#he is such a rock but if he ever romantically loved someone he would give them the world
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How do you need to be loved?
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Like Lovers Watching the Sunset
Tumblr media
Calm, focused, tender. You need to be loved in the way teenagers kiss in the rain and giggle behind hands. You need to be loved like a child, taken care of, watched over, focused on. You need to feel the warmth of the sun, you need to feel the love rushing through your veins. You need to be reminded that love is worth it, and it’s beautiful to experience. You need to be loved in a way that is refreshing, again and again.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
Till the End of Forever
Tumblr media
You need to be loved unconditionally. You need to be reminded that love is not temporary, that you deserve it. That those who love you will not leave. You need to be loved the way angels love humanity, or how devils love angels. You need to be loved in greatness, in fullness, you need to be loved hard and fierce. Loud, shout it to the ends of the earth, your love won’t leave. You need to be loved when nothing else will be. You need to realize you are worthy even through the end.
Like the Snow Melts
Tumblr media
You need to be loved patiently. You need to feel the love slowly creeping in, a warning, a way to back away if you’re too scared. You need to be loved cautiously, as if you’re fragile. You need to be loved gently, because love is messy and muddy and makes your socks wet and hurts if the sun gets too close. But you need to let yourself be loved, because when you do, it’ll feel like spring.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
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Riddler with a s/o or Roomate whos unbelievably kind and kinda a bimbo
dude he’d be so whipped for them. I’m gonna go with room-mate eventually turned s/o for these hc’s
• The kindness would completely floor him. He’s not used to tenderness in any way shape or form - so when he recieves it, he sort of... short circuts for a minute.
• Kindness is hard to come by in a city like Gotham. Everyone’s fast-paced, cutthroat, out for themselves.
What is this alien creature? They cook dinner, and make sure he’s eating when he’s staying up til ungodly hours. They bake for him. They compliment him. Sometimes they even do his nasty laundry. They give him gifts for no other reason than: hey, this made me think of you, and you mean a lot to me!
• Dude falls hard and fast. He’s a sucker for their sincerity and sweetness. He really just needs someone to show him some love and now he finally has someone that shows him a modicum of decency he latches on.
It might become a tad disconcerting just how clingy and smitten he becomes with you.
It’s a little difficult for him to figure out whether you’re expressing romantic interest in him, or if this kindness is simply in your nature. You’re seriously going to have to spell it out for him because the poor man is totally clueless and his self esteem is in the rocks.
• Poor guy really doesn’t know how to react to such kindnesses. He tries to reciprocate - he really does. But he burns the food, his schedule is too haywire to ever spend some quality time with you, and he’s never been particularly tidy.
He will, however, leave you some cute little notes, riddles, illustrations and the like around your areas of the flat.
• Sometimes he even feels a little bad. He’s not the most considerate room-mate. He seems to leave a mess of miscellaneous items and papers wherever he treads, and his roomie is always the one tidying up after him. Once he realises this, to his credit, he does try to be a little more concious of cleaning up after himself.
• The bimbo-esque nature, to be honest, probably strokes his ego.
He likes being smarter than you - flaunting his intellect. It makes him feel good about himself. (And in his ape sigma-male man brain its also sort of a signifier of dominance to him lmao.)
Also a great excuse to help you out when you’re struggling with some sort of math problem, ect. Always leads to his roomie praising him, and he can’t get enough of it.
“You’re so smart, Eddie! It’s insane.”
(Without fail, he always turns beet red.)
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Polite Company
Pairing: Fezco (Euphoria) x Reader
Summary: This is based off of the following request: "Could you write a fez x reader where she gets jealous cause Lexi keeps hanging around hum and he gets mad at her before she admits that she likes him." Warnings: Angst, swearing, mentions of sex but overall happy ending.
Word Count: 1.1k
A/n: I'm really cranking out all of my requests today before I get into my fics.
Tumblr media
Out of all the emotions the human brain can come up with feeling, jealousy was my least favorite.
When jealousy occurs in the brain, it occurs in the left frontal cortex. It's a complete sympathetic response, meaning there's little control over it. I know it seems stupid, like, just stop being jealous. But it's not how the science works. Your brain processes jealousy as a type of pain. Jealousy also stresses the mind out and can cause your body to release hormones related to the fight or flight response. It's why you feel hurt and anxious when you're being possessive.
What sucks is that I didn't know that this situation would incite this reaction from me. But here I am, heart pounding, palms sweating, respiration rate increased, hands shaking. A full fight or flight response.
All because of a boy.
A boy that I didn't realize I would feel this jealous over. But the way that he looks at her, the smile that's on his lips as he listens to her talk, the blush on her cheeks as she stares into his eyes; it makes me want to go apeshit and flip a table or something- I don't know.
I can tell that she likes him. I never had any bad feelings towards Lexi. Her perfect hair, perfect grades, perfect face, perfect- okay maybe I did have negative feelings towards her. She was perfect in every way and form and I never knew anyone who had something bad to say about the incredible Lexi Howards. I just didn't think that someone like Fez would be in her crowd of people, that she would ever feel romantically for him.
But I can tell that he feels romantically for her.
Just by how he gazes at her, laughs, rolls his eyes playfully. This is the most aware I've seen him in all of my years of being friends with him. He's hanging off of her every word, his eyes flickering to her lips as he nods his head. And I'm standing across the room like a stalker, a creep, watching the whole interaction.
Fez and I have a long, complicated history.
We were friends, sure, but we've hooked up a few times. One time high on shrooms, and the other three times were just because we wanted to. He obviously felt something for me but I don't think he feels the way for me that he does for Lexi. So I was just a hookup, a friend.
I don't like that.
Especially when now I know that he could act differently towards me if he wanted to. What's that saying- if he wanted to, he would? He could be staring at me in admiration and love, he could have his arm draped around my shoulder, he could be looking at my lips instead of my tits. But obviously he has favorites for which he'd look at. Sure, he likes looking at my boobs but he likes looking into her eyes, lost in them.
Deciding to give it up, I down the rest of my drink before throwing my cup into the garbage beside me. Fez's gaze shifts, his eyes now on mine as I freeze, a small wave coming from the man. I send him back a half assed smile, my eyes leaving him to look around the room. Who can I fuck with to get him out of my head? My eyes finally land on a tall boy, handsome, and completely unknown.
Making my way across the room to him, I tap him on the shoulder as he looks down at me. A small smirk rises as he looks over me, a smug smile on my lips
"You wanna dance?" I ask, my head tilting at him as I bite my bottom lip. I feel eyes on me, and I can tell they're Fez's, especially when the man in front of me nods, his hand slipping into mine. He pulls me out into the middle of the room where the other dance, his arms winding around my body to rest on my lower back. We rock back and forth to the sultry music, my head thrown back as my eyes closed. I can feel the man above me staring at me, feeling his hands squeeze my hips as he flips me around. My back is pressed against his chest as his hands dance up my hips, my arms lifting instinctively to reach around his neck. Our hips grind against each other, his lips lowering to skim against the shell of my ear.
Before I can turn around to ask his name, I feel him being pulled away from my body, a curse leaving my lips as I whip around. Fez stands in front of me, making a clear boundary between the mystery man and I. The men share a look, my eyebrows pull together as the man mutters out a quick apology to Fez before rushing away. Scoffing, Fez turns to me, his jaw tense as he stares at me. We stand still in the middle of dancing teens, his body taking a step closer to me as I pout.
"Why'd you gotta do that?" I ask with a whine, his eyes rolling as he reaches down, taking my hand. Feeling him pull me away from the scene, he takes me into the nearest hallway. I rip my hand from his, his eyebrows skyrocketing at the move. "What's your problem?" I sneer, a scoff leaving his lips as the music dies down.
"You really gonna ask me that? Dancing with some nobody right in front of my fucking eyes?" He asks, his voice low as he stares down at me, anger radiating from him. My arms fold over my chest in defiance, my eyes rolling.
"Oh like you weren't sitting there, practically drooling in Lexi Howards lap?" I add, my voice louder than the anger in his eyes. He shakes his head with a scoff, my heart pounding as I wait for him to reply. "That's what I thought, so if you'd excuse me-" Before I can get another word out, his lips press against mine, a squeal leaving me. He presses me against the wall next to us, my head hitting the wall with a thump as I moan, the realization that Fez is kissing me making my head spin. I react immediately, my hands cupping his cheeks as his fingers dig into my hips. He pulls away with a sigh, the breath leaving my lungs as I stare up at him. His eyes stay closed for a moment, his chest heaving in a forced breath. "You're mine." He whispers, his eyes opening to latch onto mine. His blue eyes flicker between mine, one hand reaching to cup my cheek as I grin. "Stop smiling and say it." He chuckles, a soft laugh leaving my lips.
"Fine, I'm yours."
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Tumblr media
Characters: Ace, Sabo, Law, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Doflamingo, Crocodile, Nami, Yamato, Shanks, Koby, Corazon, Mihawk, Kid, Killer, Usopp, Robin, Marco, Rayleigh.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-Violets are red, Roses are blue Would you be my valentine Because I want you. -Ace, how to tell you that…Violets aren’t red? -Girl are you seastone? / -Why ? / -Because you make me feel weak in the knees ;) ;) -Y/N : facepalm -Or he’s the type with a sombrero and an ukelele under your window. Luffy serves as the chorus and Sabo immortalizes the moment by taking pictures. -Y/N regrets the day in which they met this dude. “I..don’t know him!”
-Lowkey forgets it’s Valentines’ unless someone reminds him. -Then pretends he didn’t forget about it. -Koala: Hey Sabo, what did you get Y/N? -Sabo: *moment of Silence, is it her birthday? No, it can’t be. He memorized it ! Oh fuck…Valentine’s…* -Koala: …? -Sabo: It’s a…surprise! A very special one. By the way, I gotta go for now :) RUN. -If you give him chocolate, he’d be surprised. Everyone assumes he gets a ton but he actually never received any before! -Sabo: “You made this for me? Wow! That’s nice of you.” *eats the chocolate* “That’s so good Y/N!” -Would probably get you a gift instead of chocolate, a little hair pin or something that reminded him of you… -Or a rock…
-looks at you, looks at the chocolate, looks back at you. -”Thanks.” Just that. Nothing more and nothing less. -He even forgot that it’s Valentine’s (Unless everyone is wearing heart-shaped things and it gets on his nerves, even though his crew name is…The heart’s pirates!) -Basically this meme every time you ask about his plans for valentines’ -Y/N: Law what would you like for valentines’? -Law: *a look on his face that means: don’t pressure me to show love, thanks.” -would gift you something a few days after Valentine’. Wouldn’t even mention it. He’d just put it on the table somewhere like nothing.
-The most romantic bf ever. -Fancy dinner for two. Acts like the perfect gentleman. -If you make chocolate for him he will literally put it in a museum, he’d be so happy. -The most cliché and romantic dinner ideas with candles and all that stuff
-Y/N: Zoro? Got any plans for Valentines’? -Zoro: Hm? *eyebrow twitches* -Y/N: alright…I got the message. -If you wanna do something special together, YOU bring him to the restaurant, don’t leave him alone to find it, he’s gonna get lost. -Chocolate? Nah, not his thing. He’d give it to Chopper. Unless it has liquor inside!
-Valentine’s? Who’s that? Can I eat it too? -It’s the chocolate holiday! Eats the chocolate before you EVEN hand it to him. -Doesn’t know who the hell is Valentine but he loves this dude. -Why do we need a day to show love? Well, doesn’t matter, we have chocolate! -Don’t count on him to do something romantic for you, would probably draw a luffy style drawing, that’s the most effort he would put into this.
-Fancy dinner at a hotel, a SPA and making love all night long :) -Forget about your legs the next day. -He’d actually appreciate if you gift him chocolate, or anything, really. -Prefers non-fashion items since you’d get something too cheap for his tastes lol -Orders enough flowers to fill a huge room, but he wouldn’t be the one putting them in there of course. -His perfect idea of a gift is you. Naked. With a bow on your head. Thanks :) -Buys you lingerie
-Throws luxurious chocolates on the table without a word. -”Here I was gonna throw them away.” -Maybe gifts you some silky scarf. -His idea of the perfect date is staying indoors together.
-Would make a plan to confess to you on Valentine’s like a month before :) -You’d both confess on valentines. -Koby *stutters* Y..Y/N ! I had something to tell you. *cold sweat* -It would be such an awkward date. Every time you’d try to talk you’d do it at the same time. Everything would be awkward but cute. -Writes you a letter and blushes like crazy while you’re reading it. -If you happen to make chocolate for him, he wouldn’t even dare eat it.
-Get.him.away.from.the.kitchen.and.knives. -He’d think about making something for you. The intention is there but the execution is just….A disaster. -Y/N: Corazon? Why is the kitchen on fire? -Corazon: … The kitchen is on fire…?
-Invites you over. Some classical music playing. Glasses of wine and a fancy dinner he made himself :) -With the vegetables from his garden, and candles he made himself with his own bee-wax, and wine he aged for 1 thousand year in his cave. -I think he’d gift you a broche, a spider-shaped one with jems.
-Buys in bulk cheap chocolate after last year’s valentines to sell it extra expensive to those who forgot about valentine’s -Gifts you something she bought discounted last year and expects you to buy her expensive stuff. -Nami: “Here, I got you this chocolate! By the way, I added that on your debt. Ah, you should also eat it fast, it expires in two days.”
-Ruin’s Killer’s date. -He’d actually gift you something that HE finds cool. What? You didn’t like that canon? Bullshit. It’s so fucking cool. You just have bad tastes. -His idea of the perfect date is having you stroke his ego =) -Just makes something for you because he KNOWS that you’d nag him about forgetting Valentine’s every year. “See? I didn’t forget this time!” *shit-eating grin*
-Makes Oden for you! -Gifts you a plush that he won at the fun fair or something hand-made. -OR, it would be a group date. :) With Ace :) Spoiler alert: it’s a disaster. They’re just too loud and the testosterone is too high.
“Bitch you is fine, Dat ass is divine, It’s finer than wine Got flawless design” - Love from Shanks -Ok, he didn’t even write it himself, he found it on some random website and thought it’s funny. Shanks: ”Hey babe, I brought you a flower ” Y/N: “Hm…? Why are you giving me bad grass?” -Shanks: “Had to improvise. ”
-Honestly, he’s husband material. The whole day would be special, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. -He would make a map for you to find your “gift”, it would be like a little escape game that he have structured himself and it would tell a cute tale or story.
-Would gift flowers -She’d like ANYTHING you get her. -The more ugly, eerie or weird the gift you get her is, the cuter she'll find it. -”Ara, you got me a garden dwarf? How thoughtful of you!”
-Yo ho ho! I should do something for my girlfriend! Wait a minute, I don’t have a girlfriend because I’m dead.
-He’s romantic yet quiet simple. He had at least 30 ideas of what to gift you. -He’d explain to you his whole thought process, like, literally giving you a lecture on why this gift made him think of you.
