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you anon, really got me googling “how long someone can actually hold their breath” in the middle of the night because im a lazy ass who has never to hold her breath for less than five seconds in her entire life

and you’re…right…? 45 seconds are like….just a little above minimum??? for a pair of normal functioning human lungs?? and not for supposedly superspy lungs lmaooo??

so… yea neil is probably just a little too combusted for being in the direct vicinity of the holy biceps. he’d probably suggest to the protag for more freaky breathing exercises later in the day, to compensate for his meagre 45-seconds

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Thank you @chaotically-cas

  • So he would most likely use he/they because he doesn’t feel entirely like a guy
  • When his brothers found out, they were very supportive!
  • They listened to him despite not really getting it
  • But when he told the gang they were also really supportive and wanted to help him with his gender dysphoria the best way they could
  • They started saying things like “Oh yeah I’m gonna go hang out with Soda. Yeah he’s doing good, they’re gonna be at work for awhile though,”
  • They start saying thing’s like “I’m gonna hang out with the boys and Soda,” 
  • It eventually turns into “I’m gonna hang out with the gang,” After more people come out :)
  • Pony uses they/he/she/xey
  • Darry uses rock/he/they
  • Dally uses he/they/ze 
  • Two doesn’t care
  • Johnny uses [redacted]/they
  • Steve uses he/they/it 
  • So yeah, they become pretty inclusive 

Thank you cas :D

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V and Johnny in real space AU, and she’s going to get them both dinner from a noodle shop nearby and bring it back to the apartment. Johnny can’t rly go out to much 1. Still recovering from being on ice for 50+ years 2. Can’t make too much of a scene with his presence. And the shop is taking awhile with the order so V is there for a bit and Johnny has to text her and he’s just so bad with texting and he knows it too. Like he’ll send one message saying “where the fuck are you(Real cool of you, Johnny) Which comes rude as fuck but it’s just HOW HE IS.

He just types something like “bitch” and nothing else.  Then follows it up with a  “miss you

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Ive been seeing aangzula a lot so I made some hcs. Aang taught Azula to dance. Since dancing was outlawed in the Fire Nation she didnt know how to dance so Aang showed her a bunch of them. Azula likes teaching Aang to firebend thats how they started getting close. At first she was just a teacher for him but then they started falling in love with each other. Aang likes cooking air nomad food for Azula. She pretends like she doesnt like the food but she does. 

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There were few truths Hizashi knew.

He loved Aizawa and he loved Shirakumo. He loved music. 
He hated heroes. He served Sensei and took care of young Tomura. 

He died, but here he was living, breathing and still in love with Aizawa and Shirakumo. If only they weren’t heroes. 
Though his young charge Tomura, will soon take care of that. 

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@infernalpursuit​ sent:  17 and 22? | sexual sunday headcanon questions

17. what is your muse’s favorite type of porn?

most of the time he prefers the real thing or memories & fantasies that are specific to him. when he does watch porn, typically this is reflected in the things he watches. usually they include things he’s done or wants to do, bonus points if one of the participants is similar to him particularly in size/build. he tends to mentally project himself into the fantasy/scenario, so the easier that is to do for him the more he’s likely to watch. 

in verses where it’s harder to come by, it’s more of a fascinating indulgence than a habit. when it’s a luxury or novelty rather than something easily accessbile it’s more interesting to him, at least temporarily.

22. does your muse like rough or soft sex?

he likes both at different times, and within the same relationships/with the same people. the extremes of either are usually relegated to trusted partners and committed relationships due to the vulnerability and risks (physical and emotional) associated with getting really rough or opening up the potential for deeply emotional sexual intimacy & that sort of vulnerability. he tends to go a little more on the playful roughousing side of things until he’s more comfortable; biting, scratching, rough & fast movements, wrestling & pinning, maybe a bit of spanking, etc are about the most intense he’ll typically go until he feels he can trust someone to not abuse more 

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Do you ever just see a fictional character and just know they’re a prime candidate for a million different hurt/comfort fics?

