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cobra kai boys dating a dancer includes…




if you want me to do something different for this prompt lmk ( i also kinda didn’t know what to do for this one.. but i liked it) 

word count:

eek idk


Originally posted by florenzim

stop! join my taglist.

robby keene:

  • this man absolutely loves it
  • he’s an absolute softie for you and loves going to all your recitals
  • he’ll buy you flowers but then he’ll get bored like ten minutes into the recital and like pull out a bunch a candy he had bought for you after but he just ends up eating it
  • he’s shushed multiple times
  • he’ll post you up on his instagram/snapchat story captioning it “my baby’s so good”
  • he’ll high five you after a performance (idk why i just feel like he would)
  • also low key acts like a mom
  • will drop you off at practice with a water and then ask if you want snacks?? or like literally anything??
  • and you’re just like “no i’m good bae…”
  • he’ll be recording because he’s just like that
  • just generally loves being involved 
  • he makes you teach him how to salsa and he’s actually good at it 
  • like it just *shocks* you 

Originally posted by miguelsc

miguel diaz:

  • like miguel he is so supportive
  • he’ll tell all his friends to come down and support you as well and they’ll actually do it because everyone loves you and miguel
  • this man will literally be standing in the crowd at the end of the show clapping and cheering so loud to the paint you can hear him
  • he’s also the type to be throwing roses at the stage like in the movies but then gets kicked out because it’s literally only in the movies (unless this actually happens idk)
  • he’ll be waiting outside holding a large bouquet of flowers ready to hug you tightly 
  • he’ll drive you to your practices and pick you up afterwords and then maybe take you out to get something to eat
  • he’ll make a personalized bumper sticker as a joke that says “my girlfriends a hot dancer” but then actually put it on his car and like loves it
  • you teach try to teach him salsa dancing but he ends up tripping over your feet/his own feet
  • you lead the whole time but he still gets lost with it
  • you guys just stick with the mockerana 

Originally posted by miguelsc

eli moskowitz:

  • eli also seems to be the type to get shushed in a crowd while watching a recital and maybe because of eating but also because he’ll literally be cheering for you and anything but quiet
  • stuff like “that’s my girl” and “yeah get it” and shit like that
  • but i also feel like he could be quiet simply because he’s on his phone, bored or also because he’s just entertained by your pretty movement lol
  • will also drive you to practice but smack your ass when you get out of the car
  • “go get ‘em tiger” lmfao
  • won’t make all of his friends go to your recital but ask miguel to come because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of his dojo “friends” 
  • they will wear matching tee-shirts that says your name or something just to embarrass you 
  • then after the performance you guys will go out to eat and he’ll compliment you the whole time saying how good you did and how he watched the whole time even though he probably didn’t 
  • on downtime you’ll try to teach him moves but he’s just so awkward and doesn’t know how to move his body like that even though you would expect he would since he literally does karate 
  • he ends up like falling and taking you down with him 
  • it’s just a whole mess
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chile are you sure you have the right blog😳😳?? HAHAH no fr tho thank you omg. i am working on a requested fanfic rn so hopefully y’all like that one too !

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I hope you like it!!! <3 They were fun to do, and I also threw in a study of a chocolate donut + a box!! Because ya know,,,it kinda fits idk ^^’’ 

Also it has come to my attention that I can’t draw hands to save my life so I apologize for those q//q’’’

Hfgjhdkgjhfds I love this man sfm and I will never shut up about him aaaaaAA T///T

Let him have his box of donuts and a long nap please ;w;

Uhh…so that’s all I’m gonna say for now!! Thanks for coming by!! Have a lovely day/evening and pls stay safe!! :))

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Older Johnny Lawrence X Reader *SMUT*

Warnings? SMUT! SMUT! Language! And praising!

Praise Me


Originally posted by crocodoom

Walking along the side walk you smile to yourself as Cobra Kai comes into view, one of your good friends Johnny Lawrence had opened up his very own dojo. You knew his past which his sensei Krease, Johnny after much trusting had told you everything that Krease had put in his head and done to him.

Johnny explained that he was not going to put the kids in that situation Krease had done to him and his friends. Pushing open the door the famous bell chimes as you walk in, the door closing behind you.

Johnny comes out of the back drying his hands with a towel, he smiles once he sees that it’s you. “Y/n hey” he greets pulling you into a hug.

You inhale his scent which consisted of fresh green mint, causing you to swoon as you hugged back. “Hey Johnny” you giggle.

