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And just like that we back! July 5th! DC
First annual show back on tour I’m coming to you! “Tired of adulting tour: reloaded”
More dates being rescheduled/check the website in the bio for your city. Subscribe for exclusive updates and more. Damn I missed y’all.🗣🗣🗣

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Lovecraft Country Teaser

Lovecraft Country, based on the novel by Matt Ruff, follows Atticus Freeman (Jonathan Majors), his friend Letitia (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), and his uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) on a road trip across the 1950s Jim Crow America in search of Atticus’ missing father (Michael Kenneth Williams). They will have to survive both human monsters and supernatural ones.

Lovecraft Country is executive produced by Misha Green, J.J. Abrams, Jordan Peele, Bill Carraro, Yann Demange, Daniel Sackheim, and David Knoller. Green also serves as showrunner.

Lovecraft Country debuts on HBO in August 2020.

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Distanced // Eugene Roe Imagine

Prompt: “Please talk to me about it.”

Taglist: @alienoresimagines @hihosilvers @floydtab @punkgeekchic

Words: 2,590


Originally posted by bigdaddyspeirs

Eugene sat on the Jeep as it drove back into Bastogne. Just staring at nothing pretty much. His eyes filled with complete nothingness as he face was just dead pan. The only color on his face was the slight pink that rested on his pale nose from the cold atmosphere of Belgium. Winters told him to go into town and get a hot meal after the rough day of Joe and Guarnere getting hit on the same day.

   The past week was taking a harsh tole on the medic. And everyone knew it. But, the only thing that he saw when he reached town was utter chaos. The chapel being used as a hospital for wounded and dying soldiers being blown to pieces by German Artillery strikes.. Knowing that a friendly nurse that he had met and actually became proper friends with was inside, he ran towards the ruins. Flames littered the area and so did bodies. The smell of rotting corpses and burnt up bodies could be smelt, along with the loud piercing screams of pain and fear. When Roe picked up the bandanna wrap that the blonde woman wore to pull back her hair was on the ground between debris. He knew he was too late. And all he could do, or all he could really stomach in the moment, was to just go back to the forest and watch over his men.

  So that is where Eugene sat. In the passenger seat of the Jeep, just in a daze. He chewed on the inner lining of his cheek, digging his hand into his pocket and pulling out the bandanna. Running his rough thumb over the soft blue fabric. Pursing his lips as a he pushed a sigh out. He barely knew the woman but he felt as if he lost a best friend. She probably had a family. She could’ve been a sister. She was a daughter. He sniffled slightly and wiped his nose using the sleeve of his military issued jacket. Stuffing the bandanna back into his pocket. Just looking to his right. Staring at all the passing trees that held snow all over the branches. He took in the silence. For once in this forest, Eugene wasn’t hearing the cries of agony and the screams for a medic. He shut his eyes and just listened to the wind. Getting lost in his mind.


 Y/N watched from afar as Eugene’s boots hit the snow when he climbed out of the Jeep. She saw the look in his eyes. The look of a empty, and distressed man. She watched as he shoved his hands into his jacket pockets and buried the lower portion of his face into the color of his jacket. Eugene had been pushing everyone away slowly. Even her. He had to much burden on his shoulders, and she wanted to take it off. God, she really did. As his lover, it pained her in ever possible way to see Eugene like this and just slowly but knowingly distance himself away from her. She could understand where he was coming from, and she definitely wasn’t judging him. Eugene had a lot of responsibilities as one of the company’s medics. Taking care of all the men, making sure they’re fit for the field. And it was his job that if anyone got hit that he saved their lives. But he couldn’t save everyone. And there had been a lot of deaths throughout the years. And maybe Bastogne was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Eugene. But Y/N wasn’t just going to let him push her away. He was all she had. And she couldn’t lose that just because he was building everything up within himself and didn’t want to bring his walls down. She knew it was a lot, but she needed to know he was alright. Even though he clearly he wasn’t. 

  She began making her way over to the Cajun. Her hands wrapped around her torso wanting to create more warmth. He met her eyes and she shot him a soft smile. He just stared back at her standing still and watching her approach him. “Hey Genie,” she spoke softly, looking up at him. His eyes were cold. Just piercing through her. 

  "Hey Y/N,“ he replied, his eyes darting back and forth. All around, but just not into her eyes. She sighed softly.   "Want to go for a walk?” she asked, her voice quite happy. Eugene just looked back down at her and pressed his lips together. Giving her a slight nod. Y/N nodded and turned, and began walking. The soft sound of snow crunching beneath their boots. Eugene sat quiet as they walked. Only sounds coming from him were the sounds of his heavy breathing.

