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DAY 5-Saving Each Other

-Hazel stood in the shadow of the doorway, arms crossed as he leaned on it’s frame and observed Coral’s battle with the Beowolf. She was newer to their circle and he felt a duty to learn about her; her true intentions, her skills-the latter of which he quickly realized were not as sharp as they could be. Her long-range combat was flawless, yet her hand-to-hand prowess was clumsy at best, weak at worst. She launched another arrow at the beast and it struck it’s eye, and as it stumbled about she readied a blade to rush in-too hastily, for the Beowolf whirled and viciously swatted her away. She went flying and slammed her head off the floor, struggling to regain composure…

Why was he panicked? She had chosen to face this particular challenge after all, yet he found himself standing more alertly, watching to see what happened next…and the Grimm refocused, snarling as it bounded her way. Without thinking, feet moving as if compelled by some desperate force he didn’t understand he dashed forward, intercepting it and grabbing it around the throat with both arms, squeezing until he felt it’s neck snap.

He heard her clamber to her feet behind him, and he turned around-why was he annoyed?

“You shouldn’t take on more than you can handle.”

-Coral felt her stomach drop clear to her feet watching him sail through the air like a ragdoll and land in the water. Her head whipped back and forth from the target they had been sent to capture and the choppy water into which he’d fallen…she counted…no, it was too long. If he was okay he should have surfaced. Her mind spun; finish the job and save herself or save him…

His guarded yet handsome smile flashed in her memory and the next thing she knew she was diving into the cold lake. She resisted a gasp as the icy water enveloped her, and almost instantly she saw him, eyes closed and sinking toward the depths. She grasped his wrist and pulled-but he was too heavy. Desperation and inspiration led to using her Semblance to save them from a watery grave, and she dragged him ashore, propping his head in her lap to clear his lungs…

“Please…be alright…”

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Day 4-Past, Present and Future


Coral could see the pain he was in. Not physical pain oh no; his Semblance rendered that impossible, but the deep, long-suffering pain that his heart had endured, shattering it and having it rebuilt in a twisted manner. She held no illusions about ‘saving’ him, but she did hope she could provide him some measure of comfort, of friendship…maybe more. And the more time they spent together the more he felt the same but he couldn’t shake the nagging feeling things could not work out…


She watched him stride away, waiting until he had moved out of sight before falling to her knees and sobbing into her hands. He was right after all; she was supposed to be dead and had endangered them both, but she had been desperate to see his face again…a face that had once gazed on her with fondness yet now held an icy contempt. His fists clenched as he moved away, walking quickly to avoid the temptation to turn around and sweep her into his arms. This was best for them both…


She stood rooted to the spot, rake stuck halfway in the ground as she stared in disbelief at the figure standing at the gate. He leaned against the fence, one hand on a sturdy cane with the other in a sling and gazed back at her. It had taken months to discover her whereabouts but now that he was here he wasn’t sure what he was doing. Asking for forgiveness? Another chance? She continued to stare in silence and unable to read her face he was about to turn to leave before the tool dropped from her hands and she choked out his name…

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Day 1-Semblence

Coral Loxley found as a child she could freeze and even shape water she came into physical contact with. It took her a lot of work not to accidentally turn every glass of water she touched into a giant ice cube when her intention was merely chill it. With time she turned her ability into a weapon, able to form razor-sharp ice ‘blades’ and coat her arrows in it for extra damage and to disable her target.

Hazel Rainart discovered he could infuse Dust directly into his body, an ability not unique yet normally far too painful for a person to bear for long , or to use very much. Combined with his Semblence, however, he could utilize this technique in new and powerful ways.

Together, the powers of fire and ice are too much for the enemies they face.

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Traitor AU

👀 👀 👀

- The birb twins had all types of interactions with WTCH

A young girl entered the camp one day. She had long black hair she pushed back and let flow in the wind. Her yellow eyes were sharp, staring into the souls of each person she passed by.

“Hello,” she said once she approached Qrow and Raven. She grinned at them.

Qrow could feel a sinster, evil energy coming from her. How could something so small have so much hate and greed stored in it?

