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#he is my favorite bastard too :)
ruushes · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i may not have the 💸 💸  to watch good omens or the time to do a proper illustration but i DO have a great deal of nostalgia and a lot of this type of doodle on hidden layers on all my projects
the Design Concept for crowley is ‘not sure if he has too many bones or not enough bones but its certainly an incorrect number of bones and he shouldnt be allowed to bend them that way’, the concept for aziraphale is ‘Soft Bastard’
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moki-dokie · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so i haven’t seen anyone talk about this just yet. but it happens so very quick that i’m not sure most people even caught it. it’s literally like .3 seconds before it changes over to anathema in the backseat with bicycle race blaring.
after crowley makes That Face at him, aziraphale then gives the SMUGGEST fuckin look of the entire series. like. that is the look of the MOST spoiled angel who fuckin knows he is spoiled and knows he has crowley absolutely whipped for him. like oh my god it’s so cheeky. its so arrogant. it’s so aziraphale. 
i actually didn’t notice this myself until skimming through the episode looking for something entirely unrelated. god what a bitch. 
anyway i just needed everyone else to notice this too. tv!aziraphale is every bit of a bastard as book!aziraphale he’s just far more subtle and sneaky about it and honestly i’m here for it.
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spielzeugkaiser · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry, I LOVE Dandelion, he’s my favorite goatee bastard man; but- I’m bad at explaining my thoughts here, but somehow (at least for me, in my mind), Jaskier and Priscilla feel more like the same character than Jaskier and Dandelion?? I don’t know?
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butch-snufkin · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
fuck it time for holmes adaptations alignments. i couldn’t think of an antonym for homophobic sorry
an explanation because altho i hate explaining myself.. the last scale i did with no explanation literally gave me no legs to stand on 
granada holmes: the flirtatious smiles... the lingering eye contact.. fr what was the reason!!! jeremy brett said yes i am bi yes i will be playing sherlock holmes yes he will be bi too <3 and then did it (and then said “watson shouldn’t have a wife). icon
soviet holmes: scores higher on the fruity scale than granada holmes only because it did what granada holmes didn’t: gave us holmes and watson cuddling in a carriage
raffles: raffles is literally based on oscar wilde and george cecil ives (two pretty loudly gay men for the time) what more evidence do you want. not as fruity because raffles spends too much time being a bastard to be tender with bunny
the great mouse detective: i know everyone and their mother has an opinion on basil and dawson but the real fruity legend is ratigan. born out of immense homophobia but literally carried the entire movie on his back. he is my favorite character
house md: everything about the early 2000s was homophobic. except for house and wilson spending the rest of their short lives together 😔👊 rsl and hugh gave the gays everything
psych: girl idk but i feel this rating in my bones and that’s all that matters
my dearly beloved detective: they’re lesbians, harold. bit homophobic tho because jane gets a husband and shirley just? is alone i guess? so fuck that
rdj holmes: homophobic because they made irene adler and holmes kiss multiple times and nearly have sex that other time.. second movie is more fruity thanks to gay icon stephen fry 
new russian holmes: they put watson and mrs. hudson in a relationship which is just?? huh??? once again irene adler and homes are in a relationship :/
enola holmes: tewkesbury is rather fruity. enola is a lesbian. BUT also they got henry cavil aka THE no. 1 straightman to play sherlock and also mycroft is a whiny bitch 
sherlock gnomes: everything about the gnomes movies screams heterosexual even if elton john does the music for both. however sherlock gnomes do be a bit fruity
will ferrell holmes: god do i even need to explain this one
bbc sherlock: i don’t care that it was written by a gay man. it’s the equivalent of a hate crime and i can never watch b*nedict c*mberbatch in anything ever again without feeling pain  
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prettyboykatsuki · a day ago
cheater!eren is OUT. toxic lovesick obsessive!eren is IN......i dont know what it is about obsessive!eren but it's my absolute favorite version of him. just a clingy unbearable bastard who you won't be able to ditch. like.......ever.
cw ;; obsessive!eren, mention of babytrapping, 18+
i don't think eren would cheat like. not at all. the way he acts in s4 is a result of a lot of things but above all else he's an emotional and clingy, unbearable and toxic bastard.
and that's what i like about him so much. if you're gonna give me bastard eren, i want eren who fights people because they look at you too long! i want eren who all of your friends fucking hate and no one can figure out why you're with him! i want eren who tries to move in with you like...3 months into a relationship!
in my heart of hearts, i think eren is fucking lovesick and obsessive with you. you show him kindness all of three times and he is genuinely so in love with you he'd do just about anything for you but he's so fucking posessive and jealous. and you're you - normal and nice and you get along with all of his friends.
eren would never cheat on you, but he will drag you out of a party cause you and jean dance next to each other too long and he will get a tattoo for you because he thinks you're his twin flame and he will post so many fucking love songs to you because he is just that unbearable.
the thought of you being with anyone else makes him sick to his stomach and the thought of you loving anyone else brings him to his knees and he picks fights and argues with you because he just wants your attention, needs your eyes on him, needs you to be all his 24/7 - can't you just give him that?
eren yeager who fucks you in the back of your car, always in missionary so he can look you in your eyes when he fucks you - make sure you see how he loves you. tells you that he'll do whatever it takes, tells you he thinks about trapping you and how your kids will have his eyes and tells you he's thought about you since you first met.
you're gonna look me in my eyes and tell me the eren who fights so much and so hard would cheat on you instead of being obsessed witht you? not on my watch
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patchworkpoltergeist · 23 days ago
Everybody writes their own little version of Zim. Some more on the bastard side, some more on the sympathetic side. I’m not totally sure what mine is, but I DO know he’s dramatically articulate as all hell 24/7. Unless he’s having a panic attack. And sometimes still even then.
That said, one of my favorite things about Zim is how oddly formal and articulate he is, even when most Irkens around him aren’t. Man’s just out here using ten dollar words on the reg and I fuckin’ love it. “Your facade is as transparent as the drool on your face” like?????? I love this little man. This little man with sentences taller than he is.
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redrobin-detective · 4 months ago
handknit sweater, never worn
How did Valerie end up in these kinds of situations? Of course there had to be a large scale ghost attack at her school. Val had gotten rid of most of the ghosts, weak mindless things when part of the auditorium collapsed, trapping her inside. Normally she’d blast her way out but the old building was creaking ominously from who know how many fights. Her rockets might collapse the whole south side of the school, meaning she was stuck here while the Fentons cleaned up the rest of the small fry. And to make matters worse, Danny’s dad had had the brilliant idea to put up a portable ghost shield around parts of the school to contain the ghosts. Meaning Phantom and the spooky vampire ghost were stuck with her too.
“Ugh this sucks,” Phantom whined, leaning petulantly against the ghost shield. His arms were crossed and his eyes lidded with annoyance, he almost could have passed for a normal, annoyed high schooler if you ignored his unnatural glow. “They really increased the power on these shields, I hope they’re okay out there by themselves. I think most of the students were evacuated already.” He glanced subtlety over at her which only increased her irritation. It was so aggravating he knew everything about her while she knew nothing about him.
“Madeline’s handiwork no doubt,” The vampire guy, Plasmius, commented flippantly. “I don’t believe Jack could assemble a sandwich without her assistance.” Phantom bristled a bit at the comment but just turned to glare at empty air. While she’d once mistaken them for friends, it was clear there was serious bad blood between Plasmius and Phantom. 
“What are you even doing here, Plasmius?” Phantom hissed, crossing his arms closer to his chest in aggravation. “I’ve told you a million times to stay out of Amity.”
“Or you’ll do what, dear boy?” Plasmius grinned, flashing his fangs, like Phantom had told a particularly funny joke. Val privately considered the ghost boy to be one of the strongest ghosts she’d ever fought so if this guy was treating him like an annoying fly... Valerie kept her weapons up just in case but otherwise stayed away from the two volatile ghosts. She could take them down if she had to but there might be collateral. Right, that’s what she was going to go with.
“Actually,” Plasmius said, his cruel red eyes twinkling with smug glee. “I popped into town to check in on some of my old college friends. See what they’d been up to while I’d been busy with my various projects.”
Phantom kept his casual posture but went rigid, he did a quick glance over at her before moving back over to the ghost. “Now? You’re doing this now?”
“It’s always a good time to hurt you and besides,” another throaty chuckle, “I thought Ms. Grey might be interested.” Ok, was there any ghost that didn’t know her identity?
“Anyway, the wife was out but I found my fat, stupid old friend,” another twitch from Phantom, “back at his old favorite past time of knitting. It looked like he was making a sweater.”
“You’re a real bastard, you know that?” Phantom hissed, his form looking more and more defensive by the minute. Valerie had no idea what they were talking about but it clearly was upsetting the Ghost Kid. Usually she’d be pleased but it was kind of uncomfortable to watch.
“Hmm,” the vampire ghost hummed, still radiating cruel satisfaction. “I’m sure you’ve seen it too considering how often you’re in that house. He was working so hard on it, so furiously. No doubt trying to get it done in time for Christmas. A beautiful, handmade sweater for his wayward son who’s never going to get the chance to wear it.”
Oh shit, Plasmius was talking about Phantom’s dad. She’d assumed the beef between them started once they’d become ghosts but clearly there was history that extended to when they’d both been alive. Imagining Phantom alive, with parents... it was too weird.
“Shut up, I’m going to wear the sweater,” Phantom muttered weakly, curling in on himself. He’d scooted as far away from Plasmius as he could get. 
“Oh but he’s not making it for you, Danny Phantom,” Plasmius lilted with a smirk causing Phantom to wince. “He’s making it for his normal, human son who he doesn’t even have the brains to realize doesn’t exist anymore. Would he bother to spend so much time and energy on a sweater that could only be worn by a ghost? To see proof of his own failure as a father?”
“Hey, it was my fault,” Phantom defended, finally snapping out of his sad and guilty funk. He balled his fists and glared at Plasmius with all he had. “I don’t blame them for what happened, I love them and they love me and nothing you say will ever change that!”
“Then why don’t you tell them, Daniel,” Plasmius asked with a raised eyebrow. “If you’re so confident in their love, then tell them. Tell them the sweater is pointless because you thrive in the cold. Tell them that their mistakes and negligence led to you becoming an unnatural abomination not fit to exist in either world.”
