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bucket-of-amethyst · a month ago
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Canon Dialogue™ I spent the entire day working on these 2 drawings as a way to manifest them Not Dying in the next session! PLeasE survivE they deserve the world
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ratbastardbilly · 9 days ago
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☀️ spending the summer in Italy ☀️ 
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thotful-opinions4u · 5 months ago
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gothams-gone-rouge · 5 months ago
Hey if y’all see Dent today, tell him happy 2/22/22. I swear he fuckin grinned at me and gave me a two dollar bill. I’m counting it as my allowance
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sarahsedserio · 4 months ago
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separatist-apologist · 16 days ago
YOU’RE A MOM??????????????
that’s so freaking cool, it’s official now, you’re the coolest person in this fandom, point, blank PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just another addition to the “moms are the best writers” lore
LOL yeah I talk about being a teen mom in the tags of my posts all the time. I'm not a teen NOW but I was when I had my ten year old and truly, I feel like that was when I came into my chaotic, unhinged persona. Just me + one curly blonde baby in a donut print carrier against the world
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handweavers · 3 months ago
spent my friday night in the garage peeling bark off of branches for dyeing but it was too difficult for some of them so i resorted to just placing the branches on the ground and beating the shit out of them with a mallet until they'd crack into pieces. also i boiled a bunch of spruce leaves for a couple hours and it smelled so good
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magpie-trove · 3 months ago
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God as Fraulein Maria prays this for Captain Vonn Trapp
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wuvvywover · 3 months ago
tonight's session 🥰🥰🥰🥰
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stormyoceans · 4 months ago
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fantomeforelle · 4 months ago
Me, receiving nice comments on Ao3 while i’m sketching fanart for my favorite fics: this is what life is all about.
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jxdxs · 7 days ago
i missed day drinking with my cousins in a truck bed so bad
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littlepurplefangirl · 11 days ago
If Umbrella Ben was with the rest of his siblings at the time when they all got back to 2019, things would be total chaos seeing both Sparrow and Umbrella Ben interact.
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smudgeandfrank · a year ago
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rozugold · 23 days ago
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evienyx · 7 months ago
A Place Between the Walls, Part 3- A Place to Dine
“Lo siento, Tío,” she murmured.
Tío Bruno was fiddling with his hands, his fingers folding over one another, unfolding, and then folding back into a different shape. His brow was scrunched, the way it had been when he was preparing for the vision with Mirabel.
Still, he shrugged, and let out a small, forced laugh. “It’s all right. Sooner it’s done, sooner it’s over with, right?”
The morning after the miracle returns, the Madrigals are on top of the world. Mirabel and Tío Bruno, stuck with the knowledge of his vision from the previous night and preparing to tell Abuela about it, are decidedly less excited than the rest of their family is.
- - -
Part Three is out now, get it while it's hot and fresh. Like bread or something, I don't know.
I currently have the rough outlines for the next five parts finished, and I am working on the polished one for Part 4, which is expected currently to be multi-chapter. We shall see.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this part!
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fanficmemes · 7 months ago
Christmas margarita time!!! Legs r SHAKEY rn
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