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#he legitimately could be.
cube-cumb3r · 5 months ago
hey does anyone remember way back when, where ranboo did that stream a few days before the green festival, where he lost his memory book and did some serious role-playing for the first time ever and we were all shocked like HUH WAIT RANBOO DOES LORE??? HE DOES LORE NOW?? AND HES GOOD AT IT???
good times
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winged-winter · 6 months ago
some people have wondered if sam will see bucky's apartment in this last episode since it seems like they're setting up the big fight to take place in new york city, and i think this is actually definitely going to happen. it would serve to heighten the contrast between sam's life (which is filled with family and community) and bucky's (which is relatively lonely). i think this could happen in two ways: 1) sam arrives at bucky's place to let him know that what torres found out, 2) bucky needs to grab something from his apartment so both he and sam go back there before the final battle. like a third, less plausible way is that sam and bucky end up at the apartment after the battle, and when sam sees how empty it is, he invites bucky back to louisiana (my personal belief about them going back is that there's some kind of time jump, maybe a few months, not more). but just in general, the apartment is set up as a location in the show, and just like sam's house and the resettlement camp and sharon's painting penthouse, these locations are all returned to in some capacity. like, they were very intentional in setting up that bucky lives in new york city, and that the patch act/grc meeting is occurring in new york city. so it makes sense to pay that off in this last episode. (additionally, sam seeing bucky's depressing apartment in nyc mirrors steve seeing bucky's other depressing apartment in bucharest.)
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sobsicles · 5 months ago
what if this whole thing was over tonight? man, id sleep for a month. go back to school. just be a person again. you wanna go back to school? yeah, once we're done hunting the thing. huh. why? is there something wrong with that? no. no, it's uh. great. good for you. i mean...what are you gonna go when it's all over? it's never gonna be over. there's gonna be others. there's always gon' be something to hunt. but there's gotta be something...that you want for yourself. yeah, i don't want you to leave the second this thing's over, sam! dude, what's your problem? why do you think i drag you everywhere, huh? i mean, why do you think i came and got you from stanford in the first place? because dad was in trouble. because you wanted to find the thing that killed mom. yes, that, but it's more than that, man. y-you and me and dad. man, i want us to—i want us to be together again. i want us to be a family again. dean, we are a family. id do anything for you, but things will never be the way they were before. could be. i don't want them to be.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#here. if any of you dean kinnies need a reason to cry#legitimately can't watch that scene without crying. like fully bawling my eyes out.#ive never seen a man more stuck in his situation. wanting to get out and knowing that he cant. that he cant live with himself if he tried.#'its never gonna be over. there's always others. there's always gon' be something to hunt.'#dean winchester the man with the biggest goddamn heart in the world. the biggest heart FOR the world.#he could want out until the cows came home. but he felt obligated to fight. to save people. to continue on with how they were raised.#no sam. he doesnt want things for himself because he was never fucking ALLOWED. and now he doesn't fucking know HOW.#the only goddamn thing he was ever allowed to want and told to want was his family and his little brother safe. thats it.#and he genuinely wanted those things too. bc thats all he knew. bc thats what made him happy.#and neither his dad nor his brother wanted the same.#no fucking wonder he has abandonment issues.#every goddamn thing he's ever wanted has wanted to leave him.#he just didnt want to be alone. he just wanted his family. he just wanted to be wanted the same way he wanted them.#he wanted to be enough. and they repeatedly showed him that he wasnt.#early season dean genuinely breaks my fucking heart. he just. he seriously crushes my whole goddamn soul.#idc idc do not come for me about how problematic he could be and how j*hn had shit to do and how sam just wanted to live his life#literally do not give a fuck. j*hn was a piece of shit father and thats NOT up for debate. it's just not#sam didnt have to give up his brother to have a life. like im sorry but he didnt.#and 'id do anything for you BUT' like. sam#sam sweetie. thats not. thats not how that works. you dont KNOW.#dean would LITERALLY do anything for sam. esp in early seasons era. lile sam doesnt know that he's dean's kid.#he doesnt fucking know. jesus. im about to go feral. genuinely losing my shit over this dialogue and this scene and dean's FACE#i cant believe im saying this but...#jensen understand the assignment. like. he knew from the get go. he Got dean.#idk i just cant articulate how upsetting this is. how heartbreaking.#dean just wanted people to stay. or to even want to. and no one did.#cant do this today. head in my hands. i am dean-coded and know his faults etc. yet i would die for dean winchester. but he wouldn't LET ME#dean bean#s1 dean makes me ache yall#spn 1x16
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coldgoldlazarus · 26 days ago
The concept of immoral masks, as executed in canon, was pretty silly and very hypocritical. Good luck convincing me the Crast is the height of evil while the Komau is somehow fine
But at the same time, they did aknowledge and use the Tryna's sketchiness pretty well to forward Matoro's arc
So I feel like there's merit to doing the same with Onewa, once he discovered his mask power
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starfirexl · 9 months ago
"Accidental Baby Acquisition" is literally dick and damian's relationship summed up in three fucking words. like,,, dick is not bruce. he doesn't snatch children off the streets, he legitimately ended up with a stabby murder baby that He Did Not Ask For™ and one thing led to another and now he's lying in bed with damian curled up on his chest, all wrapped up in soft fluffy blankets, lovingly stroking his hair while thunder is booming outside and he's just like,,,
"how the fuck did i get here"
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eggmarr · 4 months ago
knightly duties
pairing: kaeya x gn!reader
warnings: canon-typical weapon speak
a/n: the brain rioted and called for prince kaeya so,,,, the starseeker nickname comes inspired from dain’s own title as the twilight sword, and kaeya very much has a big fat crush on you and your knightliness ehe (edit: I ALSO FORGOT THAT HES ALREADY ONE OF BENNETT’S DADS BUT LETS JUST PRETEND OK)
“It is the duty of a knight, Your Highness, to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”
“Are you implying that I am unable to properly protect myself, my dear starseeker?”