-Pasta date -Shows love through actions and acts of services more than words. -Kid and Killer come in a pack. So you’d have to accept
-Gifts you something he gifted to someone else before :)
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How BNHA Boys would celebrate your birthday with you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
he’s the type to wake you up with lots of kisses and take you out for breakfast. because birthday girls and boys deserve as many pancakes as they can eat. then he would take you around town; passing through all your favorite places and new and beautiful places that you have never been to before. he also gives you lots of presents - because he is in doubt which one to buy and also he wants you to know how special and loved you are.
"happy birthday, idiot…you know i love you so i don't need to say it again."
⤷ Deku
he takes you to play laser tag and sleep over at the dorms after. it would feel like being a kid again; eating way too much pizza and watching scary movies that don’t really scare you as much as you think, but you’d both have fun screaming and laughing every time someone dies on screen. he wants to distract you from the rest of the world and all of the stress you’ve been feeling lately, so he just wants to make you feel happy and carefree on your special day. <3
"happy birthday, honey" he says as he gently strokes your cheek.
"you said that like 20 times today, but thanks dear" he smiles, spreading soft kisses all over your face.
⤷ Kirishima
he is extra sweet to you on your birthday and he lets you pick where you eat for dinner. most of the time he shows his feelings for you by teasing you and playfully making fun of you, but on your birthday he just shows his feelings naturally. he wants you to feel as special as you are, especially on your birthday. even if you told him that you didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, he’d still get a present and he’d probably buy you lots of food.
"happy birthday best person in the world!!" he says as he hugs you, rocking you from side to side as you smile.
⤷ Todoroki
he would do something really cliche, but it would be cute. and seasonal. like if it’s winter he’d take you ice skating and share a cup of cocoa with you. or if your birthday is in autumn he’d take you on a cute coffee date and walk to watch all the leaves falling. if you had a summer birthday, he’d take you to the beach and buy you ice cream or if it were spring he’d take you on a picnic like seungmin in a park with lots of flowers and cute little animals.
"happy birthday my love" he says before brushing a lock of your hair out of your face; gently sliding it down your cheek before kissing you passionately.
⤷ Denki
denki gets you a store bought cake and writes something ironic (like an inside joke between you two) on it. he’d also probably consult twitter and like do all of the stereotypical couple things - like a little care package basket with a stuffed animal, a hand written note, and your favorite candy. he honestly isn’t that great at big romantic gestures, so he needs some help; but he always does his best to make you feel special and loved, especially on your birthday.
"happy birthday to uu" he sings off-key but smiles when he sees you smiling too. "i love you. babe"
⤷ Tamaki
he would take you on a picnic. he's the type to take your birthday very seriously, even if you tell him not to worry too much about it; he just wants to make you feel even more special and loved, so he would do anything to make sure you are well and having fun, and also that you are eating all your favorite food. and he definitely gives you the most thoughtful gift ever.
"happy birthday Y/n" he says as he kisses the top of your head. and you smile when you hear his heart speed up in his chest and his caresses on your arm start to get more nervous.
"thank you Tama. I love you" with rosy cheeks, he smiles; falling in love with you even more.
⤷ Shinsou
he bakes you a bunch of birthday treats to celebrate. he would probably destroy the kitchen in the process, but the effort is there. he lets you sit on the counter and taste test while he makes cookies and brownies, but he’d make you get out while he makes your cake; because the cake would be something he plans for like a month and talks about nonstop to make sure you love it. he’d be so proud of it once it’s done!
“I hope you like it” he says, smiling slightly when he sees your reaction.
“oh my god shinsou! you know i loved it! it's just amazing, thank you... so much” he smiles and goes to your side, hugging you and rocking you slightly from side to side.
“happy birthday, darling. i love you” he whispers before kissing the top of your head; happy and satisfied to be spending this special day by your side.
⤷ Hawks
he would spoil you absolutely rotten on your birthday. he would get you like a million presents and take you out for dinner somewhere fancy, because his baby deserve only the best. it might honestly be a little overwhelming, but it’s sweet and you know it’s only because he loves you so much and he doesn’t want you to feel neglected or that he might not care. that would be his worst fear: you thinking that he forgot - as if you could ever think that, considering the sheer number of gifts he’s given you).
"happy.." he said leaving a kiss on your forehead "birthday" now on the left cheek "to" another kiss on the right cheek. "my" a light kiss on the tip of your nose "love" he finally says, kissing your lips.
⤷ Dabi
dabi isn't the type to do big or exciting things on your birthday, but he doesn't want you to feel neglected either; then he would give you something small, and also a kiss on the forehead as he softly whispers “happy birthday”. but he would spend the rest of the day by your side, demonstrating that he is and will always be grateful for your existence.
⤷ Shigaraki
shigaraki couldn't plan anything outside the house for obvious reasons, but he tried his best to make this date special; he bought your favorite treats and drinks and also that game you've wanted for so long. you spend all day, lying in bed while playing, sometimes sharing light caresses that make your heart race in your chest; a light reminder of how much he loves you.
"happy birthday" he whispers in the middle of the night as he caresses your sleeping face.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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I LOVE THAT SHE'S GOT DAD ISSUES. ( chapter four. )
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings — bonten!sanzu haruchiyo x assassin!female!reader
word count — 3.1k
chapter song — d*ddy issues, the neighborhood.
warnings — mentions of addiction to unspecified drugs and alcoholism, really bad parents, a bad childhood, mentions of death of minor characters, lies(?).
☆ previous chapter ! ☆ next chapter ! ☆ masterlist ! ☆ taglist ! (only ten more spots left!!!!!)
Tumblr media
you couldn't believe it. 
you couldn't believe that takeomi was in front of you, bones and flesh and scar, that the same comforting presence of your childhood was alive — despite what you've thought of. you weren't even ashamed of the tears streaming down your face. it had been twenty years since you last saw him, and he still looked the same: black hair — but now with white stripes on it —, green eyes and scar on his right eye. 
“y/n?” takeomi whispered dumbfounded, sachi resting on his arms with a puzzled look adorning her face and her small hands around his neck. you just nodded, arms quickly finding their place on takeomi's waist and head on his chest, just like you did when you were a child. you felt his hand on your hair, and you smiled, noticing that he still had the same comforting smell of your childhood. 
you tried your best to control your sobs to not startle sachi, but your whole body trembled. takeomi was more than your best friend's brother — he was more of a father to you than your own was, and his words of “wisdom” always guided you when you needed a comfort that no one could give you. 
“t-takeomi, hi…” you managed to say through tears, and the smile the older man had on his face said everything you needed to know — how happy he was to see you again. 
you abruptly left your childhood friend's lives, but it wasn't your decision, far from it. it had been your father's fault, of course. he was in debt with a drug dealer, protégée of a powerful gang in the tokyo region, making you and your mother — and him too, unfortunately — to move in the countryside for a while. you had cried and begged for them to let you stay with your friends, after all, you were almost moving in on the akashi household — spending more time in their house than inside your own — but on a hot summer night, they took you and your happiness away to a small city. 
takeomi opened his mouth to say something but, before he could do that, you were yanked from his arms and was met with the sight of sanzu's dress shirt, your eyes widened and a bit confused. 
“takeomi.” haruchiyo greeted his brother, his hold on your shoulders more tight than he was intended to — but your words that day and the sight of you being cozy between the older man's arms made him see red. you were his wife. 
he tried to warn his brother with his eyes about not saying anything that could reveal his true identity to you. haruchiyo wasn't ready yet, and he didn't know if he would ever be. he wasn't ready to see you rejecting him — because he wasn't the sweet boy of your memories. he had changed, a lot, since the last time you saw him, and it wasn't just his scars. he knew you wouldn't be able to love him, or even develop any romantic feelings for him now. 
but he was happy to play pretend for a while. pretend that you were sachi's mother, his wife, and someone that had fallen in love with him and decided to stick at his side, just like the story mikey made up for the mission. it was his dream life, and even though he was living it as a lie, he was happy.
more happy than he had ever been before. 
“are you okay, y/n?” sanzu’s voice broke you from your confused state, but you didn't have anything in yourself to get away from his hold. it was overwhelming to see someone from your past again, and having sanzu, someone that you met yesterday at your side, was a good rock to keep your thoughts in place. “did he hurt you?” 
takeomi sneered, hands securely around sachi's back, who was looking puzzled between her parents and uncle. 
“of course not, sanzu.” the scarred man replied for you, meeting his brother's scowl. you looked like a puppy between haruchiyo's arms, and takeomi wondered if you knew the truth. 
“then why my wife was crying, takeomi?” haruchiyo put emphasis in the wife word, looking down at you clutching his shirt once more. it was hard to play dumb and not know why you were so emotional seeing his brother again, but haruchiyo knew you were only comfortable around him because you thought he was a complete stranger — and hoped his brother would maintain that facade for the sake of your happiness. 
but the look of pure shook on takeomi's face was worth all the ugly feelings the younger akashi was feeling. 
you tucked sachi comfortably in her car seat, putting her small bangs on a hair pin to take the hair strands out of her face, so she could sleep peacefully, trying to avoid the uncomfortable aura of the car. you didn't know what haru’s and takeomi’s relationship truly was, but they were co-workers in bonten — takeomi proudly told you that he was bonten's advisor, which warned a sneer from sanzu because he was still under him — and apparently weren't on good terms. 
fastening the belt around your form, you watched your husband start the car. 
“so, y/n.” takeomi's voice took your attention from sanzu, and you met his green eyes through the car mirror. “care to explain what happened in those twenty years? everyone was heartbroken when we saw that your house was on sale.” 
you took a deep breath. it wasn't easy to explain your past, but it was takeomi — he needed to know why you suddenly disappeared from shibuya. “you remember my dad was addicted to drugs and alcohol, right?” he nodded, and you started to play with the hem of your shirt, one hand fondly stroking sachi's — who was peacefully sleeping after a whole day in the park — white hair. “he was in debt with a powerful and dangerous gang.” the black dragons were what you always thought a gang to be — with kind guys and people with hearts in their ranks, not assholes and assassins. 
“oh.” it was what takeomi answered, and you explained to him how you thought your life would change for the better, but two weeks after you and your parents arrived in the countryside, the gang's men found you three and killed your mother and father in front of you. the boss took you as his apprentice, after seeing the anger and hatred shining in your eyes, and put you under the red queen’s wing — the most competent assassin of his gang — until she died, and you took over her role. you finished your explanation at the same time sanzu parked his car in his penthouse, and you noticed that he didn’t utter a single word when you explained your past — but seemed oddly curious about it.
you were worried. what if he thought you weren't worthy of being around sachi? or a good influence? what if he would tell mikey to forget about the mission and throw you in the dirt and leave you with nothing? 
but your worries melted away as soon as you two were inside sachi's room, with takeomi smoking on the balcony, and he pulled you into a hug while you watched the little girl sleeping. you inhaled his scent, while his hands brought you close to his chest. “i'm sorry about what happened to you.” sanzu whispered in your hair while you wetted his dress shirt with your silent tears. “when i find your old boss, i'll make sure he pays for everything he made you go through.” 
a nod was all what you could give him, quite dumbfounded with his reaction. it wasn't something a stranger would feel about another stranger, but maybe you two weren’t strangers anymore. maybe he cared for you because of sachi, and you were glad about it. “you're safe now, y/n. i told you, didn't i? i'll not let anything happen to you.” 
it was good to know someone was willing to do that for you — that you didn't need to sleep on edge anymore, afraid that an enemy would discover where you were and kill you. 
you sighed, face still wet but no new tears on your eyes. you brought sanzu's face closer to yours, and his eyes widened and his cheeks grew hot at the feeling of your lips on his left scar. “the feeling is mutual, haru. i'll protect you, too.” 
“took you two long enough.” takeomi jiggled his eyebrows and you rolled your eyes, while sanzu searched for a restaurant to order dinner that would be agreed by three different persons. 
“we were watching sachi.” was what you answered. yes, takeomi was like a father to you, but there were some things nobody told their father about — and you didn't want to tell anyone about such a tender moment you had with your fake husband. it felt as if it was something only for you two to know, like a secret whispered in the dead hours of the night. 
you took a seat besides takeomi on sanzu's expensive couch, your mind spiralling with thoughts. you need to know how everyone was, even if it could potentially break your heart. “how's… how's senju?” you said after a few moments of silence, and you didn't know if you were ready to know. you hoped she had a good life, different from that of the one you had — you hoped she had a great childhood, and that now she was pursuing her dreams and being happy. but the look on takeomi's face shattered all your hopes.
“she died.” it was all that he could answer, and you knew he probably blamed himself for what happened. 
“and… what about haruchi—” 
“dead, too.” he didn't even let you finish, asking about your best friend and first and only love, and a knot formed itself inside your throat. you couldn't believe it — haruchiyo was so sweet and warm, you were sure he would have a good life ahead of him. and even though the thought of him marrying another person and forming a family with someone that wasn't you broke your heart, knowing that he wasn't even in the living world, so you could see him again, shattered it even more.
you felt as if someone carved your chest open and took your heart from your still living body, knowing that your childhood friends — people who deserved to live full of happiness — were six feet buried in the ground. 
“i'm sorry.” he squeezed you tight and you smiled at him, understanding each other's pain — but you didn't have tears to cry, not anymore. 
sanzu squinted his eyes at the sight of takeomi being cozy with you again, and you blushed under his gaze. even though he asked you why you knew bonten's advisor, and you told him you knew takeomi since your childhood, he seemed to be jealous whenever takeomi approached you. “i'll order pizza.” he announced, his voice dry of any emotion and you nodded, getting up to get the table ready. 
you woke up tangled in your husband's arms and, unlike last night, he definitely was cuddling you. haru's face was hidden in the crook of your neck and his hands resting in your belly, while your arms were over his and your legs intertwined with his, back pressed against his sturdy chest. 
it wasn't an unpleasant feeling. sanzu was surprisingly warm, and his arms made you feel safe. you tried to get even closer to him, trying to remember what happened last night. 
you remembered eating pizza and drinking wine with sanzu and takeomi, crying with the older man because of his siblings, and then passing out in your husband's lap. to know he was the one who carried you to bed and changed you — you were wearing your underwear with only a shirt of his covering your body — made your cheeks burn. you felt like a schoolgirl, but the thought of sanzu only seeing you in a lacy bra and panties made your heart race. 
the door opening took you out of your thoughts, and you promptly opened your arms so sachi could snuggle on them. 
“you're so warm, mama.” you smiled down at her, your fingers entangling themselves in her white tresses, her face pressed to your chest.
you two stayed like that for a few minutes, sanzu on your neck and sachi on your chest, and you couldn't help but notice how alike they were. both of them seemed to love sleeping with their bodies hugging you, and they seemed so peaceful sleeping. 
“yes, my baby?” you answered her call, voice quiet to not disturb your husband's sleep. 
