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#having nostalgic evenings giffing old faves
sncwbaz · 3 years ago
ten films, ten gifs.
rules: post gifs from your ten favourite movies without naming them, and then tag ten people.
tagged by: @violetbronte (you literally tagged me ages ago, i’m so late to do this oops) (love this tag tho)
i tag: @ncphix @simonandtyrannus @mexicanspirit @whales-are-gay @ravenclawbaz @mintaero @magiccereal @panickedcastiel-at-thedisco @jjjolly @arituzz (don’t feel any pressure to actually do the tag though. and sorry if i tagged you if you’ve been already tagged.)
the films/gifs: (no particular order)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Favorite Childhood Movies
Post ten GIFs of movies you loved as a child, then tag ten people. Optional: Tell us why you love(d) the films you picked.
tagged by @trench-coat-wearing-angel thank you this was a nice little trip down memory lane!
First of all I feel like saying that I have shitty memory, like it’s very hard to remember childhood shit in more than vague ideas. So like remembering movies I liked took me a while, and some of these I only remember the vague memory and feeling of it rather than why I liked it or what it’s about beyond a basic idea. But whatever here we go, not in any particular order:
1. Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island
Tumblr media
I mean what’s not to love? I could probably put all the scooby-doo movies from the 90s-2000s era (witches curse, cyber chase, etc.) because I remember vividly watching them on cartoon network whenever they were on as a kid. I put this one specifically because it’s probably the best (though actually it’s tied easily with witches curse tbh)
2. Snow Queen (2002)
Tumblr media
(first off i could only find like two gifs for this movie so...) Okay like this one is one I loved as a kid. Whenever me, my sister, and my cousins stayed at my (dad’s side) grandparents house we’d go to blockbuster and we’d get to pick out movies. I would always pick this one, like every time. Plus my cousins always picked Jurassic Park and at that point I was terrified of that movie (while I love it now) so this was what I watched while they watched that. Also when Frozen came out I was lowkey disappointed because it’s based off the snow queen but is pretty much NOTHING like the original fairy-tale (which is one of my fave fairytales because of this movie) so like it made me a little bitter
3. Moulin Rouge
Tumblr media
Yeah... uh not really a kids movie. But literally one of my favorites both then and now. Like I adored this movie. I even stole the dvd from my grandparents because I wanted it at home. I just, I loved the love story and the music and the vibes. Just I adored it. (but yeah... I do have to question why I was allowed to watch this when I was under the age of 10?)
4. Scooby-Doo (live-action)
Tumblr media
Okay a lot of my childhood was evidently Scooby-Doo filled. And I mean, with masterpieces like this how can I complain? Seriously though, this movie was so fun and just great at the time and now. Plus like literally perfect casting.
5. The Pagemaster
Tumblr media
This movie I remember my (mom’s side) grandparents having this movie in their collection in their RV and I remember it always being one of my go-to’s to watch whenever we went camping or were staying in the RV somewhere. Like it was one of my favorites there. Also I thought it was cool that it was live action and animated. Also the horror section was SO SCARY
6. Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School
Tumblr media
Yes. Another scooby-doo movie. like I said apparently my childhood is 80% scooby-doo. I’m not complaining. This one though it’s like one of those secret special memories where I remember it always being special whenever I caught it on tv and like I remember it seeming like it only came on once in a blue moon. Idk this one’s got like weird memory vibes attached to it but in a good way.
7. Oliver and Company
Tumblr media
This one is still my favorite disney movie tbh. Like it just makes me really happy to watch it. Both then and now. I remember loving this as a kid, don’t remember my reasoning, but I know I did. (also I still really want an orange cat so I can name him Oliver)
8. Peter Pan (2003)
Tumblr media
I still think this is hands down the best Peter Pan movie to date. It’s just so good and I’d watch it a lot as a kid. Also I think I had a crush on Peter as a kid too so. It was just a magical movie and so good. 
9. The Little Vampire
Tumblr media
I actually watched this recently because I was feeling nostalgic. Okay, so I remember loving this movie every October when it would come onto Disney Channel. It was definitely one of my favorites during that time of year to watch. And, if I may say so, it still holds up considering. 
10. Tuck Everlasting
Tumblr media
Another movie I rewatched recently out of nostalgia! It just was a movie I really enjoyed, and I also have memories of watching it whenever my mom would bring me and my sister to her office. I mean, I remember we’d bring along a small (old and probably heavy) tv and this movie and watch it in her office while she did real estate agent stuff. It was nice. (also I always thought she was the same age as Tuck, but she’s like 13/14?!? so rewatching it now with that knowledge was a trip)
Honorable Mentions because I thought of them but either couldn’t find a gif or ran out of spots: Buddy (1997), Titanic (that double vcr tape masterpiece), the first Pokemon movie, and most of the Disney Channel Original Movies catalogue from the 90s and early 2000s
Tagging(if you want to do this): @margothedestroyerr​ @butcherofblackwater @annawoodhull @zeleniafic @bravelittleflower @xmelia-pxnd @randomfandoming1 @perfectlystiles @kenobi-jinn @avengiers
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strrawberrymoon · a year ago
name  /  alias : leigh  gender  /  pronouns : female + she/her where  ya  from  ? : europe 👀 the  current  time :  18:53 height :  164 cm, i think that’s 5′4 job  or  major :  double major in sociology and media communications, still grinding pet  (  s  ) :  two dogs! one is a 7 year old maltese and the other a 3 year old cane corso favorite  thing  (  s  )  about  yourself :  im a great listener and i give great advice, i’m straighforward which some people don’t like but oh well, i’m pretty adaptable. i got some nice titties any  special  talents  ? :  i can roll my tounge in any direction + crack a lot of knuckles ajkdshaj
why  you  joined  hqclouds :  i’ve been itchng to write more lately, so when love told me about their group i thought i’d give it a shot !!
