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Physical Attributes


long legs. short legs. average legs. slender thighs. toned thighs. thick thighs. muscular thighs. skinny arms. soft arms. toned arms. muscular arms. toned stomach. flat stomach. flabby stomach. soft stomach. six pack. beer belly. lean frame. slender frame. muscular frame. voluptuous frame. petite frame. lanky frame. short nails. long nails. manicured nails. dirty nails. flat butt. toned ass. bubble butt. thick butt. small waist. thick waist. narrow hips. average hips.wide hips. big feet. average feet. small feet. soft feet.slender feet. calloused feet. calloused hands. soft hands. big hands. average hands. small hands. long fingers. short fingers. average fingers. broad shoulders. underweight. average weight. overweight.


shorter than 140 cm. 141 cm to 150 cm. 151 cm to 160 cm. 161 cm to 170 cm. 171 cm to 180cm. 181 cm to 190 cm. 191 cm to 2m. taller than 2 m.


small. large.average. grey. silver. brown. black. blue. red. green. gold amber. hazel. violet. doe-eyed.almond.close - set. wide - set. squinty. monolid. heavy eyelids. upturned. downturned.


thin. thick. fine. normal. greasy. dry. soft.shiny. scruffy. frizzy. curly. wild. unruly. straight. smooth. wavy. floppy. cropped. pixie-cut. short. shoulder length. back length. waist length. floor length. buzz cut. bald. jaw length. vermilion. mohawk. white. platinum blonde. golden blonde. dirty blonde. ombre. light brown. mouse brown. chestnut brown. golden brown. chocolate brown. dark brown. jet black. ginger. auburn. dyed red. dyed any unnatural color. streaked. thin bleached eyebrows. average eyebrows. thick eyebrows.

tattoo / piercing.

full sleeve. arm tattoo. thigh tattoo. shin tattoo. wrist tattoo. lower back tattoo. hand / finger tattoo. foot tattoo. neck tattoo. face tattoo. chest tattoo. two tattoos. a few here and there. multiple. no tattoos. monroe piercing. nose piercing (bridge). septum piercing. nipple piercing( s ). genital piercing( s ). industrial piercing( s ). earlobe piercing( s ). prince albert piercing. eyebrow piercing( s ). tongue piercing. lip piercing( s ). tragus piercing. angel bites. labret. stretches out ears. navel piercing. inverse navel piercing. cheek piercing( s ). smiley. nape piercing( s ). no piercings.


light eyeliner. heavy eyeliner. cat eyes.mascara. fake eyelashes. matte lipstick. regular lipstick. lip lips. pink lips. dark lips. bronzer. highlighter. eyeshadow. neutral eyeshadow. smoky eyes. colorful eyeshadow. blush. lipliner. light contouring. heavy contouring. powder. matte foundation. shiny foundation. concealer. wears make up regularly.wears makeup from time to time / now and then. rarely wears make-up. never wears makeup.


floral. fruity. perfumes. colognes. aftershave. cocoa. moisturizer. natural soap. shampoo. cigarettes. leather. sweat. food. incense. marijuana. whiskey. wine. fried food. blood. fire. metal. rain. grass. ocean. autumn leaves. baked bread. freshly baked cookies. smoke. campfire. lavender. trees. pumpkin pie. rose. gingerbread. peppermint. oak. honey. lemon. vanilla. coffee rawhide. chemicals. essential oils.


jeans. tight pants. dress pants. overknee socks. tights. leggings. yoga pants.pencil skirt. tight skirt. loose skirt. tight / form - fitting dress. cardigans.blouse.button up shirt. band t-shirt. sports t-shirt. sweatpants. tanktop. cut off t-shirt. designer.high street. online stores. thrift. lingerie. long skirt. miniskirt. maxidress. sun dress. tie. tuxedo. cocktail dress. highslit dress / skirt. t-shirt. loose clothing. tight clothing. jean shorts. sweater. sweater vest. overcoat. khaki pants. suit. hoodie. harem pants. basketball shorts. boxers. briefs. boxer - briefs. thong. hot pants. hipster panties. bra. sports bra. crop top. corset. ballerina skirt. leotard. polka dot. stripes. glitter. silk. lace. leather. velvet. chemise. patterns. florals. neon colors. pastels. plaid. black. dark colors.fur. faux fur.


sneakers. slip-ons. flats. slippers.dress shoes. sandals. high heels.kitten heels.ankle boots. combat boots. cowboy boots. knee - high boots. platforms. stripper heels. bare feet. loafers.

