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#hbo dean

- so Sam and Dean have finished hunting for the episode (and there’s probably only like 10 minutes left max but the audience is on the edge of their seats)

- The case took place in a city - a big one, not like the small historic towns the boys often go to in the actual show - and there was a haunting in a club (I’m thinking a gay man was hatecrimed and killed and Dean is livid)

 - Hatred stole life from this boy, and now the energy of utter retribution is ablaze in his mind

- Cas was absent for about half of the first half of the episode, but teamed up with the boys to find the remnant of the ghost and they’re all breathing hard and exhausted after the hunt, entering the club one last time to do a final check

- Music is pounding and everything is painted in neon lights (Dean is probably wearing some transparent shirt and the audience can see his tattoos - I’m thinking he has Euphoria style glitter makeup under his eyes - not feminizing him tho)

- Sam grunts that he’s so fucked from this case and staggers towards the bar, reaching into his pocket and grabbing a handful of various pills before downing them dry, Dean shivers in disgust before realizing he’s alone

- [Cas?] he calls, scanning the area, a low heat growing in his stomach, but he doesn’t know what it is. Anger? Arousal? Dread?

- He stumbles through the crowd and various hands are groping at his chest and shoulders, running down his body and over his ass as a woman presses herself to his back and he tilts his head back on her shoulder, eyes closed teeth gritted together as neon paints his face and fingers ghost over his lips, leaving electric touches wherever they may go. 

- She’s whispering something to him and the music that the audience is hearing (not being played in the club starts growing) (the song is Casual Affair by Panic! At the Disco (if you haven’t heard it just,,, trust me it’s perfect for this scene))

- Suddenly a hand pulls his from her to a desolate, nearly empty and dark corner of the club, the instrumental hits its final notes and the chorus absolutely drowns the audience as Cas slams Dean against a wall and kisses him, his hair a mess and Dean’s eyes are wide open, then close realizing who it is and kisses him back with a matched vigor that sets his soul on fire

- Cas is fucking him up in front of the whole goddamn world after another man was killed for what Cas is taking from him, press after press of their lips together and Cas’ hips grinding into his, their arousal hard between them

- And yes, this is a Casual Affair. Nothing about this is forever, and both of them are heated and angry and exhausted and just want to take and ruin one another

- But an angel is subduing a man with glitter under his eyes who has a bloodstained knife in his pocket and said man is making the angel moan with his head tilted to the ceiling in ecstasy

- The whole world is forgotten for just a few moments. 

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It actually hurts to think about deans first solo hunt. He would have been so panicked think that John had to know why else would he send him to kill two gay nun ghosts.

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Misha talking about childhood shows

Misha: and another show with a black car maybe I have a fetish. Fans: so do we! Misha: I know you do

( 2019 salute to spn misha Collins )

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Here’s my piece and the edit for emrysteine’s art challenge on their insta. I had so much fun just playing with his style and his overall expression lol.

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Mexican HBO supernatural?!!

Just started watching Diablero on Netflix, and It really gives me HBO spn vibes, honestly, the Mexican humor (before u say anything i’m Mexican myself), the underground demon fight, Nancy (i love her) Is just really good.

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Aight, headcanon that hbo Sam and Dean have a secret language and were fluent in multiple languages including Latin and Arabic. These boys spent weeks to months alone in motels with only each other and monster lore, of course they learned languages, it was a way to fill the time! And the secrete language, that was to fuck with their dad and to act as protection and communication if they ever got captured. The secret language really came in handy when they were being chased by the fbi. They also memorized exorcisms in long car rides and had flash cards (courtesy of Sam) on monster lore and how to kill them.

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HBO Bisexual Dean would still pick up fights with men at bars and after he would get hate fucked by said men against the wall in dirty alleys, the back of a car or a dirty restroom

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- Dean has tattoos everywhere (duh) but after he and Cas become official he gets wings tattooed over his shoulders that spill onto his forearms and trace down his shoulder blades

- Cas loves his tattoos and gets Dean’s hand print spread across his ribs tattooed onto him after he scarred Dean

- The other angels don’t approve of Dean at all and blacklist Cas as unclean for sleeping with a human

- soon they won’t even refer to him by name (which I think another post elaborated on)

- [The whore and his pet are among us, Uriel] Zachariah sneers and Cas wraps his arms around Dean’s waist and Dean digs his nails into Cas’ skin in bitter anger

- The degrading k!nk they considered playing with isn’t as commonly used when they sleep together after this

