#he got left behind 馃拃
Julieta: What did you guys do last night?
Mirabel: All I remember is that I pushed Antonio in a shopping cart for 15 blocks, then we realized we left Camilo downtown.
Pepa: Did you go back and get him?
Isabela: Nah, we went to a karaoke bar instead. So worth it!
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buttplugsupreme 8 months ago
First car accident achievement award unlocked
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kadssp 21 days ago
hi i鈥檓 the one who sent the sundrop x reader,. you can totally do afab or gn too!!! (if youre still want to write it) i don鈥檛 mind :)
warnings: it got suggestive at some point馃拃 cant hold back my love for him :(( minors DNI
reader is afab !
request wasn鈥檛 specific so general and dating hcs for now
Sun general/dating hcs
He may appear to be made completely out of metal but the palms of his hands are made with padded foam so he doesn鈥檛 hurt kids, even if he鈥檚 gentle with them.
His legs are also soft and foamy under his pants too! If he ever has a kid sitting in his lap they鈥檙e definitely very comfortable and so are you.
The triangle shaped pieces of metal around his head to make him look more like a sun are really bendable/flexible! Kids are constantly flipping them or touching them whenever he bends down to their level. But he doesn鈥檛 mind because it doesn鈥檛 hurt!
Children have definitely called you two a 鈥渕arried couple鈥 and the smaller ones have even called you both 鈥渕ommy and daddy鈥 a few times while his voice box glitches as he sputters out a response and if you touched his face, you鈥檇 feel how hot it is from his system overheating.
Nowww dating hcs !
Precious Sun who cares about how you feel and asks you about your day because he鈥榮 genuinely interested in everything about you.
He鈥檒l hold your hands in his own and play with your fingers as he nods to every word you say, occasionally humming in response or giving advice when you ask for it as he sways side to side where he sits.
He calls you 鈥橲unshine鈥 or 鈥楧ewdrop鈥 constantly, sometimes even 鈥楽weetheart鈥 when he鈥檚 feel extreme surges of his hyperactive love for you because you truly are so sweet to him.
Sometimes you will notice him staring at you, almost frozen in place as kids talked and ran around him with toys.
And if you could see where he was staring, it would be directly at your breasts that bounce with each movement you make. Very distracting for a certain daycare attendant !!
If you did ask him what was wrong he鈥檇 snap back to reality and his voice box would glitch as he feels embarrassment and his system starts heating up again while he babbles out an excuse. 鈥淣-No I鈥檓 okay, Sweetheart! My.. My system was delayed for a moment, b-but I鈥檓 fine now! C鈥檓on, Sunshine, let鈥檚 go play a game.鈥
He has a perverted mind and he鈥檚 truly ashamed and embarrassed about it for the most part. He can鈥檛 help it when you bend over a table to pick up a pen one of the children dropped, when you lean over a desk and he gets a wonderful view at your cleavage as you talk to the kids in a sweet tone.
He really tries to keep himself from snatching you up but it鈥檚 hard for Sunny :(( The other day after the kids had all left to go home and it was past closing hours you stayed behind to help tidy up the daycare. Picking up toys, glue bottles, stickers鈥 anything a kid could鈥檝e had and dropped on the ground.
And it was completely fine that day ! Not a single inappropriate thought about you, his adorable and absolutely beautiful girlfriend ! But when you stretched, your arms above your head as a soft moan slips past your lips and your back arched into the stretch, he had to physically keep himself from picking you up and taking you to his room where he can let his hands roam all over you and get you to make those sounds but for him. He鈥檒l help you relax way more than a simple stretch would !
Very handsy, very clingy. Has a hand on you all the timeee. It鈥檚 sometimes borderline inappropriate where he places his hands as you answer a child鈥檚 question or listen to a parent鈥檚 concern. He can鈥檛 keep his hands off of you !! You鈥榬e just so soft and squishy, your supple skin under his hands has his robotic heart combusting in his chest as he just can鈥檛 get enough of you :(
Everyone knows that a animatronic鈥 especially one like Sun鈥 cannot give kisses the way a human would. However to make up for the lack of lip contact, he nudges his face against yours and makes a sound similar to one a kiss would make before giggling and clinging to you as he sways side to side.
He braids or puts your hair up if you ask him to. He gigglies and praises you the entire time he plays styles your hair and even if it looks rushed or a little sloppy, Sunny did it and he is very much proud of it so give him a kiss as a reward.
Doesn鈥檛 matter how tall you are, he鈥檚 still taller. It鈥檚 adorable to him and occasionally you鈥檒l hear a few hushed teases about how he鈥榮 taller but if you point it out he鈥檒l praise you nonstop the rest of the day in case anything he said upset you :(
He always looks forward to when he鈥榣l see you coming through the big doors to the daycare, diving into the ball pit before rushing to the door and picking you up in a hug as he twirls you around, his face nudging into yours as he is already asking you how your day has been even though it just started.
He鈥榮 a really sweet guy, always caring, always putting your needs above his own. He cares so much about you he wants you to be happy because that makes him happy :(( He鈥檒l do whatever it takes to see you smile or brighten your mood. Anything !! Just tell him what it is and he鈥檒l find it or do it, only for you !
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c0rncheez 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ Midoriya and Bakugo
Synopsis ~ The one where you orgasm really hard seemingly out of no where and your man鈥檚 reaction
Cw ~ NSFW, Fem!Reader, AgedUp! Midoriya & Bakugo, Fluff if you squint, Forced Orgasms? Handcuffing and Blindfolding, Foreplay, Pet Names, Ear licking, Tongue Sucking & Fucking?, Choking, Established Relationships, Vibrator, Dacryphilia, Overstim, Fingering & Cunnilingus, Y/n Playing Genshin, Rough Sex, Bakugo being Bakugo, Teasing & Slight Edging, Mind Break, A lil tap on the cheek, Squirting, [this is wild lmao but jus know it鈥檚 all consensual 馃拃]
A/n ~ idk why I went crazy with the Deku one um chile...anyways
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈥淵ou trust me, baby?鈥 Izuku whispered softly in your ear.
He was feeling very playful that evening as he secured a green blindfold around you eyes. You softly hummed your affirmation while nuzzling into him.
鈥淲ords, kitten,鈥 He kissed into your neck as he got comfortable behind you. He laid with his back against the headboard with you between his legs; wide, nude, and open for his tinkering.
鈥淵ou know I trust you honey,鈥 you uttered already subconsciously rolling your hips.
鈥淕ood girl... now give me your hands.鈥 He ordered softly to which you obediently offered your wrists over.
He secured your hands tightly behind your back with his favorite handcuffs before hiking your thighs even higher completely exposing you to the cool air.
The position was quite embarrassing even though you weren鈥檛 privy to your sight but his soft caresses distracted you.
All you could hear was his deep breathing and the feeling of his ghosting fingertips over the shells of your ears.
Your breath quickened when his warm tongue lolled over the back of your left ear.
鈥淚-Izuku, Ah~鈥 you shivered
He gave an absent minded noise before delving his tongue into your ear causing you to flinch cutely. The over-amplified lewd noises caused your hips to buck slightly.
He gave that ear a wet kiss before moving to the right one. As he repeated the same treatment his weathered hands softly trailed up your soft stomach before he began tweaking and massaging your neglected breasts.
Before you even realized, you were panting quite heavily. The blockage of your sight and free touch made every single one of his ministrations ignite extreme passion between your legs.
You could even feel the evidence of your deep arousal sticking uncomfortably to the sheets beneath you. Under the blindfold your eyes were also already unfocused as you let him play with your aching body.
A wet smack sounded in your ear before you felt the bed slightly dip as Izuku leaned back. You jolted at the sudden sound and movement before giving a sad noise at the separation.
鈥淏e patient, Kitten,鈥 he breathily chuckled as he鈥攍eaned over? Was he reaching for something?
鈥淗-hurry, please~鈥 You whined bunting your head affectionately into his chest.
Once he finished getting whatever he needed he finally rested back behind you before holding your jaw firmly and angling your face up towards him.
鈥淪uck on my tongue,鈥 he said under his breath before smushing his lips against yours.
You sucked back on his prodding tongue enthusiastically as his free hand caressed your inner thigh sensually.
As his grasp on your chin slipped to your throat he began softly fucking his tongue into your mouth and you desperately swirled and mixed your saliva with his.
You were so lost in the messy makeout session that you didn鈥檛 get to hear the aggressive buzz of a wand vibrator creeping closer to your pussy.
One particular deep fuck of his tongue caused you to gag slightly. He pulled back to give you just a quick second for sweet air before returning to his assault with more vigor.
You were in a dazed heaven as drool spilled from the corner of your mouth, happily receiving everything Izuku gave you.
But you didn鈥檛 know that he had the vibrator hovering right above your aching clit鈥攐n the 2nd highest setting.
So when he purposely shoved his tongue down your throat your hips bucked off the bed.
鈥淢MPH~!鈥 You desperately tried to squeal as the strong vibrations hit dead center on your clit.
You quickly slammed your hips back down already overwhelmed from just a second of the toy but Izuku followed your movement and pressed the wand directly onto you.
You felt your eyes snap to the back of your head as your orgasm pierced through you frighteningly.
Izuku quickly pulled his tongue from your mouth to witness your violent climax.
鈥淎h Sh-Shit! T-turn it off! Ah, P-PLEASE~鈥 You were able to somehow choke out despite the inactivity behind your eyes.
It was too much, all the foreplay already had you on the brink, the vibrations were just too much鈥攜ou were going to go insane鈥
But Izuku was lost in his own mind. Your sudden orgasm, the jumping of your hips, your desperate cries...He pulled your blind fold down to see those beautiful eyes鈥攖hose tearful eyes. He鈥檚 never seen you like this before.
And your sweet boyfriend wanted to see more. He needed to see more. And so he did what anyone in their right mind would do.
He turned it up a notch.
And your eyes surely did cross.
[Extra! ~ From that day onward Deku always made sure to take his time and really rile up with foreplay in hopes of seeing you orgasm like that again]
Tumblr media
鈥淥i, keep your fuckin鈥 legs open, woman,鈥 Bakugo grunted from between your thighs.
He had his middle and ring finger knuckle deep in you as you quivered in your gaming chair. The hilichurls on your PC screen kept going in and out of focus as he purposely abused that vulnerable spot with each curl of his thick fingers.
鈥溾楽-Suki, I c-can鈥檛,鈥 you gasped while fisting his hair with one hand.
You don鈥檛 know why he was being like this but the second he came over to your apartment after his heroic duties he popped a squat in-front of you and hadn鈥檛 left since.
At first he was oddly quiet while watching you play but then his hands started to wander and then somewhere along the line your panties were pulled off and promptly exploded within his hand.
He gave a huff before wheedling his big head between your thighs then placing a soft bite on the chub of your lower stomach.
鈥淜atsuki, babyyy I鈥檓 trying to play the new update,鈥 You whined as your attention went back to your PC.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been playin鈥 that shitty game all day.鈥 You felt him grumble on you.
鈥淪hutup, I haven鈥檛 seen you all fuckin鈥 week鈥 he snapped as he grabbed the back of both of your thighs, 鈥渏ust kill your stupid hilicorls鈥
He shifted your thighs to rest on either side of your gaming chair before giving you another bite but on your inner thigh. He continued those little chomps which soon turned into pressured kisses that left a tantalizing trails of hickies all over your most intimate area.
You subconsciously leaned back and relaxed for him, enjoying his attention. Maybe you could kill two birds with one stone by satisfying your demanding boyfriend and by clearing all your quests?
He slowly picked back up the calculated pace of his fingers that were still inside you throughout the back and forth banter from earlier. Curling and scissoring them just the way he knew would have you crashing the quickest.
鈥淎h~feels good, 鈥楽uki,鈥 you praised softly grinding into his palm.
鈥溾楥ause I know what the fuck I鈥檓 doing,鈥 he pointlessly argued back before wrapping his hot lips around your aching clit.
Your cheeky giggle got caught in your throat mid-moan as he flicked his tongue aggressively in conjunction with his fingering.
Your looting and quests increasingly became less and less interesting and he pleased you. Every dig of his digits and every swirl of his saturated tongue were taking you higher and higher. Yet every time you thought you could finally peak he鈥檇 slow down his ministrations causing your head to reluctantly descend back down from the clouds.
You knew he was doing this on purpose. If you weren鈥檛 going to give him all of your attention then he wasn鈥檛 going to break you off the way you deserved.
You glared at him through your hazy gaze as he smirked against you. He licked a long stripe on your clit just to spite you and your hips embarrassing bucked up in reaction. So evil of him to tease you like this when you were practically twitching for any type of release.
You gave a short huff before crossing your arms, no long wanting to play anymore鈥攚ell now you want to play with your man.
鈥淎bout fuckin鈥 time,鈥 he cockily said as he stood up from his knees, 鈥淪o damn stubborn.鈥
You chose to ignore his crassness as he quickly unbuckled his pants. You didn鈥檛 have anything to bite back, all you wanted was him at the moment. Big mouth and all.
He bent his knees and lined himself up to where you need him the most. But always the one to be difficult he just had to stall.
鈥淗ow bad do you want it, huh?鈥 He grinned teethily while thumbing over your clit.
鈥淯gh, this isn鈥檛 the time for this,鈥 you sighed, 鈥淪top playing arou-NGH!~鈥
You gasped out as he slammed all the way in without any warning, literally knocking the wind out of you. He dick nestled contently up against your cervix as you stared up at him with wide teary eyes. He just entered you and your pussy was a twitching mess鈥攁lready at the edge of cumming.
You tried to close your thighs again to gain some of leverage back but he weighed them backed down with minimal effort.
鈥淲-wait, Katsuki Ah! W-wait,鈥 You could already tell that you were on the brink of a very terrifying orgasm. One that you weren鈥檛 sure you could handle.
鈥淲hy, does it hurt?鈥 He reared his hips back as a flash of worry hit him.
鈥淣-no, it not th-that,鈥 you struggled to explain, 鈥渂ut I鈥檒l go c-crazy, I鈥檒l-鈥
Relieved that you weren鈥檛 in pain he leaned down to whisper in you ear鈥
鈥淲ell, that鈥檚 the fucking point.鈥 Before slamming right back against your cervix sending you head first into a mind shattering orgasm.
You didn鈥檛 even know if the sounds you were making were sexy. Your eyes were barely open but that didn鈥檛 matter鈥攜ou could only see white anyways.
Your legs were shaking uncontrollably and gushes of liquid were spraying onto Katsuki鈥檚 lower abdomen. But none of that stopped him. No not at all, if anything he grew even harder inside you.
鈥淟ook at me,鈥 He demanded as he held both sides of your face firmly. He gave your cheek a soft pat to help you regain your state of being. Although still barely holding it together you were able to meet his eyes through the brutal rolling of his hips.
鈥淲e鈥檙e not leaving this damn chair till I see you cum like that again, understood?鈥
鈥溾-yes, 鈥楽uki鈥
[Extra! ~ Bakugo stay getting flashbacks from that day, also can鈥檛 look at that gaming chair the same... and neither can you]
A/n ~ idky but I had the hardest time writing this 馃槶 idk why, hopefully if I get some sleep and reread it I鈥檒l feel better about it
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sanzusbestie 2 months ago
tenjiku falling for a female rokkie in their gang馃き馃き.like maybe they saw you punched someone for being disrespectful to you.hc pleasee
鈾 Tenjiku falling for the rookie 鈾
Characters : Kurokawa Izana, Haitani Ran, Haitani Rindou, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Muto Yasuhiro, Madarame Shion, Hitto Kakucho, Mochizuki Kanji, Hanma Shuji, Kisaki Tetta, Kokonoi Hajime & F!reader
Genre : Crack
Warnings : None
A/n : Sorry for the delay sweet anon ! Idk why but the entire time I was writing this I had the "A qui茅n le est谩s diciendo shut up tu ? A m铆 me est谩s diciendo shut up tu ?" video in my head 馃槶 Thank you for requesting and have a nice day 鈾
Tumblr media
"Yo look ! That's Tenjiku's new slut !"
He did not just say that, did he ? 馃椏
He was the leader of a lame gang that had always tried to pick a fight with Tenjiku for some reason
You were tired of being looked down on because you were a girl
That's why when Izana moved, you called him and smiled softly
"I got this," you said
And damn right you did
You took that mf down in a matter of three strong punches
"Who's next ?" you asked
"S-sorry !" one of them yelled
They took their leader and left
But you've made a great impression on the others
None of them would admit it but you looked better than you ever did when you punched the other guy
Added to that, you were strong, really strong, and smart
But as you were still facing away from them, the Tenjiku boys looked at each others and they noticed
They noticed how each one of them suddenly developed a crush on you
They didn't want to talk about it at first
1) It'd be awkward
2) As an official Tenjiku member, you were always there
Yet one day you called sick, Shion seized the opportunity
"Y'all better back down, Y/n's mine."
"She's not yours, you dumbfuck," Rindou stated
"She's a human being, she's nobody's property," his brother Ran completed
"Yeah, epecially not yours and your stupid braids."
It was silent for a moment, all of them waiting for the next move, it was rare to hear Sanzu talk
"What did you say you little pink shit ?"
As they kept on bickering, Mochi said :
"Even if you're right Sanzu, Y/n will never notice your silent ass. And you, Rindou, you're invisible behind your brother. Don't you all know the saying 'The moon is beautiful tonight' ? If there's someone she can fall in love with it's me. My last name literally means "full moon". It perfectly fits."
"It's perfectly full of shit yeah," Hanma laughed, "You sound so fucking stupid man."
"That's big coming from you, Hanma. Y/n deserves someone that can actually take care of her and you're not suited for that."
"Because you think you're suited for that Kakucho," Muto asked, "You're still a kid. And isn't Izana the only love of your life ?"
"Well, do you think she'd like an adult that enjoys beating up some kids," Kisaki said, cleaning his glasses
"And you think she'd like a manipulative bastard ?" Kokonoi chuckled
"Everybody shut up !" Izana yelled
They were now all looking at him in silence
Until Shion broke it
"Now way..." he mumbled, "Don't tell me you like her too."
"Huh ? Don't be stupid Shion."
But they all saw it when he turned, they all saw the beginning of his blush
None of them talked about this matter ever again, they didn't want to fight each other
However, you noticed some changes at the next Tenjiku meeting
Izana smiled at you for the first time
Shion said less bullshit than usual
Sanzu offered two sentences
Ran wore his hair down
Rindou wasn't with his brother
Kisaki wasn't staring at everybody like the devil
Hanma tried to laugh softly, sounded like a pig in agony
Mochi asked you if you liked the moon, that was surprising
Kakucho asked you from time to time if you needed something
Kokonoi offered to pay your ride back home, which you kindly declined saying you had a bus card
Muto straight up went to you and said : "I don't enjoy beating up kids. You know that, right ?" 馃拃
Yes, they wouldn't ever talk about it again
But would they give up on courting you ?