Raven squinted at her. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she narrowed her eyes at her. She looked to the three men Salem had sent earlier before the girl’s arrival.

“Who’s this?” she asked. It came off as more of a demand to know who she was.

The doctor— Watts, they had learned his surname was— rolled his eyes. He gestured to her and replied, “The most annoying brat to exist.”

Cinder shrieked, “Hey!”

“How old is it?” Qrow asked. He looked her up and down. There was a combination of confusion, curiosity, and disgust in his face.

“Five?” Tyrian guessed. He smiled, peering down at Cinder who had growled at him.

“I’m eight!” she corrected, her fists balled up and her eyes furious.

“Eight?” Raven whispered in disbelief. She looked to Qrow. She repeated, even quieter, “Eight.”

Hazel interrupted, “We have work to do.” His voice was calm, and yet so intimidating.

Qrow nodded, “Right.”

- Qrow and Tyrian have a… complicated relationship.

- They used to go on assignments together. It took awhile for Qrow to get used to the Faunus, eventually he did.

This time Tyrian was blabbering on and on about this little florist in his town he knew. Qrow stood next to him, his chin resting in his hand. He had been able to tune it all out.

“—and then I killed her!” Tyrian said with glee.

“Good for you,” Qrow deadpanned after he acknowledged Tyrian was done with his story.

Tyrian shifted his body so he was facing Qrow. The older teen refused to look back at him. He could feel his cold stare.

That day had been hot as hell. Qrow was sweating buckets, but the sweat rolling down his forehead had went cold. He gulped when Tyrian got closer to his face.

Tyrian’s lips brushed against Qrow’s ear. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

Qrow jumped back. He barked, “Don’t you ever do that again.”

He ignored Qrow. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing. Can we get back to watching the target?” Qrow turned away from Tyrian and looked back at the person they were keeping an eye on; Fria.

She had pale skin Qrow imagined to be ice cold— which he now realizes is an accidental pun. Her blue eyes were icy— ha— and her short hair was almost completely white. She was in her late forties.

“She’s an old lady, she’s slow,” Tyrian said. “We can keep up with her. Now, what’s on your mind?”

“She’s the Winter fucking Maiden.”

Tyrian kept smiling at him. Qrow knew he wouldn’t leave him alone, no matter what he said.

“A boy,” Qrow answered.

Ohhh,” Tyrian grinned.

Qrow groaned, “Shut up.”

“Tell me more,” Tyrian said as if he was a teenage girl obsessed with drama.

“He’s…” Qrow began to answer. He pondered for a moment to form his words. “He’s smart. Way too smart for his age. Too damn nice. Pretty. An annoying smile I can’t stop thinking about. Soft eyes. Messy hair— I swear, he doesn’t know how to brush that shit.” He laughed, then smiled to himself.

Tyrian leaned forward, now invested in what Qrow had to say. “You love him,” he realized.

Qrow’s red eyes went wide. “No, that’s— that’s insane.” He tried to control his reaction, turning away and trying to block out Ozpin’s cute face out of his mind.

“You do,” the scorpion said. “It’s obvious.”

Qrow looked at the younger boy. He stared at him, a mixture between frustration and something that screamed “Holy shit, he might be right.”

He took a deep breath. “Just… don’t tell anyone.”

“Your secret is safe with me!” Tyrian told him. He mimicked zipping his mouth shut.

Qrow rolled his eyes.

- Another one of Salem’s minions was Leo Lionheart. Qrow didn’t know he was working with her. He couldn’t say he was entirely surprised when he found out in V5, but he didn’t expect it.

- He always suspected there was another mole. If Salem used to have Qrow and Raven, why not someone else? Ever since the Twins betrayed her, Qrow suspected someone else might be put into Ozpin’s life. He didn’t think this person was already in his life.

- He blames himself for not realizing it sooner. A rat should be able to sniff out another rat pretty easily, right?

- Qrow felt so quilty about working for Salem that he decided he’d dedicate the rest of his life to Ozpin. He’d make sure he ate, slept peacefully, stayed alive. He went on every mission, determined to help Oz in every way he could. He would do anything for him.

