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I think it’s so funny that it’s a recurring thing that happens many times where hawkeye being too gay to do anything useful is a plot point. Like when that jeep broke down with Hawkeye and Margaret and she told him to fix it and he was like *John Mulaney old gay man voice* “you want me to do what?”

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Disney and Marvel are in serious financial trouble. Most of their employers don’t get a salary for months now. There is no say when they can get back to filming or bringing people in large numbers back into the cinemas.

They have lots of new projects planned, but back then they were riding the wave of their popularity. Bringing now new heroes and stories will be difficult. The Avengers were their biggest success and they killed of the 3 most popular ones in an attack of megalomania. Their success made them believe they are invincible and they did something no sane producers does. 

If they can eventually resume filming they need a sure success, another Avenger or Ironman movie would bring the audience back for sure. 

Disney+ makes only loss, they are desperate to bring the new shows before people decide not to subscribe for another year. They are going to film their shows even during the pandemic.

At this point I would hold my breath if all these planned comic movies will even be filmed at all or canceled due lack of money.

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i hope everyone realises that the MCU will probably be the next generations equivalent to Jaws. we are going to be hyping these movies up, watching them along with our kids, and they will be so unimpressed.

‘’The special effects are awful’’

‘’The lighting's weird-it’s that lighting that old people use’’

‘’Who are these actors?’’

and i find that both hilarious and sad

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The Surrogate:  A Clintasha Fanfic


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Character Pairing:  
Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader

Word Count:  1569

Rating:  E

Warnings: Pregnancy talk, sex talk

Synopsis: A freak end of the world incident leads to meeting your two best friends, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff.  While your friendship with the two Avengers is anything but conventional, they are your all-time favorite people.  When you find out that Clint and Natasha want to start a family but have exhausted all their options, you realize your powerset might allow you to give them what they want.  Having your best friends’ baby might seem like a good idea on paper, but when you are as close as you, Clint, and Natasha are, will doing something so intimate mean feelings get a little mixed up?


Chapter 6

It was another three months before Natasha and Clint actually took you up on the offer.  You had spent that time being very careful to not instigate anything physical between them during that time.  The kiss with Natasha had scared you a little.  You’d made the mistake of falling for someone because of a kiss before, and you weren’t about to do it again.  Not with everything that was at stake.  They were your best friends though, so you saw them regularly and the topic of babies came up a lot.  It was like everything they did made them think about becoming parents.  Sometimes it was a case of them thinking it was the worst idea ever and other times it was the only thing they wanted.

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The Young Avengers have a sentimental moment until the loud noise interrupts them. It turns out that the explosion came from Speed (Tommy Shepherd) who accidentally blew up a portion of United Nations Building while trying to fight off the supervillain group, The Zodiac, all by himself off-panel. Speed needed help from Wiccan and the Young Avengers as reinforcements to fight Zodiac and to put the building back together. 

- Young Avengers v1 #12, 2006

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