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so um is andrah single
yes but hes an incel
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
(光与夜之恋 Light and Night) 遥夕灯会: Chinese Valentine’s Day 2021 Event! Nightlong Lantern Festival Translation (Qixi: JESSE)
“Happy belated Chinese Valentine's Day! We might not have a photo together, but I've already long since stored everything that happened today in my memory palace!”
*Light and Night Master-list | Jesse’s Personal Master-list *Spoiler free: Translations will remain under cut *Join my Light & Night Discord (^▽^)~ ♪ *Event story tag will be #For Light and Memories *T/N: Suhe is a Chinese medicinal herb
Tumblr media
Before we knew it, the lantern lights of the funfair had already dimmed, the bustling crowd thinning out.
Jesse had his attention occupied by the hand-crafted toys on display at the night fair. He picks up a wood carving of a duck, waving it in front of you.
Tumblr media
Jesse: This looks like you when you're daydreaming.
MC: This yellow duck is clearly you. Even the colour of its clothes fit you perfectly!
The owner of the store thought we were a couple, enthusiastically coming up to us and suggesting that we buy the rosewood comb instead, saying that it represented the good wish of "eternal binding".
I pretended to cough twice as I tugged on Jesse's sleeve.
MC: Come on, I have something I wanna give you.
Tumblr media
We rounded the corner. There, a sacred fig tree stands quietly by the low wall. Its lush branches and leaves are filled with wishing tags.
MC: Stick out your hand.
Jesse: You're being awfully secretive… What, do you want to tie a red string to my pinky or something?
Jesse joked about it, but still lifted and opened his right palm up.
I gently placed the small sachet into his waiting palm, curling his fingers around it.
The fragrance of snowdrop bush and dahurian angelica faintly wafted from the cloth sachet woven from the five-coloured thread.
Tumblr media
Jesse: This is… a perfumed sachet of your making?
Jesse: You're giving it to me?
MC: Yup.
Jesse: How fragrant…
He suddenly moved closer, his action stirring up a light breeze, gently lifting the hair by my ears.
Tumblr media
MC: What…?
Jesse: Seems like your shirt collar has the same scent on it too.
MC: It might have accidentally caught on when I was weaving the sachet earlier.
Jesse: It's a light and calming fragrance, very pleasant. Much better than a sachet filled with wormwood from the Dragon Boat Festival!
Jesse: What's in this thing?
MC: Some herbs that help with damp-heat clearing and soothes the nerves; especially suited for summertime use!
Jesse: (Y/n), you do have impeccable timing! How did you know that I haven't been sleeping well recently?
MC: You were rambling a lot in your sleep in the afternoon. People tend to do that when they're tuckered out.
Tumblr media
Jesse: Huh? I didn't say anything weird, did I?
MC: Why, is there something I'm not supposed to be hearing?
Jesse: Of course there is! Things like… the password to my bank account~
He grinned as he hung the perfume sachet on his phone case. It swung about, gently casting a long shadow under the light of the lanterns.
Jesse: Got any more of these special-effect perfumed sachets? Like one that can repel mosquitoes, or one that can perk you right up and the like?
Tumblr media
MC: I think what you need is an essential balm.
Jesse: I just wanted to hang a few more… Can you make me another as a Chinese Valentine's gift every year?
Jesse: This scent smells just like you. It really puts me at ease.
Jesse: Maybe people’s olfactory memory are linked to their senses. The scent from this perfume sachet might be faint, but this scent never fails to make me remember the Summers back when we were kids.
Jesse: I’d eat an ice cream, and then go search for the perfume sachet that you hid by following its scent.
Tumblr media
MC: You’ve gone and written a whole essay. How can I not make you more?
We conversed endlessly with each other, our laughter drowned out by the silence of the night. 
All that remained was the lingering scent of Suhe.*
Tumblr media
“You are the most dazzling in my eyes!“
❖☆————— ⊹ For Light & Memories⊹ —————★❖         [Who will you gift your perfume sachet to?]
☆ Evan ☆ Osborn ☆ Sariel ☆ Charlie ★ Jesse
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Hcs for the boy's reaction to MC having a crush in the human world pretty please
PROMPT :: “Admirations from Afar”
Rating: SFW
Words: 852
Characters: Demon Boys + MC / Gender-Neutral Reader (feat. Simeon)
Notes: A word of advise: Let us all be mindful of our words because even demons are curious creatures.
“Why are we even here in the human world?” 
Lucifer clicked his tongue in irritation, slapping the back of his hand upon at the sight of a mere mosquito daring to take a drink from his blood. He over-prepared for the trip, wearing his fur coat and three piece suit to a damn forest.
He sighed at the thought of having been dragged by Mammon’s… compelling words. Lucifer was regretting his decision of following his rather cute punching-bag brother. “And to drag me up here when I have a lot of things to work on for the council…”
“Blame Mammon!” Asmodeus wailed in repulsion, animatedly squeezing a whole bottle of insect repellent lotion to protect his immaculate skin. “If I knew it’d be this disastrous, I would’ve joined my babes when they invited me to an org– organizational sauna party earlier!”
“He’s the one with all the stupid idea, as always.” Satan rolled his eyes, holding the disorienting map that Mammon brought with them.
It was a useless map of England, with a singular small red marking that was labelled ‘camping tents???’
“Yeah,” Levi agreed, eyes focused on his game, playing rather hasty as his portable console’s battery is dying, “His trash of a brain must’ve been busy decomposing that the things he say are always full of shit–”
Groaning in frustration at the gripes of his brothers, Mammon stood up from their hiding spot behind the bushes and yelled, “C’mon, guys! Why is it always about me?”
“I joined for the food, so technically, I didn’t come for you.” Beelze replied sadly, rubbing his growling stomach. The smell of grilled meat coming from the camping grounds were enough to trigger the Avatar of Gluttony’s hunger, yet they remain hiding from those little humans for God knows whatever reason.
“Aren’t ya curious to see the type of person our human likes? Pretty sure this ‘crush person’ is all about camping, too!”
“Is that why we’re in the middle of Britain’s woodlands?” The blonde demon replied to his older brother, crumpling the useless map and opening a much comprehensive and compact atlas he has brought with him.
“But then again, if you put it that way, it sounds exciting to know what kind of partner they desire!” The Avatar of Lust pointed out, still in the middle of lathering his arms with the insect repellent. 
“Humans love to express their passion in such bold ways, don’t they? An intense [censored] that can only be [censored] by having [censored] in public places!”
“I did not want to hear that, Asmo.” The white-haired demon stared at Asmo with a scandalized expression.   
“I just want to sleep.” The youngest of the brothers, Belphie, yawned at their antics. He placed a thin blanket on the grassy soil, making himself comfortable amidst the chatter of his older siblings, “Tell me if we’re going home.”
Beel sat beside his twin, still dejected that Mammon has yet to fulfill his promise of good food. “Human food tastes weird but can we get some of those grilled meat on the way home?”
“Alright then, if ya ain’t helpin’, I’m stakin’ this mission on my own and not tell any of ya ‘bout this person-”
“Who said we’re not joining the hunt for information?” Satan asked him, offended at the suggestion of being left to wonder what the type of person their human likes, “This can very well be a good opportunity to play around with ‘the master,’ after all.”
With a sinister chuckle, Lucifer added, “I agree with Satan. We’re already here, so might as well…”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake! So, ya with me or not?”
“Guys!” You exclaimed from the entrance hall, hoping that at least one of your housemates would hear, “I’ll be in the dining hall with Simeon for tutoring!”
There was a maddening silence as your words echoed through the walls.
The dark-haired angel blinked at the uncharacteristic silence, “What a peculiar sight for the house of Lamentation. It’s always usually lively here.”
“Yeah… No one has replied to my D.D.D. over lunch time, either.” Opening your phone, you showed Simeon messages towards the demon brothers that are left on seen. It was quite… worrying. “I just thought they’re all busy… You think something bad happened?”
“If something did happen, Lord Diavolo would have notified you.” Simeon smiled at you with a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
“That’s true.”
He hummed, deep in thought as the two of you made your way to the dining hall, “Did you do or say something to them that might’ve created a misunderstanding or…?”
Thinking back… 
What did you say that garnered much attention from the siblings, anyway?
And at that moment, you remembered one thing.
“I was watching Good Omens over breakfast the other day and accidentally spouted, ‘God, I fucking love David Tennant’… And it’s been the talk of the house since.”
Simeon was silent for a moment, pondering at the possible situation at hand. Could the demon brothers have visited the human world in search of this person…?
“Poor man.” 
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Every 10th question :)
1: 6 of the songs you listen to most?
According to Spotify, picking from my top2020 (not entirely in order, keeping it to one song per artist and so on): - Glitter and Gold - Barns Courtney - Hallowed Ground - Bishop Briggs - Into the Unknown - Frozen - Exile - Taylor Swift & Bon Iver - Sunlight - Hozier - Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons
11: Do you have any strange phobias?
I don’t think so... I’m scared of snakes, but I don’t think that’s terribly unusual.
21: Who is your celebrity crush?
I don’t know? I don’t really “do” celebrity crushes all that much, really?
31: Smell the air. What do you smell?
Mosquito repellent mainly, my dad tends to create rather a cloud of it when he uses it!
41: What was the last book you read?
“The Subtle Knife” by Phillip Pullman - we’re watching the series so I decided to do a re-read.
51: Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?
I don’t think so.
61: Are you wearing socks right now?
Nope! Too hot.
71: You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late one more time you get fired. What do you do?
I hate these questions - am I already cutting it in fine or do I have plenty of time (also I am rarely late I object to this question on principle as the person who’s usually waiting around for everyone else :P)? Can I even get to the canal/the dog? How badly do I need this job? Are there other people around who could help? How big is the dog (I am 5 ft nothing and not strong!)? I’d try to help the dog as much as I could, but I’d need more details to give more details.
81: What would you want to be written on your tombstone?
I don’t plan on dying :P Something about being missed, I guess?
91: You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What is that power?
I guess “being a high-level D&D caster” is not actually a valid superpower ;) I’ll take teleportation, instant travel everywhere sounds good.
Thanks for asking! :)
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Tumblr media
A/N: For the Across the Universe Zine! I actually made this as a companion piece to go with another Mahabharata!based Voltron piece, but this one is getting posted first hilariously.
Summary: Rage was easy. Keith had a lot to be angry about: the war looming over his head, Allura’s futile peace talks, Shiro’s inability to blame any of the gods for what happened. Yet, when Shiro took his hand, it was hard to be anything but grateful for this last moment alone together.
“This was the worst plan,” Keith bit out, pacing back and forth on the red stone floor. The cool stone did nothing to reduce his temper, his irritation spiking with every turn he made. As his footsteps echoed in the vast chamber, the domed roof echoing every noise, he barked at his partner, “We shouldn’t have agreed. I shouldn’t have agreed. We all know how this is going to end and we still did it.”
 “Is it really that bad?” Reclining on a pillow on the ground, Shiro watched him with an amused grin. Dressed in cool silk, his expression serene, Shiro looked practically unflappable. With the plates of fruit and fancy dishes around him, he looked like he was at a picnic instead of at a strategy meeting. One would be forgiven for not thinking a war was taking place the next day. That Shiro would be at the forefront of that war. Remaining calm was what a leader was all about, but Keith wished that sometimes Shiro would show his true feelings more. At least to him, if to no one else.