- Ozpin had noticed that Salem stopped attacking him and his group for a while. It was shortly after she realized she had been betrayed.

- He, oblivious to Qrow and Raven’s former allegiance, wondered why this was. He couldn’t figure it out. Every time he brought it up with Qrow, he’d try to change the topic or give a bullshit answer.

Ozpin and Qrow laid in the headmaster’s king sized bed. Qrow had an arm wrapped around his shoulders while Oz had both arms around his waist.

“I just don’t understand why she’s lying low now,” muttered Ozpin into Qrow’s shirt.

“Maybe she gave up?” Qrow suggested. He forced out a laugh.

Oz frowned. “We both know she didn’t. She’s likely planning for something, but what?”

Qrow wish he knew. Salem didn’t share important details with him or Raven, so he couldn’t provide any answers. Even if he did have answers, he’d have to find a way to explain why he knew Salem’s plan and was only now telling him. It was an impossible situation.

He sighed and gave Oz a kiss on the forehead. “We’ll figure it out,” he told him in a whisper.

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I don’t have a name for this AU so I think I’ll call it the…

Traitor AU

(May turn into a fic in the future 👀)

Qrow and Raven were born into the Branwen tribe. They and their parents were trying to get some rest after a long day of training when they were approached by some strange individuals.

One was a scorpion Faunus. He was young, younger than the twins. His eyes were filled with golden chaos that occasionally flashed violet. The other one was older, in his twenties probably. Large, tall, intimidating, and a cold stare Qrow could feel on him even while turned around.

Tyrian and Hazel had beat up the thieves and killers that roamed and guarded outside the camp. They stumbled back into the camp— black and blue and purple bruises and marks covering their bodies— with the two assassins behind them.

The Faunus wore a crooked grin, while Hazel kept a blank expression.

The twins walked behind their parents, nervous and confused as to what was going on. The leaders of the tribe demanded to know what they wanted.

“To serve our goddess, of course,” Tyrian said.

“Goddess?” asked the twins’ father.

Tyrian nodded, jumping up and down like a child— well, he was one. He was probably twelve-years-old if Qrow had to guess.

His mother looked to him and his sister as their father and the two strangers spoke. She gestured to their shared tent.

She murmured, “Go. Stay inside while we get this sorted out.”

Raven wanted to protest, but Qrow grabbed her arm. She sighed in defeat and followed.

Afterwards, their mother and father kept whispering to each other, sounding desperate and troubled. They kept going into separate rooms and talking low and quickly. Whenever Qrow or Raven were nearby, they’d shut the door.

They kept visiting. The people. Sometimes it was Tyrian or Hazel. Sometimes a smug doctor, or a small girl who’d strut into the camp with a hand on her hip, or even Grimm.

The twins only knew about the Grimm because they’d pass by their parents’ office and see it. A woman’s voice came from it. She gave orders and their parents listened.

A year later, when they were seventeen, Qrow overheard his father speaking to the person he referred to as “the woman in the Grimm.”

He put his ear to the door and tried to focus on what they were saying.

“A man?”


“The headmaster? Why?”

“Since when did you question orders?”

“I’m— I’m not, ma’am. I just don’t want to get our children involved in this. It’s too much for them.”

“You’ve always wanted your children to learn how to protect themselves, yes? They can do that, at Beacon. I get what I want, you get what you want. It’s a win-win.”

“I don’t know… It’s too risky. I— I can’t.”

“You… can’t?”

“No. I’m sorry, but no. I won’t put my children in danger.”

“Hmm,” the woman murmured. “You’ll regret that decision. We’ll speak again soon.”

The next day, their mother was found dead. Blood seeped from her neck. It had been slashed with a dirty, old knife.

What did you do?” the father screamed at the Grimm across from him.

“What I had to.”

“She didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Every choice has consequences, especially with me. What did you honestly expect?”

Tears rolled down his face. His knees felt weak. He stared at the blood stains on his clothes and hands from when he was trying to shake his wife’s body back to life.

“Now, will you listen?”

He swallowed. He looked up at her. “Fine.”

“Good. Send the kids to Beacon. More instructions will be given soon.”

