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#he just kisses her

You mean when he looks at her like she hung the moon when he first sees her in that outfit? Same look no matter which one it is, too. No alternate reaction here, thank you, just total unashamed awe that she dressed like that for him.

And then when she refuses his help because slum life lesson “only you can look out for you” and he gets pouty because he’s dying to be her hero and protect her.

Yeah, that’s a great scene ❤️

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@pickpocketarc replied to your post: // absolutely nothing prompted this but i just…

listen, there are two Good Things in this world: a Tol yanking a Smol off the ground by their collar, and a Smoll grabbing a Tol’s collar and DRAGGING THEM THE FUCK DOWN TO EYE LEVEL.


also please imagine this very canon tidbit to my blog in regards to cuddling/sleeping positions: iris is the big spoon. or, apparently for her height (or lack thereof), a jetpack

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@starschne​ asked “ blow a kiss my way for good luck. ” / sangchul & usagi !


a look of amusement was evident on sangchul’s face as he tilted his head to the side slightly, a small smile spreading across his lips. “are you using me as a good luck charm, usagi?” he teased, a gentle sounding chuckle passing the shapeshifter’s lips. it was rare to see the man in a good mood, but she easily pulled that side of him out. “does blowing a kiss work when it comes to luck? i always thought it had to be an actual kiss for the full effect to take place.” 

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the romance of tiger and rose feels so much like a crack show but then it turns around and pulls some incredibly sweet scenes that I want to scream into a void forever. when she wouldn’t let him have a piece of the cookie and puts it in her mouth while laughing and he leans over and their lips touch as he bites off a piece?? and then looks at her shamelessly while chewing and she’s completely flabberghasted?????? I’m–

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sakura-uji said: Scene for blue kiss??

hobidreams-main said: Blue Kiss for the ask game ♡


😭😭😭 all these 💙💋 asks !! my heart :’)!! 

for blue kiss, it was the dance scene (and basically the whole feb section of the story)!!! because dances are a quintessential scene to a high school au!! (i can’t remember why i wanted to write an 80s au set in high school, but it’s probably because i was rewatching some kind of wonderful for the millionth time!) i think one of the most devastating high school crush thing is seeing your crush slow dancing with someone else. but i was thinking, you know what would be more angsty????? if they’re dancing with you, but you can tell they would rather be dancing with someone else… basically a pity dance, or in blue kiss!hoseok’s case, dancing with oc to make jennie jealous. 

the song in the scene was actually supposed to be the bangles ‘eternal flame’ (aka my favorite 80s song) but it actually came out a year after when the story takes place so i changed it to madonna’s crazy for you, which i think fits better lol!! (but i am writing a drabble that hoseok and oc finally do dance to eternal flame and it’s really sweet :’))

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Wyatt 100% has a connection to P. Russell and his pyrokinesis came from her not ‘just because hes twice blessed’. I just havent quite figured out that real connection (besides the power and them being related ofc) yet because wyatt doesnt have any past lives so im not sure how to connect them w/o using that.

#tbh rn im just thinking the connection IS that he has her power, #but?, #idk yet, #either way her power getting passed down to him is just *chefs kiss*, #and its interesting that? wyatt used that power when he was away from his family/in the underworld, #so? its safe to say that his family dont find out until hes older, #that its a power he has, #and then theyre all ‘how is this good?’, #‘and leo is there in the bg like ‘its a warren power and magic isnt inherenitly evil remember’, #piper straight up spitting facts like ‘phoebes past life was evil’, #‘every witch we know who had that power was evil’, #and then paige is just keeping quiet bc like ‘tam can set things on fire’, #but then theyre all splitting hairs bc its NOT the same power, #tam has molecular acceleration (i think whoops), #she has power over speeding up the friction between molecules in objects so they catch on fire, #wyatt can CONTROL and summon fire, #theyre just!!! panic town usa and wy is already like ‘jfc great’, #tho TBH it could be argued that he has molecular acceleration too tbh, #bc he has combustive orbing BUT the thing is there, #is that he has a hybrid power of his mothers. if it was normal combustion yeah but ? nope, #anyways ill have to save this bc i think ill write a meta on it, #‘ the fuck you thinks goin on it’s a panic at the disco ’ ❪ ooc ❫, #anyways yeah theres a reason why you never see wy use his pyrokinesis, #its just not something hes comfortable with and he knows everyone else is super uneasy with it too, #‘ save me…from what ’ ❪ saved ❫
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The first 5 Asks to send 💋 get a kiss [ 1 / 5 Zack ] | accepting | @greatxgospel

Even without the sky to allow the stars to shine down there, she alone was enough to lighten up anywhere she went. Strange, he didn’t think much about love from first sight and all that romantic stuff that he often hear around whenever he goes downtown. Though when he thinks about his own position, guess it was not first sight love thing…she grew in him. Like, yes she was like an angel and all, but her unique antics made him really…well, he was ATTRACTED to how honest she carried herself with.


Aerith was kind enough to invite him to her house to enjoy a cold drink in this warm weather and Zack would not say no to such invitation. He sat where she told him to and he let his eyes wander around the room. Cosy…really. Feels like HOME alright. When she came back with the glass of fresh juice, he found himself hold onto her hand and gently pull her close to him, pressing his lips against hers. It was a brief kiss but he means the sentiment behind it. “Thanks for the juice, Aer.” his never-ceasing-goofy smile did not leave his lips. “

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I always start with a too big canvas…WHY Here is some of that fluff ppl requested!! A remedy for poor souls!! 💖💖 I wanted to add dialogue but couldn’t decide on a good snarky sunday morning kinda chit chat, so you guys can fill in the blanks instead 😉 Having a beefy bf is a damn plus++, and Raven is definitely enjoying the view 😏 & Damian finds it hard to continue his morning reading when she stares like that😉✨

-> Share your headcanons of this pic with me! I’m curious to know so let the fluff or not fluff flow🦋

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