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in hbo!spn the apocalypse world has no other angels, only michael. because michael’s killed all the others, every last one. what does he need them for? he’s god’s favored son. the last living archangel. the bringer of ruin. and he hates his father, and he hates this world, and he wants it all to burn.

and so he’s [a white-hot fury, a cold sneer, a killing rage] [wings permanently stained with blood] [moves faster than wind, faster than the human eye can follow] [doesn’t use an angel blade, prefers to feel bone crunch and pulp under his hands] [gold chain mail reforged from the archangel blades, the only weapons in that world that could have killed him] [digs bullets out of his vessel with the tips of his fingers] [tortures mary winchester for hours, just to see if this other world’s humans still bleed the same] [laughs when he fights, a wild mockery of a sound] [rips every wing off the apocalypse world’s castiel, then burns him alive like all the rest] [settles his grace into the hollows of dean winchester’s body and purrs like a satisfied cat] [tracks down the last remaining strain of the croatoan virus and releases it into the sioux falls water supply] [dark kaia as his lieutenant, in exchange for a promise to return her to her own world once he’s reduced this one to ashes] [sits her at his right hand, in his throne room of chrome and glass] [doesn’t sleep, spends his nights paging idly through dean’s memories] [savors the worst ones, drags dean up from the drowning corner of his brain to make him watch] [compulsively digging his nails into the scar kaia’s spear left] [that unforgivable marring of his perfect vessel] [flattens a city block when he learns that sam and castiel have found a cure for the virus] [anticipates kaia’s betrayal, but not how fast she can move when she’s possessed by a seraph] [months locked in the ma’lak box, snarling with rage] [chews through dean’s tongue, when he realizes he’s about to be ejected at last] [brings his palms up to his own face and burns dean’s eyes to a smoldering ruin] [howling in enochian as he’s dragged from the vessel that should be his, it should be his, he screams, it’s his by right] [coils formless through the air and catches a glimpse of sam’s furious calm, of castiel’s palm cupped silver-bright and regenerative against dean’s charred eye sockets] [laughs at the sheer pointlessness of it all, these little lives, this latest draft from god] [still laughing a second later, as a torrent of gold nephilim-power wipes him from existence]

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Sam Winchester. First gen college student. Freak.

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i want hbo sam and dean to be some weird looking mfs like

- they’re both tall as all hell, but lanky. the combination of a lifetime of too much diner food and not enough actual nutrition sort of fucks with you. their strength is surprising because the muscle mass they do have is hidden under baggy ass clothing

- only buying baggy ass clothing after years of wearing johns old clothes and not getting used to clothes that actually fit

- dean with a crooked nose from being broken in so many fights and sam’s eyes getting bad from reading ancient books under passing streetlights that he has to wear reading glasses

- freckles and crooked teeth, skin littered in scars from random hunts and funny things like a burn from a rogue firework

- dean with several terrible, uneven stick-and-poke tattoos he gave himself on the road. some are sigils, or random symbols he made up, some are things like the day he killed his first vamp, his mom’s initials

- dean feeling awkward after hell, his body free from scars and the tattoos, with only the handprint seared into his arm to mark him

- dean telling cas about the first tattoos he gets back, starting with mary’s initials. cas asks him why he would do that to himself, to desecrate the divine vessel god gave him. when dean tells him it’s because his body may be made by god, but it doesn’t belong to him. deans body belongs to himself. that’s it. not to god or his parents or even castiel, who rebuilt him from atoms, just him.

- sam with nails bitten to the quick in anxiety, fucked up cuticles and constant dots of blood at the corner of his nails from insistent picking

- sams eyes goes black at random when he’s using his powers, usually when he’s doing telekinetic shit that uses more power than he’s used to 

- injection scars on sams arm from when his tolerance became too high for coke to do anything for him

- tiny scars on dean’s face after purgatory where he’d nicked himself shaving.

- both of them having the grubbiest fucking nails you’ve ever seen when they were younger. from hunting, digging up graves, digging themselves out of their own graves when John forced them to practice, they’re broken and chipped and absolutely fucked. dean would paint his nails black to hide it, sam’s biting habit made sure his nails never were long enough to get exceptionally nasty

- cigarette burns on their arms from when john would get angry and drunk 

- staggered walks, pained movements, worn-down bones and chronic pain that doesn’t make sense for two people their age. 

- sam with brighter eyes, warm hazel with a golden tint…john doesn’t remember his eyes looking like that before mary died

- sam with a bunch of religious tattoos in an attempt to make his unclean body holy in any way he can. when he gets his first one it stings like a motherfucker, which they tell him is normal, but he’s 200 miles away from that tattoo shop by the time he realizes it’s not going to go away. 

