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okay confession but i loooove the idea of light wearing glasses because 1) he would look pretty with them and 2) the comedic potential.

L likes to make fun of him for it because lights like “im perfect” and Ls like You literally wear glasses..??

misa also messes with him a lot like if light is being insufferable she like, breathes on his glasses so he cant see

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STOROOOO…. the ‘stor’ in Storo comes from “stores much love in his heart”

Headcanon A (realistic): Storo is the Heart of the crew. He’s the affection and compassion and kindness and does everything in his power to make sure his family is happy and cared for. And, since it’s less common for treasure hunts and burglaries to require his talents, he often has quite a bit of time free to do just that, whether it’s providing warm hugs, making food, or providing a broad shoulder to cry on - if you need comfort, you turn to Storo. A lot of the members are calmed by his presence on the ship and would probably be a lot worse off without his care.

Headcanon B (while it may not be realistic it is hilarious): Storo is also the unofficial pied piper of the Squad. Where he goes, the squeakers follow. This is partially because he’s the one who’s out and about on the ship the most (Doc often holing up in his room does not make him a favorite among the young and excitable squeakers), doing a lot of the cleanup chores and keeping things in good condition, and partially just because he’s everyone’s favorite, because he hugs and carries them all everywhere. If you hear Storo coming your way, expect to get washed away by a tidal wave of squeakers in his wake.

Headcanon C (heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends): He’s been missing his eye since before his days with the Squad. Barely anyone knows the details, but he lost it not as a punishment of stealing, but inciting familial wrath. He has many other scars marking his body, some of them from close scrapes with the Squad, but others from before. He prefers not to get into it and tries his best to never lose his temper with the Squad, for fear he too could take things too far.

Headcanon D (unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own.): Despite fitting the “strongman” stereotype to a T, Storo is also actually the most level-headed member of the group, and very smart. A lot of his intelligence lies in intuitive knowledge and understanding the if-then statements of the world, even more complex ones, but schemes and plans are not his forte, so he prefers to take a backseat and let the real schemers (Doc, Daroach) take the lead and direct the gang. He always has good advice to offer for any scenario though, and can usually provide a solution to most any dilemma provided he has some familiarity with the subject at hand.

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Doc doc doc doc doc

Headcanon A (realistic): Doc and Daroach are the “senior” members of the Squad in the sense of being there in the beginning of the Squad’s history. To be more precise, Doc was there supporting Daroach as he built the squad from the ground up into the well-oiled machine that it is today. While Daroach is the official leader of the Squeaks, Doc is considered a step above him and will throw his weight around when necessary (especially when their leader is busy being stupid with stubbornness)

Headcanon B (while it may not be realistic it is hilarious): Everyone loves to tease Doc, and he teases them back relentlessly. He plays the crotchety old geezer schtick to the hilt, calling Daroach “sonny” or complaining about Spinni’s bellowing making him go deaf, and always acts put out by the group’s shenanigans, but in reality it’s essentially just a long-running gag between him and the gang, often met with digs at him for being a “grumpy” old grandpa and dragging him into the thick of the shenanigans to share the love.

Headcanon C (heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends): Despite playing up his oldness for jokes, Doc is actually relatively old and has a lot of health issues. He’s come mostly to terms with the concept of something dire happening to him - the rest of the squad leaders have good heads on their shoulders, are resourceful, and most importantly have each other’s backs - but he does worry about how his eventual death will impact his beloved adopted son protege Daroach. Thus, he spends a lot of his time on the airship, focusing on either crafting robots to help contribute to treasure hunts from a long distance, or to pilot the ship as needed. It has indirectly led to him pulling away more and more from the rest of the squad, but he hasn’t realized how bad it’s gotten yet. The squad worries but tries to be supportive, since he’s still clearly very fond of them, and check in on him when needed since he can sometimes shut himself away for hours or even days at a time.

Headcanon D (unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own.): rat boggling (where they bulge their eyes out the same way a cat purrs) and glasses do not go well together at all. Doc’s glasses are perched the way they are without support because while he normally remembers/manages to take them off before a good boggle, it’s better to accidentally boggle your glasses off of your face than it is to risk your eyeballs repeatedly smacking into glass lenses. He has many spare glasses to account for this, and his ufo has a “boggled catcher” in the front to reduce the times they get broken.