Oh how much he loved that pretty giggle of yours, it was music to his ears. “Where’s Miguel” You ask curiously as you both pulled away from the hug.

“His mom called him, she said she needed to speak to him about something” Johnny shrugs throwing the towel on the beating mannequin as you like to call.

“How about we talk in my office” He says smugly, now that he had a office causing you to giggle.

“I’d like that Sensei Lawrence” You play along as he takes your hand and leads you into his office.

He goes to his fridge and pulls out one of his Coors Banquets Beers “want one?” He questions looking at you.

You debate for a moment before shaking your head “sure, why not” you start “-I gotta see what the hype is about these, they must be good is the Johnny Lawrence loves them” You tease as he takes the two beers and places them on his desk.

He sits in his office chair while you sit in the comfortable chair on in front of him “well then-” he stops for a moment to do his famous ‘beer opening trick’ “-here you go” he says handing it over to you before doing the same with his.

He holds his beer up in the air “to….” he hums as he thinks of nothing to celebrate to causing you to laugh.

“To Johnny Lawrence doing something he loves” You say rising your beer up hitting it with his gently.

Johnny smirks shaking his head before taking a sip, you do the same “Hmm, pretty good Lawrence” you chuckle as you hold the bottle in your hand resting it on your thigh.

“Speaking of love…. have you been seeing anybody?” Johnny asks taking a bigger gulp of his beer this time.

You chuckle “nope, I swear I grew up in the wrong time” You joke.

Johnny raises his brows “why do you say that?” He asks curiously.

You sigh “it’s just the men, well I can’t even say men. Boys, are so not gentlemen like at all” You say shaking your head.

“Why what are they like now?” He asks genuine.

“They are definitely not romantic-” you scoff “-they don’t open doors for me, or the don’t do any romantic gestures” you sigh “-there just not educated” you giggle at the last part causing Johnny to smile.

“Oh and the sex!” You groan throwing your head back “-the sex is just horrible” You finally let loose.

You notice Johnny’s hands grip his beer firmer as his hand starts to turn white before he calms down “seems like you get the young and dumb batch” he chuckles gulping down some more beer.

“Ugh, remember my last relationship?” You question.

“Oh that guy was a dick, I can’t believe he did that to you” Johnny says gritting his teeth.

“Me either” you say remembering the time your ex treated you so badly you ran to Johnny’s at three am at night, but he held you that whole night not complaining once.

“But you were there for me” You hum as a small smile forms onto your lips.

Johnny smiles “always” he says as your eyes connect, his beautiful icy clue ones piercing through yours as if he was reading everything about you in that moment.

  “Johnny I need to tell you something” You say breaking the already sexual tension.

  He clears his throat “yes?” He asks taking another sip of beer.

  'I’m into you’ You think “I’m into older men” But you actually say.

  Johnny’s eye widen, until slowly a small smile appears on his face now feeling confident that he could have a chance with you.

  “Let me prove to you that all men aren’t like that” He stops for a moment “-let me take you out on a date” he finishes as he slides the unfinished beer in the trash beside him.

  You’re taken aback but also excited seeing as you have kinda caught feelings for him “alright deal” you smile.

  Johnny smiles widely in return “great I’ll pick you up at 7” he says with a small smirk.

  “In the firebird?” You smirk.

  “You know it baby” Johnny winks as you get up, getting ready to leave.

  He stands up “give me that, I don’t need my gir-” he stops before shaking his head “-I don’t need you drinking and driving” he says taking the beer from you and placing it in the trash.

You chuckle at his antics “I wasn’t even going to carry it” you say sticking out your tongue at him playfully.

“Hey. That’s offensive” He says 'seriously’ as he leans on the wall.

“Oh I bet Sensei” You joke as you start walking out of the office.

“I’ll see you at seven!” You hear Johnny yell as he runs out of the office.

You turn around “I’ll see you at seven” you repeat as a blush forms over your cheeks.

Johnny rushes over to the door and opens it for you letting you walk out, as he does he kisses your cheek. As you walk out of the building and into your car, your heart races as you could not believe that just happened.

On the way home all you could do was smile, excited for your date with Johnny. Someone who you caught feeling for on the first day of meeting but didn’t know.

You make it home and start rummaging through your dresses trying to pick out something not to like 'desperate’ as they call or something to revealing.

You finally just decide on a white well fit thigh high dress and some black heels. You weren’t insecure about your body, but sometimes you would get self cautious.

Deciding to go all out tonight you apply the littlest amount of make up and curl your hair.