“Only-” Phantom’s voice caught and he cleared his throat and tried again. “Only if you tell them first. You may have been their friend at one point a long time ago but all you’ve done since then is hurt people, hurt me. For all their flaws, I don’t think they’ll ever forgive you for that.”
“Touché, son,” Plasmius scoffed. “Now then, I’m afraid our discussion will have to continue another time. I believe the power on the ghosts shield should be fading right about...” a low whine and the green wall surrounding them disappeared. “Ta ta for now you petulant child. Ms. Grey, a pleasure as always. Be careful with this one, he’s an experienced cheat and a liar.” With those parting words, Plasmius disappeared in a swirl of pink.
Valerie thought Phantom would leave too but instead he let out a long breath and ran his gloved fingers through his hair. After a moment he straightened himself up and looked as cool and confident as he ever did. 
“The Fentons have probably rounded up the rest of the ghost but we might as well check, you check by the cafeteria and I’ll go through the classrooms.”
“Why?” Valerie found herself asking, not sure what she meant. Why did Phantom die? Why was he so afraid to let his apparently still living parents know what happened? Why did he try so hard to help people when everyone, including her, was so against him?
“It’s the right thing I guess,” Phantom shrugged, rubbing at the back of his neck. “My uh my parents raised me that way and if it lost that after everything, well, then the person I was before really will be gone.” He floated over to her, gently phasing them both through the wreckage connecting them to the rest of the school and, for a second Valerie saw a scared, human kid in over his head. Then the illusion was gone and it was just Phantom, annoying as always.
“Check the classrooms and if there’s no ghosts then I’m gunning for you,” Val said instead, activating her hoverboard and speeding off before he could answer. She readied her weapons and didn’t think of childless parents living in ignorance of what they’d lost or lonely sons who were too afraid to ask if their parents would love them even as a monster. 
She just wanted to get the ghost scum out of her school and move on with her life. But still, she couldn’t help but think that, come Christmas time, she’d find Phantom in a handknit sweater intended to ward off a chill he could not longer feel. 
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lola-imagines · 3 years ago
Pigeon Hunting (Chatroom) Batfam x Reader
heeeeeeey, after months I’m officially back ;)  and I have a loooooot of new things to the blog, it will be a lot of changes but for now I bring this short chatroom to you guys. Hope y’all like it :)
Y/N has created a chatroom
Y/N has invited Damian, Dick, Jason, Tim
Jason: What?
Y/N: I'm being serious guys
Tim: I don't understand
Damian: Explain to us, please, what happened
Y/N: That's simple, IT CAME BACK!!!!!!
Damian: What came back?
Jason: Whaaaaat?
Tim: What the hell are you talking about?
Y/N: Tell em Dick
Dick: We've been chased by a pigeon
Jason: ?
Damian: You're guys are crazy
Tim: Explain this, please
Y/N: Lemme start from the beginning
Y/N: It all happened last week when our dog got sick, Dick and I took him to the vet, he took some medicine and such, but he didn't get better, until a beautiful day that Dick found A PIGEON EATING OUR DOG FOOD
Dick: I've seen this pigeon a couple time before this, it always stayed outside the window sill, but I never imagined that it always doing this
Y/N: There was another day that I was having lunch and I forgot my cellphone on my room so I went there to grab my phone and when I came back THIS MOTHERFUCKING PIGEON WAS EATING MY FOOD
Dick: And it pooped on the table
Jason: Lol
Tim: What the hell guys hahaha
Damian: Lmao
Dick: This is not funny
Y/N: Since that day Dick and I started our "Pigeon Hunting" 
Dick: One day it show up on the window again and Bruce throwed a banana on it, but it came back saw that there was no food and POOPED IN THE KITCHEN SINK
Dick: Alfred went crazy with this story
Y/N: The next day when I woke up the whole kitchen smelled as vinegar, I asked Alfred what happened and he said he put vinegar at the windows so the pigeon won't come back again
Tim: Wait, how do you guys know that is the same pigeon?
Damian: Drake has a point
Dick: Simple, it is brown with some white strips
Bruce has entered the chat
Bruce: Who left the library window open?
Jason: Why? That pigeon entered there too?
Bruce: Hell yes
Dick: C'MON
Bruce: He pooped in my favorite armchair
Tim: The only thing that this pigeon can do is eat and poop?
Dick: I never agreed with you so much
Bruce: Alfred is running after it with a broom, I need to help him
Bruce has left
Jason: This family went crazy 
Tim: Yeah
Damian: Definitely
Dick: But guys, this is serious
Jason: No, shut up, I want all of us to shut up for a moment and think 
Y/N: About what?
Jason: About how our family is fucked up, I'm mean, a pigeon!? C'mon
Damian: You guys deal with thugs every night and still can get rid of a pigeon?
Dick: You're free to try
Damian: That's exactly what I'm gonna do
Y/N: Then good luck
Damian has left the chat
Dick: He won't do it!
Jason: And I thought I was the problematic one
Jason has left the chat
Tim: I'm really concerned now, what we gonna do about the pigeon?
Y/N: I wanna torture it like it been torturing me
Dick: Let's kill it
Tim: I'm pretty sure there is another way to deal with this
Damian has entered the chat
Damian has left the chat
Y/N has left the chat
Dick: I will end this fucking pigeon now
Dick has left the chat
Tim: Jay's right, this family is really fucked up
Tim has left the chat  
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tomurasprincess · 8 months ago
Hhhhh fuck now I’ve got the image of shigaraki’s little sister not really being into it a first so shigaraki gets upset, he didn’t want his sweet little sister to become distant and the rejection made him feel like his heart was being ripped out. afo comes back, takes one look at the situation and realizes that its history repeating itself. So he starts manipulating things and twisting tomura’s little sisters thoughts until she has no choice but to love her big brother
Warnings: Talk of incest
“Sensei, she fought me. Told me it was wrong because I’m her nii-san.” His voice breaks a bit at his next words, a sure sign of how upset he was. “She’s ignoring me. Won’t come around me anymore, even to play games like we used to do for hours.”
All for One looks contemplative for a second before letting out a soft hum. It was just like with his brother all those years ago. He knew his brother loved him, wanted him far beyond simple brotherly love. But he fought against their love for pathetic reasons of it being wrong and taboo, to the point of it almost breaking both of them.
And now it was repeating itself.
No. He would not allow it. 
He would not let Tomura, his son in everything but blood go through the pain that he did. He would just have to persuade his wayward daughter. A word here and there, a small nudge, and he could twist her mind to the point where she could not live without him. And if such smaller measures did not work, then he has a number of quirks to aid him. He would prefer not to use the more extreme methods, but if it become necessary then he would not hesitate.
When he enters your room, he sees you laying on the bed, eyes clearly swollen from crying. He sits down beside you as he waits for you to make the first move.
“Sensei, Tomura - he - “ 
“Yes?” He prods you gently.
“He came onto me. Told me he wanted me as more than a sister. I rejected him, I didn’t know what else to do.”
“Did you give any thought to accepting him? He’s heartbroken, you know.”
“But sensei! We’re - “
“Before you say it’s wrong, let me tell you a story - “
He goes through everything that happened between he and his brother, making things vague that needed to be made vague and exaggerating in places that he knew would hit you the hardest. At your very core, you are softer than Tomura, more prone to being swept up in emotional arguments.
When he finished, you were trembling, and he pulled you closer and held you as you cried, making gentle soothing noises.
When you told him that you were going to talk to your brother, try and make things better, he internally smirked.
Now, he would simply have to go advise Tomura on how to handle things when you went to talk to him. He realizes such a conversation is most likely unnecessary, as his dear son has learned so much from him already. But better safe than sorry.
If you didn’t yield to Tomura’s manipulation and dominance during that very conversation, he would be truly surprised.
And he is not often surprised.
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holylulusworld · 12 months ago
Bets to win
Tumblr media
Summary: One month. It’s only one month and you are free. Can you win the bet?
Pairing: Mobster!Dean x Reader
Characters: Sam Winchester
Warnings: angst, language, tension, pining, possessive Dean, Dean being a seductive little shit/he’s also shameless, nakedness, voyeurism, exhibitionism, male masturbation, smut, unprotected sex, oral (female receiving), 
A/N: Part 2/3 (Sequel to Debts to pay)
Words: 4 k+
Tumblr media
Winning the bet. That is the goal, and anything else fades to grey when you wake the next morning, only this one thing in mind.
Dean on the other hand wants to win not only a bet, he wants to win you. Not playing fair, the mobster did not let you out of sight, which means he forced you to sleep in his bed while he is stark naked – that bastard.
“Morning, kitten,” you groan at the pet name, staring daggers into Dean’s skull when he sits up, turning his back toward you. His strategy is to show you what you, or rather your body misses out. 
Dean starts his game, stretches his arms above his head, smirking to himself when you silently curse under your breath watching his muscles flex. Your eyes roam his broad shoulders, the wide back and the odd tattoo covering most of his back.
“I am no kitten. Stop calling me like that,” annoyed you ball your hands into fists. “If we want to do this bet, we will play fair,” Dean looks over his shoulder, smirking as your thin nightshirt barely covers your stiff nipples.
“Oh-Sweetheart, I am going to play fair, so fair you’ll feel dizzy. When I am out of the showers I want you to have a shower too, get dressed, and come to my office. We have work to do,” he dips his head, eying you warily, “and I do not mean naughty business, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Unfair. It is so unfair Dean walks butt-naked out of the bathroom. The bastard, this seems to be your favorite nickname for the mobster, is drying his hair while he turns his crotch toward your face. 
“What the fuck!” You squeak, jumping off the bed when he places one foot shamelessly onto the mattress to dry his leg. “That’s inappropriate!” Your eyes drift toward his half-hard cock, subtle ogling him.
“My eyes are up here,” Dean points toward his eyes, smirking devilish. “Back to your outburst. This is my bedroom and I came out of the shower. I don’t wear a suit to wash my sexy body.”
“Sexy,” you huff, crossing your arms over your chest. “I saw better, even thicker ones,” now Dean’s eyes darken, and he tosses the towel over his shoulder, stalking toward you to grab your hand. 
One moment he slides your hand over his chest, letting you feel his muscles flex, and the next, he places it onto his swelling length. “Sweetheart, there is no better dick than mine. You’ll love to go for a ride, kitten.”
