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katsuphilia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: bakugou katsuki, todoroki shoto, takami keigo
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: repost from my old blog ; i wrote this months ago and it’s so bad and i don’t have the strength to read over it so y’all look the other way when there’s horrendous writing parts
Tumblr media
Once again, the stinging reality that Midoriya was improving steadily, and he was falling behind was making Bakugou realize that things were not what he’d planned for them to be. It was difficult watching the helpless boy from his childhood slowly grow to outdo him, growing more and more closer with the very man that was his inspiration, while he seemed to be at a dead end.
Nothing Bakugou was doing was getting him where he wanted to be, and the frustration was bubbling over, and not even you could seem to help soothe the bitterness he was feeling. The final straw was when all of his classmates, including you, had left with their provisional licenses secured—save for Todoroki, but that did little to ease his conscience. It was like salt to the wound to watch you smile with glee at your results as he dealt with the aftershocks of his failure.
He wanted to be happy for you, he really did try to muster up a small smile just for you at your excitement, but anger was an all consuming feeling, and Bakugou couldn’t stop from feeling angry that slowly, he was becoming more and more prone to failing.
You could sense that the provisional license exam was a large blow to your boyfriend’s pride. You saw the way his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes when he offered you one, and the bus ride home didn’t consist of his usual quiet rambling that only you got to hear. Instead, he simple chose to look out the window, not moving or reacting when you rubbed his arm gently.
Bakugou was struggling internally, you could see that ever since he’d been rescued from the league. His ego had been painfully bruised, along with his self esteem. It was heartbreaking to watch him be so frustrated with himself, they guy who once carried himself so proudly was picking himself apart to try and find the flaws that you knew weren’t there. He was perfect, going through a bit of a rough patch, but he was perfect nonetheless in your eyes. So when you all reached back to campus and made your way to your dorms, you followed him into his, hands interlocked. He didn’t say much, his demeanor still quiet. It was only when you’d made it inside did you speak up.
“Baby, don’t let today beat you down too much, it’s okay—”
“I’m fine, y/n.” He cut you off as he made his way to his bed, collapsing down and laying with his arms behind his head as he stared up.
“I can see you’re not,” you started gently. He didn’t move. Coming forward, you sat next to him, hand beginning to stroke through his hair. His jaw clenched as he closed his eyes. “Katsuki talk to me.”
“Y/n, I told you I’m fine. I don’t need to talk to you like you’re my damn therapist.”
“No, but you should talk to me like you’re my boyfriend. There’s been a lot on your mind, I just wanna help get somethings off your chest, you—” suddenly, he sat up, pushing your hand off of his head. Glaring at you harshly, his breathing was heavy.
“Y/n, I said I don’t fucking want to talk! What did you not get from that? Stop acting like you get what’s going on and stop being so damn clingy, I’m trying to sit in peace okay?” You stared at him shocked, retracting your hand away. Blinking back tears, you slowly nodded, shuffling off of his bed.
“Okay. I’m… I’m sorry Katsuki. See you later,” you said quietly before exiting his room and closing the door behind you.
You avoided him for the most part the next day, coming in right before class began so you wouldn’t have to interact much while waiting for Aizawa to come in. Though he didn’t make a move to come up to you himself, you could sense his stare burning holes into you, waiting for you to acknowledge him.
And he knew yesterday was a bit uncalled for, and he also knew he had to apologize, but he wasn’t counting on you avoiding him. His hand itched to reach for your wrist, to pull you out of the room and speak with you, but he waited a bit longer, seeing if you were just late this morning and weren’t actually avoiding him. But you didn’t instantly walk beside him during today’s class activities, and you didn’t sit with him during lunch, and after class, when everyone went back to the dorms, you didn’t follow him up to his room, opting to sit and lounge with the rest of your classmates.
His mood turned increasingly sour throughout the day, not happy with the way you interacted with everyone around except him. Finally giving in, he sighed deeply before pulling out his phone.
Hey, where are you? Come up to my room (read)
Y/n seriously come on (read)
You haven’t spoken to me all day (read)
He slammed his phone down, seething in his bed. Slowly, his head dropped into his hands as he thought back to yesterday.
He’d called you clingy. It was almost funny considering the idea of you sitting next to him and playing with his hair sounded really nice right now, but of course things just never went accordingly. They never seemed to anymore for him. You were probably having a grand time with everyone else, away from his company. Suddenly, the image of you sitting in between Midoriya and Todoroki, or even Kaminari, or Sero, or that bastard Mineta flashed through his head, as he imagined you laughing with your head thrown back at something they’d said.
And once again, he was grasping his phone, spamming you with texts to come up to him room right now, to answer your damn texts. Eventually, after minutes of blowing your phone up, his door slammed open, you looking at him in pure rage. He only glared back.
“What in the world is your issue Katsuki?”
“Gee I wonder, you dumbass. Maybe it’s that you haven’t spoken to me all day huh?”
“Well maybe I wanted to let my boyfriend have his precious space since I’ve been so clingy as of late.” He sighed, running a hand over his face.
“Okay, I’m sorry I said that. Now come over here you moron.” But you stood in your place, eyebrow raised at his failed attempt to fix yesterday’s events.
“I was enjoying time with our classmates. I don’t particularly feel like coming ‘here’ Katsuki.” He glared at you further.
“Y/n, you haven’t ‘enjoyed time’ with me at all today. Stop being so damn stubborn and just get in here.”
“I don’t want to spend time with you.” He freezes a bit, staring at you incredulously. Finally, he laughed bitterly, standing up.
“Oh yeah? You don’t? Why are you with me then huh? Since you don’t wanna spend time with your own damn boyfriend.” Rolling your eyes, you shut the door behind you, stepping closer.
“You’re the one who blew up yesterday for saying like one sentence to you! I was just trying to help you, but you decided to be an asshole, and now I’m giving you what you want! Make up your damn mind!” He tugged at his hair, breathing heavily.
“Okay! And I said I’m sorry, what else do you want?”
“You can’t just say a half assed “sorry” after you snap at me like that and expect everything to be okay! That’s not enough!” It was dead silent for a moment before he turned away from you, collapsing onto his bed, hunching over his knees and glaring at the ground.
“Yeah nothing seems to be enough these days. No matter what I do,” he muttered bitterly. Waving you towards the door, he looked to the side. “Go on, go have a good time with everyone else.” And just like that, as much as you hated to admit, you heart ached to run a hand through his hair and place a soft kiss on his forehead. So, walking up to him slowly, you gave in. His arms instantly came to your waist tightly, pulling you into an embrace, face pressing into your stomach.
“Katsuki, things are getting a bit rough on you, I get that, you’ve been through a lot. But you’re bottling it up and snapping at the worst times. You can at least talk to me you know.” His fingers tightened around your shirt.
“Yeah, I know,” he whispered. Sighing, you rubbed over his shoulder with your free hand.
“Babe, you know you’re still doing a wonderful job right? You’ll make an exceptional hero, but you gotta start working on your attitude a bit, look where it led you in your exam.” He grunted, finally pulling his head out of your stomach.
“They were just being babies I wasn’t even that bad.” Shaking your head, you rolled your eyes at him.
“Katsuki you’ll never change.” Finally letting a bit of his usual self slip through, he smirked at you.
“Is that really so bad?” Once again, your eyes rolled.
“It’s the worst.” He laughed, finally giving you a soft smile—one only you got to see every so often.
“I’m sorry.”
“I know.”
“Good. So then you’ll spend time in here than with the dumb extras. So sit down.” He was utterly the most tiring boy you’d ever met, but still, you climbed into bed with him, laying in his arms as you faced him. Leaning up, you kissed his cheek. Once more, he smirked.
“I knew you’d cave, you’re dumbass can’t go one day without me.”
“I still have texts of you blowing up my phone desperately pleading for my company.” Glaring at you, he reached over and flicked your forehead.
“I didn’t plead, you’re just an idiot. I demanded. I never plead for anything.” Laughing, you buried yourself into his chest, breathing in his scent as you lay there with him.
Tumblr media
“Shoto, you haven’t said much all day, what’s wrong?” Sighing, he looked at you as you lay beside him, head resting on his arm.
“Nothing y/n, I’m fine.” You could tell something was indeed wrong. Your boyfriend was quiet, that was true, but Todoroki wasn’t normally as silent around you as he was right now, making you a bit concerned for the sudden change. The recent stress of juggling his studies and training and his extra classes to retry for his provisional license had left him a bit stressed, and today was not particularly his day.
After returning from today’s class with Bakugou, he was a bit on edge as you followed him up to his dorm, happily chatting about your afternoon and telling him stories of the encounters you’d had with the other students. Suddenly, your touch wasn’t as soothing, instead it was aggravating, and hearing you ramble wasn’t endearing, it was only making him more frustrated. All he wanted was to be left alone, to sit in peace as he caught a break from his now very hectic schedule.
“Sho, you’ve been much quieter than usual. Why’s that?” Once again, he sighed, this time slightly rolling his eyes. Pulling his arm from under you, he sat up.
“Y/n you haven’t left me alone all day today, is me being silent really that bad? I’m sure you’ve spent enough time with me today.” Looking at him confused, you sat up as well.
“We haven’t really spent a lot of time together recently. You’ve been super busy with your extra classes for your license so I thought today would be nice to spend together, we’re both free for the rest of the day.” Blinking at you, he spoke up after a moment, looking you dead in the eye.
“Y/n, you’re always really clingy. We’re in the same class, it’s not like we don’t see each other often.” Looking at him shocked, you felt your face heat up a bit in embarrassment. Feeling your heart sink, you thought back to your actions throughout the day. You didn’t think you’d been particularly clingy, not thinking that Todoroki may have needed space. Looking at your lap, you played with your fingers.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You could’ve just told me if you weren’t in the mood to hang out.”
“Well it’s not just now. There’s no need to always hold on to me in someway, I need space too okay?” He didn’t mean what he’d said in that last part, it didn’t hold any truth. He loved the affection you displayed, it gave him a sense of comfort he didn’t get quite often growing up, but the rising level of frustration from his stressful day had caused him to snap at you harsher than he should have. Flinching a bit at his tone, you nodded slowly.
“Okay, well uh… I’ll leave you alone then.” He nodded at you, watching as you gathered your belongings and left the room. You didn’t want to be a bother to him anymore, feeling guilty that you’d made him so uncomfortable through your affection. Deciding you’d try to be better about it so Todoroki wasn’t as irritated, the next few days consisted of much less interacting between the two of you. Though you missed his touch and the proximity that used to be between the two of you, you were at least satisfied that your boyfriend would be more comfortable.
Except he wasn’t. Todoroki Shoto was beyond unhappy, you hadn’t kissed him much at all in the last few days, you sat across from him at lunch instead of right beside him, you’d been interacting with everyone else more than him, and you hadn’t been speaking much, constantly glued to your phone during the few times you both were alone when he insisted he come up to your dorm.
He wanted you to pay more attention to him, but all you did was offer him small smiles and short answers to his attempts to spark a conversation. Feeling fed up, he crawled over to where you were sitting on your bed, sliding his way under your arms and in between your legs, laying his head on your chest. You stared down at him for a moment before continuing to scroll through your phone, your free hand sitting on the bed beside your legs instead of in his hair like usual. He was beginning to get increasingly upset.
“Yeah Sho?” He hesitated for a moment.
“Are you okay?” He felt you nod.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Why? Are you okay?” Shrugging he slumped further into you.
“Yeah, I guess.” You only hummed in response, before continuing to like pictures through your feed. After a few moments, he began to have doubts. Had you begun to realize he wasn’t what you wanted? Was this your subtle way of hinting you’d gotten bored of him? The weight of thinking you had slowly begun to fall out of love with him was crushing, he didn’t want to let go of the one person who made him feel safe and valued. Looking up at you, he asked you the question that was beginning to fill his mind up with dread.
“I love you,” he said quietly.
“I love you too.” His heart sank. You didn’t kiss his forehead like you always did. Gripping your shirt tightly, he looked up.
“You promise?” Looking down at him, you began to frown, wondering where this was coming from. Finally, finally, you ran a hand through his hair, making him bury his head back into your chest.
“Yeah, I do promise. Where’s this coming from Sho?” Grabbing your other hand, he pulled it to lay on his back, giving you the signal to start rubbing it. Slowly, you did, waiting for his explanation.
“Why are you acting like this?” Looking at him confused, you tilted your head.
“Like what Shoto? What’s going on?” He looked up at you, eyes wide and sad.
“Like you don’t want me around.” Finally understanding, you cupped his cheeks, leaning in and giving him his long awaited kiss on the forehead.
“I was just giving you some more space, like you asked.” His face dropped even more before he buried it into your neck, laying fully on top of you.
“I’m sorry, I was just frustrated that day. I missed you the last few days.”
“Shoto, it’s okay, if I’m too overbearing for you sometimes you can tell me. I won’t coddle you as much.” He frowned at your words, guilt eating him up for making you feel like he didn’t enjoy your doting, and for saying something he didn’t mean solely because he’d been having a bad day. You always made him time for him and made him feel special, even on days he could tell you weren’t feeling the best. Slowly pulling his head out of your neck, he faced you, shaking his head.
“No, I’m sorry y/n, I really didn’t mean it. I just snapped, it was a rough day. I miss you being the way you were before, a lot. You’re not overbearing.” Feeling your heart swell a little, you scratched at his scalp gently, while your other hand ran over his back and shoulders.
“It’s okay Sho, I’m not mad. You can just tell me when you’re having a bad day and you want to be alone though, okay? I won’t mind if you need some time to yourself.” Nodding, he relaxed into you as you pulled a blanket over his form, kissing his forehead once more before finally paying more attention to him, softly telling him about your day.
Tumblr media
Takami Keigo’s tired.
Poor thing’s been worked to the bone, down to his very last feather. And this week had been a particularly nastier one in a while, the public had been swarming him more, the media was exceptionally focused on him as of recent, and the undercover work coupled with typical hero work was more grueling than usual. All he wanted to do was collapse in bed and sleep away the stress that had pent up, to ease the tenseness in his muscles, and to forget about the rough week he’d been having.
He flew into his window, after a long unforgiving day of duties, looking forward to some time to himself. Only as he stepped in, he was greeted with a sight that usually made his heart skip two beats, but today, it made his demeanor even grumpier. Seeing you in his kitchen cooking a meal usually made him feel a sense of completeness, a feeling he’d longed for as a child, the domesticity was something that filled the holes and stitched the tears his childhood had left behind.
But for some reason, today he wasn’t too thrilled to see you. You being here meant having to spend time and energy with you, energy that he really didn’t have today. Walking over, he glanced at you wearily as you beamed happily at your boyfriend.
“Hi Kei! I’ve been waiting for you to get home. Go wash up, dinner will be ready in a bit.” Sighing deeply, he took off his coat, gloves, and goggles, setting them on his counter before rubbing a hand tiredly over his face.
“Y/n are you serious right now? Look I love you, but this is a bit much don’t you think?” Tilting your head in confusion, you glanced at the food on the stove.
“Oh, do you not like this dish? That’s okay, we can order something, or I can make something else if you wanna wait—”
“Y/n, I don’t have the energy for this,” he grumbled. Eyebrows furrowing further, you racked your brain for what he could mean.
“What do you mean Kei? Are you not hungry?” He shook his head, looking at you through narrowed eyes.
“I’m exhausted. You know that. I can’t have date night with you right now, I just wanna take a nap,” he muttered, rubbing his temples. Frowning, you tried to explain.
“Oh no, we’re not hav—”
“Y/n, I don’t have the energy to spend time with you right now. What are you not understanding? Can’t you see I’m about to fall asleep where I’m standing?”
“Kei, I’m not—” he cut you off yet again.
“God y/n, why can’t you just leave me alone? You’re so god damn clingy all the time like get a life! I have other things to do,” he spat at you, venom lacing his tone. Recoiling, you stared at him astounded before feeling your eyes start to water. Clearing your throat, you awkwardly nodded, quickly turning off the stove and gathering your things to leave.
“S-sorry Keigo,” you whispered before making your way out your apartment. You wiped away tears as you made your way to your own apartment, hurt by your boyfriend’s outburst. You knew this week had been a rough one for him, and you also knew he was tired and grumpy when he came home. Hoping to make a nice meal for him so he could eat something homemade and finally rest like he deserved, he’d quickly thrown the idea out the window, ruining your attempts to care for him through his bad attitude. Sniffling, you frowned, deciding that if it was alone time he wanted, it was alone time he’d get.
