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Come Home

I’m materializing a wooden heart

to replace my old one.

For I have broken the other ones,

or they turned into failures.

And these failures don’t leave

nor disappear into the atmosphere.

They build up like a never ending dust storm,

creating ciclone in the darkest part of my room.

It’s no one’s fault but my own, but I do hate

taking the blame for my own disaster.

Honey, when can I come home?

Do I have to wait until my eyes

have closed to finally see your golden hues?

I’ll, whittier away at my own proteinous

ideas of your hands

running down my goosepimple skin.

Oh darling, my free bird,

I would love to become free with you

and flap our wings to beats in our hearts.

But until then, I’ll continue to carve new ones.

Because no matter how many I have to create,

if it means one will stay in intact

and be loved by you,

and you only, I’ll do it all day.

I love you, honey. And I can’t wait to come home.

Sometimes I feel as though it’s my fault that I can’t connect with someone or I end up falling for someone who doesn’t have my best interest in mind. It’s a sick routine that I seem to live. A habitable life of endless despair and jungling tears I have created for myself. Tell me…Am I wrong? Also partly inspired by my love for Hawks.

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Hello! Again

I wanted to apologize because I know I said I was going to upload more things and carry on with the pending requests, but now that I’m out of town and with little internet it is hard, that and some other personal issues 😞 But worry not, I will post them sometime. They are not forgotten! In the mean time, I might be posting some drabbles and thoughts. And remember that if you want to talk, or share your opinions on anything I’m always happy to talk with you🥰

Best regards,


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Okay I lied, requests are open.

Or send thirsts or ideas. I don’t care.

I need a distraction.

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The boys are stressing me out with how they are playing these games

Come on guys pull through

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Oh my god Pat Foley talking cluelessly about the Mandalorian 😂

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Hawks and y/n! I also drew my own features over y/n for the sake of self indulgence
Its my birthday I do what I want
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Official Accounts Part 27- Think Fast

Summary: (y/n) was perfectly happy remaining anonymous, even if her best friends were all pro heroes and she worked under THE Hawks. Handling the technical aspects of hero work from the background suited her just fine, thank you very much. That goes out the window when suddenly her twitter blows up thanks Denki and the famed no. 2 hero is asking her to run his own official twitter as a result

If you don’t want to see Official Accounts content blacklist #hopelessoa

Warnings for alcohol and recreational drug use



Hawks watches somewhat apprehensively as you put solo cups, mixers, and multiple handles of hard liquor out on your counter. “You look more terrified right now than I’ve ever seen you before facing a villain,” you point out. “I trained my whole life to fight villains. This is new. How many people did you invite?” He asks incredulously. “Just the Baddies,” you shrug. “All this is for just seven people?” “Technically all this and more, Kacchan’s bringing beer and Mina’s bringing white claws. Don’t worry we won’t finish it all!” you assure him before briefly pausing. “We probably won’t finish it all,” you correct yourself. At seeing the continued hesitation in Hawks’ face you stop your preparations for a moment and turn to him. “Hey I can call this whole thing off if you want,” you offer, but he shakes his head. “No, no don’t do that. Beneath the nerves I’m excited I promise. Plus what would people think if the great Hawks chickened out of a simple little party?” “I’m more worried about Keigo right now than Hawks.” “Keigo will also be fine.” “Ok, but you are more than welcome to stop drinking whenever. We won’t pressure you to get drunk if you don’t want to.” “I am older than you, yknow. You don’t have to baby me.” “Older yes but I, dear Keigo, am the more experienced and wiser one here.” “Well then, oh wise one, why don’t you show me the proper way to take tequila shots.” “I’ll grab the limes.”

You and Keigo might have gotten the tiniest bit carried away with your pregame so by the time the rest of your friends come knocking at your door you’ve already got a buzz going. As you swing the door open Denki and Mina are grinning back at you, Denki with an impressive bag of weed and Mina with the promised white claws, as the other three wave from behind them. “Let’s get fucking plus ultra in this bitch!” Mina yells and the rest of you reply with similar enthusiasm as you usher everyone inside. “Hawks and I already started so you guys have to catch up,” you tell them as you unlock your phone and toss it to Kirishima to pick the music.

At the start of the night you made a point to stick close to Keigo so he’d always have a familiar face to rely on if he got overwhelmed or didn’t feel like talking anymore, but as the drinks kept flowing you were delighted to find he seemed to be doing just fine on his own. In fact, Denki genuinely seemed keen on getting to know him more and the rest of your friends were just as welcoming. Soon it felt just like any of you all’s usual hangs and it wasn’t much longer after that that everyone was properly drunk. Soon Mina had somehow convinced Bakugo and Kirishima to back her up in an impromptu round of karaoke while Shinso and Hawks watched on from the sidelines. Denki sidles up next to you, throwing one arm around your shoulder while holding a perfectly rolled joint in his free hand. “Shall we head to the balcony?” he asks with a grin. You throw one more glance Hawks’ way to double check he’s doing well and when you see him burst into laughter as Bakugo and Mina fight over something inane, you feel something warm spark in your chest. “We shall,” you confirm before letting him guide you over to the glass door and opening it with a flourish.