And just like that, the Grimm disappeared, along with the voice.

As promised, their father proposed the idea of going to Beacon to Raven and Qrow. With enough convincing, they agreed.

They were told to keep an eye on Ozpin; the youngest person to ever become a professor, and more impressively, a headmaster of a school. All at the age of fifteen.

Qrow and Raven didn’t know why they were instructed to watch Ozpin. They didn’t really care for their mission, so they didn’t try too hard right away. The twins eventually meet Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long. Qrow is cool with them, but Raven tries to stay away.

Qrow struggles in school, and Oz takes notice. He offers to help him out. They get closer than either of them would have expected.

At first, Raven thinks Qrow is getting close to Ozpin as a strategic move, but she then realizes it’s more than that.

She grabs him and takes him to the side one day. “Qrow,” she grumbles, her red eyes furious.

“Yeah?” Qrow asks, completely unaware of the lecture he was about to get.

“Have you been doing your job?”

Qrow then realized. He hadn’t actually watched Ozpin. He noted a few things about him, but he didn’t actually follow his father’s orders.

He blinked. “…Yes?”

Raven raised a brow at him. “Remember; he’s not your friend. Your objective is to collect information on him, alright? Do that.”

“Yada-yada, Rae. Whatever.” He rolled his eyes.

She glared at him. “Qrow. This is serious. Dad told us to watch him. If he finds out we’re not, he’ll take us out of here.” She stepped closer, her voice lowering. “We’re the first people in the Tribe to enter a huntsmen school. Let’s not disappoint our people.”

Qrow sighed. “Okay.”

After that, he kept an eye on the young headmaster. Two years into doing so, team STRQ was invited into Ozpin’s office one day.

He told them about Salem, about the four Maidens who were scattered across Remnat, the relics, and his curse.

That very same year, the twin’s father called them to come home. When they arrived, their father seemed nervous.

A Grimm entered the room. The same type of Grimm Qrow saw years ago. They met Salem that day. They now knew why they were really sent to Beacon.

It was overwhelming for Qrow. He had been getting along with Ozpin. He even found himself having repetitive thoughts about how cute and smart he was.

Two more years later and they were all graduating. During those years, Qrow and Raven had fed Salem information about Ozpin. Qrow felt gross and wrong every time he did it. He hated working for her. He could feel that Raven did too, but she didn’t show it.

He made a risky move the same day of the graduation. He asked Ozpin out. He wasn’t expecting Oz to actually say yes. A part of him was hoping him saying no would allow him to hate him and work against him easier.

He told his sister about it. She was outraged.

“You’re dating him now?”

“Yes,” he simply replied. He kept his posture straight and tried not to flinch every time her voice got angrier.

“You know I have to tell Salem about this,” she told him.

“No, you don’t.”

She went silent. “What?”

“Leave her. We both should— we can.”

“We can’t just… leave her.”

“You damn well know she’s a horrible person. We’ve both heard what Oz has said about her, the things she’s done. To him, to the people he cares about, innocents with no involvement in any of this.”

“She’ll kill us. You know that.”

“Not if we leave while we can and stay with Oz.”

Raven stared at him. She scoffed, “Dad tried that, and look what happened to Mom.”

Qrow winced. He had always suspected it was Salem who was behind his mother’s murder ever since he met her. He just never wanted to admit it.

He replied, “It’s safer to stay with Ozpin. We can trust him.”

No, we can’t.”

“How many times have you looked behind your back because you feared that one of Salem’s people was watching you?”


“How many times have you stayed wide awake at night, wondering if what you’re doing is right?”

His sister blinked at him. She stuttered, “Qrow…”

“Now apply those questions to Ozpin. Have you ever been scared of Oz? Wondered if he’s watching your every move? Asked yourself if you were on the right side?”

Raven looked away. She took a deep breath.

Qrow said, “See? It’s better to stay with Oz.”

Raven muttered, “I… I don’t know.”

Qrow took her hand and held it. “Hey,” he whispered, “we’ll be fine. We’re Branwens, remember? We can fight anything.”

She smiled. A small nod came afterwards.