Again, your hand wants to hit his cheek, but this time Dean catches your hand, bringing it to his lips to suckles at your index finger. “In your dreams, Winchester.”
“I had nice dreams, kitty cat. You, on your hands and knees taking me so deeply I could feel me in your belly,” Dean snickers when you press your legs together. “I’ll give it to you. Just say the words.”
“No.” Humming Dean let go of your hand, still this stupid smirk on his plump lips. “I’ll win this bet and you will leave me alone.”
“No,” he nods, turning around to walk toward the walk-in wardrobe, showing you his perfect ass. “We will change your no into a ‘yes Dean, harder, baby’…”
Tumblr media
“I want you to check on the accounts. Lately, money is missing,” Sam explains, showing you the ropes of bookkeeping for mobsters, lection one. “You won’t get the passcode. Ask Dean or me if you need it.”
“How much money is missing and in which intervals? Monthly, weekly, or daily,” you look at the monitor and the papers on the desk. “I need to know what I am looking for. Someone who wants to mend their wages or a person stealing more than fifty bucks per month.” Impressed Sam opens a folder, showing you the amount of money, which is missing.
“Whoa, that’s more than taking a larger tip,” you hum to yourself. “Almost 5,000 bucks per month, that’s a lot and a high risk to take.”
“Smart girl, Dean. Maybe she is not only a nice little kitten for you to toy with,” Sam snickers, winking at you before he leaves Dean’s office.
“I need a list of people having access to the money. A list of all employees would be good. I need to know who has access to which area,” you check on the numbers, engrossed in finding the culprit when Dean’s hand slides over your shoulder, tickly your skin. “I need to concentrate.”
“Go ahead, Y/N. I’ll just look over your shoulder, helping you relax and all,” the bastard smirks, placing his hands on each armrest, caging you from behind to press his nose into your hair. “You used my shampoo; I like it, kitten.”
“I told you, I am not your kitten, a kitten or kitty cat,” you purse your lips, huffing when his right-hand moves to your thigh to stroke your skin. He’s only using his index finger to draw slow circles, but your skin prickles and you need all your strength to concentrate on the numbers on the monitor.
“Go ahead, do your job, Y/N. Look for the thief, my little kitten,” Dean smirks, sliding his hand over your thigh one last time. “I’ll leave you to yourself for an hour or two, but we will have lunch together.”
“Rot in hell,” murmuring the words you glare at Dean who gives you a dirty grin before he walks out of his office. “I hope you choke on something, Winchester.”
Tumblr media
Three days at the manor and you have got the feeling you spent a lifetime in hell. Dean is always around, touches you, makes a dirty comment, or tries to show you his body.
You wouldn’t mind seeing him half-naked, you are a red-blooded woman and won’t look away when a handsome guy shows off his goods, but you need to win this bet.
“Look at this,” humming Dean scoots closer on the couch to brush his fingertips over your thigh. He’s handing you a list with his employees, holding eye contact whilst his fingers creep toward your mound.
“Winchester, this is not fair play! No touching, no running around naked or calling me a kitten,” angrily clenching your jaw you point toward the list. “I will find the thief.”
Unimpressed by your words Dean stretches his body, resting one arm on the backrest of the couch to tickles your arm. “Did anyone ever tell you that you are damn sexy while being mad?”
“Holy,” using the papers in your hand to slap his face you groan, “can you not for once not think with your dick? This is all a game to you, I get it. What do you want? A fuck and I can go?”
“Sweetheart,” Dean purrs now, taking the papers out of your hands to toss them somewhere onto the ground. You are buried underneath his body seconds later. “You don’t get it. If I win this bet, you are mine. We are going to marry, and my little kitty cat will be such a good girl.”
He’s pinning your hands above your head, just letting his eyes wander all over your body. “Let go of me! This is unfair! Foul play!”
“You see,” he’s settling between your legs, pressing his erection against your core, “you never clarified any rule, Y/N. You could’ve told me to not touch you.” He is smirking now when you look up at him with wide eyes. 
“Why didn’t you tell me so?” You gape at Dean, furrowing your brows.
“It’s not my fault you did not ask about rules,” he’s burying his face into your neck, letting his lips wander along your skin. If not for the winning of the bet you would gladly give in now. “Just give in, baby girl. I’ll make you feel so good. I want you, Y/N.”
“You don’t even know me, Dean Winchester. How can you tell me you want to marry me and crap? We met like five minutes ago,” you pant, struggling against Dean’s hold. His lips feel too good against your skin and your body is ready to take all he is about to give to you.
“No, sweetheart. I saw you years ago, at Stanford. I was visiting my brother and saw you in that cute dress. I wanted to talk to you but got distracted,” he’s meeting your gaze, smiling now and it almost looks genuine.
“Impossible,” fighting against his hands you wiggle in Dean’s tight grip. “You don’t know me!”
“You were there to check the campus out, Y/N. I got to know later when I lost you in the crowd. When Amara showed me your picture, I knew I got a second chance,” he is licking his lips, ready to kiss you breathless.
“Amara? I thought she,” now you narrow your eyes, wrapping your legs around his waist to use the momentum to flip the heavy mobster over. “Lying son of a bitch.”
“What?” He smirks when you start slapping his chest while you wiggle on his lap. “Baby, if you keep on wiggling I’ll cum in my pants.” You blink a few times, looking down your lap to see his raging hard-on. 
“This means war, Winchester,” you poke your finger into Dean’s chest, glaring at the mobster. “I want to clarify a few rules. Take it or not.”
“Fine, kitten. All you want,” having a grand time with you on his lap, giving him your attention, Dean smirks gripping your ass to guide you up and down his length.
“If I resist you for 27 more days, I’ll be free and you will keep your dirty hands and tongue to yourself,” Dean nods, wiggling his hips to press his cock against your core. “Jesus, stop.”Dean watches you with darkened eyes, believing you will give in sooner or later.
“Just take what you need, kitten,” his voice lower now Dean looks up at you.
“No. We will change the rules,” now you place your hands on each side of his head, smirking. Your lips inches from Dean’s you look at the mobster. “If I give in, you win and I am yours, unconditionally. But I want to make things more interesting.”
“More interesting you say,” his hands grope your ass, kneading the globes roughly. “Tell me more, Y/N.”
“Let us say we start the second bet in the morning. If you try to get into my pants for the next 27 days. If you give in before I give in, you will lose the bet, pay all my debts, and do as I say,” you fist Dean’s hair, giving him a dirty grin. 
“Sweetheart, you’ve got yourself a deal as you will give in before I do,” Dean husks. “Let’s seal the deal with a handshake.”
“Nah, I’ve got something better in mind,” your lips claim Deans and he groans, feeling your tongue explore his mouth. You move slowly up and down his boner, not missing the way he whines every time your stop.
“You touch me, you lose. You try to get into my pants, you lose. Oh, and do not think you can fuck someone else. If you release the tension with someone else, you lose too, Winchester.”
“God, I love the way you talk dirty to me,” groaning you push against Dean’s chest before you leave his lap. “I must admit, you got me rock-hard.”
Tumblr media
Seven days later Dean is on the edge. He is not allowed to touch you, and it drives him nuts you do not react to his flirty ambitions. “How about we have dinner, sweetheart? I know a nice little restaurant.”
“Not interested,” sitting cross-legged on Dean’s bed you check on the data you gathered again. “I think I found our little rats,” you smirk, handing Dean two names. “Every time those two worked on the same day, the money disappeared. I think they are a team.”
“Gosh, if not for the bet,” groaning Dean looks at you, “I would crush you underneath me to give you a beneficial fuck for finding the thief.” A giggle bubbles up your throat watching Dean look at you, hopeful, almost desperate.
“In your dreams, Winchester. I got twenty more days to go.” Dean sighs, looking at the names again. “Not a chance.”
“We never clarified what happens when none of us gives in,” you grunt, hating Dean realized you tricked him with the second bet. “How about if I win you’ll agree to go out with me. Just a dinner among friends.”
“Dinner, you will pay and bring me home. If you try anything, you will lose the bet too,” you point your finger toward Dean’s crotch, not trusting the mobster.”
“Deal, sweetheart. Food, wine and I’ll drive you home…”
Tumblr media
Fifteen days later you are on the edge. Dean is in the bathroom, not holding back the moans of his pleasure while he, well he pleasures himself. You forgot to clarify he is not allowed to touch himself either, Dean did, though.
Whilst you are not allowed to find release, he is shamelessly jerking off in the showers. For the second time this morning.
“For fuck’s sake, Winchester!!” You storm into the bathroom, believing he’s faking the moans, but his right-hand moves up and down his cock while he steadies his body with his left hand, pressing the palm against the tile wall. “I…sorry. I didn’t know,” you would move out of the room but somehow your eyes are glued to Dean’s cock and your feet won’t obey your orders.
“You can watch, kitten. Do you want to see when I cum?” Dean’s voice like silk fills your senses. His low moans, and the way he looks at you while he moves his hand faster make your legs shake. “Y/N,” it’s a low purr, followed by a grunt and Dean splashes his cum against the tiles. “Thank you for being here. Damn, I never came harder.”
The cocky mobster drops his hand, giving you a knowing look. “Pity you can’t do the same, kitten. I mean, you could just ask me to go down on you.” Dean let the warm water wash away his cum before he steps out of the showers to walk past you. “Just have a good look at my ass, Y/N. Maybe it will help.”
“Fucking tease,” you whine, pressing your legs together. “I wish I could just strangle him. Cocky bastard.”
Tumblr media
Another week has passed and you decide it’s time to make Dean lose the bet. While the tall mobster tries to find the matching tie to his suit you walk out of the showers, only wearing a thong.
Leaving little to nothing to Dean’s imagination you bend over to pick up the bra you dropped earlier. You can hear a low growl, followed by a curse behind you, but you do not turn around.
“Sweetheart, you are playing dirty,” he’s close enough to make you feel the heat coming out of his body, but he does not touch you. “The moment you lose this bet, I’ll destroy this pussy, take you hard enough to let you feel me for days.”
You take a deep breath, swallow thickly before you turn around, a big grin on your lips. Dean’s eyes drop to your chest and you can see the hunger in his eyes. “You and me, my bedroom.”
“Dream on, Winchester,” you pat his chest, looking up at Dean, batting your eyelashes. “You can dream, but not touch, sweetheart. If you do so, Dean. You’ll lose the bet.”