meaning  behind  url :  strawberry moon was just a recent occurance irl which was really cool + i associate marinette with strawberries for some reason, and i’m a big fan of the lady moon
last  thing  you  googled :  i’m having some issues with my michrophone and zoom so i googled how to fix it, but no dice
birthday  /  zodiac :  leo ! my birthday is august 11th in  your  opinion  ,  does  your  sign  suit  you  ? : yes and no. leo’s are very misunderstood imo, but each sign has the “more popular” or well known traits and then there’s the flipside of the coin—which i think suits me more myers  -  briggs :  ISFP / INFP moral  alignment :  chaotic idiot hogwarts  house : gryffindor
three  fictional  character  (  s  )  you  see  yourself  in  +  why :  i honestly see myself in katara from atla, the whole smothering mothering routine. it’s becoming a regular thing for my friends to say “thanks, mom” or “ok, mom” so i guess i’m the mom friend. also fred weasly... he’s a twin.. i’m a twin... that’s all i need. and lastly, and very leastly, neil josten from all for the game series. most of you probably don’t know it, but he’s a demisexual chaotic idiot who says “i’m fine” way too much for someone who is most definitely not fine.
i  started  roleplaying : probably when i was around 16-17 was my first official roleplay experience. it was on facebook and kind of a nightmare types  of  rps  i  enjoy :  i like college stuff and small town rps, but i also love plot heavy rps that push you into developing your muse. really anything that isn’t too restricting favorite  fcs  to  use :  i don’t have go-to faceclaims. i tend to make a character around a FC and then use them until i lose muse or just feel like they need to rest. switch it up a lot, but some faces that i’ve really enjoyed playing for a longer amount of time are steven kelly, cindy mello and ellen v. lora fandom  (  s  )  you’d  like  to  write  in : i want to write in all of the fandoms i know nothing about and look like a dumbass. also harry potter, the hunger games, avatar the last airbender, gossip girl, etc etc fandom  (  s  )  you  aren’t  in  but  are  curious  about :  marvel somewhat, any video games are very fascinating to me even though i’m not a gamer + know nothing about them, any distopian kind of fandom re: hunger games
share  a  funny  roleplay  horror  story :  recently an admin of a twitter rp tried to use my male muse for their weird ship narrative. they tried to make him look like an asshole (& i do play assholes but this one wasn’t one) + used another male muse to make it seem as if these two boys were fighting over the person’s girl, even though she actually had a ship all lined up. they were also running the gossip twitter, so they made up a bunch of stuff about our muses without our consent and consequently i told them to fuck off, and both of us left the group. then she had no more “groupies” so she cuffed and the group closed two days later. it was petty hilarious.
fondest  roleplay  memory :  once in an OC group, i wasn’t “technically” doing a ship with a friend, even though the characters had feelings for each other. but for some reason the status of their relationship was a hot topic group wide, meaning everybody had their nose in it and wanting to know what’s up, so they publically kept doing things to make people think they’re together while denying it in the same breath. it was really fun to let it play out like that.
favorite  canon  muse  (  s  )  to  play : roy mustang from fullmetal alchemist, katara from atla, and my baby marinette favorite  original  muse  (  s  )  to  play : the last original character i played and fell in love with was named alex. im obsessed with him. still doing 1 x 1 with his girlfriend. they’re having a baby, it’s all very emo and domestic. maybe i make him relapse for funsies. canon  ships  you  can’t  help  but  love :  lupin x tonks from harry potter, korra x asami from legend of korra, danerys x daario naharis from game of thrones, katniss x peeta from the hunger games, etc... trope  (  s  )  you  tend  to  be  guilty  of : i use the rich kid douchebag stereotype a lot. i also make a lot of my characters addicted to something to make them struggle with that.
i  prefer  .  .  . angst  ,  smut  ,  or  fluff :  bro... i am a sucker for ansgt and smut. i do fluff on special ocassions >:) long  or  short  replies :  i prefer when they start out shorter, but medium is my fave pre  plotting  or  chemistry : chemistry all the way. plotting can be really fun but it’s a miss more often than a hit for me. plotting can be good for pre-established relationships but that’s about it sentence  starters  or  headcanon  memes : sentence starters single  muse  or  multimuse  blogs :  i’ve never done a multimuse blog, and i’ve actually been super against them in the past, but i’m starting to change my mind hehe gif  icons  ,  medium  gifs  ,  or  static  icons : static (or none honestly)
grab  the  book  nearest  to  you  and  pull  a  quote  from  it :  ❝ You were children. was there no one to protect you? ❞ — ❝ Was there no one to protect you? ❞
what’s  a  quote  or  song  lyric  that  speaks  to  your  soul  ? :  ❝ I loved her, and sometimes, she loved me too ❞ 
top  current  celebrity  crushes :  zendaya, margot robbie always last  movie  you  watched :  365 days (2020) did  you  like  it  ? :  i hated it, what a waste of a perfectly good 2 hours  favorite  movie  (  s  )    of  all  time : harry potter franchise makes me nostalgic, perks of being a wallflower, my sister’s keeper favorite  tv  show  (  s  )  of  all  time : for some reason i’m obsessed with grey’s anatomy but i hate it favorite  tv  show  that  hasn’t  ended : well fricking grey’s anatomy favorite  series  of  books  /  novels  /  comics : the hunger games, harry potter sports  team  (  s  )  you  rep : my friend is into sports i rep her ksdsdj favorite  video  game  (  s  ) : the sims. i like playing animal crossing vicariously through switch owners favorite  youtube  channels : don’t usually keep up with yt channels but i just binged some stuff from psychology in seattle hobbies :  procrastinating
what  are  the  three  non  essential  things  you’d  bring  to  a  deserted  island  ? : sunglasses, hairtie, hand cream
put  your  music  on  shuffle.  what  six  songs  pop  up  ? : 
say goodbye by skillet, 
off the grid by alina baraz & khalid, 
bury a friend by billie eilish, 
break up with your girlfriend by ariana grande
get back by nine lashes
marry you by bruno mars (man)
personal  aesthetic : growing out my hair only to always wear it in a bun dream  vacation  ? : i just wanna go to the seaside with my friends dream  job  ? :  i literally can’t stand capitalism. wanna move to italy and collect berries and draw titties all day dream  car  ? :  something that drives itself if  i  could  live  anywhere  ,  it’d  be : somewhere in canada near the woods favorite  musical : mama mia? counts favorite  food  (  s  ) :  bananaaaaas, ice cream, cereal. these are all foods ok coffee  order : i don’t drink coffee unwatched  stuff  in  your  netflix  /  hulu  /  etc :  13 reasons why (i’m too bored), the flash, outer banks, elite, the half of it, intersteller, locke & key aaand some stuff that’s not mine but someone else using my account
what’s  a  subject  you  know  too  much  about  +  never  get  tired  of  talking  about  ? : idk anything about anything askldhl
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piahautea · 3 years ago
February + March Favorites
Tumblr media
I've been meaning to post this and update you with all the stuff that's been going on in my life since the year started. I'm well aware that I've stopped posting my actual blog entries since that one I'd written about my 2018 goals (which aren't really coming through altogether but I'll get there!), and I'm sorry for that! The drive to be able to tell stories the way that I do seeped out of me and I'm sorry for it. But here I am now (finally posting before my laptop fails me again), and I'm all-out with my share of all the things I liked + loved these past two months.