- Even Hannah can’t get an audience with her superiors if she refers to Castiel by name - he’s a traitor and a slut in their eyes

- Dean and Cas fuck, but they don’t have emotion behind it - at least until some of the later seasons like 8 or 9

- And the audience is completely aware of this and realize the first time they make love it’s different and Cas is worshiping Dean’s body with reverence because they’ve been monogamous with each other for years now but they refused to acknowledge their bond has changed

- But when Dean moans a weak [I love you] his hands lost in Cas’ hair as Cas licks and kisses up his thigh, Cas pauses, his pupils blown wide and a blush over his face as he reaches up and cradles Dean’s face, their foreheads together

- [I love you, too] he murmurs against his lips and the next kiss is different

- They only tell each other a handful of times that they love each other before the show ends, and not all of them are during sex, but their bond is a quiet love that simmers heatedly in loyalty and unspoken adoration

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honestly i’m kinda glad we didn’t get HBO dean because like,,,, i’m already obsessed with dean as it is like if i saw heavily tattooed HBO dean i think i’d just spontaneously combust.

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On HBO SPN, when Dean came back from hell he would’ve retained the ability to see demons’ (and presumably angels’) true forms. He would have seen Cas’s real face (just like how Cas got to see Dean’s face for the first time when he lost his grace), and I bet you the instant he laid eyes on that biblical angel he would have been completely head over heels.

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i headcanon that at some point, dean would’ve gotten addicted to pain killers, especially after he came back from hell.
he’d wake up in a cold sweat from his nightmares of hell, and his whole body would ache, as if he just relived his torture.

hbo would’ve done dean so much justice,,

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‘Stake Land’ and hbo spn have the same energy and I’m living for it

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Got swept up in the idea of Supernatural being on HBO, then the idea of grace addicted Dean wormed its way in to my noggin (thanks to multiple posts from @fromcenotaphy), and this happened.

~ ~ ~

Castiel pulls on the material by his elbow, drawing up trenchcoat, suit jacket and shirt sleeve all at once to give Dean a tantalising view of the angel’s wrist; his heart rate noticeably climbing just at the view of skin and the implications of what’s to come. He’s almost certain he can see the way the grace dances just beneath the surface, mouth watering as his impatience climbs; knowing that Castiel is toying with him at this point.

The angel will give him what he wants. What he needs.

He always does.

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i love when people make hbo dean more faggy, bc yes Absolutely he would & should be more obviously faggy. but i also think that he still needs 2 have a lot of toxic masculinity that’s been instilled in him by a cisheteronormative society & his abusive homophobic father.

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- Cas smokes weed more heavily than Dean but Dean loves to get high off him [read shotgunning][and Dean thinks that’s the sexiest shit ever when there’s thick smoke between them and Cas’ mouth is hot on his, their lips never quite touching which drives him i n s a n e]

- At one point Dean hooks up with Gabriel and Balthazar because Cas pissed him off and Cas made sure he regretted it next time he saw it

- They both like it rough [keyword here is rough]

- Like to the point Sam intervened with a knife to Cas’ throat the morning after [Dean dazed with exhaustion and [consensual] bruises all over his body ][You think hurting is some sick k!nk? You keep this up I’ll bleed you out, Cas] [Cas laughs, paying no attention to Sam and running his hands through Dean’s hair as Dean stares at him][What do you think, baby? Wanna give him a show?] Sam stormed out of there and learned not ask about their sex life after that

- Dean sleeps around (a lot) but his habits break off the longer he’s with Cas (monogamy becomes part of their relationship because it’s mutually decided they want each other exclusively) 

- They don’t have sex when they’re inebriated as much as you’d think - they both prefer to have their rights minds about them when they’re in deep

- Both of them have an edge for danger during sex, but something stops them from really tearing each other apart [at one point Cas recommended that Dean sleep with other people to stagger the blood lust, but Dean refused. The edge translated later to other interests that both of them eagerly partook in]

- Dean doesn’t cry during sex, but his eyes tend to water more often then not when they make love [both learn what making love is with each other for the first time][it’s a moment they both hold close to their hearts]

- Wings - which Cas allows Dean to see when they have sex - are an erogenous zone, and sometimes Dean will hold a lighter under them as Cas writhes, the inky black feathers never igniting entirely but burn at the edges until the scent of smoke fuels the room and Cas is keening][it’s pure torture and he’s addicted]

- Any other HCs?

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