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witchycastiel · 2 days ago
i think cas and rowena would have a podcast where they talk about history. it would be like rowena chatting about the fashions and witch drama and cas doing a lot of ‘i don’t recall 1740s very well I was observing the orca population heavily at that time’ and kevin off mic frantically trying to fact check everything they say that is actually coherent
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micer2012 · 2 days ago
FYI: the theory thing was brought up on the Game Theory subreddit earlier today under the title Re: The Hermitcraft Theory, and if you're interested in reading MatPat's response he mentioned he's investigating what's going on (as a team writer was the one to put together the episode) and is going to be diving more into it Monday once he's home from a trip. I really hope it all works out for you!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bt-writing · 2 days ago
How they show their love HCs
Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x gn!Reader
A/N: this is my first time writing in hc style and writing for childe and zhongli at all. i hope i did a good job! school keeps me busy, so this is actually an old piece that was meant to be part of something bigger lol,, figured i should post it since it’s been so long. please enjoy! :)
warnings: none
word count: 1.7k
How they show their love.
Tumblr media
Ever since he was young, Childe’s life has been centered around fighting and improving his skills in battle. There was no time left for him to think about dating and such, so when you walked into his life it was completely unexpected. It was a surprise, yes, but a warmly welcomed one. Childe knew the moment he met you that there was something special between the two of you.
Childe is a family man with a painfully obvious soft spot for the people he loves. Whether it’s recounting the thrilling tales of his travels in a letter, paired with crates of foreign snacks and toys for his siblings back home in Snezhnaya, or hiding the darker side of himself from younger brother, Childe is always thinking about how he can make the people he loves happy. Even if the 11th Harbinger’s methods aren’t always commendable, he’s acting in what he believes to be the best interest of his family—and this includes you, as well. At first, Childe would probably treat you similarly to Teucer, trying to hide the Fatui side of himself and only show you the seemingly innocent, carefree boy that he initially appears to be.
Since you’re most likely his first romantic partner, Childe hasn’t had much experience with expressing his love. It’s there, for sure, but the only way he’s shown it in the past is through caring for his siblings. Using that experience as a basis, he shows his love through helping you with chores and making dinner for the two of you. Childe has a lot of energy, so he doesn’t mind spending some of it to clean your apartment or run a few errands. He wants to relieve your stress as much as possible and keep that cute smile on your face at all times! While he’s out, he might also buy you a gift or two if he thinks you’ll like it—he certainly has the money to spare. It’ll make his day if he can catch you off-guard by sneaking up behind you and trapping you in a bear hug. The laugh you let out is like an angel’s song, only triumphed by the kiss you give him as a ‘thanks’ for the presents.
Childe takes his promises seriously. He vows to keep the promise, no matter how impossible it may seem. Anything you ask of him, consider it done. He has the raw power and status to get you anything you want, no matter how big or small. You needed to buy some medicine from Bubu Pharmacy today? Consider it done already. Childe caught your eyes lingering on an outfit displayed outside a merchant’s stall? It’s yours. Some dude gave you a hard time on your way home? You’ll never have to worry about him again. Childe would even steal the sun from the sky if you so much as complained about the heat.
Your relationship makes the 11th Harbinger really happy, but the longer it goes on, the harder it becomes for him to conceal his crazier, bloodthirsty side from you. It’s simply an undeniable part of who Childe is. You’ll know that you have Childe’s complete trust when he allows you to see his battle-hungry nature—when he doesn’t feel the need to hide who he is from you anymore. Please, don’t be afraid of him or treat him any differently than usual. Although he may not be as innocent as he wanted you to believe, the goofy, childlike part of him is still completely authentic. The cherry on top would be if you sparred with him. Regardless of your skill level, Childe will go easy on you (but he probably won’t let you win).
Tumblr media
It is inevitable that Zhongli has felt some form of love throughout the thousands of years he’s spent in Teyvat, but he has remained alone for the most recent ones. Preoccupied with guiding his nation, romantic love has not been something on his mind whatsoever. Once he stepped down from his position as the Geo Archon, however, Zhongli found himself with quite a lot of time on his hands. You entered his life at such a perfect time that he couldn’t help but wonder if Celestia had sent you on purpose.