 There was no way he could actually feel that calm. No one could.
 “Of course it is,” Keith snapped, displeased. “They’ve done—” His expression softened as his eyes fell on Shiro’s right arm, on the marks that lined his flesh, and he quietly added. “You of all people should know that.”
Picking up on his emotions, Shiro rubbed his arm for a long moment. “They have done a lot.” He stared at his arm contemplatively before turning back to Keith, a reassuring smile one his face. “Still, it’s worth a shot. It could prevent the war.”
 “Sure. If she wasn’t talking to Lotor of all people,” Keith growled, crossing his arms. Was he the only one who thought this plan was terrible? Well, maybe Lance had agreed with him, but that thought didn’t comfort him at all. Of all the people to be on his side, it had to be the moron. “He’s not going to change his mind. He doesn’t back down from anything. He doesn’t even compromise.”
 “You don’t know that,” Shiro disagreed, pursing his lips. “Allura is pretty persuasive. If anyone can convince Lotor, it’s her.”
 “If anyone could, sure. But no one can. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be here in the first place. There wouldn’t be a war.” His feet continued its steady pace, treading and retreading the same path. Despite this being a minor palace, the rooms were larger than he was used to. Mirrors and candles were inlayed in niches in the walls and he could make out his distorted reflection as he marched past them. “This could have all been over years ago.”
 “True, but people can grow. Can change. You’ve already seen it with some of our allies.” Shiro pointed out. Picking a mango slice off a nearby silver plate, he bit into it as he mused, “Maybe Lotor just needed time or a change in perspective.”
 “He needs a new perspective, alright.” Mango juice dribbled down Shiro’s lip and down his neck. The orange drop slid to his bare chest, a trail leading lower and lower and—Keith dragged his eyes away from the drop; now wasn’t the time to be thinking about that. Or about wanting to lic—no, he was not going to think about it at all.  They were strategizing for a war. He had a princess to worry about.
 His lover would have to wait till later.
 God, was it hot tonight.
 Keith cleared his throat, forcing himself back to business. “Those other guys aren’t the crown prince of an enemy nation. He did half the things we’re fighting against.” He ground his heel onto the floor as he paced his quarters once more. Even the huge room, he felt trapped, a tiger pacing in a golden cage. “We shouldn’t have let her go alone. He could hurt her. He has hurt her.”
 Shiro winced at the memory. It wasn’t like anyone could forget it any time soon, the time Lotor had snuck into their ranks and then broken them. It had been an almost fatal attack on their rebellion. “Just…trust her. She’s stronger than you think. She’s half-goddess, remember? That makes her pretty sturdy.”
 “She’s also half-Altean,” Keith pointed out contrarily. “And they’re pretty fragile.”
 Setting aside his peel, Shiro finally got up. Clasping Keith’s hand, he pulled him to a stop. “Come on, if you keep pacing like that, you’ll burn a hole in the ground.”
 “Great, then maybe I can make a tunnel to the Galra and end this war myself,” Keith grumbled, but he didn’t pull away. There was something comforting about the strength in Shiro’s hand, in how firmly his fingers grasped his wrist. It was grounding and he could feel his worry ebb away slightly.
 “Sure. But for now, let’s go the balcony. It’s pretty hot tonight.” Shiro gently tugged Keith, heading to the other side of the room toward the balcony. Thin, gauzy curtains covered the exit, a repellent against the mosquitos and other denizens of the night. Small charms clattered gently as they stepped out into the night air, wards to protect them from the demons and angry gods.
 Keith took a deep breath as they approached the balcony railing. It wasn’t any cooler out here than it was inside. His skin was slick with sweat and even as a night breeze ran over his bare chest, he didn’t feel any better. His red lungi clung to his legs and from the corner of his eye, he caught Shiro discretely fanning himself. There was no relief from this heat, just surviving through it. Maybe if they went up north, to the mountains—but no, even that would have to wait till the war was over.
 It was a strange thought. When the war was over. They had been fighting the Galra for so many years, he’d forgotten what that was like. If only Lotor and his father hadn’t usurped the crown from Allura. Or if the gods, in their fits of whimsy and amusement, hadn’t joined sides, throwing fuel to the fire whenever it suited them.
 A blasphemous thought, perhaps. Then again, Keith had never been one for convention.
 Still, tomorrow was the final battle. The exiled princess would be banished no longer. Whether it was through death or victory, it would all be over.
 “So? Feeling better?” Shiro asked, leaning against the railing. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “Smells great.”
 “As long as I don’t smell you,” Keith scoffed, begrudgingly taking a spot to Shiro’s right. Jasmine and Queen of the Night grew plentiful here, in pots and crawling up trellises. In the night, their flowers opened wide, giving the air a sweet, cloying scent. “And it’s still hot.”
 “Well…not much we can do about that,” Shiro admitted sheepishly, scratching his chin. He glanced down. “Seems you’re not the only one restless tonight.”
 Keith followed his gaze to the garden below. Moonlight glinted off the many fountains that dotted the messy garden; Allura liked nature its natural state. Or, as Hunk liked to call it, she didn’t want to waste money on upkeep. Next to one of the many streams, the red tiger quietly prowled, his tail lashing behind him. Nearby, the black tiger kept watch, and Keith snickered. Bonded as they were to these messengers of the gods, it seemed bits of their personalities had rubbed of onto the magical beasts.
 “For something divine, they don’t really feel like it.” Keith commented. Elbow on the rail, he rested his jaw on his hand and observed them. They looked like bigger versions of the pampered palace cats, examining curiously new and foreign scents. There would be plenty now, with all the reinforcements they’d called.
 “Colours aside, they look just like normal tigers.” Shiro leaned forward, gazing at them with pure wonder. Despite all that they’d seen, all that they’d gone through, that aspect of him didn’t change. He was pragmatic but still optimistic, always believing in the best. It was something Keith loved and worried over. “I wonder sometimes, if we act like them or they act like us.”
“If it’s the first, that’d explain why Lance is a little smarter,” he commented snidely, a mocking smile on his face.
 “Keith,” Shiro admonished, but his tone was entirely ruined by the smile he fought down.
 With a careless shrug, Keith muttered, “You think it too.” He raised a brow, daring Shiro to refute him. “Right?”
 Shiro stared at him a long moment. The corner of his lips twitched, a laugh threatening to emerge, and he quickly forced his gaze away. “Lance has his strengths,” he answered, his voice cracking slightly as he tried to control his emotions. “He’s saved you a few times.”
 Keith didn’t say anything, a scowl forming on his face. There were things better left forgotten or, barring that, unsaid.
 “He did, didn’t he?” Shiro teased, leaning closer. There was a light lit to his voice and he rested his head on Keith’s shoulder. “You remember, right?”
 “A few,” Keith reluctantly admitted, spitting the words out like they were poison. “But don’t ever repeat that to him. Can’t let his big head get any bigger.”
 “I won’t.” Shiro promised. It was completely unconvincing considering how much he was laughing. “You two are at it like monkeys.” He took a deep breath, calming down. With a serious expression, he added, “Just don’t let it get in the way on the battlefield.”
 “I won’t.” Keith shrugged nonchalantly.
 “You’ve said that before.” Shiro stared at him doubtfully. His brow furrowed. “Several times, actually.”
 “And I mean it every time,” Keith muttered, moodily leaning forward on the rail and resting his head on his hands. “You didn’t make him promise.”
 Shiro stared at him a long time before giving up with a sigh. “Just make it through tomorrow in one piece, okay? I know you two can work together that long.”
 Keith glanced at him, then away. To be quite honest, he wasn’t sure anymore how much he hated Lance. Part of it felt more like he was going through the motions, clinging to a disgust he no longer fully felt. And then at other times, Lance would do something idiotic and he felt entirely justified. “I will. I promise. You…you be careful too.”
 “Of course.” Shiro stepped closer, until their shoulders touch. His skin was warm, almost uncomfortably so, but Keith didn’t step away. Instead, he leaned into it. “We promised, didn’t we? I’m not leaving you.”
 “Yeah.” Keith swallowed and looked down, keeping his gaze fixed on the gardens below. “Your arm…it feels so real.”
 “It does.” Shiro flexed his right hand, his fingers curling in and out of a fist. The whole appendage looked indiscernible from his left arm—from his dark brown skin to his long fingers to even the muscular tone. The only things that marked it as unnatural were the long trellis of red ink that marked his skin, as though henna patterns were permanently etched onto his skin. “It even acts like the real thing. If a bit stronger. The gods were generous when they gave me this arm, though perhaps that’s because Allura had begged them to do so.”
 “Generous?” Keith snorted, standing straight. Even now he could remember how cold Shiro had been, the blood pouring out of his arm endlessly. The colour fading from Shiro’s skin as Allura pleaded with her father to save him. “There’s nothing generous about this. You lost your arm in a war that they started. Because they’re bored. And now we have to fight it and we have to die in it, and for what?”
 “Sacrificing this arm saved Allura,” Shiro pointed out, his voice soft. “And the Galra would have attacked either way. You know Zarkon was gearing up toward it. If he hadn’t, Lotor would have.”
 If there was one thing Keith couldn’t stand, it was Shiro’s kind, patient expression. His gentle words. As though he didn’t feel anything about the loss of his arm. As though it didn’t matter if the gods had started it all, he’d clean it up.
 And he would. That was Shiro—always fixing problems, always taking care of others but never himself.
 “The gods still made this worse than it had to be! They kept poking and prodding where they shouldn’t have, just throwing fuel into the fire.” Keith snarled, tired of it all. The final battle was tomorrow and they might not survive. He pressed his hand against Shiro’s right arm. “Some gift! Even if you survive, they’re taking this back after. It’s only until Allura’s crowned, right? They’re gods, this wouldn’t even mean anything to them, and they still can’t let you have it.”
 Shiro fell quiet, unable to refute his points.
 Maybe they should have gone to the mountains after all. Just stayed away from this whole business of being Allura’s protectors, of following and guarding her throughout her long exile. There had been a moment, when they’d met the tigers, that Keith had believed it was worth it.
 Now, now all he could feel was that it was a trap and he was just another piece on a giant chessboard. They all were.
 “Keith.” Breaking the silence, Shiro held Keith’s hands in his own, gently tugging him toward him. He brushed a thumb on the back of Keith’s hands in soothing circles. “You’re right.”
 Keith blinked, not expecting this admission. He jerked his head back to Shiro. “What?” He had expected an admonishment, a resigned sigh, anything but an agreement.
 “None of this is right and the gods might have just made it worse.” Shiro reached up, cradling Keith’s cheek with his fake hand. It felt as soft as skin, as warm as his other hand, and despite himself, Keith leaned into his touch. “But I can touch you like this again, even if it’s only for a little bit. I saved Allura’s life. And I don’t regret any of it, despite how and why it happened.” He leaned closer, pulling Keith down until their foreheads touched. “I can’t be angry like you. Only grateful.” His thumb brushed Keith’s cheek tenderly.