Note: Kind of a long post ahead. So grab a bowl of mojos or something c:
Tumblr media
Angle/Spoolie brush. I’ve been itching to get myself one when my makeup guru friend/classmate told me that this is purely the only magic wand she uses in doing her brows. I never really came around with it whenever I shopped but thankfully, I was just right around the makeup corner in the department store when I remembered this pending one on my invisible shopping list! I just don’t know what brand mine is but I got it from LA Girl. The angle brush is nice and soft and the spoolie’s bristles go against my brows perfectly. It’s the only thing I need + brow kit!
Maybelline strobing stick. Getting this was a spontaneous decision but so far, I’ve no regrets. Although, I’ve always wanted a highlighter ever since I got a grip around makeup application. I initially had shimmering powder in compact cases in mind. And I didn’t know highlighting sticks existed! But it was what I found right there, in the Maybelline stall and the lady’s sales talk did the work. This strobing stick gives my face moonbeam traces. 
Tumblr media
Walang Love by Rod Marmol. My best friend lent me this out on a whim so I didn’t really have the chance to do a background check other than skim through the back cover’s synopsis. It was intriguing. So the perusing starts... and I got hooked! I couldn’t put it down up until a few more chapters that led me to the middle. It was a book filled with hugot stories and even though I’m not entirely one to be thrown into keen zealots of the hugot culture, I thought this one’s written beautifully. 
Tumblr media
Black long sleeved shirt with white stripes +  loose pink blouse with white stripes. Both were gifts from my tita from the states. Thank God they fit or else I would be leaving them unworn and cluttered peacefully in my closet waiting for someone else’s body to fit them well. I like striped shirts and both of these feel very comfortable against my skin.
Olive green button-up. I use this as standalone tops for when I need to go out of the house/on special occasions. Once this year, I tried to pair this with one of my ordinary shirts and it just looked really nice to me. It sort of resembles a vintage parka that I’ve always wanted. So yeah, I guess we could come to terms with me calling this a faux parka haha
Tumblr media
Rad VHS. Most of the people close to me know that I’m an old soul. So old that I would usually prefer post-processing my photos looking like they were taken in the nineties than they were taken in the present. I love light leaks, grain and the little static noises in VHS films. I treasure anything that looks like they time travelled their way to modernism. That’s why I got so *~psyched~* when I discovered this app! It’s like Gudak but with filming capacities. By far, it’s the best faux VHS app I’ve ever tried and that’s mainly because I like how natural and nostalgic my videos look! 
Tumblr media
Go Thai. This place is slowly becoming a family favorite! I got introduced to pad thai for the first time and it’s been one of my favorite dishes ever since. Their shrimp rice is also delicious. And their chicken, man! UGH.  
Taza Mia. Alright, I gotta admit. I spend my time here more than I’ve ever spent my moolah + day in Starbucks. I’m not a Taza Mia girl nor am I an SB frequent. I’m just a plain Jane glued to her phone in cafes Taza Mia (mostly). It’s all over my hometown! Super accessible. We have a branch in school, the closest mall and by the highway. I’m not really promoting the cafe here, but one of their signature snacks snatched my mouth and love for cheese fries + jalapenos. Their MWCO (based from my research, it’s an abbreviation for My Wife’s Cheesy Overload. *wuw*) is the absolute the. bomb. dot. com. Basically, it’s a wild party on a plate. You got a burger patty with cheese, some bread slices and of course, a rainstorm of cheese fries with jalapenos to top everything off. I dream of finishing a plate on my own someday but it’s definitely best to share with your (hindi patay-gutom) gang! 
S&R. It’s been a great while since we’ve stuffed our mouths with S&R’s New York style pizza! Unpopular opinion: I like their pizza far better than the more famous pizza chains in town. Specifically we had cheese + pepperoni to feast on and it was deeeelightful! I love all pizzas in general, though. Any kind of pizza would do. Pizza could never do me wrong. Pizza never disappoints.
Homemade honey garlic chicken. So I cooked this with a little help from my nana in our little kitchen and I’m so proud of how it turned out. I thank Pinterest for having a ton of wonderful homey recipes and I’m glad I found the perfect one to follow. My chicken wasn’t a little too much of its flavors. It was balanced, just right. Enough sweetness, acidity and savory imbued into it. I also added a dollop of ranch on the side which complements it nicely! My family loved it and I can’t wait to make more of them.
Conti's. I had a slice. And then, boom. I found my birthday cake. That simple. I fell in love with this cake. I’m not even into cakes. I’m a pie lady. But this cake. AAAAAA. Goddamn this cake. 
Yogi. These Korean mozzarella hotdogs are amazing. I love mozzarella cheese above all the other cheeses so when my sister handed me the bag, I peered inside and got intrigued the moment I took one out. It’s fried, looking like a crispy and longer version of a corn dog. And it’s drizzled with mayo + ketchup. When I took a bite and swallowed my first piece, that’s when I knew. I wanted to gobble the whole thing up. SO. GOOD.
Tumblr media
tv series
The Good Doctor. I’m a fan of medical dramas. And I’m definitely counting on the fact that I’m going to be a fan of this one ever since I laid eyes on the first episode! The adaptation is beautiful, the characters are great, and I’m 100% sure that I’ll be needing a bucket for my tears and tissue boxes for my snots until the first season ends. 
Tumblr media
In this portion of the entry, I commonly really go for specific songs that I’ve listened to instead of the whole album. (It speaks about me as a person in a bird’s eye view!)
