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mysharona1987 · a day ago
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nightfurmoon · 18 hours ago
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Alan answered some questions on instagram, here are the ones I considered most relevant to translate!
Dark Phantom is very loud
Markiplier still voices 505.
They asked if Demencia was a modified human, and Alan said: ‘I can only say that, unlike Flug, she has powers such as super strength and other things…’ And in a different question, she confirmed that she can’t regrow limbs like 505.
The Villainous timeline so far followed real life (if you remember, we saw in Penumbra’s instagram posts the fires and the floods happening IRL), but when the show airs, it’ll slow down and follow its own timeline as they wait for more episodes to release, but it’ll be similar to ours. As we know, all actual real events happened in Villainous and BH even had some influence over them, so I’m sure they’ll still follow ours but at a different pace.
Lil’ Jack (BH’s pet snake) lives in the sewers and Demencia likes to play with it.
Alan wishes that mech would come soon, so let’s hope! (What I get from this is that there are no current plans but he’s very willing to make it happen).
New heights shown in the drawing above.
The first sketches of Miss Heed were made in 2018.
Alan got inspired by social media to create Miss Heed.
Flug apparently gets his bags from buying groceries (bread).
We’re gonna be seeing just how much Black Hat knows about technology in an episode.
Someone jokingly said they’re Miss Heed’s husband and Alan answered: ‘which one’.
Demencia likes tacos with a lot of sauce.
They asked if we’ll know more about Flug’s story, and he answered 👀
Miss Heed is in her 20s but she never tells anyone her age.
Black Hat eats people as well as souls.
The pilot is episode 001, the one coming on the 29th is 002.
Black Hat likes tacos with eyes, brains…
505 was born and created in Hat Island.
This upcoming season is like the first act.
The names of Black Hat’s and Demencia’s fake children are shown above.
505 considers that Black Hat has a family. Black Hat says otherwise.
The scene where Flug runs away from the mansion was all done in 2D, no CGI used.
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bisexualcrises · a day ago
greg next episode
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rogersbridgers · a day ago
Sunday night football with the guys, but instead of “football,” it’s Succession, and instead of “with the guys,” it’s me, by myself, alone in my room, becoming increasingly more and more unhinged.
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Any mentats around? Muad'Dib (Chuck!) has a taste of the future!
Try the new Sandworm Pizza for a chance at two tickets to Dune and a 1 month subscription to HBO Max.
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alsharira · 20 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Shiv is literally too funny
(That’s a pic of Sadam Hussein btw)
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marvelousmerylstreep · 6 hours ago
she made that line more erotic than it had any right to be
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buckleysevcn · 18 hours ago
cousin greg voice Hey! hey there… so I came in ordering a large fry and a mcchicken but- uh- but when I got my order, um, the fries were a medium? I, um, just wanted to- you know- to ask if um this is really my order? Like, how does this w-work do I- do I pay for a new mcchicken or am I gonna get, uh, a new one cuz I think i would’ve rem- remembered if I didn’t order a mcchicken? You know what, man, I’m just gonna uh head out, sorry to bother you I’m sure this is all a big, uh, misunderstanding NOT that you know, you’re a man who makes mistakes often just that…. uh…. you know… um have- have a good day, man.
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bitchroy · a day ago
anyone else think that shiv bringing up roman's issues was so uncalled for? i know it's sibling dynamics and all but that was just beyond
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puzzle1818 · 10 hours ago
Shiv saying “Unsubscribe” to Kendall is his daughter’s bedroom was the funniest line from S3E2.
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silkygoldmilkweed · 4 months ago
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This is really something, TBH
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