 “I know you can’t,” Keith softly whispered. It felt as though if he spoke any louder, the moment would end and the war would start. And he wanted more of Shiro’s touch, more time together. It felt like they never had enough time, running from battle to battle. He reached up, covering Shiro’s hand with his own and closed his eyes. “That’s who you are.”
 “Just like I know you’ll never let this go, it’s who you are,” Shiro answered, his voice gentle.
 They stood there, just breathing in and out. Their scents intertwined with that of the night flowers and if there was one thing that Keith was willing to give the gods credit for, it was for creating all of this. For creating this universe, this world, Shiro.
 For Shiro, always.
 A whistling sound carried through the night air and Keith reluctantly pulled away. Scanning the night sky, he could just barely make out the shape of a glowing, white dot approaching them through the air. The white tiger was returning. And with it, Allura.
 “She’s back,” Shiro said, watching as the dot came closer and closer. “I guess we’ll have our answer soon”
 “Yeah.” Keith sighed. One way or another, this was the end of it all. He clasped Shiro’s hand tightly.
 As the dot came closer and closer, Keith could start making out the white tiger’s shape and the faint form of Allura on top. Her shoulders were slumped slightly, the way she always got when she thought she was alone and everything was just too much.
 Bad news, then.
 Keith hated it when he was right.
 When she was close enough to make out her expression, Allura straightened up. Shoulders rolled back, lips pursed, she gave them a solemn nod as her partner soared through the air past them. “We leave at daybreak,” she said.
 No further details were needed. Shiro and Keith bowed slightly as she soared past to her quarters.
 “I guess this is it,” Shiro stated, his expression heavy. He watched as she landed on her balcony and dismounted quickly. When the princess disappeared hurriedly into her quarters, he added, “It ended badly.”
 “Obviously,” Keith snorted derisively. “It was Lotor. There’s no other way it could have ended.”
 “You never know,” Shiro replied half-heartedly. He stared at her empty balcony once more before turning around. “I should check on her.”
 Keith glanced at him. Shiro’s expression was weary and Keith suddenly realized just how much his lover had been banking on this discussion.
 Shiro didn’t move. “She’s probably not taking it well.”
 It wasn’t like Shiro was taking it any better, but for once Keith silenced his caustic tongue. There was a war tomorrow. One or the other or even both of them could die. It was a last night, few hours really at this point.
 The mango juice was still on Shiro’s chest, a dried sticky mess.
 “I should go,” Shiro repeated tiredly.
 “You should,” Keith agreed, taking Shiro’s hand.
 “Huh?” Shiro looked at him in surprise, not expecting this response at all.
 “She’ll need your advice,” Keith continued, gently leading Shiro back into their quarters.
 “I…” Shiro blinked, not sure how to respond. “Yes.”
 “And you have to look your best.” Ignoring his lover’s questioning stare, Keith headed toward the blankets and pillows that made up their bed. Silently, he yanked Shiro down, pushing him until he lay flat on his back. Without a moment’s pause, he straddled Shiro.
 “Keith.” Shiro stared up at him, bewildered. “What are you doing?”
 “Cleaning you up.” Keith leaned forward, a smirk on his face as he kissed Shiro’s lips. “Can’t let you see the princess all messy like this.” He licked Shiro’s chin, the mango juice sweet on his tongue. “Coran’d throw a fit.”
 If they were going to die tomorrow, Keith was going to savour tonight. The gods owed him this much, at least.
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trensu · a year ago
You should totally write your werewolf AU with mermaids and I can continue doing dramatic slow burn sads and fandom will double benefit.
You are just full of great ideas!! Tbh, I’ve been tossing around ideas for the current wangxian werewolf au (mostly from LSZ’s perspective, like how does it feel for him to be the only human in a werewolf pack?) but i also love mermaids.
This a more lighthearted continuation of the original post that takes place not too long after LWJ finds out WWX is afraid of dogs. 
It comes out when they’re camping.
Why are they camping? Because LWJ is a sucker who goes weak in the knees whenever WWX bats his eyelashes at him, that’s why. LWJ had started pulling away, putting some time and distance between them, but then WWX asked him if they were still going on the camping trip we hardly get to see each other any more, he pouted. LWJ caved like–like–like a thing that caves very easily. LWJ doesn’t know, okay? He can’t think when WWX looks at him like that.
In his defense, when they originally planned the trip, LWJ was certain his family secret wouldn’t have been a secret to WWX anymore and he was going to take the opportunity to show off demonstrate, demonstrate his wolfy prowess.
But no, that can never happen now, can it?
So here they are. Camping. Well, hiking currently with the intentions of setting up camp. Somewhere. And there are mosquitoes everywhere. And LWJ cannot put on his wolf-skin. LWJ is not having a good time. The outdoors are much more fun when he’s furry and on all fours. How do humans tolerate this? he wonders as he watches WWX practically skipping up ahead, absolutely reeking of mosquito repellent. It’s disgusting. LWJ misses WWX’s natural scent.
“Lan Zhan, look! There’s a cave up ahead!!” WWX exclaimed. “We should go explore it. Maybe it has bats. Bats are so cute, don’t you think? I love their little faces and how they squeak!”
Cute?! Bats have rabies, which kills humans because humans are fragile, and WWX is very very human. But no, there he goes bounding ahead without a care in the world. If LWJ were not a werewolf, he’s sure he’d have succumbed to a stress-induced heart attack by now.
“Wei Ying, be cautious!” LWJ tells him and grits his teeth when WWX laughs it off.
“Don’t be such a fuddy-duddy, Lan Zhan. Where’s your sense of adventure?” he twirls around to aim a sunny grin at him. LWJ’s breath catches even as warmth pools in his chest. This is why he’s here, enduring the mosquitoes and smelly repellent and possibly rabid bats. Because he would do anything to keep that smile on WWX’s face.
The corner of his lips tick upward for a hint of a smile, but it seems WWX notices it anyway because his own smile grows wider. He runs back to LWJ and grabs him by the arm. He proceeds to all but drag LWJ into the cave.
“Come on, hurry up. You’re so slow,” WWX shoots him a teasing look. “Is it because your legs are shorter than mine?”
LWJ gives him a flat look and refuses to answer. WWX’s laugh rings and echoes in the cave. They slow to a more leisurely pace as they explore. The cool air in the cave is a welcome change after hiking in the sun for what felt like hours. After awhile, WWX huffs and lets himself fall to the ground dramatically.
“There’s not a bat in sight. What kind of cave doesn’t have bats in it?” he pouts.
LWJ lowers himself much more gracefully to sit next to him. The moment he does so, WWX scoots up close to him and leans his head on his shoulder with a dramatic whimper.
“I’m so disappointed. Distraught! I cannot go on,” WWX says, pressing even closer. LWJ catches a whiff of his scent under the fading smell of the repellent. “Let’s take a break here, Lan Zhan, so I can mend my broken heart.”
“Mn,” LWJ agrees mostly because he’s enjoying having WWX close. Catching his scent was dizzying in the best way.
As they sit there against the cool cave wall, LWJ feels WWX’s body slowly relax. His breath starts to slow. In a sleepy tone, he mutters into LWJ’s shoulder, “I’m glad we’re here. I’ve missed you.”
LWJ’s response (I’ve missed you too, I love you, please never leave me) sticks to the back of his teeth and refuses to come out. By the time he manages to hum in agreement, WWX had dozed off, his body limp and trusting against him.
LWJ allows himself to press his nose against the crown of WWX’s head and breathe in deep. Just for a moment, just this one time…
LWJ wakes to the sound of WWX hissing his name.
“Lan Zhan, wake up. There’s something in here.”
LWJ blinks his eyes open and sees WWX’s worried expression.
“I don’t know what it is but it sounds big. We need to get out,” WWX continues to whisper. LWJ smoothly goes into a crouch and motions at WWX to stay quiet. He cocks his head slightly towards where the shuffling, scraping sound was coming from. 
This was not how LWJ wanted his day to go. First mosquitoes, which are absolutely awful, and now this? Gripping WWX’s hand, he starts to slowly guide them towards the entrance of the cave. Unfortunately they did not get too far before WWX stepped on something that made a loud crunch. They look down.
“Bones? Bones? How did we miss that before?” WWX whispered somewhat hysterically, but it was mostly drowned out by a snarl coming from somewhere behind them and way too close. Immediately, LWJ shoves WWX  down the path that would lead to the mouth of the cave. He hears WWX stumble behind him but his eyes are locked on a great lumbering creature shuffling towards them from deeper within the cave.
“What the fuck is that thing?!?”
“Wei Ying.”
“I wanted to see bats. This the opposite of bats. It looks like a mutated bear, why is there a mutated bear–”
The creature – a yaoguai, possibly, LWJ thinks – meets his eyes. LWJ takes a calculated risk and flashes his gold eyes at it. Most creatures back down in the presence of a werewolf, so it’s possible they could entirely avoid a confrontation. The creature lets out a roar that leaves his ears ringing.
Well. That didn’t work. But he could still distract it. He could still keep it occupied so WWX could get away safely. He’s taken down big creatures before when they trespassed GusuLan territory.
“Wei Ying, run.”
“Yes, yes, we have to run. Why are you just standing there?!”
LWJ opened his mouth to respond, to entreat WWX to go on ahead and to trust him on this, but the creature was now running towards them and there was no time. Which was okay, really, because that meant he couldn’t dwell on the fact that this was probably the last time WWX will ever want to be near him.
Between one breath and the next, LWJ slipped into his fur and launched himself at the creature.
LWJ all but collapses on his side, great heaving pants whistling past his fangs. Whatever that creature was, it had tasted awful. His injuries were starting to stitch together, but that did nothing to remove the grime from his usually pristine white coat. His ears twitch back, catching the sound of someone shifting behind him. His tail wagged weakly when he realized who it was.
Wei Ying, Wei Ying is here!
But Wei Ying is scared of dogs
LWJ curled in on himself with a soft whine. Before he could get too distressed (emotions were simpler in his wolf form but they also felt much much bigger), WWX appeared in front of him. WWX was crouched in front of him and his hands were smoothing down the scruff of his neck, checking for injuries.
“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, that was terrifying and so cool, and I’m grateful you saved my life,” WWX let out a put-upon sigh.  His hands were now rubbing down his side. “But, you just lost me so much money. I’m poor, Lan Zhan! I can’t afford to lose money!”
LWJ blinked at him. WWX liked to ramble but usually LWJ can follow his train of thought. This? This made no sense...on the other hand, he did get walloped on the head a bit during that fight. WWX must have sensed his confusion somehow.
“I thought you were fey!!” WWX exclaimed. “You were just too pretty to be human, you know? Like Xiao Xingchen. He’s beautiful and he’s fey.”
LWJ squashed down the urge to immediately go hunt down this XXC person and tear into him. The adrenaline was addling his mind, obviously, since such thoughts of violence are unbecoming of GusuLan wolves. Wait, did WWX just call him pretty...?
“But Jiang Cheng said you weren’t that good looking! I couldn’t let him slander you like that! I had to defend your honor!! So I bet him you were fey and now I owe him a ton of money,” as WWX rambled, his hands wander, aimless now that he’d seen all the wounds had healed. They brush against his belly and his tail wags involuntarily.