All at Once by John the Ghost. Melancholic and homesick. Those are the two things I felt despite the swarm of people I’m trapped with in our classroom. This was tears-stained-cheeks good. 
Finesse by Bruno Mars + Cardi B. DEFINITELY A BOP! I’m also a fan of the music video. It looks like something the mini versions of my brothers and sister from a decade ago would catch on MTV. 
Lemon Boy by Cavetown. Nonstop in my head with the lyrics ready to escape my mouth any time now. I love Cavetown and all his other works of art so much it wipes all the bitterness in my heart away :( 
From the Dining Table by Harry Styles. I’ve never seen Harry in this lighting. He’s a beautiful boy built with a voice box that only knows how to release golden melodies. This is one of the best songs I’ve listened to this year. Claiming it!
hold on by flor. This song sounds like the kind of song that plays in the background the moment you enter a pub and you’re on your way to the dance floor. You’re looking around and you lock eyes with the brightest hues of hazel in the room. Well I don’t know about you but that’s what I felt.
Strawberries and Cigarettes by Troye Sivan. Like I’ve said before on a tweet, I think my heart was built for this song. I always feel so soft and fragile whenever I remember this. It’s so good. Too good to exist.
All the Lonely Nights in Your Life (a cover by Cavetown + Chloe). I have no words for this masterpiece. I suggest you get your ass over to Youtube right now and type the title in. This is the most beautiful cover you’ll ever hear and I hate to say this, but I find it absolutely more fascinating than the original vocals. It’s just perfect. I could die right now saying it.
Tumblr media
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (dir. John Hughes). I consider the eighties and the nineties as the two golden eras for films. This one belonged to the former and it definitely ran across the lawn to sit next to one of my all-time faves The Breakfast Club! This was a feel-good type of film. No heavy conflicts whatsoever. But I liked how lightweight it was. I wish I had Ferris Bueller’s luck in life in general.
Call Me By Your Name (dir. Luca Guadagdnino). I cannot begin how beautiful this artwork of a film was. I cried and I feel so much for my boys Elio and Oliver. I love their love story. They proved that falling in love with a stranger so unanticipatedly in a country as lovely as Italia is, indeed, a work of art. Among all the other aspects in the film, I also have a profound love for Elio’s parents. I wish more people were as kind and wise and loving as they were. They stood out for me, too. Just perfect. Going back to the two main lads, I STILL THINK TIMMY DESERVED THE OSCAR and I THINK ARMIE IS THE SWEETEST CO-STAR EVER (have you seen that gif with him telling Timothee to go, shine, shine, shine!)
Lady Bird (dir. Greta Gerwig). Saoirse Ronan’s one of the greatest young actresses Hollywood has ever known. I, personally, was a witness to her extraordinary performance in this movie and I also think that Oscar looked better if it were in her shelf (hehe). The storyline’s a variation of coming-of-age. If it was turned into a book, I’d be the first to cop it. I see a lot of myself in Lady Bird. I want to escape my little motherland, too. The place I’ve known since birth and the place that homed me and the people I’ve loved longer than my existence. I want to grow outside its fences. This film showed me how to come terms with my self as a *~teen mayhem~* and the decisions I’ve been making and I’ve yet to make in life. This was genius. Kudos to ♡ Greta ♡ for this million-dollar concept and her mad filmmaking gifts. I’m expecting more of her works in the years to come! Can’t wait.
Congrats on making it to the end! You’re officially not dead. And this only signifies your love for me and what I do. Thank you for your support and your time, beautiful. You keep my planet spinning. 
Pea ♡
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anotherler · 3 years ago
Ask Meme Part 2: LQ-ler
My faviest fave who I ever faved!! Low Quality Once-ler! Lets do this.
Why I like them: More like, why I LOVE them okay? Uh…where do I begin. I think his initial and prevailing appeal was his aesthetic. I love old technology, low quality footage, foggy audio and static. I love the sound of a VCR’s mechanics turning. And the reason for all of this is suitingly, nostalgia. Which is what LQ is all about. He’s so carefully thought up and his themes fit together so nicely. His concept had me hooked from the start; a Once-ler who comes from lowquality footage of the movie. But then it just gets even deeper and examines the regrets of a Once-ler and a character that knew about his fate and destiny from the start and it’s just so fucking fascinating and well thought out. LQ himself has this charm to his personality and he’s positively endearing and adorable it’s not hard to understand why so many people flocked to him and showed him love. But if he was just that and that alone it would make for a flat character. LQ has other sides to himself that come out from time to time and it becomes obvious that in some cases he’s putting up a façade. He tends to brush the fact that he’s upset or angry under the rug to keep up his image and it’s something that anyone reading can really understand. It’s a great study of identity and how adults present themselves to each other in the business world and just generally to the public and how sometimes we aren’t really true to ourselves because we don’t like things about ourselves. I know this got super analytical so im going to go back to his characterization for a sec. He is such a lively person. Each gesture and reply and his eccentricity are wonderful to witness. I love his design a LOT. Those big grey-blue eyes with the long lashes and his glasses and his messy brown hair. He has a really unique look to him. He’s a good guy and I’d love to talk with him about old tech and stuff. He comes off as caring a lot about other people and Im sure he wants the best for others.
     Why I don’t: He has made some really dumb mistakes and been so self destructive that he has impacted those around him. He needs to practice true self love beyond any sort of merits he has and just believe that he can do good things even if he’s done bad things in the past. He’s really REALLY got to stop beating himself up. It’s okay for him to make mistakes in the past but he’s got to seek improvement and any time that he does you can feel really happy for him. He’s come a long way but he’s got some ways to go and can’t give up just yet.
Favorite episode (scene if movie): Probably when HQ first showed up. That whole part had me screaming. Actually, I have a LOT of favorite scenes and chapters from his blog. Type louder and his drawing party are some old favorites. The buildup to the GRAND reveal and LQ’s valley times are also incredibly great and Swone’s visit was hilarious and sweet. I also love the more recent chapters where LQ continues to have conflict with HQ and we some other sides of him.
Favorite season/movie: Ahhh…it’s hard to pick one. I love his entire blog :” ) I already talked about a lot of stuff it’s hard sjkgslsddsh I’d just sit here and list everything LOL but if I had to pick one both the events leading up to the GRAND REVEAL and HQ showing up.
