copyrittenbones · a day ago
i am once again drawing @blitzy-blitzwing 's hazformers, thiss time its good ol' shockers ehhe
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i swear i'll do an actual render once im out of my rendering-related burnout stage. (i personally consider this a half-baked render bc i didnt get rid of my sketch/linework. normally my usual renders take a minimum of 6 hours, this was pumped out in an hour)
i'll admit that i wasnt expecting to make another work bc generally i dont make more than one fandom related pieces! normally its a one and done deal :)c
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nightmareflame · 7 days ago
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The boss is here! After Starscream I just had to draw @blitzy-blitzwing ´s Hazbin Megatron design.✨
Since I was the one who suggested the armadillo lizard, I felt obligated to draw him :´) 🦎
I didn´t change that much about him: I added some details to his clothes and of course, added MORE DETAIL to his scales on his hands, legs and tail, WHICH I TOTALLY ENJOYED LINNING AND NOT SUFFER HAHA :´D
Also context for tail bitting Megatron- uuuuuuuuhhh armadillo lizards do that so I thought it would be funny to draw him like that haha!
Hope you like him ❤️
Starscream and Megatron without clothes (mainly to better see Megatron´s scales :´))
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naked men go brrr
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scentedcandlecryptid · 9 days ago
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Lanterns! they’re kinda like- portable lamps!
Incredible demon Blitzwing design is by @blitzy-blitzwing​ ! I’ve really been enjoying their crossover designs and story, so you should definitely check them out!
(click for better quality <3)
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nebu-lime · 8 days ago
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Here you go, @blitzy-blitzwing !
I took a bit of… artistic liberty with his design, hope ya’ don’t mind.
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fallingfire · 3 days ago
Alright, I’m obsessed with this crossover and this lovely version of Megatron. I couldn’t help but at least try to draw the scaley armor, which I adored. This version of mega belongs to @blitzy-blitzwing
I wanted to practice this lighting on the curve of the scales, I think it turned out great! I think! Thanks for looking at this, and go check out blitzy and thsi helluva boss/tfa au, also known as Hazformers, I believe.
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burntout-cherry · 13 days ago
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I totally didn’t just make Burnout a Hazbinsona just so I could have him with @blitzy-blitzwing ‘s Starscream! Totally not what just happened 😅
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copyrittenbones · 8 days ago
h. hi @blitzy-blitzwing 👉👈
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i hope i didnt mess him up too much u.u'
faceless blitzy enjoyment
its 1 in the morning n i wanted to get this done b4 i forgor again
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blitzy-blitzwing · 14 days ago
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Finally, I have the whole set. 🥺🥺🥺
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nightmareflame · 13 days ago
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I LOVE @blitzy-blitzwing ´s Hazbin demon Starscream design so much, so I decided to try and make my take on him. ✨
There are few changes I decided to add: I updated the clothes a little, gave him chest fluff (like some bats have) and decided to upgrade his wings! :D I tried to make them as anatomically accurate as I could so he is able to fly!!! 🦇
Also he drinks blood! Sometimes. Only Vampire bats drink blood (bats mostly eat bugs), but I don´t care. He would probably drink it like a wine 😌🍷✨
Anyway, I hope you like him ❤️
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blitzswolf · 4 days ago
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Oh the fall from grace
So me and my family just flew to visit family and vacation the flight was f**king nightmare, but this piece based off of @blitzy-blitzwing awesome AU hazformers! This not only help keep my sanity but was just really fun to do, love your work Blitzy your awesome💝.
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squeaky-fresh · 12 days ago
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I saw @blitzy-blitzwing 's Hazformers au, remembered that one Longarm prime meme, and then made this!
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