“Would be worth it, but I will not give in,” he purrs, looking at your breasts one last time. His tongue pokes out, slowly wetting his lips. “I bet your flimsy little thong is soaked, kitten. Sooner or later you will be mine,” you snicker watching Dean move backward, careful to not touch you.
Tumblr media
The last week was hell, but totally worth it. Whilst you walked around the bedroom half-naked, Dean excuses himself to the showers more than once. 
Still, you didn’t get any release for the longest time and as people say – payback is a bitch. Today Dean tries to break you. Instead of touching himself in private in the bathroom, he lies on his side, facing you while his thumb swipes over the tip.
“Winchester, this is disgusting,” you choke out, mesmerized by the way his hand moves up and down his thick shaft. “I mean, you can’t just jerk off in public.”
“Kitten,” husking the word Dean smirks, green eyes sparling when your eyes drop to his cock to watch him pleasuring himself. “This is my bedroom, not a public library. You can go anytime.”
“Anytime,” if your body would obey, you could leave for good but your eyes are glued to his dick, your lips part and your core, well that bitch aches to get filled. “You’re such an ass.”
“I could take your ass too, Y/N,” god that sexy bastard smirks, dipping his head to look at your chest rising and fall. “Let me just finish this…”
Tumblr media
“Last day,” Dean parades around the bedroom, wearing a brand-new suit, matching tie, and polished shoes he points toward a dress on the bed. “In two hours our bets are over and you’ll go out with me.”
“Past midnight?” You glance at the dress, crossing your arms over your chest. “No tricks, Winchester.”
“No tricks, kitten. I’ll bring you home after we had dinner, pay your debts, and be out of your hair,” Dean sighs and you can’t help it but see the sadness in his eyes. 
“Nice new suit…”
Tumblr media
“This is it, Y/N,” Dean has you against the wall, hands pressed against it on each side of your head he looks down at you, “the last minutes tick.” He is glancing at your lips, licking his subconsciously. “Pity you didn’t get to feel my dick,” Dean purrs and you are close to losing your panties when he dips his head to press his lips to yours when the clock strikes midnight. “Lost the bet, though.”
“Why? You were so close to winning, Dean,” you gasp feeling his lips back on yours. “You could’ve won too,” he is nodding silently, giving you a cracked smile.
“I never wanted to win a bet, I wanted to win you over, sweetheart,” his fingers slide through your hair and you shiver at the way he looks at you. “I’ll pay your debts and drive you home, Y/N.”
“Home,” nodding you look at Dean’s lips, biting your bottom lip hard enough to hurt. “Maybe I could,” your hands are in his hair, your tongue down his throat, and your legs around his waist a jiffy later. While Dean groans against you, you grind shamelessly against his growing length. 
“I won, now I want the special price,” you smirk, moving one hand to the back of his neck, fisting his tie with the other. “Winchester deluxe, delivered with an orgasm or two,” you breathe against his lips. “Maybe I’ll let you invite me for dinner too…”
Tumblr media
You are a mess, on his bed, spread open for Dean to have his way with you. His face buried between your thighs, lips around your clit he suckles harshly to press the first high out of you.
“Dean, Jesus, ow, that’s,” you fist his hair, forcing him to stop torturing your clit. “I came like two minutes ago,” you pant, falling back onto the pillow. 
“That makes one, kitten,” god, how you hate that smirk on his handsome face when he crawls on top of you. “I will make you purr again, and again, and fucking again.”
“Big talk, Winchester. Give me more than words and I may stay a bit longer,” you smirk, watching Dean settle between your legs. 
“I’ll break you a little tonight,” Dean muses, running the tip up and down your folds. “Maybe I’ll mark you as mine,” you hate he has you on the edge without even fucking you.
“Will you do so or just talk me to sleeeep,” you grip Dean’s biceps when he slides home with one powerful snap of his hips. You would give him a piece of mind but there is something in his eyes that makes your toes curl.
“You know,” the bastard is back, smirking down at you like he just won the lottery. “I changed the time on every clock, phone and your laptop, sweetheart. It’s wait…,” his phone vibrates and you gasp, feeling the first thrust hit your cervix, “two minutes before midnight.”
“You son of a - oh-fuck me,” your legs wrapped around his waistline, you press your body close to Dean’s arching your back, exposing your throat to Dean.
He is pressing kisses along your throat, moaning as you feel just like he imagined. “I knew you’ll give in, just not before midnight.” If not for the way he moves inside of you, your hand would smack him hard.
“You fucker tricked me, Winchester. That’s against the rules,” you pant, feeling your orgasm stir with every snap of Dean’s hips. “I hate you.”
“I had to have you forever, sweetheart,” his lips travel along your neck, down your collarbone. “I will pay your debts as I lost too, Y/N.” Ignoring his words you wrap your arms around his back, holding tight onto Dean when he speeds up.
His pelvis rubs against your swollen nub, making you gasp whilst he brings you closer to the edge. All the pent-up tension waits to get released, feasting on your nerves.
 “God, all the things I want to do to you, kitten. I want to fuck the brattiness out of your body and treat you like a queen at the same time. Do you know how hard you made me every day,” you are too lost in pleasure to form words so you moan blatantly, urging your lover on, making his orgasm built up faster.
“Dean, oh-fucking,” falling hard you dig your nails deep into his flesh, scratching his skin, marking the cocky mobster with your claws. “Holy shit, Y/N,” a whine leaves Dean's lips when his face drops to your shoulder.
His weight almost crushes you when Dean let go, moaning your name against your shoulder.
“I won,” he exclaims only seconds later. This time you snicker, shaking your head while you pat the back of his head. “Winchester, I think we both won.”
Tumblr media
“You wanted to invite me for dinner, not to eat pie at 2 in the morning,” you grumble, looking around the café. “Winchester, you owe me a dinner.”
“It’s pie, sweetheart,” excitedly Dean points toward ten sorts of pie, grinning like a little boy. “I love me some pie, Y/N. Can you bake?”
You shoot Dean a questioning look. “Sure. My granny showed me how to bake, Dean.” You watch the tall mobster get up to look at the pies, wondering if there is a softer side to the man you barely know.
“I’ll take a slice of the cherry pie, whipped cream, and the rest for takeaway,” looking at you Dean furrows his brows. “What do you have, Y/N?”
“I want the apple pie over there, looks great. Whipped cream too,” you shake your head when Dean grins widely.
“You’ll love it, Y/N,” whilst Dean walks back toward the table you play with your fork, wondering what will happen now. “I’ll pay your debts and you can go, anytime. I am asking you to stay, but you don’t have to.”
“If I stay,” Dean’s eyes lit up when you meet his gaze, “I want a meeting with Amara. That bitch tricked me, Dean. What would’ve happened if you didn’t want me?”
“You would’ve ended up working for my father. He likes his customers in a good mood, so the girls serve our guests in underwear,” Dean mumbles.
“Bitch!” You ram the fork into the pie the waiter places onto the table. “I will scratch her eyes out and rip her apart. That’s a matter of fact.”
“God, you are the one!” Dean grins, liking you are wearing one of his shirts and sweatpants. “Marry me, and she’s all yours.”
“Hmm…marry you,” tipping the bridge of your nose you narrow your eyes. “I will think about it, Winchester. If you fulfill a few more conditions you’ve got yourself a deal…”
Tumblr media
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askfriskandcompany · 2 years ago
If you think about it, Asriel was the only one who could possibly have gotten through to them. The flimsiest reason Chara had for hating another person was Asriel, and despite this, they latched onto Asriel's soul and kept it in this world with them. It would have been easier to become a poltergeist if they had simply abandoned Asriel, but they couldn't. They cared about their best friend too much to let them go.
Tumblr media
Chara’s really such a tsundere. For all the talk they had about blah-blah-he-betrayed-me-blah-blah-I-don’t-miss-him, there was nobody they missed more than Asriel. It’s part of why they hated Flowey so much. How dare this THING be some kind of bastardization of my favorite person ever???
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number5theboy · 10 months ago
Five’s absolute refusal to give up in the face of certain defeat is high-key my favorite thing about him. Like the greatest moment in season 2 is when Five flips out when the others don’t show up on time and he’s all like, “it’s over, screw them, every man for themselves!” and then literally like 2 minutes later he’s all, “OK, on to plan G to get us all out of this.” He’s just the most stubborn bastard in the planet and refuses to die or let his family die.
I 100% get you, Anon, it’s my favourite thing about him too! I’ve seen a few posts that say that he has a hero complex, like Diego, and I disagree with that view. The whole thing about a hero complex is that it is, speaking in a very basic way, about attention and validation, and I don’t think that Five does what he does, has the tenacity and stubbornness he does, because he wants to be recognised for saving the world, or for stopping the apocalypse, or for saving his siblings. I think he has abandoned the idea of himself being a hero a long, long time ago, and he does what he does, and refuses to give up on it, because he thinks, and I’m inclined to think that he is mostly right, that he is the only one who can do it, the only one who cares to do it. In the scene where Five talks to Reginald, there is a moment where Five realises that Reginald will not be able to help him, and you just see the realisation that it’s all on him again sink in, see the weight of the world settle on his shoulders again. Five’s stubbornness has been there all along, it is, after all, what got him stuck in the future, but the focus of it shifted over time, it expanded to not be just about Five, but about the people he loves, and the world and the people in it that he wants to spare the fate he had to see and suffer through for forty years.
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imaginediegowithamullet · 11 months ago
Do Better
Summary: Diego gets jealous of (Y/N) getting too handsy with a target during a mission
Warnings: smut, choking, spanking,non protected sex
Tumblr media
“What the fuck is your problem” (Y/N) yelled, storming in the front doors of the academy. All the siblings were on a mission earlier that evening. Her role was to distract the target while her siblings got safely into the building. The mission went smoothly, not a single problem arose. Well, not until they all got back to the car. Diego was quick to jump on her. Not even a single one of the others understood what was wrong. 
“My problem! My problem is that you always take the liberty of straying off course. How are we all supposed to be on the same page when you go off on your own all the damn time” (Y/N) scoffed at his answer.
“Oh please! You are literally the king of going off on your own Mr. Batman wannabe” She spit back. The rest of the siblings dispersed themselves throughout the large building, not wanting to be part of the argument. As their fighting carried them into the living area, Diego shut the doors behind them.  