Taglist : @eriskaitto @smycc
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softer-ua a month ago
Think about how mad Bakugo is at Deku for his recklessness right now and then be reminded that Bakugo doesn鈥檛 even know the half of it, he knows like a maybe 1/4 of it all
Things Bakugo Doesn鈥檛 Know
1. Just how insane Dekus training to get 14A was.
Deku was quirkless and deadlifting rusted out dryers with no protection or even consistent supervision, at any point one of the trash piles could have destabilized and fallen on him and cracked his skull open
Deku was at any given moment seconds away from being sliced open by dirty beach trash and dying a slow painful death from god only knows what diseases(tetanus, hiv, flesh eating bacteria, staphylococcus to name a few)
Deku over did said training to the point of collapse and was just lucky the 2 times it happened All Might was with him
Deku spent several months meeting up with a man HE DID NOT KNOW, AFTER DARK, ALONE, AND NOT EXPECT HOME FOR HOURS. All Might could have been a more villainous Twice and kidnapped him with the perfect alibi to have a head start fleeing the gd country, Deku could have been flown to Siberia before his absence was noticed!
2. How Deku shattered his limbs in the entrance exam to save Uraraka
Bakugo hadn鈥檛 heard about it before school started and Iida never finished explaining the rumor during their first class and then it was old news so 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
3. Literally anything about the Stain incident
Doesn鈥檛 know he was attacked on a train while interning and used it as an excuse to go do vigilante shit
Bakugo like everyone thinks that Deku, Iida, and Todo just happened to be working near each other, got attacked, and then saved by Endeavor
He hasn鈥檛 a single clue that a Nomu actually plucked Deku up and got airborne with him, and than he was saved by Stain
The government covered up their crime because they all had class privilege (Deku by proxy to AM) and it almost didn鈥檛 work because Todo said fuck 12, called the chief of police a slur, and then tried to fight him馃拃
4. The Fight Against Muscular
Deku just showed up looking like he鈥檇 been tap danced on by an 18 wheeler, no one was really aware that he was yet again fighting a serial hero killer
5. That Deku was dressed like even more of a douch茅 bag when he rescued him from LOV
His life wasn鈥檛 in danger because of it, but the fact that Bakugo missed out on the goatee and sunglasses at night is a tragedy imo
6. Inko didn鈥檛 want him coming back to UA and All Might and Deku AGREED TO IT
Bruh DvK2 almost didn鈥檛 happen, like Bakugo was so close to coming back to school and moving into the dorms only to find out DEKU AND ALL MIGHT ARE OUT DOING HERO SCHOOL CAMPUS TOURS AND HAVE LEFT HIM BEHIND TO ROT IN AN OCEAN OF GUILT 馃拃馃拃馃拃
Deku could have gone to any other school he wanted, like other schools would be frothing at the mouth bending over backwards to get the kid with ALL MIGHTS PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION
Bakugo was gonna be left with no closure while his rival and idol have 5 start dinners and get schmoozed by deans all over the world, and he鈥檇 probably only find out about it from his mom like a month later after she chatted with Inko. I mean Aizawa isn鈥檛 gonna drop any details, it鈥檇 just be 鈥渢hey won鈥檛 be joining us in todays exercise, or any following days, anyway moving on鈥
7. Deku meeting toga during the licensing exam
Deku doesn鈥檛 know it either but he does know something was up with that girl, Kacchan knows that Sero found Deku hiding behind some rocks with a naked lady 鈥 it鈥檚 only life threatening if Kacchans jealousy circle back to this memory someday
8. Dekus work study with Sir Night details
Deku met a yakuza leader and almost brawled him in the streets, and no one knows it except for Mirio
Deku was interning under All Mights old sidekick and I don鈥檛 think Kacchan had the time to really process that
All Mights old sidekick didn鈥檛 like Deku, I think it鈥檇 be interesting to have seen Katsuki struggle with that. Because until recent chapters with Dekus return to UA there hasn鈥檛 been any scene where Katsuki bares witness to anyone other than him talk shit about Deku
Deku went head to head with a Frankenstein on super solder serum eugenics enthusiast yakuza leader solo and won
Deku went nuclear and destroyed his body countless times to keep up with being constantly rewound
Deku offered to give away 14A to Mirio
Deku stole his dead mentors poster
9. Deku beat up a YouTuber before 9am
Deku is unsupervised for 1 minute and hops on the trend of beating down on a tea loving bargain bin Stain, while breaking in a new support item he got 15 minutes prior
10. Aoyama is making moves and trying to shoot his shot
Bakugo was so preoccupied with his remedial class that someone else was able to take his vacant spot of lurking around after Deku
And they brought snacks arranged into love notes. Frankly the fact that Deku even remembered who Kacchan was after that display really proves how loyal he is, or Deku knows just how good a cook Bakugo is and is willing to play the long game
I鈥檒l stop there cause Bakugo invites himself to the 14A meetings and starts training with Deku, and just glues himself to Deku in general so he doesn鈥檛 miss much else until the telenovela level drama at the hospital and everything after it till now
So ya Bakugo only vaguely knows about the reckless fights Deku has gotten into with permission, all the un-cosigned stuff? Completely in the dark.
Anything dangerous Deku鈥檚 done that didn鈥檛 break a law? Bakugo doesn鈥檛 even know that there鈥檚 anything to know, like the first time Deku got attacked by the sludge villain or how his bone shattering was purely just AM being a shit teacher with too much baggage to call his old mentor for help
At this point it鈥檚 probably best health wise that Bakugo never finds out about it all 馃槄
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sableseb 7 months ago
Hi I love your writing so much 馃ズ Can I request a stucky x reader where no one knows the three of them are together and the boys tease her separately where they know the team will see so the team thinks she鈥檚 dating one of them but when they see her with the other they think she鈥檚 cheating until someone goes to confront her and maybe are being mean to her and she just kind of freezes because it鈥檚 supposed to be a secret so the boys have to come to her rescue
Thank you so much!馃槶鉂わ笍 Now, this oneshot could鈥檝e either went the sfw route, or the nsfw route鈥 did nsfw. Cause, it鈥檚 sorta my thing. If you wanted fluff instead of smut, please shoot me a message and I鈥檒l be more than happy to write another one involving playful teasing instead!馃挄聽
word count: 2.5k
warnings: smut, fingering, exhibitionism, oral m receiving, nudes, marking/biting
tags: @meetmeatyourworst @stucky-my-ship @greeneyedblondie44 @harrysthiccthighss
a/n: @fuckandfluff went over this for me, always a special thanks to her.馃グ This is a a bit fast paced, just like my other requests. I swear I have original content coming out soon. Bear with me馃拃 These requests have just been toooo good to not dabble in. Ly all馃ズ
Tumblr media
It started a while ago, this thing between you and the two super soldiers. Steve and Bucky wanted you from the moment they laid their eyes on you, Stark鈥檚 newest recruit. They鈥檇 see you walking around the compound in shorts that barely covered your ass complimented by a shirt that was always a little too tight, outlining the swell of your breasts perfectly.聽
Coming to agreements are sort of their thing. Ever since they learned to walk they鈥檝e been able to work things out with one another, always coming to a compromise. So, when Bucky came to Steve gushing over you, he was a little heartbroken. He wanted you. But, his best friend seemed to want you just as much.聽
After a long talk and setting rules and boundaries, they got the courage to ask you to be theirs. When the question left their lips at the same time, you were in shock. You always day dreamed about having one or the other between your legs, it didn鈥檛 matter which. But, the prospect of having both? You couldn鈥檛 have been more elated, more empowered, or more turned on.聽
The rules they spoke of pertained more to them than you. They promised they wouldn鈥檛 get jealous, just as long as you kept both of them entertained an equal amount. And any time you were ready to take both of them at the same time, they would be more than willing to comply.聽
You tried not to be conspicuous about your relationship with both men. Each of you prefers to keep it a secret, fearing what the other teammates would think. But, as time went on, they got bolder with what they said and did in front of you.聽
You're in the kitchen as Clint and Natasha go over mission reports, fixing a little midnight snack. They don鈥檛 pay you much attention as you munch on your chips and sandwich. But, a mop of brown hair catches your attention. Bucky waltzes in with no shirt, sweatpants slung low on his narrow hips, accentuating his deep v.聽
鈥淲onderin鈥 where you went off to. Bed got cold.鈥
He makes his way to stand behind you, hands reaching out to pull you against him. He鈥檚 always so warm, even the metal has a hint of heat emitting from it. You almost lose your wits, seemingly drawn to the man that鈥檚 behind you, trying his best to get you to rub against him just a little bit.聽
鈥淏uck,鈥 you whisper, 鈥渟top. They鈥檒l see us.鈥
Your eyes dart over to the two Avengers sitting on the couch across from the kitchen, papers strewn about the coffee table, occasionally holding heat in their conversation. They鈥檙e clearly stressed. Their profiles faced you, if they were to turn their heads, they鈥檇 easily see Bucky鈥檚 attempt to get his hand down your sleep shorts.
鈥淣ot if you鈥檙e quiet, doll.鈥
His vibranium arm glides up the apex of your thighs. You have to hold in your whimpers and try to keep your body in control as his fingers go under your shorts. He鈥檚 met with an already soaked cunt. Now it鈥檚 his turn to hold in his groans of approval.
He chuckles against your neck. 鈥淒idn鈥檛 you get your fill earlier tonight, baby?鈥澛
Smug. That鈥檚 all he ever is. He鈥檚 a complete contrast to Steve. Bucky knows exactly what he does to you and he uses it against you every time his dick shifts. It鈥檚 embarrassing how easily he can make you fall apart.聽
鈥淵ou should be asking yourself that, Barnes.鈥
The vibranium rubs drawn out circles against your swollen bud. You wince against his hand, a bruise formed from the harsh suction of his mouth from your earlier activities. You try to move away, but you're met with a hard body and an even harder cock blocking your path.聽
Bucky grinds his front into your ass, finding a snug place to relieve the ache that鈥檚 settled in his leaking member. Without much warning, he places two fingers inside your clenching channel. You jerk forward, the only thing holding you up is the counter digging into your hips. You raise your eyes toward the living room, Clint and Nat are still struggling with reports, seemingly oblivious to the activities taking place just a room away.
鈥淲e鈥檙e gonna have to speed this up a bit, doll.鈥
Bucky鈥檚 fingers jerk rapidly inside you, causing your chest to shake slightly from his force. Your control is starting to slip as he works you into a frenzy. The feel of his cool fingers hooking in your pussy just right brings a shake to your knees. His palm hits your abused clit with each pump of his wrist.聽
There鈥檚 a slight squelching sound surrounding the kitchen that you pray they can鈥檛 hear. The heat forming between your legs is too much. Leaning against him, you come undone. You鈥檙e on your tiptoes as the pleasure wracks your body. Your mouth hangs open in a silent scream as you ride his fingers through your orgasm.聽
Bucky removes his hand from your shorts and licks his fingers clean from the mess you made. Reaching past you, he takes your half eaten sandwich. Through a mouth full of turkey he says, 鈥淗urry back to bed. You can return the favor.鈥澛
And with that, he turns and makes his way through the corridor with your sandwich in hand...as if he didn鈥檛 just make you cum in less than a minute.
Your phone has been going off ever since you sat down in the leather office chair. It鈥檚 getting increasingly harder to listen to Bruce go over the layout of his latest on field creation with your curiosity peaking with each vibration.聽
Slowly, you pull your phone out of your pocket, glancing down to see that Steve has been sending you message after message. 鈥淚 need you.鈥 鈥淒on't you want to help me out?鈥 鈥淐鈥檓on, answer sweetheart.鈥 flash across the screen, along with a picture that makes you gasp and your cheeks redden,聽
It鈥檚 his hand wrapped around the base of his dick, the tip glistens with wetness, the veins along his shaft protrude. All of a sudden you find yourself craving to be on your knees for him, wanting to take him down your throat until you couldn鈥檛 breathe. His lower stomach shines with sweat from the workout he must have just finished. He鈥檚 almost as insatiable as his partner in crime, especially when he exercises.
He鈥檚 convinced you. You slip away from the meeting to make your way to the gym. Passing through the double doors you search for him. He isn鈥檛 in the main room, so you assume he鈥檚 in the locker room.
Your assumption is correct as you feel a large hand wrap around your arm and jerk you into a corner.聽
鈥淭here鈥檚 my pretty girl. Knew you couldn鈥檛 resist, honey.鈥 Steve says as he plants kisses along your neck, grasping a hand full of hair and yanking your head back to gain better access. His constant bites cause you to let out a whimper, craving more from his mouth.
All of a sudden, he pulls away. He glances down towards the base of your neck and sees the deep purple spots left along your clavicle. With a smirk he says, 鈥淏uck really marked you up good...Let鈥檚 see if I can do better.鈥
From the moment you bedded each man, you could tell they have a competitive nature lurking under the cool, stoic expression they always have. They always try to see who can mark you up more, who can make you cum the most in one session, and who can get you to beg until you鈥檙e crying.
Without another moment, he鈥檚 back to biting the expanse of your skin, except it鈥檚 a lot harder. His teeth dig in, making you bite your lip to try and hold back the pained gasps. He licks over each bite before kissing them, sucking the skin to make sure his bruises have more of a harsher tone than Bucky鈥檚.
You secretly love the way each one tries to hold more dominance over you than the other. It makes you feel wanted, makes you want to be used for their pleasure. They could be so sweet, so gentlemanly, but when lust lit up in their hearts and groins, chivalry went out the window. And that didn鈥檛 bother you one bit. Not when they left marks in remembrance of how they practically owned you. Each time they left their signature, your thighs clenched when you鈥檇 look at their creation.聽
鈥淥n your knees, honey. Give your Captain what he wants.鈥
聽You sink to the ground, never one to disobey your Captain鈥檚 orders, and pull his gym shorts down. He hisses above you as the cool air hits his sensitive erection. Grabbing him, you start to stroke. Feeling the velvety skin against your palm, you grip him tighter, bringing his weeping tip up to your mouth. You kiss and lick the slit, causing him to buck up, chasing the warmth of your mouth.
Irritation starts to grow in Steve. 鈥淪top teasing and put that mouth to use.鈥
You sink all the way down on him, not wanting to upset him further. His tip hits the back of your throat causing you to let out small gags much to the super soldier鈥檚 pleasure. You repeat your actions, bobbing your head up and down, sucking on his crown each time you pull back.聽
You look up at him with tears spilling down your cheeks from taking his size. He loves seeing you stuffed full of his cock. It could be your mouth, pussy, ass, it didn鈥檛 matter. Seeing you take all of him made something primal build up in him each time.聽
Suddenly, you stop sucking. You clearly heard the door to the locker room open, men laughing about something in their conversation. Your eyes are wide as you try and scramble up to stand, but Steve doesn鈥檛 let you.
鈥淒id I say you could stop? Keep going.鈥
Keeping an awareness of the men that could see you with Steve鈥檚 dick in your mouth at any moment, you go back to work. This time, using your hand to work his shaft while your lips focus on his swollen head. You鈥檙e twisting and pulling, trying to coax him to release himself in your mouth.聽
鈥淥pen that pretty mouth. Gonna paint that tongue, baby.鈥 he grunts out while holding your cheeks between his fingers.
You hold your mouth open, still keeping your hands pace. You can see he鈥檚 close by the way his thighs tense and cock jumps. A few more pumps and he鈥檚 a goner. Steve leans his head down, watching with half lidded eyes as his cum covers your tongue. It鈥檚 a sight that makes him hard all over again, how you鈥檙e on your knees, thighs rubbing together, glassy, doe eyes looking up at him with admiration.聽
鈥淪wallow every drop, baby...good girl.鈥 he praises as you show him your empty mouth.
As soon as you get yourselves situated and looking somewhat presentable, Sam cuts around the corner, a quizzical look etched onto his face. Your heart drops, and suddenly, anger bubbles up in you. You wouldn鈥檛 be in compromising positions in public if the two men could keep it in their pants for more than a night.聽
鈥淗ey,鈥 Sam starts, 鈥渨hat鈥檙e you doin鈥 in the men鈥檚 locker room, y/n?鈥
鈥淥h, Steve said he wasn鈥檛 feeling well after his workout. So, I dropped by to see if I could be of assistance.鈥 you smile.
You hated yourself as soon as the words left your lips. Sam Wilson is one Avenger you never liked being dishonest to, even over the most mundane things. So, lying to him over something as big as having his best friend鈥檚 dick down your throat, made your gut clench and heart ache.
鈥淵eah,鈥 Steve chimed in, 鈥淚鈥檓 feeling much better now. She works wonders you wouldn鈥檛 believe.鈥澛
Stupid. That鈥檚 all Steve and Bucky are. It鈥檚 only a matter of time before you three fuck up and out your little triangle to the whole compound.聽
鈥淥h, alright.鈥 Sam says a little hesitantly. 鈥淚鈥檓 glad you鈥檙e feeling better, man.鈥
He pats Steve on the back as he heads to the showers. You both watch as he disappears down the hallway before turning back to face each other.
鈥淲e have got to stop having these little games in public.鈥 you seethe, trying to make a point to Steve, who clearly finds all this quite amusing.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. Just calm down, will you? You know you love the thrill.鈥
He rubs your arms trying to get you to cool off. Now, you鈥檙e upset for a whole other reason. He鈥檚 right, you do love the thrill. It鈥檚 a whole different kind of rush, and you swear you climax harder when you have to be careful about it. Damn him and damn Bucky. They seem to always know what you need, even when you don鈥檛.
You鈥檙e walking down the hall, ready to meet Bucky and Steve for lunch when suddenly you collide with a firm body. Looking up you see Sam鈥檚 dark eyes boring into yours. He looks like he鈥檚 not too happy over something. With a worried look, you say, 鈥淗ey, Sam. What鈥檚 wr-鈥
鈥淵ou know exactly what鈥檚 wrong, y/n. You think you can double dip in the super soldiers around here and nobody would notice? Who鈥檚 back you going behind, huh? The golden boy鈥檚 or the machine鈥檚?鈥
You flinch at his words, Sam has never talked to you like this. His harsh, condescending tone makes tears brim around your eyes. You were more sad about the fact he鈥檚 treating you in such a way than being questioned about your relationship.
鈥淣o. Sam, it鈥檚 not like that. We-鈥
鈥淥h, please. I鈥檓 not gonna let the new girl go behind my friend鈥檚 back. That鈥檚 not how things work around here.鈥
Before you can choke out the reason for being with both men, the two approach you from the hallway. They went searching for you when you didn鈥檛 show up on time, always being so punctual, they got worried.
Bucky takes immediate notice of your pained expression and Sam鈥檚 scowl. 鈥淗ey, Wilson. What鈥檇 you do to her?鈥 He asks while taking a forceful step towards Sam.聽
鈥淪he鈥檚 a cheater, that's what.鈥 Sam tries to shove Bucky away, but he doesn鈥檛 budge.
Steve steps in before things get out of hand, knowing how the two fight over any slight discrepancy. 鈥淏uck, that鈥檚 enough. Listen, Sam. She鈥檚 not a cheater. We agreed to share her, okay?鈥 he states bluntly, not really knowing how to sugar coat it.
Sam鈥檚 taken back. Not really processing what his friend just told him. They...share you? And you let them? For men from the 40s...they sure are into some very 21st century things. What鈥檚 even more shocking is that you choose to be with the bionic, staring machine.聽
You can see the thoughts flying through Sam鈥檚 mind. 鈥淚 know it鈥檚 a bit...different. But it works for us.鈥 you explain to him.
