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Clint: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Dear God, no.

Steve: What’s wrong?

Clint: I think I forgot my arrows.

Steve: I can see your arrows right there.

Clint, panicking: No, those are my exploding arrows. I’m talking about my ice arrows. I can’t find my ice arrows, Steve.

Natasha, joining Clint in prayer: Blessed Saint Anthony, the grace of God has made you the patron saint of all things lost and stolen. I turn to you with childlike love and deep confirdence-

Steve: Look, Clint, calm down-

Clint: CALM DOWN, STEVE? We have no ice arrows! We can’t fight the fire monster without ice arrows! We’re ice arrow-less. We don’t have an ice arrow between us!

Clint: Oh, God, I think… *deep breath* I think I’m having a panic attack. *deep breath* Oh, stupid ice arrows.

Steve: Over this? So what happened back there, when we were nearly blown up, that was totally fine, but this, this, is worth having a panic attack about?

Clint: I don’t know. You’re going to have to turn around!

Steve: There is more chance of me eloping with Tony to A FLIP-FLOP SHOP IN HAWAII!!

Clint: Look, okay, fine! But that means that we won’t be able to ice any monsters, which means they’ll burn us, which means we’ll die. So, you know, on your head be it, Steve!

Natasha, barely holding back a laugh: Oh, actually, do you know what? I think I put it in the back weapons storage.

Steve, sarcastically: Flase alarm there, Saint Anthony. Sorry for troubling you.

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Peter: Hey Clint, you’re an ass ass in right?

Clint: What?

Peter: You’re an ass ass in?

Clint: Kid, I have no idea what you’re trying to say

Tony while facepalming: He means assassin

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Fury: The only thing that seems to motivate you guys is pancakes

Clint: Pancakes? I love pancakes!

Natasha: Do we have maple syrup for them?

Tony: I’ll go buy it

Steve: Where are they?


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Whumtober Challenge

Day 15
Into The Unknown
Possession | Magical Healing | Science Gone Wrong 

“Just a couple more adjustments and I think we’ll be able to give it a try,” Bruce said as he and Tony worked on their machine. 

Clint glanced over at Bucky to see his reaction. He was sitting on a table a few steps away, Steve hovering next to him. Bucky had his hands braced on the edge of the table on either side of him, his features carefully blank as he stared straight ahead. 

“We don’t have to do this right now if you don’t want to,” Steve said quietly, turning his back to Bruce and Tony so that he was fully facing Bucky. “There’s no rush.”

Bucky stared at Steve for a moment. Then his gaze darted over to Clint. Clint was leaning against the wall with one shoulder, his arms crossed over his chest. He met Bucky’s gaze evenly, silently sending his support for what he knew his answer would be. 

“I want to do it now,” Bucky finally said as he turned back to Steve. His tone was carefully even though, betraying how nervous he really was. 

Clint understood. He had spent only a few days under Loki’s mind control, forced to do horrible things against his will. Bucky had been used on and off for fifty years, his brain scrambled repeatedly until Bucky barely knew who he really was anymore. It was so much worse than a nightmare, because there were real life consequences. So, Clint understood the desperation to clear out any residual brainwashing to make sure nothing like that could ever possibly happen again. It was why Bucky had asked him to be here to offer support during this experiment. 

That, and because Steve and Clint might be needed to contain Bucky if this experiment failed. 

“Okay, I think we’re ready to give this a shot,” Bruce finally said. 

“Step right up, big boy,” Tony said briskly, indicating the chair in front of the machines they had been working on. 

Everything in the lab went deadly still. Clint watched Bucky carefully, noticing how he was breathing heavier than he had just a minute ago. After another tense minute passed, Bucky gave up pretense as he leaned over and gasped in several deep breaths. 

Steve reached out and placed a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, looking pained. “Are you sure–”

“Just give him a minute,” Clint spoke up firmly.

Bucky sent him a furtive, thankful look. He ran his hand over his face, took a couple more deep breaths, rolled his shoulders and then resolutely pushed himself up off the table and strode across the room. 

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Ronin had been dodging the suit for over 3 years now.