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Headcanon A (realistic): Spinni is next in line to take over the gang when Daroach retires - she’s a favorite due to her skills in stealth and speed, the ideal qualities for stealing or hunting for treasure, and also has a good head on her shoulders for thinking fast and having good intuition. She’s also well respected among the group, and has experience ordering the squeakers to boot, making her the perfect type of versatile individual to take over. She’s still considered too young to take on the mantle, at 20 years old, but Daroach has zero intention of retiring anytime soon and he takes painstaking measures to train her so that she’ll be good and ready once the time comes.

Headcanon B (while it may not be realistic it is hilarious): She is absolutely the loudest (in decibels) of the squad. No question. She takes a deep breath with those teeny lil squeak lungs and can bellow so loud half the airship will hear it. No one can figure out how such a strong power can exist in such a tiny mouse. No one else in the squad has managed to top her yet, either.

Headcanon C (heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends): Much like Daroach, she’s lost her tail to injury, most likely to a similar reason as his. She does also sometimes struggle with nightmares and phantom pains as a result, but she was fortunate enough to be found by the squad shortly after, and the support and care they gave her when they took her in has gone a long way to helping her process and move past a lot of it.

Headcanon D (unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own.): Spinni is the “big sister” figure of the group, despite her relative young age to the rest of the squad leaders. She’s the most equipped emotionally, thanks to the support of the squad she got in her worst times, and has enough experience trying to herd (read: boss) the younger squeakers, that next thing you knew, she was keeping tabs on the older mice of the family as well. This usually includes making sure Doc doesn’t overwork himself, and that Daroach doesn’t avoid his emotions to too much of a detriment. (Storo is the good bean, and her favorite because he’s most cooperative when he has to take a backseat for any reason. /hj )

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Whitebeard Commander Headcannons

Izo — Shopping is Bonding Time but he only takes those he really wants to get to know, so if he takes you shopping it is really special; He prefers guns so that he’s less likely to mess up his makeup in battle; He was probably reluctant to take the title of commander, not as ambitious as some of his brothers; Has absolutely no time for nonsense, and is rather quick to shut down absurd pranks if he is unfortunate enough to get involved; will absolutely let it slide when he sees it happening but it won’t involve him; Unspoken rule #7895 NEVER prank Izo

Marco — Marco is the crazy brother that is always quiet, but any time you ask him for advice his immediate response is usually “stab them” with no other option presented; Is quick to jump in on pretty much any revenge plan, even ones he just happens to overhear his crewmates talking about; He loves his brothers more than anything, which is why he will murder for them; Definitely smokes the most weed; Has no real motivation or direction, just loves his family and his life as a pirate, and doesn’t want it to ever end; probably a pretty good singer; Will show off his devil fruit powers when flirting; Will bring you random gifts when flirting; His immediate instinct when he’s attracted to someone is to set them up with a permanent home and job in Whitebeards territory, which is usually what freaks them out; It’s because he’s a bird though; *Nesting instinct; He has not analyzed it, but he didn’t do this shit before eating his devilfruit

Thatch — Has noticed Marco’s nesting instinct, and places bets with the crew on how quickly he will start trying to get them to move in with him 🤣; Is the Bookey of the ship; Places bets on pretty much everything; Is the one that likes to know the odds of anything just so he can try and beat them; Has never lost a bet despite pretty much always taking the long shot; Has devil’s luck, but doesn’t realize it; Has not noticed that he’s literally never lost a bet; Got onto the crew in the first place to win a bet; The bet was that he would never be able to steel from a whitebeard pirate, and he stole from Marco and managed to get away; After winning the bet, he brought the stolen goods back to the ship bright and early in the morning so he could catch them all by spurprise after they woke up; Whitebeard wasn’t fooled, but he did find Thatch funny, so he offered him a spot on the crew before anyone else woke up, and Thatch accepted

Namur — Is awkward most of the time, kind of a social outcast; It’s not because of his looks, he’s neurodivergent and just doesn’t usually know what to say; The crew recognizes this and loves him anyway; He’s probably one of the tamest members of the crew, and the most mild mannered; Lost his place as the most polite to Ace, but only because he doesn’t like to introduce himself at all

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some darkrai headcanon drawings ! here are the HCs:

- darkrai’s fullbody+legs . the legs fold tightly when darkrai is levitating

- darkrai preparing their signature move, Dark Void

- darkrai has a hidden mouth . everything in the mouth but the teeth, gums and lips are a deep black, oily substance

- darkrai has the ability to excessively drool said substance, and spits it into intruder’s eyes, causing multiple negative mental health effects such as migraines, sanity loss, hallucinations, comas, and usually death

(pictured is them hating me when i took them to the footprint guy)

click for HQ !