Money has never been a concern of Zhongli’s as people usually paid on his behalf. With you, however, Zhongli wants to be a gentleman, so he’ll pay for you when he can. Zhongli is chronically broke, so that doesn’t actually happen very often. He makes up for the lack of gifts and paid-for dates with his stories! Physical gifts don’t hold as much value as memories do in his eyes, so your time together is often spent sharing random trivia and stories. Zhongli loves seeing you smile while listening to him talk—whether he’s sharing facts about the best environment for various flora or one of his many stories from the Archon War, it makes him exceptionally happy to see you engaging with him.
Although most people think Zhongli is knowledgeable on every subject, this is not exactly the case. With time, human emotions have become somewhat foreign to the retired Geo Archon. It’s not that Zhongli is clueless about them, but his naturally courteous disposition keeps him away from their more complex emotions. He charms nearly everyone he interacts with, so he’s never on the receiving end of an argument (and people know there’s no reason to argue since Zhongli would most likely win anyways). If you become upset with him, he probably won’t understand why at first, and his obliviousness would make you even more frustrated. It might take a little bit of time for Zhongli to understand where he’s lacking, so just be patient with him—he’ll try his best to readjust to human emotions and understand yours properly.
One of Zhongli’s favorite things to do with you is walk around Liyue. Yes, it’s relatively simple and may not be the most romantic thing you can think of, but it’s something Zhongli really treasures doing with you. He loves browsing the merchant stands during the day, and watching the lively harbor during the night, and revisiting the abandoned ruins that have deep history with his own past, and he loves doing it all with you by his side. Sharing his past with you is important to Zhongli, but he finds himself even happier creating new memories with you in the present.
Rex Lapis goes by many names, but his most prominent title is the God of Contracts. Zhongli created contracts to govern the people of Liyue and provide stability for the nation; contracts are what allow Liyue’s commerce to flourish in the first place. There are only two things spared from the supreme authority of these contracts: relationships and emotions. Such concepts cannot be defined by contracts. When Zhongli allows himself to abandon the rule of equivalent exchange—a rule he has enforced and followed for thousands of years—it is his ultimate display of love for you. When he is able to completely give himself to you, regardless of what you offer in return, you know Zhongli is absolutely smitten.
Tumblr media
Love is a very new, very strange thing to Xiao. He hasn't felt love for someone in thousands of years—if ever—so he's rather hesitant when it comes to expressing his feelings. It takes a lot of time and patience to let Xiao adjust to your relationship; this is all new territory for him, especially after centuries of closing his heart off from everyone and everything. You are someone he cherishes greatly if he is willing to accept your feelings and openly return them.
Xiao is extremely protective of you because keeping you safe from harm is the only thing he's confident in himself to do. He knows how to treat himself like a weapon, but can't make sense of "human emotions" or comfort you in the ways he'd like to. Xiao feels guilty and incompetent over his lack of human understanding sometimes, so make sure you reassure him often. It’s up to you to help him understand your feelings better, along with his own.
Since the only physical contact Xiao’s experienced for years is violence, he’s definitely awkward when it comes to touching you. It takes a while for him to warm up to your touch, but once he does, he finds himself craving it more and more each time. When you intertwine your fingers, leaving no space between your palm and his, or gently cup his cheek with your hand and stroke the side of his face, Xiao feels the weight of his karmic debt lessen. After being with you for some time, he can’t help but seek out your touch more frequently, and may even initiate it first.
When the two of you spend time together, it’s always at the Wangshu Inn since it’s the only place near humans that Xiao feels comfortable—though, he still stays out of their sight most of the time. He feels you’ll become bored if you only spend time with him on the Inn’s balcony, so once he trusts you enough, he allows you to drag take him into Liyue Harbor and other urban places on dates. The first time you went out to Liyue Harbor together, Xiao was extremely tense and loomed behind you the entire time. None of the usually friendly merchants greeted you when you walked by—they were all too frightened by your bodyguard’s threatening expression. After a few more trips, Xiao loosened up (to some extent) on these dates and even began commenting on the “useless objects” being sold by vendors. Xiao admittedly enjoyed himself on these outings, but still preferred the dates you spent out in Liyue’s meadows a bit more.
