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#he deserved better

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his backstory is so sad i jus wanna give him a warm blanket and hot chocolate and let him talk about his problems :(

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Same. Same.

I knew it was going to happen. Wife husbandry is just common in their media. I braced myself for 18 year old Rin. Not 14 year old Rin.

I am just so damn disappointed. Sesshomaru was my second favorite character behind Kikyo.

What makes it worse is what I’ve learned. I don’t believe, based on past content, this is a case of her “growing up” which isn’t okay anyways.

Sesshomaru had intentions of marrying her when she was 11-12 years old. That’s not good.

I comfort myself knowing Dante, Vergil, Sephiroth and Nero will never betray me like this. Certainly Nero. He’s raising children. He’s a dad. A great dad.

Good side is the jokes are hilarious. Bad side is that adults thought this was acceptable to create. At least have her as an adult.

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Am I tipsy and simultaneously thirsting and crying over Obi-Wan Kenobi? Damn right I am.

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This ask game is literally like 5 questions long and I’ve been going at a damn snail’s pace to answer it lmao what is wrong with meee

my fave trait of theirs: ugh okay I love that he’s like set up to be the next bad boy but he’s actually a big softie who takes ballet and loves his mom and his friends and stuff. He’s just such a cutie and I think it’s cool we got a male character that could have a softer side and not get made fun of. Cause you know if he came in in s1-3 he would’ve gotten made fun of (:

who i ship them with: Marley! One of the actual canon pairings I can stand. But also I like him and Tina, and him and Blaine

which of their friendships is my fave: Jake and Ryder! I swear they have a heart to heart every damn episode. There’s so much content 

my fave solo of theirs: My Prerogative. He sounded great and got to show off his dancing skills <3 

my fave duet or group song of theirs: I really like Everybody Talks with Kitty. Omg and Nasty/Rhythm Nation is literally one of the most iconic songs on the show and doesn’t get enough credit 

send me a glee character!

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i woke up at 3:33 last night (been seeing that angel # a lot lately) and made the mistake of opening tumblr & was stuck on here for HOURS with tears streaming down my face bc i cannot escape the angsty hellscape that is supernatural s16

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Uh oh


I guess im doing Magnus archives now lm

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Just realized that because everyone died in the FNAF 6 fire that includes Helpy I am destroyed

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I just rewatched 06x14 and in the scene with Lisa and Dean (the one where Ben parent trap’d them), Lisa said: “I know what I want. But I can’t have it, not how you live.”

Nah, I am not crying, you are.

It’s just.. Every one Dean loved said to him that ‘the one thing they want is something they know they can’t have.’

Sure, Sam did never say that to him. But I’m pretty sure that this was the first thought he had in mind when Dean showed up at his place back in 01x01.

Like.. 'How is it that the one thing I want.. a freaking normal, apple pie life with a house, kids, a blurry wife.. is something I can’t have?’

It just hurts so damn much.

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tw/spoilers//banana fish




so uh tiktok told me apparently yut lung was assassinated after the main plot of bf????? im- sorry??? WTF. JDGSJ WHAT.

yeah im crying again over an anime i watched months ago sue me

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And since we all came from a woman 

Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman

I wonder why we take from our women

Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?

I think it’s time to kill for our women

Time to heal our women, be real to our women 

And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, that make the babies

And since a man can’t make one

He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one

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Ugh I bought copies of My Hero Academia volume 24 and 25 and Shigaraki’s back story will always make me physically ill.

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Ok, so hear me out. There’s this theory that’s been widely spread over social media, that’s Harry (Styles) label is trying to sabotage him.

Okay, so Harry was nominated for a Grammy back in October. His team, his family and he himself didn’t say a word about it (although they talked about pervious awards with ease). It was also confirmed that Harry will perform at the Grammys, but did we hear about it from him or his team? No.

On December 29, the main update account about Harry was frozen (@hsdaily). I remind you that update accounts are one of the main sources of promotion for celebrity’s. This is due to copyright. but a bunch of other accounts posted the same updates, but no one was frozen for more than a week.

On January 1st, the TPWK music video was released, which (may I add) did NOT receive any promo! A lot of people didn’t even know about the release of the mv, because Harry made a post about it only a few hours later. It was 07:00am in LA, 11:00am in NY and 15:00pm in London. After New Years Eve, when everyone was drunk - releasing the music video so early is stupid.

Harry’s label specifically didn’t want the mv to get views. Half of my friends said about the fact that they just slept through it. btw, TPWK is very loud, so this might be the absolute ignore of its release. (Harry was also starred in a gay club)

And if Harry’s label wanted to sabotage him, they would certainly try to make him look like a total asshole. And they decided to make him walk around Jeffs wedding (which was in February / March) with -then- married Olivia.

Even if it’s true, and the wedding was yesterday. It still looks strange: Harry and Olivia, who just divorced her husband (although only two weeks ago kissed him) dating for a couple weeks??

Harry is exposed as a womanizer and homewrecker, always portrayed as the root of the trouble.

Their relationship with Olivia can be used against the film: you can convince people that Harry got the lead role through bed, and in fact he is worthless or people may say that the film is so terrible that the director tried to save it with a scandal with a popstar, and it’s not worth spending money on it at all. And what hurts the movie - hurts Harry.

Cause of the sabotage may be the fact that Harry wants to leave the Columbia’s label (or Sony in general), and they don’t want that so they are trying to destroy his public image and his popularity as a musician so that any other labels don’t agree with on the contract.

And it acctualy works, because the number of his listens on Spotify is rapidly falling. Most recently, it was 17th on auditions, but now his on 36th (at the time of writing this). Although it would seem that he is releasing singles and auditions should also grow but the same auditions are earned because of playlist created by Spotify and places in these playlist need to be bought, which Harry’s team does not do.

And with that I finally finish my neverendinv rant. If you do not agree with any of statements above the I’m sorry but I am only trying to share my point of view so please to do not spread hate. I think that Harry deserves the world but whatever his management is doing is shit.

Sorry if this was too long but thank you for taking the time to read this.


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