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#he gets on great with ruby

bro i’m really tired of getting into smth that looks lgbt inclusive/positive but at the end of the day aren’t 😔

#lee.txt, #this is about will & grace and lovecraft country mainly, #but also about so much more, #like i got into w&g for the gay shit and even tho it's '99 it's great really, #and i love the jokes and i love how will's always shown interested in men and wanting a bf and etc just like grace, #but it bugs me so much how grace can kiss men and be shown post sex with a man and there are entire episodes around her going into dates, #while will only has some throw away line about how he hooked up with a guy here and there, #and we never even see anything like it even if he's already gone on some dates by s2, #like i'm excited for when will starts to actually get male partners but i'm tired and don't expect much from it, #and i didn't actually expect that much from lovecraft country, #i didn't get into the show thinkinh it would touch the subject, #but then they did ep5 with montrose and i was happy tbh, #it wasn't perfect but it was cool i liked it, #but then it's dropped and it feels like what happened was forgotten by the characters, #and everything we have in relation to montrose's gayness for the rest of the series is in form of homophobia, #which i fucking understand i'm not dumb but i'm also tired so so tired, #and then spoilers ruby and christina kissed and i really wanted that but i never even dreamed of it actually happening, #but it happened and i got excited for a sec bc even tho i know christina is a bad person and that was a complicated relationship i liked it, #but then they sex scene is not even shown, #like christina asks if ruby has done 'it' with a woman and ruby says no and then it cuts and just, #even the flashback to ruby trying to get the vial doesn't show neither of them in some post sex fashion, #and like this show has multiple times shown gratuitous het sex scenes to us, #a lot of scenes between ruby and christina as william, #and the only fucking time we get a lesbian sex scene it's off screen?, #and then one of the characters is then killed off?, #like goddamnit, #i'm fucking tired, #idk why i still have hope but i do
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