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#have some max in my favorite suit & tie
liaromancewriter · 8 days ago
Eyes On You
Premise: Max and Sienna enjoy a cozy breakfast for two, but words and feelings previously left unsaid surface to force a decision.
Book: Open Heart
Pairing: Sienna Trinh x Max Valentine (OC)
Rating: Teen
Category: Fluff (but with some light angst)
Words: 2.9K
A/N: This is the resolution of events from the last two parts. I'm posting this early as my schedule is uncertain next week and I'm not sure if I'll have much time to post if I don't do it now. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Sienna Trinh had grown up in a lovely house with the view of weeping willows from her bedroom. Her parents had made sure she and her sister never lacked the necessities, but luxuries were hard earned and rare.
Now, getting dressed in an elegant bedroom with a balcony that faced the gardens, Sienna could admit that her middle-class background had not prepared her for the Valentine estate.
When they were in Boston, it was easy to see her roommate and best friend as one of several overworked residents. But yesterday, surrounded by discrete signs of wealth, she realized that this was the Valentines’ natural habitat and as different from her childhood two-story house as it could get.
A soft knock on the bedroom door broke into her thoughts. Startled, she looked up only to see her reflection in the mirror and realized that she’d forgotten to tie her hair into its usual braid.
Taking deep breaths to control the flutter in her stomach, she rose to open the door. The butterflies broke free and took flight inside her body at the sight of Max Valentine leaning back against the wall across from her room.
He was dressed casually in jeans and a black knit sweater. Dark blond hair, still damp from his shower, gleamed under the soft hallway light. His hands were tucked into the front pockets of his pants, an expensive watch wrapped around his left wrist.
He looked like exactly who he was ─ the scion of an old family; handsome, self-assured and comfortable in his own skin.
“Good morning,” he said in a slightly hoarse voice.
“Good morning,” she replied softly, silently reminding herself that he was her friend and her best friend’s brother. “I need a few more minutes to tie my hair.”
“Hmm,” he mused, eyeing the hair hanging down her shoulders like a waterfall. “Leave it. It suits you.”
He held out his hand for her to take; his fingers closing around hers when she did. “Hungry?”
“Starving,” she beamed, her breath catching in her throat when he smiled back.
He led her down the maze of hallways until they reached the airy kitchen where they’d held their baking session yesterday. One end of the large island in the center of the room was already set for breakfast for two.
He held out a tall chair for her, waiting until she was settled before handing her a card. She laughed when she realized that it was a handwritten menu.
“Can you actually cook any of these?” she asked as he leaned forward, elbows resting on the counter; his eyes locked on hers.
“You know I’ve worked in hotels my entire life, right? Including six months in the room service kitchens?”
“But were you any good?” she quipped, scanning the menu to see all her favorites were included.
He laughed at that, shaking his head.
“Why don’t you pick what you want for breakfast? If you don’t like it, you have my permission to chuck it in the trash. And I won’t be offended.”
“Lemon ricotta pancakes,” she said, picking something she knew could be challenging for most amateur, and even some accomplished, cooks.
She caught the slight smirk before he turned away to gather ingredients. Sienna watched, impressed, as he expertly mixed the batter, flipped the fluffy flat cakes with a light hand and then beautifully plated them with a garnish of candied lemon peels.
He poured orange juice for both of them. A French press with coffee for her waited next to a pretty blue teapot, the strings of a teabag with the label of his favorite English Breakfast tea hanging over the side. A matching pot of milk and a bowl of sugar stood between them along with syrup for the pancakes and a small vase with wildflowers.
The setting was simple, but it showed care and the flutter in her stomach started anew.
His voice, lightly shaded with apprehension, brought her out of her reverie, and she glanced down at the plate, picking up the silver knife and fork.
“These are delicious,” she said after she’d taken more than a few bites. “Better than the ones Cassie and I had at this brunch place near our apartment last spring.”
“I would say ‘I told you so’,” he teased as he dug into his own stack. “But I’m too much of a gentleman.”
The resulting giggle caught in her throat when the tip of his thumb brushed the soft skin at corner of her mouth. They stared at each other, heads leaning forward, the silence breaking only when she whimpered softly.
“Sorry, you had something there…,” he trailed off awkwardly, dropping his hand as he pulled back.
“Thank you,” she said, looking away as she reached for the orange juice to wet her dry throat.
She hoped against hope he hadn’t heard the need in her voice. She couldn’t remember a single time in her life when she’d felt this breathless rush of desire. Not in the almost six years she’d spent with Wayne or in those early days of her crush with Danny.
Even as she thought that she knew it was a lie. She had felt it every time her phone signaled a new text from Max. Maybe not in the beginning, but something had changed last year. When she had asked him to stay away all these months, she hadn’t realized then why a part of her always felt missing. But she did now.
“Is something wrong?”
“Sorry, just lost in thought,” she said, giving him a small smile as she picked up her fork again. “So, why did you spend six months working in room service? I thought you were in management.”
He didn’t reply at first. His eyes scrutinized her face as if trying to figure something out and then he shook his head clear.
“I am now, but Cassie and I worked at the Georgetown property throughout university,” he explained. “She stayed in guest relations, but I did six-month rotations in each department. Someday it will all be mine, and this was the best way to learn.”
“Was it fun?” she asked, fascinated with how sure he was about his life.
“It was…interesting,” he said finally. “You won’t believe what people get up to in hotels. The kinds of things they’d never even consider doing at home.”
“Like what?” she asked, curiosity in her eyes as she rested her chin on her palm, her elbow bracing itself on the counter.
He proceeded to tell her about some of the more bizarre happenings he’d seen over the years, including being propositioned by guests more than once. And she shared her own stories of cases that sounded implausible but were true, nonetheless.
Soon they were laughing like two old friends with none of the awkwardness of before. She poured his tea, and he made her coffee with the right amount of milk and sugar. They clinked their respected cups, smiling the whole time as they savored the meal and each other’s company.
“This was lovely,” she said after she finished helping him clean up. “Thank you for breakfast.”
“You’re welcome,” he smiled back. “Want to see something amazing?”
“Is that like your mission in life?” she said, a small laugh escaping her lips. “You’re always showing me something amazing.”
“Come on,” he held out his hand for her again.
She watched him, his eyes on hers, and then she placed her hand in his, following him out of the kitchen, past rooms with antiques and dripping chandeliers. He stopped outside a pair of opaque glass doors, throwing them open to reveal a conservatory alive with color and the bubbling sound of water under a tall, domed glass ceiling.
Her hand still in his, he led her down the center path to a bench covered with colorful pillows. The fragrance of flowers enveloped them as they sat down, automatically turning towards each other.
“This really is beautiful,” she said after a while, voice full of wonder as her head craned to capture all the details.
The green of the plants set back against the glass walls interspersed with the purples, blues, reds and yellows of flowers she had seen only in magazines. Benches and wicker chairs dotted the paths, giving visitors a place to rest amidst the natural beauty.
“Gardening is my grandmother’s passion,” he told her. “This is meant to be a quiet retreat. I wanted you to have this moment of peace before you head back.”
As he glanced up at the clouds passing through the wintery sky outside, Sienna regarded his profile; her eyes tracing the line of his jaw, lightly covered by stubble. He must have sensed her watching because he turned to catch her eye.
“Sienna, is everything okay?”
“Why are you so good to me? After the way I treated you this year, why?”
He sighed and then turned to face her, his knee touching hers as he stretched his arm along the back of the bench. He placed his hand on top of hers, the warmth of his touch seeping through, driving away the cold.
“First, I have a question for you, and I would appreciate an honest response. Something set you off last spring, not just what was happening at the hospital. I spent months going over everything and the only answer I came up with was that tabloid photo. Sienna, were you jealous?”
She wanted to deny it. He was her friend; he shouldn’t have to be burdened with this. But he had asked for honesty, and she owed it to him.
“Yes, I was jealous,” she admitted, breaking eye contact as she looked down at their clasped hands. “But I promise you that I didn’t realize it then. It took me months to face the truth. I knew then that I had wronged you because you didn’t owe me commitment nor had an obligation to tell me. Just because we’re friends, doesn’t mean I have to know everything about your personal life.”
“You hurt me when you pushed me away,” he said. “When one week became two, and a month became three, the pain felt endless. There were hundreds of times I reached for my phone to text you, but I couldn’t and that made it hurt more.”
He placed a finger on her lips when she opened her mouth to respond. “I’m not telling you this to upset you. You had to do what was right for you, and I understood, eventually. But we need to talk about what’s going on between us because something is.”
“We’re friends,” she said. “Aren’t we?”
“Always,” he assured her. “But I realized something when we were apart.”
He stopped to gather his thoughts as she waited expectantly.
“I have feelings for you, Sienna. They are complicated by our situation, but I can’t pretend anymore that they don’t exist,” he said finally. “With the exception of Cassie, you know me better than anyone. I can share things with you that I never have or felt I wanted to with anyone else. But you’re also Cassie’s best friend, her fellow dolphin,” he smiled at the last.
“My sister is the most important person in my life. I won’t do anything that could hurt her. There was someone before that did exactly that,” he told her. “But I also know that I don’t want to walk away from you. If you can’t ever see us becoming anything more than friends, I will respect that and be your friend no matter what.”
“I have feelings for you too,” she said, her voice quivering as the words slipped out. “I keep telling myself that you’re my friend and I shouldn’t, but I do. I don’t know though if I’m ready for them. Not right now when everything else in my life is a complete mess.”
“Hey,” he said quickly when her face fell after she finished her declaration. He gently brushed away the lone tear that tracked down her cheek. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you sad or upset.”
“You didn’t,” she said, taking a deep breath to gather herself. “You make me so happy, but I don’t deserve you.”
“As your friend, I have to disagree,” he said, lips quirking upward when she giggled.
His hands moved on their own volition, fingers lightly tracing her cheekbones before carding them through her hair, reveling in the silken slide as he tucked a lock of hair behind her left ear. All the while, his eyes stayed on hers, watching every thought, every emotion flit across her features.
“Will you tell me about Eva? That was her name, right?” Sienna asked, trying to break the silence between them but also wanting to know more.
“Yes, that was her name,” he replied, moving back slightly. “But I’m not ready to talk about her yet. We will, I promise, just not now.”
“Okay,” she said, squeezing his hand in understanding. He gave her so much that it was only fair that she reciprocated.
He looked down at his wristwatch and sighed. “We need to get back. Cassie’s on the late shift tonight and Ethan wanted to leave early.”
But neither moved, unwilling to break the connection, and unable to find a way to do so.
“Okay,” he said as another five minutes passed, pulling them up and off the bench.
“Here’s what we’re going to do,” he continued in a tone reserved for the boardroom as she gazed up eagerly at him. “Come January, you and I are both going to be very busy. Me with my new job, you with getting ready for the Boards and finishing your residency. We need to focus on that because the stakes are too high to mess up.”
“What’s the plan, Mr. CEO?” she asked, her heart smiling at the way he took command of the situation.
“Simple. We continue as we are, friends first and always. I’m here for you as you work to find your footing. If you want to vent, need a distraction or a shoulder to cry on, I’m your first call. And you’re mine. Agreed?”
“Agreed,” she said with a determined nod of her head. “But I don’t want you to be anxious about my feelings if you decide to see other people while I figure out my life.”
“Excuse me?” he said, offended at the mere thought. “You do know I’m a Valentine, don’t you? We simply don’t do things that way.”
“It’s not like I’m the love of your life, the way Ethan is for Cassie,” she argued.
“You don’t know that, and quite frankly, neither do I,” he countered, reaching for his phone when it pinged. “Come on. Cassie’s waiting for us.”
“I don’t want to go out with Tony,” she told him after he closed the conservatory doors behind them. “If you won’t see other people, I won’t either.”
“Too bad. He’s actually a fun date, or so I’ve heard,” he said as they walked down the hallway leading to the family living room. “You haven’t dated anyone since Wayne, and that was a long time ago. So, I think you should.”
He stayed her with his hand when she started to speak. “It’s important for us to take this time to make sure that when we come together, if we do, it’s going to be something we both want. I don’t want your only comparison to be me versus Wayne.”
“Even if you only ever stayed my friend, you would win against Wayne,” she said tartly.
“I know,” he sneered, laughing when she tried to shove him.
“I will think about it and let you know what I decide,” she said. “But no promises.”
“Fair enough,” he said, shaking his head when the phone pinged again. “They're getting restless.”
“One more thing,” said Sienna just before they walked into the family room. “Can we keep this between us for now?”
“Of course,” he reassured her quickly.
“Not even Cassie?” she looked doubtful, knowing how close the siblings were.
“If that’s what you want,” he said, this time a bit hesitant.
“It is,” she said. “Just for now.”
“It’ll be our secret.”
She threw him a grateful smile before walking through the open doorway to where everyone waited.
Max watched her go and heard his mom warmly greet Sienna. Instead of following, he turned around, taking a few steps until he reached a small alcove, set back from the main hallway.
Hidden from view, he bent over, resting his hands on his knees. Eyes closed, he hung his head down and his back rose and fell as he tried to rein in everything he was feeling.
His eyes snapped open when he felt a hand drop on his shoulder. He knew it was his sister from the way she rubbed his back in comfort. She reached for his hands, one then the other, tugging him straight as she wrapped her arms around him.
He pulled her close, taking comfort in her embrace. The one person he could always count on even if he couldn’t tell them why. He knew she wouldn’t push him until he was ready to share.
Grateful for what he had, he hugged her tighter, showing her without words how much he loved her, smiling when she squeezed his waist as if to say she knew.
As Max thought back to the conversation in the conservatory, he knew that he had lied to Sienna. He did know. He had known for a while now. And all he could do was hope that one day she realized it too.
Tumblr media
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dc41896 · 2 months ago
Doesn’t Matter
Tumblr media
Pairing: senator!Chris EvansxBlack Reader
Summary🪄: Another year in office, another invitation to a party among his political counterparts. And another evening of dread for you
⚠️: A bit of sad times and feeling out of place, fluff other than that💕!
A/N: I’ve seen AU fics about senator Chris and I loved the idea so I decided to write my own addition that I hope you guys like☺️!
“Don’t you look beautiful,” your husband’s sultry voice states before you feel soft lips on your cheek and a low, content hum emanates from his chest taking in your floral perfume. “Then again, what else is new?”
Turning around to find him halfway through buttoning his recently ironed white shirt, you gently push his hands away continuing where he left off.
“Such the charmer you are.”
“Well I have been told it’s one of my best qualities,” he smirks with a wink. “Alright which tie? Printed or solid?”
“And it won’t be too boring?,” he asks as you take the tie from his hand securing it around his neck.
“I hate to break it to you honey, but pretty much every man there will probably have on the same thing. You definitely won’t look boring though.”
“Looks like I’m not the only charmer here,” he peers down at you and your soft smile just as you finish your work on his tie. You’re slightly caught off guard when his large hands on your hips swiftly turn you to look in the floor length mirror attached to the wall, his head falling to rest in the crook of your neck. For a few moments, you both just stand there taking in your reflections. You feeling weak in the knees (as per usual) at his classic black suit. And him, loving the way the blush colored gown made you look ethereal from the silk like material that flowed down your body to the floor below. It’s off the shoulder peasant sleeves and sweetheart neckline giving perfect, unlimited access to your collarbones also a favorite feature.
Although a lovely moment, he can’t ignore your overall glum mood you’ve tried to hide behind smiles and small conversation since this morning. Your typical reaction the day of banquet’s like this.
“Hey, I know these things aren’t exciting, but we’re not gonna stay long,” he whispers slowly swaying you back and forth.
“Mhmm, especially with you looking like that,” you giggle feeling his lips peck your neck. “I’ll say quick hellos around the room just to show face, then we’re gone.”
“Stay as long as you need. I know there’s probably plenty of important conversations to be had,” you state with a sigh turning to face those addicting blue eyes.
You’d think outside the Capital, and appropriate stages, debates on bills would cease. This lesson you learned the hard way by your third banquet.
“Not more important than being home with you.”
Capturing your lips with his, you both wished your night only consisted of this and cuddles rather than being squished in a room full of those who seemed to only love the sound of their own voice.
“Excuse me,” a deep voice in all black interrupts from the bedroom door making the two of you quickly separate. “The car’s parked out front. Are you ready Senator?”
“Um yes, thank you Max.”
With a nod, he leaves both of you to make your final touches (including wiping the lipstick from your husband’s mouth) and collect your things before reluctantly sliding in the backseat of the black SUV.
Maybe if you were lucky enough, you could just hide in the car until everything was over.
Stood by the bar with drink in hand, you look out among the chattering crowd of suits and dresses donning a polite smile to those who were nice enough to say hello as they passed. You managed to find your husband in the same place you left him, still nodding in feigned interest at Senator Johnson’s “latest” fishing epic. How the man could keep adding new details to a five year old story making it even more dramatic than the last telling you’d never know. Among those with some years in office, it was viewed as an initiation of sorts the first time you were told about the three, now six, foot bass caught on his private pond. It was typically told within your first year in office and was followed by an invitation to join him someday.
Fair warning: your day would only consist of debates, more bragging of the fishes he’s caught since the age of three, and finally not catching anything before he’d shrug with a “Guess they’re not biting today.”
In perfect timing, a waiter passes offering another champagne flute filled with the gold, bubbly liquid distracting the elder senator long enough for Chris to meet your eyes and wink before subtly using his head to motion to the door on his left. You thought it was a side exit at first, until a server removing a broom and dust pan proved it was in fact just a closet.
Eyebrows slightly raised, you quickly mouth “no” giggling to yourself.
“Kidding,” he mouths back giving you another wink as he sips from his champagne right as his buddy returns to their conversation pulling another passing congressman in to join.
“The E5 is clearly the better choice here. It covers more ground for the education reform that citizens are desperately wanting,” a woman in her fitted, floor length red dress and black heels explains a barstool down from you.
“Are you kidding?! It has so many holes in it, the E5 needs reforming itself.”
“What holes?! It pretty much covers every request! Teachers being paid more, equal funding for all schools-,”
“And yet at who’s price? The same ‘citizens’ you claim to be meeting the demands of,” the bald, blue suited man retorts before turning to you. “Help me out here, the E5 is definitely not the clear cut reform it’s claiming to be right?”
This was another reason you didn’t like coming to these things. Being dragged into heated discussions about topics you weren’t that familiar with and most times, knew nothing at all about. That’s why you tried to stay close to Chris so he could take over the conversation, or make up some excuse why you had to leave and weren’t able to talk.
“Um I’m honestly not sure,” you nervously smile setting your drink down, “but I know A1 is great with steak.”
Clearly the two weren’t impressed with your joke only peering at you with fake smiles and cutting your little chuckles short.
“Get it? Because you said E5 and A1-,”
“I’m sorry, who are you?,” the man asks swiping a beer bottle from the plate that passed him.
“Y/N Evans.”
“Senator Evans’ wife. No wonder we don’t hear much of you at these parties.”
A dry laugh is forced through your windpipe even though all you wanted to do was find Chris and leave. But you couldn’t let her see how her words sparked that hidden insecurity within you and definitely wouldn’t give this unknown woman the satisfaction of knowing exactly how to get under your skin.
“Senator. Congresswoman,” Chris cheerfully interrupts wrapping a protective arm around your waist to bring you closer into his side. “I hope you don’t mind me pulling my wife away for a moment.”
“Of course not. I was actually just saying how we don’t see much of her at these events.”
“Well, she does own a successful business that has much more exciting ventures and interactions than boring events like this. Honestly if I could, I’d skip these and go with her,” he chuckles kissing your temple.
“Oh how nice! A little shocking though to find a Senator’s wife not as politically engaged as him.”
“She does enough. Plus I’m the one working in politics not her.” From the way his jaw clenched you could tell he was growing frustrated and annoyed the more she talked.
“True, but being such the promoter for civic engagement don’t you think-,”
“Listen as much as I’d love to go on and on about something that’s really none of your business, being the protective husband I am I want to get my beautiful wife home before it gets too late. Especially with people like your husband around who just can’t seem to keep his hands to himself,” Chris states with a sickeningly sweet smile as if he were simply talking to people walking up to him on the street. This has champagne bubbles stinging your nose from the snort that escaped you not prepared for him to state something only those who knew whispered about.
“You both have a good night.”
The ride home was filled with silence as her words made you retreat to that unwanted part of your mind where you questioned what was once assured. Chris tried talking with you, and regaining your focus with his sweet kisses to your cheeks and loving touches, but it’d only work for a few seconds before you were gone again. You trudged upstairs to the closet with your husband close behind starting to loosen his tie as soon as he entered the dimly lit home. He kept peeking over his shoulder from his respective side of the walk in at how you carefully removed your heels putting them back in their correct spot and hung your dress with the other elegant gowns hating how upset you were.
“Baby don’t let what she said get to you, alright? I’m sure it’s probably too late for that from how quiet you’ve been, but she’s just a pompous, miserable person who judges others to feel good about herself.”
“….d-do you wish I was more into this life?,” you quietly ask pulling one of his faded college shirts over your head.
“What? Like into politics?”
“Yeah. Like a Condoleezza Rice or Michelle Obama. A classy intellectual and less like basic me who doesn’t know what an E5 is.”
Gently taking your hands, he guides your arms around his tattooed middle resting your head between his pecs as a hand soothingly rubs up and down your back while the other securely holds you to him as if afraid you’d somehow fly away.
“You remember when we first moved in together? That terrible one bedroom that we both probably should’ve gotten tetanus shots from living in?”
“How could I forget? I still have that smell coming from the balcony closet in my nose,” your muffled answer in his bare chest making him chuckle.
“And what was the first house rule we made that night we moved in?”
“Not to go out on the balcony.”
“…okay the second rule that’s now our first rule,” he laughs kissing the top of your head.
“Don’t bring work home.”
“And we said that because when we walk through those doors, we just want to focus on each other. That’s why we don’t have a lot of talks about whatever new bill they’re discussing,” he states tilting your chin to meet his eyes. “Not that we don’t talk about politics at all though. You are intellectual and always voice your opinions so eloquently, I feel like you should be the one at the Capital.”
Your small smile has his heart warming, happy to see you returning to your usual cheery nature.
“So to answer your question, no I don’t wish you were more into ‘this life’, I think you’re in it enough. You know anytime you want to talk about something we can for as long as you want. Or if you don’t that’s fine with me too, I just want you to be happy.” His soft lips press against your forehead and nose before finally landing on your lips repeatedly until your infectious giggles filled his ears making his own come about.
“I want you to be happy too.”
“I am, sunshine.” His cute nickname for you never failed in brightening your mood. Even when you were upset with him, he knew that boyish smile paired with the second name easily had him near freedom.
Darn your weakness for nicknames and the man in front of you.
“I’ll be happier though,” he begins, squatting down with a short grunt to swing your legs over his forearm carrying you bridal style over the closet threshold, “when we can go to bed.”
“Aww did all the mingling and insulting husbands tire you out?,” you jokingly pout. The cold, granite countertop against the back of your legs and thinly covered bottom has you slightly shivering while Chris kindly grabs your makeup wipes and gently removes the eyeshadow and liner from your eyes.
“Yea I’m definitely gonna get dirty looks for that.”
“Well maybe if her husband wasn’t so grabby and she wasn’t so rude, she wouldn’t be in this situation.”
“That is very true,” he deeply laughs using another wipe to make sure majority of your face was clear of any product. “I’d do it again though if she thinks she can mess with my wife like that.”
The feel of your lips on his bearded cheek has a blush tinting his cheeks as he lifts you again carrying you towards the elegant king bed with matching white sheets and duvet.
“Thank you.”
“Anytime sunshine.”
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queenrileyrose · 5 months ago
Retrograde Epilogue: Love You Till the End Part Two
Tumblr media
Summary: Several years later, everyone gathers in Los Angeles.
TW: Multiple character deaths, heavy heavy emotional chapter. This is sad, but it ends mostly happy. I cannot stress the emotional heaviness enough.
A/N: I started writing these guys in late April of 2020. I found my original word document a few weeks ago and was shocked. I can’t believe it’s been a year.
These seven people will always have a special place in my heart. They’ve felt like my family, my best friends. Which is sweet or sad. I can’t decide.
I’ll miss checking in so much, having a weekly conversation with them. I finished editing for good on Saturday, and it already feels weird not to be putting together another chapter.
I was inspired by the general idea behind the finale of Six Feet Under. If you know what I’m talking about, consider yourself prepared. If not-this is a heavy emotional piece.
I’ve had these written since February. Never do this. I think I’ve established myself on here as a crier, but this made me ugly cry every time I had to edit. That’s how I decided it was the heavier of the two epilogues.
Huge thank yous to @alyssalauren and @burnsoslow for reading an earlier draft of this. Thank you so so much. You both have been such huge supports and I’m so incredibly grateful for you. 💛❤️
Thank you all my readers, for loving them as much as I do. I appreciate you so much.
Music Inspo: Retrograde-Maggie Rogers
Songbird -Fleetwood Mac
Love You Till the End-The Pogues
Several years later
Enzo Alexander Brooks Rys stood at the full length mirror, carefully looping his bright blue tie through the hole, leaving it loose.
It had been his father’s tie. The first time he’d worn it, it was because Enzo had forgotten to bring one. His father chuckled and tossed him the one he’d just knotted. Enzo kept it, feeling strange about wearing it to anything else.
Enzo wore it to all the funerals of his aunts and uncles.
Except one.
Megan had been first. She and his Uncle Liam were friends and nothing more, but she was still Aunt Megan. They raised Kenna together.
Enzo did not recall much about her. He remembered she hugged him when she saw him. She felt distant; he wasn’t sure why.
Megan died suddenly of an aneurysm when Kenna was 3. She was young, just 31. Enzo thought back to Liam calling his father in the middle of the night.
Megan’s friends from work and her boyfriend organized something with his mother’s help. After, Riley told Uncle Liam he could stay with them, with Kenna, as long as he needed.
His uncle refused, staying in New York with his daughter. He wouldn’t uproot her life, he said.
Kenna stayed in contact with Cassian, Megan’s boyfriend at the time. He’d gone on to marry a woman who operated a tech startup. They lived in San Diego and had a large family. Kenna said Cassian seemed to know the most about her mother’s life before she died. Riley knew Megan’s old life; Liam knew some of both. Between the three of them, Kenna was able to feel as though she knew who her mother had been.
The first time Enzo wore the royal blue swatch of silk was for his Uncle Max. A stroke took his perpetually happy uncle from all of them at 68. His funeral was a disco-themed celebration, planned years in advance by the man himself.
The day had his mother and Uncle Luca laughing until they cried, just as Maxwell would have wanted. There had been live peacocks, copious amounts of cronuts, and Kylie Minogue on repeat. His father had spun his mother around the dance floor. His Uncle Drake and Aunt Ari not far behind them. His Uncle Liam and Kenna sat and talked about Maxwell's antics.
Luca clutched a photo of Uncle Max. His eyes teared every so often. He told Enzo that Max was the great love of his life and that because of him, he was part of a family.
Later that night, Enzo had come downstairs to find his mother crying with Luca as they flipped through a scrapbook. It was Uncle Max’s, and the scrapbook was called “Blossom and Maxwell:  Adventures in Fun.”
Riley showed Enzo some of the photos. She explained the rollercoaster and the giant ball of yarn. Llamanade was featured. The llama who finally stopped spitting on his dad had lived to the ripe old age of 15.
Enzo asked about her favorite Uncle Max memory. Riley thought a moment, a smile crossing her tear stained face. She told him the story of her first Beaumont Bash.
Leo came down a few minutes later, followed by the twins and Rhea. The younger ones talked about their godfather and uncle, remembering him the way he wanted to be. Kind, protective. The life of the party.
Val came up behind him, straightening the tie and tightening it. “Are you ready, my love?”
“Almost, sweetheart,” Enzo frowned. “Just reminiscing. This tie has seen some things.”
“You sound like your mother, “ Val smiled, her kind brown eyes so like her father’s.
Enzo grinned back, his father’s trademark smirk. “That’s one of my favorite compliments.”
Val rubbed his back soothingly. “Take all the time you need. The others are downstairs. We will wait.”
Enzo loved Val since he was 13. Their parents’ close friendship had thrown them together often as children. They kissed for the first time just after Enzo passed his driver’s test. Enzo asked Val to be his girlfriend a week later, and they’d been together ever since.
Enzo smiled gratefully and kissed Val softly. He looked around the room he stood in. His parent’s old bedroom, in the home they’d brought him to after he was born. Enzo had grown up in the house in Joshua Tree, near Drake and Ari, but his parents never sold. They’d eventually moved back to this home as they got older, saying it was closer to the city.
Enzo and Val still lived in Ojai but kept the place. Riley and Leo left it to Enzo; he had lived here longest as a child. It was primarily untouched, his parent’s belongings still in their places. The last book his mother had been reading, one of her favorites, Human Contact, still lay on the end table downstairs. She’d known the author.
The last movie his father had watched, an old action flick, was on the coffee table; the DVD returned to its case but not moved back to the movie cabinet. Leo probably planned to do it the following day.
It wasn’t the healthiest thing, but he was grown now. Enzo could do whatever the fuck he wanted.
Enzo fingered the soft material of the tie, remembering the next event he’d been forced to sling it around the collar of his white button-down. Enzo looked at his hands, his fingers trembling, not not as much as the funeral running through his mind. That day, his mother had to fix the tie for him, Enzo unable to complete the task.
His father-in-law, his unofficial uncle had been honored that day. His mother had called him Uncle Dad after the wedding, much to Drake’s annoyance. Their family was a messy one, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.
Drake was diagnosed with kidney cancer; they caught it early. Drake completed treatment and had to have a kidney removed, only for the cancer to return with a vengeance a decade later.
Enzo could still hear his mother’s heartbroken sobs as Drake gently told her that he was dying. Drake pulled her into his lap and explained that those ten years had been the best of his life. That he hadn’t thought past 40, and making it to 70 was a gift. His mother had wailed that it still wasn’t fair and tried to donate a kidney. The cancer was too aggressive. Riley, so used to helping, couldn't do anything.
During the last several months of Drake’s life, his loved ones surrounded him. Riley and Leo barely stayed at their own home; Luca was rarely anywhere else but Drake and Ari’s. Liam came on extra visits that year, spending a few weeks here or there. All of the children and grandchildren came a few times a week and stayed the whole weekend.
Ari and Drake spent hours sitting in the same chair near the fire. Drake would wrap his arms around her and whisper things only she could hear. One night, Enzo and Val were sitting with them. Ari told Drake something was his fault; she was as soft as he was now. Drake laughed and told her he only had one regret: not having more time with her. Ari had replied that it would never have been enough, even if they lived to be one hundred.
A few nights before Drake took his last breath, Enzo overheard his mom thanking him. Drake had chuckled and asked what the hell for. Riley took his hand and said, “Everything. Every drink, every conversation. Every time you were there for me. Always having my back.  I hope I’ve been as good to you.”
Drake pulled her to him then. “You’ve been the best friend I could ever ask for. I love you, Brooks.”
His mom had managed to get the word marshmallow out before the sobs started. Leo had come out soon after and put his arms around both of them.
They’d all had time to prepare, but it didn’t make it easier.
His uncle’s funeral had been full of whiskey and plaid shirts at Drake’s request.
Riley delivered the eulogy, a farewell to her best friend. She spoke of Drake’s devotion, his heart. How she assumed he would never die, or at least outlive her, so she didn’t have to grieve him—her marshmallow.