Evidently, Takami Keigo did not handle the silent treatment very well. He also did not handle no longer being the center of your attention very well either, absolutely losing his mind two days into your resolve. The first day consisted of his usual good morning texts and updates from his work, not really noticing you weren’t responding to him until later. He really began to realize that you weren’t answering when his phone calls went to voicemail, getting restless that he hadn’t heard from you. But the last straw was when not only had you ignored his offer to come over to his apartment, but you also didn’t answer his knocks at your window when he flew to your place.
Eventually, he was able to follow you into your apartment after catching sight of you outside doing errands, refusing to leave you alone till you gave him the attention he craved. Except now, he wasn’t whiny and bratty anymore, now he was beginning to get hurt over your insistence to ignore him.
Trying to kiss you, Keigo frowned when you dodged his lips. He pouted at the lack of attention sent his way.
“Y/n, come on, why won’t you speak to me?” Silence. “Baby? We haven’t spoken at all in the last two days, I miss you!” More silence. His wings drooped along with his shoulders and his heart plummeted. “Y/n? Don’t… don’t you miss me?” Nothing. You didn’t say a word as you continued to make dinner, enough for one, Keigo noted. Gently grabbing your wrist and pulling you towards him, he looked at you heartbroken. “Y/n, what’s going on?” Looking at him with narrowed eyes, you tugged your wrist out of his grasp harshly, giving him a glare.
“Why can’t you just leave me alone? Why are you being so god damn clingy?” Hurt flashed across his face.
“Wha—” oh. Now he remembered, you were upset over the not so nice words he’d snapped while he was exhausted.
“I came to your home trying to make you a meal so you could eat and relax, and you sat there, didn’t even let me explain, and called me clingy and told me to get a life. Well I got one, and clearly that’s not enough to make you happy either, so what do you want?” Looking at you sadly, he tried to grab your hands, face dropping when you didn’t allow him to.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rude, I was just really tired. I didn’t really think before speaking.” Still not happy with him, you continued to make dinner, not paying him any mind. He stood behind you for a moment before wrapping his arms around your waist despite your protests, burying his head into your neck. “I’m sorry y/n, really. I don’t appreciate you enough, you always take care of me. No one’s ever done that before. You’re not clingy, I’m losing my mind over two days without you. Please don’t be mad?” Sighing, you rolled your eyes at yourself for how fast you gave into him. Turning, you held your arms for him to fall into, his head drooping to your shoulder. Clutching you tightly, he relaxed when your fingers carded through his blonde locks.
“You were exceptionally mean to me you know,” you whispered. He nodded, hugging you tighter.
“I know. I love you though,” he offered. Chuckling, you kissed the side of his head.
“I love you too.”
“Enough to make me dinner?”
“Maybe not that much.” He looked up at you, pouting. Laughing, you pecked his jutted lips before conceding. “Okay fine.” He beamed, returning to his previous position of hugging you from behind as you made dinner for the two of you.
Tumblr media
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deartouya · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring. dabi, bakugou katsuki, kirishima eijiro, hitoshi shinsou + keigo takami.
warnings: a little suggestive in dabi + hawks probs.
note: i wanna wear their clothes so bad goodbye :,)
Tumblr media
✞ DABI was sitting at the kitchen counter at the hideout, waiting on you coming downstairs to join him, and when you do— you feel his piercing gaze immediately on you. his eyes roam every part of your body that’s covered by the light fabric of his white shirt before you hear him stand. “well would you look at that.” dabi drawls, voice dangerously low as he approaches you, slowly with a handsome smirk on his lips— feeling the natural heat of his palms rest against your hips as he leans to almost groan lowly in your ear. “letting every bastard in here know you’re mine, doll. yeah?” his words are followed by a teasing squeeze at your ass, followed by a raspy laugh as he pulls you even closer, his voice deeper now “not sure it’s enough, how ‘bout you help me remind them?” your lips part when he pulls back only to ghost his lips over yours, feeling the cold wood of the wall against your back as he guides you back against it, his chest almost pushed flush against your own while his hands begin to smooth over your waist “you look so good in my shit, doll. might just let you keep it on.”
✞ BAKUGOU you’d gotten a little cold while you waited in bed while he showered, so you ended up grabbing one of his sweaters and throwing it on a few minutes before he was done— immediately melting into the familiar scent it carried. you hear the bathroom door open shortly after, looking up to meet a suddenly frozen katsuki as he stands in the doorway, blonde hair wet and hanging slightly over his eyes but you can still see how wide they seem to be as he stares at you. “babe, the hell are you doing?” he almost shouts, his breathing hitching when you pout up at him so cutely while draped in his sweater. “that’s mine, dumbass.” “but i was cold, ‘suki!” you huff, reaching to pull the hoodie off before you’re quickly stopped by a very pink cheeked katsuki almost running over to you “i didn’t say you had to take it off, fuck—just, just keep it on and cmeer if you’re cold.” he huffs, avoiding your eyes with a slight pout when he climbs in next to you, guiding you into his arms and you immediately melt into his warmth as he rests his lips on your shoulder “keep it, shit suits you more than it does me anyway.”
✞ KIRISHIMA he’d ran downstairs to grab a drink just as you felt a shiver run through your body, opting to grab the sweater he’d just recently taking off given how warm he usually was— throwing it over your figure while you stand to adjust it. you don’t realise he’s made his way back upstairs until you hear his voice call from the doorway, his body frozen as he holds too glasses of water and gapes at you, lips parted softly and eyebrows raised “damn, you look so awesome, babe! you gotta wear my stuff more, for real!“ kiri grins enthusiastically, ending up making his way over to his drawers with a bright look in his eyes as he goes through his clothes. “i’ve probably got some more you can try, cmon how cool would that be baby?” and you watch as your boyfriend turns to face you again, holding a few too many t-shirts in his arms before almost bouncing over to set them on the bed in favour of approaching you after. “we gotta do this more often!
✞ SHINSOU “what’re you doing?” you hear shinsou ask as he returns from the bathroom to you laying in his bed newly draped in his shirt, finding it comfier than the one you wore to his. “what do you mean?” you reply, not realising he’s asking about the shirt when he looks away from your gaze— his hand moving quickly to rub at the back of his neck while his cheeks begin to tint pink, clearing his throat before talking again. “doesn’t matter, ‘ts not important.” you huff at his words, curious but the blush on shinsou’s face has you focusing on that instead when you feel him climb back into the bed next to you, sitting a little closer than normal this time. you feel his fingers brush against your hip before they smooth over the hem of the tshirt, his fingers fiddling slightly with the fabric while he rests his head in the crook of your neck. “keep it .” he hums, voice raspy as he melts into you and you can almost feel the gentle smile on his lips against your skin.
✞ HAWKS you hadn’t even realised it actually wasn’t yours until you put it on, shrugging and enjoying how comfortable the fabric of your boyfriends shirt was while you waited on him coming home. it’s not long before you hear the door close, rising from the couch when you hear a familiar soft tone speak from the doorway “oho? what’s this, babe? looks like somebody missed me.” hawks teases, his eyes immediately recognising the shirt on your figure as he approaches you, resting his hands on your hips while wiggling his brows at you. “is this a surprise? hmmm, who knew you looked so good in my stuff birdy, i’m supposed to be the handsome one.” hawks chuckles lightheartedly when you slap playfully at his chest following his words. his gaze turning a little softer when you roll your eyes at him after, before he gently shoves his face into the crook of your neck to place ticklish kisses against the skin, causing you to bat him away before he almost scoops you into his arms “kei!” “i know, baby—it’s just such a shame i gotta rip this off now, right?”
Tumblr media
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lexxiie · a day ago
Hi lexxiie, I love your fics so much. How about getting married to the BNHA boys (villains)?
Please and thanks.
afdskkjfskslk I can tRY. Listen, I can't picture any of the villains wanting to get married. Especially Touya and Kai, idk why. (I do know but I won't tell you). We can assume they found someone who is worth changing their ideals for, though. (thanks for the kind words, btw)
Tumblr media
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Featuring: Dabi | Shigaraki | Overhaul | (bonus) Hawks.
Tumblr media
When You Marry Them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's a bit too anxious when the day arrives, to be honest.
He never saw himself getting married at all.
So this is kind of a surprise to him more than to anyone else.
He's quite worried about you, though.
What if he becomes a new version of his father? The thought makes him sick.
He has tried to be better ever since he met you.
But he still doesn't know if he's doing it right.
He kind of asked you to marry him out of impulse.
But when he dared to imagine his life without you, he realized he had made the right thing. It's still weird, though.
He can't see himself as someone who deserves all of this happiness, or a normal life with you. But he also doesn't want anything else.
I don't think he would want a huge event or anything of the sorts. He would prefer something private.
You see, to him, deciding to marry you means that he loves you and wants you by your side forever. Not a pretentious party.
If you do want a pretentious party, he could consider it, though.
Still, the fact that he wants something small doesn't mean he doesn't care. He cares a lot, that's why he wants this moment to be just for the two of you.
I imagine he would want to get married after beating AFO's ass, so he would not want you to take his last name. I don't think he'd want you to take Shimura either, to be honest.
He. Would. Cry.
He tries so hard not to.
But after so many years of being lonely, he can't believe he finally will have someone as his forever. The man is in love.
Tumblr media
Another guy who thought he would never get married.
Actually, he thought he would be dead by now, how surprising, huh?
He's happy he's not dead, though. Otherwise, he wouldn't have met you.
He thought about proposing too many times, always deciding he wouldn't.
He's endeavor's son. He can't be a good husband, and he obviously isn't a good person. You can do better.
But the thought of you with someone else makes him light up in flames. Literally.
Remember I said Tomura proposed out of impusle? This man proposed out of impulse, impusle.
He was just staring at you one day and went like "Marry me." bRO??
No ring, no nothing. He did get a ring afterwards, though.
I picture this happening after little Shouto saves him, so Rei would demand a big wedding for her firstborn. If it was up to Touya, it would've been something small.
She thought her son was death and she'd never get to see him getting married, so having the opportunity makes her very emotional.
He wants to cry SO BAD when he sees you walking down the aisle, but he forces himself not to because he doesn't want to ruin the moment with blood coming out of his skin.
He looks so hot in a suit.
Listen, all of this isn't really his style, but he's willing to do it all for you. Pulling some semblance of a man is everything he had been doing since he met you.
He has no problem if you don't want to take his last name, but he would really like it if you did. It would boost his ego, besides, the idea of indroducing you as Ms. Todoroki makes this scary, dangerous man, feel butterflies in his stomach.
He is gonna do his best to be someone you deserve.
Tumblr media
Listen, I feel like he's quite a traditional man.
He couldn't see himself getting married anytime soon, but he hoped he would one day.
When he realizes he loves you, he just knows it. He knows he wants to marry you.
He doesn't do many things out of impulse. Actually he rarely does things out of impulse.
He planned the proposal step by step.
I have mentioned this before, but even though I don't think he's a corny man, he is very romantic, like, in a formal way.
He wanted everything to go perfectly. Roses, a nice ring and a great speech. He never disappoints.
When it comes to the wedding, this man has a great taste. He would want a small, but very elegant event. Mostly because he wants an excuse to see you in a wedding dress. and then taking it off.
The thought of dancing with you is very important to him as well.
The last name. He won't force you to do anything you don't want to, but he will be extremely displeased if you don't take his last name. He is a bit possesive and would love to call you Ms. Chisaki.
He is a great husband. Seriously.
You are the most important person in his life. You are his priority.
Honor is a big deal to him, so his wedding vows are an oath he won't break. His word is his most valuable possession, and he gave you his word of loving you forever.
He just knows he found the best thing that'll ever happen to him, and he's not planning on letting go.
Tumblr media
He always wanted to get married.
And he wanted to marry you since the moment he saw you.
He's a passionate guy, you know?
I feel like he would ask you to marry him multiple times and you'd say no each time.
You just felt like he wasn't being serious because of how casually he would ask.
But you also thought that even if he was serious, he probably wasn't thinking it through.
He did. Since the very first time. My man has perseverance. I would be lying if I told you it didn't hurt him every time you rejected him, but he had it clear in his mind that he only wanted to be with you. So he kept asking.
Until the marvelous day arrived. You finally said yes.
Keigo acts like a puppy whenever he gets excited, so imagine him jumping around and hugging you, and kissing you... He's very intense.
But you wouldn't want it any other way.
He wants a huge party.
He is proud of himself for getting you to say yes, he has to show his beautiful partner off.
This guy would definitely cry without even trying to hold back.
You don't have to, but please, please, pleaseee take his last name. You can put it after your own, he doesn't mind. He just wants you to have a piece of him with you.
He would definitely want to have a family with you, but the thing he cares the most about in his life, is you. If you don't want kids, he doesn't care. He only needs his wife to be happy.
He is such a considerate, loving man. Probably the best guy you could marry in the whole world.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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veenxys · 2 days ago
「Soft moments with Hawks」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sometimes, when you're napping together in the afternoon, he pokes your face absently; and he feels bad when he ends up waking you up. then he starts giggling sleepily as he pulls you close, whispering apologies as he wraps his wings around you, making you so warm and comfortable that the last thing you see before falling asleep is the soft smile on his face .
calling you 'good girl/boy/baby' not sexually. he does it proudly; his tone is always playful and catchy. it happens when he sees or hears that you are taking good care of yourself as if you have a better sleep schedule. or sometimes, you're arguing about what to watch on netflix, and when you finally relent, he softly drops the nickname with a smile as he happily kisses your cheek.
playing and dancing in the rain when it starts pouring in the middle of your date on the rooftop; splashing at each other, spinning together like the goofballs you are; him falling in love all over again as he watches the way your eyes crinkle while you laugh; and you falling in love all over again as you watch his dimples deepen while he beams at you. in the back of your minds, both of you know that you’ll question your decision when tomorrow comes and you get sick but right now, nothing else really matters as you let yourselves get lost in the moment.
one day, you’re giggling at something he said, looking ahead at the colorful sky painted by the setting sun. little do you know that he’s staring at your side profile, completely lovestruck. with a smile on his face, he cups your cheek and guides your face towards him as he leans in. it’s a sweet kiss, neither able to stop yourselves from smiling into the kiss.
he holds your face while he wipes your tears with his thumbs. he brushed a few strands of hair from your face and looked at you with a small smile. "let's see…" he started, "a kiss here," he pressed his lips against her forehead, "and here," this time in the corner of her eye. the smile on his face was cheerful when he heard you chuckle softly despite your red, puffy eyes. "there, that beautiful smile," he said softly before cradling you in his arms, "i've got you baby,"
him patiently listening to you ramble on about anything anytime; he stops everything he's doing just to listen to you. sometimes you hesitate and your words trail off or you stop abruptly because you're worried that you're bothering him by talking too much. but he just looks at you curiously and says, “why did you stop? talk more! i'm listening"
he loves your cheeks - it doesn't matter if they're chubby or not. he loves to pinch, loves to leave kisses, hold your cheeks with one hand and kiss your lips. sometimes, when it's cold, he'll hold them in his gloved hands and drop a big kiss on your left cheek. or sometimes, when you're pissing him off, he pushes your cheeks together with one hand to form a pout and kisses your lips, then walks away with a small mischievous smile and a soft look.
one day, you’re having a tickle war, rolling around on bed, pushing each other away but also pulling each other back when one is about to fall off. when you have both calmed down, you meet his gaze, a goofy grin lingering on your lips but your smile softens as you see the way he’s looking at you like you hung the moon. “y/n, this is it for me, you know. you’re the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. you’re it. you’re the one.”
he always shares his food or drink with you. it has become a habit and most of the times he does it instinctively. whenever he orders something, he casually lets you try some, holding the cup as you take a sip from your shared straw or feeding you a generous spoonful of his food.
one night, he comes home drunk and he plops next to you on the bed, whispering i love you as he tucks the cover more securely over you; you jokingly ask him oh yeah? for how long? and he says sincerely, his voice hoarse and serious yet somehow looking light-hearted, his eyes hazy, “forever. will love you forever and ever, y/n,” he whispers, pressing a few too many kisses over your face before falling asleep in your arms. the next morning, you think he has forgotten but before he rushes out the door, he gives you a quick kiss, “i love you,” he says with a knowing smirk, “forever.” now it has become a little tradition between the two of you to add that ‘forever’ after every i love you.
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hannamakki · 17 hours ago
general nsfw headcanons !