“It’s almost our anniversary,” he thought, his lips quirking. He wondered if Agent Coulson would show up at the diner for pancakes and another job offer. Or if this was the year the suit would just shoot him and be done with it.

He wasn’t killing innocent people. But, still, maybe he’d pissed on their turf one too many times.

Clint sat in the booth for hours. He was starting to think maybe this was it and the agent was done chasing him.

The waitress brought over two stacks of pancakes and refilled his coffee. He looked at the plates, then at her.

“Your friend’s in the restroom. Said you’d want the pancakes,” she smiled then walked back toward the counter.

Clint looked around again, but there still were only two other booths occupied. And he hadn’t seen anyone else come in.

“Sorry I’m late. Something came up.”

There was a quip on the tip of his tongue as the suit slid into the booth. Clint looked up and felt the smile slide off his face.

“What … the hell happened to you?”

“It’s been 4 years. Think you can use my name. I’ve given you enough of my cards … Ronin.”

Clint stared at the obvious bruises blossoming on Agent Coulson’s — Phil — on his Phil’s face.

Obviously, his agent wasn’t being protected properly. Clint moved from his side of the booth and shuffled in next to Phil, who only widened his eyes a tad at the shift.

“You mad cause I’m a little …”

“Who?” Clint’s voice was gravely. The voice he used when Ronin was on a job.

“Who what?” Phil asked, eyeing Clint, who was now staring at his face, cataloging every scrape and bruise.

“Who did this to you?”

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⏝͝◟♡⃭⃨⃖◞ ͝͝⏝͡⃝͝⏝͡◟♡⃬⃨⃝⃕◞ ͝͝⏝͡⃝͝

“ Combat, I’m ready for combat, i say I don’t want that, but what if I do? ”


⠀ ⏠ ⌦ Kate Bishop ₊˚🏹 ⊹ ˚

⠀⠀♡ 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰

⠀ ⏡ h a w k e y e╶╶╶

· · · ╮ 𖡾♡〬ヾ• by me ; @souththorn

⠀⠀⠀⠀𖡾♡〬ヾ• like if you use.


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Headcanons: How the Avengers react to you dressing up as them for Halloween

Requested by: None; got this idea randomly

Characters: Reader x Steve Rogers; Tony Stark; Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff; and Thor 

(I was going to do Loki as well, but I feel like dressing up as a man who caused a huge disastrous event that killed a lot of people on the planet where it happened, wouldn’t be a good idea lmao)

Marvel Taglist: @aquariuslavenderhoney
Requested Tags: @fictionalhoomanofnowhere​, @thebookbakery

Gender: Neutral        Triggers: None

If you’d like to check out 2019 and 2018′s 13 Days of Halloween, as well as my 2017 general Halloween/Fall stuff here are the links: x2017x, x2018x & x2019x


Originally posted by joenickys

Steve Rogers

🩸 When you walked out in a very accurate replication of his suit he would freeze, staring at you

🩸 He would be wracking his brain like; “is that my suit? no it’s not, but it is, but not the real one…right?”

🩸 You’d grin at his shocked reaction; twirling around “What do you think?”

🩸 “Uhh…I- uh, yeah, wait…is that your Halloween costume?” “Yep”

🩸 He’d stare at you again blinking a couple times before a smile breaks out on his face as he shakes his head, chuckling “Seriously?”

🩸 You’d laugh as he approached, studying the costume “It’s really…accurate”

🩸 He would ask you a few more times if you were seriously going to wear it, and once he figured out you were determined he dropped it. 

🩸 Though he was a bit embarrassed by it. Especially when you showed up at Tony’s party and he (Tony) began laughing his ass off making his usually jokes

🩸 But, overall, Steve would think you looked very good in it, and made sure to tell you this.


Originally posted by thexstarkest

Tony Stark

🩸 You would have secretly gone into Tony’s lab and made yourself a version of the Iron Man suit for yourself.

🩸 It wasn’t as thickly armored as his, more of a thin suit or armor, and didn’t have any weapons attached, it just looked a lot like his.