Liam managed a few sentences. How lucky he had been to have such a lifelong friend. That he would miss him dearly, and the world without him didn’t seem possible.
Ari didn’t say one word during the funeral. She couldn’t form any. She sat frozen, her face blank. Leo sat next to her, tears escaping his eyes every so often. He couldn’t find the words either.
Enzo saw Liam touch an old suit of Drake’s at his home with Ari, rubbing the fabric between his fingers. Dark blue, dated, a pink tie looped around the hanger. Enzo asked Riley about it a few weeks later. She said Drake had worn it to a wedding once.
His mother and Aunt Ari got into Drake's stash, his bottles of whiskey he had been saving. They took the liquor to the fire pit behind Drake and Ari’s house and began drinking.
Liam stayed for a few hours, then left. Drake’s home without Drake was unbearable, he said.
Leo and Luca had stayed nearby Ari and Riley, making sure they ate and finally made them stop drinking.
Ari was different from then on. Harder. Enzo heard her tell his mother that Drake took her softness with him.
His Uncle Luca had been next. A rare form of hereditary emphysema slowed him down, eventually taking his life at 72.
The funeral was widely attended and reported on; his uncle had briefly been in politics in Los Angeles, serving several terms on the city council. It was classy and elegant, like Luca.
Luca banned eulogies. He knew Riley or Leo would want to but refused to put them through it. An old song drifted through the air instead. Enzo recognized it from the many times it played at his house when he was young.
For you, the sun will be shining And I feel that when I'm with you
Maxwell made sure Luca would spend forever next to him, purchasing the space beside his own years earlier. The plots overlooked the park Max and Luca loved so much, the scene of their first date; so many subsequent hours spent admiring the trees and talking.
Liam attended, sitting next to Ari, as her unofficial support since Drake died. He and Uncle Luca managed to form a friendship over the years. Liam told Enzo that Luca was still one of the kindest people he’d ever met. Liam was sure Riley and Luca were related somehow. Similar spirits.
His mother had taken Luca’s death almost as hard as Drake’s. She visited Luca and Max once a week, sitting between the graves and talking about new recipes or dance music. After, she poured a shot of whiskey into the pond behind Drake and Ari’s home, the place Drake’s ashes had been scattered. Leo always came with her, touching Luca and Maxwell’s headstones and swirling his hand in the water of the pond.
Ari followed Luca later that year, at 73. His father said she’d never recovered from losing Drake. Her heart failed, and she didn’t wake up. Enzo often wondered if it had simply been broken.
Ari didn’t want a funeral. Her instructions were a simple cremation. Riley and Leo scattered her ashes in the pond with Drake. Liam helped. He’d also brought fireworks. They set them off most of the night in Ari’s honor.
Riley and Leo went home the next day after Liam left for the airport, clinging more tightly to each other, somewhat unsure of what to do now.
Enzo and Val packed up the house at a request Ari made in her will for one of the children to live there.
They found thousands of love notes between Drake and Ari. They’d written them almost every day since their relationship was official, leaving them in lunchboxes and shoes and vehicles. They were scattered throughout the home. One in a drawer here, another in a cupboard in another room. A few in an old workboot. The bulk were in boxes that lined the floor of Drake’s closet.
They weren’t long or flowery, just simple declarations and thinking of you’s. Val split them with Tino, who moved into the home soon after, and Hope.
Val framed her favorites. Two notes that held simple vows about dreams and journeys.
The last two funerals had been the hardest for Enzo. The worst days of his life. It still didn’t feel real to him.
A few years after his Aunt Ari died, his father passed in his sleep at 80. Riley woke to him lying beside her, a small smile on his face, still clasping her hand in his.
Riley called 911, then Enzo, and finally Liam. He hopped on the first plane he could. Enzo brought him to the Silver Lake home. His mother sat, staring at nothing as she had for the past eight hours. Liam sat next to her and touched her shoulder. She fell apart then, burying her face in her hands.
The funeral was held, his mother delivered another eulogy, this time for the love of her life. She talked about how Leo saved her every day. How he was selfless and kind, the best person she’d known. How, if he could see her, how upset he would be that she was so sad.
She talked about the last night they shared. They watched an old movie he liked, looked at photos,  and sat on their bench. How she’d known he might be gone soon as he talked about the afterlife.
Riley said she could talk for days about this man. That she would talk about Leo every single day until she died. Riley said she would try her best to be brave for him but collapsed into sobs as she tried to say she didn’t know how. Enzo helped Riley to her seat, and whispered that Leo would be so proud of them for mostly holding it together. It had gotten a very weak smile from Riley.
Liam shared a few words about his big brother. He admired his heart, Liam said. Leo had been able to forgive him and form a strong relationship for the last 40 years. Liam would always cherish that and how Leo took care of everyone. Liam couldn’t speak anymore after that.
Leo’s bar was the setting for the wake. Enzo saw his mother glance at the empty pane that Leo refused to replace. Liam and Riley sat and talked for hours at a table. Riley cried most of the time. She laughed when Liam said something about Leo not getting a casket because she’d slap a boy band sticker on it.
Liam remained in Los Angeles to help Riley settle Leo’s estate and spend time with the kids and grandkids. He and Riley stayed up late talking a few nights, Riley on the bench, Liam in a chair across from her.
Riley didn’t lay in the bed she shared with Leo again. She began sleeping on the couch, her eyes closing in the middle of the night to old action movies. More than once, when Enzo came to check on her, Everlong was playing.
His father had arranged things sent to be sent to their home once a week after he died. The first, a large bouquet of red peonies and tuna sashimi.
His father wasn’t a man of many words. Leo was succinct, summing up feelings and events in just a few well thought out expressions. The note said he wasn’t trying to P.S. I Love You her. Leo just wanted to make her smile, and he thought remembering their first date would do that. Riley wiped a tear. Enzo heard her whisper a thank you as she smelled the flowers.
The second week, and Valentine’s Day, vodka and sandwiches were delivered. The few words on the card instructed her to eat food off her shirt. Riley shook her head and muttered that his dad was a dreamboat.
The third week, a farmer came by with a small blonde llama. He knew Riley from his father’s stories. They sat in the backyard all afternoon, the llama getting many pets from Riley before returning to the farm. The message for this occasion told her she should have taken him up on his offer to buy her all the llamas.
The fourth week, a framed canvas with insults his mother yelled during Call of Duty arrived. The words were painted in an elegant script. Spherical dumbass was in the center, surrounded by you have the map awareness of Christopher Columbus, this isn’t fucking Mario Kart, you dick jockey, and you’re fucking 007, zero kills, zero assists, seven deaths.
The note said: “Thanks for shooting so many people in the dick for me, baby.”
Riley had howled with laughter and made Enzo hang it in their old room, on the wall above the television. Riley hadn't been up there in a while; her eyes filled as she looked around. She curled up in Leo’s gaming chair for a few moments, trailing her fingers along the armrest.
Enzo would have wondered how his dad did it if Enzo hadn’t been the one who set it up, just after Drake died. His father knew somehow that Riley would outlive him. He’d given Enzo a list and a credit card; and instructed him to start from the top; the best things were first.
“I know your mom won’t move on,” Leo told him. “She probably won’t be far behind me, and I’m fucking sorry for that. I just want to make her days brighter.”
The next day, Liam went to Riley and Leo’s to say goodbye before he finally went back to New York. No one answered the door, so he circled to the backyard. Liam found Riley on the bench Drake made so many years ago. She was holding Leo’s watch in her hands, his wedding ring was on the chain around her neck. His urn sat beside her. There was no specific cause of death. Her body had just given out at 76.
Riley’s funeral was as packed as Leo’s had been. Friends from Cordonia, children, and relatives of friends attended. Along with many community leaders, familiar with his parents’ philanthropy.
Enzo gave the eulogy this time. Val had to step in when he was unable to continue halfway through. She rubbed his back as she read what he’d written about his mother. Her kindness, her bad jokes, her love of odd pets. How much she loved her children and her husband.
Liam gave a short speech. He said he knew Riley was happy, wherever she was because she was with Leo. He said it was a miracle her heart had lasted so long because she gave pieces of it to everyone she loved. Liam ran his fingers over the keychain in his pocket.
Liam said one last thing. Riley taught him to grab onto life with both hands, that timing wasn’t everything. It’s the only way it’ll work. He looked out across the audience and smiled at Kenna before leaving the podium.
The children all knew Riley and Liam were married before she and Leo were. They didn’t understand why it ended, just that they were better as friends. Riley told them not to focus on that, it was the past and not really their business.
Riley and Leo’s instructions were to be scattered together after they both passed. The children spread their ashes in several places dear to them. The beach in Santa Monica, the backyard of their first home, and Drake and Ari’s pond.
Enzo, Cassandra, Niko, and Rhea didn’t spread all their parent’s ashes. They kept the small amount they saved in an urn made of sea glass in the Silver Lake home. They knew their parents would approve.
Enzo missed his parents. Right up until their deaths, they’d spoken every single day. He’d still never met anyone as in love as they were, Ari and Drake coming in at a close second, tied with Max and Luca. Enzo tried to show Val every day how much he loved her.
Liam stayed a few days longer. Enzo sat outside on the bench at his parents’ home after the service, Liam still in a chair across from it.
Liam told him stories he hadn’t heard before. A game night that had almost ended all game nights, the day Liam and Riley got tattoos, how selfless Riley and Leo were. He suspected his uncle left the messy parts out, but he didn’t care. Enzo could never hear enough about his parents.
A plaque was placed on a bench outside LAX that simply said, “Leo and Riley. Where they first met.” Another gift from Leo to Riley, next on the list. Enzo liked to think his mom could see it.
It was the last gift Enzo completed. He framed the list his dad had handwritten. Every so often, he read it and smiled. It was probably good he hadn’t gotten all the way through it.
Enzo, Val, Tino, Hope, Niko, Cassandra, Kenna, and Rhea visited the bench after the plaque was placed on July 21st. They described their favorite memories of Leo and Riley.
Enzo’s was his college graduation. He majored in business and minored in literature. His mother, crying, as usual, had told him Enzo and his siblings were her best dreams come to life. He had fera somnia, wild dreams in Latin, tattooed on his rib cage soon after.
Leo took Enzo on long car drives most of his life. Leo said it started when he was a baby and couldn’t sleep; they just continued it every Sunday afternoon. Leo and Enzo would talk about everything. Enzo missed his father’s voice.
Val brought up the summer Riley and Drake built a pen for his mother’s Pygmy goat, Bey. They’d swore and drank, agreeing whoever thought this was a good idea was dumb. It had been both their ideas. Drake and Riley completed the pen. Drake had to go back and fix the less sturdy parts they'd built while drunk.
Enzo asked her why she’d named the animal Bey once; she’d shrugged and said Beyoncé was the GOAT. Not understanding old people's slang, he had to look it up. His mother’s puns were unmatched.
Val’s favorite remembrance of Leo was from the wedding. He’d told her he’d always seen her as another daughter, and now she really was one. He’d given her a bracelet that he and Riley chose, a beautiful sparkle of sapphires and diamonds.
Tino loved Riley’s baking most of all. She’d let him lick the bowl when he helped and always gave him extra. He remembered Leo’s playfulness, how he always listened.
Hope’s favorite memories were her dad and Uncle Leo arm wrestling. Drake usually won, and Leo always said he let him win. They were two big kids, and she loved them.
Riley and Hope were both voracious readers and swapped books as she got older. Riley made sure she always had a new book to read.
Cassandra spoke about the summer after middle school when they’d visited Cordonia. Riley showed them the palace, her portraits, her tiaras. Leo showed them all the ways he used to sneak out. Cassandra’s favorite had been the Valtotia duchy. She’d looked over the balcony with her father and asked him if he regretted abdicating. Leo’d smiled his lopsided grin and drawn her into a hug. He said no. He’d never have met her mother. Riley was worth infinite Cordonias.
Niko couldn’t pick just one. He remembered movie nights with just the family or walking into the kitchen to his parents dancing to an old song or his father helping his mom cook breakfast or dinner. The way they both dropped everything if anyone needed something, a pep talk or a life lesson.
Kenna repeated Riley’s puns. She also remembered Riley always making her feel at home. Leo taught her how to mix drinks the summer she turned 17, much to her father’s dismay. Kenna thought back to Leo’s sheepish shrug and how he’d told her father it was stuff everyone should know.
Liam had finally laughed and asked him to teach her to make a scotch and soda. They had a strong bond her whole life, and it had made Kenna thankful for every summer.
Rhea recalled going to work with each of her parents. They both taught her how to treat people, how everyone mattered. Their jobs were so different, but the lessons held up.
They held a more somber celebration for the day Drake had taken a bullet for Riley. They had every year as long as anyone could remember. It only felt fitting to continue it. They reminisced about Drake. How he took them all fishing, made them s’mores often. They all felt safe with him. His mother called him Marshmallow, and he truly was.
Liam sent a bottle of whiskey for Drake every year after Riley passed. He sent flowers to Maxwell and Luca’s graves every few weeks.
Enzo remembered asking Riley why Max and Luca didn’t have kids once. How would they have people to remember them when they were gone, their birthdays and accomplishments?
Riley told him they did have kids. Eight of them. That not everyone wanted their own. Some people just wanted to be awesome godfathers and uncles that it was okay and beautiful.
She asked if Enzo would remember Luca and Max forever. Enzo nodded. Riley had replied with “well, there you go.”
Enzo stood and shrugged his midnight blue blazer on, glancing one last time in the mirror. His hair darkened over the years, more light brown than blonde now. His brown eyes held flecks of aqua, a perfect combination of his parents.
He glanced at the watch on his wrist. An old watch that he made sure to keep working. The engraving on the back faded, still legible. A gift from his mom to his dad on their first anniversary.
They all carried pieces of their family. Enzo also had some of Uncle Luca’s cuff links; Niko had the rest. His Uncle Max’s massive music collection had been split equally among them all.
Rhea had a simple bracelet, with a date engraved of her mother’s, and her floral engagement ring. Val had her mother’s engagement ring on a necklace she always wore; Tino had his father’s wedding band in his breast pocket at all times. Hope had her mother’s wedding band.
Cassandra had her mother’s recipe binder, her wedding band, Niko had his dad’s secret drink recipes, his wedding band. The twins wore the rings on the second fingers of their right hands.
His cousin Kenna wore a ring with her grandmother’s diamonds. She kept a ruby apple on her dresser that her aunt Riley gave her on her 18th birthday. It had been an old present from her father. Riley wanted her to have a symbol of both her homelands. Liam had loved the idea.
Enzo adjusted the lapels and walked down the stairs.
He saw Kenna first. She was willowy and blonde. Liam used to say she could be his mother’s twin. Her pale blue eyes were red rimmed. Kenna visited her father last week. Something had told her to go, and she listened. They’d gone to the Statue of Liberty and Central Park.
Liam hugged her before she left for the airport and said she was the best part of him. That he’d spent years doing things the wrong way, and he had always tried to do right by her. Kenna held him tighter, telling him that he had more than done right. Liam had been there for every scrape, every important school event, every major moment of her life.
Her first heartbreak at 15, he brought her a tub of ice cream and told her that the boy just hadn’t been meant for her. That one day, she would find the one who was, and there was no rush.
Liam had initiated a video call with Riley and Ari; Emma was in Paris for work and joined the call. The women talked to Kenna, sharing their own stories of bad love. Liam was always there, and he brought backup if needed.
Kenna wasn’t sure how to get through the rest of her days without her father. But she had plenty of people to lean on, thanks to him. A family that also understood what she was going through.
They all looked up at Enzo as he entered. Val winked at him. Tino, tall and broad like Drake, passionate like his mother, had an arm around Kenna’s waist. A memory of their wedding ran through Enzo’s head, how proud Uncle Liam had been. His mother had danced with him later, Liam unable to control his tears. Riley had patted his back and winked at Leo, who’d taken his brother to get a drink.
His sister Cassandra was there with her wife, Juliet.
Next to them stood Niko and his wife, Chloe. Hana and Rashad passed several years ago. Hana served two terms as President, the most she could serve. Bertrand Beaumont won the next elections, followed by his son, Bartie. Cordonia was in good hands; Kiara’s granddaughter Elle held the current title.
Cassandra wore her dark hair like her mother, long and curly. Niko had her dark brown eyes. Rhea and Hope were holding hands. They’d gotten engaged a few weeks ago. They’d called them Riley and Drake Junior when they were small, the similarities startling.
Enzo tried to smile, though his heart hurt. “Ready, all?”
Val took his hand as Enzo slipped his other hand into his pocket.
The key chain Uncle Liam pressed into his hand at his mother’s funeral was almost entirely smooth, the object it represented difficult to determine unless you knew.
Liam told Enzo that Riley gifted it to him on one of the worst nights of both their lives, that he looked to it when he needed courage. Liam hadn’t always followed through. But he tried.
The others nodded in response to Enzo’s question, and they filed out to the limos.
The former king of Cordonia’s funeral was today in Los Angeles. Kenna would be giving the eulogy. Liam left her everything, leaving a footnote that he wished he could leave more. Liam called her his beloved daughter, the person that made his life complete. Kenna had to make a special trip to Cordonia to collect some of her father’s possessions. Her cousins and extended family would be joining her.
Liam died peacefully in his sleep at 78.
Liam left a letter in his will. He didn’t have a country, he wrote. But he had found himself a few times in Los Angeles. It was where his family lived. He wanted to be near them after a lifetime of living apart. His ashes were to be spread in the Pacific Ocean. Liam always appreciated the ocean's vastness. He was looking forward to spending eternity in it.
Much later that night, Val and Enzo sat on the bench Drake had made his parents for a wedding present. It was well preserved. Drake had given Riley instructions on his deathbed, and she’d followed them to the letter. The note she’d written was still on the refrigerator in her cramped penmanship, along with the number of the woodworker who helped keep the item pristine. Enzo’s job now.
“What do you think they’re all doing now?” Val said. “If there’s an afterlife?”
Enzo smiled. “My mom is yelling at Uncle Liam for dying.”
Val chuckled. “I can almost hear her.”
Enzo continued. “My father is laughing and kissing her to calm her down. He’s probably telling her that Liam didn’t do it on purpose. Your mom is giving Uncle Liam that look she used to give him like she tolerates him but secretly loves him. She’ll hug him as soon as no one is looking.”
Val nodded approvingly. “I know that look.”
“Uncle Drake is hugging Uncle Liam and calling my mom Brooks in that way he does when he’s exasperated. He’ll hug her next and say we’ve all got Kenna. That it was Liam’s time.”
Val’s eyes teared. “I miss them all.”
Enzo took her hand and brought it to his lips. “I know. I do too, Vallie.”
Enzo went on. “Uncle Max is handling the music; it’s probably Kylie Minogue. He’s saying something about Uncle Liam finally joining the party. Uncle Luca is helping with the cooking and making Uncle Liam and my mom taste test.” Enzo finished.
“Do you think they can see us, E?”
“I hope so.” Enzo’s smile faltered. “I hope they see all their grandchildren and us. How we remember them.”
“Do you think your mom has llamas?”
“Definitely, and chickens and goats.” Enzo grinned. “Uncle Max has peacocks too, and his tortoise.”
Val laughed. “We got really lucky with them all, didn’t we? I always felt like I had six parents.”
“Not Uncle Liam?” Enzo had never thought of Liam as a parent. He wasn’t around the way everyone else was. It wasn’t his fault, just how it was. His mom had called him complicated. It was an apt description.
Enzo thought of Liam as a close friend, one he only saw once a year for a few months.
“Kind of, he was more of a summer dad,” Val said. “He lived so far away, but he always spent so much time with us over the summers. He was such a kind man.”
Liam visited every single summer. He visited this past summer, what ended up being his last on Earth. He stayed at Kenna and Tino’s, formerly Drake and Ari’s. He said it still felt odd without Drake, but he managed.
Liam would sit around the firepit long after everyone else went to bed. Kenna said she heard him talking as if they were all there; Drake and Ari, Leo and Riley, Luca and Max. He let them know that everyone was doing just fine, in case they didn’t know.
Liam kept his promises to Riley, even when she was no longer there.
Enzo nodded. “He and my parents would talk for hours when he was here. On top of all the calls and video chats when he was in New York.”
“I always wondered what happened.” Val mused. “There are so many photos of him and us as babies. Then he moved to New York, and it wasn’t the same.”
“My mom said he got a job that was too good to pass up. Aunt Megan was pregnant and out there already.” Enzo answered. “I know there’s more. That was the summer my dad got shot.”
“The burglary.” Val nodded. “I can remember him coming home from the hospital; your mom was pregnant with the twins. It’s very blurry.”
“I was too little. I don’t remember.” Enzo glanced over at Val. “If they hid it, we're better off not knowing.”
Val nodded in agreement. “Uncle Liam did seem happy when we were growing up. Didn’t he?”
“Yes. Kenna was the center of his world. Emma made him so happy, too. He was with her for over thirty years.” Enzo smiled.
Emma had been a vibrant woman with a biting wit. She only visited a handful of times, having her own packed life in New York. Liam and Emma began dating soon after meeting; Emma moved in two years later. They never married, both had a divorce under their belts, but stayed together the rest of Emma’s life.
She died a few years before Liam had, a year before Riley and Leo, of lung cancer. They all went to New York to support him. All of them that were left.
Enzo dropped a kiss on Val’s head. “Have I told you today how beautiful you are?”
“Yes. Twice.” Val pressed her lips to his. “I hope our children remember us the way we remember our family.”
“They will. We had good teachers.” Enzo kissed her again. “So, the bar tomorrow night? Weekly dinner with everyone?”
“Yes,” Val said. “Kenna and Cassandra are cooking, so wear pants with a stretchy waist.”
Enzo chuckled. “The kids are coming, too?”
Val looked toward the house. All the children had come in for the funeral from New York City, where they all lived. Most were out of college, few still attended. All at NYU.
Like Liam and their parents, they’d come to every funeral of their grandparents, biological and adopted.
Enzo and Val had three children, Adrian Drake Rys, Dashiell Leo Rys, and Isla Riley Lucia Rys.
Santino and Kenna’s family included one of each, as Leo would say. Zara Ariadne Walker and Fabian Jackson Walker.
Cassandra and Juliet adopted two sons, Anthony Luca Rys and Maxwell Gregory Rys.
Niko and his wife Chloe had one child. Riley Rose Rys.
Their children’s closeness reminded Enzo of his own circle of friends and family, of the life constructed for him by his parents and their friends. They had raised them the same way.
“Yes,” Val said. “All of them.”
Later still, Enzo stared at the ceiling. They slept in his parent’s old room upstairs when they visited. The furniture had all been replaced over the years, except for two plush leather chairs that his parents had put a ridiculous amount of money into keeping pristine. They were old gaming chairs, obsolete now.
Enzo had a burst of memory, of sneaking in one morning. Before they’d moved nearer to Drake, to a bigger house, his parents were in pajamas and playing some game. He didn’t remember which one, but someone shot his dad in the game, and his mom was angry.
She’d growled “fuckbucket” and taken the guy out. His dad laughed and leaned over to kiss his mother.
His dad said, “Baby, remind me never to cross you.”
Enzo remembered thinking his mom's name was “baby” for a few months as a small child. His dad rarely called her anything else.
She’d beamed and replied. “You never have, and you never will. I’ll take down whoever tries to fuck with you.”
“As proved in the past.” His dad kissed her again. “Let’s grab Enzo and Double Trouble and get some cronuts.”
“No cooking today?”
“You're cooking right now.” Leo kissed the small bump at her midsection. “Let’s give it a rest.”
“It’s like one mind.” His mom grinned, then put her palm on her face. “No, don’t.”
His dad smiled broadly. “Intuitive as fuck, baby. Blessing and a curse. Only for you.”
His mom had half groaned, half laughed, and leaned in to kiss him; Leo put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer as their lips met.
Enzo had scampered back down the hall to his room, excited to be taken out for cronuts.
Enzo smiled, Val curled into him in her sleep.
Enzo pressed a kiss to her forehead and closed his eyes.
That night, not for the first time, Enzo saw his parents.
He usually dreamt of them when they stayed here. Sometimes it was memories spliced together. Other times it was conversations. Some they had before, some new.
Tonight, it was a new conversation.
“How did you do it, Mom?” Enzo sat on a bench that looked like the one in his backyard. “So much pain and loss. Every funeral is harder. At least this is the last one for another forty years.”
Riley smiled kindly at him. She looked the way he remembered her as a small child. Her wavy brown hair loose, her face unlined. Her smile was radiant.
“Here’s the thing, Enz. Everything ends. Life ends. We all had good ones. That’s what I clung to.”
“You died second to last, wasn’t that horrible?”
“Do you know what your dad said once?”
“He said, ‘baby, they aren’t strong enough to go on without you. You are the strongest, and it’s why you have to go through more fire. But I will always be here walking through it with you.’
“He always was,” Riley smiled. “Even after he was gone, he took care of me.”
“Where is Dad?” Enzo looked around.
“He’s coming.” Riley laughed. “I’m faster. He is a little older than me.”
His dad walked up then, his handsome face creased in a smile, his blue eyes sparkling. “I heard that, baby.” Leo kissed Riley and addressed him. “Enzo!”
Enzo smiled as he stood and embraced his dad. Leo sat next to Riley, shifting her into his lap. Enzo sat beside them.
“Anything new?” Leo asked, kissing Riley’s temple.
“Uncle Liam’s funeral was today.”
Riley nodded. “I saw him. He’s with Eleanor now.”
“Do you see everyone?” Enzo asked. “Val and I were talking about it earlier, if there was an afterlife.”
“I see all of you. Val, Cassie and Nik, Rhea, Hope. Kenna. Tino. And all your aunts and uncles, of course.”
“We both do,” Leo added. “Do you see everyone in your dreams?”
Enzo nodded. “Sometimes. Not as much as I’d like.”
Riley frowned. “I wish we could be with you all the time.”
“Do you think this is really happening? Are we meeting somewhere in between?” Enzo wanted it to be real.
“Sweet boy, this is a dream,” Riley said as she smoothed his hair back from his forehead. “Is it real? I don’t know. It feels real. That’s all we can ask for.”
Leo’s face lit up with an idea. “I know! Ask us something only we would know, that you can wake up and prove.”
Riley shook her head and laughed, planting a kiss on Leo’s lips.
Enzo thought about this. “Oh, the mutually assured destruction bet. No one ever got the story.”
Riley beamed. “Max definitely knew. He hid that info.”
Leo nodded in agreement. “Go to the garage at the first house. There’s a box with a label that says old bags. It will tell you all you need to know about that.”
“What if it isn’t there?”
“We will always meet you here, Enzo. It doesn’t matter if it was real. Does it?” Riley held his hand.
Enzo missed his mom so profoundly then. She always knew how to help him. Make him see what she was trying to say. She wanted him to live, not fixate on who he might see when he dreamt. She’d always be here, but he needed to be out there.
“I guess not.” Enzo agreed. “But I am looking for the box.”
Riley smiled. “I love you so much, Enzo. We are so proud of you.” She stood, his dad standing with her.
“We are.” Leo agreed. “You’re the awesomest kid. Watch out for everyone.”
“I do.”
“I hope to see you in another dream soon,” Riley said softly, running a hand through his hair.
“Me too, Mom. I love you.” Enzo wanted to talk more. He would save it for next time.
“I love you, Enzo.”
“I love you, son.” Leo coughed. He never liked the leaving part.
“I love you too, Dad.”
They hugged him and slipped back inside the house. Enzo thought he saw his parents walk to all his aunts and uncles; Ari, Drake, Max, Luca, and Liam joined by a woman who was almost identical to Kenna in the split second before the door closed.
In the dream, he swore they all waved.
Enzo woke early the next morning. He got out of bed carefully so that he wouldn’t wake Val. He threw on a robe and slipped his flip-flops on.
The garage wasn’t as dusty as he thought it’d be. They used it for storage. He rushed toward the boxes, locating one that said old bags.
His heart raced as he opened it, his mouth hanging open in disbelief.
It was full of CDs and records. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Miley Cyrus.
A note on top listed the albums, which belonged to who. His mom liked Lady Gaga; his dad seemed more fond of Katy Perry.
“Mutually fucking assured destruction,” Enzo muttered.
A photo lay to the side of the note, a candid of his parents sitting on the bench outside their home. They were deep in conversation; his mother sat in his father’s lap. The smiles on their faces were bright, and Enzo knew she’d laughed after Uncle Max snapped the photo.
Enzo closed the box and put it back where he found it. The photo went into the pocket of his robe.
Enzo would keep their secret.
Tumblr media
Clockwise from top left: Val, Enzo, Santino, Cassandra, Niko, Kenna, Hope, and Rhea.
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The Boys + You Singing in the Shower
This was just a fun little idea I had to dip my toes back into the world of writing for Pedro. If you have any ideas at all, please send me an ask! I would love to start filling requests again! It gives me a lot of inspiration to hear from you guys! A quick heads-up, I haven’t seen WW84 or We Can Be Heroes yet (sad, I know but life gets busy!) so I haven’t included those characters in this headcanon. I’ll get on it as quick as I can though! Love you guys!
Javi wakes up after a long night at work, exhausted and nursing a migraine. When he walks out into the living room to the sound of your high pitched singing which is absolutely piercing to him, he pinches the bridge of his nose as he walks towards the cracked bathroom door. He says your name in exasperation before opening the door, being hit with the full sweetness of your voice as it echoes off the walls of the shower. He can see your silhouette as the bathroom light shines through the curtain, allowing him to enjoy the sight of you dancing. As you shake your hips back and forth he listens to you singing one of his favorite songs which you had only recently learned all the words to because of the fact that it was in Spanish. You were determined to learn it because you enjoyed it so much and you knew it made Javi smile. Right now he was greatly enjoying the fruits of your labor, his headache almost instantly relieving from the joy that you make him feel. Hearing him come into the room, you poke your head out from the curtain with a smile. “What’s up?” He puts back on a fake grumpy look and closed the door behind him. “You better make room for me. You woke me up with that singing. The least you can do is let me join you.” You laugh and move aside. “Deal.” As he strips of his clothes and climbs in with you, you take a dollop of body wash into your hand. Once he’s standing in front of you, you begin rubbing it into his chest in small circles. His eyes watch you in adoration as you begin to sing again, more quietly now. Javi’s hands find both of your hips as they begin rocking back and forth again. Eventually you finish the song, still rubbing in the body wash. As soon as the words cut off his lips find yours gently. You lean into him sweetly as his arms wrap around your waist. He pulls away for a moment, looking into your eyes. “Beautiful, mi amor.” He sighs. Letting out a light chuckle, you kiss him lightly again. “Maybe I should sing in the shower more often.” 