✸ ft. bakugo, deku, hawks, dabi
✸ info & warnings: nsfw (18+ mdni), all characters are aged up, fem!bodied reader, unprotected sex, oral (f!receiving), voyeurism, breeding kink, marking, overstim (kinda), mentions of pet play, thigh riding, nudes, teasing, praise kink, possessiveness, switch dabi, hair pulling, mirror sex, & oral fixation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• he loves eating you out. it doesn’t matter if you’re riding his face or if he’s laying on his stomach and situated between your thighs, so long as he gets to taste you, he’s content
• he’s so loud. he doesn’t even try to hold back his groans and growls and isn’t even slightly embarrassed about how vocal he is. in fact, he likes thinking that the neighbors can here your naughty escapades through the walls
• heavy breeding kink. it’s rare for him to go without stuffing you full of his cum and fucking it deeper into you. condoms do not exist to him
• he’s a thigh guy so he’s always kneading them in his hands or pulling the flesh between his teeth. he’ll lick over the indents of his teeth so it doesn’t hurt too bad. but as soon as he notices the marks might be fading, he’ll replace them with new ones
• his stamina is astounding. it takes him multiple rounds before he’s exhausted enough to call it a night. and by the end of it, you’re undoubtedly going to have trouble walking in the morning—or feel unbelievably sore, at the very least
• he’s incredibly attentive and spent a lot of time at the beginning of your relationship picking up on your sensitive areas. he knows exactly where to kiss to have you moaning just the way he likes
• he has definitely researched a lot of kinks. he’s always up to try them if you’re okay with it, but pet play caught his eye. his personal favorites are puppy and bunny
• he’s really into thigh riding. watching you desperately try to get yourself off on his leg really turns him on, enough so that he’s struggling to hold back an orgasm of his own
• his favorite position is missionary. he loves looking down at you so he can see all your reactions. he also likes being able to lean down to kiss you or whisper in your ear
• sometimes he gets incredibly impatient and doesn’t take the time to completely strip free of his clothes or take yours off. he’ll lift your skirt up and push your panties off to the side because he can’t be bothered to undress you
• spontaneously sends you nudes under the pretense of helping you through your day. what he really wants is for you to sneak off so you can return the favor
• he’s always teasing you. it ranges from him blowing cool streams of air on your cunt before he thinks about touching it to running the head of his cock up and down your slit and letting it catch on your entrance before finally pushing it in
• he’s pretty heavy on praise, but it always comes with a condescending tone. it’s his way of letting you know that he’s still in charge
• something about sexy lingerie really turns him on. he often buys you new sets because a switch flips when he sees you wearing them and he ends up ripping them off to get to you sooner
• he loves when you mark him. little bites on his thighs, hickies on his neck, and red scratches down his back all put a lazy smile on his face when he sees them the next day
• so, so possessive. he’s constantly making you remind him of who you belong to. “i’m the only one who can fuck this pussy right?” “it’s like your body was made for me.”
• despite his possessive and dominant nature, he’s more of a switch. just in the way he feels like he owns you, he wants you to feel like you own him, too
• he loves having his hair pulled. doesn’t matter if he’s in a dom or sub mood, he’ll never get tired of it. your tugs at his scalp are like fuel to keep him going for you
• he’s really into mirror sex. he likes making you watch him fuck you and he’ll firmly tell you not to take your eyes off your reflection
• he has an oral fixation. he’s always sucking on part of you—your fingers, your nipples, your clit. if he’s not talking, there’s something keeping his mouth busy
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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the-lady-writes-what · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
So sorry it took so long to get to this request, @sbree-killer. And, no, I haven’t actually watched Rio all the way through. I mostly know it through pop culture osmosis, but I know the plot for the most part. It’s a really cute idea for Hawks and I think it suits him perfectly. What a wonderful suggestion!
Harpy! Hawks x Harpy! Female
No content warnings! SFW
“Keigo” was the name the humans affectionally called him. He crept out of the transportation vehicle to find himself in the lush green jungle, unpolluted by time and destruction. The humans’ vehicle left him to find his own way. Keigo stretched his wings for the first time and felt the wind on his unclipped wings. He soared to the highest branch and perched there to see all that his eyes could survey. All around him, jungle trees thrived in undisturbed serenity. The black smoke of construction, the noisome beat of machinery, and the too-bright skyscrapers were nowhere in sight. Keigo was free. Really, truly free. 
Keigo observed his new home soaring over the treetops with his red wings basking in the warm sun. The air smelled the purest, so did the earth and the trees. It felt more like home every minute he could spread his wings and fly over the landscape. 
Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted red wings not unlike his own. Keigo flew a little closer to get a better look. A creature just like him with red wings to carry them over the tree tops. She had talons like him on her hands and feet. She had the same markings on her face. Keigo’s heart skipped a beat. Was this what the humans called ‘love at first sight?’ The female glanced over her shoulder as she flew. Keigo was flying close behind and catching up. She sneered at him and dove underneath the canopy. 
“Hey wait!” Keigo shouted. 
Without thinking or hesitating, Keigo dove with her. The female tried to hide herself amongst the broad leaves of a tree, but her bright red wings stood out against the green and there was no leaf big enough to hide her from Keigo’s perceptive eyes. He perched himself on a branch below her. Keigo sat and simply stared. It’d been so long since he saw someone just like him. She was beautiful. Heat washed over him and Keigo’s face turned about as red as his wings. 
Their first meeting was uneventful. There was more pinning and staring involved than conversations. The female seemed uninterested in Keigo much to his chagrin and that of the scientists secretly observing their interactions. Day by day, the female foraged for food with Keigo lurking nearby, only ever watching out for predators. Whether she didn’t know he was there or grew accustomed to his presence, she took no notice of him. After several days of dancing around, Keigo plucked a vibrant flower growing near a waterfall and flew off to search for her. 
Keigo found her combing her hair with comb she fashioned out of a fish spine. She’d just finished bathing in a river when Keigo landed a few yards away. She jumped a little but didn’t immediately take off. Keigo approached slowly and carefully. He tucked his wings behind him to appear smaller. Keigo held out the pink and white lily to her. When the female didn’t immediately take it, Keigo’s shoulders slumped. He left it at her feet and flew off. 
A few days later, he dried again. This time he brought a bowl of nuts and fruits he collected. Keigo left it outside of the hut she made of twigs and leaves bound with hemp. With her nowhere in sight, Keigo left his gift and returned to his own little hut. 
Keigo, determined at one last chance, built a proper nest. He spent days gathering the best sticks and branches to form the nest near the canopy where the tree tops offered the freshest air and protection. He padded the sides with caked mud for security. The nest was stuffed with soft leaves and roots and draped in animal hides. When he looked over the work he’d done, Keigo smiled. He took off quick as lightning to find her. She perched on a rock, preening her wings. Keigo approached carefully and quietly. 
“My name’s Keigo,” said he.
For a moment, the female didn’t say a word. Keigo waited and waited. For a moment, he thought that she would never answer. His body shrank in on itself, the will to continue this courtship was sputtering out. All of his hard work meant nothing. But then, she looked up. 
Keigo beamed. He raised his head and smiled. “Would you please come with me? I-I want to show you something.” 
“Will I like it?” She asked. 
“You won’t know until I show you!” Keigo answered excitedly. 
Together, Keigo and Y/N flew over the treetops until they happened upon Keigo’s tree. He perched himself above the nest to let Y/N inspect his handiwork. She examined every aspect of the nest. When she saw what he’d been working on, a flutter entered her chest. The animals couldn't talk to her and Keigo was the only male of her species for miles around. She could, possibly, learn to love him. Looking up, Keigo’s  eyes were as bright as the sun. He was waiting for her answer with bated breath. 
Y/N flew to his perch and settled next to him. With gentle teeth, she nibbled on his wings to preen them. 
Y/N chuckled at Keigo’s bashfulness. “Shut up and let me fix your wings. You’re absolutely filthy.”
I know it was short and sweet, but I hope you like it!
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themisslili · 2 days ago
When u r a multifandom simp 😶
Guys, what's your 2D husbandos? Tell me... I'm gonna let one in white for u put the ones that you are married with
Im gonna start with...
@dracul-vadomni @jnnibot @sassysaxsolo @justheretoaskandread @that-one-weeb-buts-its-the-main
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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valorantflame · 16 hours ago
Wane | Yandere Hawks x Reader
Tumblr media
A/n: Thank you to everyone who gave me ideas about the whole Yandere Hawks ordeal. I'm pretty soft when it comes to the bird, I'm pretty sure I softened here as well. Ugh, I just can't help it lol. Besides, I think this is one of the longest fics I've written until now. I word vomited a lot so bear with that.
Summary: You finally got the chance to escape Hawks, after planning & plotting for months. But the SWAT-trained hero is trained for everything. Even this.
Warnings: Yandere themes, Guilty Keigo, MDNI, drugging, threatening, mentions of non-con, victim-blaming, emotional manipulation, swearing, use of quirk(feathers) as a weapon, blood, cuts, delusionality, hallucinations.
Tumblr media
Keigo was asleep, to be more precise... You carefully put 6 sleeping pills on yesterday's dinner for him. You couldn't look very nervous or on edge. Keigo had promised to trust you once he broke you with his insecurity that you'd leave. You could see he was trying his best, considering you weren't very good at cooking & he ate it and called it 'immaculate'. You didn't feel bad though, more like you didn't let yourself feel bad for doing that to him. You were a person of sane mind, unlike his twisted one. You were doing this because you needed to live free, not caged.
Keigo could feel the haziness of the downers, yawning and his wings droopy. They dragged against the floor carelessly as he stretched his arms. He was wearing his joggers, just his grey joggers. If he was someone you truly loved? You could've drooled for his toned & sculpted abs easily. His lean, powerful well-built physique & beautiful carved back muscles because of his excellent swordsmanship. You knew how dangerously strong he was. Being the #2 hero wasn't a feat any wonted individual could achieve. Especially when you were one of the ill-fated ones that were quirkless. The world of quirks and powers seemed all the more gleaming. "All the more reason that you stay under my wing, am I right babe?" Keigo's words echoed in your head. No, NOT all the more reason to stay under his wing. Fucking bastard— He would do anything to get you to obey him. To crush you under the weight of being quirkless.
You leaned against the headboard, looking at him with your eyes filled with love and admiration just as he wants to see it. He wants you to look at him like he's the only one for you. Like he's carved perfection and you're grateful for him. Someone ordinary like you is bestowed with the love of a hero. Not just any hero... Pro hero Hawks! He feeds you, clothes you, gets you all your favorite little trinkets... It should be the least you can do. Keigo made it pretty clear several times when he's had you against the wall with your wrists pinned to the sides. Predatory pupils slit and widen as he says every word with an eerie pause and smile. "Don't push, my, limits. Sweetie." You won't. Not when his freely falling feathers roam around your body in circles as he clicks his tongue when you've done something wrong. Not when his huge, crimson wings cover your line of sight when he's talking. Never. You are better than that. Your survival instincts are better than that.
He walked over to you, smiling softly and towering over your form. You could almost cut his fingers off if you could, the way they brushed against the sides of your body, slid under your cami, and touched everything he shouldn't be touching. Everything he had no right to even look at. He gently kissed your clothed nipple, heavily sleepy lashes fluttering at you. "I love you, you fucking sexy thing" Normally, this indicated that you are to be folded in the nearest counter, or his study, or over the couch and fucked until you couldn't take it. Until your body would give out. You can't really complain because the after-care almost makes you delude yourself into thinking that Keigo actually loves you. Pathetic, you are truly pathetic at times. But not now, now you had a plan, an escape plan.
You tried not to flinch, not to overreact, and not to be too good as well. He was a genius after all. Little differences like these always reminded you of his Hawk gaze towards your actions. You gulped and leaned in to kiss his cheek. There, soft and easy. Not too much so he thinks you're plotting something. You need to be perfectly balanced between reluctance and love.
The rest of the night followed you like a dream come true. There was no shoving of his member, girthy member tearing you apart. There was no sign of his voice that hurt your ears like molten glass.
You laid your head against his chest, not minding being cocooned by his wings. If you did love him, you'd find them warm, soft & comfortable. Soothing even— but they make you claustrophobic. You despise him & his quirk. Every single cell in your body detests his quirk 'Fierce Wings'. For they were truly fierce, truly merciless and ruthless. They gave him powers you'd never want a monster like him to have. He knows enough from a single feather. A red little soft thing lying around. Enough to even know the slightest difference in your breathing. No amount of surveillance cameras could ever beat that.
You couldn't be hasty at all, it was weirdly torturing... Laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, all wide-eyed & waiting for him to fall deep into his slumber. It was truly said... Time turns the slowest when you want the unbearable to pass. Hawks was unbearable, truly insufferable. If he isn't fully asleep, the slightest difference in your movements would disrupt him. All thanks to Fierce Wings, his pathetic god-forsaken quirk.
You couldn't track the time, a lot of thoughts hovered in your mind. How will you escape, when should you escape, where will you run off to? The most feasible solution seemed like a Pro Hero's agency. You could run off to one of the top heroes— no, what if they don't help you. What if they call Hawks & tell him everything! Honestly, after witnessing the #2 hero be such a fatal jerk, your belief system was shaken. Maybe you should go for the heroes who have lower ranks. Maybe in the thirties or forties. No, what if they tell Hawks because of the popularity he can get them... It could boost their rank easily. Should it be something you're willing to play with? God— it was so difficult. Too many options to play with, too many cons. Just a single pro, freedom. You were willing to bet everything on it either way.
Your eyes wandered off to his face, his lovely neutral, peacefully asleep face. He definitely looked like he was sculpted by the gods. The eye markings, the blonde fluffy hair, the stubble that made him look just a tad older. He was just 23 after all. Part of you was in awe of him when you first met because of it. Because of how fast he climbed up the hero ladders and was now the #2 hero. Granted he didn't talk much about his quirk, he thought you were snooping around. He was slow to trust. You wished you didn't meet him at all, you wished you weren't swayed by his unending charisma. Earlier, before he kidnapped you and kept you hostage after hearing you wanted to go on a date with some guy... He used to chuckle and pat your head, "Don't be so nosey birdie. It's just a quirk." Whenever you asked anything. His laugh almost felt believable, his friendship felt believable.
Finally, after what felt like ages, you sneakily got up. Twirling and twisting very carefully to get yourself out of the pro's grip. It was like walking on eggshells, your heart was racing dramatically. If he wasn't sedated, it was enough for him to ask you about it. "What's got your heart all racy, babe? Do you love daddy that much huh?" No, bastard. I don't- I don't love you. I will never love you. I will kill you-
After successfully landing on your feet, your shivery palm patted your chest. How pitiful, you were doing one of the tactics he taught you when you couldn't stop crying. To gently pat your chest and breathe. Completely ignoring what made you lose it in the first place, completely ignoring what made you sob with ragged breaths. It was him, he had just sent your best friend to jail. Wrongly accusing him of murder. The league had a part in this, now that you live with him. You think his villainy contacts had a part in that shattering, traumatic experience. Of course, he still won't accept that your friend; who was also about to be your boyfriend after you'd ask him out... Was in fact, innocent. "I'm so sorry, little bird. Part of me is kinda glad in a way you know? I took you under my wing before that leech of a bastard could have his hands on you."
You needed to calm yourself down. Breathe— you need to breathe. Now is not the time to torment yourself with haunting memories of the past. Maybe you can get out of this hell-hole forever. Yes! Look on the bright side y/n. The bright side where his talons can't reach you.
You stared at him with utter disgust, some of it was also for your own self. You won't accept it ever, won't accept that his monstrous, manipulative self was able to earn a soft spot in your heart sometimes. Whenever he came home injured, saving people. You could almost feel pity for him. Whenever he took a leave from his work to religiously take care of you when you were down with a fever, you could almost say you were flattered and in awe. Fuck that, you'd choose your freedom over anything else. Even hell must have its perks on some days. Keigo was attentive to you, made you feel heard & seen more than anyone else, you'd give him that. But he also broke you, shattered your body and mind like no one else could. You'd never forgive him for that.
You tiptoed away from the California king-sized bed, the master bedroom that you were forced to share, and towards the outer segment of the house. The first thing you needed was to drink some water. Bubbling anxiety had made you parched. Stop turning back and checking up on him again and again y/n! He is not awake. Stop wasting time!
After downing the whole glass of water, you sighed in relief. you did feel better. Just a bit. But it was enough to keep your mind sane, & that's all you needed to escape. You've been planning it for months, making mental notes of everything you need to take with you to leave, notes of how sometimes Keigo drugged you when you became a little over bearable and kept it on the highest shelf that was locked. How the key went back to one of his pockets as you lost consciousness. It was hard to steal the key, it usually was in his khaki pants. Starting to do the laundry for him seemed like the perfect option. Every single day, you lost hope. Every single day the key wasn't in there... But you waited diligently like one waits for their prayers to be answered... Waited for Keigo to be careless. And one day, he was...