- terrible choppy hair cuts when they were kids. dean had steady hands when it came to everything else except this, and when sam gets to college he just starts growing it out. he has never paid for a haircut and wouldn’t even know what to ask for if he did, plus it’s the early 2000′s and shaggy hair is ‘in’

- they both have various ear piercings. as sam gets older in college, he takes some of them out, but always keeps the first ones in with silver studs. dean keeps all of his in. 

- sam being entirely self conscious with his body, and taking a long time to even trust jess enough to see him, because he thinks he’s this evil, broken thing that doesn’t deserved to be loved. jess thought he was the most beautiful person she’d ever seen

- sam has her initials tattooed over his heart after she dies. it burns like his other ones do, and he likes to think that means something

- dean gets blackout drunk and gets an ass tattoo of a pentagram. no you cannot change my mind on this. 

- the wounds they stitch up themselves always come out as wonky, raised scars, no matter how neat the stitches

- dean with a long scar across all the knuckles in his left hand from accidentally cutting himself with the knife he slept with under his pillow

- they both have weird ass hands from broken knuckles healing incorrectly, over and over again. they both think, to themselves and never out loud, that they look more like weapons, and less like people. they sometimes wonder if they are people, anymore. if they’d ever been.

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@jackandthesoulmates adjacent to your serial killer au but not the same i’m just insane

spn asmodeus but he’s serial killer richard chase: puts angel in a blender, puts a live angel in a blender, puts a live angel in a blender, walks up to Donatello in a supermarket parking lot with weeks old blood on his shirt and asks for a lift, puts a live angel in a blender, tries every motel door looking for an unlocked one because he believes that’s the sign jack is inside, puts a live angel in a blender, none of these angels have actually been angels

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Hey yall everyone be making HBO SPN headcanons so i know im a little late to the game but i made mine. Also everyone makes it like dark and aesthetic so i decided to make something light🥺🥺🥺🥺

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- sam is fifty percent piss-vinegar, fifty percent religious mania. he murders john with fire in his eyes and black polish on his nails

- john actually beats the shit out of them like pre series and this is acknowledged. it’s kind of implied in normal cw spn but i think hbo spn would hit hard if john was actually fucking insane and like used dean as his ashtray

- and then like i said his head pops like a cherry gusher via psychic boy

- dean is like ten times grosser than he already is. he references his cock like nobody’s business, says cunt instead of bitch, and regularly tries to get into EVERYBODY’s pants …. more so than he already does. like, he gets kicked out of bars and shit for being so sleazy.

- dean is covered in tattoos, even facial ones. this deters them from their cw spn route of blending in as authorities. since he already doesn’t give a fuck in that sense, he wears a lot of eyeliner too and splits his tongue with a pocket knife held under a lighter

- jo is there she has a tramp stamp and sixty-nines dean a lot. they don’t talk about it.

/// mercedes’ slumber party

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Hbo spn would have had an episode exploring monstrosity from the other side. A lot of the cw eps about the nature of monstrosity explore the concept by showing you biological monsters who are Good People, but the other side of that argument is that there must be biological humans who are Monsters.

I’d like the Winchesters to wrestle with the idea of monstrosity being a choice that anyone can make. I’d like to see Dean hold a klansman at the end of a sawed off and see the most disgusting, loathsome creature he has ever laid eyes on. I’d like to see Sam look at his own father and see a monster.

Then you have to wonder what being a monster hunter actually means

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For my SPN followers and mutuals or just anyone in general, a lot of stuff has been happening in the SPN fandom and just around the world in general so I thought I’d bring these fundraisers back and just ask that y'all donate where you can or share it! I found a Carrd link that has all the petitions in one place! Please check it out:

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hbo demon!dean is newly minted off the neon light presses here and absolutely, I think he’d probably stay a demon for at least half a season (off the grid fucking shit up and being chaotic some of the time, the rest of the time he’s showing up at the bunker just to mess with cas and sam—he doesn’t want them dead, but he sure as hell doesn’t want to be around them too often either, just like he doesn’t want to be around anything that reminds him of humanity and all the baggage of grief and sorrow and longing and shame that comes with it). anyway he’d be the secondary antagonist/occasional ally and there’d be a different villain for that first half of the season. either the princes of hell or rowena. sam and cas cure him in the midseason finale and only the latter half of the season is dedicated to removing the mark.