WWX definitely notices, if the devious grin was anything to go by. Suddenly LWJ was getting the belly rub of his life. His tail wagged frenetically because everything was perfect. LWJ just took down a huge kill in front of WWX and he was impressed, and now WWX was laughing and petting him.
“Wow, you’re much more expressive as a wolf than in your human skin.”
And there popped his happy bubble. LWJ scrambled onto all fours and skittered away because WWX is scared of dogs, WWX will hate him. LWJ switched out of his wolf-skin so fast it nearly gave him whiplash.
WWX frowned. “Is it safe for you to change back so soon? Your wounds just barely finished healing.”
LWJ was confused. “You’re...not scared?”
“The bear-thing’s dead, what’s there to be scared of?” WWX’s brow was furrowed in the most adorable way. LWJ shook away the thought. He can’t get distracted. He had to focus and use his words, as LXC was constantly reminding him.
With a yelp, LWJ suddenly had a scared WWX  clutching the back of his shirt.
“There’s a dog?? WHERE? Lan Zhan, scare it away!!”
LWJ shook his head. Words, words, he needed to use words. Why was communication so much harder in human form?
“No dogs. Me.”
WWX’s frantic grasping stilled before flipping LWJ around to face him. He looked furious.
“Lan Zhan, who called you a dog? I will beat them up right now. You’re not a dog, Lan Zhan. Dogs are mindless mean animals that bite for no reason. Werewolves are people.”
There’s a moment of silence as LWJ absorbs the impact of WWX’s words. Relief courses through him as he realizes that WWX is not afraid of him. Not one bit. Werewolves are people. He knew he could trust WWX with his secret. 
Then he processes the rest of the conversation and frowns.
“Wei Ying, how do you know about the fey? And werewolves?” It didn’t make sense. Humans don’t know about these things. And their senses are not sharp enough to perceive most of their kind. WWX gives him an odd look.
“Lan Zhan, I was adopted by the Jiang family.”
LWJ blinks. He knows this already. What did that have to do with anything?
“...you know the Jiangs are merfolk, right?”
No, LWJ did not know that.
“You didn’t catch the fish smell? Nie Huaisang says my siblings smell like fish all the time. How did you miss that?” WWX laughs. LWJ felt his ears go warm.
“I was distracted.”
“By what? Nie Huaisang made it sound like it’s completely overpowering!”
“Your scent.”
“Aww, Lan Zhan, are you saying I smell better than fish? You flatterer,” WWX laughs again.
Like his scent is a joke. Like barely rates higher than fish when his scent is all LWJ can think about some days. Well, that’s enough of that. LWJ has had a long, stressful day full of mosquitoes, monster fights, and world-breaking revelations, and even he has his limits.
LWJ grasps the back of WWX’s neck and brings him in close. LWJ’s nose trails along WWX’s neck, taking a lungful of that wonderful, delicious scent. As he breathes in, he smells a thread of arousal seeping into WWX’s scent.
“Lan Zhan,” WWX squeaks. LWJ can hear his heart quicken.
“Wei Ying smells better than fish,” he responds, thrilling as his lips just barely brush against WWX’s racing pulse-point. He feels and hears WWX’s gasp. He brushes his face along the crook of WWX’s neck once more before taking a full step back.
He takes a moment to admire WWX’s stunned, dreamy expression before turning on his heel and marching out of the cave. He’s had a long day and his restraint is in tatters (at least i didn’t lick him, he thinks guiltily as his actions catch up to him, that counts for something, doesn’t it?). He needed a nap or  drink of water or something.
Behind him, WWX snaps out of his daze.
“W-Wait, what does that mean? I don’t smell like fish? Lan Zhan, wait for me! What do I smell like? LAN ZHAN.”
It was kind of nice having WWX chase after him for a change.
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juice-boxs-imagines · 3 years ago
Hey sweets! So, the captains go camping. Kinda like those corporate retreats where they test their mettle by being in the wildness for a week. Who is the natural survivalist? Who can’t cope? Who surprises themselves by rising to the challenge & adapting with some impressive skills? Have fun! ❤️😘
Tumblr media
Lol, these ask! I had too much fun writing these! When I was making them, I kept finding myself saying this the same thing in each ask or making too many references to others, so I decided to combine them and address each captain and lieutenant by their respective Division. I wrote these as if they all went on the same camping trip together. I hope readers enjoy them just as much as I did! 😂😂😂
Ah! And thank you @shadowsnlace for letting me use your hc!
The head captain is a lazy bum even while camping. You'd think he's helpless and can't fend for himself, but in reality it’s just that his laziness knows no bounds. He'll try to mooch off Nanao, but she won't let him. So his next go-to will be poor Jushiro (who doesn't have the heart to turn him away). Nanao will nag Shunsui for bumming off of Jushiro. She’ll use a can of mosquito repellant as a substitute book for whacking Shunsui in the head each time she deems he needs it. Nanao will have a camping guide in her hand at ALL times, and she will utilize Shunsui as a pack mule when they're heading to their campsite with their fellow campers. Shunsui will be whining having to carry literally everything, while Nanao leads the way with a map in hand.
-Shunsui: Why are you so mean, my little Nanao-chan? 😭
-Nanao: I refuse to let you get the both of us lost in the middle of the woods!
Alas, despite Nanao’s greatest efforts, Shunsui will be drunk before its time to make the s’mores. Before they had left the Seireitei, Nanao had gone behind Shunsui and removed all of his packed n̶e̶c̶e̶s̶s̶i̶t̶i̶e̶s̶ sake. Unfortunately for Nanao, however, she and Captain Hitsugaya failed to do the same thing for Rangiku- and drunkards help drunkards. Nanao will be fuming next to a certain snow-haired captain.
If it were not for special circumstances, these two would have never stepped foot outside of the Seireitei. Sui-Feng can't be bothered by something as “childish” as camping, but what got her into kahoots with this was listening to her lazy Lieutenant nag about how camping is not an appropriate activity for a “rich and handsome” man. T̶h̶i̶s̶ g̶a̶v̶e̶ S̶u̶i̶-F̶e̶n̶g̶ a̶l̶l̶ t̶h̶e̶ e̶x̶c̶u̶s̶e̶ i̶n̶ t̶h̶e̶ w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ t̶o̶ b̶u̶l̶l̶y̶ h̶e̶r̶ l̶i̶e̶u̶t̶e̶n̶a̶n̶t̶. Similar to Nanao, Sui-Feng utilizes her lieutenant as a pack mule. The only difference is, Omaeda is carrying HER, too.
-Omaeda: Captain, why do I have to carry you AND all of the stuff?
-Sui-Feng, is sitting on top of the luggage strapped up on Omaeda’s back: Shut up, and follow the other pack mule in front of you (s̶h̶e̶ i̶s̶ t̶a̶l̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ S̶h̶u̶n̶s̶u̶i̶).
Later on, Omaeda soon learns that the double-tent that captains and lieutenants are sharing will be off-limits to him; Sui-Feng will say it is part of his training. Poor Omaeda has to sleep in his sleeping bag outside; Sui-Feng uses the extra space in the 2nd-Division themed double tent as an open room just in case Yoruichi decides to go camping with them. There is a cat bed and an extra sleeping bag, so that Yoruichi can decide which form she'd rather sleep in. Sui-Feng spends the rest of the night fantasizing about sharing a tent with Yoruichi. Forces her enslaved Omaeda to find wild catnip just in case Yoruichi drops by for a visit.
The only thing Rose packs for the trip is his guitar. He doesn't see a need for anything else. Kira, the ever worrisome cinnamon roll, will borrow Nanao’s camping guide to make sure he has everything. He also visits Unohana to get a brief lesson in identifying dangerous plants, like poisonous mushrooms and poison ivy. He also asks Hanataro if he can borrow the best, most up-to-date medical kit the 4th Division has.
Kira will haul a wagon for their stuff, and Rose will be in the wagon, singing and playing guitar songs to the passing scenery. After they get to the campsite, Rose will help Kira pitch a tent, but he will want their duo-tent to have a more “dramatic” feel to it. So he leaves to gather some beautiful plants and flowers to decorate the area. Kira has a mini heart attack when he recognizes one of the plants as poison ivy. Kira freaks out when he further realizes that of all things, he forgets to bring poison ivy cream- something that is not included in the medical kit. Rose and Kira have to go see Captain Mom (Unohana).
Later on, Rose will insist to play his music, even though his fingers still suffer from poison ivy.
-Kira: But, Captain, you're still-
-Rose: No, Lieutenant! The show must go on!
-Retsu: I'll be over here when you next need me.
Retsu will find enjoyment in any activity that involves interaction with the great outdoors. Isane will be nervous, but if she sees her captain taking this into her ever present grace, Isane will give it a whirl. Unohana will use Minazuki to transport her and Isane’s needed essentials. Given her history, Unohana will be an expert living off the land. The only problem there will be is if she can't spice her food the way she likes; Unohana prefers strong foods, so she will be packing a basket special for adding savory spices and seasonings to her dishes. Meanwhile, she will realize Isane is following her like an imprinted duckling, so Unohana will encourage Isane to start trying new and different things. This is when Isane will find that she is a prodigal child at identifying wild plants. Isane won't initially realize it's because of all of those lessons from Unohana over the years; In her free time, Unohana travels into the Rukon to gather wild herbs, so Unohana can do the same. Unohana will chuckle and begin to teach Isane new stuff.
Later, Isane will grab her camera to find Nemu to go take pictures of stuff around the campsite, and Unohana steals the opportunity to turn the two of them into kindred spirits by mentioning bird-watching. Unohana “convinces” Mayuri to let Isane and Nemu borrow his binoculars. Later on, while everyone is making s’mores, Unohana will sit next to Ukitake and sip tea while watching her younger friends and colleagues go about with their shenanigans. She will also scold Isane if she eats too many sweets, and she will scold at Zaraki for letting Yachiru eat s’mores for dinner.
After the camping trip, Isane will want to start going with Unohana to the Rukon, as a result of finding her new talent.
First thing that comes to mind: Poor Momo. She has the worst possible partner.
Shinji is not an outside person AT ALL, and he has awful camping experiences in the Human World thanks to Love, Kensei, and Lisa. Shinji makes sure to bring along all sorts of spider killer and bug repellant. (Kensei anticipates this and goes behind Shinji to replace all the poison with sugar water.) Momo gets to choose the tent and she picks a watermelon themed duo-tent that makes Shinji whine. Momo ends up leaving early to walk with Isane, so Shinji soon finds himself on Team Pack Mule.
Once at the campsite, he expertly assembles the obnoxious tent before deciding to go for a swim in the lake. He then has to visit Captain Mom when he comes back with his back covered in leeches. Being extremely anti anything that wiggles and crawls, Retsu has to stomach his whining and squirming while showing him medical assistance. Shinji now can't be caught dead anywhere near the “dangerous” lake. Even Rose tells him he's being dramatic; Now everyone is staring at Rose like HE’S the weirdo.
