#he looks so silly omg
lisxdumbr · 12 days ago
I won
Tumblr media
Congratulations on your boy Panda, your manifestation finally worked 🙏🙏
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skeletalheartattack · 4 months ago
favorie animal?
opossums if i had to wager!!! just look at these beasts... they're the sweetest little beeboos you ever done did see i say...
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one-cozy-red-pillow · a month ago
Tumblr media
Guess who?
I was messing around and ended up with this. This is literally just a doodle but I found it kinda funny, so here it is.
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eijiroukiriot · 3 months ago
may we return to aphrodite siblings bakugou camie and aoyama...the three of them are stuck with stable-cleaning duty one hot august day and bkg cracks up when the pegasus with which aoyama had claimed he was "bonded beyond words" drops a fat dump on his fancy french loafers, only for the horse in his stall to do the same. camie laughs so hard at them that she loses track of where she’s walking and steps on a rake and charmspeaks them into telling people the big red line on her face is a curling iron burn
#which nets her many a sympathy point especially because she's head camper#her little legion of middle school siblings who just flat ironed their hair for the first time for a school dance last spring (aw cute 🥺🥺)#look at her like 'omg our big sister still has trouble with hot hair tools she's just like us'#i'm thinking abt this because this is very much the dynamic in pjo au part 2 (!! !!!! finally have motivation to work on it again after#turning in my thesis)#and like i had known that'd be the dynamic but actually writing it and adding in more and more random interactions between#them...it really cuts to the core of why relationships involving bkg are interesting i think#like the idea of him being casually comfortable with people enough to even like be goofy on his own accord#obviously soooooo so much love to how relaxed and quiet being around kirishima makes him. like ofc i love that being w his#best friend ever and love of his life brings him so much peace that he can just exist neutral-faced and low-voiced#but still i think it's fun when the dynamic brings that same level of comfort out but like...as a speaking role#like to pull from dialogue i just wrote . if aoyama was like 'don't announce you're going to pee that's uncouth just say you're#going to the restroom' and bkg said 'i'm gonna go take a big fat dump'#weird amount of poop humor in this post but like comfy enough to say dumb things as a part of the joke#i do think one of the best things about a pjo au is letting the kids have siblings#especially when that's like a natural evolution of friendship#i mean not in the sense that friends can become siblings but that being related as demigods is like an extra layer of intimacy#and comfort and unconditionality in their friendships. those are like bigger concepts than i intended to say#i'm mostly just thinking about how these 3 being Siblings makes it so easy for just a really close silly bond to exist#idk the way all good sibling relationships in media feel. who doesn't love a good sibling relationship#anyway. them. they're good. more hcs coming? maybe#thoughts
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eerna · 7 months ago
Ok, season 2 done. Final verdict: It wasn’t nearly as good as s1, but the final episode had some very nice stuff in it and so I am hopeful for future seasons. Maybe this was just an awkward phase, the second book syndrome, idk
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poly-space-nerds · 7 days ago
Daniel isn’t Real spoilers under the cut
I don’t really know what to think about the twist near the end of the movie. Like on one hand, I was really enjoying the psychological thriller part of it. But at the same time, I love that what was haunting Luke was in fact a demon, and not at all mental illness.
When I first started watching the movie and saw that his mom had schizophrenia, I was a bit worried about where this movie was going to go. Was this going to be another ‘my mental illness causes me to be violent’ trope? Was it going to demonize mental illness like all the rest of horror movies?
I’m so glad that it didn’t. It was pretty clear from the time Luke fell asleep at the party that what he was dealing with wasn’t schizophrenia. When he talks to his mom, it’s obvious that her mental illness is different.
But god, what a sad ending. I can’t imagine the guilt his mom must feel for not being able to help her son. As far as she knows, he was starting the same way she did, and he committed suicide. Cassie might feel guilt that she didn’t help Luke the day before when he showed up trying to explain what was going on. And Luke. who died to get rid of the demon. It was haunting to see that the Abyss was well and going to find another host.
Could this still be a metaphor for mental illness? Probably. But the movie does take care to 1. Emphasize that what Daniel is isn’t an effect of schizophrenia and 2. Show how the mom’s schizophrenia affected her (and how it was so different from Luke) and she wasn’t demonized for it. Whether she was a bad parent or not is up to opinion but the movie never shows her wanting to hurt Daniel or any one except herself. She was just trying to do her best while dealing with an untreated illness.
I think to conclude that this movie is saying ‘the only way to escape mental illness is by suicide’ means that someone wasn’t paying attention. I mean hell, they show Luke’s mom not trusting doctors or medicine and she hurts herself. Then they show her getting help, and she’s doing better. They give a great example that getting real treatment helped her.