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ok so to preface, i cannot draw. and when i say this, i don’t mean it in the way people like @jangofctts mean where they’re like ‘haha i can’t art’ and then turn out an absolute masterpiece - no, i really and truly cannot draw XD but! here’s them without their armor markings cause i gave up :P 


so pins and pens are two of bracer’s batchmates. they’re inseparable and during their pre-teen/teenage years, they started growing out their hair together. pins got his name first as he’s a little…haphazard (he and bracer are alike that way!) and his bun is always falling out, scattering pins as it does so. the rest of his training unit got used to finding him by following the trail of hairpins, and as soon as pins got into the field he painted ‘return hairpins here’ across his chestplate ‘cause they’re a limited commodity, you know? and he needs them (:

pens got his name right after. he’s much more tidy than pins; he’s also more studious (he and bracer are alike that way) and he’s always sticking styluses in his bun for safekeeping. originally his brothers suggested he use ‘stylus’ for his name but he wanted something to match pins, so he looked up synonyms on the holonet and found the archaic word ‘pen’

pens is basically the batch’s designated leader and the controller of chaos, and pins and bracer are the designated creators of chaos - bracer in an accidental, absent-minded way and pins in a semi-deliberate, impulsive way. that’s why pens and pins are good for each other and stick as close to each other as they can - pens keeps pins focused and pins gets pens to relax and have fun :D

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Note: This was cute to think about! Thank you for the request.


  • Say no more, Sole, she’s on her way and more than happy about it
  • A little skeptical about the safety at first, but other than that, she’s ready to go!
  • Makes comments about how weird pre-war culture was


  • She’s more than happy to look around and watch everyone else have fun, but she’s not getting on those rides
  • She can’t guarantee the safety and therefor isn’t taking the risk
  • Is delighted at everyone else enjoying themselves, though, and that’s enough for her to be happy
  • Investigates what’s left of the stands and merchandise

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BAHHAHAHAH i,, i would do that- LOL i do ‘’cheesy ‘’ thingz too its ok anon, we r besties HAHA

here we go ( this is the character speaking ok)


-u and sal were hanging out in da park near the school (lets theres one HAHA)

-yall were on the swings, yk…swinging? IDFK-

-and you decided to say THE line

-’’That looks heavy, let me hold it for you’’ *winky winky* HAHHA

-did NOT understand at first


-ofc he kinda blushed ugh

-and then yall were holding hands (omg so romantic ik ugh /s)

(a/n im like so good with romance yall CANNOT compete /j)

Larry UGH

-yall were in his room, vibing yk 


-him being a hopeless romantic he understood right away HAHA

-boom already blushing

-’’…im-…i wanted to say it first’’

MMMMTRAVIS (male!reader or wtv ur gender is LOL)

-yall were IN DA WOODS. (note 4 myself; i need to write this goddamn fanfiction)

-just talking about life and whats on yall mind yk

-u decided to take the opportunity (help grammar bad english)


-him not being a fan of affection (let him time poor travis he doesnt know how to handle his emotions some1 help him) ‘’the fuck’’  

-ok but dont get me wrong he blushed ASF after u said it

-…he took ur hand



HAHA ok sorry that was a bit shitty but i hope everyone liked it ;( have a great day/night/morning and remember to stay hydrated bc u matter ASF

starts to cry 

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  • Jean already has a lot of things to worry about, so having to watch out to not squish someone she loves very much underfoot adds a few more things to worry about on her daily routine
  • She is always working really hard and that’s a reason she enjoys having a tiny S/O that can fit inside her pocket is a very lovely thing to have. When she is having a particularly stressful day she can just reach in inside her pocket and have a few hugs and kisses to her fingers
  • When she has some time to herself (a very rare occurrence mind you) she mostly just falls asleep at her bed, forgetting she has a small passenger on her pocket, so they have to handle being squished against her bed and body. After resting, she will remember about her S/O and get them out of there quickly
  • When she has to train or do another physical heavy activity she will leave her S/O on top of her table. Naturally, she filled her table with things to help her S/O pass the time like a bed and a swing.
  • She isn’t very affectionate but not by choice, if she could she would smother her S/O in kisses and pets all the time. But her role in the knights of Favonious makes her maintain her composure.