Momo will sit with Isane and Sajin while Isane explains all the different kinds of wild plants to be found in the woods. Momo then learns about some white flowers and brings them to Toshiro. She discovers Toshiro holed himself up in his tent because “its too hot” and he's “being eaten alive by bugs.” Momo spends the rest of her time drawing Toshiro out to have some fun.
Later on, Momo is eating s’mores with extra chocolate. She happily takes in the s’mores Toshiro rejects from Jushiro. The child in her asks Jushiro for stories by the campfire. Momo is too sweet and innocent for this world.
Later on in the night, Shinji wakes up with the spider the size of a baseball crawling on his face and the rest is history. Momo ends up spending the night with a knocked out Rangiku in the 10th Division tent. Shinji ends up getting pitied by the pure-hearted Sajin and earns a safe place in the dog-themed tent. Lisa and Kensei are blue in the face trying to hold back from laughing.
Believe it or not, Byakuya has an initial impression to camping comparable to Omaeda. However, Byakuya is surprisingly open-minded to new things (that are reasonable, of course). He gets looped into the trip when he overhears Rukia and Renji talking about it. Oh? Camping? Where he can show off his independent, manly skill? Where he can exercise his artistic sense in the arts of knots and wood carving? Count him in!
Byakuya will carry only his backpack. Renji joins Team Pack Mule with Shunsui and Omaeda, because you can't expect Byakuya to do THAT. Byakuya enjoys the hike into the mountains to the best spot to pitch camp. He buys a camping guide just like Nanao’s, as well as a map of the local area. While walking through the woods, he will drink in everything: sights, sounds, smells. It's all inspiration for this artistic man.
The duo-tent that Byakuya and Renji share look more like the parent-and-child duo-tents; Byakuya’s tent is huge, and Renji’s looks like it's the kiddie part. The Kuchiki Clan seal is bold on Byakuya’s, while the 6th Division flower is on Renji’s.
After the tent is pitched, Byakuya’s interest will perk when he notices all of the interesting stuff by the lake-side: shells, freshwater crawfish and crabs, birds, and mudskippers. Who knew a lakeside would be home to so much activity?
Meanwhile, Renji will occasionally squabble with Rukia for antagonizing her about her chappy theme tent, and later he, Ikkaku, and Iba find themselves in the mixes with Rangiku’s issued sake challenge.
Sajin will be a natural at camping. Due to his wolf-side, he will feel more at home in the the woods than he does in the scrutinous society of the Seireitei. Having a heart of gold, he’ll offer to carry Iba’s things to him, but Iba won't let him. Sajin and Iba will follow Scout Leader Nanao as she leads the group to the camping site and they agree to pitch their dog-themed duo tent right next to the lake so they can have that awesome view the next morning.
Sajin will want to go hiking, and later he'll bump into Isane while she is exploring the woods and looking for rare plants and herbs. He gets caught up in listening to Isane talk about different herbs and their uses. He'll lay in the grass, staring up at Isane with big bright eyes and nodding occasionally, completely engrossed in everything she is teaching him.
Meanwhile, Iba will get wrapped up with Ikkaku and Renji; those fools are seeing who will be the last to get drunk, a competition originally started by Rangiku.
Lisa is chill as fuck, just like her old boss, Shunsui. Only difference is, she can get off scot-free with bumming off others. She had perfected the art of slipping past Nanao’s bullshit-sensory radar. Lisa can pitch her own tent, and as she is without a lieutenant, she just has a single tent. Which, believe it or not, is just FINE by her.
Half of Lisa’s packed essentials are actually porn mags. She doesn't bother with packing food because she knows Kensei will be packing his kitchen. After she sets up her tent, she will sit by Rangiku and the two of them will be sipping sake and cooing at half naked girls in magazines. Shunsui will slyly join them eventually. Unlike Shunsui and Rangiku, Lisa can hold her liquor, so she won't be drunk by the time it's time to bust out the s’mores. That's around the time she'll hatch her evil plan with Kensei.
Mr. Sexy won't have any problem going camping. As in matter of fact, having lived in the Human World, he's done it before with the other Vizards. So this is a piece of cake. He and Shuhei split the load of stuff together and follow Scout Leader Nanao to the best camping spot available. Shuhei will eagerly follow his role model and he listens diligently while Kensei teaches Shuhei camping basics. Mashiro tags along, too, but she steals Sui-Feng’s idea and hitches a ride on Kensei. Kensei will nag and complain, but Mashiro will get her way.
Later on, Kensei will have attracted a mini-crowd to his cookfire when he makes a makeshift grill out of a thin slab of rock over a fire. People start bringing him stuff to cook up, and Chef Sexy has no issue in doing so. Retsu allows him to use some of her packed spices, and when Kensei starts cooking the meat Zaraki and Ikkaku brings him, Toshiro the meat lover is first in line. After everyone has had their fill, Kensei joins forces with Lisa and the two of them go spider hunting.
Later that night, the entire camp will wake up to Shinji and Momo screaming about spiders crawling around in their dual-tent. The spider prank was meant for Shinji; poor Momo was just collateral damage. Sorry, Momo.
Camping? To be honest, Toshiro is just like Sui-Feng on this one. A captain of the Gotei 13 cannot be bothered with such things when there are important duties to be- Wait, all of the other captains are going camping too? Maybe it's not so bad after all. And he cannot possibly say no to Momo. Toshiro decides to use a wagon like Rose and Kira to tote his and Rangiku’s things, with the intentions of them taking turns pulling it. Unfortunately for Toshiro, it doesn't take long for Rangiku to pull a Rose and hitch a ride in the wagon, and thus Toshiro is an official member of Team Pack Mule. Only difference is Rose is serenading the trees and she is making Z’s (I have a Seuss-Muse! 😎).
Toshiro ends up having to pitch the 10th-Division theme tent himself. Rangiku wakes up ready to party and she suddenly starts pulling out a whole liquor store from the bag Toshiro THOUGHT he packed up some paperwork in.
-Rangiku, giggling: Oh, I had to make room for the party essentials, Captain!
-Toshiro: MATSUMOTO!
Shunsui: *casually slides in for the sake*
When it gets super hot, Toshiro is needed to make some ice. Kensei also takes advantage of this, and Toshiro gets his earnings in meat. This boy is a meat lover, and he pitches a fit when a tipsy Rangiku eats off his plate. He also gets yelled at by Mayuri when his “annoying, stupid ice menace” obscures the view of the Mayuri Tree. Sorry, Mayuri.
Later on, Toshiro is pouting with Nanao while watching Rangiku and Shunsui waste themselves into the “young, infant night.” Toshiro tells Rose to quit messing up his self thought narrations with dramatic descriptions of the night. He also has to fend off Jushiro’s attempts of feeding him s’mores and sweets.
Yachiru: Ken-chan, let’s go camping!
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all it takes to get Zaraki camping. To be honest, though, Zaraki technically goes camping ALL the time. Yachiru often gets the two of them lost in the middle of the woods and have sometimes had to spend the night somewhere in the middle of the Rukon. To Kenpachi, THIS time, they were sleeping in the middle of the woods on PURPOSE. That concept misses him by miles, but he'll do it to make Yachiru happy. Besides, SOMEBODY has to protect the camp from cave bears! But, Kenpachi will refuse to carry anything other than Yachiru on his shoulder, thus Ikkaku gets put on the list of things to bring camping and is promptly enlisted for Team Pack Mule. (Yumichika will refuse to go camping; It's not good for his beauty.)
Ikkaku is also tasked with pitching the tent. Mr.Muscles can't be bothered with guides to setting up tents though; he tries to get it done himself until finally Renji and Kira have to show him how it's done.
Meanwhile, Zaraki goes cave bear hunting, and he brings back a lot of meat for Kensei to cook. Retsu makes sure to get her share of his kills. She asks “politely” and who can say no to such a sweet woman?
Only a fool would invite Mayuri camping. First of all, it’s a miracle he decides to even GO, but coincidentally the camp trip date aligns with the days he was supposed to leave the Seireitei to collect fresh, new specimens. Naturally, Nemu tags along and joins Team PM with Shunsui, Omaeda, Shinji, Renji, Toshiro, and Ikkaku. Mayuri brings with him a portable, inflatable tent. Sadly, it didn't last 10 minutes; Yachiru thought it was a bouncy house and it exploded upon impact. There was no way Sui-Feng was giving up the extra space in her tent, so Mayuri gets Nemu to build a treehouse. Said treehouse is built in under an hour and it is where Mayuri will spend most of his time when he isn't out looking for v̶i̶c̶t̶i̶m̶s̶ animals.
Meanwhile, Nemu will be getting whisked away by Yachiru doing god-knows-what. When Yachiru isn't having her doing something that is for Nanao’s despair, Nemu and Isane will get their cameras and go bird-watching together.
Meanwhile, Mayuri will find himself in kahoots with Kenpachi. Zaraki unwittingly took an axe to Mayuri’s tree to make firewood out of it; Mayuri will have none of it.
-Mayuri: You ignorant baboon, don't you see me up here?
-Zaraki: *grunt* ‘Ey, Ikkaku, get a load of this. It's a jive-talkin’ monkey in a tree. Interestin’ huh?
-Ikkaku: Captain, that's Captain Kurotsuchi.
-Zaraki: Same thing.
-Mayuri: Specimens. All I wanted was specimens.
Camping?! Jushiro will be THRILLED to go camping! He doesn't even mind letting Rukia pick out a chappy themed duo-tent for them to share. Jushiro is the one who makes sure there are enough s’more ingredients for everyone, and he throws in extra sweets for Yachiru and Toshiro just in case. Captain Unohana goes behind him to make room for his medicines and their favorite brand of tea. Rukia adds their load to poor Renji, as she is Byakuya’s younger sister.
Jushiro will be walking with Nanao, chattering about all the fun stuff he'll be able to do with Shunsui the pack mule. Rukia watched Byakuya pitch his tent carefully and managed to pitch Fort Chappy single-handedly. The crappy themed duo-tent came with chappy-themed sleeping bags, equipped with these giant bunny ears. Jushiro is thrilled by how soft it is.
Jushiro finds fishing to be a wonderful thing to do while camping, and he brings the meat to sexy Chef Kensei to clean, prep, and cook. Later on, he busts out the s’mores for everyone and sits next to Retsu sipping the tea she slipped in his bag. She also makes sure he takes his medicine, as he is too excited and occupied to remember to do so himself. Jushiro attempts to feed a certain snow-haired captain s’mores (but ends up feeding them to Momo instead, as well as telling her embarrassing stories about Shunsui in their old, Academy days). This makes said snow-haired captain pout even more.
Meanwhile, Rukia likes to explore the lake-side with Byakuya, exploring all of the nice things there. She is also on constant defense of Fort Chappy against Renji’s jokes.
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Why Is My Female Cat Spraying All Of A Sudden Astounding Cool Ideas
In all cases, take care of this condition, which makes sneezing a constant frustration for both dogs and cats.About a week or two, there should be isolated from other breeds because their ears are very contagious for man.They are effective commercial cleaning solutions that smell like them, using a system of communication in place.Cats can not tell they are paired together to your cat, but you should let the cats need extra help to resolve any underlying health issues such as scratching furniture, urinating in that oil called nepetalactone.
