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#he didnt know who she was!!!
buggachata month ago
Did the maricat balcony scene and all the other maricat scenes that are canon actually happen in your AU ?? If it has wouldn't Adrien know Marinette then ?? And what about ladrien moments ?? Have they happened in your AU too ??
Marichat and Ladrien really don't have the same punch without the context of Adrien and Marinette knowing each other imo. Marinette wouldn't have been any more memorable to Chat Noir than any of the other thousands of civilians that he might've saved over the course of being a superhero.
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lokisboyfriendowenwilsona month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ihatebnhaa month ago
Bakugo鈥檚 so funny.聽
Another hero starts trying to make moves on him despite knowing聽that you two are dating, and even though he sorta recognizes it鈥檚 happening and dodges every single attempt they make with a brute and angry swiftness...聽
Like three weeks into the whole ordeal, after they manage to snag an interview slot with him and start cozying up next to him on the couch... he鈥檚 asking, on live television: 鈥淲ho the hell are you?鈥澛
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eliot-wolfgirl-spencera month ago
Thinking about all the lesbians from the bar adopting Eliot and like.
On a more sentimental note.
Can we just.
He would Family them so fucking good???
Especially those who's families had rejected them like.
Every generation on down the line, from the elder dykes to the baby gays, he'd be such a sweet son/baby brother/annoying middle sibling/older brother/dad figure to them all, and like.
Of COURSE he soaks that up just as much as they do and if he thinks about it for too long there's a threat of waterworks so it goes in the box next to HardisonAndParker labeled "Well Don't THINK About It Then."
And he's always there to support them like as much as it's risky for him to interact too much with cops he's a bunch of the younger one's (and some around his age too, though the elders are a little more Handle It Themselves Like We've Always Done - Trust Me Sonny What Ever You've Got To Throw At Me Can't Hold A CANDLE To The Eighties) first call when they need a cishet-passing just-a-good-ol-boy sounding man to deal with an authority figure for them. He's the BEST at diffusing situations where police have been called or there's some Heartlander causing trouble. Sure he'd also LOVE to hit some of these fucks, but there'd always be some threat of retaliation later when Eliot's not available, you know?
And vice versa, they TRY and help him out, but it's always [Nate voice:] "you never admitted to needing need anything." So they bully him into accepting some comforts at least, even if they can't get the whole story out of him. And maybe there's one grizzled ex-vet, pushing 90 but still buff and ornery as hell. Tattooed every where. maybe she even runs the joint, used to be special forces herself till they found out she was lesbian (it might been fine if it were just her sexuality, but apparently her gender was a bigger issue) and started on a PMC tour of her own. She was good at what she did, and private companies were always a little more willing to look the other way in exchange for skill.
Anyways she not only knows The Look but also still keeps her ear to the ground, stays in touch with some old squad mates from the military days as well as some of her private security contacts. Spencer was WELL after her generation so the name doesn't spark anything until the boy comes in looking haunted as hell the night after The Warehouse, and she knows that look, so she starts digging.
The name gets her a heavily redacted service history, some spotty PMC employment records, and a frantic voicemail from a friend in Brussels telling her to stay the fuck away from Moreau's Dog.
She follows that name around a bit - it's like pulling teeth at first but when suddenly the news breaks that Moreau has conveniently just been imprisoned in San Lorenzo? it gets a hell of a lot easier. the only people who like to gossip more than freshly dumped pillow princesses are mercenaries whose NDA's have just been suddenly terminated - and gets a few more pieces of the story. Enough pieces to put together a decent picture.
Eliot heads right for the bar when he gets back to Boston, only to find it closed for a Private Event.
He really coulda used just bein' around the girls for a bit tonight. After everything. Might as well head back to McRor-
"Bout time you got your ass back stateside, boy," comes Toby's gravelly smoker's drawl just as he turns to leave. "S'just you an' me an' a couple my ol' army buddies tonight, kid. We're gonna talk a bit then we're gonna drink a lot then we're gonna take all your money in a poker game. Get on in here."
And just like that Eliot's got himself a queer ex-vet ptsd support group too.
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scarah-screeeaaammssa month ago
thinking about Stefan from Barbie as Rapunzel bc hes so fucking funny to me.
like rapunzel shows up one, literally out of nowhere, saves the life of his sister, and immediately starts critiquing how the kingdom is run even tho she just now found out it existed like 2 minutes ago
"that seems foolish" shes so right and she should say it!! And to the prince no less!!! and Stefan is like ha ha you don't know anything. But then is like oh shit wait maybe you do.
AND HE TALKS TO HIS DAD ABOUT IT??? he's like yea I just met this girl, I dont even know her name but she said this feud is dumb so I've decided I wanna play nice and end the feud as like an little bday present and the king is like. Are you outta your goddamn mind.