  • Having a S/O that can accompany her at all times will make her time running errands much more enjoyable. When going around she wants to hear her S/O talking, so they are normally on her shoulder.
  • She is extremely affectionate and is almost constantly snuggling her S/O. This one of the biggest advantages of having a S/O that fits on top of your hand
  • She doesn’t make that many changes on her lifestyle when she got together with them. She was already incredibly organized and always made sure everything was in their proper place around her workspace.
  • When in official knights of Favonious missions or tasks, she hides her S/O under her hat to be able to stay with them longer
  • As a librarian, she employs her S/O as an assistant to check if the books have been damaged in any way by those who borrow them.

“Tiny eyes are more precise, and they look cute while working”


  • Carrying her S/O with her is a little more difficult to an outrider. If she has her little passenger with her she needs to be careful not to let the fall off of her hand or shoulder, something that has happened countless times to Amber. The pockets of her short are of no use either, if her S/O stays there too long they will probably get hurt
  • Since she can’t bring her S/O out with her on her daily routine, she tries to make up for it when she actually gets time to rest and stay still for a while. She prefers playing games instead of cuddling or something like that.
  • She likes to incentivize them to be more active and independent even if their size can be hindrance and make them vulnerable to accidents. On her room she built a racing track where they can practise moving around open areas with people walking around on
  • On her days off, she explores the city with her S/O, letting them decide where they are going as she does her best to get there as fast as possible (without dropping her S/O and not noticing and having to run back to find them, not that that has even happened before). This is her favorite kind of date, a date where she is able to run around with someone she cares about with her


  • She and her S/O met because they got hurt for some reason or another while walking on the big streets of Mondstad and Barabara was the one called to heal their injuries. This eventually happened multiple times as being tiny makes even the most usual things possibly dangerous
  • Barbara is a very concerned person in general, so having a S/O that is prone to having multiple accidents every day makes her worry even more. To lessen her worries she makes them miniature versions of her dishes so they at least have something to eat even when out and about.
  • Being small enough to accompany Barbara around means they can enjoy all her singing for themselves. Being able to hear her singing from such up close positions means she can ask for more specific feedback from them. Having someone that can listen to her warm ups and practices means she has even more reason to work harder on improving.
  • Barbara is quite a cuddly person, so when she gets hold of her S/O on her breaks they won’t be able to go anywhere until she had her fill with hugs and kisses for the day. She can even fall asleep while hugging them, something she is not embarrassed to admit at all, who wouldn’t fall asleep while holding such a soft lover?


  • Dear lord, having a S/O with such an unusual disposition makes her heart flutter uncontrollably, finally, someone who’s also different from the people in this world, just like her! Being in a relationship with them is a nice bonus, but being able to just talk with someone who gets her is already a blessing she can’t that enough
  • Fishcl is all about entrance and class, she is a princess afterall, and that means she will coordinate with her S/O so their reveal is always unexpected and impactful. She will hide them behind her vision so they can stay somewhere comfortable while she builds up to their appearance.
  • She loves exploring this new world, and she loves even more exploring it with her S/O, but she loves even more exploring the world on her S/O’s perspective. Using her connection with Oz she can see through the raven eyes and gaze at things from a diminished perspective. The adventures she can embark with this arrangement are basically endless, and it ensure she won’t be tired of Teyvat for a long time while searching for a way to return to her world.
  • To transport her S/O around she prefers to keep them with her at all times, it doesn’t matter to her where they are as long as she can touch them almost constantly. It is true it would be better to just let them ride Oz’s back since she wouldn’t have to worry about dropping them, but being told that makes her pout for the rest of the day.