Oberyn would be wandering in the courtyard at the center of his glorious palace, enjoying the morning sunshine and the jolting heat. As he strolled through the empty walkways, he hears a beautiful lilting voice float through the air. He traces it through the open air courtyard until he is standing beneath your open window. Mesmerized by the sound of your singing, he makes his way briskly through the palace halls until he is standing right outside your chamber door which is open just a crack. He can just barely see the bronze tub which you are sitting in, the majority of your body submerged in warm water. Your hands rub over your arms and shoulders down your torso to your legs as you smooth your skin over with the water. He stands another minute, smiling to himself as he closes his eyes and simply listens. You are singing a light hearted Dornish song that he had taught you after you’d heard it at a celebration one night, telling him that you loved the way it sounded. Now that he was hearing it so sweetly and happily sung it made his heart soar. “Beautiful, my dove.” He interrupts, causing you to jump as your singing cuts off abruptly. “Imagine my shock upon hearing an angel’s voice floating through my palace only to find it attached to your heavenly body. I should have know.” His smooth words make you blush and you shift around in the water. Striding over to you, Oberyn gets down on his knees beside the tub. A finger curls lightly through your hair as he traces it smoothly across your cheek. Pulling your face to one side he pulls you in for a deep kiss as he feels your body begin to sing just as beautifully as your voice. He stands back up and puts a hand towards the center of his robe. “Should I let you get back to your bath in peace? Or would you prefer company?” Moving forward slightly in the bath, looking up at him. “Company wouldn’t be so bad.” He laughs. “I was hoping you’d say that.” With that he swiftly undresses and settles himself into the tub before pulling you back against his chest. “Sing to me some more, my flower?” Taking his hand in yours, you smile. “Anything for you, my prince.” With that you begin singing sweetly again until you feel all his tension melt away, the two of you shutting your eyes and laying peacefully in the bath together. 
Max is up early for work as he always is, rushing through the house as he prepares himself for his day. He is so used to you still being asleep when he gets up that he doesn’t even stop to check whether or not you are still in bed. As he studies himself in the mirror, making sure his tie is straight, he notices that the apartment is not quiet like it normally is. There is the sound of a voice, your voice, echoing through every room. Nothing catches Max off guard. It is his job to anticipate everything but the sound of your singing shocks him. He ignores it at first, continuing to get ready for work. He readies his briefcase, finishes getting dressed, and tidies the bed, all the while enjoying the sound of your singing. Before he can leave the apartment he realizes that he is held there, unable to get away without going in to see you. He follows the echo all the way to the bathroom where he pokes his head in the door. A smile paints his face as he closes his eyes and listens. Having learned to keep your senses sharp to keep up with Max, you hear him open the door. You quickly stop singing and peek out of the curtain to look at him. “What are you up to, stalker?” He laughs, stepping inside the door. “I could ask the same thing. You’re never up this early. It’s still dark outside.” You shuffle your feet. “I know. I just couldn’t sleep.” He nods his head towards you. “Your voice is lovely.” Laughing you let the curtain close again. “You heard that did you.” By now Max has set down his briefcase and walked further toward the shower. “If you like it so much you should get in with me and hear it up close.” At this he scoffs. “You know I can’t be late for work.” You put a dollop of shampoo in your hand. “I know. So just don’t go in today.” This really makes him laugh. “Me. Take a day off?” Before he can even figure out what’s happening you poke your head out from the curtain and splash the front of his suit with water. “You’re all wet now. Might as well just take the suit off. And if you’re gonna take it off anyway you might as well join me.” He looks down at his clothing and then back at you. “I cannot believe that you just did that.” You smile at him. “And what are you gonna do about it.” And with those words Max took his first ever day off without a second thought.
The moment he hears your voice upon waking up, Jack makes no false pretenses about hearing and enjoying your singing. He makes a beeline for the bathroom and swings the door wide open, not bothering to try and hide his sudden appearance in the doorway. The sound of the doorknob hitting the wall behind it made you jump as you poke your head out from the curtains. You had been singing a song that Jack had admitted to being a fan of. The more you listened to it the more you fell in love with it because it reminded you of him. Anytime he heard it it made his heart stir and he couldn’t help but pull you close and kiss you deeply. This morning it hadn’t even crossed your mind that you were singing it until you heard him burst into the bathroom, making you fully aware of what you’d been doing by the way he looked at you. His eyes were loving yet hungry as he peered at your slightly confused face poking out from behind the curtain. “Um. Good morning.” You said with a small smile. “Why’d you stop, pumpkin?” This made you look down at your feet as you thought. “Well I didn’t mean to. I didn’t really mean to sing in the first place.” His boots thudded as he walked across the bathroom to stand in front of the shower. “Mhm. I’m sure you didn’t. But you do know what that lovely little singing voice does to me.” You look up at him and try to make yourself seem as innocent as you felt you were. “Do I?” Without saying anything he begins to strip until he is suddenly standing in front of you fully naked. Once he was fully undressed he moves close enough that you can feel his breath on your face. “Why don’t you move over and make room for me.” You didn’t even think to hesitate or question. You simply moved so that he could step into the bathtub in front of you. Seeing him so domineering and confident and lusty this early in the morning made you squirm. “Such a pretty voice baby.” He said before pulling you flush against him. “Why don’t we play a game with that pretty voice?” The sound of that made your stomach clench as you can only find the strength to nod. “Keep on singing that song. You know I like that one since you are my special angel. While you sing I’m just gonna kneel down,” He does so as he says it. “Right in front of your warm little pussy. You just keep singing that song and pay no mind to my tongue exploring you. If you mess the song up you’ve gotta start all over again. I’m not gonna stop until you get through the whole thing. Ready?” You can barely say anything before his tongue is already finding your clit. You could tell it was gonna be a long morning. 
Din had been out for a while and had taken the child with him. You decided that his absence provided the perfect time for you to get clean. You made sure the coast was clear one more time before undressing and stepping into the refresher. The warm water made you purr, soothing any aches and pains you might have previously had. As you stood there letting the stream hit you, you began to let a simple tune slip out of your lips. You had heard it in a small village that you and Din had gone to visit a while back. It had been used as a lullaby. It was quiet and simple but you found it beautiful. It had been stuck in your head ever since. The pretty melody left your lips for several verses, soothing your mind as the water soothed your body. It left you completely relaxed and happy. Little did you know that Din and the child had made their way back onto the Razor Crest once you had begun to shower. Upon hearing you singing, Din found his stomach filled with a warm feeling. Not wanting to risk anything, he carried the child up to the cockpit and left him before making his way back down to where you were standing in the refresher. He stood silently a few feet away from the door that separated the shower space from the rest of the ship. As he listened to you sing he could hear the warmth and relaxation in your voice. Your guard was completely down and you were simply existing in the warmth of the water while you sang. Hearing you like this made something inside him stir. There was a tightening in his stomach which spread to the growing bulge in his trousers. He almost felt ashamed for being turned on by such an innocent act but there was nothing he could do to stop the lust he felt. As you finished up your song, he quietly said your name which caused you to look out the door to where he was standing. “Din? I didn’t know you were back.” He did not acknowledge your statement, his hand reaching into his trousers so that he could pull himself out and begin stroking. “Keep going?” Seeing him in such a state of  need made you squirm as you continued, watching him stroke to nothing more than the sound of your voice. The sight caused you to touch yourself as well until you were both orgasming for one another, your voice faltering as you clenched around your fingers. When you were both finished he murmured quietly. “Thank you, cyar’ika.” With that he was gone and you were left with the blissful memory.
When Frankie got home from work, your voice was the first thing he heard. You were listening to some terrible 80′s song and singing along with all the gumption and joy you could muster. Your voice was cracking as you sing loudly, making Frankie stifle a little laugh. He stretches his arms above his head as he walks through the living room, making his way towards the bathroom. Frankie leans against the door frame as he watches you through the clear doors on the shower. As you continue to sing without any restraint your hips join the music, shaking back and forth in time with the song. Frankie stands there quietly, smiling widely as he enjoys your one-man concert. Once you finish the song, he begins applauding softly which causes you to open the door so you can look at him in mock offense. “What are you doing? How dare you interrupt my private shower time?” He raises his hands in defense. “I didn’t do it on purpose. It just sounded like too much fun in here for me to stay away.” Rolling your eyes in fake frustration, you sigh. “Well I guess I can’t blame you. I am pretty fun.” This makes him laugh as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. “How much does a ticket cost to get into the concert?” You look around the inside of the shower. “Well space is pretty limited. I guess I could give you a discount though if it meant that much to you.” He puts his hands together and bows. “Thank you. That is so generous of you.” Once he knows he has your permission he begins to undress before stepping into the shower behind you. “Wow, space is limited. I’m just so honored I could see my favorite singer so up close and personal. So what do I owe you?” You put a finger to your lips as you think, trying to think of a fitting payment. “Well, I guess a kiss would suffice.” His hands find your waist and pull you closer. “As you wish.” With that, his lips find yours passionately as he nearly sweeps you off your feet. It feels like hours that you stand there, your lips locked together. Once he lets you go, it takes you a second to catch your breath. “Yeah, I think that will work.” He smiles at you before taking a step back. “So what song is next on the agenda?” Without answering you begin swaying your hips again and start singing another shitty 80′s song that you know Frankie knows. As soon as he picks up on it he starts to sing with you, his hands finding your hips again as he starts moving his as well. The two of you stand there singing together all morning. Ballads and rock songs and cheesy 80′s pop songs. Anything you can think of. Anything to be able to spend more time together like this. A two man band.
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bite me | Max Phillips x Reader | Part One
A/N: This man has been insisting I write something for days now and I outlined an entire series with the help of @bisexual-space-slut​. Title courtesy of @thirsty-flygirl​ bc it was perfect for all the aspects of this fic.
Rating: T
Warning: Naughty words. Lots of sexual references. Max is a jerk and a pervert, but Evan is also a jerk so.
Word count: 1,388, apparently!!
Summary: You’re Evan’s adopted sister and that makes Max really want to fuck you. The only problem here? You hate him.
Tumblr media
GIF credit: thewaythisis (Please let me know if you don’t want me using your GIF!)
Tags: @bisexual-space-slut​ @spacegayofficial​ @readsalot73​ @elenamiria​ @demigod-dragonrider-schoolidol​ @heatherbel​ @feelmyroarrrr​ @this-cat-is-dea​ @lokiaddicted​ @pascalz​ @cryptkeepersoul​ @phoenixhalliwell​ @dindisneydjarin​ @damerondjarin​ @ezrasarm​ @writefightandflightclub​
“You know, you don’t look like Evan.”
You were accompanying your parents to help your brother move into his dorm when you met his roommate, Max, all handsome and charming as you held your hand out for him to shake with a polite, slightly infatuated smile that slowly fell. Rather than shaking your offered hand, he was looking you over wolfishly.
“I’m adopted,” you mumbled, letting your hand fall as you wrapped your arms around yourself, looking around the room. “You want me to help you unpack, Ev?”
“Yeah, sure.” Evan mostly sat on his bare mattress, looking through a box of cards he collected, which was the only box he really brought up as you and your parents did the rest.
You walked over to a box labeled ‘Clothes’ which you’d neatly folded or put on hangers when helping him pack, bending over to pull the tape off and open the flaps.
Max’s part of the room was neat and pretty much finished, and he was leaning against the small wardrobe you’d need to put the clothes in with his arms crossed over his chest, watching your ass.
This was something Evan actually noticed, glancing up at him then back to his cards before slowly staring at him again to follow his line of vision. “Hey!”
He smirked, but looked away from you and seemed to just be straightening up his own things.
You folded some of Evan’s clothes on hangers over your arm and walked over to put them in the empty side of the wardrobe, noticing out of the corner of your eye that Max was leaning against it again, watching you quietly.
When you closed the door and turned to walk back to the box, Max crowded in on you with his forearm resting on the front of the wardrobe as if he was trying to look...intimidating? Flirtatious? Casual?
“Maybe you can help me unpack something.” Flirtatious, you decided, based on his tone of voice that all but flat out told you this ‘something’ was in his pants.
“Lay off my sister,” Evan snapped, now standing up and glaring at Max as you both looked over at him.
Max stared right back at him, but his attention was drawn to the young woman who came bouncing into the room, squealing about ‘how romantic’ and ‘being in college together’ as she moved to hang all over Evan.
“Okay.” He smiled widely.
You eyed him suspiciously and then quickly forgot about it, able to unpack the rest of your brother’s things without him coming onto you again.
You greeted Evan’s coworkers with a smile as you walked through their large cubicle, waving to them and laughing as they eyed the plate of baked goods in your hand, before approaching the tiny desk sandwiched between two other people. “Hey, Evaroonie.”
“You know I hate when you call me that, right?” He asked without looking at you, eyes on the computer as he typed.
“That’s exactly why I call you that. Here, I baked these last night and I know they’re your favorite, so…” You took the plastic wrap off the plate of cookies, holding them in front of him to entice him with the scent.
“Yeah, yeah, that’s great, just, uh, put them on the desk.” He still didn’t look at you, but you assumed he was doing important work and you set the plate down.
“I just thought they’d cheer you up. It’s so fucked up that that asshole not only took the job you wanted, but your office?” You turned to lean back against the desk, your arms folded over your chest.
“He’s fucking…” He stopped typing for a second to clench his fists, closing his eyes for a moment before he shook his head and continued on with his work.
“Evan, you mind if I throw out this stupid, little— oh, hey.” That voice was unmistakable and your shoulders tensed, looking over to see the asshole in question stepping out of the office that was once your brother’s.
“I should go.” You turned to do just that and gasped when you saw Max now standing in front of you, stumbling back.
Did you black out or something? How did he move that fast?
“You grew up.” The wolfish look in his eyes as he looked you over didn’t change in time and, honestly, he didn’t look like he’d changed either and was still unfortunately handsome.
“I look pretty much exactly the same as I did last time we saw each other.” You didn’t want to even look at him, like meeting his eyes might encourage this behavior.
“Something smells good.” He was leaning in close to you, his suit jacket and tie starting to brush against you as you stood there tensely with your nervous gaze fluttering to Evan, but Max pulled back with a cookie in his hand. “You mind?” He looked at you in a way that made you feel stupid for thinking he was smelling you.
“Be my guest.” You didn’t know where his hands had been, so you didn’t want the cookie back and you doubted Evan did either.
He ate half the cookie in one bite, practically rolling his eyes in pleasure and letting out a rather lewd moan. “That is incredible! Tell me you own a bakery.”
You hated that you could even be flattered by a compliment from someone you hated, trying not to let it show. “No, it’s a hobby.”
“Well, personally, I’d be first in line to eat anything you let me.” That seemed to be an innuendo, but his chipper tone distracted from it.
Evan seemed to be trying to ignore the other man, but then he leaned on the back of the chair and he seemed to reach his breaking point. “Fuck off, Max.”
Max immediately reeled back, putting a hand over his heart and pouting dramatically.
“Is that any way to talk to your senior sales manager? Alright, buddy, enjoy your family time.” He reached over the chair to squeeze Evan’s shoulders which made your brother cringe and let out a quiet ‘ow’, then he walked off.
You relaxed considerably without him leering at you or making vaguely sexual comments; you hated him for your brother and because he was such a pervert, but, fuck, his looks made you uncomfortable in an entirely different way.
“I really should go, there’s a few errands I need to run, so, uh…” You trailed off when you noticed that Evan was right back to work. “I will...see you.” You nodded at his mumble that sounded like a goodbye, turning to leave.
Max was standing in the doorway that led out of this part of the office in such a way that you were going to have to squeeze past him, smiling widely with his arms crossed.
Jumping out of the window wasn’t an option and you really needed to do some things today, so you straightened your shoulders and walked over to the door. “Excuse me.”
He waved you off with an, “Oh, no, it’s fine,” as if you were apologizing before moving past him rather than telling him you needed him out of your way.
It seemed like backing down would’ve made him win — win what, you didn’t really know — and you berated yourself for your own stubbornness, turning to the side as you moved through the doorway to keep from pressing up against him too much.
Your hips brushed up against him just slightly and you kept your gaze down and to the side, trying not to let your thoughts wander at the proximity as you stepped through.
He called your name when you started to walk away and you paused like an idiot, looking back at that perfect salesman smile. “Have a nice day.”
You just kind of stared at him, which was probably rude, but you genuinely didn’t like the man.
As you made your way to the elevator, you glanced back and saw that he was still standing there, hands now in his pockets as he watched you with that stupid smile.
You hated that he was the new sales manager for Evan’s sake and because now whenever you came around to visit, you were going to have to do everything you could to avoid him.
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absurdthirst · a year ago
Hello, sweetie, I hope you're staying safe.👋👋👋 Next Tuesday is my birthday, and I was wondering if I could get a sexy, super smutty Max Phillips fic? Pretty please with sugar and fangs?❤❤😘😘
***HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope that this Max fic is what you were wishing for! Have a great day and enjoy yourself!
Tumblr media
Special Night
Max smirked as he watched your eyes round, taking in the atmosphere of the restaurant he had chosen. The sommelier came over and poured the wine for Max to approve. Blood red, fruity and dry, the shiraz was perfect for the rare steaks that had been ordered. Well, you preferred yours medium rare, but he couldn’t blame you for that. You were still human.
“Max, this is too much.” You leaned over the table and whispered the words, as if you were afraid to offend the servers that were bustling around the busy dining room.
Max Phillips, your lover for the past year had merely given you a pursed lip look and waved off your protests. “It’s your birthday.” He raised his eyebrow at you and looked pointedly down at your wine goblet.
You picked it up and took a sip as his eyes lit up in approval.
“Besides, dessert comes later.” His lips twist in a self-satisfied smug grin as your face heats up at his words. You know exactly what he is talking about, and it’s not food.
“You smell so damn good.” His eyes were dark as he shut the door shut and advanced on you.
You should run, should be scared. The top of the food chain was prowling towards you, intent on devouring you. Instead, heat pooled in your cunt, your heart rate spiking in excitement as he backed you up against the wall between the entryway and living room. His hands braced on either side of your head as he leaned in.
His nose bumped against your throat, inhaling deeply and groaning as his tongue licked along the column of skin.
“Thank you.” You grin as his teeth scrape against your neck. “I call it ‘Ode de human’”
He huffed before latching his mouth around your pulse and sucking harshly. You groaned out his name as your hands tore through his carefully styled hair. He only would pull away when there was a purple mark in your skin. “Smartass.”
Giggling you rolled your hips against his pelvis, noting that he was already hardening against you. “I thought it was a sexy ass?”
His hands move down to grip your ass, pulling you hard against him. “It’s an ass I’m going to spank if you don’t get into that bedroom.” He growls playfully.
He lets you go and swats at your ass as you brush by him, his eyes wandering up and down your body as he follows you down the short hallway into your bedroom.
Picking you up when you reach the door, he makes you squeal when he tosses you onto the bed as if you were a ragdoll. There were definite advantages to Max having superhuman strength. One of the perks of being a vampire.
His shoulders push together as he shrugs out of his suit jacket, perfectly fitted to his form. He always looks so damn good, but tonight he wore your favorite one. Standing at the foot of the bed, he watches you as he releases his cufflinks and tosses them down, you’ll search for them later. Vest gone, he pauses as he loosens his tie. He smirks and pulls it down to unravel.
“Hands over your head, honey.” Walking over to the headboard, he wraps your wrists in the silk of his tie and secures it to the frame of your bed.
You tremble, knowing exactly what to expect when Max ties you to the bed. He wants you at his complete mercy. Eyes wide with excitement watch as he moves onto the bed, still wearing his shirt and suit pants as he straddles your thighs.
His grin made his eyes crinkle as he flashed his pearly white teeth. His eyes darkened as he looked down at you. “Look at the helpless little human.” He taunts, leaning forward and running a finger from your jaw to the edge of your dress. “So pretty” He coos.
Your breath catches as he gripes the low cut material right over the swell of your breasts. A loud rip sounds as he shreds the dress like it’s paper. He grunts in appreciation of the black lace bra.
“I liked that dress.” You pant, your shallow breathing belying your annoyed tone.
“So did I” He winked at you, leaning down to bite the hard tip of your breast through the lace.
“Max!” You shift under his teeth, moaning at the tongue of his tongue, wetting you.
He nipped it again and pulled back, slithering down your body as he crawled off the bed, dragging your dress down with him.
“No panties?” He cocked an eyebrow at you, surprised amusement on his handsome face. “No wonder I could smell you so strongly tonight.”
You grinned as you spread your legs, making his head roll slightly as he groaned. His normally steady hands were a bit rushed as he started unbuttoning his shirt. Your own eyes greedily drank in every inch of skin he exposed as he opened his shirt and took it off to toss on your dresser.
His trousers were tented as he reached for his belt. Biting your lip as he slowly dragged out the moment. All a part of Max’s seduction, but you didn’t mind, it just made you wetter. Flipping the button of his slacks open, he lowers the zipper and gives you a hot look as he lets them drop to the floor.
“No boxers?” You ask as your gaze trails over the hard curling length that bobbed in the free air as he stepped out of his pants.
He shrugged as he started crawling back up the bed. “Easy access if you wanted to fuck the in restaurant bathroom.” Winking at you and grinning when you sputter.
Hovering over you, he leans down and kisses you. A small bit of tenderness peaking through the cocky facade that wore like a suit. His tongue sliding into your mouth to play with yours before he moved down and latched on to your neck again.
Given his…..circumstances, Max adored sucking and licking on your neck. Moaning as he felt your pulse quicken and the blood rush through that beautiful vein that throbbed under this tongue. He would leave your skin littered with hickeys and bruises, not that you minded at all.
Making his way down to your tits, with a quick flick of his wrist the bra was off your body. His tongue swirled around your areola before sucking your nipple into his mouth, making you arch up into him.
He moved back and forth between breasts. Cupping and squeezing the one that his mouth wasn’t on. Lavishing attention on them until they were swollen and aching before finally pulling away.
When he made his way down to your cunt, you were dripping wet. Slick with arousal and pushing your hips up, needed some friction. Amber eyes narrowed playfully at you before you saw the wink of sharp fangs.
The sharp sting of your skin being pierced made you cry out softly. Max hummed against your mound, the vibrations making you squirm. He kissed the two puncture marks, growling as your blood smeared across his lips.
Crouching down, his broad shoulders pushed your thighs further apart as you felt the trickles of blood start to run down your pussy lips. You see his eyes flash hungrily as he wraps his arms around your legs and settles down to where he could have breathed on your clit. If, you know, he breathed still.
“Fucking beautiful.” Max murmured before diving in.
Licking and sucking on your red stained, blood covered cunt, Max started devouring you. His tongue eagerly rubbing through your folds to lick up every drop of your essence mixed with the blood from the wound. His fingers dug into your thighs, sure to leave bruises for you to admire.
He moaned into you, slurping and gasping out his own pleasure as he buried his face deeper into you. An advantage of not having to breath meant that he could quickly work you up to an orgasm without having to pause for air.
His jaw worked over your cunt, as your hands flexed and twisted in the tie as you started to get closer to the edge. He could feel it in the way that your body quaked. He doubled down, ruthlessly pulling and sucking on your clit, growling lowly as you cried out his name and started cumming all over him.
You knew he was enjoying it. His eyes crinkling at you as he smirked, lapping up your arousal as it poured out of you and swirling his tongue around your cunt. He didn’t stop until you were begging him to stop, the sweet bliss of pleasure sharply turning to overstimulation.
He gave your clit one last kiss, chuckling at the way that your legs tried to close around his head as you writhed away from his mouth. Coming to his knees, he groaned in satisfaction as he licked away the remnants of your blood before reaching up and pricking his finger and smearing his blood on the two holes in your skin. Watching as the skin healed as if he had never bitten you.
He sucked on his finger and shot you another wink, his free hand trailing down your thigh before lifting it and wrapping it around his waist.
“You ready, baby?” He asked, reaching down to wrap his hand around his hard cock. Pumping it slightly in his fist as he waited for your answer.
“Fuck.” You moan at the sight of your lover. “Yes, please Max.”
He gives you a mocking glance that would have pissed you off if you didn’t want him inside you so badly. “I love it when you beg, honey.” He teases.
When you glare at him, he shuffles into position and thrusts deep inside you in a smooth movement of his hips. Any snarky remark flew out of your head as he filled you. Your gasp made him smirk again, as he hovered over you, bracing his arms on either side of your body as he started moving.
Sure, swift strokes pounded into you as he groaned. His eyes half closed as he bit his bottom lip. You knew how much he loved the feel of your cunt. The tight, wet heat surrounding him as he fucked you. He moved one hand to your other leg, sliding it down to hold onto, pushing it forward to change the angle that he was hitting inside you.
You loved it, the way that he made you feel. You tried to meet his thrusts, but his hand on your leg prevented it. Mewling at the way he brushed against that sweet spot deep inside you with every swing of his hips.
Max groaned out your name when you clenched around him, collapsing on top of you to bury his face against your neck. His thrusts got harder, faster as he got closer to cumming. Your leg tightened around his hip.
“Let me touch you.” You beg between panting breaths. “Please Max...fuck, Oh God, please.”
He growls and reaches up, not bothering to untie you, instead shredding the expensive silk and hissing in pleasure when your hand touches his skin, your nails raking down his back.
“Baby….” He rumbles, his hips slamming into yours. “Cum.”
You obey him. Clapping down on his cock and wailing his name as blinding bliss slammed into you. Your nails breaking crescent moons into his skin and making him hiss as you writhe under him. Your cum gushed out of you, coating him and making the sound of his cock pushing into you more obscene.
“Fuck!” His fangs weren’t down, but it still hurt when his teeth sank into your shoulder, grunting as he thrusted deep and filled you with his release.
His hips slowed, stuttering to a stop as he rode out his pleasure before kissing the bite mark he imprinted on your body and shifting off of you with a satisfied sigh.
Pulling you against him, his hand drifted up and down your back before pushing your hair out of your face. Max was surprisingly a cuddler after sex. Of course he would make a smartass comment about just wanting your warmth, but it was more than that. His lips brushed your forehead as he laid there, listening to your breathless sighs and your heartbeat coming back to normal.
His hand came to your throat, idly rubbing against your pulse. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
It was rare that his voice was serious. The teasing quality that was normally present missing as you looked up to find his concerned amber eyes looking at you.
“I’m sure Max. I don’t want to grow older than I am now.” You kiss his chest and you feel him shudder under you.
He gave you a quick nod, his face easing into a grin. “I’ll miss the warmth.” He teased, tugging you a little closer. “Only reason I kept you around.”
“HEY!” He squirmed away when you poke him in the ribs. It was amazing that a vampire could still be ticklish, but you used it to your advantage when you could.
“You can have my warmth for a short number of years.” You say softly as you stare at his handsome face, forever frozen to the age he was when he technically died. “Or you can have me for eternity.”
His hand moves from your throat to cup your cheek, his somber hues softening. “Of course I will choose eternity.” He says simply. “We can always buy an electric blanket.”
You laugh as he rolls you over, turning your head and running his fangs down your throat before sinking them into your pulse. It was a special night for many different reasons.
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surprises- pt 8 | mat barzal
oooffff it’s been quite a long journey and thanks for sticking with me through the wait! it’s finally here- the next and last part of surprises! thanks to everyone for reading, thanks for all your lovely feedback and kind words throughout this series, and all the support as i worked through this last part! it’s meant the world to me and i hope you all enjoy this last part!
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7
When you wake up one morning to absolute silence, you get suspicious. No baby cries, no sounds of Mat breathing next to you, nothing.
But when you investigate, you find Mat sprawled out on the couch, holding Maeve against his chest, and they’re both passed out. She’s grown, definitely grown a lot since you brought her home, but his hand still covers most of her body. You reach for your phone, snapping a picture (to add to the many you’ve taken of the two of them over the past month), only to fumble it when you see the instagram notification on the front screen. 
Mat’s tagged you in a post and you sit down on the floor in front of the two of them as you slide to open it. And then, you gasp, immediately reaching to cover your mouth and hide the sound, as you look through the roll of pictures that Mat posted.
One Month with Maeve: You Like: eating, sleeping, anything your mom does You Dislike: tummy time
When you look up, Mat’s watching you, with a hopeful look on his face. “Hi.” He says quietly.
“Hi.” You return, flipping your phone around to him. “I call bullshit.”
He laughs-gently and quietly, so as not to wake Maeve-and then grins. “Oh yeah? On what?”
“That she likes anything I do.” Maeve’s content anytime she’s in Mat’s arms. Anytime he’s just in her proximity. She’s recently started to recognize his voice, turning her head for it anytime she hears it...sometimes even over FaceTime. “You are definitely the favorite.”
Mat kisses the top of Maeve’s head gently; it’s a favorite thing for both of you right now, you’re pretty sure. “Maybe, but we still like anything you do.”
You raise an eyebrow at him. “We?”
“Yeah, both of us.” Mat says, like it’s something he says everyday, totally normal and casual.
Cheeks flushed, you stand up. “I’m going to go make breakfast.”
“We’ll come.” Mat stands, careful not to jostle Maeve too much.
“You don’t have to.” You offer. You know how tired he is all the time now, between Maeve and playoffs. He could use all the rest he can get.
“I want to.” Mat settles himself on one of the chairs by the counter and re-adjusts Maeve. “I feel like I barely get to see you guys right now.”
“Somebody’s gotta pay off that nice, big house.” You chirp, pulling out the eggs to make omelets.
Mat laughs. “Can’t even move into it yet and it’s already costing me money.”
“Don’t think about the price tag until you get paid this summer.”
“Once again. You cannot max out my credit card in the Target Home Section. Even with a bonus this year.”
“I gave you the most perfect human ever and this is how you repay me?’
Mat looks down at Maeve, unable to stop the smile that grows over his face, and in return, you feel one spread across yours as you watch him. “Go crazy.”
Two Months with Maeve: You Like: the new hockey mobile Uncle Tito bought you, when your mom and i talk to you You Dislike: the carseat, more tummy time
When you slip into Maeve’s nursery in the new house (just barely unpacked, but still the most unpacked room in the entire house by far), Mat’s got the same sad look on his face that he’s worn for the last three days, standing in the middle of the room, watching her sleep. You give him a minute, see if he notices your presence, and when he doesn’t acknowledge you, you slide behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, dropping your head between his shoulder blades. “You’re still amazing.”
Mat’s laugh is hollow and you know he’s thinking about how he was held scoreless for the last two games this series, thinking about all the things he could have done differently so that they weren’t eliminated. “You’re biased.”
“Like I’ve ever held back from telling you that you suck before.”
It’s not a smile, but the corner of his lips do turn up. “Fair.”
You smile, hiding the grin in his back. “We’re happy to have you home more.”
“Even though this means we won’t get to put Maeve in the cup?” You can picture his eyebrows raise with the question, even though it’s dark and you’re not even looking at him.
“I mean, she would have looked really cute in it.” You poke his side. “But I’ll get over it. We’ll just have to take cute baby pictures with her somewhere else.”
“You mean, like this new house we just moved into?”
“This new house we just moved into where every room is either filled with boxes or has no furniture?”
You feel Mat hesitate. “Maybe there’s a park nearby.” He says and you laugh. 
“Maybe.” You agree, slipping around to curl into his side, so you can both watch Maeve sleep.
Three Months with Maeve: You Like: that new activity mat, music, afternoon walks You Dislike: pop goes the weasel, noisy birds on the walks
“These came out so good.” Molly enthuses, beaming as she stares at the pictures of Maeve that you and Mat had professionally taken, shortly after your conversation about it, to send out in cards to everyone you know.
“Right?” It had taken a little to decide where you wanted to have the pictures taken, the house still not finished and immediately eliminated. Almost all the parks nearby had been eliminated by your photographer due to lighting and the one that hadn’t, had been nixed by you. You and Mat had both scrunched your nose up at the thought of bringing Maeve to the beach already, as well as a few other suggestions. In the end, though, you can’t imagine anyone will be shocked to see the ice rink in the background of a few of the pictures, and it seemed only fitting. 