Sam finally blinks at your words. He鈥檚 actually okay with this situation. As long as you guys are happy, so is he. Collecting his thoughts he tells you, 鈥淵eah, no. That鈥檚 my bad. I鈥檓 sorry for being hostile. It鈥檚 just I didn鈥檛 wanna see one of them hurt, ya know?鈥
You smile at his words. That鈥檚 one reason you like Sam Wilson so much, he鈥檚 loyal through and through. He鈥檚 good to your boys.聽
鈥淚 just worry about you with the cyborg here.鈥 he gestures to Bucky, and if looks could kill, Sam would be six feet under right now. 鈥淵ou can never be too careful, he has a tendency to snap.鈥
Well...good to one of your boys that is.
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unfinshedsentec 16 days ago
headcanons|| when you get seriously injured pt.3
Tumblr media
a/n: after 4 months, I finally made pt 3 and I may make a pt 4 with the Haitani Brothers馃拃
part 1 | part 2
reader is gender neutral! And there are some manga characters and manga spoilers in this!
characters: Inui Seishu (Inupi), Hanma Shuuji, and Wakasa Imaushi x reader (seperate)
tw: cursing, blood, mentions of m*urder, and serious injuries (as the the title states)
Tumblr media
Inui (Inupi)
Inui Seishu. That was the man whom you loved.
You鈥檇 do anything for him, whether that simply be giving him a hug, or sacrificing your own life for his, whatever it was, you鈥檇 do it. And that included fighting alongside him in another brawl.
Inui had been in brawls since you could remember. Hell, he went to juvie because of it, and even after juvie, Inui joined the Black Dragons, and then Toman. You always stood by him in said brawls, even right now.
Men came at you left and right, each one swinging at you with full force. Sometimes they hit you, and sometimes you got hurt, but you always got back up again, no matter what. After all, if you didn鈥檛 you might just die, and you certainly didn鈥檛 want that. So, you kept getting back up, and hitting each guy with full force back, effectively knocking them out.
Men now surrounded you, each one unconscious. Seemingly, you had finally won against them and took a quick breather as a result. And then, you got back up again in search of your boyfriend, who you had lost mid-way through the fight.
Avoiding the unconscious guys, you moved around, searching each and every corner for Inui, but he was nowhere to be found.
鈥淚NUPI!!!鈥 you yelled as loud as you could, but to no avail, as you got no answer. 鈥淚NUPI!!鈥 you yelled again and again and again.
It was only after about yelling for over 10 minutes that Inui appeared, looking as beat up as ever. 鈥淵/n鈥inally, I found you鈥 Inui said, a relived look appearing on his face.
鈥淵ou were looking for me? I was looking for you! Where were you?鈥
鈥淥ver there鈥 Inui replied, pointing right towards the middle of the brawl, which just so happened to be the one place you didn鈥檛 check.
鈥淥f course,鈥 you mumbled. 鈥淎t least you鈥檙e here now鈥. what鈥檚 going on anyways?鈥
After that, Inui explained everything, from Mikey fighting the leader, to Draken getting beat up, to Takemichi crying once again. He pretty much walked you through what happened step-by-step, and sadly, from the sounds of it, the fight wasn鈥檛 over yet, and there was still more to do.
But at least you were with Inui now, right? You could relax now knowing he was okay, right? You could protect him now, right?
Actually, you could. You could indeed protect him, and you would not even a second later.
As Inui continued, going even more into depth of the situation, you saw a man appear behind him, one with a huge metal wrench.
At first you didn鈥檛 think much of it, as the guy was wearing a Toman uniform. But as the guy got closer, you saw him begin to swing the wrench.
Right at your boyfriend.
Without a thought going through your mind, you pushed Inui out of the way. And then, everything went black.
Not a thing or signal of light entered your vision. Not a sound was heard by you. The only thing you felt was warmth surrounding you. It was beyond peaceful, almost comforting in a way. In fact, you felt as if you never wanted to leave the warm, fulfilling place.
However, despite how content you felt, there was just something nagging at you, almost as if you had something waiting for you to go home. Usually, you鈥檇 ignore it and just go back to what you were doing, but something about the feeling just dug at your heart.
It was almost as if something special was waiting for you, something so special that you just couldn鈥檛 ignore it.
And that was the exact reason you opened your drowsy, reluctantly tired eyes.
At first your vision was blurry. You couldn鈥檛 see much except for fuzz, and you could only hear faint yells from something seemingly close. Your mind was fuzzy too, and you had trouble remembering what happened or why.
All you knew was that your head hurt. A lot.
Slowly, the yelling and light became much clearer. Silently, you squinted your eyes as bright lights flashed in your eyes, not liking the sudden disturbance. You moved you head to the side in order to lessen the annoying light, but as you looked up once again, you noticed a face, a beautiful one.
鈥淵/n!!鈥 the blonde with a familiar voice yelled.
鈥溾.I-inupi?鈥漼ou questioned, slowly coming to your senses. 鈥淲hat happened?鈥
鈥淵ou got hit in the head鈥.鈥
鈥淥h鈥hat explain why my head hurts鈥 you shakily spoke, your body and vocal cords in one being numb. Your eyes fluttered, as you desperately tried to stay awake, but you were tired鈥o tired.
鈥溾 know it hurts, but you just need to h-hold on till the ambulance comes鈥
鈥淵eah鈥 they鈥檒l make you feel better鈥
The tone and look of Inui made you nervous, as he was not one to show his emotions. Even you, his s/o, rarely saw the soft, childish side of him, so, the fact that his voice was shaky, and his face looked as if he was trying to hold back tears, told you that you were not okay.
You now knew the moment you closed your eyes again, it was all over, for both you and Inui. The cold blood that you felt run down your face only showed that if you keep yourself fall 鈥渁sleep鈥, you鈥檇 die and succumb to your wounds. But even then, knowing that, it was so hard to keep your eyes open.
You were beyond tired, and Inui鈥檚 warmth only put you to sleep more. Slowly, the familiar blackness entered your vison, and before you knew it, you were a second away from sleeping鈥r dying.
鈥淵/N! DON鈥橳 YOU DARE-鈥 Inui yelled, bringing you back to your senses.
鈥淚nui鈥.鈥 You started, knowing whatever would happen to you, would not be good. 鈥淚f something happens to me鈥. j-just know鈥 love you鈥
鈥淵/N, NO- 鈥
You now saw nothing blackness. No, you were the blackness now.
Usually, you鈥檇 enter the light after you died, but somehow, you were stuck in the darkness, unable to escape it.
You weren鈥檛 quite dead or alive. You were just there, breathing, but not awake.
Inui had seen you lying in this way for over 6 months, in the same way his sister did. He came by every day and prayed for you, even though he wasn鈥檛 a religious person. He sat next to your blank, yet alive body and talked, telling you about his days, his worries, the fun he鈥檚 had. He told you about it all, hoping you could hear him.
He hoped that one day you would come back and talk to him too, and that maybe one day, you鈥檇 hug and kiss him in the ways you used to. He hoped to see your smile again, and watch you stand by his side.
He hoped that you鈥檇 come home.
However, no one knew if you would. You were a mystery, a miracle every day. Another day where your breathing was a miracle, yet, expected.
No one knew if you鈥檇 live or die.
All they could do was hope. And that hope, was the only thing they had.
Dating Hanma was beyond a reckless thing.
Let鈥檚 face it, Hanma is a crazy guy who does crazy things, and is friends with crazy people. Naturally, being around someone that crazy meant you too, got wrapped up in some pretty insane things. And while you loved him, and he certainly loved you, it could sometimes be too much.
But your love always overruled your sense of danger, so, you always followed Hanma. And that, was what you were doing right now.
Currently, Hanma had decided to pick on a gang, which ended up being much larger than expected. You had, as always, tagged along, and now you and Hanma were dangerously fighting some randomly huge ganga all alone. Even worse, this particular gang was the type to play dirty鈥ery dirty. And that meant you were not only fighting these huge guys which you could barely handle, but they also had knives. And to be frank, you were horribly scared for your life because of it.
But at least Hanma was having fun.
To you, that was all that mattered. 聽And seeing the current insane joy on his face was something that made you smile. 聽After all, he was happy, and all you wanted was the person you loved to be happy, even if that meant him being crazy.
Unfortunately, as you stood and watched Hanma in admiration and joy, you didn鈥檛 notice the man that was running towards you.
The very same one who had a knife in his hand.
It was only when a sudden, shocking, burning pain filled you, that you snapped out of your trance.
The burning pain immediately crushed you, making you fall on your knees. The feeling was almost a cold burn, one that sent shivers through your body. You clenched your stomach, which was the source of the pain, only for it to get worse. 聽 It was a pain that even you, Hanma鈥檚 s/o, had never felt before. And that very pain took you beyond out.
You rolled over, groaning. Your vison blurred, and slowly the world faded. You couldn鈥檛 hear, see or feel anything. The only thing you feeling being the cold blood soaking into your shirt. Slowly, blood came out of your mouth too, and before you knew it, you a felt distance from the world.
鈥淵/n?! What the fuck happened?!鈥 Hanma yelled, running to your bloody side. Your weak gaze slowly made you way towards the tall boy in front of you, only to see a desperate, almost scared look on Hanma鈥檚 face as he picked you up.
鈥淗-hanma..鈥 you called.
鈥淗oly fucking shit, you don鈥檛 look so good Y/n...鈥 Hanma chuckled nervously 鈥淭hen again it looks like you got stabbed.
鈥溾tabbed? Heh, that鈥檚 unexpected鈥
鈥淵eah鈥or now just stay with me, I鈥檒l call those damn pediatrics鈥rrr paramedics for whatever鈥
Your eyes traced his own movements as he picked up the phone and called for the doctors. You watched as tears ran down his own usually beautiful face, as he looked at the blood that poured out of you.
鈥淪tay with me Y/n鈥. I鈥檝e already lost Kiskai, I can鈥檛 lose you too鈥
鈥淗ah鈥.as if this w-wounds is gonna kill m-me鈥
鈥淏etter damn not鈥︹
Your blatant lie only hurt you, knowing you were lying to the person you love the most in your final moments. You could see the light that entered your eyes, and the originally increasing pain disappeared. You could feel nothing, and you knew that the blank feeling in you meant you were slowly leaving.
You were dying, and the light in your eyes only becoming larger only showed that. In fact, it was so big that you couldn鈥檛 take it anymore, and you closed your eyes.
*nee-nawww nee-nawww*
The sound of the loud siren startled you back awake, only to see red and flashing lights enter your vison.
鈥淭hose asshats took long enough鈥 Hanma muttered, his grip on you tightening.
The next thing you knew, you were surrounded by doctors, who hauled you into the ambulance and to the doctors. Many people stood around your trying to save you, and your boyfriends happiness. Speaking of which, Hanma, was by your side the whole time. From the moment you went into the ambulance from the moment you were discharged from the hospital, he was there.
You were beyond grateful for him, and his undying warmth and loyalty. You felt nothing but happiness when you saw him. He truly was your anchor in your close-to-death situation.
And it was that very same anchor that saved your very life
Going on a date with Wakasa was a normal thing.
You, being the famous mans s/o, meant you went on dates, like every other couple did. Though, Waka was a busy man who constantly got dragged into brawls. That meant dates only happened so much. Thankfully, he always made time for little dates with you, as he had right now.
Well, that was until Waka received a desperate call from Shinichiro. During the call, Shinichiro practically begged for Waka鈥檚 help, as the Black Dragons had, once again, gotten pulled into another fight. And, from the sound of it, things weren鈥檛 good.
Naturally, as a result of the nasty brawl, Waka had to rush over, and end your date early, which you were understanding about.
But you being worried for your boyfriend meant you wanted to go too, just to make sure he would be okay. And while Waka was hesitant at first, you were persistent and stubborn, so, after begging and annoying him for a while, he finally gave in and let you go, promising to himself that he would protect you.
Sadly, he managed to break his own promise. 聽He had failed to protect you, and now you, the light of his life was gone, and forever would be.
The beginning of his hell began when he first arrived at the scene of the fight.
Things were, per usual, brutal. Unconscious men were scattered everywhere, most people were beat up in some way, and some, had been very injured. Of course, when Waka got there things only got worse. Crowds of people rushed towards him with full intentions to hurt and/or kill him. But he was strong, so he was able to fend for himself.
He knocked people unconscious left and right, most people not even being able to stand a chance against him. And, as usual, he didn鈥檛 have much trouble. However, just as things were going well, a muffled, hoarse yell erupted, one that sounded all too familiar to the light-haired male.
Waka, instantly jerked around, only to see you, hanging from the hands of man whose harsh grip around your neck slowly and painfully chocked you out. Your face was red, and tears poured down your beautiful face, your own blood shot eyes making contact with Waka鈥檚 as you begged for his help.
鈥淲-waka鈥︹ you hoarsely called, your hand reaching out for his own.
Waka immediately panicked, and without a thought, rushed towards you, knowing he could save you. But, as soon as he rushed forward, he realized he couldn鈥檛 move.
It was only then that that he realized two men were holding him back, one holding his arms back and the other one holding his legs in place.
This meant Waka couldn鈥檛 move, and he could no longer save you.
鈥淵/N!!!鈥 he yelled, desperately trying to escape the guy鈥檚 grasp.
鈥淲鈥鈥. waka鈥 you muttered, your face slowly beginning to turn a sickly shade of blue. Horrible, harsh cough鈥檚 erupted through you as your body tried it鈥檚 best to breath, but to no avail.
鈥淗eh鈥houldn鈥檛 have brought them along white leopard鈥 The man who was holding you said, a vicious smirk appearing on his face as his grip around your neck tightened.
As each moment passed, your face continued to turn an even worse shade of blue, and before you knew it, your body was beginning to give out. Your vision was blurry, and the already immense burning pain in your lungs only became worse.
Your strength withered away with each moment passed, and it quickly became clear that you weren鈥檛 going to last much longer.
Before you knew it, your eyes which were usually sparkling with life, fade and turn completely dull and lifeless. Your face was not only sheet of disturbing grey-white, but also had the sickly, prominent blue tint to it, which was now mixed with red blood that made its way out of your mouth as the man鈥檚 grip on your neck tightened.
鈥淟ET ME GO YOU FUCKERS!!!鈥 Waka screamed while sobbing. He thrashed around in ways that the men could barely contain him in, but even then, he couldn鈥檛 escape.
Instead, he was forced to watch you, the one he loved and cherished above all else, slowly loose their life.
鈥淧lease鈥lease let them go鈥. I can鈥檛 lose t-them鈥. I can鈥檛鈥 Waka begged. 鈥淭ake me instead鈥ust let them go鈥
Sadly, the male holding you became amused by Waka鈥檚 reaction, and ultimately decided to do the exact opposite, and tightened his grip around you further.
And it was then, that your vison became blank, the burning pain in your lungs slowly faded. Your body went completely limp, and, you now only had strength to say one last thing.
鈥淚 love y-you鈥aka鈥 you uttered, using up your remaining strength.
And then, you died.
From that day on, Waka was empty. A void filled his heart where you used to be, and nothing could fill that void. He was just left alone, the only thing keeping him to the ground being Brahman. And while Brahman was amazing, and he loved them, nothing could make him happy again, not like you did.
After all, he loved you, and he was forced to watch the one he loved die.
And now, he was nothing, the only thing him being, was the pain that used to be you.
Did you guys like the Kazutora-wrench-style whack in Inui鈥檚馃拃
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erinhaitani 3 months ago
pov: the real reason why sano shinichiro always got rejected, with imaushi wakasa
鈥 a/n: ISTG that i love shin, but koudou waka 馃槱
鈥 edit: a repost because my tags didn't work before + my dumbass though that shin died when he's twenty-eight, that's why i put twenty-five but just pretend 馃拃
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"huh." a sigh can be heard from your beside as you look at the culprit.
"shinichiro, you've been sighing for thirty-two times, including just now." and now you look at the man on your other side, raising your eyebrow.
"why would you bother to count shin's sigh, takeomi?" the said man just shrugs his shoulders.
"no reason. but you know shin, it's getting annoying."
"no but, i'm just desperate to have a girlfriend." the man's words made you and akashi stop. looking at the black-haired man with a judge.
"the fuck shin?"
"there are plenty of women in this world. just give it a shot." the man with a scar on his left eye said, continuing to walk, leaving you and shinichiro behind before the two of you catch up with him.
"okay." shinichiro took a deep breath before turning to you. but as he want to open his mouth, someone beat him to it.
"hey!" imaushi wakasa came into your sight as the white-haired man walk towards the three of you.
"oh wakasa. what's up?"
"nothing much. just looking around until i saw you guys."
"hey waka-" before you can finish off, you got cut off by shinichiro suddenly holding your shoulder.
"y-y/n-chan. can i talk to you, alone?" the tall man looks behind you to give signal to the other two men so they can back away to give you two some privacy.
"sure thing." wakasa start to walk, distancing himself as akashi just follow him.
"so, what is it shinichiro?"
"um, so you know that i'm getting rejected for the past few days," you just nodded, giving him sign to continue. "and i'm really desperate so-"
"why would you be so desperate to get a girlfriend? it's not like you're gonna die."
"i'm now twenty-five years old! and not once i have a girlfriend, so that's why i want to ask you out." giving you his boyish grin, you just stare at him as shinichiro gets awkward with your silence. "uh, y/n-chan?"
"you really that desperate? until you ask your friend?" closing his eyes, he just nodded. you look behind you to see wakasa and akashi still talking to each other but wakasa notice that you look at their way so he looks at you and smile.
"you know, shinichiro. y/n-chan can't be with you. she head over heels for wakasa." startled by the voice, you look behind shinichiro to see benkei grin teasingly.
as you flustered by the statement, you immediately run to benkei and try to close his mouth but the height difference really didn't help you. "don't you notice that y/n-chan is always a pick me girl whenever wakasa around?"
"benkeiiiii!" you whine, still trying to push him as yoy can't close his mouth.
"hey hey what's going on here?" another voice came and you're quick to pull shinichiro and benkei's hands so you can stay away from wakasa. you don't mind akashi because he somehow found out himself but imaushi wakasa? you rather bury yourself under the ground than facing him.
"okay shin, i'm really sorry and benkei! can't you just shut your mouth?" you glare at the big man beside you as you hold shinichiro's hands. "i'm really, really sorry shin. it's not like i didn't like you but-"
"y/n-chan just love wakasa so much." benkei just chuckled when he hear you whine again.
"um, you see that girl?" you point at the lonely girl with a pretty face that sits on a bench under a tree. no doubt that she's pretty, exactly shinichiro's type as he looks at the girl.
"go try her," you assured him. yea try because with imaushi wakasa here, you know that sano shinichiro can't stand a chance. shinichiro is a good man, you admit it, but there's something about wakasa that made you look at him instead of shinichiro despite knowing the black-haired man more.
as shinichiro slowly let go of your hands, he walk to the said girl. seeing that you and benkei look at shinichiro who is walking to a girl, wakasa and akashi make their way to the two of you.
"so, what really happened here?" akashi ask, taking out a cigarette as wakasa scrunched his face and bring you to his side while walking to benkei's side so the two of you stay away from akashi.