“Well I’m not going off to fuck my victims” A humorless laugh tore out of her. This was why he was mad, he thought she slept with the bastard? Not even bothering to respond, she walked over to the bar. Diego wasn’t too happy though, choosing to keep following her.
“So you did, didn’t you? Oh my god. That’s low, even for you” Picking up a bottle of vodka, (Y/N) took a long swig. Her brother’s words were starting to piss her off. She carefully watched him lash out, noticing something in his voice. Was that... Jealousy? A smirk grew on her lips. They had always been at each others throats as kids. Everyone knew that (Y/N) was his least favorite, well maybe not as bad as Luther, but the two never got along. Given this fact, why the hell would Diego be jealous. While searching his face, (Y/N) took in how attractive Diego actually was. He was muscular, tanned and overall handsome. His face was littered with tiny scars, which (Y/N) found insanely attractive. Even his Vigilante getup was a turn on. While (Y/N) was checking out Diego, he stopped his yelling to do the same. Only snapping out of it when their eyes met.
“why should it matter to you who I fuck” they stood on opposite sides of the bar. Diego looked livid, (Y/N) could’ve sworn she heard him growl. He leaned over the bar, inches from her face. She knew it wasn’t in her best interest to tease him, but she couldn’t help herself.
“Think you could do any better?” She would have loved to see the look on his face if it weren’t for the fact he pulled her towards him and locked their lips. Her mind want hazy as she climbed over the bar, trying to get closer to Diego. As they pulled away to breathe, She noticed Diego still looked murderous. (Y/N) had so many questions. Why did he kiss her? Does he like her? If so, since when? There was no time to ask. Diego had pulled her legs apart, resting between them as he attacked her neck. A series of moans escaped her lips, boosting his ego as he tore her neck apart.
“Diego” (Y/N) moaned his name, trying to grab his attention.
“Shut up” He hissed, hands creeping under her shirt. “You wanna see me do better? Use your words (Y/N)”  
“Do it” That’s all he needed to hear. Her shirt was torn off in a second. Diego ran his hands down her body, hardening in his jeans at the sounds coming out of her. His hands reached behind her back, unclasping and throwing her bra off to the side.
“Take this off” He gestures to her pants as he turns around. Quickly wiggling out of her pants, she looks up to see Diego stalking back towards her shirt off and belt undone. (Y/N) reaches out to grab his face, but Diego wasn’t about to let her take control. He grabbed her small hands, flipping them behind her body and pinning her top half over the bar. 
“Don’t fucking move” The sound of him slipping his belt off caused wetness to pool between her legs. Diego slowly went to work, pulling on her panties and letting them fall at her feet. His dry calloused hands placed themselves on her ass, gently massaging the area. His fingers moved to her pussy, rubbing her clit ever so slightly. Before another moan could slip out, he retracted his fingers.
“What the f-” His large hand slammed down on her ass, replacing her words with screams.
“You think you deserve to get off right now, huh? I want you to fucking count” (Y/N) had never seen him so rough. Even when fighting he never mouthed off at her. The second slap was harder than the first, causing yet another scream to erupt.
“What do you say?” (Y/N) gulped, trying to form actual words. Her throat was dry and her mind was foggy from both pleasure and pain. Diego snaked his hands into her hair, yanking her head back roughly.
“What do you fucking say!” He spit in her face. (Y/N) gasped, muttering a faint ‘One’. He spanked her three more times relentlessly. The helpless girl choked out numbers, melting at the attention she was receiving.
“Oh baby” He laughed, seeing her thighs were drenched, “This is a punishment” A new feeling hit her, it was the leather of his belt. Whatever pain she felt before seemed like nothing compared to this. Each whip across her ass left a burning sensation. A sensation she would hate if it weren’t for the context. Instead, the pain further aroused her, bringing her closer to the edge. Diego lost all self control. He couldn’t help but to keep going, the sight of her withering under him was too much. His hand went back to her clit once more, trying to tease the girl. What he din’t expect was to have her cumming at the slightest touch. Her back arched, pushing her perfectly ruined ass in the air. Diego’s dominant attitude flew out the door for a second as he stared in amazement at her.
“I’m so sorry! This doesn’t-” Diego shut up the panicked girl with a violent kiss. Her timidness quickly disappeared seeing how aroused it left the man in front of her. Diego swiftly kicked her knees out, leaving (Y/N) on her knees in front of him. He pointed to his crotch with the same authority he had all night.
“Suck” It was a simple demand, but (Y/N) took it as a challenge. She wanted to please Diego as much as he pleased her. She pulled down his pants taking his boxers with it. Her eyes went wild as his dick sprung up Her small hands gently grabbed the base of his shaft. Although it was her turn to work, feeling his veins in her hand had her drooling. (Y/N) brought her hands to his leaking tip, spreading the pre-cum down his whole length. The growl that ran through him brought a satisfied smirk to her face. Placing both hands around him, she began to slowly pump, adding a slight twist to her rhythm. Diego bit back moans as (Y/N) brought his tip into her mouth. Her head sank down on him painfully slow, removing one hand as she reached her limit. She bobbed her head at a semi fast speed, matching that same pace with her hand. As she retracted for air, Diego’s large hand pushed her back down, not stopping until her nose brushed his stomach. A long strangled groan filled the room as (Y/N) gagged around him.
“Just like that baby” He cooed, moving her head around him. His voice was soothing, but his actions couldn’t be more aggressive. Looking down at her face, Diego almost came at the sight. (Y/N) had tears streaming down her face, she looked absolutely wrecked. Knowing the effect she had on him, (Y/N) reached up to play with his balls. Diego grabbed the bar for support as his knees buckled at the feeling. With a final hum, Diego let go, spilling down her throat. Using all of her strength, (Y/N) pulled herself up and reached for the pitcher of water on the bar. Before she could reach the cold liquid, Diego pulled her back roughly.
“I’m not fucking finished” Diego drug her across the floor by her hair. Whimpers left the girls mouth as she grabbed onto his wrists to make sure he didn’t rip her scalp off. Dropping her on the middle of the floor, Diego pinned her down, “You gotta tell me you want this” He whispered, inches from her face. 
“Yes” She moaned, her response sounding desperate. She grabbed his shoulders, needing to feel some sort of contact. His hands quickly smacked hers away, pinning them above her head.
“Did I say you could touch me?” 
“W-what?” A pit formed in her stomach.
“Did I-” He grabbed his belt that laying a couple feet away,”Say you could touch me?”  Her throat was too hoarse to form another response, so Diego took the liberty of making his own solution. He tied her hands to the table leg using his belt. His eyes were full of lust as he looked down at her, knowing he was about to split her open. Without giving her time to adjust, Diego thrust into her, stopping when his eyes left her swollen face. He could see the imprint of his dick in her belly, stopping below her belly button. His eyes remained fixated on her stomach as he slid in and out. Breathy whimpers left her as (Y/N) wiggled under him. Blood drew to the surface of her wrists as she fought against his restraint. He was moving too slow, leaving her going crazy.
“Jesus Christ will you speed the fuck up”  Her words slapped him in the face. He needed her to know he was in complete control. She had no authority while he had her way with him. 
“You wanna be a bitch? I’ll treat you like a fucking bitch” He released her hands. Not bothering to acknowledge her raw wrists. In seconds (Y/N) was flipped onto her stomach with her ass in the air. A shiver ran down her spine knowing he wasn’t going to hold back. 
“Keep you on a fucking leash” Diego slipped the belt around her neck, tightening it just enough to cause a mild strain. The sensation made them both aroused. Diego sunk himself into her, slowly this time at the new position. Once she adjusted, he went to town. One hand rested on her hip, the other holding the excess of the belt, choking her with it. 
“You’re such a whore” He grunted, his thrusts digging harder with his words.
“My little Bitch” He kept going. Every insult bringing her closer and closer to her release. Tears streamed down her face as she was fully submerged in pleasure. Her legs were completely numb, meaning nothing could calm the orgasm that was about to come. Stars appeared in her vision as Diego yanked on the belt. The final yank making her let go. Her walls clenched around him sporadically, making Diego explode as well. His dick pulsated as his load emptied into her. 
He quickly undid the belt around her neck before pulling her onto his chest. They laid on the floor together, catching their breath. Diego left her side for a moment, coming back with some water for the parched girl. Collapsing back down next to her, he gave her a stupid grin.
“So did I?” The cocky look he gave her only grew at her confusion.
“Did you what?” (Y/N) was completely lost, looking into his eyes for an answer.
“Do better”
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Too little too late
Request will not say who for protection of there privacy
"You stood in the courtyard with your three-year-old son balanced on your hip. The terrified people standing at attention behind you their future/acting lady. You all were waiting for your husband to arrive home from the business his father sent him to take care of. The gate open with a loud shrill causing Uther to cover his ears. You could hear the heard of horses loud fast steps and the barks, growls, and snapping, of the hounds. Ramsay leads the group sitting high on his eyes a tactic to enforce his intimidation on everyone in the courtyard. Your lover held your gaze for only a short moment until you scanned the rest of the group stopping when you saw a ghost from your past. It sent a shiver down your spine and a crack in your heart. You took a few shaky breaths as you study that familiar light brunette hair and those pale blue/green eyes and were reminded of the first time you met him.
"Sansa Arya isn't that bad," You argue. "She is a monster," Argued Sansa. You and Sansa were arguing and hadn't been paying attention while walking around the castle. She was supposed to be showing you around seeing as it was your first time in Winterfell but got on the topic of her sister. You were just wondering at this point not paying attention when you collided with a hard chest. You looked up surprised to see a strange man standing over you offering his hand to help you up. "Thank you," You thank using his hand to pull yourself up. "My apologies my lord I wasn't watching where I was going," You apologize. "I am sorry as well it seems we both were not paying attention but I can't say I regret it running into a beautiful woman is always a welcomed delay," He apologizes before adding with a smirk. "Leave her alone," Sassed the little Tully/stark next to you. "Relax Sans he isn't bothering me," You calm down Eddard Starks eldest daughter. "What is your name beautiful," The stranger asked? "Y/N," You answer eyeing him up and down. "And yours," You ask? "Theon greyjoy," He answered gripping your hand in his and placing a kiss to your knuckles. "I hope to see you soon my lady," The last living son of Balon Greyjoy says. "As do I my lord," You agree before he walked off. Once you couldn't hear his footsteps you turned towards your friend and squealed, "He is so hot!"