And he isn't actually but I can understand why the king thinks that, I mean he's been stuck in his ways for like close to two decades by now, and it's not really his fault since it wasn't his kid who was snatched
And Stefan continues to crack me up bc the two knights come back and start telling their story about the dragon "20 ft-- NO 100 FEET. Yea what he said" and Stefan is like ur so full of shit but ill let it slide, as he should bc they probably weren't too far off bc Hugo sure is huge-o
But then the one knight makes the comment about how that if rapunzel was living in that forest shes probably dead and Stefan yells "well I hope you're wrong! Go now" and the wheels start turning and hes like
Oh shit. I sound just like my dad. Processing......... oh I wanna be a nice king and be friends with everyone and he immediately turns around, much softer this time and says "please, help yourself to food and drink"
like its so fun to watch this kid (yes kid bc hes not yet 18 and 18 is still pretty young, especially if you're about to become a king) go from "I wanna be like my dad!" To "oh I Do Not want to be like my dad" not all bc but definitely with help from some random ass girl who magically appeared out of thin air one day bc magic shenanigans.
AND THEN. when the kings do meet! The kings find out their feud has been for nought, its been over literally nothing and Rapunzel was right about them needing to just talk it out. People do foolish things in fits of rage, including starting wars. But they figure it out and the kingdoms become united.
Anyway I think that's pretty neat. Shout of to Stefan.
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ephraim8 months ago
Trans man in need of help
Hi, my name is Ephraim. Currently I am living with my transphobic abusive mother who is now refusing to pay for my medical care and basic needs because I鈥檓 trans.
I am moving within the month due to school, but she is suddenly revoking helping to pay for things like shoes, clothing and bedding and as you may know, moving is expensive. She is also refusing to pay for my medication now, including my HRT and meds for my psychotic depression, despite knowing I have attempted suicide in the past & have been in psychiatric care before, and need to be on these meds. I cannot quit the medication I鈥檓 on suddenly either without risking withdrawal symptoms, and she knows this. Not to mention I have an appointment for my HRT that I must attend to continue treatment, which I have to pay for out of pocket due to my insurance refusing to cover Planned Parenthood, on top of having to travel 2 hours to even go to the appointment (I live in a very conservative area). I鈥檓 at high risk for COVID-19 on top of being a full time student, so I cannot get a job, and again, my mom knows all of this.
Please consider helping/boosting if you can, I鈥檒l take any help I can get right now. I just need the money to make it through this month.聽 Thank you if you end up donating or boosting, I seriously appreciate it.
paypal is paypal(.)me/transknights29 venmo is transknights
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keimiwolf3 months ago
So I've seen Danny phantom fics where Danny is trans. And there siting Dani being what his genetic makeup made him as. (This didn't make sense to me, like the other clones of dannys were all male.) But what if Dani is the trans one.
Hear me out.
If when vlad created Dani she was male. And as she started living outside the pod she started to realize that she wasn't comfortable in her male body. The ectoplasma reacted to her self image and changed her body. But her human half wasn't ment for that type of change.
It wasn't her ghost half reacting bad to her human half that made her to destabilize. It was her human half not being able to change.
Vlad doesn't take this well. He wants the perfect SON, and yet this CLONE changes Daniels gender?
When Dani starts destabilizing vlad pretends to exept her so she'll get Danny.
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sans-comics-does-stuffa month ago
He was curled up. His back facing them and, while he did his best to be quiet, the shaking of his shoulders and occasional hiccuping were hard to miss.
"What's wrong?"
"Why did that ghost call you that?"
"To hurt me."
"How does calling you Melody hurt you?"
"It's my deadname."
"What... What do you mean?"
"I'm trans, ok? Just leave me alone."
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mary-winchester3 months ago
thinking thinking thinking about how john gets possessed and dean knows because he says he鈥檚 proud of dean and mary gets possessed and dean knows because she punches him in the face
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padfootslads4 months ago
Harry Potter, the person who lived
This headcanon was requested by dezi.johnson24 on Instagram! So here it is; He/they, bi Harry with a preference to men.
Harry had always fancied boys. He鈥檇 known since he was six and one of the few boys in his year that didn鈥檛 bully him had tried to fix Harry鈥檚 hair. Their faces had been so close, his hands had been so gentle, and the way his nose scrunched up when the hair refused to stay in place made Harry鈥檚 stomach all fluttery. So he knew. When he saw that skinny, blond boy in Madam Malkin鈥檚, he knew. That is, until the boy opened his mouth...
There were many cute boys around Hogwarts and Harry couldn鈥檛 help but see it. And it annoyed him. He had enough to think about, what with being the chosen one and all. But all these boys seemed to keep distracting him. And one boy, in particular, occupied his brain. No matter how much he tried to force the thoughts of the blond boy鈥檚 thin, pink lips on his out of his mind, there was no denying Harry had a crush on snouty, disgustingly rude Draco Malfoy.
It wasn鈥檛 until third year that Harry got his first crush on a girl. Harry had lived his entire life trying to accept the fact that he was gay and for a long time worked up the courage to eventually tell his friends. But then, the way Cho Chang leered at him as she鈥檇 outfly him so effortlessly made Harry all sweaty and nervous. There was no way he was gay.