After Salem realized she had been betrayed, she sent her goons to try to kill them multiple times. One day, Raven was hit. She was sent to the hospital. She found out she was pregnant.

It scared her. She couldn’t keep doing this, running from Salem while still being on Ozpin’s side. She remembered something her mother used to say; “Always look out for yourself. It will always be you against the world. Every person for themselves is the number one rule.”

And so after nine months, a beautiful baby girl named Yang was delivered. Raven left the second she could. When she returned to the Branwen Tribe, she found her father who was now a weak, old man. He died of sickness and she took his place as leader. Avoiding and hiding away from Salem had become easier after that.

Over the years, Qrow had been able to track down Raven a few times. Their conversations were filled with angry insults and snarky remarks. Qrow would try to convince Raven to come back. In response, she would tell him to stop looking for her or else she’d go to his boyfriend and tell him everything. Every lie, every half-truth, every single time he was being used. Everything.

This managed to scare Qrow away. He didn’t want Ozpin finding out about who he was. So he stopped trying to get her to come back.

Years later, Qrow had bumped into his old associates. When he was with RNJR and fighting Tyrian, the scorpion had said things like, “It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”, “Long time, no see, my dear, old friend!”, “You know, there’s always an empty seat waiting for you if you ever think about coming back.”

Qrow had managed to play it off when RNJR asked about what Tyrian meant.

In Volume 6, RWBY was becoming suspicious of Ozpin. However, Qrow had slipped up and accidentally said something he couldn’t have know about Salem and her plans. That caused the girls to become skeptical of him too.

So Ruby asked Jinn, “What are Qrow and Ozpin hiding from us?”

Everything came out. First, the story of Salem and Ozma was told. Then, what Raven and Qrow were actually doing in Beacon.

They both felt so betrayed. They both kept huge secrets from each other. God, Ozpin wanted to be mad. He wanted to hit Qrow, push him, yell at him, demand him to explain. But he couldn’t. He knew what hypocrisy that would be.

Qrow, on the other hand, didn’t care about what a hypocrite he was for being upset. He screamed at Ozpin and punched him.

There’s a bit of distrust between Qrow and the kids. Ruby tries to understand his side of what happened. She sticks by his side nonetheless.

Qrow still thinks about it. He wished he had never worked for Salem. If he hadn’t, Ozpin may have gotten a better chance of surviving her. He wonders what it would have been like in another world where he never worked for her, where he met Ozpin and he wasn’t his mission but instead his friend, his most trusted ally, and the love of his life.

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My RWBY Bingo Card

It’s like what 20-37 days away? So it’s very soon in a way.


Here’s my bingo card in what I want to happen, I got rid of the mindset of “THE WRITERS ARE GONNA BRING BACK GRIMM PYRRHA” or “THEY’RE GONNA MAKE THE HEROES WIN” I just chose what I hope will happen than that.

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The relationship dynamics in WTCH are interesting

Tyrian and Cinder really have some sibling energy going, Tyrian and Watts just kinda vibe, and Watts and Cinder are just super antagonistic to each other (because they both see themselves as Salem’s top agent).

Hazel is the wildcard, he doesn’t seem to have any sort of relationship with any of the three. The best we’ve gotten out of him is him trying to take the blame for Cinder’s loss at Haven. He thinks Cinder is dead at that stage, so that could be him directing Salem’s wrath away from Cinder’s disciples, or it could be an unwillingness to speak ill of the dead, or it could be from genuine fondness for Cinder. 

Personally, I’m torn between the first and last ones. I do like the idea that he’s fond of Cinder. And I’m not sure why he’d expect Em and Merc to be punished for Cinder’s failure. 

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On the whole, he considers anyone who follows Salem to be an ally and is generally amicable towards them, but this does not stop him from being antagonistic for shiggles. He likes to tease and bully casually, but it doesn’t outright mean he dislikes someone.

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I think about the dynamic between these fools a lot.. A lot of talking with @atlesianic has caused some of his headcanons to bleed into mine

1. Found family dynamics

The way they bicker and roast each other but still ultimately work pretty well together… reeks of sibling energy. I think their age ranges also slot them very neatly into the archetypes of siblings, like..