As usual, Maeve’s perfectly at ease in Mat’s arms, who’s beaming down at her, in your favorite shot of the afternoon, as you hang onto his arm gently to keep yourself upright, the same wide grin on your own face as you look at the two of them. There are so many other shots from the day- Mat skating while holding Maeve; the two of you laughing while you move easily on the ice; close ups of Maeve sleeping peacefully in Mat’s arms, just happy to be close to him (unless it’s the proximity to the ice- she is definitely his daughter). And then there’s all the candids.
“Some tough choices for the photo wall.” Molly muses.
“Gonna need lots of frames.” You agree, as the back door opens and Tito walks in, bouncing Maeve gently in his arms, closely followed by Mat and Brian. 
“Alright, patio’s done.”
“Perfect!” Molly claps her hands together and you give her a look because she sounds too excited. “Great timing.”
Tito huffs, still bouncing Maeve, who’s smiling away at him and probably going to start giggling at any minute. She’d laughed for the first time last week and it felt like since then, she hadn’t stopped. “We said we’d have it done in time, didn’t we?”
“In time for what?” You press, skeptically.
“Yes, “Molly ignores you completely. “But I honestly didn’t believe you.”
“Rude.” Brian teases. “The lack of faith.”
“Yeah.” Tito adds. “What’d we do to deserve this?”
“What are you three talking about?” Mat huffs, and you feel ten times better already that you’re not the only one left out.
“Oh!” Molly blinks, like it’s only just occurred to her that she hasn’t actually told you what’s going on yet. “Right. You two are going out tonight. We made you a dinner reservation and we’re going to stay here and babysit while you do.”
You hesitate, relieved that when you look over to meet Mat’s eyes, you see the same look. “I don’t know.”
“We’re not going to force you to go.” Brian says, before Molly or Tito can jump in, with what’s certain to be a much less soft comment. “We just thought you could use a couple hours out. Without having to worry.”
It’s not...the worst thought, if you’re honest, and you can see the idea growing on Mat as well. “I mean, we’re probably still going to worry.” He says, even as you can see him start to grin.
“What, now, you don’t trust me with your kid?” Tito says, feigning hurt. “And to think, I almost made godfather.”
“Because YN’s brother almost didn’t show up.” Mat throws back at him.
“Classic Christopher.” You grin at the memory of your brother literally running into the church last month for the baptism only just in time. 
“You two go get moving; we promise to take perfect care of your baby.” Molly says.
“Team Baby.” Tito sticks his free hand, the one not holding Maeve to his chest, into the center of the circle you’ve all formed, and stares at you all expectantly, until each one of you piles a hand on top of his. “Team Baby!” He cheers again, and then he steers Maeve over to her activity mat and lies down on the floor with her.
“Go.” Molly gestures and it doesn’t take much more for you and Mat to turn and start getting dressed because that’s her I mean business face. “Dress nice!” She calls after you. “Suit, tie, dress, heels. The works!”
“Where could they possibly be sending us?” Mat mutters as the two of you climb up the steps toward your room, and you hide your snicker much better than he does.
“Mathew!” Molly calls, warningly.
“First shower.” You call dibs to him, and rush past him for it, laughing at the look on his face.
While Mat showers after you, you fix your hair and makeup, and then step into your closet, already pulling a face at all your dresses before you even look at them. 
You’re starting to feel more like yourself after giving birth, finally, after three months, but you don’t feel completely there. You’re not sure you ever will, that’ll you’ll ever feel that easy and carefree again, or that you’ll ever look the same again, and you’ve talked with Grace and Lauren, and are coming to terms with it. Have come to terms with it, really. The trade-off for Maeve’s smiles made everything worth it.
But you don’t have a single dress that fits the way you like now.
There are four dresses on the floor of your closet and at least five more that you couldn’t even bring yourself to try on before you find a charcoal colored slip dress that’s covered in a pattern of dark sequins. The strappy heels that go along with it are an old comfort; they, at least, still fit you.
Mat’s holding a tie up in the mirror when you come out of the closet, like he’s debating if he actually has to wear it, but the second he sees you through the glass, his eyes go wide and the tie drops from his hand.
“Now those hands aren’t going to earn you that new contract.” You tease, unable to handle the thick silence that’s fallen between you.
“What?” It’s like he didn’t even hear the joke; his eyes are roaming up and down. “Fuck. You want to skip dinner?”
You actually kinda do. You’d seen Mat leaving the old apartment all spring in a suit on his way to the airport or the arena, all the way up until they’d been eliminated, so maybe it was just the context of the evening, but he looked unreal tonight. You nod, but then immediately bite your lip...which just makes Mat groan. “They’re not going to let us just stay here, though.”
Mat grins, reaching for your hand. “Trust me on this.”
“I do.” You smile at him, squeezing gently in return,
And it takes the two of you almost thirty minutes to leave the house after that, despite the heated looks in your bedroom, because neither of you wants to leave Maeve again once you see her, but Molly shoves you out the door with threats about missing your reservation, and once the door’s closed, that’s all it takes for Mat to turn his gaze right back to you.
There is, blessedly, still furniture in his old apartment, still his as he continues to decide whether to sell it or rent it, and you’ve never been so thankful for his unusual moment of indecisiveness as he lies you down into his old bed, pressing kisses onto any spot of skin he can find.
Four Months with Maeve: You Like: playing with your toes, sitting, laughing and babbling You Dislike: when anyone takes a toy from you
Expecting Mat, you’re a little surprised when you turn and see that the form that’s flopped down in the shade beside you and Maeve is actually Tyson. “How’s my best girl?” He coos at her, as entranced with her as anyone else has been since you and Mat had come up to Canada last week to see Mat’s family.
Maeve giggles, babbling some noises back at him, and reaching her hands out for his curls. “Don’t.” You warn him, but he’d learned that lesson already this week, and he intercepts her with his thumb instead, a wide grin on his face. “Sucker.” You tease.
“How can you say no to this face?” He cries and yeah, when she’s laughing and smiling like that, you can see what he means. Especially because it’s Mat’s smile she seems to have inherited, even if it looks like the rest of Maeve’s features might be all you.
“Mmmm, you get used to it.” You tell him anyway, and Tyson grins knowingly, so you close your eyes, relaxing in the sun for a moment, confident that someone is watching your baby and you can get a few minutes of rest.
It doesn’t last long, because shortly after closing your eyes, you feel something heavy and wet plaster itself to you and you open one eye to glare, which is as much as you can be bothered with out by the lake. “Mat!”
He’s already grinning down at you, water from the lake dripping from his face to yours. “You looked a little hot.”
“I was very comfortable.”
Mat lays his head down on your chest. “Well, now I’m very comfortable.”
“You are the most annoying person I’ve ever met.” You say, and you don’t need Tyson to laugh to know that you don’t sound serious at all.
“Liar.” Mat says, and you can feel him grinning against your skin. “You love me.”
You pause for a moment, unintentionally, as you move your hand up to play with his hair, but it’s long enough that you feel the smile start to slip from his face. “Yeah.” You tease. “I guess I do.” 
Mat’s grin returns and he presses the softest kiss to whatever piece of skin he can reach, but before he can say anything else, Maeve starts babbling away. “I know.” Tyson coos at her. “They’re so cute it’s disgusting.”
“Hey!” Mat frowns. “Let go of my baby so I can push you down.”
Tyson laughs. “Well thanks for that get out of jail free card!”
Five Months of Maeve: You Like: hide and seek, bananas, applesauce You Dislike: peas (can’t blame you, kiddo)
“Do we really want to try peas again so soon?” You frown at Mat, holding up one of the other jars of baby food.
He shrugs. “Gonna have to jump back in eventually.”
You pull a face. “Spoken like the man who didn’t get puked on.”
“We get puked on like ten times a day!”
“It was green!”
He laughs. “I’ll do the peas this time.”
You laugh. Sucker. “Deal.”
It’s super gratifying then, to see that Maeve hates the peas this time just as much as she had before. She’s not about Mat’s airplane noises once she realizes what’s on the spoon he’s trying to feed her with and none of his usual tricks are working to try and calm her down once she starts crying. 
But when Mat looks at you for help, you don’t do anything but laugh, continuing to film the entire disastrous event. “Really?” He gives you a look.
“Not so cocky now, huh?” You fire the video off into, like, three different chats- the one with his family, to Team Baby, and the Islanders Moms chat, because he could probably use the ego deflation- and then reach for Maeve, who settles almost instantly against you, her crying quieting as you hold her against your side.
“Sure.” Mat grumbles, dropping the spoon against the high-chair’s table. “All calm now.”
“Oh hush.” You tell him, with a smile, knowing exactly what he’s annoyed about. “You’ll go back to being her favorite in an hour; don’t worry.”
Mat tries to hide his grin by ducking his head to clean the high-chair but you see right through him.
Six Months of Maeve: You Like: bouncing, rolling, wiggling, literally any kind of movement You Dislike: teething (but we dislike you teething too), staying still
“I think she’s going to really start crawling soon.” You remark to Mat, the two of you both seated on the floor, opposite sides of the room, to catch her before she could wriggle into any walls.
She hadn’t quite pushed herself up there yet, but she scooted around pretty well.
“Don’t say that.” Mat groans, reaching out for Maeve and ignoring her cry of protest as he placed her back on the ground, safely away from the wall. She gave him a look, but then went right back to rolling around, rolling onto her back and then over to her stomach again, scooting toward you. “Fuck, imagine when she can walk. Chasing after her.”
“Inability to sit still for sure comes from you.” You try to distract Maeve with a toy, watching as she puts it in her mouth and starts to gnaw on it. Her first tooth had come in the other week, an absolute nightmare, and you were pretty sure another one was following. 
“Can’t prove that.” Mat says, eyes fond as he watches Maeve.
“Wanna bet?” You tease. That’s an easy phone call to make.
“Have I told you how pretty you look today?” Mat beams at you and you burst into laughter because you haven’t showered and you’re covered in baby formula.
“That’s what I thought.” You grin, and then reach out to pull Maeve away from the coffee table.
Seven Months of Maeve: You Like: blocks, knocking down block towers, clapping blocks together, anything blocks You Dislike: noise-cancelling headphones
“These are so cute.” Grace beams, scrolling through the pictures on her phone and simultaneously bouncing a wriggly toddler on her lap. “I’ll send them out as soon as we get upstairs.”
You smile, thanking her already, fixing the earphone covering Maeve’s tiny head. It’s the Islanders’ home opener, Maeve’s first game actually attending, and there’d been a well-documented photo shoot with all the kids prior to the group of you heading down to the glass, to wait for warm ups to start. 
She wasn’t a big fan of the headphones you’d placed on her ears, constantly reaching up to bat them off, but she was looking around, eyes wide as she stared at the crowd around her, even after both teams skated out for warm ups, unable to grasp what exactly was happening.
But she was smiling, beaming the whole time, a grin that only got wider when Mat skated up to the glass in front of you and put his fist up against it. She reaches for it as you bring her closer to the glass, grabbing out for it as he taps it with a grin, and then she babbles a bunch of nonsense when she’s stopped by the glass, retracting her hand immediately.
You and Mat both laugh and he gives one last tap on the glass to you both before skating off to rejoin warm ups.
He absolutely lights it up that night, but the gifs of the the three of you at the glass during warmups cycle through the internet for days.
8 Months of Maeve: You Like: your favorite blankie, Cheerios, cheese You Dislike: i really tried with those peas, kid
You’d do literally anything for some sleep right now, even just a power nap. Mat had been gone on a road trip for a few days now, due back shortly, but Maeve had been so clingy the entire time he was gone, not even wanting to be held by Molly when she’d stopped in to visit, and fussing anytime you’d walked away from her. 
She was playing with a couple of her toys on the floor right now, and it took everything in you to keep your eyes open to watch over her. You contemplated moving her into her bouncer, even as she kept side-eyeing you to make sure you were still close, just in case you accidentally dropped into a nap. 
Suddenly, an arm drops over your shoulders and Mat’s pressing a kiss to your temple. “You look sleepy.”
“I’m exhausted.” You lean against him immediately. “When did you get in?”
“Just now.” He squeezes gently, smiling and waving as Maeve, who’s abandoned her toy the moment she saw him, clapping her hands together and beaming at him, babbling at him happily. “She keeping you up at night?”
“She’s just…” You trail off, not sure how to describe what Maeve is right now. Because on one hand, she’s not normally this clingy, and it’s certainly a change of pace. But it’s not a bad thing to have her so close to you all the time, for her to want to be so close to you- you don’t dislike it at all. “I’m just tired.”
He presses another kiss to your forehead, but before he can say anything, Maeve reaches her arms out for him. “Da!” She’s frowning, probably because Mat’s been ignoring her in favor of you. “Dada!” She reaches out again, and this time Mat’s face lights up, both of yours do, as he sweeps her into his lap.
“Say it again!” Mat prompts, tickling her, which of course doesn’t get her to do anything but giggle.
“Dada.” You try, leaning closer, and she repeats it then, but won’t say it again, for all that Mat tries, struggling out of his arms right after that, to go back to playing.
Mat runs his fingers through his hair, looking absolutely floored, and you still haven’t stopped smiling either. Your baby’s first word! You have to tell everyone! But there’ll be time for that later; Mat’s comfy to lean against right now and he doesn’t look like he wants to go anywhere either, so you press a kiss to his cheek and then lie your head back against his shoulder, content to watch Maeve play with her blocks.
9 Months of Maeve: You Like: walking, giving your mom and I heart attacks while walking You Dislike: sitting still for any length of time (stop laughing at me mom)
“You,” Mat sweeps Maeve off her feet and up into his arms as she toddles past him. “Went from walking to running in like two days! Give your mom and I a rest, kiddo.”
“She gets that from you.” You tell him, tiredly. He’s not wrong though. She’d started pulling herself into standing not long ago, and then shortly after, taken her first steps, and then it felt like the next day, she was off to the races. You spent most of your day chasing her around the house now; she almost never wanted to be picked up anymore.
Even now, she was squirming to get out of Mat’s arms and be back on the ground, already starting to whine about it. Mat obliges, and she takes off- or as well as she can; she hasn’t quite mastered it yet, her feet make that distinct slap noise on the floor that you associate with all babies walking. 
Mat chases and brings her back, but you two quickly have to settle each on one side of the room, eyes watching Maeve and turning her between the two of you. “She needs a friend.” You mutter, steering her back towards Mat, for what seems like the hundredth time in ten minutes.
Mat nods furiously. “Suddenly I understand why people have more than one of these.”
You burst into laughter, loud enough that it stops Maeve for a second. But only a second; she’s right back to toddling over toward you, throwing herself at you, giggling along with you for a moment there. “One of these?” You call Mat out, and he joins you in laughing, as Maeve uses your arm to pull herself back up and starts walking again.
Mat shrugs it off laughingly. “You know what I mean.”
You do. “God, I used to not even imagine being able to have another one of her, but god, if another one meant they could entertain each other; I’d do it in a heartbeat.”
“I’d have five more if it meant we didn’t have to chase her like this.” Mat pulls Maeve back into the room, a small noise of protest coming from her until he puts her back on the floor.
You give him a look. “You can find someone else to have five more with.”
When Mat smiles at you, it’s softer, not his usual bright beam. “Alright.” He says. “We won’t have five more. Two or three more.” You side-eye him, trying to gauge how serious he is, but he must take your silence for agreement, because then he does beam.
10 Months of Maeve: You Like: patty cake, waving, causing chaos You Dislike: bananas, apparently, even though you loved them last month
“Tito!” You gasp excitedly, only just remembering to pick Maeve up and bring her with you, ignoring her fuss in favor of Mat and Tito walking in the door with something much more exciting. “Why didn’t  you tell me you were getting a dog?”
Luckily, she’s easily swayed by the dog, eyeing the wriggling puppy in Tito’s arms. She still doesn’t look like she’s 100% certain about it, but it certainly captures her attention; she stops moving in your arms entirely, blinking at the dog, unmoving.
“Uhhh.” Tito says, in response to you, looking at Mat and then back at you. “Not exactly what happened.”
Mat grins. “So you wanted a dog, right?”
Your jaw drops and the next words are out before you can even think about stopping them. “Shut the fuck up.” And then you immediately wince, because you’ve been on Mat recently about watching his language around Maeve, who’s soaking up words now like an absolute sponge. 
But Mat only laughs, reaching to pull the puppy into his arms, and stepping closer to you and Maeve slowly. “Her name’s Blue, but we can change it.”
“Boo!” Maeve repeats, which really ices the cake on that one, and brings a smile to both of your faces. She’s reaching out for the puppy as Mat steps closer, and you prepare yourself for the worst, but Maeve bursts into happy giggles the second her hand touches the puppy.
Blue sniffs her tiny little hand tentatively, and then licks it happy, and Maeve giggles even harder as she does. “I might cry.” You announce. “This is the greatest day. I thought you’d never cave.”
Tito snickers. “He was worried he’d come home one day and you’d brought a stray home.”
“I considered it.”
“Thought this was better.” Mat agrees. “At least I got to screen for a good one.”
“All dogs are good dogs.” You state firmly. “Let’s put her down and let her explore a little.”
“Come on, Menace.” Mat takes Maeve from your arms, who goes happily, reaching for his hair as she does, but you’ve both caught onto the move by now, so he intercepts her hand with his thumb. “Let’s go follow your new best friend.”
11 Months of Maeve: You Like: baby dolls, baby doll stroller, your fancy new cup, Blue You Dislike: puzzles- you’re not really about toys you sit for anymore
“How soon,” Mat starts one night, when you’re getting ready for bed, both child and dog already asleep in crib and crate from an exhausting evening of playtime. “Is too soon, do you think, to bring Maeve out for a skate?”
You’ve got a mouth full of toothpaste, but you think you still manage to convey what you want with a look. “You’re asking me this question?”
“Good point.” You rinse your mouth out and join Mat in bed. “Maybe we’ll start with mini-sticks and a soft ball.”
You burst into laughter. “You think she’s ready for that?”
“Oh she’s got this walking thing down now.” He brushes that off. “My girl’s an expert.”
You roll your eyes. “Yeah, we knew that was coming.”
Mat grins. “Work on that hand eye coordination now.”
You give him a look, trying to decide how serious he is, and then when deciding that he’s absolutely 100% serious, you press a kiss to his shoulder-the nearest spot of him that you can reach. “Please don’t kill our baby.”
Mat’s already scooting in closer to you, already half asleep because this asshole somehow manages to fall asleep like the second his head hits the pillow basically, and he throws an arm over your waist. “Mmm, kay, promise.”
It was a mistake to sit down, you knew that before you even did it, but you’re exhausted from the day. Between spending your morning getting ready for Maeve’s birthday party, playing hostess throughout the afternoon, and then starting the clean-up process, you honestly think you could fall asleep right here against this wall that you’re leaning against.
Your phone buzzes in your pocket and you slip it out-it’s another message from Molly, probably just more pictures that she took throughout the afternoon-but it’s the instagram tag from Mat that really catches your attention.
The app opens to a picture of the two of you standing on either side of Maeve and her smash cake, both wearing happy parent smiles, as her hand brings another fist of icing to an already-covered face. There’s a picture with the three of you standing with his parents and sister; another with Maeve, Tito, Molly, and Brian; and the last one, just you and Maeve, sitting on the floor and her trying to play with the party hat Molly had put on your head, right after you’d fixed the bow on her headband.
1 Year of Maeve: Happy Birthday to our favorite girl! It’s been an entire year with you already and your mom and I can’t wait to see what comes in the next one
You can’t help but smile at both the caption and the pictures, unable to settle on one and still scrolling through the post when you feel Mat sit down next to you. “Somebody’s getting sleepy.”
The same dopey, fond smile is definitely still on your face as you turn to look at Mat and Maeve, who’s curled in his arms in a way she only does now when she’s absolutely exhausted. But she’s fighting it for sure, eyes fluttering shut and then popping back open again. “Big day.” You agree with him. “And it was a nice day. But I’m happy it’s just us now.”
“Yeah.” Mat says, and it almost sounds like his thoughts are completely in another place for a second as he shifts around on the floor for a second. “It was a great day.” It was; it truly was, and even though there’s still a mess to be cleaned, you’re perfectly content to just sit here for a while longer with Mat and Maeve. When he settles, you lean your head against his shoulder, reaching your hand out to rest it on Maeve’s tiny little wrist. “Hey.” Mat says gently.
“Marry me?”
“What?” You laugh, until he brings a hand out to you and opens his fist to show off a diamond ring, and then suddenly you’re not laughing at all. “Oh my god.”
“I just-I want a million more days like this with you,” Mat smiles. “I want forever like that. Marry me.”
“Yes.” You breathe. “Yes, god yes, of course.”
And immediately, Mat’s kissing you, or well, trying to, because you’re smiling and kind of crying, and he’s still holding Maeve in his arms, so you both pull away pretty quickly. “I love you. God, I know I don’t tell you that enough, but I do. So much. It-”
“I love you too.” You cut him off. “I really can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.”
Mat beams at you and you reach your left hand out, biting your lip to avoid giggling as he fumbles a little, one-handedly sliding the ring onto it. But he succeeds, and you admire the ring on your finger, as you lean back against Mat’s shoulder.
The silence that follows is comfortable; the only sound the slight wheeze of Maeve’s breathing. “I think she’s finally out.” Mat says quietly, after a moment. “I’ll take her up?”
“Nah.” You clutch at his arm. “Just-let’s just stay here for a while.”
Mat smiles against the side of your head before he kisses it gently. “Okay.” He kisses it again. “But you know you’re stuck with me forever now, right? Not going anywhere.”
You squeeze his arm. “Not stuck.” Mat beams. “Well, I guess I might feel differently in a month or two.”
“Brat.” Mat says fondly. 
“Yup.” You grin and then throw his own words right back at him. “But you’re stuck with me forever now.”
“Never stuck.” Mat says, and it sounds like such a promise that you can’t help but lean over and try to kiss him again.
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apparentlyaswarmofbees · 8 months ago
The Brothers VS Just Dance feat. Yukihime (My MC)
Extremelly for my own enjoyement because I hyperfocused HARD on just dance so now I am making it everyone else's problem (*・∀-)☆
This was solely inspired on the fact my MC has a talent related to anything related to rythm games and dancing (the first more than the second), and the fact that your dear admin right here is also pretty damm good at dancing and they like it very much.
Extra note, I don't specifically have my MC in any relationship with any of the boys, but I do ship her, which is why this post exists too.
And this is basically already in a Season 3 setting.
Lucifer - Chantaje
The pure fucking sexual tension in this fucking video.
Yukihime would 100% challenge this man to this song.
Yukihime would play the woman and Lucifer the guy.
And they would steal, so, many, glances, at, each, other.
Are they even looking at the game...?
They not looking at the game-
How are they even getting max stars when they appear to not even be paying attention to the damn game?!
Mammon - The One That I Want
You can't tell me this doesn't reek Mammon energy.
Yukihime likes some of the musics from Grease, she probably sang a few songs of it and Mammon caught the gist of it and watched the movie.
So Mammon would be the one to challenge Yukihime this time.
Just think of Mammon taking it literally and taking off his jacket at the beggining just like in the game-
He would be smiling so much and his cheeks would be so red I can't-
Leviathan - Jump in The Line
Yes part of it it's because of the pirate outfit, also it would be so c u t e to see him dancing the pirate part.
He would probably be so focused on beating Yukihime in a music related game that he didn't process the fact that they were going to dance a duet.
Snake boy would be dying from both repetitive movements and having his arms so close to her but his determination kept him going.
They ended up on a tie.
Satan - Sugar
Of course with this cheesy boy it would need to be something sweet.
Yukihime really likes Satan to the point of her being slightly shy around him.
She also kind of idolizes him lmao.
This song would definetelly be choosen by Satan and Yukihime would slowly loosen up as the song proceeds to the point she would be laughing by the end.
Satan missed a step when her character in game became a carrot.
Asmodeus - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Definetelly chosen by both of them together.
And what would be more fitting for the avatar of narcissism than this?
Asmo is definetelly one of Yukihime's favorite people to play Just Dance with both for the fact that he also poses a challenge and that she always has so much fun with him.
Anyone close would definetelly be impressed, cameras filming and pictures being taken and all.
At the end of it Yukihime would start spinning her head around wildly and Asmo would definetelly almost lose him balance in shock.
That's why it ended on a tie.
Beelzebub - Bailando
Baby bear is not exactly the most confident in his dancing habilities.
But he would have a lot of fun with this one, would definetelly play it several times with Yukihime until he got at least all 5 stars.
It was basically dance classes and Yukihime loved it.
Everytime her hands touched his face she would squish it a bit, specially at the end.
He's just too cute to not squish.
Belphegor - Hips Don't Lie Sumo Version
This one was hard to convince, the only result was this because he wanted to try the sumo suits.
Yes he wanted to see if they were good for sleeping with.
They weren't.
If you think this stage was already ridiculously funny, imagine one of them lazily moving around giving half assed movements in those costumes.
Because that's exactly what happened.
And Yukihime laughed so much Belphie actually got a higher score.
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mia-pon289 · 10 months ago
Pomefiore Theories (Part 1 Maybe..)  with Analysis, Possible Plot Inference, Unique Magics (just of Vil and Epel) (ft. The Light Trio Theory , “Let it go” and “Beauty and the Beast”, Wolf boy, and the Scarabia Duo)
Vil and Epel are the main cast today.
Rook’s is here
Written before we see any of the unique magic... except for Vil
Don’t sue me Disney... and Aniplex
Tumblr media
Vil and Epel Theories (less evidence):
Epel’s Unique Magic Theory/Analysis:
The name of his Unique magic would probably be something called like like “Take a bite” or something related to the apple scene; he is a reference to the apple from “Snow White”.
Also from his reference his Unique Magic is something with either be something with strong poisoning, sleeping, beauty, etc (most likely sleeping). Which may explain why he is in Pomefiore and not Savannaclaw.
Speaking of Unique magic it’s reasonable to think that Vil, Evil Queen to “poison”, or use his “Fairest One of All” on either Epel, the apple, Jamil, or something else... 
Jamil being poisoned is probably the second most possible because he is attractive and because of the plot. Vil may poison an actual apple, or accidently by his magic, and feed it too him, and Jamil is going to know it’s poisoned; then Vil will over blot. 
The second one is he’s going to use it on Epel because he escaped and what not, during the end of the Scarabia arc. 
The third one is when we get there, so not yet! (most probable)
By the way if you wanted to know Epel’s country accent in Japanese is, its a tugaruben or accent. It originates from Aomori, which is where apples are grown in Japan.
He is from a small village where apples are from, so I think because of the competition, his apples and homeland will gain more tourists/visitors.
Vil said “Maybe I’ll eat one..” in Jade’s SSR (dorm clothes), so his apples could get popular because of magicam.
Vil’s Analysis: 
Vil does praise Trey but, he did say something about being carful of him. He sees Trey, which is true in theory, as a person who makes a person spoiled with with the praise of ‘good’. He probably got this from the unique magic, Doodle Suit, which can change the ‘results’ in to what one desires.
Trey and Vil are both in the third year so they should known each other for long, and they are in a positive relationship (not in that way), because he does eat the sweets and drink the herb tea
Vil did say ‘no’ to being in one of his favorite movies, which you can see from that gorgeous smile he flashes (could purify me), because he doesn’t want to be the ‘beautiful and evil’ type cast.
A type cast is a an actor or actress being assigned repeatedly to the same type of role, as a result of the appropriateness of their appearance or previous success in such roles. (yes, I asked that from my friend from drama)
From his words ‘a beautiful antagonist again?’ and ‘Neige again?’, we can tell he has been in multiple a drama as an antagonist and filmed with Neige, multiple times. (personal opinion I want Neige to want to have Vil's type cast, the antagonist role, who is the worst person on earth- pls don’t come for me) He also says “I just want to be standing in the stage until the last scene.”, which does make sense because he is the ‘antagonist’ which and most cases die.
Type casts are often assigned a good script, because depending on the group cast the person with that role may not get popular; so the director may use the type cast and think “If you leave it to this person, the popularity won’t fall drastically because this person’s type cast is popular; in a sense, I think it's a ‘safe choice." Which clashes with Vil’s opinion of disliking the ‘easy way out’ or ’without effort’, and I don't the he would like the phrase ‘safe choice’, so I think this could be another reason why he doesn’t like being picked in such a way.
When he said “I can never beat them” this phrase is really important to the story because the BGM stops. He seems to be talking like the experienced person he is. The person may not the Neige, but I think he has thought that he could ‘never beat them’ makes me emotional. He should be a little more easy on himself. 
Rook said “Your profile aiming higher is truly Beaute! It’s shining Vil!”. I think what he is saying is that unless he is aming higher than it’s not Vil, which scared me a little. Rook is some one who wants to protect “beauty” and he does give advice, like Deuce, and persuades the others, so I wonder what happens if they don’t accept his words or not reach his expectation.... 
Vil is such a Gen Z to be honest. Twisted Wonderland is set in a modern era, and especially how Vil things is very modern like he says:
“Clothes don’t have gender”
It’s embarrassing to dance ‘like a girl’ because your mind set is set like an old person/way”
(Preach Vil, PREACH)
Vil is also very feminine in the way he talks, so I think he has been told stuff like “men shouldn’t talk like that” or “that’s not how men...”(we have all experienced it like the phrase “sit like a lady”); especially because he is someone important to the public. In his personal story (Ceremonial robes), he said “There were a lot of people in that city who prejudiced against me just because I was an entertainer.”, is possibly saying that he has faced the treatment from the public as well, and that’s what pushed him even more to speak about this.
Can we take a moment to think about Vil’s height? Without heels (13cm) he is 183, which is the same as Idia (he appears smaller because of his posture) and Rook is 177cm like-
Tumblr media
(from comparing heights)
I- Rook’s hat is adding height so it makes him seem tall. Vil is acutally really tall in those heels, 196 cm (6′4 according to google), and even without them he’s still tall. If he is wearing heels on a daily bases he’s taller than the Leech twins and Jack. If he does get animated, most likely everyone would be shocked because of his height.
Pomefiore members are from more references than seen/ inference of the plot:
E(pel) + Vil = Evil> Evil Queen
Epel’s grandma and great-grandma are witches (ceremonial SR). And in “Snow white”, Evil Queen is a queen as well as a witch. So he does have elements of the Evil Queen. If you look at his count down line and battle voice you can see that he said.
“Would you like to take a bite of a bright red apple?”
“How dare you bite me..”
“Would you like an apple?”
 So his motif is “the old hag” rather than the Evil Queen herself. Especially, when you look at his grin you can see the face the hag made. Now we can see why he was in Pomefiore; other than his possible unique magic and his blood relation (maybe) to the Evil Queen.
Tumblr media
But looking at his hair and eyes, it reminded me of when in photo shop, I inverted colors. From that I can see that him and Neige have more similarities in color than it seems. So by that, you could also say he has Snow White elements.
Luke is the Huntsman, but he does Have elements of “The Magic Mirror”, which is important to Crowley (in my masterlist of Crowley betrayal), which is the reason why he is important to us, because he is one of the Light trio. In Vil’s personal story he says that Rook is very blunt. And the Magic mirror only tells the truth, seem familiar? In one of Vils line he said Rook offered to be his mirror, but Vil declined. Also Rook is also having elements of Snow White; his hair color and clothes fit the dress of Snow White’s. (Pack it up Neige you aren’t special)
After seeing Leona and other characters, you can see that they have references to more than one movie or thing. 
So, that lead me thinking... What if they had another reference?... What Disney movie are we missing... And it hit me like how the cold autumn breeze hit me. “Frozen” is that you??