Still, Harry found himself more drawn to the boys. The troubled boys, to be quite honest. He kept coming back to Draco. Harry hated him so fiercely, but at the same time, he wouldn鈥檛 mind being covered from top to bottom in his kisses. But nothing ever happened, and that was probably for the best.
Time went and he and Ginny became an item. It had surprised him greatly when he had realised that he was actually in love with her. He鈥檇 never loved a girl before. Only boys. And the fact it would be his best friend鈥檚 sister, of all people. But he really did love her. More than anything in the world. And she made him feel as though his luck was finally turning.
He was at peace with his sexuality now. He knew he was bisexual, and he was more than proud to be. He finally knew who he was. The boy who lived.
鈥淭he boy who lived鈥
That sentence had always cut like a dagger through him. And he only now started to realise that it wasn鈥檛 because of the overwhelming attention it gave him. Every time someone had referred to him as 鈥渁 lucky boy鈥 or 鈥渢he most powerful man since Dumbledore鈥 he had always felt uncomfortable. A man. Why did they always have to call him a man?聽Weren鈥檛 they all just people? Why couldn鈥檛 they just see him as a person?聽Just a person.聽Just Harry.
And Harry remembered something he had read in a muggle magazine when he last was in London. Something about pronouns. How loads of people actually don鈥檛 feel like a 鈥渉im鈥 or a 鈥渉er鈥 but maybe something in between, or something entirely different, or nothing at all. And Harry found some kind of comfort in that. It wasn鈥檛 just him, and he could just change how people talked to him. But was that enough? Harry had never really had a problem with people calling him 鈥渉im鈥. But the way everyone saw him, as a man, that鈥檚 what bothered him. And no matter what, everyone would still see him as a man. There would be no way to change that. No way to change how they perceived him. Harry just wanted to be a person, but no one would ever see him as that. He would always be the boy who lived. And not even changing his pronouns would change that. So Harry thought there was really no use, starting to go by he/they.
But one day he summoned the courage to speak to someone about it. The only parental figure he had left, the one person he trusted most, the person he told everything, now that he didn鈥檛 have his godfather; Remus. And Harry was so glad he did. Because, with tears in his eyes, Remus told him about how, a whole lifetime ago, he鈥檇 had the exact same conversation with Sirius. How he too had found it hopeless, that the world was evolving too slowly. But Sirius did it anyway. He changed his pronouns, even tho he felt as though it would only make people think he was weird, rather than make them see him as a person. And he told Harry that he should do the same. He shouldn鈥檛 let society stop him from being who he wanted to be.
So a few days later, the Quibbler had a new first-page headline. 鈥淭he person who lived - meet the real Harry鈥 where Harry opened up about who they actually were.
Not a lot changed, as Harry had suspected, but the people they held closest accepted them and loved them, and that was really all that mattered.
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moeblob4 months ago
Hiya! I was wondering, if you were comfortable doing so, if you could tell us more about some of your oc's! Whichever ones you wanna talk about, because I'm terrible with remembering names aha. But yeah! I would love to hear more/see more of some of your original characters if you felt inclined to share :) (you don't have to tho, just wondering) I hope you have the best day <3
Tumblr media
You said whichever ones I wanna talk about so I'm gonna talk about these two very briefly cause I didn't have a whole lot set in stone design wise for the other characters!
Ami (girl) and Eclipse (guy)
Ami is an average human girl who bumps into Eclipse one day and when he tells her that she has to help him find seven reincarnated beings, she just kinda laughs it off because How do you LOSE 7 BEINGS?
And it turns out, only she can see and talk to Eclipse and he's not always around but he goes off on his own to try finding info about the seven beings. Which are actually weapons. But given human form. As Ami finds some of them she asks what happens when they all reunite and Eclipse tells her that she has to end their story. That hopefully when the time comes she can let them all rest in peace and stop the circle of reincarnation and being lost. And after hearing that and seeing how happy some of the weapons are as human, she wonders if that's what they really want. If they want to stop living their multiple lives. And one of the weapons shows depression once reunited with another and Ami hears him say it's been four cycles now since he developed feelings that he knows would be foolish to chase. When asked why, he says the one he likes doesn't remember his past lives. So even if it was mutual for a cycle, by the next reincarnation, he'd forget all about it.
So Ami basically learns all about these weapons and watches them interact and it hurts her to think about what to do. Does she end the cycle? Does she let it continue? Eclipse told her no matter what, not to ask the weapons directly what do to do. It's her choice on their lives.
And Ami ends up ending the cycle. She makes it so they won't resurrect again, they won't have to keep cycling through lives. And when she is saying her final words and wondering if it's the right thing, the amount of relief she feels coming from all of them seals the deal and she stops hesitating or second guessing her judgment.
Then her life goes back to normal for the most part until she sees someone who looks really familiar. And as he approaches, she realizes it's one of the weapons and he thanks her for ending them. That despite her choice, they get to finish those particular lives in the cycle then die as a mortal would without having to wake up to different times. And Ami feels at peace hearing that because she then doesn't feel the guilt at ending seven lives. They get to live out the rest of their time and then be done.
The end!
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