“i don't like to see you cry, so i'll protect you too. no meanie guy will hurt you when me and papa are here.” your eyes widened at her words — was she still awake when you and sanzu were in her room? 
but you smiled, trying to feign normalcy. “and how are you going to do that, baby?” 
“mama and papa will train me, of course!” she answered excitedly, returning to her sleeping position, and you sighed. it would be better if you trained her, rather than her father. 
takeomi was sleeping on the sofa when you and sachi left the bed after a few hours, and you started to make breakfast for four. the humor during breakfast was better than during dinner, and sachi's giggles filled the dining room. she and takeomi had a special relationship, and whenever he picked her up and tossed her around, all you could see was younger him doing the same to you, senju and haruchiyo. 
it brought a sad smile to your face, and it seemed like your husband was suffering, too — and you didn't know why, but you wished you could help him somehow.
takeomi helped your little family to pack their belongings so you three could move into a suburban house by monday's morning. sanzu wasn't happy with the help of takeomi, but you were glad to have another hand — both father and daughter had a lot of things they wanted to pack to bring to the new house, and if you were alone with them, you were sure you would have gone crazy. 
you did lunch for everyone, and the talk was about sachi's school. 
“it's one of the most prestigious schools in the country.” takeomi started, mouth full of the salmon you did. it seemed like your husband was jealous, and you tried not to giggle seeing the look on his face. 
haru nodded. “and my daughter is going to attend it.” he proudly said, and sachi basked on her father's words. you noticed that she loved being praised and showered in love, and you tried to always make sure she knew how much you already loved her. 
“i'm mama's daughter too!” she complained and you smiled, taking a napkin to clean her sauce dirtied mouth. 
sanzu only nodded, but you could see the ghost of a smile dancing on his lips.
“you'll need to take care there, sachi. i heard the bullies always pick on small and cute girls.” takeomi teased and she squealed, face red and eyes widened. both you and sanzu gave him a dirty look — you didn’t want sachi to fear school before she even attended it, knowing that some kids had difficult times when changing schools.
“mama, another reason you need to train me!” she exclaimed, and you see sheer betrayal, and confusion too, in your husband's green eyes. 
“why not me?” 
by the end of the afternoon, everyone had their belongings packed, and you found yourself with sachi in the living room, both of your hairs in a bun and you two wearing matching sports outfits. your husband and takeomi were chatting outside, and you tried to show her how to punch and kick if some bully tried to make fun of her. 
“exactly like that, baby!” you praised her when she delivered a good punch. “but remember that violence should always be your last option.”
sachi tilted her head to the side, confused as to why you were saying that. 
“if you want to be a mature and big girl, you should smile first and show them you don't care.” you advised, holding her small hands on your bigger ones. “but if they still bother you after you showed how mature you are, you should use the punch mama taught you.” 
she nodded excitedly and you kissed her forehead, while the two bonten's members entered the apartment again. sachi ran to her father, showing him what she learned to keep the bullies away, and haru encouraged her — saying that she should use the punch whenever someone bothered her. and, if someone tried to bully her after all that, she should tell him so he would take matters into his own hands.
but before you could scold him, takeomi spoke up. “sachi looks so much like senju, doesn't she?” takeomi smiled at your side and you nodded. you could easily see your best friend in sanzu's daughter, and maybe that's why you grew so attached to her in so little time. 
however, takeomi's words brought a thought to your head. was senju… was senju sachi's mother? 
it would make sense. 
sachi and senju looked alike both physically and in personality, and since sanzu wasn't related to the akashis — as far as you knew — it could be the only explanation. it made you sick and wanting to cry, to know that you were stealing your best friend's life from her, and it made sense as to why sanzu was so reluctant to have you in his family when you met him. 
but you tried to act as if nothing happened, and you only smiled at takeomi. “well, i guess everyone deserves dinner now!” 
the quiver in your voice didn't go unnoticed by haruchiyo, and he wondered what takeomi told you to make you so shaken up. he noticed that during dinner you were too quiet and focusing too much on sachi, and you stayed more minutes than normal tucking her in bed. 
but what made him even more worried was the fact that when he tried to cuddle you in bed, you tried to not touch him too much, and your body felt foreign and uncomfortable between his arms. 
why he felt you were slipping away from his fingers when he finally caught hold of you once again?
Tumblr media
taglist — @etheralyonn @ily-inupi @princessatoru @1900-aria @toobsessedsstuff @outthev01d @haitanic @cherry-berry-6 @nyapnyat @rayfuyu @lonnie19 @moifuyu @nanamis-wifey-reye ​ @audreys-works @ploylulla @dckzs @hinatayandrella12 @wakasa-wifey @rinduos @royal-shinigami @hiimviolet @r-xochitl @pinksilk @cinnanmonmochi @tomoora @kirakirakidd @smirpsmirp @hibiscus-san @fl4mepillar @porceiains @noohpais @qiaipia @kirakirakill @yeehawnana @donpixter @furiousturtlespyfire @wack0-genius @ittosbighonkers @ilysmbaji @cheeriomilkmangos
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itsstrawberrymochi · 9 months ago
How the kny characters react when someone hurts you
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, bullying, bruises, cursing, a small mention of blood
A/n: my request are still open and if you sent me a request I’m working on it
Characters: Tanjiro, Giyuu, and Sanemi
- When people hear Tanjiro is a protective boyfriend they just think he’s the hold your hand in the dark type of protective not imma beat the shit out of you if you touch them type of protective
- Which is true to some degree
- Tanjiro knows how to control his anger and he doesn’t believe in violence to solve problems
- Instead he tries to use his words first
- So if he sees someone about to hurt you he’d give them a warning by telling them to leave you alone in a very stern tone but if they don’t listen to him and still proceed to hurt you
- That person is about to see stars, and not see stars in a romantic way
- As soon as they hurt you it’s like a button clicked in Tanjiro’s head because his whole demeanor changes this where the very rare and very scary Tanjiro comes out
- If anyone knows Tanjiro they know how aggressive he can get when it comes to protecting the people that he loves
- He gently pulls you behind him so now it’s him that’s facing your bully and not you, before the bully can make any advances towards Tanjiro, Tanjiro gives them the infamous forehead smack they are about to get a taste of his rock solid forehead which is not pleasant at all
- After the hit the bully is going down most likely with a concussion
- Tanjiro who’s forehead is now bleeding turns to you and asks if you’re okay even though it seems like he’s probably in more pain
- The angry and scary Tanjiro now replaced with sweet and caring one
- He looks at the spot the bully hurt you and gives it a little kiss to make it feel better 🥺 he asks if you want go to the butterfly estate to help heal it
- So the person who decided to lay a finger on you is either stupid or doesn’t know you’re with Giyuu
- Because who tf messes with the s/o of a hashira?
- When he first sees you with all those bruises he’ll think maybe you’re just clumsy so he tells you to be more careful
- But then he soon realizes that the bruises are in really odd places so he confronts you about them
- And judging by the way you avoid eye contact and how nervous you got he immediately knew the problem
- And his heart shatters
- He feels like he failed as a boyfriend because as your boyfriend he is supposed to protect you from everything and that included other humans
- He only brought it up once so you thought he forgot about it but he certainly did not
- After you told him he started following you around for a couple days without you knowing to see if the person is dumb enough to mess with you again and they were
- He watched them walk up to you a sadistic smirk on their face they were already looking for trouble
- You tried to walk away from them this made them angry and they went to grab
- But before they could lay a finger on you, Giyuu came out from his hiding place , grabs their arm and pushes them face forward against a wall
- He did it so fast and with so much impact their face already started to bleed but Giyuu couldn’t care less
- He had their hand so far behind their back with a bit more force he could ✨break it✨
- It’s tempting but he won’t
- Your usualy calm boyfriend now has this look on his face as if he was about to commit murder
- While they are in this very terrifying and uncomfortable position
- Giyuu would threaten them so bad they probably avoid the headquarters for a solid month in fear of accidentally bumping into Giyuu
- Before he lets them go he tells them if he ever they hurt you again he’s breaking their arm along with every other bone in their body
- When he finally lets them go they running the opposite direction too scared to look at either of you
- Giyuus face goes back to his calm and neutral expression but soften when his eyes they flicker to you
- He gently cups your cheeks and assures you the person won’t ever hurt you again, he also ask for you to always tell him if there’s someone’s bothering which you happily agree
- He’ll be with you for the rest of the day he knows the person isn’t coming back but he stays just in case
- The person who hurt you clearly has a death wish or like with Giyuu they didn’t know you’re with a pillar
- And it has to be the second guess because everyone knows not to fuck with you unless they want to feel Sanemi’s wrath
- If he wasn’t there when the incident happened and you came home with some bruises upon seeing them his eyes goes dark and he’s shaking with anger he’s investigating you immediately asking you 1 million questions as to how you got it
- And he’s not taking “ I fell” as an answer
- If you don’t want to tell him he thinks it’s that person who hurt you threatened you to keep quiet which makes him even more mad at the person
- And the reason you’re not telling Sanemi isn’t because you’re trying to protect you’re bully nahh it’s because you’re trying to protect Sanemi
- You know as soon as Sanemi gets his hands on your abuser he’s going to beat the living daylights out of them
- And you know it’s a rule for slayers not to hurt humans, you really didn’t want him to get in trouble for you so you keep quiet and tried to make him drop it
- But this is your overprotective boyfriend Sanemi we’re talking about so he’s gonna find the bastard with or without you telling him
- Sanemi is going to keep you seated infront of him all night until you spill and the thought of kicking your bully’s ass is the only thing keeping him up
- You eventually tell him because you know he was gonna find out anyways, he walked up to you,give you a gentle kiss on the forehead he thanked you for telling him and told you go to bed
- He followed you to bed soon after and you went to sleep during the night you could’ve sworn you heard him leave but maybe it was just you
- The following morning when you got up Sanemi was on the edge of the futon cleaning his blades his knuckles were all bruised up beside him was his haori which had a few blood stains
- He noticed you staring at it and all he said was “don’t worry it’s not mine” like huh 🤨
- For the whole day when you were training not once did you see your bully which was weird because you both were in the same training class
- The only time you saw them was when you were walking to the butterfly estate and their face literally looked re-arranged they had the biggest black eye you ever did see, upon seeing you their face turned white as if they saw a ghost and ran away
- You didn’t know what Sanemi did but you had to make him ohagi as a thank you
Tumblr media
Apologies for the grammatical errors
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erodasfishtacos · 11 months ago
Okay, I’m actually so happy with this one. Come talk about it with me in my inbox! 😌
warning: smut
please like, comment, share, rec!
It was a bit of a shock, well a lot of a shock when YN is scrolling through her instagram time and it becomes flooded with a gif of her husband passionately kissing a gorgeous blonde.
The trailer for Don’t Worry Darling had dropped out of nowhere and now there was a nasty feeling on jealously, insecurity, and possessiveness in the pit of her stomach.
She knew it was irrational, they were married for fucks sake, but those emotions weren’t always rational.
YN watched it, over and over, until she tossed her phone onto the side table hard enough that it slides off and falls harshly on the ground.
Harry and crew were downstairs, it didn’t look like the Houston show was going to happen because of the storm.
She felts ridiculous and immature for the tears welling up in her eyes. It’s not like she was upset or mad at him.
She was proud of him for his acting abilities and all of his hard work - that’s why she was mad at herself right now.
YN knows Harry is expecting her downstairs to help figure out details, what to do for the fans, etc.. because she was a major part of the production crew.
But she nearly felt like she was going to throw up.
Could you blame her?
Who on earth would want to see their significant other making out passionately for the world to swoon over?
YN scrubs the tears from her cheeks, hadn’t even realized they were falling.
She does the worst thing ever, pulls it back up and starts ready comments, especially from their friends - it almost felt like betrayal. Jeff, Glenne, Lambert, Gemma.
A message appears at the top of the screen.
Bunny 🐰: come on darling, need you down here. meeting is about to start 😗
Her fingers hesitate.
yn: be down in five
Bunny 🐰: is everything okay? where’s my kiss? 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗
She sighs, she feels bad because it’s not his fault.
He had been offered the role, came home and instantly told his wife that if she wasn’t comfortable with him having romantic scenes - he’d turn it down.
YN wasn’t like that.
When she was being logically she would never want to stand in the way of Harry persuing his dreams.
It was acting and she had even been on set a few times when there were heated scenes but it just felt different - uncomfortable.
YN throws one of the bunny merch hoodies, a pair of cropped leggings, and black nikes before heading down from their suite to the conference room.
Harry had purposefully kept the seat open for her, right next to him, and she slips into quietly as they continue to talk.
There were a lot of higher ups in the room, from the venue, the touring company, his team - deciding on what they should do about the weather warning.
He instantly tugs her as close of possible to him with a long arm wrapped around her shoulder and a subtle kiss to the side of her head.
They’re talking about the people standing outside in the rain for GA, they all get quiet, and Harry nudges his wife, “Darling, they’re talking t’you.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Can you repeat the question?” YN asks, eyes a bit wide in embarrassment at all the stares on her face.
A venue manager speaks up, “How do you think the fans will react and how can we ensure them of another show here. We do not want to lose the business of this concert.”
“Obviously upset. People have flown in for the concert - so maybe if you reach out to some of those fans and reimbursement their flights, they’d be more likely to come back and that would look good on you guys,” YN offers, tense and trying to ignore Harry’s concerned expression - he could always tell.
“Jamie, get on that,” The man orders with an executive nod that he liked the idea and Harry squeezes her shoulder lovingly.
The meeting goes on, she would normally wait for Harry to wade through all the people wanting to speak to him but she zips through the maze of bodies and back down the corridor to the elevator.
She about there when she hears someone running to catch up with her, knows exactly who it is when he pulls her back into his strong chest.
“Wha’s wrong?” Her husband murmurs in her ear, lips brushing softly and his arms keeping her as close as possible.
“It’s nothing, I just need some time alone,” YN sighs, stepping out of his warm embrace and turning to face him.
“Did I do somethin’? Baby, c’mon,” He coaxes, frowning as he studies her face, “Talk t’me, please.”
“I’m just - I’m being dumb,” She chuckles with no humor in her tone, tears welling again and she is quick to cover her face in her sleeve because fans are being to notice them.
“Okay, okay. Let’s get y’upstairs,” Harry replies, guiding her towards the elevator and throwing his arm around her to block her - it would look playful in the fan photos.
The crowd gets irritated when Harry refuses to stop and sign things, take pictures but his bodyguards quickly block them from getting to close.
Once in the elevator, alone, Harry cups her face gently, “Baby, y’gotta tell me what’s going on, m’confused.”
“The trailer, it came out and -“
Harry is perplexed for a moment, “Is that why everyone’s blowing up m’phone?”
Then he’s pulling it out, swiping a few times, and the short ten-second trailer is playing across his screen and he knows instantly.