There’s a chill in the air but the alcohol flowing through your veins means you barely feel it as you step onto the balcony and lean across the railing, Denki joining you as he pulls a lighter from his pocket. He places the joint in his mouth and then lights it with the kind of ease that comes from experience before taking a large hit and passing it to you. The two of you pass the joint back and forth a few times before Denki finally speaks up. “So how’s the little arrangement going so far?” he asks. “Better than expected to be honest.” “Have you guys talked about what happened yet?” “Not explicitly. He told me… a lot… about his past so I kinda get it now? but not about the night it went to shit.” Denki hums in acknowledgment. “How are you doing in general after everything that happened?” he asks. “I’m fine Denki.” “(Y/n)…” “I mean it. Don’t worry about little ol me.” “I’ll always worry about you.” “And I, you. Now stop killing the vibe. This is supposed to be a party remember?” Denki laughs at that as you move to sit on the railing of the balcony.

Keigo has to admit he’s pleasantly surprised by how tonight is going. He had worried about dropping into the middle of your friend group and spending the whole night feeling like an intruder but instead all of you have welcomed him with open arms in spite of everything. Between that and the alcohol he’s feeling more uninhibited now than he ever has his entire life. “I should’ve done this sooner,” he declares as he takes another sip from his solo cup. Next to him Shinso laughs, “damn right you should’ve.”

“Hey Kacchan!!” he suddenly hears you call. When he looks over he notices you sitting on the railing of the balcony. That can’t be safe, you have to be at least as drunk as he is and the joint you’d been sharing with Denki has burned pretty low so you’re definitely high too. “Think fast!” you shout and then you’re letting go and leaning backwards until you’re falling, the bright grin on your face never faltering. The blood in Hawks’ veins runs cold as he watches you disappear from sight. The muscles in his back twitch on instinct but barely any of his feathers have grown back yet so he. can’t. save. you. He can’t save you and he’s starting to panic when he notices Bakugo launching himself over the railing, the sound of explosions loud in the quiet night. Hawks jumps as he feels a hand land on his shoulder and turns to find Shinso giving him a reassuring smile. “Sorry should’ve warned you. She does that a lot, especially when she’s drunk,” Shinso tells him. “What? Falls off buildings?” “Yea pretty much.” “What?” “It’s a trust thing. The first time she did it was to prove a point. She knew he’d catch her. Now I think she just likes the feeling of falling while crossed.”

Bakugo reappears over the balcony with you giggling on his back completely unharmed and Hawks releases a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding. “That’s a lot of trust. When’d she start doing that?” Hawks asks. “I’m actually not sure,” Shinso replies, “yo Mina!” “What?” “What year did (y/n) start the whole ‘think fast’ thing? Second or third?” Mina walks over to join the conversation, plopping down next to Shinso. “Uhh I think it was third year after they started dating” she says. Shinso shoots her a look and elbows her but it’s too late. “They dated?” Hawks asks. Mina’s eyes widen in realization but it’s too late to take it back so she instead says “I’m gonna get more to drink!” and jets back off to the kitchen. Shinso rolls his eyes. “Yea, they did. In the end they decided they were better off as friends though, especially because Bakugo was a lot less mature then.” “That’s why she gets away with calling him Kacchan.” “Yea, probably. That was years ago now though, I don’t think anything’s happened between them since. I wouldn’t worry about it,” Shinso assures him before excusing himself to go talk to Denki.

Hawks knows it’s not his place but he can’t help but feel jealous now watching you tease Bakugo about getting slower as he lectures you on being an idiot. “I’m not an idiot!” you pout. “What else would you call someone that intentionally falls off a building?” he seethes. “Was there any chance you would have let me hit the ground?” “Obviously not, dumbass.” “Well there you go! Perfectly safe!” Bakugo sputters, his cheeks reddening, before finally grumbling “I’m getting another drink,” before walking away. This only makes you laugh harder. “Love you Kacchan,” you tease after him. “Fuck you!” he shouts back.

He’s one of your best friends. He’s one of your best friends. He’s one of your best friends. The phrase plays on a loop in Keigo’s head in a desperate attempt to quash the jealousy burning through his chest but he can’t help it. How long had the two of you dated? “Longer than the two of you did,” his brain unhelpfully supplies. His thoughts are interrupted when Kirishima drops down next to him with two beer cans in hand. “You look like you’re pretty deep in your head and (y/n) would kill me if I let you stay that way. Ever shotgunned a beer before?” Kirishima asks. “I didn’t realize I was that easy to read,” Hawks says as he takes one of the offered beers. “Typically you’re not. Watching you in action? You’re totally inscrutable dude, it’s super manly! But when you’re with friends you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Anyway, let’s not talk heavy shit man, am I teaching you to shotgun or not?” “Fuck it, why not.” “That’s the spirit!”