  • When Mona read on her divination that she would find a priceless small treasure if she walked around the city without looking where she was going, she took it in a heartbeat, her Mora problems would finally end! But when she stepped on something squishy, she ended up finding something even better
  • Mona is always running around the town trying to find any money to add to her admittedly empty purse, so she can’t spend that much time looking after her vulnerable S/O. When she does have time to spend with them, she likes to be pampered a lot, she works extremely hard every day so it’s only natural for her to get some love right?
  • When she needs to take them with her, she just puts them inside her hat or on her coin purse. But they should go expecting to get wet, Mona got too accustomed to using her hydro vision to get around to stop out of a sudden.
  • Mona also likes to roleplay with her S/O, and her favourite scenario displaying the giant monster that invades a city. She even builds little paper structures so she can topple them over. In other moments, she also likes to play hide and seek with her S/O, but not any normal kind of hide and seek, she lets them hide through an entire day and it’s her job to find them without any sort of help or tips. This game also helps her keep her divinations sharp and accurate even in such short notice. She hasn’t lost this game even once, even that time when her S/O got captured by a bird


  • Their relationship started when Beidou was looking for some companion to keep on her shoulder while on the ship. Parrots were too irritating for her tastes, monkeys were to noisy and even though she really liked the turtle her crewmates didn’t think it looked that good on her. When she finally settled on adding that tiny person to her crew, she already had an interest bigger than just a cute accessory to add to her look
  • Beidou doesn’t know how to take care of someone with a tiny disposition, so her crew ends up doing most of the work for her. She is most of the time drunk so she can’t even take care of herself properly during the days where she finds some good booze to drink.
  • She doesn’t expect her S/O to stay put around the ship, that’s one of the reasons that drew her to them in the first place. Seeing them go bravely into the big bad world like that makes her fangirl like crazy, to the point where she might even follow them to witness their great adventure. Even if that “great adventure” is just a trip to second life to get some groceries
  • Beidou will get into a fight with anyone who makes fun of her S/O’s size, if they can’t see how cool they are for going around like that even with the dangers that it presents, they need some sense given to them
  • Beidou loves pampering her S/O behind doors, she even commissioned a carpenter to build to scale house for her to keep on her room. She also got a model ship to keep on her bathroom, so they can get on sea adventures together. Even if these adventures end up with her sleeping on the tub and having their S/O wake her up, somehow
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dating katsuki bakugou would include…


Originally posted by bakugousbrat

  • Everyone else is a dumbass 🤬 while on the other hand you’re Bakugou’s dumbass 🥰
  • Being affectionate is something that Katsuki struggles with. So don’t expect any PDA. The most Bakugou will want to do in public is hold hands or throw his arm around your shoulder
  • Holding hands with your boyfriend is very nice though! His hands are so tender and warm
  • If you ever kissed him in front of his friends he’d overheat. He’d be stuttering angrily but also blushing (he gets flustered so easily omg)
  • “I- d-dumbass why would you do that?!”
  • “I just wanted to give you a kiss” 🥺
  • After some time Bakugou does become a lot more loving while you’re alone together. You’re the only one who gets to see his soft side
  • When it’s just you in his dorm room Bakugou loves cuddles. If you don’t show him enough attention or give him hugs when he wants it he turns into an angry puppy
  • “If you wanted cuddles all you had to do was ask”
  • “Shut up and get over here!”
  • It would be hard but Bakugou would very slowly start to open up about his insecurities but he makes you promise not to tell a single person
  • Bakugou prefers dates that you can do at home or dates that are relaxed like the movies. He just doesn’t like making a big deal out of things
  • Kacchan is sooooooo protective of you. He’ll do everything he can to keep you safe and if anyone hurts you, they’re in for a world of pain
  • Along with being protective, Bakugou is can be very possessive too. He doesn’t like seeing any other guy talk to you and he isn’t afraid to tell them to back off
  • “[Y/N] mine! You got that Extra!”
  • His mom loves you so much. She sees how you bring out the good traits in her son. Also he yells a lot less when you’re around which makes the house a lot quieter 😌
  • Sometimes Bakugou being… himself, accidentally hurts your feelings with his yelling and name calling. He doesn’t mean to and as soon as he realizes he’s screwed up he tries to make it up to you
  • Katsuki can actually be super thoughtful. He’s a very good listener and remembers everything you tell him. When he gets you a gift he surprises you because it’s usually something you off handedly mentioned that you wanted
  • “It’s that book I wanted!… you remembered?”
  • “Yeah, did you think I was ignoring you when you told me you wanted it dumbass?”
  • You’re Bakugou’s number one fan. You cheering him on and believing in him makes him a better hero and so much stronger. There’s no doubt he’ll make it to the top with you at his side