“Sweetheart,” He sighs, tucking it back into his pocket, “M’sorry-“
“No, no. Don’t apologize,” YN interrupts him, eyes frantic as she speaks, “I’m not - It’s not your fault. I just wasn’t expecting it and it threw me off. I am so proud of you -“
“But y’a bit jealous, huh?” Harry smirks, rubbing his thumb against her bottom lip lightly, tugging to tease a bit.
“You’re my husband. Of course, I don’t want to see you do that with anyone else,” YN replies, watching as her husbands eyes meld into something fiery and golden.
“Can I tell you a secret?” He asks, voice deepening into what YN likes to call his sex voice and it really does work - makes her stomach flip.
“Harry, you don’t have to try to make me feel better. I’m re-“
Harry hits the red stop button on elevator, pausing the movement - it was a single elevator to the penthouse so it wasn’t effecting the rest of the hotel guests.
“Let me tell you a secret. The day we had to film tha’ scene, when I had to kiss someone who wasn’t you over and over again. When I had to act like I would fuck someone other than you,” Harry’s teeth are grazing her jugular dangerously, his breathe minty and cool, “You remember that one night on the balcony?”
“Mm,” YN agrees shakily, she remembers that night a few months ago well.
Harry had come home from set with a mission.
He hadn’t disclosed what happened that day and YN had completely forgotten to ask later on.
When he stormed through their master bedroom and swung open the balcony doors, his eyes fall hungrily on his wife who’s reading a book on their balcony. ***
Her skin was glowing on the dim fairy lights and reflection of the moon, it was late- nearly midnight when he’d finally gotten home.
She was lounging on the sofa, sprawled in a silk pajama set that was simple but so sexy in the way her natural breasts lay without a bra - nipples poking at the fabric.
It had only taken him a moment, he’d been hard the whole ride home thinking about his wife, and when he saw that, he was striding over and murmuring, “You know your safe words, right baby?”
It was him eating her out hungrily, ridding her of her clothes and him still fully dressed as he nipped and sucked at her clit.
Then he had bent her over the balcony railing, overlooking the Hollywood hills where surely their neighbors could have seen if they squinted.
His fingers were digging harshly into her backside, thrusting and having her tits sway with the force as he praised her on how well she took it.
And it ended with back on the couch, her legs soaked from her multiple releases, skin smattered in bruises and love bites, and Harry kissing her roughly as he pinched her clit and released inside her.
“The reason I wrecked y’tha’ night was because doing all that shit on set made me want to come straight home to m’wife,” Harry whispers like there’s other people in the elevator with them.
“Harry,” She mutters shyly, avoiding eye contact and looking down to the marble floor.
“No, look at me, baby. All I could think about were how much better your mouth feels, how no one can ever compare to how fuckin’ sexy y’are,” He rumbles, his hand is slipping underneath her hoodie and palming at her belly.
“Love you,” YN replies, reaching up to press their lips together and whine when his tongue automatically finds it way into her mouth.
“Been with you since I was fifteen. Y’know tha’? There’s a reason for that, s’because nobody gets to me like you do. You always make me crave more. The reason I put that rock on y’finger and y’name on m’bank account.”
“Bunny, please.”
Harry smirks against her lips, “Please what?”
“Fuck me, c’mon,” She begs desperately, his hand teasing at the waistband of her leggings but not giving her anything.
“Gotta give it t’you when you ask, s’my husbandly duty,” Harry kisses her again, hands moving to tug them down.
“Yes, be a good husband,” She scolds, getting on her tiptoes out of instinct as he slips two fingers up into her.
“M’tryin’,” He gruffs, hissing at how wet she is for him as he curls his fingers towards the front her wall to hit her spot, “Only one f’me. Never want anyone else, been an love-struck idiot for you since I was fifteen.”
After they finish, Harry presses the button to restart the elevator and they’re both panting, with a light sheen on sweat.
When they step into the foyer of the penthouse, Harry cups her face and makes sure he has her full attention.
“I love you. If this movie or me acting with other people romantically is too much for you. Please tel me, m’job is never more important than m’marriage,” He says seriously, face still splotchy from coming in the sticky, hot elevator.
She shakes her head, “It doesn’t make me uncomfortable - well, not when I’m thinking logically. I’m proud of you, I can’t wait to see the movie.”
“I love y’so much, sunflower. Y’my soulmate, the reason I have the courage and confidence is because of you.”
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rosesandtoshi · a year ago
All to Myself ❁ Sawamura Daichi
Tumblr media
❁ Pairing: Sawamura Daichi x fem!reader
❁ Tags: characters aged up, fluff, sugar daddy Daichi, mutual pining.
❁ Warnings: age gap (ten year difference) hard to soft dom Daichi, dom/sub dynamic, daddy kink, spanking, fingering, thigh riding, vaginal sex, squirting, mating press, creampie, reader is on bc. Any thing else I missed.
❁ A/N: Sugar Daddy Daichi, I need you to help me with my bills please and thank you. Also, Daichi’s job isn’t specified but he has money. That’s all that matters right? 😜😋
Part of @nkogneatho Flash Me Than Fuck Me collab. Masterlist for post with all the other wonderful creators can be found here!
Thank you to my lovely betas!! I appreciate y’all so so so much for the help!! @xmyshya @aka-yuki-no-hana and @liaslight you beauties rock!! 💋🥺
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sawamura Daichi never thought he’d be in a situation like he is now. After marrying who he thought was the love of his life at a young age and ending up with a divorce in his early thirties, he joined an app he’d never expected to join.
Sugar Daddies.
Sure, joining wasn’t something he expected to do. But once he started going over different profiles he thought it could be fun. No strings attached, right? Just something fun and casual, and in turn he helps out those in need, right?
His mind drifted to the first time he’d met you. In your early twenties, in college, struggling for some money, he knew it would be the perfect match. He’d always been a provider, working hard at his job and wanting to help others in need. So when he first met you, he knew you’d be the perfect baby. The perfect little princess to spoil. What he never expected was to catch feelings for you. Weeks went by and Daichi found himself more and more entranced by you, wanting to spend as much time with you as possible. For you were everything Daichi dreamed about. A woman with ambitions, wanting to be a therapist, wanting to have children one of these days, a shelter volunteer. You were someone his ex-wife wasn’t and Daichi could only dream of making you his all the time.
You, on the other hand, joined the website due to a lost bet. After making a bet with your friends and losing, you found yourself signing up for the website. Having to sign up and go on at least one date to satisfy the bet, you found yourself being honest in your profile and wanting to meet someone who wasn’t a total creep. Reviewing many profiles seemed to be a scam at first, until Daichi sent you a message. He was definitely younger than most of the men on the site, so you immediately went to block when he sent you a message about getting to know you a bit before wanting to take you out. After meeting Daichi for the first time, you knew he was the real deal. He never once lied to you about anything and what was once a lost bet, turned into something way more than you could have ever expected. He was everything you could ever want in a man. Hard working, kind, absolutely handsome, the whole package honestly, but he only seemed interested in being your sugar daddy so you never brought up the idea of a romantic relationship. You also didn’t know how you could transition from your current relationship to the one you secretly wanted.
As the two of you sat in a restaurant Daichi picked out, he noticed you fiddling with your fingers, picking at the acrylic nails he paid for.
“Is everything alright, baby?” Daichi asked, looking at you.
“Yeah yeah. Everything’s fine, Daichi. Just been busy with school and stuff.”
“We’ll finish and then I’ll take you to your favorite purse shop? Does that sound okay, baby?” Daichi asked, putting his hand out to you. You smiled and put your smaller hand in his, giving it a light squeeze.
“That sounds perfect, daddy.”
After dinner the two of you went to your favorite purse shop in the mall. Your hand grazed over the different purses as you spotted the one you wanted. Holding it up to Daichi, he nods and grabs the matching wallet.
“Can’t have a purse without a matching wallet.” He smiled at you, taking the purse and going up to the register. “Anything else my love?”
You shook your head and Daichi paid for everything as the two of you made your way out of the shop. He grabbed your hand and the two of you walked back to the car. Tonight the two of you hadn’t planned on doing much since you had finals coming up and needed to study. You promised to make it up to him, but after seeing him in his tight jeans and nice dress shirt, you had to have him. As he opened the car door for you, you got in and an idea popped into your head. Normally you were a good girl for Daichi. Always listening to your daddy. Never being a brat. But as you watched him walk around to the drivers side, you couldn’t help but start to lift your shirt as he got in the car, wanting to test the waters a bit.
“Daddy…” he turned to you as you lifted your shirt and bra up, flashing your chest to him. His eyes got dark as he licked his lips and grabbed the shirt, pulling it down.
“Now now my princess, showing everyone what’s mine, hmmm? Daddy is going to teach you a lesson.”
Tumblr media
“No more daddy!! No more!!” You cried out as his hand came landing down on your ass in a hard strike. Three fingers were buried deep in your sopping pussy as he had you over his lap, spanking you every time you clenched on him. As soon as you got to his house, you were immediately stripped and taken to the bedroom for your punishment.
“Bad girls get punished. And you’ve been a bad girl, princess.” Daichi said, his free hand rubbing circles over your red cheeks. “Anyone could’ve seen you flash me. And we can’t have that now, can we? You’re mine. This pussy is mine.” Thrust. “These tits are mine.” His hand moved down to grab your mounds in his hand. “You're mine. You got that?” His hand came down on your ass again and you cried out.
“Yes, daddy. M’sorry, daddy.” You panted out. “Please, please let me come. I’ll be a good girl, daddy. Promise.”
“Bad girls don’t get to come yet. Not until daddy says you can.” He slowly pulled his fingers out, earning a whimper from you. “I’ll let you come. But you have to do it yourself.”
He helped position you on his bare thigh, your slick covering the thick muscle below. You placed your hands on his bare chest as you moaned a bit at the cool feeling of his thigh. His hand reached around and smacked your ass again, causing you to whimper again.
“I said if you wanted to come, you have to do it yourself, right baby?”
You just nodded as you started to rock your hips back and forth. Daichi’s hands moved to your hips as he helped your movements. His mouth moved to your neck as he left hot open mouth kisses along your collarbone down to your breasts. Taking a nipple in his mouth, his tongue swirled around the hard bud as you threw your head back in pleasure. You felt your orgasm returning as he flexed his thigh, making sure the muscle hit your clit just right. Your nails dug into his shoulders as he switched nipples, giving the same treatment he did the first. Your pace quickened as you chased your pending high. Daichi left your nipple with a popping sound, taking one hand and grabbing a fist full of your hair, smashing his lips onto yours. That was all it took to send you over the edge; you felt the coil snap in your stomach as you gushed all over his thighs, moaning loudly into his mouth. As you came down from your high, Daichi pulled back from your lips and smiled at you. You felt your cheeks heat up as he picked up and laid you down on the bed. Daichi took off his boxers and crawled back on top of you as you spread your legs for him. He pressed a soft kiss to your lips as he positioned himself at your fluttering hole.
“You ready baby? You did so well for daddy just now. Creaming all over his thigh. Now it’s my turn to make my princess feel good.”
Your eyes shut at the praise as he slowly sunk himself into you. Your mouth formed an O shape as he bottomed out. Tears sprang to your eyes since you were still sensitive from your orgasm, pussy clenching tightly around his thick cock. Daichi was by no means small, always filling you up to the brim everytime the two of you had sex. With his tip touching your cervix every time, you always felt the stretch of him splitting you in two, always having tears in your eyes from him. He pulled out fully and slowly sunk back in. The pace he set wasn’t a normal pace you were used to. Usually, the sounds of skin slapping and high pitched moans filled the room but that wasn't the case this time. No, this wasn’t just fucking anymore; Daichi was making love to you.
Kissing your lips feverishly before burying his face in the crook of your neck and wrapping his arms tightly around you, holding you as close as possible. This pace had you feeling every drag of his cock in your tight walls, making you feel every single inch of him. You moaned while moving one of your hands to the back of his head gripping a fist full of his hair and the other made its way to his back. Open mouth kisses hit your neck as his hands moved down to your waist, lifting you up a bit to angle his cock in your pussy, hitting that oh so sweet spot that always brought you closer to the edge. Daichi let out a groan as he felt your pussy clench tighter and tighter, squeezing his cock like a vice. He knew you were close, knew you were about to snap. His pace slowed again and you let out a whine of protest as he stilled.
“Daddy please don’t stop. M’so close. Want to come on your cock, please.” You cried out to him.
“I love you.” Daichi whispered out, finally letting out of all his feelings for you.
“I love you.” He repeated, pulling his head back and looking at you. Your eyes glossed over as you felt the tears well up again, not because of his cock in you, but because you finally heard the words you’d been wanting to hear.
“I love you too, Daichi.” You smiled at him as he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours again.
“I have loved you for far too long. Be mine please? Not just as a sugar baby either, be mine forever?”
“Yes Daichi, I am yours, all yours.” Daichi grabbed both of your legs and pushed them up to your chest into a mating press. He pulled his cock out again and set a fast pace this time, wanting you to cum again. You moaned and moved one hand down to rub circles on your clit, wanting to achieve your orgasm.
“I want you to come for me baby, come me all over daddy’s cock.”
You cried out his name as the coil snapped for the second time that night. You felt yourself starting to squirt from the stimulation of your clit and the tip of his cock hitting your g-spot over and over again.
“Good girl. Making a mess all over daddy’s cock like that. Daddy is going to fill that pussy full of his cum. You want that, huh? Want daddy to fill you up so you're nice and full.” You moaned out a ‘yes’ as the grip on the back of your thighs tightened and Daichi quickened his pace, chasing his own high now. The way your pussy pulsed on his cock had him stilling, shooting his cum deep inside of you. He moved your legs back down and pulled out of you. He got up and went to the restroom, running the bath so he could clean you up. You laid on the bed completely blissed out when Daichi came out of the bathroom and knelt down on the side of the bed, cupping your cheek and kissing you softly.
“I love you, princess. So much. Thank you for being mine.” You smiled as he helped you up, cradling you in his arms as the two of you finally got what you wanted.
Each other.
Tumblr media
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tuliptyper · 3 months ago
Oddly Specific Thomas Hewitt hcs;
TW mention for canon typical violence/cannibalism but also mentions of mental illness, suicide, bullying and general poor mental health. also nasty gross nail gunk
also these are long and wordy and not proofread sorry hehe
- neurodivergent, probably ADHD but it manifests in a way that he constantly second guesses his diagnosis bc people say he doesnt 'act like it' (projection? huh? idk her)
- dry asf hands because he cleans them a lot because he doesnt like feeling dirty but doesnt have much time to wash his face/shower. he hates his nails bc he doesnt know how to get the gunk out and accidentally stabbed his nail bed tryna clean them with a tooth pick
- loves his mama but he wishes she understood him better. growing up mute and being bullied by pretty much everyone, hes grown so fragile without even knowing it. sometimes he wishes he could peer into his mothers mind and tell her how he truly feels.