Meanwhile, Johnny wash throwing almost every piece of clothing he owned around his room, panicking as he couldn’t find anything to wear. With a frustrated sigh he throws all his clothes back in his closet before seeing a white suit catch his eye.

'That’s the one’ he thought as he picked it up and slid it on. By the time you both were done it was around 6:50. Johnny was thankful that you only lived five minutes away from him.

He quickly got in his fire bird and made his way to you. You were more excited than anything. I mean how often is it that a guy you like asks you out on a date, and especially a decent guy.

Johnny arrived at your door at exactly 7 o'clock on the dot. Hearing a knock on your front door you walk as fast as you can to the door in heels, letting out a breath of nervousness as you open the door.

  Johnny looks up, his mouth gape open as he looks at your beauty “I- wow were matching” you say noticing Johnny’s white suit that he looked mighty fine in.

  “-wow you look beautiful” Johnny says mind blown, I mean he always admired you and thought you were the most gorgeous girl but now you just looked breath taking.

“Thank you Johnny, you look handsome… as always” you compliment with a sweet smile.

The smallest blush falls onto his face, so faint you almost missed it. Johnny holds out his hand gesturing for you to take it “shall we go?” He asks as you take his hand.

  “We shall” You comment with a side smile.

He leads you to his well cleaned up fire bird, rushing to your side to open the door for you “my lady” he jokes, you giggle as you slide into the passengers seat.

“Thank you may gentlemen” You blush, as Johnny runs over to his side entering the car and cranking it up.

The drive was silent, comfortable silence of course. You both were just simply enjoying each other’s company as you finally made it to your destination.

A small fancy Italian restaurant, Johnny gets out of his side and rushes to your side opening the door before you could even put your hand on the handle to get out.

You smile as your heart swells with joy and love, “thank you” you comment politely as you get out of the car.

Johnny closes the door and takes your hand “my pleasure love” He says grabbing your hand and walking you up to the door once again opening the door for you leading you in.

  A waitress leads you to your guys table handing you your menus and asks for your drink preference. Soon she leaves giving you some time to pick out your orders before bringing your favorite drink back and Johnny’s coke.

  You both order your meals after she returns, before going back and putting your orders in. You rest your chin on your hand as you gaze up at Johnny.

Johnny freezes “what? Is there something on my face?” He asks wiping his clean face.

You chuckle “no of course not you’re just a pretty sight” you reply giddily.

He smirks “is that all you see me as?” He questions playfully.

“No I see you as much more” you wink as the waiter brings your food before Johnny could reply back.

She places the food on the table before quickly rushing off, noticing the long awaited sexual tension.

You clear your throat “so, how does it feel to be back into karate sensei?” You spark up, interested as you both dig into your meals.

“It feels great to be back, granted Miguel is my only student but he’s a good kid” He compliments with a small smile.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you guys practice he’s getting better” You say impressed.

“I know, he deserves so much more than I can give him” Johnny says looking down.

“Hey don’t say that, you’re doing amazing and I’m so proud of you. He couldn’t learn from anyone better” you say, completely dissing his thought.

Johnny looks up, both of your eyes connect. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife “you wanna get out of here?” He asks before putting his fork down.

“Yes” you answer quickly already getting excited for what’s to come.

The waitress comes over “we’ll take the check please” Johnny says with a smile that reads 'were in a hurry here’ to which the waitress quickly nods becoming awkward.

Though she doesn’t move “uh- you guys didn’t finish so there for it’s on the house and you get to keep your meals” she explains grabbing two container boxes and handing them to you.

“Thank you” you say politely as you hand one to Johnny and the waitress quickly runs away.

“That was weird I’ve never heard of that before” you say as you put your food in the box, Johnny doing the same knowing you’ll both get hungry eventually.

“I know” He comments as he grabs your hand and quickly rushes you guys outside.

He places the boxes on the hood of his car before gently pushing you up against the passenger door and connecting his lips to yours in a passionate kiss.

You reply by pushing your lips against his firmer, before things could escalate to quickly and you’d give the whole restaurant a show Johnny quickly pulls away opening the door for you letting you sit, and getting into his side.

Nothing was said while driving, just heavy breathing as you both were excited for what was to come once Johnny made it to his apartment.

Soon you guys parked and Johnny quickly rushed over to your side of the door and helped you out. Before you could make it to Johnny’s door he placed his lips on yours. Your back hitting the door, he quickly pulls out his keys and opens the door letting you both in and closing it with his foot.

