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#hawkeye trailer
tomsapplejuice · a day ago
I really hope that Rogers the musical had a Hamilton-esque love triangle letters thing and like Hamilton it was just a whole bunch of letters that the producers found and were like… hmmm love triangle, but it’s like… Bucky, Steve, and Buckys sister, Becca.
As in the producers of Rogers the Musical found all these letters that were really sweet and had motifs like “love, Steve” “all my love, Becca” “Love, Bucky” “My dearest Becca,” “Stevie,” etc. and they didn’t realize that it was Bucky’s sister and were just like “OMG Rogers and Barnes were in love with the same woman!”
I just… I think that would be really funny.
Especially if Bucky rolled up to a showing with Sam and in a scene where they try and do a song about the “love triangle” he just yells, full volume, in the middle of the show “BECCA WAS MY SISTER” in the most horrified voice ever.
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otp-holic · 8 days ago
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See that sign there??? The missing words behind the yellow sign are “Bucky Barnes” making it the truest most romantic musical ever in Broadway:
Yes, that’s it, I have x-ray stucky vision, trust me. I cannot wait to see the greatest love story ever sung.
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tomsholland2412 · 8 days ago
If they don't sing THE anthem I don't want it
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Tumblr media
Who's strong and brave here to save the American way?
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buckyshairography · 8 days ago
kate be like:
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Of course i couldn't stop myself what did you expect
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themultiverseofmarvel · 8 days ago
Here it is! The first official trailer for Marvel Studios' Hawkeye starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld!!
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lovelyavengers · 6 days ago
WHO is going to write the sambucky fic where they go see the steve rogers musical in their obvious disguises and spend the entire time complaining about tiny details the playwright got wrong à la those two old guys from the muppets
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riordanverseinc · 8 days ago
still a better captain america than john walker
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youngqueerdemon · 8 days ago
hawkeye disney+ show according to tumblr:
1. rogers the musical
2. clint barton gets a hearing aid
3. it's the most wonderful time of the year
4. lucky the pizza dog
5. gay for kate bishop
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stark2ashla · 8 days ago
All I want from “Rogers the musical” is eh casting with one role cast as the same actor as the actual character. Like everyone looks like an snl skit in terms of costumes and resemblance and then there’s idk Paul Rudd maybe just chillin, doing his dance moves and singing and either (1) no one acknowledges it, (2) someone says “wow that guy looks exactly like scott”, or (3) it actually is Scott Lang and he’s going through a personal crisis that will not be expanded on whatsoever
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vclkyrxe · 8 days ago
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rip to tony stark, you would’ve loved (to make fun of) rogers the musical
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meh122333 · 8 days ago
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Look at Kate grabbing Clint's bow to stabilise it! I find it so precious! 🥺
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I need to know wtf the Rogers musical is like in the new Hawkeye trailer/series.
Is it like WWII Hamilton??? the costuming is saying Rent for some reason (imo). The forbidden lovechild of Hamilton and Rent, maybe??
Would Bucky be Angelica in this scenario? Or would he be John Laurens?? Tony = Aaron Burr?
Sam is Lafayette. No I will not be taking any criticism.
Who's Jefferson? Who's Maria Reynolds (Sharon?)???
Is refusing to sign the Accords his personal Reynolds Pamphlet?? What's the ending like if people don't know what actually happened to Steve?
I have. So many questions
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I love Clint Barton. I even love MCU version Clint Barton despite all the ways they did him dirty. I even love Barton Fam despite the storytelling hoops and flaws. I am a huge fan of Jeremy Renner's portrayal of Clint even if JR isn't my favorite person in the world. I love Kate and Miya and Yelena but mostly I love Clint Barton, and y'all and your salty unhappy little selves can be salty and unhappy, you literally can't ruin this for me. Sour fandoms are so 2017, I'm gonna enjoy the heck out of this and I can fan fic whatever I want if there are parts that aren't great. I'm having a blast. I'm thriving. This is a Hawkeye positivity only blog.
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