"he just following your advice to give a shot to any women, take." you answered him but the feeling of wakasa near you made your heart beat so fast.
"um hi." shinichiro said awkwardly as he gave the girl a grin. the girl look up at him. "can i ask you something?" the girl nodded hesitantly. "are you single? because if yes, i would like to change that." he smiles as the girl look behind him to see four people not far from where she is looking at her and shinichiro so she just assumed that's his friends. but one particular guy catches her attention.
she look at him. "um okay," she nodded before pointing at your way. "but is he single?" as the four of you notice where she pointed at, you, benkei and akashi look at wakasa as wakasa look at the girl.
the white-haired man smile. "i'm sorry, but i already have a girlfriend!" wakasa hold your hand and lift up. showing the girl he's already taken before he takes it down, still holding your hand while you still comprehend the situation since wakasa suddenly hold your hand.
the girl in front shinichiro gave him an apologetic face as the girl's phone suddenly buzzed, informing her that notification came. as she reads it, she stands up and bows her head to shinichiro, "i'm sorry." before walking away from there.
shinichiro also can't comprehend the situation, just slowly walking to his friends. akashi smiling while blowing smoke, benkei look at you worried because you've been quiet and wakasa smiling to himself as he looks at you before slowly letting go of your hands, making you look at him. he just gives you a smile.
"i'm looking forward to our date tomorrow, princess." he pats your head before walk away. you look at his retreating body as you buried your face against benkei's back, screaming while hitting his hands that he hands out, showing his palm to you so you can hit it.
this happen everyday that benkei understand what to do. "gosh y/n-chan, you're so cute." benkei and akashi just cooing at you while shinichiro stand there still confused.
Tumblr media
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aphroditemushroom 4 months ago
Hawks x yandere reader
Tw// non con, dub con, mommy kink, breeding
Reader is dom female, non coning keigo.
Pretty short, straight to the point.
Join my taglist
Not edited.
Ngl I only wrote this Bcs the tiddy in face part 馃拃 I woke up thinking about it like yesterday
Tumblr media
You鈥檝e been dating for over a year now.
You see how he looks at you. The way he tries to focus his gaze on anything except you when you wear a t-shirt or anything that shows a peek of skin.
You鈥檇 try to wear skimpy outfits, or walk around in a towel to get his attention But no matter what, he just tried to hide his boner or make an excuse to leave the room.
You鈥檝e had enough so you decided to take things into your own hands today.
And that鈥檚 how he ended up here, with his hands tied behind his back, slumped against the couch with you kissing down his neck.
鈥 hah ah p-please baby鈥 stop it鈥︹ he whines
You鈥檙e straddling him, with your mouth sucking a galaxy of hickies into his neck and chest making him twitch underneath you.
鈥 you鈥檝e been teasin me for so long, you sure you want me to stop? I鈥檓 helping you if we鈥檙e being honest.鈥 You say, moving back up to press a chaste kiss to his lips before focusing on his throbbing cock.
鈥 I'm sorry, p- please ah don鈥檛 touch you can鈥檛 touch you have to stop.鈥 He sobs.
You look up to see that tears are running down his face but all you do is let a glob of spit fall, landing right on his aching tip. Your hand strokes at his tip before tightening and moving down to start a faster pace.
鈥 why are crying Keigo?鈥 you ask, kissing away each falling tear.
鈥 I want you to stop... Please鈥 he begs.
You scoff and use both of your hands to twist and pull at his cock, wetting it with more of your spit.
He's whining about not wanting this but the way he's bucking his hips up into your hands and trying to hold back moans tells you he needs this as bad as you do.
鈥 shh shh just calm down I got you鈥 you whisper
You lift yourself to drag his cock against your slit to prepare yourself before lowering yourself onto him.
His body goes stiff and he can't help but Unconsciously try to fuck himself deeper into you.
You run your hands down his chest letting him enjoy the painfully good sensation of you warming him before slapping his face so hard your handprint is left.
He lets out a high pitch cry and his head falls into your shoulders
鈥 I told you to let me take care of you, listen to me and stop moving baby,鈥 you say
You settle your knees on each side of his thighs as you lift yourself just to slam your body back down.
He lets out a choked moan and his stomach curls in and he bites his lip to keep from being so loud.
You don't let him adjust and instead, continue to slam yourself onto him.
鈥 ugh fuck, need more, need it s鈥檓uch鈥 he whines
You grab his face and seal your lips together forcing your hot tongue to invade his mouth and suck on his tongue.
Your nipples are rubbing against his chest and in chase of your own added pleasure, you separate your lips to grab his head and push your chest to his face.
鈥 cmon you're doing so good I just need you to play with mommy's tits a little bit can you do that? It's okay baby鈥 you coo at him, places a kiss of encouragement on his forehead.
He shoves his face in your tits to lick and suck at each hardening nipple, leaving an equal amount of marks all over your chest.
鈥 ah鈥 mm close... Feels so good,鈥 he says
He's never done this before of course it feels too good for him. You could tell by the way his cock is twitching and his hips are trying to avoid fucking you back that he's getting close.
You can feel every movement inside you and your hands grip his hair to keep him working at your nipples.
鈥渙-off, off mommy I'm coming please-nghhh鈥 he cried out and in a matter of a few seconds he's filling you up with his cum.
You slap his cheek and kiss his lips as you watch his face contort into horror, realizing that you aren't going to stop yet.
鈥 Good boy, you're doing so good for me just let me cum and we can you all cleaned up,鈥 you say
Your high is near so you fuck yourself onto him faster, paying no attention to how he's screaming that he feels so good it hurts, ignoring the way he's overestimated cock is aching for a break, ignoring the way his face is flushed red and his mouth is agape trying to breathe in but can't.
Your eyes cross and you finally ground yourself against his thighs, unintentionally milking him as you cream all over his limp fat cock.
His tongue is hanging out of his mouth with drool seeping out of the side and you realize he's cum once again.
It's pathetic but you find it cute, he can't keep it together :(
You stay on him as you catch your breath but inevitably pull yourself off and yank his head down so he can watch his warm cum slip out of your stretched-out hole.
His cock throbs once again and the last but of cum slip out of his tip.
His eyes start to water again and his lip trembles.
鈥 shh shh it's okay baby you did so good for me you made me feel so good so let's get you cleaned up so we can go to sleep,鈥 you say, cradling him in your arms.
He might say he didn't want it, but mommy always knows best.
漏2021 Aphroditemushroom
Reblogs and constructive criticism are always welcome馃挏馃挌
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tanjiromenon 3 months ago
Hello! May I request fluffy general dating hcs for Sabito, Tanjiro, Sanemi, Rengoku and Giyuu? Basically just them being cute boyfriends ^^ you can make the reader gn or female your choice! /3
hey hey hey! this was so cute ack but please excuse the fact that sanemi might be a little ooc i do not know how to write for him 馃拃
also hi!! sorry this is like, idk a month late :/
warnings: spoilers for sabito鈥檚 section, lots of fluff ! ( also hinting at the events in mugen train )
when you and tanjir艒 first got together, he was pretty inexperienced to say the least.
this was his first relationship ever, he didn鈥檛 want to mess it up somehow, despite being the best boyfriend one could ever ask for.
his flustered face was quite a common sight for the first few months, he blushed at every little thing鈥 wether it was just a small brush of each other鈥檚 hand or looking into your eyes, he always ended up red as a tomato.
but tanjir艒 always had his ways of making you blush as well.
鈥測ou鈥檙e really beautiful, you know. you are the most angelic thing i have ever seen.鈥
assuming you鈥檙e a demon slayer, when out on missions tanjir艒 has a habit of holding your hand and keeping you close.
he knows you can look after yourself, he just cares a lot!
tanjir艒 also loves surprising you! even if it鈥檚 something small like breakfast in bed, hugs from behind or running you a bath! he always has your best interest in heart.
will miss you a lot when you鈥檙e not able to see each other, so he will talk to nezuko about you for hours on end, ending up in her falling asleep.
doesn鈥檛 get jealous at all, and the only time he seems jealous is when he鈥檚 protective of you.
whenever you ask him about it, he鈥檒l simply say, 鈥渋 could smell something off about them.鈥
hugs you like you鈥檙e the most precious thing in the world (which you are, in his eyes), and loves your scent above all else.
it鈥檚 something that comforts him.
tanjir艒 is a great boyfriend 10/10!!
rengoku. the most sensual and honest person you have ever met.
when you had both formed a relationship, there wasn鈥檛 really a difference from your friendship at first.
the only thing you could note that was different was how overjoyed he would get every time he saw you.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 have to hide my love for you, y/n!鈥
it was pretty obvious he had liked you for a while, though.
rengoku always looked at you with such, longing, the smile that would grow on his face reminding you of how lucky you are.
鈥渉ow lucky you are? i鈥檓 the one who鈥檚 lucky!鈥
Rengoku always managed to find some time to spend with you, being a hashira was not easy, but he always made it work. for you, he tried.
would take you out on dates whenever he had free time, usually to a quiet and serene place where you two could lie down on the grass and point out the clouds.
extremely cheesy at times.
鈥渢he sky鈥檚 beautiful.鈥
鈥測ou鈥檙e more beautiful, my love.鈥
likes to hold your hands a lot, stroking his thumb over them as he told you how much he loved you.
rengoku also had a habit of kissing your forehead when bidding you farewell, his nose brushing against yours afterwards.
just like tanjir艒, it was near to impossible to make rengoku jealous, he knew you were loyal, so why should he worry?
he was also extremely supportive of everything you did, constantly cheering you on from the sidelines with a big grin.
liked to show you off to everyone you meet. 鈥渢his is my partner, y/n! aren鈥檛 they lovely?鈥
liked to cuddle you under the stars, holding you close to him, slightly scared that when he wakes up that you鈥檒l be gone.
couldn鈥檛 go a day without being with you.
you were his lifeline, as he called it. something he couldn鈥檛 bear to be without.
also liked telling you about his upcoming missions before he left. his excited face was the best sight one could ever ask for.
鈥渋 must be quick, my love. after all, i鈥檝e got a train to catch!鈥
giy奴 is surprisingly very talkative (compared to how he is normally) when he鈥檚 with you.
likes to send you flowers when out on missions with cute notes like, 鈥渕issing you greatly, my love.鈥 鈥渢his place is quite dim without you.鈥
you don鈥檛 know how he does it; he doesn鈥檛 tell you.
giy奴 likes to cuddle you and play with your hair, he tends to do it subconsciously when he鈥檚 sleeping with you.
when you first got together he didn鈥檛 speak much, it was extremely awkward for the first couple of weeks.
but then, he slowly started getting more comfortable: small brushes of your hands to hand holding, small pecks on the forehead to kisses on the lips鈥.
he never dared do anything too intimate (in his eyes) without your definite consent though.
for example, 鈥渃an i hug you..?鈥 鈥測es, giy奴, you can hug me.鈥 鈥渁re you sure?鈥 鈥測es, gi-鈥 鈥-but are you 100% sure-鈥
it鈥檚 very rare that you two argue; when you do giy奴 shuts it down immediately.
he hates arguing with you, he always feels guilty afterwards, even if it wasn鈥檛 his fault.
likes to spoil you quite a lot. you want it? you got it.
even if he sees you glance at something through a shop window he鈥檒l remember to go back and get it later on.
鈥渢hat looks nice!鈥 鈥渋n what size, dear?鈥 鈥渨hat about the price?鈥 鈥渨hat size.鈥
if you鈥檙e very careless and outgoing then he鈥檒l be extra protective over you. after all, if he doesn鈥檛 watch you then who will?
acts annoyed sometimes but he secretly likes it, just gives him an excuse to be with you even longer.
overall, giy奴 loves and cares for you a lot. he wouldn鈥檛 know what he would do without you in his life.
tough. this boy is tough.
will definitely convince you to train with him, and god forbid if you agree to let him mentor you.
doesn鈥檛 hold back when it comes to just a small flaw in your training, makes you correct it immediately.
don鈥檛 think that he鈥檚 doing it just to be mean, though. in reality he鈥檚 just extremely worried for your safety and doesn鈥檛 want you to get hurt.
sabito is also worried that if something happens to him you鈥檒l have no one to protect you, so you鈥檒l have to learn to protect yourself.
looks at you with the softest eyes even when scolding you, even if his face is red from frustration and with furrowed eyebrows.
鈥渋 just want you to be okay, y/n.鈥
despite being your boyfriend for quite a while, he still struggles to come to grasp with physical intimacy.
kisses on the cheeks and holding your hand should suffice for now.
also likes to take you on small picnics and always finding ways to make you laugh.
likes to pinch your cheeks as well.
like giy奴, he hates it when you argue. he doesn鈥檛 argue back though, only listens to what you have to say before nodding and trying to come up with solutions or make amends.
sabito definitely freaks out when he finds out you鈥檙e participating in final selection. it should鈥檝e been obvious from the get-go, but, it鈥檚 far too dangerous.
tries to convince urokodaki to not let you do it.
鈥渢hen all of the training you and urokodaki put me through would鈥檝e been useless!鈥
this, this was the only time he ever argued back.
even as you walked into final selection he held your hand until the very end, giving you a final goodbye.
as you might already know, sanemi was quite鈥 hot-headed.
you鈥檒l have to be extremely patient with him. he does love you, he just doesn鈥檛 know how to show it properly.
tends to lash out at the smallest things but almost always manages to calm down when you鈥檙e there.
it鈥檚 almost as if he鈥檚 trying to suppress his anger so you don鈥檛 see him that way.
sanemi is the most protective of you, doesn鈥檛 let anyone he has the littlest ounce of dislike come near you.
鈥渋鈥檒l slash off your head if you try and do anything! don鈥檛 get any funny ideas!鈥
not the biggest fan of pda or being intimate but he鈥檚 certainly trying.
you wouldn鈥檛 make him do anything he doesn鈥檛 want to do, though.
his whole life he has lost so many people and he鈥檚 scared he鈥檒l lose you too, which is honestly one of his worst fears.
this also meant he wasn鈥檛 experienced with relationships at all. most of the people he had liked before ended up running away.
tried to give you a massage once and you ended up getting cramped up, tanjir艒 had to end up helping you, much to sanemi鈥檚 distaste.
likes to
the one thing he is comfortable with is caressing your face and holding it in his hands, there鈥檚 something so comforting about that.
you both try to avoid arguing as much as possible, knowing how bad it could get.
if you鈥檙e both hot-headed then鈥 oh dear.
sanemi loves you a lot, just be patient with him.
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yoon2k 7 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: kim namjoon was all work work work. he never stopped. he never slowed down. he never took a break. he kept at it like a beast, pushing himself further, going harder and harder, hitting deeper... and he was even more diligent at his actual job! you dont get to the top of the world for nothing. and you were about to find out just how exerting it was.
rate: 20+ audience
pairing: CEO!knj 脳 reader (& a hint of taehyung)
warnings: age gap (41/24) , dom!joon, sub!reader, doggy style, penetrative sex (protected), belt use, harness, heavy makeout, hickies, sensual massage, spitting, clit slapping, spanking, fingering, slight degradation, slight embarrassment, phone exhibitionism, power play (not w yn), slight coercion, crying (again, in a good way 馃拃 dont look at me)
wc: 4.3k 馃槼
a/n: whenever i write for joon it always ends up being longer than i plan :/ his power. let me know what you think! + if you want to be tagged, click here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had woken up the next morning to an empty bed and breakfast steaming on a tray next to you with a note that read: "in meetings all day. if you need anything, the attendants will take care of it. -H"
You had decided to spend your morning exploring the rest of the boat, only catching a small glimpse yesterday before dinner as Jimin led you through, but it was too fast for you to really have a good look around. Just as you were rounding the corner to where you thought you'd find the deck, you walked right into a sturdy chest, soft satin pressed against your cheek, and a deep chuckle resonating in your human-pillow's chest.
"You okay?" The smooth baritone speaker asked. You looked up to find one of the most handsome faces you've ever seen in your life. It was so dazzling that it slightly startled you; even though you'd met him yesterday, you still weren't used to his ethereal beauty.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Kim," you apologized quickly, dropping your eyes to the floor and stumbling backwards, tucking your hands behind you. "I was looking for the deck, but I got lost."
"Call me Taehyung," he sent you an earth-shattering smile. "I can show you. I have some time before my next meeting."
You nodded eagerly, readily following him as he zig-zagged his way through the (much bigger than you'd originally thought) yacht, trying to keep a mental map of where you were going this time, unlike the last time when you were too distracted by the stupidly handsome stranger guiding you.
"The deck is on the top floor," he explained as he clicked the elevator button of the large red doors standing before you. "There are stairs, but it's way faster this way since we're in the belly of the ship right now."
How did you end up there? You could've sworn there was a window out of Hoseok's room, so you'd somehow confused your way all the way down here. Though, it sure didn't look like what you'd expect a belly of a ship to look like, with its extravagent halls, giant glass doors down the corridor, and the lavish elevator doors that were opening up in front of you, fancy LED lighting up the inside.
"Ladies first," he gestured, holding the door open for you. You scurried in quickly, scooting into the corner near the elevator buttons as he came in after you. You'd expected him to stand a distance away on the other side of the small confining space, but were surprised to find the tall, handsome man towering over you, backing you into the corner. His gaze startled you as he watched you expectantly, tilting his head. You pushed yourself further against the elevator just as he had opened his mouth to say something, unbeknownst to you, clicking almost every button with your body as you turned towards him. The ding of the elevator as it slid shut made you jump, the lit-up buttons on your side catching your attention. Your eyes flew wide as you'd realized what you'd done.
A chuckle left Taehyung鈥檚 lips, "I wanted to press the button, but looks like you beat me to it." He backed away, standing a comfortable distance away, leaning against the elevator rail with his arms casually crossed as he waited patiently for the impediments upon your journey upwards to pass.
You, on the other hand, couldn't keep your erratic heartbeat in check from how close he was standing to you before. You'd caught a whiff of his musky cologne, the scent surrounding you as you'd glanced up at him owlishly.
You take in his features now, the beautiful slope of his nose to his strong jaw. The way wisps of his hair fell over his face, the way his crossed arms showed off the perfect fit of his suit. And now that he was far (a few feet) away, you wanted him back into your space.
"...and the pool's pretty big, you'll have to check it out."
You were startled out of your daydream with the expectant look on Taehyung's face, followed by his laugh. Your cheeks burned as you realized he'd been talking this entire time, but you were too busy fantasizing about what those beautiful tinted lips could do rather than what words were coming out of them.
"Looks like something else's got your attention?" He raised his eyebrow, a hint of a cocky grin on his face as he caught you shamelessly staring.
It was like your legs had a mind of their own, moving you across the small space to stand right in front of him, the ding of the elevator opening on another floor irrelevantly behind you. You look up at him, offering no further actions other than yourself, standing here, ready for the taking.
Taehyung didn't hesitate in bending down and pressing his lips into yours, his arm finding its way around your waist as he pushed you backwards, right against those buttons you had clicked earlier, relighting the floors you'd already passed.
You moaned into his mouth as his tongue forced its way in, muffling any noises you were to make. His hands ran down your sides, finding its place on your hip, the other tangled in your hair as he pushed his hips into yours, making you grasp at him wildly with your tiny hands, whining his name.