It’s not Disney if they didn’t put in the money maker movie; and it would certainly tie in with the plot.
Vil would be Elsa, the older sister. His hair and crown looks very similar to Elsa’s. As well as having magic hands.
Epel would be Ana, the younger one. In the last scene of the Scarabia arc he said “I can’t do this anymore!” (in a tugaru accent). Sound familiar? Yes, Ana did say somthing similar like “I can’t live like this anymore!” He also says  "I feel a strong power rising in me, like an ice-cold poison. Now it feels like I could put anyone to sleep… maybe?", when you max his level out!
Other than that I think Vil and Epel are relatives (less probable)... Vil is from a Snowy land (Jack said something like that), and Epel said something like he’s from some where cold, and he is from the Village of Harvest. What if Epel meant he is from a village that has the most harvest, or the bread basket, of the snow cold country of the Land of Pyroxene?
If your going to ask how it’s going to tie in the plot, pay attention to what happened after when Ana (Epel) said to Elsa (Vil). They got in an argument and after Ana took Elsa’s glove she had this explosion of power infront of the people. And ran away because she was called a monster.
Would Vil do something like that, in a similar sceen? Is what I thought but looking back on the opening I realized something.
from YouTube (People aren’t blind Mia they know)
Tumblr media
Because Kalim’s unique magic is water based, then I would infer Epel would ask for water, which triggers the massive amount of water> it’ll get on Vil and remove his make up (water proof makeup exists but-)> He’ll remember his past he wants to forget and overblot (?)
Luke is either Olaf or Hans
Olaf, because Elsa made Olaf, but I think it would be more of Hans; Hans betrayed Ana, which would be Epel, and betrayed Elsa, or Vil, in the end. But in the Original book “The Snow Queen” there is the ‘Devil’s Mirror’, Luke is the mirror, the one who reflects a person’s true self to others. In the “Snow Queen” the mirror “ distorts the appearance of everything that it reflects. The magic mirror fails to reflect the good and beautiful aspects of people and things, and magnifies their bad and ugly aspects.”(Wikipedia). Hans is the Mirror in “Frozen”. Not Frozen related but Vil is also based of off Bell from “Beauty and the Beast”, (I’ll explain this later) and in the story there is a Mirror which shows anything. Luke’s position is the Huntsman and Snow white. What we can also conclude is “Luke is just like a mirror, he is usually nutral, just reflecting off of people hence his non-elemental magic is light”. Also Vil does smash a mirror in the opening. 
Vil and Jack are both from the Land of Pyroxene and they have know each other for a long time...(Jack's home land is snowy) And in “Beauty and the Beast” the first scene is in winter. The main character, Bell, is very similar to Vil. Both are considered beautiful, they like reading, and faced prejudice (both are perceived as odd), so I think Vil has her ‘soul’ as well.  But what’s different is that Vil worked hard to get his beauty. In his personal story (ceramonial robes), he said things like
“Jack was the only one who talk to me every time he saw me”
“People judged my harshly, just because I was a celerity” 
“He didn’t care, and that's why I thought he was different”
In the Original Story’s Beast, the Beast was a combination of a a hog, bear, WOLF, and cow. Jack’s unique magic is transforming into a wolf; he is also the only first year with a confirmed unique magic. Which would mean that Jack is the only one who has no judgement against Vil, making it like the story (but reversed).
Luke would be Gaston (sorry Ashton Vargus your not important). They share many similar quatities:
They like Bell (who would be Vil), who is beautiful.
They are both strong
They are good at hunting
They are both French (the setting is in France)
In the site’s voice empasises Rook’s strength.
“Aah, you are the fairest of them all; Can you escape my arrow of love?”
This is kinda scary.
Changing the subject, but I did say “Vil and Epel probably knew each other before Epel entered the school” and I also said “I think they are relatives” In the personal story of Epel (ceremonial robes) they both called each other by their full name.
Elsa was a extroverted and an optimistic child, but after hurting, or endangering Ana with her powers she became more introverted and carful.
If Vil is based after Elsa... Then maybe he was cheerful and optimistic child as well, maybe even friends with Epel. But he wasn’t “beautiful” but he was more of a “boyish-type of hot”, and his parents always compared him to Epel, who is naturally cute/beautiful... What if Vil thought “If I became more beautiful than him, then my parents will love me and praise me more” (if so same Vil) so he learned how to make up (idk what it’s called)> He became a model> Became friends with Jack and this is where the disaster happens. He said
“There were a lot of people in that city who prejudiced against me just because I was an entertainer.”
I think this is what his weak point is; its the media saying “I can never be like him”, “models are easy to make money, we have to work”, “Geniuses have it easy” and what not; he becomes so affected by these words without knowing that his heart becomes ‘frozen’
In Jade’s personal story, Luke said:
“A beauty that would freeze if you touched”
Elsa’s power is ice. And Vil thinks “I need to work harder, more beautiful, and get more approval” in his heart... Time passes and he also becomes a master at potions and became dorm leader.
Vil was probably raised without love, and has a low self esteem because of it, I’m afraid. That’s why he wants “some one to approve of him”, which is like the prideful evil queen
Jack did say “I never thought he would be this powerful”
Vil seems loved as an icon, but deep inside he thinks “No one will love me if I’m not beautiful,”
Vil looks/seems alot like Elsa after the coordination doesn’t he?
Going to work on Rook and Scarabia right after! oop. Thanks for reading!
Vil is like me and Idia tbh....
Trey seems more sus (please pray or something for this), I don't want my boy idia to be bad
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infernwetrust · 7 months ago
The Hotbox [Jim Mason x Duncan Shepherd]
Summary: A little look into how Jim and Duncan handle stress.
Warnings: smut, rough smut, fluff, drug use, apply tags as you see fit
WC: 1.9k
A/N: Idk what was going through my head as I wrote this, but I committed to it. Part of my little Duncan x Jim series that can be found on my master list, here. Thank you for reading! -Juno
GIF by queenxxxsupreme
Tumblr media
Duncan laid in bed in his birthday suit, an arm behind his head. Laid with his head against Duncan's chest was Jim, also in his birthday suit. The two snuggled closely together, barely paying attention to the horror movie that was on the TV in front of them. Duncan with his free hand, scrolled through his Twitter feed, Jim occasionally glancing between his phone and the TV.
Marijuana smoke created a thick haze in their master bedroom, the smell calming for both of them. Today was a rough day, for the both of them. And for rough days, there was the nightly hotbox. It consisted of just Jim and Duncan, bare. No exceptions. They'd smoke until they were high off their asses or their lungs tapped out. Snacks and drinks were kept nearby for when the munchies struck.
The rules were simple. There were none. The only thing that could save them from each other's wrath in the hotbox was their safe word "Indica". Aside from their safe word, they could be as ruthless as they wanted to be, as they needed to be. Degrading names, within reason of course, rougher play than what Duncan usually brings to the bedroom. His chest was covered in purple and red bruises and scratches from when him and Jim first laid down. Jim was beyond agitated when he got home and it caught Duncan off guard when he had busted through the front door almost knocking the pictures off the walls.
It wasn't all rough play during this time, however. Sometimes their sweetest and most vulnerable sides came out and they'd make love to each other, slowly, round after round after round until one of them were to sleepy to continue. It was usually Duncan.
"Hotbox?" Duncan questioned as Jim stormed passed him
"Hotbox." Jim responded through a clenched jaw, quickly glancing back at Duncan.
And while Duncan had had his own frustrations with work today, it didn't cause him to come home the way Jim did and he automatically knew that he was Jim's for the night. That was a battle he knew he wasn't going to win. Although the roles were clearly defined, Duncan has subbed for Jim a couple of times. In fact, Jim is his first partner that he's ever switched for and he enjoyed it. Sometimes age really was just a number. Jim always fucked Duncan with the stamina he had in his younger years. Rough, fast, and sloppy, it made him a mess underneath Jim every time and that's how the both of them learned that Duncan was really vocal in the bedroom.
Tired of laying around, Jim got up suddenly, firmly pushing his hands into Duncan's chest as leverage, causing him to grunt. He watched as Jim walked across the room, bare-assed. He picked up the leftover joint they had tapped out on, placing it between his lips before reaching for a lighter and lighting it. He casually walked into their walk-in closet, grabbing one of his favorite ties that Duncan wore before walking back over to the bed. He snatched Duncan's phone out of his hand, tossing it wherever.
"Put this on." he said, throwing his tie at him and snatching the sheets off of him. "Lay the other way. Spread for me. Can you do that for me, Mr. Shepherd?"
Duncan nodded, quickly putting his tie on, tightening it just the way Jim liked around his neck, causing Jim to grin. One knee on the bed, he set himself comfortably between Duncan's legs, joint still hanging from his lips as he exhaled. He briefly removed it to lick his hand, grabbing and squeezing Duncan's length. Duncan sighed at the sudden contact of Jim's warm and wet hand, throwing one of his arms behind his head again.
"I swear you fucking trust-fund babies." Jim spat as he stroked Duncan at a painfully slow pace, still squeezing him. Duncan began chewing on his bottom lip, knowing what was coming next. To see his sweet ocean eyes be so condescending was more than a turn on. "Think your so fucking entitled to shit just because you have a little bit of money?"
"A little bit of money?" Duncan managed to get out between his heavy breaths, a small laugh behind his tone. Before Duncan could even take his next breath, Jim had has hand wrapped underneath Duncan's jaw, fingers digging in just a little bit to create that pressure that drove Duncan insane even though it made him mostly light headed. It forced his vision to just focus directly on Jim, ignoring all the other surroundings in the room.
"I didn't say you could speak, now did I?" Jim questioned, squeezing a bit harder.
"N-no." Duncan struggled to get out, lust in his hazy eyes. "But it's funny that you think that-," Jim's palm was already against the side of Duncan's cheek before Duncan could even finish his sentence.
"Always seeking a challenge huh?" Jim questioned again amused, letting up and going back to stroking Duncan painfully slow but with a menacing pressure. "Talk so damn much, so controlling, but you just want someone to fill both of your holes? Isn't that right?" With every word that Jim spoke, Duncan twitched in his hand, chest rising and falling rapidly. Jim picked up the pace quickly watching as Duncan threw his head back, biting down on his lip hard, a series of loud moans escaping from his mouth.
"Don't have any answers for me now do you, huh?" Jim mocked, rubbing at his own length. "Sigh. You fuck-faces never have an answer to anything. Maybe I should go around not giving answers too. I'll just swing my dick around, giving out stupid little flashy smiles, holding fake conversations so people like me better. Just like a little bitch." Duncan squirmed underneath Jim, thrusting upwards to meet Jim's frantic and wild pace. He could barely hang on with how soaked Duncan was from his spit-slicked hand and his own pre-cum. Surprisingly Duncan didn't last long with Jim 'chewing' him out like that.
"Pathetic." Jim said as he stroked Duncan out, watching as his cum painted his stomach and chest, Duncan moaning Jim's name with every squirt. Jim grabbed the end of Duncan's tie, using all of his strength to pull him up from the bed and closer to him.
"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." Duncan mumbled, still a horny mess as he looked him right in his eyes. He was practically begging for Jim through his fake "I'm sorry".
"I'm gonna show you just how sorry you can really be." He tightened Duncan's tie even tighter before pushing him back down on the bed and climbing over him. This was just the beginning of their night in The Hotbox.
But where was all this coming from? Despite Duncan letting Jim know that he didn't have to work and that he would always be taken care of, Jim still persisted, wanting something to do during the day. So he took up a part time job as customer service rep at a t-shirt shop on the board walk, owned by a friend's family. Jim loved his job to put it simply. And his boss and fellow co-workers loved him. He was a positive influence around the shop. Extremely friendly and optimistic, he kept everyone laughing and boosted morale. A master at the art of platonic flirting, most days he's stand outside the shop, with his shirt off or in one of the store branded tank-tops. He didn't even have to say much. People flocked to him naturally, drawn in not only by looks but his gentle persona.
He became a favorite around the boardwalk. Often people would stop to take pictures with him and he quickly became the social media ambassador for the shop's Instagram page. Duncan was also a favorite in the shop, sporting some of the graphic tees that they had to offer. On the days he would pick Jim up from work, they would almost always leave an hour after Jim was off, caught up in good conversation with the store manager or the store owner, his arm wrapped around Jim as he spoke.
But there was just this one guy Jim didn't get along with. Max. A super well-known rich kid, for all the wrong reasons, he got on Jim's nerves anytime the two worked together. Overly confident, overly cocky, but yet so fucking lazy barely helping out around the store or picking and choosing his tasks. He always got off easy, his parents having countless amounts of money to get their sweet baby boy out of trouble. It drove Jim insane. Today at work they had gotten into it real bad, throwing insults back and forth, almost resulting in an actual fist fight, broken up by Jim's close friend who also happened to work with him. By the time his left he was so heated and was missing Duncan extra this evening, so he was relieved when Duncan immediately offered the Hotbox when he entered the house.
Jim fucked Duncan relentlessly against every surface in their bedroom, not letting up at all, taking pleasure from hearing Duncan's bitchy whines and moans as he stretched him out thrust after thrust. The both of them now covered chest to abdomen in purple and red bruises. Duncan scratched and clawed at Jim, leaving hickeys wherever he could, which sadly meant that Jim couldn't have his shirt off at work tomorrow. The scratches down the side of his arms and back were easier to explain, so a tank top would have to do. With Duncan it was free reign, considering the dress code for his work office. He didn't care if they were visible on his neck, he showed them off proudly. Already an established man in life, he had no fears about his future.
"You know I didn't mean all that shit I said tonight right?" Jim asked, looking back at Duncan as they sat together in their bath. Duncan had his head rested against the wall, glass of whiskey on ice in his hand, staring back at Jim.
"I know." Duncan chuckled. "Trust me, I know, but it was so damn sexy hearing you say it because well you're not wrong." He wrapped his free hand that rested on the side of the tub around Jim, holding him close.
"Plus, I didn't really have any one to put me in my place during my younger years." he winked. "Also was a bit condescending and entitled, but hey, it got me ass left and right."
"You're terrible." Jim laughed, pressing a kiss to the side of Duncan's jaw. "Cute, but terrible. And you want to know the sad part? I'd probably be right there in your lineup."
"I wouldn't let you be. You're not like everyone else, ocean eyes. You mean the world to me and I wouldn't forgive myself if I just tossed you to the side."
"I love you s'much, Dunc."
"But I mean if you're willing to give up that a-,"
"Shut up and kiss me."
"Yes, sir."
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ironwoman18 · 3 months ago
Here we go again
Another suggestion from @ole4kamgg, she asked me to write about Max been in danger and Spencer had to save her.
"So, so, so... The Doctor Spencer Reid is protecting his wife huh?" The man in front of him laughed, it was bitter and full with hate "but who is going to save you?" He raised his gun and...
Ten hours early.
"Babe I will take Jason and Rachel to their grandfather, then go to the salon and get our clothes from the laundry service" Maxine Reid said on the phone as she placed her kids in their car seats "... Spence... don't worry, I'm a woman which means I'm multitasking..." She giggled softly "...don't start with facts about how that's a myth because I know for sure that's true. Love you and the kids love you too" they made happy sounds at her statement and both hung up.
He was in his office after finishing to denied a thesis about "How videogames affect people with the Serial/ Mass Killer DNA".
It was absurd and his examples were the two kids from Columbine high school. A nonsense and a waist of time. It was proven that Dylan and Eric did not had the Serial Killer gen, one of them had a narcissist personality and the other was easy to persuade so they planned this and it was not because of religious beliefs or videogames or metal music.
They were sociopaths and they hated their classmates. The end so they were not good examples and he will never approved a man to be a criminologist and a candidate for the profiling academy if he cannot profile.
The thesis was send to the student with his grade and some comments signed by him.
That night the school will celebrate the end of the school year. They only invited to teachers of each career in their own building and the 2020 class. Those students had to go with only their couple or one of their parents and with the test to prove they are COVID-19 free.
"I'm impressed with your performance this tough year Dr. Reed" said the president of the psychology academy, this year the FBI agent and part time professor had to learn to do online classes, use the computer like a professional, mostly because of his history with certain encounter a long time ago with anthrax and his risk to get Covid-19 "and I would like to propose you as part of the head board of the career after Dr. Johnson retire"
Spencer was in shock, he did expect it but was happy to hear that "wow... Dr. McCarthy I'm in shock right now" he said smiling and the old man laughed.
"I could tell son... Take some time to talk with your wife. I'm sure she will be happy about it and it will increase your salary so think about it" he smirked and walks away "see you tonight" and he left a still shocked Spencer thinking about this big news.
He decided to talk with Max in person when she returned home. He walked to his car and drove to his house in the campus.
He waited for her in his office, finishing some things in his laptop and went to make some coffee for him.
A few hours later he finished his job and Max arrived.
"Spence?" She said from the kitchen "I brought lunch" he walked downstairs and kissed her gently.
"What did you get us?" He asked looking at the bags.
"Thai food. From your favorite restaurant" she smiled at him and they sat down to eat. He told her about the opportunity to be part of the main board of the career.
"Wow, that's a big deal babe. I think it's a great opportunity and you should take it"
"I will, it's something big" he finishes his food "maybe next week I will talk to Dr. McCarthy about it" he smiled and picked up his plate and hers and washed them.
"I got something to tell you too. My boss wants me to be the leader of the education department at the Smithsonian. He said part of the job is that once a month I need to visit some of the cities with museums, part of the Smithsonian group, to check their activities and coordinate with them"
"Wow... That's awesome! Are you going to accept it?" He asked walking to sit next to her.
"I want to but I don't know because our children are still so little"
"I know but it's something important that only happens once in a life. And I'm sure we can plan something so you can go there on the weekends so me and the twins can go with us"
"That's actually a really good idea" she laughs softly and kissed him "I will put our clothes on the bed so you and I take a shower and leave in an hour or so" he nodded.
An hour later Max and Spencer were ready to go. He was wearing a black suit, with a black tie and white shirt. His hair a little longer, Max favorite style on him, than when they met and a fresh shaved face.
She was wearing a black dress and high heals. And a simple makeup on, her hair short and with light waves.
They arrived quickly since they were closer to the psychology building. Where Spencer was teaching.
The place where the party was taking place had haft of the full capacity, with the students and one of their parents and the teachers and their wife or husband.
They chatted about how crazy that year was and how happy they were to finish their PhD.
They were really relaxed and the evening was getting to an end when the disaster happened.
A single man walked in with a machine gun shooting at the people close by. Panic started and every one started to run to the main exit, some made it some not because the man hit them.
Spencer immediately took the lead as an FBI field agent and managed the escape of several people and asked one of them to call 9-1-1.
Suddenly the man's eyes were on him and he recognized him. The students with the thesis about mass killers.
Spencer looked at Max and whispered "he's the guy I told you about that crazy theory about videogames and mass killers"
"Oh great... We are in troubles because of a rejected boy..." She whispered back.
The man walked towards them "well well well... Dr Reid..." He pointed his gun at him "you are the one I was looking for..." He said with a smirk.
Meanwhile outside the police and the FBI arrived. The BAU was there with an special taskforce.
"Spence most be in there, and Max too" said JJ looking at Emily with worry eyes.
"Even when he's out of field he managed to be in some kind of dangerous situation" she sighed "Luke and JJ talk with the witness and Dave and Matt try to get this man to negotiate" they nodded and left.
Inside the man used the remaining hostages to close the doors while he had Spencer pointed by a gun.
Max was closer to him "so you think my thesis was crazy huh?" He looked at him "but look at us know... Me... A man with the serial killer DNA awaken by the videogames" he said almost screaming "pointing a gun at the teacher who thought he was better than me"
He had a crazy look in his eyes. Like the eyes of Diana. The woman who killed Maeve many years ago. Why he had to face this kind of crazy people?"
"Ok maybe you are right but there were no proves that this happened everything single time" said Spencer in a calm voice "to prove it you need more evidences"
"So Eric and Dylan aren't enough prove? So myself isn't enough prove?" He said with crazy eyes "I might tell you more about it because your ego couldn't understand that ME and student, noticed that and not the famous Dr Spencer Reid"
"Taylor... Eric and Dylan weren't moved by videogames. One was a guy with low self esteem and that believed in his friend, a guy with a narcissist personality and they fed themselves to shot and kill 13 people, 15 after their suicide" he looked at him "and about the DNA... You can control your instincts, not because you have it doesn't mean you are doom"
"Lier!!" He shot the floor "you are trying to play with my mind!"
Outside they discovered more about the unsub. Taylor Rogers, 25. He was a brilliant student until he discovered via a DNA study that he had the Serial Killer DNA and he became obsessed about it.
He even wrote his thesis about it, and how it could be affected by the videogames to trigger it.
"...he used the example of the two killers from Columbine Massacre?" Rossi rolled his eyes "that case was a whole new level. Those kids gave school shooting a twist"
"Yeah they changed the rules of those events" said Luke "before that those things weren't as important as these days"
The team later find of that Spencer could be the target because he did not approve the project.
Meanwhile in the auditorium, Spencer was trying to talk to him and convinced him to accept the calls from the negotiator but he kept denying to do it.
The situation was tense inside and even more outside because they were trying to shot the man and they could not find the right angle from the window. And he kept the gun pointing at Spencer.
He wanted the approval of his thesis and Spencer was trying to win his trust. But he needed to be careful with his words.
At some point the man was impatient and pointed his gun to Max.
"No, no no... Keep pointing at me... She doesn't have anything to do with us"
"So, so, so... The Doctor Spencer Reid is protecting his wife huh?" The man in front of him laughed, it was bitter and full with hate "but who is going to save you?" He raised his gun and a bang was heard in the auditorium.
Spencer managed to distract him to get out the gun wrapped around his ankle, something he never stopped to do even after he left the field.
The unsub fell dead and SWAT ran in Spencer kicked out the machine gun abd hugged Max tightly.
"Oh my... Spencer I thought he would shot me" she said in tears.
"It could never happens... I won't lose another woman I love, because of a crazy student" he kissed her cheek softly. The ambulances checked them while JJ talked to Max and Dave was with Spencer.
"Hey kid I will tell you something... I don't envy your luck..." He said and Spencer slightly smile "thank God you still have that gun"
"Yeah old habits... After I got out if jail, I decided to have it... JJ found it when we were kidnapped by the truth or dare guy"
"I'm impressed kid. And I think Max is lucky to have you by her side"
"You think so? She had being in danger with Cat, she was dead worry when I almost died after Lynnch and now this..."
"You have more life than a cat Spencer... You survived a lot of things so I'm sure you will keep doing"
"But what about her.... Will see survive it?"
"You did the right thing at the right moment. You left the field right after you had kids. Something neither me, Jason nor Aaron did... Leave at the right moment" he looked at Spencer "you two will survive" they smiled at each other.
At least this time he and Max survived. He managed to save the woman he loved and the bad guy did not steal her from him. He won.
The end.
A bittersweet story about how Spencer saved Max from a hard situation. I hope you liked it. Comments are welcome and if you have more suggestions let me know.
Maxcer Army: @andiebeaword @nerys2 @dreatine @aperrywilliams
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penaltbox · a year ago
begging for more - roman ahcan
to the anon who asked for this to get reposted - i forgot this needs a slight nsfw warning hahah. i hope you guys like it (again)! let me know if you do!
word count: 3.5k
“Tie or no tie?” Roman asks as he steps out of the bathroom, fixing his collar. 
You glance up from your phone and stare for a moment, forgetting that he’d planned to wear your favorite suit that night. The dark blue material with the brown belt and white shirt has you wanting to skip the banquet altogether, but you know he has to be there. 
You stand and walk over to him, helping him get his collar in the right place, “I like it without one. I think I could be biased on that though.”
Roman laughs a little and leans down to kiss you, “I knew it wouldn’t take long for a comment on this suit. You better be careful tonight.”
He throws you a wink and heads back to the bathroom to finish getting ready, leaving you to wait impatiently for him. 
“Uber’s here, Ro. Let’s go,” you yell, grabbing your things. 
He comes out quickly, slipping his shoes on and grabbing his wallet from his dresser. He grabs your hand and heads for the door but stops before opening it. He looks back at you and smiles suddenly. 
“I didn’t tell you how pretty you look yet,” he says, leaning down to kiss you quickly, “you look amazing.”
You blush and squeeze his hand, “thank you, Ro. You look good, too.”
The ride to the athletics hall is short, but you weren’t risking walking across campus during the winter in heels. Roman doesn’t argue the logic and goes along easily, making sure you get into the building safely. 
There’s people everywhere right from the beginning and you stick close to Roman until he finds his teammates. You can relax around them, which is nice, and Roman knows that too. He mentions he needs to go talk to someone quickly, leaving you with the boys. 
It was so loud in the banquet center and dinner was still almost an hour away. There’s people from all different sports teams in the room and you need to take a quick breather. You lean over and put a hand on Max’s arm, asking if he’ll let Roman know you’d stepped away for just a second. He agrees and goes back to his conversation with Brock and Tarek as you slip away. 
You step out and roam down a couple halls, realizing you didn’t really know where you were going. You stumble upon old team pictures and somehow find the hockey team. 
You’re looking at the framed roster photo from the year before with all the boys lined up in their uniforms. You can’t help but smile when you find your boy, eventually looking at the rest of them. You hear footsteps behind you and glance back, seeing Roman walking up slowly towards you. 
“There you are,” he smirks, pressing against your back. He leans in to leave a kiss on your shoulder as his arms wind around your waist. You look back at the roster and go to say something when his hand slides up around your neck, “should we try something new tonight? I’ve seen the way you keep looking at me and it’s not making this night any shorter.” 
You bite your lip, trying to figure out if he’s being serious or not. Of course you want to try it. You’d wanted to try it ever since you saw the video of him grabbing Mike at their team dinner. You had been too shy to ask though and so you let the thought fade. Until now. 
Now when you’re in a hallway where any athlete could stumble upon the way Roman is holding you  and has you so completely flustered that you’re grabbing his hand that’s still tight around your waist to try and keep yourself from getting too worked up. 
“Please,” you whisper, not able to muster out any other reply. 
Roman’s thumb presses down hard enough to feel your pulse that’s hammering beneath the skin and you can’t help but gasp when he does it. You push back against him and he lets out a low grunt. 
“So that’s a yes then? I didn’t know you wanted it so bad, baby. Why didn’t you tell me?” He asks, kissing your cheek softly. It’s a sharp contrast to the feeling of his rough fingers on your neck. 
You can feel how hot your cheeks are and can only imagine what they look like, what this whole scenario must look like. You didn’t expect to have such a quick reaction to his hand around your throat, but you did and you’re trying to get your mouth to say even one coherent thought. 
“I wasn’t sure if you’d want to,” you manage to say, turning to look at Roman. His cheeks are rosy and he’s staring hard, evaluating your expression as his fingers tighten gently before loosening up. 
“You trust me, right?”
You nod immediately, because of course you did. Roman lets go and turns you towards him, his hands resting on your hips now. 
“If you’re good the rest of the night we’ll go back and try it. I have the room to myself tonight, guaranteed,” he says, a cocky smile taking over his features. 
Your knees practically give out from the way he’s looking at you. You find yourself pulling him down for a kiss, grabbing the lapels of his suit coat. He presses you back into the wall, slipping one leg between yours. He lets you catch a little friction before pulling away and earning a quiet whine from you. 
“I said you have to be good, baby,” he says, his voice already teasing. 
You look up at him with a pout because if his hand on your neck hadn’t been bad enough that small amount of friction had sent you over the edge of wanting to skip the banquet. 
“I’ll be good. I promise,” you says, nodding at him. 
He kisses your forehead before taking your hand and heading back to the event. There’s just as many people as when you left, if not more, but the noises seem more fuzzy now as you focus on Roman. He pulls your chair out for you at the table before sitting down next to you. 
You smile over at Dom sitting on your left as he says hello to the both of you. You’re about to say it back when you feel Roman’s hand on the back of your neck. You shiver immediately and Dom laughs at it. Of course he noticed, but you don’t think he fully understands. 
Roman’s hand squeezes a little, but he innocently asks, “are you cold? Do you want my coat?”
You nod, trying to cover up the real reason you’d had such a reaction to Roman’s seemingly innocent touch. He slips his arms out of his suit coat and puts it over your shoulders, successfully making you even warmer than you were. His hand falls back onto your neck as he faces you and starts a conversation with Dom. You sit between the two, looking straight ahead and trying to keep your cool. 
He glances at you every few seconds, his hand squeezing gently when he does. Every time he does it you press your legs together and try to keep your expression even. Dom either doesn’t realize or doesn’t say anything, luckily, but you’re sure someone must notice. 
“Ro, how much longer?” You ask quietly after what feels like forever. 
He frowns and checks the time on his phone, “we still have almost two hours technically.”
Your jaw drops, but you shouldn’t be surprised. You knew there were awards to go through and speeches to listen to. Roman raises his eyebrows and gives you a look that you know all too well. ‘You have to be good’ rings in your mind, his words tumbling over and over in your head. You nod, giving him a little smile then. 
He’s slightly confused by the quick change in your demeanor, but he lets it roll off him and kisses your cheek. You cross your leg over the other, scooting your chair as close to Roman’s as you can and reaching for his hand that’s on your neck. 
You set it on your thigh and Roman quickly grabs on, his thumb rubbing back and forth without even thinking. You wouldn’t survive with his hand on your neck so you had to distract him with something he was used to. He always ended up with his hand on your thigh when he drove so you figured autopilot would save you during the banquet. 
The event starts to kick off and coaches, administrators, and players all get called to the stage. It’s fine for a bit and you think your tactic was successful, but then Roman leans over suddenly during some football player’s speech. 
“So do you want me from behind or do you want to look at me when I wrap my hand around that pretty little neck tonight?” He asks quietly, his lips pressed against your ear. 
Your breath catches in your throat and your eyes widen a little. You glance over at your boyfriend who looks far too proud of the reaction he just drew from you. You clear your throat, subtly shaking your head at him. 
“Stop,” you whisper, but you can see the spark in his eye now. It’s a game to him and you know you’ll lose. 
He lets you sit for a few more minutes, another coach stepping up to the stage. You try and pay attention but Roman slowly slides his hand up a little higher on your thigh, rotating his grip more to the inside of your thigh. You bite your lip but won’t look at him. 
“Hey,” he leans over once again, “what about in the bathroom? Then you can watch it happen in the mirror.”
“Jesus Christ, are you serious right now?” You whisper harshly, your head whipping over to look at him. 
He shrugs, turning his attention back to the stage but his hand tightens on your thigh. You grab his forearm, squeezing your eyes shut. He shouldn’t have this much of an influence when he’s just sitting next to you, but he does, and he knows it. You tug his suit coat a little tighter around your shoulders, trying to hide in it as much as possible. 
The comments continue every once in a while from him for the entirety of the event. You’re all but squirming by the time things wrap up and Roman is just as ready to leave. You hand his coat back and he slips it on, standing still while you fix his collar quickly. You’re ready to grab his hand and rush out when Max steps over. 
“Think we’re gonna go grab a quick drink at KK before we call it a night. You two in?” Max asks, smiling at you both. 
He has no clue that Roman’s been ramping things up all night and teasing you endlessly. You’re about to say no, and you can feel Roman’s hand land on your hip and tug you into his side. You get an idea suddenly and look at Max with a smile. 
“We’d love to.”