The way you’ll really know you have the Yaksha’s heart, however, is when he begins to show his vulnerable side to you. Xiao does everything in his power to keep you away from the most negative parts of himself, he would rather you didn’t see him bearing the price of his past. He knows his corruption is ugly and leaves him in a much more frightening state than you’re used to. He wants to leave you out of his responsibilities, so when Xiao appears in front of you, desperate for your comfort during an especially bad attack, it is his indirect way of telling you, “I trust you more than anyone else.” He trusts you enough to involve you in what is his burden alone, so make sure you stay by his side for as long as he needs. You are the only thing that can free Xiao from his perpetual fight against himself.
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hex-the-vampire · 2 days ago
Asking Tiffany if you should text your ex.
Will break your fucking phone.
No seriously she will take your phone away from you in the form of breaking, flushing, stuffing between her boobs, or just straight up hiding it.
She will tell you how you deserve so much fucking better.
You know those videos of drunk girls in bar bathrooms? All their souls left their bodies and went into Tiffany fucking Valentine.
If she doesn’t break your phone she will block your ex on
Facebook, instagram, tumblr, tiktok, twitter.
you name it that fucker is blocked.
she will then take you out on a day of pampering and/or good old driving while listening to songs about women killing their abusive ex.
(No but seriously don’t text your ex that fucker didn’t deserve you)
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hostilemuppet · 2 days ago
Did I just a Matpat Hermitcraft video, is this our timeline?
Tumblr media
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kakuchew · 2 days ago
Wakasa chews with his mouth open & is a messy eater so you have to wipe his cheeks and face with your hands or a napkin when he’s finished & he huffs and pouts at you when you gently scold him for being a messy eater with his cheeks rosy and puffed out as he demands for more mochi. (You can’t refuse him because you’re weak and get him more mochi.) when you do, he beams at you so cutely that your heart melts. You watch him munch happily, happy that he looks so content and think to yourself, ‘he’s such a child, but I love him so much.’
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thesacredtwink · 6 hours ago
Okay, so a few people said they would like my warriors meta so here it is:
He has a reputation as something of a flamboyant persona. A narcissist certainly (and that's not a bad thing!), a bit dramatic, the pretty boy. And all this would give the assumption that he a proud guy. But he is humble.
To be fair, he didn't start out this way.
He grew up in a poor household. Being a knight didn't exactly pay his father well, and his mother had to work a job to help the family of three keep their small apartment. As a child, Warriors never WANTED for anything. Sure his clothes were always a little threadbare. His toys were simple and often second hand. But he was loved. It's only as he got older that he started to recognize the nights when his parents went hungry for his sake. That he noticed the way his clothes were always worn (that he and his family were treated as lesser by the uperclass). That he started to dream of some day being able to make things better for his family. And maybe, just maybe, harbor a bit of resentment for everyone that ever looked down on his family. They weren't less then the wealthy just because they had less means. And so starts his pride.
With only a few options open to him, he joined the military like his dad. And he quickly began to rise through the ranks. He was good. Better certainly then his father had been, and a Captains pay is much better then that of a guard. And the dream of fixing his family's problems was looking more and more possible. And now, that pride of his had something more tangible to hold onto them just his knowledge that his family was good. By the time of the war, Warriors was more or less riding the high of being BETTER then those other soldiers that came from wealthier families.
Once he got the master sword, those dreams and pride of his latched onto the power the sword offered. And a part of him (a very young part of him. Like a child thinking the world is so simple) honestly believed that with the sword in his hands, he COULD fix all the problems.
And as we know, he learned the VERY hard way that power and desire isn't enough. He almost died. He had to learn the lesson that Ganon and Demise never would: Power and vision alone cannot do anything.
He wasn't a humble man before. But he is now. And you can bet your ass that it wasn't lost on him just how close he came to falling into the same trap as —and just how much he has in common with— Ganon/Demise.
And with that last update, we have Jojo canon corroboration of how aware Warriors is that his pride done made him fuck up!