The party eventually reaches its natural conclusion as exhaustion starts to overtake even the effects of alcohol. Not to mention, your friends are keenly aware that unlike you and Hawks they actually have to get up and be out for work tomorrow. Hawks isn’t surprised when you give each of your friends a tight hug goodbye. He is surprised when the same offer is extended to him. It’s almost scary how perceptive your friends can be. When Mina’s hands get a little too close to where his wings should be he can’t help but flinch and immediately she adjusts. The rest of your friends make a point to avoid the area. Bakugo and Kirishima are the last to leave and it takes everything in Hawks not to let his jealousy show as you hug Bakugo goodbye. He’s once again shocked when Bakugo goes to hug him but he soon realizes that it’s not necessarily done to be friendly. “Take good fucking care of her bird brain. Cause if you don’t? I will,” he whispers harshly. As the two pull away from each other their eyes lock in a silent challenge until Kirishima calls from the hallway “Bakubro let’s go! Taxi’s here!” “I’m coming Shitty Hair relax!” he shouts back before finally breaking eye contact and heading out the door with one final wave in your direction.

Author’s Note: The party was honestly pretty built around the “think fast” scene. Once that idea came to mind it refused to leave. The Bakugo stuff well 👀 what can I say I like ✨drama✨ also I felt a little bad that Bird Boy stole the fic I was gonna write for Bakugo from him. Originally I was gonna have Hawks’ jealousy be unfounded but then I saw an opportunity and decided to run with it oops

Taglist [open]: @cathy8taffy @katzurras @grumpyfroggies @captaincyberqueen @itskindofafairything @420-uwu @someweirdshitman @oliviasslut @the-adzukibean @a-fucking-sero-kinnie @ladyzayismultifandom

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Miruko: Is this about me?

Hawks: No?

Miruko: Then I’ve lost interest.

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this kind of shit is why the Chicago NHL team needs to fucking change

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Hawks struggled to come to terms with his impending fatherhood. With your due date looming, he decided to spend some much needed time alone with his wife.

Balmy -  (Part 1 of ?) (Read on AO3)
Wordcount: 9k+
Rating: Explicit (18+)
Info: This is a part of a series. Hawks is socially stunted but he’s trying. This fic is entirely self indulgent and unedited. I kept wanting to add more despite working on it for a month, so! more chapters to come.
Warnings: This fic is pretty vanilla. Marriage!AU, Long term relationship, NSFW. Reader is heavily pregnant, accidental pregnancy, pregnant sex, breast feeding, soft dom Hawks, mentions of past childhood trauma.  Angst, smut, and wintery bittersweetness.


              Life on the mountain was easier in the warmer months. In the spring you could climb up onto the widow’s watch and scan the skies for a distant fleck of red soaring toward you through the clouds. Or, in his absence, you could feel closer to him as you watched his beloved sky roll overhead. You sought comfort in the blue hues above you all too often. But, when the face of the mountain turned cold and grey, you were forced to retreat into the warmth of the cabin. Those months were the most difficult to get by during his absences. This year, especially.
              This winter was different yet somehow exactly the same. He was home for Christmas, as you always daydreamed he could be. However, there was still the same quiet pining. You still stood, longfully staring out of frosted windows as you worried for him; mourned for his loneliness. Though he was so close, he was still miles away from you—his only family.

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🔞highlights from YY’s 20k miruko x hawks x listener audio🔞


Originally posted by elenuvien


Originally posted by keiwoosh

miruko: you’re so damn cute, baby carrot, when you cry out on mommy’s tongue


hawks: cmon. i need this I need this. please suck my cock. cmon, you know you want to, kid, yknow you want to

miruko: if you’re going to beg. beg like the sloppy little bitch you are…that pathetic look on your face, it suits you. that’s why you’re a bottom bitch, keigo. that’s why you’ll always want momma to spank your ass.


miruko: you’re forbidden from coming. do you understand, little keigo? if you come on mommy, she’ll be very mad and punish you twice as hard. if you want to come, come on this baby carrot and give them a nice icing. I wanna taste them like they’re carrot cake

hawks: fuck, please, mm-mommy, please, little keigo wants you to please his cock.


miruko: what did I tell you about being a bad boy? you know I only said to put cream on this baby carrot cake


miruko: you like mommy’s fat cock, dont you?


hawks: you should suck all of it. baby bird, suck daddy’s cock


miruko: gotta lick all that good cum out of your nice sopping wet hole…I think it’s time for little keigo to eat all this

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Another Gif for @angelic-uccello​ 


We’ve been working on a semi-wholesome after story for “Birds, Bees, & Blood”

So have a semi teaser!! This is a gif I’ve been working on for the story to provide some imagery, so keep an eye out for it!

Extra Information Under Cut!

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