- i think he has some sort of relationship with self punishment. not really sh in the typical sense but he feels he deserves to be overworked to the point of sickness, he doesnt like to rest or treat himself. he gets tense when things are peaceful for too long and he feels the need to bully himself relentlessly. its awful :(
- living in an environment where hes essentially the breadwinner, bodyguard AND punching bag with no refuge to run to is incredibly hard. if it weren't for the guilt and his dedication to his family, he..well...i think you can guess the rest. (someone go get this guy some prozac)
- if he was introduced to them, hed love fairy tales. even though he was pulled from school and had very litle encouragement to persue his hobbies aside from sewing, hes a curious man who enjoys learning. fairy tales give him insight into past culture (and they also satiate his desire for romance. sigh ❤❤) ((call him your prince, he would actually get light headed from all the butterflies))
- should he ever get a taste of freedom, be it a particularly good experience with some strangers or seeing some pretty scenery on the road, he will chase that high Forever. he craves normalcy in its most wholesome form; saying hello to coworkers, picking up groceries, maybe taking his dog out for a walk and getting take out when hes tired. Hoyt knows this somewhat and makes sure tommy doesnt persue that desire with some nasty words and manipulation. ((literally grab his hand, run away into town and dont come back. discreetly send a check to mama with a small house on her name a few blocks down and leave the other old coots to rot))
- i gotta agree with the metalhead hc, he would love stupid ass nu-metal! dad metal, if you will. 2000s era heavy rock and anything with some angry lyrics. hates headbanging though, simply bc he loses his balance more than hed like to admit and also knots are fucking annoying to comb out with his curly hair. BUT ALSO his guilty pleasure music would be really sweet piano music or film soundtracks,,,its his inner romantic
- Thomas has like...hot dad personality..HEAR ME OUT omfg he finds puns funny, twirls his keys like a DAD and DIYs everything. he makes a lot of furniture, clothes and miscellaneous trinkets in his spare time. he needs an etsy shop ASAP
- but also hes such cute goth boyfriend material omg, he'd let you play with his hair, even braid or dye a strand if youre lucky! matching outfits kill him because he loves being yours. your hot goth husband. hell, he'll wear the bedazzled 'His/Hers' t shirt you got from the flea market, at least it fits him!
- dont send him to the gym, hes either the reason membership sales skyrocket or skydive ( they either see him and think 'i want to be him' or 'ill never be him' LMAO). unintentionally, hes a menace at the gym bc hes just generally so strong from all the physical labor back at the farm house
- i think he'd go vegetarian aside from those ready to eat rotisserie chickens you get from the supermarket (listen...i smash a whole chicken with a side of rice and corn like nobody's fuckin business)
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undiscovered-horizon · 3 months ago
Soft!Touchstarved!Billy Russo (Part 2)
Tumblr media
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Part 2 because there's a character limit (part 1 here)
Billy gets nightmares about what he's done and seen
Like 9/10 times he can deal with it just fine
But this one occasion sets off something inside him
He jolts awake, frantically looking for you, for the comfort you bring him
His movements wake you up and when you notice his quick breaths and scared gaze, you immediately know what's up
You're holding him, gently rocking your bodies
"Deep breaths, baby, deep breaths. It's okay, Billy. We're alright."
(TIP: it's good to match the breathing of a panicking person and gradually slow down. They will automatically follow your breathing pattern)
The situation gets worse when he wakes up and you're not next to him
An air raid siren is going off in his head
Soon, Billy finds you in the kitchen or walking out of the bathroom
And he just latches onto you, making you nearly fall over
Picks you up and carries you to bed, wrapping you in his limbs
(no escaping that one tho)
You know it's not easy to intimidate him, so for a nightmare to get him like this, he must've dreamed about something truly awful
To some degree, you're thankful he doesn't talk about it
Billy might tell you to not scare him like that again
Since we're talking about Upset Billy™️, let's elaborate on the low-key insecurities he has
Like in the memorable merry-go-round sequence where he yells to Frank that no one will mourn them should they die
And that they are not good people, never have been
They're meant to just follow orders, fight the old men's wars and die
So as I have stated in Dating Billy Russo, he genuinely believes that an apple pie life is not for him. He accepts that as a fact.
Therefore, there are two strong forces inside him: on one hand, he sees himself as a person unable and/or unworthy of romantic commitment, while on the other hand, he desperately wants it after meeting you
It's like dipping your toes in the water to see if the tide takes you
And although such insecurities are not visible on an everyday basis, there are moments when it's clear, when he's doubting your relationship
Because you're wonderful! Billy wonders if you weren't better off with someone more meant for a family life
It's still a new sensation to Billy that you want him and all he brings with him
Of course you would mourn him!!!
"Billy, if you die on me, I will bring you back and kill you again myself."
This is like the most sentimental thing anyone has ever told him, really
It's just hard for him to wrap his head around that idea
He knows he's loved (you do say it quite often) but doesn't know just how much
And the odd realizations make him go uncharacteristically soft
Although he might try to play it off
But let's be honest, he can't fool you
This boils down to the two of you holding each other, whispering your mutual affections and exchanging soft pecks
"You deserve the world, Billy"
He lives a pretty hectic life, especially emotionally-wise
Billy is the quiet frustrated type, drinking his drink and staring off into space
Anyone who comes at him in this state should be prepared for sultry words
But if it's you, he's gonna give in
You're silently holding his head against your torso, gently caressing the side of his face
And his frustration is slowly fading away
Besides, he'd rather wrestle a hippo than hurt you in any way
Another thing is Billy’s worried for you
It’s not the cutesy odd thoughts about your partner during the day
It’s a legit fear nested in reality
Because he’s done shit and any day someone might try to take him down
And what easier way could there be to hurt or have a leverage on Billy than hurt the person he loves?
Although nothing has happened yet, he knows it’s highly probable it will, at some point
So when you don’t answer/return his call or don’t text him back for a long time, he gets worried
At first you thought he was being a little paranoid and controlling but you have realized that it’s you who’s downplaying the situation
When you come home (ya know, alive and well) after basically going radio silent for whatever reason, Billy is clearly upset
He’s giving you a lecture as you’re trying to calm him down
But it always ends the same: Billy is holding you, his face’s in the crook of your neck and he’s expressing his genuine worry for you
Out of curiosity, you have once asked him how much he can lift
And Billy’s a little bastard so he picks you up with ease and says ”Enough”
Bathing together, sitting between his legs and leaning against him
He wraps his arms around you and kisses your shoulder
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eli-the-thinker · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tommy Shelby NSFW Alphabet
Warnings: smut obviously, definitely swearing and other mature content
Words: 1186
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
This would be a learning curve for sure, after your very first time together, he’d be so lost when you finished. He’d want to take care of you, that’s just his nature, but he wouldn’t know how. Although, after a while, he’d get so fucking good at it. Cleaning you up, having a bath ready for the both of you where he’d take his time, making sure you were comfortable, the whole nine yards.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
He fucking loves your tits, they’re so soft. He loves them in every context, but especially at night when he holds you against him, your back against his chest, your tits in his hands.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
He fucking loves to cum inside you, especially when you have other things to do that day, he loves knowing his cum is dripping down your legs.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He wouldn’t entirely mind if you took control at some point, but he is much too afraid to ask for it, so he just hopes that it happens naturally sometimes.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
This is Tommy fucking Shelby we’re talking about, he’s very experienced.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
This is seen a bit in the show, just about every time Tommy fucks someone, its either he’s hitting it from behind, or he ends up with his partner on top. I feel like it would depend on the situation though, cause if its a quickie in his office, you’ll be bent over his desk, if its a night of passion, he’ll probably end up on his back thrusting up into you, and if its a lazy, lovey dovey mood then he’ll be on top so he can look you in the eyes and give you plenty of kisses.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Rarely, if he’s had just enough to drink where he’s tipsy but not quite drunk, then he might be more inclined to chuckle a bit.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
We’ve all seen his haircut, I feel like he’d keep it pretty tight down there.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
Oh good lord, this one really depends on what is going on in the business, if business is going well and there are no new dangers, he’ll spoil the hell out of you quality time, gifts, sex, all of it. Conversely, if there is shit going on, Tommy gets super protective and tends to leave the house early and return home late, but he’d always reassure you that he doesn’t love you any less, he’s not angry with you, he’s just trying to get through this business and keep you and the family safe.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Maybe he did before the war, and maybe he did in France, but once he got home, if he wanted to get his rocks off, then he’d go to a whore, and after he met you, he didn’t need to anymore.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Tommy is so possessive, he loves knowing that people know you’re his. He likes having control, he’s very dominant.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
Loves fucking you in his big bed at Arrow House, and if the mood strikes, he’ll fuck you up against the wall for anyone to see. He also loves fucking you in his office, at the company and in the parliament building, its a power thing.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
Basically any strong emotion that gets his blood pumping, eventually he’s gonna need to expend that energy somewhere.
Seeing you in any lingerie or form fitting dresses also gets him going.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
He will never ever push you to do something you aren’t comfortable with in bed.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Both, he absolutely adores giving and receiving. He’d do anything to show you just how much he loves you, and if spending hours with his head between your thighs will help him do that, he won’t hesitate.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
This really depends on his mood, if he’s angry he’s going to blow off steam and pound you, if he’s tired, then it’s slow and sweet. Conversely, if it’s a quickie in his office, he’s gonna pound you, and if it’s a lazy morning in bed, it’ll reflect that as well.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
As stated before, Tommy loves a quickie. Obviously, if the two of you have time, he’s going to spend it wisely and take his time worshiping you, but if you don’t have time, he’ll make use of what time he has.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
Oh please, Tommy is best friends with risk. Though he will never put your health or safety at risk in any situation if he can avoid it.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Tommy can usually go for a strong two rounds, definitely more if he’s been ‘playing in the snow’.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Toys weren’t really popular back then, but I feel like he’d be open to trying them. He’d be someone who would see toys as things to aid and heighten pleasure and not as something to replace him.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Oh, he loves to tease. Anything to make him feel like he’s needed and appreciated. (sorry for the surprise angst)
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
At the start of your relationship I feel like he’d be more quiet, not really wanting to make himself vulnerable, but as time goes on, his grunts and moans get louder as the two of you grow closer and closer as a couple.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
He’s much softer than people think he would be, like yes, sure, he’s dominant and rough sometimes, but he loves you so much and he always makes sure you feel it before during and after sex. 
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
The big dick energy he gives off is definitely warranted.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
He’s ready to go like 90% of the time, unless there is something pressing that needs to be done or if there is danger.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He never falls asleep before you do. But post sex with you in his arms is the best sleep he has ever had.
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onetimetwotimesthreetimess · 4 months ago
"I hate dad!" Max yelled as soon as he entered the loft.
Rafael was sitting with his head in Dad's lap, and his legs stretched out in Bapak's.
"What did I do now?" Dad asked.
"My boyfriend broke up with me because of you?"
"That makes no sense." Rafael spoke amusedly.
"Really? Because I very clearly remember him breaking up with me, saying, 'Your dad loved one man so much he changed the world for him, and you can't even remember my favourite flowers Max', seconds before he broke up with me."
Rafael and Bapak started laughing. Dad just shrugged and leaned forward to kiss Bapak.
Assholes. All of them.
"I hate you all." He yelled and stormed off to his room.
He knows one of them will be following behind soon. They were probably playing rock, paper and scissors to decide whom.
Dad is going to lose.
He is proven right when ten minutes later, there's a knock, and Dad enters.
He sits away from Max on the floor and starts doing something on his tablet.
Dad's good at giving people space. Max wonders if he has always been like that.
He just sits there quietly doing his thing, and it makes him simultaneously relieved and frustrated.
Another half an hour passes without any word, and Max gets progressively annoyed at him and finally snaps. "Are you going to say something?"
Dad stops his work. "Not really, no,"
"Then why are you even here?"
"Do you want me to leave?" Dad asks.
No. Yes.
"Do you want to talk about what happened?"
Max sighs. No one will really understand, he thinks.
Will dad understand?
"Why didn't you tell us you had a boyfriend?."
Max doesn't understand why people ask that. Sometimes people don't talk about stuff. It wasn't anything personal.
"It doesn't matter anymore." He says. It's only a half-lie.
"Hmmm. Why did you guys break up?"
"No reason."
"Blue." Dad says softly.
Max wants to tell him.
But the words feel so heavy on his tongue.
'I...I didn't want to kiss him." Max replies, his voice tight.
In a flash, dad was in front of him and grabbed his face gently.
It was the most ridiculous thing in the world how Alec Lightwood, one of the strongest people he knew, held people so gently.
Dad made him look at him.
"Max, did he-did he force you to do something?"
Max sees the fire in his dad's eyes and realises how his words probably sounded.
It makes him feel worse.
He couldn't blame dad for what he thought.
Isn't that what everyone else would think, too, right?
That Max didn't want to kiss someone because something terrible had happened.
Or because someone was a bad kisser.
Or they weren't attractive enough.
No one's first thought would be that maybe and just maybe, Max didn't want to kiss anyone.
"No. No dad, not like that."
"Okay", Dad breathes out. "What do you mean then?"
How is Max supposed to explain something that he himself doesn't fully understand?
Max takes a deep breath. He has never told anyone except Rafael.
"You know how you like kissing Bapak all the time? You get Bapak flowers every day and you like going on dates and all that stuff?"
"Yeah I do."
"Well I don't get that. How people do that. The romance thing that everyone keeps on talking about, I don't feel it. I- I think something is wrong with me."
Dad makes a wounded noise at that.
"Max.. nothing is wrong with you."
Max knows that. He knows that some people don't feel romantic attraction at all. And that others feel it occasionally or after they have formed a deep bond with someone.
But there's a difference between knowing something and believing it.
"How can you say that? Doesn't everyone want it?"
"You just told me you don't."
Max sighs. "There's just so much pressure."
"From whom"
Max huffs. "Everyone Dad. Look around me. You and Bapak. Aunt Clary and Uncle Jace. Aunty Izzy and Simon. Rafael falls in love with a new person every month. I'm surrounded by this all the time. Everyone feels it or wants it or is waiting for it. So I can't help but feel something is wrong with-." He chokes at the words and feels hot tears on his face.
"Hey, hey, it's alright. Come here." Dad said and pulled him into his arms.
Dad holds him for some time.
"I want to be happy too, Dad."
"What makes you think this will make you happy?"
"Weren't you all sad and angsty before Bapak. You found him and became happy. Isn't that how it works?"
Dad chuckles softly.
"Baby, I didn't become happy because I met Bapak. I became happy because I stopped living a lie. Because I stopped hiding myself."
Well, Max doesn't know what his truth is, so he doesn't know how to live it.
"I-want it, I think. It's not like I've never felt it. I have felt it with a few people. But I don't feel it all the time. I don't know how it works. I-I'm scared dad. I'm immortal. What if I never feel it again? How will I-"
Dad inhales sharply at the word.
It was a touchy topic for all of them.
But especially between Max and Dad.
When his parents had had the 'immortality' talk with him, Max had lost it.
He was devastated, and his sadness turned into anger, and he had lashed out at dad badly.