Arthur is the oldest. He usually knows what he’s doing and always makes sure he at least looks like he knows what he’s doing. Tries to be the voice of reason and has high expectations on him [the fall of beacon was pretty much dependent on his virus, the Haven plan required his supervision, and obviously he was vital to the Atlas mission.]

Hazel has middle child energy. He’s just. So tired. Easily spoken over. He has a lot of bottled up rage.

Tyrian has the energy of someone who USED to be the youngest but isn’t anymore, and is super bitter about not being the one getting all the attention anymore. But also he lords the “older brother” card over Cinder like. constantly.

And Cinder is the youngest. Bratty, spoiled, the new favorite who gets all the special attention from Mommy Salami. Has tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants.

In my opinion, Tyrian and Cinder’s relationship is the most sibling-like between them, they bicker a lot over really petty things and like to do little inconveniencing things to each other to fuck with them. They don’t always see eyes-to-eye on a lot of things but when things get messy they can rely on each other to have their back [although they will likely both tease each other about needing their help].

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Name: Hazel Rainart

Age: 37- 40

Sexuality: straight

Team: none

Personality: he is quiet and stoic for the most part but tends to get upset easily when talking about Ozpin or Beacon.

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- Speed. He’s one of the fastest fighters perfectly capable of keeping up with Qrow, and since both Qrow and Raven are evenly matched in speed, it’s fair to say Tyrian can keep up with Raven too. 
- Acrobatics. Not just in his fighting style, but in the way he can use his environment also. If he’s in a place with various levels, he can use them to gain any advantage he can, though it’s less useful in more open areas.  
- Semblance. His Semblance is a pretty useful one, as even his opponents’ Aura can’t protect them if he gets his hands on them. A downside, however, is that he needs to physically touch their body, as Clover managed to avoid getting his Aura spliced by blocking Tyrian’s hands with his weapon, which both Qrow and Raven wield.  
- Prehensile Tail. That thing is far more flexible than an actual scorpion tail should be but I’m not here to argue biology in a show with cat people. 
- Venom. Fast acting to boot, Qrow was almost on death’s door in just half a day. Add in combination that Tyrian can splice through Aura without breaking it first, he can slice and poison opponents at first chance he gets.
- Intelligence. Tyrian knows how to spot and pick at one’s weak points, emotionally crippling them. He managed to get right under the usually chill and cocky Mercury’s skin just by saying something over his abusive father. If he figures out Qrow or Raven’s weakpoints, he could deal some serious blows, but I think Raven has far more control over herself in battle compared to Qrow, who’s been pretty hurt over the loss in his life and the curse he believes he is. 


- Mediocre at Long Range. Besides his mounted wrist guns, Tyrian doesn’t have many options for long distance. From his fight with Qrow in V4, his guns don’t seem to have that much range in them, and he barely uses them after, preferring to get up close and personal. Given that Qrow and Raven have the ability to put distance between them and their opponents by turning into birds, this can be a problem for Tyrian. 
- Personality. Tyrian has a problem of taking a bit too much pleasure in the kill. Repeatedly over his fights, he tends to stop midway to pontificate or savour something before going for the final strike. This has already bitten him in the ass since his slow ways of taking Ruby out the fight allowed Qrow to reach the scene of the fight and save her, ultimately leaving Ruby fit enough to rejoin the fight and ultimately take Tyrian’s original tail. Raven and Qrow won’t let him have too many breaks in an all out fight. 