I think I liked the twist of it. The movie really went ‘uhh actually mental illness doesn’t mean people will become murderers. That’s just due to the demon’
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hisredhysteria · 2 months ago
Terms of endearment or nicknames // pet names with the Akudama
Note: Random post as I've always thought about this kind of thing with Cutthroat. These are entirely my personal opinion though, so if they seem out of character, that may just be why. I don't think it's too jarring though.... I THOUGHT WHY NOT POST IT
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh my, I love her... I'd like to think she gets a little flustered at first if the roles are reversed and she's on the receiving end of being called something endearing.
She probably gets flustered trying to use terms of endearment at first too.
After a while it may come naturally to her and be something she uses as a tease.
Swindler using cutie as a term of endearment is the first thing I thought of when thinking of her in this context— I'm not too sure why..
Swindler feels like someone who'd call you a nickname more so though, if not just your name. Especially when the nickname stems from an inside joke or conversation—
She forgets it's just a you and her thing too, so people are confused when she first talks about you and she forgets to use your real name—
I feel as though nicknames are something Brawler may use kind of often once he gets used to using them? But he's not using anything too cutesy sounding.
Bro if you're by any chance Hoodlum..
As far as terms of endearment....not often.... definitely just a nickname kinda guy.
He probably calls you a nickname related to food too....
This one isn't gender neutral, but "My girl" oddly feels like something he'd use...it's not necessarily a term of endearment either, but it's definitely something I'd see him using when he's referring to his s/o..
If you use any term of endearment on him he'll likely feel as though you're questioning his strength in some way...but more likely than not confused..
"What's with the frilly names?"
I'll add these at the end as they're definitely just personal perception, but the term sweet cheeks came to mind with Brawler....as well as him using meatball as a nickname—
Oh goodness, she's really good at describing words when she's referring to people... she'd likely use nicknames or endearments often in some context. Insult, sarcasm, or not...
Sweetheart or dear....not always in a kind way either, but...
Self-indulgent perhaps as it's one of my favorite words...but doll?
"Well aren't you just a doll?"
Your nickname more often than not with her may have something to do with your appearance or her personal feelings towards you...
She sees someone else using terms of endearment as somewhat revolting I feel like...or maybe just demeaning in a sense to her as that's what she can tend to use them for...
Use something unique enough though and maybe you'll pique her interest.
He calls you by your name and that's how he likes it. There's really no need to come up with a pet name when yours works perfectly fine.
Although some of the options do interest him a little...
I could see him calling someone his player 2
Or you two would have an inside joke and that becomes your nickname for a little while.
Calling him anything though...
Depending on the term of endearment and how close you are to him, he may not even acknowledge you said it by letting it happen and then continuing to talk.
...Or he'd find it straight up cringe worthy...why are you doing this to him?
Demeaning even...
He may like it though...only if it's something that'll make him raise an eyebrow. Unexpected, you could say.
He's tried out at least every term of endearment ever....hit or miss.
I feel as though Hoodlum has potential to use several terms of endearment and rarely sticks to one... but it's like a rotation. Maybe one he'll use a little more than the others or he'll go through phases where he just uses one.
He also feels like someone who'd use them with strangers depending on how confident he's feeling around them...only to possibly regret the choice of words after thinking about it for too long....or maybe he thinks he sounded really cool
This is absolutely soul crushing, I don't know why either, but I can see him using babe...
I wanted to say dude or bro, but I just can't see Hoodlum using that in a romantic sense...unless it's with Brawler..
Toots... (like Jinx uses from Arcane...)
I'm putting honey and pumpkin on the list too. Honey // Hun feels like something he'd use. Pumpkin though? A little...
Hoodlum gets flustered at anything endearing you call him, but he definitely doesn't want you to stop calling him it...
I can just barely see him using someone's name if I'm honest...he seems like the kind of person to refer to you as shithead and only that....or just not refer to you at all and expect you to know he's talking to you...
Who else is he really talking to anyways though...?
He tends to use things that can be seen as insults. They're like a different way of telling you he cares about you....
When he's calling you a nuisance, he's doing it because he cares. Can't say the same for anyone else he's saying it to though...
Courier doesn't mind too terribly if you call him any sort of terms of endearment either and it always interests him a little to see what nicknames you come up with. He's not gonna stop you with terms of endearment, but an annoying nickname may earn you a tongue click.
At some point, if you just call him Courier after using a nickname long enough, he'll be a little put off guard..
No one could have guessed, but angel.
Emphasis on the my before it though. It always has to have MY in front of it.
I, myself struggle to see Cutthroat using any other sort of terms of endearment if I'm honest... probably because I like angel so much that I'm somewhat blinded to the others. Although, I have seen others use my dear, my dearest, (my dearest may work, especially in the circumstance he uses angel afterwards...)