Keigo wasn't big on cash. Never... You couldn't possibly steal his card either. That would be the epitome of dumbness. You could sell the jewelry he bought you. But with all of them having his initials, feathery design; it was safe to say that they were all designers. Maybe some low-class peddler would give you the not-so-right amount for them. Worth it!
You took all the necessary things you could, the jewels gifted by him that you hated were being put to good use now. You can't bother to change clothes when the question is of life and death after all. You rushed out of the house, the lock needed to have meddled with just right. You didn't know the passcode, even after months of being with Keigo. He wasn't dumb enough to keep it something like your birthday, or the day you met. They changed frequently as soon as he saw you eyeing him as he returned from work. The next day, it was a different code. You can't even put to words, the defeat that coursed through your veins all these months when you tried the previous night codes the next morning after he was gone for work. That fucking pathetic sly fucking- Bastard... Suits him to be flaked out like that. Suits him to be left alone like that.
You opened the door, closed it, and changed the code from outside. A funny parlor trick for that piece of shit. Even though you knew that the reason he likes his nest sky high is the windows. You walked, one step, two steps, three steps... And then you ran. Covering your face up, even though you knew he could recognize you instantly from the cameras, you ran.
You reached outside, panting and supporting yourself with your palms on your knees. It felt, good. Momentarily though, because you had a lot to do, but it felt good. You were thankful that Hawks kept you hidden. No one truly recognized you. You were as normal as any other person.
What you didn't and couldn't expect that the SWAT-trained hero woke up minutes after you left. He had an achingly dry mouth, side effects of sleeping with 6 of the sleeping pills. Everything around him felt dizzy, he couldn't focus on anything. He was hazy, drowsy- Wait! Where were you?
His pupils pinned in sheer panic and rage, mighty wings stretching and puffing up and hundreds of feathers leaving at once, scattering throughout the house and shattering the window glass, flying outside. "Fucking hell- you fucking pathetic slut." Keigo's rage was knowing no bounds. You betrayed him, he trusted you. He thought you were making progress, you betrayed him. You betrayed him, you betray-
You kept walking, looking around everywhere suspiciously & trying to ignore the burning anxiety in your chest. You'd soon find a cab y/n. Don't fret about it, you'll find a cab & it'll be over. You'll be far, far away from this place. Maybe today was the last time you saw his face.
Keigo on the other hand, was going feral. Impatient and feral and desperate for your presence. The rage inside him was soaring by each passing moment. "Wait until I find you y/n. Just wait." He growled under his breath, feathers picking up inhumane speed to scan the whole vicinity of the neighborhood.
His jaw slacked when he found you, teeth grinding against each other aggressively enough to seem it would unhinge his jaw. His heart was racing too, not in a good way. The panic he felt was like nothing else. He hasn't felt this vulnerable, this defeated, this betrayed. He had no time for playing games, he wanted to fly there himself and bring you back. Not when all his feathers are out, hunting for his prey.
Maybe a little prey and predators game won't hurt. He needs to remind you that he's here. He's always going to be here. A single red plume found its way around the nape of your neck. God— His rage was overriding his logic. He wants to slit your throat for betraying him. He wants to slit the driver's throat for trying to take you away. No, a civilian. He's a hero, he can't do that to a civilian who's doing his job. His job of taking you away! Damn it! No- still his job. No-
The feather skimmed across your neck, caressing your skin softly. That was it, that was the moment. You froze in place, the driver looking at you awkwardly for instructions as to where you'd go. "Listen, girl, it's late. Do you want to go or not?" He was getting testy. Of course, you had no words of your own, they fell deep into despair and darkness. The crippling fear of what's going to happen to you now was enough to veto everything else. Even your breathing. It grew ragged, shallow, and hoarse. Only this time Keigo won't feel pity for your so-called fearful panic attacks.
He smirked, having you realize how frail & pathetic you are was step number one. Getting the driver to leave in confusion was done by your fear. Good, at least you saved him an impulsive kill. "But— but— the dose—" you whimpered, shivering and watching the red plume dance in front of your eyes. It revolved around you, having turned pointy & knife-like. It reminded you of how powerful Hawks really was. A single feather was enough to kill your worthless, quirkless self. It was also enough to destroy any confidence you had in yourself as well.
Soon, other feathers joined, they all rotated around you as if it was Hawks himself sizing you up. They acted on his will after all. You didn't move an inch, your feet went cold, your spine went cold. You knew there was no running from this. Suddenly, one of them sliced your forearm with a cut. "AH-" your hand reflexively touched the area of impact, witnessing horrifying red. Then came another just below the apple of your cheek. You flinched and whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut. Your shaky legs began to move. You needed to run. Keigo wanted you to run, he already has begun with his ways.
Your panic had already made your legs heavy to lift, but you ran. Ran back towards the penthouse with the feathers chasing you, slashing through your supple skin at every contact they could find. Part of wanted to scream & shout for help, but you knew Keigo would kill both you and whoever stepped up for it. Your lungs were burning, your feet were cramping from the sudden, unprepared run. Your body was crying from the tormenting cuts of the feathers on your chest, shoulder, waist, forearm, back, calves.
You were reduced to a pathetic mess, a panting, crying mess & yet you knew that he was just getting started. His rage was cold, brutal even. You wanted this to be over, you kept going back until you reached the elevator. Bloodied, shivery fingers staining the button you hastily pressed for the top floor. "Shit- shit- Keigo, please—" you kept begging throughout your way as the elevator went up. You knew he could hear you, the false hope of him feeling pity for you was all you clutched onto. Until you saw him sitting on the couch of the drawing-room...
"Welcome home, sweetie." He never looked so terrifying. You thought you have seen the worst of him, this was something else. His pupils were almost shinny at the lamplight beside him. The golden rings mirrored his rage so well. You were cowering in fear. Almost enough to feel like throwing up. "Please, I'm sor—"
"Ah ah ah, not a word." The icy tone of his voice racked through your veins. All the odds were against you. Everything was against you. He got up, spreading his wide wings in front of you with one flap. The sound of it and him taking a step near you made you impulsively step back.
"You're a very good runner I must say." He walked towards you, thumb inching closer and wiping the blood off the cut on your face. You flinched at his touch but didn't dare lean away from him. You don't need any more trouble than you're already in. "What if... We give those pretty legs a looooonnng rest." His cold smirk met your blanched face. "Yeah?" He licked a strip of your blood, enjoying the loud sound of your heart racing at his every action.
"Listen, Keigo, please. Please I'm sorry I'm just- I'm really sorry I won't ever- I won't ever I promise I swear on"
He rolled his eyes, quite irritated with how swiftly you spitted out your defenses. His hand positioned in your head gently, ironic with his behavior as he leaned in and subtly brushed his lips against yours. It was sickly twisted, it was giving you hopes to latch onto again. Maybe if he's kissed me this softly, I can vouch for forgiveness. I can—
The rest happened too quick for you to decipher. The gentle hold on your head turned into a clasping, ruthless pull onto your hair, tugging your head back as his kisses rose in fervor, muffling your painful whimpers against his tongue. Two of his versatile feathers slit your Achilles tendon, rendering you off balance with a scream that tore apart from the depths of your throat, lavishly, hungrily eaten by him.
You'd fall down, if not for Keigo's sudden grip onto your waist. The kiss made you bleed now, his canines dug into the soft flesh of your inner lips. The moment Keigo left you, you fell down like a used rag on the bloodied floor. To say that the cuts that Keigo gifted you weren't deep would be an understatement. You were bleeding too much, way too much. Maybe he wanted you to be weaker, to not be able to walk & to be pale, weak, and dependent.
He sat down on the couch, raising a brow. "What? Told ya your pretty legs need some rest didn't I?" Your heels were also bleeding, it was messy, painful & humiliating to look at him. "I think maybe, we should play a little game. It would be called, Y/N is stupid..." he deadpanned, unforgiving towards your broken body. You've had enough, you were bleeding enough. Enough for everything to turn hazy, enough for you to see black spots in your vision, enough to make whatever Keigo's saying echo as you lost your mind to nothing-ness.
"It'll consist of me punishing you for breaking my trust, cheating on me like that. And we'll play this game again & again until I get bored." Keigo daunted, furrowing brows when he couldn't see the desired fear into his eyes with his statement. His rage was clouding his vision as well, clouding it enough for him to not notice the damaging slashes onto your body.
You fell onto the floor with a thud, limp, almost lifeless. "Tch, weakling." He cursed under his breath, finally the fog of his rage lifting at the sudden thought of your health. He got up, scooping you in his arms & calling a doctor. Of course, it was an HPSC hired physician, he needs to keep his mouth shut about Hawks' new torture shenanigan. He patched you up, gave him a warning about too much blood being lost and the impending weakness of your body after, chances of you being Anemic & left. Keigo would've turned a blind eye to it thinking you deserve it, if not for the sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was guilt. He hasn't done much to you, he should've done more. He's not satisfied, he's not sure you've learned your lesson. Besides, you'd recover, right? Why is he feeling guilty for doing that to you when you trampled upon him always. Rejected him always!
He sat on the edge of the bed, wings that held so much power faltering at the vulnerability. His hand reached to cup your face, thumb trailing over the band-aid on your cut. "Why can't you just love me?" His voice was low, barely even a whisper. It felt as if his little self came back to him, staring at what he did, staring at Keigo, judging him.
She's just like mom, isn't she? She hates us. Is that why you did that? Little Keigo spoke to him, causing the 23-year-old pro to look at his younger self, holding the Endeavor plushie. "Nah, she loves us. She will... Love us."
Yeah, you think she won't tell you to die? Like mom did to me so many times?
"No, she doesn't mean it. Even mom didn't mean it."
Keigo went to sleep beside you, staring at your face, thanking himself for being awake at the right time. Thanking fate for making you quirkless, the sleep inhibitors he gives you don't work for him with the same intensity either. Of course, you don't need to know that. He didn't let someone like recovery girl come and heal you, you needed to feel the pain of the wounds given to you. You need to see how nice he is going to be even when you put him through that. You'll see how supportive he'll be in helping you walk, bathe, everything. Yeah, that's how things should be... You, in awe of him. You, loving him. He's willing to try any means necessary. From tomorrow...
From tomorrow, as soon as you wake up...
Tumblr media
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babblingfish · a day ago
Preening Hawks
a/n: This is kind of a part two to this. But you don't have to read it in order to understand this one.
“C’mon, I have a surprise for you!”
Smiling brightly, they took his hand and lead him to their bathroom.
Stunned was the only way to describe Keigo’s expression. The bathtub was filled to the brim with bubbles and the smell of honey and vanilla spread throughout the room. The flickering light of the candles illuminated his face, enhancing his handsome features.
“Close your mouth, baby, you’ll attract flies.”
He closed his mouth and turned around.
“This is all for me?”
Keigo couldn’t process it. They went out of their way to prepare all this while he was away? He didn’t even tell them that he had a bad day. They just knew.
“Yes! Do you like it?”
His partner jumped excitedly and flapped their hands.
“That’s a good ‘wow’, I hope!”
Noticing the slight insecurity in their voice, he snapped out of his daze.
“It is! It’s amazing, I'm just at a loss for words!”
Keigo wrapped his arms around them and kissed their neck.
“Thank you so so much, baby!”
His partner wrapped their arms around him just as tightly, their smile brighter than ever before.
“Of course! Now let’s get you into the bathtub!”
Slowly, they pulled away from him and fumbled with the hem of his shirt.
“Wanna undress yourself or do you want me to help?”
He smirked at them.
“Finish what you started, darling.”
They covered their mouth with their hands.
“Noo, don’t do this to me, Keigo! It’s my turn to fluster you!”
“Okay okay! Let’s start then.”
Taking that as their cue, they took off his jacket and started lifting his shirt. It was hard not to stare at his stomach when it was basically screaming to be kissed all over.
“I thought this was a simple bath, nothing more?”
“It is! I just can’t help it when you look that good!”
Keigo chuckled as they removed his shirt. Then, they moved on to his pants, opening the belt. They quickly removed them, afraid he’d try to fluster them again.
“I can do my underwear by myself. Now it’s your turn!”
“Uh uh, no! Tonight is about you!”
“What? I thought we’re gonna bathe together!”
“I wanted to surprise you with it later…But I thought I could help you preen your wings tonight? If you’re comfortable with it of course!”
Ever since Keigo started preening his partner on occasion, they’ve been dying to return the favor. They were not pushy in any way. Simply excited. So now that they were standing in front of him, gazing at him full of love, he couldn’t deny their wish.
“Yes, I’m absolutely comfortable with it.”
His partner flapped their hands again for a second.
“Yes!! Then go get in the bathtub now!
Keigo removed his underwear and stepped into the hot water. He immediately felt his sore muscles relax and his worries from the day melt away.
“How’s the temperature?”
“It’s perfect.”
While Keigo was sinking deeper into the tub, his partner grabbed some towels and laid them down in front of it. Next, they took the stool standing in the corner and placed it in front of the tub as well.
“Okay honey, let’s get started.”
Keigo sat up and turned around so his partner could have better access to his wings. Slowly, he spread his wings, careful not to splash too much water around or knock something over. Once again, his partner was amazed by their color and shape. They were beautiful, the shade of red mesmerizing. They ran their fingers through his feathers and enjoyed their softness for a moment.
“Do you use any products on them?”
Keigo sighed deeply, feeling completely relaxed.
“I use a very mild shampoo. But I showered at the gym at the office today. So they should still be pretty clean. Water should be enough.”
“Okay, baby. Anything else I should know about?”
“The base of my wings is a bit sensitive. Especially where they grow out of my back.”
“I’ll be extra careful then. Can you run me through how you usually do it?”
Man, did Keigo adore his partner! The fact that they were so concerned about taking care of him correctly made his heart melt.
“I usually start on the outside and work my way in from there. It doesn’t really matter though. Don’t worry.”
They smiled to themselves.
“Got it.”
They moved the stool a bit to the right to reach the outer part of his wing better. As soon as they started working through his feathers, Keigo closed his eyes. Starting at the top, they were looking for any dirt or dust that may have been caught on his way home. Some feathers were overlapping in weird ways so they straightened them out.
“Aah, that feels great. Thank you so much, baby.”
“No need to thank me! You always do this for me. It was about time I returned the favor.”
They continued their way down his wing, straightening out his feathers. Suddenly, Keigo whined.
“What is it, pretty boy?”
“There’s something stuck between my feathers. Right where your fingers are.”
They carefully spread his feathers apart and were looking for something that didn’t belong there.
“Found it!”
They pulled out a very small pebble.
“Look how tiny it is! That must’ve been so annoying.”
They held up the pebble and Keigo turned around to look at it.
“I didn’t really notice it until now. I think it’s the stress from today. Makes my mind foggy sometimes.”
The couple returned to the comfortable silence they shared before. Keigo rarely felt this relaxed and carefree. Only his partner could make him feel this way. It was hard for him to even put into words how much he loved them. He never thought he’d trust someone this much. He didn’t think he was capable of it. And now he’s sitting here, sharing the most intimate act for him. It brought tears to his eyes. However, he feared that if they saw his tears, they’d stop or take a break and that’s the last thing he wanted. He wished he could stay in this moment for ever.
‘Damn, I’m a selfish bastard.’, he thought. But at the same time, he didn’t care. His partner’s fingers between his feathers were a feeling he never wanted to miss ever again.
Finally, they were done with the first wing. They moved the stool to the left and started working their way through the next wing. It was the same as the right one. Pretty clean except for some feathers that needed to be straightened out.
‘Hm, what’s that?’
They spotted two feathers with a slightly hardened tip.
‘Oh, I know what these are!’
They took the tip of the feather between their thumb and pointer finger and rubbed it off. Then, they did the same to the other one.
“Ooh, that felt nice!” Keigo exclaimed.
“What did you do?”
“I helped you with those two pin feathers! They must’ve been itching, huh?”
“Yeah, it was really annoying. How do you know about pin feathers?”
“I may have looked at Youtube videos of birds preening each other…”
Their voice turned quieter towards the end of their sentence. For some reason, they felt super embarrassed. Did he think it was weird they wanted to know more about birds and how to take of care them? After all, they wanted to take care of their own big bird in the best way possible.
“Because of me? So you can help me with this?”
“Um…I guess?”
Suddenly, Keigo turned around in the tub. He held their face in his hands and slowly shook his head.
“I just love you so much.”
He pressed a big kiss to their lips.
“I don’t know what I did to deserve you. I’m the luckiest man on the planet.”
His partner didn’t know what to say. His words brought tears to their eyes. They felt the exact same way. How did they get so lucky? What did they do to deserve him?
“Of course I’d do this for you! I love you so much. I want you to feel good about yourself and loved!”
