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artsyrobinn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doodles from today except I got one more but for two hours later since I’m proud of it enough that it’s worth it’s own post.
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bastardbvby · a day ago
dream: i just think like the way that buildmart is executed like i just want to die
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dreamyygeorgenap · a day ago
Apparently george was late to his MCC stream (usually he'd start 30mins/1hr earlier) because he was on call with dream and was complaining about buildmart JUST before it started 😭 very sweet
see dnf isn't dead? they complain about build mart together!
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davekrtzyy · 15 hours ago
no one asked but as we speak hbomb, jack and ponk are having a sleepover and talking about boys and painting each others nails. jsyk
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cupqueencake · 2 days ago
I hope whenever anyone on the SMP visits the cat house/Cafe they just have to deal with Hbomb and Antfrost. I can imagine everyone's reactions and c!Technoblade's would be the funniest.
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redorich · 5 hours ago
do ren and mumbo have an instinctual rivalry due to being a werewolf and vampire, respectedly? or do they just act like it every now and then as a funny bit?
Tumblr media
Tonight's the night. The sky is still aglow with the watercolors of sunset, but the streetlights at the fairgrounds are beginning to light up, one by one. It's the perfect view to start the-- fair, not festival.
"Wow, this is the most horrifying petting zoo I've ever seen," Hbomb says admiringly.
Cleo preens, flipping her hair as Hbomb takes in the armor stand children being eaten by various armor stand animals as well as the actual petting zoo animals, most of which are hostile.
"What can I say? I've outdone myself, as usual, in the name of creeping other people out," Cleo says smugly. A skeleton named Baby in the Horrors of Mankind petting corral shoots at Joe, who yelps.
"Howdy, H!" Joe greets as he is pummelled by a zoglin. "Wanna pet the animals? Admission's free!"
"Sure!" says Hbomb, who has had a week or two to get used to the fact that death is no longer permanent. He enters the Creatures of the Night exhibit and is immediately slaughtered by five phantoms.
Tubbo laughs at Hbomb's death as he rides past on the back of Ren in his gigantic wolf form. He and Michael were delighted to see the world from a higher vantage point than Ranboo for a change, all for the low low price of head pats for the giant dog.
Meanwhile, Scar and Bdubs avidly scam anyone and everyone out of their money. Everyone who walks by their stand is roped into playing a game, trying to win a stuffed animal, but because Bdubs is the best redstoner ever, the players keep winning so it's not much of a scam at all.
When Techno comes across Etho's stall where he sells golden apples, of course Techno has to but one for himself and another for Philza. They turn out to be regular honeyed apples, to Techno's disgust, but Philza laughs and buys a caramel apple as well.
Zedaph also buys a caramel apple-- two, in fact. The first he swallows whole just to annoy Impulse, but the second he eats like a normal human being. Impulse sighs, but drags Zedaph along with Tango to try out the awesome, ridiculously complex redstone roller coaster that he built in one day. On their way there, they pass Grian's funhouse, done up to the nines with creepy circus music and a ringleader costume.
"Hey, Impulse!" Grian says cheerfully. "Your roller coaster is pretty cool... But mine's better!"
Impulse raises an eyebrow, knowing damn well that Grian's not going to be able to top a redstone masterpiece. "Where is it, then?"
Grian's smile becomes fixed in place as he rifles through his inventory for a couple spare rails. He quickly places them on the ground in a circle, then sets down a crafting table to craft a minecart.
"This is your epic ride?" Tango asks skeptically, but gets in the minecart nonetheless.
Grian gives him a little push, and the minecart goes around in a circle a couple times before running out of momentum.
"Yeah, that looks way better than Impulse's ride," Zedaph says earnestly, then dodges as Impulse tries to swat him.
Not all the attractions are dogwater, though; after Cub and Puffy pick up some snacks at Eret's adorable cottagecore food stand, they ride a massive Ferris wheel made by Sam. Unfortunately, Sapnap lights something on fire which damages the redstone, and the wheel stops turning.
"Puffy, we're going to miss the Lil Nas X concert," Cub says urgently. Without an elytra, he can't see a way down that doesn't end in respawn, and he forgot to set his spawn nearby.
"Don't worry," Puffy says, wearing shades at night. "I've got this."
She scoops Cub into her arms and parkours down the side of the Ferris wheel, impressing the hell out of Cub and getting to the concert right on time to watch Lil Nas X perform his heart out as he sings Montero. Next to the two, Ranboo carries Michael on his shoulders so he can see the performance. Tubbo brings them snacks from Eret's stand.
Everything is right in the world.
...And then Grian sets up a huge fighting ring and charges admission to see Mumbo the vampire and Ren the werewolf duke it out. They are so bad at it. It's a glorified slap fight. It doesn't end until Michael is let into the ring to "slay" them both. He stands atop their "corpses" and basks in the audience's applause.
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redwinterroses · a day ago
i am now fully on board the "please invite Hbomb to Hermitcraft someday" train
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sallysalmonkin · a day ago
H: You could just have Sapnap take over Buildmart
Dream: Sapnap hates it too. I was talking to George before MCC he hates it too 
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forfundy · a day ago
sad? don't be! here's pictures of H and Link!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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chalky · 2 days ago
In the future.
I need a scene.
I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a scene of Dream looking for Quackity after escaping prison.
And he needs to find out where their bunker is.
And he needs to get the information
from Catmaid Hbomb
Because he canonically helped build the bunker.
Please, god, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this scene
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bastardbvby · 2 days ago
foolish: yeah yeah we all know you’re a whore okay
hbomb: yeah you like your slutty little friend? yeah?
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dreamyygeorgenap · a day ago
Dream saying in survival games 'i should of followed tommy but then i saw george' is so funny
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thelittleinkykitty · 16 hours ago
Cursed headcanon:
Hbomb and Renbob are the same person
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cupqueencake · 2 days ago
You know it's a crime that Velvet is not in the Dream SMP because this maid business would only get more chaotic in his presence.
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rendogdomesticated · a day ago
why is ren writing hbomb mcc fanfic live
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redwinterroses · a day ago
gaaaaaah purple has the BEST chemistry??? H is an excellent leader when he trusts himself to be and doesn't hold back for fear of being "bossy," and Ren is an incredibly encouraging moral support general, and Martyn's knowledge of the maps and games gives them an edge, and Cub is just over there silently being amazing at it all and--
I love them. This team is So Dang Good.
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sallysalmonkin · a day ago
Oh this means Pete has joined HBomb and Dream in the ranks of 4x MCC winners. Makes the fight for the 5 winner coin a little more tense
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