Tumblr media
(I did so many excited happy flaps and lip trills, and was vibrating so hard when I saw this panel!!!!! Like yes!!! HC meta VALIDATED)
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The way I hc it, some ghosts have no memories of living but know the main emotion they had while dying and the ones that do remember usually only vaguely remember their lives but can clearly remember their deaths
And because of that, they all treat their deaths differently, some choose not to acknowledge their death days, others mourn, or get angry, and some treat it as a celebration, like a birthday
So far I have:
Ember mourns
Walker prefers not to acknowledge it
Plasmius gets angry (although he doesn’t know why)
Kitty and Johnny celebrate (but there’s a twinge of sadness)
And Phantom starts his off highly irritable and upset but towards the end of the night he just feels free
Open to hearing all y’all’s suggestions!
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luna--dragon · 2 days ago
📂 ?
Anne's yellow jacket was a 12th birthday gift from Sasha. They saw it at the mall one day in some expensive store and Anne fell in love with it, but couldn't afford it. Sasha hated it but Anne just wouldn't shut up about it, so she got it for her.
She really underestimated how happy it would make Anne. Ever since she saw the look on Anne's face when she unwrapped it, she always held her tongue so she wouldn't upset her.
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micer2012 · a day ago
hey, while we're waiting on matpat to make his statement . i would like to direct everyone to both mine and my good friends art that we've done :>
my friends deserve a lot of the credit for making such amazing fanworks and HELPING theorize, a lot of the stuff i realized when bouncing back discussion with them. and i dont want their work or art to go unnoticed while i get all the attention here : > 🤍🤍🤍
(my art, tw blood, 3l/ll spoilers, and others on the posts themselves)
(all fanwork (and my own theories) related to EXIAVOJTMMC (Evil Xisuma is a Victim of Jeff the Minion's Midas Curse))
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b1rdza · a day ago
i hope grian feels better <3
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godsofhumanity · 2 days ago
I FRICKEN LOVE YOUR HEADCANON. Just the idea that the myth of Set and Horus is still same, but when Horus was given the right to rule Egypt, Ra is just like, "Oh! Don't worry, Set! Let's be pals! I'll give you a role to help me fight Apep!" Like that's just amazing. Ra and Set are best friends confirmed.
asdhasjdh YEAHHH okay some Ra and Set hc's i have:
ok so first of all, i'm not sure if it's ever stated why exactly Set hacked his own brother to pieces, but my hc is that Set just felt like he deserved it more.
i mean, i like the idea that while Osiris was the Pharaoh, Set was Osiris' right-hand man... he led his armies and he did a lot of military expansions and stuff..
but Osiris himself isn't a violent guy. i imagine him to be super sweet and kind and compassionate.. he detests violence, and believes that war should never be the first solution.
and so, Set, who disagrees with this philosophy, perceives Osiris to be weak.
it doesn't help that everyone LOVES Osiris... there's even the idea that Nephthys herself was in love with Osiris.
i think Set just finds himself in a frustrating position where he doesn't feel like he's ever going to become anything more than what he currently he is- he'll never be good enough compared to Osiris. and it pisses him off.
Set thinks that Osiris owes his bountiful reign to him, who, as the leader of his armies, has contributed an enormous amount of effort into maintaining the peace but also exploring other worlds and other lands.
and then eventually, he just loses it. he snaps. Set considers himself to be way more worthy of ruling- he's not afraid to get his hands dirty, he's not a coward.. which is what he thinks Osiris is.
so he removes his brother from the equation, and now no one's looking down on him.
no one's going to say, "Oh, wow, that Osiris is so cool" because Osiris is dead and gone, and Set's on the throne now.
the thing is though- when Set rules, i don't think he actually does a horrible job.
his rule begins in blood, and there's definitely more blood to spill along the way, but somehow, Set doesn't transform into a mindless butcher.
he treats his enemies cruelly, but his allies kindly, and in doing so, secures his rule fairly well. and none of the other gods are truly ready to challenge him.