- Strength. Hazel’s one of the most physically strongest characters in the show, easily outweighing both Qrow and Raven. While Raven and Qrow are certainly faster and has greater agility, if Hazel managed to land a hit on them, it will hurt.
- Durability. It’s noted in the show that Hazel’s Aura regeneration is unlike anyone that the heroes had ever seen. Not only does this protect his body from damage, but it means that he can keep it running faster than Qrow or Raven can wear him down, unless they hit him with some serious force that might be possible with Raven’s Maiden Powers.  
- Semblance. Feeling no pain would normally not be so useful, and actively harmful in certain situations, but combined with Hazel’s unnatural Aura amount and regeneration rate, this actually works in his favour. Since a person can still feel the pain despite having Aura to protect from actual damage, they can reasonably be stunned from pain if hit hard enough, but Hazel doesn’t have that weakness. Downside is that he wouldn’t know when his body is straight up starting to give up until the effects become apparent.   
- Dust Use. Hazel uses dust outside of the typical bullets by injecting raw crystals into his arms, giving him augmented speed and strength, as well as the ability to use both fire and lightning as seen in his only fight in the show. The use of these projectiles give him the ability to go more long distance than he usually is able to, and has the side effects of burning and electrocuting Raven or Qrow if he manages to hit them.


- Speed. Besides the use of lightning dust, Hazel isn’t exactly a very speedy person. Realistically, he wouldn’t, given his large frame meaning he has to sacrifice speed for strength. When against Qrow and Raven, who are both very fast and athletic fighters, Hazel would have difficulty in hitting either of them, especially since the blows he managed to get on Qrow in Haven happened because Qrow also had to worry about protecting Oscar.  
- Lacking Without Dust. Ultimately, Dust is what turns Hazel from a extremely durable fighter to a serious threat. Take the Dust away or wait until he runs out of crystals, and he loses not only the long range options listed above, but his augmented speed that gives him more of a chance against fast fighters.
- Strategy. Really, Hazel doesn’t really show the initiative for strategy? Granted, we’ve only had one fight that he actively partakes in, but even then he just constantly charges and tries to hit his opponents. Unlike Tyrian, he doesn’t really try using cheap tricks or manipulation to gain an advantage, and when he manages to get any lucky shot, it’s more based on the characters acting outside his influence, e.g. him punching Qrow into space because he was trying to protect Oscar, who Hazel would’ve hit instead if Qrow hadn’t pushed the kid outta the way.



- Speed & Agility. Similar to Qrow, Raven is up there alongside Tyrian and way above Hazel, meaning that however fast Tyrian can zip around and use his surroundings to fight, Raven can match him. 
- Versatility. Raven has far more in her arsenal than Tyrian and Hazel. On top of her weapon, Semblance, magic in both the Maiden Powers and her bird form granted by Ozpin, she has shown impressive ability to use them all together during her fight with Qrow and Cinder.  
- Her Weapon. Raven’s sword has numerous blades that’re made from various types of Dust, giving her spares to wield in the event that the blade of her sword shatters. However, seen in her fight with Cinder, these blades seem more flimsy than other weapons and shatter way more often, and with Raven only having a finite amount of Dust blades, she runs the risk of running out and losing a valuable part of her arsenal and fighting style. 
- Semblance. Normally, Raven’s Semblance wouldn’t be that big of an advantage in a fight, since she can only teleport to those she has formed a bond with. Meaning that while she can escape the fight with Tyrian and Hazel, she’d have no means of returning once she’s gone due to no one being there. However, with the addition of Qrow on the battlefield, someone confirmed to have a bond with Raven and allow her to teleport to him, she can reasonably use her Semblance to teleport herself to Qrow, or Qrow to herself, meaning that separating them would be a difficult task to do.
- Maiden Powers. As the Spring Maiden, Raven has access to abilities that outclass normal people in the world of Remnant. She can fly, deflect bullets, have access to the elements, can create storms, and her powers are not connected to her Aura like a Semblance is, meaning that here’s no end to what she can do even if her Aura breaks. However, it’s still connected to Raven’s ability to fight, meaning that if she is too exhausted, there’s nothing she can do, similar to Amber and Cinder.
- Bird Form. Similar to her Maiden Powers, Raven’s ability to transform into a bird is not reliant on her Aura and has the same advantage of being a technically infinite ability that doesn’t impact on Raven. In use of fighting, her bird form gives her more agility to outmanoeuvre other opponents, especially larger and slower ones like Hazel, allowing her to move into more prime positions to strike back. 
- Intelligence. Similar to Tyrian, Raven is supposedly a clever and sneaky woman, capable of manipulating people into situations that end in her favour. While I don’t think she can easily manipulate Tyrian and Hazel like she did Cinder, her intelligence also means she isn’t as easily ruffled by Tyrian as other characters may be. 