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yamazaki hiroshi - he’s not that spiritual a person during high school, but i think that, as he grew older, he’d look towards it as a way of ‘repenting’ for what he’s done as a teenager. he’d be good at following the necessary rules of being a monk, although he’d definitely convince himself that he’s still got ‘evil thoughts’, and that he’s got to repent for them, though the older monks know that to not be the case. (as a sidetone, i feel like he’d do better in a set-up like the shaolin monastery; being involved with martial arts would do him good)

furuhashi kojiro - he’s not necessarily spiritual, but the lifestyle of a monk could suit him, when he’s older: he’d never go out of his way to help someone, but he’d enjoy the cleaning of the monastery, and specifically the maintenance of the garden, and he’d be strict enough on himself to never disobey any of the rules. 

imayoshi shouichi - he’ll never be someone deeply interested in spiritual affairs, but he’ll dabble in the matters for fun - and for the ability to quote religious texts just to irritate others - albeit never intensely enough to become a monk for the long term.

hara kazuya - the most spiritual hara’s ever been was convincing his classmates there was a curse over the school, which he himself was actually pulling the strings of. otherwise, he’s not the type to believe that there’s any form of deity above (apart from himself, that is, is what he’ll tell you, with a grin), nor would he be able to commit to something long enough to be a monk. (also we’ve discussed bald hara in the past, and that’s not something i want to consider again.)

haizaki shougo - on the one hand, i think becoming a monk (even if just for a few years, as i think some boys in thailand do - but don’t quote me on that) would be healthy for haizaki, and could help him refocus his life. on the other hand, he tries his very best to avoid spirituality/religion - he’s very much the type to raise his middle fingers up at the sky and say, “if there’s a god, then how come he’s not doing shit when i do this?”

seto kentaro + hanamiya makoto: both of them are too involved in/focused on science to consider religion, and neither could stand how structured/constraining life in a monastery could be. specifically, in hanamiya’s case, he revels in his own evil thoughts - if he really wanted to change his life and get involved in spirituality, it would be more along the lines of curses/demons/satanism. in seto’s case, he’s not interested in either concept: neither good or evil. he’ll pray at a shrine before an important exam, if his parents really insist on it, but that’s about it.


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There were times Teucer had gotten beaten in taverns for insulting the drunk and singing about how ridiculous they looked. Whenever he’d get beaten, he felt it didn’t affect him all that much. Whenever he’d get beaten, he’d fight back with either his legs and fists, or his vision. Afterwards he’d apologize to the bartender for the ruckus and then pay them and leave.

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• Hifumi didnt realize he had a crush on angie until she asked him out

• He just figured he drew her alot because they shared similar interests and she was pretty and thus an easy inspiration

• It wasn’t until she asked him out that he realized that while that was half of it, the other half was because he has a crush on her

• their first date went amazingly

• They had a picnic under a tree by a lake, Hifumi infodumped about his latest projects while angie painted

• When they parted ways for the night he was nervous, unsure if he should go for the kiss or not

• instead Angie gave him a kiss on the cheek before waving good night

• They go out to different parks and stuff on dates alot but most of their dates now are just held at one of the others studios where they do art together and talk

• Hifumi is always nervous to kiss her, not wanting to force her to so Amgie usually kisses him first

• But hes getting better and less nervous about it

• first time he got the courage to peck her on the cheek made her blush and giggle

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being lucifer morningstar’s child would include…


Originally posted by sistinad

  • Everyone is in complete disbelief when they find out that Lucifer of all people has a a kid
  • Chloe in particular thinks that it’s some sort of prank. She never viewed Lucifer as the fatherly type. In fact she thought Lucifer hated kids
  • It’s true that Lucifer isn’t a fan of HUMAN kids but you’re perfect in his eyes
  • “My dear [Y/N] inherited all my good traits”
  • “Define ‘good traits’”
  • He’s such a dotting father. This man spoils you to no end and gives you whatever you want. His child deserves the best
  • Lucifer doesn’t treat you like his most human parents treat their kids. You’re the child of the devil so in Lucifer’s opinion you should be treated as if you’re more mature
  • All the freedom that Lucifer gives you and how he doesn’t shield you from adult things concerns Chloe a little
  • “Are you sure we should talk about our latest case in front of [Y/N]?”
  • “Oh don’t worry. Murder doesn’t bother [Y/N]”
  • Despite how unsure Chloe is about Lucifer’s parenting tactics, she lets you have play dates with Trixie and babysits you when Lucifer isn’t around
  • Just because your dad doesn’t see you as a baby doesn’t mean he’s not protective of you
  • Lucifer wouldn’t put his life on the line for a lot of people but he’s die a thousand times if it meant you’d be safe
  • Mazikeen is basically you’re cool aunt lol
  • “Hey [Y/N] I’m bounty hunting today. Want to join me?”
  • “Yes!”
  • “Maze no!”
  • Amenadiel is more so the strict uncle but you still like him all the same. Besides, he often brings you gifts and that’s cool
  • Because you’re the child of the devil, you’ve inherited many of your father’s abilities which makes you one of the most powerful/scary children out there
  • One time one of your dads enemies broke in to kidnap you to get at Lucifer. In the end you sent the kidnapped running and crying
  • Sometimes you ask to join your dad at work. Lucifer doesn’t mind but Chloe is against it
  • “Lucifer we can’t bring [Y/N] to a crime scene”
  • “Why not? Just think about it as take your kid to work day”