EXCEPT for Isis, Nephthys, and a few others. and that's when Horus finally comes along and tries to take Set's throne from him.
so where does Ra come into all of this you ask?
well, i love the idea that Ra usually just dwells in the sky on his solar barque, and isn't too occupied with the affairs of Egypt (i think the Egyptian gods lived between the sky and Egypt itself, but in a time well before Hesiod's age of the Greek heroes- so maybe, between the pre-Golden Age to Silver Age)
although Ra is often accompanied by several minor deities, as well as members of the Ennead, i think his constant three companions are Hathor, Sekhmet, and Bastet, who are kind of like his three "bodyguards".. they're very loyal to Ra.
and even though Ra is a little detached from the happenings in Egypt, i think Hathor is quite involved. she likes to spend time in Egypt, and often relays whatever news she hears to Ra.
so Hathor is there when Set murders Osiris, and she sees him take the throne, and in her heart, she doesn't believe that Set should be allowed to stay on the throne.
so she works with Isis to gather Osiris' body, and when Horus comes of age, Hathor sees that Horus (though he needs a little work) could end up being a really great King- definitely better than Set.
and so Hathor goes to Ra and asks him to help Horus prepare to stand before the Ennead and win back his rightful throne.
Ra agrees, i think, only because of Hathor's pleading, but when he meets Horus for the first time, i think he's quite disappointed.
Horus is young, and too arrogant for Ra's liking.
i hc Ra to look youthful and vibrant all the time, even though he's actually an old man- and so he values respect.. and he just doesn't see that in Horus.
this is chiefly why i think that Ra chooses to support Set during the Ennead trial.. because Set, although he has great pride himself, still has respect for those greater than him- like Ra.
my other hc is that when Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nephthys were young, Ra was an adult figure in their life- kinda like an uncle, or maybe an older cousin or something.
so Ra has a really close familial bond with Set.
i think that from all of Geb and Nut's children, Ra always liked Set the most.. he liked his courage, and his daring.. probably, he felt like he saw a little bit of himself in Set.
in any case, i think that Ra feels that Set is just a more appropriate candidate for the throne than Horus- Set is older, and wiser, and far more experienced than Horus. he can make the difficult decisions that come with being King.
even so, Ra listens to Hathor's supplications and allows her, Sekhmet and Bastet to aid Horus and help train him, so that when he eventually faces Ra and the rest of the Ennead, he might have a better chance at changing Ra's mind.
does it work? well, kind of, i guess.
i think that Ra does eventually acknowledge that Set did wrong by murdering Osiris, and that Horus will do well as King.
but Ra still wants to help Set.. Set is like a little lamb who has lost his way back to the flock, and Ra just wants to help him out..
so he offers Set a way to make amends- a way to recover his honour and his pride, and learn that there is so much more to life than mere power and glory- and thus Set is called by Ra to fight Apep.
and i think that this is a great honour, done out of kindness by Ra.
under Ra's guidance, i think that Set finds his old self once more- who he was before he became poisoned with jealousy. and he knows that it's because of Ra that the darkness in his heart has been cured. because one god alone still had faith in him.
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kakuchew · 2 days ago
A good night hc:
Wakasa loves babies and babies love him because he reminds them of flowers, butterflies, yams and cats. He also smells nice and babies like to cuddle him by nuzzling into his neck and falling asleep with him.
-waka smells comforting and sweet like milk, cookies and flowers and babies see him as (almost) a mother-type figure and feel safe in his hold
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akechi-gf · 8 hours ago
new headcanon as a child akechi had a stutter / sometimes went mute because his thoughts went so quick and his mouth couldnt always keep up, and thats why he was so close to saiki as a kid, because saiki was the only one who always understood him, even if he wasn't speaking.
by highschool, he manages to adjust the speaking-to-thinking ratio, but it still happens on occasion. when it happens, people are shocked- both by akechi's change in speech, as well as the way saiki sticks by his side the whole time, relaying akechi's thoughts to whoever wants to speak to him. (and maybe the fact that saiki doesn't look half as annoyed as he usually does, and... wait, is saiki smiling, just the tiniest bit?)
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pommuu · 21 hours ago
Origins smp headcanon time.
A this moment Philza is building house in the moutains, where its cold. So hc that when Philza is in the cold for too long, his feathers start to pick up white color as his wings are adjusting to the tempature. Example would be the snowy owl, which lives in cold areas : 
Tumblr media
Thought of what birds can live in the cold while watching Philzas osmp live, saw the owls wings and immediately thought of Philza-
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