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#he aint no boi now

so!!!!  it’s been brought to my attention that people in the year 2020 are still woobifying villains.  y’all really out here taking characters that, in canon, have absolutely no regard or care for human life && calling him a  uwu soft boy~    just because your character is sympathetic does not mean that they’re right.  ESPECIALLY when your character, in canon, has never even tried to seek forgiveness.  

endeavor is a shit person who realizes that he’s shit. he was blinded by his ambition, && when he realized what he’d done, he actively changed his behavior.  he does not ask for forgiveness.  he changed his behavior to be a better person, && while his actions were horrible, it was not done out of malice. he never intended to hurt people. 

twice kills people because he wants to. you can argue that he does it to protect his friends or whatever you want, but he && his friends are villains. DID Y’ALL FORGET THAT TWICE HELPED THE LEAGUE KIDNAP A FUCKING CHILD ???   holy shit.  they are cruel, calculated killers. they don’t care how their actions impact others. THEY INTEND TO HURT PEOPLE. 

hawks is a hero in the heat of battle with a villain. hawks is a fucking pro hero that was attacked by a villain. there were lives on the line. he offered twice a way out, && twice attacked him.  he offered twice a chance to redeem himself by giving him the option to turn himself in.  he knew that if twice got away, the league could end up slaughtering hundreds of pro heroes— possibly even civilians or children. hawks did what he had to do. the villains were doing what they wanted to do. 

if you’re going to sit there && try to fucking weasel out of that shit by saying “twice was hurt uwu” or “but hawks lied to him!” or some fucking weak shit like that, i’m going to make this really easy for you !  my blog urls are as follows:

HARD BLOCK ME!!       bc i don’t want that mentality in my space.  

finishing statement: you can like villains, but you can’t erase the fact that they are villains. get the fuck outta here w/ that 

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