   The two walked in silence for about seven minutes. They had walked past foxholes upon foxholes. Though, Y/N had enough of him suffering in silence. She was his significant other, how was she just to leave him like this. She sighed softly. “You know we are worried about you, Eugene,” she hummed. Eugene didn’t answer right away, but she looked over and saw him furrow his eyebrows for a second. 

  "We have been over this before, Y/N. There ain’t nothin’ to worry about,“ he answered, not even taking a glance in her direction.  She took a step in front of him. Crossing her arms over her chest and looking up at him.

   "Eugene, you can’t keep playing this game. We all can see how sleepless and warn down you are. Hell, I never thought you would start distancing yourself from me but yet, you have. Jesus Eugene, we’ve been together for what? Over a year now? We promised each other that we would be there for each other no matter what,” Y/N raised her hand and pointed to the small silver band that rested on her left ring finger. Eugene and her had found two silver banded rings that seemingly fit their fingers when going throughout a half way destroyed building. Y/N surprisingly found them before Speirs did with his silver sticky fingers. With those rings, the two labeled them as promise rings. Promising each other that no matter what, they would be there for each other and care for each other until the day that Eugene could put a ring on Y/N’s finger that made her his wife. “Remember?”

  Eugene huffed slightly. Not wanting to admit his faults, and still not wanting to talk. He pressed his lips into a thin line and buried his hands deeper into his pockets and pushed past her. Oh how he hated what he was doing. Especially to the woman he loved the most. But he just couldn’t help it. He didn’t want to burden someone with his own thoughts or problems. The medic just thought it was apart of his job. “It’s different this time, Y/N. You wouldn’t get it,” Y/N turned and watched him push past her. She went and grabbed his arm, not too hard or harsh. But just enough to stop him in his tracks. 

 "Jesus, Gene! How won’t I understand? Just.. Just please talk to me about it!“ She raised her voice. Eugene snapped around quickly. The built up anger, fear, sadness, and all those emotions that Eugene had been feeling had got to much. He grabbed the wrist of the hand the connected to his arm. Pulling her closer and looking deep into her eyes.

  "You just won’t understand it, alright Y/N? You aren’t a damn medic, you are just a rifleman. You won’t ever understand it. So just leave it alone,” his grip on the woman’s wrist grew tighter a she stared down at her. Her eyes had a glint of fear. Eugene had never been this angry. His job wasn’t to hurt or to kill. It was to care for and save his comrades.  

  "Eugene,“ Y/N started. He just kept a hard eye on her. Like he was in a frozen state. Her voice sounded muffled, like he was under water. Not seeing the full picture of what he was doing. His fingers tightening even harder on the woman’s wrist. "Eugene you are hurting me,” Y/N whispered. Trying to tug her wrist away. The trooper medic snapped out of whatever state his emotions locked him in and looked down at the hand that was wrapped around Y/N’s wrist. He could see how tight he held onto her and immediately let go. Looking down at his hand for a second before looking back to Y/N. “Fine Eugene, I guess I will leave it alone,” she mumbled, rubbing her sore wrist as she turned around and went to walk back to her foxhole.

  "Y/N wait! I’m.. I’m sorry!“ he jogged up to her. She turned and looked at him. Her hand still rubbing where he had left visible finger markings where he had gripped onto it just seconds ago. She squinted up at him.

  "Eugene, when you decide to realize that I am worrying about you, and that you can’t just push me away. And when you realize that I am your girlfriend and not just another Paratrooper and stop acting like a child then taking out you anger or whatever the problem is out on me when I just want you to be happy and safe. Then you can come talk to me,” and just like that she turned around and walked off. Eugene stood there, feeling guilty. He knew he shouldn’t of her gripped her that tight. Why didn’t he just tell her how he was feeling? Roe took off his helmet and angrily slammed it on the forest floor. A puff a snow coming up. His chest heaved as he looked down at the bowl of metal now with a dent at the top. He huffed as he scooped up the helmet and just stared at it. Pressing his lips into a thin line as he just placed it back onto his head and digging his hand back into his pockets and walking towards Spina’s foxhole.


  Eugene crawled into the foxhole that Spina say in. The fellow medic looked up at him and raised a brow. “Hey Roe, saw what happened with you and Y/N. How you holding up?” It wasn’t like the two were in private honestly. Eugene and Y/N were probably only a little ways away from the line. So most of the men saw the small quarrel they had. Eugene sighed and looked over at Spina. 