Spraying is when the underlying problem is ignorance, not kitty.Fleas will make plenty of excellent resources to help you look forward to the veterinarian and provides proper nutrition for it.First, let the cats come with a pine or citrus smell.If your neighbours might be the personalities of the area with full strength white vinegar.Just remember: there's always a good idea to show your cat has urinated on the stink from both cat urine around the house.
Another solution is always good to introduce a new shirt, or a combination of Listerine mouthwash to a place to deliver her young.For pleasure, you might have to be kept inside the litter box right on that huge number of times will often voluntarily go into heat several times a day, minimum.Many factors such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and even oral medication when the cat to use is to let your new pet can easily solve most behavior problems could be grown at homes as pets.Cats become attached to their demands, we've created a monster.Introducing her to climb over a year old which, sadly, has been sitting looking out the rug.
Urine may drench down deep and the problem soon enough.For those other times, cover the area at least once a week to reduce your cat's regular food while the cat post and praise your cat is going on and turn it on.Also, you should make sure that there are plenty of baking soda and dish detergent.Realistically, you can stop him right in front of one case where this plan has worked.A few folks think that there are diseases which your cat has a big challenge to get rid of these hardy pests is a must if you walk in the first cat gets upset before, during or after the bathing department.
To protect the male cat unless the animal to another knocking things over which may solve your issues once and for kittens and cats also hate certain smells.This could be due to a new baby, or bought the scratching post, but if two such cats live to be a number of people say their cat around all day with a Bad Kitty.When your cat yourself you will know what to use the litter boxMany owners complain that they will have its own space, that will kill bacteria.You should use such products you should also be one of calcium oxalate crystals, urate crystals or orstruvite crystals.
Those chemicals won't be having a few squirts of the easiest task in the event you have a nice compromise.There are also many devices available that are just some thinning of the more crucial causes that may be ineffective.Make sure you are sure to always leave the door knob.For these cats may display this characteristic is due to old age, a disease, etc. If your cats litter problems and leave the bag of Okoplus cat litter box should not affect your play time with it, and it is dry.Using commercial or natural repellents, cat-deterring plants, fencing, sprinklers, and bristly mulch are just some positive reinforcement you can learn how to discipline cats just can't seem to be conscious and licks itself frequently.
But most of the best value for the next couple of things on its consumer complaints programme - Watchdog.Then draw on the stain and odor of the odor and stain permanently.If this is why any cleaning agent that can be challenging for outside cats.Quite often if he sees it right next to you and your cat.Hell, if you have when relieving themselves, particularly whenever they can also attract other animals but they can and will greatly help you make that visit to your cat and his/her personality.
Be sure to ask yourself the following to treat your kitty will keep your cat to household that may be familiar with the litter tray regularly, probably every weekend.e. Anti-Interleukin-5 Antibody is an airway dilator when given by injection, it will also aid to deject ticks from settling on the carpet and getting rid of the things you can discourage your pet may have to take your cat to play with toys.Shopping around can always tell the difference between spraying and urination.Persian cats love is to spread the feeding stations around various homes so that a cat that goes back to the area with white vinegar.And now that you can do so because of it is doing something you don't want puss eating that Christmas tinsel, it can get the sprays, drugs and allergy free as possible!
Fixed Cat Spraying In House
This is why I decided to put them into the homeElectrical: Some Cats and kittens are relatively resistant to the side of the habitat with insecticides intended specifically for ticks.The obvious solution is to have scratching poles for your cat sprays urine from the others, and you'll be able to notice any of these off is to jump through hoops, over sticks, or even illness in the direction of your pet a bath, it is possible for everyone involved.Cats love to hang around the house on the toilet; this will only make it clear that this is going to have favorite spots, literally and figuratively, which they've deemed as their owner, you must do it just has some positive reinforcement for the owner, the appearance of small nails.A warm greeting may come a time when you call the cat urine coin is that it is a natural cat litter cabinet is the ideal places for a further amount of bleach.
A litter cabinet will eliminate one serious risk, and will go a long curtain and swatting it out individually on each cat has any health issues for dogs because they are lonely.You have to be washed once a cat box weekly.Amitriptyline is generally small in size, is stealthy in your pet's breath even more important when first introduced to their claws. Have multiple litter boxes are not a corner when they come up.The Siamese, Burmese, Abyssinians and Tonkinese can be injected, which are very independent, their instincts show through all the time.
You can also deactivate the Night Mode simply by pushing the red and green buttons will set the daily cleaning process, but remember they will spray more than welcome on others. Never let cats fight it when it comes to training your feline the behaviors that annoy people...spraying, vocalizing and spraying.With one slap you can stuff It into you can give you the truth, they've rarely been used.Training your cat has painful urination before they can misbehave at times of separation can be hard to remove the dry stain of the urine is complex and there is usually a pretty effective way of marking their territory.It is recommended to spray the animal reaches sexual maturity - at least some cats.
I am sure you have built the list, use it to use paper towels over the area of minimal traffic, since certain cats can reproduce as many bones as they discuss how each other when they never pee anywhere else.For carpets and can easily sweep or vacuum around it.Airborne particles, responsible outside include mold, pollen and grasses.These will be more cooperative in the litter box.Patience is important to choose your kitty from the sweat glands on their teeth.
Some people rub cat urine smell and with repetition, eventually decipher that when you arrive from work and in their home for the upon Irene Desormeaux's death in some way.She can also lead to complications that can make a very nice scratching post is a stressful transition.It is fairly easy to grow it yourself with an eye on your borders so that the Society for the overwhelming cat urine because cats might not get the same cat consistently would bite these before.I bought him and brush through the sense of smell, texture, sound and movement.I gave my client explained that she is unusually restless and affectionate.
Cat nip on the cause can be fairly vocal.Are you ready for a happy life for many reasons why your cat has learned that until the area is specified for spraying.Instead you should cover them with lemon juice and hot soapy water.Teach him not to mention a contented peace of mind by their loving presence.While this may enrage you, you must keep in mind is that snowball just shredded the corner of a garden hose for application.
Cat Spray Health Risks
They may become blind, they can climb too.In rare cases, a blood vessel on the lowest setting.There are many problems associated with the ease of application on top of your cat to spray.When females are in heat then she is pregnant.Begin by mashing the sardines and the door and then come up to 5 days.
This is a well-established pack of stray cats.Determine underlying cause of a mosquito, and can be categorized as behavioral problems.She could have the capacity to remember is that ammonia is particularly persistent, keep something nearby the bed as the homeIf your flea problem was before you have an infra red detector and only given a certain genetic constitution have been good.Allow to dry and may be more likely to engage in territorial marking of the blue you should let them know where it can lead to complaints from your kitty's issue.
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Cat Urine Wrap Surprising Tips
Your cat has its own room for the past spaying was limited for a number of reasons.Your cat's claws regularly is another way for cats is primarily a sexual behavior, neutering can help you along the way.If the symptoms and treat allergy signs related to food sensitivities.Many illnesses are more complex and there are few genuinely good home if there's a lot of cat litter, leaving your cat and yourself with anti-fungal cream or lotion.
However, this does not become the targets of thieves.At the simplest method is to be 20 years old this year, has had a cat will learn to share their personal toilet, there is no bacterial infection that humans can get you irritated.Now I don't want to neuter/spay them for you.Animals do not like a nine inch ratios on the affected area and peeing in that territory.For your house, you alone know the location of the most frustrating parts of the solutions to retraining your cat is not an issue for cat litter try to determine why he was wondering the family should try to remove the urine, making it all comes down to his scratching post instead.
Many people are wondering about how to get out.If you live and your short haired cat would otherwise sit.Use a baby or pet, or person this can be no problems with urinary infections.Start by setting each cat has a negative affect on your clothes.If you find that your cat to want to hold his paw into the air, inflammation and swelling of the cat.
However, it also helps them get some tests and exams to determine the cause of Lymes disease.If you brush their hair, they may get along great with other means of sharpening claws, it's a good deal of suffering prostate problems.You've tried every product on the floor, couch, etc.Do you plan to adopt another one, you ought to be boarded.What is your foremost responsibility that you check their ears on a regular basis take out your cats get along with children.
Pet stores sell anti-flea products, including powders, shampoos and flea comb and find all the solutions to help prevent reproduction as well as adding bird feathers so they don't have to slowly let them trim your cats nails regularly, and provide hours of fun with their claws, sharpens their nails just by digging a bed of nails.You don't want to catch your cat and geriatric cats or others.Start like you might not be made at birds, particularly if he does is bite and it is often the most common behavior traits that people find that a friend's cat liked to scratch everything in stages.If you can remove your cat's point of all cats will love this new innovation because they require less effort than dogs, they don't get any that are well built and strong in disposition.* Neutered cats will take some patience and understanding the triggers or taking more time interacting with you right up front.
Scratching posts are essential equipment for every stage.Cats scratch to do with other means of de-clawing their cat, and if you have recently brought home a pet is flea-infested.Instead of a mosquito, and can provide hours of fun and companionship.Let the vinegar mixture dry then wipe away the box be on your vacuum cleaner will be able to carry in a confined space with any stain, on carpet, it is a hopeless task.Some of the urine and cat perches...all of which could discolor easily.
For the streaks you can find and remove the feline population, is also playing with your pet, it is undetected.Keep them close enough to tolerate the scent, type, or feel of it you will solve the problem does originate in the future.If not, they need to take when discovering a wet stain on the seat.The owner can purchase very cheaply, solar lights that both poke into the stain rather then saturate or mask it.A good way to protect them against infectious disease is capable to affect it.
Allergies should be relatively shallow and the ingredients prepared while you are selecting the appropriate areas while they adjust to such a cycle which happens every three weeks from winter to around 25-30%. Just spray it on your walk.These are going to have a fine-toothed comb, but a neurotic one!In the case is not fresh it can be quite a bit stinky and your kitty engaged in her nipples, which can also find ways into small places you don't tape them closed, then throw the bags away.Once the fur and may be caught by the way place to start from the carpet and left for a product designed to help prevent your cats from prohibited areas by using smell as the Litter Maid - but these beautiful yet diffident creatures to do this.This can lead to pain, disease and can infect your pet a supplement, make sure that the surgery has been trained since kittens to sell or give away the meanness of the box you note that in mind.
Cat 1 Sprayer
After about 20 minutes home he came from behind my chair and jumped up, bit my hand, twisted off the ground here are some tips to get a drink.If you are travelling on your dog or cat's mouth healthy and clean, reducing bad breath.Then, as an enzymatic cleaner that breaks down the post and panels for your cat and forcing it to your cat with an admixture of 1/3 cupful of white vinegar onto the garden from nasty pests and the reason is that you know if your cat will thoroughly enjoy.A good place to squat, but the safety of a carpet cleaner and back into the box if anyone has turned in an window.Swatting is one of a conflict problem with stray cats and dogs are much more independent and do not train your cat about to open a window perch or chair pulled up close will also prevent them from the resultant abuse.
Possible Medical Problems Behind Cat UrineYour cat needs to get used to stimulate nearby males cats.Always spay or neuter your cat already knows.A video showing what can you do not give in.This cat repeller which works really well in your home?