Favorite line(s): “Even though the tag might say “low-quality”, I think that those old gifs had their own charm to them. Nostalgia, if you will. “ “Honesty is the best policy, after all.” “I AM N-NOT A BUTT P-PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!”
Favorite outfit: I’m honestly a sucker for his business suit and bandaged arms(though, poor LQ for being so badly injured). I also really love his thneed and that REDICULOUS cape he had from his business times.
OTP: LQxHQ. Gotta have that self love, amiright? It’s a really good exploration of LQ’s relationship with himself and HQ is frankly hilarious. I know it isn’t the healthiest for LQ but im hoping things can improve for him in the future. Also, Bawstin-luh or Brandon O’ Shea from the the Thneedville High AU because LQ and Brandon are just really happy together :” ) Brotp: LQ and Swone. And my guilty pleasure: LQ and Swone and Onag. I always did want to see those two meet. Also LQ and Thneednight, LQ and Corv and LQ and Winter when they finally work things out a bit heh. While we’re on the topic of folks I wish LQ could have met I just gotta say…Cheap. Thrift buddies. Just picture it. Cheap had a chance to meet LQ by punching him in the face for 10 whole dollars but he PASSED IT UP!! For SHAME, Cheap. (To be fair IDK if they’d get along well haha)
Head Canon: At one point in the blog it’s mentioned that LQ used to watch the 1972 TV special and he said his Mom caught him watching it and turned it off. I think that she turned it off during the Once-ler’s successful points and before he chopped the last tree. Since then, LQ has never watched past that point on the VHS tape and in his youth it gave him only positive ideas about being a Once-ler and impacted him a lot in the long run. It’s kind of ironic because his Mom tried to discourage him but only really made him more interested.
Unpopular opinion: Y’all probably don’t want to face this fact, but LQ can be really nasty and temperamental sometimes. He’s spoken outright insults at people when he’s speaking honestly so he’s not purely “an innocent and sweet uwu baby” . He’s also very introspective and intelligent though he’s made a number of stupid descisions. Some things he’s said and thought are downright philosophical. That being said, those aspects make me like him even more as a character.
A wish: I want to see LQ continue to improve and move on in his life. He might need to break the mold he’s in to make that happen but he’s already established that he’s been doing things his own way so it’s not hard to imagine. It’s hard to move on but I believe in him.
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: I don’t want LQ to die or give up :” )
5 words to best describe them: Nostalgic, Mysterious, Adorable, Charming, Bright
My nickname for them: I love the nickname ‘Lowqual’. It’s not a nickname I coined but…yeah. Uhm…Staticky Boi, My Favorite Onceler,
@residentcryptid And now onto Cheap!
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puppyseunghun · a year ago
🌸 1 hello 😊 thank you for your kind words and patience and wishing me a nice ptg-comeback hehe (more on that later)... if we ignore that I had the worst panic attack of my life a couple days ago I'm actually pretty okay! I guess I wasn't dealing with the exam and general stress as well as I thought but maybe it was cathartic or something (idk I'm trying to be positive). If I'm being honest with myself like 5% of my anxiety comes from the thought of pentagon not getting a win with this comeback
🌸 2 Because I just know that universe and the members would/will be crushed. But, like I said, I’m trying to be positive and oh my god do I love the title track! And I say “title track” and not “album” because I still haven’t listened to it (cause… anxienty). I feel like a bad uni. Have you by any chance listened to other songs? Also, I should stop blabbering and first ask: How are you!? Are you better health-wise? How did your exams go? I hope it all went well so far and that you didn’t 🌸 3 stress yourself out too much and can enjoy some free time 💕 So you got into SF9 and Astro and Victon(?) and I saw some PTG posts as well (are you maknae-line biased)? 😊 What made you get into those groups? What do you like about them? :) That definition of indigo child is quite… heavy :o You think that has an effect on how you experience the world? I absolutely feel the same way about action movies and cheesy romance and all that!! Gosh. I wish I could just block it out more too, but 🌸 4 if there’s properly bad romance or too many sex scenes it ruins the movie or tv show for me. Only if the show is really good I’ll bother to manually skip over sex scenes. I watched the svt/mmm collab! It was badass and I love that they covered each other’s songs! Wow ateez made a fast climb up your bias list. That’s great though to find a group you like so much. And at least music-wise I can totally relate! I still listen to answer almost every day probably. What are you thinking about 🌸 5 the teasers and pics released for nct’s comeback? :) Are you into the concept? I’m really happy Jungwoo’s back
dude honestly reading your last ask about how your week went made me feel bad about complaining about my stuff.. i really hope you’re feeling better.. i’m sending you all the good thoughts and a hug.. 
i really don’t know what to say about pentagon not winning i really hope they do cause the title track is amazing, i personally liked the whole album except for one song and that’s because i don’t really get what’s going on with that song 😂 i’ll listen to it again and maybe it’ll grow on me. but you need to not stress about their first win to the point where you won’t enjoy the comeback anymore. i know that the first win is every group and fandom’s dream but i’m also sure that the group will never be happy as long as their fans aren’t happy. after all the most important thing for a group and the thing that keeps them going is the fans. also a personal thought but a full album will always have more buyers than a mini album so the combo of a full album with a great title track might just do it. but again enjoy the comeback!!!
i’m ok? i’m still having some problems health wise but i mean i’ve haad those since i was born so i don’t think i’ll ever get rid of them but they’re really bothering me these days. tmi moment but apparently ever since i was born my body produced a lot of mucus and my nose was always blocked and the deviated septum never helped and i did have surgery for it a few years ago but it still bothers me but these days that mucus is even more and i  even end up choking on it and i can’t breathe on either my nose or mouth and it also bothers me when i try to sleep because instead of focusing on falling asleep i’m focusing on not dying by choking with mucus which honestly would be the most embarassing way to die 😂😂😂 i have no idea how the exams went cause i have non of the results the site that’s supposed to show us the results hasn’t been working since july i think so yeah fun times. i guess they’ll yell when they want their money because we have to pay to retake exams
yes i got into sf9 and astro already and i’m working on ptg and victon! well i may be repeating myself and i’m sorry if i’m doing it but i did try and get into ptg before like at the same time i did with nct which is about two years ago and today i checked yuto’s tag on my blog and my first post is since june 2018 and i remade to this blog in june 2018 so you can imagine that i posted about them on my old blog too 😂 and the story about me trying to get into them was that i heard wooseok’s voice, i thught it was yuto so when i realised there were two tall boys with deep voices i adopted both 😂 i kinda gave up on the idea of stanniing them back then because i mean nct was already hard to stan all at once but i mean now i don’t care i’m about to adopt every group i lay my eyes on 😂 and i did observe them from a distance ever since like i’ve always knows when they had a comeback and so on. 