🩸 You knew he would be flattered, and pretty cocky, which you may or may not get annoyed by, but you were still determined to do it.

🩸 When you entered the room, as Tony was getting ready, hearing you walk in he turned to see you, pausing and looking you up and down.

🩸 He would point at you, hesitating to speak for a moment “Did you make that in my lab?”

🩸 “Yes I did” you’d answer as he approached, admiring and looking closely at the suit as he listed some detail he noticed like the thinness of the armor, as well as the lack of weapons.

🩸 After he looked at it in detail he would meet your eyes with a smile “I’m flattered you know, is the theme to dress up as your hero?”

🩸 Rolling your eyes you’d chuckle “Only in your dreams” you’d chuckle.

🩸 “Please tell me you saved the designs for this, ‘cause we need to keep this, maybe with a few more adjustments, it suits you, very very well”

🩸 He would love, yet also hate, the looks you got throughout the night, though his did think it was understandable that people would stare


Originally posted by july-rck

Clint Barton

🩸 You and Clint actually decided to go as each other. 

🩸 He’d wear your armor/costume, you wore his, complete with bow and arrows

🩸 And when he sees you for the first time he just kind of stared blankly at you for a few moments

🩸 Like, his brain kind of short-circuits for a second

🩸 When he gets it back together, a smile will form on his face as he approaches you “It suit’s you”

🩸 Looking him up and down as well you’d smile “I could say the same to you”

🩸 “Maybe we should trade permanently?” he suggested, which you laugh at 

🩸 Natasha and Steve would both be amused when you show up dressed as each other, Sam didn’t notice until like half-way through the night.

🩸 You and Clint would late on decide to randomly trade suits during a mission, just to see if the other would notice. 


Originally posted by shruggyben

Natasha Romanoff

🩸 Natashas outfit is fairly simple, and resembles a lot of femme fatale characters in popular culture.

🩸 But, paired with the familiar red hair (dyed red or wig you choose) and Black Widow belt, it was obvious to her and the others who you were supposed to be.

🩸 She wasn’t sure how to react at first, but she decided that it suited you very well, and she herself was somewhat flattered at your choice.

🩸 “I wish you’d have told me, I would have given you some accessories to pair with it” she’d joke.

🩸 “I wish I had mentioned it as well, this thing is really tight. I hope your’s isn’t as uncomfortable as this one” 

🩸 Tony would of course make some sly comments, but Natasha would save you with some quick wit sarcasm. 

🩸 “I think you’re jealous Tony, that Y/n dressed as me and not you” 

🩸 When leaving the party, a group of children had gone by, who recognized your costume, all running up to you saying “Black Widow! I love her!”

🩸 Looking over them to see Natasha, somewhat surprised yet touched you’d point her out “Why don’t you tell her that!”

🩸 She’s be a bit overwhelmed but after the kids were finally dragged away, you could tell she was even more flattered. Not just that you chose her to dress as, but that she was loved for who she was by more than just you. 


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

Thor Odinson

🩸 Thor was excited about Halloween after you described it too him, he wanted to dress up as well

🩸 He chose an armored outfit that you were pretty sure was just a Valkyrie costume, but he insisted it was not, it was

🩸 When he saw you come out dressed as him he laughed out loud, and got very excited as well as honored

🩸 “It looks very good on you! Maybe if I retire you can take over for me”

🩸 “You think Mjolnir would be cool with that?” 

🩸 Thor would point out to everyone that you were dressed as him, he was thrilled about it, it made his night honestly

🩸 You even had a smaller plastic Mjolnir that Thor thought was adorable

🩸At one point in the night, he had secretly retrieved his actual Mjolnir, and pretending to hand you your plastic one, instead he handed you the real one

🩸Laughing as you were suddenly jerked down at the weight, paired with a surprised yelp

🩸Though, he was shocked himself because for a split second, you held it without the weight affecting you, it wasn’t long enough for you to notice, but he sure as hell did 

🩸 Thor offered to have a proper suit of armor made for you, but you had to convince him that it was not necessary

🩸 “You just want me to dress up as you more often” “Maybe I do, it suits you, much more than your actual armor” “Hey!”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you’d like to be added to a taglist for any character or fandom, let me know! 