The couple looked at each other for a second longer, admiring the other.
“Let’s finish this, yeah?”
Keigo turned around again and let them get back to it. When they reached the base of his wings, they were extra careful and moved very slowly. Keigo squirmed around a bit. Not because it hurt but because he wasn’t used to this sensation. It felt nice but tickled slightly. As his partner was finishing up, Keigo felt his emotions well back up again. They ran his hands over his wings in big motions.
“Look at you! Your wings are incredible!”, they whispered in awe.
“You’re such a pretty bird!”
Keigo turned his head a bit.
“I am?”
They noticed his wings puffing up and his eyes sparkling with excitement.
“Yes! You’re the prettiest bird!”
Their tone was very happy and excited which caused Keigo to chirp in response.
“Oh, sorry. You got me all excited.”
“Don’t apologize! I think it’s super cute when you do that!”
Keigo smiled to himself as they moved on to massage his shoulders. They planted kisses all over his back, neck and shoulders.
“You’re my big, pretty bird man.”, they murmured against his skin.
Tears filled Keigo’s eyes but now he let them flow down his face. His partner didn’t notice until they heard him sob.
“Babe? Are you alright?”
He sobbed again.
“Yeah, it’s just…thank you for this. Really. Preening is very intimate for me.”
“You mentioned that before.”
“Yes, but it was still much more than I ever expected.”
“Let’s get you out of the bathtub.”
They took his hands in theirs and helped him get out. Then, they grabbed a big towel and dried him off. The entire time, Keigo was admiring them and their dedication to taking care of him.
“Wait here.”
He waited as they rushed to the bedroom and came back with sweatpants and the most comfortable hoodie he owned.
“Put those on.”
He did as he was told. He wasn’t sure if they noticed that he was still crying a bit. He couldn’t help it. He was hopelessly in love.
“Okay, now come here.”
They put his hood up and took his face in their hands.
“I love you more than anything.”
They kissed up the trails his tears left on his face.
“You deserve every bit of kindness that comes your way.”
They hugged him as tightly as possible. They needed him to know that they’re there for him. No matter what.
“I’ll always be here to take care of you. And I know you’ll do the same for me.”
“You’re damn right about that.”
They stayed like this for a moment before Keigo pulled away.
“I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go to sleep.”
“Me too.”
They gave him a tired smile as he led them to their shared bedroom. There, they changed into their pyjamas and joined Keigo in bed.
“Come here, baby.”, he said as he held the blanket open. He laid them down on his chest and wrapped his arms and wings around them.
With one last kiss on the lips, the couple finally went to sleep.
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kittiestkat · 23 hours ago
꩜ kinkmas 1/6
(dark content)
how many times were you going to be this fucking stupid, really.
pro hero is nothing but a temporary adhesive address label at a group meeting; it means nothing.
the title hawks carries is one of self proclaimed honour deemed by the public, but to him, to him it was something that hid the bad.
hawks' titles was a cloak to cover the ugly.
course' hawks wasn't ugly, nowhere near it, if he was, you wouldn't be in this predicament that your fucked up, little, girl brain couldn't see.
"so sweet, you're s'sweet." your breath was sweet too, whiskey left sour on your tongue as the hero and you stumbled into the damp room of dabis.
you didn't suit rolled down corners of wallpaper and discarded food packets. you suited the silk laden sheets that sat untouched and cold back at your apartment.
the league had left you unsupervised, taking solace in the bar, comfort in the alcoholic.
a small thing like you couldn't handle her alcohol.
he didn't speak the whole way up the stairs, nor did he utter a word when he got to the hideout. dabi was laughing, of course, tomura nowhere to be found.
"everything relies on you, pro hero." he had said, cigarette tucked behind locks of raven hair, before he shouldered past the blonde and out the building.
keigo had barley made it to the shitty moth eaten mattress you had to sleep on for the night before you felt heavy in his hands, still warm.
you fell asleep.
now it was easy for him, easy to lay you down and leave, maybe drop a bucket by your side for the stomach lining you were bound to puke out.
as he went to turn of the light, you rolled over, the elastic band in the bottom of your dress sliding over your ass as you laid on your front. dabi wasn't lying when he said you had a pretty bottom. dabi rarely lied when it came to innocent beings — ones he wasn't going to murder.
see how easy you made it to prove hawks was steal and led just like rest of the villains.
why did you come here, why couldn't you have been good for him, stayed at UA.
sure hawks was a pro hero, but fuck if he couldn't play villain well.
think of it as a game of dress up.
you're the helpless civilian and he's the mean mean wolf, sinking ivory claws into your skin.
but instead of claws it's his cock in that tight tight ass you just love to flaunt so much; course he had a conscience, more than that ashy incel and fucked up idiot do. hawks knows you don't mean to look like a slut — you just do.
"god, y/n." you're warm and so fucking wet and that little pussy of yours is so fucking tight around him.
maybe he's hanging around the league too much, fucking unconscious princesses in their sleep like it's true loves kiss. what would he do next; necrophilia didn't look good on cv's.
keigo frowned, you were bruising...already? he had to stop forgetting his strength, that he wasn't like any other dude. maybe you were just as weak as you looked.
the leather of his gloves spread you, watching the creamy ring on his dick appear then leave as he sank into you over and over.
"you're so good to me y/n, naive."
he shifted , hand besides your head, skin slapping against your own.
he tapped your cheek a few times prior to make sure you were dead asleep...a few other things too if the red handprints that graced your face were any indication.
as his hips nestled tightly against the smooth of your ass, stomach convulsing as hot ropes of his cum leaked from inside of you, dripping down that pretty pussy you owned, he can't help but think
isn't being a pro just so fun.
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melodramaticmatter · 4 hours ago
the best part of believe
“The best part of ‘believe’ is the ‘lie’.
I hope you sing along and you steal a line.
I need to keep you like this in my mind.
So give in or just give up.”
Tumblr media
You know, I was gonna put out my first full length fic and have it be one of the many very healthy and not dark smut pieces I've been working on. I really was. But then @katsupeach let me be in her Fall Out Boy collab and the emo in me thought "debut with a dark content yandere hawks piece do it you punk" so I did👀 Anyway, enjoy. If I'm "more than you bargained for yet" with this dark content, pls note that most my upcoming work will be fluffy as a bunny js.
Pairing: League!Hawks x Ex Girlfriend!Reader, slight Shouto x reader
AU: Reader and Shouto are teachers at the same hero school. Hawks even more willing to play with the bad guys than usual.
Summary: You and Hawks had a beautiful, long-term relationship until you found out about his involvement with The League of Villains. Leaving him felt like an ethical obligation, since he’d been deceitful to both you and his country. You still love him, but you’ll move on eventually-- right? Not on Hawks' watch.
WC: NSFW explicit sexual content, dark content, slight dubcon, breeding kink, stalking, yandere hawks, possessive language, manipulative behavior and gaslighting, toxic treatment of an ex, stalking of an ex, dumbification, impact play, slight mentions of childhood abuse if you squint, casual cussing and use of sexually explicit words and imagery, reader wears a dress out on date night, reader’s hair is at some length capable of falling in their face a little lol, Hawks having canon nicknames for you but not so canon yandere behavior since everyone thinks he’s a lil coward boy (which I don't fully disagree with btw I just have a strong hc on how he got capable of his behavior here feel free to ask me hehe,) I really don’t know if I missed something I am very sorry please let me know and I’ll add it
“Thank you for tonight. I really enjoyed myself.” Admittedly, you weren’t too sure you would. Dating is such a weird and vulnerable hassle. After your semi-recent breakup, you dreaded “getting yourself back out there” and what came with that. Shouto showed you a lovely time tonight, though, the perfect gentleman (even if it did still feel a bit strange to be out with anyone but Hawks.) You’re trying not to think of your ex, to compare the calm, cool tones of Shouto’s voice and eyes to the warm, consuming amber hues you were used to. You can get warmth from new things, right? Like the rice wine with dinner and the softness of Shouto’s company as he walks you up to your door.
“I’m very glad. That was the goal,” he smiles like a total prince.
“To enjoy ourselves?” you chirp brightly, head tilted toward him.
“For you to enjoy yourself,” he clarifies, then a little quieter, “I knew that I would.”
The complement doesn’t elude you and you offer a close-mouthed smile in response. Are you being too formal? Is he being too formal? It’s been so long since you’ve done this.
“The sunset is beautiful tonight,” you sigh, having reached your apartment door. The two of you stand slightly huddled under your small excuse for an awning. “I’d say it’s the prettiest thing I’ve seen all week had I not just watched you react to good soba.”
“Oh, well,” he chuckles softly, “I think the sun still wins.” You might even say he looks bashful. No, he definitely does. With your feet nearly toe to toe, you notice how silly your converse look next to his leather dress shoes.
“No, really,” you insist, “I’ve never seen you smile like that before, Shou,” appreciating the full blush in his cheeks now, “It looked--real.” Once it leaves your mouth you worry you may have overstepped, but he doesn’t seem too surprised by the statement. You don’t know how much he enjoys your bravery, your honest statements.
“Wasn’t really the soba.” Oh. Two differently colored eyes hold yours: the gray of autumn’s leaf-littered ground, and the crisp blue of this coming winter. He really is pretty, you finally let yourself think, so pretty. He reaches out for your face, slowly, brushing your cold cheek with the pad of his thumb.
“May I?” he asks in the most polite tone, a tone you’d likely expect from him even as a lover. There’s a hint of something else there too maybe, but you’re not sure.
“Yes,” you whisper, pretending you didn’t debate it; that you hadn’t had to talk yourself into the possibility of a kiss before you even left for the night.
He leans forward, sliding his hand to the side of your face so he can put his lips where his thumb had been. He kisses you there, softly.
“Goodnight, y/n.” He says after pulling away.
“Goodnight, Shouto.” You smile nervously, unconsciously tucking your bottom lip between your teeth. He thinks about reaching back out, to pull your lip free with his thumb and kiss you again, harder this time. Shouto is a very patient man, however, a type you’re quite unaccustomed to. So, he doesn’t. And you’re none the wiser that he’d have liked to, that he’s capable of passion.
“I’ll see you at school Monday,” you offer to your coworker and Friday night date.
“Bright and early.” He checks to see that your keys are in-hand, and since you’re practically safely inside, turns to leave. Should you have invited him for a nightcap? Would he have wanted to stay? He’s such a busy, important man, you hesitate to take any more of his time than he’s already given to you. You watch Shouto walk away with his hands in the pockets of his sleek, dress pants, wondering how such a classy person, such a fine, quiet man could be interested in the messy, vibrant likes of you.
Hawks waits until you’ve shut the door behind you, locked it, and dropped your keys in the rack. He wants Todoroki gone by the time you scream. Plus, after eavesdropping on the two of you, he needs the moment to collect himself. Wings twitching with the desire to pursue Shouto down the alley he left by. He’s not going to do that, though. He won’t let you gauge his volatile thoughts on the matter, not yet. He’ll need to pull you in first.
“See,--” he starts up from out of view, his presence not yet noticed.
“AHH!” you’re terrified, spinning on your heels for a weapon. Grab anything. The lamp by the couch. Then you see him, immediately gasping in relief. “Keigo. Fuck.” He’s just sitting there, every gorgeous inch of him at the kitchen table for two, drinking out of a coffee mug which was once mainly his.
“You scared the shit out of me,” you attempt to regain your breath, hunched over with a hand on your gut, “You can’t-- you can’t just be here...” he stares at you, clearly unmoved by this statement, “uninvited in my apartment--”
“Our apartment,” he interjects.
“Not anymore, Hawks.” It occurs to you to straighten yourself out from your crumpled state. Looking at your ex boyfriend for the first time in weeks, and him looking back like nothing’s changed, like he has every right to show up.
Hawks picks up where he left off. “See, I knew you’d use that keyrack once I hung it. Real convenient on the wall, right?” You’re silent. “And you said we didn’t need it….” he shakes his head softly, golden hair moving in waves across his smug face. This is what drove you crazy about him: acting like he hasn’t a care in the world while shocking you like this, a king in his little reclaimed kitchen. The pain he’s harboring or not harboring over the breakup is left for you to speculate, even while he sits in front of you, because Hawks can hide anything.
“Did you break into my apartment to condescend to me about the key rack?”
Resting his head on one hand and leaning forward to really look at you, he smiles warmly. Despite yourself, you feel hostility softening like frozen ground under a dearly-missed sun. “And you,” you admit more softly, “you really scared me.”
And now, realizing he knows about your date night, sparks a new fear. If he was here the whole time, with his hearing? He knows everything: from the words exchanged at the door to the kiss. The sweet smile he’s shining masks a certain anger, you’re sure, drips a false honey which makes your stomach turn.
“I’m sorry, baby.” You frown at the pet name. “Knew if I surprised yah, I’d get to hear my name,” he taps his fingers on the table. “Been calling me Hawks like you don’t know me.” He sounds sad.
You roll your eyes. These days you wonder if you did, actually know him. “Manipulative as ever, I see.” Arms folding protectively over your chest, eyes looking anywhere but him.
“Ouch! Dove, I’m hurt.” He feigns pain with a hand to his chest, noticing how your posture draws attention to the neckline of your dress, your slightly pushed up breasts, your soft neck. Of course, it doesn’t seem like he’s staring. Can’t catch those eyes in anything they don’t mean to disclose. Situations like these make his mutant quirk exponentially blatant. He’s jealous-- so you know his senses were heightened, intentions set, offenses prepared the moment he stepped foot in your apartment. How did he even find out about the date?
“Nothing to be scared of, anyway,” appearing before you in little to no time, “I’d never let anyone hurt you.” He moves with a grace and quickness no wingless man could achieve, towering over you in his full hero gear. His close proximity is unwelcome, not that he cares.
“Hawks--” your tone has teeth, but he continues. “Would say I’d never let anyone lay a hand on you,” he tilts your face up to his with two fingers under your chin, “but I just did, didn’t I?” You look up and he’s almost solemn, the faintest hint of a grin burning out from where it lingered at one edge of his mouth. Trouble. You step back, he follows, pressuring you against the wall. “Did you have a nice soba date?” It’s laced with a small growl that makes your knees weak. A little scared and a little aroused, having him so close to you after weeks of his absence is intoxicating. You have to get, get--
“Out, Hawks,” you manage. “Get out.”
“Baby,” he protests, leaning his head into your neck. You feel the fur of his coat collar underneath your jaw. “I’m tired. Did my best today. Saved as many as I could,” the heat of his breath on your neck is tantalizing, the sound of his voice, “and I’m spent. I can’t sleep without you.” Fuck, you think, stop talking. You should push him away, but you don’t. Your hands fist into balls at your sides, your whole body tensing. Don't touch him back. “For weeks” he whines, “no you.” You feel his nose on your neck. “No you, meeting me at the door with a kiss.” Feather soft, he kisses your neck, and you gasp. “No you, running a bath for your sore, overworked hero,” his hands touch your waist, testing the waters, “washing my hair while you sit there with me--inside you.” He nudges his hips into yours and oh god, the pressure.
“Hawks--” you try, but it comes out so much sweeter than you had intended.
“Let me be here,” he whispers into your neck, “Let me come home.”
Home? It jostles something in you, enough to push him off your body. Your laugh sounds cynical, pained, nothing like you. Kiego is shocked, impressed even, as he watches you evade his temptations. You need to think straight, to distance yourself from him, so you head for the kitchen.
“This can’t be your home anymore. You lied to me.” There it was. The conversation he’d anticipated. You start washing the dirty dishes in the sink while you talk, a stress habit he recognizes well. He takes his coat off and lays it on the couch like you didn't just tell him to leave.
“Anywhere you are is my home.” You snort, unconvinced. “And I didn’t lie to you, just hadn’t told you yet.” You grip the edge of the sink, leaning over it in clear exasperation.
“Really, Kiego? That’s lying! You’re an adult. You know how dishonesty works, how relationships work. Don’t stand there--”
“I--” he cuts in, but you speak over him. He doesn’t get to interrupt you this time. “Shut up.” Oh? Keigo thinks. “Do NOT stand there and lie to me again…” He’s never seen you like this. “ever again,” you add. You’re nearly shaking. Shaking with what, Hawks wonders, purely anger? Exhaustion? Self control? “Like you don’t know what you did wrong, the damage your secret life did to us, to me,” you choke. Oh, baby, he frowns as you start to spiral. The pain in your voice is hurting him. “‘You knew,” your voice cracks, your heart buckles, “that you were my home too. And you still lied to me, about--” he’s moving from the living room to the kitchen, cautiously closing the distance to comfort you, “about who you are, w-what you stand for.” Wrong, he thinks.