well for sf9 it was that i saw some atiny blogs compleining about ateez losing to them which made me unfollow those people but at the same time i wa like huh you’re upset because of this group? it means i need to get into it 😂 and i’m so glad i did because i love the boys, their music, everything honestly stanning sf9 was the best decision i made this year so far. i did know some of their songs and i liked them but those songs alone never actually made me get into them but well now i am soooooo
for astro, i’ve seen them on my dash for a long time, i knew one song that i really liked, i tried getting into them before and i already knew some of the members and i already had a fave, plus one of them is exactly 2 days older than me. they’re all nice boys, good music, maybe not in my top choises of songs but they do have great music
victon -> a mutual sent me some gifs of them to show me their dimples and all i saw was a dude with his chest tattooed and piercings. and i’m a simpe girl, i see piercings and tattoos i die 😂 she also sent me some songs and their latest comeback nostalgic night is just amazing
i’m really glad you enjoy answer that much! i got my album last week and they sent me the wrong version but i love it anyway and for the 3rd time i got seonghwa’s pc wougryrfa and it’s funny cause i mean he’s one of my ults and my main ateez bias but out of 5 albums i have seonghwa 3 times and mingi twice i just want a san one 😂😂😂
dude once again i’m not the one deciding what i’m gonna do with my money, sm is 😂 i’m so fucking ready for it, the teasers look fucking amazing i just don’t know if i’ll survive to see the comeback if they keep attacking me with those photos 😂
buuuuuuuut it’s february and i already got 2 dark concepts and i’m a hoe for ddark concepts my fave song and mv is exo’s monster and i’m still waiting for a song to get on that level. i actually made a playlist on yutube called “dark shit for my dark soul” and it only has monster by exo, eclipse by moonbyul and dr bebe by pentagon 😂
same i’m really glad he’s back we all missed him if someone didn’t miss him i honestly don’t trust them 😂 
i really hope you’re gonna feel actually good soon and that things get better and won’t make you feel so bad anymore.. i’m here if you wanna talk about anything. you don’t need to answer with long asks or anything if you wanna send a random ask from time to time to get stuff out i’m here for it 
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bartsugsy · 4 years ago
Lo the last Aaron gif you just re-blogged reminded me of when Edna visited him in prison and that whole convo in her house when Aaron was hiding from the police.. and even further back to when Aaron lived at Paddy's and we got so many funny moments of Aaron being being a lil shit and Edna having no time for (bird birth eps anyone?). I didn't expect to be thinking about Aaron x Edna today. Now I'm nostalgic for baby, chavvy Aaron (cos I don't care what anyone says he gives me life! Always a fave)
omg anon hoenstly HONESTLY
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gleefail · a year ago
Glee Memories: 1x15 The Power of Madonna
A long, long time ago, as Glee was approaching graduation in Season 3, I found myself nostalgic with some rare free time on my hands. So I decided to rewatch the series from the beginning and jot down some memories, discrepancies that have arisen since, fave quotes, tally solos - all that good stuff, strictly for shits and giggles.
8 years later (eek!) and once more I find myself with an unexpected abundance of free time. With so many revisiting or being newly introduced to the show between binge watching during Quarantine and all the tragedy that has surrounded the show since it went off the air, I figured I’d finish what I started. And by finish, I mean go through the end of S3. Cause I truly cannot acknowledge what happened after that. Except for 5B.
Kicking this off by reposting the first 15 episodes I already went through. Enjoy!
1x15 The Power of Madonna heeee, Sue just referenced Desperately Seeking Susan. Man, I loved that movie as a kid. Who’s That Girl as well anybody remember that one?!
hahaha, how have I never noticed before that Quinn is drawing a picture of Rachel Berry…a very unflattering picture that says “LOSER”? Awesome.
hahaha. Jesse and Rachel ‘hypothetically’ went to a Wiggles concert. Seriously, he’s kinda perfect for her.
Aw – The Montage from A Chorus Line is playing under Jesse’s pressure-her-into-sex moment. I have such fond memories of that song. I was featured in this song for a show that ended up changing the course of my entire life, quite literally. :)
“Would you please stop talking? You’re grossing out my baby.”
“But I can’t wait to get a guy mad at me for saying ‘no’.” Bite your tongue, Mercedes. Also…be careful what you wish for.
Still creeps me out that they have this whole sex talk with Mr. Schue in the room. And that he eavesdrops. And that when he speaks up it’s to ask if they’re having that much ‘guy trouble’, not to actually be a good teacher and help Rachel out in her “my boyfriend’s pressuring me to have sex but I’m not ready” situation or to respond to Britany and Santana’s advice to just never say no and that they should have more self-respect…teacher of the year indeed.
Do women really still earn 70 cents to every dollar a man does for the same job? Oh, eff that!
More Emma pamphlets:                HELP! I’m in love with my stepdad!                I still breastfeed …but how old is too old?                Congratulations, you’re pregnant.                Proper Wiping: Easy as 1…2…3                …and something about Toxic Shock Syndrome and Asperger’s that I                can’t read, lol.
Ugh, douche. Will just said this area of expertise (sex) is Emma’s blindspot. Jerk.
So Glee seems to have a knack for insulting folks that will later be guest stars. Gwyneth Paltrow and John Stamos have been mentioned thus far, and Lindsay Lohan just made the list. Hmmm…
I love the Ann Coultier jab. Cause I despise that ‘woman’
Ray of Light routine on stilts. Still leaves me speechless.  My favorite part is still when the men on stilts do these assisted lifts with women who are not. They get them so effing high.  It’s just amazing.
“Somehere on the English countryside in a stately manor home, Madonna is weeping.”
“Hall of fame MILF”
HA! Artie’s look in response to Tina giving him side-eye. Too funny.