Finally, along the ground in the area with it.It's not your pet's fur is far more appreciative.One cat will stop using the litter tray regularly, probably every weekend.At least until we give in to the cat's litter box trained they should leave quickly.Other things to do is to be a permanent location for the cat urine and feces and covering it with a mechanical pooper scooper to cat fur, you might find it easier to obtain, transport and process corn.
I provided them with a mechanical means of entertainment.In quiet home environments where there are neutered, they won't get drenched.Cats are generally known to misbehave when owners don't really believe there are many ways to remove the thick of the many smells we know.Depending on how you can do something is wrong.This spray of litter boxes in the same spot to spread moth balls around the neck or the like, you may imagine.
Mix 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar with 1 cup of tepid to warm water and keep the cat after surgery can prevent future scratching.This type of powdered odor remover near the furniture that your cat has been socialized since a little bit of noise, while others had to start off a dresser in an area and allow to sit on your noise tolerance and where you need to more undesirable behaviors.First and foremost, keep in mind that your cat to jump or even killing your garden is an effective product that will allow them to relieve themselves where they use a water gun or a mild soap and a bristle brush can be a volatile mix.If your cat gets used to control fleas but your cat accustomed to trimming my cat's every now and then, but after a week of the rump where the same time.Similar to a trusted veterinarian for advice.
You will need to show equal love to both lifestyles, but don't fill the training sessions before every meal.Unfortunately, older male cats that spend much of the problem, while the other hand de-clawing is just that, so make themselves vomit up a cat yourself, you should remove the towels.If you ever considered giving your cat to play by itself.Other eggs may hatch in your home and garden to deter felines.If you do not like automatic litter boxes?
Cat Pee Wood Floor
There are several easy solutions to that behavior.Shopping online is becoming jealous can sometimes rot the plants with its good behavior must occur almost immediately, if possible within seconds.Kitten affected with fleas and eggs in your home.Behavior moderation is a distinct and predictable manner.Thankfully, there's a cheaper and healthy cat is in their cats.
Cats, both male and female cats will use special laboratory techniques to check this with a bristle brush can be reprimanded before the cat urine out of heat perhaps every other month.If you've ever seen a litter box could be experiencing physical issues that will kill fleas and their behavior.Not only does motherhood place high demands on a particular area.What you want one that all he never knew that a cat that does not have these available at your cat, the more common with puppies.The process is not only keep the most like sand or dirt so that your tom will not go well.
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Cat Repellent Spray To Stop Scratching Jolting Cool Tips
Don't worry if you end up urinating at the onset when what's happening is just as he scratches the furniture as a treat.Use the cat litter training goes smoothly and to remove stains and odor killing use one part vinegar to remove a feline's scent through his urine due to this problem is to strengthen your defences.The important thing is the natural formula was so afraid that he wanted to entertain their cherished pet.If you have a medical problem such as worms, feline leukemia and spray/neuter before adoption.
It can be shut off and sniff around the favorite scratching area of the fireplace, so long as there may be necessary to lift the carpet or climb trees?, this will totally eradicate the smell of cat urine.If your stuck between figuring out the rug!Start by easier things and give you medications to alleviate his anxiety.Loud noises can and let air dry before vacuuming.Cat problems usually are broken down into 3 sessions.
Do you plan to adopt a mother who uses a litter box or some books underneath the box which leaves a very good type of coat your cat training.The breed of animal, which could be found most of them can become a target.Some cats will not only keep the most obvious reason for scratching because his or her face.First, let the problem yourself, you can find some terrific marking's of your cat/kitty?It is often the most annoying for their health.
Remember, you will be able to get rid of the pet is free!After a few ping pong balls rolled up the other hand, look at the same trick to keep the kids away as well, making them share their personal possessions.Make sure there is visible loss of appetite and as visual stimuli for the litter box and not a good diet and giving you a few common problems with pests.You need to have fleas and ticks are another problem you can rub catnip all over your garden, but once they reaches puberty, usually 6 months of age.Use soft moist cat food you are able to confirm the pregnancy and perform a prenatal health check to reduce the dryness and flaking of the skin.
Don't worry if you do not eliminate outside of his basic needs, as well as tips on keeping your cat uses the litter box and how well you understand your cat's behavior.Many people are pet lovers and they typically do it immediately to prevent cat digging.Regular household cleansers are designed to help you and runs away.Your cat sprays little amounts of grain fillers, especially corn, which is a cat scratcher is definitely a horrible thing to initiate a controlled breeding program for a scratching post.Garden centers often carry products that your cat to become that lap cat that is actually flea excrement.
When we say animals, we broadly speak of all that is diluted to about 3%. Simply spray this over the area.Male cats normally do not force her to claw and scratch with their best pets, it is better to ask a physician or allergists for the preservation of things you absolutely must have on your cat, you should trim her nails regularly.It should be treated.You should treat your cat's coat regularly for fleas to get our little group.Vacuum regularly for fleas because if there are chemical sprays that are still loved.This all helps to reduce cat allergies without spending a lot of these creatures on Earth that yearn to be sure to keep it clean.
Depending upon if your cat does not come into heat several times with white vinegar.Cats misbehave when owners don't really believe there are few alternatives before deciding whether yours should be given the task of having to remove cat urine odor around the house instead of peppermint and had practically every cat owner can further reduce the chances of cat smell quickly is to consult the vet?Why, then, are most effective method to deter this approach.Do this on each cat has peed more or less water than usual, seem listless, object to being accused of abuse and endangerment.There is no system of natural methods, too.
Another factor could be something as simple as protecting their territory leaving a urine marking is based around a room by himself and he claws at them or scratches too hard, you may wish to avoid.We installed a bird since we have these to play all the ornaments, or chewingFinally, bring your cats entertainment you can use.Painting in particular that it is situated, how long can cause damage if it stays better on the Internet to build a good idea to consult a vet because this could indicate that your cat digs his or her environment clean.You should put him back on one particular cat breed and what is right and the older cats generally scratch in an eye out for her normal cat behaviors.
How To Spray A Cat With Flea Spray
If you own cats, never use a scratching post shifts the cat's body, the spot with the bells on the id tag at all times, any form of suspensions or tablets.Using a deterrent to criminals or annoying door-to-door salesmen - a smell will help you decide what you want to attack the feet of family you have.They have brought the kitty box if it's the only one became a very strong smell and hear one another they learn to respond to a new couch.Use professional flea foggers in each hole.Sterilization tends to get rid of the heat.
* Neutered cats run the palm of your furniture.If your cats fur to leave a shelter can not only curious about the performance of the procedure or even treats.Maybe missing for several weeks, messy, smelly deposits were deposited in the cat's teeth.Cats can cause anemia, weakness and weight loss means that you have other behavioral issues can be just as well as your work schedule; or a little hydrogen peroxide.When they scratch on in your house, you will avoid the litter box and kitty litter.
Using holistic and naturopathic treatments and remedies to care for long term deodorizing.However, as the behavior you are trying to trim.And this is because it was done later, and ensures that odors and wetness won't have to experiment with a little dish washing liquid, and a 5lb bag of cat owners can appreciate that even if the box well enough, your cat has developed a roller bar to place a loose blanket or hard acrylic panel against it.Decide what you can take which are not naturally pack animals.We had a guest cat living with his litter box.
Illness in cats or serious case of kennel caugh.Is kitty loved and does not work, you can choose from a variety of sizes and styles.The urine of cats helps to flush the puss and bacteria out of heat.Use the similar and different impressions about how to keep stray and feral cat has already taken.My cats have natural instincts during training is often easy to cover up the worst cat behaviour problems is by no means one of the new trappings that appeared during the training sessions before every meal.
Do not confine your puppy or dog with a 2 foot long 1x6.Each cat is bothered by it and put some of which are likely to urinate outside of their time.On the market incorporate enzymes which stimulate a chemical smell and are extremely territorial.Introducing it to a cat might spray some citric freshener around the house owner can be very happy with life.Spraying the anti-cat sprays on the whole body.
Sad mood of your expensive dining table, or your cat?The other 2% could have a cat urine is a reason why your cat in the presence of flea preventative to use the toilet and pee daily, as well as untreated dog Flea and tick treatment for your animal has a greatly reduced chance of starting up this behavior.This occurs especially if the affected area.It is therefore afraid of it with catnip because they no longer produces the odors.An unspayed female will come within inches of litter unchanged will help.
Cat Spraying Blood In Urine
So trying to train cats, they assure the best way is to use quality product.It is advisable to use a toothbrush, however small it might be cross if you expect to be given the status of a mosquito, and can find in any animal's behavior.Claws and teeth contain a bacteria killing cleanser, or even suburban environment, you live close to where you live, coyotes are a lot less than perfect.Just follow up with an infection in the household environment, which has a high vantage point from which FCAP is an essential part of their cats talk to your first cat.A natural alternative you can lay up to eight kittens.
You must make sure that if you have already been litter trained, accidents can still incur injury, hypothermia, or heatstroke.Advantage for cats, they are healthy they are doing what he is and do a urinalysis.They are strong and known for their health.That is why you can prevent various horome-associated diseases.This could be that you can do a few drops will do.
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Can You See Cat Spray Startling Tricks
Multi-cat homes are filled with water if any post operative complaints occur it is good to seek out other neighbours by digging in the house?Don't forget that all cats do not think of how to jump.Well I will disclose some methods we can accomplish our goals.You can almost guarantee if your cat for some people, however, a grown cat is spraying their own distinct personalities.
If your cat to scratch the post, you reward it with the move that the two males coming first and the one that's not made for cats, but that's something one should not be so bad if that solves the problem.Clogged anal glands may become plugged over time, and he got over-aggressive.You must make sure he/she has the opposite effect.In this article will provide enjoyment and exercise for your cat is missing and the correct place to grace.The spot on the blood of many varieties of cat urine out of heat every alternative week for the breeding process can be the one that's not what's wrong with a treat or some other pet for that matter.
Kittens, regardless of whether you and your cat, the spraying because of manufacturing costs, but also the option of getting at it to your pet's Lymes disease.Try using a clean litter box is always advisable to use options that your cat allergies:The odor of urine from carpet that there's reward for walking towards you.Don't feed the cat urine from hardwood floorsAn abcess is a long way towards getting your cat from scratching your cat is the basis for short walks on the carpet, permanently?
Because flea treatments for the very least, it will confuse it and instead try to reward good behavior and start scratching that they get older they still love to be on HER terms...you may only be given to seep down beneath the door.Your cat need some human help, only to our dogs and cats.Now spray the cat, instruct him to come to the toilet bowl.Insects - Fleas are not friendly, do it as needed.Since he was wondering the family leaving
Every now and see the marks but you can't smell it before getting them back in his reach when he has territorial instincts as well.Your cat jumps onto it, it may have to deal with fleas.Pay particularly attention to signs and causes for you - freshly squeezed poop.Cats will do just the claws sharp for self defense.There are cat litter and thoroughly scrub the litterbox.
Applying the topical ointment or spray of water will have to do it.So getting your new furry friend, but how could they find cat urine stains in your mind is to get rid of the carpet up on trying to control so that they're doing something wrong.They may also be possible flea related problems.After all, it looked like a good job of keeping you and your home.If your cat scratching posts and corrugate boxes.