Max had always been dad's baby. So when he found out that he won't have that forever, he had been cruel to him and questioned his love for Bapak, Rafael, and him. Max had accused him of not choosing immortality and some other horrible things.
Dad had slept at the Institute for a week to give him space.
All of them have been hurt deeply by the whole thing.
A week later, Max had sneaked into Dad's room, and the man had instantly taken him into his arms and then the two of them had never talked about it the way families hurt each other sometimes and never talked about it.
He was still coming to terms with the immortality thing, and trying to figure out his sexuality was only making it harder for him.
His eyes met dad's, and there was a hint of sadness there.
"Max, it doesn't matter how long or short your life is. It won't change who you are."
"I just- I wish I knew what I wanted dad. Sometimes I want it. Sometimes I don't."
Dad stays silent for a few minutes and then speaks.
"Have you ever seen a map?"
"No Dad, I have never seen a map."
Dad smacks his head.
"Yes I have obviously."
"It has a start point and an end point right. Everything seems flat on a map."
"But it's not like that in reality does it? If you take a globe you can't figure out where the start or the end is. Maybe everyone has been looking at it like it's a one dimensional thing but we're talking about real people here. It's more layered. We are more than just points on a linear scale. There is a reason why it's called a spectrum, Max."
Max looks up at that, shocked because how the fuck did dad know about sexual fluidity and the spectrum.
"How do you know all of this?"
"I'm not old."
Max chuckles.
"And I- I never wanted you guys to feel lonely with these things. So when you both started growing up, I started reading some stuff. Learned a whole lot of new stuff. Just trying to be a good parent I guess." Dad said a little shyly.
Max wonders how Dad could ever doubt that.
But Max also liked to keep his family humble, so he said, "you're doing okay-ish with the whole dad thing, in my opinion."
Dad smiles at that.
A lot of people wondered how dad got someone like Bapak to settle down.
Max fully believes it's because of that smile.
"Hey, you feel what you feel. You can't force yourself to be something you are not. It's okay if you don't want something and it's also okay if that changes in the future. But whatever it is, listen to your heart. It will never betray you."
Max nods at him. He still doesn't understand shit, but he feels lighter now.
Dad kisses his forehead and takes him in his arms again.
"Now, tell me about this boy? Is he a shadowhunter?
Max laughs. "No way. You're going to beat him up."
"I'm not going to beat up a kid Max, I just think we need more people on ichor duty."
He laughs at that.
Dad is an asshole sometimes.
But so is Max. So he tells him the boy's name.
-For anyone fighting with their hearts. The world is in the wrong here. Not your heart. Listen to it. Believe in it. 💚🌻
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jotatetsuken · a month ago
dear theodosia
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
≡ submission for: @mrskenmakozume’s “Oh, My Daddy” Collab <333 and my gift to Kento Nanami for his birthday ♥️ (kento nanami’s birthday special)
⊹ kento nanami x mrs.nanami!afab!reader (uses she/her pronouns) (sfw, slice of life, angst, fluff)
⊹ trope: established marriage, new parents ┊ wc: 1930
≡ inspiration: dear theodosia - leslie odom jr.& lin-manuel miranda and that would be enough - phillipa soo & lin-manuel miranda from the hamilton soundtrack; this video that was shared to me by @/mrskenmakozume (i urge y’all to please listen to the songs to understand the atmosphere)
≡ warnings: fear of parenthood (from both sides), pregnancy, reader is undergoing symptoms of postpartum depression, pet names (baby, love, sweetheart, I think?), majorly fluff (please lmk if i miss any more tags)
≡ beta reading: @benkeibear @mxonigirimiya (thank you so so much <33)
≡ networks: @tokyometronetwork @hanayanetwork @downtown-roponggi
≡ notes: happy birthday to my former salaryman turned sorcerer. ever since i started thinking, dreaming, watching and writing about you, i’ve fallen more in love with you every day. i know not everyone thinks of you as a favorite character, and it’s totally okay. here’s to finding someone like you irl <3 when dear theodosia played in my head, idk why but i so thought of nanami, and i had to do something regarding this. also, there is definitely a tatsu reference in this :D as always, likes, comments, and especially reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Present Day
“Congratulations, Nanami-san! It’s a girl!” 
Time stood still in the delivery room for Kento Nanami as he tried to process the news the OBGYN had delivered. Not only were you and the baby okay, but you also gave birth to a baby girl. That too, on his birthday. He’d wanted it for a long time, and now that it was coming to reality, he felt his heartbeats pacing rapidly. 
His head then turns to you, as you lie there, heaving and panting with your hands splayed on your tummy, as your gaze fixates on him. He then runs by your side, holding one of your hands, tears welling up in both of your eyes, as you two shed tears of joy with the best news you could’ve heard in a long time. 
As the nurse immediately placed the tiny girl in your arms, you smiled at the baby, gently rocking her to put her to sleep. Both of you look at each other and at the baby as you break the silence, softly muttering, “Kento, we did it! She’s here! How are we going to…”
He then puts an arm around your shoulder, bringing you closer to his chest, shushing you calmly as you feel the rhythm of both of your heartbeats returning to their normal pace. He responded softly, “Baby, we’re in this together, and we’ll get through this together.” Remember when you told me when we were expecting and how both of us were scared?”
You nodded in agreement, “Yes, and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else to join me on this rollercoaster ride other than you. Now we have her.” He smiles at you, responding, “Yes, we do. We’ll give the world to her and, someday, she’ll blow us all away.” When you return to the room, you chuckle. “Kento, how funny that you loved that song so much that you sang it to her while I slept!” His mouth gaped wide open, exclaiming, “What?! There's no way you could have known,” and raising an eyebrow. Throwing a knowing smile his way, Kento understood that you blurted it out of him, causing a tint of blush to dust his cheeks.
Tumblr media
Three years ago,
The salaryman-turned-jujutsu sorcerer knew very well that it’s a cruel world we live in today, with the balance of good and evil always being tipped either way. In the aftermath of all the cases he investigated and the amount of tears he had to wipe away, coupled with the personal losses he had to endure, had caused him to harden his heart towards the possibility of pursuing a family, let alone a romantic relationship. 
However, when you, a fellow jujutsu sorcerer, came into his life, he became so enamored with you that he realized he had to stop feeling that he couldn't provide for you. So, during your years of courtship, both of you worked harder than ever, and you realized that you wanted to be with each other for the long term.
One day, weeks into your engagement and months before your wedding, the two of you had discussed whether parenthood was something that was in the plan for the both of you. You then told him, “Kento, I’m not sure about being a mother. You see, the news that’s been spreading around everywhere? That scares me. It took me a while to even commit to you, let alone commit to raising someone. In addition, we're jujutsu sorcerers, and our jobs require us to be ruthless and cutthroat, so it's really difficult to demonstrate kindness and compassion. “I'm not sure if I'm ready to have a child yet”, to which he replied with a small sigh, “That's okay, baby. Whatever you decide, I’m there for you.”
You narrow your eyes at him, in confusion and say, “So, are you saying that even if I plan on not giving birth, or not having kids at all, would you still love me?” He then nods in agreement and responds, “Yes, because we have each other to love. I am irrevocably in love with you, flaws and all. In this world, as I’m a man, I’m supposed to be protecting you, especially from the world’s cruelties, but you’re someone who doesn’t need to be protected. You’re someone who has a heart that’s big enough to accept me. The fact that you chose to marry me, someone who thinks they’re unworthy of love, is, in fact, a miracle in itself. So, as a couple, we’re supposed to face what’s in front of us. Whenever you decide you want one, I’ll be ready, and even if not, I’ll still be here. We’re a team, and we’ll be a team, regardless. I’ll work hard to spoil you the way you spoil me.” This causes you to smile in awe of your husband-to-be as you hug him, thanking him for giving him the space you need.
Tumblr media
Years after your summer wedding, in October, when you told him you were expecting, he got so teary-eyed that he vented about how scared he was to be a parent, more so than you, but you held his hand and assured him, “Kento, it's okay to be scared about being a parent. Being a parent is a lot of responsibility. I'm sure you'll do superbly, however. You are good with Yuuji, aren't you?” Kento’s friend and his senior at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Satoru Gojo, had entrusted a first-year high school student, Yuuji Itadori under his care, and as Yuuji came over a couple of times, both of you had been watching each other, and that’s when you realized that you needed to tell him that you were expecting.
Kento sighed and went back to sit on the living room couch to read a book. When you started humming and walking to him, sat by his side and sang a couple of lines while holding his hands, “I don't pretend to know the challenges you're facing, the worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind, but I'm not afraid. I know who I married. So long as you come home at the end of the day, that would be enough—”
You stopped singing as you noticed Kento smiling at you while holding your hand and looking at your ring. With another hand behind your head, he brought it closer so that your foreheads touched each other, as both of you silently communicated that this was a new phase in your lives, one to endure together.
Tumblr media
Three years later,
Ever since your little girl was born, as happy as you were for her birth, you have slowly retreated into a shell, unable to take care of yourself, let alone your child. Days, weeks and months would pass where you’d have sleepless nights, not feel hungry on occasion, and space out in situations, like the one time you let the milk boil over for too long, and with you especially having difficulty bonding with the baby, causing her to cry more. There were moments in your spacing out that even caused you to miss her first steps, and her first word: “Mamma.” Thus, there was more of “dadda” ringing in the house, than “Mamma.”
Kento, sensing that you were not your usual self, requested an extended paternity leave and rushed to your aid, taking care of the baby and encouraging you to go for therapy. A new normal was then established where he became a househusband like someone familiar, preparing your tiffin, pushing you to go to therapy to provide a change in environment for you, taking care of the baby by feeding her milk, changing her diapers, and putting her to sleep.
While with you, he didn’t lose his cool, and was very soft-mannered and kind towards you, but stern when he needed to be. He would hug you constantly, bathe you when you were unable to do so yourself, helped you vent out your feelings, and in the months that you were getting better, slowly, you even observed him singing “Dear Theodosia” to her to sleep. 
An unexpected smile appeared on your face as you remembered the time you were expecting. As you were half asleep, your baby girl kept moving around, so he splayed his hand on top of your tummy and sang to both of you to lull you both to sleep, “Dear Theodosia, what to say to you? You have my eyes, you have your mother's name. When you came into the world, you cried and it broke my heart. I'm dedicating every day to you, domestic life was never quite my style. When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart, And I thought I was so smart.”
He then hummed for a moment looking at you with a smile, and continued, “If we lay a strong enough foundation, we'll pass it on to you, we'll give the world to you, and you'll blow us all away. Someday, someday...” His gaze shifted to you, and he could feel the rumbling in your womb subsiding and heard you snore softly as you both fell asleep.
Tumblr media
You then realized that you were missing around the house and the joys of being her mother, and you decided to try to be there for her. So, Kento encouraged you every day, teaching you to prepare the formula, to change the diapers and bond with her, and the ways she nowadays likes to sleep.
That slowly provided you the confidence you needed to bond with your girl. You started holding her with confidence that was gradually building up, causing her to smile at instances. You got her to hold your finger while trying to walk, and that eventually lifted your spirits.
One day when your three-year-old girl quietly entered your bedroom, she crawled up to your bed, and lay in between Kento and you, starting to sniffle. “Mamma, dadda,” she whispered, causing the both of you to open your eyes, and Kento responds to her softly, “Yes, sweetheart, tell me, did you have a bad dream?” She nodded, sniffling. You stroked her coiffed blonde hair in order to calm her down. That’s when an idea popped in your head.
You then asked, “Is it okay if I could sing you to sleep along with your father? I noticed that you like to hear him sing to you, but I was wondering if I could join in.” Your daughter nodded, responding, “Yes, Mamma.” Your eyes brightened reflecting the incandescent moonlight coming through the window. You then began singing, hesitantly, with Kento eventually joining in, and then both of you joined in together. 
After that, you told her, “Goodnight, my baby, you’re our pride and joy,” and then you softly hear reply, “Night night, dadda,” and then, “Night night, Mamma.” You tried moving around to sleep, but then you felt a tug on your sleeve. You turned around, and realized that your daughter not only fell asleep, but also clung to your arm, for the first time in three years. 
This caused you to gleefully smile at your husband as he mouthed, “I’m so proud of you, love.” As  you replied, mouthing out a “thank you,” you turned to each other, caressed each others’ cheeks and you two fell asleep. You smiled to yourself, being thoroughly grateful that you have the father of your child by your side who not only carried you through your hard times, but took care of your daughter, and helped you reconnect with her. Truly, he was one of a kind, and you were in immense awe of him.
Tumblr media
© Shyna 2022 - reposting on any other platform or even tumblr is not allowed. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated. (taglist in next rb)
(taglist form / @shynahasabookshelf, turn on notifications to be updated)
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nishiannoya · a year ago
Pᵉˢᵗᶤˡᵉᶰᵗᶤᵃˡ Pᶤᵉᵗʸ
Tumblr media
f!reader x kuroo tetsurou, yandere, noncon / rape, obsession, face slapping, dacryphilia, a really fucked up kind of praise kink, forcing reader to say positive affirmations, seeking comfort and getting the opposite, cervix tap, mentions of breeding but pulls out, L-bombs, mindbreak, religious imagery, rough to fluff (sort of), (2.4k wc)
⛒ you are to be worshipped, and those who don’t can answer to him. and this includes you.
18+ Only - MINORS DNI
Tumblr media
Obsessed is such an ugly word. If he’s so-called obsessed, Kuroo wouldn’t be so willing to share you with the world. Devoted is a more suitable term.
He’s not quite sure when it started. You’ve been his friend since the start of university - always pretty, always funny, and always just a text or phone call away to let him vent about his classes. Perhaps it was triggered by other people noticing this as well, but not appreciating it the way he does: Slights from guys who can’t handle the fact that you smile at everyone, and little rumors from girls who don’t like the attention you receive. It irritates him to no end that other people can’t see how truly perfect you are, sometimes to the point of following such people around and leaving nails under their car tires or filling their unattended backpacks with whatever drink he has on hand. It’s simply karma, and quite frankly, less than what is deserved.
When someone questions his feelings for you, he tells them that he’s a friend. It’s the truth. Tetsurou would never dare to think that someone like you would ever return his romantic or more sinful feelings. Just being able to bask in the glow of your good nature is a treat for him - a blessing in his life that he truly feels undeserved. You’re like the divine walking amongst humans, and anyone who fails to recognize this will get what’s coming for them with his version of retribution.
That’s why this is so difficult, but really, you brought this upon yourself.
After a stressful day of midterms, you needed someone to talk to and unwind. Of course he would agree to your request, and brought himself over to your dorm in a matter of minutes. You always found Kuroo easy to talk to, so attentive and truly understanding of whatever it is you're saying. But some harmless venting stirs up some insecurities, and those insecurities start to turn into darker things.
The more you speak, the further the pit in his stomach digs. Something dark and slimy crawls into his bloodstream when he sees your tears and hears you utter the most disgusting attack on your own character.
