the signal, Scarlet grabbed it and unlocked it.
Y: they’ve been like this all day btw
Y: arguing like an old married couple and flirting and shit
Y: wtf is going on
Scarlet’s brow furrowed as she read the messages. That was weird. Weird, weird, weird, and Scarlet didn’t know what to think. She was suddenly distracted by a notification from the group chat before she could speculate any further.
Kim Kardashian-West: I’m out of the doghouse and my depressive slump. Me and MY GIRLFRIEND will be with u all in an hour xoxoxoxoxoxo
As the news gradually reached the others in the room, it became filled with shouts and cries of excitement, disbelief and joy at Nina finally having fixed things with Monet.
“Wait, wait, wait a minute,” Plastique said urgently, turning round so quickly to look at Scarlet she was sure it would give her whiplash. “You were with her. What happened?”
Scarlet let out a laugh as she realised all the girls had their eyes on her like trained snipers. Who needed a movie when she could recount the great stairwell serenade she’d witnessed earlier?
“Buckle up, children,” Scarlet began, leaning on her knees. “It’s storytime.”
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thegreymoon · a year ago
How hot is the character: Webb and Keegan Sherman 😏
| 😐Not My Type😐 | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY |
*dodges sharp objects and runs into hiding*
I know, I know!! 😫 Just hear me out on this one, OK? 
First of all, let me just make it clear that this was absolutely deliberate on the show’s part. The whole point of this character (characters?) is that they are physical perfection and should be so hot, they would set the scenery on fire wherever they pass, yet they are so fantastically creepy, the hotness is just lost and you are sitting there, laughing uncomfortably, going what the everloving fuck?? 😅
Also, let me make it clear, this is yet another role where we see just how absolutely talented Bradley is, he is just gifted when it comes to comedy (not that he doesn’t do the serious, dramatic roles perfectly too, as we all have Damien to attest to that). 
All the characters in this show are caricatures to a greater or lesser degree, the villains are all ridiculous and hilarious. The Sherman twins are so incredibly unlikeable in every possible way, but they are absolutely entertaining! At one point, Leah describes them as “these creepy twins” and it couldn’t be more accurate! When I say “not my type”, I mean, they are exactly what you would expect a cartoon villain in a cartoon to be like; they are obscenely rich, live in this bubble of privilege and self-indulgence and are completely devoid of all empathy and conscience. Of course, this is carefully tailored to provoke a certain level of disgust in the target audience, considering the sociopolitical climate we are currently living in and the outrageous, ever-growing gap between the rich and the poor. The Sherman twins are a cardboard cutout of the sociopathic billionaire we all reserve our unrestrained loathing for. 
Mind you, physically attractiveness aside, the moral failings of various kinds of villains have never stopped anyone from thirsting after them (Kylo Ren and the clown from It come to mind, but hey, I have a loooooong list of my own guilty sins so I’m really not judging). However, one thing this show is extremely good at is taking obviously hot people and situations that should be sexy by all established norms of modern media and making them as unsexy as they possibly can in the most obvious but understated ways.
The Sherman twins are such a great example of this. Let’s start with their introduction scenes; the fencing duel is such an obvious, tropey thirst trap! It’s written and designed in a way that should (stereotypically) hit all the right buttons. Like, Bradley, goddamn: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But then they go and do *this*: 
Tumblr media
Poof! All sexiness evaporated (and everyone who has watched this show will know exactly what I’m talking about 😂😂)!
Also, let’s talk about the incest. I was expecting the subtext (I’d seen all the stills and gifs, after all), but come on now, that is not subtext, it couldn’t be more obvious and there is not a single scene with the two of them together that does not rub it in! Mind you, sibling incest, especially twincest, also never stopped anyone from thirsting (yours truly here pleads the Fifth, not that her AO3 is any kind of evidence against her or anything 🙄🙄), but these two are just so goddamn creepy as individuals and as a pair. 
With all that said and the general understanding that the Sherman twins are the actual worst, Bradley James himself in this role is: 
| 🔥🔥LORD MERCY🔥🔥 |
I mean, this man is a Greek statue, OMG 😭 If he was born in the ancient times, I’m convinced he would be worshipped as a demigod or something: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honourable mention to these strategically placed flowers: 
Tumblr media
And the infamous handjob scene: 
Tumblr media
(When this happened, I howled, I can’t believe they actually went there! Anyway, yes, the resulting mental imagery was very much appreciated! 😂😂)
In conclusion: Bradley James is perfection, news at 11, but I am going to take this opportunity to warmly recommend this show to anyone who has not seen it because, sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s getting much traction and I was shocked by how vicious the reviews on IMDb were when this is, hands down, one of the best things I’ve watched recently. 