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hbo demon!dean is a concept inDEED just [flirting with anything that has a pulse] [hair always unkempt and flecked with someone’s blood] [can’t keep his eyes away from the guttering candle of stolen grace under castiel’s ribs] [constantly drinking but can’t even get buzzed, not anymore] [smile that’s too hard, too bright, too cold] [cutting swaths through the hordes of hell just because he’s bored] [guts every demon that dares so much as mention sam] [enjoys himself in a thousand petty, meaningless ways, trying to stem the tide of his own pitiless self-loathing] [hunting down angels and ripping out their grace, leaving vials of it on the bunker doorstep] [fucks crowley in hell’s throne room] [breaks both cole’s knees and leaves him in the parking lot without bothering to finish the job] [lets a group of men shove him up against an alleyway wall, lets the anticipatory scent of their lust become overpowering, then turns and grins and rips out each of their throats, one by one] [off the grid for weeks at a time, traceable only by the bodies he leaves in his wake] [uneasy dreams where he’s on the dock of a quiet lake with someone standing beside him, just out of view] [cuts himself on the first blade just to watch sam’s pupils dilate from the smell] [back arching as crowley works him over, eyes stuttering void-black, hands curled in the silk sheets, someone else’s name catching mutely in his throat] [deep in the forgotten bowels of hell, looking impassively at the rack where alastair took him apart for 30 years] [walks into the room where soul contracts are held and burns half of them to ashes before anyone can stop him] [tips his head back and pants when castiel touches the mark on his arm] [runs into dagon at a haze-filled dive bar and smirks into his whiskey as she cuts him a wide berth] [trails the first blade along crowley’s ribs, laughs when crowley flinches] [screams when the first dose of purified blood hits his veins, cracks his head against the stone floor] [bares his teeth at sam and castiel, flicks his eyes black, strains his true form against the edges of the devil’s trap] [tries to rip out his own heart once he realizes he’s nearly cured] [because he still remembers what humanity felt like, and it terrifies him]

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Okey but what if Cas and Meg sleeps together and has a kid before she dies. I mean angel and demon just imagine the power and after she dies and wow Sam, Dean and Cas raise her (because in my mind she is a girl who doesn’t die in the show) and she is the best sister for Jack (Sam and Dean energy). And of course Dean is jealous at first but he will love her and you know wayward sisters would happen and thats it.

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one of the au’s that lives in my head highlights dean’s hustling and I’m listening to mishas inside of you podcast and now i can’t stop thinking about cas and dean doing K in a motel together

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- so Sam and Dean have finished hunting for the episode (and there’s probably only like 10 minutes left max but the audience is on the edge of their seats)

- The case took place in a city - a big one, not like the small historic towns the boys often go to in the actual show - and there was a haunting in a club (I’m thinking a gay man was hatecrimed and killed and Dean is livid)

 - Hatred stole life from this boy, and now the energy of utter retribution is ablaze in his mind

- Cas was absent for about half of the first half of the episode, but teamed up with the boys to find the remnant of the ghost and they’re all breathing hard and exhausted after the hunt, entering the club one last time to do a final check

- Music is pounding and everything is painted in neon lights (Dean is probably wearing some transparent shirt and the audience can see his tattoos - I’m thinking he has Euphoria style glitter makeup under his eyes - not feminizing him tho)

- Sam grunts that he’s so fucked from this case and staggers towards the bar, reaching into his pocket and grabbing a handful of various pills before downing them dry, Dean shivers in disgust before realizing he’s alone

- [Cas?] he calls, scanning the area, a low heat growing in his stomach, but he doesn’t know what it is. Anger? Arousal? Dread?

- He stumbles through the crowd and various hands are groping at his chest and shoulders, running down his body and over his ass as a woman presses herself to his back and he tilts his head back on her shoulder, eyes closed teeth gritted together as neon paints his face and fingers ghost over his lips, leaving electric touches wherever they may go. 

- She’s whispering something to him and the music that the audience is hearing (not being played in the club starts growing) (the song is Casual Affair by Panic! At the Disco (if you haven’t heard it just,,, trust me it’s perfect for this scene))

- Suddenly a hand pulls his from her to a desolate, nearly empty and dark corner of the club, the instrumental hits its final notes and the chorus absolutely drowns the audience as Cas slams Dean against a wall and kisses him, his hair a mess and Dean’s eyes are wide open, then close realizing who it is and kisses him back with a matched vigor that sets his soul on fire

- Cas is fucking him up in front of the whole goddamn world after another man was killed for what Cas is taking from him, press after press of their lips together and Cas’ hips grinding into his, their arousal hard between them

- And yes, this is a Casual Affair. Nothing about this is forever, and both of them are heated and angry and exhausted and just want to take and ruin one another

- But an angel is subduing a man with glitter under his eyes who has a bloodstained knife in his pocket and said man is making the angel moan with his head tilted to the ceiling in ecstasy

- The whole world is forgotten for just a few moments. 

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hbo spn lives in my head rent free

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hbo supernatural in cw supernatural 😳

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dude… hbo spn vibe is the evil dead (1981)…

quiet, lurking, ambient sounds as sam and dean lurk quietly around, the demon they’re hunting inside the desolate building. the camera pans in that classic sam raimi style, building suspense as they look around slowly, the wind howling its ghastly cry.

suddenly, the camera jerks as the demon jumps out, sensing the demon blood of sam, gore leaking from its face. *musical cue*

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