You really thought that he would comfort you after slandering yourself in his presence? That he would let you off with a kind and simple “that’s not true” in response to calling yourself ugly, stupid, and unlovable? You are to be worshipped, and those who don’t can answer to him. And this includes you.
There’s no use in struggling against him. He’s got you pinned beneath him with his tall and muscular form, ready to deliver his punishment in the form of tearing off your clothes and praising every inch of your skin with his tongue despite your cries for him to stop. Even the way your tears roll down your face is beautiful, he thinks. He’ll make you see.
“You’re so fucking perfect,” he rasps against your neck as he teases you with the hardness in his pants by rolling his hips into you, warning you of what’s about to come.
“Please stop. I’m not! I’m-”
“Shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up.” It hurts him to slap your pretty face, but it’s your fault for keeping on running your mouth with your nonsense. It stings, but at least he’s kind enough to kiss you to prevent you from saying more of what you don’t mean as he loosens his belt and unbuttons his pants. Your eyes light up in fear when you feel his cock press against your clothed cunt and you shake your head violently to rid your mouth of his.
"Please, don't do this," you beg. So polite, even when he's got your wrists held down above your head with one hand and shoving your panties down your thighs with the other. Your frightened eyes bore into him, desperately hoping to find at least a remnant of his humanity in the glowering gold of his irises. However, if you didn't want this, then you never would have said all those horrible things about yourself.
He forces himself in with a grunt, though you're more wet than he was expecting based on your opposition. So warm and inviting despite what words come from your mouth. God, you really are perfect.
Why. Why Tetsurou - your trusted friend who never pushed or even tested your bounds, and who you always felt so at ease with. You've never seen this look in his eyes, usually soft and playful in your presence, but now seem greedy and vengeful. It hurts so much more than just the stretch of his cock and the bruising hold of his fingers.
You sob as he rocks into you, sounding so pretty as his cock draws the cutest little moans from you with every thrust. Your cunt squeezes him tightly, signaling to his brain that you need this - that you need him. You can deny him all you want, but he's determined to make you see.
"You feel so good. So beautiful. So perfect," he pants as he releases your wrists to hover high above you, taking in the sight of your body on display for him like a work of art: Your face contorted in fighting the pleasure, tits bouncing in a hypnotic rhythm as he ruts into you, and pussy so lewdly split around him.
"Stop it. Stop it, please. I-I'm not, so just stop." You weakly try to push at his shoulders, but find yourself gripping into his skin with your fingernails when he picks up the pace.
"Oh? You want me to stop?" He teases with a huff. "Then tell me you're beautiful. Tell me you're perfect. Tell me you love yourself."
Your throat clenches up, more fat tears spilling out the corners of your eyes as you squeeze your eyes shut in hopes that this is all just a nightmare.
"I-I can't," you tell him in a tiny, pathetic voice. It breaks his heart. Really, it does, but all the more reason for him to teach you this lesson.
"Then I'm not fucking stopping."
He covers your mouth just before you're able to let out a scream when he shoves himself in all the way to the hilt. His pace is relentless, balls slapping against your ass as he pushes your hips up with his. He drives in deeper and deeper. He'd never dream of breeding you, but the temptation of your womb kissing his cockhead so sweetly has him considering filling you up to the brim.
You clench around him, body instinctively trying to expel him from you, but it only adds to the tight feeling in your core. You shouldn't be feeling this way- shouldn't be feeling like you're going to snap, and certainly shouldn't be hoping for it to happen. How dare he ask you to praise yourself when it feels like he's dragging you through damnation.
"I'll give you another chance," he offers without slowing down. "Tell me- nnnGh!- that you're beautiful."
He removes his hand from your mouth, but all you give him is a sad whimper, refusing to open your eyes. You want it to stop, so it should be so simple as to just say it. Yet as horrible as this all is, the thought of saying what he wants to hear is far more humiliating.
"What's the matter, love? Why can't you say it? Why can't you just be my perfect, sweet love and say it?" He coos, slowing down to stroke your trembling cheek with his thumb. You wince at his touch and the contradictory sentiment.
"I'm not. Please. I'm not," you sob, voice shaking as you hide your face behind your hands. It should be easy. It should be so easy.
Something about your pitiful state pulls at his gut - a dire need to take care of you and show you what you cannot see. He realizes that you're not just being stubborn with him, that you really are being blocked from saying it. He softens and a little bit of light returns to his eyes.
"You are. You're my perfect love," he says gently and pries your hands away to reveal your tear-stained cheeks. Both of your wrists are in his hands, locked against the floor just above your shoulders. He drops to his forearms, affectionately brushing his nose and lips across your jaw and to your ear.
Your walls pulse around him at the change in his demeanor. It makes your stomach twist in a way that feels sickeningly hot. Your breath hitches at the warm, ticklish feeling in your ear. It shouldn't feel anything but dreadful, but something vile inside you craves more of what he's giving.
He picks it up. He sees your tired, puffy eyes flutter open and glance up at him still with a little fear, completely at his mercy for whatever it is he has to say. It's as if you're looking to him to find your way back, and it fuels his ego to be chosen for the task. Here you are, held hostage under his strength, and yet he's the one at your service. Truly his liege. Truly divine.
"My beautiful, perfect love. Can't even control myself around you. That's why we're here. Just had to have you. Just had to show you how much I love you."
You gasp. You know you shouldn't feel any type of way from his honest, sweet words given how he's treated you, yet your heart strains against your chest and more tears flood your eyes. Everything aches. It's a strange concoction of fear and yearning coating your insides. It's too much, knocking down your weakened walls, and drowning your need to adhere to rationality.
"You love me?" You ask meekly. Your breath feels trapped next to your heart. It's as if he's got a hand to your throat, head going a little fuzzy as your mind furiously searches to make sense of all this. If he loves you, then perhaps this all isn't so bad.
"Of course, I love you. You are all my love," he tells you. He moves his hips slowly, the gentle rocking feeling less uncomfortable than before. It's as if you can feel his affection for you through the way his dick drags through your cunt, lighting you up from the inside with warmth.
You sniffle and sob, though these tears feel different like they're clearing the way for something else. He melts when you look up at him through wet lashes, seeing the need in your eyes for more - more of his devotion, more of him. It fills him with a sense of duty, one so strong that he can feel his love and awe for you expanding.
"Come on. Please. Please tell me you love yourself. I need to hear it."
He's the one pleading with you now, praying for salvation in the form of bringing you back up to elevation. If he can get you to say it, then it's worth the ugly process of getting you there. He'll seek your forgiveness later, repent for it if needed, but for now, he's lost in his need for you to reply to his invocation.
And so you murmur it, ever so softly. Like words from heaven, it's as if a light touches his soul when it reaches his ears.
"Oh? There she is," he smiles and cups your chin with his fingers. "Look at me and say it again."
"I am love," you breathe, voice clear despite the strain from before.
He beams, cock throbbing inside you at your rightful claim. Of course, he thinks. Of course, one so seraphic as yourself would go beyond and rightfully claim the embodiment of love. His aureate eyes flicker at the thought that he's in you right now, reveling in your reclamation. More, oh more, please give him more.
"Tell me you're beautiful," he pleads, chest heaving as he continues to pound into you, rapt in the luxury of your sublime and supple cunt.
So you declare it at his request, finding yourself truly holding onto the affirmation. How righteous you are, and how blessed is he that he gets to bear witness to your self-glory. Already on his knees and elbows above you, he falls into a full grovel, pressing you tightly between his weight and the floor. His eyes roll and yours shake with the overwhelming exchange of his adoration and your transcendent splendor, both of you panting your yeses and pleas into each other's sweat-coated skin.
"Yes. Perfect. My love. My beautiful, perfect love. Yes, please- Fuck!"
One hard thrust into you, and you're clawing at his back, welcoming the release of small death that ripples its way from the curling of your toes to the depraved cries rolling off your tongue. It takes the only decency he has left in him to free himself of your pulsing cunt and hold his own release until his cock slaps down on your skin and paints the space between your bodies in his seed.
You take a moment to catch your breath and collect your feelings. All of it is strange. You know you should be upset with him, but you can't find it in you, especially when something dribbles on your cheek and you focus your gaze to see him looking down at you with wet, remorseful eyes.
"I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry."
His voice trembles. It pains you to see his tears even though you're the one in need of empathy. Still, you raise a gentle hand to his face and offer him a weak smile and a whisper of his name to let him know that you're okay for now. He sobs and buries his face into your neck in self-reproof, beckoning you to offer your embrace for solace. Oh how you are undoubtedly divine, and he is truly unworthy.
"Don't you ever say those horrible things about yourself again," he sniffles in your hold and you respond with a simple hum. Like a hand stretched out to offer him restoration, he latches onto your quiet agreement, ready to once again devote himself properly to your grace.
"Now, let me repent."
Tumblr media
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maoam · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I wanted to take a deeper look at Hinata’s character, considering there are a lot of claims about her out there, that she’s strong, that she’s kind, that she’s complex and relatable, that she’s the perfect woman and that she’s at least better than Sakura. I don’t really think so, and I’ll explain why. I’ll be focusing on canon, so no fillers or novels will be included in this post. I’ll say this as a warning, if you’re a fan of her character this probably won’t be something you’ll like. This will be tagged with the anti tags and put under read more so please do not complain if tumblr somehow puts this in the normal tags, it is not intentional. Also Sakura stans please don’t write lengthy comments about Sakura under this, I’m not a fan of her either and I’ll write about her later. Make your own post instead.
Tumblr media
Hinata is generally really bad as a shinobi and I’m not sure where the claims that she is strong come from. Hinata's entire character revolves around her being weak. This could have been fine if she actually developed, or if she found some other area for herself, yet she's mediocre at best and a waste of panels at worst, because she never becomes good or strong at anything. She’s not only physically weak from start to finish, but she’s also the equivalent of a damsel in distress. Everytime Hinata attempts to do something, she ends up failing, getting beaten up and having to be saved. She lost to her sister who is five years younger than her, which is what marked her as a failure in her clan. She tried to fight Neji in the chunin exams and ended up coughing up blood and losing her consciousness, and Naruto had to beat Neji for her. After Kabuto heals her fully, she spends the rest of part 1 either sleeping or missing in action. Very underwhelming.
If this had been only the beginning, it would have maybe been fine, but it’s a reoccuring pattern with her character. She throws herself in front of Pain, managing to do nothing but get one-paneled and almost killed. Even at the start of the war she had to be saved by Naruto. She tried to run to Naruto and tripped over a rock. Actually, she’s so weak she got Neji killed, when he had to jump in front of her so she wouldn’t get impaled. Why is she even in the front lines when she can’t fight? Even in Naruto the Last movie she had to be saved multiple times. In Boruto the movie she is still useless and reckless, leaving her daughter’s side to help Naruto, ending up defeated and having to be healed by Sakura once again.
Tumblr media
I can’t say she’s mentally strong either. She has the personality of someone who hates conflict and tries to avoid it as best as they can, to the point of agreeing with others on everything, as Neji pointed out. Even without him saying it out loud, most of Hinata’s moments that aren’t her thinking about Naruto are her doing exactly this. This is not the personality of someone who is strong mentally. It’s the personality of someone who is too weak to have their own mind, someone who will go with the flow and is easily led and convinced. It can be dangerous the more you think about it. Hinata is also the bystander who never stands up for Naruto despite liking and admiring him. If she’s a compassionate girl, why isn’t she showing this by reaching out to Naruto and befriending him? Why doesn’t she show he’s not alone? Why is she only drawing inspiration from him? I don’t normally watch fillers, but there was one filler scene unrelated to Hinata where this girl says if you only look at the loser and do nothing, you aren’t much better than the oppressors, which probably wasn’t meant to be a call out for Hinata, but ended up being so anyway. Another thing that’s annoying is how she is berating herself often, yet doing nothing, it comes off as self-pity. Even in the Last movie, she is talking about how she must be a bad sister for knitting a scarf when her sister is in danger. Then why are you doing it and not stopping? Of course everytime this happens Naruto must cheer her up because she just can’t stop moping around and doing something herself.
Aside from all this, from the very beginning Hinata’s honor needed to be defended by Naruto because she couldn’t stand up for herself. Of course, after Naruto’s words she did stood up for a moment, and that was good, but it should have been a wake up call which altered her course. Instead, she kept doing the same she always did. If we take the Last movie into consideration, she’s still not strong enough to do anything even about her crush on Naruto. She needs genjutsu and Sakura to do the work for her. So even when it comes to the only thing she cares about 90 % of the time, which is Naruto-kun, she can’t do anything about it. That’s really sad.
Tumblr media
There’s one mistake I see people make often, and that’s assuming characters that are quiet and shy are automatically kind. I wouldn’t say Hinata is as kind as the fandom makes her out to be. She simply comes off that way because you don’t really see her have her own opinions or disagree with the other characters. Hinata’s shyness on the other hand is most of the time a fetishized quirk to appeal to certain subset of fans. Her shyness doesn’t stop her from taking exams or hanging around Shino and Kiba, or talking to characters other than Naruto. She also has enough attitude to rub Neji’s status as a house slave in his face during their match, but because she stutters Naruto-kun every five minutes she’s supposedly kind. Kindness is shown through actions, not through standing around and stuttering. For comparison, we see Ino befriend an unpopular kid like Sakura, and give her confidence. That’s an act of kindness. Did Hinata ever cared about helping the branch members in any way? No.
She's supposedly "kind" but like I mentioned before she never shows this kindness by standing up for Naruto, or reaching out to him. She simply stares at him behind a tree and draws inspiration from his suffering. The only time she can actually stand up is to selfishly confess her love and die. She even said she felt like being selfish, and like I said she knew there was nothing she could do, she was told she’d only be in the way. She came there only to confess and commit suicide. This actually reminds me of another anime where this female character, after being unable to receive a male character’s love killed herself in front of him and said ”now you’ll never forget me”.