“What?” Roman says quickly, looking down at you like had spoke a different language.
“Why not?” You ask, turning your attention to him, “we didn’t have plans tonight, right?”
You can see his jaw tighten as he gives you a fake smile. You hear him agree, but your mind is already wandering. He’d be even more worked up by the time you got home now and you were glad Max had extended the invite. 
Roman reluctantly calls an Uber to get to the bar, piling in with you, Max, and Brock. The ride over is short but Roman’s eyes are locked on you, making you feel hot all over. You knew you were pushing your luck for that night but you were having too much fun to stop now. You didn’t want to lose the game just yet. 
The bar has plenty of people in it when you all get there, most of them coming over from the banquet, and you easily find the other boys. You see Ryder and an idea forms in your head quickly. You knew he’d play along if you asked. 
You step away from Roman, saying hi to everyone, but pulling Ryder down for a hug when you get to him. He laughs a little and you take the chance to ask him for a favor. 
“Will you help me make Roman a little fired up tonight? I just need to ruffle his feathers a bit before we leave,” you ask, pulling back and seeing Ryder glance over your shoulder. 
He smiles and nods, “he already doesn’t seem happy about this so it should be easy. I’m in.”
You laugh and let you hand rest on Ryder’s chest, looking up at him. He leaves his arm low around your waist as you turn to talk to Mike standing next to him. Ryder’s arm slides and he leaves a hand on the small of your back, glancing over at Roman. 
“He’s gonna kill me. You know that, right?” Ryder asks, leaning closer so you can hear him better. 
Mike overhears and looks at his teammate that’s glaring in your direction, “Ahcan is not a dude I ever want to piss off. Just saying.”
You look from Ryder over to your boyfriend and see the way his jaw is set. He’s not having fun with this game and you waver. 
“Okay, call it off. I don’t want to do this to him anymore,” you shake your head, giving Mike a hug before you walk away to make the whole thing look more innocent. 
You duck your head as you walk back towards Roman, sure that he was going to have an attitude about the stunt you’d just tried to pull. He holds out a beer for you instead, a smirk on his lips that makes you wonder what was going on in his head.
“Baby,” he mumbles, pulling you close once you take the bottle from him, “I knew you were trying to play games, but let’s be honest here. None of those little boys over there could handle you like I do. None of them could make you beg like I do. And they certainly won’t choke you like I know you want me to.”
You lean hard into him, your heart beating wildly against your chest. You swear he always knows exactly what you’re thinking and you’d be lying if you pretended he wasn’t right on the money yet again. 
“I’m sorry, Ro. I know you know me best,” you pout, looking up at him with the best puppy dog eyes you can manage. 
He swears a little under his breath before he leans down to kiss you hard, his fingers digging into your hip and making you press against him even more if it were even possible. His teeth tug on your bottom lip as he pulls back and you can’t hold in the moan that leaves your mouth. 
Max happens to be right next to both of you when it happens and his jaw drops at the noise. You immediately bury your face in Roman’s chest but you can hear him as he speaks up. 
“Guess I’m staying with Mersch tonight, holy shit.”
Roman chuckles and kisses your head, thanking Max for his quick decision. You look up at Roman finally and realize he’s talking with the boys, no one worrying about the obscenity you’d released a moment before. 
You let out a sigh and spin around, leaning back against Roman and working to finish your beer. You knew it was a one and done kind of night, so the sooner you finished yours, the sooner you could leave. 
The cold liquid goes down easily and you find yourself setting it on a nearby table before grabbing both of Roman’s lapels, waiting for him to look down at you. Once he finally does you tug him lower and lean towards his ear. 
“Please take me home now. I really need you,” you say, feeling the effects of the quick beer you’d all but slammed and the desire he’d built up all night. 
Roman stands up straight and nods, waving at the boys over your shoulder. He’s quick to request the Uber and even quicker in getting you out to the curb. The ride back to his apartment is a blur and your excitement is through the roof, causing you to practically buzz in anticipation. You can’t help but fidget occasionally, stealing glances at Roman and giggling when he’d return eye contact. 
You both stumble into the apartment, both in a hurry to get things started. You trail towards his room, clothes being left behind you down the hall as your patience finally disappears. Roman’s quick to get you onto the bed, hardly having to do any prep work. 
He slides a condom on quickly and presses in almost too fast, making you gasp and yell his name for the first time that night. Your fingers dig into his sides as he starts to thrust in, dragging back out slowly each time. The pace is killing you and you beg him to hurry. 
“Roman, please go faster. I need more,” you whine, trying to pull him closer to you. 
He listens for the moment, his hips snapping at a faster pace, driving you up the wall. You can feel the build and you’re sure you won’t last long, mumbling to Roman that you were getting close already. 
He slows down suddenly and leans up, one hand fully supporting his weight as the other slowly wraps around your neck. 
“Look at me,” he says seriously, “if you get overwhelmed I need you to tap my arm three times and I’ll let go.”
You swallow hard and he can feel it, the smirk on his lips widening. He starts to tighten his grip as his hips move faster again, maintaining eye contact that’s almost too intense. You don’t notice much at first but he hits a certain point and you can feel the restriction then. 
You grab his wrist, but not to pull him off. You give him a little smile to let him know it was good and he tightens his hand just slightly more. You can feel how close you are then and he must know because his thrusts falter for a second. 
Before you know it you’re tumbling over the edge, trying to say his name but barely any noise comes out. As you tighten around him he swears and lets your throat loose, finishing hard and leaning his forehead down on your collarbone. 
You both catch your breath, your fingers carding through his damp hair as he leaves a couple soft kisses on your chest. You laugh a little and Roman props himself on his elbows, smiling down at you. 
“What are you laughing about, pretty?” 
You lean in and kiss him quickly, “I can’t believe I waited to tell you to try that. It was so good.”
He agrees, finally moving to stand up and detangle himself from you. He suggests a shower that you agree to easily, asking him to carry you into the bathroom. You weren’t trusting your legs just yet. He’s gentle throughout, helping you wash your hair and even rubbing your shoulders a bit. 
It’s such a contrast to the feeling of his fingers pressing into the sides of your neck and you revel in it. When you’re finished he gets his biggest towel and wraps you up in it, kissing your forehead as he slings a towel low around his own waist. 
You wander out to his bedroom, picking up the button down he’d worn earlier and replacing your towel with that, inhaling the smell of his cologne you loved so much. You return to the bathroom to finish getting ready for bed and find Roman brushing his teeth. 
You groan, “seriously, gray sweatpants after all that? are you trying to kill me?”
He rinses his toothbrush and wipes his mouth off before stepping over to you and kissing your cheek, “I figured you might like them.”
You shoo him from the bathroom and get your own business done. You find him half asleep in bed by the time you’re finished and slide under the covers carefully. He’s quick to pull you closer, nuzzling into the crook of your neck like he loved to do at night. 
“Was that good tonight?” He asks, his words slurring a little from how tired he is. 
You kiss his head, playing with his hair gently, “sure was. I think we may have to try it again.”
“Deal. Just don’t try and flirt with the freshmen before. If you ask, you can have whatever you want.”
You blush and give a quiet ‘okay’, feeling called out. He knew you too well for you to try and play games like that. Roman’s breathing starts to level out and you find yourself wondering what else he might want to try next. You definitely had a couple questions ready for him the next morning.
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Gentle Max - 1
a/n: So this is a song fic! The song in question being The Salesman, Denver Max by Blood Brothers. It’s not a love song, it’s actually a song abt kidnapping a teenage girl and taking her to Mexico.... so yeeeah.... Anyway, I was listening to it and had a silly idea and then @rzrcrst​​ and @whenimaunicorn​​ encouraged me and now here we are. I have changed some of the lyrics a bit, most notably changing it from Denver Max to Gentle Max (but srsly for years listening to the song I always thought he was saying gentle max) Also this is the first of two parts and part two will be mostly smut
summary: There should be nothing to fear when you invite your crush from work over for tacos ...right?
warnings: None in this chapter, but there will be a lot more for the next
word count: 2,088
Max Phillips x female reader//Bloodsucking Bastards
Part 2 - The Meal
(gif by @elskay​)
Tumblr media
1. The Dinner
Through the screen door your thoughts are quarantined, By the way you smell I can tell that you're fitting. My name is gentle Max, I eat heart attacks. From your mouth to your hands to the floor you're bubbling syntax.
With a sigh you hit send before clicking your phone off. You felt a little bad sending a last minute explanation, but you already knew the earful you’d get if you had told Emma earlier that you’d invited Max over for dinner.
Max Phillips… he was the supervisor at work, a new boss who’d only started a few months ago. He was meant to shake things up at the small sales phone bank, help raise profits. From the get-go Emma, your friend and cubicle partner, was highly suspicious of Max. 
“Something’s up with him, he’s just too likable. It’s weird.” She’d declared after his introduction to everyone on the floor. You’d just rolled your eyes and called her paranoid. Max couldn’t be as bad as she suggested, anyway he was always nice to you. 
It started slow; he’d give little compliments—noticing small things like your new earrings—and then there was the evening last month when you were working late and ended up having an hour-long conversation with him about horror films from the 70s. You’d never guess by the way he looked that he’d share your interest in old films, but that helped to cement your crush.
Then this afternoon you were exchanging pleasantries when you were struck with the sudden urge to ask him to dinner. The words were out of your mouth, inviting him over to your place for tacos before you even realized what you were saying. But the way his face lit up at the question, the way he smiled as he said he’d love to, melted any worry you had. 
It wasn’t until you got back to your cubicle that it really started to set in. You had asked Max—Max your supervisor—over for dinner and he said yes. There was no way you could tell Emma right now; she’d spend the afternoon listing all the ways that Max could kill you and dispose of the body before sunrise, something you did not have time for—especially since you suddenly needed to stop by the grocery store after work.
Setting your phone to do not disturb, you plugged in the charger and left it on the bedside table hoping you wouldn’t come back to find too many angry texts.
You couldn’t help but pace around your little kitchen as you waited for Max to arrive, constantly checking the stove clock and stirring the simmering meat a bit more often than needed. When the knock at the door finally came you nearly jumped out of your skin. Trying not to get too excited and run, you did an awkward half shuffle across the living room.
Swinging open the storm door, you glanced down and realized you still had your dirty apron on and swore at yourself for forgetting. Then you looked up and your eyes met his. There was something you found immensely comforting about Max’s presence—just being near him seemed to put you at ease. Whenever he smiled, you couldn’t help but smile back. 
“Hey,” you said in a quiet voice, unable to tear yourself away from him, soaking in the fact that he was here, that he wanted to spend time with you outside of work. It’s not that he was out of your league or anything, no definitely not that. He was very attractive—with his straight white teeth and deep warm eyes—but there was something about him that drew you closer. The more time you spent with him the more you felt he was similar to you; hiding his interests and who he really was in order to fit into the cookie cutter mold of the corporate world. You felt a connection to him and you hoped he felt it, too.
Max said your name with a smile and the sound of his voice broke you from your daydream state. “So… are you going to invite me in?” He asked, his tone light and teasing as he did that little half smile you loved. 
“Oh! Yeah, yes please come in,” You half mumbled as you stepped aside, making room for him to get by. You blushed, looking away before backing up a little bit further to avoid getting the pepper juice from your apron on his suit.
“Please excuse my attire, a meeting went long so I came here straight from the office.” You were paying attention as he talked, you really were, but you also couldn’t help noticing the way his shoulders moved as he shrugged off his jacket, and just how tight his waistcoat hugged his torso.
“Oh, no don’t worry, It’s fine. You can hang your coat by the door, I need to go check on the meat.” Stepping away from him and into the kitchen gave you a moment to gather your thoughts. You really liked Max, and wanted to make a good impression, but it was hard not to be a little intimidated by him. He seemed to have everything together and navigate life with ease, never even having a bad hair day. But you could do this—even if you felt like a schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher every time you were around him—you could have a pleasant evening. Anyway, he seemed to be into you, too.
Moving the pan off of the heat you placed it on a trivet before grabbing a spoon. Shuffling around the cramped space of your kitchen you made sure you had everything set out, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, peppers—all the usual fixing. So focused on double checking everything you barely noticed when Max entered the kitchen.
“Something smells delicious,” He hummed, suddenly standing right behind your shoulder. 
You jumped a little in surprise, letting out a nervous laugh as you turned to face him. Trying to not stare, you noted that he now had his sleeves rolled up with his waistcoat unbuttoned and his tie loosened just a bit. Something small in the back of your head encouraged you to grab the bright red strip of silk that hung from his neck and yank him forward into a kiss. The thought was gone as quick as it came and you prayed the lingering heat in your face wasn’t a dead give away. 
“Ok, yeah, so I figured we could do a build-your-own thing, make it however you want,” You explained, trying not to stammer or think about how close he was standing. “The shells are just over there if you want to grab some.” 
“How ever I want, sounds perfect. I am honestly starving and can't wait to sink my teeth in.” Max pivoted and grabbed one of the plates before handing it off to you, his and brushing ever so slightly against your finger—the contact sending a chill up your arm
Dinner with Max was surprisingly easy. Soon as the two of you were sitting down and talking, the conversation just flowed, bouncing from one topic to the next without pause or awkward silences. He complimented your cooking, which you tried to downplay saying it wasn’t much more than prep but he insisted it was delicious. You didn’t even notice when the grandfather clock in your hallway chimed, counting the late hour as both of you stayed seated at the rickety IKEA table long after you’d cleared your plates.
“Last film I watched was Belladonna of Sadness,” you responded, thinking back to the other night as you swirled the little bit of wine at the bottom of your glass before tipping it back with a gulp. “It’s one of my favorites, the animation is just so expressive and there’s a whole sequence that can only be described as a hair orgy,” you smiled to yourself when you heard Max chuckle. Every time he laughed or agreed something in you felt light as air, and wanted to tell him more just so you could see the way the corner of his mouth curled up. “It's a really great film though, truly one of a kind.”    
“It sounds fascinating.” Leaning forward Max reached to grab the wine bottle while keeping his gaze locked with yours. “Maybe you could show it to me some night.” Your heart jumped at his words, realizing he wanted to spend more time with you. “Uh-oh, out of wine.” His comment caught your attention and you quickly hopped up.
“Don’t worry, I have a back up!” You called over your shoulder as you hurried to the fridge. Pulling out the bottle of Merlot you spun around and found yourself face to face with Max. “I—uh, didn’t hear you follow me—,” you mumbled, voice trailing off as his finger stroked along your upper arm, feather light touches that barely made contact but still so perceptible even through the cotton of your blouse. A shiver went down your spine, and you felt yourself relaxing into his presence, wanting him closer than he already was.
“I was actually in the mood for some dessert,” Max stated, his words tinged with a low rumble that came from somewhere deep in his chest. As his eyes drifted from his fingers—now at your shoulder—to your eyes. His gaze held yours, keeping you from thinking about anything besides just how rich the brown of his iris were.
“I—I didn’t prepare any—,” you stammered, noticing the way his eyes flitted to your lips as you spoke. 
“It’s a good thing I had something planned then,” his voice was low but steady as he spoke, slowly stepping closer, backing you up against the fridge before dropping his head forward. His lips were almost on yours when he stopped. “I’ve been wanting this.”
“Uh-huh,” you nodded, not able to form a coherent thought, let alone a single word with the promise of Max so near.
You felt like jelly as his lips met yours. He overwhelmed your senses until all that you could register was him and the cool press of his mouth. His hands came to you, one on your waist that pulled you against his firm chest as the other cradled your jaw. Your skin burned under his touch as he brushed his thumb against your cheek, his gentle caresses feeling almost icy in contrast. 
All you could think about was wrapping your arms around him—and not the wine bottle you were still holding. Raising your arms to reach for Max’s shoulders, the glass slipped from your slack fingers and shattered as it met the tile floor.
The sound of the shards scattering across the room rang in your ears, drawing your attention away from the man in front of you. You could feel your stomach drop as you looked at the dark puddle of liquid splashing onto the floor. The reflections of the ceiling lights looked red as they danced with the ripples until all the debris lost its momentum. Panic was starting to creep forward from the back of your skull as the realization of all the clean up you suddenly needed to do set in. What if Max wanted to leave instead of wait for you to mop everything up?
Just as you were trying to parse together some kind of apology, his large hand came to cup the back of your neck. His grip cooled the hot sting of anxiety that was bubbling under your skin as you shifted to look up at him. As soon as your eyes met his you relaxed, no longer worried that he was going anywhere
“You don’t need to worry about that right now,” Max stated, his voice soft and soothing in your ears while his words held an unyielding presence to them that felt solid. His thumb continued to draw little circles against your skin, dancing along the side of your neck.
“Yeah, I don’t need to worry about that right now,” you echoed, watching the way he smiled as you agreed. Something inside you buzzed under his approval, wanting to do anything he asked. Biting your lip you tried to hide your grin as you felt the same little impulse from before, this time giving in and wrapping your fingers around his bright red neck tie.
“Why don’t you show me to your room?” 
With a nod and a tug, you stepped to the side, pulling him along as you shuffled around the pool of Merlot, leading Max towards the door of your bedroom.
Part 2 - The Meal
@whenimaunicorn​ @captbvcks @no-droids​ @rzrcrst​ @readsalot73​ @spacegayofficial​ @lannister-slings-and-arrows​ @libellule2001​
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tintinwrites · 11 months ago
i want to suck your blood | Max Phillips x Vampire!Reader
A/N: This is the first of Halloween fics for the characters I write for!!
Rating: 18+
Warning: Fem!Reader. Blood kink ie reader sucks blood right off Max’s dick. The two of you trick and kill a guy but he was a jerk anyway. Reader is called a derogatory term by said jerk. Naughty words. Max sucks blood out of Reader’s titty okay bye.
Word count: 2,243, apparently!!
Summary: You and Max like to enjoy your meals in more fun ways.
Tumblr media
GIF credit: thewaythisis
Tags: @damerondjarin​ @shadow-assassin-blix​ @mikeisthricedeceased​ @velvetmel0n​ @gooddaykate​ @66wookies​ @the-sorcerers-cost​ @seasonschange-butpeopledont​ @maxphillipswasright @lilangeldevil006​ @nominalnebula​ @perropascal​ @mylifeliterally​ @bisexual-space-slut​ @remmingtonsteal​ @huliabitch​ @magicsuperheroes​ @corrupt-fvcker​ @dark-twisted-and-mechanical-mind @opheliaelysia​ @pascalz​ @eternallyvenus​ @absurdthirst​ @roxypeanut​ @girlwithanewplan​ @supernaturalgirl​ @paintballkid711​ @the-feckless-wonder​ @the-wishmonger​ @greengrassandcyansea​ (Look at me utilizing my taglist form y’all!)
“Fuck yeah, dude! See you at Josh’s party tomorrow! Woo!”
The young man walked backwards down the pathway as the men in the door of the house drunkenly held onto each other, fitting his plastic fangs into his mouth.
“Did your mom get you those fangs?” One of the men asked and another one quickly piped up with,
“No, she made him the cape, remember?”
“Hey, let’s invite your mom to the next party!”
They all broke out into loud, obnoxious laughter as he rolled his eyes and flipped them a middle finger. “Suck my fucking dick.” He turned around with a flourish of his red and black cape that only made them laugh harder as he walked away.
He heard the door slam shut, muffling the loud music, laughter, and yelling that was coming from inside as a bunch of other college kids partied on, and he just shook his head as he made his way down the sidewalk; he was leaving early so he wouldn’t miss the last bus for the night.
Usually he didn’t bat an eye when there was someone else standing at the bus stop. A few other students and people who worked multiple minimum wage jobs usually took the bus since they couldn’t afford cars, and sometimes there would be an older person without a license or a late night shift on their way to work.
When he saw you, though, bouncing on your feet in your tiny, little costume with your arms wrapped around yourself against the chilly weather, he paused to stare. He smoothed his hair back to make sure he looked good because you were fucking sexy and, as far as he could see, the only two people on the street.
He folded his cape over his arm and held it up to hide all but his eyes, smirking to himself as he walked over to you. “You look good enough to eat,” he said in an accent that sounded vampire-like to him.
You looked up from where your eyes were trained on the uncomfortable looking heels you were wearing, your brow furrowed for a moment before you smiled at him. “Well, who knew I would be meeting a real life vampire tonight?”
“You could do more than just meet me.” He lowered his cape and lightly flipped the hair he’d just smoothed out, letting his eyes roam over your legs.
“Maybe you could help me because my boyfriend totally ditched me and this is my first time using the bus, and I don’t really know what I’m doing…” You let out a laugh that was laced with tears, glancing at your phone to see if there were any texts from said boyfriend.
“Hey, hey, I can help you...but the bus doesn’t come for another twenty minutes and you look like you’re freezing, so if you wanna forget about that boyfriend of yours…” He smirked, nodding towards an alley next to a store on the corner.
You tilted your head at him for a moment, then you smiled widely. “It’d be nice to have good sex for once.”
He chuckled and put his arm up to guide you towards the alley with his cape stretched out, his other hand taking out his fangs before moving down to unzip his pants.
You leaned against the wall of the building and watched him with dark eyes, pulling the skirt of your costume up just a little as he quickly pulled his dick out of his pants and moved to cage you in against the wall.
His hand was just moving up under your skirt to touch your panties when there was a shadow cast against the wall and he lifted his head, glancing over his shoulder to see a man dressed in a perfectly tailored suit with matching blue tie and pocket square.
Max glared for a long moment that made the younger man quickly shove his cock back into his pants, and then he flashed a smile. “Hey, buddy! I leave my girl alone for ten minutes and she’s hopping on something smaller just to piss me off, huh?”
The man immediately bristled at the insult to the size of his dick, turning around to face Max fully.
“She said you fucking bailed on her so why don’t you just fuck off and go back to Wall Street or what the fuck ever?” He looked at you when you pressed into his side, wrapping an arm around you like he was protecting you despite the way his hand moved too low.
“No, see, she likes to play this little game where she sneaks off and makes me jealous, right, baby?” Max’s gaze flickered to the position of the man’s hand darkly, then he looked over at you.
“Right.” You let your fangs show with a smile as the man looked down at you, and he quickly stumbled away with a gasp.
“What the fuck? Those look real!” He bumped into Max and quickly spun around to face him, letting out a cry when he saw him running his tongue over his own fangs.
“They are real, slugger!” Max squeezed his shoulders and the other man immediately squirmed away, horrified to find you were standing right there like you’d been there the whole time.
“Listen, I wouldn’t let him do this if you weren’t so creepy, but we need to eat and you seem like an asshole, so…” You shrugged and moved to take hold of him, but he quickly shoved you back as hard as he could.
Max watched you fall on your ass with his lips curling into a snarl before he was on the man, shoving him against the wall so quickly he couldn’t even try to run. “Now you’ve really pissed me off,” he growled, his voice incredibly low.
“Is—is this some kind of joke? Did Bryan set you up to this?” The man looked over at you, trying to cover his fear with anger. “I should’ve known you were one of his fucking sluts.”
Max barked out a laugh, pulling him away from the wall and finding absolute joy in the other man’s pained cry. “And to think I almost let her convince me to make this painless for whoever we picked.” He didn’t let the young man say another word as he moved forward and sank his teeth into his neck, immediately drinking from him.
You were usually a bit kinder than Max, but this guy was a piece of trash and you only rolled your eyes at the whines and cries he let out; it was almost pleasurable when you were turned.
You walked around to the side Max was biting on and nuzzled his hair as he drank. “Can you just snap his neck, baby?”
He pulled away and licked off the blood that was coating his lips, just smirking at you as his hands moved to either side of the man’s neck.
“Wait, wait, please, no—” His begging was cut off with a crack, and he fell to the ground the moment Max let him go.
You didn’t pay him any mind as you eyed a bit of blood still on the corner of Max’s mouth, leaning forward and kissing him passionately, licking into his mouth with a moan as you tasted your meal.
It was a few moments before you pulled away from him, a hand going to the back of his head where you tugged on his hair. “The way you just went wild was so fucking sexy, babe.”
“Thank you, but we need to discuss something.” He tapped you on the nose then moved to kick over the body so he could see where blood had flowed out when he pulled away. “It’d be nice to have good sex for once?” He looked at you with an eyebrow raised.
“I was playing the part of the lost, little slut which is exactly what you told me to do.” You walked over to him as he crouched down, leaning against him like he was nothing more than a table.
“Next time I want you to do it with more feeling, and talk about how much you’re going to miss your boyfriend’s big dick.” He ran his fingers over the blood and held it up to you, but you shook your head.
“Like I said, watching you do that was really sexy and now I’m thinking about that big dick of yours…” You looked at him meaningfully and you were fairly sure he could’ve nutted right there.
He immediately started unbuckling his belt and took himself out of his pants, covering his hand in as much blood as he could before he was standing up, stroking over himself.
You watched as red streaked over his cock the more he pumped it, practically moaning with how much you loved both blowing him and drinking blood, how much you wanted it to the point you were moving to your knees.
He sucked the last bit of blood off his fingers as he looked down at you, moving his hips back when you moved in for his dick.
“Ah, ah. Fangs,” he reminded you and you retracted them, flashing your normal smile.
“You think I’d bite my favorite part of you?” You pressed a kiss to the side of his cock and he groaned as you licked the blood off your lips.
“I bite your tits all the time.”
“Yeah, but you’re an asshole.”
You smirked at his pout before wrapping your lips around his tip, moaning at him and the metallic tang of blood on your tongue with each inch of him you took in.
You continued until your nose was pressed into the hair at the base of his cock just how he liked it, made obvious in the way he groaned and bucked his hips into your mouth.
You just stared up at him for a moment and then you slowly pulled back, letting your tongue run over him to lick up as much blood as you could; his cock was almost bare as you pulled off and you moaned, taking him back into your mouth again.
Now that you’d been fed a little, you began sucking at him eagerly, hollowing out your cheeks and bobbing your head a bit to fuck your mouth on him.
“One day we’re gonna have some real fun and I’m gonna fuck you in someone’s blood, lick it off every inch of you when I’m finished.” He grunted, his hips twitching slightly.
All you could do was moan in response, meeting his eyes to tell him how much you enjoyed the idea.
You moved a hand up to squeeze his balls, loving the way it always made him let out this little whine because of how good it felt, gently massaging him and knowing it would make him too tempted to come for him to hold himself back.
“Always fucking playing dirty…” He almost sounded proud of you, tone distracted as he started to move his hips a little faster. “Swallow all of it, you understand me? You know that you love it.”
You moaned and nodded, and it was only a few more thrusts before he was letting out a loud groan and shoving his cock into your mouth to spill his cum. You swallowed every bit like he told you to and you did love it, pulling away with a satisfied smile. “I’m still hungry, baby.”
“Go ahead and drink,” he said after a moment of coming down from his orgasm, putting himself back into his pants.
You crawled over to the man’s body and pulled it up against you with ease as you sat on the ground, licking up all the blood left that had flowed out of his wound before Max killed him.
Max plopped down beside you and pulled one of your breasts from the cups of the skimpy Halloween costume he’d chosen for you, reaching to take some of the blood you hadn’t licked up yet and rubbing it onto your nipple.
It was only there for a moment and then he was wrapping his lips around your nipple, sucking hard and letting his tongue slide over it again and against as he licked it clean.
There was no benefit for either of you when you drank each other’s blood, but there was something about it that turned you on so much that Max bit into your breast like he always did, drinking from you and listening to your soft moans.
You’d cleaned up all you could from the man and dropped him to the ground, moving your hand to run your fingers through Max’s hair. “We killed him too soon...why don’t we go find someone else and we can just drain them together?”
He pulled off your breast and looked at you a bit dreamily from how amazing your blood was even if it couldn’t really feed him, pressing a firm kiss to your lips.
“I’m so fucking glad I turned you.” He was also glad he hadn’t chosen to just use you, but that he chose you to be at his side.
“Maybe if you’re good we can find someone else and fuck in blood like you want.” You stood up and pulled him to his feet with you, fixing the top of your costume.
“Do you know how sexy you are?”
“I’m a vampire, we’re supposed to be sexy.”
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they-callme-ami · 11 months ago
Tobias N S F W Alphabet (Tobias x Male!MC)
A= Aftercare (what they're like after the fact)
Tobias is pretty good with aftercare. Since he's not only a doctor but a great lover, he'll try to make sure his man is taken care of, cleaned and given water after their...sessions.
B= Body Part ( Favorite body part of their partner)
On his partner, Tobias's favorite body part is his hands. Despite normally dominating, he's curious of what it'd be like if his lover was the one in control and sees what he'd do to him. Choke him. Slap him. Hold him. Y'know, unrealistic stuff.
On himself though--he prides himself in his manhood. More on that later.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum basically)
Normally, Tobias uses condoms until him and his s/o are official and not fucking around. But after that? He is raw dogging him. He loves watching cum flowing out of his partner, especially after filling him over...and over...he's also a fan of facials, because of how dirty they are for both parties...
D = Dirty Secret
Tobias has only bottomed once in his life, with his previous lover he and Ethan fought over...but when he met MC, he really really wanted to try it again. He had a fantasy of being bent over his desk and used, completely helpless and being the one dominated after so long. But that's his secret and he hasn't told MC yet.
F = Favorite Position
Riding. It gives him the feeling of being dominated without admitting his dirty secret, MC feels and looks amazing on top of him, and he essentially gets to take a break for a while.
G = Goofy (are they serious during sex? More care free?)
Oh Tobias is hella goofy. Sure, sometimes he'll be feeling himself and get all sentimental or sensual or sexy, or a 4th s word--but normal, everyday, 'babe I'm horny' sex, he loves cracking jokes or teasing his boyfriend to make him squirm.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? Carpets match the drapes? )
Tobias is average. He won't let it get out of hand, keeps it tidy but isn't completely bare down there.
I = Intimacy (how romantic/intimate are they during the moment)
Like said before, Tobias is normally goofy and casual during sex. But, after a date or when both him and MC had a rough day, or just missed each other....he'll possibly light a few candles, turn on some music and head to the bedroom to in the moment.
J = Jack off (masturbation HC)
Since you both work at different hospitals and are always on cases, sometimes you're too tired to have sex. So, he usually jacks off to try and relieve himself and get some tension out. But occasionally, he'll be thinking about MC's handsome face....amazing body...and then, bam, doors locked, phone with his boyfriend's photo on it--rubbing one out. 
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Tobias loves being praised. Hearing you moan, hearing him say how good he is and how much he needs him? Loves it. He also kinda has a thing for suits, seeing his man in a nice suit or all dressed up---it's why he spoils you so much and encourages you to dress up more. He even begged MC to let him fuck him while he wore a tie and an unbuttoned dress night of his life.
L= Location (what's their fave place to do it?)
Typically, he wants to keep work and personal life seperate, so office sex is more of a once or twice fantasy rather than a favorite. But he loves doing it in the shower. He has an raining showerhead so no one has to worry about not getting nice and wet. 
M= Motivation (what gets them going and turns them on)
Begging or having MC initiate sex. It's one thing for him to be horny, but when you're is horny? Oh, he drops everything to take care of his man's needs then and there.
N= NO (something they won't do)
Since Tobias is a Doctor, he knows how to have the safest sex possible. So, things like blood and 'liquids' that aren't cum or spit are a big no no, as well as weapons. He also hates whenever race is brought into sex, so none of that BS.
