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#have two tests next week :(

if anyone would like a good starbucks holiday drink hack: chai tea latte with no water and sub eggnog is so delicious and it tastes like christmas in a cup

#but pls do not reblog this because it’s ACTUALLY A VENT POST I JUST FELT WEIRD DOING THE LIL DOT AND NOTHING ELSE SO FEEL FREE TO IGNORE!!!!, #anyways today has been A Day on top of A Week honestly like, #i have so much fucking university shit to do like i have two essays due this week i haven’t started, #i have to memorize two german pieces for my lesson on thursday, #and to top it all off!! i got a phone call from my father :)), #and i didn’t answer his call yesterday and i felt guilty because i hadn’t seen him in over a month because i was sick and busy, #and so i answered and he asked me to come over tonight, #did not even ask if i was feeling better!!! if i was still sick!! despite the fact that i got tested for covid because of my symptoms!, #he just asked me to come over tonight and i said no because. essays!!, #and he asked me to come over tomorrow and i said no again and i probably can’t for the next two weeks, #and i thought it was because he wanted to see me but turns out :) he just fucked up something on his wife’s citizenship application :), #and needs me help figuring it out :), #and like pandemic regulations ASIDE!! WHICH STATE I CANNOT GO TO ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD!!, #I HAVE FOUR ESSAYS DUE WITHIN A ONE WEEK PERIOD AND FINALS, #so i said. i cannot come over for like three weeks because of school., #and then he just huffed and said ‘alright’ and then hung up a few seconds later, #the entire phone call was literally 1:09 LIKE!!!!!, #I AM SO!!!! DONE!!!!!!!, #SO DONE!!!!!!!!!!, #LIKE IGNORE THE FACT THAT U PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE ON ME TO BE ‘THE GOOD ONE’ AND CONSTANTLY COMPARE ME TO MY BROTHER, #HE SAYS HES HAPPY IM GETTING A DEGREE BUT DOESNT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THE AMOUNT OF WORK I PUT INTO IT, #AND WHY I CANT DROP EVERYTHING TO SEE HIM WHEN IT WORKS FOR HIM, #AND FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN SO TERRIFIED OF HIM KNOWING I LIKE GIRLS!!!!!, #BECAUSE HE HAS STRAIGHT UP TOLD ME HE DOESNT BELIEVE IN BEING GAY!!!!, #AND THAT IF MY BROTHER WAS GAY HE WOULDNT BE HIS SON ANYMORE!!!!, #AND IVE BEEN SO SCARED OF BEING DISOWNED THAT IVE SAID NOTHING, #and now. that the possibility of me dating a girl is here. i have been terrified to have that conversation with him, #and have thought out all the ways i can avoid it, #BUT LIKE!!!! WHY THOUGH!!!! BECAUSE WHATS GONNA HAPPEN!!!!, #LIKE ALL IM LOSING IS HIS FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND I CAN FUCKING GO WITHOUT THAT IF HE DECIDED TO CHOOSE HIS SHITTY VIEW OVER HIS ONLY DAUGHTER
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I took your hand in dawning light

Run, you said, and run, we did

We ran until the edge of night

Where morning waits in rose

You looked at me with dying eyes

Run, you said, and run, we did

Until the stars did realize

That that’s the path we chose

You stood in front, to save my soul

Run, you said, and run, we did

We’ll run until the world is whole

Or ‘til we decompose

They killed you first, they killed me last

Run,  you said, and run, we did

To save the future, save the past?

There’s no one left who knows

You fell into my arms in death

Run, you said, and run, we did

You smiled until my final breath

I wept until the close

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medical school: we want you to be healthy! here’s how to recognize burnout 🥰

medical school: here’s a day where you’re responsible for 13 hours of instruction between lab, online lectures, classes, and other instructional modules as well as a quiz, not counting travel time between campus and home. it’s also Election Day, so don’t forget to vote 😁

medical school: it’s so important to take time for your mental health and take space away from learning!! really take time to prioritize you this winter 💕💕

medical school: because we’re online we’re not giving you the wellness day you usually have once a semester.

medical school: but don’t forget to do research, club activities, extracurriculars, and shadowing if you want to have a good resume for residency!!

medical school: have a great week 🥰🥰

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