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imagine neil making the rounds at tenet HQ going all, “ummm i’m so very sorry for what happened and you guys ended up taking some of the heat i have no excuse for that please forgive me”

and Senior Exhausted Logistics and Junior Terrorized Medic were like, “can’t say it’s all fine and all right, agent neil, but you should also know we were more scared FOR you, than we were of you. he’s important to us too, so we can understand why you did what you did. go get some rest. you still look like complete and utter shit”

so neil goes to david, still feeling a bit shattered and haunted, “have you ever been scared of me?” david just wraps him arms around neil and shushes him. i just have to look at you and i’m safe. as safe as i’ll ever be. you’re the safest place for me, anywhere and everywhere.

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Forever in my heart the reason why Cortex mixes up “daughter” and “niece” with Nina is bc she IS his niece, but he took her in as his own so he feels like shes more like his daughter

Not whatever bs i//ncest theory i saw pop up while looking at stuff

My mans just a great uncle (except for the hand part, but Nina doesnt mind so)

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HELLO MEAN DOM GETO ANON I’VE MISSED YOU and yes you can be 🦊 anon!!!

yeah my anons on this blog are all galaxy brained they literally do the heavy lifting while i just write mwah

omg….just punishing gojo for existing by monopolizing rip!mc’s time and attention. utahime gets one over gojo. shoko’s just happy that gojo hasn’t taken you away somewhere (like he always does whenever ur back!!). you get to be sandwiched between two beautiful women. who’s the one winning here??? gojo stays losing

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So like,

I have this small HC that Randy Radman was not *just* a party guy, but an actually nice and kind dude to the other Toppats. He was just bad at being a good leader.

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shawn loves trying to cuddle lassie constantly, and its almost always moderately awkward and uncomfortable because lassie is not a willing participant, but also because lassie is both taller and stronger than shawn

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updated hc: because kureno is the family head’s assistant and presumably goes to meetings as akito’s proxy, and also because assistants always know way more about the inner workings of their workplace than anyone else, it is kureno who is the sohma family dealer, NOT shigure

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ives is like, “neil…. I AM scared of you 😭”

so neil looks at ives, usually so stoic and unflappable, pleading to him like this, and he thinks of david, still out there hurt and tortured  “i wish i could say i’m sorry, but i’m not. i’m just not. i would’ve burned everything to the ground if that’s what it takes to get him back. those fuckers deserve every last bit of hell they’re going to. you’re a good friend ives, but i will understand if you need to walk away from this now.”

of course ives doesn’t walk away, it has never even occurred to him. but he’s also fervently praying that this is the only and last time any of them would ever have to go through this.

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Illinois is a wish granting genie, who can go far from his lamp with permission from whoever is his master at any given time. However, he will hear no matter how far you are if you say the words ‘I wish’, and he can be pulled back by rubbing his lamp again. He is very, very protective of his lamp. - Illinois’ secretary

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I get the sense that when Sirius and Andromeda would argue they would get really heated for a total of five minutes and then one of them would just start uncontrollably laughing at the situation and the other would join in

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2/2 Ives, being an amazing friend, helped him pull it off, even though he also felt like he’s seeing Neil (who is always so kind and gentle) for the first time ever. When they find David and they dig him up in time, David is a bit hurt and a lot scared, shaking, trying to catch his breath, and Neil wraps his arms around him like “You’re okay, I’ve got you, you’re okay.” and he melts back into his usual self, even if he’s still a bit frantic and spooked, he’s now in the PROTECT mode. 

i’m with you anon, i’m with you!

neil going full on nuclear and total Unhinged Angel of Vengeance mode, towards antagonists stupid enough to take his husband and hurt him? YES PLEASE WITH TWENTY DOZEN SIDES.

even the poor medics who are just doing their job and looking after david after the rescue, are not spared from neil’s cold suspicions in the aftermath. they all ended up going to ives to complain to him lol

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Pros: wonderfully illustrated, teaches children new words and also not to bother sleeping creatures, whether pets or paranormal brothers

Cons: cursed object. many many pictures of an actual demon. a summoning circle is visible on one of the pages. also there are drugs in the book

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Sherlock was born in 1981 and I will die on that hill.

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in the Nar.uto verse the Zoldyck family are not criminals and that is because they helped with the past wars, secretly.  They operate as legal assassins, claiming no side and staying true neutral. Only killing who they are paid to kill and nothing more nothing less. 

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