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I think all the countries that have been declared outcasts tend to stick around with one another, not on an official level but at least on a personal level. To check upon each other once in a while. With a western dominated narrative, it’s easy to see how a lot of them may have a hard time making friends, so I think a group like that should totally exist xD minus all the controversies ofc lol

I firmly believe that nation-tans can have independent opinions from their bosses. In the case of Pakistan, he has had complicated relationships with a lot of his previous rulers. A lot of them came and enforced certain constitutional changes on him, that he feels like he isn’t the same “Quaid’s Pakistan” anymore. 

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Ricardo Relationship HCs


  • Okay this man would be in your business 24/7. Like if you were reading a book, he would sneak up behind you and plop his head on your shoulder. If you acknowledged him, he would make you drop your book and pick you up to cuddle with him. If not, he would pick you up, sit down, and sit you on his lap. He’d lean his head on your back and hug your waist while you continue to read. I wouldn’t be able to read anymore…
  •  If you were cooking, he would come up and hug you from behind and say, “What’s cookin’ good lookin’.” He’d definitely would taste test the food you make. “Hmm, add a bit more spices for this.” *tries it again* “Mm perfect sweetheart.”
  • He is definitely a thigh man. He’ll randomly lay his head on your thighs and just stroke his finger in little circles around the area he is laying at. If you play with his hair, he’ll start humming to himself quietly. 
  • On dates, he’ll always make sure you are walking on the inside of the street. He usually likes to hold your waist, that way he can be as close to you as possible. He would also let you hold his arm if you wanted to. 
  • Casual dates would be either at bars or walks around the town. He’d rather stay home and keep you to himself, but he can’t keep you locked up in there, so he would be fine taking you to small places. As soon as you both walk into the bar, he would grab your waist and pull you into him. He’d glare around, as to tell everyone there, “This one is mine.” He’d get a table in the back, where you would drink and joke around.
  • I imagine Drunk Ricardo is super clingy and childish. “Do you know how much I love you Kitten… THISSSS much!” He’d stretch his arms as far as they can go, smacking your face lightly in the process. You would laugh at him apologizing constantly for hitting you. “Lemme heal you with a kiss~ Cmere!” SLOPPY KITHES MUAH
  • Walks, on the other hand, would be super calm. You would walk in silence, enjoying each others’ presence. Occasionally, he would glance over at you and squeeze your waist. When you look at him, he’d give you a warm smile and go back to looking ahead. WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BE THAT HOT SIR?
  • He would love for you to wear sexy lingerie for him, but what would really do it for him is wearing his clothes. If he comes home from work and sees you in his undershirt, he would lose his mind. 
  • He would tell you that you are his all the time. If any person were to look at you in the wrong way, he would threaten them. You’d have to pull him away from said person. Overtime, he gets better at handling his jealousy, but from time to time, he tends to act upon it, so make sure to tell him that he is the only one for you.
  • He’ll tease you about the smallest things. When you wake up, he is already up, looking at you. He’ll grin and brush your face. “You have such a beautiful sleeping face baby.” If you get flustered easily, rip gg. He would constantly give you kisses and hugs all day and tell you how amazing you are. His goal in life would be to make you as flustered you are.

All in all, Ricardo is a soft bb that deserves the world. His bad ending had me SHOOK… but his good ending was so beautiful. Bad ending Rick is a yandere while Good ending Rick is an overprotective boyfriend. Take care of him for me please! -Suki❤

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