In the end, she cares about nothing but her own hormonal urges. Hinata tried to help Naruto cheat to pass an exam at the risk of disqualifying her whole team. This is the first individual action we see her character take. Did she consider Shino and Kiba during that moment? No, she didn’t even have an inner conflict on whether she should do this, whether it’s right towards her teammates. Even Naruto considers he might get Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura all in trouble if he accepts Hinata’s offer, which is why he doesn’t do it. Then when Hinata wonders if she can cheer for Naruto during his and Kiba’s match, she thinks Kiba might get mad. It’s more about how Kiba views her rather than whether she should cheer for Kiba because they are in the same team and should support each other. During the Pain attack, she left an injured shinobi, who couldn’t move, to go to Naruto, even when said shinobi told her she would only be in Naruto’s way. She didn’t try to save people, she simply wanted to confess and act in front of Naruto. This is about a threat to the entire village, which includes her comrades and her sister and she’s thinking only about her romantic feelings towards a guy she had maybe two conversations with and who barely remembers she exists. How is she better than Sakura? War arc really was the icing on the cake that Hinata’s character is only about Naruto. We should not forget the infamous ”Naruto-kun’s hand is so big… so manly...” is that really the right time to be thirsty? When Neji just died? Shikamaru mentions that he could help out Naruto as a right-hand man and then Hinata thinks “I-I want to be by Naruto-kun’s side too.” Then there’s of course the scene where she starts running to Naruto, leaving her post and teammates, even when Naruto is a mile away and already in the hands of medical ninjas, and even that ends up her pathetically tripping over a rock. Kiba has to remind her to use her byakugan because she is too busy gushing about Naruto. Eventually her only last line is “Naruto-kun”, when everyone is put into IT. It’s like a parody by this point. She doesn’t have any concern for her sister, her father, her teammates, Kurenai or her baby. It’s just “Naruto-kun” like it always is. Even in the Last movie, she is knitting a scarf for Naruto during the mission where they’re supposed to save her sister. Who brings a scarf on a mission? Why is she thinking about her romantic gift to Naruto so much she has to take it with her on a mission which focus is saving her sister? She even looks more devastated when Toneri tores the scarf apart than she ever does for Hanabi’s sake. It’s just silly and selfish.
Tumblr media
Is she complex though? Her development goes from standing behind a tree looking at her crush she never talks to, to committing suicide for feelings that could never be reciprocated, to… waiting that a genjutsu and Sakura guilt trip Naruto enough for him to be with her? Like I already mentioned her character revolves entirely around Naruto, she has no hobbies or interests we know of aside from him. She has no motivations aside from being by Naruto’s side. She once had an interesting goal and backstory, but that was never fully explored, and it turned into her wanting Naruto’s attention and thinking about him. Her clan plot was irrelevant, she showed no interest in wanting to be a leader or even wanting to make things better for the branch members. It’s funny because immediately after the ending, no one cared about the Hyuuga branch and how the storyline was dropped and had no resolution. It was only when Hinata was being attacked for not showing to care did her fans start to over-analyze all the panels looking for the tiniest little clue that might hint at some changes.
It’s possible to be both shy, anxious and quiet and also to be strong, motivated and have interests and dreams. Hinata is never strong for herself, she’s only strong to be with Naruto, to die for Naruto, to motivate Naruto, to have Naruto look at her even for a moment. All the while Naruto doesn’t pay much attention to her unless she’s literally dying in front of him or she slapped him. Even when a big climax is happening, what’s on her mind is always her romantic feelings and her crush. I saw someone say if she were a male character, and she pulled this pointless sacrifice and theatrical confession in the final fight of an arc, she would’ve been universally mocked. Actually, I think even if it was Sakura who did this instead of Hinata the former would have been mocked, because their stans are unable to see the same flaws in their own fave as they see in the other girl. Naruto is a battle manga, characters are supposed to contribute to the defeat of the villain in some material way. The only reason people praise Hinata for what she did in the Pain arc is because they either pity her or because they’re men who think women killing themselves for a man is great because it boosts their ego.
Tumblr media
I also notice many Hinata fans don’t notice the vanity in their own fandom. They call Hinata “princess”, ”heiress”, ”Konoha’s first lady” and draw fanart glorifying these concepts and how it makes Hinata good, because they like the superficial status, what they don’t care is the titles are unearned. I thought Hinata’s appeal was that she’s the underdog and a loser? Or maybe her real appeal is the idea of getting everything you want without doing much in order to get it?  Another claim is that Hinata is the perfect woman, which you might see from men. This is what I might dislike the most. Men judge Hinata’s worth and whether she’s a good character based on what kind of woman they want and think is the right kind of woman. Hinata has big breasts, she’s submissive, she has no other interests than the man she likes, and she’s the only girl in her class who didn’t go for the popular guy. Many men hate Sakura, Ino and Karin for being fangirls but praise Hinata for being a fangirl. Basically to them if a character is a fangirl of the wrong guy, she’s a stupid slut. If she fangirls their self insert, she’s wife material and the ideal woman. If Sakura has to be saved, she’s useless. If Hinata tries to kill herself for Naruto, she’s ”so kind”. Rin is a one-dimensional character, but Hinata saying Naruto-kun for the 50th time is depth. Hinata is also claimed to be better than the other girls because she had more kids and thus is more ”fertile”. It’s like feminism never happened and we are back to the 16th century. Why are we judging women’s worth on how many kids they have and how much they can please a man?
Tumblr media
I could also talk about how Studio Pierrot turned Hinata into a hentai bait for otakus, which also plays a part in her popularity, but I don’t think it’s necessary, so I will just offer this picture which speaks for itself.
Hinata is simply just a sexist stereotype, a shadow of a real woman, with not much depth, and who is certainly not better than Sakura either. Both of them are fangirls whose characters revolve around men. It’s wild to me how there are women who genuinely act like one must be a misogynist if they reject Hinata’s superficial, one-dimensional and boy crazy character. Her character itself is misogynist for crying out loud. And honestly, what does it say when even the creator himself assumes that Hinata is someone’s favorite character because he must like big boobs?
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xuxitheii · 10 months ago
Hi xuxi <333 hope you're doing well♡ I saw that your requests are open; so I thought I'd come and stop by with one myself 😵💞💘‼️alright so, may I request a male!reader with baji, chifuyu and kazutora (dk how many characters you take but baji is fine of it's too much🙏🏻) where reader is in a rock band? Like part of Toman AND a rock band. Reader is the drummer of the band, and usually has band practice after school. I think it'd be cute if reader automatically taps on his lap (like he got used to playing drums 24/7😭) and see how they react with their boyfriend doing that. It's a sudden idea popped in my head, take all the time you need to write it, no pressure or anything ^_^ have a good day/night♡♡♡
it has been 6 days 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️ i am so sorry i've been so inactive these past days, but i promise i am working on the requests please bear with me 😭😭 but en e ways HERE YOU GO LALI (≧∇≦)/ I HOPE THIS IS UP TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS ヽ(*´∀`)ノ and do enjoy this and give it some love (*´˘`*)
場地圭介 - 松野 千冬 - 羽宮 一虎
— “that’s not what i meant to do, but okay”
what can he do? he’s just one hell of a romantic (accidentally) man.
Tumblr media
it was around the afternoon, when the toman members were just fooling around like kids their age. the commander had decided that all captains and vice-captains were to hang out in this abandoned building they’ve made their base — there’s couches and blankets everywhere, it looks like a small little safe place for them (courtesy to takemichi and mitsuya for decorating it).
[Y/N] is quite annoyed, his band practice had to be put on a stop because mikey’s whine rang through the room from his phone right after he picked up, come play with me! i’m bored! he had to apologize to his band members — his good friends, by the way — and excused himself, with the other four telling him it’s okay, we understand, it’s mikey after all (yes, both groups know each other, they just don't hang out together that much). [Y/N] loved those practice with all of his heart, he’d stay until the sun comes down just enjoying the dum dum dum of the drums, the sound of the bass, the melody of the piano, the skilled fingers running along the guitar strings and the singing him and his friends would do every single practice.
but, of course, mikey just had to cut it off for hang out time (he’s not actually mad, he just needs to have his drama queen moment, let him be).
and so, to accommodate the loss of his drums, [Y/N] resulted in tapping his thighs instead, a certain melody of a song he’s learning playing around in his head. this, of course, caught the attention of the one and only, baji keisuke.
baji had taken notice of the [H/C] haired boy’s sour mood ever since he got to the place and plopped down on one of the beanbags they’ve prepared there. and when [Y/N] started tapping his thighs, one single conclusion popped in his mind,
ah, he wants me to soothe him by sitting there.
but like hell baji would let himself be put on someone’s lap (look, he’s a big man alright? ain’t no way he’s gonna sit on anyone’s lap — he gotta put his glorious thighs to use, there’s no way he’s passing this opportunity to flex his femur). the ravenette stood up, walked over to the beanbag, lifted the [H/C] haired boy by the waist, sit down on the beanbag and gently positioned his lover in his lap comfortably. [Y/N] short circuited, his back hunched, his hands frozen in the air like a claw machine and his knees near his chest — he looks like a startled cat frozen midway through the process — while the other stopped their shenanigans to pay attention to the two lovebirds.
[Y/N] is bewildered, what just happened? why did baji- his eyes filled with disbelief and confusion as he looked at the ravenette, the question relayed just by his eyes. the culprit, baji himself, raised his eyebrow with pursed lips, “what?” [Y/N] gawked, lips opening and shutting like a fish in the water. “what are you doing?” baji scoffed, feeling extremely unappreciated with all the efforts he put in this trying time, “what i’m doing? isn't it obvious?” [Y/N] felt confusion washed over him what the hell is he talking about the boy unable to comprehend the reason behind baji’s 38th unexplained actions (yes, he keeps count of every single one of baji’s whims), “you asked me to sit in your lap, i’m just granting your wishes.”
oh, baji, sweet and lovely baji, how in the hell did he reach this conclusion. [Y/N] sighed, lithe hands waving their way through luscious black hair, the action performed with such gentleness and love that baji can’t help but to turn into putty in his hands — akin to a cat purring — and [Y/N] spoke, with adoration dripping from his honeyed voice,
“baji, my dearly beloved, i’m sorry to inform you this, but darling, i was drumming on my thighs, you dumbass”
it was the perfect setting; just the two of them, draped with the warmth of the sunset’s light as they lazed around the comfortable bedroom, the soft wind tickling them every now and then from the open window — there was no words shared between the two, but the silence is enough to convey millions.
[Y/N] had zoned out for quite a while, lost in the thoughts of music sheets and the familiar stick in his hands, band practice had just been concluded for the day, but the boy can’t stop his hands to fall into a rhythm on his thighs. and it’s just so convenient that [Y/N] zoned out right in front of his boyfriend, matsuno chifuyu. his preoccupied eyes staring a hole into chifuyu, making the blond squirm slightly in his seat, why is he looking at me like that? chifuyu wondered. the blond couldn't help but let his thoughts go into overdrive with the many questions and scenarios filling it and it was then chifuyu’s mind clicked.
is this… the ‘sit in my lap’ scenario?
ah, the shoujo manga.
chifuyu bursts into flames, his face more heated than the sauna in the area, getting more and more flustered as his mind supplies him with more and more scenarios. is… is [Y/N]-kun telling me to sit on his lap? chifuyu squealed silently, turning his back to the boy in question — and if only he could pay attention a bit more, he would be able to see that his source of turmoil didn’t even respond to his squirming even in the slightest. if only he would pay more attention, he could save himself from the incoming embarrassment.
chifuyu stood up, his hands clenched tightly by his side (the proof to his nervousness), and walked over to the boy sitting on the bed — who had not moved at all — and slowly but surely, draped his hands onto his shoulders. [Y/N] did not move. chifuyu gulped down his saliva, biting his lips from the sheer excitement of doing this very romantic action with the love of his life, the blond gently took a seat on the [H/C] haired boy’s lap, positioning himself to be more comfortable. [Y/N] still did not move.
“u-um, [Y/N]-kun?” chifuyu stuttered out, boosting his performance even more, arms wrapped snugly around the boy’s neck to hide the blushing mess that was his face, “is– is this okay?” and yet, despite all of this, [Y/N] still hasn’t responded to any of chifuyu’s actions, which confuses the blond, why didn’t he do anything? chifuyu gradually moved his face from the crook of the boy’s neck, his eyes trailing [Y/N]’s face, looking for a sign of anything, “[Y/N]-kun? are you ignoring me?”
and it was only when chifuyu shook him by the shoulders did [Y/N] finally snap from his thoughts, suddenly hyper aware of the added weight resting comfortably in his lap, the hands on his shoulders and chifuyu’s frowning face in front of him, “chifuyu?!” the boy gawked, his head unable to give an explanation to the current predicament, how did chifuyu get here? why is he on my lap? i’m not complaining but — ah, i get it. [Y/N] cackled, finding the whole situation amusing, his hands wrapping around chifuyu’s waist to keep him from falling off, “chifuyu, what are you doing?”
chifuyu’s frown deepened, what is he doing? didn’t [Y/N] want me to– and [Y/N] swears he can see when the realization seeped into chifuyu and oh boy, was it hilarious.
chifuyu leaped away from the boy in record time, hands to his mouth to, at the very least, give cover to the ever growing embarrassment and shame in him. chifuyu wants to scream and [Y/N] wheezes and cackles are not helping him in any way possible.
“why didn’t you tell me you were zoning off!”
“how am i supposed to tell you when i was zoning off?!”
kazutora is a very attentive person, he pays attention to every detail his eyes could get, never missing a single thing about anything. that is how he’s able to live his life as a delinquent and how he chooses his steps in every situation — even if what he chooses could be a negative choice. kazutora hanemiya is an attentive person.
and that’s why, when kazutora sees his lover hands patting his own thighs in a rhythmic beat, kazutora immediately knows that [Y/N] was not asking him to sit on the boy’s lap and that [Y/N] is actually drumming away on his thighs for replacement for his drums. but does kazutora care? no, he did not. kazutora simply chooses to do what he wants to do (good for him, good for him).
kazutora stood up from his seat on the floor, prancing his way to his lover’s lap with giddiness in his steps — even going as far as smoothing down the [H/C] haired boy’s lap to make it more comfortable for him. kazutora plopped down with grace, legs immediately wrapping around the boy’s waist like second nature, his hands guiding his lover’s to snuggle around his own waist, and finally, his hands finding their way home around the boy’s neck. kazutora rubbed his cheek on [Y/N]’s soft ones, embracing the boy with such love and adoration. the yellow eyed boy sure enjoyed the warmth the two shared.
[Y/N] snapped from his daydreams (it’s about his band practice), recognizing kazutora’s warm embrace the second he reminded himself where he was. the [H/C] haired boy returned the hug even more tighter, yet still comfortable for the two to move around. “hey,” he giggled out, feeling the warmth wrapping around his heart as well. a chuckle left kazutora, his eyes closed as he reveled in peace of the moment, “hey, you.”
[Y/N] hummed, swaying his body back and forth as he drowned deeper in his lover’s embrace, “why the sudden hug?” he didn’t mind of course, it’s way far from it actually, [Y/N] just like hearing kazutora’s voice is all. “well, a certain someone is zoning off and not paying attention to me,” [Y/N] chuckled at the jab, his hold tightening for a moment, “so i decided to get their attention myself — and it seems like i succeeded.”
a hum left [Y/N]’s lips yet again, an idea forming in his mind, letting his body fall to the bed. [Y/N] gazed at the boy above him, his lips pulled in a playful and love filled smile — he swears, kazutora does things to him. “do you want my attention?” a tease, a bait for kazutora and luck goes his way, kazutora bites into it, “yeah, i want my boyfriend’s attention” a giggle left [Y/N] again and kazutora softens even more at the lovely sound. kazutora swears he’ll be there to listen to it everyday in his life and he hoped, with every fibre of his being, that [Y/N] would share it together with him.
“wanna kiss then?”
“i would like that”
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