“I knew you’d panic,” he wraps his arms around you and you don’t fight when he lifts you onto the kitchen counter, standing between your legs. “When you found out, I knew you wouldn’t hear me,” he brushes a tear from your face, resisting a primal, aves urge to fully groom and treat your pain. “And actually, Dove, I don’t know how relationships work.” You listen now, eyes big and watery when you stare up at him. He wants to kiss you. He wants to take you right now on the counter. “Because,” he presses a hand to the side of your face, you’re the first and last once I’ve ever cared to have,” you’re crumbling internally, “I don’t love anyone the way I love you. And I won’t.”
“You’ll have to” you mutter, but it’s weak, and he can feel the flush of heat to your cheeks.
“I won't. '' he says with more finality. “I never lied to you about who I am,” he tries, but you turn away again. “We’ve had those conversations. You agree. Things need to change, to get better.” He’s referencing the many nights you spent talking about the world, the things that need improvement at your hero school, the systematic errors. In the poor, fluorescent light of the kitchen, your profile is still breathtaking to Hawks. He loves how you look when you’re thinking hard about something.
“You think those goonies are going to change the system?” Goonies, he thinks, adorable. You’re quite upset again. “They’re ridiculous, Keigo! And they do things,” hush and hesitant now, almost secretive, “they--they kill people.”
“Heroes kill people! All the time, y/n, and you know that.”
“I mean, yeah, but that’s…” stopping yourself at the realization of your next words.
“Different?” he challenges, “Is it?” You feel kind of nauseous. If he’s still fighting for positive change-- is it? His hands leave your hips to rub comforting circles into your thighs with his thumbs.
“You washed someone else’s blood from my clothes all the time, but when it’s not a hero costume, you’re against it?” You sigh, not really knowing what’s right, what to believe anymore. His fingers play with the hem of your dress, fidgeting with it before tutting at you. “Little revealing for a first date, teach.” You giggle, a brighter sound. The dress has obviously hiked up considerably from how he has you sitting. You shouldn’t let his hands wander. You really shouldn’t, but he feels so--him.
“You never had an issue with my wardrobe before,” you quip.
“They weren’t gawking before.” Not with me around. You watch his face change, distracted by something. Giving your thighs a squeeze, he steps away to the sink, wetting a dishrag with tap water. You’re too exhausted and confused by his actions to consider using the moment to jump down. Returning quickly, he holds your face with one hand, wrapping an arm around your waist. You feel warm water dampen your skin as he wipes the dishrag across the span of your cheek.
You give him a curious look.
“Needed his scent off you.” You’d almost forgotten.
“Shouto?” Keigo’s muscles tense. “He barely kissed me.”
You notice a ruffled, anxious movement in his wings before he raises them and wraps his other arm around you. You gasp, shocked at the sudden encompassing.
“I know. And it reeked.” The growl is clear as day, no laced undertone.
Your head is spinning, heat blooming in your stomach. Tucked inside the intimate cover of his wingspan, just the two of you, in the sudden dark and heat. If he wasn’t so focused on thoughts of Shouto maybe he’d have seen the way you were looking at him, like a vulnerability about to roll over, like a lover.
The sharply drawn corners of his eyes intensify the suspicious look in them. But the frown pulls itself into a smirk and he says, “Might tell his Daddy I didn’t take too kindly to it.” Kiego and that strange professional, almost personal relationship he’s always had with Todoroki Enji. You never knew how to feel about it in the past, but now you detest it. You’ve spent enough time with Shouto to gauge that his father wasn’t great to him, isn’t someone he respects.
“You will not, Hawks!” you swat at him, hitting a solid mass of man under his hero suit. The way you’re looking at him with saucered, frantic eyes, the scolding in your tone. God, he’s missed that. That’s his to hear. Your ever-shocked disapproval of his reckless behavior, chastising him like a good little teacher, a good little wife. It’s so adorable when you think you can tell him what to do.
“Baby bird, don’t hurt yourself,” taking your hand in his and placing them on your heart, nestling his forehead against yours. “Remember who you’re speaking to.” It’s too much right now, in this space. The love and arousal and pain between you; the breath on your face; what small amount of light his wings let in; everything, so warm and red and beating, so still alive. Don’t whimper. Let go of his hand. You notice he’s been talking again.“Remember what I did to that drunk rat on our anniversary, when we went out?” You shiver. “And all he did was touch your arm....” You do remember. There’s no forgetting that kind of sound. The look of pain on that man’s face, like a mouse caught in a trap.
“You were defending me then. This is different.” You move your forehead from Keigo’s. “Shou wasn’t, his touch wasn’t unwelcome.”
His wings drop. “Enough about Enji’s kid--”
“He has a name!” you retaliate, “and he’s not a kid, he’s my ag--”
“I said enough.” Met with an expression you can’t hold to, you quiet. The coming defeat you feel in the air is imminent. You try squirming away, off the counter. Any effort just presses you more into his front. And when he grabs your hips to stop you, firmly with both hands, you nearly moan at the feeling, at being in his hold again in so many ways at once. The anticipation in your stomach is delicious, despite yourself. “He’s irrelevant, anyway. You don’t want him.” Rude. He’s got some nerve. You grunt lightly, struggling in your movements.
“You don’t know that!”
“But I do, though, chickadee.” You stop your pointless attempts at escaping, clearly not getting anywhere. “I’d recognize that scent anywhere” Huh? you think “When you want someone.” Oh my god. He just said that. From so many yards away, though? No, he couldn’t. He’s deranged. He couldn’t know how you felt about Shouto, earlier. You didn’t even know how you felt about Shouto. But shit, you know how you feel right now. Your ex boyfriend’s ever-gracious ministrations keep you in place, helping you stay pressed against him on the edge of the kitchen counter. “Driving me insane as we speak actually, how wet you are. Can almost taste you.” You let out the prettiest noise. It couldn’t be helped, shocked and weak at the way he’ll just say such things. He loosens his grip on you to move a hand to your thigh, nudging your dress up an inch, another inch….
“That’s not fair, Hawks.” You bite your lip. He watches your every move, your eyes as they hood with desire. His fingers creep upward, so softly, careful not to scare you into flight again.
“Why,” he laughs, “because you can’t hide it from me? There’s no need to.” His wings flutter up, encompassing you two again. You sigh, annoyance and pleasure blurring. “Just give up the charade, Dove,” he coos. “‘m getting real tired of missin’ yah.”
“What kind of apology--” He presses his palm over your soaked panties. “hn, is that?” you murmur. You sound far away, head tilting to the side, not too concerned about an answer. You feel feathers tickle your back as you arch your spine at the pressure. In front of you, behind you: if you move, he’ll be there. He rubs his nose gently along yours, slipping your panties to one side.
“I’m yours” pushing the tip of his finger in, “and you’re mine.”
“Fu--,” you mewl. He moves slowly, too slowly, until “Ah!” filling you to the hilt of his finger.
“And you can tell Enji’s kid that I said that” he adds, crudely. Before you can retaliate he’s moving, pumping in and out of you so nicely, sweetly in contrast to his jealous tone. The control, the compartmentalization this man is capable of is... amazing, frightening. Japan’s precious starboy, master actor, tainted hero, righteous villain. Your lover, your liar, your man. His teeth graze the cusp of your ear and you’re lost in pleasure, grinding into his palm for, “More.” You throw your head back slightly and he takes this as an invitation, kissing at your neck. If it wasn’t for the support of his wings at your back, you might fall. Hawks considers your plea. While there’s nothing he wants more than “more,” to flaten your back on this counter and fuck the past few weeks out of you, he came here on a mission, and he’ll finish that. “I’m still me, baby,” he sighs, “but I want better…you see that now?” You just whine. “Want a better world to keep you safe in;” he watches you start to move in time with him, fucking yourself on his finger, but it’s not enough anymore, “for the little ones you teach to grow up in;” he finally adds another finger and you moan, dropping your head onto his shoulder, “for ours to grow up in. Okay?” Yes, you think, docile in the glorious stretch of his fingers,
“Ok-” Wait. What? Your brain is muddled. “O-ours? We don’t--”
“I know you want kids, honey.” You’re reeling from the added stimulation. “We talked about it, remember?” You had. You had, but that was before. That was when you trusted him.
“But, I-- hnn,” you mewl, “won’t. Won’t have yours, anymore.” The movement of his fingers stutters, then slows. You feel desperate, dangling off a cliff. He lifts your head and he’s, he looks like someone else.
“Now now, Dove,” His demeanor is chilling. “I am always patient with you. I am always forgiving,” his fingers have slowed and it’s beyond frustrating, maddening, “but you’re going to have to take that one back.” You want so badly to finish, but this isn’t some negotiation, at least it shouldn’t be.
“’m-- afraid I can’t.” Hawks can see the desperation in your eyes. His hand is covered in your need, but you’re still being such a brave little bird. He’d be proud if he weren't so upset.
“You’re afraid you can’t,” he mumbles under his breath, amused at the notion. Hawks curls his fingers so suddenly and forcefully into you that it almost hurts. You yelp in surprise. “How immoral of you, baby! To just forget all your promises to me like that.” He’s fucking into you now, finally, so hard he might mean it as a punishment. You’re drunk with it though, head falling back to his chest. “Look at you. Can’t even sit up.” His fingers move inside of you in an exploratory way, like he’s never been there before, curling them at different angles while you start to breathe sporadically. “You look distressed.” Pretend worry in his eyes, kissing your forehead softly while he abuses your warm, wet walls. “Little damsel,” he dotes, “need help?”
“Hawks,” you whisper shakily, so close you can’t function.
“Yeahh, Hawks is here. I’m here” He’ll always, always be here. “So tight on my fingers. Take it back and you can come.”
“What? But--” His fingers slow again. “Fuck! No,” you protest, tears welling in your eyes. Just seeing you like this, he might break soon and fuck you regardless, but you don’t know that. “Don’t stop. I take it back,” you plead. “Wanna come. Need to.”
“Ask me correctly.” Is he kidding? You panic.
“Hawks. I’m, please.” You took the baby thing back. What does he want?
“Wrong answer.” You try and fail to find some relief on his stilled fingers. Maybe it’s the science of desperation, but it dawns on you. Your heart, he wants intimacy.
“Keigo,” you whine, music to his ears. “Keigo, I need you.”
“Smart girl. Knew you’d get it,” but now he’s slipping himself from you completely. You’re confused, fit to smack him at the offense. “s why I fell for you in the first place. So much brain in that pretty head.” You’re not processing the compliment, too focused on his orgasm denial.
“Keigo, why?” you beg in his arms, “I was good. Why?” Are you crying? He watches you squirm and it’s like relapsing on a drug. Fuck yes, he thinks, beg for me. He slaps your ass.
“You’ve got other things to remember first.” Hauling you over his shoulder and heading for the bedroom you’ve slept in for, as he’s determined, long enough without him.
“Not fair,” you huff. He’s being mean and you’re over it. Where was your sweet Keigo? Even when he was deceitful, he was sweet. All this because of the babies comment? Your face pressed in his back, you start kissing the feathers closest to his spine. Acquainted with the sensitivity of his newer tufts, and trying to speed things up. He moans, loudly, but spanks you again as a warning. You’ve no idea how much he’s missed feeling your lips there. “Don't tell me about ‘fair,’ baby bird. You did this to yourself. You knew,” he throws you on the bed, climbing over you in a second, “who I was when you said that.” Kiego shivers with disgust just thinking about it, just hearing you consider having some other man’s child. His wings quiver out from their very base like they got chills. No, he thought as he tugged your dress over your head, ignoring the zipper and hearing it rip, he’d protect you. He’d pull the sense from you with each orgasm. He’d pluck each thought of Todoroki from you like a bad fucking feather. He’d clean you and cover you in himself again.
“Kiego! I liked that dress! You--” his hand finds your sopping core again, “ahh... ruined it.” He laughs. How you can still yell at him while you’re this desperate is amazing. He’s just as desperate, but you’re too entertaining to not irk. He’s so in love. He starts teasing your clit. Even over your panties he can feel how ready you are, pulsing in his hand.
“I missed pressing your buttons,” he says mostly to himself. “Speaking of.” He removes himself. You’re so frustrated at this point, it’s beyond a pout. You spew anger, having no mind left to pay to where he’s headed.
“Keigo, if you don’t stop messing around and make me come, I swear--”
“You’ll what? Finish yourself?” He giggles as he reaches over you, opening the bedside table drawer. Immediately he finds the little silk bag, just long enough to fit what he’s looking for.
“Keigo! Get out of--” but it’s far too late.
“I knew it!” He’s slipping the dildo from its bag. You shouldn’t be embarrassed, but your face feels like it’s on fire. “This how you’ve been taking care of yourself without me?” You don't reply, fighting the urge to combust in another way now. “Hm, sweetheart?” He’s tapping it against the palm of his hand, checking it out, looking way too content with himself. Prick. “I guess it’s better than someone else,” he seriously considers, “but I’m still not a fan.” Ridiculous prick.
“Don’t be that insecure. You’re--” he moves to straddle you again, dildo in hand, “such a caveman.”
“A hawk,” he corrects matter of factly, pressing the power button on your toy so it starts to vibrate. “You look after my mate with this piece of rubber while some kid,” he crouches, pressing his head into the soft skin of your stomach, nipping, “tries to push me out of my nest,” meeting your eyes as you watch him, “and I shouldn’t care?” He reaches an arm up to your chest, massaging you over your bra, gently. You sigh. “‘Of course I’m insecure.” He sounds so earnest you actually feel sorry, the sun in your eyes. Loved in his heavy, romantic gaze, you let him come in for what you assume is a kiss. But just when his lips brush yours, Hawks presses the full length of the vibrator against you. You gasp into his open mouth, hips bucking into him. He forces his hand under the cup of your bra, pinching your nipple between his calloused fingers, then kissing you for real. You’ve been on edge for painfully long. He’s being too much, not enough.
“Stop teasing, ple--” He boosts the vibration level and you cast your head to the side, half hidden in the pillows as he looks at you like caught prey.
“You remember last Spring. I know you do.” Hawks sounds adamant now, serious, “I told you how my rut would be.” The assault on your breast ends so he can drag his hand down, down…. "Told you to board yourself up somewhere, away from me.” Your ruined panties are pulled from you with a haste. He moves the tip of the dildo to your clit, using it as a vibrator while he starts to finger fuck you. “But noo, it was okay that I wanted to fuck you stupid! It was--”
“G-god, Kei--!” he’s hitting that spot inside you, teasing it with the tips of his fingers, knowing when and where you’ll need more.
“Look at me,” he growls and you’re so desperate to not be denied another orgasm, somehow, you find it in you to lift your head.
“Was okay all I could think about was breeding this pussy, because," his tone changes, “‘I’m so in love with you, Keigo,’” he feigns in your voice, “‘You’re never too much for me,’” he continues while you stare down at him dumbly, mouth hanging open, “‘Yes-- I’ll make you a Daddy some day,’” he finishes. Cocking a brow at you, expecting an answer.
“Th--thought you were a good man then.” He withdraws his fingers and smacks your ass--hard. You complain at the emptiness, choking out a sob.
“And I am.” Another smack, the other side this time. “I let you be on birth control because you ‘weren’t ready’, too busy teaching other people’s chicks.” He runs the flat of his tongue against you, messily. Keigo moans at the familiar taste that’s been tempting him all night. Mine. Mine, he thinks. “And when you left me, I let you think I would allow it,” his quips, “even gave you space,” he adds incredulously, marvelling at his own grace. “And when you went on a date with Enji’s brat and let him kiss you,” he spits on your clit, adding to your arousal and his saliva, spreading it around, “I let him walk away in one piece.” He glides the dildo down, prodding at your entrance, pushing the tip in.
“Oh, more.” You look debauched now. “Please, need--”
“Wanted to kill him,” Keigo sucks your clit into his mouth and you scream. “But instead, I stayed home,” mercifully sliding the rest of the dildo in, “for a cup of coffee and a chat,” really hitting the “t.” He smiles up at you with his famous hero smile, all sunshine and innocence. “Doesn’t that sound like a ‘good man,’ baby?” Finally picking up speed, pounding the toy into you. Hawks thinks you look truly pornographic, mewling helplessly.
“Tell me how good I am, y/n.”
“So good, Keigo.” Hawks groans at his victory. “You’re so, feels so,” he watches your eyes begin to roll backwards, “g-good. Please!”
“Mhm,” he hums in approval, enjoying one more look at you giving in for him before returning to lap at your pussy. He draws circles around your desperate clit with that honeyed, evil tongue. You think you’re in heaven.