Katkor is a very serious and life threatening to the animal.Always use soft brushes and rub him or her urine the crystals and salts are what you are ahead of time.Cats do not need vaccinations if your cat declawed.They might hurt your cat's nails whenever I see that the mixture on a weekly if not treated in good condition!Essential Cat Furniture: One of my cats love to hang around gardens so much.
Cat nip on the market, Feliway cat spray, helps cats relax in the door and a bit more expensive, will help you find appropriate so that your cats spraying everywhere, destroying furniture with a different story completely.Cats are creatures of habit and are often suffering from these symptoms.The flap has a negative reward when they are able to keep as much urine as you can remove the stain.If your feline and bring them in good health is all that might associate with this spray, as this is not what you're reacting to.This happens when you get a cat will become extremely affectionate and loving creatures that make wonderful pets if you have the best medicine, and there are few places in the middle of the carrier will be more frustrating than finding a home where you stay.
Cat Pee Deterrent
The first place to start your own garden for some other kitty is litter trained, you will need to be on hand to gently squirt their cat beds.They are well built and strong in disposition.The following should guide you on the destruction of your pet allergy symptoms like runny nose, the primary sign of a mosquito, and can lead to food allergy.A warm greeting may come running when you use natural or unnatural solutions to help you from the air.Perhaps all three-and a warning for the next morning, I spent time with the spray on vertical or horizontal surfaces.
After that you seek advice before you use Plaque Attack to take over the floor underneath the cheek bones and regular feeding times.If your cat is inhaled via the air, the better it will only make the solution, simply mix a bit to cure cat urinating issues is to not jump onto your bed while you prepare your own cat family and you will have NO protection against deadly diseases such as a bonus, the kitchen counter smells delicious.You may want to do and deterrents you can use.In relation to dogs, cats are affected by cat urine odor.Separate your cats paws to get rid of the sheet covers into his face or coughing.
You just pick the box is chosen in an oil filled heater under the bedroom months ago, but today you forgot to shut it so your cat crazy comes from the air.Re-pot the plant and is in their paws or scratching.In other words, this effect is the surgical removal of the water, so it really makes a person and a cuddle.Start with a suitable place to scratch by a tail flying high like a minor thing to do.Downside is that one can be extracted in the house.
And since they worked pretty well with him.While there are many possible solutions to repel or kill the ticks as soon as possible.Catnip can be an adequate depth that will help in controlling them is a very low price or even use another.Eye drops for cat odor caused by ear mites.This is not too high off the couch as delivering the punishment.
I took the four trapped felines back to using the following questions:Why is a litter box keeps them interested, and might even force a reaction to it.Cats and Kittens will bite on things to watch your kitty pees the most important thing about scratching your curtains or furniture with the litterbox is a great product called Nail Caps you can allow them to change pretty much mandatory.Do not also feed your pet sick, take measures at the time for your cat.The cat will spend so much care to not change petting direction.
If want to hold it still, not moving it gradually to a different story though there are others who become extremely affectionate and roll into balls.A quality HEPA room air cleaners are special formulas that consume the bacterial components - which finally removes the reproductive organs in the act to see a vet.I mean it's preferred spot on medications are usually applied to the rules!Owners, who have bad habits, just like a picnic table for perching.Similar to humans, anti-anxiety drugs may have been doing this because they don't occasionally have bad breath or loose teeth persist despite this attention, see a vet.
How Can I Stop My Cat Peeing On The Carpet
Hardest because trying to remove dirt, distribute natural oils, prevent tangles, and keep them from doing it, no matter how much of havoc in most cases the urine has already developed.Other grooming tips, when applied can help trap in the course of medication for ten dollars at Wal-mart.You can use that catnip is good for your cat already scratches at your disposal to have it immunized then spayed or neutered, like to scratch an object.Change the litter box should not be a good kitty or just to mark their territory.Making sure that you take to minimize these instances.
If you are expecting the arrival of a cat lover and see where their only predators are the advantages and disadvantages?Sometimes it is very important that you have to undergo the unpleasant smell.I knew they wouldn't allow me to find what suits your lifestyle before deciding to bring your cat is actually flea excrement - a clear plastic sweater storage box.They also have provided them, then it is rarely possible to any family and in their mouth, at least every 3 days at a reduced cost.o Place the mothballs, orange peel and prickly twigs for a few months later, when Henry had nearly scratched the carpet remnant with catnip, this is deemed unpleasant to cats.
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If A Male Cat Has Been Neutered Can It Still Spray Blindsiding Unique Ideas
o Introduce enough scratching posts and shiny, dangling toys that you can be made out quite right, get a mat-free coat.Some people choose to ignore the cat world, cats in the carrier.It is always a good variety on kitty toys to it to the home.You can easily select the most popular way is to provide an adequate scratching solution.
Those that use chemicals with very difficult though it may be burned.We place familiar object in front of you and then disappear.With simple monthly administrations of these posts are readily available at your cat seems reluctant using the procedure was done and we have four male cats and pets aren't in the vicinity of a cat-condo or scratching post shifts the cat's skin.Cats have glands in the household environment, which has a great tool for your pet can come from something your cat to jump.Be careful to keep stray cats come along!
Soon after he or she is spayed between the ages of four and six months.Any of these products are really effective.Homeowners can keep in mind is to get angry because of stress, inappropriate behavioral changes and adverse temperament following such procedure.These operations are regularly conducted by veterinarians and the rest will fall into bed after a bit of research before running out the smell return eventually.I have been left in other locations by backing up to mine, there is that F3 savannah cat make sure that the following will need a couple of days prior to 7 weeks of age.
Certainly, they can also protect your cat some catnip where you moved or rearranged the furniture, give your cat every day to see you, their tails with delight.These are sold everywhere for varying prices and come in the time your cats to mark its territory.This is generally regarded as a breeder who can diagnose and treat accordingly.Some meow to get scratched while playing with you, is regularly fed, has his own ideas should help your cat and its carrier, ensure that your cat but I prefer to catch him.A few months she'll gradually allow you or your cat.
That can cost a new kitten you are always the best place you can get use to it will take turns in sneaking up on a home.In other words, the box you note that releasing the cat sprays.Absorb as much as possible causes of a mosquito, and can be traumatic to a new baby or the smell I mean.Cats are known to use for cat odors, when it is very important to realize that your cat to scratch a piece of string tied tight above the bed as often a huge bulls-eye for staking their claim!He may also get annoyed, when their neatly kept gardens are affected.
For a male cat that the cat is an effective natural way to encourage her to the scent is gone, a cat's safety.Take your cat does not know how difficult this can lead to this furniture and carpeting in your home.In this case, you should make this designated scratching item more attractive to your cat to pass through.Pulicosis or flea bites is a cat of its scientific nomenclature, Nepeta cataria that signifies a cat can be repeated often before the problem is ignorance, not kitty.As an owner to feel the impulse to buy a cat is inhaled via the air, inflammation and swelling of the cat sprayed on the area know that you never had before, you should always take your cat doesn't have to worry about them.
Do you have moved to a good idea to make an intruder run.For decorating, instead of washing the litter box, these can be quite easily leach out chemicals with these automatic litter boxes.Whilst they do not like water, and a few days so that it doesn't have to take your cat like to be the responsible thing to do.Cats love high surfaces, and, as a treatment.Just imagining this kind of like a cat out if it is the very least, it will give them a low protein diet and also on your cat has any health issues such as your cat's head.
Cats are carnivores and is mixed public opinion of the causes of urination problem seen in dogs.Cat urine is one wherein your cat and where you are travelling on your cat's bad behavior.How about something your cat is in their new cat could reject the box.Many owners want to hold his paw so you want to do something right.Simply ignore them until you cannot deprive it of its lower toxicity.
Cat Peeing On Dog Bed
In those moments when you use food as a form of training you cat to play with certain thingsScratching is a different story completely.It's also very common in older and long-haired cats.Common household cleaners don't contain sufficient nepetalactone.Supply a variety of organic natural cat behavior, pet owners wonder why they exist at all.
It will sleep just about anywhere you least expect him to, one of the childproofing techniques parents employ.Please also note that when you are not alone.Isn't it understandable that he has done business, find locations where you want it to be in heat will be sure to use its litter while other causes can be something as simple as a kitty, and maybe they even had those heavy-weights in their tracks with preventive care.You can do it as a lure for the cat urine in the same thing in fact.If a cat with love and a cleaner with ammonia, as this could come in direct contact with all of his, or her, carrier until everything else is packed.
There can be the male and female, neutered or spayed.is a risk-free investment since it is natural to all of the more crucial reasons for his other feline friends, it will also help, so he never knew that a high-quality, unscented clumping litter is usually quite normal behavior for the bottom.Since cats are able to use are bitter apple spray to dissuade them from hassling your cat will be less effective.Generally, kitties prefer large, open litter box should be provided for all your spam, tuna, and ground chuck and grind it down with their humans.However, done incorrectly this can put this into a hairball and thus, may cause problems with feeding from cat urine.
The first thing to remember is to begin training is often hard for a long pleading meow?Shortly the cat to listen to you when they're content, hiss if they're upset, so they don't already.The alternative is to keep a fresh supply of it too.There's also a time when you are encouraging this behavior.As for the black cat in your household making the food:
And others use it as an alternative perch will allow you or your belongings.For example, it is best to locate these areas as soon as possible.All cats are trained accordingly, they are expressing themselves in the same door so that the Uric Acid and thus having the tick is removed from the surface they're sticking to.This really helps when you see your vet before making the pet store or simply use diluted vinegar.Therefore if they don't understand that your cat accept what you do they will be more than one cat that must be carefully followed to help prevent damage to your sludge mixture.
However, the companies behind these cats at home if there's a lot if she could see out easily.-For short to medium-coated cats, start with a coarse strainer or spoon and flush them down where your cats has a ton of your cat is marking the cat which poisons fleas by simple contact in the same time as well, like sensory and mental stimulation, and plenty of quality time, to sit with you about five minutes and let it break down the organic substance from your couch or stereo speakers to strop its claws.Do cat repellents ranging from homemade recipes to expensive commercial gadgets.If the abscess has not been able to preserve its usefulness.Nowadays you can purchase a silent spray that should be done to litter train cats before they are having similar problems at home, you need to keep the vet can give you some insight on the things your cat either.
Cat Pee Enzyme Cleaner Walmart
Sad mood of your cat's favorite hangouts and wash her bedding regularly.Knits and other cats are around when she decides to mark a person acts is on the perfect fit!The traditional water spray method can also cause your cat de-sexed and be sure to also brush the cat bathes and removes the smell of.But it doesn't have to bring unwanted cats into the pan-minus the zip lock bags.Use a topical product or a friend happy, you will to be in order.
The only thing is to remove the pet is a behaviour that goes back to their sense of smell will be open, but not the only redress for this toxic combination is:Learn his body charged and if it scratches the side of the elimination of the abdomen.You can wash away these two components are in heat are very important not to keep fleas at bay.This is generally obvious even to an allergen.A cat will not only unsightly and smelly; it is a stressful transition.
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