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okay but some things to consider about post-reveal married saiteru

-Kokomi wearing Kusuke’s telepathic blocker whenever she wants to plan a surprise for Kusuo but then realising that he would know she’s planning a surprise cause y’know. the blocker.

-they don’t really do the surprise thing after she realises that

-Saiki just ~casually~ calling her his wife when he hears people think dirty thoughts

-Althougg lets be honest, Teruhashi is definitely the possessive one here

-They get a restraining order against Makoto. because reasons

-Saiki helping Teruhashi understand that ‘hey, it’s okay if you mess up sometimes’

-As for PDA, Teruhashi would way more public with her affections, while Saiki is almost never all that affectionate in public

-The only regret Saiki has when they move in together is the realisation that way more people are constantly gonna be in their house

-(he enjoys the company of their closer friends, although he’d never admit it to anyone but Teruhashi)

-The first time Saiki calls Teruhashi by her first name she passes out

-Saiki’s probably not much of a cuddler, but lets Teruhashi sleep on him anyways

-Teruhashi and Kuriko sharing clothes

-Teruhashi always insisting o taking care of Saiki when he’s sick, while Saiki tells her to stay away because he’s scared of hurting her by accident (or worse, getting her sick and having to deal with the kokomins again)

-Whenever they go on dates, Saiki tends to purposefully make sure people don’t look at her so they have a bit of privacy.

-Teruhashi wears thin clothes when they go on dates during winter so he’s give her his jacket, he uses pyrokinesis to keep her warm

that’s all I have rn but I might add more later

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That’s cute… I’m glad he warms up to them. My DMK is a little less bitter to them lol. Their relationship is something I’ve been lowkey trying to think about lately actually, and I’ve had a little trouble so I don’t have a ton.

So in my verse that I share with my partner who I rp with, DMK and SK live with SDDD in his castle, and DMK and MK are dating, so MK visits quite a lot. After Galacta’s summoning and Morpho’s manifestation in Star Allies, they both end up living in SDDD’s castle as well so it’s kind of become the main hub for the borbs lol.

It’s a big place and Morpho is pretty shy and likes to keep to themself at first, so them and DMK see each other almost daily but don’t really spend any time together at first. They’re, I guess exposed to each other mostly through mutual friends Gala and later MK.

Compared to MK and Gala, DMK and Morpho are definitely more chill I think. DMK’s pretty relaxed and lazy during his down time, and Morpho is very zen. They’re probably a good friend to have around when he’s having a depressive episode, they can be very calming… Help him clear out the negative fog and focus on mental rest.

They both have pretty wacky inconsistent sleep schedules, more likely to find each other up at weird hours or down to take a nap in the middle of the day. They can find each other and chat when one of them cant sleep.

DMK I think is a decent middle ground between tightass extreme MK and chaotic jackass Gala that Morpho can feel at ease with lol. In a group they sometimes have to act as mediators when the other two get too worked up.

Also, they’re one of the only people that can tolerate his spiciest foods! Maybe he can teach them to cook that would be cute…

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Oh I… Really like this. That’s a cool idea, I love hearing about the sort of mundane talents characters might have. I can definitely see him like that.

Although, is depth perception important at all when playing pool? Considering… If it is I’m sure he’s learned to work with it like he has with fighting.

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Yeah!! I love this headcanon… I’ve had it forever.

Yknow I like the idea that DMK’s mask is sturdier/breaks less often than MK’s, demonstrated by all the marks and scratches on it while MK’s always looks fresh and undamaged, but was bothered by it because why tf wouldn’t MK just use a better material for his mask?? But maybe it could be because his masks are more like… fashion oriented because he wears them 24/7, so the metal is lighter and more comfortable/breathable. And DMK’s is sturdier and heavier because he only really wears it for battle.