"That's right, angel. That's my name," He growled lowly as he bent his down to meet your neck, sucking in red spots and grazing his teeth against your skin. You couldn't help another whimper fall out of your mouth, complete disregard for the opening and closing elevator doors on each level. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he marked you up, cornered against the wall. He held you in place, effectively stopping your wriggling in his arms, as he buried his face in your neck. Lewd sounds of his wet kisses and your tiny mewls were the only sound in the small space.
That is until鈥
"Fucking hell, Taehyung."
Your eyes opened wide at the voice stepping into the elevator, catching a glimpse of his white-streaked hair as he kept himself to the far end of the elevator, hitting door closed with a bored expression on his face.
He levelled his eyes with you, Taehyung still latched to your neck, back turned to the newcomer, as if he hadn't heard a thing. You were caught in a momentary staring contest before he dropped his gaze, opting for running his eyes over your trapped body instead.
You tugged at Taehyung desperately to catch his attention, before he finally yielded and pulled away to admire the blossoming purple spots on your neck. He turned to throw a quick greeting nod to his colleague, to which the elder returned with an eye roll.
"Bang Si-Hyuk's on a conference call with Jin and he asked for you." He drawled monotonously, as if he wasn't delivering the urgent news that just came out of his mouth.
"Oh shit," Taehyung ran a hand through his messy hair, trying to make it presentable again. "Now?"
Yoongi nodded again in confirmation. Luck for Taehyung, the elevator doors chose that moment to land on another floor, dinging open to the floor right above Jin's office.
"I'm sorry, yn. I'll have to show you the deck next time," he called out with a wave of his hand as he practically ran out of the elevator, leaving you with the quiet executive in the corner and a body on fire.
You didn't try any conversation, shifting in the corner and picking at your fingernails as he looked at you, keeping your gaze glued to the floor. Rushing out the door as soon as the elevator door dinged again out onto some unknown level, and away from his curiously alluring eyes.
You roamed the halls of the floor you found yourself on, looking for signs and peeking into rooms for any indication of where you might be, or for someone to give you a clue. You came up pretty much short, no signs pointing you in any direction, and no people to ask.
You were just about to give up and go back to the elevator, hopefully it'd be empty by now. If only you knew where the elevator was. You were ready to run back in circles through the areas you're sure you've already lost your way in until you heard a voice at the end of the hall. You followed the sound until you were stood in front of a large, ornate door that was slightly ajar, allowing the speaker's words to slip through.
"Right, and make sure the lunch is scheduled for Sunday. We need the deal to go through before the start of the next period, so I'd have to meet with them on that day. No later," a pause as (you assumed) the person on the other line responded, "It's none of my concern if that works for them. If they want our partnership, they'll make time."
You pushed the heavy door open, inviting yourself into the room to face the broad shoulders of the man with his back turned to you. His free hand was frantically sorting through a suitcase looking for something, throwing clothes freely around the room, creating a tornado of a mess.
"1pm is fine with me. Put it on the calendar," he ordered. You didn't want to disturb the CEO, he seemed to be extremely busy. But he seemed to practically be the only one on the floor. You'd just ask for quick directions and then you'd be on your way, letting him get back to whatever important business he had to attend to. You shuffled into the room fully, your footsteps catching his attention as he whirred around.
"I'll call you back," he told the person on the other line before hanging up. His next words were directed to you, but still very business-like, "Can I help you with something?"
You nodded quickly, not wanting to take up too much of his time, "Yes sir. Please, I seemed to have lost my way. Could you point me in the direction of the elevator?"
"East or west?" He questioned, throwing his phone onto the side table carelessly as he gave you his full attention. Very professional.
"Uhm..." you looked down timidly under the guise of thinking. You weren't sure. You didn't even know there were two elevators on this boat.
"Down the hall, take a left at the end and another left near the blue doors and you'll see it. Take it up to the deck, and one of our employees can guide you around the boat." He directed with a kind smile. You nodded and stuttered out a quick 'thank you.' Great, now he thought you needed a bodyguard. To be honest, he was probably right.
He turned back to the chaos he was in the middle of creating, running his hand through his pink hair as he tried to relax his frazzled state. He could've sworn his red tie was in this bag. But his wardrobe attendant was on his lunch break, and it would've just been easier if Namjoon found it himself. Or so he thought.
You were ready to leave, body angling away and towards the door, but you couldn't help yourself. He looked so stressed out, in his own little clothes tornado of his frantic making, you'd feel bad if you just left him like this. He needed to relax, even just for a second. There wasn't much you could do, but there was something.
"You're stressed," you blurted out, regaining his attention and a glance over his shoulder in your direction. "I can help... I can give you a massage? I'm pretty good," you rushed out your words before you could stop yourself.
In the pause Namjoon took to consider your offer, your heart almost beat right out of your chest. You wanted to eat your words, take them back. He was taking too long to answer you thought as you bit your lip. He was the CEO, for godssakes! If he wanted a massage, he probably had a world-class masseur on hand. He didn't need someone like you.
You were ready to stutter out an apology, turn tail, and run, but before you could get the words out鈥
"That's very kind of you, thank you." The relief was evident on his weary face, thankful for a break. One moment where he wasn't running around, where it was someone else doing the work.
He shrugged off his suit jacket, tossing it into the ever-growing pile to the side, his haphazard tie and dress shirt followed. Your eyes were shamelessly glued to the expanse of his back, bronzed skin and rippling muscles across his broad shoulders as he tangled with his belt, pink hair tickling the nape of his neck. You'd forgotten that one key little detail, you thought you watched him undress in front you. That a massage required the nudity of one participating party. The ache in your core and arousal flooding your panties reminding you with fervor that your hands would be running all over this man's body.
When he was down to his boxers, he finally looked over at you, small pout on his handsome face.
"You're not getting undressed?" He inquired.
"Did you want me to?" You piped in surprise, ready to jump into action at his words.
"It's only fair, don't you think? I'll feel a little self-conscious if I'm the only naked one here," he chuckled as he fiddled with the band of his boxers. Right, that made sense. Not really, seeing as that's pretty much how all massages typically went, with the masseur clothed. But you were never a stickler for tradition.
You had just finished pulling your shirt over your head when your heart jumped in surprise at the view of his giant cock, his dick out so suddenly. Boxers kicked away as he layed down on the disheveled bed, shielding his god-given gift away from your eyes. He looked over his shoulder, waiting for you.
You hurriedly threw your shorts off, left only in your undergarments, climbing hesitantly onto the edge of the bed as you tried not to think about how his dick would feel shoved in your tight pussy. Namjoon let out a chuckle at your timid state.
"You're going to keep those on?" He prodded, fiddling with the strap of your bra with his giant hands. You looked down at yourself as if you'd forgotten what you were wearing. "Shouldn't I..." you trailed off, about to ask if he wanted them off when a snapping noise interrupted your thought.
Your bra now dangled from Kim Namjoon's long fingers, dimply smile with a hint of cocksure on his face, "Oops?" He teased, "I'm somewhat of a klutz. My friends like to call me the god of destruction," he explained as he threw your bra over the edge somewhere, moving his hand down to your panties. "Wanna see what else I can destroy?" The double entendre evident as he looked up at you with mischievous eyes and a cocky smile, pretty lips spread wide as he turned slightly towards you, giving you a glimpse of his jacked body and the biggest pecs you've ever seen.
You were way too embarrassed to answer what you really wanted to, opting to look down at your twiddling fingers instead. Namjoon caught on, letting out another beautiful laugh as he turned back into the pillow, easing the tension in the room.
"Lotion's in the second drawer to the right. Do your thing, baby."
You put all the knowledge you'd ever received about massaging (which were pretty much only your friends' reviews throughout your life) into this right now. Namjoon was probably used to the best of everything, so you'd at least try, for him, to get somewhere close to that.
Though, you'd quickly learn this wasn't any routine massage. As Namjoon鈥檚 groans grew louder each time you found a knot, doing absolutely the worst for your already ruined panties as heat flooded down to your core, you found yourself sliding further down his waist, your original position, to his perfectly sculpted buttocks.
You didn't miss the way when he turned over, he caused you to slide down, brushing his cock against your clothed underwear as you went, causing a small gasp to escape your lips.
"You seem distracted."
He eyed you tantalizingly, hand propped under his head as he revealed himself to you in all his glory. You were tangled up in yourself next to him, like Bambi, a baby deer just learning how to use your limbs. Your eyes were wide as his gaze traveled down to the wet spot on your panties, tongue peeking out of his mouth.
"Pretty girl," he caressed your jaw with the back of his hand, before grabbing your face in his hands, guiding you closer. You whimpered as he covered your mouth with his, revelling in the butterflies erupting in your stomach as he pushed his saliva into your mouth.
You wanted to indulge, to lose yourself in him, but one tiny voice in the back of your mind made you pull away and whimper, "Namjoon-ssi. We can't."
"We can do whatever we want, baby. You're with me," he excused before leaning back in, but you pushed him away again.
"But Hoseok鈥擬r. Jung鈥攈e'd get upset." you whined, making Namjoon laugh. "Baby, Hoseok's had his turn. It'd be selfish of him to keep you all to himself, don't you think?" You took a minute to think it over, but you didn't have to think long, nodding in agreement. He was right, Hoseok's had you already. And he cared about you, he certainly wouldn't want you to miss out on Namjoon's god-like body, or the way his fat cock would probably split you in half, paired with those dimples and a soft tilt of his head? Of course Hoseok wouldn't want his angel to be deprived of such a thing, he wanted only the best for you.
"He won't mind, I guarantee you," he said, giving you that one last push you needed. Well if the CEO guaranteed it, who were you to refuse?
You let him pull you under him, encompassing your body with his muscular one as he brought his lips back down to yours. Trapped under the CEO as he moved his arm down in between your bodies and found the spot you needed him in most.
"You're fucking soaked. What's got your panties in a twist?" He chuckled as he ripped your panties off you, throwing the shreds somewhere, leaving you completely exposed to him. His hand dipped in, feeling the arousal on his fingers as he curiously explored. "Though, Hoseok sure did a number on you," he nodded at the row of hickies littered all over your neck.
"Uhm, that wasn't..." you started in a small voice, biting the inside of your cheek, "That wasn't Hoseok."
Namjoon lifted his head in surprise to survey you, "Oh." He probably thought you were a whore. Was he even wrong, though?
That didn't deter him from the way he moved his fingers deftly over your clit, playing with your pussy with his huge hand. "Mm, so wet for me baby. What's got you dripping like this, huh? Talk to me."
"Uhm...your...," you struggled to focus, but it was becoming impossible with the way he was rubbing circles in your clit. A harsh slap on your pussy jump-started your brain, words tumbling from your mouth, "Your body, Namjoon-ssi. Your eyes, your big hands, your lips, y-your... your..." you yelped as you felt the subject of your thoughts press against your thigh, "everything about you so big, Namjoon-ssi."
"Yeah? You like it like that? You want to be wrecked by my big everything, don't you," he mocked. You were a sight, writhing beneath him as he turned you into a mess. "You want my fat cock to break you, don't you?"
You let out a whimper, grabbing onto his biceps for steadiness as he slid a finger into your fluttering hole.
"Gotta warm you up, baby. Can't take me just like this, even though I know you want to," he soothed, pumping his fingers in and out of your dripping cunt, moving his way up to fit three into you. You clawed at his arms as he scissored inside you, feeling your walls clenching tighter around him at your impending orgasm. How embarrassing. It hadn't been two minutes and you were already gushing all over his fingers. His kiss muffled your cry of his name, a surprised sound coming from you as he shoved his tongue down your throat.
Now successfully stretched out, he flipped you over propping you up in the position he wanted you in.
"C'mon, hands and knees babygirl," slapping your ass to get you to move faster. Scrambling into position, your limbs trembled from the orgasm he'd bestowed upon you. You tried to keep yourself up, but couldn't help it as you sunk back down into the mattress.
"Get up, princess. Be good for daddy, let's go," prodding you. "I'm gonna fuck you now, okay? You need to get up."
"Can't, daddy," you whimpered. "'m too shaky. Can't get up."
You heard Namjoom tsk behind you as he shuffled around the room. Something cold pressed against your hip before he lifted you up, and tightened the belt around your waist, holding the ends like a harness.
"Baby wants to be lazy. I see how it is. But don't you know, lazy people get punished in this company. We have no room for all that," tearing off a wrapper as he, presumably, slid on a condom, "Guess I'm just gonna have to whip you into shape," as his hand landed a hard spank on your ass cheek.
You cried out, sure his hand print would be permanently marked on your ass from how hard he hit. But you would take it as he rained down hell, you would show him you weren't lazy. You'd be whatever he wanted you to be.
"Are you gonna be good? Are you gonna do what I say? Or are you gonna whine like a little bitch?" You cried out in submission, tears pricking in your eyes. He lined himself up with your quivering hole, aching to be stuffed full and stretched wide. "Yes, sir! I'll do whatever you want. Please."
"Is this all you're good for?" He mocked as he sunk into your cunt, causing your eyes to blow wide open as he set a ruthless pace. "Can't do anything but sit there and take it?"
"B-big...s-so鈥...." you stuttered out with watery eyes, feeling him in your throat. So big you thought you'd break as he pounded into you from behind. Your hands and knees threatened to give in again, but Namjoon held you up by your harness, like a well-trained animal, one tug had you back at attention.
"That's right, babygirl. You've never had a fat cock like this splitting open this tiny hole have you?" Crude sounds filled the room, Namjoon's grunts loud in your ear as he slammed his hips into yours. He barely gave you a chance to adjust to the stretch, just taking what he needed and leaving your pussy abused and your cervix bruised.
Fuck, you're clenching so tightly around me," revelling in your warm cunt, "Loosen up a bit," he commanded, groping your pussy.
"Namjoom-ssi, sir鈥攑-please. Slow down. I-I can't," you sob, tears falling from your eyes only making his thrusts rougher and his gropes meaner.
He leaned down to your ear, "Are you being lazy again?"
You shook your head frantically, cries shaking your whole body as you took every thrust ripping you in half.
"That's what I thought," he growled, tilting your head back to meet his eyes with your soaked ones. He opened your mouth forcibly with his hands, dripping a glob of saliva down your throat before commanding you to swallow.
A buzzing from the side of the bed caught your attention, feeling the vibrations tingle up your body before Namjoon retrieved it, glancing at the caller ID briefly before sliding the phone to answer.
"Hello?" Your eyes widened, cheeks burning at the person on the other line hearing the lewd slaps and pants from the reckoning you were receiving. How was he just gonna answer the phone now?
You tried to bury your face in the sheets to muffle your crying, but you didn't think it mattered much as Namjoon let out a series of loud grunts before speeding up to inhuman pace, your voice caught in your throat as he fucked into a stuttering silence, tears streaming down your face in pleasure.
"Fuck yeah," he growled, kneading your ass in his hands as he held you wide open, stuffing his cock in your cozy hole. You'd assumed he was off the phone as he'd stopped responding to whoever was on the other line, and you were secretly thankful for the regaining the privacy of your moans.
His hips stuttered as he opted for long, languid strokes hitting deeper instead, his voice rumbling in his chest even deeper than his cock.
You let out a wail as he pulled out and threw the condom to the side, pumping himself to completion over your used body. You felt his cum splatter all over your ass, painting you in his seed. You wanted to move, to let your screaming limbs finally have their well-deserved rest, but he held you in place. Assuming the phone call was over, though, you were desperately wrong.
"I look forward to seeing you Sunday, Suho-ssi. We'll talk more then."
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heesunminies 15 days ago
secret relationship with hoon where only the other 02z + hee and your close friends know about it and so when you go out to drink one time, some friends of your friends are invited and one of the girls decide they want to flirt with sunghoon. ofc everyone else knows that you guys are together but it isn't their secret to tell and you keep smirking at him subtly everytime one of the girls compliment him or something.
you side-eye the girl, whose name you dont care enough to remember, when she makes another comment about how funny he and laughs a little too loudly at his jokes that make jay annoyed (you very well know he's funny but does she have to flirt with him every second over it???). he awkwardly laughs at her compliments resting a hand on your thigh, with his fingers playing with the hem of your skirt, as you roll you eyes at her blatant and awful flirting before making eye contant with your boyfriend who gives you an amused smiled at your jealousy.
before she can make another comment about how pretty his eyes are, you grab his jaw pulling his face towards yours feigning innocence by removing an eyelash under his eye. the position conveniently shows the hidden hickey you left on his neck and in the corner of your eyes, you see hers zero in on the mark. a smirk rises on your face, getting bigger when you give him a peck on the corner of his lips, his eyes unwavering from yours, slightly lidded from the semi-kiss and the hand on your thigh tighten. he lets out a giggle when you shoot an amused look at the girl who looks more annoyed that her eye candy isnt single.
this leads you to being excused by hoon under the pretense of you feeling a bit faint (your friends aren't dumb. they know whats going to happen) and now youre on all fours in the backseat of hoons car, skirt pushed up to your waist and panties stuffed in the back of hoons pocket, struggling to grip onto the seat as he takes you from behind. one of his hands are resting on the back of your neck and the other resting on your hip to stabilise himself, "i didnt know my angel got jealous so easily鈥揻uck," already fucked dumb you can't even mutter out a full sentence, "m' not jealous," a moan leaving your lips as he hits the spot that makes your head spin. another curse releases from his lips when he feels you clench around him. you dont even notice when youre being turned over so your back is resting on the seat your hands interlocked with his over your head, "hoonie- 'need you in me," he smiles at your drawl, looking at the way your thighs are messy with your slick and shaking ever so slightly.
"you want my dick, angel? admit you were jealous and maybe I'll consider giving it to you," one of his hands go to pump his dick slowly before hitting it on your clit a couple times. he can't help but chuckle at your whines when he does so again, teasing you. you stutter out a plead "y-yeah 'was soo jealous. had to show her you be-belong to me. my hoonie." he moaned lowly at that, "youre my angel yeah? just like im your hoonie? im the only one who can fuck this cunt open like this," his breaking point was when you pulled him into a sweet kiss that had his head reeling, it couldve been innocent had you not been in this compromising position, seperating with a string of spit connecting you both. he couldn't wait to make you forget everything but his name.
when you two do decide to join your friends again, they all look at the way you two were obviously messed up, hickeys and bite marks all over your necks and shoulders and hands intertwined. you may have agreed the secret relationship thing was overrated by the end of the session in the car. - 馃尰 (its almost 4am and im in hoon brainrot)
i love that this captured the excitement of a secret relationship but also the way it gets old fast by the end of it, bc that鈥檚 for damn sure 馃拃 lmao
he loves when you wear skirts out so that he has easy access for a quickie, and for the mark you left on his neck he wants to leave a hundred more all over you - if you can lay your claim, so can he~
he finds it adorable how jealous you got but also is secretly really happy bc if someone was hitting on you he鈥檇 feel the same - you guys are both so into each other and it makes his heart flutter <3
also bonus points for the hitting his dick off your clit because that shit is TOP TIER
(not me analysing every part of this like a book review lmaoooooo)
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mooomilk a month ago
Different perspective
Bakugou x reader (All characters in this Story are over 18 Bakugou and reader are 23鈥24)
Warnings:Dom!bakugou,plugs,Handcuffs,Blindfolds,Someone watches bakugou and reader have sex,daddy kink,light use of other names(Sir)but only once and not explicit,leash and collar,chocking,edging,dirty talk,dumbification(idk how to write that馃拃),explicit sex,nipple play,d/s stuff,degrading,punishments,sex toys,belly bulge,size kink,fingering,i think i included hair pulling but im 馃馃槀
I thought about someone that is in no way involved in Bakugou鈥榮 and y/n鈥榮 life,for some reason seeing there relationship from the outside but not in the social media way but in the 鈥瀞tanding in the kitchen but no one noticing鈥 kinda way(that sounded weird)
My point is some dude(22 maybe) is Bakugou鈥榮 and y/n鈥榮 neighbor and see鈥檚 them from his balcony,porch,garden,window stuff like that,and see鈥檚 them being a super cute couple(not in the creepy way,okay maybe a little creepy).