The show is just hilarious, almost the entire cast is amazing, I loved every second and binge-watched the first season without even noticing! There was not a dull moment for the whole six episodes! It was such a breath of fresh air in all the cliched, poorly written, depressing nonsenseI’ve been watching lately and the pointless violence and unapologetic misogyny masquerading as being ‘gritty’, ‘edgy’ and ‘realistic’. 
Don’t get me wrong, Bounty Hunters is both shockingly violent and incredibly filthy (seriously, I did not expect that amount of graphic, brutal death going in), but it works. I am also not a fan of comedy in general, humour very rarely clicks for me, but this had me sobbing! The characters are so vibrant, vivid and interesting (with the exception of Nina’s niece 😫 Seriously, who did that girl have dirt on to get hired, she can’t act to save her life and was, beyond a doubt, the worst part of the show and her scenes were the only ones to pull me out of the story, but they managed to do it every single time, she is that bad 😖)! 
The main villains were all delightfully unlikeable and evil (with the exception of the ISIS bunch, who had zero charisma or interesting points and were just kind of… there). The Sherman twins were terrible but hilarious, the cartel was one of my favourite things in the show, Barnaby’s father was just so sleazy but I think that particular actor could make me laugh at anything! Barnaby and Nina are the only actual ‘goodies’ in the show (their words 😂😂) but they are so flawed and ridiculous and not afraid to laugh at their own expense! I just loved them! (Also, their mothers were a piece of work, Barnaby’s mother in particular, that woman is gifted, I swear 😂😂)
And I am really digressing here, but I just have to talk about those reviews on IMDb because I personally found the worst of the complaints completely ridiculous and something I couldn’t disagree with more! They mostly seemed to have an issue with the unapologetic violence, but for me, that was a part of the charm and there is no rule that says that comedy should be kid and family-friendly. I thought this was sufficiently grim without going overboard into exploitative and gross, and in spite of the dark undertones, the overall theme of the show is family, loyalty and love. Also, the second thing that really stuck out to me is that some people really seem to have an issue with the lead actress being an older woman, some complete moron called her a grandma in a derogatory fashion and said that she cannot be ‘a badass woman’ because of it (or a romantic interest, I imagine). Personally, I loved the unusual age difference, where, for once, the woman gets to be the older, more experienced and the more badass one, and the man gets to be young, pretty and naive. They don’t actually get together in the first season (I don’t know about the second one, I haven’t gotten around to it yet), but I personally enjoyed their will-they-won’t they and all the banter (seriously, I have not actively shipped the two het m/f leads in a show in ages). Besides, Barnaby and Nina have crazy amounts of chemistry together and I could totally get behind the two of them having all the filthy, kinky sex they can physically manage! Not to mention, I find it so incredibly offensive that an older woman somehow can no longer be hot of badass (and Nina is so, so hot and badass) and it is depressing that in the year of our Lord 2020 we still have to deal with this sexist, ageist, misogynistic tripe. If the ages were reversed, I promise you, nobody would be complaining! /end rant
And since I’m already way, way off-topic (and the general topic is all about hot people, after all), I’d just like to gush about these two 🔥🔥 LORD MERCY 🔥🔥 individuals, because goddamn: 
Tumblr media
This is Charity Wakefield, she plays Leah in the show (who is an absolute delight), and she is, IMO, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen 😍
And this smouldering piece of perfection is Christian Ochoa:
Tumblr media
And these two stupid hot people somehow manage to have the least sexy sex in the history of TV (multiple times!!) and make a demon baby together (I hope, but like I said, I haven’t season 2 yet) 😂 As I mentioned earlier, this show loves to mess with our expectations of perceived hotness and I found it so refreshing and hilarious! 😂😂
I fully admit that if it wasn’t for Bradley James, Bounty Hunters is something that I would never have picked up (I very much doubt it would have even crossed my radar because I really am not a fan of comedies in general), but I am very, very grateful that I did! I am looking forward to season 2 and I read that season 3 is also in the works (please, Bradley, come back for that one too and do some more nude scenes with strategically placed flowers, we are all begging)! 😜
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