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#he don't want their game to end
yukinomonshou · a day ago
kh hot take: stop forcing kairi to do training : ))) she already had her Super Speed training with Merlin (never midn the fact that I STILL do not understand why they decided to have merlin, a NON KEYBLADE WIELDER, train keyblade wielders) and also riku and sora didn’t have to do this?? before they got to take a mark of mastery test.
at this point it’s just a weak excuse to side line kairi because nomura has a bias to riku. nomura, i am begging you: if you keep this up you might just ruin riku as a character. : |
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britishchick09 · 3 days ago
at the end of chapter 3, o’brien said he would shoot winston, but i’ve seen a couple pics of the ending and... he’s alive?
Tumblr media
or as alive as someone needing chocolate and sun could be
so either winston is forever playing chess in the afterlife or he’s set free and the bloody julia mouth pic happens
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kalu-chan · 25 days ago
Y’all know that feeling when something reminds you of something else, and it’s not a big Wow!(TM) memory, just something nice and kinda fun and you feel a little nostalgic bc of it?
#Like it's a nice feeling but also kinda. Bittersweet I guess?#Directly related to Kuro calling himself a crane game pro asdhaksdhl#Because#During my exchange year we sometimes met up with all the exchange students in my state (and one or two former exchangees as supervisors)#And sometimes we got to stay in an Onsen for that. It wasn't one you usually COULD stay at but one of the other students host family ran it#And they had a bunch of crane games downstairs#And the former exchangee who was with us told us that he'd played those A LOT and had a LOT of the plushies from them bc of that#So when some of us spotted a super cute Dragonite they went to him to get him to get it#He was like ''Damn *I* want that Dragonite!''#We do not know how many tries it took bc he refused to tell us. but he did get that Dragonite.#We all got to pet it but he wanted it back at the end#And like. Usually when you get asked about what Cool Things(TM) you did they expect stuff like. Disney Land. Mt Fuji's Summit.#You know. The B I G stuff. And don't get me wrong those things ARE super cool! But.#What gives me WAY more feels than Disney Land and Akihabara and Mt Fuji (tho admittedly I wasn't at the summit) or any of that?#The small things. Seeing the others pester Aaron to get that Dragonite.#Sitting in a hotel room talking to my kendo friends about our crushes#Battling my friend with rolled-up newspapers#Even thinking about Disneyland... Of course it's AMAZING there. But. The first things that come to mind when I think of it?#That I randomly met a former classmate of mine because we just HAPPENED to be in the same souvenir shop at the same time on the same day#Or that it was my first time trying churros after my best friend told me how good they were#(both of those were after the exchange year but still)#Or during it how much my host mom loved the little Toy Story Mochi bc they were so cute ashdjkalshdjk#Idk I could say something philosophical here but. nah.#Anyway. Should translate the rest of Kuro's White Day Route lmao
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justifiedmuses · a month ago
ship tags. 
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