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coloriages11 months ago
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incomingalbatross2 months ago
Absolutely no offense to Sokka/Suki, but I think there should be AU content where Yue becomes the Moon but then she and Sokka just... keep dating. She uses her spirit powers to hang out with him somehow and, well, the one benefit of having given your life for your people is that at least you don't have to give up your love life for them now, right? Sokka adapts easily enough to having a spirit girlfriend, because it is frankly not the weirdest thing that's happened to him.
Potential futures, ranked from most to least angsty:
Sokka being the Moon's Husband until he dies, bringing the inevitable, tragic yet beautiful until-the-end-of-time parting that ends mortal/immortal relationships.
Avatar-world variant: Sokka dies but reincarnates, and the Moon shines more brightly on every one of his future selves, whether he knows why or not. (Sometimes he does.)
Sokka also ascends to spirithood at some point by virtue of Being The Moon's Husband, and basically becomes the Knowledge Owl Guy's nemesis because he A) is very involved in the mortal world and B) thinks that information should be free.
Variant: Sokka replaces the Ocean Spirit through some convoluted turn of events, making him and Yue the new yin-yang of Water.
Related, but different: Sokka just gets a nice house in a corner of the Spirit World where Yue stays between moonset and moonrise. If Iroh can, why not Sokka?
Anyway, this way you get the wholesomeness of these two finding happiness and love together even after everything; the comedy of Sokka actually DATING THE MOON and probably being very chill about the weirdness; and the incredible potential of an immortal spirit Sokka.
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deus-ex-moshina19 days ago
No no but Geralt is absolutely the ONLY person on this entire continent (the Netflix Witcher Universe) that鈥檚 unaware of Jaskier鈥檚 celebrity status because he 1) met him when he was a nobody and just hasn鈥檛 been paying attention since 2) doesn鈥檛 talk to anyone but his horse. So whenever someone around them recognizes Jaskier and go 鈥淚TS HIM!!!!鈥 Geralt just assumes it鈥檚 an angry spouse Jaskier cuckolded and immediately starts doing his banquet shtick. As a result there are now at least 50 different stories out there about how the famous bard Jaskier broke his dick in a terrible accident when he was 5. The fangirls are devastated. Jaskier is absolutely FURIOUS
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wifihunters29 days ago
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Tumblr media
鈥渘ow now, what is a blood saint doing dressed as a dog?鈥
vampire man a rude host, snow cold, giant man-eating ticks bad lawn accessories. would not vacation at cainhurst again, 0/10
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defilerwyrm7 months ago
Try this one on for size
Drow have superior darkvision.聽
Darkvision works in greyscale.
Rosohna is kept under near-perpetual night.
Imagine, for a moment, that the drow of Rosohna do their interior decorating based on darkvision because they don鈥檛 really rely on light sources much.
But then a diurnal species comes to visit, and they bring the lights up, and this is what their place looks like:
Tumblr media
...And the diurnal people are too polite to say a fucking word, but they sure are thinking it.
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