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“Hey I guess I owe you dinner now huh?” Mirage throws out a line they’d all heard before. Wraith’s expression didn’t change as she pulled her her sirenge out of the trickster’s chest. “Yeah? How bout seven?” He continued, goofy smile still plastered on his face despite the blood spatters.

“Just get over here!” Wraith was already sprinting toward the enemy squad, two men down and one reviving.

“Is that a yes?! That’s Wraih for yes right??” Mirage skipped after her.

“Enemy spotted,” she said before taking a breath and landing a final blow to their enemy.

“That’s definitely a yes,” a clone trotted off to the downed squad while he healed.

“Did you hear about our date?!” Mirage immediately spilled once back at their station. The room was more or less unfazed by this question. The two that always responded though, acted accordingly.

“Great job, buddy!” The mechanical voice chimed.

“Zat is vonderful! Who is ze lucky person??” The petite blond asked.

“Oh you know, the dark and dreary void walker you guys seem to think doesn’t like me,” Mirage looked smug, but his smile faltered when he noticed the reaction the room was giving him. “You know, like, Wraith? Guys? Is there something on my face?” Wraith sighed and started to leave the room when Rampart stepped in

“You kiddin mate? No way in hell would a chick like that go for a dunce like you. I would believe Bloodhound’s gibberish before miss gloomy liking the air-head,” Rampart chuckled to herself.

“Oh..” Mirage had somehow not thought out this possibility. His ever-glowing expression started turning morose. Wraith finally turned around, her emotionless demeanor faultering. Mirage wasn’t smiling like he always was. He was just innocently oblivious, he didn’t deserve—that mechanics-nut didn’t have to—

“You said seven right?” She asked, throwing a glance at Rampart.

“Really??” His eyes lit up. “I mean, yeah I did!! Wait I was right?!? Wait where are you going?”

“Getting ready,” the void walker disappeared down the hall.

“Lifeline, I think I need my ears checked,” Rampart said.

“Congratulation, Mirage! Wraith knows good company ven she sees it!” Watson chimed in.

“I am so happy for my friends!” The bright mechanical voice sung.

“I take no offense, but the Allfather however…” bloodhound started.

“Buddy, I don’t think she’s listening,” Mirage set a should on his comrade’s shoulder.

“Betta go fix yaself up, Whitt,” Lifeline smiled at him.

“Now that my friend is a fantastic idea. Anyone with fashion tips follow me!” No one followed.

Mirage changed his shirt 6 times before pacing outseide Wraith’s door for 5 minutes muttering to himself. Wraith finally came out and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Heyyyy I was definitely not talking to myself—oh! not that that’s weird! I know you have your space-time other Wraiths that you sorta talk to—and, oh god did I already screw this up?”

“Let’s go,” Wraith pulled him by the collar with a small smirk.

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Prompt number: 28 - “Do I have to do everything here?”

Fandom: The Old Guard

Rating: PG-13

Warnings/Tags: Andy, joe x nicky, crack

“Do I have to do everything here?” Andy huffs, slapping the couch cushions as she stands up. She joins the two boneheads in the kitchen, shooing them out of the way as she bends forward to get a better look. It takes less than thirty seconds for her to spot the problem. “It’s a twist-on filter,” she growls, yanking the jammed filter out and inserting it properly by twisting it on.

“Oh,” Joe says. “That-that explains a lot.”

Andy slams the fridge shut and turns towards the couple. They shrink into another. Joe takes an unsubtle step behind Nicky, earning a small pinch from the other. To his credit, he hides his hiss much better. Andy only hears it because they’re standing two fucking feet away from her.

However, now that she’s looking at them, it’s pretty fucking obvious why they couldn’t get the damn thing in.

Because something sure as fuck went in. The nerve of those two.

Nicky clears his throat and Andy shakes her head, lips curling into a silent snarl. “If my tres leches is.” She can’t even finish the sentence. Just the thought of her cake being spoiled is enough to make her want to cut the two horny idiots down with her labrys.

“You got it from the bakery on 3rd?” Nicky hesitantly asks after an awkward silence, smile so brittle that it’s a miracle it hasn’t crumbled under gravity yet.

Andy glowers at him. “Extra whip cream on the side.”