Your eyes went back to your husband as he dismounted his horse. He looked at you and winked. A smile grew on your face. Your heart ached while he was away. You loved Ramsay and you missed him terribly while he was taking back Winterfell for the new king in the north. He ordered his men to take his captive to the stables. Your son was wiggling in your arms to get to the man he knew as his father. You let him down and the toddler waddled over to his father gripping his leg. Ramsay looked down at Uther a look of happiness and pride. The heir to the dreadfort picked up the little boy he helped raise. "Hello, my terrible little boy," The Bolton bastard greeted. Uther wrapped his little arms around his dad's neck and cuddled into him. "Let's go say hi to your mom," He spoke as he rubbed his large cold hands up and down your basterds back. Your two favorite boys walked to you. He stopped in front of you and pulled you against him with his unoccupied hand. "I've missed you love," You mumbled to him. "I miss you too my love," The acting lord of the Dreadfort confesses pulling away and kissing you. "My love will you feed my newest pet while I take our son to go play with the girls," He asked? "Of course love," You answer pecking his lips again and running off. You had the cooks prepare a meal and grabbed a glass of water before walking to the stables where you knew he would be. You opened the cage door before setting the plate and glass in there. You closed the door beginning to walk away. "YYY/N," Your ex-lover stuttered. You took a deep breath before turning around. "What," You asked sternly. "I'm sorry," The greyjoy apologizes. Without reacting you turn away and walk away as the memory of your last night together ran through your head.
You laid on the makeshift bed in you and Theon's tent intertwined with Theon. The only thing separating you both were the thin white sheets. "Do you have to go," You whine running your fingers up and down his chest. "Of course Robb needs men," Theon answered. "You're not doing it for that you love Robb yes but you are doing it so you can be a king after your father," You argue. "I did it so that baby in your stomach can be a prince or a princess so they can inherit something from there parents worth a damn I am a prisoner to the Starks and your a disowned lady," He growled. "I wish you would stay send another man in your place," You begged with teary eyes. "My father wouldn't speak to another man," He argued. You sat up before suggesting, "Then allow me to accompany you let us go together Robb will not care." "You can not come with me The journey is long and dangerous and you are many moons gone with my child," He denies. "THAT IS NOT IT YOU DON'T WANT ME TO GO SO YOU CAN HAVE FUN WITH WHORES," You raise your voice. "THAT IS NOT TRUE," He yelled. "OH REALLY DO YOU THINK I AM STUPID I KNOW OF YOUR AFFAIRS WITH ROS BEFORE SHE LEFT," You growl. "WE ARE NOT MARRIED SO IT IS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN," He hollers. "WE MAY NOT BE MARRIED BUT I AM CARRYING YOUR CHILD AND YOU PROMISED WE WOULD WHEN WE RETURN TO WINTERFELL WE WOULD GET MARRIED AND ASK ROBB TO LEGITIMIZE THE BABY YOU PROMISED YOU LOVE ME YOU PROMISED I WAS YOURS AND YOU WERE MINE," You correct. "I LIED I LIED TO GET IN YOUR BED YOU WERE FUN SO I LIED TO STAY IN YOU GOT KNOCKED UP SO I LIED TO PROTECT YOU AND MY CHILD NOW YOU ARE SAFE AND YOU ARE BORING," He yells. Tears had felt from your watery red eyes and cascaded down your swollen puffy cheeks. you stayed silent looking at your feet as your heart shattered. "TO BE HONEST YOU ARE NO BETTER THEN A WHORE NO ONE LOVES YOU AND YOU ARE CARRYING MY BASTARD," He insults. "I AM FAR BETTER THAN ANY WHORE I AM A LADY MY FAMILY LOVED ME BUT I CHOOSE OUR FAMILY OVER THEM I HAVE MANY FRIENDS THAT WOULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING TO HELP ME I HAD TONS OF ADMIRES FIGHTING FOR MY HAND BUT I CHOOSE YOU SO I AM BETTER THAN WHORE BUT YOU ARE NO BETTER THEN A PRISONER FAR BENEATH ME AND EVEN A WHORE," You scream. "YOU KNOW WHAT SCREW YOU WERE DONE ENJOY RAISING MY BASTERD ON YOUR OWN," He screamed storming out of the tent. You didn't know where he went all you knew is you sat there crying face in your hands most of the night. He resurfaced as the sun came up trying to sneak in the tent till he saw you. He sat down next to you and wrapped his arms around you before repeatedly whispering, "I'm sorry." He rode out that day kissing you goodbye and promising to return soon but his words from the night before rang in your head driving you insane. You packed a burlap sack with clothes and some prized possessions mounted your horse and sped off into the night wind beating against you hair flowing behind you and chilly northern air nipping your skin. That is when you came across Ramsay Bolton. You slowly fell out of love with Theon and in love with Ramsay although you knew you would always have a piece of your heart dedicated to that cocky arrogant flirtatious ward.
Your mind froze hearing those two words slip like honey out of his pealing lips. They were on repeat all day. They were on repeat till the very moment you were locked in your chambers with your husband after putting your son away. "So that is Uther father," He asked? "Your Uther's father you have raised him but yes that man's blood runs through our son," You answered stripping off your underdress. "Did he cause you pain," Ramsay asked from his spot on the bed. "Yes," You answered crawling under the furs next to him. You were lying on your belly looking at him running your fingers in random shapes on his chest. "I am going to make him wish he was never born," He growled. "Go easy please," You plead. He looks shocked as he asked, "You expect me to go easy on a man that betrayed the king a man he called his brother hurt my wife and abandon my son?" "If he hadn't hurt me causing me to run away with our little terrible boy I would never have found you me and Uther would have been his wife and son not yours," You explained. "I love you but I will not grant your request I will break him down I will make him an animal I will make him suffer I will make him beg for his death and wish he was never born," He answered grinning like a madman. You nodded a lump forming in your gut. All troubles were taken away after your lover passionately kissed you and made love to you all night. A couple months passed your feet had swelled up. You began to gain weight and your breast grew larger. You were sick in the mornings yet perfectly okay in the evening. You were always forgetful or exhausted. You hadn't bled in two moons. You went to the master and he confirmed your suspicions. So you had gathered Uther who was a mini version of Theon and ready yourself and your son for dinner. Your husband sat in his chair at the long table. Uther jumped from your arms barreling to sit next to his father. You opted to sit across from him. "Pour my wife and son some wine Reek," Your husband demanded his pet cowering in the corner. "Love Uther is far too young for wine," You interject. "A little will not hurt him we are celebrating," He argues. "He isn't even three yet he will not drink," You demand with a glare. "Fine poor my wife some then," He ordered his Slave. Theon walked to you going to pour you some but you stopped him. "I can't my love," You answer. "Why not," The man you married asked like a child throwing a temper tantrum. "I was going to tell you more romantically but I am with child at least two months gone," You explain. A smile beamed on his face at the news. "Today might just be the most amazing day we are going to have a babe and were moving to Winterfell with my father and his new bride he will be the warden in the north oh and yeah the king in the north and his family have been slaughtered," Ramsay explains blissfully. Your mouth hung open and you choked on your food as he said that. "Robb is dead," You asked shocked? "Yes isn't it great," He asked gleefully. "Yeah," you mumbled. To keep from breaking down about the news that one of your best friends had been slaughtered you went back to the memory of announcing your pregnancy to Theon.
You felt arms wrap around you and a pair of lips kiss your shoulder as you stared out the window. "Morning baby," His husky morning breath whispered in your ear. "Morning babe," You greet placing your hands above his. "Are you okay you seem lost in thought," He asked? "I went to the masters yesterday," You stated. "Whats wrong," He asked turning you towards him. "We messed up," You told him. "What," He asked? "I am with child," you answer. Your fear definitely showing. "Really that is amazing baby were gonna be parents were gonna have a babe," He says like a kid in a candy store gripping you face in his hands and staring into your eyes. "Your not mad," You asked? He removed his hands before pulling you over to your bed placing you on his lap. "Of course not I love you and I will love our son or daughter," He answered kissing you passionately. He shifted so you were on your back and he was hovering over you. He kissed up and down your neck and jaw before stopping and looking in to your eyes and thanking you, "Thank you so much for having my child." He heatedly kissed you.
Your husband had turned your first love into a animal of sorts. You loved Ramsay with all your heart but your heart fell when you watched Reek or heard his cries and screams. One night Ramsay had returned late covered in blood. You took his clothes and washed them for him before they stained. As you were washing the newly clarified Bolton's clothes you could feel his eyes watching you. "Love I recommend going to bed you need to be well rested your father has been keeping you busy with errands ever since Wanda got pregnant," You recommend. "This is why I love you-you always care for me and no one has ever done that before," Spills Red Helm. "I love you too." You answer. "come here," He calls to you as you finished cleaning his shirt and hanging over the chair to dry. You walked to him crawling up to him. He took your hands in his before confessing, "I mean it I love you so much this isn't me to feel like this or to say this but you are the best thing in my life well you and my terrible little Uther I love you both more than anything in this world." "Uther loves you-you are not only his father to him but his hero and his role model and I love you so much," You avow. The bastard of Bolton opened his arms and you cuddled into him. You fell asleep listening to the calming sound of your lovers breath. You awoke randomly late into the night. You could not fall back to sleep so you laid in The bastard of the Dreadfort's arm listening to the breathing of the man you loved, the lapping of the fire in the fireplace and the strong blows of wind and the little animals peacefully going on. Your mind drifted to the first time Theon told you he loved you.