You let out a laugh, moving from your spot on the sidelines to the young man in the middle of the mat. “Not with that form, you aren’t.”
“Did it ever occur to you,” The prince smirks, turning his training sabre to lean against his shoulder when you approach him. “That maybe I like having you assist me more than having you watch me?”
“Oh, I thought you always wanted my adoring eyes on you?” His cheeks redden. “I’ve been your knight since you and I could speak, Prince Kaeya. I know how to match your wit, and flustering goes both ways.”
“…Just show me how to hold the damn sword already.”
Your mock gasp has him rolling his eyes.
“Oh dear, the queen would have my head if she heard you using such profane language.”
“My lovely mother,” He mutters as you reposition his grip on the handle. “Would probably rather have my head if she heard me using profanities in front of you.”
Your gloved hands are warm, much warmer than his, and he wonders if they’ve always been able to melt the ice around his stature.
“You’ve almost got it, you just need to hold yourself differently.” In effort to show him, you take the sword for your own and flourish to the stance he took. “The movements you’re working for are similar to what I use, which makes sense considering how often you attend my trainings-“
“-But I use more of a sweeping motion that matches my build and training. For you, you’ll have to do something slightly modified.”
You begin with two slashes left and right, and end with a harsh thrust and wide swipe across. His eyes follow the length of your body, and dart away when you finish showcasing. “Try that series on for size.”
He takes the hilt from your hands and readies his arms similarly to how you stood.
“-you, Captain Kaeya! The extra training you’ve been giving me is really helpful!”
His laugh is a bit quieter than usual when he ruffles Bennett’s hair, taking the practice sword for safekeeping and setting it back against his shoulder.
“It is the duty of a knight to help those in need, young adventurer. Now,” He tilts his head in the direction of the two other teens on the sidelines. “Your friends seem to be waiting for you over there.”
Bennett stutters when Captain Kaeya eyes him with the same look that his dads give after he’s made stupid decisions, but continues on.
“If it’s not too, um, personal for me to ask you, who taught you how to swordfight?”
Something in the man seems to age him at that, but there is a genuine smile for a split second that he almost misses with a blink. A hand traces the star cutout on his gloves, and his composure is set once more.
“One of the greatest knights I’ve ever known.”
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worstloki · a month ago
The more I think about it, the angrier I get at the way the show handled Loki's traumas. They said they would it explore it and then they went ahead and created a version of Loki who unlike him isn't a pampered prince and was kidnapped as a child and didn't even have a therapy session with Mobius :(( Trauma obvs isn't a competition but all the show's and producers' takes I've seen make it seem like it is one and one they want Loki to lose.
incredibly disrespectful takes on mental health coming from that show, right next to the views on pro-authoritarianism which the director said she agrees with at some point and the extremely racist role distributions :/
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rationalisms · 2 months ago
dishonored: death of the outsider is an excellent game for a lot of reasons including art design, gameplay, and music but honestly... what really makes it gotc (game of the century) for me is that it not only has a middle-aged butch black les/bi disabled protagonist but that they, halfway through the game, fridge the white dude fan favourite off-screen for her character development. literally hysterical. still riding that outrage wave to this day ngl
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eclectus-mom · 3 days ago
Thinking bout how I plan to one day have a minimum of 8 birds @-@
Thinking bout how I also plan to have an aviary of budgies not included in that 8 @-@
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featherfur · 23 days ago
I love Lan Wangji, but I really wish people would stop acting like he’s this perfect respectful guy who Only Does Good.
Half the story is him either blatantly being super fucking rude to people of a higher status and the other half is him just walking out of the room. Lan Wangji respects his brother and uncle and that’s it, he’s just backed by Non-cultivators not having to deal with him for more than two minutes after he saves them and literally everyone else not being able to risk pissing off Lan Xichen to talk shit to him or start a fight with him.
Lan Wangji is a little shit man, how can you not love him for that??? He took a look at the world around him and just went “not brother and not Wei Ying, do not care” and just went off with his badass sword skills to kill monsters and piss off other sects
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la-ro-ki · a month ago
is anyone gonna forcibly remove ghostbur from cc!wilburs grasp or are we just going to have to live with that awful fuckin ending to his character? like its not even bad because its depressing, its bad because its so lazy and really just feels like a last ditch effort to shove ghostbur out of the picture. theres nothing to gain from ghostbur going to limbo. its never mentioned in the story. it doesnt contribute to any storyline. it seems like cc!wilbur just making angst for no real reason and throwing away all the leftover plot threads from ghostbur by ignoring them. its so infuriating
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demigodofhoolemere · a month ago
One thing that will always bother me about BBC Merlin is that no one ever knew Gwen was enchanted in “Lancelot du Lac”, including herself. They just let all of the characters believe that she genuinely had a moment of weakness that she had to atone for and be forgiven for. On top of that, most of them will always believe that Lancelot actually survived and spent all that time recovering and making his way back to Camelot, and that he was less than his true noble self by committing the dishonor of pursuing an engaged woman and then killed himself for the weight of his guilt. All of the knights, his friends that he served side by side with, will always think that. Arthur and Gwen will always think that, and that their relationship hurdle was built on legitimate wrongdoing that they had to move past. At least Merlin knew about Lancelot, but still not about Gwen. How difficult would it have been to find that stupid bracelet in the cell and have Gaius examine it? Would that have been so hard to give me peace of mind?
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