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My name is Tanji shoko (random name i came up with)and i am a college student,my parents got recently a new house and let me stay in the old one for college.
Its basically perfect,i live close to college,im a bit introverted and a little scared to speak to people that i don鈥檛 know and now i can just come home in between classes,and its basically empty around me there are no inhabited houses infront,behind,to my left,hell not even diagonally opposite from me,im basically surrounded by nothing!
There is a habitat house to my left,the house of the Bakugou鈥檚,i remember the day i meet them for the first time better than my last birthday. It was a totale normal Saturday morning,i woke up,eat leftovers,did some collage stuff and just relaxed.
I went on the balcony to take a break from studying,then i saw a white truck drive into the street and stopping right in front of the house on my right.
"Oh no" was the only thing i thought when i saw a tall,buff blonde dude come out of the truck.I don鈥檛 want any neighbors,i want to walk around in my house naked with the blinds open.
But then i saw a beautiful woman come out right after him the only thing i thought was "oh", then i remembered that i sat on my front balcony(i have two one at the front of my house and one on the right)in the sweatpants that i had on for 3 days already and the ugly old rope that my dad forgot here,i rushed quickly into the house,hide behind the curtains to look out the window.
The blond dude bowed down to kiss the pretty girl on the lips,she giggled an smiled at him while the went inside the house,right after i saw multiple trucks driving into the street,they all had thee logo of a well known moving company on them.
Several men and woman started coming out of the trucks and started carrying in multiple cardboard boxes in different sizes and shapes into the house,some even carried whole pieces of furniture.
Now that i think about it....
Did i never notice the strange cars coming and halting right in front of the house,why did i notice just now??!
Well not like i could do anything about it so who cares...not like having a breath taking woman and a man that looks like he could (and would) break you by looking him directly in the eyes would have a big impact on my daily life..right?
Monday 23:48 3 weeks after the Bakugou鈥檚 moved in
Ahh鈥揾ah k鈥搆atsuki..yes!! ha aahhh!!!
Every night..they did this every night...i need to listen to this man beast fucking his wife every night..and they are so damn loud i can hear the bed squeaking and hammering against the wall so loudly,and her moans! I don鈥檛 know what this man is doing to her there every night but she moans and screams so damn loud.
And the names she calls him...
Hah yes..yes fuck me,fu鈥揻uck me harder daddy!!hmm p鈥損lease!!!
Oh ohhh master y鈥搚eah please hah keep going!!
S鈥搒ir fuck!! Hhmm ha!y鈥搚es oh god!! oh please sir dont stop!!
Aahhh ah! yes hmm please!please,please! Hmphh oh yes D鈥揹ynamight oh fuuuck!!
Oh yeah did i forget to mention? The two horny lovers weren鈥檛 just a random couple no no no it was pro hero fucking Dynamight and his wife,yes i needed to listen to a fucking pro hero having sex.
A person that should assure me safety and not a fucking boner that i needed to take care of myself,because of the fucking(sweet)moans and dirty words of his fricking wife.
But if you think its just the noise no! No it鈥檚 not! It鈥檚 not just the noise!
I also see mrs Bakugou everyday,going on the balcony in nothing but a(probably mr Bakugou鈥檚)Button up,that is by the way,NEVER BUTTONED UP!!!
She always stands there,with her open shirt that exposes her belly and her inner(beautiful full,plump,fat鈥)breast鈥檚 and a pair of panties,drinking her morning coffee? tea? ugh who cares(he dose).
I also always see Mr and mrs Bakugou half naked running around,mr Bakugou Shirtless with only his boxers on,and mrs Bakugou in either in her buttoned down and panties OR just her fucking panties!
Here tits bouncing around while she walks around her home "do these people not know what curtains are?"i ask myself. But...the sight of her cute ass slightly bouncing with every step she takes sure is intoxicating...and certainly not a sight that i mind...
Today after 3 weeks of debating with myself if i should go over and say hello or not,its already been 3 weeks what would they think if i came now?on the other side,i could finally really talk to mrs bakugou,she already saw me anyway.
The first time she really noticed me was when she was in the garden and i came back from school,she was cutting some roses when she saw me. When she noticed me she smiled and waved at me,which made her breasts jiggle.
I felt my cheeks heat up and just gave her a little nod and then went straight trough the front door to sprint to my couch to nuzzle myself into a cushion to die from embarrassment.
That was in the second week and i avoided her since.
(Friday 20:36)
But today im going to really talk to here.Im gonna do it i will introduce myself and over come my anxiety and talk to her. I walked out the door over to there house and tried ringing the bell but no sound came"maybe it was broke and they didn鈥檛 hade the time to repair it yet"i thought,
so knocked on the door but still no one came鈥瀐hmmm鈥渋 hummed "maybe they are not home"i thought"well i should go home then"i was about to turn aroundwhem i heard a loud noise from inside.
"What was that?! Intruders?robbers? a villain? should i call the police? no wait what if its just an animal that would be to embarrassing! maybe i just look trough the window? yes that is the best option that i have" (i hope that makes it clear that he is a dumbass).
I quickly activated my quirk and went to the back of the house were the main garden with a pool,a seating area and a porch were.I went quietly on the porch and looked trough the glass patio door and i did not expect what i saw,mr and mrs Bakugou were going at it on the couch.
Mrs Bakugou was lying underneath mr Bakugou and they were having a intense make out session,they were both pulling at each other鈥檚 clothes,mr Bakugou was already pulling mrs Bakugou鈥榮 dress over her head which lead to her being in nothing but her bra and panties.
Tanji stands there in awe,sure he鈥檚 seen her half naked body every other morning but that didn鈥檛 took away his amazement with your body,he also never seen it so close before.
Just now Tanji realized what for a creep he really was first lusting after a (married) woman,second being watching here as she walked around her own home (half)naked and now watching her and her husband making out and taking each others clothes of.
He felt dirty and disgusting but...it was so hot,seeing this young hot couple make out,pulling of each other鈥檚 clothes desperately.
The blond man started groping at her body his hands were all over her,her full boobs,her plump ass(that he even slapped from time to time),her soft looking thighs and running his hands up and down her back.
But the woman wasn鈥檛 any better,she has her hands tangled in his hair,groping his biceps,running her hands down his back and abs.
It was clear that they were going to fuck. "This is wrong,i should go home..but they do make me listen to them every night..and its not like they are going to find out anyway soooo"
Tanji just keep standing on the porch in hope the two lovers don鈥檛 notice him. The two were now dressed down to there underwear,mr Bakugou started taking of mrs Bakugou鈥榮 bra "wow without looking" was the only thing Tanji thought.
Mr Bakugou started groping her breasts and then pulled down her panties,and for the first time,Tanji saw mrs Bakugou鈥榮 pussy.
"Damn"That wasn鈥檛 the first pussy Tanji saw in his life,he isn鈥檛 a virgin,but definitely the best,it looked so wet and nice,her cute clit that mr Bakugou was stroking with his fingers.
鈥濵mhhh aahh鈥 mrs Bakugou started moaning and whining while mr Bakugou kept playing with her pussy and started groping her boobs. Mr Bakugou just smirked as mrs Bakugou kept whining.
As Tanji watched the sinful scene unfold he felt his pants go a little tighter around the crotch area. "Shit" Tanji cursed in his mind,"should i just..fuck it,alone standing here is wrong so who cares鈥淭anji zipped his pants open and pulled his cock out.
Mr Bakugou stopped playing with mrs Bakugou鈥榮 pussy,denying her,her orgasm.That obviously upset her and she started whining and complaining about wanting to come.
鈥濳atsukiii i was about to cum!鈥
鈥濻hut up brat,you get to come when i say it,also what did you call me?鈥
Shit now you know that you fucked up.
鈥濧nd what should you call me?鈥
鈥濱鈥搃 am sorry!鈥
鈥濿hat should you call me鈥
鈥濺ight,now why did you act like a fucking brat?鈥
鈥..Because i wanted to come...鈥
鈥濧nd who decides when you get to come鈥
鈥..You daddy鈥
鈥濭ood girl鈥
Tanji heard everything"fuck that asshole...that was fucking hot"as he saw them starting to groping at each other鈥檚 body鈥檚 again.
When mrs Bakugou鈥榮 hands started wandering to mr Bakugou鈥榮 crotch area,he stopped kissing and groping her,snatched her hands from his crotch and pinned her hands over her head.
鈥濿ow,today your really trying to push it you little baby,did you just forget about our rules?are you a little dumbass?a little dumb brat?鈥
鈥濶o i didn鈥檛 forget daddy!鈥測ou said a little embarrassed,you didn鈥檛 want to break the rules! you were just so horny! and that kinda lead to you trying to grab his dick.
鈥濷h really,well when that鈥檚 the truth then you can tell me exactly what you did wrong,right baby?鈥
鈥濽hm..yes,i touched daddy without daddy telling me i should touch him..鈥
鈥濺ight baby,so why did you touch without permission?鈥渉e said mockingly.
鈥...b鈥揵ecause,because i was...鈥
鈥濰mm because?鈥
鈥濨ecause i was horny鈥
鈥濿hat did you say baby? I didn鈥檛 really understand what you said鈥渉e said with a smirk on his face.
Him mocking you and talking down on you made you just even more horny,your thighs were wet and sticky from your juices and your nipples were getting harder.
鈥瀊ecause i was....h鈥揾orny鈥
鈥濷ohh my baby thinks she can break the rules that she and daddy agreed on because she was horny?you really are a dumb brat,don鈥檛 even try to deny it鈥
You knew that you couldn鈥檛 change anything about the situation now,you broke the rules and now you would get punished.But to be honest,you really didn鈥檛 mind.
鈥濱m sorry daddy...鈥
鈥濧nd you know what鈥檚 gonna happen now?鈥
鈥..Yes daddy鈥
Bakugou got off you and started walking out of the room,which left Tanji very confused.
鈥濿he鈥?!!what??why is he going,and where and why did they stop,what is going on??!"
Tanji thought to himself,he already had his dick pulled out and was about to really masturbate and not just lightly stroke his dick.
Disappointed,Tanji was about to put his dick back into his pants,when mr Bakugou came back into the room,and he had something in his hands.
鈥濷kay,you okay with this?鈥
鈥濵mhhm,i broke the rules and deserve my punishment鈥
鈥濭ood that you are self aware baby,that does not mean that im gonna hold back鈥
鈥瀁es daddy,please don鈥檛 hold back鈥
Bakugou just smirked at that and walked over to the couch and set down beside you. Now Tanji knew what Bakugou had in his hand,a collar,a leash,handcuffs,a plug and blindfolds.
"Is he going to..?"bevor Tanji could think further,mrs Bakugou turned around in his direction,Tanji froze from shock,he was never in his live more thankful for his quirk,which allowed him to be completely unnoticeable to other people around him.
Mr Bakugou blindfolded mrs Bakugou,he also put the collar with the leash on her and handcuffed her. Then he started gently fingering her ass to make her able to take the plug.
鈥瀁ou good?鈥
鈥濰gnn,yes im okay it feels a little weird but ok,i think can take the plug now鈥
鈥濰hmm good鈥
Bakugou took the plug and slowly inserted it,鈥淗hmmm ah!鈥測ou started panting and whining.
鈥瀁ou good,should i stop?鈥
鈥濶o im good,feels just a little weird鈥
鈥濷kay babe,i keep pushing it in then鈥
Bakugou kept pushing the plug in.
鈥濰hmm,ya did good princess鈥
鈥濼hanks daddy鈥
Tanij started stroking his dick again,panting and huffing like an animal,he was so jealous of the pro hero.He desperately wanted to touch the woman underneath the blond man.
"Man,this Bakugou dude is so fricking lucky"
Mrs Bakugou was now in a doggy position,ass up,head lying on the sofa cushion and still turned to the porch. She was still blindfolded,cuffed,a collar with a leash that mr Bakugou was holding,around her neck and now she also had a plug in her ass.
鈥瀁ou look so fucking hot like this babe,all tied up and ready for me,your such a good little slut for me鈥
It still made you kinda embarrassed when he talked to you like this,yeah sure you two were married and all,but that made it even more dirty in your opinion.
A man that promised that he would always love,respect and cherish you,a man that got down on his knee to ask for your hand,a man that did everything to make you happy(even though he showed it more though action than words),was now degrading you and called you his slut.
But you two loved each other and you trusted him with your life,he made you so happy you couldn鈥檛 describe it,and him tying you up and degrading you just really turned you on.
Tanji couldn鈥檛 believe his eyes and ears,yes he heard the dirty talk from mrs Bakugou(i mean she did scream it every night)and she did say some pretty dirty stuff(i mean,the names she calles him)but she had never the breath(nor the brain capacity)to say real,full sentences.
But he never heard mr Bakugou鈥榮 dirty talk(or that many other noises,mrs Bakugou was obviously the louder one in bed,which was funny because when they didn鈥檛 fuck,mr Bakugou鈥榮 booming voice couldn鈥檛 be over heard)or any other kinks that weren鈥檛 name related,Tanji didn鈥檛 think that they were vanilla (again,the names and dirty talk)but he didn鈥檛 think that they were that kinda kinky.
When he first saw her he thought that she looked so beautiful and cute,like an untouched flower innocent and delicate.But now that he saw her like this,he wasn鈥檛 so sure anymore.
Tanji was so in thought and when he turned back to the couple,mr Bakugou was already pulling his dick out of his underwear.So Tanji already felt that mr Bakugou had a big dick from the first meeting(older Bakugou just got that big dick energy),but shit he didn鈥檛 expect his dick to be that big.
It was long and thick and slightly curved upwards,and honestly,it just looked perfect.Tanji was not little(he was average),but damn mr Bakugou鈥榮 made him jealous.
Mr Bakugou started slowly rubbing his penis along your labia(i hope that is right)you started to moan lightly.
鈥濰hmmm ahh,please put it in daddy i have been good please鈥
鈥濰aha you know i love it when you鈥檙e needy princess,yeah you鈥檙e my needy little princess,always desperate for my attention~鈥
鈥濵mhh yeah im your鈥榮 daddy all your鈥榮鈥
鈥瀘kay i think you deserve my cock now princess,for being such a good little whore鈥
Bakugou started pushing his cock inside of you with a deep groan.You already felt full and he wasn鈥檛 even halfway in.
鈥濬uck,your so fucking tight baby,your already clenching around me鈥
Bakugou keep pushing his hips into you,the feeling of his thick veiny cock bullying his way into your little cunt was so overwhelming you could cry.Bakugou had similar feelings,your velvet walls clenching around his dick was still so intoxicating he could never grow tired of this.
Soon Bakugou was completely inside of you,filling you up and touching spots inside you no other man could reach.
鈥濵mmhh Katsuki!鈥
鈥濰a! I don鈥檛 even need to do anything for you to be a dumb moaning mess鈥
As soon as you started to adjust his dick,he started lightly snapping his hips forward.With every trust of his hips he became rougher,faster and better.He started to be more even with his trusts and grabbed your hips for stability.
鈥濰a,fuck babe you like that you slut? You鈥檙e really just a cock hungry whore,you fucking love me being balls deep inside you,love being fucked like a bitch while having a plug in your ass and a collar around your neck?鈥
鈥濰ahh!yes..fuck hhmm...i love being..y鈥搚our slut! aahh鈥
鈥濰aha yeah,you like being my personal whore and have me use you when and however i want you horny bitch!鈥
Bakugou pulled lightly on the leash that was attached to the collar around your neck,lightly chocking you and making you lift your head from the couch pillow.
鈥濰gnh鈥撯漷anji was now rapidly stroking his dick while trying to surpass his moans."shit i cant make anymore sounds or they gonna notice me"but it was so addicting watching them do it i just couldn鈥檛 stop,they were so dirty and mrs Bakugou oh man,he never heard her talk that much during sex.(because he couldn鈥檛 understand her because off the distance between them and the banging and moaning,but now that he was on there porch he could understand)
Mr Bakugou was holding the leash while fucking into your pussy.He had a steady rhythm and started pulling you up so that your back touched his chest.
He was fucking so hard into you,you felt him in your belly.His cock had a prominent vein was dragging along your walls.Your tongue was hanging out of your mouth,drool started dripping down your chin onto the couch.
Bakugou started pinching and twisting your pink/brown nipples,you let out a moan that was porn worthy and began to grind your ass against him.
鈥濼ch,didn鈥檛 you say you were good?if yes then why are you grinding against me like a fucking whore?鈥
鈥濷ohh mmh...m鈥榮orry daddy,didn鈥揹idn鈥檛 mean to,m鈥榮o s鈥搒orry..鈥
鈥瀁our lucky im feeling nice today princess鈥
You felt Bakugou鈥榮 big hand come up to your neck and started lightly chocking you.Then his hand started running down to you belly,giving your breast a squeeze on the way,stopping at the bulge.He then took one of your hands to feel the bulge too.
鈥瀁ou feel that baby?feel my dick in your belly?鈥
All you could do was whine which made him laugh.When he was done teasing you he proceeded to let his hand wander all over your body grabbing your thighs,going back to your boobs to play with your abused nipples and then he started to play with your clit.
His fingers felt so amazing rubbing and circling your little clit,you were on edge and only one step away from coming.And before you could say anything,you did.With a loud,long whiny moan you came,not only that you also squirted all over your husband鈥榮 hand and the couch.
Your juices were all over you,the couch and Bakugou,he looked really surprised and then a mix of annoyed and smug.
鈥瀘h now you overstated the line you filthy whore,you disobedient slut how often do you wanna break the rules today?you are so desperate for my dick but you act like a bitch in heat?!you think you deserved to come?you dumb brat you made a mess look at the couch and my hand!鈥
Bakugou pulled the blindfolds off her head,she moved her head to look up at the blond just for him to grab her with one hand by the cheeks which made her lips squish together in a pout.
鈥濰hmm my dumb little slut,you want to get punished right?god there is really not a single tough behind those eyes haha! but for real you know what you got yourself into right baby?鈥
You knew telling him you came by accident wouldn鈥檛 change anything,you knew telling him you didn鈥檛 meant to come and make a mess wouldn鈥檛 change anything,you knew you were going to get punished again.
鈥瀁es i know daddy....m鈥榮orry didn鈥檛 mean to鈥撯
Bakugou pulled harshly on the leash making you chock.