  "I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t want her to worry about me. That isn’t our jobs to make people worried. You and I are supposed to decrease worry,“ he spoke, looking down at his hand that had the silver band that sat on his left ring finger. Spinning it in around on his finger. Spina chuckled slightly and looked over at him.

  "Eugene, that is your girl. She is going to worry all the time. Just like how you always tell me you are worried about her. She knows that us medics put our lives out on the line to save the men. She doesn’t want to see you hurting, Gene. That’s all. She is going to worry no matter what, but you have to talk to her sometimes. Isn’t what all the shit about with promise rings you gave her?” Spina spoke, going through his medical supplies within his bag. Eugene sat and thought about the words just spoken to him. He knew Spina was right. He sighed and stood up. 

 "Thanks Spina, I gotta go do something,“ Roe began climbing out of the foxhole. Already making his way towards where he say Y/N laughed. Spina smirked up at him and nodded. 

  "Good choice!” he called out. Eugene scoffed slightly, cracking a small smile as he shook his head.///  When Eugene reached her foxhole, pressed lips together and just looked down at her. Chewing on the skin on his lower lip. Y/N slowly looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. Eugene sighed heavily and climbed into the foxhole, sitting in front of the woman. Just staring at her for a moment. He dropped his head for a moment, taking a deep breath.

   "Darling, I’m sorry. I should not have grabbed your wrist. I didn’t even realize how hard I was squeezing. There is just so much-“ before Eugene could finish his sentence, Y/N lunged forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. Leaning against him and burying her head in his neck. She could hear all the pain laced in his words. He was breaking. And he couldn’t stop it, it was the one thing Eugene ‘Doc’ Roe couldn’t fix. Which was the entire start of his down hill state. To know he couldn’t fix or heal something. Eugene couldn’t fix himself. And he didn’t know how to understand it or live with it. But now here he was, feeling different then before just having Y/N’s arms tight around him. He realized what he had missed since he distanced himself away from the female trooper. 

  The corner of the medic’s lips quirked up into a smile as his hands snaked around his woman’s waist. He felt a warm feeling of comfort. Knowing that whatever he told the woman that he felt inside, that she would be there every step of the way. He swallowed hard before continuing. "So much has happened, doll. And I can’t quit on these men or get a second of clarity like they do since someone is always hurt or dyin’. I know I can’t save them all, but I really wish I could.”

  Y/N clung to him tighter. Finally getting him to the point where he actually was telling her what was on his mind instead of suffering in silence. She pulled away and looked at her man. She could see the hurt etched onto his face. Her hands went up to cup his cheeks, her hands warm against his cool and pale skin. He mouth was open slightly as he stared at her. Y/N dipped her head, taking his lips to hers warmly. She used one of her hands to remove his helmet and set it softly to the side of them. Taking the chance to run a hand through his jet black hair.

   Roe pulled away for a moment and Y/N smiled at him. “See, doesn’t it feel better to let someone know what you are feeling inside?” she asked. His cheeks reddened in the slightest and a small grin came to his lips. 

  "Yes, I suppose it does,“ She giggled softly and sat to the side of him. Pressing her back into the wall of frozen solid dirt. Y/N dug in her jacket pocket and pulled out a pack of smokes. Pulling out one for her and then one for Eugene. Handing the cigarette to her lover and placing the other between her own lips. Using her lighter to light up both of them. Inhaling the smoke and letting it float around in her lungs before exhaling it. Y/N leaned her head on Eugene’s shoulder, snuggling into his side. Taking his hand into hers and interlocking their fingers. The silver bands of the two’s ring fingers touching. 

  "Eugene?” Y/N cooed as his calloused thumb ran over his hand. Their eyes fixated on what looked to be the never ending forest coursed with fog. 

  "Yes, Darling?“ Eugene responded. Y/N craned her neck to look up at her medic.   "I love you,” now, for a moment, his eyes weren’t filled with hurt, fear, or anger. None of that. They were filled with love. And nothing else. Just love for his woman. He smiled down to Y/N and pecked her lips.

   "I love you too, doll.“

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El teaser de Lovecraft Country, una nueva serie dramática de HBO, producida por Jordan Peele y J.J. Abrams, que está basada en la novela de Matt Ruff. La historia sigue a un grupo de amigos que se embarcan en un road trip a través de EEUU en los 50 para buscar al padre de uno de ellos, durante este viaje tienen que sobrevivir a los peligros del racismo y a monstruos que parecen salidos de un cuento de Lovecraft.

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