Johnny carries you over to the wall and pushes you up against it, not to hard but enough to make you weak. He reconnects your lips back together once again in a rougher kiss, still gentle.

He pulls away to trail slow and sweet kisses to your neck to which he immediately finds your sweet spot as you let him know by moaning.

He continues to abuse that spot as you start to speak up “Johnny…. more” you practically beg.

He caved in and taps your leg signaling for you to jump to which you do. The ends of your dress ripping immediately, causing you to gasp and Johnny to laugh.

“It’s fine I didn’t like it anyways” you say breathlessly as being turned on took you out of your thinking process.

You roughly place your lips back onto his as he carries you over to the kitchen counter roughly swapping everything away with his free arm before sitting you on it.

“Then you won’t mind if I take it off?” He asks for consent, shyly because he didn’t want to mess this up.

“Yes please” You say giving him permission.

As a gentleman he doesn’t finish ripping the dress but he pulls the zipper down slipping it halfway off til it wrapped around your waist.

Your strapless white bra being exposed to which Johnny admires as he places more kisses over your neck and the top of your boobs.

Johnny picks you back up before this time carrying you in his room placing you gently on his bed. “God your so beautiful” He compliments as he kisses up your chest, going down to your stomach.

He pulls the rest of the dress down, discarding it somewhere in the room. He runs his hand gently around your thighs and stomach.

You whine in pleasure he comes back up and places his fingers over the button on the front of your bra “can I?” He asks watching your eyes for any sign of discomfort to find none.

You simply nod giving your consent as he unbuttons the bra slowly dragging it down your body before discarding of it. Your breasts now bare to him to which you look away shyly as your hands start to cover yourself up.

“Don’t my love, you look like a goddess” he starts before placing kisses all over your chest “-you’re so perfect” Johnny finishes, love dripping with every word.

He swirls his tongue around your harden nipple causing your back to arch as a moan falls out.

He places kisses everywhere down your stomach until he gets to your soaking core. He tugs at the side of your underwear asking to pull it off to which you nod letting him do so.

Your bottom half now completely bare to him, he spreads open your legs resting his hands on your thighs. He kisses just above your core, slowly he trails more kisses until he finally connects his lips with your clit, sucking harshly but lovingly.

“You’re so beautiful” He praises once more as continues his assault on your clit, now slipping two fingers into your dripping core.

Wanting you to cum around his cock, he takes his fingers out before sucking them dry and licking his lips causing more moans to fly out your mouth

“You taste wonderful” he says as lust fills his bow darkened blue eyes.

He pulls his shirt off revealing his toned shaped body before discarding of his pants leaving himself only in his boxers.

“Are you sure you want to do this Y/n” Johnny asks sincerely.

“Of course I want to do this with you Johnny” You comply.

Nodding he removes his boxers letting his hard on slap against your core, both letting out a groan at contact.

Lining his cock up at your entrance he looks up at you once more only for you to nod your head yes.

He slowly slides his cock inside your core, feeling you clench around his cock causing him to moan you following behind feeling him stretch you out.

“I’m going to treat you so well” He says whilst rubbing your thighs slowly thrusting his hips against yours.

You moan “Johnny-” you whimper as he speeds up his pace more.

His cock hitting all the right places and more, thrusting at a firmer pace he grips your hips so he could go faster. Hitting your G- spot dead on causing your back to arch and a moan to escape your plump lips.

“You’re doing so good for me, taking me so well” he compliments as he try’s to contain his breathing and moans.

“Princess, you’re taking my cock in like a good girl” He praises as he slams his hips against yours finding a faster rhythm.

You whimper “so g-good” you stutter as Johnny leans down, readjusting his posture to kiss you.

You run your hands through his hair as you feel your climax reaching. “I’m close Johnny-” you moan aloud as you chase that burning sensation.

“Yeah? You’re going to cum for me beautiful” he continues to praise as he drops a hand down to your core and rubs your clit in figure eights causing you to arch your chest into his and cum around his cock, feeling him twitch as you do so.

Johnny follows behind as he cums inside you, filling you up as he continues to ride out both of your orgasms.

Gently pulling out his cock he turns over to his back and pulls you to lean into his chest. “Words cannot describe how amazing that was Y/n” he says feeling as though he was on top of the world.

You nod agreeing along “it was amazing Johnny” you compliment.

“Y/n…. I love you” Johnny says waiting patiently for your response.

You nuzzle your neck into his; lovingly “I love you Johnny Lawrence”


Thank you for requesting @peachymelon69 I hope you enjoyed!