- Big Ego. A problem with her complete faith in her cleverness and ability to survive. Raven thinks too highly of it, and it’s shown that this is her downfall with Raven refusing to acknowledge any problems in her plans, e.g. stealing a Relic from an immortal witch who would no doubt hunt Raven down and kill her for it. Since it appears that only Yang can get under Raven’s hardened layer and make her acknowledge her mistakes, with not even Qrow there, Raven is going to have a hard time accepting when she’s just not as smart as she thinks, especially against an equally smart and adaptive player in Tyrian.
- Fighting Style. While it’s more than her fighting style, Raven has a tendency to copy Yang in that she tries to fight harder rather than smarter. Since her arrogance in her strength and capabilities, along with having taken the Spring Maiden’s powers, Raven more often than not prefers brute shows of strength and magic as opposed to deflect and evasive tactics. She does take cheap shots, such as freezing Cinder’s feet and using her sword to stop her fall only to kick an approaching Cinder again, she does have a preference.   



- Versatile Weapon & Fighting. Qrow has one of the most combinations in his weapon compared to the more straight forward weapons in RWBY, similar to Blake’s Gambol Shroud. It can be a giant sword, a shotgun, or a scythe, and all of the various forms give Qrow a new set of pros and cons in his fighting, including range, speed and strength. On top of that, he’s shown to be quick on his feet and use whatever he has to fight, including punches, kicks and even any debris around to hit his opponents for him. Out of the fighters in this ask, this versatility outranks even Raven’s.  
- Speed. Similar to Raven, Qrow has the speed to keep up with Tyrian and run circles around Hazel.  
- Bird Form. All the pros and cons that are listed up in Raven’s category, save for that Qrow has actually been shown to use his bird form in fighting, while Raven has limited herself to using it for spying and retreating. 
- Semblance. Qrow’s Semblance is a double edged sword. While he can amp it up to affect his enemies and trip them up so that he has an opportunity to strike, it can also affect Raven. Since he also has no control over it aside from purposely increasing its influence, and is unable to turn it off, Qrow’s Semblance is both an advantage and disadvantage in a fight since he’s fighting with a partner rather than on his own. 
- Observant. Likely because of how his Semblance works, Qrow is shown to be far more observant than even Tyrian on the battlefield, looking for weaknesses in the surrounding environment to use to deal damage against his opponents.   
- Strength & Durability. Even with all his other strengths, Qrow has been shown to actually possess some considerable strength and durability, able to take numerous blows from not only Tyrian, but Hazel himself, without his Aura breaking and still being capable of fighting afterwards. His strength comes from wielding his heavy weapon; Harbinger, and is shown to punch and kick hard enough to send Tyrian, another fully grown man, several feet away from him.  


- Semblance. As noted above, since Raven is also on the battlefield with Qrow, his Semblance would affect her just as much as it would affect Tyrian and Hazel.  
- Weak Teamwork. Given that he prefers, or at least forces himself, to work alone because of his Semblance, Qrow doesn’t really have the ability to fight well alongside other people. Given that most of his fights are alone, or 1 v 1 in the situation that other people are fighting around him like the Battle at Haven. The few times he actively fights with partners is with Clover, and it could be argued that Clover’s own Semblance likely calmed Qrow down enough to fight without having worry about his Semblance affecting others. 
- Personal Blindness to Tyrian. Now, I’m not here to argue the validity of Qrow somehow managing to manipulate Qrow into teaming up against Clover, but Qrow has repeatedly shown that he has a grudge against Tyrian and that his grudge does affect his judgement. Given what happened in the show, it is feasible that his anger towards Tyrian would impact his abilities and focus.   

Verdict: Mixed. It makes sense how Tyrian and Hazel managed to kill most of Mistral’s Huntsmen, some implied to be Qrow’s friends and likely around his own age, so they would no doubt be a serious threat even to Raven and Qrow. However, the addition of Raven’s Maiden Powers tips the scale more in their favour.

Honestly? I think the Branwen twins would win, if by a scrape. 

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