Please consider reblogging! Comments and Likes are highly appreciated as well!~ 

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Black Widow #6 (2014) by Edmonson & Noto

[image ID: three panels from a black widow comic.

Panel one is of Natasha and her companion sitting in a cafe looking out of the window. Several other people in the café are also staring out. Through the window a man has landed sprawled on a car. Above him the word “CRASH” is written.

The second panel is Clint Barton sitting up on the bonnet of the car. He is wearing a white t-shirt with a purple target on it and has a band-aid across his nose. He is covered in glass shards. In the background people are staring shocked.

The third panel is Natasha looking directly at the reader with an unimpressed look on her face and her fork lifted halfway to her mouth. Her companion has a speech bubble which says “that looks bad.” Over Natasha’s shoulder, Clint is seen walking away and whistling, seemingly unharmed. End image ID]

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Original Series

Warnings: language; terrigenisis; future spoilers; emotional; final goodbye’s 

Word Count: 3k


Originally posted by cody-sampson


Originally posted by avengerdaisy

The Mist blast made an unmistakable hissing sound as both Skye and Rebekah inhaled the blue-tinged air. At first, nothing happened, just a lot of confused looks and people checking to see if they were still alive but, of course, Rebekah and I knew better. Patiently, Rebekah rocked on her heels, staring at Skye expectantly.

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19. Broken Hearts

“Mom?” Lila asked when she came into the kitchen. Laura just stirred in a pot and hummed to a song on the radio. 

“Mom?” Lila said again and came closer. She looked over her shoulder and Laura turned to her. 

“What’s up?” she asked and Lila turned back, leaned against the counter and looked out of the window. 

“Is… uh… is dad okay?” she asked. Laura stopped stirring and turned to her daughter now. 

“Why do you ask?” she said and Lila shrugged but she bit her lip and shifted her feet. 

“I… he’s… we wanted to shoot arrows and he…” she looked out of the window. 

“He what?” Laura asked. “Do I really have to worm everything out of you?” 

“He’s in the hayloft,” Lila said. “And he had pulled up the ladder, too.” 

Laura looked at her for a very long moment. She looked over her shoulder at little Nate, who sat at the table and drew a picture. 

“All right, baby,” she said to Lila then. “Can you look out for your brother for a  minute?” 

She turned off the flame, moved the pot away from it and covered it with a lid. Lila nodded and went to the table, too, sat down beside her brother and looked at his picture. 

Laura removed her apron and went over to the stable. Lila was right, the ladder was gone. 

“Clint?” she called and looked up into the hole in the ceiling. “Clint!” 

It was quiet in the stable and Laura still looked up into the hole. 

“I know you’re up there,” she called. 

It took a long moment but then she saw a movement up there and the ladder appeared. Laura climbed up and found Clint sitting on a hay bale. She walked over to him, sat down beside him and touched his shoulder with her own. But she didn’t talk. She just waited for him to start talking. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered after a while. He looked at his fingers and licked his lips. Laura looked at him, reached over and took his hand. 

“Clint,” she whispered quietly. 

“I’m sorry,” he said again. “I… I wanted it to be me.” 

Laura closed her eyes for a second. 

“I tried, Laura, I tried… I wanted Natasha to live… and then… then I would’ve betrayed you and… and Cooper and Lila and Nate… I…”

“Clint,” Laura said again and squeezed his hand. “Natasha would’ve never let you do this.” 

“I know,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean I didn’t try it.” 

“Oh, Clint,” Laura whispered.  

“I betrayed her,” he said and tears ran over his cheeks. 

Laura put her arm around his shoulder and pulled him over to her. At first he seemed reluctant but when she didn’t let go of him, he gave an, placed his head on her shoulder. She just caressed his back and let him cry. He stayed like that for more than half an hour but then she could feel his shoulders relax a bit. 

“You know that I love you,” he murmured without looking up. “You and the kids.” 

“I know. We know.” She kissed his head. “And Nat knew, too.”

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