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Originally posted by miguelsc

Eli Moskowitz x Female Reader

 Requested: Yes : No

Request: Hi can you do 25 from your Fluff list of Cobra Kai with Eli Moskowitz before being Hawk? Thank you 💛 -Anon

Summary: After to many horrible trys of Kylar asking you to prom, you decide to ask someone yourself. What better then the boy you’ve been crushing on?

Words: 717


It had taken a while for Eli to gain the strength to talk to you. It took him a while to say hello, asking you to the prom? Now that was out of the question. Don’t get him wrong, Eli liked you very much. He loved your personality and your huge heart. But for all the strength in him, he couldn’t walk up to you and say those few words.

You weren’t the most popular girl at school but apparently that didn’t matter. To guys not even breathing in your direction, you were having KYLAR of all people trying to get you to go to prom. At first you thought it was some elaborate prank but now it was just getting tiring. As you saw the boy walking your direction you sighed.

“What do you want Kylar?” You asked, boredom laced in your voice. You noticed his buddies were all huddled up in a clump across the hallway watching your exchange with their friend. They were all grinning and you wanted to slap that grin off their faces more than anything.

“Can’t I just come over here and tell a pretty girl hello?” He smirked. At this point you were fed up. What will take this guy to lay it off? Cause apparently the word no means nothing to guys like him. 

You started across the hallways, passed Kyle’s friend to see Eli and Demitri. You and Eli weren’t best of friends but you two were close. You would greet each other when you passed each other in the halls. He was a sweet and a kind boy who you had a crush on for a long time, but didn’t look like he recipitated those feelings. He would always get nervous when you were around. Well, it was now or never.You pushed past Kylar as you held your head high and walked right where Eli was. 

“Hey Eli.” You greeted him as he looked up at you from his book. Demitri closed his locker as he noticed you exchange with his best friend.

“Do you have a date yet for prom? If so would you go with me?” You asked, and Eli nearly choked. This beautiful girl who he has had a crush on for so long was taking him out? In front of so many people in the hallway? Was this a dream?

“He’d love to.” Demitri answered for him. He was grateful for his best friend or he would’ve have looked even more stupid now then he was before. You gave him one of your beautiful smiles, glad he had accepted even though it was Demitri who had given you an answer.

“Great, see you then.” You waved at him as you made your way down the hallway to your next class. Both Eli and Demitri stood in shock as they watched you walk away. Did that really just happen?

Eli guessed it did, because the next thing he knew he was in a suit waiting for you outside the school gym. A million thoughts were racing in his head as he tried to calm his nervousness. Why wasn’t she here? Was this all just some sort of prank? Would he walk into that school gym all alone humiliated?

“Sorry I’m late! My parents love to take 1 million photos on just about everything.” He stood in shock as he noticed how you looked. The smile that stretched your face, and the way your hair fell. He then looked at your outfit, it was your favourite colour and matched your eyes, so perfectly well.

“Wow…You look beautiful.” He thought out loud as he took in the goddess before him.

“Aww, Thank you! That’s really kind Eli, wanna go dance now?” You asked as you reached out your hand. You had always hoped for this moment. For a beautiful kind boy to take your hand as you walked into the heart of the prom. Now that it was all coming true, expressly that you were there with Eli, it felt…You didn’t really know what it felt. Maybe like you’re on a cloud, sound asleep as you glide on by the sunset. Yah, maybe something like that.

He gave one of his adorable smiles and took your hand. You both walked into that room

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Hawk (This took so long)

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Merlin: We need a distraction.

Merlin: Are any of you good at jumping up and down and making annoying noises?

Meliodas: Well I-

Hawk: Step aside pigs, my time has come!

Merlin: Perfect!

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“We win some, we lose some. That’s what it’s all about. No promises. No guaranteed survival. No saints in surgical garb.”