“Gonna’! Kiego, can I?,” your eyelashes fluttering, he sucks at your clit like a vice, “Hn!”
“Asking for permission” he sighs, “glad you remember some things.” Every time Hawks lifts his head to speak, you lose it. Will he just-- and he shuts up, moving his tongue in tighter, faster circles, applying more pressure to where you're depending on him. “Go ahead, Dove. Come on your silly toy before I trash it.” You’ve no time to process his words, thighs convulsing and squeezing his body between them.
Your orgasm feels like flying. “I love you,” as he kisses your stomach.
It feels like a starfire, like the sun. “I love you,” as he kisses your hip.
It feels like Keigo. “I love you,” as he kisses your core.
He slips the dildo from you, tossing it aside somewhere. He won’t give you too much time to recover, to come back down to Earth. He’s going to fuck you into the mattress you picked out together until you don’t care about the league, about anything but him and the babies he’ll put in you as soon as he replaces those pills. You whine and resist when he slips his tongue into your pussy.
“Nn. Babe, stop” the name makes his heart flutter, hearing you say it again. He could make a meal of you for hours, but decides to hear you out. “Wanna’ feel full again,” you admit almost sheepishly. He’s hard as a rock at how needlessly coy you still get. Where’d that big tough act go, baby bird? He gives your perfect hips a squeeze before venturing underneath, kneading the skin of your ass. Having his hands full of you elicits a hushed sound from his lips, a simple ecstasy.
“‘Full, huh? My slut wants to feel full?” He sighs in content and relief.
“Mhm Keigo please.” You sit up and reach for his belt, thinking you’ll take over at the rate he’s been moving. That’s not the plan, though. He pushes you back onto the mattress, arms pinned above your head. The brush of air from his wings when he pounces blows some of the hair off your sweaty, fucked out face.
“Full of what? Should I get the toy again?” he tests you.
“No!” You should be ashamed of how quickly you protest, but you’re not. Maybe later you’ll realize the point he’s making, the one you proved with your reply. Right now it’s just desire, and the warmth only Keigo can bring.
“Please Daddy, want your cock,” you blink up at him. You’re impatient with his game, and he’s not the only one who knows about weak spots.
“Oh fuck, y/n” He could bust in his pants-- reaching down to discard them while he lets you peel his hero suit over his head. “Then you get it. Nothing I won’t give you, sweetheart,” sounding like he’s assuring you both, “nothing I can’t provide.” You’re nonsensical with need so you just nod, agreeing to any deluded, nesting statements that flow from his mouth. There’s really no more ceremony to it. Kiego’s sick of waiting, all the nights he’s spent fisting his hand to the memory of you. He’s done his job. And now that you’ve come back to him, he has a new one. Interlocking his fingers with yours, he kisses you deeply as he guides his dick into you and you both shudder. “So good for me baby, god damn.” He’s the one to throw his head back now, losing almost all his control in the feeling of your walls around him again. “Fuuuck, I love this cunt,” he whines, “I love you.” The look in his eyes is somewhere else, some utopia of your pussy’s making. You’re trying to keep up with his kisses, you really are, but it’s mostly just a mess of mewls and spit, not that either of you mind. It’s always been this way between you: messy and comfortable and right. It’s right still-- isn’t it?
“Keigo, Keigo!” You keen as he fucks you with a purpose, hitting your spot over and over, hard and deep. This is still a lesson. This is still a reminder, a warning, a promise.
“Keep singing for me, Dove. Sound s’ pretty.” He lifts himself to watch your tits bounce from the pathetic looking twisted mess of your bra. Letting go of your hand to rip it off you so he can suck at your pretty, tender flesh. He litters hickeys everywhere: your upper chest, your neck. Let that snobbish little shit see these. Let him know who undressed you tonight.
“I--I” You stammer, throwing your arms around his neck for stability while he rocks you back and forth with impetus, claiming you, coddling you.
“You, what?,” he coos, “You love me?”
That wasn’t-- was it? Was that what you were saying? He’s right though. He’s right.
“I do.” Who else is going to need you like this? He makes all your loud and messy, all your chaos feel okay, small in his larger-than-lifeness.
“Hero, villain, whatever they call me,” he swears, “doesn’t change this.” A hand to the back of your neck guides your eyesight to where you connect as two bodies, where you suck him in over and over, making lewd, sinful noises fill the room. It sounds like love. “You’re my girl,” Hawks explains. “We’re a family, a home. I’ll-- ngh” he struggles, nearing his release. He can’t handle how your walls squeeze him with every sweet word you believe. “I’ll protect us, forever. Okay?” Keigo can see the light dance in your eyes, can feel you getting close to your second release. He wraps your legs around his back so he can hit deeper, release into you at the best angle for it to take. Your hands find purchase in his wings, pulling lightly, grasping at him for stability. “Okay? Tell me, Dove.” He sends a feather to your clit to flick at you mercilessly, to hurl you faster towards your edge.
“Fuck! F’rever.” You don’t know if you’re melting or floating, but the feather at your clit and his cock in your cervix has you seeing stars.
“Again,” he needs to know that you learned, “...please,” he needs to know that he’s safe.
“Home, Keigo. Ours.” You’re so perfect. He’ll never let you go.
“Good girl,” he grunts through his teeth, “You can come now. Come with Daddy.”
You sink your teeth into his shoulder, releasing around his warmth as he releases into yours. You’re spilling enough sunshine to fill a universe, or grow a new one inside you. A place where he’s the truest hero, where you’re never cold in the winter and lies melt in the sun. He collapses on top of you and pulls you under the covers.
When you wake in the morning, he’s gone, but that was never unusual. “The early bird saves the civilian,” he would always offer as he crawled out of bed on a Saturday morning. You’d feel selfish, ever asking him to stay. Last night hasn’t processed completely. You remember everything, know what you did, but somehow it’s still confusing. As the morning progresses, you find his feathers everywhere, some in curious places. You find one in your purse, one on the coat rack and by the door, even though you know he left through the window since it’s open. In the fridge you find a note on the very healthy, very balanced meal he’s prepared you. Hawks does that sometimes “to treat you,” he claims, so you don’t have to cook.
“The sunrise is beautiful this morning.
I’d say it’s the prettiest thing I’ve seen all week,
had I not just watched you sleep next to me.” - K
You shiver. They’re the words you said to Shouto at the door last night, adapted. They’re a golden, sucrose warning. What would you tell Shou this week, that he’d believe? Hawks was drastically underestimating him. Yes, he was younger, but that’s it, his most considerable disadvantage. Right now, Hawks could back up his threats, but in five years? You’ve watched Shouto at work trainings with the students, and you’ve seen recordings of his UA days. Not that you’d ever admit it to Keigo, but you know that one day, if he wanted to, Shouto could be a serious threat. And if he thought Hawks was mistreating you in any way, that’d be all it took. Shouto wouldn’t care if no one else believed him, if the public wouldn’t ever second guess their genial and beloved #2 hero. The more you get to know him, the clearer it is: Shouto’s never needed anyone’s approval to do what’s right. He’s a true hero-- a good man. He’d kill Hawks before letting him suffocate you, and Hawks would die before letting you go. Two very different experiences of, ideas of freedom in their lives. The reality of it gives you goosebumps. Much too chilly in your drafty apartment, you go to close the window, wondering why he’d leave it open this time of year. He ought to have known you’d get cold.
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godtomura · 14 hours ago
Hawks who has a fresh villain in his care and finds out that they have been blackmailing his agency office so he puts their mouth to good use and makes them into a pretty cocksleeve
OMG! I hope you like it!
cw: smut, hawks x gn!reader, non con elements, bondage, petnames (darlin, sweetheart) minors dni 18+
"Kei, wait n-"
Your pleas are cut off by Hawks thrusting his cock inside your mouth, your hands fight against the restraints in a vain attempt to get away. The anger blazing in his eyes has melted away its usual playful warmth, leaving his gold pupils so cold it freezes you in place.
"It's Takami to you." He grunts, rutting his hips into your already drooling mouth and a cruel smirk twists in the corners of his lips at your immediate gag. "I shoulda known it was you. Battin' your pretty eyes at everyone so they wouldn't see the shit you caused."
Your muffled noises sends vibrations through his dick and he bites back a groan, opting to widen his smirk. "What's that? couldn't hear you darlin'" His fingers tighten themselves in your hair and then he's shoving himself to the back of your throat, pinning your head in place with a heavy hand on the back of your neck.
The light dusting of hair on his groin tickles your nose as he holds you there, enjoying the flutter of your throat as it struggles to accommodate his girth.
"We got a long night, sweetheart."
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Dec 1: A snowball fight
A/N: can you tell I got a bit carried away lol
༻Keigo Takami (Hawks)༺
You could see the snowfall coming down outside, it had been snowing ever since last night until mid noon and since everyone was quarantining due to COVID. People and even pro heroes were told to quarantine and at least if they were called in to make it quick and hurry back to their places of residence. Shockingly, villains seemed to be following the quarantine as well (well it wasn’t as shocking since they were still people too) and because of that work had been considerably lightened for your boyfriend, with the added bonus of the holidays being around the corner.
Your phone went off as you looked around the room, it couldn’t be Keigo but the only text you got was from your boyfriend himself saying “I have a surprise for you! Come up to the roof.” Excitedly, you pulled on your coat and hat, slipped on some light gloves and walked up a flight of stairs to the roof (luckily only 1 since you both were on the top floor). You creaked open the door and peered out onto the snow covered roof, a red feather flew towards you and circled around you tickling your cheek and guiding you to the owner. You passed by some vents and saw something fly by out of the corner of your eye, ducking out of the way just in time and hearing a laugh you knew all too well.
“Aw man, can’t believe I missed that shot.” Clicking his tongue and smirking as he finally met your gaze, throwing a snowball in the air and chuckling again before he fired it again. You ran behind a nearby vent and gathered some snow in your own hands in an attempt to get back at him. “This is how you greet your lover on your day off, wow I feel so loved.” Rolling your eyes and peeking up to see Keigo looking for you to pop back up, throwing your snowball before you got hit. You heard his shot hit the vent behind you and some of the snow fell onto your head, slipping down your back causing you to yelp out. This went on for a good amount of time until you came up with a brilliant idea, you stood up going to throw another snowball and when Keigo went to hit you, you feigned getting hurt and fell. “Kei! Fuck, help!” Whimpering to help your case as you heard him stop gathering snow and call out to you, concern seeping into his voice. “Dove? What’s wrong?” Running over to you to see you cradle your hurt ankle and letting out deep breathes, he bent down next to you and lightly ghosted over your hands. Asking if he could see what happened all while trying to calm you down (you almost felt bad for doing this as your lover was being so sweet) and went to touch your ankle, not noticing your hands go behind you to grab some snow.
Out of nowhere, the pro felt a bunch of snow go down his coat and soak his shirt, looking over to see his “hurt” partner laughing their ass off. It was quite a sight to behold, Hawks jumping up and desperately trying to get the snow to drop out, his huge vermillion wings flapping slightly at his reaction. Before turning to you with a mischievous smile, grabbing a handful of snow and running after you, laughing as you both chased each other around on the roof.
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veenxys · 5 hours ago
「BNHA Boys reacting to someone jokingly asking when the wedding is」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
he just says something like “at this point, it feels like we've been married forever. the real question is 'when is the fucking divorce?'” which leads to a fight between the two of you, almost forgetting that the person is still in front of you. as always, you eventually start laughing and smiling at each other, realizing how silly this is. but still looking at each other like there's no one else in the world.
⤷ Deku
he laughs a little in surprise before replying casually with a little shrug, "i'm ready when they are," he tells the person, meeting your eyes for a brief moment. later, when it's just the two of you, he brings it up again (most likely when he's kissing or hugging you), letting you know he meant what he said.
⤷ Kirishima
the question makes him smile hugely and his eyes sparkle; he turns to look at you as he responds to the person with a playful smile, something like "well, when this one is ready," although there is a sense of sincere tenderness in his words and especially in his eyes.
⤷ Todoroki
the question catches him a little off guard, but he can't help the smile forming on his face. "hopefully soon..." he says, lightly squeezing your hand while looking at you with his eyes shining with love.
⤷ Denki
happens on duty and he immediately starts playing a prank on the other person, saying that it happened a week ago: “we sent the invitation. thanks for coming!” he tries to sound sarcastic with his smile getting bigger. you immediately join in the fun, telling you how discreet you must be and why there are no wedding photos on social media. the two of you start making elaborate details of your wedding and honeymoon and the more details you add, the more serious the atmosphere gradually becomes as your eyes cross, speechless, letting each other know you're going to make a real one happen.
⤷ Tamaki
the question disturbs him and he ends up rambling about his plans for marriage. when you stare at him with pleasant shock, he replies, “what? of course i'm thinking about marrying you, why are you so surprised??”
⤷ Shinsou
he acts nonchalantly with a polite laugh, but when the person leaves the two of you alone afterward, she nudges you aside and pulls you close to him, "do you want to get married someday?" when you half-jokingly reply that you thought the two of you were already married, the smile on his face is pure happiness, "oh yea... that's true."
⤷ Hawks
he laughs nonchalantly and turns to look at you with a smirk before asking directly if you want to marry him, right here and now. he's just kind of serious, waiting for you to say no, but when you say otherwise, his playful smile turns into a soft smile as he holds your gaze and takes your hand, squeezing it lightly in confirmation.
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nights-legacy · 17 hours ago
Why Did You Hide This? Pt.2 - Hawks
Main Masterlist MHA Masterlist
Tumblr media
2152 Words
Warnings: Mental Abuse/manipulation, name calling, injury
I don't know if I am going to continue the pictures throughout the imagine. I just have trouble finding pictures to use sometimes. Leave a comment or something of what you guys think.
+ After Hawks breaks the down, he takes you to the hospital. At one point, your mother tries to come into the room but Hawks won't let her in. You are confused why he is being so nice to you. He explains his feelings you and more. Eventually, you have to speak up to your mother but you don't back down this time.
Tumblr media
I groaned as I woke up to my head throbbing. I tried to move but the little bit I did sent pain across my abdomen. I cried out and tensed as the pain persisted on staying. I felt something soft on my arm and finally caught on to a voice speaking.
"Hey, it's okay. Sh. Just stay still for me." I choked on a sob. "Hey, hey. Can I get a doctor in here?!" The person yelled. I was finally able to open my eyes and saw a blur of red. I blinked to clear my eyes and my gaze locked on gold irises. My gaze then moved to the red wings.
"Hawks?" I stuttered.
"Yeah, it's me kid." He looked behind him. I saw another figure round the bed as Hawks tried to calm me down.
"Miss L/N. Where is the pain?"
"My side and head." I saw as another flare came through. I cried softly and heard another comfort from Hawks.
"Okay Miss L/N, we're going to give you some pain medication and it should kick in very quickly." I nodded. I just kept my eyes closed. "Alright, I will be back to check upon you in a little bit."
"Okay." I laid there making a sound of discomfort and pain every now and again. Hawks kept cooing comforts at me while rubbing circles into my arm and hand. "What happened?"
"Well, I came to check on you after my patrol and heard you fall inside your apartment. I had to break the door down to get to you." He explained. "You're wound got so much worse. Enough that it made you pass out and get sick."
"Oh." I looked away.
"Where was your mother?"
"Out. She took the advice of rest and relaxation from the doctor as a free pass to have a night out with her boyfriend." I said.
"Damn. Did she know about your wound?"
"No." I said. "Even if she did, it would be nothing but an inconvenience to her."
"What do you mean by that?" He asked.
"She's a very busy woman and it would just be something to disrupt her day. Throw off the schedule." I said. "It's nothing new. Her work is very important to her. So..." I shrugged.
"Really? That's bullshit." He said in disbelief. "You are her child. You should be her priority even if you are an adult! I bet you haven't left home because she won't let you basically."
"That's not true!" I exclaimed.
"It isn't? Alright. How about this? Every time you brought up leaving home, she would say something about missing you too much or how the house would be too empty or the nice house would go to 'waste'? Then after so many times of her saying this, you never brought it up again. She was guilt tripping you kid!"
"I um, uh..." I didn't know what to say. He was right.
"Am I right?"
"I um,...Yes. You are." I whispered.
"See?" He softened and reached up to cop my face. "I got all of that from meeting her once and your reactions to her. You need to..."
"That's my child in there!" Both our heads whipped to the door. It was my mother. I gulped, immediately thinking of how mad she was going to be. Hawks must have noticed my apprehension.
"Hey, hey. It's alright." He brought my hand up to his lips. "Do you want to see her? Honestly?" He looked at me in question. I took a breath and shook my head. "Okay, I'll get rid of her."
"O-okay." He got up and walked to the door. He walked out.
