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Angel: gimme the penis sex!

*Alastor’s expression changed to a much more menacing look as his horns grew double their size and his eyes changed to dials like on the radio. Bending his head as his head shook making a crackling sound looking at Angel over his shoulder*

Angel!…. What was that you just said to me?…

Is this an April Fool’s joke??

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=Ruby La Rose= 

Nickname: The ring leader, circus demon

Age: 90 but physically 30

Gender: Female

Race: Succubus

Magical Abilities: Pyrokinetic, uses her tail to balance,grip,hang upside down or sit on it and uses it as a whip, can sprout bat-like wings when she is in her full demon form, can see in the dark. Her iris shifts into that of a goat’s when she is in her full demon form. Her horns become elongated as well.

=Character Looks= Appearance: An average height woman with brown wavy hair, two curved horns, yellow eyes, light tan skin and has goat hooves for feet. She also wears really revealing attire.

Strengths: Her tail, fire, singing, dancing, her wealth

Weaknesses : Water, her stubbornness, the cold, glitter =Character Info= Personality: She is charismatic, headstrong and takes the lead. She is motherly and protective of her family. She is adventurous and spontaneous. She is partly vain and a bit of a narcissist and will hog the spotlight when it comes to show business. She can comes across as pushy and bossy and self-centered. She is also a sadistic nymphomaniac.

Backstory:born into a rich family who happen to be one of the many overlords in hell. They are into show business; her father owns several 5 star Casinos and performs as a Magician; his wife is his assistant. Aside from being a magician’s assistant; Ruby’s mother is also a talk show host. The couple provided a lavish life for their daughter. Ruby grew up wanting to follow in her parents’ footsteps; in her own way. She has always been fascinated with exotic animals and the rich culture of circus life. She also was giving an opportunity to wayward demons in need of a job.

Fighting Style: she is very flexible, quick and agile so she will use that to her advantage. She fights like an animal, using her clawed nails, fanged teeth and tail. Also may use her hooves to step on her enemies. 

Quote: “Life is like a circus” 

Fun facts: She has an affinity for Alastor. She is a woman attracted to power and class. And she wants to dominate that power.

Voice Claim: Maria Brink

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