Your arms were wrapped tightly around the greyjoy's midsection as he galloped the beautiful midnight black stallion galloped down the dirt path. Your head was placed on his shoulder as your body clung to him as if you were drowning and he was your raft. The chilly night air nipped at your skin. You eyes watched the shining stars in the sky. Your hair blew behind you and a smile spread from ear to ear on your face. He rode down the dirt path for a while before cutting through the woods. Eventually as the sun started to appear in the sky he stopped. It was a stunning sight the sunset was a magical backdrop. The calm lake was a offset to the rapid waterfall jumping from the cliff into the crystal blue water below. The ground was covered in beautiful flowers. You were in awe at the sight when you felt a arm wrap around you. "Do you like it," The heir to the Iron Islands asked softly his head on your shoulder. "It is breathtaking," You answered. "It is beautiful but not as beautiful as you," Your lover complement. Your glowing soft Y/S/C skinned reddened on your cheeks. It was silent for a moment both of you admiring the surroundings. "I love you," Theon spills. You spun around still in his arms. "What," You asked? "I love you Y/N I am helplessly in love with you," He confesses placing his forehead to yours. "I love you too Theon," You declare. In that moment the man you loved slammed his lips on yours. Your lips moved together in a passionate sync sending a stampede of animals to explode in your belly and your mind explode with fireworks. Your heart raced against your rib cage and your breath was pulled of all air. The rest of the world disappeared in those short moments your lips were intertwined. You spent the rest of the day goofing off with the man you loved before falling asleep under the stars bundled in his arms.
After your mind replayed that memory to you against your better judgement you decided to help Theon a little bit. You whispered a sorry as you pressed your lips to Ramsay's sleeping ones. You grabbed the kit of items you got from the master to help with Ramsay's minor injuries as well as the key to his cage from Ramsay's pocket. You waddled outside into the freezing Northern cursing yourself for your attire and lack of cloak as stealthy as possible. The stables large doors were closed so you were forced to use all your strength and pull them open. You scurried to the end of the stables. You could hear the now alert dogs barking. "Shut it before you wake everyone up," You demand the dogs. They listened to there mother and went back to sleeping. You stopped in front of Reek's cage and stuck the key into the hole. The key turned and opened the door that trapped the broken man inside. You crouched down so you could be leveled with him ignoring the difficulty your pregnant belly caused. "Come here Theon," You whispered softly. "Reek my lady Reek," He corrected looking at you with frightened eyes. "My apologizes Reek can you come here," You asked voice as sweet as honey. "Master not say," The greyjoy rejects. "I am here to help you ok and what Ramsay doesn't know won't hurt him," You coax gently. "Master will punish me," The youngest of Balon Greyjoy's sons argues. "He won't hurt you He won't know," You sooth. "oook," the only living son of Balon Greyjoy accepted. He stepped out into the candlelight as you saw how broke he was. His eyes no longer shined. His lips no longer held the cocky smirk. His body was bruised and cut and covered in dirt and god knows what. You gasped at the sight in front of you dropping the kit. You studied and touched his face gently allowing him to move away but he fell into your touch. "What has he done to you," You ask more to yourself then your ex-lover. You pulled away gulping. "Come you need a bath so I can access your wounds," You order as kindly as possible before taking his hand in yours. You picked up the medical supplies before pulling him forward gently and to the quarters he used to occupy. "Wait here be very quiet don't let anyone know you are here for both of us and our sons safety," You ordered. You placed a hand on your stomach as you snuck down the hall to the kitchens. You made several trips carrying water you warmed up back and forth filling up the tub. "It's ready," You state. He shyly looked at you while he began to undress. "Would you like me to turn away," You ask kindly? "Yyyour fine," Reek stuttered. You were horrified when you saw his missing appendage. You gasped in shock and horror. He looked down in shame before he saw you motioning for him to step in the bath you had set with Lavender scent. "On my way back with the water last time I snuck into the helps hall and took a fresh pair of clothing and I figured after your bandaged up I'll take you to the kitchen so you can eat," You explained. "Thank you Y/N," He thanks. That was the closest to Theon you have seen since Ramsay brought Theon through the gates of Dreadfort. The room was filled with a few awkward moments of silence while he bathed. He went to stand but he lost this balance and almost fell. You quickly saved him and helped him out of the tub. "sit," You order motioning to a chair. "I'm not going to lie some of this may hurt," You explain honestly. You lit a fire in the fireplace before taking the pieces and lightly scorching the tips. You spent a few moments cleaning his cuts as he watched you intently. Reek hadn't thought about his life as Theon Ramsay took from him, The woman he loved that Ramsay took from him, The son he never knew and would never know that Ramsay took from him, or the memories that seemed like they belong to another person but sitting there while you cleaned and bandaged his cuts it brought back the moment he asked you to be his.
Theon had spent every waking moment with you. He spent every spare moment trying to make you smile that smile that made his knees weak and laugh that laugh that rivaled the most beautiful song and just make you happy. You and Theon had plans that required you to meet at the garden after your lessons and he escaped Lord Stark. Theon was on his way when he heard your stern voice demand, "Never touch me again." Theon had followed your beautiful voice to see a guard bothering you. "Come on beautiful you'll have fun," The soldier coaxed reached out for you. Theon's vision became red as he stormed over to the guard. The Kraken turned him around by his shoulder and punched his face. The two began to brawl. You kept screaming a blood-curdling scream of stop. "I give up," Surrender the pest that had bothered you before he ran off. "What was that," The beautiful woman asked? "He bothered you," The greyjoy answered. "Your bleeding come on," She gasped before grabbing his hand and pulling him to her chambers. "Sit," She demanded before pointing to the bed. She grabbed the jug of water off the table and a piece of ripped cloth wetting. The cloth ran down his face cleaning the blood. The bleeding had stopped so she through the cloth in with her laundry her handmaid would be doing and then climbed on to his lap straddling him. Theon gripped her tighter scooting back against the headboard so he was more comfortable. "That was stupid," You confront. "He deserved it he could have hurt you," The ward argued. "Fine your right thank you for saving me but no more fighting what if you had gotten hurt," You ramble. "You were worried about me," He teased. "Of course you fool I always am," The woman on his lap answered. "I worry about you too so understand I will do anything and everything to protect you," Eddard Stark's ward vows. "Be careful I don't want you in trouble with Lord Stark, or hurt, or dead," The lady of house Y/L/N demands. "Deal," He agrees before looking up in to your eyes and getting lost. "May I ask you something," The young lord asked? "Anything," You allow. "Will you be mine and give me the honor of me being yours," He asked taking your hands in his still looking up at you. "Oh yes Theon yes of course," You cried out in happiness hugging him close.
You handed Theon the clothes and he dressed. Something came over him in that moment and he hugged you. To his surprise you hugged him back. You both hugged for a few minutes inhaling each others sent and basking in the warmth you both shared. Theon felt like Theon again for the first time since the monster you were married to. He felt ok for the first time since he left your arms all those years ago. As much as you loved and felt at home in Ramsay’s arms you could not lie that you missed Theon’s. You pulled apart. “Come the sun is coming up and I need to feed you,” You explain awkwardly swallowing the lump of the hurricane of emotions that lodged in your throat. “Ok,” He agrees the old Theon’s voice breaking through Reeks broken exterior. You hurriedly cleaned the mess with his help. You both snuck out to the door quietly as possible. Theon took your soft hand into his rough ones as you led to the kitchens placing a finger over your mouth to shush him as you opened the large doors and they made a large bang. You quickly surveyed the room for anybody before rushing in and to the cooler letting go of Theon’s hand as you raced around trying to prepare his meal. “Enjoy,” You offered the goblet of wine and plate of leftovers from the previous evening breakfast. You kept watch but relaxed slightly. “Uther is beautiful and strong just like you-you have raised him amazingly,"He compliments between bites. "Thank you although I wish I had been stronger I let Ramsay control how he was raised so people wouldn’t consider him a bastard or look down upon him so he wouldn’t be a potential target to my husbands violence he wanted him raised as he would raise his son in order to consider him a son,” You spill. “You had no choice you were in love and pregnant with another mans baby you did what you had to so you could have a happy ever after and protect your son,” He reassured through bites. “Theon it is alright if I call you that now right,” You clarify. “Yes but only when it is the two of us for both of us and our son’s safety,” He accepts. Y/E/C Eyes locked on to him as he took a long gulp of the gracious serving of sweet smooth aged red wine you had filled in his glass as you surveyed, “If you could leave and actually make it to safety would you take it if I could help you leave would you accept my help and not turn it down like you did your sister Yara’s?” “ When Yara came to rescue me I was Reek a broken shell of the man you knew An animal but tonight you awoke the man that loved you Thanks to you I am Theon again not completely yes I will always be Reek that man that married you the man that raised my son the man I thank for caring for my family made sure I will always be Reek but now I have a need to be Theon again so yes I would leave if I could but only with my family with me,” He answered stepping closer to you wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you flush against him kissing you with a passion and intensity. Your lips and tongue clashed with his. Your hands explored each other feverishly. The kiss was very different then your first but your mind wandered back to the first time you felt his intoxicating lips.
You were lying on your bed reading a book you had borrowed from Winterfell's cold echoing stone library. When you heard a loud echoing knock on your door. You stood from your bed soothing your dress out and setting the book next to where you were laying. “Who is it,” You call out through the thick wooden door. “Theon,” He answered his voice cracking. You opened the door frantically. His eyes showed he was close to breaking down. “What is wrong,” You asked worriedly gripping his face in your hands. “Nothing,” He lied. You close the door and gripped his hand in yours before you pulled him to the foot of your bed. You let go and crawled back to the spot you were laying and rolling back on your back. He crawled up to you lying his head on your chest. You ran your fingers through his soft hair. "Babe I know it may be hard to talk about what is hurting you but I hurt seeing you hurt just like you do when the roles are reversed so please keep the pattern talk to me like you would have me do to you," You begged softly. "Fine thank you for being here baby," He thanks. "No problem now I am all ears," You state. "I know I am not treated terribly I am treated better than Jon but I still feel like a prisoner I still miss home after all these years I miss having a family especially when I look at the Starks Everything Robb does is better than me and causes jealousy to pulse through my veins. The only thing I have is you and it makes me terrified because if I lost you I would lose everything and I don't think I could live," He babbles as you soothe him. "One You will never lose me so you don't have to worry about the last thing, Two It is understandable to be jealous of Robb you are a man men are jealous of men that have more then they do you are not wrong or an evil man for this you still love him and support him like an older brother that is good man to me even if you are jealous of his life, Three I would be worried if you didn't miss your family it shows you love them like a person should be and one day soon you will see them again, Four It is perfectly normal to miss home no matter how many years there away or whatever reason they're no longer there a person still will miss home they are programmed to miss the place they call home and one day you will return and be lord, and Five You feel that way because you are but that doesn't mean the Starks don't love you that is why you are treated better than Lord Starks Bastard and it is alright to know and feel to be reminded while you are here so you continue to fight to go home but don't forget you are like one of his sons," You ended you reassurance. What happened next was unexpected but welcomed. He hovered over you using his right arm to support himself as the left brushed a strand of hair behind his ear and gently caressed your face before he pressed his lips to yours. He kissed you slowly spilling all his emotions in one kiss. You soft hands held his wet cheeks in your soft hands you lips moving against his. Pulling away he placed his forehead against yours. You both were breathing heavily as you stared into his eyes before he captured your lips in his.