Joe’s laugh is thin as he peaks over Nicky’s shoulder, warm brown eyes blinking guiltily at her. “We’re going to be right back,” Joe says and yanks Nicky out of the kitchen with him, both of them stumbling over each other as they scramble to exit as fast and as far away from her glare as they can.

When they’re both out of the kitchen, Andy cracks. She smiles, extremely pleased with herself.

She finished her tres leches yesterday.

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Due to slightly less recent events from when i started this, i thought id share my LGBT+ HCs for Harry Potter 

Many of these I’ve had since I started making HCs for series I read and others are more recent. 

I honestly don’t mind the canon ships but I like others more. (This would be in an AU separate from canon, disregard all of canon unless stated otherwise) 

Here are specific ones off the top of my head but I’ll add more when I think of them. 

Harry: Biromantic/Ace

Ron: Pan

Hermione: Trans (she/her)/Bi

Luna: Trans(she/her)/Pan 

Ginny: Lesbian 

Fred: Pan 

George: Trans (he/him)/Gay 

Tonks: Genderfluid/Queer

Draco: Gay 

Pansy: Lesbian 

Blaise: Agender (they/them)

Percy: Bi

Charlie: Aro/Ace 

Oliver: Gay 

Henri (Fleur): Trans man (I’ll elaborate in an HC post) 

Bill: Bi 

Sirius: Biromantic/Ace 

Remus: Gay/ Trans 

James: Pan

Lily: Bi 

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I don’t think he’d get annoyed by that at all. Loki is a learner. He wants to learn new things. The fact that you talk a lot about things you like gives Loki both new knowledge about the world and new knowledge about you. Plus, he always wants to hear your voice. He loves you and you could be rambling on about a piece of wood for 4 hours and he’d still be enamored. Also, I like to imagine Loki is the same way! Think about how much he loves knowledge. Wouldn’t he want to share that? He always get excited about new things he learns and he’ll go on for hours about it. You two will never have any lulls in your conversations, that’s for sure!!

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While he may not necessarily be ready for a child, Loki wants one. He’s sort of excited that this is happening. He may be prickly around everyone but he’s always had a soft spot for children. And a child with you? That’s the greatest gift he could ever ask for. He knows you’re scared because neither of you are ready, but he knows you two can get through this. Loki wants this child, he wants a family with you, and he will promise that he is staying by your side through this. He hopes you want this potential child too, because now it’s all he can think about. A family, his family…he wants it more than anything

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Loki would be…terrified, honestly. All he knows about that form is that it brings destruction, it’s a monster. It would take a lot of coaxing to get it out of him. He may not even let you touch him. The last thing Loki wants is to hurt you. It’s an emotional experience, an intimate one, and he just doesn’t want anything to go wrong. The last thing he needs is to hurt you. But you love him regardless and you know he isn’t a monster. It’s just going to take time for him to understand that

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I imagine it’d be like with any other lover, minus the sex of course. His heart is yours, no matter who you are, and if sex isn’t something you want then that’s okay. Loki would respect that because he’s there for you and you alone

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what sally mckenna would do if you were having a bad day:

  • first of all, she would ask if you wanted to talk about what’s on your mind, if you didn’t want to talk hey, she would understand completely
  • she would run a bath
  • with lots of bubbles and sweet scents
  • she would help bathe you, singing you quiet songs during it
  • then she would find you the comfiest pair of pyjamas possible
  • she would put on your favourite movies and make all of your favourite snacks
  • stroking your cheeks
  • “i love you sweetheart.”
  • “i’ll get you anything you want, i just want you to be happy.”
  • when you fall asleep, she would hold you close so you feel safe
  • she would probably stay awake as long as possible just in case you wake up and need something
  • eventually she would fall asleep, leaving one last faint kiss on your cheek


i want this so so bad :,(


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Lil Headcanon : 

If a friend was dying near Heidegger, he’s absolutely the kind of man who would say things like ‘save your babbling for AFTER the fight’ and ‘tell me all about your injury when we get home’ and ‘stop crying, you’re better than this.’

If you’re his enemy, he’d kick you and laugh.

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Well, we’re back in quarantine for 5 weeks … Guess I’ll have time to focus on that fic, and others hopefully.

For now I’ll go back to watching Berena if you don’t mind.


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