O= Oral (do the prefer giving or receiving, skill, both)
Tobias loves giving oral more. Something about his boyfriend grabbing his shoulders and head...begging him to keep using his tongue more and more...the taste...the gets him off way better than any oral can for him. He also seems to not have a gag reflex so far so, total bonus. Oh, but he'll never refuse receiving it either--
P= Pace (are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual?)
Fast and Rough. Why? Cause he is definitely the kind to stroke his ego while his strokes that--
Q= Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
He's down for quickies occasionally when you visit him at work or he wakes up with some very unavoidable morning wood, which somehow is every morning for him...
R= Risk (are they okay/interested in trying no things?)
He's okay with trying new things , as long as there is a safe word involved for him to tap out.
S= Stamina (how long can they go, what's their limit? )
Oh boy. Although the average male's orgasm ranges from 2 to 5 minutes, Tobias has somehow mastered the ability to dick you down and make you cum long before he can. And even then--just give him 10 minutes and he'll be up for round 2. The most he's gone in a single night was about 2 hours, non-stop. 
T= Toys (do they own them? do they use them on themselves and/or partners? )
He has a few toys, but is still hesitant to show them off with male partners. He doesn't know how they'll react.
U= Unfair ( how much do they like to tease?)
Tobias is the god damn King of teasing. He'll tease and occasionally edge you for hours on end before he even pulls his dick out. He loves how much he can make your squirm and shake, aching to feel anything.
V= Volume (how loud are they/can they get? What sounds do they make?)
Tobias isn't the kind of man to hold back his moans. If it feels good, he is all in your ear moaning and saying how amazing you feel. He may have gotten a complaint once or twice though...
W= Wild Card (random headcanon of your choice) 
Tobias once asked if you would be down for a threesome with Emery. He never specified which, and never brought it up again. You're still trying to figure out which one he meant, and you don't  know if you're turned on or embarrassed at the thought of one of them actually wanting you AND Tobias.
X= X-ray (What's going on in their pants?)
HAH. Oh boy--oh my god. Look, when you met this man he was already radiating BDE. You just didn't realize his energy was spot on. 8 and a half inches, definitely. 
Y= Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
While Tobias isn't some sex addict and isn't always horny, he definitley seems to act like it. In all seriousness, at max he's not a 'let's fuck everyday' kinda dude. Sometimes you're horny and he isn't or vice versa--and that's okay.
Z= ZZzzz (how fast do they fall asleep afterwards?)
Once Tobias is sure you're taken care of, he'll grab some water and probably just pass out next to you. He'll fall asleep right after your aftercare.
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thatbitchassstay · 7 months ago
Lee Know smut #3
This is so fucking long so yea
If you want the whole story and not just the smut scenes go to my wattpad @thatbitchassstay If its not there than they took down my account lol.
You waited outside your school with 10 other people. Your school had organized an overnight trip to an amusement park as a bonding experience for your grade. There were 5 busses. Each bus held about 20 people (except for one which only held 10), and you happened to be on the last bus, which was the smallest bus, which had no other girls on it.
You look around at the people who will be on your bus ride. You saw 8 of your classmates, Chan, Jisung, Minho, Hyunjin, Jeongin, Seungmin, Felix, and Changbin. There were also two chaperones on your bus Professor Woojin and the bus driver, your principal; Park Jin Young.
Once everyone was ready, you all got on the busses and drove off. The bus ride was going to be 5 hours, so you decided to see who you would be sitting next to. On the bus, You sat next to Minho. He was a strange kid. He only seemed to open up around Jisung, and what he posted on his Instagram was honestly questionable. You two had been lab partners before, so you knew that he was smart and liked to insult other people for fun. You knew everyone else on the bus pretty well.
After around 1 1/2 hours You felt the bus slow down and you saw the busses in front of you pull away. You buss slowly puttered to a stop and everyone took out a headphone to see what was happening. JYP (that is what everyone called your principle) stood up and said "we seem to have run out of gas. I will call a replacement bus to come, but I will expect that it will take up to 3 hours, at least 2." You all groan as he and professor Woojin walk out of the bus.
You are about to put in one earphone when you hear Minho say "Well, it is a good thing I am sitting next to a cutie." You turn really red. "Confident much?" you ask still blushing from his remark. Then professor Woojin gets back on the bus for a second. "We just called a replacement bus, they should be here in 2 1/2 hours. For now, you guys can go to the convenience store just down the road. They have some tables there for you to sit at while you wait."
"Ok, let's go." chan says as everyone stands up and gets some essential things before getting off the bus. You walked for about 2 minutes before getting to the store. You all took turns in the bathroom and bought some food before sitting down at the tables.
After about 10 minutes you heard the cashier call out to the back, "Mark, your shift starts in 5, get changed already!" you then heard a male voice yell out "Fine, give me a second!" The guy had a slight Canadian accent you noticed. You didn't pay too much attention to this though until around 5 minutes later when a guy came up to your table and asked "I am sorry, but how long do you guys plan to stay here?" You looked up and saw his face. You almost said the word handsome out loud! "Sorry, our bus broke down and we are waiting for a replacement. we should be here for another 3 hours at most." He looked satisfied enough with your answer. "ok, my name is Mark Lee, you can just call my name if you need anything!" He then turned around and walked away from you "Mark..." you said "Yes?" he turned around "Nothing, I just really like that name, it suits you!" there was some pinkness on his cheeks when he said "Thank you." and walked away towards the cash register. The only person who didn't seem amused about you flirting with the employee was Minho which you did not realize till later. After another 30 minutes, you got bored of playing games on your phone and decided to go and talk to Mark, who also seemed bored.
You walked up to the cash register "hey mark!" you said. He looked up at you, "Hey, do you need help with anything?" "No, I am just bored." "Honestly same...." You looked at him for a few seconds before realizing that you never told him your name "Oh, my name is Y/N by the way." "Y/N, that's a way better name than Mark!" he joked with you "really, I like Mark better!" You two playfully flirted for 5 minutes before he checked his watch. "I am on break now for 30 minutes, you want to take a walk with me?" "Yea!" you replied enthusiastically. "K, let me change back into my regular clothes, these are really uncomfortable!" "Ok, I will wait outside!" You started to walk out the door when you got stopped by chan "where are you going?" he asked, "I am going on a walk with Mar, don't worry I will be back in max 30 minutes!" "Ok, I will text you if anything goes wrong." He said as he allowed you to go outside and wait for Mark.
He walks out of the building wearing an oversized white shirt and some jeans looking a little bit scared. "Let's go!" he says trying to shake it off. He and you walk for few minutes just talking and laughing when you had to ask "What happened inside that made you so shaken up?" he averted his eyes and said "The guy with the blond hair and Australian accent, the tall one. He scares me..." "What did Chan do?" He laughs and says "He told me that if I was mean to you and didn't shows you a good time that he would break all my bones and tie me in a knot." "yea... he kind of thinks of me like I am his sister, to be honest, all of us are his family so that probably why he was so protective!"
Mark suddenly grabs your hand and leads you underneath some cherry blossom trees. There is a slight breeze and you feel yourself blush as you look at your hand that he has not yet let go of. "Wow!" he remarks "Everything here is so pretty!" "Yea, these are some of my favorite trees!" He then turns to you with a small smile on his face, You could not tell if he was blushing or if it was just the lighting, "I was not just talking about the trees..." He walks a little bit closer to you and you feel you here rate go from 100bpm to around 1000bpm. He then grabs your other hand and leans in. You do the same and as your lips touch, you felt something. like this represented more than just a kiss. Then he pulled away. "Sorry, I just really like you." This time you knew it was a blush "I like you too." You say you find his phone in his back pocket and use the face recognition to open it. You then put in your number in his contacts.
"We should probably start to head back. Chan is expecting us soon." He continues to hold one of your hands as you walk, "yea, let's go."
Minho POV
You watch as he kisses her. At that moment you had never been more mad. Of course she likes mark, she does not like you! you yell at yourself as they walk away hand in hand. Chan had sent you to check on them, now you wish he would have sent anyone but you!
This is why we don't have crushes... you tell yourself as you start to walk back to the convenience store.
Once you and Mark got back he had to change because his shift was starting soon so you went back to your table. "where is Minho?" you ask Jisung because he is the closest one to him "ah, I don't know. he should be back soon though." A few minutes later you hear the door open, You look over and see Minho walk-in. You see him glance at You before approaching mark in a menacing manner. Your eyes widened as you thought that Minho was going to yell at him. Instead, Minho brought him outside, past where you could see. Everybody looked over at you as you started to panic. 
"Y/N, are you ok?" Hyunjin asked as you realized how terrified you must look. Did he see the kiss? does he like me? Why did he approach Mark? what is happening? what are they doing? all of these thoughts blasted through your head as you found yourself say "No, I am not fine!" You tried to get up from the table but Jeongin put his hand on your shoulder, "What happened?" You almost broke down in tears as you explained everything that happened, From when Minho called you cute, to when you got back to the convenience store. The whole time they looked at you kind of baffled. 
"Y/N, You really are an idiot." You turned around to see that it was Chan who said that. "Excuse me!" "Omg Y/N, They both obviously like you! And from what I understood, Minho was flirting with you, he probably thought that you two were going to go somewhere! If he did see the kiss, imagine how mad you would be!" You started to understand as everything clicked in your head. You put your head in your hands and started crying. "Y/N, what the hell? Why are you crying?" this was from Changbin, "I just feel bad!" you blurt out in a slur of words. You hear someone laughing, and you feel Felix's hand on your shoulder. "S'all right mate, why don't you go get yourself cleaned up in the washroom?" you nodded as you wiped a tear from your cheek. "ok." you stood up to go to the bathroom when Minho walked into the store. 
He spotted you, grabbed your arm, and took you out of the store.You had been walking for around 15 minutes in silence. a few minutes ago he let go of your arm, so that was a small relief. When you were starting to wonder where you were going he stopped and turned around to face you."So, You and Mark huh." He looked at you straight in the eye as he said this and it felt like someone had just stabbed you. His glare went straight through you. "Are you going to respond or are you just going to stand there?" There was also a lot of hostility in his voice this time around. 
"Um, well I am not sure if we are a thing yet..." you respond "ok, I will make sure to tell Mark that." "Wait, don't tell Mark I said that!" "Why, do you like him?" "Well yes..." "Then why are you not being honest with me?" "I am being honest!" "So did the kiss mean anything to you?" "Yes!" "So are you a thing!?" With this last comment, he stared at you kind of hurt. Not knowing what else to say at this point you just blurted out "I guess so, yes! But why would you care anyway, It's not like we are even friends!" He stared at you open-mouthed for a few seconds. Then he shut his mouth and eyes and said "You're right, sorry." and started to walk away. 
"Minho, Wait I didn't mean it like that!" You try to run after him and put your hand on his arm but he pushes you away. "Why are you touching me, it's not like we are even friends right." and he continues to walk away. You stop running after him when he is about 30 feet away from you, he too stops, and for a split second, You thought he was going to say something. But then he just shook his head and kept walking.You got a notification on your phone, It was from Hyunjin.
Hey, the bus is here, can you and Minho start heading back?
Sure, we are on our way right now.
You started walking back in the direction of the busses. You walked fast, so it cut your walk time down to around 6 minutes. When you got to the bus everyone was already there.
Minho gave you an icy glare before everybody got on the bus. The rest of the bus ride was pretty silent. You sat next to Hyunjin and listened to music the whole time. By the time you got to the hotel, everyone split off to go to their room. You and Minho were the only ones on your bus who were on the top floor. 
After everybody got off, you and Minho stood there in awkward silence as you waited for the elevator to stop. As it slowed to a halt you both got off and started walking to your rooms. At room 37-10 you stopped and pulled out your key to go into your room while Minho kept walking. not being able to handle it anymore, you said: "But why do you care if I am with Mark in the first place."
 Minho stopped dead in the middle of the hallway. You saw him take a shuddering breath as he turned around He looked you in the eye and you could have sworn that you saw a small blush on his face. "Because... Look. I like you." You stood there, frozen not sure what to say. You didn't know what to do! You wanted to reject him, but you felt your heart telling you not to, so you just stood there looking him in the eye. Now you could definitely tell that he was blushing. 
"Yep, that's how I thought you would react. Forget it, Good night." He turned around to start walking again, and before you realized what you were doing, you ran up to him, turned him around, and kissed him.You were scared because for a moment, He didn't kiss back, But then he started kissing back. You two stood there in the hallway, the only time your lips were not touching was when you needed to breathe. You grabbed his hand and lead him into your room while you locked the door. 
You two started kissing again as his hand ran along your back lifting your shirt up. The two of you started to strip until the only clothing that was left on your body was your underwear and bra. you lead him to the bed and he leaned over you. The two of you started making out again as his hands started running the length of your body. He started kissing your neck, leaving a trail of hickeys as you arched your back in pleasure. he then stopped for a moment, "I am sorry, may I?" he gestured to your undergarments. "Only if you take off yours also." He smiled as he first took off your bra and panties, "No, You take mine off for me." You sneered and put your teeth of the elastic band of his underwear as you pulled it down. 
he then pushed you back so that he was lying over you again. He leaned down as his tongue teased your entrance.He started to lick and you felt his wet tongue run through your folds and you moaned with pleasure. He then pulled away and without warning started to finger-fuck you. 
You arched your back and moaned even louder. He pulled his fingers out and spanked you "We are in a hotel princess, don't be too loud..." you nodded aggressively just wanting him to stick himself inside you. He started to finger you again when all of a sudden he thrust in a third finger and hit your g-spot. It was so hard for you to not moan. He then took his fingers out and had you sit up."Suck." He commanded as he put his dick in front of you. You started lightly sucking your tongue rolling all over it. Then you took it out for a second and started stroking it. He then started to moan ever so quietly when you decided to go all in. You stuck it in your mouth and started to deep-throat it. You saw the surprise in his eyes as he obviously suppressed his urges to moan, he grabbed the back of your head and pushed it further into you, you were suppressing your urge to gag. 
"I am going to cum~" he said quietly before you felt the white fluid coat the inside of your throat. You swallowed. "Good girl!" he said as he leaned you down again and positioned his member at your entrance. "Just before I do this, I want to ask you a question. Are you and Mark a thing?" You violently shook your head. "good, either way, I am going to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to walk tomorrow." And just like that, he was inside you. (A/N yes, he has a condom on)At first, it was painful because of his size "Ahh, Y/N! You're so tight!" "Sorry!" you say as he starts to thrust in and out of you and you get more accustomed to him. After a few thrusts, he starts hitting your g-spot harder and after. "ah!" you moan and this time he does not even care. You feel the pleasure rip through you as you feel him thrusting in and out of you. "I told you you would not be able to walk in the morning!" he says slyly as he keeps thrusting in and out of you. When he pulls out, You cuddle right next to him, exhausted. And just like that, You fall asleep on top of him. "Haha, good night princess~" he says finally before sinking into your bed and falling asleep.
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limi-pie · a year ago
The taste of Red Wine part 3
Tumblr media
A/N: Hello everyone! This is part 3 of my Mafia AU fan fiction! Thanks for the likes/support on part 2! :D This is the taglist, in case you’re wondering.
Genre: Mafia AU, Smut, Teacher! Female Reader, Mafia leader! Yoongi. From former friends to enemies to lovers.
Warnings: Violence, language, angst, blood, gun shots, wounds, cursing, mentions of alcohol, flirting, slight NSFW, hardcore making out, grinding, ass groping, a bit of breastplay and death threats?
Summary: You’ve decided to help the Bangtan Gang, whilst their youngest member Jeon Jungkook is healing and resting. Min Yoongi seems to still have feelings for you, even after all these years.
Wordcount: 6,971
“Y-Yoongi…?” I looked down his eyes seemed distant but his presence didn’t scare me. He moved a few steps closer to me. “Y/N…” I was scared about to run when he wrapped his arms around me.
“Just say you like me, just say it, okay?”
“Say it. Say you like me.” He pulled me in a tight hug.
“Stop it you’re hurting me,” I said as he held onto my arms and I looked at him. “Do you hate me that much?” The silence fell between us. Yoongi’s eyes changed from deeply concerned and confused to cold and empty.
Why are you asking a question I have no answer to?
“I must be stupid. Why must I like you.” He lets go of me as he begins to walk away. “You said you never wanted to see my crying face again. And now you hugged me all of a sudden, now that I’ve forgotten all about you?!” He stopped as he turned his head staring at my soul. “I tried to, but you’re still in my head after all these years. I can’t put my finger to it, you’re just there in my head, my mind when I try to sleep. You’re there too.” He scoffed and gave me a sad expression, I felt myself get weak and fall for his charms, Yoongi’s usually a man with no emotions so I couldn’t help but feel a bit bad for him. “I’m sorry. Sorry about that.” I said as I hesitated a bit but I went and hugged him. His head rested on my shoulder and I stroked his back. “Heh.” Our eyes met again and I smiled a bit putting some hair behind my ear as he stroked my cheek and I rested in his warm palm. “You’re so pretty, your boyfriend must be lucky.” I shook my head as I looked at him my eyes determined. “Me and Daniel Jones broke up… he’s not the one I used to know and love anymore.” He put his hands on my cheeks pulling me close, our foreheads touching. “Then that must mean, that I still have a chance now, right?” My eyes fluttered as I blushed pink, my heart beating fast and Yoongi smiled. He leaned closer I closed my eyes our lips were about to touch as a voice spoke. “Boss, there you are! Come on Jungkook has found data on Jayden and possibly Seth’s gang.” Jimin informed as Yoongi and I looked at each other then he lets go of me. “Alright, get the car. I’m coming. Y/N you need a ride?” He rubbed his hair as his personality shifted no problem, I can’t believe he didn’t kiss me. “Is it alright for me to tag along? I don’t wanna cause trouble.” He nodded as I followed him it was a black car, a Hyundai to be exact. I opened the door as I sat next to Yoongi in the back seat. “Drive to Gangnam station, Y/N needs to get off there. Also, what is the information?” Jimin nodded as he turned left and right I could see the station’s lights as the engine stopped. “Thanks, Jimin and Min Yoongi.” I bowed my head as I turned around but Yoongi sliding his window down. “I bet I’ll see you around, take care Y/N Lee Meílíng.” He gave me a piece of paper as he smirked the car driving and the window sliding up again. That was Min Yoongi and Park Jimin, two members of the powerful Mafia Bangtan gang.
I couldn’t believe that Yoongi hugged me. Did he really like me or was it just a test or pure teasing? But I already agreed that I wouldn’t date a Mafia Leader, that’d be too dangerous for me anyways. Besides we’re both two different persons, there’s no way we’d click with each others’ personalities or ways of doing things. “So you’ve found the location of their hideout? Is that correct Jungkook?” Yoongi asked as he nodded showing the exact details on the map. “We should be able to handle them if they’re around four, but I doubt Seth is going to be there you know.” Taehyung said as he drank some strawberry milk, Jungkook nodded loading his guns with bullets as he tugged them into his belt as he finished his banana milk. “That’s true, but be careful I can’t afford to lose this when we’re so close on finding that Seth bastard.” They headed inside the car and drove fast taking the highway skipping slow cars. “Was that Y/N Lee Meílíng, earlier you met?” Jimin asked curiously as he looked over checking his hearing device. Yoongi nodded as he looked out the window staring blankly at the moonlight. “Yeah, apparently she broke up with Daniel Jones. She seemed upset about it, but she still remains special. Something about her.” They finally arrived at the hideout, it was an old abandoned factory, no longer in use. “Four o'clock-formation with Jungkook and Taehyung in the front.” He commanded as they formed a diamond shape, Jungkook began shooting the windows alerting Jayden. “Crap. It’s the Bangtan Gang, quickly, run off!” Jayden stood as his hands were up, next to him was Seungri, Josh, and Max. The last two had snipers as they began shooting, Jungkook was taken by surprise as he wounded Jayden and in exchange for that got shot heavily on the stomach and arms. “Ack, back up. Hurry!” Taehyung screamed as he pulled him away. Yoongi stood up as he shot Josh and Max wounding them hard as they fell to the ground. “It’s over, Jayden you come with us.” Jimin hurried to tie up his hands as he helped Jungkook get up. “Fuck boss it’s bad, very bad.” Yoongi scoffed as he drove fast and the doctor Kim Seokjin came by and checked on Jungkook. “It’s not too bad, but he needs to relax a few weeks maybe even months. Also, clean his wound now and then.” He bowed as he went out. “So where is Seth, tell me now.” Jayden sighed as he was punched in the face and stomach a few times, he was bleeding heavily. “F-fine, he’s not in Seoul right now. He’s on the island Macau.” Yoongi lets go of his hair as he frowned. “Might’ve to use for more information, so you stay here. For now Jimin I need a replacement for Jeon Jungkook.” He sighed heavily as he drank some red wine. He looked over as he found a strand of my hair on his suit now crimson red covered in blood. Seungri had obviously escaped. “Might have to hire her as Jungkook’s replacement.” I went to my apartment luckily Daniel wasn’t home and he left a note with errors. “Yah, because ur such a lil’ whore I’mma go sleep a couple of days at my friends’ house. Next time you better make some food you fucking slut. Break up my ass.” I sighed, thinking it was finally over. But it wasn’t, he obviously needed a place to stay at he couldn’t get laid in the streets and he needed me for his mental or physical abuse anyways. I scoffed as I crumbled the piece of paper and threw it into the corner of the living room. “What a fucking asshole. I hate him!” I screamed my frustration out as I began to make some dinner, I sliced an avocado, tomato, and some chicken breast. I took two pieces of whole-grain pieces of bread as I cut them in half toasting them in the panini press, to make them crunchy. I looked at the piece of paper Yoongi gave me it was his number 09 03 19 93. I smiled as kissed the tiny piece of paper. “I like you too… you’know…?” I ate my toasted crispy sandwiches as I drank some milk tea watching my favorite Korean Drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” I was in awe watching the male lead Seo Joon-hee fall so desperately for Yoon Jin-ah. “Sorry boss I lost aim, they really took me down with the snipers and all.” Jungkook bowed his head as his arms and half of his body were covered in bandages. “It’s fine, I just thought for a second I might’ve lost one of my members and comrades. Make sure to get some rest, I’ll have to find someone that can replace you.” Yoongi bowed as he turned off the lights heading outside his bedroom. “But who would it be?” He asked as he stood there in silence. I finished eating as I watched a couple more episodes, I felt my eyes getting sleepy as I turned off my laptop and brushed my teeth. I was about to set my alarm as I got a notification from an unknown number.
“I was thinking if we could meet up tomorrow?”
“It’s urgent, meet at the park around 6:00 AM.” I tilted my head in confusion before I remembered the number of Yoongi’s. I texted back and smiled, my heartbeat full of curiosity. “Okay, I’ll be there. Goodnight.” Monday the 4th of May 2020. I fell asleep as I woke up the dawn rising as I rubbed my eyes. I went and poured some chocolate and dried raspberry granola and milk into a bowl. I ate as I brushed my teeth and brushed my hair, then I put on some casual clothes a tight short skirt as I head out, then walking towards Dosan Park. I wore some heels and a tank top, I saw Min Yoongi wearing a mask and some black clothes. “Hey. So um, what did you want me to meet up for?” I rubbed my arms feeling awkward from almost kissing Min Yoongi yesterday. “It’s rather hard to explain, but please come with me for now. I can’t explain it here. I’ll get you some breakfast too.” He said concerned as he pulled my arm and started walking inside his car as he drove us. We kind of held hands, I was taken by surprise, usually, he wouldn’t hold hands but he seemed rather frustrated about something his hand cuddled mine. “It’s about Jeon Jungkook, my member has been hurt with some rough wounds. And I need a team of three gang members. However his recovery is taking weeks maybe even months, and I need to find that Seth bastard, so badly.” I was shocked hearing Yoongi say and explain all to me. I gulped as I looked at him, I struggled to say anything. “Do you think, an ordinary woman like me is going to join Korea’s most dangerous Mafia gang? I, I don’t even know how to shoot or fight…—” He cut me off as he parked the car then he lifted my chin staring into my eyes. “Y/N you’re not going to shoot, just make sure you do the paperwork, and besides I know you’re a woman of cleverness. Your disguise isn’t bad too, you’re a teacher, right? Then you know the roles of Mrs. Meílíng and Y/N-ssi. I know I can trust you, can’t I?” He rubbed my cheek as I felt captivated by his eyes. I closed my eyes for a moment thinking about all the stuff, that has happened to me. But I knew, I might not see Min Yoongi ever again. If I don’t say yes now, he might be gone forever again. Yoongi pressed his forehead against mine I saw his lips pursed and I opened my eyes looking at him. “Yes… I’ll come with you, Min Yoongi. But only until Jungkook’s feeling better. Then I’ll leave as soon as possible.” Yoongi nodded. “Deal.” He shook my hand as we went out of the car. I followed him and I remembered the place as clear as day, the stairs where I fell down. Upstairs Yoongi’s office, bedroom, and the bathroom as well as Jimin’s bedroom. “Should I show the kitten around, sir?” There stood that charming half blonde and half pink haired man. “It’s Y/N Meílíng, not kitten, hmph!” I scoffed as I did a sassy hair flip, Yoongi smirked as he went over to me. “Yes Kim Taehyung call her Y/N or Mrs. Lee, it’s not your kitten anyways. She’s here as a replacement for Jeon Jungkook until he recovers, however she’s not the combat type, so she’ll just organize stuff for us, simple paperwork and basic computer tech is her job.” He nodded as he bit his lips. “You’re quite hot, you know that? Taehyung’s the name but you can call me TaeTae.” He winked as I frowned crossing my arms, I’m not the type to fall for such cheap pickup lines or awful flirting techniques. “Okay Taehyung, you better back off. I’m not here to flirt with you. Anyways Mr. Min where should I begin?” Yoongi smiled as he put a hand on my back as we went upstairs, I pulled my skirt down, I knew you could see my panties from the cracks through the stairs. “Right this is my office, we’ve been here before. This is my bedroom, Park Jimin’s on the left and Kim Taehyung’s down the hall. Downstairs is Jeon Jungkook’s bedroom. I should check on his wounds.”
He went down the hall as I waited for him in the office, I scanned the room. There was a crimson red carpet a desk with papers scattered on it. Some books and a black suitcase on the shelf, as well as some photos of other gangs. “Okay, I just want you to organize the papers here for me. Some of them are marked as read and they should be placed in the paper bin. Alright?” I smiled nodding as I bent down picking up some papers, Yoongi clearly smirked as he turned around. “I saw that. Heh, you’re not so sneaky, you know that.” Yoongi wrapped his arms around my stomach as he lifted me off my feet. “I’d be careful wearing that kind of short skirts, my members aren’t really used to seeing a pretty woman wander around here you know? Also, your tank top is showing your bra underneath; I’d be cautious around my surroundings.” He whispered against my ear I could feel his breath on my neck and lips against my earlobe. “O-okay…! Just let me do this paperwork. I’ve a class around 12:00 AM.” Yoongi scoffed as he headed out of the room making his way to the kitchen heating up some hot water as he started to make breakfast. I saw some papers on what seems to be old information about Jayden and his gang members. I saw that it was marked ‘read’ with a red marker as I made a pile of the papers. I grabbed a bunch more, as I saw an old letter with a certain interest that woke up inside me. I slid it inside my black purse as I continued, the rest of the papers were just some new information and some magazine for weapons. I placed them on the desk as I threw all if the read material into the bin. “Breakfast’s ready if you’re interested.” I smiled as I put some hair behind my ear. “Yes sir, I’ve finished.” Yoongi had his surprised eyes looking at me as he checked the unread pile of the desk. “You’re quite impressive Y/N Meílíng Lee.” I shrugged my shoulders as I rubbed the back of my head. “Well, it’s nothing. I’m used to paperwork, after all, I’m an University teacher.”
I went downstairs as I saw Taehyung and some other man. “Hello, Mrs. Meílíng I’m Park Jimin. A pleasure meeting you.” He waved as he ate some avocado toast and drank orange juice. Next to him was the annoying player Kim Taehyung, he ate some scrambled eggs as he drank some strawberry milk. “Thank you too.” I bowed my head as I sat on the stool and Yoongi handed me a plate with rice balls and egg rolls along with a cup of hot chocolate. “Thank you, it looks delicious.” I took a sip of the creamy rich hot chocolate, it was delicious and made me warm on the inside. I began eating as Taehyung stared at my chest as I glared. “What’s with you, you’re being a pervert.” Taehyung raised an eyebrow as he chuckled, he got up as he looked at me. “You know Y/N, those tits are looking quite sexy in that tank top that’s too loose and short. I mean we could try one night together, don’t you think?—” Before he said another word Yoongi pulled him by the end of his white t-shirt as he growled. “Don’t annoy our new member here, I don’t want your blood on my hands Taehyung. And don’t make me repeat myself. Got it?” I blushed, feeling Yoongi’s protective presence but I finished eating. “Darn it. You usually don’t mind but do when it’s her.” I got up and I stretched my arms. “So was that all you wanted me to do? Or do you have more paperwork to do?” He drank some of his black coffee as he ate some beef strips. “Follow me.” He wrapped an arm around my waist as he walked guiding me. “This room you’ve been here before. I know, it must be uncomfortable. But we’ve caught that one dude you kicked the balls off, his name is Jayden. We’ve asked him questions, but it seems he’d rather not betray his Gang. So maybe you could get him to talk. You being a woman.” I fluttered my eyes as I sat in front of him his face bruised blue and red, blood on his black shirt. “Y-you… what the fuck is that whore doing in here?!—” I slapped his face as I was tired of hearing that word, from men I despised. “Shut up, or I’ll kill you now.” I lifted my left foot wearing some thick heels. “Shit, so she was working for you all alone?” He spit some blood out as he stared at me down and up. “Not that’s for you to worry about now. So how many members do you have from the Blood Vessel Gang?” He shook his head not wanting to spit a word out or stab his Leader in the back. Yoongi and I looked at each other clearly not convinced. “Don’t worry sir, I’ll handle it.” He headed out as I smirked I looked at him seductively. “You sure you don’t remember anything?~” I pulled up my tank top up my head as I was wearing a red strapless bra, I rubbed his knee as I sat on his leg. Yoongi clearly surprised as he watched the whole scene play in the camera room. “That Y/N, she sure is full of surprises. Heh, quite impressive.” He smirked as he watched me. “I— I, I, fuck you’re so goddamn hot. I’ll tell you, but promise you won’t tell anyone else babe.” I nodded rubbing his chin as I moved close he whispered some words and I felt his boner poke my thigh. The door busted open, Yoongi wasn’t that happy as he got me holding me on his shoulder. “Taehyung punish him, I have no use for him anymore. Maybe even get rid of him.” His eyes rolled jealous of him holding me, Yoongi left the room as he carried me to his bedroom. “Y-Yoongi let me down, I can walk on my own you-you know—!” He placed me on the bed as he was above me, staring at my body I got very self aware of my tank top not being on me anymore, and his words earlier too had an impact on me.
