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Individuals have to learn to accept and love themselves without concern for what others think. If they are loved enough by the people that recognize them for their wisdom, or for their music, to be able to enchant the collective, then a new state of an inner journey can take them further….

I would say for all individual channels you have in you, there is something in you that the outside surely can benefit from…

Individuals and the healing of individuals first thing is that they’ve got to accept that they are different. There has to be a separation from what is known and from what is expected from others. Every individual has to accept their own aloneness. If you can’t be alone with your individual chemistry you are in trouble. The sense of difference never leaves them. When they come between these crossroads of the exterior and the interior that need to hold the inner tension within them while participating in both extremes of contradiction. One way of saying that is to be in the world but not of it. Any plunge into the opening for individual knowing has to be in the now, and it can be sudden. A sudden moment. It is necessary to let go into the pendulum swing from one thing to another. If there is movement in one direction go with it and if it is not going right you find yourself going to the complete polarity.

There is going to be a fall of some sort. A descent into the unknown. It can be experienced almost like a death. It’s usually intense, can be painful, it can involve visions, where known reality changes. Something more real comes in but it’s an alchemical process and you are part of the process.

Acceptance of the totality of who one is, is assisted by the discovery of one’s uniqueness. So all you are contains some part of mystery in you if you’ve got individual definition. And you never get to feel completely whole until you access that. At some point there is a threshold experience into the now and into something unexpected. It is always personal and whoever is around you, you feel alone. It is vital that you surrender to the process. The being is not in control of the direction only in their ability to let go deeper and deeper. And a leap into the unknown is a leap into your own destiny.

The right spirit is needed. Individuals need to be listened to without interference…

Your knowing is not consistently accessible because its pulsic.

Types of knowing: Creative knowing - experience of beauty that comes from the muse. Mystical knowing the experience enters one’s consciousness and changes you forever. So surrender to the creative stream is necessary without expectation but mystical knowing is rare and is never part of the goal it’s never about enlightenment it’s about you being in the experience and seeing where it takes you. It is very fulfilling to let your individuality come up. At some point if you are going to what is different in you is going to get out the world and change the world you need to be able to explain your knowing. Or to be shown in a way that is accepted by the outside world…

In the end surrender is necessary for the new order to come into existence. A fertile ground that is discovered when you recognize that struggle is futile. There was no way Ra wasn’t going to walk through that door. Once you walk through the door, let go is the only thing that is possible and its mutative chemistry. So there is an ordering process that goes on internally.

And it’s not about it being a problem it’s about going into it and seeing it resolve itself. If you haven’t been recognized for your individuality and there is a feeling of worthlessness and depression balance it with beauty…

So surrender to being different. Give up trying to fit into the world. Surrender to the now and the moment that can come unexpectedly. So its primary suddenly it’s the something that changes in the moment and everything else what you were going to do, what you were going to say doesn’t matter anymore. You may not know what is going to happen and you have to be in that moment and follow it to the end…

You don’t know what is going to happen, and it doesn’t matter when it’s over, it’s over. Until you can surrender to the now and surrender to the pulse of what is happening you won’t get that. In the same way when you are surrendering to your creativity, your creative experience you follow it through and it’s like magic coming through. If the right spirit comes in, a person comes in or an animal comes in, something comes in, let that guide be there for you at that time for you. On the outside something occasionally comes to help you with that opening, to help you to be able to release what you know. With their silence and their attention. Surrender to the limitation. The timing is never up to us. Sometimes you can know when but not exactly when, and at some point surrender to the return, surrender to, at some point coming back and letting more people know about what it is that you know. And surrender to what is…

So let go, free yourself from the attachment of your process, understand to awaken is to realize one’s nothingness, that is to realize one’s complete and absolute mechanicalness. And one’s complete and absolute helplessness. You as someone with individuality in you become part of the process that has to come out of you. And let go is the only option if you want to be happy. Love yourself as Ra used to say.

~Richard Beaumont

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Bro if this girl only knew 😂😩 been stuck on it since forever shit irritates my soul but idk something about her? Shit it’s been years but I can still remember the way she looked at me and from that day she did something to me. Anyway, I’m a shitty person for taking things for granted and missing opportunities that I still think about. But mannn I would do anything to see her one more time.

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