鈥瀁ou can shove your little apology up your ass,oh wait i forgot there is already something shoved up your ass haha!鈥
Your cheeks started heating up at his dumb joke.And off course Bakugou noticed that and began to mock you a little more.
鈥濰aha it鈥檚 really amusing seeing you all flustered from a little teasing,such a cute cumdumpster,fist ya squirt all over me and the damn couch and now you get embarrassed by a little joke ha!鈥
Aahh yes Bakugou,he always hits were it hurts.His comment obviously didn鈥檛 help you flustered state so you just shut your mouth and prepared yourself for whatever Bakugou saw as a fitting punishment.
While you were in thoughts,Bakugou held his hand in front of your face.
鈥濨efore we start with your real punishment you should clean me up鈥
You took his finger in your mouth and started liking them clean one after one.
鈥濰hmmm okay what would be the best punishment for this little brat?oh maybe i let you chock on my dick!Hhmm no,too boring.Maybe i spank you a little...oh no wait i got an even better idea..鈥
Bakugou said with a sadistic smile that made you shiver.
鈥濨aby i got the perfect idea..you know our perverted neighbor,the guy that always stares at you tits and ass and thinks we dont notice?you said you wanted to go over to chitchat with him because 禄he seems to be always alone芦 and 禄even though he is kind of a perv he still seems to be kind芦.鈥
鈥濽mm yeah..why?you said that i shouldn鈥檛 go over there because禄a pervert like him might try something芦and that you didn鈥檛 want to waist your time with 禄a lonely stalker like him芦鈥
鈥瀁eah i think we should go over there tomorrow,you were right lets be good neighbors and visit him,you already made a cake for him and it would be such a waist if you didn鈥檛 had the opportunity to give it to him right baby?鈥
鈥濫hhmm yeah your right but i thought you didn鈥檛 wanna go over ther鈥撯
鈥濷h baby i just changed my mind like i said lets be good neighbors,i think i will punish you after we meet him,gave you already so many hickeys and you鈥檙e going to get to sore to stand if i fuck you again,and we wouldn鈥檛 want our neighbor to meet you when your still looking like a fucked out whore right?鈥
You knew this couldn鈥檛 mean anything good Bakugou always punished you as soon as you were bad,this only could mean that he at some really dirty idea...
Thank you for reading i will be making a part 2 soon!
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sanzusbestie 2 months ago
Hi! So can I have the boys from Tokyo Revengers have a twin sister? With Hanma, Hakkai, Sanzu and Kazutora, if that's okay.
鈾 TR boys having a twin sister 鈾
Characters : Hanma Shuji, Shiba Hakkai, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Hanemiya Kazutora, Matsuno Chifuyu & f!reader as their sister
Genre : Angst, fluff, crack
Warnings : None
A/n : Hey you 馃挄 Thanks again for re-sending your request after my dumb ass deleted it lmao. I hope you'll like it ! Thank you for requesting and have a nice day 鈾
Tumblr media
If you're like him, good for you
If not, that's too bad because Shuji's not going to waste his time for you
Twin or not, if you're boring he's leaving you behind
But if you're as crazy as he is, he might let you be part of his world
Not too close though, he doesn't want you to get badly hurt
He teaches you how to fight
He's always bragging about his tattoos and says you're lame because you don't have any (if you don't) or that they're ugly as hell (if you do)
He's annoying +++
The type of brother that would push you away to blow all the birthday candles
Like when you were little, he didn't want to hit you when you upset him (he still doesn't) so he'd be the biggest snitch ever
Pretty sure you two were already fighting in your mom's womb.
Tumblr media
Hakkai tried to protect you from Taiju but failed
You did the same but failed as well
But you're always there for each other
And as he can't protect you from your older brother, Hakkai tries his best to keep him out of your mind
The night at the church was awful
No matter how hard you tried, Taiju easily knocked you down
And when he left, it was freedom
Yuzuha introduced you to Hina and Emma because his shy ass could never
At first, he was against the idea of you getting close to Toman
He was scared something could happen to you
But you know how to fight and protect yourself so he gave up
You often bring some of your female friends over to embarrass him.
Tumblr media
He absolutely does not care about your
Or any of his siblings for that matter
And the fact that you are twins won't change anything
He would never answer you when you asked him if he could play with you as kids so you stopped at some point
It was always Toman, Mikey, Mikey, Toman, Mikey, Kanto Manji, Mikey, Mikey, Bonten, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey
You've never seen him again after he left Toman
And as an adult, you met Haruchiyo once by chance
But he didn't even recognize you
And if he did, no one could tell.
Tumblr media
Trauma <3
Kazutora told your dad that he'd take the beating for you but he didn't care
You've always been the only person he could fully rely on
Even after he killed Shinichiro and Baji
Yes, he did lose himself, but he knows it and he's trying to be a better person
And you will never let him down, no matter what
You accompanied him the day he got his tattoo
He insisted that you get one too but you kept on refusing : you didn't want the others to think you were a deliquent
He laughed when you said that but he didn't ask again
You've met the other former members but you weren't close to them considering everything that happened
But you grew close to Chifuyu, after your brother got released
And you probably have a crush on him (you do. We all do so stop lying) and Kazutora won't stop making fun of you for that, but deep down he's happy for you.
Tumblr media
The "Shhh ! I'll let you hit me back so stop crying" brother
Only for you to cry louder so he gets his ass whooped
He reads shoujo mangas, you read shonen
He liked vanilla ice cream flavour, you like chocolate
Anyways you guys are perfect opposites
For the exception of Peke J
You won't hesitate to fight each other to keep him in your room for the night
Chifuyu always says, like it's THE best reason why your cat should spend the night with him, "I'm the one who found him"
"Well, sorry Mister all mighty delinquent, we don't all spend all of our time outside !"
Your mom is tired of your incessant bickering
So Peke J will spend the night in her room 馃拃
But no matter how much you two fight, you're always there for each other
Just like when Baji died
Chifuyu was sad, but you were just as much upset
Because just like everything you shared - your food, your mangas, Peke J, birthday and more - Baji was your friend too.
Taglist : @eriskaitto @smycc
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makotosimpp 24 days ago
Hey, I just read your kazuha fic and i just love it. If you don鈥檛 mind would it be okay if I requested a thoma x y/n fic with him being a housewife, cleaning and trying to tidy your house but y/n couldn鈥檛 stop their hands from touching him?
Thoma x gn reader
It was a quiet day at Thomas's shared house with y/n as he started cleaning the house. He wanted to spend some time with his sweet y/n in a clean and comfortable house. But it was hard as Thoma could feel Y/n鈥檚 stare at him. He didn鈥檛 feel uncomfortable Or anything he could feel the lust Y/n was holding when they watched his every movement, just as he was bending over to sweep all the dirt from the floor hr could hear some movements behind him, just as he was gonna stand up he could feel a pair of hands on his hips. 鈥滱hh Y/n please could you let me clean鈥 thoma said as he shoved Y/n hands away.
Y/n pouted a little as they went to their shared bedroom, closing the door as thoma questioning if his actions were mean, soon forgetting about the incident. He only had the bathroom left as he was scrubbing every corner of it. That was until he got pushed into the shower as someone, more like y/n turned the shower on making both their clothes soaking wet. 鈥淵-y/n why-鈥
鈥淭homa. i really can't wait any longer鈥 Y/n whispered close to his ears as he started to feel tingles on the lower part of his stomach. 鈥渂-but my chores-鈥 he didn't even get to finish his sentence before Y/n turned him around making him face the cold shower wall, he let out a gasp.
鈥淭h chores can wait, Thoma, dear let me devour that cute ass of yours,鈥 y/n said as they pulled his pants down. spreading his ass cheeks as they dived in, licking around the rim, Thoma let out weak mewls and whimpers, 鈥渕mhaaah Y/n pleaseeee鈥 Thoma begged.
鈥淪hhh Thoma I鈥檒l give you what you need鈥 they said gazing up at Thoma before entering their tounge inside Thoma 鈥淎hhhh Y/n mmphhhh-鈥 Thoma started squeaking as his legs grew weak.
He let out a loud moan as he felt y/n slipping in a finger, it was reaching his sensitive g spot as y/n was constantly poking and messaging it, it was making Thomas knees weak, and not to mention their tongue swirling around his insides. 鈥淵-y/n!! Ahnmmmm please please please, let mmfh me c-cum鈥 he cried out shaking. 鈥淗ehe look at your state Thoma, you look so adorable right now鈥 y/n stated as they entered a third finger right now 鈥測/n!! Cum c-cum, I-im gonnnaah cum-鈥 he mewled out as he was practically humping y/n鈥檚 fingers. Making out words and moans, tears falling until he heard something that made him gush around their fingers 鈥 so beautiful thoma, Cum around my fingers鈥 that鈥檚 all it took for him to cum as he moaned out your name. 鈥淢mhh ahhh y-y/n thank you, thank you鈥 he whispered as he slid down to lay on the floor.
//I wrote this while watching bleach鈥y eyes hurt 馃拃馃槶 and this was kinda hurried. I hope it wasn鈥檛 that bad<3
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plutosexc 5 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings: Ushijima Wakatoshi x fem!reader
warnings + genre: none + fluff
i was having ushijima brainrot, reblogs appreciated!!
Tumblr media
鈦. First off, when Ushijima first finds out he鈥檇 be in disbelief. He is so happy of course, but he鈥檇 kinda be worried about if he would be a good dad. :(
鈦. You most definitely shut down that idea immediately.
鈥淵/n I am very excited, but.. what if I鈥檓 not a good enough father to our child.
鈥淲here did you even get that idea from? You鈥檒l be a wonderful dad. You already treat me so well and I know you鈥檒l do nothing less for our child.鈥
鈦. Now during your pregnancy Ushi would be so helpful. You can鈥檛 cook? Consider it done. Want a massage? He鈥檚 already grabbing the soothing lotion.
鈦. While pregnant you鈥檙e not supposed to be on your feet more than necessary. Do you listen? No. Did you have to suddenly decide to organize the plates in the cabinet? No, but you did.
鈦. Ushijima walked into the kitchen for some water, but quickly rushed over to you.
鈥淗oney, What are you doing?鈥
鈥淲ell, while I was getting a plate I noticed they鈥檙e so unorganized. So I decided to fix it now.鈥
鈥淵/n, you know the doctor said you shouldn鈥檛 overexert yourself. Just come down from the chair and I鈥檒l do it.鈥
鈥淛ust let me finish this Toshi. Don鈥檛 worry, I鈥檒l be fine.鈥
鈥淣o. It鈥檚 dangerous.鈥
鈦. He lifts you off the chair and carries you to the stool near the island table. LMFAO You鈥檙e kinda just sitting there like.. did he really just move me? Yes, he did and organized the plates himself.
鈦. One time you guys were getting ready to head to the meat market. Your belly was so big that you had trouble putting your shoes on. 馃拃 Ushijima saw you struggling and he got down on one knee. Yes. There he was putting your shoes on for you.
鈦. He bathes you sometimes if you鈥檙e too tired. Ooo, Ushijima also does your nightly routine with you. Face wash, cleanser, moisturizer, etc. He rubs your belly until you fall asleep and he鈥檚 the big spoon.
鈦. Ushijima randomly walks up behind you while your standing sometimes and lightly lifts your belly. It鈥檚 so that he takes some of the weight off your back for a while.
鈦. Pregnancy also affects your emotions, sometimes causing mood swings. Ushijima鈥檚 favorite part of your pregnancy <3 not The most notable moment being when he saved you both got kicked out of the supermarket.
鈦. Your feet were hurting, you had a slight headache and you were tired because the baby had been kicking all night. You just wanted some Nutella for your apple slices. It鈥檚 what you were craving.
鈦. There was only 1 Nutella bottle left and some lady got to it first. oh boy You were so pissed, any other day you wouldn鈥檛 have said anything because she got to it first. But not today, and poor Ushi had to deal with it.
鈥淓xcuse me. I was going to get that last Nutella bottle.鈥
鈥淲ell I got it first. Just wait till they restock or get it somewhere else.鈥
鈦. Did she rlly just say that to you? 馃拃
鈥淚 am trying to be nice. Please give me the Nutella, I鈥檓 eating for 2 and it鈥檚 a pregnancy craving.鈥
鈥淵/n we can just get it somewhere else, it鈥檚 not good to get worked up鈥斺
鈥淚 really don鈥檛 care. Listen to your husband. Can鈥檛 you just go to another store.鈥
鈦. She fucked up....
鈥淏itch. Do you wanna fucking fight for the Nutella? Just because I鈥檓 pregnant don鈥檛 mean I can鈥檛 beat your ass.鈥
鈦. THE WAY USHIJIMA WHIPPED HIS HEAD TO THE SIDE AND LOOKED AT YOU. Poor bby was like.. we can just get it somewhere else 馃拃
鈥淧lease excuse my wife. She is really tired and easily agitated at the moment.鈥
鈥淭hen get her under control.鈥
鈥淏itch how about I get you under control?鈥
鈥淗oney, please calm down. Others are starting to stare.鈥
鈥淒o they wanna fight too? It seems like everybody wants to try me today.鈥
鈦. All 3 of you were escorted out the the supermarket by security. You even scared a little kid. LMFAO
鈦. After you both got home Ushijima said he had to step out for a little. He came back with Nutella and you started crying. <3
鈥淭hank you Toshi. I鈥檓 sorry if I embarrassed you.鈥
鈥淗oney, there鈥檚 no need to cry. I鈥檇 get anything for you and you could never embarrass me.
鈦. You started crying even more... he really has his hands full with you 馃槂
Tumblr media
reblog appreciated <3 I HAD FUN MAKING THIS
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lovelybluepanda 3 months ago
hey the procrastinating anon
yes I do have adhd and I got diagnosed like 3 months back after suffering for 17 years 馃拃
but my dad doesn't want me to take meds because he never needed them - but I think I do
The thing with ADHD is that the tips from the post i gave you might not work every time.
I can give you some methods that i use (or plan to use) and which are based on the ADHD main traits: importance/interest and urgency.
1st method: make it a challenge. Can you finish task X in 20min? How many chapters can you study properly in 2 hours? Do 20 tasks, any tasks today. Try making it a challenge that makes you excited.
2nd method: make a schedule and give a time limit for each task. An example inspired from my schedule:
8:00 - wake up and make breakfast
9:00 - meal prep for today and the next 2 days
11:00 clean + lunch
3:00 workout
4:30 French practice
It didn't took me 1 hour and a half to workout but in that time span, that's when i plan to get the task done. It's like a schedule but not strict so if i decide to postpone something, i can. However, i also try to respect the order of my tasks.
The only time when i just wing it it's when i slept in and I'm behind the schedule.
3rd method: i combine this one with the previous one. This is based on the urgency factor and you need an external thing here to keep you accountable.
Me and my friend have a common topic we talk about daily. Now, she's the only one I can talk to because she is just as interested/passionate about it. We both agreed that we won't talk about this topic unless our to-do lists are done for the day.
I also added that if i try to convince her to postpone for the day or find a middle way, to not go soft on me.
Now, past me was a genius because of course i tried to convince her to make an exception when i had 2 tasks left. She said no. I gotta finish my tasks first.
I also send her pictures of my tasks as i do them.
It's easier to be accountable when someone else is also keeping an eye on you. I figured that planners won't work because there's no consequence if you don't do something but now, i created a consequence.
4th method: start a timer and for 15 min, do that task. It's a pomodoro method and it might work since you can push the start button and then just focus on the task.
Hope these are useful to you somehow.
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fool-for-harry 2 months ago
鈥淔ast and hard.鈥
Warnings: smut!! 18+
(This is my first writing EVER so if it鈥檚 bad sorry 馃拃, (I posted this a while ago but That was When my posts weren鈥檛 showing up under the tags so here we are) also this is based off of the one scene/part in 鈥渢he Spanish love deception鈥)
Harry came up behind her enveloping her in his arms. His front against her back, his hands on her hips, he slightly pushed his hips up against hers, so She could feel how hard he had become. He moved his hand up to her boob His fingertip brushing over her nipple, making her let out a soft moan. Him letting out a moan of his own in response. His hand that was on her hip started making its way down towards the place She wanted him most.
But stopped right above her underwear with His head on her Left shoulder he whispers into her ear "you looked so beautiful tonight, I couldn't help but think about what I'd do to you when we got home." He took her nipple between his index and thumb and pulled softly, Through the thin fabric of her dress. She let out a light moan, almost quiet enough he wouldn't have heard her. But he did. "Do you want me to show you what I thought about doing?" "Yes...Please." She answered desperately "I need you to." after She said that he let out a groan, Clearly satisfied with her answer. He took the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let her step out of the flowy material. They went back to their previous position, her back against him, he pushed his hips harder onto her ass, She arched into him, and her head came back and landed on one of his shoulders. He pulled her even closer, her back completely against him. He started moving his hips against her. "Open for me." He said referring to her legs as he pushed them further apart with his own. "I wanna see how wet you are." His fingers made their way under her underwear touching the skin there, making her legs weak. Harry's hold on her hip tightened pulling her back against his hard cock. And She felt it pulsating against her ass even through the fabric of his pants. Continuing his path his fingers finally reached her pussy, waiting for just a moment and then going down slowly. Her lips parted as a moan came out of her mouth. "Fuck." He said his voice raspy "who made you this wet? Hmm?" "You did," she answers without a beat. His finger began moving up and down her lips torturously slow. "If I slide my fingers inside you, I'm gonna lose control," he told her in his deep voice. "Do you want that?" His thumb started circling her clit her knees getting weaker by the second. Her back arched into him more "Harry." She said breathlessly. his voice lowered more "that's not an answer, baby." His fingers increased their pace, making her dizzy. "Do you want me to make love to you? Or do you want it fast and hard?"
"Fast and hard." He didn't lose any time after her response one of his fingers slid inside of her easily, eliciting a moan from her. "You are drenched, baby. All for me." Harry kept pumping his finger in her, then adding a second finger while circling her clit with his thumb And making her see stars "all of you. Mine" the pleasure was becoming too much for her "Harry...this is...It's too much." "It's not too much, you can do it." He murmured against her ear. She was so close to cumming already with his fingers pumping inside her, his thumb rubbing her clit, his other hand still playing with her nipple and the thrust of his hips against her ass in sync with the pumping of his hand. It was all overwhelming. "That's it. I can feel your pussy gripping my fingers." His words brought her closer to the edge. But he stopped right as She was about to cum. Taking his fingers out of her, he said "Not yet." his voice still raspy. And She turned around to look at him as he lifted the fingers that had been inside of her to his mouth. His eyes rolled to the back of his head before they closed. "You taste so good, baby. I could cum from just your taste." She could feel herself getting wetter if that was even possible. He opened his eyes back up, and put his other hand on her face, "I would eat your pussy right now, but I'm afraid I can't wait that long to be inside you." He picked her up bridal style and placed her on the bed. He stood by her but was too far to reach. he started unbuttoning his shirt. He undid two of them And She could see the swallows on his chest. Her hands ached to touch him. So She got up, walked the two steps toward him, and stopped him, "let me do this." And he didn't protest so She began unbuttoning his shirt while he looked at her. One by one making her way down unveiling his butterfly and ferns. When She was done, She took his shirt off completely discarding it to the floor. And She took a good look at him. He was flawless. So. Beautiful. Her hands landed on his chest.