“Y/N that was quite impressive of you, the way you lifted that top like it’s no big deal. Your boyfriend must’ve been a lucky guy.” He played with my straps as I breathed against his neck, he whispered something in my ear, and I felt like I was in a daze. “Yoongi y-you’re close to me,” Yoongi mumbled against my earlobe, his voice so husky and deep. “Tell me, what did he whisper into your ear, tell me, baby girl.” I snapped out of my daze, I nodded as my voice was low. “H-he said, Seth’s men are around 20 people in his layer house.” Yoongi lips touched the back of my ear as I felt goosebumps on my body. “Thank you, you’re quite useful. Good work Y/N.” He got off me as I blushed red, I stood up struggling a bit as I felt my legs probably were numb from lying down for a long time. But Yoongi caught me, I was on top of him as the door clicked Jimin staring at us both. His hands on my back near my bra lock and mine on his chest. “Boss, Jayden’s unconscious. Taehyung dosed him with the sleep dose.—” Jimin’s jaw dropped as his eyes widen, he got flustered walking into his boss with a woman on top of him. “Right… I’ve gotten the information, good work. I’ll be down in a bit.” He nodded as he closed the door, Yoongi’s eyes staring at mine as they fluttered. “S-sorry, u-umm I fell and uh, I—” He smirked as he rubbed my bare back playing with the lock around my bra. “If you want me so badly, just tell me, Y/N. No need to fake collapse like that on me.” I gasped as I got up, and was extremely flustered about the whole thing. “S-shut it! I didn’t want you, just so you know, I have no plans of falling for some bad boy like you!” I crossed my arms, he chuckled as he cooed. “Aw what a shame, I kind of liked you a little.” He got up and told me to change, as he went out and gave me my tank top. “Yeah, I will, just leave me alone.” Yoongi left the room as I pulled my skirt down I tried to adjust my panties and its pad, the door clicked. “Sorry I forgot my phone—” Yoongi bit his lips as he saw my ass and I blushed red pulling my skirt up. “U-umm yeah sorry, here it is.” He cooed as he smirked at me. “Nice panties.” I was flustered as I got more red on my cheeks, I handed him his buzzing phone. “Sh-shut up… it’s already 10:45 AM? I should probably head home, I still need to change and pack my papers.” Yoongi nodded as he held the door for me I thanked him as I walked down pulling my skirt down. Taehyung watching TV as Jimin was cleaning the counter. “M-m-mmm already falling for the boss that’s a bad sign, Y/N. Thought you were only here to work?~” I crossed my arms as my eyes rolled. “I am, don’t think anything else—!” I protested as I frowned rolling my eyes. “Y/N just flashed me her panties just a moment ago, she’s quite the dangerous type.” Yoongi chuckled as I fluttered my eyes all embarrassed. Jimin and Taehyung chuckled as they winked at him all proud. “A-anyways come on.” I pulled his sleeve and he tagged along. “Gangnam station?” I nodded as he played some music, “Gogo Bebe” by Mamamoo played as I sang along smiling doing my hair in the mirror. “Thank you for helping me out today, it means a lot. Taehyung will learn to control himself, just don’t worry about him.” I rolled my eyes as my confidence rose up. “I know he’s just being a tease. But it’s alright, I mean I am single again, besides he seems to be close with you. So I’m fine. Ah, we’re here. See you around Min Yoongi.” I pinched his cheek as I got out waving to him as he drove away.
“Y/N? Was that just Min Yoongi? The leader of the Bangtan gang? What were you doing with him?” Namjoon stood there as he asked curiously and confusedly. “Upstairs at my place? I'll explain once we’re up there.” He sighed following me, I sighed as I sat down on the counter explaining the whole deal with Jungkook. “Y/N that seems like a terrible idea, you know they’re from a dangerous Mafia group. I’m worried about you, ya know that? I know you’ve missed Min Yoongi, but he isn’t the same dude you used to know and adore back then. He's dangerous and trouble, you might get killed if you’re not careful.” I closed my eyes in disappointment, before taking a deep breath. “Kim Namjoon. I know what I’m doing, so stop treating me a like a little helpless girl, alright? I know what Yoongi needs and his gang needs my help, I'm not shooting anyone or robbing a bank nor am I fighting anyone. The Bangtan just happens to have a wounded member, I can’t stand there and watch them falter.” Namjoon surprised but I could tell I made a clear point as I stood on my ground, this is what I chose. If that meant I could stay with Yoongi and watch him closely, then I’m not backing off not now, not ever. “Fine, just promise me you won’t get hurt and you’ll be extremely careful. I don’t want that bastard or any guys to hurt you ever again.” I smiled as he put on his shoes, he had to go and teach some basic lifting for a new member in his Fitness. I waved as I locked the door and showered, I thought about Yoongi carrying me on his shoulder, him being above me, then me on top of him and I bent over with my panties showing. I blushed hard as I shook my head trying not to think of dirty things, but my mind wondered if he was hot. Maybe abs, biceps flexing, and sharp jawline as I gave him a blowjob. His moans were probably heaven, his deep husky voice could make any woman weak. “A-ahh… Y/N keep going, don’t stop. Such a good baby girl wrapping her lips around Daddy’s crotch like that. Mmm…~” Yoongi groaned as he pulled my hair wanting me to suck him faster and deeper, I moaned too but he rubbed my hair. “Good, that feels just good… A-aah…” He finally came as I drank it all up, then he pulled up on his laps kissing me tasting himself and my lips. “Feeling great, baby girl? Was Daddy’s cock good for you, could you handle the size?” I nodded as we made out he rubbed and grabbed my ass but I grind on his crotch. He cursed my name as he groaned loudly I unclasped my bra, but I snapped back to reality as I had some students to teach and help today. “Ahh! Why am I thinking of such things? I’m so stupid for even fantasizing about those kinds of things.” I sighed as put on somebody lotion and wore some formal clothes, around 45 minutes passed as I was in the staff room organizing some papers. “Today’s period is going to shorter since I have a meeting to attend to. Anyways we’re taking to be and to have in their present, past and future forms, please.” Two students wrote on the blackboard their present forms, ‘I am’, ‘you are’, ‘he/she/it is’, ‘we are’, ‘they are’ and ‘I have’, ‘you have’, ‘he/she/it has’, ‘we have’, ‘they have’. I clapped as I smiled, they really impressed me, they’re quick learners after all. “Very nice now just for the past tenses please.” They wrote as I gave them new irregular verbs to memorize, I decided not to give them a lot of homework, other than a podcast they could listen to for help with pronunciation of certain English words. The class was over as I attended the meeting with other teachers, we were mostly discussing about how the next week’s schedule. After two hours I received a text from Yoongi, asking if we could meet up. “Around 3:30 PM? Can I pick you up “Gwanak-gu Office” Station?” I dialed the number as I called him. “Hey, no it’s alright I think I need to change first before coming over to you, I’ll see you there around 4:05 PM, okay? See you.~”
I smiled as I saved his contacts Min Yoongi, I made my way to the station as I listened to “HIP” by Mamamoo and I bopped my head to the beats. I arrived at my apartment taking off my heels as changed my outfit, I wore white see through the t-shirt, black heels, net knee stockings, and a red skirt its length to my knees, black shorts underneath. I tied my hair in a ponytail as I wore my Rolex watch on my right wrist. “I’m here.” I texted him as a black car arrived, “MIC Drop” by BTS playing, Yoongi was wearing some black sunglasses as he focused on the road. “So. how was your day with the students? They must really admire you, huh?” I smiled as I looked in the small round mirror I always had with me. I rubbed some red lipgloss on my lips. Yoongi’s gaze fixated on me and my red lips as I spoke. “Well just the usual, it’s more the other way around I admire them for learning so fast and always being so smart.” He stopped the car at the red light as he put his hand on my knee as it rubbed my thigh, I blushed crimson red. “Sorry thought it was the break, I’ll move just give me a second.” Yoongi removed his black sunglasses as he used some drops for his eyes putting his contacts on. I didn’t mind his hand on my thigh, it was warm and I didn’t feel uncomfortable unlike with Daniel. “It’s fine, also green light. So um what’s today’s plans regarding me?” He drove a few more meters as he parked the car, he opened the door as he helped me out holding my hand. “It’s at a nightclub, you have to find someone called Jackson Wang. A member of the GOT7 Gang. However I want you to seduce him, he’s not captivated by the usual women at the club. Is that okay with you?” I nodded, I hesitated but I did tell Namjoon about it and I was determined not to back down now. I wanted Min Yoongi to trust me again and maybe he’ll change for my sake too. “Alright just give me some details about his looks, and I’ll do it,” Taehyung smirked at me as I rolled my eyes, Jimin showing a picture of Jackson Wang, he was a handsome man with light brown hair slicked back. “Wow, he’s so handsome…” I blushed as I stuttered a bit Yoongi took the photo as he scoffed. “Anyways come with me to my office. I need to speak to you in private.” He held my hand as he pulled me upstairs, I followed curiously. “I still have yet to test you for loyalty. So Jimin and Taehyung watch her closely.” Yoongi smirked as he sat on the bed staring at me up and down, his eyes scanned me and my body. “Y/N. If I can trust you, then come sit on my laps.”
I gasped as I stood there my eyes widened. “W-what? Really? Do I have to?” Jimin chuckled as Taehyung smirked at me. I sighed as I walked over to Yoongi taking my scrunchie off my hair as it went loose as I sat on his laps. “Mmm… are you nervous Y/N? Are you scared of me?” He lifted my chin as he held onto my hips and I grind against him, he hummed. He came close to my face as he put some hair behind my ear as he whispered something into my ears and I grabbed onto his shoulders. “Just like this and Jackson Wang will be convinced with your presence, Baby girl.” I blushed as he pressed our foreheads together, I closed my eyes. “R-right I will, Min Yoongi.” Yoongi told Jimin and Taehyung to leave us as he pinned me on the bed. “Why are you so dangerously cute? You’re making me crazy, you know that? Why did Daniel Jones have to be the lucky guy dating you? You made me suffer so much. I wanted you so bad all these years. Am I really that much of a bad guy for you to love?” I gulped as my eyes fluttered at his eyes looked into mine deeply, I could tell he was genuine and serious about this. I reached out cupping his cheeks, he rested his face in my palm cuddling against it. He was being needy as he pressed his forehead against mine, his eyes closed as I massaged his scalp with the other hand. “Why are you so handsome up close, it’s not fair either.” He sighed as he showed me his pouty lips, I haven’t seen since high school, my eyebrows furrowed, he seemed hurt and lonely. “Can I kiss you…?” Min Yoongi asked as he leaned in his breath touched my lips, as his eyes were curious and blinking. “B-but I… I thought… I was only here to work for you.—” He closed his eyes as he shook his head. “I like you. I like you so badly and I want you too, so badly. Seeing Daniel Jones take away something, that was mine made me angry. So just this once, can I steal my first kiss from you?” His eyes were needy and his lips pouting, he was too cute and my eyes fluttered as I close my eyes pulling him close.
His lips met mine soft and smooth, I massaged his scalp as I blushed pink then my arms wrapped around his back. Yoongi’s hands found their way to my white shirt as he unbuttoned it, I gasped but he kept kissing me deeper and harder. He licked my bottom lip wanting permission for his tongue to enter. “Yoongi… I’m nervous…” His face came close to mine as he caressed my cheek, his eyes full of compassion and love. “Don’t be. I won’t hurt you the way he did. You can trust me.” My shirt fully unbuttoned as he rubbed my breasts a bit, my soft flesh in his veiny hands as I let out soft cute moans into his ear. “Mmm… they’re so soft. And they smell nice too, like coconuts.” He kissed me a few times as his hands squeezed them. “A-aah, it’s my body lotion. Be careful I’m quite sensitive there— A-ah, a-ah~” He began kissing my chest as he made love marks, I moaned and whined his name. I felt his tongue lick them in circles before finally taking one hardened nipple into his mouth, he started to suck. My back arching as I moaned pulling his hair. “Y/N… M-mmm I can’t take it anymore, your moans are driving me crazy.” He said as he slid his black suit off, he had abs, a 6 pack to be specific and I noticed the ‘heartbreaker’ tattoo on his left breast, a Chinese dragon leading to his torso. “Come here Min Yoongi.” I kissed him as he pulled me on his laps as he wrapped his arms around me, holding onto my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our kissing didn’t interrupt, his plum lips felt so good against mine, I felt something inside me, I felt butterflies in my stomach, the love in my heart and I just wanted time to stop. I pulled my red skirt down as he unbuttoned my black shorts, his breath was panting as we continued to make out. He was above me as he swirled his tongue around mine I moaned as he smiled into the kiss. Yoongi finally got under my shorts as he groped and massaged my ass cheeks. “A-aahh~ Y-Yoongi.” My tongue clicked as he smirked more seeing my panties as he rubbed my ass and kept kissing me. I felt, his clothed bulge poke my thigh as I looked, it was erected those skinny jeans made it too easy and visible to see. “Sorry. You’re turning me on a lot.” I blushed as I rubbed his clothed bulge, he groaned and cussed in response. “M-mmm… A-aah…!” He rocked his hips against my hands as I stroked him with both my hands, he stuck his tongue out as he groaned a bit. “Y-Yoongi how big are you? You sure have grown since we last went to the beach.” I sat on his laps slowly grinding him as he kissed my chest, I hugged his head as I stroked his blonde hair moaning as I felt his lips place kisses all over my breasts. His bulge twitching like crazy as he groaned, I rubbed harder and rougher, as we both let out moans and grunts. “Boss, we should head out now, Jackson has been spotted at the nightclub. What are you two doing anyway so loud—?” Taehyung stared as he clenched his fist clearly jealous about Yoongi kissing me and I grinding him. “I’ll be there in a moment, just get the car ready.” He rolled his eyes as he scoffed walking out, I rubbed my hair as Yoongi kissed me. “Sorry but we’ve to go now, maybe next time we’d be able to do it?” I nodded as I was blushing red. I buttoned my white shirt as I put on my black shorts and pulled up my red skirt. “Okay, so light brown slick hair and white suit, he’s from Hong Kong. Okay got it.” I spoke into my speaker as Jimin guided me. I tried to look around as I walked to the bar. Yoongi watching me closely from upstairs as he looked around too, Taehyung still pissed and Jimin smiling at me.
“Dangerous” by Kardinal Offishall featuring Akon. I grabbed a glass of French Rosé as I took a sip and my eyes caught the attention of Jackson Wang sitting on the couch with a couple of ladies around his arms. I blushed, he was quite hot and sitting there with his legs open. I wouldn’t mind sitting on his laps. “Found him.” I said as I tugged away my speaker into my bra. I set my hair in a ponytail as I unbuttoned my white shirt. “Okay. Showtime.” I walked sexily as my heels clicked the ground as I stood in front of him. He signaled telling the ladies to move aside, I sat next to him his arm around me as I drank my Rosé. “Hmm, haven’t seen you around here before are you new or do you come here often?” Jackson cooed as he whispered into my ear and our eyes met, looking at each other deeply. “Oh goodness, he’s dangerously hot!” I shook my head as I rubbed his thigh playing innocent. “No, I don’t come here often, since I don’t have a lot of friends. Buut… maybe you could be mine? Or more than just a friend?~” I said pursing my lips together as I leaned close to his face. Jackson smirked as he grabbed onto my hips and pulled me onto his laps as he rubbed my shorts groping my ass. “God, you’re smoking hot, baby girl. Can you kiss me?” He leaned in, as I blushed and I panicked a bit as my eyes closed. I felt his breath against my lips as his left hand cupped my cheek. But I felt myself getting yanked from his laps and into someone arms, Yoongi stood there holding me tightly as he pointed his gun at Jackson. “Jackson Wang, give me the information and I won’t kill you.” He nodded as he scoffed, Jimin held his arms as he used some ropes to tie him and pushed him to walk. “Close call, he almost kissed what’s mine. But he didn’t.” He chuckled as he held me close rubbing my waist, I looked up blushing. He held me up on his stomach as he hugged me, I felt him kiss my neck, I let out a soft moan into his ear as we sat in the back seat. “So when did she become a member of yours Min Yoongi?” Jackson scoffed as he was next to Taehyung in middle row lighting up his cigarette. “Not that long, but she’s quite the seducer isn’t she?” Yoongi cooed as he rubbed my thigh, I blushed checking my unread texts from Hoseok. “Y/N Lee Meílíng, are you serious? Why are you helping the Mafia Bangtan Gang? Your life could be in serious danger!” I sighed before texting back. “Hoseok you don’t understand, I want to help Min Yoongi out. Maybe then he’ll go back to his usual self. Besides they’ve a wounded member there’s no way I’d just let him get hurt just cause they’re missing one member. Please just trust me, I’m a strong woman too, you know…” We finally stopped at the apartment as they spoke with Jackson in the living room, it seemed rather easy. He was willing to cooperate in giving whatever information he had on the Blood Vessel Gang. I in the kitchen as I drank a glass of cold water, Jungkook came as he tried to reach for banana milk in the refrigerator. He was struggling to get it with his right arm all bandaged up, I stood on my tippy toes as I handed it to him. “Thanks, Noona.” I smiled as I nodded my head. “Yeah, you’re welcome.” He waddled back to the stairs slowly walking to his room. “It’s a deal Mr. Min Yoongi, let’s meet up at HipHop Club Cream.” He glanced at me before bowing his head and winking. “Hope you’ll be there too, Mrs. Y/N.”
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lovemesomesurveys · 4 months ago
do you have a lot of barbecues during the summer? Not anymore, but growing up we did quite often.
do you plan on going to the movies soon? to see what? I’d like to, but probably not anytime soon.
do you tie your shoes or just tuck in the laces? I tie them.
What is one present you got for your last birthday? A new pair of Adidas.
What is one thing that you took to show and tell as a kid? Hmm. Probably a Barbie or something.
Do you remember losing your first tooth? Not the very first, but I remember eating an apple and loosing a tooth.
In the summer would u rather have the windows down or the AC on in the car? I’d definitely turn the AC on. Rolling the windows down just blows hot air.
are you itchy anywhere right now? Not at the moment, but I probably will now.
Have you ever thrown anything at a moving car? Uh, no. 
Have you ever been addicted to a game? What game? I get really into Mario games. And The Sims.
What song makes you laugh when you hear it? Hmm.
do you believe in "the one"? I don’t know.
Do you like maple cookies? I don’t think I’ve ever had a maple cookie before. <<< Me either, but that does sound good. I love maple.
Have you ever volunteered anywhere? where? Tons of places.
are you afraid to pop a balloon? Yes, haha. I’m such a jumpy person. Even if I’m expecting something I’d still get scared.
Name one person you'd like to see this month. I don’t want to see anyone outside of my parents and brother right now.
How high do you put the volume while using headphones? When listening to ASMR I put the volume all the way up. If I’m watching a regular video or listening to music then maybe like half way, it depends.
When was the last time you laughed when you shouldn't have? I don’t recall. What would be the worst possible way to be woken up? I hate when I wake up from a horrible dream that feels so real that I wake up literally sobbing and shaking.
which was better: lion king 1 or lion king 2? Oh, the first hands down.
Do any of your grandparents have a tattoo? No.
When was the last time you had a bubble bath? When I was a kid.
have you ever had a pet rock? No, but I did collect rocks as a kid.
Do you believe in marriage? Sure, I just don’t see myself getting married.
What word do you say way too much? “Nice.”
What do you usually buy when you go to the corner store? I haven’t gone to like a 7/11 or anything in quite awhile, but I used to all the time cause I live close to one and I’d go and get all kinds of snacks and a drink, like a soda or Slurpee.
are you currently cold? No.
do you believe that your pets feel love towards you? Yes.
what is a creative way to paint your nails? I wouldn’t know.
does your computer have built in speakers or do you have some plugged in? They’re built into the laptop.
bubbles or sidewalk chalk? I liked drawing with chalk as a kid.
What do you use to tell time when your gone out somewhere? My phone.
what color is your alarm clock? I use my phone, which is gold.
what brand is your TV? Philips. 
are you proud of your body? Nooo. I’m extremely self-conscious.
Watermelon or Cherries? Watermelon.
What is your all time favorite song? I couldn’t choose just one.
Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? On TV shows and movies, yeah. Eric Northman on True Blood started my love for Alexander Skarsgard.
What is the band you've listened to most lately? I haven’t been listening to music lately.
how much effort do you put into how you look? Not at all anymore. :/ I’m a mess.
Favorite brand of cookies? Not really a favorite brand, just favorite types like sugar and shortbread.
what would you do if you found out your mother had killed someone? Uh, wow. I don’t know...
If you could meet anyone who lived before your time, who would it be? Lucille Ball.
Do you pay for your own things? Some things.
Have you ever been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance? Yes.
Do you think the world is getting worse every year? Kinda feels that way.
Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? Yeah, a few.
Have you ever gone a day without eating? Yeah. 
How do YOU believe the world & universe started? I believe God created the world and everything in it.
What was the topic of the last essay you wrote? I don’t remember.
how old were you when you discovered what sex was? Uhhh. Elementary school sometime.
Do you wish you had smaller feet? My feet are small.
Have you ever stuck gum under a desk/chair? EW, no. That is so incredibly disgusting like why do people do that?? *barf*
When shopping at a grocery store, do you return your cart or just leave it? We return it.
What is one thing you'd never want your parents to find out? Hmm.
Who is the best cook in your house? My parents and brother are all great cooks and have their own specialties.
When you were little, did you like Dr. Suess books? Yeah.
Have you ever felt trapped in a relationship? In a way I did.
How many dryer sheets do you put in a load of laundry? I’m not the one who does the laundry, my mom helps me with that.
Recommend a good book to me. Check out the many different series from Willow Rose and Mary Stone, as well as the Emma Griffin series by AJ Rivers if you’re into murder mysteries and psychological thrillers.
What would you consider unforgivable? If someone murdered one of my family members? <<< Most definitely.
When you hear someone talking about lice, does your head start itching? Ugh, yes. 
What would be a clever name for a giraffe? Haha, I named one of my giraffe stuffed animals Gigi, as in GG, meant to stand for Giant Giraffe because it stands 4ft tall.
Are there any items of jewelry you never/rarely take off? No, not anymore. I haven’t worn any jewelry in a long time.
What's something you like to do while you're drunk? I haven’t been drunk or drank alcohol at all in almost 10 years.
Do you think you deserve more than what you have? I don’t think I deserve anything.
Would you rather give your food to a homeless shelter or money to charity? Give food to a homeless shelter. And other items.
Kiss on the neck or kiss on the cheek? Depends.
True or False: you this read wrong True. 
Don't you hate when you hit your tooth on your cup trying to get a drink? Yeah. Or with a fork is even worse.
Which store would you choose to max out a credit card? I wouldn’t ever want to max out my credit card. <<<
Who has the loudest mouth in your house? My dad talks loud.
Can you understand Shakespeare English? No, but that’s why there’s SparkNotes or modernized versions. <<< Ha, yep. Quite helpful.
Do you usually buy or make your Halloween costumes? I just put simple stuff together.
Do you like eating out at restaurants? I used to. These past few years I’ve become a major homebody and just prefer takeout. With the pandemic I’ve had a ton of takeout.
What was your least favorite year of your life so far? These past few.
What is the most ridiculous law you ever heard about? There’s a lot of really random, ridiculous ones.
Is your name common? Very.
If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get? I just want doggos.
Do you like fried bologna? I’ve never had it, but I do love regular bologna sandwiches.
How do you act around people you dislike? Probably the same, just slightly more disinterested in what they have to say. <<< Yeah. I’m also more short and don’t engage much in the conversation. 
Do you like decorating rooms or would you rather have someone else do it ? I don’t have the creativity or knack for that, it would just stress me out. I’d much rather hire someone. 
Have you ever been to Canada? No.
have you spent money on a game online? I have on apps on my phone.
Are you good at making small talk? Noo, I’m the worst.
Has someone ever taken something from you that you could never replace? Yes.
Are you a fan of tattoos? Eh, I kinda want a little one but it’s not a big deal if I don’t. 
Are you bikini ready? I don’t wear bikinis or any kind of bathing suit.
What do you dislike the most about being the gender that you are ? Menstrual cycles sucked.
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thelordstears · 8 months ago
One final huzzah before 2021! The last Tumblr post before next year! I present, more fucking writing!!!
“Can’t? Who’s going ta fucking stop me?” - Gunther Mirowick
"Don't you know the worst 'a people's heart don't beat black but for the fear 'a losin' another?" - Gunther Mirowick
"Ya know how it is, people who's main goal is ta put people in caskets life is already in one, I got the nails, dare you give me the hammer?" - Dylan Huffers
"The lord forgives, no sin, he simply watches as the world burns around him, and the toys he once called his favorite, rot in the toy chest." - Quentin Satchel
"I ask only save other's even if I can't save myself." - Andrea Maywill
"The world asked me to be less than who I am and like a fool I walked into the mirror as if my reflection showed who I am." - Ash Caesar
"What's best for humanity is often what's worst for the man doing the acts." - Max Caldiph
"Life pushes those who resist the destiny given to them by birth." - Sarkelus Johnson
"Can't paint a full picture without time, the same's with the whole truth I suppose." - Carmen Vanberg
"Mr. Abernathy, ain't that just a synonym for dead man walking?" - Simon Rossburg 
  "You stand on hope as if it were the only thing savin' ya from magma underneath the fuckin' ground. If you do, stop hopin', you'd fall straight to the earth's core, you'd find the atmosphere, and find not even a single star, it's funny, 'ow men, women, they cling to what keeps em sane, but don't realize it could make em insane in the blink of an eye. Because when we lose what makes us sane, we often turn to the darkest sides of our mind, and lose it. So, Alec, what keeps you sane, isn't really solid ground, it's as liquified as water." - Shawn Werdelstein
"Don't call me a saint wifout knowin' my sin." - Alpha Sticcs
"I'm not shackled by moral law. Just my own." - Howard Wraith
"Never mistake the night sky for a canvas of dark, remember the stars, the moon." - Varkens Willowbrook
"You want to become the law? Lie." - Porter Blackburn
"You think you know what it is to live, then you pull a trigger, and you know what it is to die." - Luther Woolhaun
“ Izetta is beautiful in all her brokenness. She faced the same horrors as me. But some part of me believes she stayed pure. She can still dance, hey eyes still sparkle.. as do Stella's. But I imagine the sparkle in my eyes are that of a star you'd see in the sights of a telescope, long since imploded.” - Abigail Blackrock
“ Life has shown me all it's horrors, and not enough beauties. I'm a survivor. But by God, the cost of surviving is your innocence, and by God, surviving has killed me." - Abigail Blackrock
"My heart is a drum. A warning of war to come.” - Buth Giggles
“ I could pretend ta be a kind soul, or I could show ya the pitch black shadow inside me heart and scare ya half ta death, and beat the other half 'a life outta ya.” - Buth Giggles
“ The man I love is gone, and though he still walks this earth, he is not who I knew. He's twisted in nature and his thoughts are no longer of me, just sinister.” - Yessenia Deleblossom
“ I'm your shadow as you are mine. Your actions have consequences old forsaken enemy of mine. The consequence of your actions? Me." - Yessenia Deleblossom
"I'd rather live in the fantasy of my books than my distorted reality. I'd rather be Wendy, flying with Peter Pan than crashing into the atmosphere of my own damn pain.” - Gwyn Bavis
"All my life I've praised the lord, so tell me why it is, demons knock at my door.” - Colton Stilts
“ I don't believe Hell to be a place of eternal torment, because honestly, then we're just causing the pain we condemn.” - Colton Stilts
“ Blame the man who scarred you, not yourself.” - Colton Stilts
"Outta all the damned souls I've saved, you'd think I could save my own. But here I am, Bible in one hand, gun in my nightstand.” - Howard Wraith
“ She asks me what I've become, oh, nothing but a wraith of my own mind I'd imagine. A wraith is described to be a ghostlike figurine of someone, usually seen before or after a death. So I imagine I'm just the wraith my mother saw before the slaughter of everything she loved.” - Howard Wraith
“ I've been given chance after chance and yet here I am in a murder 'a crows as if it was were I belonged. I fly on black wings and cracked beak. Swooping down like a vulture, I hover around death as if it were the only thing keeping me alive.” - Howard Wraith
“ I imagine the devil wears a suit and tie and he resides in my reflection.” - Howard Wraith
“ I ain't got no reason ta my madness, just greed.” - Howard Wraith
“ All I rely on these days are my six shooter and wit. Ain't no one gonna touch a man with wit sharper than any metal, and bullets faster than any being.” - Howard Wraith
“ What is God in a town of God fearing people?” - Howard Wraith
“ My family can love me but that doesn't change who I am, only what they see. They're blind to the truth I imagine, cause all they've fed themselves is a pure lie, but I'm the bloodstained truth." - Howard Wraith
"I am the law. Defy that and I can change the definition to bury you.” - Porter Blackburn
“ You're nothing, really. Just a stepping stone. And to someone who wants the world to burn, I imagine everyone is a stepping stone. Just a pebble to throw in the river. Just another bullet in the magazine. Just another casualty, in the end.” - Porter Blackburn
“ I have been this sinful best of blue uniform and pale smile for many years now, I imagine I wore a mask for so long that when I took it off I didn't recognize the crazed man underneath.” - Porter Blackburn
 "'Ow da ya differentiate saint and sinna'? I imagine it'd be da intent 'a da damn sin and not da sin itself.” - Laramie Diamond 
“ Da blood spillin' gives ya a rush loike no other can. It pumps your blood, and stops pumpin' anoder's.” - Laramie Diamond 
"I'm on a long road, and unfortunately death follows. Has all my life, it has me in a tight grip, I imagine I'll never escape her dark shadow. She is me, after all. Death is the end of life and I've ended the life I had with a sin for a sin. Abuse for abuse is no cure at all, just a curse that happens to be a remedy.” - Annawillow Glass
“ I protect her from the horrors of this world, but who protects me? I imagine it's always been myself. And though I wear wool, remember even hooves can deal damage. And even deer have horns." - Annawillow Glass
“ Ya can claim ya know me all ya like, but my response will always be the same, "No, you knew me." People change. It ain't always for the best, so accept I'm sinful and move on lest my wrath of hammer and broken bones meets your end destination.” - Shawn Werdelstein
“ I'm the destructive beauty of nature. Flames licking against the bark of a witherin' tree, the mix of purple and blue winds of a damn hurricane and da dance 'a predator and prey, so eloquent, and yet so damn bloody.” - Shawn Werdelstein 
"The darkness appears as a Venus flytrap would to a fly, it lures you in with a false sense of security, and when you land in it's maw, it snaps it's jaws, swallowing whole everything you were.” - Drake Chains 
“ Will has found himself in my tale, and I have found myself in his. But we're both beasts, and monsters can't be near one another lest they tear each other apart in the forest they've marked their own sinful territory.” - Drake Chains
“ Ya can't save a man who's sinned all his life, really. Ya can only delay the inevitable. The fire'll always lick at 'is feet, the blood 'a men and women slain will always stain 'is hands, and the innocence he lost will always run from 'is damn veins.” - Al Buchanan 
“ She was my sun. My only star in the night sky. I begged, I pleaded, I prayed, please don't take my sunshine away, but God didn't give me any resolution. All he ever did was listen and move on.” - Al Buchanan 
"My dreams are poison I sip from, imagine how deadly my nightmares are. Because when dreams die, they become a tear stained memory you can't ever hold, and yet I return to them regardless. I sip from this poison looking for a cure. But all it ever was is toxic.” - Armello Vanricks 
“ If you don't have hope, you might as well be dead. And if that's the case, nail the coffin lid shut, bury me beneath wicked soil and carve my name into a gravestone. "Armello Vanricks, the lost boy who never found home." - Armello Vanricks 
“ War is a beast like no other. It leaves men dead, turns women into widows, children into orphans and mother's into, just another woman.” - Damien Werzelshaw 
“ Anyone's smile could be sinister, anyone could be hiding something, and anyone can gun you down if your back is turned.” - Damien Werzelshaw 
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