"Oh Hawks! You're here? How are they?"
"They are okay. No thanks to you." He said.
"W-what?" She stuttered.
"You knew they were hurt and you made them act like they weren't."
"I did not..."
"I'm not done!" I saw his wings puff up. "You made them feel like they couldn't speak up about themselves and their well being. They have a major wound on their side and then you made them clean house. Not to mention, at the accident site you made a point to make sure the attention stayed on you."
"This is ridiculous. Let me see them." I saw her try and push her way past him. He spread his wings out so she couldn't get in. "Hey!"
"They do not want you to come in. I won't get in." He said.
"I'm their mother."
"Then you should have acted like it!" He snapped. "You should have been more concerned by then instead of treating them like a personal assistant. Now I'm going to have to ask you to leave." He backed up into the room and She began to yell.
"I cannot believe this! This is my child! You are being ungrateful and I am very disappointed!" She screamed. "You're the hero! You're supposed to be protecting people."
"I am." He said before slamming the door. He stood there for a moment. I saw his shoulders rise and fall before he came back over and sat next to me. He finally looked up at me. "Hey, hey. Don't cry. It'll be alright."
"I'm sorry." I covered my face.
"No, don't be. You have every right to be Upset." He said, retaking my hand. This time he laid his wing over me almost automatically giving me comfort. I uncover my face and look at him.
"She is going to have a cow." I said in a hoarse voice.
"She already is." He glanced back at the door before tucking his wing in closer. I set a hand on it. We sat in a comfortable silence. He kept his wing over me and continued to hold my hand. I even began to gently run my fingers through his feathers.
"Why are you doing this? Why one you helping me so...personally?" He lifted his head from where he laid it to look at me. "Why did you show up at my home? I didn't think heroes usually did after accident check ins." He took a moment to gather his words.
"I don't know how to explain it. When I first met you, I felt something spark inside of me. I felt this immediate need to get to know you, to be close to you. That's why I showed up to your apartment. I knew you were hurt so it bothered me as soon as you ran. I couldn't stop thinking about you for the rest of my shift."
"Really?" I looked up at him in disbelief.
"Yeah." He brought my hand up and Kissed it. Before he could say anything else, the door opened up. I jumped and looked Over. It was just a doctor.
"You are awake." He smiled. "How are you feeling?"
"Alright." I said before squirming. "I'm a little sore in my side and arm."
"I would imagine." He chuckled. He went through a few tests and did a check up before administering a dose of pain meds. "Now, you should eat and then get some rest. You shouldn't have to be in here long. Hawks?"
"Of course." He got up and they walked to the door after the doctor handed me a Menu.
"The mother was escorted out by security." I barely heard the doctor say.
"I'm sorry for the disturbance." Hawks said. The doctor waved him off.
"It's alright." He said. "We see the type all the time." He looked back at me. "I just don't recommend..." I couldn't hear the rest. Hawks nodded before the doctor left. His phone went off and he groaned after looking it
"I'm sorry kid but I've got to fly. I'm needed across town." He walked over. "You eat and sleep. I'll be back later." He went to walk away but I grabbed his sleeve.
"Promise?" My voice shook. He looked at me shocked before his gaze softened. He cupped my cheek and leant down. He gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek.
"I promise." He whispered in my ear. He pulled back and rubbed his thumb over my cheek. "Bye." I nodded and he went to turn away but stopped again. He reached for his wing.
"What are you doing?"
"Giving you a feather." He held out the feather. "I can feel what my feather feels and can control it. So if you need me, give it a hard squeeze, okay?"
"Okay." I gently took the feather.
"See you in a while, baby." He walked out the door.
I ate and got some more rest after he left. I laid the feather next to my head on the pillow. I woke up the next morning and Hawks had yet to come back. From What heard, he got pulled into a major villain heist. I finally took notice that my phone was on the table. I turned it on and a crap ton of messages came through. Most from my mother.
"Great." I muttered. I went through them, rolling my eyes. Just as I went to play one of my games , a call came through from her. "Hello?"
"It's about time you answered you ungrateful little brat." She Spat.
"Hello mother." She mocked me before going on.
"I cannot believe you have done this. You were barely ever hurt and you have milked this. You have got the #2 hero wrapped around your finger and you are wasting his time. My god!" I gripped onto the red feather as she went on. "You have gone way too far to get attention. Do you know how this makes me look? You over dramatic Child. You..."
"Over-dramatic?!" I exclaimed, interrupting her. I am the one being over-dramatic?" The rushed sound of my door being opened stole my attention long enough to see Hawks coming in alarmed. "I was majorly wounded mom! Bad enough that I should have gone to the hospital immediately! But because of YOU, I hid it and ran away from someone who was just trying to help me! You have me so messed up that I put everything else, especially you before myself."
"How dare..."
"I'm not done! You knew I was hurt but you didn't care enough or at all to even be the slightest bit concerned. I'm not even a child to you but more of a, a, an indentured servant. I have had enough of it." Hawks sat down next to me.
"Is that so?"
"Yes it is. I am moving out." I said with no hesitation. It was silent on the other line. I looked at Hawks and he was smiling. He took my hand that was holding his feather. He kissed it. I brought the phone down and put it on speaker.
"N-now my baby. there's no need to go that far. We can work this out." Hawks raised an eyebrow, both of us knowing what she was doing.
"No, you had 21 years to 'work' on this. I am your child, not someone for you to order around." I said calmly. "I am moving out and that's the end of it."
"Well don't expect your..."
"And if any of their belongings are missing or damaged, I will hold you personally responsible, Mrs. L/N." Hawks chipped in. I heard her gasping, trying to find something to say. "I will be coming to collect their stuff so be prepared." He took the phone and hung it up. I let out a shaky breath.
"I just snapped." I said. "She called me over-dramatic and I snapped." He laughed.
"And I'm so proud of you! You stood up for yourself." He said. "You can be your own person now."
"Now to find out who that is." I bit at my nails. He gently grabbed that hand and brought it down. "And to find a place to live."
"You'll stay with me." He said gently. He wasn't looking at me but I knew he was serious. "I meant what I said. I want to be close to you. I have more room then I know what to do with and you can have your privacy but I want you near."
"Alright." I said. His head shot up in shock.
"Wait, seriously? No arguments? I mean you are essentially moving in with a Stranger."
"Yeah. You've already done so much and I feel I can trust you. Like a...Spark of something" I said. He chuckled before nodding. "Thank you, Hawks."
"Huh?" I wondered why he gave me the random name.
"You can call me Keigo. My name's Keigo Takami. I think it's okay for you to know."
"Oh, well... It's a pleasure Keigo." I said. I reached up and cupped his face. His winging puffed a little before relaxing, one coming Up and laying over me again. He nuzzled into my hand. "I look forward to the future I have with you."
Tag List: @spicy-therapist-mom @dxnaii-rxse @princ3rae @iris-shihabi
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billiethepumpkin · 17 hours ago
Still Want To: Keigo Takami x Reader TEASER
Featuring: Keigo Takami.
Warnings: My blog is 18+. Minors, do not interact.
Contains: Alcohol. Intoxication. Teasing. Bratty reader, if you squint. Fingering. Oral sex. Penetrative sex.
A/N: This is a teaser for a piece on my Patreon! If you would like to read the rest of the piece, you can subscribe to the Pumpkin Latte tier!
Tumblr media
Keigo could taste the wine on your lips, making him laugh at you a little bit. “Looks like someone had fun, huh?” he said.
“Mhm,” you hummed, resting your head on his shoulder in what you thought was a hug. “T’s a’most midnight,” you whined. “You have t’ kiss me.”
He laughed again. “Of course,” he said. “How could I say no to a kiss from my baby bird?” He scooped you up in his arms bridal style, smiling when your fingers locked around his neck, and he planted the sweetest, kindest kiss on your lips. “Now let’s get you to bed,” he said, carrying you down the hall to your shared bedroom.
Once he got you to the bedroom and set you on the bed, you struggled to prop yourself up by your knees, even though he had laid you down on your back. “Don’t wan’ go t’ bed,” you whined. “Wanna kiss you more.” And Keigo, locking his fingers behind your back, took one of your lips between his and kissed you deeply. Your hands cupped his face, thumbs brushing over his cheeks, before lazily pushing his jacket off of his shoulders and onto the floor. Your hands came to rest on his waist, trailing up his shirt so that your fingers danced on his belly.
“Honey,” he whispered, breaking the kiss. “I can’t do this,” he said, holding the backs of your hands and silently making you stop moving.
“Why not?” you said, almost pouting, your shoulders becoming slumped and your hands dropping to your sides
Keigo laughed in a huff. “Because you’re drunk as shit,” he answered, trying to keep a straight face. You were almost like a little kid when you had alcohol in your system. “You’re not thinking straight, and I don’t wanna make you do something you don’t really want to,” he explained, cupping your face with both hands and squishing your face just a little. “I’m going to get changed, and then I’ll come to bed. Okay?”
Your lips pursed in a pout. “Fine,” you said, laying down on the bed and rolling on your side, facing away from Keigo. You heard the rustling of fabric behind you, Keigo’s hero uniform falling to the floor and being put away. You heard the opening of a couple of drawers before Keigo appeared next to you, throwing your own pajamas in your direction.
“Thought you might wanna change,” he said. Without another word, you sat up and changed, and you laid back down next to Keigo, this time facing toward him because you weren’t expecting his face to be resting on his pillow quite yet. “Hey,” he whispered, reaching out to cup your heated face. “If you still want to in the morning, when your sober, I will be more than happy to fuck your brains out. Deal?”
Tumblr media
These characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi and the creators of My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia
The writing belongs to Abigail Rothenberger, also knows as billiethepumpkin. Please do not alter, copy, or repost this content on this platform or any other.
Donate to my Ko-Fi!
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th0tfairy · 4 hours ago
Hello 🐿the MHA/BNHA boys and a fem!S/O with an oral fixation,,,that's it. that's the request (○•○)
Deku : murmurs and has little habits like putting his fingers on his lips and her eyes are always stuck
Bakugou : always talking shit and occasionally Spits
Shouto: he has a dimple on one side and also can’t grow facial hair on the other side and also has freckles only one side and chapped lips also only on one side
Kirishima : teeth 🦷
Kaminari : has a nervous habit of licking his lips too much
Sero : perfect dental hygiene, always flossing his teeth so ur naturally always watching
Shinsou: u love his voice so obviously u love the way he articulates his speech
Hawks: smooth talker who always glides his tongue on his teeth
Dabi: ur drawn to his staples and burnt jaw and watching his staples stretch around his laugh is always a treat
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yeahimaloser · 2 days ago
So I couldn’t find the anon who asked for this, so my bad, but someone asked if I was ever gonna write a second part to “Love As Bitter As Coffee”
At first I was going to say no, because I wrote it a long time ago and it only got 177 notes (STILL A LOT AND IM SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF THEM) but it’s a low number compared to my other fics.
But I started re reading it and it gave me such inspiration 😭 and know I feel I have to write a part two Bc I love it sm ugh
I love coffee AU’s but I rlly wanted to put my own angsty twist on it! So I’ll probably write a part two so be ready!
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figaraki · 8 months ago
— nsfw // f. reader + various characters 
— dick prints + hand jobs + lap sitting + more
ft. deku, kirishima, shinso, aizawa, hawks, dabi, and shigaraki. 
— 1.1k words
Tumblr media
deku can’t resist playing with you when he realizes how much you want his cock. having caught you staring one too many times, he tugs you into his lap eagerly and holds you close, so close that you can feel his breath on your lips, a whisper away from a kiss. he asks you what you need, wants to hear you say every dirty detail until you’re squirming, shy and undone while sitting atop his thighs. 
his kiss is fervent, a fevered prayer as his hands guide your body in his direction. he holds your hips in place nudging your legs open a little further with his knees until he can grind against you, feeling your warm cunt through your panties, already slick against his cock. he chastises you for being such a silly girl; would you have let just any man toy with you like this? don’t you know whose cunt this is?
he’s rough on your clit, finding it quickly and attacking it with practiced fingers, proud at how quickly you’re reduced to little more than a slick, precious mess. he is unforgiving, cruel to your sensitive cunt, but he treats the rest of your body with care, as if you were a doll, holding you close and cooing honeyed words into your ear between each kiss and nibble down your neck, contradictory to each slap of his hips against your parted, trembling thighs.
“that’s my girl... tell me how you want it. you know how to ask, don’t you?”
kirishima isn’t shy when he realizes you’re staring. he laughs good-naturedly, baring sharp teeth in a sweet grin, and pulls you into a warm, playful kiss. he asks if you really want it, or you just like the view. do you wanna touch it, pretty girl? 
gently, he envelopes your hand in his. he guides your palm between your legs, lifting it to meet the bulge in his pants and curling your fingers surely around his half-swollen cock. adoration softens his features, drawing color to his cheeks, and he sucks in a shaky breath, pressing his forehead to yours.
“feel that, baby? that’s for you.”
shinso likes to compromise; you get to wear his hoodie, and he wears the sweatpants - that’s all. it’s good grounds for snuggling, a solid excuse, and nothing beats the sight of your pretty thighs peeking out of his sweatshirt. it‘s not his fault that his sweet little girlfriend needs his hoodie more than he does.
you pad into the bedroom after a sower, clad in little more than that while you towel-dry your hair, to find him lounging on the bed, bare-chested and lazily splayed out on top of your duvet. your eyes follow every curve and plane of his form, down to the cut v at his hips and the dark hair beneath his belly button, trailing lower and lower still, stopped only by the waistband of his sweats, settled dangerously low on his torso.
“see somethin’ you like, honey?”
aizawa finds himself hunched over his desk far too often, loses himself in the paperwork and grading he has to get done, even with you sitting so close. it’s hard to focus with your hand crawling up his leg, grazing his thighs every so often while your curious eyes wander over his lithe, powerful body until he heaves a sigh. 
his shirt rides up as he stretches, pushing away from his desk, baring toned muscle with the slightest motion; he sees you peering up at him, so innocent, sitting cross legged on the floor, and his breath all but catches in his throat when he realizes why your hands start to tremble. 
he doesn’t have to be hard for you to see just how big he really is, and you wait for him to open his arms to you, cooing out an invitation to his lap and promises of a reward for being so perfectly patient for him. 
“c’mere, baby... you want some of this?”
hawks is sure his heart skips a beat once his gaze leaves the book cradled in one single, sure palm, watching you crawl towards him, as ravenous as a starved predator seeking the satisfaction of sinking fangs into the hide of untold prey; the sway of your hips and the curve of your back catch his eye as you cross the bed, lighting an unspeakable hunger inside him. in one fluid motion, he preens, running a hand through his hair, still damp from the shower, and spreads his legs a little wider as you crawl his way, closer and closer still. 
“hey, pretty thing... i see you. ‘s hard for you - come ‘n get it.”
dabi watches you nibble on your lower lip as he checks himself out in the mirror. he’s no longer invested in his own vanity, and instead, peers back at you. your eyes do not meet, and you admire him from behind, sure that if you were to look directly at him your face might be lit aflame in embarrassment.
he is agonizingly irresistible, taking the time to trace a finger over the hard lines of muscle, the jagged scars and the staples that follow his flesh, and when you finally tear your gaze away from him, he turns to you.
clutching his fabric-clad cock loosely, he makes a show of adjusting to the size of it; he wants you to watch.
“you just gonna stand there ‘n drool, or are you gonna put that mouth to good use, doll?”
shigaraki clutches his controller, and his eyes hardly leave his console’s screen despite the familiar sink of the couch under your weight, shuffling as you crawl towards him, watching his gaze intently. deep reds shifting to violet in the cool, unforgiving blue light that casts upon his face, highlighting the shadows of his features. with every swerve and expert maneuver, the muscles in his back flex, rippling towards his biceps, and he knows you’re watching. 
warmth creeps up his neck at the feeling of your stare. he’s played this level enough times to know what’s coming next - he isn’t worried about losing, but he doesn’t expect you to touch him so soon, running soft fingertips over the rough, scarred skin of his shoulders; it doesn’t tear him away from the game, and he ignores the way his cock twitches to life, rearing at the subtlest graze of your hands on his body.
your lips tip up in a small, coy grin, and you lean in, daring him to look away from the screen while your fingers creep up his thigh, whispering a sweet promise to behave on the condition that he doesn’t let you distract him.
he curses, working his lower lip between his teeth when he catches you slinking to the floor, falling to your knees and finally settling your warm hand over his cock, practically throbbing at the first hint of attention.
as much as he wants it, he warns you:
“you shouldn’t start something you don’t intend to finish, dirty girl.”
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