"My dearest angel..." ....yeah I can see it—
Possibly "my flower" ....but maybe he'd just compare you to one instead?
"Looking at you is like watching a flower in full bloom..~ .....Ah-! Do you bloom like one too..!?"
I think Cutthroat seems to be a nickname kind of person as well, but it's a play on your name if it's not short enough already.
He'd also like to be given a nickname! It makes him feel special to you. Just make sure they're nice....I feel like he'd be a little upset if you pulled a Courier on him—? He may just ignore it more often than not too...
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doodlebloo · 2 months ago
didnt misfits do nfts. >_>
Okay I spent a bit searching for the tweet or even a screenshot of it and came up with nothing. I don't want to spread misinfo so I will be completely transparent that I don't remember if it was crypto or NFTs they tried to do, but I do remember that they preached a lot about how the environmental impact was less (which I personally think is bullshit.) I could be wrong but I believe the tweet is now deleted.
But yeah they recruited a bunch of minecrafters then somehow thought their fans would be interested in NFTs/crypto which really tells me they do not know their audience at all, someone asked Tubbo about it onstream and he said quote "I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole" so like... I'd say a big part of my dislike for them is that they don't seem to care if their business decisions reflect badly on the creators signed with them and plus I just don't like that their creators aren't allowed to speak out about decisions like that without consequence (or at least feel like they're not allowed to)
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dvmb-4ss · a year ago
I feel like we should be talking about this.
Tumblr media
We should definitely be talking about this.
Crack my back like a glow stick 🧍‍♀️
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link-sans-specs · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Is there something wrong with my eyes? They think they're shut.
Can We Guess Which Chocolate Snacks Were Combined? (Game)
BONUS: Free the floof!!🚫✂️😁
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dyketubbo · 9 months ago
every single day i have to stop myself from saying shit that would make even more c!techno apologists block me
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mornies · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
i speedran this as soon as i could instead of doing the animating for my film assignment so thats why theres awkward spaces and lines but COME GET YOUR BOY‼️‼️
JOJO ………..
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kikuism · a year ago
okay the new tokrev ep was one of THE most stressful things i’ve had to endure,,,,,,,god that second half. i wasn’t breathing 
Tumblr media
this is when my heart fucking SHATTERED 
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wonderscotts · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
m o m  t i m e  v s  d a d  t i m e
how Jane holds the kids vs how Lucas holds the kids
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briarhips · 8 months ago
Just read the 6th to last chapter of Villette and ummm what the hell was that
#the obnoxious overly saccharine picture perfect proposal scene/I can’t bear to give u my daughter but I will speech btwn GrahamMr Home+Polly#Paulina is so overly good and sweet and filialy pious it’s irritating and creepy and… the thought of Graham w Ginevra is ultimately way more#interesting to me. I prefer JE for a billion reasons so far but the way even in bliss she had characters be skeptical abt the security of#their future martial happiness and whatever was. so important to me whshshs. I honestly thought Graham’s character would do some more#unintentionally unseemly/crossing-a-line mischievous things instead of just. getting the best of the best in everything. like I did expect#that to happen since Lucy kept stressing he was born lucky but! not so soon or easy. Paulina and he and her father r just. snore. boo. hiss.#Jane’s assertion to Rochester that all men tore of their wives eventually literally as he showers her w grandiose out of touch praise >>#Paulina’s whole role in Villette AND the couple in the professor’s ultimate ending. I get why they’re included but omg idc abt the children#of any C Brontë couple outside of JE and I don’t want to ehdjejwhw#I also wish I liked Paul Emmanuel more but. I googled what his hat looks like it’s far too ugly on top of him being canonically ugly and he#didn’t start playing a big enough role in the story soon enough imo. I love lengthy prose that focuses on arguably irrelevant minutae or I’d#not seek out classic lit obvi but! I have limits. the convenient heroic sob story of his made me roll my eyes too I’m sorry whshrhdj. it#sounds like I’m not enjoying the book but I am. I just disagree w the plot choices/presentation of certain events more than I have in any#other thing I’ve read by her so far and it hasn’t delivered in certain ways I expected it to based on JE tho that’s a little unfair of me.#I do love Lucy Snowe tho even if she’s a little tiresome rn in her complacency and how grandly she describes everything I just said made me🙄#mine#anyway I love Ginevra I’d deal w her how Lucy does except I’d be a bit more protective. let girls be vapid and silly and shallow and unwise#girls like Polly r. unnatural
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worldsfirstgayknife · a year ago
⚠️⚠️new pickle dropped!!!⚠️⚠️
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kitisscreaming · 8 months ago
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