Her hands memorizing every inch of his skin that seemed to be sculpted in stone. Tight. Smooth. Amazing. All of him for her. Softly grazing her nails down his chest, She reached his stomach, goosebumps had risen on his skin. She slid her fingers further down following the thin line of dark hair. Reaching the button of his pants She looked at him, and he was already looking at her. Her fingers went even lower feeling how hard he was through his pants he let out a small grunt slightly thrusting his hips into her hand. His jaw tightened. Then his head dipped, and he kissed her temple. His hands helped her with the button on his pants, they undid it. And she unzipped the zipper. And put her hand inside his pants palming him. Very slowly. He let out a groan, his head going back encouraging her. "Please. Baby." He said desperately. She obliged. She slid down both his pants and underwear just enough to see his cock spring free. Her hand went around him. Giving him one single stroke. A strangled sound leaves him "god, that feels so good." She gave him another stroke and another moan escaped from him. She decided It would feel better for him if it was her mouth doing the work instead. She got on her knees, licking the precum off his tip before wrapping her mouth around him, but before She could start bobbing her head he had gently tugged her hair. "baby." He tugged again. She stopped. "That feels amazing, but I'm not going to cum in your mouth tonight." He pulls her up. Then picks her up, lays her on the bed, he got rid of his pants and boxers and then he got on top of her. Looking down at her, he brought his hand to his cock and pumped it. One large pump. Before she knew it, his mouth was on hers, devouring hers. With her legs wrapped around his waist, his hard cock rested against her. "These need to come off." He said gesturing to her underwear as his fingers fumbled with the fabric. Next thing She knew they were on the floor. Harry went on his knees, giving her the view of his large and hard body. What has she done to deserve such a thing she thought. But before She could delve too much into that thought he said "you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Making her almost implode. Really what has she done to deserve him? He bent down kissing her hip, then kissing down to her thighs, he grunted then started going towards where She craved him by kissing her inner thighs when he reached her center, his tongue did magic. It was brief but it made her see Starts, a moan coming out of her. Then his lips made their way back up her body leaving a trail of kisses. When he finally made his way back up She put her hands on his face and brought his head down to kiss her. Slowly, but intently. "I love you." He said, "I love you too." She said back. He was kissing her neck, as his hips started grinding against her. Pushing his cock between her legs, it sliding down every time he swayed his body until reaching her entrance. He looked at her as if asking for her permission. "Yes," She said with a push of her hips against him. Feeling him slide against her a little. But not enough. He positioned himself at her entrance, and pushed in, both of them let out a gasp. "God." She moaned, feeling full.
Harry let out a moan against her Temple "fuck, baby." His hips rocked leaving and then coming back over and over again with force. A Moan falls from her lips. His mouth nuzzled in her neck "that sound." He thrust in again "Drives me crazy." Another one followed. Her hands went into his hair. Pulling it softly. With another moan from him he thrust into her harder, she moaned. "Grab the headboard." He demanded taking her hands and putting them there himself She obeyed, her hands griping into the cold metal bar. "Please," She moaned "I need more." Harry braced himself onto the headboard and started thrusting himself into her harder earning another moan from her. "You're so hot, when you beg, baby," he said rocking himself into her even faster. She arched into him in return. He plunged into her. Hard. Then he did it again. harder.
"Are you gonna cum?" She nodded but that didn't satisfy him "use your words." He sharply thrust into her then stopped all his movements "yes!" She said wanting him to keep going immediately. After her answer, he did just that. But since he was close too, his thrusts lost their rhythm. they came harder, faster, deeper. All of it at once. He rocked into her, while She remained holding onto the headboard, and watched him move above her. He slides in and out of her. The muscles of his abs are flexing. "God, you feel so good." He moans "cum on my cock." He demanded, and she didn't want to deny him. So She did. Her body blazed With every thrust, "Harry." She moaned "look at me," he said, "look at me while you cum." He grabbed the bottom of her thighs and lifted her a few inches off the bed hitting her g-spot repeatedly causing her to let out a loud moan, and roll her eyes to the back of her head. "Hey," he said, "I said look at me while you cum." "I can't," She said desperately He halted his movements "no, no please, keep going." "Not unless you can keep your eyes open." "Oka-" he starts again abruptly causing her to moan loudly and flutter her eyes closed but She remembered She had to keep her eyes open and on him. He took her ankle and hiked it on his shoulder still hitting her g-spot but at a different angle that felt even better. She had to try her hardest not to close her eyes, from the overwhelming pleasure.
"Look at you, at my mercy." He says "just where I want you." He made another deep and hard thrust. his jaw tightened at the same time his hand reached down and started rubbing her clit and before she knew she was sent flying. at the same time, She felt Harry pulsating his release inside of her, her name left him in an animalistic growl pure bliss shocked her as his hips continued thrusting into her getting slower riding them through their highs. He removed her leg from his shoulder and laid on her, his face burrowed in her neck and breathing staggered as his hips came to a stop. They lied there like that for few moments before he pulled out and laid by her on the bed bringing her into his side, his arms still wrapped around her and her head on his chest. "Was that too much?" He asked her and she looked up at him "no, it was perfect." "Good." He kissed her lips "good." He said quieter "I love you," he said, "I love you too." She said back.
(I鈥檇 really appreciate some feedback to get better at writing!! 鈾ワ笍)
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eldaryan a month ago
Kind of in conjunction with my last ask. This includes like collars and stuff, so if you're not comfortable with it, then don't worry about it <3.
I think Mikey would much prefer his hands around my neck, BUT he would also love seeing a collar in place when his hands aren't there. Something simple and inconspicuous.
He doesn't want anything to get in the way of his hands, and he sees me wearing this type of knot design, so he thinks it's perfect. 馃摲
Tumblr media
He could still tug gently (but he prefers to put his hand around my throat and pull me closer by my neck anyway.
Maybe a little imagine of Michael (RZ's Michael again, I'm a whore 馃拃) deciding to get one (probably stealing it lol) for me to wear. Him holding it out to let me inspect it before he puts it on. He'd be so proud of himself and so happy to see you wearing something nearly permanent (it has a lock mechanism that needs a key 馃憖).
My brain isn't thinking of anything else, so feel free to run wild. It can be full nsfw, implied. Whatever you like! 馃槃
Thank you for your ask again 鈾 And sorry for the late answer, these days were kinda confusing for me, but here we go!
It麓s the continuation from another ask!
鉃★笍 In revision
鈥ating: NSFW馃敒, smut, blood, knifeplay, murder, mentioning of murder, choking, milking.
His possession
Part 1
Tumblr media
Michael was out for his stalkings and, if he鈥檇 got lucky enough, his blade would have the taste of blood one more time.
Walking carefully behind the trees, he spots a young couple walking holding hands in the other side of the street, into their home. The image of them reminded him of you, waiting at home when he finishes his hunt.
He decides to follow when they enter their home, walking into the backyard and starting to stalk through the windows. Curiosity guides him as they interact, kinda wanting to learn how a normal couple would act with each other and maybe take some mental notes about it.
Michael watches the young man as he starts kissing the lady with passion, moving his hands through all her body and squeezing her ass, making a whimper escape her lips. The man stops, moving one hand to her neck, caressing and kissing it until he steps back, grabbing a jewel box from his pocket, showing her a type of necklace and a little key that surprises her.
He opens the necklace with the key and puts it on her neck, locking it and making her kiss the key before putting it back in his pocket, starting kissing her neck again, laying her body on the couch, and pulling her close by pulling the necklace.
The shape outside the window feels his cold blood heat up in his veins, knowing that鈥檚 the exact time for action, walking towards the backdoor and breaking the handle silently and easily. Some steps and he鈥檚 behind the couple in the shadows, watching their naked bodies together. Too easy.
His blade dances in the air before, with a sharp sound, it stabs the guy鈥檚 neck with blood spitting everywhere and over the screaming girl below him. Michael watches his masterpiece, tilting his head as the guy lets his last coughs trying to catch air and his body collapses. The girl tries to push his corpse to the floor and run upstairs, in an attempt to escape the nightmare she was living.
The shape walks calmly upstairs, following the bloody trail his prey left to one of the bedrooms, smacking the locked door with his large body a couple of times, opening it and listening to a muffled scream in the room.
He opens the wardrobe, she鈥檚 not here.
He opens the closet, she isn鈥檛 here either.
He goes to the bathroom, no signal of her.
But he knew, exactly where she was.
He calmly steps around the bed as the boogeyman plays with the girl, stopping beside it and staring at the sheets perfectly laying there, without a signal that it was touched. His grip tightens on the butcher knife, raising it and stabbing the mattress, listening to his prey screaming again as he watches her trying to escape from under the bed with a wound in her arm, hurrying to catch her, but she falls on the stairs before catching her.
He just watches and listens as her body collapses on the floor and her cries, begging him for mercy as he approaches her again, trying to escape as she rests her back in the wall. His hand found its way to her neck, starting to choke and easily raising her body from the floor as the girl fought for release and air, trying to kick the man behind the white emotionless face. It excites him.
The way she keeps fighting as his grip tightens. Her eyes not brighten anymore as the air scapes of her lungs. Something in it reminds him of you, guiding his dark gaze to the bright necklace, sliding the tip of his knife through the necklace and her collarbone, going slowly down to her naked breasts.
And with a quick move, his knife blade is deep inside her chest, listening to her last scream as she dies in his hands and the blood runs down her skin.
He let her lifeless body fall to the ground, staring at it before approaching again to push the necklace from her neck. Which is still there. Realizing that he couldn鈥檛 take it by force, he remembers it had a key. He walks towards the living room to search for it in the clothes of the guy he killed, finding it and returning to unlock and grab his bloody trophy, keeping it in one of his pockets. Watching their bodies again, he decides to finish his masterpiece by sitting the couple together in the couch, turning on the TV, letting they stay bloodily together, and finally walking home.
Tumblr media
He finds himself home while passing through the backdoor that you always left open for him to enter when he goes out, locking it behind him and walking towards the living room, searching you. No signal of you there. He walks silently as always to the kitchen, not finding you there either. He takes advantage of it and approaches the sink, opening it to let the water run, reaching the necklace and washing it for you. Yes, for you. It was normal to Michael bring gifts for you from his hunts and it鈥檚 been a while that he didn鈥檛 found something that he felt sufficient special to give to you.
Enough cleaning, he keeps the necklace in his pocket again, doing his way to upstairs deciding to find you. He missed your presence and soft voice greeting him, also how your eyes did bright when he always comes home.
He arrives your bedroom, letting a deep breath scape when not finding you there, starting to feel worried. He calms himself down as he hears some noises in your bathroom, following them and opening the door in hurry.
鈥淥h, Michael! It鈥檚 you! You scared me鈥︹
You rest your hand in your chest after the sudden jumpscare as he finds you relaxing in the tub with foam covering your shining skin because of the water.
鈥淗ow was the hunting?鈥
You ask curiously, resting your arms in the bathtub while turning your body and attention to him, who stands there just watching you for a few seconds before approaching. You start to feel worried as Michael does not answer you, realizing that he might be hurt. With the thought, you stand on your knees and supports your hands on the bathtub rim to not slide.
鈥淎re you hurt?鈥
Your eyes shining with worry sends some warmth to his cold heart, moving his head in a 鈥渘o鈥, answering your question. He reaches your wet hair with his right hand, touching it and sliding his fingers down to your cheeks, and his thumb to your lips, caressing your skin before you kiss his digit, making a smirk rise on his lips behind the mask.
鈥淚鈥檓 already done. Can you please give that towel for me?鈥
You say in an attempt to avoid the heat in your cheeks caused by his sudden touch. Michael gives you the towel and stands there, watching you while you try to wrap your body quickly, getting out of the tub and rubbing your body in his in the way, feeling his muscles tensing with your touch as you walk towards your bedroom.
You don鈥檛 notice as he silently follows you until a strong hand grabs your arm, pulling you towards a strong chest and making your eyes meet dark bright ones, burning your skin with his gaze.
He does not let your arm go, just dropping his knife and searching something in his coveralls, showing you a bright necklace that makes your eyes widen with surprise.
鈥淚s it for me? It鈥檚 beautiful!鈥
You smile as he nods, turning you around as he moves your hair to the side, putting it in your neck, fitting perfectly as he closes it with the key of the same color, letting you see the key in his hand as you thank him. As he imagined, it was perfect on you, as anything you wear. Personally, he preferred your naked body just for him to see or when you did wear his clothes. It was even perfect to show that you were his, without the need to leave bruises on you, even if he enjoyed it, but after you complained too much about going out in public and the stare of people towards you, it was an easy solution, as only him could open the necklace again. It would remind you that you were his, and only his. And he would make you remember, many times he needed to.
You feel his hand on your shoulder, pushing your body down until you鈥檙e on your knees, touching the zipper of his coverall and your hand, guiding you to put it down and reveal his chest covered by a black shirt as your nails softly scratch his muscles, finding the start of his boxers.
You look up to him, feeling your mouth water knowing where it all will end and a tight grip in your hair, a silent order for you to continue, releasing his thick member from his boxers and lightly teasing it with your fingers, glaring to the veins on it and how it pulses in your hand. Your lips approach his length, planting kisses all over it until you hear an impatient grunt, knowing exactly what he wanted. His tip slowly enters your wet mouth as you start to suck him and work with your tongue around his large shaft the best you can.
You gasp as Michael makes your air choke when he pulls the necklace with a strong grip on your neck, moving his hips starting to fuck your mouth and throat, making your cunt squeeze around nothing, needing him already.
Muffled moans trying to scape your mouth full of his member while you try to keep eye contact as small tears blur your vision. Not being able to hold yourself anymore, you move one hand to your exposed clit below your towel, rubbing it with the hurried pace of his hips, using your free hand to grab his leg, trying not to fall. Your moans sending chills through his skin while watching your pretty messy face and your body trembling on your knees for him only confirms that it was what he most wanted, every day and every time, which also kinda pisses him.
With another look, Michael finds out that you鈥檙e touching yourself without permission, so he grabs your arms and pulls you up when he removes his length out of your abused mouth and giving you a death glare as you feel your legs shaking trying to stand, but before you could recover your breath, he pushes you to the bed, unwrapping your body from the towel and lifting his mask just above his lips, pinning your wrists above your head just with his left hand, starting to attack your lips with his.
He bites your lips, he sucks your tongue, and trail wet kisses down your skin as he finds his way from your neck to your erect nipples, taking his time teasing you with his calloused fingers, circling and pressing it with his tongue, doing the same thing with the other and finishing with a rough bite above it to leave a mark in purpose.
Your hips already moving by their own with his touches and his hands going up and down in your leg skin, squeezing time by time.
鈥淢ichael, please! I need you!鈥
You say, trying to get some friction from his body.
So needy already.
You can feel a smile on his lips as he goes down again, doing his way to your tights, sucking and biting your skin around your cunt, that pulses begging for attention.
His attention.
鈥淧lease Michael鈥 was waiting for you all day鈥︹
He just stares at you while guiding his free hand closer and closer, examining your features for any signal of lies. Satisfied with your begs, he moves his fingers through your lips, teasing your entrance and going up to your pretty button, rubbing it in circles while doing some pressure, watching your body jump a bit under him, approving your reaction and wetness with a grunt. Michael starts to please you with his mouth, entering your wet hole with his tongue and not being gentle while sucking you with ease, letting go of your wrists so he can hold your leg and spread you open for him, continuing to attack you with his mouth.
You moan while you hold the sheets trying to hold some screams as he speeds up his teasings, feeling your high so close as you feel butterflies on your belly. He feels how your pussy convulses in his tongue, changing places after a while and circling your clit with tongue as he fucks you with his fingers, just wanting you to come in his mouth this night. Not lasting for too long, you fulfill his silent wish, cumming in his mouth with a long and loud moan, yelling as he keeps sucking you until the last drop of your juice.
You try to normalize your breath as you watch him licking his lips and closing the distance between you two as he kisses you again, letting you feel your own taste and his member sliding close to your tights. Michael breaks the kiss to just look at you and admire the mess you already were. And he just started.
When he feels his cock in pain, his patience runs out, needing to fuck you in the right way. He easily flips your body, squeezing your waist to pull it up and rise your ass for him, sliding his right hand in your skin, probably letting bruises from the pressure he applies, finding its way to your ass cheek, smacking it before biting roughly your skin, making a squeal escape from your throat, positioning himself in your pretty entrance. He slides his shaft through your bottom lips, teasing you before easily pushing all inside with one move of his hips, making you scream his name. He wouldn鈥檛 tell you, but he loved the way you do react with every touch of his. How your sweet hole squeezed and vibrated around him. How tight you were, almost cannot taking all of him. How you moaned and cried for him.
You feel his harsh trusts against your hips and how he beats your insides, almost not fitting there, just letting him fuck you searching his own high as you rest your face on the mattress. But he wasn鈥檛 going to let you rest. He smacks your ass again before pulling your body up, against his strong chest by grabbing you by the necklace, making you choke a little while almost sitting in his lap as he fucks you deeper and does you see stars. You just listen to the sound that your bodies do as he eats you with his member and his heavy breathing not so controlled as usual, close to your ear, automatically biting your lip finding that really hot.
He watches you as he caresses a thumb on your lip, making you stop biting it and opening your mouth to listen to your pretty voice, sliding his right hand to your neck and wrapping it around, feeling your heart pulse. Would be so easy for him to just break your pretty neck and end your life right there, but he does not want it. He preferred to break your body like this instead, over and over again. And you knew it. And you loved it.
His free hand finds its way again from your waist to your clit, rubbing and slapping it, making your body convulse a little and your pussy tighten around him, teasing him to repeat the process until you鈥檙e screaming again, just watching your face as he holds you in place with his strong grip and his arms.
鈥淚鈥檓 so close鈥lease Michael-with me鈥
You feel his grip tighten, demanding you to beg properly as you try your best to keep looking at his gaze.
鈥淐um with me and fill me up with your seed鈥ust please-鈥
You can鈥檛 even think properly as he fucks you at an animalistic pace, wrapping his arm around your waist for you to stay in place, feeling waves of pleasure rushing through your body. You came in the exact second he bites your shoulder close to your neck and feels some drops of blood, pain and pleasure mixed as he fills you up with his hot seed deep inside of you with a last harsh trust of his hips, making sure to milk you right. He lets an irregular sigh of relief escape as your body falls on the mattress and he pull out of your abused cunt, watching some drops of cum trying to escape, taking it with his fingers and moving them to your mouth, making you suck it as the good kitten you are.
You feel your breathing normalizing as you lay on the sheets and he plants kisses over your collarbone, guiding your hands to his mask and caressing it, smiling very satisfied. He looks to the necklace shining on your sweaty skin, doing you to look at it too and touch it with the tip of your fingers.
鈥淭hank you again for the gift. Now you don鈥檛 need to leave bruises on my neck and listen to my complaints about it鈥
Oh, he would never stop marking your pretty skin, as the possessive man he is. And you knew it, but it was a progress. Marking you or not, you were totally his.
His possession.
Michael didn鈥檛 let you rest the night along, marking every place of your body he could until he felt satisfied enough and you were a pretty little mess on the sheets.
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