Another study lol

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But yeah, I’d like to see the sleep enuresis thing come back to bite Demetri in a “you deeply violated my trust and now I don’t know if I can ever trust you with secrets or intimate personal stuff again” kind of way, rather than just the “GRRRR YOU MADE ME BIG MAD BY PUBLICLY HUMILIATING ME AND NOW IMMA BEAT YOU UP” thing they did in canon. Like…as much as Hawk deserved to be taken down a peg after the way he’d been treating Demetri and as cathartic as it was to see Demetri finally retaliate and strike back against Hawk’s attacks in his own way (as physically striking back had been proven not to be his forte), spilling the beans about the bedwetting was definitely a dick move. Not that Hawk didn’t deserve it, and I did love seeing how much him acting like a cocky douchebag failed to get him girls after that, but like…that’s probably something Eli hated about himself for years. And Demetri accepted it, never seemed to judge him for it and never made fun of him for it (aside from some lighthearted teasing, maybe, but never truly mean-spirited), but Eli still found that he was terrified of it getting out, because shit…Kyler would have an absolute field day with the fucked-up lip and bedwetting. But Eli was always so certain that info was safe with Demetri, and felt secure in the fact that Demetri would never tell. That his best friend would never hurt him like that on that deep and intimate a level. He was scared of it getting out, sure, but he never in a thousand years thought it would be because of Demetri. Maybe his mom would make a comment while picking him up from school and one of the mean kids would overhear. Maybe Demetri’s mom would accidentally mention something about “Eli’s Waterbed” while gabbing with some other mom, and word would eventually get around and make it back to the teens at their school. But Demetri letting loose about it??? Not even fathomable. Eli thought it was so outside the realm of possibility that he didn’t even cross his mind to consider it.

It just makes that tiny, devastated “Don’t” Eli lets out right before Demetri tells everyone about the sleep enuresis all the more heart-wrenching because like…you can tell this is the very moment it comes crashing down on Eli that this thing that he’d always thought to be totally inconceivable is happening right in front of him. It probably just…fucks up his entire worldview and makes him question everything he thinks he knows for a hot minute. Because if Demetri, who Eli’s always counted on to keep the most embarrassing, disgusting parts of himself concealed, can betray him like that, then what the fuck else that he’s always considered an absolute truth and an irrefutable fact of life just…isn’t???

Hell, maybe that’s why he went as crazy and psycho as he did during the school fight, going after Demetri–like he wasn’t just angry about being humiliated, Eli was literally questioning his entire reality. To the point where his very sanity was slipping for a bit there. If anything, the thing that seems to finally snap him out of it is the little shoulder squeeze Demetri does right before kicking him into the trophy case. @jackonthelongwalk suggested that Demetri uses shoulder touches to kind of comfort and reassure Eli, like we see him do at the party in Season 2 when Demetri’s trying to help him feel better about Moon. Demetri does the EXACT same shoulder squeeze when grabbing Eli during the school fight, when he says “no hard feelings.” This could be Demetri’s way of communicating “Hey, I know we’re fighting, but I still care about you” and THAT’S what finally snaps Eli out of his kinda crazed rage. Because if Demetri caring about him is still a fundamental truth in his life (despite Demetri obviously fucking up big time by spilling his secrets in a petty revenge plot), then maybe all the other truths in his life aren’t going to suddenly unravel after all.

You’ll notice in Season 3 that, although Hawk certainly still tries to fuck with Demetri and make his life miserable, he never really does it with the same pure sadistic glee and almost-psychotic mania that he does in that hunting-down-in-the-computer-lab scene. Hell, even when Hawk breaks his arm, he notably hesitates in a way I’m not sure he would have during that school chase scene and immediately regrets it afterwards. My theory of why that is is basically that Hawk’s entire world was upheaved when Demetri broke his trust like that, to the point where he just became unhinged. He was just like “Haha :) Nothing matters! :) I don’t even know what’s true anymore! :) Might as well go beat Demetri to a pulp, since it’s his fault everything is spiraling and everything is confusing and I don’t know facts from lies anymore, hahahaha! :)” Once Demetri stabilizes him again, he’s a lot more, er, controlled–like he’s still a chaotic disaster, of course, and he’s still generally a very angry individual, but he’s not mentally losing it and reveling in a serial killer-esque glee at finding and beating the shit out of his ex-best friend the way he was before.

Anyways, yeah, I think spilling the deets about the bed-wetting fucked up Hawk on a much deeper level than Demetri realized. Like it shattered his perception of the world and everything he thought he knew for a hot sec, and Demetri probably never imagined it would affect him that deeply and fundamentally. All Demetri wanted was to knock him off his high horse and turn that inflated ego down a few notches, and he ended up just like…almost mindfucking his friend into oblivion by accident and most likely giving him some pretty bad trust issues for a while D: I really hope we get a genuine apology from Demetri for his “roast” in Season 4, and it isn’t just not brought up again…because even after all the shit Hawk pulled, I still think that hurt him really deeply and Demetri’s gotta make some kind of amends for that before they can fully rebuild their trust and their relationship.

ANYWAYS LONG RANT but I’ve been meaning to talk about Demetri’s little “roast” for a while now, and then I guess I got carried away and just went where the post took me XD

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