You pulled away. "Theon I am gonna give you a horse and let you go I am gonna fake a problem with the baby so it distracts Ramsay for awhile because Ramsay does care about his family more then he cares about you escaping he will look for you once the baby is proven to be okay but you should be far gone by then. Meet me in the stables sneak there saddle up the horse farthest from the door be ready I am going to pack you a pack but we have to be quick the castle is waking and we don't have much time." You demand. "Wait your not coming," He asked? "Theon I love you I always have and I always will but I love Ramsay he is going to be the father of this child that is growing inside of me he is the man I married the man that raised my son the man that my son considers his father, his hero, and his role model. the man I am currently in love with no matter how strong my feelings for you are my feelings for him are stronger Theon we are not your family me and Uther were but that night I know your sorry I know you love us even if you don't know your son I have been watching you I see it you love us but that night the things you said were unforgettable and Ramsay as surprising as this sounds has never said anything to me that would hurt me like those words I am happy Uther is happy Ramsay makes us happy and its too little too late for us to be a family," You explain. "May I meet him I know he is asleep I won't wake him but I will never get to see him grow I will get to know the man he becomes or the little boy I created with the woman I loved but can I at least tell him bye I won't wake him I swear," He asked, explained, and promised? "Yes of course quickly come with me," You motioned. You scurried down the hallway almost being spotted by a guard he was taking his last round before shift change. "Quickly," You remind before pushing open the thick wooden door to the quarters that were across from you and your lovers. Both of you entering and closing the door behind you. Theon sat down on the bed gently stroking the young toddler head. "Hey I'm sorry for many things for being the arrogant cocky horrible intitled terrible person I was that heard your mother and pushed the two of you away I'm sorry I am leaving now but I have to I have to be selfish again I am so thankful for Ramsay he may have hurt me but he raised you and loved you and as a father that is all I can wish for you are so beautiful and amazing and funny and just perfect I am so honoured to have helped create you I love you I know you'll never know but I do love you and I love your mother but I made mistakes and I lost you both and Ramsay gained the very best things the world has Take care of your mother I love you even if it is too little too late to be your father goodbye my boy," He whispered kissing the boys head sweetly. He had tears streaming down his face and yours. "Thank you now lets complete that plan of yours," He thanks his voice hoarse. You nod your head. "Go be careful if anyone sees you your dead and I have no idea what will happen to me, Uther, and me and Ramsay's child," You warn. "I know you to," He says pulling you in to a quick hug kissing your forehead and taking off. You snuck back to the kitchen avoiding getting caught by the few stragglers of help that had woken up in the early morning sunrise. You grabbed an empty burlap sack that sat next to the crops that had been harvested. You filled it with a few flasks of water and a few with wine. You filled the pack with some meat, vegetables, and fruits. Sneaking to the helps quarters a took a blanket, a coat, and a spare outfit. You even remember to place the medical kit in there. You snuck in your room and took a sack of coins you had in the bag. Everything was in the sack and it was quite heavy. You managed to take it out to Theon who had finished his duty. "Here I got you everything you'll need that I could help with food, drink, clothes, blanket, A masters supplies, and money," You hand him his supplies. "Thank you," He thanks tieing it to his saddle. "Shift change is happening now you have a few moments to leave i'll go open the gate you gallop don't stop not until you can't physically go any farther," You explain. "OK," he accept before walking forward and kissing you one last time. "Goodbye I will always love you," He says goodbye before getting on his horse and leaving.
He took off after you opened the gate. You went through with your plan you used wine as fake blood. The master cleared you a week later. Ramsay didn't set out or stress over his pet until he was sure his wife and child were ok. He never did find Theon after he escaped. You had a beautiful baby girl named Azazel. Your little angel of death. She was not the last of your tons of sons and daughters. You never saw or heard from Theon again. But you and Ramsay lived happily ever after as the warden and wardeness of the north, Lord and Lady Bolton, The lord and lady of both Winterfell and the Dreadfort with your family. It might have been too little to late for you to have a happy ending with your first love. And typically if you think something has a happy ending you haven't been paying attention but for once something did have a happy ending... YOUR LIFE.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Message to the requester I hope you like it. It was a lot of fun to write. If you don’t like it there are a few things I can do. 1. I can rewrite it completely 2.I can rewrite certain parts (If there is a certain part you don’t like it) 3.I can add detail (If detail is the problem) 4. I can write you something else other other than that I just wanna say your feedback is greatly appreciated and I would love to hear what you have to say good or bad. Thanks for the request hope you enjoy it.
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jacknought · 5 months ago
one of my favorite johnny moments is legit him and v talking about the street performer and johnny getting legitimately pissed at v with they judge him too harshly because you can see that while johnny is a cocky bastard at times, he genuinely loves music and has compassion for "the little man" I think its so telling of him as a character that he supports the soul the performer puts into the song more than he looks at the technique, it's such a small moment and it's so easy to miss but i love it a lot
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wilwheaton · 3 years ago
Did you do the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood lines? Those were my favorite factions by far - because I’m a sneaky underhanded bastard too, I guess. That unbreakable lockpick was a godsend.
I did! But I’m stupid and I turned the skeleton key back in, so that undead dude could return to being dead, since he earned that, I thought. 
I do my best to be Neutral Good, but sometimes these damn Lawful Good impulses sneak up and BAM I’m being selfless for no good reason. Luckily, it passes quickly and I’m back to assassinating people.
OH! That reminds me: I assassinated some guy in one of teh small villages like weeks ago. I used my bow, because I can one shot almost any humanoid with it. I hadn’t gone back into that village since I ran that mission, so I had a good laugh when I found his body, slumped over next to the log he was sitting on, last night.
I was like, “It’s just business” and then I sang the Godfather theme and looted his body.
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dracossweetprincess · 20 days ago
paris with my love | d.m
Tumblr media
request: yes/no
preview: a trip to paris with draco (bc he is the love of my life lmao)
warnings: slight mentions of sex, nudity, mentions of alcohol, this is probably the fluffiest thing i have ever written
draco watched as his love slept soundly in his arms, snuggling closer to his chest as he lazily played with her hair. slowly her eyes fluttered open, a sweet smile spreading across the face at the view she got to wake up to every morning. draco.
“good morning, darling.” draco pressed a peck to her plump lips, as y/n got up in only her lingerie making draco remember last nights events. y/n opened the windows and walked to the balcony, letting out a sigh at the breathtaking view they had of paris from their hotel room.
“draco! come look at the view.” y/n called, but draco was already enjoying a much better view as he eyed his girlfriend up and down. “i already am.” he whispered in her ear, wrapping his warm arms around her waist and pressing kisses down her neck making y/n shiver.
“let’s get dressed, angel. i wanna take you somewhere.” y/n nodded, starting to get dressed when she noticed draco eyeing up and down again as she undressed herself. “draco!” she scolded and shook her head. “what? not my fault you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.”
“no i’m not.” y/n mumbled, looking at her feet as her cheeks turned pink. “darling, you’re ethereal. i’m the luckiest guy in the world.” when the pair was finally dressed after many glances and teasing comments from draco, they walked hand in hand in the streets of paris, y/n letting draco guide her.
they arrived at a rather fancy coffee shop, sitting down on a table for two and stealing sweet kisses from each other as they waited for their breakfast. they ordered one of those incredible latte designs, with some macaroons and chocolate cake. “draco, this is not very breakfast kinda food.”
“i know, but i have to spoil my princess. these are your favorite foods.” he kissed her cheek, holding her hand under the table. “i love you, so so much. more than i probably should.” he laughed.
after breakfast they went window shopping, draco took y/n to all the high class expensive stores and y/n tried her best not to look at anything for too long, knowing draco would spoil her to death. she ended up wanting to buy a few dresses and a purse, but the minute she pulled out her wallet she saw draco get the bags and leave the store. the bastard had already payed and had a smirk across his face.
after long walks throughout paris dinner time eventually came. it was a beautiful moonlit paris, and it was no surprise draco took her to a very fancy restaurant to have a romantic meal. as they left the restaurant, walking hand in hand, they came across a lady who was selling bouquets of red roses. draco running up to her to get y/n the biggest one.
“for my princess.” he added as he handed the bouquet to her. “thank you draco, you’re too sweet sometimes. if only our friends knew how much of a softie you are.” draco blushed, hiding his face in her neck. “darling, stop.” y/n laughed as she pulled him into a hug and stroked his blond locks.
“i promise i won’t tell pansy you’re secretly nice, you big baby.” he nodded into her neck, showering it with kisses. “at least i’m your baby.” y/n giggled and nodded her head in agreement. “you’re mine, and i’m yours.” draco whispered into her neck. it was quiet. but y/n heard it and smiled to herself.
they started walking and turned around the corner, smiling at the view of the eiffel tower, both looking up to gaze at the shining lights. they didn’t know who, or why but someone started to play la vie en rose, draco and y/n looking into each others eyes and kissing passionately.
the kiss left a tingly feeling on both their stomachs, leaving the pair wanting more. while both pulled each other into the kiss, already breathless but never wanting to pull away, draco whispering ‘i love you’s’ between each kiss.
they both pulled away, smiling like two idiots in love when draco picked y/n up and threw her over his shoulder and walked her to the hotel. already in the hotel room, they sat in their balcony. y/n on draco’s lap, two glasses of red wine on the table with an incredible view in front of them.
but draco ignored it, he thought y/n was ten times more dashing. he noticed the girl starting to get sleepy as she snuggled closer to his lap, he rubbed her back and rocked her side to side on his lap, whispered sweet nothings into her ear.
when she fell asleep, he tucked her in the bed since she already had her silky pijamas on. that he actually had gifted her on her birthday. he also stripped himself from his clothing, staying only in his boxer and slid in bed beside her, pulling her close to his chest and leaving a good night kiss on her forehead.
“good night angel.”
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