Finn has no idea what misogynistic means. #BlessFinnsHeart
Kurt is gonna do a video of Madonna’s styles. With Mercedes. Kurtcedes love. :)
Yeah, I find it hard to believe high school boys wouldn’t be rubbin’ one out at these girls in corsets, touchin’ themselves and bein’ a little S&M with one another. Even if they hate Madonna with a passion. Their disinterest is completely unrealistic.
Britany has a (younger presumably as she plays soccer with a 7 year old) sister. Forgot about that. I think RIB did too.
The way to get a man forever is to take his virginity? Really? I would think that would unleash him into a sexual awakening and sleeping with everything he could now that he wouldn’t be perceived as ‘lame’ or a loser or whatever for being a virgin…no?
Finnocence. Nice.
Can we acknowledge that Finn lost his virginity in a plot for Santana to snag a younger man (by what, 4 days I think she said?) to emulate Madonna per Sue and not get kicked off the Cheerios? That’s…just so sad.
“You’re about as sexy as a Cabbage Patch Kid.” – ha!
So…watching this post-Nationals, does Emma get to have Madonna playing in her office now? ;)
Finn’s pissed that Rachel lied to him and didn’t really break it off with Jesse. Evs. Mind ya business, Finn.
So because he’s jealous or his ego is hurt or whatever, Finn tells Rachel if her and Jesse leads to something bad for the entire Glee club not to expect anymore friendship from him. Um…yeah. I’d marry him a year or two later. Cause…clearly he’ll be there through rough times…douche. Selfish, childish douche.
I still really like this mash-up of Borderline/Open Your Heart. And as much as I don’t love Finchel, the angst in this is my cup o’ tea. I like it.
I do love all the Madonna shout-outs in the hallway. Makes me feel old that I recognize each of these looks. Oy.
Finn, why are you just randomnly tearing books from the shelves and knocking them to the floor as you walk through the library? Such a badass…
I was watching an episode of Gilmore Girls and Brad was the piano player for one of Emily Gilmore’s parties (I think Rory’s college grad party). Hilarious. Also, he looked EXACTLY the same. How long ago was that?!
I find it awesome that Mercedes has a picture of a gal from So You Think You Can Dance in her locker. I love that show.
Up With People rejects. Ha.
Hmm. Will is suddenly not intimidated at all by Sue and her quips. What brought that on? Although, it’s hot when he stands up to her. Until he makes fun of her hair. Then he seems like a jerk.
“Oh, snap!” I love this moment. And the gif that came out of it.
Birth moment of the Sue, Kurt, Mercedes dynamic right there. Yay. :)
Sue just told Kurt and Mercedes about her sister being handicapped. I don’t care what anyone says, she likes them, even just a little bit. And I love this dynamic of the three of them. It always makes me smile.
Hahaha – Kurt’s reaction to Sue not being able to keep up with the latest looks when she was younger. Hilarious.
“Mercedes is black. I’m gay. We make culture.”
“I picked the Stephen Sondheim biography section for our clandestine meeting because only he can express my melonchalia.”
“You deserve epic romance.” Listen. Looking back from the end of Season 3, I really am not understanding why I’m supposed to want Rachel with Finn. Jesse makes so much more sense.
“Foreplay shall begin at 7:30 sharp.” Oh Emma. A for effort.
Vogue. Man. I was so little when this came out. I remember when it premiered on MTV.
Jane Lynch has such long legs. I’m jealous.
“Will Schuester. I hate you.”
Like A Virgin still makes me really uncomfortable. For so many reasons. I just…don’t need to see this side of any of these characters. I feel like a voyeur.
How did Santana and Finn swing a motel room at 15 years old? Hmm….
Add Whoopi to that list of joked about future guest stars. Yeesh…that’s 5 now? 4? Stamos, Paltrow, Lohan and Goldberg.
Sue is gonna reinvent Kurt and Mercedes. Squee!
Why is Rachel looking at sheet music for Where Is Love? Cause 1. I hate that song, 2. I hate that show, and 3. shoutout to the pilot?
Finn just asked Rachel how her date with Jesse went. With the subtext of “did you sleep with him?” WHY are they even talking about this? I don’t get it. It’s private Finn, so rude you’d even ask. Also, how does he even know they are even close to sex? I missed something. This is so weird. Made even more weird that neither of them seems to think it’s weird that they’re having this conversation. Ugh.
“Just come out so we can talk. Or sing about it.” Jesse is ridiculously perfect for Rachel Berry.
Okay, I’m gonna rant for a second: I know I’m anal and put him on a pedestal and all, but S3, they make it sound like Sam had sex with one of his clients at the strip club; after they’ve shoved super-romantic in-love-with-Mercedes Sam at us for like, 9 episodes in a row over a span of like, 3 or 4 months; regardless of how I personally feel about that or that ship, right now we see a super uncomfortable scene that still breaks my heart where Finn is dealing with the aftermath of sleeping with Santana, when he has feelings for someone else, but more in that he doesn’t have feelings for her, therefore it didn’t mean anything and it’s clearly not sitting well with him. Regret is all over his face. It’s so sad. So…why did they do the same thing but expect it to be okay in S3 regarding Sam (but even more gross cause of the whole stripper/client aspect)? Eff you, Glee.
I feel like this might be the most real and vulnerable I’ve ever seen Santana (in the post-coital conversation with Finn in the motel room bed). I mean…a couple moments may rival it, but it’s definitely top 5 if not top 3. It’s so sad to see how she really feels about this aspect of her life that publicly she seems so proud of and invincible to. Man. Poor Santana.
Um…is Puck playing Ninja in the background or just being a human statue or something? It doesn’t look like anyone is playing with him, so it must be the latter? Random.
Something changed in the way I felt about Glee after this episode, now that I look back on it. I felt like I should’ve left this episode feeling like “wow – they’re ballsy and go against the grain! They’ll do the unexpected” but…instead I was left with a feeling of “do I trust these writers with these people I’ve come to care about?” I’m referring to the possibility of consummation with 3 couples, 2 of which would have seemed…not completely unhealthy and one that obviously was…and they had those 2 chicken out and consummated the 1 that just shouldn’t have because it was kind of an irresponsible message to send to the youngins watching this show who they say at times they speak to when they write things like Kurt’s gay storyline or about being an outcast but finding a group that understands you and being happy with who you are. But here I’m sure they’d say something about how they’re not role models and shouldn’t be emulated. Yeah. This was the beginning of the end of my true love for Glee and the beginning of me just loving certain characters and occasional episodes or storylines…the beginning of my love to hate Glee. Whee. :/
It’s cute that Will polished Emma’s shoes. :)
I know a lot of people think it’s condescending and all, but I think the way Will handles suggesting counseling etc. to Emma was nice. There’s something mature about it. I think it’s that he’s like “we need to take action to work through our issues or they’re not gonna go away” as a team. It was nice.
