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#he has no fear

Do you ever take a photo that just sums your pets up perfectly?


Cause I don’t think I’m gonna find anything better than this one for my boys

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@unleashedart and I made this cute ship fact sheet for Cooper and his OC Ryan. This is the template we used. Leashie also did the portraits. We love our boys 🥰. Bonus version with their faceclaims underneath because we also liked that one. Shoutout to @paladinthrockmorton for inspiring us.

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Lowkey kinda likes it. Like he doesn’t wanna admit it but it’s just kinda nice and comforting and makes him feel good about himself that you like all of him even when you’re not having sex: Seungcheol, Jihoon

The opposite, thinks it’s weird and gets self conscious when you touch him like that so you don’t do it after that first time: Wonwoo, Seungkwan

Tbh if you’re not ready for him to get hard don’t do it. As soon as your hand is on his dick his mind is in the gutter and he’ll get whiny if you just laugh and leave him to deal with it: Seokmin, Mingyu, Chan

Literally acts like it’s normal. Like no reaction just “Do you want something honey?” nothing phases him: Jeonghan, Joshua, Minghao

Bold of you to assume he hasn’t walked up to you, buck naked, and swung his dick around like a helicopter: Jun, Soonyoung, Hansol

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I, for one, love that John Constantine went for Shark King. Just an absolute mad lad.

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some of y’all really don’t think butters is going to be buff and tall and it really shows

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Oh honey he can fly you to the Moon and let you play among the stars, let you see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars

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the dark. fire. open water. deep water. being alone. crowded spaces. confined spaces. change. failure. war. loss of control. powerlessness. prison. blood. drowning. suffocation. public speaking. natural animals. the supernatural. heights. death. dying. intimacy. rejection. abandonment. loss. the unknown. corruption. the future. not being good enough. scary stories. speaking to new people. poverty. loud noises. being touched. sex.

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My brother was eating sunflower seeds in class and got caught so the teacher kept asking what was in his mouth so he swallowed the whole ass seed and said now you’ll never know and honestly what a power move

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Welp fuck i wanted today to be a good day because i don’t work today but i’ve been blindsided by the “not in nyc” blues. I don’t understand why i’m so homesick for new york, i was so overwhelmed i barely spoke when i went. It’s massively overstimulating, i told my mom it’d be years before i ever wanted to go back but here i am 7 months later wishing i’d never left.

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Chris Fleming has a chaotic energy that has only previously existed in the nightmare realm.

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wolf is 100% the guy to make a joke before getting stabbed 

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I don't particularly ship kyoharu but imagine if they were the endgame couple like they would be FIERCE and tamaki would never be safe.

They would be seriously badass. 

Tamaki’s actually pretty badass too, though. It’s a shame that they never showed that side of him in the anime…

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Sarah reports: This fish has no fear. He can and will end us all. He is the fabled reckoning of civilizations, destroyer of worlds. It’s too late for me. SavE YOURSELVES

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         “ cute hat “ for a cute kid.

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I just had a discussion about 5 nights at Freddy’s with a 4 year old…..

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why does my betta fish always launch himself at my finger while I’m feeding him

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I just had to do an emergency filter fix and my dumb little betta does the opposite of the smart thing to do (which is swim away btw) and he just chills next to my hand as I tried not to kill him because he was in my space omg steve you need to act like a normal betta and hide from hands

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