“What the hell? It seems like now people are doing things JUST to hurt my feelings!” Ok, so maybe Finn IS more perfect for Rachel than I thought. Selfish little man-child.
Jesse St. James just joined New Directions. Kurt is pissed cause it means he’ll have no chance at a solo. Mercedes mentions that they only trot her out at the end of songs to wail on the last note, how is that okay? Also, why were those two issues NEVER addressed by Will? They were put out there, they were true as hell, and they were just ignored. Teacher of the year indeed.
Santana points out that obvs Jesse is a spy. Mr. Schue sticks up for Jesse and lets him join. Yet Rachel wasn’t allowed to date him cause that would be bad for the Glee club? #WTF?
“Mr. Schue, is he your son?”
“Okay, from the top!”  
4 Minutes. Seriously, I never thought Chris Colfer was hot before I saw this song. But let’s be real – he is hot as fuck in this song, I still think so. It was the first time I noticed as well that boy had grown into a little man! When did THAT happen? Wasn’t he just a baby-faced nugget like, 3 episodes before this?
Also, I love both of the vocals for them on this song.
Ok. This still pisses me off (can you tell this is an ep that started my rage towards Glee? Lol): Emma, Mr. Schue and Rachel are all distraught and shocked when they see that Mercedes and Kurt have joined the Cheerios…WHY? Britany and Santana are already on the Cheerios and in Glee and it’s fine. Quinn was. Why is this such a betrayal? They didn’t QUIT ND to join the Cheerios. And isn’t Rachel in like, 16 clubs in addition to Glee? Puck, Finn, Mike and Matt are on the football team. Artie has jazz band and AV club. Mercedes and Kurt and Tina are the only ones who are ONLY in Glee Club. This is stupid.
Shot of Quinn who is happy as a pig in shit for the two of them. THANK YOU Quinn for having sense and being a cool person and good friend.
“You guys could’ve at least given me a heads up.” “You mean, the same you way you gave us a heads up before NOT giving us a solo almost every week?” PREACH!!
You expect me to believe that the sexuality of Express Yourself, Artie working on that kick-ass Vogue video, or that amazing performance of 4 Minutes didn’t sway the boys to like Madonna…but their shitty rendition of “What It Feels Like For A Girl” did? Fuck you, Glee. I’m not an idiot. Stop treating me like one.
Why is Kurt a part of this lesson on treating the girls with respect? 1. He’s into Madonna, so he doesn’t need to be converted. 2. He’s NOT treating the girls like garbage. Teacher of the year indeed.
“I think we’re gonna need a new baritone cause Finn would like to become Finnessa”
“My growing feminism will cut you in half like a righteous blade of equality.”
Kurt mentions he’s an honorary girl. Again, WHY is he a part of this lesson?
AW. It just broke my heart a little that Tina said to Artie “why would you propose when you don’t even like me?” Aw. Poor Tina.
Alright, I admit, I love that whoever wrote this ep finally ended this nonsense with Finn being all pissed at Rachel for dating Jesse like she did something wrong and made him realize why she was even single to be pursued by Jesse in the first place. Kudos…whoever you are cause they didn’t credit the writer or director on this ep (the fuck?).
“Sing off. The parking lot. 5:00. Be there.” “No…”
“Frankly, I need you. I’m tired of carrying the male vocals all by myself.” Oh, FUCK. YOU. Finn! (I say on behalf of Kurt, Artie, and Puck).
Kurt just sang his first itty bitty solo in Glee club and then before Mercedes starting singing he ran up and gave her a peck on the cheek. Oh my God, I love them.
Gospel choir. So. Effing. Random. Yet so. Effing. EPIC.
SOLOS: Rachel (4), Mercedes (3), Finn (3), Emma (1), Santana (1), Will (1), Jesse (1), Kurt (2)
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emmarps · 2 years ago
😍, 📖, 💖, 💍
😍 (a favorite face claim) – lily james!!! i’ve been following her career since she was on sdoacg, and cinderella solidified her as a fave - she’s been in enough stuff to have a variety of resources for different types of characters (#aestheticheaux) and she’s definitely one of my go-tos for a late 20s-early 30s char. she’s someone i can always have fun with, whether i’m reusing an old char or making a new one! a versatile face for me to play as/against. not exactly a surprise but??? i love her, what a babe.
📖 (a plot i really want) – i was thinking about this a couple weeks ago and it may very well be the dumbest thing i’ve ever thought of, but a couple with a dynamic like hilary & david from love it or list it. if you’ve never found yourself on an hgtv binge, consider yourself lucky, but here is a hilary & david banter compilation: part one and part two. designer/real estate agent team/pairing is cute, but optional? i just need a lot of sass and wit and chemistry without it crossing over into something super unhealthy. …is this even a plot? 
💖 (a happy rp memory) – about seven(?) years ago i had a shay mitchell/kevin flamme ship on a harry potter rp, with a friend i’m still connected with on social media. i found THE song that really resonated them and their plot, and we both fell in love with the song itself, not just bc of the ties to our ship. i ended up seeing that band live in 2012 and they played the song at the concert!!! i recorded it!!! a few years ago i came across the video on my computer and sent it to my partner and we both got really emosh even though we hadn’t written our ship in years. the rping itself was fun and great, one of my all time favorite ships, but i’m still really fond of the fact that it became something bigger for the both of us through that song. very nostalgic!!
💍 (a face claim i love and wish i could write) – perdita 👏 weeks 👏 the only reason i haven’t is bc of resources? so… clearly the thing to do is dl all of magnum pi and go gif pack crazy for her and jay and tim… (totally not doing that right now, nope, not at all…) then plot her with a jlc and all will be right in the world. 😭✨
Tumblr media
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